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Welcome to the official destination for the next chapter in the original Ghostbusters universe. Get access to exclusive content & news, check out the upgrades to the iconic Ecto-1 & gear, and share Ghostbusters gifs & stickers. FEATURES INCLUDE: > ECTO-1 AR EXPERIENCE: Place the iconic Ecto-1 in your world via augmented reality. Check out the hotspots to find out what's been upgraded to the classic car. > GHOSTBUSTERS GEAR: Learn more about the equipment the Ghostbusters use to capture paranormal manifestations—including a few new tools. > ECTO-1 SPEED TRAP GAME: Hop in Ecto-1, launch the R.T.V. and save Summerville by capturing ghosts in an 8-bit style race against time! Make it past all three levels and compete for the highest score amongst other Ghostbusters. > GIFs & STICKERS: Find the perfect Ghostbusters GIFs and stickers to send to your friends and family. > PHOTO FILTERS: Take a selfie or a photo of your friends using a variety of new Ghostbusters-themed photo filters. ABOUT THE MOVIE: From director Jason Reitman and producer Ivan Reitman, comes the next chapter in the original Ghostbusters universe. In Ghostbusters: Afterlife, when a single mom and her two kids arrive in a small town, they begin to discover their connection to the original ghostbusters and the secret legacy their grandfather left behind. The film is written by Jason Reitman & Gil Kenan. Ghostbusters: Afterlife, exclusively in movie theaters November.

Version 1.3

Minor bug fixes & improvements.

Ratings and Reviews

388 Ratings

One of the best apps ever!!!

If you are a ghostbusters fan then this is the app for you. There is a really fun game inside the app for free! I also really like the photo filters. This app gives cool information about every ghostbusters 1984 and afterlife. This app is really fun and I would recommend getting it. (Shout-out to the people who made this app. I love it!)

I really want to like it

I am a super huge Ghostbusters fan and I’ve grown up fully immersed and involved in the franchise. When the first teaser for the movie came out I have been checking for any new news on the movie every single day. Finally now that the movie is finally coming up I decided to check if there was an app I could get to keep myself involved. When I booted up the app I got a notification for a new update, but I just downloaded it? And there was no update on the App Store as expected. I then went back to the app thinking nothing of it and tried to sign up for their release info subscription and the sign in button wouldn’t work, bummer! The app then repeated crashed and I eventually gave up. I love this whole app, I just can’t get around the software issues. I’ll be back again next update!
I recently got into the old Ghostbusters movies and I'm now addicted! I love the franchise and this app came out just in time to quench my search for Ghostbusters related things. App functions really well and time was definitely spent on it. Hyped for the new movie!

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Calling All ‘Ghostbusters’: Hasbro Unveils Life-Size Ghost Trap and P.K.E Meter Replicas

The set will arrive in time for 'Ghostbusters' 40th anniversary.

The Big Picture

  • Hasbro is honoring the 40th anniversary of the Ghostbusters franchise with a new edition of their Ghost Trap and P.K.E. Meter.
  • The fully functional and screen accurate equipment includes light-up capabilities and display bases for fans to complete their Ghostbusters cosplay.
  • The set is expected to arrive by fall 2024.

With Halloween almost here, Ghostbusters is a quintessential watch if you're in the mood for a horror comedy. The classic 1984 film directed by Ivan Reitman will be celebrating its 40th anniversary and Hasbro will be honoring the franchise in style with the newest edition to their Ghostbusters Plasma Series . This would be their version of the iconic Ghost Trap and P.K.E Meter . This crowd funded project will run from October 27 to December 11, 2023 and has already reached its target of 10,000 back orders.

That shouldn’t be a surprise given how popular the Ghostbusters franchise is. The set will include a fully functional screen accurate P.K.E. Meter and Ghost Trap complete with light up capabilities. Both pieces will include display bases, so fans can place their equipment down with care after each ghost hunt. With Hasbro already making a life-size Proton Pack , your next Ghostbusters cosplay will be complete with this ghoulish set. The pair of equipment will run you $299.99 USD if you want to be one of the backers of the campaign.

While Ghostbusters has been a franchise that was dormant for a few decades after Ghostbusters II in 1989, the series received an ill-fated reboot in 2016, before returning to the original timeline and canon with 2021's Ghostbusters: Afterlife which brought the series back to its roots. Applying its formula to a coming-of-age story that also served as an emotional way to honor Harold Ramis ’ legacy , critics and fans alike adored the latest entry. The box office return was very respectable as well with Afterlife making over $200 million worldwide.

When Will ‘Ghostbusters Afterlife 2’ Be Released?

A sequel, tentatively titled Afterlife 2 was quickly greenlit and, after a delay earlier this year , the film is set to release in theaters on March 29, 2024 . Not much is known about the sequel’s plot at this time, but it will see the franchise return to New York City with the first poster teasing a chilling take over of the Ghostbusters logo.

One of the best parts of Afterlife , besides seeing Bill Murray , Dan Aykroyd , and Ernie Hudson suit up again, was witnessing the next generation of Ghostbusters form with Egon Spengler’s grandchildren played by McKenna Grace and Finn Wolfhard . Seeing them discover the Ecto-1 as well as all the old equipment used in the original films like the Proton Packs and Ghost Traps was perfect. It captured the same haunting sense of quirky wonder that the original horror comedy masterpiece had in the 80s. With this Ghost Trap and P.K.E Meter combo back from Hasbro and the new film releasing next year, Ghostbusters is going to have a killer 40th anniversary.

The original Ghostbusters is currently streaming on Peacock . You can also pre-order your Hasbro P.K.E Meter and Ghost Trap on their website . The set will be released no later than fall 2024 until then, you can check out the images of the set below:

Every Ghost Bustin' Upgrade in Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed

Spirits Unleashed lets its players wear the iconic gear of a Ghostbuster, and even has upgrades to improve them. This guide will list them all.

The Ghostbusters franchise is one of the most beloved and iconic of all time, with a long line of movies, tv shows, and video games that expand on its thrilling world. This includes the new asymmetric multiplayer game, Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed . Spirits Unleashed greatly respects its source material, making connections to the movies , including utilizing Bill Murray's Peter Venkman as a plot-driving force and even honoring Harold Ramis' Egon Spengler .

Where the game really shines though is in its use of the iconic Ghostbusters equipment. Spirits Unleashed allows players to have fun with every piece of the instantly recognizable gear that the Ghostbusters wear and use, from the Particle Thrower to the Ghost Trap. This gear can be made even better through upgrades gained as the player levels up and advances through the game. This guide will explain what each upgrade does, and how to equip them.

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The Particle Thrower Is the Ghostbusters' Main Weapon

The Particle Thrower is the primary tool of any Ghostbuster. These are the iconic hand-held energy dischargers that many people instantly recall whenever they think of the franchise. The Particle Thrower shoots out a charged ion stream which can be used to catch and pull ghosts into nearby traps.

In Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed , the Particle Thrower has five different sections: a Central Unit, a Nozzle, a Grip, a Side Component, and a Top Attachment. Each section can be customized at the workbench with a special upgrade, and more upgrade options will be unlocked as the player progresses. Gamers should experiment with upgrades from each section to find a balance that works best for them.

Below is a list that details each possible upgrade for the Particle Thrower, and at what level the upgrades are obtained.

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The Ghostbusters' Proton Packs Supply Energy to the Particle Throwers

The Proton Pack is the big, metal backpack that Ghostbusters wear during their missions, and is the main power source for the Particle Thrower. This experimental particle accelerator creates the positively charged ions that are the natural opposite of a ghost's negative energy.

The Proton Pack has three different sections: an Injection Booster, a Generator, and a Cyclotron, each with its own set of upgrades to mix and match, improving the effectiveness of the device.

Below is a list that details each possible upgrade for the Proton Pack, and at what level the upgrades are obtained.

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The PKE Meter Is the Ghostbusters' Primary Ghost Detection Tool

Short for Psycho-Kinetic Energy, the PKE Meter is a device that allows the Ghostbusters to track down and pinpoint the exact location of any nearby ghosts. This makes it arguably the most important tool of any Ghostbuster, as they would be unable to capture ghosts without having a means of finding them in the first place.

The PKE Meter has three different sections: a Handle, an Attachment, and a pair of Meter Arms. The upgrades available for the PKE Meter can increase the range and accuracy of the device, making them some of the most important upgrades to grab as quickly as possible.

Below is a list that details each possible upgrade for the PKE Meter, and at what level the upgrades are obtained.

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The Ghostbusters' Ghost Trap Is Essential to the Detainment of Ghosts

The Ghost Trap is a vital piece of any Ghostbuster's gear. The Particle Thrower is great at catching ghosts, but it isn't designed to hold them indefinitely. That's where the Ghost Trap comes into play. As the name suggests, Ghostbusters can use this special box to fully capture the ghosts they've lassoed with their Particle Throwers.

The Ghost Trap has four different sections for upgrades: an Inner Mechanism, a Battery, a Base, and a Pedal. As with the other upgrades, these can be acquired throughout the course of the game.

Below is a list that details each possible upgrade for the Ghost Trap, and at what level the upgrades are obtained.

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Secondary Gadgets Are Meant to Assist in Ghostbusting with Unique Benefits

Players will have access to four Secondary Gadgets. However, unlike the rest of the gear, these items cannot be upgraded. They stand as they are, and only one of them can be equipped on any given mission. These Gadgets will unlock as the player levels up, and in order for a player to switch out their Secondary Gadget, they must access the workbench, choose the "Secondary Gadget Menu" tab, and select their choice.

Each Secondary Gadget has its own unique ability which can greatly benefit the player, depending on their personal playstyle and what each given mission's goals are. So, it's up to players to ultimately decide which one works best for them in each distinct situation.


Unboxing Hasbro’s Ghostbusters: Afterlife RC RTV Ghost Trap

  • July 21, 2023

ghostbusters speed trap

Leading up to the much-delayed release of Ghostbusters: Afterlife , Hasbro would reveal a plethora of tie-ins , among them an RC car take on the film’s highly toyetic RTV Ghost Trap.

Slated to arrive on toy shelves in the fall of 2021, the RTV would be available slightly earlier than expected, with a limited amount being sold and delivered that summer through Gamestop and, but, in stark contrast to Hasbro’s Plasma Series or Fright Feature assortments, which were readily available at large retail stores like Walmart and Target, would be conspicuously absent.

Further availability would then be reported at select independent toy stores, and there was a handful of additional online listings, among them Amazon, which didn’t even list the toy under its proper title, instead using the codename “GHC RC FUNNEL,” meaning for many, they had no clue even what they were even pre-ordering.

Given the release was so spotty, making the RTV Ghost Trap a rarity amongst collectors, this has led some to question exactly what happened. While there’s never been a clear answer from Hasbro, some fans have pointed to the toy’s included Muncher feature as the most likely culprit, claiming that the character’s design was suggestible, appearing rather phallic.

In today’s long overdue feature, we’re taking a long hard look at the RTV Ghost Trap and the questionable Muncher sculpt, providing a full unboxing and, of course, running a few red lights!

As mentioned in the video, today’s unboxing was made possible by Jim Maritato of Extraplasm Podcast , who sent along the RC RTV Ghost Trap, featured in the most recent episode of Ghostbusters News Fan Mail .

ghostbusters speed trap

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Upcoming Ghostbusters Halloween costumes include a wearable Ecto-1

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First look at upcoming Ghostbusters Slimer onesie and Halloween decoration

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Ghostbusters Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Mini TUBBZ now arriving on store shelves

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ghostbusters speed trap

New Hasbro Ghostbusters toy launch scheduled for next month

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ghostbusters speed trap

Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed Gear Guide

Wondering how to upgrade gear in Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed? Here's what to know about customization, research contracts, and more, including all mods and their stats.

ghostbusters speed trap

The gear featured in the  Ghostbusters  films is now iconic, featuring in all kinds of media from Rick and Morty to Stranger Things  and being the essential kit for plenty a Halloween costume over the past 40 years. And you get to play with all of it in Illfonic’s asymmetric multiplayer game based on the jumpsuit heroes, Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed . 

From the moment you enter the Firehouse, you’ll have access to the Particle Thrower, the Proton Pack, the P.K.E. Meter, and the Ghost Trap. This guide will explain how to upgrade gear (or customize gear, as the game calls it) and include all of the attributes for each piece of kit at each upgrade level. 

How to Upgrade and Customize Gear Mods

ghostbusters speed trap

Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed calls kit unlocks Gear Customization. While you won’t actively swap out skins as you would in something like Apex Legends or add charms similar to Rainbow Six: Siege , you will be able to swap out gear mods that come with various upgrades that bring their own pros and cons. 

You’ll unlock gear customization after completing the tutorial (which ends after your very first job). Visit Eddy’s Lab upstairs, and you’ll see a workbench that says “Customize Gear” behind Eddy. You can also find a workbench in the alley where you initially trained with your Particle Thrower with Catt. Interact with either one to bring up the Gear Customization menu. 

You’ll see four categories:

Particle Thrower

Proton pack.

  • P.K.E Meter

Select a tab to bring up that item’s parts menu, then select a specific part via the menu on the left side to bring up that section’s mods menu. You’ll see various mod upgrades you can apply, alongside their stats and blurbs on their ideal uses. 

Each piece of gear levels individually based on how much you use it ; gear experience bars are hidden, so you can’t keep track of exactly where you are, but you’ll be notified when a new level’s been reached. 

Depending on your role within a team, you may opt for Proton Pack mod that does less damage to Rifts but helps you self-revive more quickly, or you might swap out a Ghost Trap foot pedal for one with better throwing velocity. 

Secondary Gadgets

ghostbusters speed trap

You also have access to four secondary gadgets in Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed:

  • Ionizer Pods
  • Ecto Goggles

Unlike other pieces of kit, these cannot be modded or upgraded; what you see is what you get. You can change the secondary gadget you have equipped by: 

  • Accessing the workbench.
  • Choosing “Secondary Gadget Menu” underneath the primary gear tabs.
  • Selecting a gadget from the left-hand menu. 

Research Contracts

ghostbusters speed trap

Research Contracts are a great way to get experience points toward your gear. There are 14 Contracts, one for each upgrade modification. They all have two tiers with specific completion criteria, and all tiers reward 5,000 XP toward the gear piece. Completing both tiers rewards an additional 25,000 XP and 

It’s easy to overlook these challenges; I didn’t find them until after I’d beaten the game. Go to Eddy’s Lab on the second floor of the Firestation, and interact with the computer nestled in the servers on the right side of the room just as you enter. 

Once you’ve unlocked a Contract by leveling the appropriate piece of gear (the gear symbol and lock symbol will disappear in the Contract menu, showing only a Ghostbusters logo), access the computer, and select a challenge set from the list. Contracts must be selected and set to active to gain progress toward them ; switching to a new Contract will wipe the progress of an active challenge set .

Here’s a full list of all available Contracts and their criteria.

  • Remote Receiver Research Contract :
  • Ghost Trap Lvl.20.
  • Tier 1: Throw the trap for a total of 500m
  • Tier 2: Trap a ghost within 3 seconds of the trap settling
  • Centrifugal Thruster Research Contract :
  • Proton Pack Lvl.20.
  • Tier 1: Sprint for a total of 15km with the Particle Thrower
  • Tier 2: Knock a rift out of a ghost’s hands 5 times.
  • Wielder Grip Research Contract :
  • PKE Meter Lvl.21.
  • Tier 1: Track a ghost signal for 5 minutes total.
  • Tier 2: Pulse stun a ghost in mid air 10 times.
  • Governor Release Research Contract :
  • Proton Pack Lvl.22.
  • Tier 1: Reveal 25 rifts.
  • Tier 2: Deal 5,000 Rift damage.
  • Lithium Ion Battery Research Contract :
  • Ghost Trap Lvl.22.
  • Tier 1: Recharge trap battery 50,000ma total.
  • Tier 2: Discharge 10,000ma of battery in a single job.
  • Outboard Chipset Research Contract :
  • PKE Meter Lvl. 23.
  • Tier 1: Pulse flush a ghost out of a possessable 25 times.
  • Tier 2: Pulse kill 50 minions.
  • RTV Kit Research Contract :
  • Ghost Trap Lvl.24.
  • Tier 1: Get the final capture 5 times.
  • Tier 2: Resupply your trap from the gear cart 10 times.
  • Overclock Module Research Contract :
  • Ghost Trap Lvl.25.
  • Tier 1: Trap 5 ghosts with your own Primary tether.
  • Tier 2: Trap 3 ghosts without tethering.
  • Cryogenic Isolator Research Contract :
  • Proton Pack Lvl.25.
  • Tier 1: Overheat while tethered 15 times.
  • Tier 2: Vent while above 90% heat 25 times.
  • Whip Pulser Research Contract :
  • Particle Thrower Lvl.42
  • Tier 1: Hold primary tether for 5 minutes.
  • Tier 2: From 10 primary tethers in one job.
  • Snub Nose Research Contract :
  • Particle Thrower Lvl.44.
  • Tier 1: Form a tether after finishing a mantle 10 times.
  • Tier 2: Complete 3 primary tethers while falling.
  • Dual Vertical Grip Research Contract :
  • Particle Thrower Lvl.46.
  • Tier 1: Pull a ghost into a trap pull field as primary tether 25 times.
  • Tier 2: Reinforce 15 existing tethers.
  • Particle Thruster Research Contract :
  • Particle Thrower Lvl. 48.
  • Tier 1: Destroy 50 minions with your particle thrower.
  • Tier 2: Deal 1,000 fracture damage to rifts.
  • Neural Frequency Emitter Research Contract :
  • Particle Thrower Lvl.50.
  • Tier 1: Calm 25 scared civilians you disturbed with your thrower.
  • Tier 2: Kill 25 minions who have recently attacked a civilian.

Below is a complete list of gear mods and stats for each of the four primary pieces of kit, meant to act as a companion to your playthrough. It includes the level at which each unit or mod is unlocked, as well as the modifiers they carry.

ghostbusters speed trap

  • Default Unit : Unlocked at Lvl.1
  • Quantum Accelerator : Unlocked at Lvl.2
  • Tether creation speed ++
  • Cryo Venter : Unlocked at Lvl.12
  • Venting Speed: ++
  • Object Damage: –
  • Minion Damage: –
  • Rift Damage: –
  • Rift Fracture Damage: –
  • Heat Sink : Unlocked at Lvl.22
  • Tether Creation Speed: –
  • Heat Generation: +
  • Stream Extender : Unlocked at Lvl.28
  • Recoil Control: –
  • Tether Extend/Contract Speed: ++
  • Stream Range: ++
  • Whip Pulser : Unlocked at Lvl.42
  • Whip Pulsar: +
  • Heat Generation on Pulse: –
  • Default Nozzle : Lvl.1
  • Blast Release : Lvl.4
  • Tether Health: +
  • Sidewinder : Lvl.14
  • Tether Control: +++
  • Firing Movement Speed: +
  • Focused Tip : Lvl.24
  • Stream Control: ++
  • Stream Range: –
  • Breaker : Lvl.34
  • Recoil Control: +
  • Tether Health Regen: – –
  • Firing Movement Speed: –
  • Snub Nose : Lvl.44
  • Stream Control: – –
  • Recoil Control: – – –
  • Movement Speed: +
  • Mantle Duration: ++
  • Equip Speed: ++
  • Sprint to Action Speed: ++
  • Particle Thrower Grip :
  • Default Grip : Lvl.1
  • Verticle Foregrip : Lvl.6
  • Ergonomic Gri p: Lvl.16
  • Equip Speed: +
  • Horizontal Grip : Lvl.26
  • Mantle Duration: –
  • Grip Taped Handles : Lvl.36
  • Mantle Duration: +
  • Sprint to Action Speed: –
  • Knockback Recovery Duration: –
  • Dual Vertical Grip : Lvl.46
  • Knockback Recovery Duration: +
  • Landing Recovery: +
  • Particle Thrower Side Component :
  • Default Side Component : Lvl.1
  • Cryo Skins : Lvl.8
  • Containment Monitor : Lvl.18
  • Tether Control: – –
  • Heat Generation While Tethered: ++
  • Stream Amplifier : Lvl.28
  • Venting Speed: –
  • Object Damage: ++
  • Minion Damage: ++
  • Rift Damage: ++
  • Rift Fracture Damage: +
  • Ionic Reverser : Lvl.38
  • Heat Generation While Tethered: –
  • Tether Strength: ++
  • Particle Thruster : Lvl.48
  • Tether Creation Speed: +
  • Tether Strength: –
  • Ghost Stun When Flushed out: +
  • Particle Thrower Top Attachment :
  • Default : Lvl.1
  • Active Heat Isolator : Lvl.18
  • Stream Control: – – 
  • Heat Generation: ++
  • Small P.K.E. Monitor : Lvl.35
  • Simple P.K.E. Distance Detection: +
  • Neural Frequency Emitter : Lvl.50
  • Horrified Civilian Calming: +
  • Area Calming: +

ghostbusters speed trap

  • Proton Pack Injection Booster :
  • Default Injection Booster : Lvl.1
  • Energy Isolator : Lvl.2
  • Rift Damage: +
  • Efficiency Optimizer : Lvl.11
  • Heat Generation While Tethered: +
  • Centrifugal Thruster : Lvl.20
  • Heat Generation: –
  • Overheat Cooldown Duration: –
  • Sprint Boost: +
  • Proton Pack Generator :
  • Default Generator : Lvl.1
  • Cyclical Exhause Port : Lvl.5
  • Venting Speed: +
  • Lightweight Module : Lvl.14
  • Self-Revive Speed: +
  • Stamina Usage: +
  • Governor Release : Lvl.22
  • Overheat Protection: ++
  • Proton Pack Cyclotron :
  • Default Cyclotron : Lvl.1
  • Enhanced Regulator : Lvl.8
  • Cooldown Delay: ++
  • Nitrogen Tank Expansion : Lvl.17
  • Idle Cooldown Speed: +++++
  • Cryogenic Isolator : Lvl.25
  • Overheat Cooldown Duration: +
  • Idle Cooldown Speed: –
  • Sabotage Repair Speed: +++

P.K.E. Meter

ghostbusters speed trap

  • P.K.E. Meter Arms :
  • Default Arms : Lvl.1
  • Extended Arms : Lvl.7
  • Ghost Detection Distance: ++
  • Pure Selenium : Lvl.18
  • Reboot Duration: –
  • Ghost Stun Duration: +
  • P.K.E. Handle :
  • Default Handle : Lvl.1
  • Grip Taped Handle : Lvl.2
  • Equip Speed: +++
  • Synthetic Wrap : Lvl.11
  • Ghost Detection Distance: –
  • Rift Detection Distance: –
  • Sprint to Action Speed: +
  • Wielder Grip : Lvl.21
  • Equipe Speed: –
  • Sprint with PKE Meter: +
  • P.K.E. Attachment :
  • Default Attachment : Lvl.1
  • Detection Amplifier : Lvl.4
  • Artifact Detection Distance: –
  • Pulse Booster Bypass : Lvl.15
  • Pulse Range: +++
  • Ghost Stun Duration: –
  • Outboard Chipset : Lvl.23
  • Ghost Object Highlight: +
  • False Positive Detection: +

ghostbusters speed trap

  • Ghost Trap Inner Mechanism :
  • Default Inner Mechanism : Lvl.1
  • Deferred Aperture : Lvl.2
  • Trap Field Angle: +
  • Trap Field Height: +
  • Battery Life: –
  • Supercharger : Lvl.10
  • Trap Field Angle: –
  • Trap Pull Strength: +++
  • Trap Minigame Sweetspot Size: +
  • Battery Usage: – –
  • Remote Receiver : Lvl.20
  • Remote Receiver: +
  • Pedal Use: –
  • Ghost Trap Battery :
  • Default Battery : Lvl.1
  • Large Capacity Battery : Lvl.4
  • Throw Velocity: – –
  • Battery Usage: +++
  • Lipo Battery : Lvl.12
  • Lithium Ion Battery : Lvl.22
  • Trap Pull Strength: –
  • Battery Recharge Speed: ++
  • Ghost Trap Base : 
  • Default Base : Lvl.1
  • Skid Stop : Lvl.6
  • Throw Velocity: –
  • Trap Settle Speed: +++
  • Trap Instant Activation: +
  • Base Anchor : Lvl.15
  • Trap Minigame Difficulty: +
  • Deploy Time: –
  • Trap Instant Stick: +
  • Floor Anchor: +
  • R.T.V. Kit : Lvl.24
  • Battery Recharge Speed: –
  • R/C Trap: +
  • Pedal Use: +
  • Ghost Trap Pedal :
  • Default Pedal : Lvl.1
  • Extended Cable : Lvl.8
  • Throw Velocity: ++
  • Seismic Proximity Pedal : Lvl.18
  • Activation Interaction Distance: +++
  • Overclock Module : Lvl.25
  • Trap Field Angle: +++
  • Trap Pull Strength: ++
  • Overclock Function: +

And there you have it: how to upgrade and customize gear in Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed . With access to Research Contracts, you’ll gain even more experience for your character, and now you have a complete list of mods and attachments at your fingertips. The only thing we didn’t cover was which are the best, though that’s a topic for another guide. 

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ghostbusters speed trap

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ghostbusters speed trap

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Build Your Adventure

An aerial view of the Ghostbusters Zone in Columbia Pictures Aquaverse. The water slides are twisting and turning on top of each other with the Ghostbusters logo attached to one of them.

  • Proton Stream

ghostbusters speed trap

Ghost Trap Adventure

Slimer speed racer.

ghostbusters speed trap


Climb into our custom-built Ghostbusters floats with 4 of your family members or friends and prepare yourselves for a scream-filled ride as you twist and turn in total darkness before dropping into the world’s first gigantic Stay Puft-themed water dome! This ride is a thrilling family raft ride.

ghostbusters speed trap

Barrel down twists and turns of the world’s-first water dome ride!

ghostbusters speed trap

Stay Tough, Stay Puft!

Filled with thrills and spills, this family raft ride immerses you in cutting edge digital projection mapping which brings the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man to life. At the end of the ride, be greeted by adorable mini pufts for a one-of-a-kind photo op!

ghostbusters speed trap


Step through the ghost portal for the ultimate water coaster ride and scream your way through hair-raising drops and wild curves as you get proton-blasted upwards through three pitch black Ghost Traps. Remember to keep your eyes open to look out for Muncher, Mini Pufts and the terrifying Terror Dog!

ghostbusters speed trap

Ready to step into the portal of phantasmic excitement?

Scream your way through the ultimate water coaster ride!

ghostbusters speed trap

‘Scream’ Out Loud!

Hear your screams echo through 110-meter-long hair-raising drops and wild curves, as you traverse down three darkened ghost traps at breathtaking speeds. Get ready for a selfie with your favourite mini pufts at the exit!

ghostbusters speed trap

Escape the ghostly traps and emerge victorious!

turn green with excitement!

For a ghost, he’s aged well. Also known as Onionhead, Little Spud, or The Green Ghost. Set the timer, cos it’s time for Slimer!

ghostbusters speed trap

Hold On Tight.

Experience the thrill of the world’s first 2-person Ecto-1 tube-car ride as you and your companion compete against your family and friends in another Ecto-1 tube-car! The lane will zip down twin tracks with massive figure eight turns before a massive drop into Slimer’s green body and soar up to his wide-open mouth! Challenge your family and friends to a friendly competition and defy the rules of physics on this mega-thrilling water slide.

ghostbusters speed trap

Experience the speed of a whopping 51kph drop!

ghostbusters speed trap

Soar 8-meters upwards on this epic Slimer slide!

  • Ghost Trap adventure
  • Slimer speed racer

Ready yourself for electrifying thrill! Find out what you’re made of, as you blast your way through ghost traps at the world’s first & only fully-enclosed gigantic 23-meter tall water dome ride.

ghostbusters speed trap

mass hysteria

- dr. grooberson, ghostbusters.

Now on Digital, 4K Ultra HDTM, BLU-RAYTM and DVD.


ghostbusters speed trap

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ghostbusters speed trap

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ghostbusters speed trap

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ghostbusters speed trap

The Emoji Movie Mini Golf

ghostbusters speed trap

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ghostbusters speed trap

  • Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

ghostbusters speed trap

  • Bad Boys Race Club

ghostbusters speed trap

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Since you're not going to be using this input:

Nes advantage 590.jpg

We're going to have to meddle around with the controls a bit. You can remap some (not all) of your controls in the options menu. Perhaps the most important thing to do is to map the capture beam function from the left side of your controller to the right side of the controller.

While this may screw with your ability to manually cool (or reload) your proton wand in a fashion similar to Gears of War , you should know that tapping the manual cooling button once is all you need to do (and the game does that automatically for you).

The suggested reasoning for mapping the capture beam to the right side is so you can quickly shift your blaster beam into capture mode to quickly kill some monsters that are very tough customers (kills you in one or two hits) but who are very susceptible to being smashed against the ground.

You can leave the controls alone if you like -- but that's probably the only recommendation IGN will put out right now as the most important.

You'll quickly learn that while most of the corporeal monsters can be destroyed (total protonic reversal!), that leaves a good 50% of the noncorporeal enemies around who are immune to your blast wands. That's where the muon trap comes in. The muon ghost trap (circa 1991) is a much improved version of the older ghost trap perfected by Doctors Raymond Stanz and Egon Spengler in 1984.

Where the old ghost trap could only capture one event (or series of events) in one sitting, the newer muon ghost trap is able to compartmentalize each captured PKE manifestation into an infinite number of artificially induced dimensioned "pockets" of reality within the trap. In game terms, this allows you (the player using Hoss) the ability to re-use the ghost trap for other ghosts after each successful trapping.

And in game terms, if you lose sight of your trap (and need another one in a hurry), simply deploy another trap. The previous trap you placed will teleport to your hand and you can redeploy it elsewhere. This doesn't abet one of the Trophies/Achievements though.

The PKE meter (psychokinetic energy meter) is a hand portable device capable to detecting PKE levels in a 100 foot radius. However, to get the specific locations of a PKE surge or event, you need to bring the meter closer to the point of origin. Enemies and ghosts scanned will reveal their weaknesses as well as brief history in your HUD. When you are lost, use the PKE meter to find the source of the disturbances and head there. Don't forget that a ghost-free New York is a tourist-friendly New York.

Pack 01.jpg

The proton pack and its accompanying wand is your primary equipment throughout this case. When in doubt, use the proton pack's blaster beam. The proton pack's blaster beam is your default weapon and it is quite capable of capturing or destroying all enemies (even on Hard, but that's rather difficult). In addition to destroying carts full of toilet paper (and spurring civil lawsuits), the proton beam will destroy any object save something covered in black slime. Coupled with the pack's integral boson dart and you have the best weapon in the game.

Pack 02.jpg

The Dark Matter add-on Spengler activates at the beginning of the Public Library is only useful on the easiest settings (and you only use the statis beam on Hard). The shotgun shock blaster brings the game into a DOOM like setting, not a Ghostbusters setting. Still, it is handy to have against the monsters who are vulnerable to the weapon. Stasis is generally useless unless you are in dire need to stop a monster from catching and killing you (usually happens on Hard). If you are about to die on Hard, you will likely drop dead sooner rather than later anyway. Stasis is handy though, for the times when your allies are able to help you. Stasis may also help you avoid being overwhelmed by the Stone Cherubs in Central Park (near the end of the game).

Pack 03.jpg

So Ghostbusters II may not be your favorite movie, but the slime gun is a very essential part of the game. So much so that you should upgrade the slime throwing part of the attachment to the maximum. Any monsters who are not vulnerable to the proton beam will likely be vulnerable to the slime (or the shocker). And since the slime thrower uses so little heat to being with, upgrading it means you can fire that damn thing forever. The portals where the slime monsters appear from can be sealed shut, but only with the slime attachement. Learn to love it. It's nice to be slimed. The tether is what makes the weapon mandatory in the game. Using the game's unique physics, you can move objects by tethering them together (the slime contracts naturally). This lets you move cranes, boxes, and other obstacles you'd normally have to destroy. It's definitely helpful when you want to avoid breaking too much property.

Pack 04.jpg

This is the final add-on (added at the History Museum). It lets you spray several enemies or place a tracker on them and then all your other shots from the Overload Pulse will home in on the hapless target like Zorg's ZF1 from the Fifth Element. This weapon has some dubious qualities, although the collider's single shots are potent, they are not as explosive like the boson dart. Tracking is handy, but few of the enemies you face at that point can benefit from it (except the bosses perhaps).

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Ghostbusters: The Video Game

Screen Rant

Ghostbusters: spirits unleashed - the best upgrades to get first.

Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed has an incredible amount of upgrades and unlockable features to choose from, making customization its best feature.

Quick Links

Particle thrower upgrades, proton pack upgrades, p.k.e. meter upgrades, ghost trap upgrades.

In Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed , the best way to make sure the ghosts get caught is to constantly get the best gear upgrades available. Possible upgrades can be seen from the very start of the game, when looking at the workbench. From the battery on the ghost trap to the particle thrower of the proton pack, as long as the player is building experience with the item then great upgrades are available. Upgrades allow the equipment to be more efficient, stronger, and have lengthier use before cooldowns.

The Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed game released this October has been a highly anticipated project. The Ghostbusters franchise is one that generates nostalgia and is recognized by a lot of people. Taking cues from the asymmetrical online multiplayer game style that’s become incredibly popular over the past few years, Ghostbusters pits four Busters against one ghost. Players can either play as one of the Busters working to trap the ghost, or as the ghost working to successfully haunt the building. As a Ghostbuster, the most important thing is the quality of the equipment.

Related: New Aliens Vs. Predator Game Could Be More Than A DBD Knock-Off Throughout the game, the player uses the firehouse as a base of operations with a whole team of Ghostbusters to support them. In Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed , Ray and Winston are the original Ghostbusters running the firehouse and training the new recruits. Although, it's clear very early on that Catt is the one really running the show. One of the first training moments in the tutorial has her teaching the new recruit how to use and modify the proton pack. A handy shooting range of ghost cutouts is readily available for players to test out their upgraded equipment on.

The Particle Thrower has a lot of modifications that can be made to it, each piece having a unique task that can be fine-tuned to the player’s needs. Unlike the swords and bows of Skyrim , the best weapon in Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed is the Particle Thrower. As a Buster’s main offense against ghost energy, the Particle Thrower needs to be at its peak performance for the player to succeed in capturing ghosts. With each piece that can be tuned, it’s important to look at the positives and negatives of each upgrade. If each piece ends up canceling each other out, then the modifications won’t help much. The best balance of upgrades for this piece of equipment will offer the player boosts to damaging ghosts and ghost energy while also helping to prevent overheating. Sacrificing some control and venting speed to get these bonuses isn’t bad, provided the player chooses other perks that make these negatives less impactful.

Much like Ghost Types (such as Gengar) in Pokemon , energy is key to defeating the ghosts in Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed . For the Ghostbusters, the energy necessary is formed by the Proton Pack that the Particle Thrower is attached to. Upgrades to the Proton Pack can help with overheating, cool down, damage, and repairing sabotage from ghosts. Decreasing the impact of overheating is incredibly important for player success because a big factor of ghosts escaping is the Proton Pack needing to vent. The other big thing to look at is sabotage repair. The Cryogenic Isolator upgrade is locked behind a research project, but the bonus to repairing ghost sabotage can come in very handy. If the Proton Pack and Particle Thrower aren’t ready to go when the ghost is found, the likelihood of catching the ghost is low.

In another recently popular ghost hunting game, Phasmophobia , identifying the haunted ghost rooms requires using an EMF detector, temperature gun, and spirit box. Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed wraps all the ghost location technique into one tool, the PKE Meter. Important upgrades to the PKE Meter (such as: longer arms, a gripped handle, and the Outboard Chipset) allow the device to detect the ghost’s presence more efficiently. They allow the player to detect ghost energy from further away, highlight ghost objects, and increase equipment swapping speed. The Outboard Chipset does require completing an associated research project, making it more difficult to get, but the false positive detection feature is well worth the work.

Whether capturing a ghost on the screen or in a live Ghostbusters Virtual Reality Academy game, the Ghost Trap is paramount to success. Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed offers very few upgrades for the Ghost Trap, but the upgrades available are incredibly useful. In order to catch a ghost in Spirits Unleashed , players must work together to open the trap, form a tether using the Particle Thrower, and successfully fight the ghost’s pull to drag it into the trap’s vortex. Applying upgrades can make the pull from the trap stronger, widen the angle of the vortex, and increase battery efficiency. With a wider, stronger target to drag the ghost towards and quicker trap launching, capturing ghosts proves much easier.

Along with the upgrades to equipment, players can unlock additional extra gear to use. When considering what gear to equip, it’s important to remember that Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed is a multiplayer game . Unless the player has chosen to play the ghost in a map, working with their teammates to make sure the extra gear they carry helps the team is a recommended step. The game will still go smoothly if every player has the same gear equipped, but using the team to its full extent is easier if there are varied tools and upgrades in use. For example, some players using the grappling device for map mobility while others use the ionizers to slow the ghost down can create the perfect dynamic to take down any ghost.

Despite the similar structure to the asymmetrical survival game Dead By Daylight , Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed isn’t nearly as complicated. For players that want a 4v1 online game that’s a little more lighthearted, Spirits Unleashed is perfect. The difficulty still requires customization and the right upgrades, but the pros and cons for each upgrade are easy to compare. Deciding on the best upgrades to get first can be a daunting task for any game, but Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed makes the upgrade process quick and simple.

Next: Dead By Daylight’s Halloween Update Finally Added Ghostface’s Best Mask

ghostbusters speed trap

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ghostbusters speed trap

Image Unavailable

Ghostbusters Ghost Trap (with Foot Pedal)

  • To view this video download Flash Player

Ghostbusters Ghost Trap (with Foot Pedal)

  • WHO YOU GONNA CALL? Complete your Ghostbusters costume with this fun Ghost Trap accessory from Rubies!
  • AUTHENTIC DESIGN: This ghost trap looks just like a prop from the movie and even lights up and makes sounds!
  • EASY TO CARRY: Prop features a versatile clip to attach to your belt, this ghost trap will always be ready for the next ghost hunt!
  • BATTERY TYPE: AA ( included).
  • DIMENSIONS: Plastic prop measures about 7.5” H x 14” W x 6” D.

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Ghostbusters Afterlife P.K.E. Shocker Roleplay Toy for Kids Ages 5 and Up, Classic Blue Gear, Great Gift for Kids, Collectors

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Complete your Ghostbusters costume with the Ghostbusters LED Ghost Trap Costume Prop Accessory. Resembles the ghost trap in the movie. Lights up, makes sounds and clips to your belt for easy access for ghost trapping! Costume prop produced by Rubies, family-owned, family-focused, and based in the U.S.A. Since 1950, Rubie's has classic and licensed costumes and accessories in sizes and styles for your entire family.

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ghostbusters speed trap

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Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed: 6 Beginner Tips For Ghost Players

Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed players would want to take a note of these tips when playing as a Ghost.

Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed is a phenomenal multiplayer action game for fans of the franchise. The main thing players want to do in Ghostbusters video games naturally, is to play as one of the Ghostbusters . While this is natural and even the main way to play Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed , this time round there is another option that many have dreamed of; playing as a ghost.

RELATED: Ghosts We Hope Are Playable In Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed

Yes, that is correct, Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed allows players to take control of a spectral entity and cause havoc in the buildings of New York City . Playing as a ghost brings a whole new way to play the game as well as an entirely different control scheme. New players may be able to find some useful tips for successful haunting runs in this guide.

6 Summon Minions

Being a ghost is tough work , players will need to really keep an eye on the entire map and be conscious of where the Ghostbusters are at all times. Coupled with this, each action, including moving fast, takes away parts of the ghost energy meter.

Running down the energy meter makes the ghost move slowly and easier to catch. If players find themselves caught in this situation they may want to release their minions. Using this action summons smaller ghosts that will distract and attack the Ghostbusters allowing players to slip away to recover.

5 Scare Civilians

In each of the available mission areas, ghosts are tasked with getting 100% haunted rating in addition to surviving capture attempts. Playing as iconic ghosts such as Slimer is definitely a lot of fun. Flying room to room causing mischief along the way will certainly help trip up the Ghostbusters and help raise the haunting meter.

RELATED: Scary Games To Play During The Spooky Season

Civilians are essential to a ghost achieving victory in matches. Each civilian has a fear meter and bringing it to max will cause them to run away in fear. Scaring civilians is done by chasing them down and using ghost powers to terrify the victim. Making sure to recharge ghost powers is essential as using a ghost action will drain energy and could lead to capture.

4 Possess Objects

Playing as a ghost is a tiring task, every movement made at speed and ghost ability used will drain the energy meter. Recovering this energy is essential to continue haunting the building and scaring civilians. Luckily there is a way to regain lost energy quickly, so that the scares can continue. Moving at regular speed recovers energy slowly and can also lead to being spotted or captured by the Ghostbusters .

To speed up energy recovery, find an object nearby that has possess or haunt pop up option. This turns the game into a mini version of Garrys Mod and is a hilarious feature. Choose the possess option to enter the object and energy will recover at a much faster speed than simply moving normally or staying still. Word of warning here though, if players move whilst in the object, energy recovery will slow down. So be mindful of movement when possessing items with the sim to recover quickly.

3 Ultimate Ability

The Ghostbusters in the game have a wide array of equipment and weaponry to slow down ghosts trying to haunt buildings, making Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed a great Halloween time game . To balance this out the ghosts have their own ghost abilities like screaming to scare civilians or being able to spew out slime to trap the pursuing heroes.

RELATED: Ghostbusters: Best Ghosts From The Movies

Sitting in the ghosts own arsenal of moves is an ultimate ability. These strong moves should be used sparingly and only when necessary as they take the longest time to recharge. If the player is cornered by a Ghostbuster or is being pursued by one, pulling off the ultimate ability will buy time to escape to another room and is the strongest move a ghost has to use.

2 Phase Through Walls

During the tutorial for playing as a ghost, players are taught about how to use rifts, just like in the PlayStation 5 platformer Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart . These rifts allow ghosts to move through walls to avoid capture and continue the haunting. Rifts can be hidden in objects in order to hide their location from the pursuing Ghostbuster team.

Rifts are a main objective for the Ghostbusters to find and destroy. As a ghost, having all rifts destroyed will remove the ability to respawn, meaning the next tap they get caught in could be their last. So the best tactic is to keep some rifts active to allow a swift escape but be prepared to grab and hide them when the team is close to discovering the player's location.

1 Sabotage Them

For the Ghostbusters , their main task is to destroy all rifts and prevent the ghost player from getting 100% haunting level of the building. They will pursue the ghost all over the map, some members of the Ghostbusters team are scientists and will use every tool at their disposal to trap the ghost. It would be unfair if the ghost player wasn’t able to turn the tables on the heroes and trip them up along the way.

Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed indeed provides ghosts with some useful abilities to survive the hunt and maybe even force the Ghostbusters to leave in defeat. One of these abilities is sabotage, this can be performed when behind a Ghostbuster who is unaware. Sneak behind and press the action button to sabotage their proton packs. This will cause a malfunction in the pack, slowing them down and providing a window to escape to another room.

Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

MORE: Best Ghostbusters Games, Ranked


Normal Women by Ainslie Hogarth: A sardonic, high-speed novel about motherhood

Hogarth writes about ambivalence well, the way being a mother can be salvation but also a trap.

ghostbusters speed trap

Ainslie Hogarth: writes with nuance about the complications of femininity and masculinity

Normal Women

There have been quite a few books on motherhood recently, and even as it covers many similar themes, Normal Women feels fresh. This high-speed novel starts with Dani, married to Clark, becoming a mother to Lotte.

Dani seems to find a purpose in becoming a mother as she believes that she is not good for much else. They have to move back to Dani’s hometown, Metcalf, and Dani tries to fit in with the Normal Women, a group of “yummy mummies” who seem to have all under control. Much of the novel is centred on the mismatch between Dani’s inner life and her outer world. In her search for herself, Dani encounters The Temple, a yoga centre and sex work studio run by Renata. And then Renata disappears, and Dani loses herself in trying to solve the mystery of her disappearance.

There is so much to enjoy and admire here. Hogarth does not shirk away from the brutal realities of C-section and vaginal birth. She also writes about ambivalence well, the way being a mother can be salvation but also a trap. There are acutely observed, hilarious reflections on the “mommy forums” and the way they create motherhood as a brand identity. In Dani’s story we see how the narrative women are being fed is not just about how they “need” to be a mother, but also on the performance of being a mother, and a very specific way of “doing” motherhood.

Beyond motherhood, the book also captures very well the absurdities of modern life. Hogarth writes with nuance about the complications of femininity and masculinity. Dani and Clark are both performing roles they think they ought to. There is an important narrative about choice here too, about giving women the right to choose for their own bodies, whether it be childbirth or sex work.

President honours Swiss Joycean and Brazilian scholar; Jason Allen-Paisant wins TS Eliot Prize

President honours Swiss Joycean and Brazilian scholar; Jason Allen-Paisant wins TS Eliot Prize

Terri Hooley: Seventy-Five Revolutions: Absorbing overview of Good Vibrations mastermind

Terri Hooley: Seventy-Five Revolutions:  Absorbing overview of Good Vibrations mastermind

Irish debut writers to look out for in 2024

Irish debut writers to look out for in 2024

Nevertheless, at times it feels too repetitive, and I want the plot to move forward more quickly. There was potential for the horrors of the disappearance to be explored further, and we never get to quite see the unravelling that we were promised throughout the book. But, in the end, perhaps what the book is trying to say is that the true horrors lie in the way we tend to believe that there is one way to be a normal woman. Not light-hearted themes, but Hogarth’s sardonic and fast-paced writing makes this a fun read.


Not the end of the world: an ode to climate progress, celebrating the strides made and the potential for progress, investigators believe improvised explosive device caused blast at dublin homeless hostel, woman living ‘exotic’ lifestyle loses appeal over appointment of cab receiver to family home, gale force wind warning as storm isha to hit ireland, stark differences between seán moncrieff and pat kenny in tackling immigration debate, ‘it’s filled with drinkers, not shoppers’: tensions flare over malahide street pedestrianisation plan, latest stories, kyle hayes will learn of his fate on march 20th for two counts of violent disorder, harlequins v ulster: errors not an option as ulster face cool, confident quins, tower of song — frank mcnally on a musically inspiring kilkenny castle, european shares log weekly declines as investors temper interest rate expectations, woman jailed for sex assault on female acquaintance during dublin robbery.

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Ghostbusters Wiki

Particle Thrower/Spirits Unleashed

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Not to be confused with Particle Thrower

The Particle Thrower is a hand-held neutrona wand that fires a positively charged ion stream, used to tether, hold, and pull a ghost into a Trap .

  • 2.1 Central Unit
  • 2.4 Side Component
  • 2.5 Top Attachment
  • 2.6 Gear Shells
  • 3 Research Contract
  • 4.1 Patch 1.3.0 Updates
  • 4.2 Patch 1.4.0 Updates
  • 4.3 Patch 1.4.1 Updates
  • 4.4 Patch 1.5.0 Updates
  • 4.5 Patch 1.6.0 Updates
  • 4.6 Patch 1.6.1 Updates
  • 4.7 Patch 1.7.0 Updates
  • 4.8 Patch 1.7.1 Updates
  • 6 Appearances
  • 7 References
  • 8.1 Gear Customization Images
  • 9.1 Behind The Scenes Images

Gameplay [ ]

The ghost will try to escape your tether by pulling against your pull direction. When you see the tether getting damaged, pull in a different direction to counteract.

Gear Customization [ ]

Central unit [ ].

  • This is the Default Unit Central Unit Mechanism for the Particle Thrower. I should hope that's fairly self-explanatory.
  • The Quantum Accelerator is an absolute boon when it comes to increasing the effectiveness of containment tether generation! That being said, it does slightly constrict the proton stream range. Even I can admit when my innovations aren't... perfect—yet.
  • Tether Creation Speed ++
  • The Quantum Accelerator unlocks at Level 2.
  • Some people say to me, "Eddy, you're kind of a wet blanket." Well, you know what wet blankets do? They reduce heat, not unlike the Cryo Venter, which engages during the venting process to reduce heat faster. So there.
  • Venting Speed ++
  • Object Damage -
  • Minion Damage -
  • Rift Damage -
  • Rift Fracture Damage -
  • The Cryo Venter unlocks at Level 12.
  • Hot equals bad. That's why Heat Sinks are invaluable and reroute particle energy in a more efficient way to reduce heat generation during use. Less heat. More use!
  • Tether Creation Speed -
  • Heat Generation +
  • The Heat Sink unlocks at Level 22.
  • Seasoned busters know the value of sacrificing control for performance, and the Stream Extender does just that, extending the proton stream's range.
  • Recoil Control -
  • Tether Extend/Contract Speed ++
  • Stream Range ++
  • The Stream Extender unlocks at Level 28.
  • A Whip Pulser is as exciting as it sound; an energy spool that gathers and emits large pulses of particle energy down the stream manually, and institutes a cool down. Without one -- well -- we wouldn't be having this conversation.
  • Whip Pulsar +
  • Heat Generation On Pulse -
  • The Whip Pulser unlocks at Level 42 (See Research Contract).
  • When I think "classic particle thrower" -- which I do, often -- I think Default Nozzle tip.
  • OK, so it's not the best when it comes to handling, but the Blast Release packs a wallop of extra energy when it comes to tethering ghosts.
  • Tether Health +
  • The Blast Release unlocks at Level 4.
  • What the Sidewinder lacks in tether strength it makes up for with 1) allowing for easier proton stream manipulation during tethering, and 2) being invented by me.
  • Tether Control +++
  • Firing Movement Speed +
  • The Sidewinder unlocks at Level 14.
  • Good for short-range firing, the Focused Tip concentrates energy into a more controlled release and reduces erratic behavior. Might be worth taking a look into it, if I were you (thankfully I'm not).
  • Stream Control ++
  • Stream Range -
  • The Focused Tip unlocks at Level 24.
  • An Energy Breaker Muzzle that takes the output energy and converts it into aggressive recoil control. Nuclear recycling at its finest.
  • Recoil Control +
  • Tether Health Regeneration --
  • Firing Movement Speed -
  • The Breaker unlocks at Level 34.
  • Looking to let off a blast of energy with a blatant disregard for accuracy, or other people in your vicinity? Inspired by the Ecto-1's gunner seat blaster, the compact design of the Snub Nose's short barrel makes for excellent maneuverability.
  • Stream Control --
  • Recoil Control ---
  • Movement Speed +
  • Mantle Duration ++
  • Equip Speed ++
  • Spring To Action Speed ++
  • The Snub Nose unlocks at Level 44 (See Research Contract).
  • At this point if you don't know the Default Grip for holding a particle thrower, I can't help you. Maybe no one can...
  • Recoil control is key. When you need some extra cushioning, opt for the Standard Vertical Foregrip.
  • The Vertical Foregrip unlocks at Level 6.
  • I designed those Ergonomic Grips with ease of grabbing point in mind. They'll make holstering and unholstering the thrower feel buttery smooth.
  • Equip Speed +
  • The Ergonomic Grip unlocks at Level 16.
  • This one can be a bit clunky if you're trying to mantle and control tethers. What you lose in smoothness you'll make up for in the Horizontal Grip's aptitude for movement and aiming.
  • Mantle Duration -
  • The Horizontal Grip unlocks at Level 26.
  • My Grip Taped Handles use a state-of-the-art friction inducing technology to essentially make your arm and your particle thrower one-in-the-same. This means higher beam accuracy and quicker vaulting speed. But at the cost of firing from spring, and a slower time getting back up when you're knocked down. A small trade for technology that could theoretically hang a fridge from your ceiling.
  • Mantle Duration +
  • Spring To Action Speed -
  • Knockback Recovery Duration -
  • The Grip Taped Handles unlock at Level 36.
  • The Dual Vertical Grips are for Ghostbusters who want control over the extension and contraction of their beam when tethering a Ghost. Cool tech, but compensations had to be made... The lower the health of the tether, the easier it is for the ghost to break free.
  • Knockback Recovery Duration +
  • Landing Recovery +
  • The Dual Vertical Grip unlocks at Level 46 (See Research Contract).

Side Component [ ]

  • There's nothing flashy about the Default Side Component on the original particle thrower, but it's tried and true and gets the job done.
  • Cryo Sinks are your best, little friends, and reroute particular matter in order to reduce the total amount of heat that builds-up when you're firing. Best way to avoid instant incineration.
  • The Cryo Sinks unlock at Level 8.
  • If you're curious about how high your heat levels are climbing during an active tether and how you can ease them, refer to your Containment Monitor. Or don't -- not my problem as long as the equipment is returned in one piece.
  • Tether Control --
  • Heat Generation While Tethered ++
  • The Containment Monitor unlocks at Level 18.
  • This attachment magnifies the particle output, ergo increasing damage to objects and Rifts. Work smarter, not harder.
  • Venting Speed -
  • Object Damage ++
  • Minion Damage ++
  • Rift Damage ++
  • Rift Fracture Damage +
  • The Stream Amplifier unlocks at Level 28.
  • Some Ghosts are slippery and will try to use tactics to break free, but not if my Ionic Reverser is engaged. It initiates a temporal event upon forming a tether, essentially slowing the Ghost's reaction time.
  • Heat Generation While Tethered -
  • Tether Strength ++
  • Sprint To Action Speed -
  • The Ionic Reverser unlocks at Level 38.
  • This is a specialty upgrade, all right, especially if you're looking to manually supercharge your stream distance. Generates a good amount of heat when active though, so be mindful.
  • Tether Creation Speed +
  • Tether Strength -
  • Ghost Stun When Flushed Out +
  • The Particle Thruster unlocks at Level 48 (See Research Contracts).

Top Attachment [ ]

  • Future-proofing. Empty space for any cool new attachments I come up with.
  • I've developed a manual venting Active Heat Isolator override that encourages the user to optimize the heat vent process for an increased output. To put this in terms you'd understand; "heat bad, vent good."
  • Heat Generation ++
  • The Active Heat Isolator unlocks at Level 18.
  • If you're looking for something portable, try the Small P.K.E. Meter Monitor attachment. Still glows when pointed at psychokinetic energy, but has some range limitations.
  • Simple P.K.E. Distance Detection +
  • The Small P.K.E. Monitor unlocks at Level 35.
  • You know how dogs respond to high pitched frequencies? Unrelated, but I've designed a specialty subsonic Neural Frequency Emitter that helps keep civilian stress levels under control, even if they're freaking out. I may even be using it on you, right now.
  • Horrified Civilian Calming +
  • Area Calming +
  • The Neural Frequency Emitter unlocks at Level 50 (See Research Contracts).

Gear Shells [ ]

The option to change Gear Shells to The Real Ghostbusters was added on January 31, 2023. The option to change Gear Shells to Extreme Ghostbusters was added on April 20, 2023. The option to change Gear Shells to the 2016 Movie was added on August 1, 2023. The option to change Gear Shells to "Fanatic" was added on October 19, 2023.

  • Clean, elegant, classic design.
  • A special redesign for the Real Ghostbusters .
  • Unlocks with completion of RGB Particle Thrower Shell Research Contract
  • The perfect shell for your equipment when you're feeling a little more extreme than usual.
  • Unlocks with completion of EGB Particle Thrower Shell Research Contract
  • Don't let the Ghosts from Your Past prevent you from rekindling old friendships. This is the perfect equipment for putting a new spin on a beloved design.
  • Unlocks with completion of 2016 Thrower Shell Research Contract
  • Sometimes you have to expand your imagination and get a little "crafty" when catching ghosts! This '80s kid-inspired cardboard gear kit should do the trick.
  • Unlocks with completion of "Fanatic" Thrower Shell Research Contract

Research Contract [ ]

Several gear customizations need to be unlocked by finishing a research contract and bringing the Particle Thrower to a certain experience level:

  • Particle Thrower Level 42
  • Tier 1: Hold primary tether for 5 minutes.
  • Tier 2: From 10 primary tethers in one job.
  • Particle Thrower Level 44
  • Tier 1 was originally 10 times until August 1, 2023.
  • Tier 2: Complete 3 primary tethers while falling.
  • Particle Thrower Level 46
  • Tier 1: Pull a ghost into a trap pull field as primary tether 25 times.
  • Tier 2: Reinforce 15 existing tethers.
  • Particle Thrower Level 48
  • Tier 1: Destroy 50 minions with your particle thrower.
  • Tier 2: Deal 1,000 fracture damage to rifts.
  • Particle Thrower Level 50
  • Tier 1 was "Calm 25 scared civilians you disturbed with your thrower" until August 1, 2023.
  • Tier 2 was 25 minions until August 1, 2023.
  • Help destroy 15 Ghost Rifts with other busters.
  • Hold onto a primary tether for 120 seconds total.
  • Deal 1000 Rift Fracture Damage
  • Flush out 10 Ghosts with your Particle Thrower
  • Destroy 30 Drudges while tethering them with your Particle Thrower
  • Deal 1000 fracture damage to rifts
  • Destroy 50 Trashcans that probably have unrecycled cardboard in them
  • Destroy 20 Panes of Glass

Patch Updates [ ]

Patch 1.3.0 updates [ ].

  • Partial tethers no longer grant progress to challenges that require tethering. [1]
  • Fixed a bug where failing the calming minigame would cause a delay in re-equipping the Particle Thrower.
  • Fixed a bug where the Particle Thrower may become unresponsive if the player switches the Particle Thrower after activating the Ghost Trap.
  • Fixed a bug where the Neural Emitter attachment VFX and SFX were not activating.
  • Fixed a bug where the Particle Thrower would continue to fire when switching to the scoreboard and venting your pack.
  • Fixed a bug where the Particle Thrower beam was auto-aiming onto objects possessed by the Ghost that were stationary.

Patch 1.4.0 Updates [ ]

  • Snub Nose was given increased Mantle Duration. [2]
  • Cryo Syncs were given reduced Heat Generation.
  • Particle Thruster had a bug fixed where stat changes on the Particle Thruster weren't being applied, reduced Proton Stream Range, and replaced Tether Strength with Heat Generation.
  • Fixed an issue where the Neural Frequency Emitter attachment was not working properly in the Alley.

Patch 1.4.1 Updates [ ]

  • Several Particle Thruster issues were fixed: fixed an issue where the base Tether Creation Speed was becoming incorrectly modified, fixed an issue where the Tether Creation Speed modifier was being incorrectly modified when toggled off, reduced base Tether Creation Speed, Stream Range, and Tether Health bonus, and increased base Heat Generation. [3]
  • Quantum Accelerator attachment was given a reduced Tether Creation Speed bonus
  • Neural Frequency Emitter was given a reduced Cooldown.
  • Snub Nose attachment fixed the equip speed modifier not working on Snub Nose attachment.

Patch 1.5.0 Updates [ ]

  • Added an "escaped from Tether buff" to Ghosts who are released by the buster just before breaking the Tether. [4]
  • Slight increase to the angle of magnetism on the Particle Beam when locking onto a ghost.
  • Increased the degradation speed of Tether forming when Tether is not fully formed.
  • Fixed an issue where the Tether meter would sometimes persist on the screen when swapping off the Particle Throwe.
  • Fixed an issue where the Particle Thrower would not play the overheat animation under certain conditions.
  • Fixed an issue where the UI element for the Whip Pulsar attachment cooldown was not behaving properly.

Patch 1.6.0 Updates [ ]

  • Fixed an issue where the push/pull beam prompts were being incorrectly displayed on the default Particle Thrower. [5]
  • (Particle Thruster) "Firing Movement Speed" removed
  • (Snub Nose) Reduced Tier 1 requirement to forming 3 tethers right after mantling (Down from 10)
  • (Neural Frequency) Reworded Tier 1 requirement to "Calm 25 civs recently scared by you or your buster equipment"
  • (Neural Frequency) Reduced Tier 2 requirement to killing 10 minions who recently attacked a civilian (Down from 25)

Patch 1.6.1 Updates [ ]

  • Ghosts will now properly drop traps when fully tethered. [6]
  • Fixed a situation where the Particle Thrower mounted P.K.E. meter would not properly track Ghosts and Rifts.
  • Stream Control stat will now properly affect moving a tethered Ghost.

Patch 1.7.0 Updates [ ]

  • Added Tether Magnetism Aim Assist accessibility toggle in the Settings>Accessibility menu. [7]
  • Reduced time to tether when tethering Drudges.

Patch 1.7.1 Updates [ ]

  • Addressed an issue where Busters would automatically switch to the Ghost Trap while trying to fire their Particle Thrower. [8]
  • Fixed an issue where the Dual Vertical Grip attachment would sometimes automatically push or pull Ghosts.
  • Fixed an issue where the Overlord Type variants could sometimes melee attack while tethered.

See Also [ ]

  • Particle Thrower
  • Particle Thrower/Animated

Appearances [ ]

  • Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed

References [ ]

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Gallery [ ]

Gear customization images [ ].

Select Screen

Research Contract Images [ ]

Whip Pulser Research Contract

Behind The Scenes Images [ ]

Concept designs of Particle Thrower dated 1/15/2021

  • Ghostbusters
  • 1 Ecto Cooler
  • 2 Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire


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