Ghostbusters The Video Game Review

Ghostbusters is such riotous fun that you'll forgive its short length.

By Kevin VanOrd on June 17, 2009 at 3:39PM PDT

It's not just good: it's great. If you were on the fence about the Wii version of Ghostbusters the Video Game, you can make your purchase without worry. This licensed game is a lot of fun, filled with in-jokes for Ghostbusters fans and clever gameplay for just about everyone. It's only about five hours long, but those five hours are riotous, and local cooperative play and a catch-'em-all scanning mechanic offer reasons to return. This third-person adventure maintains a quick pace and will keep you grinning from beginning to end.

No shocker here, but Ghostbusters The Video Game is funny. The script was penned by original film scribes Harold Ramis and Dan Aykroyd, and while it doesn't quite reach the heights of the 1984 comedy classic, it rides the film's coattails quite comfortably. When you begin the game, you choose either a male or female avatar and join the Ghostbusters team as an unnamed, mute rookie. The other members of your illustrious team are voiced amiably by the stars of the movies: Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, and Ernie Hudson. There are some moments when the performances sound phoned in (Bill Murray sounds a bit too sleepy even for Bill Murray), but there's no doubting that these are the same characters that delighted us in the '80s. Sigourney Weaver and Rick Moranis don't reprise their roles, but you'll hardly miss them as the plot careens forward, reuniting you with old spectral friends and propelling you through a pleasant variety of earthly and otherworldly locales. Not every joke soars, but you'll find it difficult to stop grinning, and you'll probably let out a few guffaws from time to time. Venkman's laconic womanizing, Egon's deadpan pseudoscientific explanations--there's wit here for fans and newcomers alike.

The best part of Ghostbusters The Video Game is, well, busting ghosts. Using your proton pack, your first order of business is to weaken your ethereal adversary. You can do this in a number of ways, depending on the weakness of the poltergeist in question. Your pack has a number of different firing modes, letting you spray a stream of green goo, slow down enemies with your stasis stream, blast enemies with a boson dart, and more. Once you've whittled down the ghost's health bar enough, you lock on to it with the grappling stream and bash it around a bit. You do so by flinging the Wii Remote in the direction indicated onscreen, and it's a good, sensible use of the system's motion controls, because it feels as though you really are flinging the bugger around. Once the ghost is dazed, you maneuver it over a trap, and it's automatically sucked in. The controls for combat feel just right. You can lock the camera on enemies, but you can't lock the targeting reticle on them, which means you still need to be conscious of where you're aiming. And the blend of standard button presses for firing your weapons and gestures for finishing enemies works extremely well.

Take that, Dewey Decimal System!

Not that there aren't occasional discomforts in spite of the fantastic control scheme. Switching weapon modes using the D pad gets fumbly sometimes, and there are some sections that require you to pick up objects with your capture stream and blast them at specific targets that lack precision and therefore don't work all that well. For the most part, however, the game's controls are rarely a burden, so it's easy to get wrapped up in the fun. The pacing of your exploration and variety of tasks are handled artfully. Ghostbusters moves forward at a quick tempo, throwing in variety in the form of environmental puzzles that make good use of your various proton pack modes and cleverly designed boss fights that aren't all that challenging but sure are amusing. For example, a giant worm spews balls of books at you that you then pick up and volley back at the tentacles that slither from its mouth. Once it's stunned, you grapple one of its tentacles and yank downward to do damage. You aren't apt to lose a fight, but some of these encounters are memorable because your frightful foes loom so large and look so wonderfully grotesque. If you do take a fall, the other Ghostbusters are there to revive you--and you can do the same favor for them. The lock-on mechanism means the frustrating knockdowns of the other console versions are rarely an issue, so you can stay focused on busting without being ripped out of the action.

There are a few other surprises in store for you, and while most are delightful, there are a few issues that slightly hamper the enjoyment. We ran into several glitches, including a batch of dialogue that refused to activate for several minutes. In another case, an object necessary to complete a puzzle got stuck and could no longer be targeted. Experiences may differ, but there's definitely a tendency for weirdness here and there, like passersby who get stuck on objects and keep walking in place. Thankfully, these small issues are more than mitigated by a handful of inventive environments and ghosts, as well as some fun and spooky sequences, like a jaunt through a library in which the shelves keep slamming into new configurations. There's also a cool scanning mechanic that you use to catalog the various specters and relics you encounter. If you've got completist tendencies, you'll find it enjoyable to return to the various levels for the tidbits you missed the first time.

All that's missing are the chocolate and graham crackers.

Ghostbusters' production values don't push the limits of the Wii, but they're loaded with character. The sound effects in particular are terrific, from the groans and squeals of specters to the swooshes and bangs of your various weapon streams. Developer Red Fly took a stylized visual approach, presenting the 'busters as exaggerated caricatures that look like funhouse-mirror versions of the real thing, but they aren't necessarily pleasant to gaze at for long. The various levels look great, however, especially after you've laid waste to the destructible environments. The overall audiovisual package almost nails the Ghostbusters vibe, and the game looks--and sounds--pleasantly colorful.

The short playtime is the game's biggest drawback, but if completing your scan collection doesn't give you enough reason to return, the split-screen co-op play just might. It's a little jarring to have two rookies involved in the story, but it hardly matters when you're having such a great time. And a great time you'll have with Ghostbusters The Video Game, which tickles the funny bone and offers good old-fashioned fun at a snazzy tempo. This may not be the next action classic, but it's a whole lot better than Ghostbusters 2 .

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  • It's really funny
  • Capturing ghosts is a ton of fun
  • Well-paced mix of combat, spirit scanning, and puzzle solving
  • Great sound design
  • It's too short
  • A few technical quirks and glitches

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Kevin VanOrd

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ghostbusters ps2 review

ghostbusters ps2 review

Ghostbusters: The Video Game - PlayStation 2 › Customer reviews

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Ghostbusters: The Video Game - PlayStation 2

Ghostbusters: The Video Game - PlayStation 2

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ghostbusters ps2 review

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ghostbusters ps2 review

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Ghostbusters: The Video Game review

Call somebody else.

ghostbusters ps2 review

GamesRadar+ Verdict

Film-like scripting and voice acting

Busting ghosts with familiar gadgets

At least it's only $30

Not based on the best console versions

Control scheme slows down the action

Various visual and audio deficiencies

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If you're a PSP owner who correctly answered the query "Who you gonna call?" when the other versions shipped back in June, then you've been waiting a long time for Ghostbusters: The Video Game to hit Sony 's portable. We'd love to tell you that the layover went towards making the game a perfect fit for the PSP, but with compromised controls and presentation, Ghostbusters does little to differentiate itself from other so-so console action ports on the platform.

It bears mentioning that the PSP game isn't based on the best available version - that'd be the sharp Xbox 360/PS3/PC iteration with realistic visuals and genuine scares - but rather takes its cues from the less-thrilling PlayStation 2 game. As such, you'll experience the tale of being the newest Ghostbusters recruit in 1991 (two years following the conclusion of Ghostbusters 2) through a lighter, cartoon-stylized aesthetic. Also, like the PS2 iteration, the action has been simplified a bit to make the process of capturing ghosts with your Proton Pack and other gadgets more akin to blasting foes in a shooter, though you'll have to keep your stream on the ghosts to wear them down pre-capture.

It's not the most exciting approach, but with scripting assistance and voice acting from the original Ghostbusters writers and actors (including Harold Ramis, Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, and Ernie Hudson), the game boasts enough of the films' flavor to carry the sometimes-monotonous action for series aficionados.

The PSP version is the least convincing of the bunch though, as little care was shown for adapting the console game for the limited horsepower and control options of the handheld. Mapping the camera controls to the PSP face buttons makes sense on the surface, but tracking quick-moving ghosts around rooms proves to be an absolute chore at times. Elsewhere, you'll see flickering walls and textures, as well as occasional frame rate dips, plus hear dialogue clips that sound like they've been significantly degraded along the way.

As a result, Ghostbusters: The Video Game proves to be a mediocre port of a merely decent original entry, resulting in a functional but hardly enticing take on the series. PSP action fans are probably used to this second-class status by now, but this one's strictly for the franchise die-hards.

Nov 10, 2009

Andrew Hayward

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Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord Review – Engaging But Quickly Repetitive Co-Op

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Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord brings new co-operative multiplayer action to Quest and PSVR 2, but does it do enough to keep players coming back for more? Here's our full review.

Heralding the start of a pre-holiday season game rush, Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord has positioned itself as perhaps one of the most high-profile titles to release this year so far. It marks a potential sigh of relief for Quest 3 and PSVR 2 owners waiting for exciting new content, but also a rare partnership bringing together a huge multi-film intellectual property and one of VR's most veteran development studios.

It's a big bet from all angles, but does it pay off?

Ghostbusters has always been about team efforts, so it makes sense that Rise of the Ghost Lord revolves around co-op multiplayer. While it is possible to play through the game solo, the experience will be worse off for it – this is a game designed around playing with others online or, ideally, your friends.

There's support for up to four players at one time with built-in audio chat and full cross-platform play between Quest and PSVR 2 from the get go, which is fantastic. There's a room code system for playing with friends or a quick match option with online matchmaking to find one or more players to bust ghosts with.

A Ghostly Structure

The game begins with a solo intro sequence that does double duty as a tutorial and a set-up for the game's loose narrative featuring the titular Ghost Lord villain. The game's story is completely original, featuring very little tie-in to the existing movies beyond the core Ghostbusters premise.

Once the tutorial is over, you find yourself in the game's lobby area, the San Francisco Ghostbusters HQ. It's an original location that you'll find yourself in before every missions, acting as a hub where you can upgrade gear, change skins and begin missions.

Mission order is dynamic, with players able to choose from a selection of three or more at any given time. Missions last around 10 minutes (give or take) and are split across four types, each with different objectives – Harvester, Giga Trap Retrieval, On the Clock and Exorcism.

ghostbusters ps2 review

Harvester missions involve repairing a large ghost-catching machine on the map and then using it to fill canisters with ghosts. On the Clock is a straightforward timed objective mode, requiring you to catch as many ghosts as you can within 10 minutes, while Exorcism sees your team locating objects on the map that will help close a ghost-ridden portal. Giga Trap Retrieval sees the team locating a Giga Trap and then getting one player to carry it across the map for extraction while fighting against ghosts. If a team member drops the trap and nobody picks it up again quick enough, the mission will fail.

The maps are set across San Francisco, including some iconic locations like Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge. While not the most detailed environments ever, some nonetheless feature impressive scales, especially for a standalone headset like Quest.

After completing a set amount of missions, you'll eventually get the option to take on a special mission to fight against the Ghost Lord. Though this technically rounds out the game's loose narrative, the intent is clearly for players to continue playing afterwards, whether to unlock skins and upgrades or simply take on harder 'Extreme' difficulty versions of levels.

Ghost Hunters & Collectors

In terms of actual second-to-second gameplay, the ghost busting itself is fairly well-designed and features solid built-for-VR mechanics. Players are equipped a PKE meter (used to track objectives and scan the environment), a launch-able trap (for catching ghosts, of course) and a proton wand (to shoot out streams that vaporize ghosts). As you complete missions, your equipment can be upgraded with better stats and additional abilities.

The PKE meter and trap are located on your hip, with the main proton wand is over your shoulder. The latter shoots out the recognizable bendy stream of energy, which you'll aim around the environment at ghosts.

Smaller ghosts don't require traps and can just be vaporized, but larger one require a bit more teamwork and coordination. These ghosts have two deplete-able bars floating on each side of them – shields on the right and health on the left. Tracking them with your stream will wear down the shields, which then tethers the ghost to your stream. You'll need to pull your proton wand in the opposite direction to the ghost's movement to wear down its health. Doing this will also heat up your proton wand, requiring you to press the A button right at the peak to vent it. If not, your wand will overheat and temporarily shut down.

ghostbusters ps2 review

Once its health has been depleted, you can pull it into a nearby trap or harvester. Overall, it's a clever system that takes good advantage of motion controls and rewards efficient communication between teammates.

Ghosts will also attack you through all of this as well though. Some get up close while other shoot projectiles from afar. You'll need to keep moving to evade attacks – a system which largely benefits those playing with smooth locomotion, though teleportation is also available. If downed, you'll need to high five a team member to be revived. The mission fails if all players are downed at once.

Busting The Gameplay Loop

On paper, this sounds like a good foundation on which to build a replayable, live service game that could retain player interest long after release and onward through new content drops. However, what's on offer here likely won't have that level of staying power.

There is a lot of repetition in Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord.

It's not so much that there isn't variety, because there is – you can choose from multiple maps, there's different missions types and you'll encounter different varieties of ghosts as you play.

The problem is that it's simply not enough to stay fresh beyond the first few hours. Once you've done everything once, you will be doing it again. Maps repeat themselves frequently. The mission objectives play out the same each time. Ghosts frequently reappear across the game, all defeated in roughly the same way.

ghostbusters ps2 review

Before long, it all starts to blend into one. Elements that felt unique soon become laborious. There's few stand-out moments in the gameplay and everything quickly becomes rote. Though the final boss battle against the Ghost Lord has some unique and epic moments, it also features appearances from the same set of ghosts you've grown sick of fighting across the other missions.

Just under week post-launch, many of the players I spoke with in-game had already played missions several times over and were completing them again just to unlock more skins or upgrades. When loading a run of the final Ghost Lord mission with another player online, I asked if he had completed it already. "Oh, like five times," he responded, with a sense of resignation.

There's also a lack of depth to most missions. Getting downed often feels disorientating and unfair, but is then paired with a very lax revival system. Ghosts have different types of attacks, but none require much more strategy than evasion via constant movement. Even the 'Extreme' missions, designed for long-term replayability, just seem to amount to more ghosts per area requiring extra damage to be taken down.

Fun With Friends

That's not to say the game is devoid of anything enjoyable – there's an initial novelty to the gameplay that lasts a little while before wearing off. Who you're playing with also makes a big difference – if you're enjoying the company of your teammates, it goes a long way to staving off the repetition. I had some online sessions with friendly players that made the missions more enjoyable. I also had some sessions with muted players that made the repetition all the more grueling.

I did also encounter a variety of bugs during my playthrough – not enough to ruin the experience or stop me from playing, but frequent enough to be noticeable. There was once instance where the mission select buttons wouldn't work for the lobby host, for example, or another point where me and a teammate got stuck on the mission complete scene. After one mission, ghost attack effects continued to appear around me and another player as we returned to the lobby.

Alongside bugs, I often noticed glitch-y, pixel-sized visual artifacts flash on screen for a few frames at various points while playing on Quest 3. There were also occasional frame judders on Quest, even during less demanding sequences. Though the vast majority of my playthrough was on Quest, a quick test of the PSVR 2 version seemed to indicate solid performance and a noticeably higher level of visual detail, alongside improved lighting and shadows.

Mini-Puft Mayhem Mixed Reality Mode

On Quest, Rise of the Ghost Lord also includes a mixed reality mini game that breaks open your ceiling to reveal a giant Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

You'll use a cannon-slingshot device (with fairly wonky controls) to suck up floating mini-pufts and bombs that can be shot at the giant Marshmallow Man above you. One round won't take you more than five minutes to complete.

I'd say you're likely to play through Mini-Puft Mayhem once and then never again, but that might encourage you to give it a try – I'm not sure it's even worth that. It amounts to a fairly uninspired mixed reality experience that will look great in a Quest 3 commercial but offers little of substance to players.

Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord Review – Final Verdict

Sony Pictures VR and nDreams built a solid foundation for a decent co-op multiplayer experience with Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord, featuring a VR-first approach to combat and an engaging overall presentation.

Where Rise of the Ghost Lord falls flat is in its repetitiveness, which quickly makes itself apparent and will likely rob the game of becoming a live service staple to come back to over time, even with additional content promised. It's easy to see players enjoying the first few hours with friends – it's harder to see them coming back for more afterwards.

After his fifth run through of the game's 'final' Ghost Lord mission in under a week since launch, my fellow ghost buster summed it up pretty well as we stood in front of the post-mission summary screen. "Well, I think I'm gonna go play another game now." You know what? Me too.

ghostbusters ps2 review

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Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed Review

Bustin’ makes me feel…okay, i guess..

Travis Northup

Ever since I was a child rushing over to the VHS rewinder to queue up another showing of Ghostbusters, I’ve dreamt of a multiplayer game in its unflinchingly silly universe. Whether it’s the over-the-top spectral miscreants or the ridiculous ghost-sucking vacuums carried by phantom-catching vigilantes in janitor’s outfits, it’s hard to imagine a world more ripe for an asymmetrical multiplayer game where a team of ghost cops goes head-to-head against a vengeful wraith. Unfortunately, Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed’s attempt to fill this void is only a qualified success, as it often absolutely nails the ghost-hunting fantasy, but gets stuck in the thick slime of balancing issues, questionable level design, a story that only barely qualifies being called one, and most of all, a severe shortage of content. I had plenty of genuinely hilarious and satisfying moments running around as a ghost and monkeying with my irksome, would-be captors, and hunting down spooky foes with friends can be a lot of fun, but after a couple hours I’d seen all there was to see and was ready to consign this meager jaunt to the shelf next to my prized Ghostbusters VHS.

Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed pits a team of four Ghostbusters against a single slime-loving apparition in simple but mostly enjoyable matches on one of five maps. The ghost’s goal is to terrorize dimwitted NPCs and haunt areas of the map until it’s too creepy for human occupation, while the team of Ghostbusters works to track down and capture that slippery abomination before it’s able to complete its unfinished business. As a ghost, you can fly, go through walls, haunt or possess items in the world, cover things in slime, and use an array of interesting abilities that are specific to whichever specter you’ve selected pre-match. Those powers include things like the ability to possess NPCs or summon a giant tornado of slime that does massive damage to humans. This suite of powerful abilities gives you overwhelming advantages over your feeble non-flying pursuers, who find themselves limited by their disgusting, corporeal forms. As a buster of ghosts, you’re given the tools of the ghostbusting trade, including the particle thrower, proton pack, P.K.E. meter, and ghost trap, and must work as a team to capture a ghost whose sole disadvantage is that there are four of you – but even that doesn’t account for much at times.

Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed Gameplay Screenshots

ghostbusters ps2 review

That’s because, at least right now, Spirits Unleashed is in need of balancing tweaks, as the bar for a human victory is quite high and only happened maybe one in every ten matches I played over the course of 15 hours. For one, the Ghostbusters have to do quite a lot to achieve victory, as simply catching their eerie foe right away triggers a respawn for the ghost. Instead, the jumpsuited crusaders have to hunt down three artifacts that serve as resurrecting horcruxes, destroying them all before capturing the ghost and claiming victory; all the ghost needs to do is run out the roughly 10-minute clock. Of course, the ghost hunters could just try to capture their quarry four times, since the ghost sacrifices one of their artifacts with each respawn, but doing so can be quite difficult when going up against a wraith possessing even a moderate level of skill.

There’s just too many ways for a ghost to win the day using their extensive bag of tricks, many of which feel downright cheap. For example, if the Ghostbusters find one of your artifacts and start damaging it, you can just pick it up, fly away, and hide it somewhere else before they can finish the job, which fully heals the artifact and sets the human team back enormously as they start the hunt all over again. Beyond that, most ghosts can break away from particle thrower streams relatively easily, move through walls or possess an item then quickly run away, and most importantly: they can fly. While Ghostbusters have to contend with stairs, the ghost can quickly float away to a higher floor.

As a ghost, I was able to win almost every match with the rare exception where I was trying out a new character, or just playing foolishly for a laugh. As a Ghostbuster, I could really only win if the ghost player seemed to not know how to play or if I was in a full squad with friends all communicating and working together to scratch out a photo finish victory. All players being of equal skill though, it’s hard to imagine the Ghostbusters consistently pulling off wins with so many advantages in the ghost’s favor.

This is especially true in levels with tall layouts, where the ghost’s flight can be used to its greatest advantage. The prison level, for example, has extremely high ceilings, so if all else fails the ghost can just float high up in the sky where Ghostbusters below have exceedingly little chance of capturing it. I had one match where the ghost simply stayed up there and waited for the match to end, to the entire party’s four-letter word-filled dismay. Other maps might have lots of stairs, or narrow hallways that make it difficult for humans to navigate. On the bright side, at least each of the five maps is unique and has a lot of character, and each item in every level has a distinct, and often amusing, “walking” animation associated with it when the ghost possesses it.

When is the best time to call the Ghostbusters?

That’s not to say there isn’t a lot of fun to be had in the sometimes irksome matches. Chasing down unearthly horrors with friends requires strategy, teamwork, and coordinating loadouts, and achieving that rare victory after putting together the perfect trap to ensnare the ghost is a moment that demands to be immortalized with a flurry of celebratory fistpumps. And while winning as a ghost isn’t usually very difficult, it’s certainly always amusing, and I prided myself on finding as many creative ways as possible to mess with my pursuers. I even organized a real-life LAN party in 2022 (not that Spirits Unleashed has actual LAN support) so I could host all five players under one roof, which was a hilarious and memorable experience that I’ll not soon forget. There’s a very cool game here, it’s just hidden by unseemly blemishes.

Ghostbusters: The Complete Video Game Playlist

Ghostbusters [1984]

The biggest issue didn’t come until after a dozen or so hours of playing, when I abruptly ran out of things to do and rapidly lost interest. Much like the slime-spewing ghosts you play and hunt, there isn’t a lot of meat on Spirit Unleashed’s bones. With only five maps, a single game mode, and a story that consists of a series of boring cutscenes sandwiched in between multiplayer matches, you’ll run out of stuff very quickly. To its credit, you’ll continue to unlock new ghosts to play as and some helpful upgrades, tools, and cosmetics for your Ghostbusters, but all of that drives you right back to the same old multiplayer mode where you’ll presumably stay until you’re sick of it. Hopefully new content, especially game modes, will be added in future updates, but for now it’s extremely one-note.

Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed is an entertaining asymmetrical multiplayer game that’s held back by some probably-fixable balance issues and map wonkiness, but it badly needs more content to keep my interest. I certainly had some memorable moments being a devilish trickster as a ghost, or signing a warrant for a specter’s arrest as a Ghostbuster, and in some of these moments my childhood fantasy of hunting meddlesome shades was briefly fulfilled. Developer IllFonic certainly understood the assignment – I just wish they’d given more for me to chew on and maybe spent a bit more time fleshing out things like the near non-existent story or some alternate game modes to mix that otherworldly hunt up.

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Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed

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How Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord captures the best of PS VR2

How Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord captures the best of PS VR2

Team up with friends and become a Ghostbuster in this made-for-VR adventure.

ghostbusters ps2 review

We’re excited to debut our first trailer for Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord, featuring PlayStation VR2 gameplay. The game launches October 26 and is available for pre-order now. Check out the new gameplay below and then read on for some highlights about how we’re utilizing the PS VR2’s unique capabilities to truly immerse players in the Ghostbusters universe. Then, for an extra treat, you can watch a roundtable interview with me and some of my team from nDreams that goes into greater detail about the game.

If you’ll excuse the pun, Ghostbusters is a “super” natural fit for cooperative multiplayer VR. Ghostbusting is all about teamwork. There’s no Ghostbusters movie about one person taking on the paranormal by themselves – and there’s nothing like wielding the iconic equipment together as you get up close and personal with angry ghosts. Add into the mix a new story, new location, new equipment, and new cast – and we have the recipe for the ultimate Ghostbusters experience in VR.

Keep an eye on your friends with eye tracking

Eye tracking on PS VR2 is a game changer when it comes to accuracy and ease of use. We had first-hand experience with the power of eye tracking in our game Synapse, which released earlier this year. As you’d expect, we’ve implemented it here too as an option for menu navigation, as well as making it intuitive to grab objects from a distance.

However, it’s been most transformative in our cooperative game when it comes to communication, like seeing where your teammates are looking – as well as sharing a wink or two! It’s uncanny how easy it is to recognize a friend from the real world by their avatar’s mannerisms.

Immersive lighting that really darkens a room

The PS VR2’s graphical capabilities help us deliver on emotional tone, such as feeling a sense of dread and unease going into a dimly lit dark basement that might be hiding all manner of nasties. That is, until you unleash your particle thrower and it suddenly fills the room with light.

The PlayStation 5’s power also enabled a number of ethereal ghost effects that evoke the movies. It makes it especially rewarding when they are flying right at – and through – you.

These ghosts get in your head with PS VR2 headset haptics

Speaking of ghosts flying through you – as they’re known to do – you’ll feel it viscerally thanks to the PS VR2’s headset haptics. The degrees of haptics we can tap into allow us to use it in several ways, from subtly cuing players when there’s something afoot, to more shocking effects from our scariest ghost.

Give Mini-Pufts a squeeze with adaptive triggers

The PS VR2 Sense controllers’ adaptive triggers enhance the sense of presence and were particularly effective in bringing the authentic ghostbusting gear to life; from the PKE Meter and the Proton Wand to the brand-new Muon Trap “thrower.” I particularly love priming the Proton Wand with a partial press, before the satisfying click to unleash a blast of positively-charged subatomic particles.

The adaptive triggers come to life when it comes to squishing Mini-Pufts. These little critters like to wreak havoc on you and your gear during the most inopportune times. Luckily, you can help your buddies out – picking them off them and giving them a satisfying squish in VR. I believe we’re the first VR game where you can squeeze a marshmallow!

And for more, check out our roundtable

One of the cool things about working on this game is collaborating with Ghost Corp itself, who are charged with stewarding the entire Ghostbusters universe. We had the honor of visiting the set for the upcoming Ghostbusters film to host a roundtable conversation about the game. You can watch it below – we cover a lot of topics from equipment upgrades and the types of missions you’ll encounter to maybe even dropping a few hints about upcoming DLC after the game launches. Enjoy… and I’ll see you in Ghostbusters HQ.

Pre-order Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord now. The game will be available on PS VR2 October 26, 2023. For a limited time, you can preorder Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord – Full Containment Edition to get the game, upcoming DLC, and bonus content at a discounted price. Upcoming DLC includes additional playable characters, equipment skins, bonus content, and more.

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Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered – Reviews

Nintendo switch pc playstation 4 xbox one ds pc playstation 2 playstation 3 psp wii xbox 360, ghostbusters: the video game reviews, detailed reviews.

  • 9 When Someone Asks You If This Game Is Awesome, You Say YES! X360 06/23/2009 By DarkECOJak *Most Recommended*
  • 9 Well we called... and we were answered! X360 06/24/2009 By Chaotic_Fusion
  • 6 Zen Entertainment crosses the streams DS 06/24/2009 By Chaotic_Fusion
  • 9 Don't Be Afraid Of No Ghost X360 04/14/2010 By VideoMaster
  • 8 A so-so sequel to the films, but an excellent and immersive game nonetheless. PS3 06/19/2013 By Red_Lobstar
  • 8 When it's all said and done Ghostbusters: The Video Game has it where it counts. X360 08/19/2009 By dr7flow
  • 7 Nearly a perfect addition to the franchise, if not for all the glitches. X360 08/17/2009 By Unknown50862
  • 7 Bustin' makes me feel good PC 07/01/2009 By StabbityMax
  • 8 There's something weird, but it sure looks good X360 09/28/2009 By The_Manx
  • 10 A truly awesome game! PS3 01/19/2010 By Herugrim
  • 8 Consider this game the closest thing you'll ever get to a third movie... PS3 02/03/2010 By Bkstunt_31
  • 7 The adaptation of a film that never was. PC 09/21/2015 By MTLH
  • 8 A Sequel In Spirit X360 08/17/2009 By Archvelius
  • 7 Alice, I'm going to ask you a couple of standard questions, okay? Have you or any of your family played this game yet? PSP 04/15/2010 By Knight1192
  • 8 When There's Something Strange, In the Neighborhood... X360 07/06/2010 By BloodGod65
  • 7 Back from the dead and sliming your console X360 07/20/2009 By kefka989
  • 7 A simple but excellent game in the spirit of the films PC 02/08/2012 By Crono09

Full Reviews

  • 9 It's true when they say 'busting makes you feel good. X360 07/06/2009 By Zersch
  • 9 Aim for the flat top! X360 06/22/2009 By peppermintking
  • 8 Cross the Streams! X360 01/19/2010 By DandyQuackShot
  • 7 Not as bad as some have said... DS 06/22/2009 By thewolfmatt
  • 7 A Solid Game and Respectable Reboot to a Franchise WII 07/10/2009 By Sharpiez

Quick Reviews

  • 9 Who are you going to call? Your local video game store to buy this game that's who. X360 06/22/2009 By Melchiah
  • 7 "He slimed me!" PS3 06/29/2009 By Falling_Down
  • 9 As close to Ghostbusters III as were ever gonna get. X360 01/04/2010 By MisterMarioMan
  • 8 We've waited 20 years and were not let down X360 08/03/2009 By nny138
  • 8 Busting Makes You Feel Good X360 07/06/2009 By cruel_death
  • 4 Bustin' makes me feel bored. DS 08/12/2009 By hackeynut
  • 9 No job is too big, no fee is too big! WII 07/06/2009 By TruePensFan
  • 6 Just any other Movie Based Game, just a little better X360 06/22/2009 By djdoubt03
  • 8 Bustin' makes you feel good! PS3 06/16/2009 By MattFrey
  • 9 20 Years of Waiting PS3 06/18/2009 By DanteSInferno84
  • 8 Wow, This Game Isn't Atrocious X360 06/23/2009 By intrazone26
  • 6 I think they clocked out early today. PS2 07/06/2009 By Nerdyboy3
  • 9 I ain't fraid of no Ghosts. PS3 06/18/2009 By TheOriginalTony
  • 5 Impossibly, impassibly difficult X360 10/11/2011 By chrispowell
  • 7 Awesome, but perhaps inferior to Realistic Version WII 11/04/2013 By wymario
  • 9 We Are Ready To Believe You!!! WII 07/08/2009 By BasqKing

Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered Reviews

  • 7 That's the bedroom, but nothing ever happened in there. PS4 10/11/2023 By MTincher

Video Reviews

ghostbusters ps2 review

GameSpot Review

ghostbusters ps2 review

  • 7.8 User Score Based on 156 user reviews.
  • 78 Cheat Code Central Ghostbusters: The Video Game largely accomplishes what it set out to do by telling a humorous tale and bringing fans back into the fold on the franchise's 25th anniversary.
  • 83 Game Revolution There are some flaws, including the lack of a local co-op mode, however there is just so much that was done right that you can't help but have a blast. It may not be everything you ever wanted out of a Ghostbusters game, but it's as close as you're going to get to perfection at this point.
  • 70 GameSpot Despite some drawbacks, this satisfying adventure is just what you'd want from a Ghostbusters game: it's funny and it's fun.
  • 76 IGN I felt that the game's ending was a bit flat and the romantic interest was forced, but Ghostbusters was fun -- too bad you don't get the multiplayer action the home consoles do.
  • 8.0 User Score Based on 124 user reviews.
  • 70 Edge Magazine With a little more in the way of technical polish and a few more hours of playtime thrown in, this would have been one of the best film-based games of all time. [July 2009, p.90]
  • 80 Game Informer The real meat of the game is getting to play through the Ghostbusters experience we've always dreamed about as kids - a story that could have easily been "Ghostbusters III." [July 2009, p.81]
  • 80 Playstation Official Magazine UK Strictly in terms of gameplay, this is probably a 7/10 - fun and polished if a little repetitive - but there's absolutely an extra level of enjoyment and quality here thanks to the smart and sensitive use of much-loved material. [July 2009, p.86]
  • 70 RealGamer There are some things I loved about the game and equally the same amount of things I found irritating. It’s hard to recommend to fans of third person shooters in general. But, fans of the movies and story driven games will definitely find the game more appealing.
  • 8.5 User Score Based on 154 user reviews.
  • 80 IGN There are some moments that cause the game to stumble, but you're getting a new tale in the Ghostbusters canon, fun gameplay, a whole bunch of stuff to destroy, and some cool ghosts to scan. I felt that the game's ending was a bit flat and the romantic interest was forced, but Ghostbusters is a hell of a ride.
  • 70 NZGamer As licensed games go, it's above average - but given that the film series it is based on was last seen at the cinemas over 20 years ago, it's a bit of disappointment that it still feels a bit rushed. It could have been (and based on pre-release media, seemed to be) so much better.
  • 80 Official Xbox Magazine Ghostbusters combines a tried-and-true structure with a familiar but fresh license, filling that game with personality and panache - and that's what really raised our spirits. [July 2009, p.72]
  • 8.3 User Score Based on 35 user reviews.
  • 74 Cheat Code Central On the whole, Ghostbusters is an impressive production most fans should eat up. We had a fun time with the game, though we were also left with serious reservations due to glitching that might cause less-experienced gamers to hang up their proton packs well before the journey ends.
  • 65 Game Informer The camera lock-on and Wii-exclusive split screen co-op are nice additions, but the simplified combat and truncated levels ultimately leave this game a little flat. [July 2009, p.81]
  • 80 GameSpot Ghostbusters is such riotous fun that you'll forgive its short length.
  • 73 Official Nintendo Magazine UK Overlook the odd glitch and this is a fitting tribute to a cherished movie franchise.
  • 6.1 User Score Based on 8 user reviews.
  • 46 Cheat Code Central The cutscenes convey the Ghostbusters franchise as good as one could expect. They are filled with great graphics, great voiceovers, and movie-quality sound effects. The rest of the game has trouble living up to the cutscenes. In fact, the game has trouble living up to standards of a good DS game.
  • 50 GameSpot Some busted mechanics and picky controls will make you think twice before bringing these Ghostbusters on the road.
  • 65 IGN The concepts, overall design, and multi-character system works great. It’s just a bit too rough all-around for this first Ghostbusters endeavor.
  • 52 Official Nintendo Magazine UK It's suffering from similar feelings of neglect. [Dec 2009, p.94]
  • 4.7 User Score Based on 13 user reviews.
  • 50 GamesRadar+ A mediocre port of a merely decent original entry, resulting in a functional but hardly enticing take on the series. PSP action fans are probably used to this second-class status by now, but this one's strictly for the franchise die-hards.
  • 55 Play UK Just a bit buggered. [Issue#188, p.82]
  • 57 SpazioGames Ghostbusters is a really boring game, with just a little of fan service. Visuals hiccups, environment poor of details, and to repetitive gameplay. If you can choose, should go on next-gen versions, this porting is very bad.
  • 60 WonderwallWeb Disappointing when compared to the PS3 version and even other PSP games. Could have bee a lot better.
  • 8.3 User Score Based on 11 user reviews.
  • 70 GameZone While this might not be the absolute best version of the Ghostbusters video game, it’s still a heck of a lot of fun. PS2 owners with a taste for wrangling spooks, specters, and ghosts shouldn’t hesitate to pick this one up.
  • 71 IGN Being able to blast everything off the wall, listen to Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd, as well as exist in the firehouse is definitely cool; plus, the story is solid. Still, the graphics and framerate are disappointments, the load times are too long, and wrangling can boil down to being a chore.
  • 70 Playstation Official Magazine UK The decent script and original cast won't disappoint. [Sept 2009, p.106]
  • 4.3 User Score Based on 30 user reviews.
  • 80 GamingTrend With a fresh coat of paint, higher resolution, and sharper textures, Ghostbusters: The Game Remastered brings the unofficial Ghostbusters 3 script to life for a whole new audience. While the multiplayer mode is still AWOL, Saber Interactive promises we’ll see that pop out of a ghost trap in the near future. In the meantime, there’s a fantastic swan song for the original Ghostbusters team.
  • 60 IGN Ghostbusters was a great tie-in back in 2009 but this remaster doesn’t really make for a vastly improved experience.
  • 72 Merlin'in Kazanı (Turkey) Ghostbusters The Video Game Remastered, unfortunately, still has the same problems of the original game. Cumbersome movement animations are not fun. This game still is the most authentic Ghostbusters experience.
  • 70 PC Games Just like back then, I see the flaws in Ghostbusters: The Video Game, but as a fan of the two cult movies, I don't care about them at all. Yes, there are many far better third person shooters, but in what other game can I use a positron collider to stop ghosts from spraying slime all over people? The shooter gameplay is fun, despite the partly inaccurate controls, and feels exactly the way you want it to feel. Moreover, the game is teeming with allusions and quotes, which put a blissful grin on the faces of the fans of the movies. But the dry humour is also perfectly fits in other respects - no matter if Ray is just obsessed again or Egon philosophises about one of his strange hobbies. In addition, there is a great atmosphere, varied enemy design and of course some iconic locations from the movies. Of course my fan heart beats faster. So I'm all the happier that everything works technically flawlessly in handheld mode and that I can now catch a few ghosts on the go.
  • 6.8 User Score Based on 29 user reviews.
  • 70 FNintendo Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered is a good recreation of the famous movie world, with plenty of fun moments between the original cast members and a good variety of enemies to catch. The game's value starts running out soon enough, though, with its short main game mode and graphics which have few advances compared to the original game.
  • 75 Nintendo Force Magazine If you haven't played it and even remotely enjoy the prospect of ghostbusting, then it's absolutely worth a play! [Issue #43 – November/December 2019, p. 16SH]
  • 80 Nintendo Life Enjoyment of Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered depends almost entirely on your affection for the movies – we love 'em, but if you don’t then knock at least one point off the score below (and perhaps take a long hard look in the mirror). For the rest of us, this is a wonderful form of time travel. It has no business calling itself a remaster and is best approached as a straight port of a ten-year-old game, but it’s a fine one. Mechanically-speaking, there's little you haven’t seen elsewhere, but it’s a good-looking, fun third-person romp dripping in slimy nostalgia, and the chance to spend time in the company of these old friends – some of them dearly departed – is too good to pass up if you've ever strapped on your school backpack and gone out to catch ghosts in the garden.
  • 75 NintendoWorldReport Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered has some good things going for it. A fun story, excellent voice work from the original cast, and a nice new shine to the visuals, all making the campaign feel solid. The removal of multiplayer and a lack of polish on the cutscenes make this feel a little rushed, though. If you are a fan of the brand, you will enjoy this game, but if you never really cared for the Ghostbusters, then this won’t change your mind.
  • 7.1 User Score Based on 62 user reviews.
  • 60 DualShockers Fans of the original Ghostbusters: The Video Game will probably enjoy this, even if it’s just for a trip down memory lane and to see the cast again and visit some iconic locations. But due to its repetitive combat, insufferable artificial intelligence, and dull gameplay, I would advise first-time players to maybe pick up something else if you’re looking for an enjoyable and fulfilling third-person shooter.
  • 75 Gaming Age It’s not as if the original game was all that stunning or anything, but there are plenty of moments here where Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered just looks blurry and kind of ugly. That’s not enough to make me not recommend it, though. In fact, I’m almost certainly going to go out and buy myself a copy of the game on the Switch, just so I can have it with me at home and on the go. Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered is likely only going to appeal to people who have some nostalgia for the movies — but if you have that nostalgia, it’s practically a must-play.
  • 70 PlayStation LifeStyle Any fan of the franchise will enjoy it for its authenticity, references, behind-the-scenes insights, and the opportunity to finally see what happens next as they accompany the original crew on another mad caper overflowing with ‘buster banter straight from the creators themselves.
  • 70 Push Square As an officially licensed instalment in a beloved franchise, Ghostbusters: The Video Game is still a resounding success ten years on. But as a third-person shooter with physics-based ghost capturing, it’s a bit one-note. The atmosphere, design, and voice cast are perfect, but the combat peaks early and quickly become a bore. The main campaign is enjoyable enough that it’s worth enduring the repetition, though.
  • 6.4 User Score Based on 15 user reviews.
  • 60 GameSpew As remasters go, Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered does the bare minimum to keep a cult classic relevant while simultaneously presenting it to a new audience.
  • 70 Generación Xbox A fan service game that will bring you fun for hours.
  • 80 Official Xbox Magazine UK It’s the perfect fan service addition to the Ghostbusters canon, and regardless of the all-female reboot or upcoming Ghostbusters 2020, this still stands up as that ‘third film’. The fact that it’s also a very good game frankly makes our toaster dance. [Issue#184, p.82]
  • 80 TheXboxHub Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered on Xbox One remains as fun and nostalgic as it did in 2009. With punchy combat, creepy exploration and a hilarious script that’s beautifully voice acted, it’s hard not to recommend this Halloween treat.

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