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‘Ghost Hunters’ New Season Details and Episode Descriptions

Ghost Hunters 2021

The TAPS team is reuniting for a reboot of Ghost Hunters premiering on discovery+ on New Year’s Day. The new season stars paranormal investigators Jason Hawes, Steve Gonsalves, and Dave Tango, as well as Shari DeBenedetti and the Destination Fear team.

The upcoming season will consist of 12 new one-hour episodes.

“It’s such a great feeling doing what we love together as a team and under the show name that created a genre,” said Hawes. “ Ghost Hunters is back with the names and faces you recognize, investigating some incredible locations with new equipment and in our style.”

“This whole new season of Ghost Hunters has some of the creepiest locations, best evidence, and familiar faces that the viewers will be excited to see,” stated Tango. “I’m excited for everyone to get that classic Ghost Hunters nostalgia they’ve been missing, but in a whole, fresh new way.”

discovery+ provided the following synopsis and new season episode descriptions:

“The reboot of Ghost Hunters follows the team as they crisscross the country searching for answers in the nation’s most haunted locations including: the Old Joliet Prison in Joliet, Illinois; a haunted hotel with a dark past in Nebraska; a brewery in Pittsburgh; and a Virginia castle that might have visitors from outer space. Joining the core team are a host of experts from different paranormal backgrounds that add their own points-of-view and prowess to each unique case. Even the rock legend Meat Loaf joins the TAPS team on an investigation of an old haunting that is still scaring the local community.”

Ghost Hunters New Season Episodes:

  • Episode 1 — “The Lost Souls of Joliet” Begins streaming Saturday, January 1, 2022 on discovery+ Dakota Laden, Tanner Wiseman and Alex Schroeder of “Destination Fear” join TAPS as they take on Old Joliet Prison. Unsettling paranormal activity has been ramping up at the now-shuttered penitentiary, and volunteers there are desperate for answers.
  • Episode 2 — “Lost Bones of the Argo” Begins streaming Saturday, January 8 on discovery+ Satori Hawes and Cody DesBiens join TAPS for an investigation at a Nebraska hotel with a grim and grisly past. With frightening phenomena taking hold of the property, the owners need TAPS’ help to determine how safe it is for guests.
  • Episode 3 — “The Haunted Brewery” Begins streaming Saturday, January 15 on discovery+ TAPS investigates a church-turned-brewery in Pittsburgh where ominous apparitions roam the floor and ghostly footsteps echo above. The team looks to an accidental death that took place on the property to help solve the mystery behind the haunting.
  • Episode 4 — “The Castle Light Mystery” Begins streaming Saturday, January 22 on discovery+ TAPS heads to Virginia to explore Bacon’s Castle where for centuries people have witnessed an eerie ball of light traveling around the property. UFO expert Ben Hansen joins the investigation to determine if this ghostly orb is extraterrestrial in origin.
  • Episode 5 — “Ghosts of Gaines Tavern” Begins streaming Saturday, January 29 on discovery+ TAPS visits a 19th-century Kentucky tavern plagued by a series of murders and suicides. The city is getting ready to reopen the building to the public, and the mayor wants to be sure that remnants of its tragic past don’t resurface as dangerous entities.
  • Episode 6 — “A Boy and Buried Secrets” Begins streaming Saturday, February 5 on discovery+ A Virginia winery is ripe with unexplained occurrences. Frightened by the daily disruptions and run-ins with apparitions, the owners bring in TAPS to investigate the strange phenomena to find out if it threatens the safety of family, employees and guests.
  • Episode 7 — “The Haunted House on the Hill” Begins streaming Saturday, February 12 on discovery+ Rock legend Meat Loaf joins TAPS to investigate an old farmhouse in Tennessee. Rumors of terrifying activity have plagued the property for decades, but the new owners want to reassure the community that their home doesn’t harbor dangerous entities.
  • Episode 8 — “The Girl With No Eyes” Begins streaming Saturday, February 19 on discovery+ TAPS calls in Dustin Pari to join them in a baffling case in rural Kansas. Residents of an old farmhouse have reported unnerving paranormal activity over the past decade, and the new owners desperately need answers as to who – or what – is haunting the home.
  • Episode 9 — “Wraiths of Winchester” Begins streaming Saturday, February 26 on discovery+ TAPS investigates the Philip Williams House, a historic Virginia home bloodied by the Civil War and haunted by unexplained apparitions and violence. Secrets concealed beneath its floors may be tied to the extensive paranormal phenomena.
  • Episode 10 — “Moonshiner Spirits” Begins streaming Saturday, March 5 on discovery+ Amy Bruni and Adam Berry of Kindred Spirits join TAPS as the team investigates White Hill Mansion in Fieldsboro, New Jersey.
  • Episode 11 — “The Shadow Man” Begins streaming Saturday, March 12 on discovery+ Former Ghost Hunters investigator Kris Williams joins TAPS as the team investigates the Collingwood Arts Center in Toledo, Ohio.
  • Episode 12 — “Tortured Souls of Cresson” Begins streaming Saturday, March 19 on discovery+ The Ghost Brothers and Dustin Pari join TAPS as the team investigates Cresson Sanitorium in Pennsylvania.


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ghost hunters season 2 cast

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Home > Ghost Hunters > Season 2

Ghost Hunters (2005 - 2006)

Ghost Hunters

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1. Myrtles Plantation

Air date: Jul 27, 2005

TAPS travels to New Orleans to investigate the Myrtles Plantation.

2. Grafton & Cranston Case

Air date: Aug 3, 2005

TAPS investigates apparitions that are threatening the welfare of children in two New England homes.

3. Deville's House & Brennan's Restaurant

Air date: Aug 10, 2005

TAPS attempts to bait a spirit at a New Orleans residence; the team has dinner at a famed haunted restaurant.

4. Mordecai & USS North Carolina

Air date: Aug 17, 2005

A routine training mission turns into a full-scale investigation at a World War II battleship.

5. Theater/Firehouse Haunting

Air date: Aug 24, 2005

The team visits a Connecticut firehouse plagued by mysterious occurrences; the team attempts to disprove a haunting at an old playhouse.

6. The Ledge Lighthouse

Air date: Aug 31, 2005

Andy urges the team to investigate a haunted lighthouse.

7. Two Houses

Air date: Sep 7, 2005

The TAPS team investigates two homes with long histories of paranormal activity.

8. Beechwood Mansion & Garden State

Air date: Sep 14, 2005

An amateur group of paranormal investigators calls TAPS for help on a case.

9. Dave Tango and Rolling Hills

Air date: Sep 21, 2005

The team heads to New York to investigate inexplicable activity at an old asylum.

10. Return to Eastern State

Air date: Sep 28, 2005

TAPS returns to Philadelphia's Eastern State Penitentiary to track down an apparition; the team investigates a haunted vacation home.

Ghost Hunters: Season 2   Photos

Tv season info.

  • Genres: Documentary, Reality
  • Network: Travel Channel
  • Premiere Date: Jul 27, 2005
  • Executive producers: Alan David , Rob Katz

Cast & Crew

Grant Wilson

Jason Hawes

Executive Producer

Critic Reviews for Ghost Hunters: Season 2

Audience reviews for ghost hunters: season 2.

Maybe the best season! St. Augustine Lighthouse was awesome!

ghost hunters season 2 cast

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2 Seasons | 22 Episodes , 22 Unlocked

  • Season 2 9 Episodes Available
  • Season 1 13 Episodes Available

Terror Town Part 1

Since its founding in 1873, the remote mining town of Clifton, AZ has been trapped in a devastating cycle of violence, mayhem, and natural disaster. But despite its many struggles, Clifton remains home to a small population. Along with its brutal past comes a long history of dark paranormal experiences in the town, which has many residents convinced that Clifton may be cursed. Isolated and concerned the town may no longer be safe for their families, the townspeople have turned to the Ghost Hunters to investigate the continuous paranormal activity and the connection, if any, to Clifton’s history of death and misery.

Terror Town Part 2

On their second night of investigation in the remote mining town of Clifton, Arizona the team revisits several hubs of paranormal activity as they try to get to the bottom of the aggressive phenomena. Grant, Brandon and Brian have a breakthrough in the Boarding House, where they establish direct communication with a troubled soul. Meanwhile, the rest of the team expands the search perimeter.

Proof of Afterlife

Isolated deep in the wilderness of Southern New Mexico, Fort Stanton was originally established in the 19th century as a military post, then later it was converted to a tuberculosis hospital to help combat the epidemic that swept the country at the turn of the century. Thousands are believed to have died and been buried on site. Though no longer in use, it has been preserved as a cherished historical landmark. Disturbing reports of paranormal activity date back to the 1940s, but a recent uptick in claims has the Deputy Director of New Mexico historic sites worried about the safety of the two lone staff members that live on site. He has reached out to the Ghost Hunters for help.

Nightmare Camp

The Perry-Mansfield Performing Arts Camp, deep in Northern Colorado forestland, has long been plagued by reports of unsettling paranormal encounters. Today, campers and faculty there still experience paranormal activity. In the first professional investigation of the site, Grant sends the team ahead to begin without him. Later, when Grant joins the team, he proposes a creative tactic that triggers some unexpected results.

Alone in Alaska

Between 1896 and 1899, countless fortune seekers set out on a voyage to the Klondike region of North America in search of gold. Many had to pass through the small and secluded town of Haines, Alaska. For some, however, Haines was the end of the journey as many lost their lives due to extreme weather conditions, starvation, or bloody conflicts. Due to the violence and disorder, the government established a military outpost to keep the peace. Today, the outpost remains and has since been converted, in part, into a hotel called Hotel Halsingland, where concerning paranormal activity is now being reported. After being contacted by Skylar, a current employee at the hotel, the team agree to trek to Haines where no paranormal investigator has ever investigated.

Haunted Hospital

The last mission.

The Wendover Airfield, a onetime Army Air Force Base in the salt flats of the Utah desert, played a crucial role in WWII. During training, dozens of pilots died on the base. Now, recent reports of paranormal activity there have stirred speculation; and the reported hauntings cause the staff to fear for their safety, and for that of the ordinary citizens who travel in and out of the base. Desperate for answers, they’ve called upon the team for help.

The Glenn Family Curse

More than a century ago, when the Glenn House was built in the small town of Cape Girardeau, Missouri, it housed the family of David Glenn, a successful local businessman – until they tragically lost three of their infant children and later went bankrupt. Today, generations later, the historic residence still stands. A rise in disturbing paranormal activity, however, has prompted the local historical association’s president to reach out to Grant for help.

Ghost Hunters Return to Waverly Hills

Dubbed one of the “most haunted places on earth,” Waverly Hills Sanatorium has long been hailed as a “mecca” for paranormal investigators from all around the globe. It is also the site of some of the most striking paranormal encounters from the original “Ghost Hunters.” Now, the new owners have been receiving reports of unsettling new paranormal claims from visitors, which include blood-curdling screams and unexplained sounds. Seeing this as the perfect opportunity to take his new team to one of his favorite haunts, Grant eagerly answers the call for help.

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Ghost Hunters - Full Cast & Crew

  • Travel Channel HDTV (East)
  • Documentary, Reality, Suspense
  • Watchlist Where to Watch

The team heads into uncharted territory to be the first to investigate paranormal phenomena in some of the nation's most remote locations.

Reality Cast Member

  • Cast & crew
  • User reviews

Ghost Hunters

Beyond the Investigation

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Jason Hawes, Steve Gonsalves, Dave Tango, and Shari DeBenedetti in Ghost Hunters (2004)

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Ghost Hunters

Ghost Hunters

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Ghost Hunters - watch online: streaming, buy or rent

Currently you are able to watch "Ghost Hunters" streaming on fuboTV, Discovery+ Amazon Channel, Discovery+, DIRECTV, Max Amazon Channel, Travel Channel, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix basic with Ads or for free with ads on Pluto TV, Xumo Play, A&E, Travel Channel, The Roku Channel. It is also possible to buy "Ghost Hunters" as download on Amazon Video, Vudu, Google Play Movies, Apple TV.

Newest Episodes

Where does ghost hunters rank today the justwatch daily streaming charts are calculated by user activity within the last 24 hours. this includes clicking on a streaming offer, adding a title to a watchlist, and marking a title as 'seen'. this includes data from ~1.3 million movie & tv show fans per day..

Streaming charts last updated: 9:19:42 AM, 01/05/2024

Ghost Hunters is 737 on the JustWatch Daily Streaming Charts today. The TV show has moved down the charts by -9 places since yesterday. In the United States, it is currently more popular than Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives but less popular than Domina.

Paranormal investigators investigate places that are reported to be haunted. Engaging forensic experts, historical records and the most innovative technology available, the squad helps everyday people who are struggling with unexplained supernatural phenomena.

Videos: Trailers, Teasers, Featurettes

Trailer Preview Image

Streaming Charts The JustWatch Daily Streaming Charts are calculated by user activity within the last 24 hours. This includes clicking on a streaming offer, adding a title to a watchlist, and marking a title as 'seen'. This includes data from ~1.3 million movie & TV show fans per day.

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Ghost Nation

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The Paranormal

Ghost Hunters TV Show

Ghost Hunters TV Show

The paranormal hit Ghost Hunters originally aired in 2004, and its eleven-season run lasted until 2016! And they’ve even had various reboots and spinoffs since the show’s original airing. So there’s no denying that there was an enormous demand for this type of creepy content on television, and Ghost Hunters hit all the marks.

It was a show revolving around a team of paranormal investigators or, as the show was aptly named, “ghost hunters.” This team would make their way through various locations in the dead of night, using their equipment to try and detect paranormal activity. And, of course, cameras followed wherever they went.

This show was one of the first introductions the world had to paranormal reality tv, which may be why it’s still such a well-known show.

The First Air Date

The first episode of Ghost Hunters aired on the Sci-Fi network on October 6, 2004. Sci-Fi, owned by NBCUniversal Television and would eventually be rebranded as Syfy, was the perfect home for this show primarily because it specializes in horror, among other similar genres.

Creation and Production

The prominent players in Ghost Hunters’ creation, production, and direction are as follows:

The series was created due to Jason Hawes’ and Grant Wilson’s formation of  The Atlantic Paranormal Society , or TAPS, which the show was based around and featured.

As far as producers go, of course, Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson both produced many episodes. But the series’ largest executive producer, who was responsible for most episodes, was Alan David.

Various directors took part in the show, including:

  • Mark Marinaccio
  • Richard Monahan
  • Peter Zasuly
  • Gabriel Knight
  • Ivan Dudynsky
  • Jay Bluemke

Cast Members

Ghost Hunters TV Show Cast Members

The main cast of Ghost Hunters is as follows:

  • Jason Hawes — A plumber from Rhode Island that ended up co-forming TAPS and becoming one of the stars of Ghost Hunters and Ghost Nation because of his involvement.
  • Grant Wilson — An art director that developed a gaming company with a co-founder. He also co-formed TAPS, becoming a star alongside Jason Hawes.
  • Steve Gonsalves — An actor and producer with a love of horror who appropriately joined the cast of Ghost Hunters .
  • Dave Tango — An actor within the horror genre, much like Gonsalves, aptly joined the Ghost Hunters cast.
  • Amy Bruni — An actress who has appeared in multiple paranormal shows.
  • Mike Rowe (Narrator) — A professional television host who narrated a large portion of Ghost Hunters episodes.

Primary Focus of the Show 

The Ghost Hunters cast mostly investigated reportedly haunted locations during the show’s run and would only explore where people had previously complained of paranormal activity taking place. Most times, the paranormal activity (or hauntings) was reported by the location’s owner.

Each investigation would start with the team exploring the area alongside the owners while discussing reportedly paranormal encounters that they’d had at the location. 

Then the team would set up their equipment, which usually consisted of tools to take the electromagnetic field and temperature readings,  digital voice recorders for EVPs , and digital video cameras.

They would then proceed to try to coax activity from the paranormal presence to gather information.

Afterward, they would review any evidence they collected. After reviewing the data, they would have one last talk with the location owners, where they’d share their findings and suggest how to deal with any activity they may have encountered. 

The TAPS investigative team were believers in the paranormal, but they also went about their investigations with a fairly logical outlook. And have been known to explain that sometimes apparent paranormal activity can have reasonable explanations. Although they’ve also stated some paranormal activity they’ve experienced, they believe it to be authentic.

Ghost Hunter’s Impact on the Paranormal Community

Ghost Hunters was a massive hit, with the ratings to prove it. It was one of its network’s highest-rated reality television shows throughout its run. And for a time, it was the highest-rated paranormal show on television itself!

Part of the reason why the show was so popular was that the audience loved the subject matter. This popularity was the first time a paranormal television show was being marketed as reality TV, and it made the idea of things like ghosts and hauntings feel real to the viewers. They found it thrilling.

The arrival of Ghost Hunters was also huge for the paranormal community because it gave them some real representation for the first time. And it caused many other paranormal-based TV shows to be made, providing that community with even more content to enjoy.

Overall, Ghost Hunters normalized TV shows based around other worldly matters, which was great news for fans of the paranormal.

Ghost Hunter’s Seasons and Episodes 

Originally, Ghost Hunters ran for eleven seasons, spanning from 2004 to 2016. Those episodes all aired on the Syfy channel, as previously discussed.

But Ghost Hunters has also been rebooted several times, with more short seasons airing on A&E, a season on Discovery+, and one other on the Travel Channel.

This means that, in all, Ghost Hunters has had fifteen seasons. And their episode count is currently at 249! They’ve also had several live shows and holiday specials throughout their run.

Most Popular and Well-Rated Episodes

Some episodes have performed better than others. But the following twenty were some of the most highly rated on IMDB.

  • “Grant Is Back”
  • “Ghost Hunters Return To Waverly Hills”
  • “Proof Of Afterlife”
  • “The Glenn Family Curse”
  • “Manor Of Mystery”
  • “Nightmare Camp”
  • “Hospital Horror”
  • “Haunted Lighthouse”
  • “Alone In Alaska”
  • “Haunted Hospital”
  • “The Lady In The Window”
  • “Dancing With The Dead”
  • “Haunted By Heroes”
  • “Overdue For Death”
  • “Stanley Hotel”
  • “Haunting Of The Garde”
  • “You’ve Been Warned”
  • “Darker Learning”
  • “School Spirit”
  • “Public Poltergeist Number One”

Famous Guests 

Ghost Hunters didn’t have a wide array of famous guests on their show, and it mostly centered around the core investigative cast. But one of their most notable guests was Meat Loaf, who appeared on “ Ghost Hunters: The Haunted House On The Hill .” This was actually one of Meat Loaf’s final television appearances before his death.

Controversies & Criticisms

As would be expected from a show that centers around something as controversial as the paranormal, Ghost Hunters had its fair share of criticisms. Both from people who disagreed with the subject matter and those who felt that the Ghost Hunters cast was faking certain incidents.

On the skeptic’s side of things, one of the largest cases of criticism happened in 2008 when Ghost Hunters won The Truly Terrible Television Award (TTTV) from the Independent Investigations Group. The reason is that Ghost Hunters was “peddling” things like “pseudoscience and superstition” to their fans.

As for ‘controversies,’ one of the most notable examples happened concerning a Ghost Hunters live show on Halloween 2008. During this live show, two events took place that many people claimed to be fake.

The first event was when one of the star’s collars was repeatedly pulled down, although he never visibly touched it. And the second was when an unexplained voice eerily said, “You’re not supposed to be here.”

Critics were enraged over these two instances, although the two stars of the show claim that their contracts for the show don’t allow them to fake evidence for entertainment purposes. So their official statement is that everything seen on Ghost Hunters is real.

The response to all of this was split. Some people remained avid fans of the show, while some felt that Ghost Hunters lost some credibility after the incident. But as seen by the consistent ratings, it lost none of its popularity even after the controversies.

Future Outlook 

Ghost Hunters fans are looking forward to new episodes of the show coming in April of 2023. Many old cast members are returning for this, and those episodes will be airing on Discovery+ and the Travel Channel.

But even aside from new Ghost Hunters episodes, because of the show’s impact on the paranormal entertainment space, many new ghost hunting reality TV shows have hit the screen since then. So, fans of this genre have plenty of content they could’ve never dreamed of before it first aired.

And despite the controversial nature of the show and its genre, it is a show that’s loved and appreciated by many. And it was, and is, a true pioneer in the entertainment space.

Final Thoughts on Ghost Hunters TV Show

So, all in all, Ghost Hunters was a game-changer for fans of the paranormal. And it reinvented the space to include more reality-based content. Through this, it gained a multitude of fans, and its popularity is still present to this day!

The episodes are compelling, even for those who aren’t believers in the paranormal, because of the stories of the locations and the overall entertainment factor of all things scary and spooky.

If you’re a fan of the paranormal or anything just mentioned, you could also check out some other reality paranormal TV shows. Some great recommendations would be Paranormal Lockdown , The Dead Files , and Kindred Spirits .

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Here's Why Grant Has Been Absent on 'Ghost Hunters'

Season 2 of the 'Ghost Hunters' reboot brings with it a new cast and the return of Grant Wilson. But why isn't Grant investigating on Season 2?

Sara Belcher - Author

May 13 2020, Updated 6:06 p.m. ET

The reboot of Ghost Hunters has entered its second season, and Grant Wilson's new team of paranormal investigators is bringing you new and exciting locations to explore. But as Season 2 progresses, fans of the original show are noticing the group's ring leader is suspiciously absent from most of the episodes.

Why isn't Grant investigating on Season 2 of Ghost Hunters?

Fans have made it clear they miss their lead investigator.

A lot of the show's current fanbase remembers the original series, which aired from 2004 until 2016. Grant was one of the show's leading investigators, alongside Jason Hawes ( who now leads the show Ghost Nation with OG cast members Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango). 

This simply isn’t #GhostHunters with Grant phoning it in every week. — Felicity (@Felicit64067382) May 7, 2020
Not ok with grant not being on this season #GhostHunters — Melanie⚓ (@Mel72609) May 7, 2020

When Ghost Hunters was rebooted for a new season, fans were excited to see the paranormal expert back in action on their TV screens. Grant was extremely active in the reboot's first season, going on every investigation with his team and offering his insight on the evidence found.

But in this new season, Grant is most often only seen over FaceTime — and fans have taken notice.

So is grant just not going to be on #GhostHunters anymore? I feel like he was just there to introduce a new group or something. What’s with him not being at the instigations? Not liking that. — nerd zombie goddess (@nerdzombiegod) May 6, 2020
another episode of Ghost Hunters without Grant ghost hunting 😪 I can’t stand some of the investigators and the only reason I was watching was because of Grant and so far he hasn’t been on an episode #GhostHunters #GrantWilson — 🌺Maira🌺 (@Maira03) May 7, 2020

Why isn't Grant investigating?

Grant's absence has made some fans wonder if the ghost hunter is sick, or if he's making a slow departure from the show. Luckily, none of these worries are true — the investigator is actually trying to give his new team time to work together without him.

"Hey guys! All is well. I’m letting the team do a few cases in their own but I’ll be back on the cases with them next week," Grant tweeted in response to fans' comments. "Thank you all for the love, support, and concern."

Fellow cast members Richel Stratton and Brandon Alvis also spoke with PopCulture.com about Grant's absence — noting that he was only trying to give the team an opportunity to connect better.

"Grant is still our team leader," Richel told the outlet. "He's still very much a part of Ghost Hunters , he's a team member. You will occasionally see us without him. That doesn't mean he's going anywhere. He's letting us develop as a team. The previous Ghost Hunters knew each other and had that relationship and he's allowing us to have that as well."

She clarified that their frequent on-camera FaceTimes with him are how they keep him involved when he's away, so he's still very much a part of the team.

"The majority of the time, he'll come in on the second night of investigation, we'll tell him what we've done, what we're thinking and it's right along the lines of what he would have done or what he's thinking," Brandon said. 

"He's letting us go out there and be ourselves and he guided us through the first season," he continued. "He was there, he put this team together, he hand-picked us and now he's letting us go out there, form our own opinions and allowing us to evolve in the way that you're seeing in Season 2, which is extremely exciting."

Watch Ghost Hunters on A&E Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET.

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Brian Harnois

  • Edit source
  • View history

Brian was originally TAPS' case manager for the first season before becoming the tech manager later that season, however in the next season he briefly left, due to pressure from his toxic (ex)girlfriend. Steve Gonsalves was promoted to tech manager, and proved to be a better fit for the position. Brian eventually returned to TAPS as an investigator, and over time made amends for any of his shortcomings and bad decisions that affected the team, and managed to be on good terms when he departed permanently; Halfway through season 3, Brian left TAPS to raise his newborn daughter. Though he has hasn't gone back to TAPS, he did eventually return to the field of paranormal investigation.

  • He joined TAPS somewhere in 1998 or 1999.
  • He appears in  the first season ,  second season and third season of the Ghost Hunters.
  • Prior to the series start, he worked for a government contractor and specifically packaged electronic equipment to send to other government contractors. His boss, who knew of TAPS and the cases he does but didn't mind, fired him from poor attendance and for "firing up the team", something he didn't understand.
  • Prior to filming the second season premiere, he got another job at another employer, whom was aware of what he did for TAPS. He used his workplace as an excuse to ditch TAPS meetings, and vise versa as his boss presumed he was on TAPS' cases when he was not. Jason and Grant later confronted him about it.
  • 1 Brian Harnois
  • 2 Donna LaCroix
  • 3 Steve Gonsalves

Screen Rant

Hunters season 2 new cast & returning character guide.

Here's a guide to the new and returning actors and characters featured in Hunters season 2, including Logan Lerman as Jonah and Al Pacino as Meyer.

WARNING! This article contains minor SPOILERS for Hunters season 2! Hunters season 2 brings back the title group of Nazi-hunting characters with an even bigger star-studded cast as they chase their most daring real-life target. Set in 1979, Hunters season 2 picks up two years after Jonah discovered that Al Pacino’s character Meyer Offerman was actually Wilhelm Zuchs, A.K.A. The Wolf, the Nazi doctor who tormented the real Meyer and Ruth in concentration camps. After disbanding due to a hunt-gone-wrong two years prior, Jonah and FBI agent Millie Morris gather the hunters in Argentina for one final mission as they track the most notorious Nazi in history: Adolf Hitler.

Hunters season 2, which is the Amazon Prime Video show’s last season, primarily follows the returning group of Nazi hunters led by Logan Lerman’s Jonah Heidelbaum, with Adolf Hitler also becoming a prominent character after he was revealed to be alive in Hunters season 1’s finale. The series also surprisingly brings back a few characters from Hunters season 1 who died, which is accomplished using extensive flashbacks from 1975 to 1977 in the storyline of Pacino’s Meyer Offerman. Of course, there are also plenty of new faces in the hunters’ last global mission. Here’s a breakdown of the new and returning cast members and characters in Amazon’s Hunters season 2.

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Logan Lerman As Jonah Heidelbaum

Jonah is the new leader of the Nazi hunters, having taken over from “Meyer Offerman” after learning that he was actually the Nazi Wilhelm Zuchs, at which time Jonah killed The Wolf. Jonah has spent the past two years living under the alias “Sam” with his fiancé Clara in Paris, where has secretly been hunting down a Nazi from Hunters season 1 who slipped through his fingers. Now, Jonah learns more about his family as he meets his great-aunt Chava Apfelbaum, with the two working together to hunt down Adolf Hitler in Argentina. Logan Lerman is most notable for playing Percy Jackson in the eponymous film series, Charlie in Perks of Being a Wallflower , Normal Ellison in Fury , and Roy in Hoot .

Al Pacino As Meyer Offerman

Al Pacino returns in Hunters season 2’s cast as Wilhelm Zuchs, A.K.A. “The Wolf,” a wealthy businessman and philanthropist who stole the identity of Holocaust victim Meyer Offerman. As Meyer, the character originally founded the Nazi-hunting group in order to track down Nazis who might expose his real identity. Prime Video's Hunters season 2 follows “Meyer” from 1975 as he recruits the hunters until the time Jonah discovers the truth about him in 1977. Pacino, the winner of an Oscar for Best Actor, is known for his acclaimed roles in hit films like The Godfather , Scarface , Heat , Serpico , Dog Day Afternoon , Scent of a Woman , and The Irishman .

Jerrika Hinton As Millie Morris

Agent Millie Morris is now on the side of Jonah, Harriet, and Chava in Hunters season 2, as she keeps the FBI in the dark while she heads to Argentina to track down Hitler. Also running from a dark moment during her own Nazi hunting for the government, Millie finds a better camaraderie with her fellow hunters in the final season of the Amazon original TV series. Aside from Hunters ’ cast, Jerrika Hinton is best recognized for playing Stephanie Edwards in Grey’s Anatomy , Ashley Collins in Here and Now , and Natalie Gorman in the 2023-ending TV show Servant .

Jennifer Jason Leigh As Chava Apfelbaum

Chava Apfelbaum is the younger sister of Jonah’s grandmother Ruth, with Hunters season 2 revealing that Chava actually survived the camps and secretly became a dedicated Nazi hunter. While young Chava briefly appeared in Hunters season 1 during Ruth’s flashback to the camps, she was thought to have died during a sadistic human chess game. In Hunters season 2, Chava joins her great-nephew on the hunt for Adolf Hitler, while also addressing her guilt of never revealing her survival to Ruth. Hunters season 2’s new cast member Jennifer Jason Leigh is notable for starring in Fast Times at Ridgemont High , The Hateful Eight , Single White Female , Atypical , and Weeds .

Related: Operation Paperclip Explained: What Hunters Gets Right About Nazis In America

Kate Mulvany As Sister Harriet

A former MI6 operative, nun, and Nazi hunter who has been secretly working with Chava since before the team disbanded. Harriet, whose real name is Rebekah Kreutzer, was sent to a Catholic convent as a German-Jewish child refugee, so she now dedicates her time to getting revenge on hidden Nazis. Hunters season 2’s returning cast member Kate Mulvany has also appeared in The Great Gatsby , The Turning , and Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis .

Tiffany Boone As Roxy Jones

Roxy Jones returns in Hunters season 2 for the Nazi-hunting mission in Argentina. Still searching for Joe and dealing with Lonny’s feelings for her, Roxy’s mission to find Hunters ' real-life Nazi Adolf Hitler is made more complex by the guilt she feels for being away from her daughter. Tiffany Boone has also notably portrayed Jerrika in The Chi , Mandy in The Following , young Mia in Little Fires Everywhere , and Delilah in Nine Perfect Strangers .

Josh Radnor As Lonny Flash

The struggling actor-turned-Nazi-hunter Lonny Flash returns in Hunters season 2 to track down Hitler. When he comes back, Lonny is in love with Roxy and facing a dangerous drug problem, which he must overcome for the sake of the team. Josh Radnor is best known for playing the main role of Ted Mosby in How I Met Your Mother. In addition to How I Met Your Mother , Josh Radnor has starred as Jesse Fisher in Liberal Arts , Sam Wexler in Happythankyoumoreplease , and Adam Epstein in Fleishman Is in Trouble .

Carol Kane As Mindy Markowitz

A survivor of the concentration camps in the Holocaust who works alongside Jonah as a Nazi hunter. While joining the mission to find Hitler, Mindy is also grieving the death of her husband Murray, who died in Hunters season 1. Carol Kane’s most notable roles include Valerie in The Princess Bride , Grandmama Addams in Addams Family Values , the Ghost of Christmas Present in Scrooged , Simka Dahblitz-Gravas in Taxi , and Lillian Kaushtupper in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt .

Related: Hunters Season 1's Twist Ending Ruined The Show's Premise

Louis Ozawa As Joe Mizushima

After being kidnapped by the Nazis and taken to Hitler’s compound in Hunters ' season 1 finale, former Nazi hunter Joe Mizushima was brainwashed and now serves The Colonel in season 2. Cast member Louis Ozawa has also appeared in the 2010 Predators movie , Matador , Spectral , and Pachinko .

Greg Austin As Travis Leich

Also returning in the cast of Hunters season 2 is Greg Austin, who reprises his role as the evil, murderous Neo-Nazi Travis Leich. In Hunters season 2, the villain leaves prison having amassed an army of Neo-Nazis, after which time he flees to Argentina to aid Eva Braun’s plans. Austin is also notable for his roles in Mr Selfridge and the Doctor Who spinoff Class .

Lena Olin As The Colonel/Eva Braun

Hunters season 1’s Nazi villain The Colonel also returns as a main character in season 2. The twist ending of Hunters season 1 revealed the character to actually be Hitler’s wife Eva Braun, who is working to form the “Fourth Reich” with Travis while hiding in Argentina. Academy Award-nominated Swedish actress Lena Olin is best known for starring in films like Fanny & Alexander , The Unbearable Lightness of Being , Enemies, A Love Story , and Chocolat , as well as the TV show Alias , for which she earned an Emmy nomination.

Hunters Season 2 Supporting Cast & Characters

Emily Rudd as Clara : Jonah’s fiancée with whom he lives in Paris, though she is unaware of his real identity and occupation. Rudd is best known for playing Cindy Berman in Netflix's Fear Street: 1978 , Nami in One Piece , and Ginny in Moonshot .

Related: Screen Rant's 2023 Winter TV Preview

Udo Kier as Adolf Hitler : The most notorious Nazi in history and leader of the Third Reich who has been hiding in Argentina for 30 years. Jonah and his associates spend Hunters season 2 tracking down Hitler as they prepare to bring him to justice. Kier is known for his roles in the Iron Sky franchise, horror movies like Suspiria and Halloween (2007), and Downsizing .

Jeannie Berlin as Ruth Heidelbaum : Jonah’s grandmother who began secretly hunting Nazis with Meyer before her murder in 1977. Berlin reprises her role from Hunters season 1, appearing in flashbacks with Al Pacino’s character. Berlin’s other significant acting credits include roles in The Heartbreak Kid , for which she received an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress, Margaret , Inherent Vice , Succession , and Steven Spielberg's The Fabelmans .

Tommy Martinez as George St. Georges : Chava’s Nazi-hunting associate whose father was killed by Nazis for smuggling Jewish people out of France through his magic show. Martinez is known for his roles in Good Trouble and Riverdale .

Dylan Baker as Biff Simpson : The secret Nazi agent and former U.S. Under Secretary of State who escaped Jonah and his associates in Hunters season 1. Baker is known for his roles in Spider-Man 2 , Planes, Trains & Automobiles , and The Good Wife .

Related: How Sam Raimi's Spider-Man Trilogy Set Up The Lizard

Judd Hirsch as Simon Wiesenthal : A Jewish friend of Meyer Offerman with whom he inquires about Viktor Frondheim. Hirsch's notable roles include parts in Taxi , Dear John , The Fabelmans , Running on Empty , and Ordinary People .

Caroline Lagerfelt as Gertrude Zuchs : The sister of Wilhelm Zuchs who runs their family’s shop. Lagerfelt has also appeared in the original Gossip Girl series , Sweet Magnolias , and Law & Order: Organized Crime .

Nyasha Hatendi as Oliver Frankel : The prosecutor in Hunters season 2’s “trial of the century.” Hatendi’s other acting credits include roles in Casual , Alex Rider , Replicas , and Made for Love .

Josh Zuckerman as Benjamin Kramer : The Jewish defense attorney in the finale’s important trial. Zuckerman is also in The Offer , 90210 , Desperate Housewives , Kyle XY , and Christopher Nolan's 2023 movie Oppenheimer .

Related: Oppenheimer Cast: Every Actor Confirmed For Chris Nolan's Next Movie

Danilo Crovetti as Young Zev : The boy living in the German couple’s home who is taught how to make elaborate traps. Crovetti has also appeared in the horror movie Spoonful of Sugar .

Maisie Klompus as Rivka : A Jewish woman hiding in a German couple’s home with Zev who dyes her hair as a disguise. Klompus can also be seen in Good Trouble , Abbott Elementary season 2 , and Supergirl .

Robert Towers as Heinrich Hansöm : A German architect hiding a Jewish family in his home. Before Hunters season 2, Towers appeared in Masters of the Universe , The Curious Case of Benjamin Button , and Star Trek: The Next Generation .

Marcia Rodd as Helga Hansöm : The wife of a German architect who is helping to hide a Jewish family in her house. Rodd notably had roles in Little Murders , Trapper John, M.D. , and 13 Queens Boulevard .

Reed Michael Campbell as Hugo : A young Nazi officer who suspects the Hansöms of hiding Jewish people in their house. Campbell also appeared in the 2020 thriller Shepard .

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    The second season of Ghost Hunters premiered on Syfy on July 27, 2005. Trivia First appearance of Dave Tango, Dustin Pari, Kristyn Gartland and Lisa Dowaliby.

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    Brandon Alvis. 46 Episodes 2023. Mustafa Gatollari. 46 Episodes 2023. Brian Murray. 46 Episodes 2023. Richel Stratton. 46 Episodes 2023. Learn more about the full cast of Ghost Hunters with news ...

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    Streaming, rent, or buy Ghost Hunters - Season 2: Currently you are able to watch "Ghost Hunters - Season 2" streaming on Netflix, Netflix basic with Ads, fuboTV or for free with ads on Xumo Play, Pluto TV, A&E. It is also possible to buy "Ghost Hunters - Season 2" as download on Google Play Movies, Amazon Video.

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    Ghost Hunters - watch online: streaming, buy or rent. Currently you are able to watch "Ghost Hunters" streaming on fuboTV, Discovery+ Amazon Channel, Discovery+, DIRECTV, Max Amazon Channel, Travel Channel, Netflix, Netflix basic with Ads or for free with ads on Pluto TV, Xumo Play, A&E, Travel Channel, The Roku Channel.

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    The reboot of Ghost Hunters has entered its second season, and Grant Wilson's new team of paranormal investigators is bringing you new and exciting locations to explore. But as Season 2 progresses, fans of the original show are noticing the group's ring leader is suspiciously absent from most of the episodes.

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    Brian Harnois is a former investigator for Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International. Brian was originally TAPS' case manager for the first season before becoming the tech manager later that season, however in the next season he briefly left, due to pressure from his toxic (ex)girlfriend. Steve Gonsalves was promoted to tech manager, and proved to be a better fit for the position. Brian ...

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    Al Pacino returns in Hunters season 2's cast as Wilhelm Zuchs, A.K.A. "The Wolf," a wealthy businessman and philanthropist who stole the identity of Holocaust victim Meyer Offerman. As Meyer, the character originally founded the Nazi-hunting group in order to track down Nazis who might expose his real identity.