1. 15 Math Programs for High School Students

    math research programs for high school students

  2. Best Math Summer Programs for High Schoolers 2021

    math research programs for high school students

  3. 210 Brilliant Math Research Topics and Ideas for Students

    math research programs for high school students

  4. Summer Math and Science Opportunities

    math research programs for high school students

  5. 80+ Best Math Websites for Teaching and Learning in 2023

    math research programs for high school students

  6. 30 best research programs for high school students

    math research programs for high school students


  1. The University of Rochester's Pre-College Programs: Business Boot Camp

  2. Susquehanna's Summer Pre-College Programs

  3. Our FIRST Homeschool Curriculum Pick for 2023/24 + Review || Shormann Math

  4. Middle School Math

  5. Math+X grant brings applied mathematician/seismologist to Rice

  6. How to Get a Math Research Position as a Student


  1. High School Research

    High School Research. Advanced high school math students interested in research and mathematics can undertake research projects during the academic year as well as the summer. The two programs available to high school students are: RSI - Research Science Institute. PRIMES - Program for Research In Mathematics, Engineering, and Science. Please ...


    CrowdMath (a joint program with the Art of Problem Solving) is a massive online collaborative year-long research project open to all high school and college students around the world. PRIMES also has an affiliate program for local middle schoolers: PRIMES STEP is a year-long math enrichment program for middle and high school students (grades 7 ...

  3. 25 Math Summer Programs for High Schoolers in 2024

    Application Deadline: N/A. Cost: $1,350 - $3,050. AlphaStar Summer Math Camp is an intensive, three-week-long program for high-school students geared towards training for prestigious math competitions. The camp provides fundamental math courses such as algebra, counting, geometry, and number theory.

  4. MIT PRIMES: How to Apply

    PRIMES-USA is a free, year-long research program in mathematics open to high school juniors and sophomores (or home schooled students of the same age) from across the United States. As in previous years, juniors will work on individual and group projects.

  5. Wolfram Summer Research Program for High School Students

    Overview. The Wolfram High School Summer Research Program is an intensive two-week program designed to advance high-school students' programming and problem-solving skills. Through a curriculum of active-learning activities, hands-on workshops and lectures, students explore the power of modern computation and deep dive into STEM fields while ...


    At PROMYS, we believe that mathematics is a deeply human activity best experienced within a richly interactive and mutually supportive community of learners, including high school students, undergraduates and graduate students, secondary teachers, and research mathematicians.

  7. Virtual Math Circle: Research Opportunities for High School Students

    About. Math Circle virtual summer camps bring together rising 9th-12th grade math enthusiasts to: learn material not typically taught in a high school curriculum; traverse the complex world of college mathematics; conduct mathematical research with guidance from university faculty and graduate students; present a 45-minute, colloquial-style ...

  8. Michigan Math & Science Scholars Summer Program (MMSS)

    A summer program designed to expose high school students to current developments and research in the sciences and to encourage the next generation of researchers to develop and retain a love of mathematics and science. MMSS Program Website. Mathematics. 2074 East Hall. 530 Church Street.

  9. AMS :: Mathematical Opportunities

    The Hampshire College Summer Studies in Mathematics is a 6-week residential summer math program for high school students highly interested in mathematics in Amherst, MA. The program focuses on doing mathematics actively, rather than accumulating results, in a collaborative and supportive student-driven environment. The program also hires a ...

  10. 12 Math Project Ideas for Middle and High School Students

    Then, you'll need to learn how to interpret the significance of statistical results and adjust results over time based on the success/failure of your model over time. Idea by math research mentor Ari. 4. Finding value in Major League Baseball free agency. Here's another sports-related project idea.

  11. Mathematics: Directory of Internships, Research Opportunities

    University of California, Santa Cruz. Ignited is a non-profit that offers a paid professional development program for full-time K-16 teachers in the San Francisco Bay Area. Mathematics Opportunities: browse internships, summer research, scholarships, graduate programs, fellowships, and postdoc positions.

  12. Summer programs

    Research Science Institute (RSI) — a program of the Center for Excellence in Education hosted in partnership with MIT — brings together high school students each summer for six stimulating weeks of advanced research and intellectual enrichment. This rigorous academic program stresses advanced theory and research in mathematics, science, and ...

  13. Math ExpLR

    The NSF-Simons Center for Multiscale Cell Fate Research at UC Irvine invites High School students to participate in Math ExpLR, a summer research program in mathematical biology taking place from 06/27/2023 to 08/04/2023. Participation in Math ExpLR will provide a window into mathematical research and university studies. High School students ...

  14. Math Research Program

    Program for ambitious high school students. Guided research. Gain expertise in a topic under the mentorship of a PhD student. Stand out for admissions. Make an impact on the world. Taught by the best in the world. Mentor universities. MIT, Harvard, Stanford, UC Berkeley, and more. Our students go on to be leaders.

  15. 5 Free Virtual Research Opportunities For High School Students

    Virtual research opportunities for high school students are programs that provide hands-on experience and research projects in various STEM fields, such as mathematics, computer science, computational biology, physics, neuroscience, and engineering. These programs are designed to deepen students' understanding of STEM and help them develop the skills needed to succeed in their academic and ...

  16. Semester and Summer Programs

    Summer Programs. Research Experience for Undergraduates - REU Programs are summer programs sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF). REUs usually consist of two parts: intensive study of topics through lecture and interaction, and student research on a question/questions. Travel costs are paid for as well as room and board.

  17. KURE Summer Bridge Program

    The KURE Summer Bridge Program is for high school students who are planning to enroll in a science or math major at CSULB or 1st- or 2nd-year students majoring in science or math at CSULB. Participating students will be part of a team conducting research on environmental toxins that are common in household items or products.Application DeadlineMay 29, 2024 @ 11:59pm (deadline extended)Apply Now

  18. The Best Math Summer Programs & Camps for High School Students

    PROMYS - Program in Mathematics for Young Students at Boston University (Boston, MA) Duration: 6 weeks. Eligibility: Rising high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors ages 14 and up. Nearly 80 high school students are selected annually to participate in PROMYS, one of the most competitive summer math programs in the United States. Each day ...

  19. To engage students in math, educators try connecting it to their

    In 2016, the course became a graduation requirement for all Chicago high school students, and 250 teachers are trained each year on the curriculum. An outside analysis of the Chicago program showed that students who took the course before taking AP computer science were 3.5 times more likely to pass the AP computer science exam than those who ...

  20. U.S. Intelligence Community careers

    We offer internships, scholarships, a co-op program and other programs for students in high school up through doctoral candidates. The application process for our student programs is the same as our job application process. Our programs are paid; salary is based on your education level. We may also offer paid time off, holiday and sick leave ...

  21. RSI

    Since 1993, the MIT Mathematics Department has participated in the Research Science Institute (RSI), an MIT-hosted six-week summer program for rising high school seniors. RSI students are chosen for their superior achievement in math, science and engineering. The selection for RSI is done by the Center for Excellence in Education, a federally ...

  22. Ethnomathematics? It's a way to engage students in math

    Lasherica Thornton. Ethnomathematics, a teaching approach that connects math to culture, is emerging as a way to create more engaging and inclusive math classes, particularly for Black, Hispanic and Indigenous students, according to The Hechinger Report. The teaching method embeds math into a story about something relevant to students.

  23. Program Overview

    The "Math in Moscow" program was founded in 2001 as a math study abroad program. Over 400 students from 200 universities have participated in the program. Over 100 of them have already got their PhD degrees. In 2020 the program had to switch to online instruction. Now you can pick any courses from the list we offer for each semester.

  24. 7 Free Summer Programs for High School Students

    The Research Summer Institute (RSI) at MIT is one of the top free summer programs for high school students. This highly competitive program offers students the chance to engage in cutting-edge research projects alongside graduate students and other faculty. Through this summer program, participants can gain real, hands-on experience in their ...

  25. 'Applicable Algebra reshaped my understanding of math'

    However, I do think MATH 3360 Applicable Algebra, taught by Prof. Marcelo Aguiar, greatly impacted my thinking about mathematics. It is the first proof-based mathematics class I took at Cornell, and Prof. Aguiar demonstrated how to derive rich, intricate mathematical theorems in algebra from clear, simple definitions.

  26. Student Resources K-12

    After becoming a counselor, apply to become the camp intern the following year! Impact: Since 2005, over 1,950 rising high school juniors and seniors have attended camp. Students come from across the world to be immersed in this one-week CDC experience. 900 more students participated in the CDC Museum Public Health Academy Online Summer Course.

  27. 2024 Call for High School Projects

    In addition, the leading authors of up to five winning projects will be invited to attend an award ceremony at NeurIPS 2024 in Vancouver. Each submission must describe independent work wholly performed by the high school student authors. We expect each submission to highlight either demonstrated positive social impact or the potential for ...

  28. The Solution For The 'Other 95 Percent' To Learn Math

    As Holt shows, in each of the studies, roughly 5% of students used each program at the minimum level prescribed. That's a stunning—and depressing—convergence. To give an idea of what that ...

  29. Other High School Programs

    Other programs for high school students, which stimulate the development of math research skills. APEX-Maths (Academic Program of EXcellence in Mathematics) is an intensive and immersive 3-weeks-long summer residential program in Romania offering a unique opportunity to get a taste of mathematical research and scientific discovery.

  30. Study Abroad Programs for Mathematics

    The following programs can be used for students who wish to experience studying mathematics in another country for a term or two. Budapest Semesters in Mathematics. Website Available Terms: fall, spring, fall + spring, or summer Application Deadlines: April 1st for fall or fall + spring — October 15th for spring — March 1st for summer. Math ...