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Ghost Asket 4 AL Hardtail Mountain Bike 2017 Reviews

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  • Category: Bikes > Mountain Bikes
  • Price: £1149.99
  • RRP: £1699.99

Ghost Asket 4 AL Hardtail Mountain Bike 2017 is in the higher end products from CRC, where you’ll get top quality at a reasonable price. £

  • Ghost Asket 4 AL Hardtail Mountain BikeThe Ghost Asket 4 AL Hardtail Mountain Bike is designed for maximum all round riding pleasure. It has the geometry, cockpit and equipment designed for descent, and also an exceptionally stiff frame for fast acceleration, easy climbing and razor sharp handling Equipped with 130mm forks and a longer top tube for a central, secure position, along with a telescopic support and a perfectly balanced tyre mixture; the Asket has all the tools that you need to cut up the trails and ride through the corners with confidence Frameset: Frame:ŒæAsket 27.5 Alloy AL Forks:ŒæFox Rhythm 34 FLOAT Sweep Adj 130mm BoostGroupset: Chainset:ŒæSRAM NX 32t Brake/Shift Levers:ŒæSRAM GX Trigger Rear Derailleur:ŒæSRAM NX 11-Speed Cassette:ŒæSRAM PG-1130 11-42tWheelset: Rims:ŒæRodi Black Jack Ready 30 27 5″ Front Hub:ŒæGhost Disc Hub 15mm Boost Rear Hub:ŒæGhost Disc Hub 12mm Boost Tyres:ŒæMichelin WildGrip R2 Advanced/Michelin WildGrip R2 Performance 2.25″Components: Front Brake:ŒæSRAM Level T disc 180mm Rear Brake:ŒæSRAM Level T disc 160mm Handlebars:ŒæGhost Low Rizer 760mm 35mm Stem:ŒæGhost AS-M04 35 mm Saddle:ŒæSDG Fly Seatpost:ŒæKind Shock Cruxi 31 6mm adjustable SP internal routingWeight:Œæ12.9 kg/28 43lbsEasy AssemblyWhen you order a bike, one of our trained mechanics will carefully prepare and pack your bike for shipping. Upon delivery, the assembly is simple and all necessary tools are conveniently included in the box Depending on the delivery service and destination, bikes will either be delivered in a large or a small box. Below is a guide as to how your bike will arrive: All bikes for delivery within the UK and Republic of Ireland will be delivered in a large box, except for kidsäó» bikes and BMX bikes, which are always delivered in manufacturer’s boxes. All bikes for delivery within the EU on a standard service will be delivered in a large box. If an express delivery option is chosen, your bike will be packed into a small box. Again, the exception is kidsäó» bikes and BMX bikes, which are always delivered in manufacturer’s boxes. All bikes for worldwide delivery outside the EU will be delivered in small boxes This video demonstrates assembly from a SMALL BOX This video demonstrates assembly from a LARGE BOX Buy Ghost Bikes from Chain Reaction Cycles, the World’s Largest Online Bike Store.
  • Product codes: 17HT3079
  • Product ID 1: 6515985493
  • Product ID 2: 568764UK
  • Products in category: 195
  • Average price in category: £1754.79
  • Products from Ghost: 113
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Options: Colour Forest – Army – Tan Size Chart Wheel Size 27.5″ (650b) 27.5″ (650b) Frame Size 38cm (15″) 42cm (16.5″) 46cm (18″)

  • Frame:  Asket 27.5 Alloy AL
  • Forks:  Fox Rhythm 34 FLOAT Sweep Adj 130mm Boost
  • Chainset:  SRAM NX 32t
  • Brake/Shift Levers:  SRAM GX Trigger
  • Rear Derailleur:  SRAM NX 11-Speed
  • Cassette:  SRAM PG-1130 11-42t
  • Rims:  Rodi Black Jack Ready 30 27.5″
  • Front Hub:  Ghost Disc Hub 15mm Boost
  • Rear Hub:  Ghost Disc Hub 12mm Boost
  • Tyres:  Michelin WildGrip R2 Advanced/Michelin WildGrip R2 Performance 2.25″
  • Front Brake:  SRAM Level T disc 180mm
  • Rear Brake:  SRAM Level T disc 160mm
  • Handlebars:  Ghost Low Rizer 760mm 35mm
  • Stem:  Ghost AS-M04 35 mm
  • Saddle:  SDG Fly
  • Seatpost:  Kind Shock Cruxi 31.6mm adjustable SP internal routing

Ghost Asket 4 AL Hardtail Mountain Bike 2017 Youtube Reviews

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This Ghost Asket 4 AL Hardtail Mountain Bike 2017 review from the Mountain Bikes category is aimed to aid you when deciding which product is right for you.

Things to consider when buying cycling products

If you decide to buy a new bike for cycling, or even clothing, or parts, with products like Ghost Asket 4 AL Hardtail Mountain Bike 2017 there are a lot of options that you may consider, but before you buy one, make sure you spare some time to do proper research. Think about what exactly you are looking for and what you need it for. This article will help you get some best tips on how to select the right bike. Start by looking at the common bike types that suits you the best- hybrid, mountain, road, commuter or city. Next very important factor is your cycling goal. Think about the type of terrain you are going to ride the most, what is the distance you would like to cover and what exactly you want to achieve.

If you want to explore off road, then it is easy to narrow down your selection. You can simply hunt for a mountain bike with knobbly, wide tires, sturdy brakes, flat handlebar, suspension with shock absorption feature, which is ideal for unpredictable paths. Next you need to focus on how much suspension you exactly want. Now the next thing is the right wheel size that is suitable for you. You need sturdy, larger and stable wheels for smoother tracks.

In case you are spending fair amount of time on pavement, your selection criteria extends. Based on your objective, you may need a road bike, a hybrid or a commuter. You will see a lot of road bikes come with skinny and smooth tires along with a curved handlebar. It allows you to bent-over ideal for speed. Hybrids are known for providing stability as well as comfort through its thick tires with an upright position for riding and this helps you ride your bike easily through dirt packed tracks or city streets.

Commuter bikes are available in sturdy yet stylish models with fancy accessories. It has amazing utility features like fender mounts, racks etc.

Your selection entirely depends on how long, how hard and the location where you are going to ride.

Spare some time

Before you start hunting for a new bike, make sure you spend some doing research to avoid problems in future. You need plan right and buy right so do not rush into hasty decisions.

Budget a little more

Before you start shopping for your bike, consider the amount of money you can invest to accomplish your cycling goals. Then irrespective of the budget you have planned for, spare around two thirds of your budget to your bike. The remaining budget is for the accessories. Despite of the price range, you would need basic accessories like a pump, a helmet, bottle cages and a water bottle.

Gather information

The internet is flooded with information on different types of bikes along with detailed information regarding its parts and how they function. Do spend some time gaining knowledge about bike parts so that you understand the difference between different models, brands and frame materials etc.

This will help you buy your bike confidently.

Seek advice

If you know someone with good knowledge about cycling, or someone who had just purchased the bike, do not hesitate to seek advice as they can answer your questions and they will be happy to share their knowledge and experience with you.

Check with the experts

A second opinion is always better and for this you can simply visit the local bike shop near you and you can get advice on the type of bike you can buy and the different models you can choose from that suit your needs.

Consider the fit first

Irrespective of whether you buy a top brand model or just an entry level bike, it can be a disaster if it doesn’t fit. You can consult the salesperson and he can help you buy the right size. Then work out 4 different adjustments like handlebar height, saddle position, seat height and the reach. It is always better to hunt for shop with trained staff as they will take perfect measurements, help you settle on multiple bikes and accordingly swap different parts to adjust your position. This service will certainly cost you a little more, so you need to plan your budget accordingly. Do not fall in prey to some retailers who often offer bikes in odd sizes at a discounted price.

Experiment with a lot of models

Bike shopping is certainly not like buying a house/car that you purchase after looking at the first model you come across. Yes, when you are riding an old bike since many years now, then a new bike is certainly going to make a difference for you. This is because now there is advancement in technology. It is better to try out different models before you get the right one.

Narrow down your bike search

Looking at a plenty of models can confuse you in the sense you may end up getting frustrated with your search. It is better to narrow your search to 3 models like Ghost Asket 4 AL Hardtail Mountain Bike 2017 along with your budget and the purpose of use. Once you narrow down your search, do not forget to take a test ride for 15-20 minutes or longer if possible. Before you take a test ride, make sure you check for fit adjustments and a tutorial briefing in about how the various operations of the bike.

You can simply reject even a perfect model, if you have to struggle stretching to get to the handlebar or you feel clumsy with the shifter that you may not have operated before.

Test the bike wearing the clothing you are going to use while cycling

It is always better to take test rides/bike fittings by putting on the same shoes, apparel which you normally prefer for rides. There can be difference in fit when you are wearing a pair of jeans than when you are in cycling shorts.

Take some time to think about your actual bike requirements and make sure you don’t fall in prey to something fancy or new that is being offered. Think if you need a bike that comes with disc brakes? Are you in need of electronic groupset? Is the bike equipped with rack mounts that you actually need? The answer to these questions can help you pay for what you need and ignore the things that you don’t.

Where to buy the bike from

The internet can help you buy stuff like game consoles, books etc., but for bikes it is always better to buy from a shop. A bike is something that you need to check for fits and other adjustments, accessories etc. It is something that you cannot order online without checking the bike. Make sure you buy from the shop that offers fitting service and help you in other bike adjustments.

Of course you will find the bikes quite cheaper when ordered online, but as a beginner it is always better to visit shop that sell different brands of cycles and provide first service free.

Look for personal service

There is no harm going for online shopping to gain the benefits of online discounts. But, ensure that you check for all the advantages that you actually need. Apart from fit sessions plus test rides, a shop will always make sure that you get proper assembling and they may also offer the one-time adjustment for free. It may include discounts on various accessories with your bike purchase.

Believe in your gut feelings

Although it is advisable that you take advice from experts and your friends, but after you consult the experts or friends, the final decision is up to you. Once you decide do not underestimate your gut feelings. Just believe in yourself and think about what you need and the salesman in the shop is there to guide based on your cycling requirements.

Now, when you take the final decision, simply click to read more reviews and get your bike. You will surely enjoy riding the bike as you had done a lot of research, planned your budget, consulted the experts and your final decision is based on a lot of factors that you considered. Now, it is the time to enjoy your ride and take good care of your bike. You can achieve your cycling goals as you have the right model in your hands to get going.

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ghost asket 4 al 2017

  • Rider Notes

2018 · Ghost ASKET 4.7 AL

ghost asket 4 al 2017

A 27.5″ aluminum frame hardtail trail bike with upper mid-range components. Compare the full range

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Jan 2016 · Christoph Bayer

Review: The GHOST ASKEt LC 9 has the potential to change, what you thing about hardtails. We've tested the ultra-light carbon bike to find out more.

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Ghost Asket 4.7 AL

  • AUS $ NZD $ USD $ CAD $ GBP £ EUR €

Colour / Spect yellow/star white/night black

Size / S, M, L

Weight / 28 lb 7.0 oz (12,900 g)

At a glance

Weight is of a size M frame

Where To Buy

Ghost Logo


  • Fork SR Suntour Aion 34 LO-R, 130mm
  • Hubs DT Swiss M1900 Spline wheelset, Boost
  • Wheels DT Swiss M1900 Spline wheelset, 30mm width
  • Wheel Size 27.5"
  • Spokes DT Swiss M1900 Spline wheelset
  • Tires Front: Maxxis Minion DHF, 3C, MaxxTerra, EXO, 27.5x2.5" Rear: Maxxis Minion DHR II, EXO, 27.5x2.4"
  • Chain 420, None, X-Sync, 32 tooth,
  • Crank SRAM NX
  • Bottom Bracket (-45 drop), Press fit
  • Rear Derailleur SRAM NX, 11-speed
  • Shifters SRAM NX
  • Brakeset Front: Magura MT Thirty2, 4 piston, 203mm rotor Rear: Magura MT Thirty2, 2 piston, 180mm rotor, Magura MT Thirty2
  • Handlebar Ground Fiftyone Race, 780mm width, 31.8mm clamp, 15mm rise
  • Saddle SDG Fly Mountain
  • Seatpost JD Dropper, 31.6mm, Standard single bolt, 31.6mm, Standard single bolt
  • Stem Ground Fiftyone, 45mm
  • Headset 16012

Q: Where to buy a 2019 Ghost Asket 4.7 AL?

The 2019 Ghost Asket 4.7 AL may be purchased directly from Ghost .

Q: How much does a 2019 Ghost Asket 4.7 AL weigh?

A 2019 Ghost Asket 4.7 AL weights 28 lb 7.0 oz (12,900 g).

Q: What size wheels does the 2019 Ghost Asket 4.7 AL have?

The 2019 Ghost Asket 4.7 AL has 27.5" wheels.

Q: What size 2019 Ghost Asket 4.7 AL should I get?

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ghost asket 4 al 2017

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