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About Our School

Do you want to learn how to speak Africa’s most spoken language with over 200 million speakers ?

Do you have plans to visit East Africa and want to communicate with the nationals by speaking authentic Tanzanian Kiswahili? 

Have you attempted to learn Kiswahili before with Udemy but still can’t seem to make progress with your language learning journey? You are not alone, and we have an online flexible solution for you. 

Karibu to Lugha Swahili School (LSS): a UK based online platform that offers Tanzanian Kiswahili lessons from Beginners to Intermediate level . The school offers students a flexible way o learning Kiswahili, by (a) booking a virtual class with us , and/or (b) purchase our online self-paced course available from beginners to intermediate , and/or (c) choose to self-learn with our student workbook and free audio . 

Featured Products & Services

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The school delivers  Virtual Classes for students interested in Kiswahili Beginners to Intermediate level with one of our Tanzanian native English speaking tutors .

The school offers  online self-paced video courses  for to learn kiswahili from beginners to lower-intermediate level available on teachable., the school offers a complete student workbook with lesson instructions and exercises, available both as a beginners downloadable e-book  or paperback book on amazon , both at beginners level and intermediate level. this workbook is accompanied with free audio on soundcloud ., testimonies.

course work in swahili

Our Mission

Share the Kiswahili language and the Swahili culture to the world and unite the African continent through one African-born language. 

Meet the Founders

Hi, thank you for visiting our website. We are Veronica and Jake, and are the co-founders of Lugha Swahili School (LSS), a platform based in the United Kingdom and Tanzania. We created this platform because we are passionate about the Kiswahili language and Swahili culture. We want to make it easier, accessible an flexible for you to learn the Tanzanian Kiswahili (the most authentic dialect), allowing you to connect to the Swahili people and culture. We believe you can become a fluent Kiswahili speaker within months, as proven by our previous students. Our experienced team are here to support you in your Swahili journey. 

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Why Should You Learn Swahili Language?

Swahili is an official language of the east africa community (eac), and in each individual country (tanzania, kenya, uganda, and rwanda), swahili is among the official languages used in school and everyday interactions. being able to understand and speak swahili will make your travel considerably easier and enjoyable., the swahili language was invented from the exchange between arab merchants and east african locals trading across the coast of the indian ocean. therefore, it is by no surprise that swahili is a vital contemporary language for businessmen and investors from all over east africa. using the language takes away ambiguity and opens opportunities to invest in local firms, or to work abroad in mombasa or zanzibar, swahili is the first african language to be feted by the united nations (un) and is one of the official languages of the african union (au). swahili is among the top 10 most spoken languages in the world, with more than 200 million total speakers. it is the only non-colonial and cross-border language, spoken in east africa, congo, oman, and south africa. it even has its own world swahili day (7 th july).

Swahili Language School

Learning to speak Kiswahili is a rewarding and rich experience, and here at Lugha Swahili School, we provide world-class tuition services and user-friendly online resources to support you in your language journey. 

Swahili Language School

The school started informally in 2019 in Kigali, Rwanda. Sessions were initiated on demand basis by students from all over the world. The school created the first student workbook for Beginners and Intermediate level, and moved its services online to service more than 80 students in 2020/21. 

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Lugha Swahili School offers the best online Kiswahili courses, and enables you to learn fast and effectively. The programme has supported over 80 students to reach their goals and speak Kiswahili, and has enhanced their interactions at work and life. 

See more Student Testimonies.

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Our courses are fun, interactive and contextual. We offer training at Beginners level for 5 weeks, and Intermediate for 3-4 weeks minimum. Alternatively, we offer a self-paced online video course with tutor and materials support. 

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  1. Online Swahili Language School

    Lugha Swahili School offers the best online Kiswahili courses, and enables you to learn fast and effectively. The programme has supported over 80 students to reach their goals and speak Kiswahili, and has enhanced their interactions at work and life. See more Student Testimonies. Our courses are fun, interactive and contextual.