23 Time Tested Housekeeping Resume Objective Samples!

Housekeeping Resume Objective Samples for CV

If you’re looking for your next housekeeping role, be sure to stand out from the competition in the application process by crafting an expert resume.

Something that will demonstrate your value to the hiring manager is to include a housekeeping resume objective statement, to express your interest, expertise, and experience in this role.

Below is a large sample of housekeeping resume objective statements that you can use. Read through and find the most relevant to your context, as well as some helpful tips on skills to include on your CV at the bottom of the article. Good luck with your job application!

23 Housekeeping Resume Objective Samples!

Housekeeping Resume Objective Samples

Example 1: Hardworking, self-motivated individual seeking a role as a housekeeper in a professional environment to offer expert skills of working within a large business.

Example 2: Seeking to obtain a housekeeper role to utilize my experience in providing cleaning and sanitation services to a small or large business in need of a commercial cleaning service. Attention to detail and a high level of proficiency in a range of cleaning systems are my key strengths as a housekeeper.

Example 3: Multi-Tasking expert cleaner looking for a new housekeeper role to strengthen a company’s operations of their facilitates and maintain compliance with health standards. Brings years of experience in the field to the role to ensure knowledge and expertise is used to the highest advantage for the company’s success.

Example 4: Friendly and positive housekeeper seeking a new position to bring residential management skills to an environment in need of high-level cleaning and accuracy in deep cleaning methods, everyday upkeep, and maintaining a clear and pristine working environment.

Example 5: Seeking to obtain a housekeeping role in a management position to take my years of experience into leading a team of cleaners to ensure the very best service of upkeep and cleanliness for a large company. Strong communication skills to ensure efficient workflow of at the team working with different cleaning tasks and duties.

Example 6: Desiring a new housekeeping position to continue to employ my effective household cleaning techniques and skills to an environment that demands high-quality cleanliness and order. Brings strong organizational and time management skills to take on multiple tasks at once and upkeep a large and busy environment.

Example 7: Skilled housekeeper looking to obtain a job in the commercial cleaning business to offer my skills in the commercial cleaning field of maintaining clear and ordered spaces for the effective functioning of the business. Works long hours and flexible in the shift times to ensure the environment is cleaned and clear for workers to uphold their tasks and jobs.

Example 8: Self-motivated housekeeper offers years of experience to a new role that requires an exert cleaner, space manager, task organizer and more. Hard work ethic and friendly attitude are taken to the position to ensure the space is clean and the communications between staff and clients are direct, open and allow for the most effective functioning of the space being cleaned to the preferences of the location manager.

Example 9: Looking to advance my career as an experienced housekeeper through obtaining a new housekeeping role in an established business. Years of experience working in a commercial and corporate environment with strong knowledge on procedures and systems of cleaning business spaces, office areas, large bathrooms, company kitchens, and more.

Example 10: Trust-worthy housekeeper seeking a new position to enhance abilities to manage teams and work in delegating cleaning tasks as a head housekeeper. Takes more than 5 years of experience working in team-based housekeeping, with management skills and ability to delegate roles and tasks. Looking to oversee the cleaning team and utilize strong leadership skills to this new role.

Example 11: Hardworking housekeeper seeking the position of a new housekeeper to utilize outstanding space management and cleaning skills. Thorough knowledge of cleaning supplies, products and space maintenance in a variety of commercial, residential and professional arenas.

Example 12: Talented, detail-oriented cleaner looking to obtain a new housekeeping role to provide strong organizational skills. Looking to enhance the facility’s functioning by employing new systems of cleaning and maintenance learned from years of experience in the housekeeping field.

Example 13: Energetic and self-motivated housekeeper seeking a new position to utilize strong knowledge of modern and unique cleaning techniques. Wide range of experience in different cleaning environments, with familiarity with cleaning supplies and products, including environmentally friendly supplies and toxic-free cleaning agents.

Example 14: Seeking a residential housekeeper opportunity to maintain interior spaces to create clear, uncluttered environments, assisting with the overall feel and flow of a residential facility or home. Friendly demeanor and discrete energy to be effective and quiet, where needed, respecting the residents and upholding privacy for the clients.

Example 15: Highly organized cleaner looking for a new housekeeping role to employ skills of system management, creating and upholding cleaning procedures suited to any environment, time management abilities to stick to a set schedule, and flexibility to work in the way that is most suited to each environment.

Example 16: Applying for a senior housekeeping position to bring the experience of internal and external environment cleaning duties such as deep cleaning methods, space organization, bedroom, and bathroom daily maintenance, and more. Highly attentive to detail to ensure safe and sterile cleaning methods are used.

Example 17: Seeking a housekeeping position with a commercial based medical facility to take strong knowledge and experience of working in environments that demand sterile cleaning methods and attention to detail every time to ensure the safety of staff, and guests of the facility.

Example 18: Dedicated worker looking for a job as a housekeeper in an office environment. Takes initiative to manage environments systematically, finding the best methods of cleaning procedures to fit the desires and schedules of clients. A unique and individualized approach to housekeeping to offer personalized service.

Example 19: Looking to secure a housekeeping role that demands meticulous work and ability to handle multiple tasks at once. Loves a busy and fast-paced environment to offer expertise in being efficient, without sacrificing the quality of cleaning service.

Example 20: Exceptional communicator looking to work as a cleaner within a housekeeping team. Loves to collaborate with others and juggle many tasks to ensure the talents of each one of our team are being utilized effectively to get provide the best cleaning service.

Example 21: Looking for a housekeeping position with a company that needs an expert cleaner with years of experience. Strong discipline to maintain cleaning systems and stick to a set schedule to ensure efficient service and the most clear and tidy environments to work within.

Example 22: Applying for the position as a housekeeper for a health facility to bring years of experience in the commercial health and medical industry as a cleaner. The exceptional talent of implementing regulations and policies for maintaining healthcare environments with the correct use of cleaning and sterilizing supplies and products.

Example 23: A friendly and warm individual seeking to obtain a residential housekeeper role to offer services of maintaining a clean, uncluttered and spacious environment for an individual’s/family’s living quarters. Works with respect to living arrangements and preferences of the unique environment and can maintain the entire household through cleaning duties.

To further your chances of landing a housekeeping job, also see my guide on some great housekeeping resume skills to add to your CV.

Housekeeper Skills (additional to housekeeping resume objective samples)

  • Experienced in operating cleaning appliances and devices.
  • Wide knowledge on a range of cleaning supplies and products.
  • Strong time management skills to prioritize tasks and work to a schedule.
  • Ability to lead a housekeeping team and oversee the work of others.
  • Self-directed and motivated to work to a high standard.
  • Fluent in English (and other languages where relevant).
  • Problem-solving ability and knowledge of basic repairs to household items.
  • A friendly and warm demeanor.

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Housekeeping Resume Objective Examples

Housekeeping Resume Objective Examples

Housekeeping Resume Objective

Housekeeper with experience in providing daily living support, support with medication, support coordination, assisting with personal care just to name a few.

A highly experienced Housekeeping professional, who can demonstrate exceptional attention to detail, speed and accuracy in anything I do. I have all the skills that you are looking for in the ideal candidate.

Diligent Housekeeper capable of assisting guests. Reliable and focused on what work may come my way.

Diligent, reliable, punctual, well disciplined Housekeeper who respects confidentiality. An enthusiastic attitude with a thirst for knowledge and love for challenges.

Trustworthy housekeeper with over 8 years of experience working in private households. Dependable housekeeper responsible for the overall cleanliness and sanitation of the rooms, bathrooms and common areas including scrubbing. Responsible for checking in and checking out guests as needed in a large facility.

Reliable housekeeper dedicated to maintaining cleanliness and upkeep for facilities and rooms. Skillful in quickly preparing rooms for guests, overseeing laundry and monitoring grounds for general repairs. Positive and energetic professional comfortable working with minimal supervision.

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Is a resume for housekeeping job important?

[ Click here to directly go to the complete housekeeping resume sample ]

The Hospitality Industry is growing rapidly, and with it, the workforce is growing as well.

It’s like what Bob Dylan said, The Times- They are changin'. You have to adapt to the rapid changes the hospitality industry is going through and write a resume for housekeeping to ace that test.

Let’s just state the fact that we acknowledge how difficult it really is to write a Housekeeping Resume.

You will be able to compose impeccable resumes for housekeepers and you will learn:

  • Why an ATS-targeted house cleaner resume is required
  • How to highlight your experience in an impeccable housekeeping resume
  • How to effectively endorse your housekeeping resume skills in your resume
  • How to perfect your housekeeping resume objective

Housekeeping Job Description for Resume

The duties of a housekeeper involve facilitating hygiene and cleanliness. A housekeeper keeps the environment of a house/hotel/cruise/restroom intact and hygienic.

The housekeeping job description for resume consists of the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Clean, neat & tidy the rooms of the guests and making the bed & changing sheets as necessary
  • Perform general duties such as vacuuming, dusting, waxing & mopping the floors as necessary, all other duties as assigned by the supervisor
  • Maintain the toilets by keeping stock of the toilet paper and soap, and thoroughly cleaning the toilets
  • Ensure a healthy environment by cleaning the common area and guest room & toilets
  • Resolve queries and requests of the guests as the most important task in your day today
  • Transport the clothes to the laundry room and clean the clothes as required by the fabric. Keep track of the laundry and report misplaced clothes to the supervisor
  • Inform the issues related to maintenance & repairing to the supervisor

Let's say you are looking for a job and your target job is looking for candidates with the below-mentioned skills (also known as keywords):

Example: Looking for housekeeping professionals to transport the clothes to the laundry room and clean the clothes as required by the fabric, keep track of the laundry, and report misplaced clothes to the supervisor.

You can structure your professional section in a way that complements the keywords (a.k.a skills that are wanted in the ideal candidate) that the recruiter has used in the job description of your target job listing.

Example: Adept at stacking, washing, drying, sorting, ironing, folding, and circulating the laundry with precision

Caution : Only include those points concerning the Job Description, which have been a part of your work experience. This ensures that you can justify using these keywords in your housekeeping resume.

In the meanwhile, you can use Hiration's Resume Review Service to get a detailed review of your housekeeper resume within minutes. Just keep an eye out on the bottom-left corner of this page.

Housekeeping Sample Resume

Here is a housekeeper resume sample highlighting the skills and contributions of a housekeeper.

  • Training ~10 new recruits to enhance their professional skills & ensure quality deliverables
  • Emptying garbage cans daily, change liners and transporting the trash to disposal area
  • Mopping (dry mop and wet mop) the floors as needed to scrub the carpeting in the rooms
  • Sanitizing resident rooms as necessary, and performing other duties as assigned by the supervisor
  • Managing the public area for the daily events to be organized gracefully
  • Cleaning lobbies, lounges, corridors, elevators, and stairways 2+ times in a week
  • Maintaining guest rooms and housekeeping to provide quality service & accommodation
  • Vacuuming rugs, carpets, draperies, and waxing the floors to make the area attractive for guests
  • Stacking, washing, drying, ironing , sorting, folding , and circulating laundry
  • Restocking all supplies like towels, soap and tissue, including feminine hygiene products daily
  • Operating washers, dryers, etc. while overseeing the Laundry Department w.r.t. the hotel's regulations
  • Disinfecting sinks, urinals in restrooms and brushing up all fixtures and mirrors to clean the residual water marks
  • Scored ~90% customer satisfaction frequently by putting forth client preferences
  • Converted from chemical to organic cleaners as part of the green campaign
  • Assisted in sorting closets and apartments & stripping and waxing floors as required
  • Sustained inventory for supplies to perform basic tasks such as vacuuming , scrubbing, dusting , etc.
  • Replaced light bulbs as requested and reported faulted electrica l equipment to the Maintenance Department
  • Sorted apartments, closets, wall spots, ceiling, door panels to keep the apartment in orderly condition for open house
  • Received the ' Award for Quarterback of the year' at the University of Pasadena, Jun '11
  • Awarded the ' Mayor's Medal ' for working closely with non - profit educational organizations, Jun '10
  • Top 5% of the class
  • Languages : English, Spanish, French

Housekeeper Salary

How much does a Housekeeper make?

As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics , the standard mean hourly wage in the US is $11.84. The annual wage could go up to $24,000.

The salary for a supervisor falls in the range of $39k - $52k, as states.

What is a Housekeeping Resume & why do you need it?

A good resume gets you through the door.

With an impactful resume for housekeeping, you are already halfway through attaining your dream job.

Your professional resume portrays your accomplishments and endorses the highlights of your career. It encompasses your skills, achievements, responsibilities, and contributions.

The competition is ripe and the need of the hour is to perfect your housekeeping supervisor resume so you can stand out, especially now that the recruitment space has changed.

Currently, most recruiting bodies have revolutionized the whole process of recruitment.

You need to write a resume for housekeeping that gets parsed by the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). This will give you a higher chance of getting shortlisted.

This is why an ATS-targeted housekeeping resume is critical for your profile.

However, you do not need to worry.

We’ll help you structure an impeccable housekeeper resume that will pass the ATS with ease.

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How to Write a Housekeeping Resume?

A recruiter only spends about 60 seconds on a resume.

Yes, you heard that right.

60 seconds will decide if you are going to get shortlisted or not.

So when it comes to writing resumes, following a standard format can help.

Mentioned below are the three stages of resume writing that you should follow to write an impeccable resume for housekeeping:

Master Housekeeping Resume

First Draft of Housekeeping Resume

Final Draft of Housekeeping Resume


The first stage of resume-writing involves making a master housekeeping resume.

In this stage, you have to compile all your career-centric information in one place. This way, you have a room full of information that you can easily tap into, as and when the need demands.

The immediate use of composing a master housekeeping resume is in its capacity to help you effectively curate a housekeeper resume in the present. Since you have a storehouse of information at your disposal, picking out the relevant information becomes an effortless affair.

The second advantage of composing a master resume is resume-update. Since you don't have to explicitly look for information, a master resume makes updating your resume in the future a simple task.

Thus, your master housekeeper resume helps you in the present AND the future.

Moving on to the next stage, the second stage of resume-writing involves making the first draft of your housekeeping resume.

As part of this stage, all you have to do is compose the sections that we have mentioned below:

  • Personal Information
  • Profile Title
  • Certifications
  • Awards & Recognition
  • Additional Information

Now comes the final stage.

As part of this stage, you have to compose the following sections that we have mentioned below:

Key Skills Section : In this section, re-read the entire resume and pick out keywords which you think can qualify as key traits. Ideally, key skills should be driven from the professional experience, so they can be substantiated. The idea is to include the skills which will do your bidding for you and present you as highly qualified for your target job

Summary or Objective Section : Your housekeeping resume summary or housekeeping resume objective is the first thing that a recruiter is likely to read when he/she goes through your resume. To perfect it, make sure that this is the last thing you compose as it helps you pick the highlights of your career without having to go back and re-write this section

Housekeeping Resume Sections

You can make your housekeeping supervisor resume impeccable by writing the sections that we have mentioned below:

  • Your Profile
  • Professional Summary/Objective
  • Professional Experience
  • Certification (if applicable)
  • Awards & Recognition (if applicable)
  • Additional Information (if applicable)

Housekeeping Resume: Professional Experience

A housekeeping supervisor resume without a professional experience section is like Harry Potter without his magic wand.

It does not make sense.

Not only does your resume need this section, but it needs to be professionally curated with absolute perfection.

A perfectly composed professional experience section has the power of making or breaking your job application. This is why you need to ensure that this section is composed of the highest quality standards.

Here's what you can do to revolutionize your resume:

  • Use STAR format
  • Use one-liner points
  • Use bucketing & bolding
Also read : How to Compose the Work Experience in Your Resume?

This will help you curate outstanding resumes for housekeeper jobs with an impeccable professional experience section.

STAR Format

The "STAR" in the STAR format stands for the following:

  • S stands for situation : The situation/backdrop/context of your contributions
  • T stands for task : The actual task that was assigned to you
  • A stands for action : The strategy you used to execute the assigned task
  • R stands for result : The result/outcome of your action in the form of an achievement figure

The STAR format uses the cause-effect relationship, which further goes on to make your housekeeping resume more meaningful as you are are able to successfully demonstrate the extent of your contributions using the STAR format.

One-liner points

When it comes to writing your resume, it needs to be neat and crisp. It needs to communicate your roles & responsibilities most optimally.

This is why you should use one-liner points for composing your resume for housekeeper jobs.

Some people have a habit of using paragraphs instead of points. You should not make the mistake of doing this as it makes your resume unnecessarily bulky and hard to read.

Here are two examples to demonstrate this argument:

"I am designated as a Housekeeper with Black & White Hoteliers which is my current organization. My day to day tasks revolved around responding to and resolving the queries raised by the on board tourists with extreme care. I took care of the resident’s quarters by sanitizing and performing other duties as assigned by my supervisor. I had to maintain the public area as well by cleaning up the guest rooms. My duties also involved disinfecting the sinks, urinals in restrooms and brush up all fixtures and mirrors to clean the residual watermarks".

  • Responding and resolving requests raised by the on board tourists with intensive care
  • Disinfecting sinks, urinals in restrooms and brush up all fixtures and mirrors to clean the residual watermarks

One-liner points: Analysis

If you compare example 1 with example 2, you will find that example 2 is more readable and professional looking.

It uses crisp one-liner points to communicate the same message as example 1. It also enjoys unparalleled privelege over example 1 which is unnecessarily bulky.

Using paragraphs, as seen in example 1, makes your resume hard to read and harder to comprehend. This discourages the reader from evaluating your resume in its entirety.

Using this works perfectly as it efficiently showcases your achievements.

Bucketing & Bolding

Framing points only does half the job. All it does is enhance the readability of your housekeeping resume.

But for your housekeeping resume to stand out, it needs to be more than just "readable". It needs to be organized and well articulated. It needs to create an impact on the recruiter.

This is why bucketing & bolding can help.

Example 1 :

Example 2 :

Hygiene Management & Conflict Resolution

Bucketing & Bolding: Analysis

The above two examples show that example 1 uses points while example 2 uses bucketing & bolding.

In example 2, all the relevant points are clubbed under a unique subtitle. This is called bucketing. Moreover, the important highlights under each point is emphasized using bolding. This helps the resume look more vibrant and organized.

To conclude, you should use bucketing & bolding alongside points to compose an impeccable resume. It gives it more structure, and also directs the recruiter's attention to the key achievements of the candidate.

Housekeeping Resume Sample for professional experience

Given below is our housekeeping resume sample that is professionally designed using our Online Resume Builder. It demonstrates what your professional experience section should ideally look like in your housekeeping resume.

Experience Section in Housekeeping Resume

Housekeeping Resume with no experience

How do you write your housekeeper resume with no experience?

In today’s world, it is tough to crack a housekeeping career as an entry-level professional.

How should you write your housekeeper resume with no experience to get the desired job?

First of all, you should write an Objective section to convey your goals and aspirations. Make sure that you are able to demonstrate how you will benefit the organization instead of blatantly stating how you want to be part of their esteemed organization.

When it comes to writing a housekeeper resume with no experience, it is important that you are able to sell your professional abilities in the best presentable manner.

Make a seperate key skills section to flaunt your professional capabilities.

Include all the internships and projects you were a part of.

The idea is to create your housekeeper resume in a one page document, and do enough to leave a lasting impression on the recruiter with that one page.

Housekeeping Resume: Header

Follow the below guidelines to write a perfect resume header for your resume for housekeeping:

  • Your resume header is your real full name
  • The header should be written in the largest font size
  • The ideal font size to compose your header is in the size bracket of 16-20
  • The spacing should be correct in your header. Give a single space between your first and last name
  • If you wish to include your middle name in the resume, just include your first name, followed by the first initial of your middle name, followed by a full stop followed by your last name. Example: Jimmy Hogarth McNulty should be penned down as “Jimmy H. McNulty”

Mentioned below is our professionally designed housekeeping resume sample showcasing the ideal header for your resume.

Head Section in Housekeeping Resume

Housekeeping Resume: Personal Information

Your personal information is where you include details like:

  • Your contact number
  • Your professional email address
  • Your current location

In the personal information, exclude all details w.r.t. your date of birth, marital status, religion.

Follow the below format to compose the personal information section of your housekeeper resume:

{Contact Number} | {Personal E-mail Address} | {Current Residential Location}

Contact Information

In your contact number, include the country code, followed by a single space, followed by your mobile number.

For example: +1 94382 92489

E-mail Address

Do not include your professional email address from your current/previous employer.

Just write a personal email address that looks professional.

Example: [email protected] is correct, while [email protected] is not.

Current Location of Residence

For your current residence, use the standard universal format in the form specified below:

Format: City, State Code Example: New York City, NY

Follow the above-mentioned format if you are looking for a job in the same country. However, if you are looking for avenues in a different country, use the format that we have mentioned below:

Format: City, Country code Example, New York City, US

Housekeeping Resume Sample for personal information

Personal Information Section in Housekeeping Resume

Housekeeping Resume: Profile Title

Here are some insights that you can incorporate in your approach to writing an impeccable profile title for your housekeeping resume:

  • Only display your current job title/designation here
  • Profile title should be the second-largest font in your resume
  • Ideally, font size should be in the bracket of 14-16

Take a look at our professionally designed housekeeping resume sample to learn what an ideally composed profile title should ideally look like:

Profile Title Section in Housekeeping Resume

Housekeeping Resume: Education

Stick to the points outlined below to perfect the education section of your housekeeper resume:

  • Include the name of the university/college you went to.
  • Followed by the name of the degree or the course you majored in.
  • Mention the location of your school/college.
  • Then finally, jot down the date of enrollment and graduation.

Refer to the below format to compose your education section:

Name of the school/university | Name of the degree | Location | {Dates} (month & year format) | CGPA

University of Pasadena | High-School Diploma | Pasadena, US | Jul ’10 – May ’12 | 3.5/4

Check the housekeeping resume sample that we have mentioned below to learn what a perfectly composed education section should look like:

Education Section in Housekeeping Resume

Housekeeping Resume: Certifications

The next order of business after the education section is “Certification”.

Additionally, follow the below format to write all your certifications:

  • Mention the name of the certification
  • Name of the name of Certifying Authority
  • Include the location of the Institute
  • Date of Enrollment and completion of the certification in month & year format

Write the certification in a format outlined below:

Name of certification | Certifying Authority | Location | Time Period

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Housekeeping Resume: Awards & Recognition

How do you stand out in a world full of taltented housekeepers?

How do you prove that you have more than just the relevant work experience?

The answer lies in the Awards & Recognition section. This is where you get the chance to brag about your key accomplishments.

Being validated by past employers for showing excellency in your professional work is something that can dramatically enhance your chances of a shortlist.

Our housekeeping resume sample that we have mentioned below is a perfect illustration of what your awards & recognition section should ideally look like.

Awards and Recognition Section in Housekeeping Resume

Housekeeping Resume Key Skills Section

The second last section that you should compose in your resume is the key skills section. The reason we postpone writing this section is because it is driven from the professional experience section.

Follow the guidelines that we have mentioned below to write an impactful key skills section:

  • Firstly, identify your core skills from your resume. Once you identify them, replicate your most comepetent skills in this section of your resume.
  • To optimize this section, evaluate the profile you are targeting. Identify the keywords used and include them in this section as long as it resonates with your actual skills.
Also read : What Skills to Put on a Resume?

Check the below mentioned housekeeping resume sample to learn how to perfect the key skills section of your housekeeping resume:

Skills Section in Housekeeping Resume

Housekeeping Resume Summary

A summary is an overview of your career and the highlights of your career and your key achievements. It is a brief description of your contributions and achievements in a paragraph of approximately 3-4 lines.

It is a short statement of proficiency that you make to the recruiter. The challenge here is to objectively pick the best highlights of your career and endorse them in your resume - enough to land a shortlist!

Take a look at the example that we have mentioned below. It shows how you should ideally compose your resume summary:

Example: “6+ years experienced Housekeeper valued for maintaining impeccable cleaning standards for guests. Adept at coordinating with team members to pitch the best possible solutions. Proficient in interacting with guests and providing quality customer service. Skilled at maintaining restroom and laundry cleaning".

Here are some tips that you can follow to write an ideally composed housekeeping resume summary for your resume:

  • Write the summary at the end after successfully composing the rest of your housekeeping resume
  • This helps you objectively single out the best highlights of your career and replicate them in your housekeeping resume summary

Your resume summary should resemble the housekeeping resume sample that we have attached below:

Summary Section in Housekeeping Resume

Housekeeping Resume Objective

You should write a resume objective if:

  • You are a recent graduate
  • You have no professional experience
  • You have negligible work experience of 0 to less than 3 years

An objective section should demonstrate how beneficial an asset you could to be for your potential employer. It should compel the recruiter to get you on-board.

Does this seem to vague?

Head over to Hiration's Guide on Resume Objectives to learn the art & science of curating the objective section with perfection.

Key Takeaways

[ Back to Table of Content ]

  • Use the month & year format to compose the dates in your housekeeping resume.
  • Compose your resume using crisp one-liner bullet points. Wherever a point exceeds one line, break it into multiple one-liner points.
  • Use the reverse chronological order to write all your work profiles in the work experience section.
  • Avoid phrases in the key skills section. Just include keywords that showcase your abilities and expertise firmly.
  • Begin each point in the work experience section with a power verb. You can take help of a chart we have devised for more power verbs :
  • Use the past participle of the verb for all your former profiles and present continuous for present profiles.
  • Bolding and bucketing helps you further showcase the highlights of your professional career. Incorporate this approach to pen down the work experience section.
  • An Objective section is for individuals who have no experience and trying to make it as a housekeeper.
  • A summary is for professionals who have extensive experience in housekeeping
  • Use resume summary if you have over 3 years of work experience.

With this, you have reached the end of this blog.

If you abide by the instructions above, you will be able to write an impeccable housekeeper resume.

Further, if you have any questions, reach out to us at [email protected] and you can get 24/7 professional assistance with all your job & career-related queries.

Hiration provides you a complete career service platform with 24/7 chat support for all your professional needs, from cover letter & resume building, CV, interview preparations, LinkedIn review to building a digital portfolio.

how to write a resume objective for housekeeping

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how to write a resume objective for housekeeping


Housekeeper Resume: Downloadable Template & Top Tips

As a Housekeeper, you’re used to keeping things tidy and neat, but are you having trouble keeping your resume organized? If so, use our resume templates to polish up your resume and give your document a nice, clean look.

how to write a resume objective for housekeeping

Housekeeper Resume Example MSWord® Tidy up your resume with our free Housekeeper Resume template, available in Word format.

ResumeGiants Team

Are you having a tough time keeping your resume neat and tidy? As you likely know by now organizing an application is not an easy task. 

That’s why in this guide we’re going to lay out all the essential tips and advice that will help you write a job-winning Housekeeper resume. 

In this article you’ll learn how to:

  • Write the ideal Housekeeper job description for your resume
  • Describe your experience and skills using power verbs and data
  • Create a resume if you are an entry-level Housekeeper
  • Include any titles and certifications that you may have

We also offer helpful online tools that can help make your task much easier and less time-consuming. For example, try our free online resume builder to neatly place your skills and experience in your application. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the number of available Housekeeping positions will increase by 9.4% between now and 2031. 

That means there will be plenty of positions available, however, if you want a chance at an opening with an above-average salary for the occupation your resume has to be squeaky clean.  

Keep reading to find out how to polish your resume!

Housekeeper Resume Sample

In essence, a well-rounded House Cleaning resume should include the following information :

  • Personal info;
  • Short summary
  • Work experience;

Once you’ve outlined your traits and qualifications , your resume should look like this:


[Anytown, CA 12345 | (123) 456-7890 | [email protected]]

Highly reliable and dedicated Housekeeper with over 7 years of experience in the hospitality industry. Proven record of maintaining guest satisfaction through impeccable service and a great attention to detail. Proficient in handling a variety of cleaning chemicals and equipment, with a keen focus on safety and efficiency.

Senior Housekeeper

The Grand Hotel, Anytown, CA

June 2017 – Present

  • Supervised a team of 5 housekeepers, improving overall cleaning efficiency by 20%.
  • Maintained 99% guest satisfaction rating over 4 years based on post-stay surveys.
  • Implemented new cleaning protocols which reduced supply costs by 15%.


Sunshine Hotel, Anytown, CA

July 2015 – May 2017

  • Cleaned and maintained 30+ guest rooms daily, consistently receiving positive feedback on cleanliness.
  • Assisted in training 3 new staff, improving their efficiency by 25% within their first month.
  • Reduced laundry turnaround time by 30% by implementing a new sorting system.

High School Diploma

Anytown High School, Anytown, CA | Graduated May 2015

  • Strong knowledge of cleaning techniques and products
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work efficiently and quickly
  • Attention to detail


  • Certified Professional House Cleaner, Association of Residential Cleaning Services International, 2017
  • English (Native)
  • Spanish (Fluent)

Additionally, take advantage of a well-ordered resume template to find the structure that best fits your skills and profile .

What’s the Best Housekeeping Resume Format?

When it comes to setting up the structure and focus of your resume, you’ll have to pick the best resume format to get the job done. 

There are three types of resume formats in general:

  • Reverse-chronological
  • Functional resume
  • Combination resume

Hiring managers love to know you’ve worked in the past and how successful you were in previous positions. That means the ideal resume format to use will be the reverse-chronological one.

The reverse-chronological resume format works best for Housekeepers because it:

  • Showcases your previous responsibilities in hotels, homes, or in other settings
  • Can provide important data such as customer satisfaction and cleaning productivity
  • Explains how you used your skills in your previous positions

If you’re completely new to the Housekeeping field and don’t have any work experience, you can focus more on your skills with a functional resume format. 

That includes transferable skills you may have used if you were working in another field in hospitality, healthcare, or even customer service. 

Choosing the right format will help you set up the different sections of your resume such as your:

  • Opening statement (summary or objective)
  • Experience section
  • Skills section
  • Education section

You can then add any extra sections if you have certifications or relevant hobbies. 

How to Write a Housekeeper Resume Summary or Resume Objective

At the beginning of your resume, you have a chance to tell a hiring manager about what makes you special as a Housekeeper. 

That could be your experience, past productivity, or motivation to improve and succeed. 

To do that you have one of 2 options, you can write either a:

  • Resume summary
  • Career objective

Including a Housekeeping resume summary or a housekeeping resume objective will depend on what you want to showcase.

For example, if you have experience under your belt, you should write a resume summary.  On the other hand, if you’re just starting in the world of housekeeping, and you don’t have much to show for yourself, choosing a resume objective will be the right thing to do.

Housekeeper Resume Summary Example

If you decide to write a resume summary, you can quickly show off how helpful of a professional you’ve been . 

Make sure you pinpoint your job accomplishments within 2-4 sentences .

Here’s the ideal way to write a resume summary:

Experienced Housekeeper with a 5-year track record in hotel environments. Known for attention to detail, safe handling of cleaning equipment, and commitment to maintaining high standards of cleanliness. Consistently achieves high levels of guest satisfaction through exceptional customer service.

This is a great example as it uses power words like experienced and commitment. It also mentions how long they’ve been working.

I have worked as a housekeeper for the past few years. I am capable of cleaning and using various tools to help myself clean. Punctuality is my strength and I always accomplish the tasks assigned to me.

While this candidate mentions their strengths, you should avoid writing in the first person and be more specific when it comes to your total experience and past responsibilities. The words chosen to describe their work too are a little weak compared to the first example. ‘I have worked as’, ‘am capable’, and ‘accomplish’ all sound rather average.

Resume Objective Example for Entry-Level Housekeepers

After studying a Housekeeping job description to tailor your resume you’ll likely see that the hiring manager would like someone who has the ability to handle the task along with a motivation to improve.  

In your Housekeeper resume objective you’ll want to do the following: 

  • Highlight your skills
  • Demonstrate you are motivation

If you are not an experienced housekeeper but have experience in other industries, writing a resume objective will be the right move so that you can focus on your transferable skills .

This is a a well-organized resume objective:

Motivated and detail-oriented individual seeking a Housekeeper role at ABC Hotel. Equipped with fundamental housekeeping skills acquired from vocational training, and a strong desire to provide a clean and comfortable environment for guests. Eager to leverage my diligence, efficiency, and exceptional customer service skills to contribute positively to the hotel’s operations and reputation

As an entry-level candidate, this is a great example to follow, it shows off transferable skills as well as a motivation to do the best job possible . 

Now, this is what it should not look like:

Although I have no housekeeping experience, I assure you I am a fast learner, and I will do everything that’s asked of me. I’ve worked in a boutique before, so I know how to wipe the floor.

Do you see the difference between the two resume objectives? The first one is written in a professional tone, highlighting the job skills and all accolades , while the latter incorporates sloppy language and shows nothing of importance to the job in question.

How to Describe Your Housekeeper Experience on Your Resume

This part might be tricky to do because you might feel overwhelmed by your experience and not know what to include. Still, it’s not anything you can’t do.

It’s a good idea to use bullet points for clear understanding and easy following of what you write. Use a professional tone, and keep your sentences short.

A clear-cut experience section on your resume should include the following information:

  • Job title and company : Start with your job title, followed by the company name, and the dates of your employment.
  • Responsibilities and tasks : Briefly explain your day-to-day duties and responsibilities. This could include tasks like cleaning rooms, changing linens, sanitizing bathrooms, or restocking guest supplies.
  • Achievements : Highlight any specific achievements during your tenure. These could include things like improved cleaning efficiency, received a high guest satisfaction rating, or introduced a cost-saving measure. 
  • Skills used : Highlight the specific skills you used in each role. For housekeepers, this might include attention to detail, time management, ability to work independently, and familiarity with cleaning products and techniques.

If you follow these pointers, you’ll be able to show off your professional experience logically which the recruiter will easily follow and get all the details they need .

Housekeeper Resume Examples: Experience

A well-rounded resume will have an experience section packed with all the detailed information.

This is how to ace your experience section in your housekeeper resume :

Lead Housekeeper

Housekeeping Pros, LLC

2018 – 2023

  • Responsible for cleaning and maintaining 30 guest rooms daily, ensuring the highest standards of cleanliness and organization.
  • Introduced a new cleaning protocol that improved efficiency by 20%.
  • Consistently received positive feedback on room cleanliness from guests.
  • Utilized strong time management skills to ensure all rooms were ready for guest check-in each day.

This example does a great job of explaining in detail the success and duties the candidate had in their prior role.

Now, see what your experience section should not look like:

  • I was the lead housekeeper of other housekeepers under me;
  • I cleaned every room, every day;
  • I mopped kitchen floors, and I told the owners there was a leak;
  • I rearranged the pantry and informed the owners they were short on cereal.

On the other hand, this example lacks quite a lot of detail. Without quantifiable data, a hiring manager won’t have a clear idea of your capabilities.

If you don’t have experience focus on any duties and achievements that are as relevant to a Housekeeper position as possible in a related role.

To nail this section, start with the most recent experience, sound confident, use action verbs, highlight your positive traits, and write in a clear manner that the recruiter will follow easily.

Is Your Education Section Dirty? Let’s Clean it Up

Even though many think that being a Housekeeper doesn’t require having proof of education, the reality is different. 

A high school diploma or GED can give you a huge boost. 

Ensure that you clearly state:

  • Name of the educational institution
  • Year graduated 

In most cases, a college degree won’t be necessary to get a job as a Housekeeper. However, a college degree will look nice on a resume of an applicant applying for a job as a Housekeeping Supervisor , for example. 

So be sure to include your titles with the necessary information.

Housekeeper Resume Education Section Example

Now that we’ve established that education matters, even for a Housekeeper’s position, acing the part is the next thing to do.

If you include the right information in the right manner , a strong example of the education section of your resume will look like this:

Staten Island Technical High School, New Jersey

High school diploma

  • 3.9 GPA in Home Economics

This is a great example as it clearly states the graduation date and includes a relevant course with a high GPA . 

Remember only to include relevant courses and a GPA if it’s noteworthy, for example, 3.7 and above.

Adding these details in this section will be especially helpful if you have little to no experience .

The Best Housekeeper Skills for a Resume

As a housekeeping applicant, you would want to list and emphasize the skills and qualifications that match the job you are applying for.

Before you list your skills in your Housekeeper resume, make a compatibility check . Put down all of your skills on paper first and cross-reference them to the job requirements.

Use relevant keywords to describe your skills – most recruiters nowadays use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) , filtering out candidates by the relevance of keywords.

Housekeeping jobs will often require candidates to be punctual and detail-oriented, among other things like being a multitasker and a versatile Housekeeper.

Soft Skills, Hard Skills, and Other Key Skills for a Housekeeper

Showcasing your skills in an uncluttered and easily readable manner shows the recruiter you are a neat, organized, and knowledgeable person.

Choosing the right soft and hard skills will show the recruiter you are dedicated to getting the job while also providing insight into your relevant competencies.

Soft Skills

  • Communicative
  • Detail-oriented
  • Adaptability 
  • Customer service
  • Collaboration
  • Time management

Hard Skills

  • Window-treatment cleaning
  • Knowledge of safety procedures
  • Deep cleaning
  • Detecting safety consideration 
  • Supply management
  • Waste disposal
  • Inventory management

How to Add Other Sections for an Effective Resume

Adding an extra section in your resume will mean going the extra mile and showing you’re the best fit for the job. 

There are a few different things you can mention in an “Other” section such as:

  • Hobbies 
  • Volunteer work
  • Certificates
  • Language you speak

Other sections in your housekeeper’s resume will usually come after the education section of your housekeeper resume.

Here’s a good way to include an extra section that focuses on volunteer work.

Volunteer with New Jersey’s Community Center for the Elderly

  • Tidied up the cafeteria;
  • Organized and cleaned the common areas every morning
  • Provided nutritious meals.

In the example above, the candidate demonstrated that they are not only a charitable person but that relevant skills were also used . 

While adding volunteer work can help on its own if you can add some relevant tasks to the section you’ll go a long way. 

Building a Top-shelf Housekeeper Resume: Key Takeaway

Presenting yourself in the best possible way to land a housekeeping job means following certain criteria. Following the ideal structure by using the proper resume format, along with quite a few considerations must be taken into account.

Remember the following tips to create your resume:

  • Show off your relevant experience and use quantifiable data 
  • List your soft and hard skills
  • Mention your education. 
  • Add extra sections to your housekeeper resume if possible 

Also, it’s essential to remember to use resume-building tools to make the entire process easier. 

how to write a resume objective for housekeeping

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Top 18 Housekeeping Manager Resume Objective Examples

Photo of Brenna Goyette

Updated July 17, 2023 13 min read

A resume objective for a housekeeping manager position is a statement that outlines your professional goals and the qualifications you bring to the role. It should be concise and highlight your skills, experience, and knowledge that make you an ideal candidate for the job. When writing your resume objective, try to include relevant keywords from the job description, such as “customer service” or “team leadership”. Also, make sure to craft your objective with language that is tailored to the specific position you are applying for. For example: "Seeking a Housekeeping Manager role where I can utilize my 10+ years of industry experience to ensure superior customer service and efficient team operations." Another example could be: "Motivated professional looking for a Housekeeping Manager role to leverage my strong organizational and communication skills in order to motivate staff and provide exceptional guest experiences." Both of these objectives provide specific details about what makes the applicant qualified for the job while still being concise and easy-to-read.

Housekeeping Manager Resume Example

or download as PDF

Top 18 Housekeeping Manager Resume Objective Samples

  • To utilize my extensive experience in housekeeping management to provide top-notch service for guests and staff.
  • To secure a Housekeeping Manager position with a reputable organization that allows me to use my expertise in hospitality and customer service.
  • To leverage my knowledge of housekeeping operations and personnel management to ensure the highest standards of cleanliness are maintained.
  • Seeking a Housekeeping Manager role where I can apply my organizational skills, attention to detail, and passion for creating exceptional guest experiences.
  • To obtain a challenging position as Housekeeping Manager where I can apply my strong leadership skills, problem-solving abilities, and dedication to excellence.
  • Looking for an opportunity to utilize my communication skills, multitasking abilities, and commitment to customer satisfaction as a Housekeeping Manager.
  • Aspiring for a position as Housekeeping Manager where I can effectively manage staff while ensuring the highest level of guest satisfaction is achieved.
  • Seeking an opportunity to use my experience in housekeeping operations and personnel management in a dynamic environment.
  • Aiming to become part of an organization that values hard work and dedication by utilizing my experience as a Housekeeping Manager.
  • To contribute excellent organizational skills, attention to detail, and commitment to high standards as a Housekeeping Manager.
  • To obtain a position as Housekeeping Manager that will allow me to exercise my knowledge of hotel operations while providing superior service.
  • Seeking an opportunity where I can employ my expertise in housekeeping operations while developing relationships with guests and staff members alike.
  • Looking for an opportunity as Housekeeping Manager where I can effectively manage day-to-day operations while maintaining safety protocols at all times.
  • Aiming for a challenging role as Housekeeping Manager that will enable me to utilize my problem solving skills in order to meet operational goals efficiently.
  • Desiring an opportunity that will allow me to use my strong interpersonal skills, enthusiasm for customer service excellence, and ability to prioritize tasks effectively as a Housekeeping Manager.
  • Hoping for the chance to join an organization that values hard work by leveraging my experience in housekeeping management with emphasis on quality assurance standards.
  • Searching for an opportunity where I can utilize my passion for creating exceptional guest experiences through effective management of housekeeping staff members.
  • Seeking employment with an organization focused on providing outstanding service by utilizing knowledge of cleaning methods and personnel management techniques gained from years of experience as a Housekeeper

How to Write a Housekeeping Manager Resume Objective

When writing a housekeeping manager resume objective, it is important to focus on the skills and experience that make you an ideal candidate for the position. Your objective should be succinct, yet powerful enough to grab the attention of potential employers. Here are some tips to help you write a strong housekeeping manager resume objective:

1. Begin with a statement that outlines your professional goals. Start by expressing your desire to work as a housekeeping manager and how you plan to use your skills and experience to contribute to the success of the company.

2. Highlight your qualifications and achievements relevant to the position. Include any previous experience in management or customer service roles as well as any certifications or awards that demonstrate your commitment and dedication to excellence.

3. Focus on areas where you have achieved success in managing people, budgets, projects, etc. Showcase any accomplishments related to improving operational efficiency or increasing customer satisfaction through your management efforts.

4. Make sure your objective is clear and concise, yet still effective in conveying the message that you are the ideal candidate for this position. Avoid using overly generic phrases such as “seeking opportunities” or “looking for a challenge” since they don’t truly convey anything about what makes you stand out from other applicants.

By following these tips when writing your housekeeping manager resume objective, you can ensure that employers will take notice of your qualifications and experience when considering you for this role. Good luck!

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Key Skills to Highlight in Your Housekeeping Manager Resume Objective

In the competitive job market for housekeeping management, having a well-crafted resume objective is crucial. This section of your resume serves as your first impression to potential employers and should effectively highlight your key skills relevant to the position. The objective should not only showcase your experience and qualifications but also demonstrate how you can bring value to the role. This article will guide you on the essential skills that you need to emphasize in your housekeeping manager resume objective to increase your chances of landing the job.

1. Time management

A Housekeeping Manager is responsible for overseeing and coordinating the work of housekeeping staff in a hotel or similar establishment. This role involves scheduling tasks, managing personnel, and ensuring that all operations run smoothly and efficiently. Therefore, excellent time management skills are crucial. They ensure that all tasks are completed within the required timeframe, resources are utilized effectively, and staff productivity is maximized. In addition, good time management helps in prioritizing tasks, preventing delays and disruptions in service, and meeting customer satisfaction goals. Hence, it's an important skill to mention in a resume objective for this position.

2. Organization

A Housekeeping Manager is responsible for coordinating and managing the housekeeping staff to ensure that all rooms and areas are cleaned and maintained to a high standard. This requires excellent organizational skills to effectively schedule tasks, manage inventories, supervise employees, and ensure all duties are completed in a timely manner. Including this skill in a resume objective would highlight the ability of the candidate to efficiently run the operations of a housekeeping department.

3. Delegation

A Housekeeping Manager is responsible for overseeing a team of housekeepers and ensuring that all cleaning tasks are completed efficiently and effectively. Delegation is a crucial skill for this role as it involves assigning tasks to team members based on their skills, abilities, and workload. This not only ensures that the work is evenly distributed but also that it is completed to the highest standard. A resume objective stating this skill shows potential employers that the candidate can manage resources wisely and lead a team successfully.

4. Inventory control

A Housekeeping Manager is responsible for overseeing and directing the cleaning procedures and duties in a hotel or corporate environment. Inventory control is a crucial skill for this role as it involves managing supplies, ordering new cleaning products, and ensuring that there are always enough resources available for the housekeeping staff to perform their jobs effectively. This skill demonstrates the ability to manage resources efficiently, reduce waste, and cut costs - all of which are important aspects of running a successful housekeeping operation. Including this skill in a resume objective can show potential employers that you are capable of handling these responsibilities effectively.

5. Quality assurance

A Housekeeping Manager is responsible for ensuring that all housekeeping operations are carried out efficiently and effectively. Quality assurance skills are necessary because they ensure that all cleaning and maintenance tasks meet the highest standards. This includes inspecting rooms, managing staff performance, implementing cleaning protocols, and addressing guest complaints. A strong focus on quality assurance demonstrates a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, which are key objectives in a housekeeping role.

6. Staff training

A Housekeeping Manager is responsible for overseeing and directing the cleaning activities for a business or hotel. Staff training is an essential skill for this role as it involves guiding, instructing, and developing housekeeping staff to ensure they perform their duties effectively and efficiently. A well-trained staff can maintain high standards of cleanliness, orderliness, and hygiene in all areas. By including this skill in a resume objective, it shows potential employers that the candidate is capable of leading a team and improving performance through effective training.

7. Budgeting

A Housekeeping Manager is responsible for overseeing the department's operations and ensuring that everything runs smoothly and efficiently. This includes managing the department's budget, which involves planning, allocating, and tracking spending to ensure that resources are used effectively. Having budgeting skills demonstrates an ability to handle financial responsibilities, make strategic decisions, and potentially save costs for the company. Therefore, including this skill in a resume objective can show potential employers that the candidate is capable of managing financial aspects of the job effectively.

8. Customer service

A Housekeeping Manager often interacts directly with guests, addressing their needs and concerns regarding cleanliness and maintenance issues. Excellent customer service skills are necessary to ensure guest satisfaction, handle complaints effectively, and maintain the reputation of the establishment. This skill also helps in building a professional relationship with clients, which can lead to repeat business. Therefore, including customer service skills in a resume objective can showcase one's ability to provide high-quality service and manage guest relations efficiently.

9. Problem-solving

A Housekeeping Manager is often faced with various challenges such as managing staff, ensuring cleanliness standards, and dealing with unexpected situations like equipment breakdowns or staff shortages. Problem-solving skills are necessary to quickly identify solutions and make decisions that ensure the smooth running of housekeeping operations. Including this skill in a resume objective demonstrates the ability to effectively handle and resolve issues that may arise, which is crucial for success in this role.

10. Communication

A Housekeeping Manager needs strong communication skills to effectively coordinate and manage the housekeeping staff, liaise with other departments, and handle any guest inquiries or complaints. They must be able to clearly convey instructions and expectations to their team, as well as listen and respond appropriately to feedback or concerns. This skill is essential in ensuring smooth operations, maintaining high standards of cleanliness, and providing excellent customer service. Including this skill in a resume objective can demonstrate the candidate's ability to successfully lead a team and manage operations in a hospitality setting.

Top 10 Housekeeping Manager Skills to Add to Your Resume Objective

In conclusion, the objective section of your housekeeping manager resume is a critical component that can significantly influence an employer's perception of your candidacy. Highlighting key skills in this section not only showcases your expertise and capabilities but also demonstrates your understanding of the role and its requirements. Remember, it's not just about listing skills; it's about strategically presenting them in a way that aligns with the job description and sets you apart from other candidates. Tailoring this section to each specific job application can greatly enhance your chances of landing an interview.

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Common Mistakes When Writing a Housekeeping Manager Resume Objective

When writing a resume objective for a housekeeping manager position, there are some common mistakes to avoid. The most important mistake is not customizing the resume objective to the job or company. A generic resume objective will not grab an employer’s attention and can easily be overlooked. It is essential that job seekers tailor their resumes to each job they apply for by using specific skills, qualities, and experiences that match the requirements of the position.

Another common mistake when writing a housekeeping manager resume objective is focusing too much on what the candidate wants from the job instead of what they can offer to the employer. While it is important to highlight relevant skills and experience, expressing what you can bring to the table should be given more weight than your own career aspirations.

In addition, many job seekers make the mistake of including irrelevant information in their resume objective. This could include personal hobbies or interests that have nothing to do with housekeeping management. It is best to focus solely on professional qualifications and leave out any extraneous details that could distract from your candidacy.

Finally, it is important not to make your resume objective too long—it should be concise and direct while still conveying all necessary information. Employers don’t have time to read lengthy paragraphs; an effective resume objective should get right to the point with clear language and no fluff.

By avoiding these common mistakes when writing a housekeeping manager resume objective, job seekers will stand out among other candidates and increase their chances of being hired for this role.

Related : Housekeeping Manager Resume Examples

Housekeeping Manager Resume Objective Example

A strong, right resume objective for a housekeeping manager would focus on the skills and experience that make the candidate well-suited for the role, while a wrong resume objective may be overly general or include irrelevant information.

Editorial staff

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Brenna Goyette

Brenna is a certified professional resume writer, career expert, and the content manager of the ResumeCat team. She has a background in corporate recruiting and human resources and has been writing resumes for over 10 years. Brenna has experience in recruiting for tech, finance, and marketing roles and has a passion for helping people find their dream jobs. She creates expert resources to help job seekers write the best resumes and cover letters, land the job, and succeed in the workplace.

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    Therefore, highlighting this skill in a resume objective can demonstrate a candidate's ability to efficiently manage resources and maintain smooth operations. 6. Staff training. An executive housekeeper is responsible for managing a team of cleaning staff, ensuring that all tasks are completed efficiently and to a high standard. Staff training ...

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    Review the following steps as guidelines for writing resumes for housekeeping positions: 1. Read the job description. When preparing to write your resume, review the job description to understand the qualifications needed for the role. Recognize keywords or phrases used by the employer and try to use them throughout your resume.

  22. Top 17 Housekeeping Supervisor Resume Objective Examples

    When writing a resume objective for a housekeeping supervisor position, it is important to highlight your experience in managing teams, overseeing operations, and leading projects. Additionally, emphasize any relevant skills such as problem solving, multitasking, and communication. For example, "Experienced housekeeping supervisor with 10 ...

  23. Top 18 Housekeeping Manager Resume Objective Examples

    When writing a housekeeping manager resume objective, it is important to focus on the skills and experience that make you an ideal candidate for the position. Your objective should be succinct, yet powerful enough to grab the attention of potential employers. Here are some tips to help you write a strong housekeeping manager resume objective: 1.