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Discover who we are at Texas A&M University and learn what it means to be an Aggie.

We strive to carry out our university’s mission and live by six core values.

We’ve compiled important facts and statistics about Texas A&M.

Our president and governing bodies guide our university.

We remember Texas A&M’s roots and celebrate its milestones.

We’ve gathered a list of common questions about Texas A&M.

Our traditions celebrate the Aggie Family, past and present.

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Learn how to become the newest, loudest and proudest member of the Fightin’ Texas Aggies.

Learn how to apply as a first-time college student.

Learn how to apply as a student previously enrolled at another college.

Learn how to apply to our graduate and professional schools.

Learn how to apply if you are not a U.S. citizen.

We provided resources to help you understand Texas A&M’s costs and tuition.

Texas A&M offers a variety of financial aid, such as scholarships and grants.

  • Applicant Information Portal
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Pursue your education as part of the Aggie Family. We have options for all interests, life phases and learning styles.

Texas A&M is home to 16 colleges and schools.

Our students have a vast selection of study areas to choose from.

We offer programs that enable students to learn around the world.

Texas A&M extends beyond College Station to locations across the globe.

We offer resources to ensure students’ academic success.

  • Academic Calendar
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Make a difference at one of the nation’s leading research institutions.

Our research is making an impact around the globe.

Students have opportunities to be a part of life-changing research.

Our colleges and schools continuously work on field-specific research.

Researchers at Texas A&M collaborate to maximize their work’s impact.

Our equipment, labs and facilities enable groundbreaking research.

  • Research @ Texas A&M
  • Division of Research
  • Council of Principal Investigators
  • Research Compliance & Biosafety
  • Find Funding

Discover what it’s like to live and learn in Aggieland. Our tight-knit community is rooted in tradition and service.

We have various options for parking and getting around campus.

Whether you plan to live on or off campus, we have resources for you.

Students have plenty of options for dining locations, menus and meal plans.

There is a lot to do and see in Bryan-College Station.

Students have many resources and ways to get plugged in.

We have resources and emergency services to keep students safe.

Texas A&M is rich in tradition that celebrates the Aggie Family, past and present.

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Texas A&M University is the home of the 12th Man.

Texas A&M University athletics teams and programs.

Schedule of all Aggie games.

The official Texas A&M store for gifts, football gear, apparel and Aggie merchandise.

Donate to Texas A&M Athletics.

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Texas A&M University is home of the 12th Man.

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Housing Options

Texas A&M University students can choose from several housing options on or off campus. No matter where you live, you won't be far from what you need. Bryan-College Station offers plenty of choices for shopping, dining and entertainment.

Interior photo of one of the on-campus housing accommodations at Leggett Dorm

Live On Campus

More than 11,000 students choose to live on campus each year. The Department of Residence Life offers several housing options for students. Our campus also has accommodations for guests, including those visiting for conferences. Campus housing features sustainable living and health and safety practices.

Tours of On-Campus Housing

If you're considering living on campus, you can take a tour to help with your decision. We provide virtual and in-person tours of on-campus housing options.

Corps of Cadets Arch

Corps of Cadets Housing

Accommodations for about 2,600 cadets are available in 12 halls on the Corps of Cadets Quad. As a member of the Corps of Cadets, cadets are required to live in Corps housing. Housing assignments are based on unit assignment, class year and gender.

Aerial shot of the White Creek Apartments on campus.

Residence Halls and White Creek Apartments

We offer 25 unique residence halls and modern White Creek Apartments complex units. Resident halls' live-in staff provide social and academic support. Halls and apartments feature access to tutoring, technology and study spaces.

The exterior of the Gardens Apartments office

The Gardens Apartments

The Gardens Apartments is an on-campus apartment complex for undergraduate and graduate students. Units are available to students who are married, have dependent children, are U.S. military veterans, or are international.

LLC students get together for an annual meet-up to destress after class

Living Learning Communities

Our campus has seven Living Learning Communities. Living Learning Communities are residential clusters of students who share academic or common interests. They provide resources, support and enhanced activities centered around a specific focus.

An exterior photo of the Hullabaloo dorms on the north side of campus

Housing for Guests and Conferences

We offer a variety of on-campus accommodations for conferences and events. Guest housing is also available for individuals, families or groups.

Live Off Campus

If you want to live off campus, there are plenty of options to choose from in Bryan-College Station. And to help you find your new home, we offer many resources to help you with your search and find related information.

Our AggieSearch website allows you to view rental properties and find roommates . It also features important information about living off campus and local resources such as utilities and transportation. Local apartment finders or real estate companies can also help you find your new home.

  • Texas Apartment Association's resources for renters
  • City of College Station new residents webpage
  • City of College Station rental assistance
  • City of Bryan new residents webpage
  • City of Bryan resources for rent and utility assistance

StarRez Portal


Before entering the myHousing Portal, The Department of Residence Life Website has everything you need to know about on-campus living! Click the links below to be redirected to our website for more information:

  • Tour our Facilities
  • Housing Options
  • Housing Rates
  • Sample Contracts (available all year long!)
  • On-Campus Accommodations
  • Living Learning Communities On-Campus
  • Student Handbook

To log-in to myHousing Portal you will need your student NetID and password. Do not have a NetID and password? Visit the Howdy Portal and click "Activate Your Account".

South Carolina State University

SC State launches new housing system to track applications, room assignments

Hugine Suites

“We are committed to elevating the experience of all students and their families at South Carolina State University,” SC State President Alexander Conyers said. “We believe the addition of StarRez is a significant step in those efforts.

“StarRez brings our housing registration system into the 21st century and should maximize our effectiveness so that residential students have smooth processes from the day they apply to move-in day and beyond,” Conyers said.

A digital platform that takes tedious paperwork out of the equation, StarRez is used by more than 1,300 colleges and universities. The system allows SC State to communicate easily with students and parents throughout the process of securing housing and during their stays in university housing.

“We are extremely excited about onboarding this new housing software which offers advanced features and tools that will streamline processes, automate tasks, and ultimately increase efficiency in managing housing related operations and enhance user experience,” said Dr. Tamara Jeffries-Jackson, SC State vice president for student affairs.

Gearing up for the Fall 2024 semester, the Office of Residence Life and Housing on Tuesday opened the application process for both new and returning students. Students will access StarRez through the SCSUApps Portal on the university’s website . 

StarRez will allow students to:

  • Complete the application process.
  • Confirm preferences.
  • Sign the housing contract.

Students also will need to pay the application fee:

  • For returning students, the application fee is $150.
  • For new students, the housing application fee is included in the $160 enrollment fee.
  • Students can pay fees using the Transact payment system through the SCSUApps Portal on the university’s website. They may also pay at the SC State Cashier’s Office on the first floor of the Crawford-Zimmerman Building.

Jeffries-Jackson emphasized the importance of returning students acting as soon as possible. The sooner they complete their applications and pay their fees, the quicker the Office of Residence Life and Housing can reserve space and accommodate preferences.

Once students are cleared financially to attend for the Fall Semester through the Office of Student Financial Services, the university will confirm their housing placement in StarRez.

On-campus housing has been at a premium in recent years because of enrollment growth, prompting the SC State Housing Foundation to lease additional space off campus for upperclassmen.

SC State will continue using off-campus space this fall. The university also may use modular housing units on a temporary basis until more on-campus housing is available.

SC State will renovate Sojourner Truth Hall, a 14-story residence hall, beginning this summer. That project is expected to take about a year, making 384 more beds available on campus in Fall Semester 2025. The university also hopes to build a new residential complex on the campus and work with private developers toward additional off-campus facilities.

Important contact information

Cashier’s Office 803-536-8546 803-536-8529   Student Financial Services 803-536-8550

For additional information about StarRez, visit   www.starrez.com/.

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Live updates, fordham lincoln center anti-israel encampment egged on by columbia arrests: student.

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Students at Fordham University set up an anti-Israel tent encampment Wednesday, saying they were motivated by the arrests of hundreds of protesters on the Columbia and City University of New York campuses.

Demonstrators hunkered down with seven tents inside the lobby of the Leon Lowenstein Center — a building at the private Jesuit university’s Lincoln Center campus — while others rallied outside the glass doors.

Protesters — some wearing masks over their faces or keffiyehs — taped a Palestinian flag to the wall and banged on drums while chanting, “Students, students, hold your ground. NYPD back down” and “Israel bombs, Fordham pays, how many kids did you kill today?”

A chaplain spoke briefly with the group, but the conversation ended when student protesters outside the building started to bang on the windows.

Demonstrators rally outside the Leon Lowenstein Center on Fordham's Lincoln Center campus.

“The administration has given our comrades inside one hour to leave or else there will be suspensions,” a participant who previously left the lobby told the outsider demonstrators through a megaphone.

“Fordham is threatening suspensions and arrests for our comrades inside because for whatever reason it is a crime to fight against genocide,” they said.

Fordham’s Vice President for Student Affairs Michele C. Burris later handed the students inside the encampment notices informing them they had been suspended and banned from campus.

The student protesters are barred from “on-campus housing assignment, classes, final examinations, and all events including senior week and commencement,” the letter states.

Shortly before noon, the NYPD arrived outside the Lowenstein Center and set up barriers, according to video footage from Al Jazeera correspondent Gabriel Elizondo.

Tensions flared when NYPD buses – including one splattered with red paint – pulled up near the scene, though there were no reported arrests, police sources said.

Roughly 200 student protesters moved to stand right outside the window of the Lowenstein Center and refused to back down in the face of police officers.

“Move cops, get out the way, we know you’re Israeli trained,” the group chanted.

Freshman Matthew Smith led chants for the group.

“The president of Fordham University is responsible for any violence that occurs today,” was another call and response refrain.

The protesters inside the lobby appeared to link arms and sing, though they could not be heard from outside.

“There are police coming in and out. They have barricaded some parts of the lobby,” one Fordham student told police at the scene.

“The administration refuses to meet with the students. They brought in Campus Ministry to mediate, but the mediation was ‘you can leave now or be arrested,” they claimed.

Fordham officials supposedly “acknowledged this is a peaceful protest and there’s no destruction to property, but they don’t want the protest here,” the student added.

“This is not a reaction to Columbia. This is about the genocide in Gaza. We want our tuition money taken out of war profiteering,” they insisted.

But Matthew Smith, an 18-year-old freshman from the university’s Bronx campus, said that the group was actually egged on by the arrests at Columbia Tuesday night.

“It emboldens us more when we see a fascist police state suppressing us,” he told The Post.

Smith wore a keffiyeh a New York City Democratic Socialists of America t-shirt as he led the the outside protesters in chants.

The group set up about seven tents in the building's lobby.

“The police are on the wrong side of this,” he told The Post. “If the police really wanted us to stop, what they would do is go back to their homes, and let us protest.”

The protesters in the building’s lobby wielded signs with phrases including “Divest from Israel,” “Students 4 Palestine Liberation” and “Genocide is not a Jesuit value,” among others.

Fordham maintenance staff put up blue tarp on the roof, and appeared to be getting ready to unfurl the covering to shut the protesters inside the lobby off from those outside.

“It’s a Jesuit school, they’re supposed to support our efforts to champion social justice issues,” Smith said of the Fordham administration.

Students struggled to get to class as the entrance was locked down.

Though the protesters called for the school to divest from Israel, Smith admitted that they technically did not know if Fordham had any financial interest in the country’s ongoing war against Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

“Fordham right now will not disclose what investments they have in Israel and if they’re investing in companies that profit off the ongoing slaughter of civilians in Palestine,” Smith said.

“We ask they disclose it and if they are invested in Israel, we’re asking they divest.”

On Wednesday morning, the administration announced that classes and campus operations were continuing as usual despite the protest.

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“Fordham Public Safety is on hand to protect everyone’s safety. For the safety of our community, the Lowenstein Center entrance has been closed,” the statement read.

Even though classes were running as usual, the entrance closure caused a serious hitch in many students’ plans.

Johnny, a 21-year-old business student, said he was unsure how to get to class  in the Lowenstein Center with the doors blocked off.

Student protesters turned up with signs calling for the university to divest from Israel.

“If they feel the need to do it, they feel the need to do it, but it’s pretty inconvenient to get to class,” he told The Post of the protest.

“They’re in the building I need to get to. Now they’ve blocked it off. I don’t know how I get there. There doesn’t seem to be any way to get to class,” he lamented.

“The kids inside the campus are essentially just screaming at each other inside a room, so I don’t know how that’s constructive,” Johnny added of his peers’ protest.

“I’ve seen everything that’s happened at Columbia and I expected this to happen.”

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Demonstrators rally outside the Leon Lowenstein Center on Fordham's Lincoln Center campus.


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  14. SC State launches new housing system to track applications, room

    Hugine Suites is a living and learning community at SC State. ORANGEBURG, S.C. -- South Carolina State University has launched a new housing registration system, StarRez, which will allow the Office of Residence Life and Housing to track applications and placements. "We are committed to elevating the experience of all students and their families at South Carolina State University," SC ...

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