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Which ghostface killed each victim in scream vi.

Scream 6 had three main killers doing the dirty work, but which of the three Ghostfaces was responsible for each of the film's many murders?

  • Scream 6 introduced five killers, the most in any Scream film, who were not working together. Their identities were revealed early on, breaking convention.
  • Detective Bailey, Quinn Bailey, and Ethan Landry were revealed as the killers at the end of Scream 6. Their motive was revenge for Detective Bailey's son's death.
  • There are clues to determine which killers were responsible for each victim in Scream 6, such as Detective Bailey's knowledge of cutting up bodies and using firearms.

Scream 6 put a new spin on the franchise, as there were not one but several Scream 6 killers, the most of any Scream film, and not all of them were working together. The film has a total of five killers, including two that were introduced in Scream 6 's inventive opening scene. Jason Carvey and his friend Greg both wanted to finish Richie Kirsch's movie by killing Sam and Tara Carpenter. Unfortunately, neither of them made it past the opening scene as they were both killed by a different Ghostface killer. However, the opening scene was the first time the Scream killer revealed their identity so early.

At the end of Scream 6 , Detective Bailey, Quinn Bailey, and Ethan Landry revealed themselves as killers. Their motive was that Richie was Detective Bailey's son, and Quinn and Ethan were his siblings. They wanted to kill Sam and Tara as revenge, first having to kill Jason and Greg before they could get to the Carpenter sisters. With so many Ghostfaces in play, there are several possibilities for which Scream 6 killer killed which victim, but there are clues to help figure them out.

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Jason carvey kills laura cane.

The opening Ghostface killer in Scream 6 is no mystery. Ghostface kills Laura Cane after luring her out of a New York City restaurant pretending to be her date, as he stabs her to death in an alleyway. Shockingly, he then removes his mask and reveals himself as Jason Carvey before returning to his apartment. This is unlike anything the Scream franchise has done before, although it's pretty obvious he won't make it very far into the film, otherwise, the Scream 6 killer would have been given away too early.

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Detective Bailey Kills Jason & Greg In Their Apartment

When Jason returns to his apartment, he expects to find his friend Greg there. Eventually, he does find Greg, but he finds him chopped up and in his refrigerator. He's on the phone with Ghostface when he finds Greg, and soon after, Ghostface kills Jason too. It makes the most sense that Detective Bailey was the Scream 6 Ghostface behind these murders . As a detective, he would have the most knowledge of cutting up bodies and freezing them, as that's a signature serial killer move. At the end of the film, Detective Bailey is the one to explain to Sam and Tara why they had to kill Jason and Greg.

This may suggest he was the one to do it. Another hint is Ghostface's iconic questionnaire he gives his victims. While this is a staple of the franchise, and every Ghostface does this in the opening scene, the way it resembles an interrogation would line up well with the detective. Also, Quinn and Ethan had alibis. Anything is possible in the Scream franchise, but it seemed that at the time of Greg and Jason's murders, Quinn was at her apartment with a guy, and Ethan was going to a frat party with Tara and their friends.

Detective Bailey Was The Ghostface At The Bodega

After Jason and Greg's Scream 6 kills air on the news, Detective Bailey wants Sam and Tara to come down to the police station. He is the one who lures them outside while Quinn and Ethan remain in their apartment. They could have left to follow Sam and Tara, though this would have looked suspicious, and Mindy and Chad Meeks-Martin, who were also in the apartment, likely would have told Sam and Tara.

The Ghostface at the Bodega, who kills the worker and tries to kill Sam and Tara, is very familiar with using firearms. The way Ghostface handles the gun and gets it away from the Bodega worker who tries to kill him is something only a professional could do. Also, the way this Ghostface talks to Sam on the phone before the Bodega uses similar language to Detective Bailey. Specifically, they both use the word " punish. " It makes the most sense that the detective was behind the Scream 6 deaths at the Bodega, as well as Jason and Greg's.

Detective Bailey Kills Sam's Therapist Dr. Christopher Stone

No one has an alibi in this scene, so it would seem it's the hardest to pin on one of the Ghostface killers. However, there's a lot of evidence that confirms that Detective Bailey's Ghostface kills Christopher Stone. As the ring leader, it's no surprise he's the one to do most of the work. At the beginning of Scream 6 , the detective is trying to frame Sam for Jason and Greg's murders.

However, Sam tells him she can't be the killer because she was at her therapist, Dr. Christopher Stone's, office. She then offers to give him all the doctor's information, unknowingly handing Detective Bailey his next victim. When he later tells FBI agent Kirby Reed about the doctor's murder, he emphasizes the way he was killed as if he was proud of it. As a detective, he would know all the details of the murder. However, his extensive knowledge could also be a clue that he did it.

Detective Bailey Likely Kills Quinn's Boyfriend & Anika

The apartment murders present two possible Scream 6 killers with either Detective Bailey or his son Ethan. The murder style is a little different from the previous Scream 6 kills, in the way that Ghostface stabs and kills Anika, and it would make sense to switch up who the killer is. However, Ethan tells his friends he was missing when the murders happened because he was in class. His friends don't believe him, but later they confirm his alibi checks out.

It wouldn't be hard for Ethan to fake his alibi because his father's a detective. But if he really was at econ, Detective Bailey would have to be Ghostface again. It couldn't have been Quinn because she was faking her own death at the time, and it would have been too risky for her to act as Ghostface.

Quinn Attempts To Kill Gale At Her Apartment

Though Gale came close to being one of the Scream 6 Ghostface victims, she is still alive and in the hospital, and it's assumed she'll make it out alive. While she wasn't killed, the Scream 6 killer made a good attempt at eliminating Gale from the game. This was another Scream 6 attack where Ghostface is confirmed. Quinn says at the end of the film that it was her, but even if she didn't confess, she's the only option.

At the time Ghostface was heading to Gale's apartment, Detective Bailey was with Sam and Tara in Central Park, trying to catch the killer. Meanwhile, Ethan was in the van with Mindy and Kirby, tracking Ghostface's location. Another clue is Gale was able to put up a good fight against Ghostface, meaning the killer would have to be around her size and weight.

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Quinn attacks mindy on the subway.

Mindy appears to die in the subway attack scene, but it's later revealed that she lives too. Technically, this is not one of Ghostface's kills, but it was an attack with an obvious answer. Quinn also admitted to being the one to attack Mindy. However, she didn't have to, as the Ghostface could only have been her. During the attack, Ethan was in the subway car with Mindy. This acted as an alibi and cleared his name, which was especially beneficial because Mindy was suspicious of him being Ghostface. The audience also sees Detective Bailey soon after, and he couldn't have been in two places at once.

Quinn & Ethan Go After Chad & Tara

Until the very end, it appeared as if Chad had been killed by Ghostface, and it's still unclear how he survived such brutal stabbings. However, when he and Tara were attacked and it seemed like he'd been killed, it was likely Quinn and Ethan behind the attacks.

The first killer to attack Tara was probably Quinn because she was able to quickly run off the subway and get to Tara and Chad, while Ethan had to stay behind and care for Mindy. Meanwhile, Detective Bailey was calling Sam to trick her into believing that Kirby was no longer an FBI Agent and was let go for being mentally unstable. When Ethan catches up with Quinn, he helps her brutally stab Chad.

The twist of having three Scream 6 killers, five including Jason and Greg, was a Scream franchise game changer, as it made it even easier for them to kill with so many Ghostfaces to carry out the murders. While only a few attacks were confirmed, with close observation, it's easy to see which Ghostface was responsible for which victim in Scream 6 .

Ghostface Doesn't Kill Any Returning Scream Characters In Scream 6

While Ghostface in Scream 6 kills a lot of characters, they're all new characters with none of them being familiar faces. As is typical of the Scream franchise, Mindy discusses horror movie "rules" in a very self-aware and mate way, and she explains that legacy characters in movie franchises aren't safe. However, the movie cleverly subverts expectations when none of the Scream 6 victims are the likes of Gale Weathers or Kirby. It also might have been too much for longtime fans to handle if Scream 6 killed off any of those characters, as Dewey was killed just one year earlier in Scream 5 .

At the end of Scream 6 , Kirby has become the new Gale, and Chad calls Sam, Tara, Mindy, and himself the "Core Four," hinting that they're the new foundation of the Scream franchise, replacing Gale, Sidney, and Dewey. Given that the Scream series is more successful now than ever before, as the sixth movie made $169 million (via Box Office Mojo ), it's hardly surprising that none of the three Scream 6 killers target the core four. These characters will undoubtedly carry the franchise for one more movie at the absolute minimum. Not only that, but it'll be way more impactful if any of them die in the upcoming Scream 7 .

Why Scream 6 Has 3 Ghostface Killers

The Scream franchise is full of misdirects and three Scream 6 killers is the latest example of the movies keeping audiences guessing. While could be seen as an attempt by the sequel to go bigger and stay fresh, it was pulled off perfectly, as Scream 6's killers are a family. Every character who wears the iconic mask is related to Richie, who was the Ghostface killer in the fifth movie but was repeatedly stabbed and then shot dead by Sam in Scream 5's ending . The three killers in Scream 6 were trying to exact revenge for Richie's death.

The motivations and identities of the killers are intrinsic to Scream 's DNA, as the Ghostface killers always have close connections to the innocent characters. However, the idea of the three Ghostface killers in Scream 6 wasn't the original plan and was something of an afterthought during the development of the sixth movie (via CBR ). Scream 6 co-director Tony Gillett explained the idea and how they chose to relate it to Richie:

"We were so quick on the heels of [ Scream ] 5 that the script was a living blueprint for a while. So much of what the process was for us and screenwriters Guy Busick and James Vanderbilt was to continue to rattle-test everything. What ultimately ended up changing was [that] the original draft was a vigilante-justice story. It was interesting, and we liked that as an ingredient, but it felt like it was missing some emotional impact."

Multiple Ghostface Killers Is A Scream Staple

While the number of Scream 6 killers breaks the record for the franchise, multiple Ghostface killers have always been a major part of the Scream movies. The first movie set the stage perfectly for the reveal as the movie had made it seem like there was only one killer only for Billy Loomis and Stu Macher to reveal they were working together. It helped add to the whodunnit element of the movie and part of the fun of the movies that followed was trying to determine the identity of Ghostface and how many of them were there.

It has proven a popular formula and the fact that Scream 3 is the only entry to use one lone killer and is considered the weakest of the franchise is telling. The potential for multiple Ghostface killers also adds to this mystery of deciphering who was responsible for killing which character. While there is some guesswork involved in most of the murders, there have been some instances where the truth is obvious or blatantly confirmed.

One of the few times the killer admits to a specific murder is in 2022's Scream when Amber gloats to Gale about being the one who killed Dewey. As she is the first Ghostface to kill off a legacy character, she cements herself in the pantheon of the franchise's killers. When it comes to the franchise's most iconic kill in the opening of the first Scream , it is less clear but could be one of the rare moments of the killers working in unison. Given how quickly Ghostface moves in the scene, it seems Stu killed Steve while Billy killed Casey. However, despite being the least popular and only solo killer, Roman Bridger from Scream 3 earns the highest body count of the franchise with 9 kills.

‘Scream’: All of the Ghostface Killers, Ranked

"Never Say 'Who's There?' Don't You Watch Scary Movies?"

Editor's Note: The following contains spoilers for every Scream film, including the latest Scream 6. Scream VI is finally in theaters, taking Ghostface and the new generation of victims to New York City , leaving behind Woodsboro (and Sidney Prescott) . It's clear that the Scream franchise, starting with Wes Craven 's 1996 Scream films lives on, even if none of the killers seem to... The forever final girl Sidney Prescott ( Neve Campbell ) has dealt with her fair share of psycho boyfriends, evil half-brothers, and attention-seeking friends and family to know that surviving a horror movie isn't nearly as fun as watching one, but with Dewey Riley ( David Arquette ) and Gale Weathers ( Courteney Cox ) always by her side, nothing is impossible. Last year's Scream "requel" (yes, we spelled that right) was an exciting addition to the iconic horror franchise that challenges everything we know about horror, "elevated" or not and introduced two new slashers to the Ghostface legacy. Scream VI added not two, not three, but four new Ghostface killers. Well, three and a half more so. Despite the new film being the first without our "forever" final girl , the film still offers up a ton of blood, gore, and crazed killers.

While Woodsboro's most famous psycho killers all shared the same mask (and the same voice by Roger L. Jackson ) , they were all in fact very different people with, sometimes, the exact same motives as the last. Nonetheless, they were foes to be reckoned with, so let's rank every one of them.

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13. Ethan Bailey (Scream 6)

By the end of Scream VI , we learn that the Bailey family has been working together as Ghostface to avenge the death of Richie Kirsch ( Jack Quaid ). Richie's father and patriarch, Detective Bailey ( Dermot Mulroney ) , coordinates all the new Ghostface attacks. His daughter, Quinn ( Liana Liberato ), is a bloodthirsty lunatic capable of faking her own death to give her more freedom to slash away her victims. Ethan ( Jack Champion ), Detective Bailey’s third child, is just there.

With three people donning the Ghostface mask and jumping from place to place with a blade in their hands, it gets hard to know who killed who. But Ethan doesn’t have a single confirmed death under his belt. The most likely attack performed by Ethan happens at Tara ( Jenna Ortega ) and Sam Carpenter’s ( Melissa Barrera ) apartment, in which Quinn fakes her murder, the girl’s new sex-positive bestie is slashed in the bathroom, and Anika ( Devyn Nekoda ) falls to her death. Still, while Ethan could have been behind the five unclaimed deaths in Scream 6 , his bland personality makes him the most forgettable member of the Bailey family.

Kill Count : 0 (possibly 5 others)

12. Charlie Walker (Scream 4)

It's those film guys you've got to watch out for... While not the main antagonist of the legendary Scream 4 , Charlie Walker ( Rory Culkin ) tried his best to play Ghostface, but his ultimate goal was in becoming the "next" Randy Meeks ( J amie Kennedy ) and be one of the last survivors of the most recent Woodsboro murders. "The unexpected is the new cliché", he says to his Cinema Club, and it's true. Charlie may have been the least likely suspect, and that's exactly how he (almost) got away with it. However, Charlie was also one of the weakest of all the Ghostfaces. Not only was he killed almost immediately by his accomplice (more on her later), but each of his kills was sloppier than the last. Sure, we wouldn't want to meet Charlie in a dark alley, but it's possible we could take him.

Kill Count : 3

11. Debbie Loomis (Scream 2)

The mother of the original Ghostface killer, Debbie Loomis ( Laurie Metcalf ), also known as Debbie Salt, gave off some real Pamela Voorhees vibes when she showed up at the end of Scream 2 . After Sidney killed Billy Loomis ( Skeet Ulrich ), Debbie quickly began devising a plan to avenge her son's murder, which involved paying for a student's tuition (see below) and for him to get close to Sidney through school. As it turned out, she was the one who killed Sidney's high school friend Randy Meeks, who we were all sad to see go. Debbie's psychotic revenge plot didn't end well for her. Not only was she shot by Cotton Weary ( Liev Schreiber ), but Sidney then made sure to finish the job. Although Debbie killed one of the best characters in the franchise, she's still one of the least memorable, and a clear rip-off of the original Friday the 13th to boot.

Kill Count : 1 (possibly 2 others)

10. Jason Carvey (Scream 6)

Scream VI revolutionized the franchise by having not one, not two, but four killers donning the Ghostface mask. As usual, the movie opens with the killer stalking and slaying one of his victims, Samara Weaving ’s cinema professor Laura Crane, whose knowledge of slasher culture doesn’t prevent her from going alone into a dark alleyway. Surprisingly, Scream VI doesn’t waste time before unmasking Laura’s killer, college student Jason ( Tony Revolori ).

Jason targeted Laura because she gave him a bad grade, but with his flatmate Greg, he planned to start a new massacre and finish the work Richie Kirsch started in Scream (2022). Unfortunately for Jason and Greg, they had some competition, with the true villain of Scream VI slashing away the two boys to save Tara and Sam for themselves. Despite Jason having a short franchise appearance, Laura’s death is nothing less than brutal. And with Revolori’s natural charisma added to the mix, Jason becomes more memorable than a few main killers of previous movies.

Kill Count : 1

9. Detective Bailey (Scream 6)

While Detective Bailey doesn’t perform well compared to other Ghostfaces, we must give him the prize of the worst father ever. Any parent who lets their child become so fascinated with serial killers they want to build a temple to Ghostface should be frowned upon. He raised Richie to become a serial killer and trained Ethan and Quinn to follow the same path. All the while stealing police evidence to make the Ghostface shrine look good.

Detective Bailey’s motivation doesn’t differ much from Debbie Loomis’, but he gets some credit for being willing to get his hands dirty. Detective Bailey is also responsible for the bodega massacre, where he takes down three bystanders. While there are five unclaimed Ghostface deaths in Scream VI , the patriarch of the killer family was probably the one to off Jason and Greg, as the killer on the phone underlined how he despised the Ghostface wannabes. That sounds like Bailey, who was the mastermind behind the whole operation. It’s also likely Bailey murdered Dr. Christopher Stone ( Henry Czerny ), Sam’s psychologist, as he had more freedom than his children to go out without raising suspicions.

Kill Count : 3 (possibly 5 others)

8. Mickey Altieri (Scream 2)

The main killer of Scream 2 , Mickey Altieri ( Timothy Olyphant ) was one of Sidney's best friends in college and a film student who especially loved horror flicks. Of course, like all the Ghostface killers, his dream of becoming the "star" eventually came to pass as he began killing across campus. Mickey directly killed five people and potentially two others, all the while reassuring Sidney that he was just as disturbed to see history repeat itself as she was. In the worst way possible, Mickey got into Sidney's head, making her think that his best friend and her boyfriend Derek Feldman ( Jerry O'Connell ) was his accomplice, right before killing him. This stunted Sidney's relationships going forward, and she continued to wear the necklace Derek gave her in remembrance of him (which came in handy when she used it to slice Mickey's face), realizing Mickey was lying the whole time.

Kill Count : 5 (possibly 2 others)

7. Quinn Bailey (Scream VI)

While the entire Bailey family has some serious psychiatric issues, Quinn wins the prize of the most deranged killer. During the final fight, Quinn reveals she faked her own death to keep slashing her victims without raising suspicions. That’s a sick thing to do, which underlines Quinn’s commitment to the role of Ghostface. Besides that, Quinn was the Ghostface who attacked Gale Weathers (Courteney Cox) in her apartment, offing the reporter’s new boyfriend, Brooks ( Thomas Cadrot ).

The Gale vs. Ghostface duel of Scream VI is one of the best scenes in the entire franchise, which is already reason enough for Quinn to be more celebrated than her other family members. Still, she does much more damage in Scream VI , stabbing Mindy ( Jasmin Savoy Brown ) on the subway and leading the charge against Chad ( Mason Gooding ) during the third act. She could have also been responsible for some of the five unclaimed deaths in the sixth movie.

Kill Count : 1 (possibly 5 others)

6. Amber Freeman (Scream 5)

Amber Freeman ( Mikey Madison ) might only be eighteen, but she's one of the toughest Ghostfaces to ever slash through the competition. One of the two antagonists in the recent Scream "requel", Amber managed to get close to Tara Carpenter (Jenna Ortega) and infiltrate her group of friends, just as the original Woodsboro killers did. Amber managed to not only get close to Tara but so close that Tara would prefer her company to that of her sister, Sam (Melissa Barrera): She's a phenomenal actor.

But Amber's true claim to fame is that she was able to do what no other Ghostface has ever been able to do, finally kill Dewey Riley . Sure, Dewey was a lot older than he was in the original films, but he's survived a heck of a lot throughout the years. Still, Amber manages to take him out for good, and we've got to give it to her. She's one of the scariest slashers on this list. Did we even mention that she also got burned alive and then still tried to kill Sidney, Gale, and Sam?

Kill Count : 4

5. Richie Kirsch (Scream 5)

Along with Amber, Richie Kirsch (Jack Quaid) decided to create his own version of "Stab 8" that would better serve the "fans" (i.e. their) wants and needs. His master plan involved cozying up to Sam Carpenter, the long-lost daughter of Billy Loomis, only to turn on her in the final hour. The first boyfriend since Billy Loomis to actually be the killer, Richie makes an immediate impression as a genuinely "nice guy." Still, Dewey managed to peg it right off the bat because of course he does.

So why is Richie higher on the list than Amber? Honestly, because of his consistent charisma, brilliant plan, and superior acting skills. While Amber seems like a suspect, Richie gives off no immediate warning signs other than being Sam's boyfriend. Until the final moments when he reveals himself, we're genuinely hoping against hope that he isn't the killer, and when it's revealed we feel beyond betrayed. Plus, he killed the acting Sheriff Judy Hicks ( Marley Shelton ) and her son Wes ( Dylan Minnette ) in broad daylight, which is pretty impressive. And now we know that he's the character to spawn the events of Scream VI . Talk about a legacy!

Kill Count : 2

4. Stu Macher (Scream)

Possibly the most disturbing of all the Ghostfaces, Stu Macher ( Matthew Lillard ) does some of the weirdest stuff with his tongue since Gene Simmons put on that KISS makeup. That said, this Ghostface is the secondary (and surprise) antagonist of the original Scream who helped kill Sidney's mother before beginning the famous 1996 Woodsboro Murders a year later, starting with his ex-girlfriend Casey Becker ( Drew Barrymore ) and her then-boyfriend.

Stu is actually insane (you can see it in his eyes), and his legacy would live on through the rest of the franchise as he and Billy are mentioned in every film (with Lillard cameoing in each). There are also huge speculations based on early treatments by co-creator Kevin Williamson that Stu is still alive and serving jail time, awaiting his return with a cult of Ghostfaces. Ultimately, this idea was used for Williamson's show The Following , but it would definitely make a compelling seventh installment..

3. Roman Bridger (Scream 3)

Scream 3 might be the least memorable film of the bunch, but this killer is unforgettable. For young Hollywood music video director Roman Bridger ( Scott Foley ), landing the job directing Stab 3 wasn't nearly enough. The illegitimate son of Maureen Prescott ( Lynn McRee ) aka actress Rina Reynolds, Roman was flat-out rejected by his birth mother, only to stalk her and learn of her secret affair with Hank Loomis ( C.W. Morgan ). It's Roman's influence that actually drove Billy Loomis and Stu Macher to kill Billy's father in the first place, resulting in the events of the 1996 Woodsboro Murders.

The original Woodsboro Murderers weren't enough for Roman though, who decided that it was his time to shine and try to kill his half-sister Sidney. Roman might be the most prolific Ghostface there ever was, and the only one to act completely alone (the hidden twist that marked the third film). Thankfully Dewey was there to shoot him in the head and save Sidney from being his tenth and final victim.

Kill Count : 9

2. Jill Roberts (Scream 4)

Sidney's cousin Jill Roberts ( Emma Roberts ) is another straight psycho. Obviously, all the Ghostfaces must be crazy on some level, but Jill brings entirely new energy to it, willing to injure herself in order for her "attack" to look real. In fact, the revelation that she was the mastermind behind the events of Scream 4 , followed by her killing her own accomplice to make her the "new" Sidney Prescott, was probably the most shocking moment in the entire Scream canon. And it works.

To this day, Jill is one of the scariest, and most ruthless slashers in the Scream franchise with seven victims to her name, showing the dangers of this social media age of attention-seeking. After failing to kill her cousin once, she tries to kill Sidney again in the hospital, only for Sidney to electrocute her in the head with two defibrillators before shooting her point-blank. It's intense, but it gets the job done.

Kill Count : 7

1. Billy Loomis (Scream)

The O.G. Ghostface killer, Billy Loomis was the first man to directly torment Sidney Prescott, not to mention the rest of Woodsboro. Alongside Stu Macher, Billy slashed through all of their high school pals, but not before murdering Sidney's own mother a year prior in a revenge-fueled rage. Billy might be the scariest of all the Ghostface killers because even when he was out of costume he was something of a freak, and was very clearly the killer from the beginning.

Billy's legacy would haunt the rest of Woodsboro (and the franchise) for years to come, directly inspiring future Ghostfaces and adding even more bloodshed to his name. Even Sam Carpenter, the latest final girl and Billy's long-lost daughter, channeled her inner-Loomis (after having visions of him in her head, yikes) to brutally kill Richie before he could murder her. This isn't even to mention the years of therapy Sidney had to go through after Billy revealed himself as Ghostface.

Scream ending explained: your biggest questions answered

We dive deep into the ending of Scream and explain all


Scream has arrived on the big screen – and it's packed with twists, turns, shocking kills, and huge revelations.

This time, Melissa Barrera's Sam Carpenter takes center stage, drawn back to Woodsboro by a violent attack on her younger sister Tara (Jenna Ortega). Cue the bloodshed as Ghostface returns – and anyone with a link to the past is firmly in the killer's sights.

If you've seen the movie, you might have some questions about just how everything unfolded. We've dived deep into the slasher's bloody ending to unravel exactly how it all went down. To do so, we're going to be heading into major spoilers . Scroll on to have all your burning questions on Scream answered – and remember, if the phone rings while you're reading, don't answer it…

Scream ending explained

Scream ends with a bloody bang, but how did we get there? The action begins with Jenna Ortega's Tara Carpenter being brutally attacked by Ghostface. Unlike Drew Barrymore in the original Scream, Tara survives and is taken to hospital. Dylan Minnette's Wes calls Tara's older sister, Sam Carpenter (Melissa Barrera), who travels back from California to Woodsboro with her boyfriend Richie (Jack Quaid).

Sam is actually the daughter of Skeet Ulrich's Billy Loomis, one of the killers in the original Scream . Sam has hallucinations of him (Ulrich returns to the role) and she takes medication to control them. Sam had previously abandoned Tara after learning the truth about her Dad, hence leaving Woodsboro. She now reveals the truth, but the younger sister asks her to leave.

Intent on stopping Ghostface and saving Tara from her inevitable fate, Sam and Richie enlist Dewey Riley (David Arquette) for help. He's broken up with Gale Weathers (Courteney Cox) and lives a lonely, miserable life – and has no interest in helping Sam because, as he says, he's been stabbed many times. He does give her a rundown of the rules of the franchise, though: never trust the love interest, there's always a link to the past, and the killer will be found in Tara's friend group. Dewey also contacts Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) and Gale and warns them both not to return to Woodsboro.

Sam gathers Tara's friends to try and figure out who the killer could be, and is joined by Dewey, who's had a change of heart. This is when Mindy Meeks-Martin (Jasmin Savoy Brown), the niece of Randy Meeks, realizes that the killer is trying to make a 'requel' – that is, a reboot/sequel. To make a successful requel, there has to be a link to the original, and a blending of the new and the old, which is what Ghostface seems to be doing this time round. All of the attacks so far have had a connection to the past, even the murder of creepy guy Vince (Kyle Gallner), who is related to Stu Macher (Matthew Lillard), the other original killer. Wes, the son of Judy Hicks (Marley Shelton), is worried his mother could be a target as she appeared in the fourth movie, but is told nobody cares about the sequels.

However, that's not true. Both Wes and Judy are murdered by Ghostface, and when Sam arrives on the scene, she realizes nobody is at the hospital protecting Tara. She races there with Dewey and Richie, and they arrive in time to rescue Tara from certain death. But, as they all go to leave, Dewey remembers that you have to shoot Ghostface in the head – otherwise they always come back.

Dewey is about to take the shot when he's distracted by a ringing phone, and the unthinkable happens: he's stabbed twice and killed. Of course, Dewey has been stabbed and left for dead before, but this time, he's wheeled out in a body bag. It looks like this one is for real.

Gale is distraught when she learns of Dewey's death, and Sidney arrives at the hospital to talk to Sam, who doesn't want to listen – she plans on getting Tara out of Woodsboro, though Sidney warns that the killer will only follow. Sidney puts a tracker on Sam's car to keep an eye on her.

While leaving town, Tara realizes she can't find her inhaler. She left another at Amber's house, so Richie drives them there. When they arrive, a party in memory of Wes is in full swing. Prepare for bloodshed...

Mindy's twin Chad (Mason Gooding) goes out in search of his girlfriend Liv (Sonia Ammar) – and right on cue, is attacked by Ghostface. Richie clears out the partygoers, Liv returns without Chad, and Mindy is left alone watching Stab in the living room. While shouting at the movie's version of Randy to turn around because the killer is behind him (while he shouts at the person on TV to turn around, how's that for meta), Ghostface comes up behind her. She turns just in time, a fight ensues, and we're left thinking Mindy has been killed.

Meanwhile, Sidney and Gale have arrived at the house, and recognize it as the Macher house from the first Scream movie.

Richie, Liv, Amber, and Sam meet in the hallway and realize that one of them must be the killer – then Amber pulls a gun and shoots Liv dead, revealing she is Ghostface (one of them, anyway). It's then revealed that Richie is the second killer, and he stabs Sam. Gale gets shot by Amber, but presses on anyway in Dewey's memory.

Eventually, Gale, Sidney, and Sam end up in the kitchen with the killers, just like in the original Scream. It turns out Amber and Richie were not fans of the latest Stab movie, and plan a requel with Sam as the villain. But, of course, their plan is thwarted by Sidney and Gale, who (accidentally) set Amber on fire, and Sam then stabs Richie to death after being encouraged by a hallucination of her father. Amber comes back for one last murder attempt, but is shot dead by Tara, who Sam earlier discovered being held captive upstairs. 

When all is said and done, it's revealed that both Mindy and Chad survived, and Sam and Tara leave for the hospital together holding hands, properly reunited at last.

Who is Ghostface in the new Scream? 

Like any good Scream movie, the latest addition to the franchise is a whodunnit that's almost impossible to guess ahead of the big reveal. It's made more complicated by the fact that, once again, there are two killers – Richie and Amber.

Richie was in California when Tara was attacked, which seemingly gave him an alibi. He deliberately tracked down and struck up a relationship with Sam because he and Amber had learned of her true parentage, and they knew they needed her for their requel.

Amber says she got into the Stab franchise when she moved into the Macher house, and the duo met online as superfans who were both disappointed with the most recent Stab movie (as revealed earlier in the film, it was directed by the " Knives Out guy," AKA Rian Johnson). They take it upon themselves to save the franchise with their plan to create a new villain out of Sam by framing her for their murders – and, they say, Hollywood is out of ideas. 

Amber killed Dewey to make it clear that, in this movie, anyone can die. Richie rails against toxic fandom accusations: he's doing this all out of love for the movies, so how can that be toxic? Never mind that he's killed a whole load of people...

How are Richie and Amber defeated?

After Amber and Richie have their big reveal, Sidney, Gale, Tara, and Sam put a stop to their plan. Sidney and Gale handle Amber together in the kitchen, fighting her off in a struggle that ends with the killer knocked onto the lit stove, which promptly sets her on fire. She seems to be dead, but remember – they always come back!

As for Richie, Sam sees another hallucination of Billy Loomis, who points her in the direction of a dropped knife. She grabs it, and reminds Richie of a crucial maxim: "don't fuck with the daughter of a serial killer." Sam then stabs her ex-boyfriend over and over and over (and over) again, then, when Sidney points out you need a headshot to be sure, makes sure the job is finished with a gun.

It wasn't Richie they had to worry about jumping back up, though, but rather Amber – who runs out screaming. Tara shoots her dead, and says she'd rather be watching The Babadook , her favorite "elevated" horror movie.

Where does the Scream finale take place and what happened there? 

When Sidney and Gale follow the tracker planted on Sam's car to the location of the finale, they're disturbed by the realization that it's the Macher house, which is where the third act of the original Scream movie took place.

It was there that Billy Loomis and Stu Macher revealed themselves to be the original Ghostface(s) – and where they tried to kill Sidney in the kitchen, with the intention of pinning their murders on her father. It's also where Randy was almost killed by Ghostface as he yelled at the characters on TV to turn around, where Dewey's sister Tatum Riley (Rose McGowan) met death by garage door, and where Gale helped Sidney dispatch of both original killers.

How is Sam Carpenter related to Billy Loomis? 

In true requel style, most of Scream’s newcomers have a connection to the legacy characters. Sam has perhaps the most disturbing link of all, as it turns out she's Billy Loomis' daughter. That might come as a surprise, considering Loomis was killed at the end of the original Scream movie and definitely didn't have a baby with him beforehand, but Sam explains to Tara that their mother got pregnant in high school, and lied about the father's identity – so it's likely Billy himself had no idea he had a daughter.

Sam's mother kept diaries, though, and that's how Sam eventually discovered the truth. It's also what led to her beginning to act out, then leave her family behind after the man she thought was her father left them.

And yes, according to the credits, that's Skeet Ulrich back as Billy, albeit heavily CGI de-aged. Because you can't bring back a character without drenching them in CGI.

What happens to Sidney and Gale? 

Both Sidney and Gale arrive at the end to try and stop the new Ghostface, but take some serious damage. Gale gets shot in the stomach, and Sidney gets stabbed (again). Luckily, both of them survive – and though the movie doesn't go into details about what happens next, we can assume Gale goes back to her job as a TV host in New York City, and Sidney will return to her family. Gale does make it clear she won't be writing a book on this set of murders, though – instead, she's going to write about Dewey. 

Is Dewey dead? 

When Sam, Richie, and Dewey arrive to rescue Tara at the hospital, Dewey gets into a fight with Ghostface. He manages to hold the killer off, and right as he's about to safely leave with the others, remembers the golden rule – they always come back. Sam tries to stop him, but Dewey runs back to finish off the murderer.

Unfortunately, right as he's about to take the shot, Dewey is startled by his phone ringing. That gives the killer time to jump up and stab him in the stomach and the back. It's a brutal attack, and Dewey is left dead on the ground.

Of course, this isn't the first time Dewey has been butchered. He's always lived to tell the tale before, so you'd be forgiven for thinking he was moments away from getting back up, or would make an eleventh hour appearance in the finale. Shockingly, that doesn't happen. He's even wheeled from the hospital in a body bag. Yep, Scream did the unthinkable, and killed off everyone's favorite deputy turned sheriff.

Who lives and who dies in Scream? 

Scream has never been afraid of getting bloody, and this film is no different. None of the characters make it out of the movie unscathed, and a very, very small amount of them survive. Let's run down what happens to everyone…

Tara is the first to be attacked, but survives – barely. She's attacked again in hospital and is held hostage at the Loomis house. Somehow, she makes it out of the movie alive. Sam also survives, but only after being stabbed.

Sidney took a knife to the stomach, but once again lives, and Gale survives being shot. Chad was violently attacked, but is revealed to be alive in an ambulance at the end of the movie, and Mindy also leaves the Loomis house alive.

Now for the deaths. First to die is Vince, who is attacked by Ghostface behind a bar. Then, Sheriff Judy Hicks and her son Wes are both killed; Judy as she's racing back to rescue Wes, spurred on by a phone call from Ghostface, and Wes before he can open the front door and discover his mother's body. Dewey dies trying to finish Ghostface off in the hospital.

Liv is shot dead by Amber as part of the big finale, and Richie gets violently stabbed to death by Sam. Amber is killed by a combination of Sidney and Gale setting her on fire, and Tara shooting her.

Who is Judy Hicks? 

If you haven't seen Scream 4 , you may not have recognized Sheriff Judy Hicks, played by Marley Shelton. She's a returning character from the fourth installment, and had a huge crush on Dewey, much to Gale's annoyance.

In 2022's Scream, she's been promoted to sheriff herself, and has a son named Wes. Unfortunately, both of them are murdered by Ghostface.

Who is Randy Meeks?

Randy doesn't have a role in the new Scream as he was killed in Scream 2 by Ghostface, dragged into Gale's news van while on the phone to the killer. Played by Jamie Kennedy, Randy knew the rules of horror movies inside and out, and was the source of much of the films' meta commentary until his death. In 2022's Scream, his legacy is continued by his niece Mindy, who, despite it fictionalizing her uncle's violent murder, is a big fan of the Stab franchise.

Does Scream have a post-credits scene?

You'd expect a film this self-aware and meta to have a stinger, but surprisingly enough, Scream does not have a post-credits scene. If the credits are rolling, feel free to leave the theater.

Scream is playing exclusively in theaters now. If you're all caught up, check out our roundup of the best horror movies of all time for the ultimate scary movie marathon.

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Scream Ending Explained: Who Is Ghostface And Who Dies?

The new Scream movie is here, so let's talk spoilers. What is Ghostface's real identity? Who did he kill in the new film?

By Chris E. Hayner on January 14, 2022 at 11:40AM PST

After a 10 year absence, Ghostface is back. The latest installment in the Scream franchise, simply titled Scream, is in theaters now so audiences can watch the masked killer once again terrorize the frictional town of Woodsboro, California. The original trio of Sidney (Neve Campbell), Gale (Courteney Cox), and Dewey (David Arquette) are all back, trying to survive alongside a new roster of teens that Ghostface seems keen on stabbing a bunch.

Naturally, since this is a Scream movie, there's plenty of relentless violence, self-referential humor, and many moments of the creepily-voiced Ghostface taunting his would-be victims over the phone. All of which teases the major question of every Scream movie:Who's under the mask? And which characters are we going to see die by the knife? There's plenty to talk about from this film and, honestly, so much happens that you might have missed something when you sat down to watch the film, so let's go over it all.

Warning: The following contains major spoilers for Scream, the latest film in the franchise. If you haven't seen the movie, that's your cue to walk away now, or else everything you don't want ruined about the movie is going to be spelled out for you.

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While the body count in this movie might not seem as high as in some past films, there are a number of notable deaths for us to dig through.

Dewey Riley: This one hurts most of all. Dewey is killed by Ghostface in the new film. The last few years haven't been kind to our beloved Deputy/Sheriff Dewey. After he and Gale split up, he lost his job as Sheriff and was now living in a trailer. He never stopped loving his ex-wife, though, and he was looking for a way to reclaim his good name in Woodsboro, by taking care of Ghostface once again.

Unfortunately, it didn't work out that way as he was quite literally gutted by the masked killer. All it took was a knife in the stomach and a knife in the lower back--both of which were ripped up his body--to finally put Dewey to rest. And, funnily enough, his death was teased early on in the film when he explained that he'd already been stabbed nine times. Much like a cat, his nine lives were up.

Sheriff Judy Hicks: After Dewey left the Sheriff's office, he was replaced by the former Deputy Judy (Marley Shelton). Sure, Gale thought her lemon squares tasted like ass in Scream 4 but in the new movie, we get to learn quite a bit more about Judy, including the fact that she has a son named Wes. She also just so happens to be a fantastic Woodsboro Sheriff, from the looks of it.

Sadly, she doesn't make it out of the movie alive, being stabbed to death in front of her own home, while racing home to save her son from Ghostface. Who on earth would want to be the next Sheriff, after all of that?

Wes Hicks: Just after killing off Judy, Ghostface turns to her son Wes (Dylan Minette) and takes care of him, as well. It's a bad day for the Hicks family.

Vince Schneider: We don't learn much about Vince (Kyle Gallner), other than he has a summer fling with Amber, drives a cool car, and seems like a scumbag. Perhaps that's why it was so surprising that he was targeted by Ghostface and killed outside of a bar. Of course, after that we also find out he was none other than Stu Macher's nephew. Coincidence? Absolutely not.

Liv: This one hurt, as Liv made it to almost the end of the film, before being shot by an unmasked Ghostface. She's also the last of the principal cast to go before the ultra-violent climax of the film.

Who is Ghostface

After all of the murdering, surely you want to know who Ghostface is. It turns out, as has been the case for every Scream save for the third installment, there are actually two people under the mask. In this movie, it's Tara's (Jenna Ortega) best friend Amber (Mikey Madison) and Sam's (Melissa Barerra) boyfriend Richie (Jack Quaid) doing the killing. And their reason is ridiculous in all the best ways.

As it turns out, both Amber and Richie are superfans of the movie series Stab--based on the original film. Sam became an obsessed fan after her parents bought the house Stu lived in, otherwise known as the location of the climax of the first Scream movie. However, when the eighth film "directed by the Knives Out guy" ruined the franchise, in their eyes, they felt compelled to make their own reboot–and what better place to do it than in the house Stu and Billy faced their last stand? After finding each other on Reddit, they concocted a plan wherein Richie would track down Sam and start a relationship with her, solely to bring her back to Woodsboro to protect her baby sister Tara.

Why is Sam so central to the new Ghostface's plan, you wonder? Because, as it turns out, she's also the daughter of--wait for it--Billy Loomis (Skeet Ulrich)! That's right, Billy Loomis was secretly cheating on Sidney in the first film, it seems. Now, his daughter Sam is having visions of him in her daily life, care of a digitally de-aged Ulrich.

Richie and Amber's plan is to frame the daughter of Billy Loomis for the new killings, with them being the sole survivors that make it out alive to tell the tale and reignite Stab. That doesn't work, though. Instead, the two end up dead, while Sidney, Gale, Sam, Tara, and the twins Mindy and Chad (the niece and nephew of Randy) walk away alive. As for a potential next Stab movie or book from Gale, she says she plans to write the story of Dewey Riley instead. We can't wait to see the Dewey biopic.

Scream is in theaters now.

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which ghostface killed judy

which ghostface killed judy

Who dies in Scream 5? Every character death in order

Another Ghostface killer emerges to terrorise Woodsboro. **CONTAINS SPOILERS**

Ghostface in Scream

  • David Craig
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The Scream franchise is back to its former glory with this month's revival, which reunites several members of the original cast as well as introducing a host of new faces to the blood-soaked saga.

The production seemingly scoured the world of television for their updated roster, enlisting the likes of Jane the Virgin 's Jenna Ortega, Love, Victor 's Mason Gooding and 13 Reasons Why star Dylan Minnette.

Alongside them are franchise stalwarts Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and David Arquette as Sidney, Gale and Dewey, the most elusive targets of the various Ghostface killers.

As you would expect from a Scream movie, there are plenty of gruesome kills to gawp at and this time truly no one is safe from the cloaked figure stalking Woodsboro.

Read on for your guide to all the character deaths in Scream (2022), but be warned that full spoilers follow for the latest movie in the franchise.

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Vince Schneider (Kyle Gallner)

Scream 5 (2022)

This latest Scream movie marks the first time that the victim of the opening scene actually survives their encounter with Ghostface, meaning the first death comes a little later on than usual.

The victim is abusive ex-boyfriend Vince Schneider, who only makes a couple of brief appearances before meeting his gruesome end, making him the most disposable character in the film.

His final scene does include a fun Easter egg for fans though, as Nick Cave's Red Right Hand is playing in the car moments before his demise; the song that served as the main theme for the original Scream trilogy.

Judy Hicks (Marley Shelton)

Marley Shelton plays Judy Hicks in Scream (2022)

High schooler Wes Hicks is assured by his friends that the Ghostface killer will not come after his mother, as she is only depicted in the "inferior" sequels to the Stab movies – but that proves fatally inaccurate.

Sheriff Hicks, who made her debut in Scream 4 and is the first sequel character to appear in more than one film, is on her way to pick-up takeout when she gets a call from the mystery murderer.

The voice on the line threatens to kill her son, who she left home alone, prompting Judy to rush back and run to the door, where she is gutted before she can warn him of the impending danger.

Wes Hicks (Dylan Minnette)

Dylan Minnette plays Wes Hicks in Scream (2022)

Sadly, Wes doesn't survive much longer than his mother.

He is first targeted by Woodsboro's notorious murderer after stepping into the shower, with the implication being that an homage to Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho could be on the cards.

Instead, he is picked off shortly after returning downstairs, with Ghostface suddenly emerging from behind a door after a couple of fake-outs from mischievous directing duo Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett.

Dewey Riley (David Arquette)

David Arquette plays Dewey Riley in Scream (2022)

Here is the one that is sure to get fans talking. After a 25-year battle with various Ghostface copycats, David Arquette's Dewey bows out of the Scream franchise with this fifth instalment.

The film lulls you into a false sense of security after Dewey is almost stabbed in a close-quarters scrap with the killer, only to exclaim "not today" before shooting his assailant several times in the chest.

More like this

Of course, it wouldn't be a slasher flick without some utterly foolish decisions and what happens next can be ranked among the biggest facepalms this franchise has ever seen.

Dewey sends his allies away to safety, leaving him alone with the attacker he believes to be dead, cautiously approaching to put a bullet in his head.

Alas, it is revealed Ghostface was wearing a bulletproof vest, jumping back to life to brutally murder the retired cop, describing the experience of killing him as "an honour".

Liv McKenzie (Sonia Ben Ammar)

Sonia Ben Ammar plays Liv McKenzie in Scream (2022)

Every Scream movie has to end with a poorly timed party that devolves into a bloodbath, with Woodsboro High student Liv being the first fatality of the night.

She is one of the last people left at the house after it is evacuated and is briefly suspected of being the killer, until Amber outs herself as the culprit by shooting her friend in the head.

Amber Freeman (Mikey Madison)

Mikey Madison plays Amber Freeman in Scream (2022)

Indeed, Amber Freeman is revealed as the first of this film's Ghostface killers, as well as the one who murdered franchise favourite Dewey.

For a moment it looks as if she might actually kill both Sidney and Gale too, but the tables turn on her in spectacular fashion in arguably the best death scene of the entire film.

Moments after she rants to Sidney about how it's time for the original stars to "pass the torch" to a new generation, Gale is able to strike a devastating blow while her attention is diverted – avenging her ex's tragic death.

Amber stumbles back onto the lit gas hob behind her and catches on fire, prompting Sidney to deliver a killer quip. It's a glorious scene and we are certainly not doing justice to it here.

Richie Kirsch (Jack Quaid)

Jack Quaid plays Richie Hirsch in Scream (2022)

The final reveal of the film is that Jack Quaid's Richie Kirsch is Amber's accomplice, who had wormed his way into the life of Sam Carpenter after discovering that she is the illegitimate daughter of Billy Loomis.

He explodes into an extended rant about how toxic fans deserve more respect and an ending that they approve of, which might hit close to home for anyone exhausted by the discourse around such projects as The Last Jedi and The Snyder Cut.

Ultimately, Amber gets the drop on him and stabs him repeatedly in the chest, in doing so creating a new rule for the Scream franchise: "Don't f**k with the daughter of a serial killer".

A bloodied and beaten Richie whimpers: "What about my ending?"

To which Sam replies: "Here it comes," before slashing his throat open.

Read more of the latest Scream 5 content:

  • Who is Wes? Scream tribute explained
  • Scream ending explained: Who is the new Ghostface killer?

Scream is out now in UK cinemas. Check out more of our Film coverage or visit our TV Guide to see what's on tonight.

which ghostface killed judy

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which ghostface killed judy

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which ghostface killed judy

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Scream ending explained: Who is Ghostface?


Headshot of Ian Sandwell

We're back in Woodsboro for another killing spree in the excellent new Scream movie, but did you work out who was Ghostface this time around?

The new movie sees the quiet town rocked by another series of murders 25 years after the infamous original Ghostface slayings. A new killer is targeting a group of teenagers in order to resurrect secrets from Woodsboro's deadly past, bringing Sidney, Dewey and Gale back for one more battle.

As ever in a Scream movie, the new Ghostface is revealed during the bloody climax as well as their reasons for the latest killings. In case you were too hiding from the terror though, we're here to unravel how everything pieces together.

That means we're about to go into some major spoilers for Scream , so look away now if you haven't seen the movie yet.

Seriously, don't spoil it for yourself. MAJOR SPOILERS ABOUT TO START.

ghostface, scream 2021

Scream ending explained

In a first for the franchise, the opening victim survives their attack by Ghostface as Tara (Jenna Ortega) is brutally stabbed but somehow survives. This attack brings her sister Sam (Melissa Barrera) back to Woodsboro, along with her boyfriend Richie (Jack Quaid).

The first victim of the new movie turns out to be resident bad boy Vince (Kyle Gallner) who's stabbed by Ghostface following an argument with Tara's friends in a bar. It's revealed that he's Stu Macher's nephew, and he's not the only one linked to the first movie's killers: Sam is the daughter of Billy Loomis.

Sam and Tara's mother had an affair with Billy, leading to her becoming pregnant. She kept it from them and her husband, but Sam found out when she read her mother's diary. Sam is haunted by hallucinations of Billy and it's part of the reason she left Woodsboro in the first place.

After she's attacked at the hospital by Ghostface, Sam and Richie seek out the help of Dewey (David Arquette), who has split up with Gale (Courteney Cox) since we last saw him. He reluctantly agrees to help and they gather all of Tara's friends – aka the potential victims or killers – together.

dylan minnette, jack quaid, melissa barrera, david arquette, scream 2021

Related: Scream is available to pre-order now with exclusive steelbook – how to buy

Mindy (Jasmin Savoy Brown), niece of Randy Meeks, believes that the new killer is making their own "requel". The latest Stab movie ( Stab 8 , if you're keeping count) was hated by fans as it did something completely different, so Mindy theorises that the new killer is going back to basics: "It always goes back to the original."

Shortly afterwards, Tara's friend Wes (Dylan Minnette) is killed by Ghostface who also offs his mother, Sheriff Judy Hicks (Marley Shelton). Having been messaged by Dewey earlier, Gale arrives back in Woodsboro to report on the new spate of killings despite his warnings to stay away.

This attack on Judy and Wes leaves Tara vulnerable at the hospital with a lack of police protection, which Ghostface takes full advantage of. Ghostface calls Sam to ask her to choose between the death of Tara or Richie, who had rushed to the hospital after Sam called him.

Luckily, Dewey and Sam arrive in time to save both of them and Dewey shoots Ghostface multiple times. Aware that he didn't shoot Ghostface in the head, Dewey heads back to the body (bad move) and is promptly brutally gutted by Ghostface, who was obviously wearing body armour. "It's an honour," Ghostface chillingly tells him.

david arquette, scream 2021

It's Dewey's death that sees Sidney (Neve Campbell) finally arrive back in Woodsboro, despite earlier telling Dewey she was never coming back. Sidney and Gale try to persuade Sam to help them catch the killer, but Sam smartly intends to get the hell out of town with Tara and Richie.

Before they leave, Sidney puts a tracker on Sam's car and as they're heading out of town, Tara realises she's forgotten her inhaler. There's one at her friend Amber's (Mikey Madison) house, so they head there where there's a memorial party "for Wes", a meta nod to the passing of Wes Craven.

This isn't any house though as Sidney and Gale realise when they track Sam there: Amber lives at Stu's old house. Uh-oh. After Mindy's brother Chad (Mason Gooding) is attacked and goes missing, everybody starts pointing the finger at everybody else to be the killer.

Amber announces herself to be the killer though when she shoots her friend Liv (Sonia Ammar) in the head. Before she can kill anybody else, Sidney and Gale arrive and Amber pretends to be in shock. They don't buy it, but can't stop Amber from shooting Gale, not fatally though.

mikey madison as amber in scream

As Sidney goes through the house shooting every closed door she can find, she accidentally shoots Richie in the leg. Amber attacks Sidney and in the ensuing melee, Sam gets hold of Amber's gun and appears to save the day.

Shame she didn't pay attention to Dewey's advice to always suspect the love interest, as Richie then stabs Sam. Even though he was pretending it was Tara who led them there, it was Richie who took her inhaler which forced them to come to Amber's house for the big showdown.

It turns out that Amber and Richie met on a Reddit forum for Stab and bonded over their hatred for the new movie. In order to "save the franchise", they decided to create a real-life "requel" so that the next Stab movie could again be based on a true story.

Amber had discovered from Sam's mother that Billy was her father, which gave them the perfect idea: frame Sam for the murders as the killer offspring of Billy. Dewey – who was killed by Amber – had to die to bring Sidney back to Woodsboro for all of the legacy characters to be involved.

neve campbell, courteney cox, scream 2021

They clearly never learned their lessons from the previous Stab movies though. Sam never believed Tara was the killer, so she earlier freed her after Amber had tied her up. Tara helps her sister fight back against Richie, while Sidney and Gale take on Amber.

Sam overpowers Richie and stabs him multiple times before cutting his throat in a way that would make her father proud. Amber makes a surprise return from being shot and burned by Gale, but Tara saves them all by shooting Amber dead, finally.

Despite them both being attacked by Ghostface earlier in the night, Mindy and Chad are both shown to have survived their injuries. Gale tells Sidney that she's going to write a new book, but not about the killings and about Dewey instead. Aww.

Sidney assures Sam that she will be OK eventually, although it's fair to say it might all take some time to get over. At least both her and her sister are safe... well, until the next time somebody decides to be Ghostface again.

Scream is out now in cinemas.

Scream (2022) - Zavvi exclusive 4K UHD steelbook

Paramount Scream (2022) - Zavvi exclusive 4K UHD steelbook

Scream [Blu-ray]

Miramax Scream [Blu-ray]

Scream trilogy [Blu-ray] [2020]

Miramax Scream trilogy [Blu-ray] [2020]

Scream 4

Entertainment Film Distributors Scream 4

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Movies Editor, Digital Spy  

Ian has more than 10 years of movies journalism experience as a writer and editor.  Starting out as an intern at trade bible Screen International, he was promoted to report and analyse UK box-office results, as well as carving his own niche with horror movies , attending genre festivals around the world.   After moving to Digital Spy , initially as a TV writer, he was nominated for New Digital Talent of the Year at the PPA Digital Awards.   He became Movies Editor in 2019, in which role he has interviewed 100s of stars, including Chris Hemsworth, Florence Pugh, Keanu Reeves, Idris Elba and Olivia Colman, become a human encyclopedia for Marvel and appeared as an expert guest on BBC News and on-stage at MCM Comic-Con. Where he can, he continues to push his horror agenda – whether his editor likes it or not.  

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neve campbell, scream, 1996

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ghostface, scream vi

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melissa barrera

Melissa Barrera breaks Scream 7 exit silence

jenna ortega, scream 6

Jenna Ortega exits Scream 7


Scream's Ghostface coming to Mortal Kombat 1?

neve campbell, courteney cox, scream 2021

Neve Campbell addresses potential Scream return

hayden panettiere

Scream's Hayden Panettiere unveils new hair colour

neve campbell, scream 2021

Scream boss wants Neve Campbell's Sidney to return

jenna ortega

First look at Jenna Ortega's new movie Finestkind

scream 6

Scream 7 is officially happening with a big change

mother may i

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photo still from the movie “Scream” with the word “spoilers” superimposed on top

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The end of Scream 5 is a zinger aimed at toxic fandom

Let’s talk about Ghostface

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One thing that separates Scream and its sequels from other long-running slasher-film series — apart from the fact that most of its characters actually understand the significance of telling someone “I’ll be right back” when a knife-wielding masked killer is on the loose — is the fact that these movies are structured as whodunits. Though the Ghostface mask has become as iconic as Jason Voorhees’ hockey mask, Freddy Krueger’s burnt face, or Michael Myers’ half-melted William Shatner mask, the legion of Ghostface killers in Scream movies never develop supernatural resistance to death. It’s a different (and very mortal) person underneath every time — usually more than one, as characters in the newest Scream point out. This makes Scream films into particularly spoiler-sensitive slashers. (No offense to Friday the 13th fans, but can most of those sequels be spoiled at all?)

But as is often the case with the Scream series, the identity of the killer matters less than what the movie is saying about its killers. So let’s talk through the revelations in the final section of the 2022 Scream , number five in the series , and what they mean for the previous films in the franchise. Fair warning: There will be major Scream spoilers from here on out.

[ Ed. Note: He isn’t kidding. Ending spoilers for the 2022 Scream, aka Scream 5 , ahead.]

Is Rian Johnson in the new Scream movie ?

which ghostface killed judy

If you ask Mindy Meeks-Martin (Jasmin Savoy Brown) early in the new Scream , she might explain that the real villain of the whole series is Looper director Rian Johnson. But the series she’s referring to is Stab , the movies-within-the-movies based on the events of Scream and its sequels. When real-world events ran out, the Stab series evidently went off on the usual slasher-movie tangents. (Back in Scream 4 , someone mentioned an entry that included time travel.)

The most recent Stab movie is apparently the eighth installment, rechristened just Stab (sound familiar?) and directed by the “ Knives Out guy,” as one character refers to Johnson. He isn’t mentioned by name, and he doesn’t make a personal appearance. He might as well, though; the new Scream crew is clearly thinking about the divisive, rabid response to Johnson’s Star Wars movie The Last Jedi . Mindy rants and raves about how ill-received Stab 8 was, and how it lost everything people loved about the original Stab and undermined the films that came before it. So to sum up, the last Stab was a Rian Johnson-directed eighth installment of a long-running franchise that made certain corners of the internet absolutely lose its mind over perceived slights to a nostalgic property. Noted.

A greater ambiguity in this scene is what Scream 5 is saying about the never-ending Last Jedi controversy. Like her uncle Randy, the designated film geek of the first two Scream s (with a video cameo in part three), Mindy is a fast-talking movie nerd who’s funny and likable. That makes her veiled shots at Last Jedi seem like a voice of expertise rather than fan entitlement. For a while, it seems like the movie is trying to have its cake and eat it too: satirizing the out-of-proportion fan derangement over The Last Jedi while also recasting Johnson’s thoughtful tweaks to Star Wars as equivalent to one of those late-period Halloween sequels that go off in nonsensical and vaguely insulting directions.

After all, Scream 5 ’s point-of-view character Sam (Melissa Barrera), who has returned to Woodsboro after years away after her sister was attacked by someone in a Ghostface mask, doesn’t seem to have much opinion about movie franchises. She depends on people like Mindy (or her sister Tara, who claims to prefer “elevated horror”) to define the rules.

Does Scream have a post-credits scene?

which ghostface killed judy

If you stay through the end credits of Scream , the closest thing you’ll get to a credit cookie is catching Rian Johnson’s name in the “special thanks” section toward the end of the crawl, indicating that the filmmakers aren’t actually exercising genuine animosity toward the Knives Out guy. It even seems plausible that directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett (who, like Johnson, started out in low-budget genre territory before getting called up to do a big franchise picture) sought and received his blessing to make him the in-universe director of Stab 8 .

As for an actual mid-or-post-credits tease for Scream 6, the movie contains nothing of the sort. The new filmmakers seem to understand that it wouldn’t fit the Scream M.O. The other entries never really teased further sequels, since they definitively dispatched the people wearing the various masks and cloaks. For all of their jokes about rules, slashers, and sequels, the Scream s have steadfastly avoided planting seeds for future installments; the ending of Scream 3 , where series protagonist Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) is comfortable enough to leave a creaking door ajar, is even a little poetic in its willingness to give the then-trilogy some metaphorical closure.

The latest movie makes a halfhearted concession to horror conventions by a quick shock-cut to an image of the Ghostface costume before the credits, but it’s completely context-free. It isn’t an actual character or plot point — just a quick jump-scare seemingly meant to fudge the kind of but-he’s-alive! ending these movies have never indulged, but that both slasher fans and franchise-movie watchers have come to expect.

So who’s the killer in Scream 5 ?

which ghostface killed judy

Everyone knows that the killers in the first Scream are Billy Loomis (Skeet Ulrich) and his best friend Stu Macher (Matthew Lillard). Scream 5 is written to be self-conscious about its status as what the characters call a “requel” — a film that combines elements of a remake (with new characters in a similar situation) and a sequel (with old characters returning to please the fans).

So it turns out that the killers in the 2022 Scream were inspired by the original killings — their whole motivation for reviving Ghostface is to be the reboot they want to see in the world. It turns out that Amber (Mikey Madison), bestie of Tara (Jenna Ortega), the girl who is attacked (but not killed!) in Scream 5 ’s traditional opening sequence, is a hardcore Stab fan who wants new “source material” to fuel a back-to-basics Stab sequel. And in a nod to the original film, where one of the killers was Sidney’s boyfriend, Amber’s partner in murder is Richie (Jack Quaid), the seemingly innocuous boyfriend of Tara’s older sister Sam — who is Billy Loomis’ secret daughter. (Naturally, the movie calls out the possibility of the fatal love interest early on, which serves as a fake-out for Richie’s nefarious true nature.)

Even though Amber and Richie repeat the killer-boyfriend trope in real life, they aren’t sticking to reality for their new Stab script. They actually want to frame Sam for the murders, because Sam carrying on her dad’s legacy would be a classic “requel” move. Basically, they want to shape a real-life narrative so it can inspire a movie they want to see — something “for the fans”! — and they’re rewriting their chosen story in blood.

As with a lot of Scream sequels, it ultimately doesn’t matter much who the killers are. The motivation, rather than the killers’ identity, tends to be integral to each sequel’s thesis — though this also means that the film’s thesis doesn’t emerge until the climatic monologue where the killers inevitably explain themselves. (The series’ legacy characters, Sidney, Gale (Courteney Cox), and Dewey (David Arquette), are endearing and resilient, but they don’t have much of a track record in terms of actually solving mysteries.) After all, for the whodunit to work, at least a few suspects have to remain plausible for much of the running time.

Accordingly, almost any of the supporting characters in Scream 5 could fill the role of “crazed superfans obsessed with restoring Stab / Scream to its original glory.” The real villain here is toxic fandom. Amber and Richie are exactly the fans who Mindy is alluding to earlier in the movie when she describes a visceral Reddit reaction against Stab 8 . It’s clear in retrospect that Richie, who seemed to be watching Stab movies on Netflix and complaint videos on YouTube as a way of cheerfully catching up with Sam’s situation, was actually indulging his obsession with the series he feels has lost its way.

Though other Scream movies have saved some pointed commentary for their last 30 minutes ( Scream 4 is kind of slack in the middle, but it has a killer final act about desire for social-media fame), this one feels especially barbed in satirizing the fan desire not just for more sequels, but for sequels made to their exact specifications, and with fans’ preferred ideas about mixing the old and new — ideas which are often straight out of a hacky screenwriter’s limited imagination, just like Amber and Richie’s next-gen-Loomis notion is. After so many “for the fans!” PR tours, there’s something thrilling about a slasher series that has its knives out for the worst parts of fandom.

Who dies in the 2022 Scream ?

which ghostface killed judy

Another aspect of the Scream series that sets it apart from other slashers is that it’s maintained a core cast of beloved characters across five installments, something virtually unheard of in other horror series. Laurie Strode will have appeared in seven Halloween movies by the time David Gordon Green’s new trilogy is completed in 2023, but bringing her back involved resetting the continuity. Sidney, Gale, and Dewey have appeared in every Scream movie without a reset. The series is notable for the fact that the villain isn’t the unstoppable Michael Myers-style killing machine — Sidney Prescott is the one who ultimately can’t be stopped, and the audience knows that. Maybe because the series is so aware of slasher clichés, it’s never resorted to giving Sidney an ignominious end for the sake of shock value.

But the filmmakers do try something a little different here: Dewey, whose survival of multiple stabbings has become a running joke in the series, actually does die this time around, capping off a sad postscript to his sheriff days where he broke things off with Gale again, was forced into early retirement, and became an alcoholic loner. Rough stuff, but it does give David Arquette some meatier material than just feuding with Gale. Call it his Han Solo moment; we all want our Han moments to recall the original Star Wars , but sometimes they’re more like The Force Awakens .

The other deaths — like Sheriff Judy (Marley Shelton), who seems to have been brought back from Scream 4 for the express purpose of being a “legacy” character who’s also expendable — are relatively predictable, though they’re light by the series standards. In this one, multiple teenagers survive Ghostface attacks, with a robust cast potentially available to pick things up in Scream 6 .

Yet most of these characters also seem ill-equipped to carry those future, inevitable Scream follow-ups. For all of Scream’ s smart commentary about the artistic dead ends of “requels” and the toxic fans who chase them there, it still feels a bit like it’s painted itself into a corner: The more likable and capable characters it introduces (and Sam and Tara are both very easy to root for), the trickier it is to develop them beyond forever menacing them with new knife-wielding maniacs, and the harder it will be to balance out the “legacy” characters (even if only two major ones remain) with the new class. The best thing about the new Scream is that it punts any ongoing-franchise concerns to another film. The worst thing is that it’ll probably inspire one.

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Every Ghostface Kill in the Scream Movies, Ranked

which ghostface killed judy

Ghostface is unique among the marquee slashers because the face (or faces) behind the mask changes with every Scream installment, imbuing each new round of murders with a different personality and, thus, a different set of methods for killing. Each Ghostface packs that signature hunting knife, but each Ghostface uses it in a different way, and all Ghostfaces are prone to improvising when simple stabbing won’t do the job. Because in the end, getting the kill and making your point is what counts.

All of this means we’ve been treated to dozens of very different death scenes in the Scream films over the years, from gunshots to garage doors, explosions to long falls. Throw in the elaborate nature of the various motives and meta-narratives behind each Ghostface killer and you’ve got a franchise that never repeats itself, even if some kills are clever mirror images of the past.

Of course, not all Ghostface killings are created equal. Some shuffle right out of our brains the moment they’re over, while others will stick in our heads until the day we die, burned into our collective psyche thanks to a combination of tension, brutality, and brilliant iconography. So to celebrate the arrival of yet another Scream film , and another round of death scenes, we’ve ranked every single Ghostface kill in the entire movie franchise from worst to best, creating a definitive order for more than 25 years of terror.

The carnage begins below, but first, a few notes on what counts as a Ghostface kill. This list includes every person killed by a Ghostface across all the Scream movies, but it does not include people killed by a Ghostface offscreen (i.e., Maureen Prescott), people killed by a Ghostface within the metafictional Stab films (i.e., the first few deaths in Scream 4 ), or people attacked by Ghostface but ultimately killed by someone else (i.e., Mickey in Scream 2 ). What’s your favorite scary movie kill? It’s probably on the list below.

46. Brooks — Scream VI

Poor Gale Weathers. She could never quite get that happily ever after with Dewey, and just when it seemed she’d settled into a comfy life in a swanky New York City apartment, Ghostface had to come along and kill yet another lover. Sadly, his connection to Gale is really all we know about Brooks. He hands her a phone, walks offscreen, and then his body comes flying back into frame.

45. Deputy Clay — Scream (2022)

The body count in Scream movies isn’t usually ridiculously high, which makes it weird when a character just sort of … turns up dead, particularly when it’s a guy we didn’t really get to know. Sadly for Deputy Clay, that’s exactly what his kill turns out to be: a little bit of window dressing so Tara Carpenter can have something scary to look at when she’s trying to escape Woodsboro Hospital.

44. Bodega Customer No. 2 — Scream VI

The bodega sequence is one of Scream VI ’s most memorable setpieces, but the high body count makes it so that not every kill is great on its own merits. The second customer Ghostface picks off is the least memorable victim. He falls between two much more memorable kills, including Ghostface’s shotgun rampage, so in the context of the scene, he’s really not much more than an afterthought to get Tara and Sam alone in the store.

43. Ross Hoss — Scream 4

You see Adam Brody in a horror movie in the early 2010s, and you sort of expect more than what his character ended up getting. Despite a great joke about how he’s destined to die because he has a new baby at home, Deputy Hoss gets little more than a simple stab in the back before he’s pushed to the side in favor of his colleague’s more elaborate death (more on that later). If we didn’t recognize the actor, we’d barely remember it.

42. Marnie Cooper  — Scream 4

The first true death in Scream 4 comes after not one but two fakeouts courtesy of the Stab movies, and while those “fake” kills are a thrill, Marnie Cooper’s demise is mostly there to frighten her friend Jenny and to let the audience know we’re finally in the “real” movie. Like Steve Orth before her, she’s a means to an end, but her death doesn’t have quite the same impact.

41. John Milton  — Scream 3

Casting Lance Henriksen as a shady horror producer with a lot of skeletons in his closet was a great choice for Scream 3 ’s meta-Hollywood odyssey, and setting his character up as the father of Maureen Prescott’s long-lost son was a juicy twist for the film’s third act. Sadly, despite all that setup and a house full of secret passages and movie props, John Milton’s death came down to nothing more than a simple throat slit so Ghostface Roman Bridger could make a point. It’s not bad, but you just want more when a genre legend is in the house.

40. Derek Feldman  — Scream 2

Poor Derek. Despite all of Sidney’s understandable suspicions, he turned out to be a pretty good guy who really did love her, and all he got in return was a quick death by gunshot while tied up and defenseless. He didn’t get to really fight for Sidney and go down swinging, despite his protests, and considering how wild the rest of Scream 2 ’s finale ended up getting, that’s a real shame.

39. Kate Roberts  — Scream 4

Kate Roberts was just doing her best to protect her family, and she ended up dead for her trouble. Thankfully, her death wasn’t particularly brutal. It’s just a quick stab in the back, but it’s memorable because Ghostface got her with a knife via mail slot after the danger had seemingly passed. Mary McDonnell’s eyes do the rest.

38. Dr. Christopher Stone — Scream VI

Dr. Stone is yet another in a long line of Ghostface victims who had the misfortune of getting too close to the primary target, in this case his patient Sam Carpenter. His death — a means to an end that allows Ghostface to get hold of Sam’s private files — is quick, but it’s also wonderfully effective, as our killer stabs right through Stone’s gated front door and into the shrink’s brain. It’s one of several examples of just how efficient and effective the Scream VI breed of Ghostface is.

37. Steven Stone  — Scream 3

Some Ghostface kills come out of nowhere and vanish almost as quickly, and that was the case with Scream 3 ’s bodyguard to the stars, Steve Stone. Patrick Warburton’s deadpan bruiser barely got the chance to fight back, which is a shame in a franchise where the killer famously falls all over the set as much as their victims. Still, watching Ghostface use the close quarters of a trailer to really drive the knife home is fun.

36. Vince Schneider  — Scream (2022)

The first kill of 2022’s Scream is a character we don’t really know, and who we’ve already been told is a creep who maybe needs to get away from the teen girls at the heart of the story, so we’re not exactly sad to see him go. It’s also not an especially elaborate or even satisfying death, but it does feature the return of Nick Cave’s “Red Right Hand,” a welcome mainstay on the Scream soundtracks, for the first time since Scream 3 . Sometimes that’s all you really need.

35. Bodega Customer No. 1 — Scream VI

Ghostface’s rampage through a bodega is an essential piece of Scream VI , not just because it’s a New York City movie , but because of just how relentless this particular Ghostface turns out to be. And it all begins right here. The first face to greet the killer when he runs through the door is a classic New York guy who’s ready to handle the problem, and seconds later that same guy is gutted. In a franchise where Ghostface is falling over furniture just as often as he’s killing people, it sends a message.

34. Angelina Tyler — Scream 3

Sidney Prescott doesn’t die in Scream movies, but in Scream 3 we did get to see the actor who played Sidney Prescott in Stab 3 meet her end in the middle of John Milton’s movie mansion. The death itself is a basic stab job, nothing too crazy in the grand scheme of this movie in particular, but before she goes out, Angelina gets to call both Courteney Cox and Parker Posey “second-rate celebrities,” so that’s fun.

33. Bodega Clerk — Scream VI

The moment from the Scream VI trailer that launched a thousand hot takes about whether or not Ghostface should use guns (something Ghostface has done in some form or another since 1996), the death of the poor bodega clerk who almost got the jump on Ghostface still works no matter how many times you’ve already seen the footage. It’s not simply that Ghostface is using a shotgun. It’s that he’s using a shotgun that he casually ripped out of the clerk’s hands, and that he’s using it with such cold intensity.

32. Trevor Sheldon — Scream 4

Trevor Sheldon re-emerges at the end of Scream 4 tied up and tucked away by the two killers, just like Sidney’s dad at the end of the first film. Unlike Mr. Prescott, though, Trevor had the bad sense to cheat on a rising Ghostface killer and got a bullet in the head and a bullet in the crotch for his trouble. It’s a rough death, and it underscores just how ruthless Jill Roberts’s next-generation Ghostface can be.

31. Jennifer Jolie  — Scream 3

Without question the most memorable new character in Scream 3 , Parker Posey’s Jennifer Jolie doesn’t get an especially elaborate death scene, but in true Parker Posey fashion, she makes every second of it count. The would-be Gale Weathers goes down swinging against Ghostface, and she gets to crash through a mirrored glass pane for good measure. Like everything else Posey does in this movie, it’s a death we won’t forget.

30. Robbie Mercer  — Scream 4

Scream 4 takes full advantage of its 2010s setting to explore the world of livestreaming and easily maneuverable webcams, creating a whole new sandbox of perspective to play in. The perpetually live-streaming Robbie is a key part of this, so it’s fitting that his death scene begins with a perspective trick courtesy of his own webcam. Watching him get repeatedly stabbed while wearing a T-shirt with the word “STAB” emblazoned on the front is the cherry on top.

29. Kenny Brown — Scream (1996)

Although Kenny’s actual death — a quick throat cut from behind as he leans out of his news van — is straightforward and quick, its place in Scream history is actually more complex. Before Kenny, Ghostface murders happened with lots of tension and buildup, setting the stage for the killer’s entrance. This time, after playing with perspective via Gale’s hidden camera in Stu’s house, the film snuck up not just on the character but the audience, adding a new layer of fear to the franchise.

28. Phil Stevens — Scream 2

The first kill of the first Scream sequel had to be memorable in a completely different way than the first kill in Scream , but it also had to remind us we were watching the same franchise. So Kevin Williamson and Wes Craven gave us another boyfriend death, but in a completely different way. We were expecting Phil Stevens to die in that movie-theater bathroom, but we weren’t expecting the knife to come right through the stall wall like an unstoppable force of death. It’s still an effective shot, but it pales in comparison to what’s coming next.

27. Principal Arthur Himbry — Scream (1996)

The most gruesome part of Arthur Himbry’s death — his eventual public display on the Woodsboro High football field — is something we only hear about in Scream , but that doesn’t mar the effectiveness of the part we do see. Himbry’s death is the first in the franchise to occur in broad daylight, adding a new dimension of fear to the film, and Henry Winkler’s world-champion scream of terror as the knife slides into his stomach is still perfect.

26. Officer Andrews — Scream 2

Andrews, one of the two detectives assigned to protect Sidney in Scream 2 , doesn’t have all that sophisticated of a death. Ghostface just slams his way into the patrol car, slashes the cop’s throat, and commandeers the vehicle. It’s nothing compared to what happens next, but it definitely works as the kickoff to a great sequel set piece.

25. Tyson Fox — Scream 3

In keeping with the “all bets are off” energy of a trilogy capper, by the end of Scream 3 bodies are flying left and right, which means it could be easy to gloss over a death scene and turn the supporting cast into Ghostface fodder. Tyson Fox’s death falls in the middle of the third-act rampage, but the sheer intensity of it ensures that we’ll never forget it, as he joins the distinguished list of Scream victims who get thrown off of buildings as a finishing move.

24. Laura Crane — Scream VI

The opening kill from Scream VI plays by all the anticipated rules from a very early stage. You’ve got the distracting phone call, the clueless victim, the movie star (Samara Weaving, in this case) willing to be killed off in the opening minutes, and the noteworthy new location. It’s all laid out exactly as we’d expect it to be, and even though we see it coming, it’s a well-executed kill. What makes it land harder, though, is the film’s choice to reveal who’s behind the mask for the first time in an opening scene, signaling to us right away that we’re in for something a bit different.

23. Charlie Walker — Scream 4

So much of Scream 4 mirrors Scream that you almost expect the two movies to bleed together at various points, but every time a reference to the original film pops up, the new one veers off onto its own course. Nowhere is this more evident than when Jill and Charlie set out to wound each other in a perfect mirroring of Billy and Stu’s original plan, only for Jill to aim right for Charlie’s heart and take him out. It’s not just a great subversion of the original plan but also a great moment in a long line of moments illustrating how badly Jill wants her fame.

22. Anthony Perkins — Scream 4

A split second after his partner, Deputy Hoss, gets stabbed and thrown out of the frame, Ghostface turns to Deputy Perkins, and we expect things to end just as fast. What we get instead is a truly gruesome stab right in the middle of Perkins’s forehead , followed by an agonizing death walk as the brain-damaged deputy flails around for his life before collapsing. It’s easy to be desensitized to Ghostface stab wounds, but you can always feel this one.

21. Liv McKenzie — Scream (2022)

Poor Liv. She just wanted to take things to the next level with her boyfriend and have a nice night at Amber’s party, and she got a bullet in the head instead. Ghostface shooting someone instead of stabbing them could be seen as an easy way out, sure, but because Amber shoots Liv in the head out of costume , unmasking herself without using an actual mask, it gets our heart rates up with startling effectiveness. Amber’s little “Welcome to Act III” intonation is just the cherry on top.

20. Christine Hamilton  — Scream 3

Although Roger Jackson has been the legendary voice of Ghostface for 27 years now, Scream 3 decided to play with our auditory expectations and give us a killer whose voice changer could copy and use just about anyone’s voice. Christine Hamilton’s actual moment of death might not be spectacular, but the build-up — in which she’s convinced by Ghostface that her boyfriend, Cotton, is in the costume just to mess with her — is a great introduction to a whole new scary-movie paradigm.

19. Steve Orth  — Scream (1996)

Absolutely everything about the cold open to the original Scream is perfect, and that includes the death of the first Ghostface victim ever depicted on film. We don’t know Steve Orth, we don’t get to see a buildup to his particular demise, but his appearance on Casey Becker’s patio, and his frighteningly quick disemboweling, is proof that this movie means business, and there’s no going back.

18. Judy Hicks — Scream (2022)

Sheriff Judy’s death isn’t the most gut-wrenching of the Scream sequel (more on that later), but it’s still an emotional moment in a movie full of emotional moments. She just wants to drive home and save her son Wes from Ghostface’s clutches, and we fully expect her to make it there and find his body in the Hicks family home. What she discovers instead is her own death right there for all of Woodsboro to see. It’s heartbreaking, and it’s made more heartbreaking by what happens next.

17. Jenny Randall — Scream 4

The first properly elaborate death scene in Scream 4 isn’t just a anguishing pursuit, but also a loving tour back through some of the franchise’s most memorable deaths up to that point. Jenny Randall runs through her house like Casey Becker, runs upstairs like Cici Cooper, and even tries to escape via garage door like Tatum Riley. Unfortunately for her, all those efforts fail, but fortunately for us, we’re pulled right back into the Scream vibes more than a decade after Scream 3 .

16. Cotton Weary — Scream 3

Cotton Weary went through so much in the first two Scream films you could argue that he deserved to live out the rest of his days as a rich, famous talk-show host, but Ghostface isn’t a creature of mercy. Cotton survives prison, multiple murder accusations, and a Ghostface rampage across two movies, only to die in his home after Ghostface tricks his own girlfriend into attacking him. That’s just bad luck, but at least he doesn’t go down without a bookcase-smashing, bone-crushing fight.

15. Cici Cooper — Scream 2

Randy Meeks warned us that sequel death scenes are always much more elaborate, and Scream 2 proved that with Cici Cooper. Like Casey Becker, she’s a kind, pretty blonde who had the bad fortune of being alone in a house where Ghostface could get at her. Unlike Casey Becker, she takes Ghostface all the way up through the multiple stories of a sorority house before getting stabbed and thrown off a roof. Her death raises (pun intended) the stakes for Ghostface encounters, and lays a foundation for even wilder death scenes to come in the franchise.

14. Sarah Darling — Scream 3

It certainly has its issues, but Scream 3 is at its best when it’s milking the movie-within-a-movie setup for all it’s worth, and that’s definitely true for Sarah Darling’s death. An actress lured to the studio under false pretenses, Sarah finds Ghostface in a room full of empty Ghostface costumes, then has to try to fight him off with prop weapon after prop weapon. It’s an ingenious little set piece and arguably the wittiest death scene of the whole film.

13. Anika Kayoko — Scream VI

Six movies in and the Scream franchise is still finding new ways to kill people. In the case of Anika, Mindy Meeks-Martin’s ill-fated love interest, we get death by improvised ladder bridge as she attempts to crawl between two apartment buildings with Ghostface on her tail. She’s not the first Ghostface victim to fall to her death, but the scene is so harrowing, and so full of genuine, panic-laden terror, that it manages to make a mark all its own.

12. Hallie McDaniel — Scream 2

Okay, so Hallie’s actual moment of death isn’t that spectacular. Sidney’s roommate gets stabbed from behind while Sid watches in horror, but the moments leading up to that death are so great that her kill still ranks among the best in the franchise. Like Sidney, she spends several agonizing minutes crawling over an unconscious Ghostface to get out of a cop car. Unlike Sidney, she doesn’t survive what happens after that. It’s a nerve jangler even by Scream standards.

11. Wes Hicks — Scream (2022)

We spend several agonizing minutes with Wes Hicks before Ghostface actually attempts to kill him, minutes made all the more tense and frightening by the death of his mother just outside their home. Even after Sheriff Judy’s death, Scream 2022’s camera gives us false scare after false scare, almost convincing us that Wes might just find his mother rather than die himself. Then Ghostface appears with a devastating stab through the throat, giving us one of the most intimate deaths in the series.

10. Officer Richards — Scream 2

While his partner definitely didn’t get an easy death, it feels downright calm compared to what Officer Richards faces when he hops on his patrol car to try and stop a fast-driving Ghostface. He could have fallen off and been run over, or even just thrown clear, but instead he gets full-on impaled by some pipes at a construction site in one of the film’s best set-piece moments. Ouch.

9. Rebecca Walters — Scream 4

No one (well … almost no one) deserves to be murdered by Ghostface, but Sidney’s publicist, Rebecca, was certainly signaling her availability for death with her shameless willingness to capitalize on a new round of Woodsboro murders. It’s not surprising when Ghostface comes looking for her in a parking garage, but it is surprising just how far the death goes. In a franchise with several falling deaths, she gets the biggest one of all, followed by one of the franchise’s best gallows-humor laughs as Dewey futilely checks her pulse.

8. Tom Prinze — Scream 3

It was a little surprising when that Scream VI trailer came out and some corners of the internet were upset that Ghostface used a shotgun, because, well, Ghostface will kill people with just about anything. Case in point: Tom Prinze, who plays Dewey in Stab 3 , gets killed by an entire exploding house in Scream 3 . Granted, we don’t get to actually see Ghostface in the scene with Tom when the death happens, but, well, there’s just no other way to put this: Ghostface straight-up exploded a dude, and that’s awesome.

7. Jason Carvey — Scream VI

After seemingly revealing one of its killers with the opening death scene, Scream VI swerves yet again with its second major murder, as would-be Ghostface Jason Carvey ends up dead minutes after murdering Laura Crane. After revealing Ghostface with the first kill, the film amps up the tension with a little game of hot-and-cold, eventually revealing Jason’s roommate and co-conspirator (well, what’s left of him) in the fridge, then giving us the true Ghostface right before the cut to the opening title. It’s a wonderful subversion, and it puts in place a tangled web that won’t become completely clear until the very end of the film.

6. Randy Meeks — Scream 2

Not adhering to his own horror-movie-survival rules (he really should have taken his own advice from Scream and turned around) was bound to catch up to Randy eventually. After narrowly avoiding death via Ghostface in the first film, the horror fanatic and self-proclaimed slasher-survival evangelist flew too close to the sun in Scream 2 , staying on the line with Ghostface long enough to get lured to his own bloody demise in a news van. It’s still one of the franchise’s most surprising and brutal moments, but in retrospect, it feels inevitable.

5. Olivia Morris — Scream 4

It might feel like overkill (ha) to follow up the fake-out-laden opening kills of Scream 4 with yet another fake out, but when it’s as effective as it is with Olivia’s death, it’s hard to argue with the results. Ghostface doesn’t call his chosen victim in this case, but instead telephones her best friends across the street, revealing where he is just in time for them to watch, screaming all the while, as he butchers Olivia in her bedroom. It’s a slick bit of slasher storytelling made even better by the very bloody aftermath.

4. Maureen Evans — Scream 2

How do you top the iconic opening murders of Scream ? Well, you don’t, but Scream 2 ’s centerpiece cold-open kill is about as close as you could ever hope to get. Maureen Evans is just there to groan through a scary movie with her boyfriend, and she gets a knife in the stomach from a Ghostface in a sea of Ghostfaces. That’s frightening enough, but watching her plead for help while a crowd of confused theatergoers cheer on the bloody spectacle is still gut-wrenching after 25 years.

3. Tatum Riley — Scream (1996)

Even before I saw Scream , I knew about Tatum Riley’s garage-door demise, because it’s all anyone who’d seen the film could talk about when they got to school on Monday. Everything about the movie up to that point had trained viewers to expect more knife slayings, which made Ghostface’s casual press of the garage-door button all the more effective. The squirm-inducing crunch that followed is something no fan of the series will ever forget.

2. Dewey Riley — Scream (2022)

The first four Scream movies established a notable and often darkly funny pattern for good ol’ Dewey Riley: He fights Ghostface, he gets absolutely wrecked in one way or another, and he somehow survives at the end with a few more war wounds. We had absolutely no reason to expect that to change in Scream 2022, so when Ghostface started to pull those knives up and down Dewey’s torso, bleeding him dry with no way back, it was as devastating as it was brilliant.

1. Casey Becker — Scream (1996)

Casey Becker’s death at the end of Scream ’s amazing cold open isn’t just the best death in the Scream franchise. There’s an argument to be made that it’s the best kill in any slasher movie ever made because of the sheer level of frightening detail poured into every moment. There’s the elaborate nature of the phone call, the Jiffy Pop burning on the stove, the chair flying through the window, Casey trying to scream for her mother through a crushed windpipe, and finally, Casey’s parents being able to hear her last breaths because the phone line is still open. It’s brutal, it’s clever, and it’s a legendary introduction to one of our finest horror franchises that still cuts deep all these years later.

But even outside the context of the onscreen violence, the behind-the-scenes story decisions that went into Casey’s death enrich the scene with even more terrifying value. Remember Drew Barrymore was front and center on the poster for Scream . She was a star with more than a decade of major roles to her name at this point, and the original trailer puts her on par with Neve Campbell in terms of character importance. If you were watching this film in 1996, you absolutely were not expecting Drew Barrymore to go in the opening scene. It’s a Janet-Leigh-in- Psycho -level swerve, and it all happens in less than 15 minutes. That’s power that doesn’t go away, even if you already know what’s about to happen.

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Wesley "Wes" Hicks is a character who appears in the Scream (2022) reboot, informally known as Scream 5 . He is the teenage son of Sheriff Judy Hicks and a good friend of Tara Carpenter , who he appears to have a crush on.

The character's name is an homage to late franchise veteran director and acclaimed horror filmmaker, Wes Craven (1939—2015). Hicks is an example of a false main character , sometimes known as part of the Decoy Protagonist trope of hiring more famous actors than their co-stars (in this case Dylan Minnette ) in a major role that is later revealed to be a small part, with the character being one of the first victims.

In the events of the film, he is the very first out of Tara 's friendship group to die, despite his precautious state of mind. Minnette's character's shower scene is also a gender-inverse homage to Janet Leigh in the 1960 Hitchcock classic, Psycho . In the eulogy party at Amber 's house , the teen voices chanting, "For Wes!" are previous employees of Craven, honoring his memory.

Wes was the overall third character to fall victim to the fifth Ghostface killing spree, known as the Legacy Killings .

  • 1.1 Early Life
  • 1.2 Background
  • 1.3 2022 Woodsboro Legacy Murders
  • 1.5 Aftermath
  • 2.3 Enemies
  • 4 Character References
  • 7 Appearances
  • 8 Character Guide

Biography [ ]

Early life [ ].

Wes as a Child

Wes' contact number image, as shown on Judy's phone screen.

Wes was born to Judy Hicks and an unnamed father sometime in approx. August 2004 . By September 2022, his mother appeared to be his sole caretaker, and his parents were uninvolved as early as 10 years prior, during the events of Scream 4 (2011).

He was around seven years old during the time of the Woodsboro Massacre Remake (2011). In the early-mid 2010 decade period, a teenage Sam Carpenter babysat him and they become close friends.

It is speculated that Samantha would bring Tara along with her, as she was Wes's age. Though given Wes and Tara were close to the same age, they may have simply known each other through middle school already. Even until high school, Wes' mother still remains quite overprotective of him, arming him with a stun gun.

Background [ ]

With his mother a trained officer at the Woodsboro Police (Deputy Sheriff and finally Sheriff after succeeding her predecessor, Dewey Riley ), Wes developed into an independent, compassionate and self-sufficient child.

He is shown knowledgeable about practical safety measures in an Edward Snowden-esque way. It is possible his technophobic hyper-vigilance serves as a precursor to his introduction in Scream (2022), given his background as the son of a high-appointed law enforcement person.

Young Wes Hicks

Wes as a child, shown after Judy's murder.

Being a police officer, Judy was a helicopter parent to Wes, always ensuring that he carried a taser and mace with him, much to the mockery of his friends. Sometime in the early-mid 2010s , during or following the 2011 Woodsboro Murders , Judy hired teenage Samantha Carpenter to babysit Wes, a regular occurrence.

Undetermined Timeframe : It is unknown whether the babysitting gig ended abruptly following Samantha's legal troubles (such as Judy firing Sam) as a delinquent teenager, or whether Judy possibly showed lenience to her situation, given she was close to her son.

Unexplained Absence : It is unknown whether Wes had a relationship with his father, as they did not share the same surname, though his absence in Scream 4 (2011), during which Judy faced a high-risk case with Jill Roberts and Charlie Walker , suggests he likely was staying with his father.

The face-off largely occurred on the weekend of Friday and Saturday. In Judy's first appearance, it is a Thursday morning while she is at work (and she is unseen off-duty), and the following day is a Friday, where much of the action takes place. In the fifth film , we first meet Wes on a Monday, following the weekend.

As prior stated, Wes is not seen or mentioned during the 2011 Woodsboro Murders , however given that he was alive during this time, it is likely Judy took precautions to keep him safe. It is also possible he was staying with his father at the time, prior to Judy becoming sole caretaker to her son.

2022 Woodsboro Legacy Murders [ ]


On a regular Thursday night around 9.30pm, Tara Carpenter is attacked and stabbed seven times by Ghostface , an entity masked by Jill Roberts that almost killed his mother a decade prior.

A weekend of public safety concern ensues off-screen, including Tara's surgery, and informing the police of her account of the night and so forth. Despite reservations, on Monday morning, Wes Hicks decides to reluctantly call her estranged sister, Samantha Carpenter , despite the pair not being on the best terms.

It is obvious from Sam's later interactions with both Tara and Judy that Wes committed to this from his own volition, rather than a suggestion by someone else, showing his good relationship with Sam.

He texts her then she calls him, informing her about her sister, Tara's stabbing and her subsequent surgery. This leads a concerned 24-year-old Sam to drive from Modesto, California to Woodsboro, California , over five years after she left in her hometown.

Wes and his friends, Amber Freeman , Chad and Mindy Meeks-Martin (collectively referred to as "the twins") visit Tara in the hospital, under the watchful eye of Wes's helicopter mother, Judy Hicks , now Sheriff. Notably absent is Liv McKenzie , for unspecified reasons she is unable to attend. Sam is happy to see Wes, telling her boyfriend, Richie Kirsch that she used to babysit him as well as the twins. Wes and the others leave Tara's hospital room to give the sisters privacy in their reunion.

Later that night, the rest of the teens hang out in a bar, following the Woodsboro High Principal (voiced by Drew Barrymore )'s announcement that classes are suspended the following day due to public safety concerns. This gives the kids time to themselves. Due to being underage, they are at "a kiddie's table" at the local bar on Maine, where they can't buy a "real drink" (according to 22-year-old, Vince Schneider ). During their pool season, the kids begin to discuss Tara's recent attack.

Mindy Meeks-Martin declares they are all suspects, except Liv because she's "too boring to be a psycho". Mindy in particular singles out Wes in this discussion, with his noticeable innocence painted as intrigue for the audience, a possible red herring deception. She notes his crush on Tara, suggesting his motive could be, "If I can't have her, no-one can".

In the bar, they are approached by Vince , Tara and Liv's former co-worker as well as Liv's summer fling ex-boyfriend. Vince attempts to win Liv back, but Wes' friend, Chad , Liv's boyfriend, threatens him, leading to a dispute that gets all of them, including Wes kicked out of the bar. Later that night, Vince is killed in the alleyway by Ghostface , the first victim of the 25th anniversary Legacy Killings .

The following day, it is a Tuesday. With school off, Wes goes to Martha Meeks ' house, the sister of Randy Meeks , an original Woodsboro Murders survivor (and subsequent Windsor College Murders victim). Martha is shown to be the mother of the twins. She is excited about "suspects", delivering the kids popcorn, much to Amber's amusement.

They bring everybody to discuss Sam and Tara's attacks, as well as Vince's murder the previous night after they left the bar. Wes proposes Dewey Riley is the killer, because he "crawled into a bottle" after being "dumped by his famous wife ". Dewey is offended and hurt by this, and says in a restraint way, "Well maybe you're the killer, because that cut deep". Wes briefly gives him a gaze of sympathy.

Mindy determines the killer is creating a real-life "Requel", a reboot/sequel to the original Stab (1998) featuring her uncle's character , following rejection purism of its sequels. In her view, the killer is designing what is essentially a remake of Stab 8 (2021) directed by Rian Johnson , as a Requel, following its disappointing reception from the fanbase (known as the StabHead Army).

Wes picks up on Mindy's commentary, and expresses concern for himself, and his mother, saying, "Jesus, my mother was a character in one of them". Mindy reassures her that nobody cares about the "shitty inferior sequels", therefore he is safe, but she and her brother, niece and nephew to Randy Meeks , are "screwed". With the actual killers overhearing this exchange, a diversion is used. Judy and Wes are, in fact, the next targets after all.

Psycho References Wes Hicks

"Ever seen the movie, Psycho ?"

After returning from Martha's, Judy is ordering sushi for dinner, and leaves to pick it up. She is startled by Wes who has returned home from exercising, and doesn't respond to her calls as he is wearing headphones.

Whilst Judy goes to pick up dinner, Wes showers, by his mother's suggestion, unaware that Ghostface is threatening his mother on the phone while she has drove off in the car.


From the back-and-forth communication with Ghostface (later revealed to be Amber ), it is clear that she is already inside of their house, asking her, "Ever seen the movie Psycho ?" as the scene intercuts with Wes taking a shower, and Judy hauntingly remembering her suggestion for him to take one. She alerts all units to her house, and rushes to the front door, yelling out her son's name, before she is stabbed violently to death by Ghostface.

Wes, unaware this has happened, gets ready for dinner by preparing plates, cutlery and drinks and starts hearing noises in his house. He searches the house and finds the front door open, and when he closes it, Ghostface jumps out behind him and attacks. Wes tries to hold back Ghostface's knife, but the killer ( Richie ) is eventually able to force it through his throat and kill him.

Aftermath [ ]

Sam Carpenter expresses shock and concern for him, after seeing Judy's corpse being covered by the police. Deputy Farney indirectly confirms to her that Wes also did not survive, saddening Sam. She contacts Richie about this, who appears to be back in the motel, watching a critical Youtube video on Stab 8 (2021).

The night after Wes dies, Amber hosts a "memorial" for Wes at her house, 261 Turner Lane , which turns into a typical high school party, with many guests. It is a tactic intended to lure Sam, Tara and the legacy survivors inside. After she reveals herself as the killer, she imitates the stabbing noises from Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho to Sidney Prescott , a callback to her earlier Psycho reference, speaking with Judy on the phone about Wes, showing her involvement in their deaths.

When the credits roll after Amber and Richie's defeat, "For Wes" can be shown, a reference to Wes Craven .

Relationships [ ]

  • "Ghostface is back."
  • " Fuck... you! " (His final words to Ghostface before dying)
  • "For Wes!" (Chad toasting Wes after his demise, a nod to late movie director, Wes Craven ).
  • "You got stabbed a billion times, got dumped by your famous wife, and crawled into a bottle. I think it's safe to say you're on the suspect list." (Wes suspecting Dewey Riley ).

Character References [ ]

  • Named after veteran director, Wes Craven (1939—2015), who directed the first four films prior to his death.
  • Meta : a woman by the surname Carpenter babysits a teenage boy named Wes , a reference to Tatum's misspoken line reference to Wes Craven/John Carpenter (director of the original 1978 Halloween ), telling Sidney she is starting to sound like some "Wes Carpenter flick or something"
  • Wes is a modern gender-inverse of the typical blonde female character used for objectification and is killed early in the film.

Psycho Marion Crane

The famous shower scene in Psycho , portrayed by Janet Leigh .

  • Ghostface ( Amber ) asks Judy if she has seen the film Psycho (1960), referencing Wes showering, in a vulnerable Marion Crane role.
  • A false main character (but not the leading false protagonist like Marion), similar to Janet Leigh as Marion Crane, killed 30 minutes in during the shower scene.
  • Dylan Minnette was the most famous actor of the younger newbie cast, and his background and name implied he would be more significant to the film. Instead, he is the first of the new kids to die.
  • Portrayed by a high-profile actor like Drew Barrymore was, where fans anticipated a bigger role for each; however, they were the first teenagers killed off. (Technically, Casey dies second, but Steven Orth is a cameo role, and is mutilated off-screen).
  • Both are blonde teenaged victims.
  • For the Stab version of Casey Becker portrayed by Heather Graham , they share the infamous shower scene, except Wes is male.
  • Mothers ( Mrs. Becker / Judy Hicks ) distraught over their death. (The requel for Scream (2022) reverses this, where Judy is distraught over Ghostface 's warning that he will kill Wes.)
  • His character name was confirmed by [1]
  • His phone number includes 1939, which is the year that Craven was born.
  • His status as Judy Hicks ' son was revealed on the promotional tiktok account @toobrashsarah.
  • In the first 2019 screenplay draft, titled Scream Forever , Richie 's attack on Sam in the climax is referred to "just like with Wes" by description, indicating he is Wes' killer. It is not known if this is canon in the final product, though with on-screen events, very little changed from the first draft written in 2019 other than simplified dialogue and Dewey's re-introduction.
  • Strangely, the script draft also makes a direct reference to Kristen Bell's role as the killer in Stab 7 , making the goof a simple case of forgotten continuity.
  • The final version states him to be a character in "one of them", a vaguer meta reference that fixes the draft error. Despite this, from examining basic continuity, Judy would only possibly be a character in Stab 8 .
  • It is likely the vaguer description in the final cut used to correct this was to prevent audience confusion, and to streamline-reference the past instead. After Judy and Wes die, Richie sits at the motel eating pizza, watching hateful commentary on the film, another indication he is the killer.
  • His existence may cover Hicks' Ghostface red herring in Scream 4 (2011). Her disappearance acts possibly stemmed from routine check ups on her son (and his then-14-year-old babysitter, Sam Carpenter ).
  • His character's "momma's boy" complex resembles Billy Loomis (a possible red herring ).
  • Ironically the first of his friend group to die. (As the Sheriff's son, he took preemptive safety measures and warned others to do so as well).
  • Wes was 10 years old in 2014.
  • Wes was childhood best friends with Chad when he was 4 and Chad was 5.

Gallery [ ]

Appearances [ ].

  • Scream (2022 film)

Character Guide [ ]

  • 1 Billy Loomis
  • 3 Samantha Carpenter

which ghostface killed judy

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Who Killed Who In The 'Scream' Movies

Jacob Shelton

If there's one question that horror fans must ask themselves, it's this: Who was Ghostface in each Scream movie? The twist in most of the Scream films is usually that two people who are close to Sidney Prescott are actually the ones slashing up her friend group - but which character is wearing the Ghostface (or Father Death, for the real fans ) outfit during which kill?

The Scream franchise doesn't make it easy to determine which characters are wearing which costumes at which times. Screenwriter Kevin Williamson says it's not something he really thought about during the production of the initial film, but there are still clues as to who did what.

Judging from the size of Ghostface in a particular scene and the location of the other killers, it's actually pretty easy to figure out which unhinged horror movie fan is using a kitchen knife to make Sidney Prescott's life a living hell.

Spoilers for all Scream films, including Scream VI (2023), below.

Stu Macher

As far as we can tell, Stu only committed two murders during the events of Scream . In response to a fan tweet, Williamson revealed that Stu is behind Steve's gruesome death that starts the movie. Aside from Williamson's tweet, the film provides a clue later on when Stu's girlfriend, Tatum, mentions that Stu and Steve both dated Casey Becker prior to the events of the film. 

Stu's next victim is Kenny the cameraman, an unfortunate character who bleeds out all over the windshield of his news van. It might be the best kill of the movie, and we know Stu made it happen because Billy is playing dead in Sidney's room at the time.

Kill Count: 2

@Jamie_M39 Stu. — Kevin Williamson (@kevwilliamson) December 1, 2009

Billy Loomis

Billy Loomis

Billy is a busy boy. Even though he and Stu share phone privileges, Billy does much of the heavy lifting during the first Woodsboro killing spree. Observant fans believe that Billy is the person who kills Casey in Scream 's cold open. Not only does he choke Casey the same way that he chokes Sidney later on, but the way he raises his knife to plunge it into his victim is also matched later in the film.

Williamson has said he intended for Stu to be behind Casey's death, but judging from the way Wes Craven directs Billy's scenes, it's pretty clear he's the guy who disembowels her.

Principal Himbry's case is pretty cut and dry. Aside from the fact that Billy loves stabbing people, Stu is busy getting ready for the party during this specific murder. Finally, the sad death of Tatum comes at the hands of Billy while Stu is hosting the party. After the deed is done, the two even exchange a knowing glance.

Billy also likely killed Sidney's mother a year before the movie starts. 

Kill Count: 4

Mickey Altieri

Mickey Altieri

As a character, Mickey is hard to like. First, he's got that whole "annoying film school student with a Tarantino fetish" vibe, and, second, he's a cold-blooded killer. Mrs. Loomis hires him to get revenge on Sidney for killing her son, Billy, and boy, does Mickey deliver.  

The film buff commits most of the murders in Scream 2. Not only does he have a larger build than Mrs. Loomis, but he's also left-handed, and that's pretty hard to miss. He opens the film by offing Phil in the bathroom before stabbing Maureen to death in front of a live audience. There's just no way Mrs. Loomis could have pulled that off.

When Cici is thrown off the balcony at the party, Mickey is the only killer with the upper body strength to do so, and he doesn't show up to the festivities until after her death.

Mickey's piece de resistance occurs when he takes out Sidney's bodyguards and her best friend Hallie in an extremely tense scene ending in a car crash. Mickey is then knocked out by the steering wheel, but not for long. He sneaks up on Hallie and gives her the ol' grab and stab moments before she and Sidney can escape. Judging from size alone, this is clearly Mickey, but during the film's climax, a gash can be seen on his head where he was hit with the steering wheel.

Mickey's final kill is pretty clear: With no mask or even a hint of Ghostface, he pulls the trigger on Derek in plain view of Sidney.

Kill Count: 7

Mrs. Loomis

Mrs. Loomis

Mrs. Loomis only gets in one kill during her tenure as Ghostface, but it's a good one. After Randy Meeks mouths off about her son, she pulls him into a news van and disembowels him. It's a gruesome end to a character who a lot of fans have a genuine affinity for.

To make things clearer, she admits during the climax of the film that her love for Billy is what led her to pick up the mantle of Ghostface and get revenge on Sidney.

Kill Count: 1

Roman Bridger

Roman Bridger

In an odd break from the rest of the films in this series,  Scream 3 only features one killer under the Ghostface mask putting the hurt on all of the victims. And hey, it's Roman.

That's something about  Scream  we can all agree on, right?

Kill Count: 9

Jill Roberts

Jill Roberts

Jill may be the mastermind behind the first reboot of the Woodsboro killings, but she mostly keeps her hands clean - aside from two people who get in her way.

After revealing that she and Charlie are the killers, Jill pulls Trevor out of a closet and shoots him in the head at point-blank range. She explains that her goal is to frame Trevor for the crimes, then she kills Charlie so she can be the sole survivor of the 15-year anniversary of the Woodsboro tragedy.

It's unclear whether or not Jill takes care of her mother or if she leaves that messy business to Charlie. When bickering with Charlie, she says, "For f*ck's sake, my own mother had to die," and not "I had to kill my mom." That's not a solid answer either way, but we wouldn't put it past her.

Kill Count: 2 or 3

Charlie Walker

Charlie Walker

Charlie really gets the short end of the stick when it comes to being a Ghostface. He and Jill don't have the same kind of partnership as Billy and Stu, and he's not really driven to be a prison-bound film stud like Mickey. He just has to follow orders and take out his friends in the most brutal ways possible.

Similarly to Billy, Charlie is a big fan of multiple stabbings. Whether that's due to his diminutive size or his adherence to Ghostface's rules is unclear, but it makes it easier to differentiate between Charlie and Jill on a rewatch (Jill has no problems with using American firepower). 

Marnie's multiple stab wounds are proof that Charlie has killed her, and Jill is clearly hanging out with Kirby when Olivia is taken out. Deputies Hoss and Perkins meet their bloody end at the hands of Charlie, who strips them of their guns and hands one off to Jill during the climax.

When it comes to Charlie's best friend Robbie, the poor kid is killed even though he tries to adhere to horror sequel rules. Charlie later says he has good footage of his death.

The only two character deaths that are a little murky are Jenny and Rebecca. Judging from the physicality and the fact that Charlie is tasked with killing pretty much everyone in this movie, it's likely that he takes out Jenny in the cold open.

Rebecca's death in the parking garage is a little more tricky. It's entirely possible that Jill and Charlie work together at this moment to get Rebecca turned around and freaked out when she's on her way to her car, but Charlie likely does the dirty work. Or maybe not - Jill clearly has an issue with people in the PR industry.

Richie Kirsch

Richie Kirsch

Is Richie the biggest creep in the Scream franchise? Removing the whole serial killer thing from the equation, he's an adult who spends all of his time on Stab message boards picking up teenagers, which is infinitely weirder than anything that Billy or Stu get up to. 

As obsessed as he is with the Woodsboro murders, he only takes out two people over the course of 2022's  Scream : Vince and Wes. Vince is the greaser nephew of the late Stu Macher, earning him a fatal stab wound in his neck. At the moment the crime is taking place, Amber is in a bar in full view of innocent bystanders.

The son of Sheriff Judy Hicks may be the most cautious character in a horror movie ever, but that doesn't stop the coroner from collecting his body. Richie handles Wes the same way he handles Vince - by stabbing him in the neck.

Amber Freeman

Amber Freeman

Amber really does the heavy lifting in the Woodsboro murders of 2022's  Scream . Sure, Richie kills two whole people and gets close to Sam, but Amber puts in the elbow grease. She takes out Sheriff Judy, made clear by the multiple stab wounds. Richie is more of a finesse killer, while Amber goes for an exciting kill with lots of blood.

Richie is sitting with Tara when Deputy Clay is murdered, so that's clearly Amber. The same goes for Dewey - during this gruesome scene, Richie is helping Tara escape in the hospital elevator. 

Finally, Amber shoots new girl Liv in the face after revealing she's the killer. 

Jason Carvey

Jason Carvey

Scream VI featured two significant firsts for the franchise, both involving wannabe Ghostface Jason. He's the first killer to unmask himself during the opening scene, and even though he's not part of the main revenge plot involving detective Wayne Bailey and his kids Ethan and Quinn, he is one of four(!) active Ghostfaces in one movie, the first time there've been more than two in a given narrative. 

“Active” of course because Jason does get one kill under his belt before being offed by the Bailey patriarch, that being film professor Laura Crane (Samara Weaving in a very Drew Barrymore-esque opening scene cameo). Who knows how many more he and his roommate Greg might've added to their list if the Baileys hadn't intervened?

Detective Wayne Bailey

Detective Wayne Bailey

In a twist reminiscent of Nancy Loomis's deranged revenge plot against Sidney in Scream 2 , ostensibly upstanding NYPD detective Wayne Bailey eventually reveals himself to be the mastermind behind the slayings of Scream VI. Seems the secret pop of the previous film's Ghostface Richie was none too pleased about his son's death at the hands of Samantha Carpenter, and sought to kill her and everyone she loves in retribution, enlisting his other children Ethan and Quinn in the grisly family business. 

Unlike Billy's mom - who only killed Randy in a fit of rage, leaving the brunt of the stabbing to her cohort Mickey - Bailey is all too willing to get his hands dirty. He's definitely behind the on-screen death of Jason, since Ethan was at the party with Chad, and Quinn was established as being home all night. It stands to reason he was also responsible for Jason's roomie and fellow would-be Ghostface Greg, though it's hard to say given that we don't know how long Jason's roommate had been in that refrigerator prior to discovery. But given that Greg was fully dismembered and there wasn't a drop of blood in the apartment, it's likely the entire Bailey family had a hand in this one, so each of them gets credit here.

Even murkier are the three deaths inside the convenience store - two customers and the employee (or maybe the owner). The audience ultimately learns that Bailey and his daughter Quinn wear the masks belonging to Nancy Loomis and Stu Macher, respectively, and because the Ghostface responsible for this attack has a more weathered look, we know it was either father or daughter here, and either one of them had the opportunity to slip away from whatever they were doing at the time. It's a toss-up here.

However, Bailey most likely put a knife in the eye of Samantha's therapist Dr. Stone, because Ethan and Quinn were on campus learning the rules of the franchise around the same time as this attack. He's also definitely responsible for Anika's fall from the ladder between windows, because Ethan was in class with around 100 witnesses and Quinn had just fake-died. With these confirmed kills, plus Jason and most likely Greg, Bailey far outpaces Mrs. Loomis.

Kill Count: 4 or 7

Ethan Landry

Ethan Landry

Is Ethan the worst Ghostface to ever Ghostface? In terms of being an effective slasher, yes, yes he is. Ethan attacks Mindy in the subway and, alongside his sister Quinn, puts the hurt on Chad and Kyle during the film's climax. But none of these stab-a-thons result in fatalities. In fact, the only kill Ethan can potentially claim in the entire movie is that of Greg, if his death was indeed a family effort and not carried out by any one specific member. The poor kid never stood much of a chance though, since he had to live under the shadow of his older (and decidedly more deadly) brother Richie. 

Kill Count: 0 or 1

Quinn Bailey

Quinn Bailey

Quinn may not be the first Ghostface to have a suspicion-diverting fake-out death (Billy Loomis and Roman Bridger were both “victims” before being revealed as killers), but hers is maybe the longest in the series, as she “dies” about halfway through the movie, only to reappear for the climax in the Stab movie theater shrine.

Quinn is also potentially one of the more prolific Ghostfaces (unlike her less-than-"successful" brother). We know from her father's post-reveal monologue that she took out Gale's boyfriend Brooks (and nearly franchise favorite Gale too), and it's likely she murdered her boyfriend Paul too, leaving his butchered remains in the bathtub for her roommates to find. The rather grisly condition of Paul's body further suggests she was there for Greg's death and dismemberment as well, so she gets credit for him too. 

We know it was either Quinn or her father detective Bailey who dispatched the two convenience store shoppers and the clerk because the Ghostface in that scene wears one of the older, more weathered masks. If Quinn did indeed slip away from the apartment to attack the Carpenter sisters, then she has the most blood on her hands on this film, making her quite the formidable slasher.

Kill Count: 2 or 5

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Ghostface has been terrorizing Woodsboro and its surrounds since 1996. Will the screams never end?

What If Stu Is Still Alive?

  • Main content

All the Ghostface killers in the 'Scream' movies so far

  • Warning: Spoilers ahead for every single "Scream" movie, including "Scream 6."
  • There have been 13 killers in the "Scream" movies so far.
  • Most installments feature more than one Ghostface.

Billy Loomis and Stu Macher, "Scream" (1996)

which ghostface killed judy

Cast your mind back to 1996, it's the year of "The Craft" and "Independence Day" — and Wes Craven's first "Scream" movie .

It's the one that introduced the world to Ghostface, Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) , and the franchise's signature meta-take on horror movies.

"Scream" took the horror rule book and ripped it up, with the characters aware of what would happen if they were in a horror movie, which they were (unfortunately).

But because it seems so predictable for Sidney's boyfriend, Billy Loomis (Skeet Ulrich) , to be the killer, he gets a pass for quite some time in "Scream."

But when that final act comes around, and Billy unmasks himself as the killer, it's a brilliant twist, especially when the wacky Stu Macher (Matthew Lillard) is revealed as his accomplice.

Billy's murder spree all stems from the fact that his mother abandoned him when she discovered that Sidney's mother, Maureen Prescott, was having an affair with his father.

Billy and Stu brutally killed Maureen and framed her other lover, Cotton Weary (Liev Schreiber), for her death. But when Billy targets Sidney and her friends, the plan is to frame her father for Ghostface's murder and mayhem in Woodsboro.

Thankfully, Sidney, Dewey Riley (David Arquette), and Gale Weathers (Courtney Cox) put a stop to that.

But the Ghostface mantle would live on.

Nancy Loomis and Mickey Altieri, "Scream 2" (1997)

which ghostface killed judy

In Stu Macher's own words, "Ya gotta have a sequel!"

Just over a year after the first film, "Scream 2" arrived in theaters with its scathing take on sequels and how they can ruin a franchise by attempting to go bigger and better — so what does Craven do? He goes bigger and better.

Yes, this one may as well be called "Scream 2: Ghostface Goes to College," but it keeps things fresh rather than constantly having the action take place in Woodsboro.

Here, Sidney tries to move on and have a normal life with a normal boyfriend, Derek (Jerry O'Connell), and fellow survivor, Randy Meeks (Jamie Kennedy).

Unfortunately, a new Ghostface surfaces and causes havoc on campus, even killing fan-favorite hero Randy.

In the movie's dramatic climax, the new killer is revealed as film geek Mickey Altieri (Timothy Olyphant), who actually wants to get caught so that he can blame horror movies for his crimes at trial. 

But he isn't alone in the killings, as the mastermind this time was actually Billy's mother, Nancy Loomis (Laurie Metcalf). She wants revenge on Sidney for killing her son — even though she left him in the first place, which ultimately turned him into a murderer.

Roman Bridger, "Scream 3" (2000)

which ghostface killed judy

After "Scream 2," Ghostface tried to make it big in Hollywood with "Scream 3."

The franchise got even more self-referential by the third film, leaning harder into the movie-within-a-movie idea with the in-universe "Stab" franchise.

While it takes shots at movie trilogies (thanks to a posthumous video tape from Randy), the film sees the production of "Stab 3" plagued by a new Ghostface who kills various cast members and people involved with making the sequel.

As with all the "Scream" films, it's always the last person you'd suspect because the culprit is "Stab 3" director Roman Bridger. So, why is he offing his own cast members? Unsurprisingly, it all comes back to Sidney, because he's her long-lost brother! 

Blimey. He was born after Sidney's mother tried to make it big in Hollywood, but was raped by producer John Milton (Lance Henriksen), and she gave Roman up due to the trauma of the incident and went home to Woodsboro.

When Roman tried to reconnect with Maureen, she rejected him, which is when he filmed her having affairs with Cotton Weary and Harold Loomis — showing the footage to Billy Loomis and persuading him to get his own revenge on Sidney's mother. Yes, Roman is secretly the mastermind behind the original trilogy!

Jill Roberts and Charlie Walker, "Scream 4" (2011)

which ghostface killed judy

Like any good slasher villain, the franchise rose from the dead in 2011 with "Scream 4," which sees Sidney return to Woodsboro on a book tour after a decade away from her hometown. She takes the opportunity to reconnect with her aunt Kate (Mary McDonnell) and cousin Jill Roberts (Emma Roberts).

Predictably, a brand new Ghostface rears its hooded head to make the most of Sidney's return and kicks off a new wave of murder in Woodsboro — upping the mayhem by filming each kill.

"Scream 4" rewrites the horror rule book for a new era with the finale taking place at the after-party of a "Stabathon" movie marathon. There, Jill and resident movie expert friend Charlie Walker (Rory Culkin) unmask themselves as Ghostface.

Jill's motivation stems from feeling like Sidney stole her childhood because the focus and attention was always on what she went through. 

So, with a bit of movie-inspired mania, she and Charlie devised a plan where they would be the new survivors of the Ghostface killings — and get all the fame that comes along with that. But then Jill kills her accomplice in a genuinely surprising second twist because she knows that everyone loves a "sole survivor."

Ultimately, the carnage continues in the hospital when Jill discovers that Sidney survived the chaos of the after-party. Jill tries to finish the job but is killed by the hero with a defibrillator to the head, as well as a gunshot to the heart (just to be safe).

Richie Kirsch and Amber Freeman, "Scream 5" (2022)

which ghostface killed judy

A decade after fans last saw Ghostface in theaters, he returned in 2022's "Scream" to hunt a whole new class of teens.

"Scream 5" introduces Sam (Melissa Barerra) and Tara Carpenter (Jenna Ortega), who are at the center of the new spate of murders, largely because Sam is the illegitimate daughter of Billy Loomis. 

No, she's not the one carrying out all the killings — it's actually her boyfriend, nice guy Richie Kirsch (Jack Quaid), and Tara's best friend, Amber Freeman (Mikey Madison). Their motive? 

They're furious that "Stab 8" was a disaster, and want to give the writers of the movie franchise better material for the next movie. Oh yes, this one's all about toxic fandom.

Because Mindy Meeks-Martin (Jasmin Savoy Brown) dubs these events a "requel" (remake and a sequel), the film pays homage to the original by having the final climax place in the same place as the first "Scream" movie: Stu Macher's house.

Sidney and Gale get revenge on Amber for killing Dewey in the hospital by burning her alive, while Tara puts her down with a headshot. But Sam's the one to put an end to the whole thing by stabbing her now ex-boyfriend Richie over 20 times before slitting his throat. 

Like father, like daughter.

Bonus round: Jason Carvey and Greg, "Scream 6" (2023)

which ghostface killed judy

"Scream 6" kept things fresh by reinvigorating its opening kill, which instantly set the tone for the sequel.

The opening sees Laura Crane (Samara Weaving) waiting for her date in a bar, only to get lured out to a dingy alleyway by Ghostface before being brutally carved up. 

But in a "Scream" first, Ghostface immediately unmasks himself after Crane's death, revealing himself as film student Jason Carvey (Tony Revolori).

Jason goes back to his apartment and chats with his roommate Greg about their plot to kill Sam and Tara, only to find Greg's body stuffed in the fridge. 

Unsurprisingly, he's murdered by the film's main Ghostface moments later. It's a truly fun way to keep audiences on their toes, that's for sure.

Detective Bailey, Ethan, and Quinn, "Scream 6" (2023)

which ghostface killed judy

This brings us to 2023's "Scream 6," which is basically Ghostface takes New York.

Yes, the killer makes his way to the Big Apple alongside Sam and Tara, who try to get a fresh start at college one year after their ordeal. They live with their close friend Quinn Bailey (Liana Liberato) whose father, Wayne Bailey, is a detective.

Unfortunately for the gang, the online discourse surrounding Richie and Amber has led many online to believe that Sam was actually the real Ghostface killer and framed Richie. Oh, dear.

So when a vicious new Ghostface starts slaughtering people close to Sam, she's at the top of the suspects' list.

But by the time the final showdown takes place in Richie's shrine to all things Ghostface, Woodsboro, and the "Stab" movies, it's revealed that Detective Bailey is actually Richie's father .

Not only was Bailey the one who circulated the rumor that Sam framed Richie, he even convinced his children to join him in becoming Ghostface.

Both Quinn and friend of the gang Ethan (Jack Champion) are Richie's siblings, and they're just as twisted as he is.

Tara gets in touch with her inner killer and stabs Ethan to death, while Sam executes Quinn with a headshot. But Wayne gets the special treatment.

Sam follows in her father's footsteps and dons the Ghostface robe herself, hunting the detective through the building before brutally stabbing him around 37 times — including once in the eyeball. Ouch. To be fair, he deserved it.

which ghostface killed judy

Scream (2022 film)

Scream is the fifth film in the Scream franchise about a new killer who has donned the Ghostface mask and begins targeting a group of teenagers to resurrect secrets from the town's deadly past.

  • 1 Sam Carpenter
  • 2 Sidney Prescott
  • 3 Dewey Riley
  • 4 Richie Kirsch
  • 9 External links

Sam Carpenter [ edit ]

  • Never fuck with the daughter of a serial killer.

Sidney Prescott [ edit ]

  • I've been through this. A lot. This is your life, now, which means that whoever this is is going to keep coming for you.
  • Whatever his link is to our past, it's pulled us all back here. And I won't sleep until he's in the ground.

Dewey Riley [ edit ]

  • [text message to Gale] Ghostface is back. Don't come to Woodsboro. Hope all is well. [Adds a smile emoji to the end of the text]
  • Well maybe you're the killer, because that one cut deep. . .

Richie Kirsch [ edit ]

  • Because nobody takes the true fans seriously, not really. They just laugh at us, and why? Because we love something? We're just a fucking joke to them! How can fandom be toxic? It's about love! You don't fucking understand, these movies are important to people.
  • Thank God, you're okay! [Stabs Sam] Because I really, really wanted to be the one to kill you.

Dialogue [ edit ]

Taglines [ edit ].

  • It's always someone you know.
  • The killer is on this poster.

Cast [ edit ]

  • Melissa Barrera — Samantha "Sam" Carpenter
  • Kyle Gallner — Vince Schneider
  • Mason Gooding — Chad Meeks-Martin
  • Mikey Madison — Amber Freeman
  • Dylan Minnette — Wes Hicks
  • Jenna Ortega — Tara Carpenter
  • Jack Quaid — Richard "Richie" Kirsch
  • Marley Shelton — Sheriff Judy Hicks
  • Skeet Ulrich — Billy Loomis
  • Jasmin Savoy Brown — Mindy Meeks Martin
  • Sonia Ben Ammar — Liv McKenzie
  • Reggie Conquest — Deputy Farney
  • Heather Matarazzo — Martha Meeks
  • Chester Tam — Deputy Vinson
  • Courteney Cox — Gale Weathers-Riley
  • David Arquette - Dewey Riley
  • Neve Campbell — Sidney Prescott

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  • Scream quotes at the Internet Movie Database
  • Scream at Rotten Tomatoes
  • The official Scream site

which ghostface killed judy

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