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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Elmcrest mental hospital, mental hospitals are creepy to say the least, as you probably have saw in the feature film shutter island. but what if i said this one was for children. elmcrest mental hospital was opened in portland, ct in 1942 and was built around the historic childhood mansion of elizabeth jarvis colt . not only did this site host in-patient help but also an on campus school for the youth patients. in 1998 a patient was killed while being restrained by an employee and the final chapter on this historic location ended in 2003. today the campus remains untouched but be warned is patrolled heavily by security..

elmcrest portland ct haunted


Is the hospital hard to get into because of the security?

Security was easy to get around. Just be smart.

I was there for quite a while back in the mid 80s. Over the intercom you would hear Dr Strong be called out when a child had an outburst. Six to eight adults would come rushing in to restrain a child that had an outburst, most of the time it was for little or nothing. And the restraint practice was more like a straight beat down. I witness my roommate get picked up and slammed down his shin hit the corner of the bunk and his leg was fractured. I was put into a straight jacket and tossed in a padded cell because I was upset over my dog being hit by a truck when I was 13 years old. That place was awful. I still have memories of that place that haunt me today.

Portland, Chapman and Manor was the three units back in 1985. Everyone would try to make it to the top of the rock climbing wall to see The Moldy pack of cigarettes on the Windowsill. Staff beat downs, tossed in to body bags tightened so much you can barely breathe and gang fights. Those were the days that Satan moved hell to Portland Connecticut. Days that still haunt me today.

Yes good oldr strong I was in Portland they loved to put us in those body bags one time I had enough of them hurting this kid so jumped up punched the fist staff in the nose then went in an tackled the ppl holding down a kid I looked back three ppl followed me all fighting staff

I actually spent some time there. Very creepy. Stay away.

I spent some time there too. The staff was awful and I'm surprised more kids weren't killed.

I spent time there when i was 13. After being sexually assualted by another patient and telling, they punished me too nu restaining me in a body bag then locked in a padded room for hours. I couldnt breathe, no one could hear me crying and no dr ever came in. Im lucky they didnt kill me. I have flashbacks 30 yrs later. Place was as close to hell you can get

I was there twice in 1987 and 1988 as a teen. EVERYONE was put on psych meds which enabled insurance payment due to being labeled. The environment made us crazier than we started. Spooky place.

I was there in the 80s never been same since and did make ppl more crazier than when went in

I knew a kid who went there in the mid 80's. he was missing 2 teeth and told me that at night some other kids there put heavy stuff in socks and beat him half to death. The staff was no good.

Abuse by the staff probably been going on at that place since the 1940's when it opened. I was there around 1983 and every other day something was always going on, being staff related or other. I saw this kid get his arm pulled out of the socket by the staff's infamous arm behind the back restraint. Not to mention the body bags. For those of you who don't what a body bag is, it's a rectangle shape (the length of a human body) canvas and board "straight jacket" that the staff would put people in and have them lay in that thing on their back on the floor until the staff felt like letting the person out. It had boards inside along the sides where the person's arms were and straps outside so the staff could tighten as tight as they wanted to. They didn't use straight jackets like in movies and !*it like that. Now, there was some good staff members but a lot of them were bad. So, this is all I have to say about the bad staff, ya'll can eat a !*ck and die. RIP Andrew McClain They should of closed that place years before the staff killed you.

I think the people who worked there (such as staff) had friends and relatives put people in there pretending to be patients because, think about it, these would be the people that set you up the first few days you're there, always got away with sh*t and never got in trouble for nothing.

I spent time in there in 1990. I didn't have any problems there but have totally seen people in that body bag. I didn't get my ass put in there!

Nah not really, lots of the buildings are hard to get into because they are boarded up real good tho

I volunteered there in 1973 while attending Middlesex Cummunity College. If any employee complained or spoke out about the inhumane treatment some of those wonderful children were recieveing, they were let go. I guit before I was let go.

So you're saying you worked there in 1973? Saybrook, Portland and Chapman units weren't built until the mid 70's. Before that it was just Manor house and Marlboro house and I'm pretty sure they both had adult patients. Correct me if I'm wrong here.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Just got in here yesterday, great spot. The gym is a no mas. Very bad vibes in there. Check out my insta @dillbo802

1 more posting of elmCrest property and your Web page is going to be investigated for obtaining stolen property and the solicitation of stolen property, the police are aware and are ready to prossicute any trespassers to the fullest extent of the law, fair warning!!!!!

Our webpage is for educational purposes only and do not give any persons directions or information of exact locations or entry point.

I was sexually abused by another patient there. I was 13. I told on him and they restrained me just like the kod who died and put me in a padded room. I couldnt breathe i could barely cry and no one came for me for hours. I have ptsd 30 years later remembering being in that bag. Lucky im alive but it basically taught me my first sexual encounter, a rape, was excusable and apparently my own fault

You will shut down the page for posting of ElmCrest property? You're so tough and convincing, but you post as anonymous. Make a fist, now punch yourself

Honestly how on earth does it negatively impact you if someone explores an abandoned building? He isn't defacing it or taking anything from it. Also, it's not like anyone else is using it.

Just some pathetic little toady who works for the state on a power trip. Doesn't even have the guts to post his name.


What's the matter, you don't want people knowing about the two way mirrors with video cameras behind them in the bathrooms? That's why you didn't want people going in there and finding them because there was children as patients. Fu** you and Fu** elmcrest. RIP Andrew McClain.

Just putting it out there the "anonymous" that posted saying they're investigating and blaming blah blah about how you'll be arrested for taking photos and exploring hes some douche who "patrols" the lot on a bike drunk out of his mind thinking hes hot shit with his toy badge also if caught by this crazy freak he will take a picture of you even if you dont concent hes a freakshow drunk who will chase you and try to harm you be aware we recently visited and he had caught us threatened to call the cops asked what we were doing we said we were just exploring and ment no harm we were there to take some cool pictures he freaked out made us delete the pictures and escorted us to the back where he held us there unwillingly to rant to us about YouTube videos and pictures about the building then took a picture of us after we told him we didnt consent hes a total dick he was so drunk he tripped over his bike not once but twice and flashed a actual toy badge to us also to any adventurers looking to go there he does have a gun and is drunk he will try to use force luckily he just let us go after we talked him down out of his anger and convinced him not to call the cops and to the man that stopped us there drunk on your bike thinking your a bad ass "cop" or "security guard" fuck you from the bottom of my heart you peice of shit scumbag

That is nuts! He has no authority to do any of that. Sounds like he broke more laws then you did! I was there last week and luckily did not encounter this man.

Guys, it's just Dwight & his Knights of the Night, so everyone can just relax. They are unarmed. Goodnight, Portland Unit ;)

I was a patient there in the early 90s(in patient 2x) and went to highschool there for part of 10th & 11th grade

I went to school there too outpatient 93 and 94 I still remember the kids I went with I had fun with them and the lunch there was good but also traumatic time in my life was nice support there from the other kids despite alot of sadness and mental disorder

I remember you, Evan. I'm the girl that was depressed and crying all the time in Ned's class. The place made me feel that way. I hope you have found peace moving forward, if you see this. #Elmcrest94-95

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Also, in many instances, it is believed that mental disorders can be set right with attitudinal changes. For example, many believe that children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) need to be more disciplined and spanking is the best way to ensure that they behaved appropriately. guarantor

Rifat Ansari STFU. Unless you were in there and went thru hell like many of us did then save your BS excuses why the abuse and using people as a cash cow for the state went on in there.

I was there as a kid they pic on you nd single u out retrain u in a hold were u cry

All the files of all the kids names plp should relly press a law suit

P.DIDDYPUFFY what you mean all the files of all the kids names? Believe me, if I could sue the state of CT for what they did to me, I would.

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I was a INVOLUNTARY court ordered guest in this place...TWICE!!! Chapman unit is the only name the comes to memory and I believe that was the teen and preteen unit I was in the first time. My placement both times was for drug addiction so I can't really say anything all that terrible besides the other memory I have that sticks out on the second go round I was a 17 year old girl in early pregnancy and I remember getting extremely sick from the meatloaf they served for dinner one night!!!😂😂😂Just sayin my first stay I was just 16 in 1988 and the second one was obviously required and in mid 1989 and back then I don't recall any kind of shit happening there (KNOWN ABOUT/REPORTED). But I do remember when that poor boy was overly restrained by an ill trained employee to the point of suffocation and dying. Very very sad....God Bless that boy.😞🙏🙏🙏

KendraR. teen and pre teen (up to age 15) was Saybrook Unit. It was also known as the adolescent unit. More than likely you were on Portland Unit or Chapman Unit. Some people even were in that new building over by Manor house. But I hear you, everybody went through hell in that place including me when I got put in a body bag for no reason.

Which unit was the one with the tall wooden poles that you couldn't go past without certain privileges? It had a partly tile floor near the kitchenette area and some of the rooms and a big open area in the middle for group.

Most likely Portland or Chapman unit. Saybrook unit was like that too except without the tall wooden poles.

I was there in September 1991 and I remember being forced to take medication also remember staff being scumbags reading about that poor 11 year old boy instantly brought me back to one day being put on what they called a "focus" plan and i was to write about how I'd wronged everyone in my life when I refused I was drug to the padded room arms pulled behind my back and layed on top of by a 280lbl staff member it's crazy how 28 years later I remember like it was yesterday I also remember a kid in there name was Mike he had been shuffled through these places since he was 6 years old because his parents had died he was hilarious and made me laugh even though I was miserable he would quote salt n peppa ride it like a horse and let nature take its course in an ALF voice Mike if you ever see this I hope life since has treated you well

I was there for 55 days mid 80s at 13 years old. Then in php day school remainder of the year. Some staff were definitely sadists and jerks, but others were real nice. I actually advanced from "runaway" status upon admittance be one of the few "unit" status kids able to roam the unit freely (never applied for "privileged" status, which allowed leaving the building). Despite the bad stuff that went on, I actually came to really like it there, and didn't want to leave (insurance ran out). Worst part was when I got out, I didn't know wtf to do with myself. Had lost contact with outside friends. Remember sitting on the couch at home and crying because of it.

Wow, 55 days? It took me 3 months to do that and that's with all privileges but it was called a day pass. I was there for 4 months altogether (the first time) and still didn't get out of that place unscathed.

I was there for over 18 months from early 77 to late 78,i was referred by Manchester hospital, my parents were told that I need long term inpatient care, i was put in the adolescent unit, when I was in the admission unit i was put in a straitjacket for 6 hours because I grab a paper clip and tried to stick it in my wrist, i was grabbed and thrown to the floor by 3 big guys, i was only 17,i did witness a lot of crazy stuff, but I don't want to think about what I saw and what I want through, i do remember that they did love giving out that thorazine a lot

Was in adolescent unit,79,80.6months.i thought it helped me.i was fuck up.it took many years to use what I learned.chanmel my aggressive behavior.elain curlan was nice,joy dicky,suill Kim .

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This is what we call soothing and The blog is like a portal of feelings. Connecticut

I used to explore this place. I lived down the street from this place for 23 years. I lived in a very haunted house on commerce st that was built I'm 1827. That abandoned place is VERY haunted. Especially the building that had the padded rooms and auditorium. Consistent sounds of glass breaking, doors opening and closing, and my friends and I sat in a circle in one of the padded rooms and got a recording of a very demonic groan/growl. This place needs to get investigated professionally before they knock it all down!

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Anyone ever tested on at elmcrest?

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I was in the body bag and padded room, a lot, and then on to the alcove. They told me I was crazy, so I would act crazy whenever they messed with me. I was on 10 foot restrictions all the time. You would hear over the speakers, "Dr. Strong to the Portland Unit." As soon as they threatened me with Thorazine, I shut it off. It sucks to hear what so many people went through at Elmcrest. I was older for my age, I was not having any of it.

I was in the bag for weeks on end.

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My father was an adult patient in 1962.

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I was a patient there for 3.5 months during 1985 and at the time, I was 16 years old. If I recall correctly, the Chapman unit was my assigned building. I won’t get into much information here, but some of the staff was rough on the kids and seeing teenagers being put into straight jackets was disturbing. Kids were frequently tossed into the “rubber room” and restraints on the floor were frequent. The individual therapy, small group therapy and large group therapy was monotonous and unhelpful in the long run. Fun things: the gym, food and messing around with other screwed up teens. We were mostly white, high school dropouts and belonged to the “burnouts” at the time. I wish there was a forum to connect with former patients. During 2019, I did get a chance to explore the ruins of the property. I believe it’s all gone now.

I wish such a forum existed too. I was there in May 1989 Portland Unit Horrid place, but made some good friends. Erika is the one I remember most fondly. 34 years ago this week. Damn I miss her. I hope she sees this & I wish her well.

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This CT Psychiatric Hospital Will Give You the Creeps

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Elmcrest Hospital was once a private psychiatric treatment center made up of four mansions in Portland, Connecticut, one-hour drive east of Danbury or 20 minutes south of Hartford.

elmcrest portland ct haunted

Elmcrest opened in 1942, serving a small number of psychiatric patients until 1997 when Saint Francis Hospital purchased the facility, and that's when it began going downhill. In 1998, the hospital underwent increased scrutiny when an 11-year-old patient died while being restrained by an employee.

The grounds closed down altogether in 2006 and were left abandoned and forgotten about until recently.

Sad Memories of the Elmcrest Psychiatric Hospital

The crystal mall in waterford, ct: dead mall walking or still alive and well, 5 of the most haunted places in connecticut, more from wrki and wine.

Adventures on Route 8: Navigating the Chaos in Connecticut

Haunted Places in Portland, Connecticut

elmcrest portland ct haunted

Ryder's On Main

Meriden, connecticut.

This bar is to be featured on an upcoming episode of the Discovery Channel series, "American Haunting." The basement appears to be where a lot of the activity occurs. The "Ghosts of New England Research Society" claims to have captured EVPs and possibly even a spectral image of ...

Undercliff Sanatorium

This 1910 facility was originally built for children with tuberculosis, and like many sanatoriums, is rumored to be haunted. Witnesses say footsteps, screams, and apparitions of deceased patients can be seen and heard here, as well as the voices, crying and laughter of unseen children. EVPs have been captured by ...

Cedarcrest Hospital

Newington, connecticut.

Cedarcrest Hospital was demolished in 2013; the map shows where it was located. Folks say the early 1900s mental hospital was haunted; witnesses have heard screams and doors slamming and seen orbs.

Boardman House Inn

East haddam, connecticut.

At this 1860 Inn, the apparition of a man in period clothing smoking cigar in the library have been reported. (Submitted by Andre H.)

Noah Webster House

West hartford, connecticut.

The birthplace and childhood home of dictionary creator Noah Webster is open for tours, and many say is still home to the man's ghost.

Hartford Elks Lodge

Hartford, connecticut.

The Hartford Elks lodge moved into this ornate building in 1903, and is believed to be haunted. Some say the ghost is a deceased member, perhaps Samuel Chamberlain, watching over his former--er, haunt. Others say the spirit may be a man who was found dead on the sidewalk outside in ...

Connecticut State Capitol

A former governor's spirit is said to haunt the State Capitol building. The 1878 Victorian Gothic structure boasts a bronze statue of former governor William Buckingham near its west entrance, and it is Buckingham, who died in 1875, who is believed to haunt the building. The spirit is said to ...

Old State House

This historic building, completed in 1796, is now a museum complex with exhibits that focus on Connecticut history. Joseph Steward's 1798 collection of natural history items is showcased on the third floor in the Museum of Natural and Other Curiosities. The building is said to be haunted and was featured ...

Mark Twain House

The Mark Twain House & Museum was the home of the Clemens family, including author Samuel Clemens (aka Mark Twain). It is believed to be haunted by the family's butler, George Griffin. According to witnesses, apparitions, voices, knocking and banging sounds and phantom cigar smells have been detected on the ...

Harriet Beecher Stowe House

The home of renowned abolitionist Harriet Beecher Stowe, author of "Uncle Tom's Cabin," is rumored to be haunted. Folks say in the parlor, window shades open on their own and all over the building footsteps have been heard. Flashes of light have been seen in the bedrooms, and an apparition ...

elmcrest portland ct haunted

Hartford Conservatory

The Hartford Conservatory is rumored to be haunted. Witnesses have described a door being slammed, a light that won't stay turned off, classical music being played on a piano, and an apparition of a woman in a Victorian dress. The site was featured on an episode of TV's Ghost Hunters.

Huguenot House - Makens Bemont House

East hartford, connecticut.

Built in 1761, the historic home is said to have been haunted since 1971, when renovations seem to have awakened its supernatural residents. After the house was moved to another location, a ghost the locals call Benny and another they call the Blue Lady began to make appearances. Benny makes ...

Gay City State Park

Hebron, connecticut.

Gay City State Park offers over 1,500 acres of recreational opportunities. Once an 18th-century village named after founding father John Gay, the area is believed to be haunted by spirits from its past. Stories tell of murders, one of a jewelry peddler and another of a blacksmith apprentice who was ...

Lake Compounce

Bristol, connecticut.

The oldest continuously operating theme park in the U.S. is rumored to be haunted. Its Starlight Ballroom was once the site of performances by the likes of Tommy Dorsey’s band with a young Frank Sinatra. As one could imagine, there is a lot of history in this park that dates ...

Deep River Public Library

Deep river, connecticut.

The library is housed in an 1881 building, originally built as a home to banker Richard Pratt Spencer and his family. It became a library in 1933. Although additions were made over the years, folks say the building's haunts stay in the original part. Witnesses describe disembodied voices, strange sounds, ...

Devil’s Hopyard State Park

Legend has it that Satan himself has been seen sitting on a boulder near the top of the falls and playing his fiddle, and dark shadows have been spotted in the woods. Witnesses also describe orbs, mists, demonic voices, laughter, and strong, uneasy feelings. The 860-acre state park was named ...

Hamden, Connecticut

Closed at both ends and dotted with ruins of former homes, Downs Road is the setting for several local ghost stories. Among them are the Downs Road Monster, which some say was actually an albino horse, along with various ghostly apparitions and strange creatures such as Melon Heads, rumored to ...

Church of Eternal Light

Built in 1884 as a schoolhouse, the pagan Church of the Eternal Light is rumored to be haunted by a ghostly face that appears in the bell tower windows. Witnesses also have reported spirit orbs here. Who is the ghost? It's not certain. One legend says a parishioner was once ...

Nathan Hale Homestead

Coventry, connecticut.

This homestead, where Nathan Hale's father Deacon lived until his death in 1802, is said to be haunted by Deacon himself, whose apparition has been seen wearing Colonial attire. Also, a ghostly lady in white thought to be a servant has been seen sweeping the floors and cleaning, and Nathan's ...

Holy Land USA

Waterbury, connecticut.

People have been known to become trapped, and unable to find their way out. Voices can be heard after sun set, and there have even been a few deaths within Holy Land. (Submitted by Kaylee-Jo)

elmcrest portland ct haunted

Abigail’s Grille and Bar

Simsbury, connecticut.

This 1780 building, which now houses Abigail's, was formerly the Pettibone Tavern for almost 200 years. Mrs. Abigail Pettibone is said to haunt the establishment. According to legend, her whaling husband was absent a lot, so Abigail took a lover. But when Capt. Pettibone came home early and found the ...

Talcott House

Westbrook, connecticut.

Unusual goings-on have been reported here, including beds that become unmade although no one has touched them, ragtime music that comes from the vents, and a piano that plays tunes by itself. The original owner was said to be a wealthy man who perished in a fire, and reports say ...

Green Lady Cemetery - Seventh Day Baptist Cemetery

Burlington, connecticut.

The 18th-century Seventh Day Baptist Cemetery is also known as the Green Lady Cemetery because of the many sightings of a ghost called the Green Lady. Some believe she is the spirit of Seventh Day Baptist Elisabeth Palmiter, who drowned in a swamp in 1800 while searching for her "missing" ...

Jonathan Pasco's

East windsor, connecticut.

This restaurant was once a residence, built in 1776, of Revolutionary War soldier Captain Jonathan Pasco. It has been furnished with memorabilia and antiques, and some say the ghost of Jonathan Pasco himself still calls the place home. The apparition of a tall, thin older man has been reported, and ...

Daniel Benton Homestead

Tolland, connecticut.

Built in 1720 by Daniel Benton, the location was home to six generations of Bentons. Daniel's grandson Elisha is known as a possible source of the hauntings here. Elisha was captured while fighting the British in the Revolutionary War, and caught smallpox on the prison ship. When he came home ...

Shubert Theater

New haven, connecticut.

Shubert Theater hosts touring musicals and popular music concerts and is said to have a ghost. Details about the haunting are unknown, but reports allude to strange activity occurring within the theater's walls. In fact, paranormal investigators were contacted to check out the theater; results are unknown.

Capitol Theater

Windham, connecticut.

The ornate 1926 theater, in operation until 1973, sat empty for nearly 30 years until a 2002 renovation brought it back to life. An old theater legend involves a 1930s actress who was accidentally shot in the balcony. The shooter, her lover, was aiming for his rival, another lover of ...

Windham Textile Museum

There is a old locked bank vault in this building with no way to open it and impossibly it has been found standing open. The visitors report extreme cold spots, strange noises coming from the third floor, which no one occupies - people report feelings of being watched and unease ...

Evergreen Cemetery - Midnight Mary

Mary Hart died in 1872 and was buried in Evergreen Cemetery. The mystery that surrounds her involves the message, which some believe to contain a curse, on her pink granite tombstone: AT HIGH NOON JUST FROM, AND ABOUT TO RENEW HER DAILY WORK, IN HER FULL STRENGTH OF BODY AND MIND MARY E. HART HAVING FALLEN ...

Gunntown Cemetery

Naugatuck, connecticut.

Dating back to 1790, Gunntown Cemetery is said to be haunted by spirits of a man with a lantern leading a horse, a little boy who plays near the back wall, and a black ghost dog. Orbs, mists, cold spots and unexplained music and laughter also have been described by ...

elmcrest portland ct haunted

Carousel Gardens

Seymour, connecticut.

Although it closed in 2009, the Carousel Gardens Restaurant was said to be haunted by original owner and founder of Seymour, William H. Wooster and his daughter, Ruth. Witnesses have heard the unexplained sound of breaking glass and seen a ghost cat with glowing eyes.

Fort Nathan Hale

The fort, built in 1807, appears to be popular with the spirit set. Among the oddities witnessed here have been green glowing orbs, apparitions of soldiers, unexplained voices, and more. These paranormal occurrences have been reported for more than 100 years.

Saybrook Point Inn and Spa

Old saybrook, connecticut.

Saybrook Point Inn and Spa is also used as a special events venue, and it is during weddings that the ghost is said to appear. A phantom bride has been known to appear in photos taken at weddings held here. Her identity is unknown.

Sage American Grill - Chart House

Formerly the Chart House, this restaurant is said to be haunted by a spirit who has been known to move chairs. Witnesses also have heard unexplained voices and footsteps.

Old Windham Inn

The old inn, now an apartment building, is said to be haunted by Elizabeth (Betsy) Shaw. When unmarried Betsy turned up pregnant in 1744, the townspeople scorned and taunted her, even speculating that her own father could be the father of her baby. The child vanished after it was born, ...

Olde Newgate Prison

East granby, connecticut.

Once a 1705 copper mine, its tunnels were made into Connecticut’s first prison 1773-1827. The site is known to be a hot spot for paranormal happenings. Several apparitions and even a ghostly tour guide have been reported, screams have been heard, and guests have described being touched by something unseen.

Pine Grove Cemetery

Ansonia, connecticut.

Established in 1858, the cemetery is said to be haunted by three dark figures who guard its gates. In addition, witnesses say they have heard rattling chains and the sound of ghostly children playing here. Warm spots, a strong scent of roses, and names whispered into their ears have also ...

Great Hill Cemetery

Also known as Hookman’s Cemetery, Great Hill Cemetery's ghostly legend involves an alleged former cemetery caretaker who had a hook for a hand. He is said to have hanged himself from a tree nearby. Those who parked under the tree would hear his hook scraping along the car's roof.

Sterling Opera House

Derby, connecticut.

The 1889 opera house has seen performances by the likes of actor Lionel Barrymore and escape artist Harry Houdini, comedian Red Skelton and march king John Philip Sousa. It operated until 1945 when it became a city hall, and in the 1960s the building was abandoned. Lately it has been ...

Curtis House Restaurant and Inn

Woodbury, connecticut.

A male entity dressed in 17th-18th century attire has been in many rooms of the 1734 inn, along with the ghost of a confederate gentleman in the liquor room, a female entity that disturbs guests, the apparition of former owner Lucius Foot in Room 1 and the ghost of former ...

elmcrest portland ct haunted

Yankee Pedlar Inn

Torrington, connecticut.

The historic 1891 hotel is known for ghostly activity. Alice Conley, one of the original owners, is believed to haunt Room 353, the room in which she died. Ti West's 2011 horror film "The Innkeepers" is based on the story of this inn.

Glebe House

Two ghosts have been reported in the historic Glebe House. The first is that of an aggressive spirit that haunts the attic, and may be one of the conspirators who attacked Reverend Marshall (a previous owner of the house) for his beliefs and sermons. The second ghost is that of ...

Norwich State Hospital

Preston, connecticut.

Built in 1904 on the site of an old Native American village, the hospital was called the Norwich State Hospital for the Insane. The many deaths related to the place include a patient who hanged himself in 1914, a 1919 hot water heater explosion that killed two employees, an employee ...

elmcrest portland ct haunted

Captain Grant's Inn

At this 1754 inn, Revolutionary War soldiers were once garrisoned, and slaves were housed here during the Civil War. Folks say its active history has led to an active spirit "life." The Adelaide Room is especially haunted with the apparition of a woman in Colonial-era clothing holding hands with two ...

Seaside Sanatorium

Waterford, connecticut.

Built in the 1930s for children with tuberculosis, Seaside Sanatorium has also been a home for the elderly, a hospital, and a facility for the mentally impaired. Reports say that in the 1970s it became knwon that patients were being ill-treated by staff; the place closed in 1996 and remains ...

Milford Historical Society

Milford, connecticut.

All three of the Colonial buildings that make up the Milford Historical Society are rumored to be haunted. The oldest of the three, the Eells-Stow House is believed to be haunted by former occupant and heroic town doctor Captain Stephen Stow, who died in 1777 after caring for 200 soldiers ...

elmcrest portland ct haunted

Monte Cristo Cottage

New london, connecticut.

The cottage is said to be haunted by Ella Quinlan O'Neill, mother of author Eugene O'Neill. Her ghost is said to pace in one of the upstairs bedrooms. Eugene O'Neill, who spent his childhood summers here, wrote about the place in "Long Day's Journey Into Night."

Lighthouse Inn - Meadow Court

The inn has many rooms rumored to be haunted and two Victorian ghostly ladies who walk the halls in the night. Reports say the inn is now closed and soon will be refurbished and sold.

Boothe Park

Stratford, connecticut.

Boothe Park is a collection of the unusual, and includes a mini windmill and clock tower, mini lighthouse, carriage house, trolley station, blacksmith shop, chapel, model train museum, Americana museum, observatory, playground, rose garden, a cemetery, and even a building with no windows or doors. The area was once the ...

Charles Island

Well-known pirate Captain William Kidd visited here in 1699, and legend has it that he hid a portion of his treasure on the island, some say beneath a giant boulder called Hog Rock. He is said to have laid a curse on anyone who went looking for it. The island ...

elmcrest portland ct haunted

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