The Meaning Behind The Song: Ghostflowers by Otep

Ghostflowers by Otep is a powerful and evocative song that delves into deep emotions and socially relevant themes. Written and performed by Otep Shamaya, a talented American singer, songwriter, and activist, this song holds a significant meaning for both the artist and the listeners. With hauntingly beautiful lyrics and a powerful musical arrangement, Ghostflowers captivates its audience and sparks contemplation about the world we live in.

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In this song, Otep explores the theme of resilience in the face of adversity. The “ghostflowers” mentioned in the title symbolize those who have been marginalized, oppressed, or silenced by society. Otep uses these flowers as a metaphor for people who have been pushed aside, unseen, and unrecognized. The lyrics depict the struggles of individuals who have faced discrimination, abuse, or feeling like an outcast in their own communities.

The song serves as a rallying cry for empowerment, urging listeners to rise above their circumstances and find strength within themselves. Otep’s powerful vocals and emotive delivery bring the poignant lyrics to life, touching the hearts of those who connect with the message. The haunting melody and dynamic instrumentals add to the overall impact of the song, creating a spellbinding experience for the listener.

What inspired Otep to write Ghostflowers?

Otep Shamaya has always been known for her outspokenness and activism. Ghostflowers was inspired by her own experiences and the struggles she witnessed in the world around her. Otep has often used her music as a platform to address social and political issues, and this song is no different. It was driven by her desire to shed light on the plight of those who have been marginalized and silenced, urging them to reclaim their voices and fight for their rights.

How does Ghostflowers connect with Otep’s overall music style?

Ghostflowers is a prime example of Otep’s unique music style, which blends elements of alternative metal, nu-metal, and spoken word poetry. Otep Shamaya is known for her powerful and thought-provoking lyricism, combining social commentary with personal experiences. Her music often serves as a cathartic release, where she addresses deep-seated emotions and connects with her audience on a visceral level. Ghostflowers showcases Otep’s ability to weave intricate tales of struggle and resilience through her words, while the intense and dynamic music adds an additional layer of depth to her storytelling.

What are the main themes explored in Ghostflowers?

Ghostflowers touches upon several important themes, including empowerment, resilience, societal inequality, and the struggle for identity. Otep delves into the experiences of those who have been marginalized or silenced, shining a light on their struggles and calling for a change in the way society treats its outcasts. The song also encourages individuals to find their inner strength and rise above their circumstances, emphasizing the importance of self-empowerment and embracing one’s true identity.

How has Ghostflowers resonated with the audience?

Ghostflowers has resonated deeply with many listeners due to its universal themes and emotionally charged lyrics. The song’s powerful message of resilience and empowerment has struck a chord with individuals who have faced adversity in their lives. Many have found solace and inspiration in Otep’s words, as they connect with the feelings of being unheard or unseen. Ghostflowers serves as an anthem for those who have been marginalized or silenced, providing a sense of belonging and strength to overcome.

What are the other notable songs by Otep?

Some other notable songs by Otep include “Warhead,” “Apex Predator,” “Rise, Rebel, Resist,” “Blood Pigs,” and “Sacrilege.”

Is Otep Shamaya involved in any social or political activism?

Yes, Otep Shamaya is known for her involvement in social and political activism. She has been vocal about issues such as LGBTQ+ rights, animal rights, and women’s rights, using her platform and music to raise awareness and promote change.

What is the inspiration behind Otep’s music style?

Otep’s music style is influenced by a variety of genres, including alternative metal, nu-metal, and spoken word poetry. She draws inspiration from her personal experiences, social issues, and the music that has resonated with her throughout her life.

How does Otep connect with her audience during live performances?

Otep Shamaya is known for her passionate and energetic live performances. She actively engages with the audience, creating a sense of unity and connection through her music. Her stage presence and charismatic delivery captivate the crowd, ensuring a memorable experience for all in attendance.

What impact has Ghostflowers had on the music industry?

Ghostflowers has made a significant impact on the music industry by highlighting important social issues and providing a voice for the marginalized. Otep’s fearless approach to addressing sensitive topics has paved the way for other artists to tackle similar themes in their own music, encouraging a more inclusive and empowering industry.

What emotions does Ghostflowers evoke in listeners?

Ghostflowers evokes a range of emotions in listeners, including empathy, empowerment, and determination. The haunting lyrics and intense musical arrangement create a powerful atmosphere that resonates with individuals who connect with the song’s themes. Many listeners find themselves feeling a sense of solidarity and inspiration after experiencing Ghostflowers.

Does Ghostflowers have any connections to specific real-life events?

While Ghostflowers may not be directly connected to specific real-life events, it reflects the broader struggles and experiences faced by individuals who have been marginalized or silenced throughout history. The song serves as a reminder to acknowledge the existence of these silenced voices and work towards creating a more inclusive and equal society.

What is the significance of the title “Ghostflowers”?

The title “Ghostflowers” holds deep symbolism within the song. It represents those who have been pushed aside, disregarded, or forgotten by society. The “ghostflowers” metaphorically represent individuals who have been silenced or marginalized, and the song serves as a call to recognize and uplift their voices.

How has Otep’s music evolved over the years?

Otep’s music has evolved over the years, showcasing a growth in both her songwriting and musical experimentation. While her early works leaned more towards nu-metal and aggressive soundscapes, her later albums have delved into a wider range of influences, incorporating alternative metal, spoken word poetry, and melodic elements. Otep continues to push boundaries with her music, exploring new themes and experimenting with different sounds.

What is the fan response to Ghostflowers?

The fan response to Ghostflowers has been overwhelmingly positive. Many listeners have praised the song for its thought-provoking lyrics, emotional depth, and the powerful delivery by Otep Shamaya. Fans have connected with the themes presented in the song, finding solace, inspiration, and a sense of unity within its words.

How has Otep Shamaya’s personal journey influenced her music?

Otep Shamaya’s personal journey has greatly influenced her music, with her own experiences serving as a wellspring of inspiration for her songwriting. Her music often reflects her struggles, triumphs, and her voice against injustice. Otep’s willingness to share her vulnerabilities and address sensitive topics has allowed her to connect deeply with her audience and create a loyal fan base.

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otep ghost flowers meaning

Hey, though I'd just comment on some of the mythological/religious stuff in this song, bause I'm a total mythology nerd. Also because I just heard this song, loved it, and felt the need to go rant about it. xD

Okay, so Otep- the name itself- I'm sure Otep was an ancient Egyptian goddess or god of the dead. They had a few. At least my guess is it'd be a combination of a few different names, but it sounds super familiar.

Thanatos was the ancient Greek god of death. most people assume that this was Hades, but there's a difference- Hades ruled the underworld alongside Persephone (at least for half of the year, that's a long story) and Thanatos was the actual god of death itself.

i might have my facts wrong on the first two, but the one I'm sure of is this- the seraphim are the group of angels closest to God in Catholicism. The Nephilim, on the other hand, were the children of angels and humans, and I'm pretty sure they weren't held in a very good light. I think they were all killed. yes. So that kind of explains the whole seraphim-to-nephilim thing.

Okay, I should probably shut up now. xD I agree with Emby on almost all counts...but I think maybe the first verse might be referring to a relationship. maybe her boyfriend broke up with her and she committed suicide, or maybe she refused to leave him and he killed her? The 'clipping the wings of fallen angels' line strikes me as saying something like she's trying to do something that's already been done, punishing someone else when they've already been hurt enough, if that makes any sense...

I've got a really weird mind. You can tell. >>

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@BlueCOD seraphim and nephalim are both from the bible and the bible is not a religion in itself, so these are not "catholic". Just to put it out there. You could be christian, catholic, non denominational...I believe even Jewish if that's a part of the bible jewish people follow. Anyhow..I appreciate your take on the lyrics and that you know it comes from a religious place. I believe it might be about suicide in a metaphorical sense- not literal. That in this unhealthy relationship they feel all-holy at times (maybe when WITH that person...) but then when it comes crashing down they feel like the nephalim again in the sense of being un-holy and more human...Many things in the song refer to an unhealthy cycle for sure.

I love this song "you want to see me burn,iam living fire" i love that part

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this song is so it starts off slow and quiet and then it just explodes its wonderful...Otep is a great writer and isnt afraid to show ANYTHING in her songs. she is talented and her vocals kick ass!!!!

has anyone seen the video and looked in the background of it ? i love the video theres so much stuff set in the back that you have to search for.

I think that the song is about both what thetafarm and Shenkuu are saying. I think it's about the unborn aborted children, hence the "We are the 100 children of death" line and "i'll split you open and climb inside lose myself eaten alive" and also "she's a killer she's a keeper", taking vengeance on those who killed them, "you will know me by the scars i bare you will know me by the hate i swear" and "shapeless vengeance" So it's a combination of the two the song is about vengeance but the vengeance is being taken by the unborn aborted children.

@YourHeroesAreDead this is most assuredly not what Otep meant. She would not have concocted such a beautiful song for such a cliche social argument. Please inform yourself about an artist before you insert your own beliefs into their lyrics.

I'm honored to be the first one to comment!!!This song fuking rocks. Miss OTEP shamaya is awsum .ooooooooh it's so cool to see girls in metal bands who actually can scream (not like that dying bullshit)

I love the power of this song....from the really restrained opening to the controlled vocal explosion over the 'gentle' instrumental build-up..i was quite certain this song was a woman's vengeance to her abusive partner, but enjoyed reading Bluecod's post and come to the conclusion that it's a woman's vengeance of having to abort her child and the frequent views of the aborted child...

& she's a killer & she's a keeper ... [contradictory statements, but the first line is from the view of the aborted child that she is a killer and the second from her partner who probably gave her an ultimatum of aborting or breaking up and now considers her a "keeper"]

am i blurry in your vision was i just a poor decision [aborted child asking if when conceived, was it not a consideration or just turned out to be a burden/bad decision that needed to be reversed]

cut me open with precision & we'll finger the incision [the mother describing the abortion process, specically how unreal, humiliating, etc it is]

tell me what have i done (quid pro quo) [the mother's realisation that it wasn't the right thing to do, she immediately fills with regret, hurt, pain...and soon to be the fuel for her vengeance]

to watch you lose control [that she didn't make the right decision for herself, her body and her child]

i will give you sanctuary in these hymns of Thanatos ... i will give you sanctuary! [the vocal expression and the lines themselves conflict, this to me is the mother's expression of how even the excuse that the aborted baby is not in pain and in a better place angers her knowing what just happened, i.e. she aborted the baby...and so even santuary in death cannot console her, as rational as it is...and from here, the song and vengeance builds up]

v2. you want to see me burn i am living fire! [could apply to both the mother or child...i feel they both cry this out in unison]

you want to see me burn i am LIVING FIRE!

you will know me by the scars i bare [mother carries her mark by the scar]

you will know me by the hate i swear [mother will also carry a mark of hate that unlike the scar, will continue to grow, but i like to think this is actually the aborted child saying this]

you will know me by the scars i bare [mother]

shapeless vengeance! [shape is usually referred to pregnant women, so shapeless is the lack of shape after the abortion and thus the source of the vengeance]

we are the 1000 children of death. [the child never got named, had a personality, a it's just a statistic, like the 1000 other aborted babies]

we're in-between, on the fence non-descript antagonists

i'm in-between, on the fence non-descript antagonist! [child says the above 4 lines, not sure exactly what it means, just that it's neither here on earth or in heaven]

i'll split you open & climb inside lose myself eaten alive [mother's guilt and how she could just die]

we are the 1000 children of death!

from seraphim! to nephilim! to exodus! [that both parents were seraphim, intended to having the child...good intentions, then created a nephilim where 1 of the parents were not as pure of intention and thus 2 different entities actually conceived the child]

v2. she's picking ghostflowers from her soul

she's clipping the wings of fallen angels!

she's picking ghostflowers from her soul

she's tonguing splinters of broken halos!

[above all is the despair the mother has acknowledging that she actually took all the good from what was given to her and broke it and threw it away...those are just analogies for her to having an abortion]

you will know me by the scars i bare.

you will know me by the hate i swear.


from gelatin to specimen to emptiness [the aborted baby again, the actual abortion....gelatin, a specimen in a bottle or bucket and then nothing]


these are the secrets that kill. that kill. that kill. that kill. that kill. that kill. that kill. that kill.

we are the 1000 children of death.

My opinion:

And she's a killer and she's a keeper.

[I think 'she's a killer' is talking about one of the parents trying to kill the unborn baby, more then likely the father because of her Wurd Becomes Flesh lyrics. However, the baby survives, so I'm thinking that's why 'she's a keeper' comes in...because the baby survived.]

am i blurry in your vision

was i just a poor decision

cut me open with precision

& we'll finger the incision

[She asks of her parents: Can you see me or are you going to pretend I'm not alive? Was I a bad decision, is that why you tried to kill me? Cut me open and finger the incision...she's in pain because of these questions and to her, it feels as if they are cutting her open.]

tell me what have i done (quid pro quo)

[what have I done, I'm just a child that you created. What did I do to deserve this pain?]

to watch you lose control

[I think she means watching them treat her like shit when they should be loving her.]

i will give you sanctuary in these hymns of Thanatos ...

i will give you sanctuary!

[The only way you will be protected, is through death, but it will be an easy death because you're my parent and a part of me does love you.]

you want to see me burn i am living fire!

[You wanted me to die, but I am living...and I am raging.]

you will know me by the scars i bare

you will know me by the hate i swear

shapeless vengeance!

[I would rather decipher this backwards because it would be quicker and easier. She's going to come back to them for vengeance, vengeance without a shape...meaning no time and no specific way, so if it be years later, she's going to look very different to them, but they will know who she is by the scars she bears and the hate...because they are the ones that inflicted it.]

[I will get to this later, and becausae my comment will be long, I will post it in two parts.]

Perfect. I like it.

i'm in-between, on the fence non-descript antagonist!

[They are neither dead or alive, and it's because that's how they feel. One side of them feels they should be dead because that's what the parents wanted, but the other side of them wants to be alive because they were already born, and they are, in fact, alive. They're antagonists, meaning..their existence, whether they feel it should be or not, pisses off their parents. They're hanging on the fence because they're not sure whether they should go one way or the other completely, to be dead or alive...they're just stuck in between.]

i'll split you open & climb inside lose myself eaten alive

[Basically, she wants to climb back inside the womb. The eaten alive part, I'm not sure of. It could go either way. She eats her mother alive, or the mother's hatred for her eats her alive. Either way, she gets lost in the back that's inside of her mother.]

from seraphim! to nephilim! to exodus!

[These children go from being angels, to falling from the heavens, to being led out. We think of our children as little angels, but because these children weren't wanted, they 'fell short' from being angels, and eventually were 'led out' or should I say 'cast out' by their parents.]

[She's picking ghostflowers from her soul-I can't tell if this is the mother or the child. It could be the mother saying that she had a flower inside of her, a child, but now it's's dead. Or it could be the child saying-I was supposed to be this beautiful creature, but there's nothing in me worth wanting, all that should have been in me is dead, my parents killed it. I honestly think it's the child saying that she's picking the dead memories form her soul because she wants to feel alive, but those memories are making her feel dead inside.]

from gelatin to specimen to emptiness

[They are talking about the baby here, not the mother. The mother isn't even in this equation. The baby goes from gelatin, to specimen, to emptiness. Meaning, she went from being an embryo, to being a newborn, to being a child whose parents made her feel empty.


[She will avenge her death, the death of herself. She didn't actually die, her parents made her feel dead inside.]

we are the 1000 children of death

[You don't have to actually be dead to feel dead. This is basically talking about all of the 'unwanted' children who had parents that treated them as if their existence meant nothing, as if they were a mistake.]

I think that about sums up my opinion.

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I meant to say *the black of her mother, not the back.

Or <br /> from gelatin <br /> to specimen<br /> to emptiness<br /> could mean that she goes from being the unfertilized egg ( gelatin)<br /> to being an embryo ( specimen)<br /> then to being "aborted" (emptiness) which was supposed to happen but it didn't so that's how she is describing the original plan that either failed or got complicated. Maybe?<br />

Fantastic song. I love angry music and OTEP has talent. Well; maybe it's not the anger so much; more like passionate.

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Otep – Ghostflowers lyrics


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Ghostflowers meanings

  • t + 3 the-great-legend98 2011-08-29 23:04:32 Abortion or killing/abandoning the baby. A few things: Its not "In these times of Thanatos". Its depths, not times. Some people say hymns tho. I'm pretty sure "shameless vultures" is something like "shameless vengenace" "Dance with ghosts" is "Exodus" (for sure). "From chosen" is "From gelatin" which makes more sense cause gelatin is like the filmy white clear stuff wrapped around the baby/fetus/whatever (probably not gelatin but looks like it), to specimen (a living breathing human thing blah), and then the killed/abandoned/depressed person "to emptiness". Capiche? Add your reply

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  • t + 3 the-great-legend98 Abortion or killing/abandoning the baby. A few things: Its not "In these times of Thanatos". Its... Read more →

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"Ghostflowers" lyrics

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otep ghost flowers meaning

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otep ghost flowers meaning

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  1. The Meaning Behind The Song: Ghostflowers by Otep

    The "ghostflowers" mentioned in the title symbolize those who have been marginalized, oppressed, or silenced by society. Otep uses these flowers as a metaphor for people who have been pushed aside, unseen, and unrecognized.

  2. Meaning of Ghostflowers by Otep

    July 25, 2023 Meaning Interpretation Ghostflowers Otep 0:00 / 1:48 The song "Ghostflowers" by Otep explores themes of anger, vengeance, and inner turmoil. It portrays a sense of inner conflict and a desire for retribution against those who have caused pain and betrayal.

  3. Otep

    31 0 Tags And she's a killer And she's a keeper... [Verse 1] Am I blurry In your vision Was I just A poor decision Cut me open With precision & we'll finger The incision Tell me what have I done (quid pro quo) To watch you lose Control (tunnel) I will give you sanctuary In these hymns of Thanatos... I will give you sanctuary! [Verse 2] You want to

  4. Otep

    Ghostflowers Lyrics And she's a killer And she's a keeper Am I blurry, in your vision Was I just, a poor decision Cut me open, with precision And we'll finger, the incision Tell me what have I done...

  5. Otep

    Otep is an American heavy metal band formed in 2000. Genres: Metal, Groove metal, Pop'Ghost Flowers' from the album 'The Ascension' released in 2007YouTube c...

  6. Otep

    Music video by Otep performing Ghostflowers.

  7. Otep

    Otep is an American heavy metal band. The band was formed in November 2000 in Los Angeles by frontwoman Otep Shamaya. The band is noted for their style of "art-house nu metal", [1] and their strong political stances. [2] Throughout the course of several lineup changes over the years, Shamaya has remained the only constant member in the band.

  8. OTEP "Ghost Flowers"

    OTEP "Ghost Flowers"

  9. Meaning of Ghostflowers (Live) by Otep

    "Ghostflowers (Live)" by Otep is a song that explores themes of pain, anger, and revenge. The lyrics suggest a conflicted and complex relationship between the narrator and someone they describe as both a killer and a keeper. The opening lines, "Am I blurry, in your vision / Was I just, a poor decision," convey a sense of uncertainty and self-doubt.

  10. The Ascension (Otep album)

    The Ascension (stylized as the_Ascension) is the third studio album by Otep.The original release date was set for March 20, 2007 through Capitol Records, however, the album was delayed indefinitely due to the merger with Virgin Records.. The album debuted at number 81 on the Billboard 200 with 10,200 copies sold.

  11. Ghostflowers lyrics by Otep, 1 meaning. Ghostflowers explained

    Original lyrics of Ghostflowers song by Otep. Explore 1 meaning and explanations or write yours. Find more of Otep lyrics. Watch official video, print or download text in PDF. Comment and share your favourite lyrics.

  12. Otep

    [verse 2] You want to See me burn I am living fire! You want to See me burn I am LIVING FIRE! You will know me By the scars i bare You will know me By the hate i swear You will know me By the scars i bare Shapeless vengeance! [tunnel] We are the 1000 children of death. We're in-between, on the fence

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    Hey! Check out our new video!

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    MUSICGhost Flowers By OtepPRODUCED BYHallie UzzelDIRECTED BYHallie Uzzel***PERSONAL NOTE ***So... Does anypne else have secrets that if they tell will kill t...

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    Artist : OtepSong : Ghost FlowersAlbum : The AscensionLyricGod - Please LIKE/SUBSCRIBE for more videos and check out our Patreon below if you wish to support...

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  17. Ghostflowers

    Otep is a nu metal band formed in 2000 in Los Angeles, California by Otep Shamaya. The band originally formed as a four-piece nu metal band and were invited to play Ozzfest before they had even signed to a label after Sharon Osbourne witnessed a brief part of their live performance. They've since played Ozzfest several times. Otep have since released six full-length albums featuring many ...

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    OTEP on the mainstage at Ground Zero 3/10/10.1080i EP mts spotlight exp. spliced

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    OTEP "Ghost Flowers"

  20. otep ghost flowers meaning

    Ghost bead necklaces created by the Navajos represent the connection between humans and nature. Ghost beads are actually dried juniper berries. The dried berries are strung together with beads to create ghost necklaces that are believed to ..... Traditionally, hibiscus flowers represent delicate beauty, unity and peace. The hibiscus flower holds special meaning in many Asian countries and is ...

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    Title: GhostflowersAlbum: The AscensionArtist: Otep

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    Lyrics to Ghostflowers by otep. and i think there might be a few mistakes but i dont care.