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Mass Effect Weapons: best weapon options in ME1, ME2 & ME3

Given that the series is largely about blasting your way through space bad guys, finding the  best weapons  to fight Shepard's war in the  Mass Effect  trilogy is pretty vitally important. However, picking what guns you want to use isn't as easy as you'd think.

Part of what makes it complicated is that how guns work varies between each of the three games in the series. There's a little crossover between the weapons of Mass Effect 2 and the weapons of Mass Effect 3 , but the first game in particular is just completely different. Things like your choice of character class will weigh heavily on what weapons might work best for you, with the results also varying from game to game.

On this page, we list our picks for the  best weapon in ME1, ME2 and ME3 , covering each game in the trilogy separately. You can jump to a specific game by hitting a link or simply scrolling. So, let's get to it-

  • Buying Armory Licenses in Mass Effect
  • How to get the Spectre Master Gear, the best ME1 Weapons

Best Assault Rifles in ME2

  • Best Submachine guns in ME2

Best Shotguns in ME2

Best sniper rifles in me2, best heavy pistols in me2, best heavy weapons in me2, best assault rifles in me3.

  • Best Submachine guns in ME3

Best Shotguns in ME3

Best sniper rifles in me3, best heavy pistols in me3.

  • Best Weapon Mods in ME3 [coming soon]


How to get the Best Weapons in Mass Effect 1

The entire weapon system in the first Mass Effect is a more complicated, traditional RPG style web of different weapon types, brands, and rankings - and BioWare pretty quickly identified that it was a bit much and pared it back for the sequels. That also has a natural effect on any ranking of the best weapons in Mass Effect 1 , as ultimately there's a hell of a lot more range in this game than in the others - and the exact best weapon you'll want to choose will vary based on your play-style and your choice of character class.

When talking about weapons in ME1, there's a few basic things you need to keep in mind:

  • Weapons rank from I-X , with the roman numerals determining how powerful they are. The same goes for armor. That means that a Devlon Industries Raptor I assault rifle is the entry-level of that model - and a Raptor VII will naturally be significantly better. A Raptor X is the best in that brand and type of gun.
  • Each type of weapon has its own base strengths and weaknesses . Some are cheaper, while some can fire more shots before overheating, and so on. The base setup of each weapon doesn't change from rank-to-rank, only their power. That means if you fall in love with the properties of a particular gun at a lower rank, you'll love its higher rank version just as much - it'll just be better. 
  • One thing to consider strongly is weapon training. Each class type is trained in using a couple of different types of weapon, and appropriately only the Soldier can effectively use all the weapon types in Mass Effect. While you can equip and fire weapons you're not trained in, you won't be able to do so as efficiently or in as damaging a manner. These penalties are reduced in the remastered Legendary Edition of ME1, but they're still present. That brings us to our first tip, then - always focus on picking up powerful weapons that you have a specialty training in first.

Armory Licenses in Mass Effect 

If you want access to the best weapons at all times, you should buy every Armory License . Each armory license basically gives the arms Requisitions Officer character in the Normandy cargo and engine area, near the Mako, the right to sell more brands of weapons. So the more licenses you have, the better his shop - and his is the best shop in the game. They're all relatively cheap for where they're found in the game, and each unlocks a wide range of weapons. Here's where to find all of the Armory Licenses in the game, for the record, broken up by the three points at which they unlock in the game:

  • Aldrin Labs License - C-Sec Requisitions Store, Citadel
  • Elanus Risk Control License  - Morlan's Store, Citadel Ward Lower Markets
  • Elkoss Combine License  - Expat the Volus in the Citadel Upper Ward Markets, or from Opold the smuggling Hanar merchant on Noveria
  • Hahne-Kedar License  - Normandy Requisitions Officer
  • Sirta Foundation License  - Delan the Hanar Merchant on the Citadel Presidium, or Petozi the Elcor in Novera's Peak 15
  • Ariake Technologies License  - C-Sec Requisitions Store, Citadel
  • Armali Council License  - Commander Rentola on Virmire, or Nassana Dantius if you charm her after completing the Asari Diplomacy assignment
  • Devlon Industries License  - Delan the Hanar Merchant on the Citadel Presidium
  • Haliat Armory License  - Leda the Salarian Merchant on Feros
  • Rosenkov Materials License  - Opold the smuggling Hanar merchant on Noveria
  • Armax Arsenal License  - Expat the Volus in the Citadel Upper Ward Markets
  • Geth Armory License  - Morlan's Store, Citadel Ward Lower Markets
  • Kassa Fabrication License  - C-Sec Requisitions Store, Citadel or Petozi the Elcor in Novera's Peak 15
  • Serrice Council License  - Delan the Hanar Merchant on the Citadel Presidium, or from Commander Rentola if you have Captain Kirrahe on Virmire
  • Spectre Master Gear License  - Available after Obtaining 1,000,000 Credits.


How to get the Spectre Master Gear, the best weapons in Mass Effect 1

With all of the above noted, there is an absolute best set of weapons in each class in Mass Effect - and that's the Spectre Master Gear weapons . There's one range of each weapon type in the game - but they're,only unlocked much later in the game, and only under certain circumstances. They also only have two variants you can obtain naturally - the Level 7 (VII) gear, and the Level 10 (X) gear. 

To get the Spectre Master Gear weapons, you simply have to be rich enough. The criteria is to amass over one million credits, which is exactly enough to trigger the 'Rich' achievement in the original version of the game. In the Legendary Edition HD Remaster this achievement no longer exists, but the criteria to unlock the best weapons is the same. As soon as you have over 1 million credits and are over Level 36 (level 19 in legendary edition), these weapons will be available for purchase in their level 7 forms from either Normandy or C-Sec Requisitions Officers. Each type of weapon has a unique name, with both Advanced and Basic variants:

  • HMWA - Assault Rifles
  • HMWSG - Shotguns
  • HMWP - Pistols
  • HMWSR - Sniper Rifles

Only level 7 weapons will be available initially; to get the level 10 Spectre Master Gear, you'll need to have such a high level that it's almost impossible to achieve in your first play-through. You'll see the Level 10 Spectre Master Gear pop up in New Game Plus - and those truly are the best weapons in the game - but if you're planning to move right on to Mass Effect 2, you might never see them - and that's okay. 


The Best Weapons in Mass Effect 2 - Weapon guide

In the two years between the first ME game and Mass Effect 2, the world has changed - a lot. Alliances have changed, friends have become foes... but most importantly for this guide, the entire galaxy's complement of weapons has changed. Gone are the overheating, ammo-free guns we found in ME1, replaced with more traditionally-reloading guns, albeit with an in-universe excuse that makes them line up with the first game's lore.

Mass Effect 2 also ditches the weapon ranking system in favor of something much more simple: a wide range of weapons you can acquire throughout the game, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. While there are a couple of guns that flat-out suck, generally speaking every weapon in ME2 has its own uses and utility depending on play style - and you know what that means:

If you're looking to find out the absolute best weapons in Mass Effect 2 , you'll find that the answer is a little more complicated and not so black-and-white. Some weapons will work better for some than others. Which weapons you want will depend on your loadout, including things like your bonus power and advanced weapon training .

You should treat this guide as suggestions, but also experiment yourself. We've done a lot of experimenting, however - so here's our choices for the best weapon of each type in Mass Effect 2, along with some alternative suggestions in most types:

  • M-96 Mattock: For our money, we'd go for the M-96 Mattock above all other assault rifles in Mass Effect 2 - though it also functions quite differently to many other rifles. It has incredible accuracy and great damage - but it's not a spray-and-pray assault rifle, as it only fires each time you pull the trigger. It has lower ammo reserves too, which matches this more measured way of shooting. Its accuracy makes it almost like a faster pistol or a lower-range sniper rifle in utility, if you're comfortable with it. In the original ME2 it is DLC that's available right from when you get the Normandy, while in the Legendary Edition version of the game you can buy it from Kenn's Salvage on Omega.
  • M-15 Vindicator:  Take everything that makes the default M-8 Avenger AR great and pump it up to be even better and you get the M-15 Vindicator. You have to choose your shots carefully thanks to smaller magazine sizes, but this is a powerful weapon that's highly accurate. You can pick it up during the Archangel recruitment mission on Omega.
  • M-76 Revenant:  We'd be amiss to not mention this weapon, though it's only available to the Soldier class, and only of a Soldier takes the Assault Rifle Advanced Weapon Training aboard the Collector Ship. If you do that, however, you get a highly situational assault rifle that, when it comes into its own, is practically unbeatable. But, like we said: situational.

Best Submachine Guns in ME2

  • M-12 Locust:  The Locust is such a good SMG that we actually bump up the mission where you acquire it, Kasumi's Loyalty Mission, right up to the front of the game in our suggested Mass Effect 2 mission order . For every class against Soldier, we'd say this is totally the best SMG of choice and a must-have. Highly accurate with strong damage and low recoil, it has properties that make it rival several assault rifles - which is great for the classes that can't initially use ARs, which is all except Soldier.
  • M-9 Tempest:  While there's no real competition between this and the Locust, the Tempest should get an honorable mention for how its high rate of fire makes it a great SMG for classes that get up close and personal, like the Vanguard. However, you can't get it until a little later in the game at Tali's recruitment mission.


  • Geth Plasma Shotgun:  Geth weapons all have the gimmick that since they fire plasma, they rip through shields but do less damage to actual health. The Geth Plasma Shotgun also has an extra feature, however - you can charge up shots, and charged shots are both more damaging and more accurate. The main concern is ammo, and making sure you use appropriate powers or squad make-up to ensure you can still handle enemy shields. It's DLC, and in Legendary Edition is sold by Kenn's Salvage on Omega for 10,000 Credits.
  • M-27 Scimitar:  If you want a more traditional Shotgun, the Scimitar is it, providing absolutely brutal stopping power, a high frame rate, and a good magazine size. It pairs perfectly with getting right into the enemy's face - but compared to other shotguns, it's more about unleashing a flurry of shots rather than one devastating blast. That makes it pair better with some classes than others. You can grab it on the Justicar recruitment mission.
  • M-22 Eviscerator:  This list practically cascades from least traditional shotgun to most traditional - the Eviscerator keeps things simple - highly powerful, more accurate than you'd expect, but only allowing a few shots before needing to be reloaded. It works better for classes that are able to get up close, but want to deal explosive damage quickly to neutralize the threat fast.
  • M-98 Widow:  The Widow is the best Sniper in the whole game, but it's also fairly exclusive - only the Soldier and Infiltrator can get it, and only by choosing Sniper Rifle Advanced Weapon Training when aboard the Collector Ship. It's just a dream of a sniper rifle, with everything you'd want from such a weapon. Just rack up the headshots and enjoy how the high damage tears enemies to shreds... if you can qualify to get it.
  • M-92 Mantis & M-97 Viper:  The rest of this category is pretty even, but the Mantis is probably our favorite of the rest. It's great for Infiltrator in particular. Meanwhile, the M97-Viper is a more well-rounded weapon that isn't really about one-shot scope sniping - instead, think of it and treat it a bit more like a slightly longer-range assault rifle, in a sense.
  • A Note on the M-29 Incisor:  I know that this weapon's fire rate might be tempting, but no. You can get a better fire rate and damage off an Assault Rifle. However, note that this weapon is actually really quite good in the hands of sniper-expert squad members like Thane, and might even be better in their hands than the Widow - just don't ever equip it yourself.


  • M-6 Carnifex:  The two good pistols are the Carnifex and the M-5 Phalanx, and they're honestly pretty interchangeable. However, the Carnifex has a greater utility because it deals out good damage and has a decent fire rate - it balances well. The Phalanx is more devastating, but is far slower. Which you choose is up to you, but given the pistol will largely be a last resort backup for most fights, we think the all-rounder Carnifex is stronger and takes our pick for the best.
  • If you want one-shot devastation:  Try using the M-920 Cain, which is basically a nuke, or the Arc Projector. Both eat up ammunition, but can clear the screen in an instant.
  • If you want a weapon you can aim and shoot:  The Collector Particle Beam is absolutely your best option, and can be brilliant for blasting down bosses and other singular highly powerful enemies.

The Best Weapons in Mass Effect 3 - Weapon guide

Unlike the major change between ME1 and ME2, things haven't been changed up nearly as much for Mass Effect 3 - though weapons are indeed subtly different, which of course then impacts our thoughts on the  best weapons in Mass Effect 3  - though one could make the argument that the way ME3 democratizes the use of guns across all classes means that choosing the absolute best gun is less important than getting your overall load-out right.

In full, the weapon system in ME3 is mostly built off its direct predecessor, with many systems matching up to ME2. But there are also several features that appeared in the first game that make a return such as equippable weapon modes, a wider range of weapons, and the ability for any class to equip, carry and fire any weapon in the game regardless of its type. This system has been built with trade-offs in mind, however.

In Mass Effect 3, any character class can carry any type of weapon. In fact, every class can carry up to five weapons of their choice - though only one from each weapon class. The trade-off for this is that every weapon has a weight stat - and the more weight Shepard is carrying, the greater their cooldown times will be on their powerful skills, whatever they may be. The result of this is pretty natural: a soldier relies less on skills and more on firepower, so they make more sense as a class that'll carry multiple weapons. A biotic-slinging Adept has access to plenty of powerful skill-based damage output, however - so they may only want to carry a handful of weapons. There's a risk/reward system at play here, in that a strong Adept player could genuinely only carry one light weapon, such as a submachine gun, and try to otherwise fight their way through every battle with their biotic skills thanks to lightning-fast skill cooldown times. Other classes might fall somewhere in the middle. 

Weapon mods play a big role in this system, as mods can do things like power up certain weapon stats, but they can also reduce weight, thus allowing you to effectively carry more. Heavy Weapons do return, but in a more limited role: they're no longer something you equip, but you might find them out in the battlefield. You use them until ammo is depleted, then toss them aside.

That means we're left with five weapon classes - Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, Submachine Guns, and Heavy Pistols. On this page, we offer up our suggestions for the best weapons of each type for ME3 single-player  (multiplayer weapons have differing stats!) - though as ever, do just treat these as suggestions and try to come to a conclusion of your own. ME3 has more guns than ME2 by far, which makes picking just a handful difficult - but we'll do our best.

This section is a work-in-progress - more weapons and notes are to be added!

  • Cerberus Harrier:  remember the M-96 Mattock, our best assault rifle in ME2? Well, say hello to the sequel. It looks the same, but it's now fully-automatic and has less recoil. The trade off is slightly less power, and the fact that the higher rate of fire works against its low ammo count. Mods and armor can offset this negative edge, however, and the power of the gun when used right in strict bursts of fire can't be understated. It's DLC, and in Legendary Edition costs 150,000 credits from Spectre Requisitions.
  • N7 Typhoon:  now, we know - looking at this weapon, you'll likely see the weight and balk. It's the heaviest assault rifle in ME3. However, for Soldiers it is a total beast, with a crazy ammo capacity and a fire rate to help you burn through the hundreds of rounds you can carry. Its rate of fire increases the longer you fire for, and you get a damage bonus when firing for longer. It even penetrates shields well. The weight just means it isn't for every class, sadly. Tell you who it is great for, though: squad members. They don't quite play by the same rules as Shepard, and this gun is deadly in their hands. In the remaster, the Spectre Requisitions shop sells it for 150,000 credits.
  • M7-Lancer:  this is a gun that fans of the original Mass Effect may want to use; it's a rare gun in ME3 that uses the unique overheating/recharging system from the first game - meaning no worrying about ammo! It's very powerful considering its fire rate, and the advantages of not having to reload or worry about picking up ammo speak for themselves. It can be picked up during the Citadel shore leave DLC missions.
  • M-99 Saber:  for a gun of its type, the Saber has top-class stopping power, but it has a slow rate of fire to balance it out. It's technically an Assault Rifle, but it's an Assault Rifle trending towards the skill set of a sniper. It's a great weapon, but many will want to have a sidearm that can be fired more quickly when you come across fast-moving enemies. The exception to this is a Soldier, who can offset its shortcomings with Adrenaline Rush. You can pick it up during Priority: Horizon.
  • M-96 Mattock:  we mentioned it above in its modified form as the Cerberus Harrier, but if you want to get your hands on a very close equivalent for free, you can go for the M-96 Mattock - which is just as good in ME3 as it was in ME2, where it was the best weapon of its type. Slap a scope on it and it can handle pretty much any scenario. You can pick it up during the Grissom Academy Emergency Evacuation side mission.

Best Submachine Guns in ME3

  • N7 Hurricane:  the Hurricane provides pretty much everything you'd want from an SMG that'll be used in medium to close range - a reasonable weight, a blistering fire rate, and high ammo capacity. The damage and accuracy isn't bad either. Its fire rate is crazy due to the fact each bullet 'fired' actually fires two shots at once in a very minor spread. For classes where SMG might be your main weapon, the primary concern is the high recoil and the rate of fire depleting ammo - so this is not a weapon to take out on its own. It's extremely powerful in the hands of companions, however, and mods can improve it to be the best in its category. It was DLC, and in the Legendary Edition is a cheap-ish buy from the Spectre Requisitions terminal in the Citadel Embassies for 75,000 credits.
  • Blood Pack Punisher:  the punisher lives up to the gang for which it's named, with a bonus where it fires an armor-piercing round for every 8 rounds fired from the main barrel. It's a strong all-around SMG - but it has to be, because it's one of the heavier viable SMGs for high-level play. The armor piercing shots are great, and you can control if they come out at all by doing burst fire. This is a weapon that grows into its role and gets significantly better as you're able to mod it, especially to take some of the weight off or by upping the damage with a high-velocity barrel. In the remaster, buy it from Elkoss Combine Arsenal Supplies in the Presidium for 10,000 credits.
  • M-25 Hornet:  consider the Hornet as a slightly lesser version of the N7 Hurricane; while it does have unique elements, it's generally outclassed by that weapon - but some might prefer the specific setup of this gun, which has a crazy rate of fire and a solid effectiveness even at a slightly longer range - though recoil can prove challenging. It can be picked up during Priority: The Citadel II, or found in some shops. 
  • Geth Plasma SMG:  as you'd expect for a Geth plasma weapon, it has a sort of electrical power. Ultimately it functions a lot like any SMG, however, with the main differentiating gimmick being how its rate of fire speeds up the longer you hold down the trigger. It's a solid option, and works particularly well as a sidearm thanks to low weight but high power. Mods can make it need reloading less often to make it even more devastating.
  • Reegar Carbine:  a DLC weapon originally released in the Firefight Pack, this shotgun is unique because it's electrical element in nature, firing electricity instead of bullets. It has short range, but its power is ridiculous when it's used right. You won't want to carry this as your only weapon, but as a situational choice it is difficult to beat, able to tear down high-tier enemies in a heartbeat. You can even use powers while firing. Don't give this to squadmates, however - the AI really doesn't understand this gun's gimmick. In the Legendary Edition you can buy this from the Elkoss Combine Arsenal Supplies store in the Citadel Presidium for 10,000 credits.
  • Venom Shotgun:  the Venom can fire uncharged or charged shots - but really this is less like a shotgun than it is a low-end grenade launcher. The uncharged version shoots a single round, while the charged shots fires a cluster round that explodes into five smaller rounds when it hits its target. The main drawback of the Venom is how heavy it is, but with mods it can become much more viable - and we really can't overstate just how incredible the damage output of this shotgun is. In the original game it's DLC from the Groundside Resistance pack, while in Legendary Edition you can buy it from Aegohr Munitions on the Citadel for 7000 credits.
  • M-11 Wraith:  if you want a more traditional shotgun over the two above, which admittedly have gimmicks, the Wraith is the one. It's a quintessential shotgun, with low accuracy and stupid-high damage - but it'll need to be reloaded often. Despite this, it reloads quite quickly. It's also light for a shotgun of its abilities. It can be purchased from the Spectre Requisitions store for 250,000 credits.
  • N7 Piranha:  this shotgun is great if you want all that boomstick power but you don't want to wrestle with recoil - low recoil is present here, but noy in exchange for power. You'll still need to get into close range, but this gun also lets you be reactive as it's very comfortable to fire from the hip. It's a great gun by default, but can really be elevated to top-tier with some mods. It was DLC, and in the Legendary Edition can be bought from the Spectre Requisitions terminal for 125,000 credits.
  • M-90 Indra:  the Indra is unique in that it's the only sniper rilfe in ME3 that can be fired as a fully automatic weapon - but the trade-off is a basement bottom damage per shot. It all balances out, though, as the huge ammo capacity and sheer rate of fire makes up for it. If you're not that comfortable with one-shot, one-kill action, it's a great Sniper Rifle option that basically can function like a slightly high-end, longer-range assault rifle. Indeed, if you don't aim down the scope, it feels a lot like an AR. It's a great option for people who want to do a more aggressive Infiltrator build, too. It's DLC, and in Legendary Edition is found at Kassa Fabrication in the Presidium for 10,000 Credits.
  • Black Widow:  this is a Spectre Requisitions rifle, following on from the finest tradition of the Spectre arms in ME1... and it's a direct sequel to the M-98 Widow, ME2's best sniper rifle. It's highly accurate, very powerful, and has a 3-shot magazine compared to its predecessor's one. It's the ultimate one-hit-kill sniper. The biggest drawback its its weight, relatively hefty recoil, and its price -  whopping 250,000 Credits from the Spectre Requisitions store.
  • N7 Valiant:  another highly expensive rifle, this was originally a collector's edition bonus. It doesn't deal as much damage as the Black Widow, but retains the accuracy and has way less recoil, making it much more comfortable for players who struggle against recoil. It can be had from the Spectre Requisitions store in the Citadel Embassies for 250,000 credits in the remaster.
  • AT-12 Raider:  this shotgun can only be grabbed in the Leviathan DLC quest. It's got a rate of fire that outstrips any other shotgun in the game - and it does this despite keeping a very high damage rating. It only holds two shots, however - so you'll be reloading often, and having to get in very close to offset a scattershot accuracy.
  • M-11 Suppressor:  this is arguably the best Heavy Pistol in the game, featuring high damage, high fire rate, and a massive damage boost whenever you naila headshot. If you mod a scope onto it you can seriously almost use it as a low-end sniper rifle in a pinch. Unfortunately, it's tied to the Citadel DLC - you gain it on the Citadel Wards: Ambush section of that mission. On our ME3 Mission Order we don't recommend you do that until you get into the late part of the game, just because Citadel is better saved until the end - but you could break that order and complete the non-party section of the mission earlier if you want.
  • M-358 Talon:  this is the weapon that Cerberus Guardians use, and it's a high-power, spread-based pistol... like a mini-shotgun. That makes this a deeply situational pistol - this is only one for classes that want to get up-close and personal with the enemy. It's also worth noting that the weight of this is high for a pistol, and should be addressed with mods as early as you can. You can pick it up during Priority: The Citadel II. 
  • Arc Pistol:  the clue to what makes this pistol special is in the name - it's a hand-held version of the Arc Projector heavy weapon from ME2. You can either charge up a high-energy shot or fire it quickly for less damage - though charged shots use multiple rounds at once. Despite the fact that the arc shots don't jump from one enemy to another, it's still excellent thanks to great damage, accuracy, rate of fire, and a lot of ammo for this weapon type. 
  • Acolyte:  what do you want from a handgun? If the answer is a staple of your offense rather than just a backup, the Acolyte is an option - it's more than a backup thanks to how it launches grenade-like projectiles that you can even bounce off walls and around corners. It's incredible against shields and biotic barriers, so you can use it to tear down shields and then flip over to a shotgun, AR, or SMG to finish enemies off. The low ammo capacity also supports this use. It was DLC in the original game, and in the remaster is sold by Nos Astra Sporting Goods in the Presidium for 10,000 credits.

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Spectre Requisitions  is a Store  in  Mass Effect 3 . Spectre Requisitions   can be found in Citadel Embassies  and sells a variety of goods to Commander Shepard . Visiting  Stores  in Mass Effect 3 , is a good way to prepare for an upcoming Mission , acquiring Armor  or Weapon Mods  that can help you turn the tide of battle.

Spectre Requisitions Information

Spectre Requisitions  can be found inside the Spectre office in the Citadel Embassies

Spectre Requisitions Inventory

The following Items can be bought from Spectre Requisitions

Notes and tips

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mass effect spectre shop

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Shopping and Store Guide

This page of IGN's Mass Effect 3 wiki guide is all about shopping and the various stores available in the game. This includes their full stock and prices, including items only available via DLC and in the Legendary Edition, as well as tips for how to make the most of your shopping experience.

Shopping Tips

Your instinct may be to just purchase everything as soon as you see them, but there are several tips you can utilize to help save your money.

  • Credits are a finite resource . Like in Mass Effect 2 , Credits are only awarded for completing Missions and for finding specific items in the levels (which can be missed). Therefore, it isn't actually possible to buy everything from the stores in a single playthrough, so buy what you need/want the most FIRST.
  • Use the Citadel DLC for unlimited credits . The Citadel DLC includes the Armax Arsenal Arena , which allows you to convert your medals into Credits. You can compete in the Arena after completing Citadel 's main Shore Leave storyline, available after Priority: The Citadel 2 . To make Credits earning easier, set the difficulty to Narrative and use as many Bonus Modifiers as possible to make it easier to earn Gold Medals.
  • Unlock the store discounts . In the base version of Mass Effect 3, you can find a piece of Intel in the Kallini: Ardat-Yakshi Monastary Mission (unlocked after Priority: The Citadel 2 ) that unlocks a 5% Discount. If you have the From Ashes DLC, you can find a second that adds 5% more, for a total of 10%. It's a good idea to save buying anything until you get the full discount to make the most of your Credits.
  • Never buy anything via the Procurement Interface . The Procurement Interface may be convenient, however the 10% markup does add up over time and you want to spend as wisely as possible. It's always a better idea to go to the Citadel 's stores directly instead.
  • Check updated stock via the Procurement Interface . One incredibly handy feature of the Procurement Interface is that it allows you to check the stock of every storefront in the game via a menu in the Cargo Bay. This is FAR more convenient than traveling all the way back to the Citadel and running to each individual store .
  • Complete Side Missions . As noted above, Credits are rewarded for completing Missions . This includes Side Missions , which typically give 12,500 Credits, with at least double that for finding Credits as in-level loot, making them well worth your while (on top of things like earning War Assets and finding Mods and Weapons ).
  • Pick up everything during Missions . While weapons will be able to be bought from a store if you missed them during a Mission, missed mods are not, meaning that if you miss them they're gone forever! Searching levels will also lead you to items that give you Credits, allowing you to double your total earnings in a level (between the Found Credits and Credits awarded for completing the Mission).
  • Stores never carry the same mod twice . When you buy the first version of a mod at a store, you can get a second one from a different store, usually unlocked later in the game. In the tables below, the first version of a mod is labeled "A" and the second version is "B".

Store Update Graph

This graph is intended to help identify when in the game each store's stock will update. Stores will have new stock every so often after certain Missions, rather than have everything available at once. That said, this graph does NOT take into account missed weapons or quest items.

Complete Mass Effect 3 Store Stock

  • The stores below are listed in their order in the Procurement Interface.
  • If you miss a Weapon or an item required for a quest, they'll be available to buy in a store. Obviously, it's best to pick them up in the level, since that won't cost you anything.
  • As mentioned above, when you buy a weapon mod in one store, a second version is unlocked at a different store. Finding a weapon mod in a level bumps up the rank of the mod in the store, so rather than labeling the mods as "II" and "III", we instead use "A" and "B". If the "B" version of a mod isn't available in a store yet, you need to buy the "A" version first!

Nos Astra Sporting Goods

Batarian state arms, kanala exports, sirta supplies.

The selection of your Virmire Survivor Gifts will vary depending on who your Survivor is. If it's Kaidan Alenko , you'll only have the TM-88 Peruvian Whisky. If it's Ashley Williams , it's everything except the Whisky; the best one to get is The Collected Alfred Tennyson since that's what her grandfather enjoyed and she recites.

Kassa Fabrication

Aegohr munitions, spectre requisitions.

The Black Widow , Wraith and Paladin have reduced base prices in the Legendary Edition compared to the original release. To cover both versions, their prices will be listed as [Original] / [Legendary].

Cipritine Armory

Elkoss combine arsenal supplies, up next: aegohr munitions, top guide sections.

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Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect Wiki

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Merchants Guide

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Shopping plays a part in Mass Effect , Mass Effect 2 , Mass Effect 3 , and Mass Effect: Andromeda . Knowing both shopping locations and who operates them will assist you in completing the game by either selling or buying weapons , armor , and upgrades necessary to complete your missions, or clear up your inventory. Each game is different in what shops and merchants do, and what products are offered.

  • 1.1 Merchant Locations
  • 1.2 Stock Changes
  • 1.3 Pinnacle Station: Convoy
  • 2.1 Merchant Locations
  • 2.2 Discounts
  • 2.3 Obtaining Credits
  • 3.1 Merchant Locations
  • 4.1 Overview
  • 4.2 Merchants
  • 4.3 Merchant Notes

Mass Effect [ ]

In Mass Effect , there are various merchants that buy and sell various weapons, armor, upgrades, and licenses that give your squad more firepower and allow you to survive better in combat. Since you can only carry up to 150 items (300 items in Mass Effect Legendary Edition ) in your inventory at a time, you need to make sure that you are selling it off to these people at regular intervals. If you have access to Dr. Chloe Michel and complete the Citadel: Doctor Michel assignment, she will provide you with significantly better sales prices – up to 100% of the standard price – for any item. Merchants also feature a "Buyback" system where you can buy back any items you have sold, allowing up to the last 20 items you have sold to be bought back. Also check in with them often to see what new equipment they have; some specific details on when their stocks reset are detailed below.

Discounts: Discounts for purchases as well as bonus profits from selling items back to vendors can be obtained and increased from higher ranks of the Charm and Intimidate talents .

Legendary Edition: There is a faint outline of a trash bin under the name of each item in the Sell menu. Selecting one or more of these will cause all marked items to be sold at once using the "Sell All Junk" button at the bottom of the list.

Merchant Locations [ ]

This list includes all vendors, their general zone and specific location therein, and finally any notable items in their stocks, some of which may not be available at certain time of the game as the story and plot progress. Capacity upgrades for medi-gel and grenades are not included, and are instead listed here .

Stock Changes [ ]

Merchants generate items when their inventory is accessed, if this is the first access or Shepard's level has increased. Their inventory is saved into your file for future visits. If a merchant has different types of inventory in the conversation wheel, each branch is a separate inventory. Merchants have a set amount of Inventory space, so some older stock may be removed to make room for new items. (The only significant exception is that Dr. Chloe Michel only generates items the first time her inventory is accessed.)

A side effect of this behavior is that once Shepard hits L60, a merchant's inventory can only be accessed once before it is set for the remainder of the playthrough. However, this behavior can also be exploited. Save before talking to a merchant, see if they have a desired item, and then reload if they don't. Each reload will allow for new item generation since it doesn't occur until their inventory is accessed.

Using the exploit is particularly useful if you're searching for the more elusive or higher level items—particularly armor —such as those manufactured by the Geth Armory or Kassa Fabrication . Each merchant has their own rules for what manufacturers and types of items they'll stock and how often, so some merchants are better than others for finding particular items and it may take many reloads to obtain a rare one. Morlan and Opold stock a specific section of alien armor, whereas the C-Sec Requisitions Officer and the Normandy Requisitions Officer have general stock and are more likely to have human gear.

Pinnacle Station: Convoy [ ]

The Pinnacle Station DLC introduces a trio of merchant vessels that essentially sell items from three randomized pools for specific amounts of credits. Early game they are invaluable for obtaining cheap high-level gear early, and late game when you're swimming in items and credits they can function as a money sink while still allowing for the chance to obtain more useful items, especially after being locked out of the Citadel.

Normal merchants have a limited number of times they can restock before their inventories become permanently set for the rest of the game. The convoy system lets you reroll as many times as you need, the only limits being your credit reserves and patience.

The system is only available in the original version of Mass Effect, and not available along with the entire DLC in Legendary Edition.

Mass Effect 2 [ ]

In Mass Effect 2, merchants and shops change from Mass Effect. One can no longer sell components and the merchandise changes. Instead of offering new weapons and armor, merchants now offer armor components for Shepard's N7 Armor , and upgrades for the squad 's weapons. These can be purchased by using credits which are earned by completing Missions and Assignments . In addition, now that purchasing is completely automated, using terminals at each shop, talking to the merchants that operate the shops can get you a discount.

Discounts [ ]

All of the shops in Mass Effect 2 offer a way to get a discount, but getting it can involve anything from completing a quick dialogue option, to completing a mission. Each shop is different and each has a different method of getting a discount.

  • On Omega, a discount at two stores can also be obtained by completing a small assignment.
  • Note: Baria Frontiers and Zakera Cafe don’t have discount options, but you will spend only 2,000 credits and 510 credits respectively for all of their merchandise.
  • The shops on Tuchanka require completing a mission or completing a small mini-game.

The discount is worth taking advantage of as you will save a significant amount of credits over the course of the game. The discounts aren’t that hard to get, and they are worth doing.

Obtaining Credits [ ]

Getting credits in Mass Effect 2 is a bit different than in Mass Effect, where credits are earned by selling merchandise, killing enemies, or picking them out of crates. Credits in Mass Effect 2 can only be picked up on Assignments and Missions through Bypass and Hacking , and they are earned by completing Assignments and Missions. Credits are more difficult to obtain, so you might need to watch what you buy as you may have to wait a bit to get a particular upgrade or armor component.

In addition to using credits to purchase items from stores, credits are also used for mining by purchasing fuel and probes . Fuel and probes are small expenditures compared to some items in stores, but over time, they do add up. Mining is also essential in Mass Effect 2 because you can also pickup research items on missions, and from squadmates while talking to them aboard the Normandy SR-2 . You do need resources to get every upgrade and you need to mine to get all of the resources you need to research everything. So you also need to watch how many credits you are spending on mining as well, as it may prevent you from buying all of the items from the stores.

Mass Effect 3 [ ]

In Mass Effect 3, shops operate only through terminals — merchants no longer play a part in transactions. Weapon Mods , armor , fish , and model ships can be purchased in stores. Weapons and Galaxy at War mission items that were missed during missions can also be purchased. Credits are earned by completing missions, finding datapads while on missions, and searching the galaxy . Discounts can be obtained through intel found by exploring the galaxy.

Legendary Edition: Any shops or inventory that is DLC -only in the original game is included by default.

Mass Effect: Andromeda [ ]

Overview [ ].

Mass Effect: Andromeda allows the purchase and sale of a wide variety of items:

  • Consumables
  • ND1 Nomad - Upgrades and paint jobs
  • Tech Materials
  • Bio Materials
  • Augmentations
  • Special Items

All merchants:

  • will purchase whatever Ryder is willing to sell, regardless of their default goods.
  • have an unlimited credit supply. However, not all merchants pay the same price for the same goods.

MEA Merchant Map Icon

Commerce cryo pod perks that affect buying and selling of goods include:

  • Grey Market Connections
  • Grey Market Connections II
  • Market Dominance
  • Supply Lines

Merchants [ ]

The table below lists all of the merchants in Mass Effect: Andromeda and the goods categories that they provide.

Merchant Notes [ ]

  • Annea sells goods for 25% more than other merchants and buys goods for double what other merchants will pay.
  • Depending upon Ryder's decision during the mission Water Supply , Annea may be replaced with an Initiative Merchant. The Merchant only buys and sells goods for standard rates and doesn't follow Annea's rates.
  • Black Market Dealer on Kadara sometimes has different good types other than what is shown in the table.
  • Thrasia sells goods for 10% less and pays 15% more after the completion of A Packaged Deal .


  • Purchased tickets and Winning Tickets will only display while speaking to one of the fighting pit Managers AND only in the "All Items" inventory screen (not the Special Items section).
  • Team Ryncol Manager and Blood Threshers Manager will buy all weapons, weapon mods, armor, consumables, materials, and augmentations for full price.
  • Team Ryncol Manager and Blood Threshers Manager buy salvage items for five times the base rate.
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Mass Effect 1: How To Get The Best Armor And Weapons

There are a lot of great weapons and armors in the original Mass Effect. Here's how you can get your hands on both.

In many action games, the "best" gear is a matter of opinion. One might think that Mass Effect Legendary Edition would also fall into that model. After all, there are assault rifles with different bursts, shotguns with different spreads, and sniper rifles with different rounds. That much variety might make gamers think that it's all a matter of opinion on which gear is the best.

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But that's not the case. In fact, the best armor and weapons in the game are hidden behind an undisclosed wall, likely because they would completely break the game in earlier missions. Even on Insanity settings in Mass Effect Legendary Edition , Shepard has the damage output and toughness to take on a reaper one-on-one. That sounds like an exaggeration, but players who have unlocked this armory would disagree.

Updated on January 6th, 2022 by Hodey Johns: In no piece of the trilogy is superior equipment more necessary than the very first Mass Effect. Upgraded gear matters in the second two games, no doubt, but there can be moments that feel plain impossible with secondary gear in the first game. The effects of better gear are immediately apparent, knocking enemies out of commission with a single strike and turning squadmates into ruthless hunters that can win without Shepard needing to fire a shot. The original article remains intact here, but a section has been added at the end detailing exactly what the best pieces in the game are.

Getting To Level 30/60

Those who remember the initial release of Mass Effect are familiar with an old and terrible reality; players had to do multiple playthroughs and unlock tons of achievements to get to the maximum level (60).

The Legendary Edition has changed everything, including the maximum level (30) for players who choose the new experience metric. Under either system, the goal is to get to the top level for the gear to be at its best. The gear is expensive and replacing it at every level is inadvisable. Buy it at level X and then never replace it again.

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In order to get the gear, players will need to knock out almost every mission available until Virmire . This means visiting every planet, looting every resource, and emptying out the journal. There is a complete list of every map for players who are determined to get to the maximum level. And don't forget that Thresher Maws and extra resources give experience points !

Unlocking Spectre Gear

So now that all gear is at maximum level, it's time to find the best kind of gear. With all due respect to the Elkoss Combine and Kassa Fabrication, nobody makes gear as well as the Spectre - Master Gear.

This top-secret gear is not available until after defeating Virmire. This is a tough blow to fans of the original game, who could access the gear by getting the "Rich" achievement. With that trophy no longer in the game, it appears that the developers hid it behind a certain point in the game and that point is Virmire.

Thankfully, the easiest way to buy the gear is to get it from the Alliance Requisitions Officer onboard the Normandy . It can also be purchased from the C-Sec quartermaster back on the Citadel for those who are out that way.

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Even though the gear is labeled "Spectre," the gear is wearable and equippable for all of the squadmates , even non-Spectres. Definitely buy three complete outfits: one for Shepard and two for the teammates that will come along during the final battle.

Best Weapons

Although there are different styles of weapons like semi-automatic and single-shot assault rifles, the statistics alone make these weapons impossible to pass up on. While using a bad gun might not be listed as an official decision that leads to a good or bad ending , not being able to beat the game isn't an ending at all.

Best Omni-Tool & Biotic Amp

Tali can have her best moments with an Omni-Tool like the one listed here. For the biotic-sensitive characters out there, they'll practically fly through their abilities when using the Spectre - Master Gear.

Unlike the other gear in the game, armor doesn't have associated Spectre - Master Gear. As a result, the opinions will vary somewhat for many. However, few can deny that damage protection makes a huge difference as it helps players shrug off all but the heaviest of arms fire.

As a result, most players are best suited to wearing Colossus X armor. Humans and krogans can wear the heavy variety but turians and quarians can also equip the same armor at a lighter tier, meaning the whole crew should ideally don the same Colossus X armor.

MORE: Obscure Science Fiction References in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition


Moscow Drone Strikes a Psychological Blow, Russian Nationalists Say

The Kremlin says the Defense Ministry responded well to the attack, but critics argue that the assault shows a lack of leadership from a government that promised only a “special military operation” in Ukraine.

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Three police officers stand next to a patrol car.

By Anatoly Kurmanaev

  • May 30, 2023

Russian nationalist commentators said Tuesday that the first mass drone attack to strike Moscow highlights the government’s inability to prepare the population for a prolonged conflict that is steadily crossing the nation’s borders.

The flurry of drones that targeted the Russian capital on Tuesday morning caused minimal damage, shattering some windows in three residential buildings and lightly injuring two residents, according to local officials. The attack’s biggest impact, however, is likely to be psychological, forcing Muscovites to confront the reality of Russia’s war in Ukraine, which many have worked hard to block from their daily lives.

“If the goal was to stress the population, then the very fact that drones have appeared in the skies over Moscow has contributed to that,” wrote Mikhail Zvinchuk , a pro-war Russian military blogger who posts under the moniker Rybar and has more than a million followers on the Telegram messaging app.

The head of the country’s Wagner paramilitary group, Yevgeny V. Prigozhin, said the attack highlighted Russia’s technological lag in drone warfare, which he has previously said is shaping the conflict in Ukraine. He also used it to step up his attacks on Russian defense officials, whom he has long accused of incompetence.

“What should common people do when explosives-laden drones are crashing into their windows?” he said in an audio message posted on Telegram on Tuesday after the Moscow attack. Using at least six different expletives to describe Russian defense officials, he added: “The people have full right to ask them these questions.”

The fact that some of the drones crashed in upscale neighborhoods gave particular resonance to Mr. Prigozhin’s broadside. “Let your homes burn,” he said, referring to military and political elites.

Pro-Kremlin propagandists tried to portray the muted public response to the drone strike as a show of Muscovites’ grit, and as being merely the latest in a long history of attacks suffered in the Russian capital throughout its history. Commentators, including Andrei Medvedev , a state media journalist and local Moscow lawmaker, argued that previous attacks have ended with Russian victories.

President Vladimir V. Putin briefly commented on Tuesday’s drone attack, telling a reporter that Russia’s air defenses had proved adequate. “We have stuff to do,” he said in a video clip published by state news media. “We know what needs to be done.”

The Kremlin’s spokesman said only that the Defense Ministry had “acted well” in responding to the attack, declining to comment further in his daily call with reporters on Tuesday. Russian officials mimicked the Kremlin’s line, with a governing party lawmaker, Andrei Gurulev, saying that Muscovites were more likely to get hit by an electric scooter than a drone in the city center.

The muted response added to a sense of what the Russian government’s critics on the right have called a leadership vacuum after increasingly brazen attacks on Russian territory . Mr. Putin, for example, did not comment on last week’s raid on the Belgorod region, which led to at least two days of heavy fighting .

“The strength of the psychological blow caused by the drone attack on Moscow is not in the scale of destruction, but in the fact that the nation’s leadership has promised us not a war, but a special military operation,” wrote Igor Girkin , a former paramilitary leader who had long called for an escalation of the war in Ukraine.

“Instead of an honest conversation with a nation, we get blurry consolations about Napoleon’s conquest of Moscow: Don’t worry, everything is going to plan,” he wrote on Telegram on Tuesday. “What is the real plan then?”

Tatiana Stanovaya, a Russian political scientist based in Paris, said that a lack of wartime leadership was becoming increasingly glaring. “Everything is built on his often voiced idea of a ‘patient nation’ that understands everything and will endure anything,” she wrote on Telegram on Tuesday, referring to Mr. Putin. “Let’s see.”

Anatoly Kurmanaev is a foreign correspondent covering Russia’s transformation after its invasion of Ukraine. More about Anatoly Kurmanaev

Our Coverage of the War in Ukraine

News and Analysis

The United States has accused North Korea of providing Russia with ballistic missiles that Moscow has begun to fire on targets in Ukraine .

Evidence is growing that Kyiv’s forces have lost control of the town of the eastern frontline town of Marinka . The capture would be Russia’s most significant territorial advance in Ukraine in months.

As conventional forces struggle to break through defensive lines, both Ukraine and Russia are increasingly turning to guerrilla tactics , including sabotage, commando raids and targeted assassinations.

Shunning TV News: A Ukrainian government-approved news program intended to counter Russian disinformation and boost morale is being criticized for painting a rosy picture of the war .

Staying Put: As millions fled Ukraine after Russia invaded, some foreigners made the unlikely decision to remain , among them students determined to finish their education and others who now consider the country home.

Cashing In: Trade between China and Russia topped $200 billion in 2023, reflecting closer ties between the two economies since the war began .

A Boycott Turned Bonanza: Putin has turned the departures of Western companies into an enrichment scheme for his government, Russian elites and the Kremlin’s war effort .

How We Verify Our Reporting

Our team of visual journalists analyzes satellite images, photographs , videos and radio transmissions  to independently confirm troop movements and other details.

We monitor and authenticate reports on social media, corroborating these with eyewitness accounts and interviews. Read more about our reporting efforts .

Human rights abuses are happening right now – start a monthly gift today.

  • Videos & Photos
  • Take Action

Russia police metro

The “Moscow Case”: What You Need to Know

Arrests, Criminal Prosecutions for Peaceful Protests

In mid-July 2019, peaceful protests began in Moscow, triggered by the exclusion of independent candidates from the September 8 city legislature elections. Authorities responded with brute force, in many cases violently confronting the peaceful protesters. In July-November, 24 people were arrested on charges of “mass rioting” and/or assaulting police. The mass rioting charges are groundless: video footage of the events leading up to these arrests show police breaking up peaceful marches and assemblies.

Despite the fact that most of the police assault charges ranged from excessive to groundless, some of the accused have already been sentenced to several years of prison. Even in those cases where protesters may have committed an infraction, the sentences in these instances have been excessive.

Jump to Selected Case Summaries Jump to Full List

Video footage reviewed by Human Rights Watch shows that many of the accused did not engage in any aggressive behavior. Some threw empty plastic bottles or attempted to stop police officers from beating peaceful protesters. One man pulled a police officer’s arm from a protester and another tried to touch an officer’s visor.

Two men’s behavior was more serious: in one case, a man threw a metal trash can at a police officer, and in another, a man sprayed a chemical substance in the direction of officers. But even in these cases, the evidence doesn’t support the charges and no officers were injured.

Sustained, public campaigns contributed to the nearly unprecedented releases of Pavel Ustinov and Alexei Minyailo. Famous theater personalities, A-list pop-stars, and other prominent figures, including those who never showed anything but loyalty toward the Kremlin, spoke up in defense  of Pavel Ustinov and called for his release. A group of Russian Orthodox priests were among the many people who campaigned on behalf of Minyailo. Following this, a court dropped the case against him and freed him. These developments inspired hope for the others jailed on politically motivated charges. However, in October law enforcement authorities arrested five more men as part of the Moscow case and charged them with police assault.

One activist, Konstantin Kotov, received a four-year prison sentence for “repeated” participation in unsanctioned public gatherings. Despite vigorous public campaigning on his behalf, he is still in jail pending appeal. Criminal prosecution for serial assembly violations was enabled by draconian legislation adopted in 2014 .

Six of the unregistered candidates received repeated administrative charges and temporary arrest sentences for violating regulations on mass gatherings, leaving them at risk of criminal prosecution, similarly to Kotov.

Courts issued warnings to two couples who brought their children to the protests, after the prosecutor’s office sought to have them stripped of their parental rights. Also, one man received five years’ imprisonment for a provocative tweet suggesting that law enforcement officers’ children could become the target of reprisals.

Criminally prosecuting people merely for exercising the right to peaceful assembly, including “repeated” participation in or organization of public gatherings, violates Russia’s international human rights law obligations to guarantee the right to freedom of assembly.

Criminal charges for interfering with police arrests and assaulting police officers are not improper, but the circumstances of many of the cases reviewed by Human Rights Watch—limited or no contact with police, negligible harm, and in some instances accounts by police that are exaggerated or possibly untruthful—strongly suggest the purpose of these charges was to discourage the legitimate exercise of the right to peaceful protest.

When criminal charges are appropriate, the sanctions sought and imposed should be proportionate to the offense. All the sentences imposed in the cases reviewed by Human Rights Watch appear excessive.

Selected Case Summaries

danil beglets .

Convicted of police assault over grabbing an officer’s arm (originally also charged with participation in mass-rioting) More »

Kirill Zhukov

Convicted of police assault over attempting to lift the visor of an officer’s helmet (originally also charged with participation in mass-rioting) More »

Pavel Ustinov

Convicted on charges of assaulting and inflicting medium damage to the health of a police officer (the officer claimed he dislocated his shoulder while detaining Ustinov) More »

Pavel Ustinov

Evgeny Kovalenko

Convicted of police assault on allegations of pushing an officer and throwing a trash can at a police officer (originally charged with participation in mass-rioting) More »

Evgeny Kovalenko

Evgeny Kovalenko (born 1971) is a railroad station security guard from Moscow region. On September 4, Moscow’s Meshchansky District Court found him guilty of assaulting a police officer (Article 318 part 1 of Russia’s Criminal Code : “use of violence against an official constituting no risk to either life or health”) and sentenced him to three years and five months in a medium-security corrections facility. The charges stemmed from allegations that on July 27, Kovalenko pushed a police officer and threw a metal trash bin at another. Both officers alleged that his actions caused them physical pain. In court, Kovalenko said that at around 6 p.m., on the corner of Rozhdestvenkaya Street and Theater Drive, he saw police officers using excessive force against peaceful protesters, including using batons to hit people already tackled to the ground. While not denying that he pushed one of the officers to prevent him from hitting a protester, Kovalenko did not admit to aiming at and hitting the other officer with the bin. Video footage available shows a man throwing a bin toward an officer. It also shows use of excessive force by police against protesters.

Ivan Podkopaev

Convicted of police assault over pepper spraying two police officers (originally also charged with participation in mass-rioting) More »

Ivan Podkopaev

Ivan Podkopaev (born 1993) lives in Moscow and works in a library as a technician. On September 3 the Tverskoi District Court in Moscow found Podkopaev guilty of assaulting a police officer (Article 318 part 1 of Russia’s Criminal Code : “use of violence against an official constituting no risk to either life or health”) and sentenced him to three years in a medium-security corrections facility. The charges stemmed from allegations that on July 27 at around 2:30 p.m., Podkopaev sprayed pepper spray towards Russian Guard officers on Tversakaya Street. Podkopaev said he did this after he saw police allegedly using a metal police barricade to “squash people, including women and the elderly.” Video footage released to the media by Russian investigative authorities shows police and Russian Guard officers with metal police barricades advancing on the crowd and a man with his face covered up spraying a chemical substance. Podkopaev did not deny the allegations and expressed contrition.

Update: On appeal, on October 9, 2019, the Moscow City Court reduced the sentence to two years.

Konstantin Kotov

Convicted on charges of repeated violations of regulations on public gatherings More »

Konstantin Kotov

Sentenced for repeated violations of regulations on public gatherings.

Of all the protest activists who were criminally charged in August, only 34-year-old Konstantin Kotov, a software engineer from Moscow, was accused not of specific actions at the protests but rather of "repeated violations of regulations on public gatherings" under Article 212.1 of the Russian Criminal Code. The charges against Kotov stemmed from the fact that during a six-month period, he took part in three protests in support of political and rights issues, called in a Facebook post in July for people to join a protest against the exclusion of opposition candidates from the Moscow legislature elections, and took part in an election-related protest in August. The investigation into Kotov's case was completed and the case was moved to trial in less than a week. Such swiftness is unprecedented compared to the regular timeframe of criminal investigations and trials in Russia. On September 5, the Tverskoi District Court in Moscow sentenced Kotov to four years in a medium-security corrections facility. Before Kotov’s sentencing, only one person in Russia had been convicted and served time serial involvement in unsanctioned protests. Prosecutions for such serial assembly violations was enabled by draconian legislation adopted in 2014 .

Update: On appeal, on October 14, 2019, the Moscow City Court upheld the sentence.

Update: Sentence reduced by Moscow City Court to 1 year and 5 months on second appeal on Apr 20th.

Yegor Zhukov

Convicted of extremist calls over criticizing the government in YouTube videos (originally accused of mass-rioting , changed on Sept 3rd) More »

Yegor Zhukov

Convicted of extremist calls over criticizing the government in youtube videos.

Yegor Zhukov, 21, studies political science at one of Russia’s leading universities, the Higher School of Economics. He is also a political vlogger , with more than 148,000 followers. Zhukov was arrested on August 2 on charges of mass rioting, which stemmed from allegations that during the July 27 unsanctioned protest he supposedly organized a large group of young people into ranks and led them to block police officers on the corner of Tverskaya Street and Kamergersky Lane. Moscow students organized a vigorous campaign for Zhukov’s release, which was also supported by some academics and high-profile journalists. When the authorities asked a court to put Zhukov in pre-trial custody, the investigation presented video footage from the site showing a young man whose face was not discernable organizing protesters. On August 30, Novaya Gazeta , a prominent Russian independent newspaper, published their video footage, in which the man’s face is clearly visible and bears no resemblance to Zhukov. On September 3, authorities dropped the mass-rioting charges against Zhukov, but charged him with making extremist calls online over several videos he recorded and published in his vlog in 2017. The investigation alleged that he “decided to engage an unlimited circle of people in his extremist activities, aimed at destabilizing the social-political situation in the Russian Federation.” Notably, the videos, which expressed Zhukov’s dissatisfaction with the current situation in Russia and its government, included no calls for violent actions. On the same day, a court released him from jail and transferred him to house arrest pending trial on the new charges. An active campaign in his support is ongoing. His trial began on December 3. The prosecutor asked for four years’ imprisonment. On Dec 6th, sentenced to three years’ suspended imprisonment with three years’ probation period and two years’ ban from administering websites.

Alexei Minyailo

Charged with participation in mass riots More »

Alexei Minyailo

Charged with mass rioting.

Alexey Minyailo (born 1985) is a developer of educational games for children in orphanages and a pro-democracy activist who volunteered at the headquarters of one of the unregistered candidates, Lyubov Sobol. Starting mid-July, Minyailo was involved in the election-related protest activity—both at street gatherings and on social media. On July 27, he spent the day at Khamovniki District Court in Moscow, where police had delivered Sobol in an apparent attempt to prevent her from taking part in the protest taking place that day. In the evening, Minyailo headed to Trubnaya Square, one of the venues for the unsanctioned protest, but detained him just as he was approaching the site. Minyailo spent two days in custody and was charged with participation in an unsanctioned gathering that interfered with traffic and the movement of pedestrians. On August 1, at around 4 a.m., law enforcement officers searched his house as part of an investigation into alleged mass rioting on July 27 and arrested him on charges of participation in mass rioting. On September 26, following a wave of public support—including support from 182 priests from the Russian Orthodox Church —a judge with the Basmanny District Court ordered his release because the evidence against him did not include any information about “organizing mass disorders accompanied by violence or destruction of property.”

Sergey Fomin

Charged with mass-rioting over “directing” protesters More »

Sergey Fomin

Sergey Fomin (born 1983) was a volunteer at the headquarters of one of the unregistered candidates, Lyubov Sobol. He took part in several unsanctioned protest gatherings—including one held on July 27—after opposition candidates were excluded from the ballot for city legislature elections. On July 31 at 4 a.m., police in Moscow searched the apartment where he lives with his parents. They then took him to the Investigative Committee, Russia’s chief criminal investigative agency, to interrogate as a witness into alleged mass rioting on July 27. Fomin refused to answer the investigator’s questions and was released pending further investigative activities. He left Moscow for a week. According to Fomin , when he returned to the city on August 8, he found out that as of August 5 he was wanted on charges of participation in mass rioting and that governmental-controlled media was portraying him as an organizer of mass riots. He turned himself in at the Zamoskvorechye District Police Department in Moscow on the same day. The next day, a court ruled to transfer him to a pre-trial detention facility. On September 3, another court ruled to transfer Fomin’s to house arrest. Charges dropped on Dec 6th.

The tables below provide detailed information on the status, charges, and any court rulings.

Persons Arrested on Charges of Mass-Rioting or Police Assault in Connection with the Moscow Protests

Activist convicted on charges of repeated violations of regulations on public gatherings, person convicted on charges of incitement of hatred, unregistered candidates who served consecutive and arbitrary administrative arrest sentences in retaliation for their protest activity, your tax deductible gift can help stop human rights violations and save lives around the world..

  • Europe/Central Asia

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Human rights watch’s role in conflict and crisis.

A woman looks out onto the street with her daughter inside a center for internally displace people in Abiy Adi, Tigray, Ethiopia, August 14, 2023. 

Kyrgyzstan: Activist Held for Opposing Flag Change

Aftandil Jorobekov.

Abused by Relatives, Ignored by the State

Domestic Violence Against and Neglect of Women and Girls with Disabilities in Kyrgyzstan


“Tanks on the Playground”

Attacks on Schools and Military Use of Schools in Ukraine

The destroyed playground of a kindergarten

Protecting Rights, Saving Lives

Human Rights Watch defends the rights of people in close to 100 countries worldwide, spotlighting abuses and bringing perpetrators to justice

Get updates on human rights issues from around the globe. Join our movement today.

Every weekday, get the world’s top human rights news, explored and explained by Andrew Stroehlein.

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A guide to the very best shopping in Moscow

Sep 17, 2019 • 5 min read

mass effect spectre shop

While shopping in GUM department store be sure to check out its famous glass roof © Popova Valeriya / Shutterstock

Shopping in Moscow can be quite a daunting experience – you can walk for miles without finding anything but mass-market brands and overpriced boutiques. But, if you do it right, it can also be quite fun. Here are our top tips on how to get the most out of your shopping trip in Moscow.

An interior view of a wide open mall, with a domed glass roof above.

Shopping malls 

There are many shopping malls all around Moscow, but there three that double as bona fide tourist attractions: GUM, TsUM and Detsky Mir, all within walking distance from each other. GUM is one of the oldest department stores in the country. It’s famous for the glass roof designed by one of Russia’s most celebrated architects, Vladimir Shukhov.  Today it serves as a high-class shopping mall. There are plenty of luxury shops, a supermarket that sells lots of signature Russian goods and several places to eat. Head to the more expensive  Bosco Cafe with a Kremlin view or, for a budget option, try the Soviet-style cafeteria Stolovaya No 57 . GUM also occasionally hosts contemporary art exhibitions in one of its three main aisles.

The Red Square and beyond: a guide to Moscow’s neighbourhoods

TsUM  is another shopping mall from the pre-revolutionary times. It’s the most luxurious store in the city, famous for its paper bags that many Muscovites carry around or post pictures of on Instagram to let everyone know they shop there. Full of haute couture boutiques, TsUM also has a rooftop restaurant Buro , frequented by Russian celebrities. Tsentralny Detsky Mir  children's store is perfect if you are looking for a gift for a kid or want to check out its awesome viewing platform with good views over central Moscow. At just R50 per ticket it’s a steal. 

A curved ceiling with a glass domed centre; there is a fruit and veg stall to the left and a row of other market stalls to the right

Food stalls and markets 

There are two food markets that are worth checking out in Moscow.  Danilovsky Market  became the trailblazer of Moscow’s foodie revolution when it got an uplift in 2017. As well as many trendy food stalls, the market also hosts lectures, film viewing and even theatre productions, and it recently opened an antiques section. It’s an architectural landmark, a masterpiece of late Soviet modernism that looks like a UFO. Food at  Usachevsky Market  tends to be a bit more pricey and upmarket. Both markets also sell plenty of fresh produce, local cheeses and cured meats.

An outdoor stall selling Russian dolls painted in bright reds and blues, some with recognisable figures on them, such as Donald Trump and Marilyn Monroe

Antiques and flea markets 

Shopping can also be a way to get away from the major landmarks and explore some sights off the beaten path. Moscow’s #1 flea market is  Izmailovsky , located in and around the pseudo-historical complex 'Izmailovsky Kremlin' with its colourful walls and domes. Open daily, it’s best to come here on the weekend to catch better deals. Admittedly tacky, Kremlin has a handful of weird museums like the Vodka History Museum or Baba Yaga Museum (Baba Yaga is a Russian fairy tale character). Part of the market had been gentrified into creative cluster Vernissage , with hipster coffee shops, various workshops and Svalka , an enormous two-floor secondhand shop with everything from used books to vintage clothing.

For high-class antiques, rare books and icons head to Antikvarnaya Lavka (Antique Store) just off Bolshaya Nikitskaya street (5 Kalashny Pereulok). Here you can snag a real masterpiece – a painting or a sculpture – but the prices are quite steep. 

Four great day trips from Moscow

Russian memorabilia including a picture of politicians Brezhnev and Honecker, three small trucks and a bust of Lenin

If you are looking for a more authentic place with less hustle, one option is the antiques market on the premises of vodka distillery Crystal (4 ul Samokatnaya), which you can reach by taking tram 20 to Samokatnaya ul from the exit of metro Chkalovskaya. The market is located in the basement of one of the red-brick factory buildings. There are plenty of antiques, books and various Soviet-time memorabilia, such as Stalin and Lenin busts. While at Crystal, be sure to check out great works of street art – they are all around the factory premises. 

For die-hard antique collectors there’s also a place right outside of Moscow – Novopodrezkovo market (also know as Levsha market). Take a suburban train from Leningradsky station to Novopodrezkovo (approximately half an hour), cross the tracks to the other side and there you’ll find it – a treasure trove of used books, vinyl records, clothing, paintings and antique furniture.   

Where to shop for Russian designs

Gosha Rubchinskiy might be the only Russian clothing designer of world renown, especially after his collaboration with Kanye West, but there are many more up-and-coming fashion stars worth checking out. One of the places to do it is KM20 , the place Moscow fashionistas, with streetwear brands from all over the world and a lot of very rare items. There's also one of the best vegetarian cafes in Moscow on second floor. 

GUM shopping mall has a two-storey store devoted to Russian designers –  Sektsiya (Section). Section sells products made by 50 Russian brands, from accessories to Heart of Moscow souvenir pins. Plus there’s a bar overlooking the Red Square. 

If you are not into high fashion, but still interested in getting a cool outfit with Cyrillic script, check out the creative cluster centred around two abandoned factories: Flakon and Khlebozavod . One of the biggest stores is Zaporozhets Heritage  at Flakon , which sells clothing and accessories styled after various Soviet pop culture icons. The northern part, Khlebozavod, hosts several shops like Yunost  and Khlebny  that take a more punk-rock approach to streetwear. After shopping, have a pint at a great local craft beer bar Svoboda  or a coffee at Floo .        

Sputnik 1985 is a Russian clothing brand specialising in hoodies and hats with quotes in Cyrillic and retro prints. The store is located in a courtyard on Pokrovka street (19 Ulitsa Pokrovka). 

Make the most of your travel with sightseeing tours and activities from our trusted partners.

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  24. A guide to the very best shopping in Moscow

    TsUM is another shopping mall from the pre-revolutionary times. It's the most luxurious store in the city, famous for its paper bags that many Muscovites carry around or post pictures of on Instagram to let everyone know they shop there. Full of haute couture boutiques, TsUM also has a rooftop restaurant Buro, frequented by Russian celebrities.