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Game Soundtrack

  • 1. Title Screen
  • 3. VS. Toriel
  • 4. VS. Papyrus
  • 5. VS. Papyrus (alternate)
  • 6. VS. Undyne
  • 7. VS. Undyne (alternate)
  • 8. VS. Undyne (alternate 2)
  • 9. VS. Mettaton
  • 10. VS. Mettaton (alternate)
  • 11. VS. Asgore
  • 12. VS. Sans
  • 13. VS. Sans (alternate)

An Undertale Fan-Game containing remade and altered versions of all of Undertale's main boss fights, in addition to a new one. All of it is created in the style of an original Gameboy, using the same screen resolution, color limitations, and sound limitations (for the most part).

Thanks to Toby Fox and Temmie Chang for creating Undertale, as well for creating the original sprites and compositions that were remixed and recreated for this project.

This is meant to be a small side-project that I'm releasing while progress on my main Fan-Games continue.

#fangame #Undertale #Gameboy


jazzghost undertale

Undertale Wiki

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W. D. Gaster

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Tra la la. Beware of the man who speaks in hands. River Person

W. D. Gaster was the Royal Scientist before Alphys , and was stated to have irreplaceable brilliance. [1] Gaster's Followers imply that he created the CORE [2] and has disappeared. During normal gameplay, W. D. Gaster is typically unmentioned. Despite this, River Person , rare Fun Value events, and certain Inaccessible Rooms hint at his existence. This includes Room 264 , named room_gaster.

In particular, Gaster's Followers relay Gaster's implied fate. One iteration says that he "fell into his creation," the second states that "his experiments went wrong," and the third claims he "shattered across time and space." Similar to Sans and Papyrus , W.D. Gaster's dialogue uses a unique typeface, named Wingdings .

  • 1.1.1 Room 268 and 269
  • 1.1.2 Room 123
  • 1.1.3 Room 272
  • 1.1.4 The Stable
  • 2.1 Room 264
  • 2.2 "The Man who Speaks in Hands"
  • 3.1 Goner Kid
  • 3.2 Gaster's Followers
  • 3.3 Goner Clam Girl
  • 7 References

W. D. Gaster does not have an officially known form, but there are several rooms and unused assets found in Waterfall that point to what he may have looked like.

Room 268 and 269

Mysteryman overworld 2

Surprised Mystery Man.

In Room 269 (room_mysteryman), a figure (spr_mysteryman) widely believed to be Gaster can be found. The figure is black and white with a distorted, cracked face. Unlike every other NPC, they have no collision physics, and interacting with them causes them to react in surprise and vanish while a sound effect plays.

This room can only be accessed when the game's fun value (which can be changed by editing file0 and undertale.ini ) is set to 66. In this scenario, Room 268 (room_water_fakehallway), a hallway with a 10% chance to contain a gray door, appears between Room 94 (room_water_savepoint1) and Room 95 (room_water11). These are the "Crystal" SAVE Point and Sans's telescope rooms, respectively. The door in the aforementioned hallway leads to Room 269.

Once the protagonist leaves Room 269 back into Room 268, the door disappears from the corridor, though it is possible to exit the room and trigger the door's reappearance, as the fun values do not reset until the protagonist leaves the hall. The corridor itself becomes inaccessible once the protagonist leaves it and all values drop to 0.

Upon attempting to call someone using the Cell Phone in either of these rooms, the default message "There's no response..." appears.

Room 123 (room_water_prebird) is a removed corridor with tall grass that is presumed to connect Room 99 (room_water_bird), where the bird that carries the protagonist over a disproportionately small gap is located, and Room 116 (room_water_friendlyhub), where the six-way fork in Waterfall is. The characters in this area mention that this corridor is a bug catching spot.

Room 123 location

An unknown character on the left side of the tall grass mentions that "there is somebody with a creepy smile behind you." The unseen character presumably disappears after the dialogue is triggered. The character with the "creepy smile" is possibly the Mystery Man seen in Room 269 which may be Gaster, and the evidence supporting this theory lies within the word "smile" in the dialogue, as the track that plays in Entry Number Seventeen is named mus_smile . However, it could also be Flowey (who follows the protagonist throughout the game), Sans, or even the fallen human .

Room 272 location

Room 272 is black and has a ghostly figure (nicknamed "Redacted", as the file name for it is spr_redacted_a ) in the middle of it that becomes less transparent as the protagonist approaches. If the protagonist attempts a conversation with the NPC, it returns "* [redacted]" in lowercase Wingdings, which implies that a conversation was planned here but was removed for security purposes. [3] Exiting Room 272 leads to the Sound Test Room , where the protagonist can listen to four songs, including Gaster's Theme .

All but one of the songs can be played and switched amongst each other. Upon playing Gaster's Theme , the other three songs are unable to be played again even if the player tries to do so. After Gaster's Theme is concluded, the text "Thanks for your feedback! Be seeing you soon!" is displayed and either the game crashes, or the protagonist is put in the room with the fishing pole in Snowdin Forest , suggesting this room was intended to be focused on Gaster.

To access this room and avoid the Annoying Dog error screens, a hexadecimal editor needs to be used to change the "Dogcheck" value. [4]

Stable overworld

An unused sprite for the stable.

Inside the game's files are strings of text that implicate a stable was planned to be put into the game. There would be a trash can where a key can be found; if the key is brought to the horse stable, the same figure from Room 272 appears and says "* x" in Wingdings.

Entry Number Seventeen

In Room 264 (room_gaster), the text below is displayed in uppercase Wingdings. While it appears to be the missing seventeenth lab entry from the True Lab , this could be a red herring, as there was an alternate seventeenth entry in the game's files prior to version 1.001-4 , which added Japanese localization. The alternate entry is heavily implied to have been written by Alphys, as it mirrors her entry format, writing style, and correlates with her Determination experiments. [5] Both entries are inaccessible in normal gameplay; Alphys's entry can only be found in the game's text files, and Gaster's entry is only accessible through SAVE manipulation or debug mode. Room 264 immediately follows the generator room in the True Lab.

Transliteration of the Wingdings text is as follows:


Once the message ends, the screen turns black for a second before the game closes. The audio that plays during the entry is labeled as " mus_smile " in the game files. This file can be sped up by 1000% to reveal Muffet 's laugh, reversed, and then looped over. [6] An excerpt from Entry Number Seventeen was also available at deltarune.com/him.png from 2015.

"The Man who Speaks in Hands"

River Person screenshot hands

During one of the travels with River Person, they say "Beware of the man who speaks in hands." There is speculation that this alludes to Gaster since the typeface used in the Entry Number Seventeen (room_gaster) uses hand symbols.

River Person screenshot other world

A similar line from the River Person is "Beware of the man who came from the other world." Considering the similarities it shares with the previous quote, it might either refer to Gaster or the monster So Sorry , whose check text reads "This creature is definitely in the wrong time and space!" as well as the file name of So Sorry's theme being mus_wrongworld .


There is some inconclusive evidence as to whether Goner Kid is actually related to Gaster. Like Gaster's followers, Goner Kid's sprite has minor differences compared to the monster their sprite is based on. Goner Kid's clothing has a blocky, checkerboard-like pattern, they have a bow or two horns/spines on one side, two lines behind their head, and their eyes have no pupils. However, unlike Gaster's followers, the protagonist's phone works if they attempt to use their cell phone while in the room, and Goner Kid never mentions Gaster's name.

Gaster's Followers

Cell Phone screenshot Gaster Follower

The protagonist cannot call Papyrus while a Gaster follower is present, describing that the phone will not turn on.

Gaster's Followers are gray NPCs that are found near the elevators in Hotland when the fun variable is at a certain value. They all resemble certain NPCs in the game but with a few minor differences (excluding Gaster Follower 3, though an NPC in Deltarune resembles them [7] ).

If the protagonist tries to call Papyrus (or Papyrus and Undyne ) while in a room with a follower, they only get the line "The phone won't turn on." The protagonist can still attempt to reach Toriel over the phone. The phone works normally after leaving the room.

Goner Clam Girl

Goner Clam Girl , also known as Clam Goner, is a Waterfall NPC exclusive to the Nintendo Switch version of Undertale . If the fun value is exactly 81, Clam Girl has alternate dialogue in the True Pacifist Route epilogue. At the final line of her dialogue, Clam Girl turns into Goner Clam Girl, and the song Reunited stops. She then disappears with the same sound effect as Mystery Man and Gaster Follower 2, which shows a possible connection to Gaster.

Sans is presumed to have a connection with W. D. Gaster due to the workshop behind his house and the name of his weapons used in the Genocide Route .

Goner Kid, the NPC that discusses alternate timelines, says, "An umbrella...? But it's not raining." This relates to one of Sans's leitmotifs " It's Raining Somewhere Else " which plays when he takes the protagonist out to dinner in the MTT Resort and in his workshop.

The official Undertale Tumblr features a post, written in-character as Sans, that includes the line "besides, it's rude to talk about people that are listening, right?" [8] This quote is similar to a line from Gaster Follower 3.

Papyrus and Sans's House location workshop

Room 80 (room_tundra_sansbasement) is a workshop that has four drawers and a strange machine covered up with a curtain. One drawer contains a badge, and another contains a photo album with numerous people that the protagonist does not recognize. If the protagonist has encountered Clam Girl earlier in the route, interacting with the drawer causes a card to slip into the protagonist's view; it displays a poorly drawn picture of 3 people, with the words "don't forget" written on it. The other two drawers causes the protagonist to read the blueprint on the countertop, which is said to be written in unintelligible symbols or handwriting that could potentially be related to W. D. Gaster or Alphys, as she also writes in illegible handwriting, as shown in the note before entering the True Lab. [9]

The note written on the picture with three people is most likely from Sans; Unlike Papyrus, he does not write in his typeface, which can be seen when the protagonist reads the note on his treadmill.

In Room 264 in one of the parts of Gaster's version of Entry Number 17, he says, "What do you two think?" By "two," Gaster may be referring to Sans and Alphys, as it is hinted at the end of the True Pacifist Route that they had a past together and Gaster could be the missing link to where they possibly could have had a relationship.

Sans attack Gaster Blaster

A "Gaster Blaster" Sans uses in battle.

The broken machine in the room has been said to be unfixable according to Toby Fox . [10] This means that the machine was never meant to be fixed, and if this was the creation Gaster fell in, then he is surely doomed to remain erased.

Additionally, Sans uses a weapon during his fight in the Genocide Route called a "Gaster Blaster," possibly indicating that Gaster developed the weapon. Another theory could be that it was a weapon specifically made to be used against Gaster if he was a boss in the game.

Mystery Man sprites upside down, before and after interaction.

  • W. D. Gaster's name could also be a reference to "M.D. Seeger," the alias of Shigeru Miyamoto used in the EarthBound end credits (as "Opening Rock Guitar"). [11]
  • In the PS4 and PS Vita versions , this would cause the game to crash. As of v1.03–4, it simply restarts the game.
  • If the protagonist's name is changed to "Gaster" through the SAVE files , the ability to reset becomes unavailable as the game restarts upon clicking the Reset button.

True Lab screenshot shape of a man

Examining a refrigerator in the True Lab while the room is still under mist triggers a description of a man believed to be W. D. Gaster

  • It could also be the " Man " character from Deltarune, as he is described in a similar fashion. The narration also describes another refrigerator as "a tree, ripe with delicious fruit," like those the Man hides behind.
  • The voice bites used in Room 264 ( snd_wngdng1 through snd_wngdng7 ) are excerpts from the text-to-speech voices used in abc_123_a , possibly indicating a connection to Toby Fox or other meta-knowledge.
  • If Entry Number Seventeen is considered, Gaster is the only individual character to have a unique typeface and soundbite without their face accompanying the text box when he talks. The other main-game examples of a unique soundbite but no dialogue portrait are Mettaton (during his initial form) and the species of Temmie , though they both keep the Determination Mono typeface.
  • The figure in Room 272 speaks with an asterisk and in lowercase, similar to Sans. Entry Number Seventeen is written in uppercase and without an asterisk, similar to Papyrus.
  • It is possible that Gaster could have created the DT Extraction Machine in the True Lab as Alphys admits to using blueprints to operate it in Entry Number 5. [13] This may be the blueprints found in Sans's Workshop.
  • This could relate to the face that shows up on the body of the Mystery Man. Further interpretation could be that the Mystery Man is actually two different monsters or an Amalgamate .
  • If Mystery Man is turned upside down, their clothing and hands resemble another face. Notably, before interaction, this face appears to be surprised, but after interaction, it appears calmer, contrary to Mystery Man's surprised expression.

Dr Andonuts Uboa screenshot

The modified Uboa sprite used in the Halloween Hack.

  • Mystery Man shares some visual similarities with Uboa from Yume Nikki . This appearance is also shared with Dr. Andonuts from Toby's EarthBound Halloween Hack.
  • In the game files, Gaster's Theme is named mus_st_him , unlike the other rooms in the sound test that have their song names explicitly shown (such as mus_st_happytown ).
  • snd_mysterygo uses the same piano sound as Gaster's Theme .
  • Until version 1.001 , events related to Gaster were inaccessible unless a SAVE file was edited to have "fun" capitalized to "Fun."
  • In a tweet, Toby Fox showed very early concept art for Papyrus. In the same image was a note saying that Papyrus "had a * named *" with the nouns censored out. It is possible this refers to Gaster, due to the popular theory that Gaster is related to Sans and Papyrus in some way. [14] This note may also refer to Grandpa Semi .
  • The Gaster card is not included in the official Undertale tarot, which indicates that this card is either a spoiler or not canon. However, Toby Fox has stated the merchandise is not canon.
  • Gaster's Theme is 17 seconds long, possibly alluding to Entry Number Seventeen.
  • Mystery Man appeared faintly on the cover of Fangamer's UNDERTALE Complete Vinyl Soundtrack Box Set for a brief period of time, but the image was removed from later releases. [15]
  • Extracted Resources
  • Subreddit for Undertale Datamining
  • Steam Guide to W. D. Gaster
  • ↑ I understand why ASGORE waited so long to hire a new Royal Scientist. The previous one... Dr. Gaster. His brilliance was irreplaceable. - Gaster Follower 3
  • ↑ It makes sense why ASGORE took so long to hire a new Royal Scientist. After all, the old one... Dr. Gaster. What an act to follow! They say he created the CORE. - Gaster Follower 1
  • ↑ Undertale – Disabling Dogcheck (The Annoying Dog Error Room) - YouTube
  • ↑ monsters ' physical forms can't handle "determination" like humans ' can. with too much determination, our bodies begin to break down. everyone's melted together... - ENTRY NUMBER 17; deleted
  • ↑ W. D. GASTER "Mus_Smile" Dissected! - YouTube
  • ↑ https://www.reddit.com/r/Deltarune/comments/9tbs15/we_finally_found_g_follower_3s_corresponding/
  • ↑ 8.0 8.1 for honesty's sake, investigate the truth for yourself, then ask: how is this going to help people? besides, it's rude to talk about people that are listening, right? not everyone is as tough as my brother. - undertale on Tumblr, October 05, 2015.
  • ↑ (It's hard to read because of the handwriting, but you try your best...) - Alphys's note
  • ↑ @rcrkar3 You've all seen the happiest outcome. Neither of them could fix the machine, no matter how hard they tried. No one can. - @FwugRadiation on Twitter, September 18, 2015. Archived on November 07, 2015.
  • ↑ MOTHER 2 / EarthBound Factoids & Trivia - STARMEN.NET
  • ↑ The sprite name for this character is spr_watchingman_0 .
  • ↑ I've done it. Using the blueprints, I've extracted it from the human SOULs . I believe this is what gives their SOULs the strength to persist after death. The will to keep living... The resolve to change fate. Let's call this power... "Determination." - True Lab, Entry Number 5
  • ↑ (apparently) the genesis of papyrus - Toby Fox (@tobyfox) on Twitter, January 08, 2017.
  • ↑ https://wingdingaster.tumblr.com/post/629602553219481600/i-edited-the-image-of-gaster-from-the-undertale
  • 1 True Pacifist Route
  • 2 Genocide Route

If you're new to the wiki and want to contribute, please read the information in the maintenance hub , particularly the style guide . We're happy to answer questions on our Discord server !

Jazz is an AU version of Papyrus from Undertale . He is a generally positive presence cheering the user on, while also being curious about many things and observing strange facts about humans.

Jazz has many interactions with the user, both through clicking and stroking with the mouse, and talking with him through his menu. For all of these options, his comments will change based on his feelings towards the user. The user may be kind to him and build a relationship with him, or be cruel to him and make him nervous around them.

Table of Contents

Mouse interactions, i want to check, i want to talk, i want to give you something, positive route, negative route.

  • A detailed relationship system, with different comments for most interactions based on Jazz's feelings towards the user
  • Unlockable backstory if he trusts the user enough
  • Several kinds of interactions in his menu
  • Toggleable Papyrus font for any dialogue spoken by Jazz


Jazz may be stroked on his head, face, or his chest. He appreciates stroking on his head, but not on his chest. Stroking his face has mixed results depending on his relationship with the user.

The user may hit Jazz's face, or hit his chest. If the user has never punched him before, it will display a warning message, and ask if they would like to open his menu instead. It is recommended to double click on his legs if the user would like to open his menu without hitting him.

If the user chooses to hit him, they may then hit him freely from that point on without the prompt.

The user may check Jazz to see how he feels about them; Jazz's inventory to see certain items they've given him; and themselves, to see what kind of information has been recorded about them through their interactions with Jazz.

If the user checks Jazz's inventory, they can click on any of the items there in order to see more information about them.

The user has the following options:

I need advice

  • Cheer me up
  • Tell a joke
  • I want to know more about you
  • You are great!
  • Something else

The Something else option opens an input box, where the user may type any word or phrase. Jazz will have unique dialogues for some of them, such as “Hello”, and “You are great”.

This option will open another submenu, where the user may choose from different kinds of advice for different situations.

  • Making friends
  • Keeping friends
  • Breaking up
  • I did something bad
  • Something more?..
  • Helpful links

The Something more?.. option will prompt Jazz to tell the user to seek advice with friends, family, or professionals. The Helpful links option will give the user a list of links to resources that may help them feel better.

The user has some options for items to give Jazz that may be viewed later, and some options for things to “give” Jazz, that are actually interactions.

There are four additional things the user may give, depending on their relationship with Jazz.

If they are Jazz's friend:

  • A highfive!

If they have told Jazz they love him:


Jazz has many different reactions to different interactions in his menu, depending on his relationship with the user.

The user may pet Jazz and choose kind options in the menu to increase their relationship with him. They may also give him gifts.

After the user has earned Jazz's trust, they will gain a new option in the menu: Let's talk about us . Clicking this option will prompt Jazz to ask the user why they have been so kind to him, and the user may respond by telling Jazz they want to be friends, they are in love with him, or that it's just how they are. No matter which option is chosen, Jazz will be generally positive about this. Afterwards, the user may adjust their relationship type at any time through his menu.

Click to reveal spoiler content.

Once the user has gotten to know Jazz well enough, they may learn more about him by stroking his chest area. Eventually they will get an uncommon dialogue commenting on a carving on his bones. After this point, the user will gain a new option in the interaction menu to ask about it.

After this point, the user may ask Jazz to tell them about himself, until eventually he tells the user about his past. This unlocks the final dialogues in the positive route, including new random dialogues and new dialogues for other options such as thanking Jazz.

The user may choose negative interactions in the menu, such as telling Jazz he is a bad boy, to damage their relationship with him. They may also punch his face, or hit his chest.

It is possible to betray Jazz by being mean to him after you have earned his trust. He will have some unique comments for this situation.

Once the user has reached a certain level of negative interactions, Jazz will confront them in his random dialogues. He will ask them why they are doing what they are doing to him. The user may tell him that they hate what they've done, they love what they've done, or that they wanted to know.

Regardless of the user's choice, Jazz will tell the user he thinks they are unwell, but that it is not his place to force them to change. Instead, he removes his scarf, and leaves it on the ground for them to remember him by.

From this point on, the user will only have the scarf to interact with. Jazz cannot be brought back without resetting the ghost in the config menu, or uninstalling and reinstalling the ghost.

The scarf has its own set of random dialogues and dialogues for other interactions, all narration, mostly commenting on Jazz's absence.

jazzghost undertale

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    Jazz is an AU version of Papyrus from Undertale. He is a generally positive presence cheering the user on, while also being curious about many things and observing strange facts about humans. Jazz has many interactions with the user, both through clicking and stroking with the mouse, and talking with him through his menu.