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The Haunted Fort Garry Hotel

Address: 222 Broadway, R3C 0R3 Winnipeg, Canada

With over 100 years of history, the Fort Garry Hotel has played host to many guests over the years. One of these guests is reported to haunt the infamous ‘Haunted Room 202’.

Blood dripping from the walls, figures at the foot of beds, and apparitions walking down the halls are just some of the reports at Fort Garry Hotel.

Fort Garry Hotel Ghosts

The Fort Garry Hotel is infamous for its haunted Room 202. A woman committed suicide in the room many years ago after hearing of the death of her husband in a car accident. Overcome with grief, she hung herself in the closet.

Staff members have reported seeing blood dripping down the walls upon entering the room, and guests have witnessed the apparition of a woman in a cloak hovering at the foot of their bed.

During a stay in Room 202 in 2004, former Ontario Liberal MP Brenda Chamberlain claimed she was awoken by the sensation of someone getting into bed with her twice!

A young boy on a trip with his family organized by “Make-a-Wish” wanted to stay in 202.

He was fascinated with the whole thing and decided to take pictures of the room with his film camera. After getting the photos developed a couple of months later, all the images from the trip turned out, apart from those in and around Room 202!

The boy was thrilled, believing the spirits in that room were just camera shy and didn’t want to be seen.

The woman associated with Room 202 is also said to haunt the hotel lounge. She has been witnessed by staff and guests alike here, often crying in the corner.

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More Hauntings

Employees also reported seeing the ghost of a young woman dressed in a robe walking down the hallway.

Ghostly figures have also been witnessed in other rooms, often at the foot of their beds. Sometimes a man has been seen, and in some other cases, it’s a woman reported wearing a ball gown.

On one particular occasion in 1989, a hotel employee cleaned the kitchen overnight. He had gone up the back stairway around 4 am when he heard strange sounds from the locked dining room.

He immediately went to get the key, and upon opening the door, he witnessed what looked like the figure of a man sitting at a table!

He quickly ran to get another staff member to show them what he had seen. However, when they returned to the dining room, the figure had vanished.

Fort Garry Hotel History

The Fort Garry Hotel was built in 1913 by the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway. The hotel was initially planned to be called The Selkirk. However, it was decided that it should be named after Upper Fort Garry, which once stood at the junction of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers.

The hotel was a real draw from the beginning and played host to many famous guests, including Queen Elizabeth, King George VI, Laurence Olivier, Louis Armstrong, and Liberace. The Fort Garry Hotel is now a National Historic Landmark.

The Fort Garry Hotel has provided guests with luxury and relaxation since it opened its doors over 100 years ago. From its imposing exterior to its luxurious interior, the Fort Garry Hotel embodies grandeur.

Guest rooms and suites are finished to the highest standard, with no expense spared in providing a comfortable yet lavish experience.

Fort Garry’s order of the day is comfort, which is provided in abundance with the renowned TEN Spa and the fine materials used for linens, bathrobes, and towels in your rooms.

As well as the fully serviced TEN Spa, the hotel also boasts a full buffet breakfast, which can be enjoyed in The Broadway Room’s elegant surroundings.

The hotel’s Palm Lounge is also open for dining throughout the day until late and for drinks. You’ll also get to see live performances every night and a variety of light culinary fare.

  • High-speed internet access throughout
  • Turkish cotton towels and bathrobes
  • Fine Italian linens
  • Complimentary deluxe beauty products
  • Free local calls
  • 24-hour complimentary coffee, tea, and cookie delivery to your room
  • Valet parking
  • 24-hour room service
  • Business Centre
  • Complimentary laptops for internet access at the front desk
  • Fitness center with; Indoor pool, Whirlpool, Steam Room, Jogging track
  • Yoga Classes
  • TEN Spa (offers a full complement of therapeutic and rejuvenating facial and body care treatments)
  • Hot buffet restaurant
  • Award-winning Sunday Brunch
  • Palm Lounge (dining, drinks, and entertainment)
  • 4 Grand Ballrooms
  • 14 Conference Rooms

Things to Do

It is ideally located in the center of Winnipeg, the capital of Manitoba. The Fort Garry Hotel is within easy walking distance of many of the city’s most popular venues.

Staying at the Fort Garry Hotel, you’re just minutes away from The Forks National Historic Site & Forks, The Globe Theatre, Manitoba Museum & Planetarium.

If you want to experience the shopping in Winnipeg, the Exchange District, Portage Place Mall, and Polo Park Shopping Centre are nearby. There’s also a variety of excellent restaurants around the hotel, ask reception for recommendations and make reservations.

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haunted room hotel fort garry

Room 202: Hunting for Ghosts at Winnipeg’s Fort Garry Hotel

23 January 2019

If you open up Google and type “Most Haunted Place in Canada,” sooner or later you’ll find yourself looking at a photo of Winnipeg’s Fort Garry Hotel. And it does look the part. An austere edifice of turn-of-the-century château-style architecture, it appears vaguely out of place – ever so slightly uncanny – as it looms over Broadway.

The Fort Garry Hotel in Winnipeg. April 2018.

The Fort Garry Hotel was built from 1911–1913, designed by architects Ross and Macdonald for the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway. As the new railroad cut its way west across the prairies, Winnipeg was established as a major mid-continental hub for trade and travel; by 1912, it was the richest city in Canada. The Fort Garry was built just one block from Union Station to provide luxury accommodation for railway travellers.

For its time, it certainly was luxurious. The hotel featured 246 rooms across 10 floors, it was the tallest building in Winnipeg, and, unusual for that era, every room was complemented with a private bathroom.

Reports of supernatural activity at the Fort Garry go back a long way… and even while writing this article, I heard more stories about the hotel. On Christmas Eve I received an anonymous email from a current member of the hotel’s staff: “I work at Hotel Fort Garry,” it said, “and I’ve known about the ghost for a while.”

Yesterday I was working a 5am shift and when I walked into the staff washroom I instantly felt chills. When I turned around the corner there was a skirt laying on the floor and suddenly a small access panel about a foot and a half high from the floor opened. All day from then on I felt a weight on my back, as if I was giving someone a piggy back ride. I felt this weight all day until my shift was over. I went back to the washroom and I said ‘you can get off now.’ At that second she left me and I felt much lighter. I’ve never given much thought to ghost things, but I couldn’t shake how real this felt.

Designed as a luxury hotel for railway passengers, the Fort Garry is often described as one of the most haunted places in Canada.

While numerous spaces inside the hotel have their own stories attached to them, the majority of these tales come from guests staying in Room 202. People who’ve stayed there have said they heard footsteps on the floorboards – around the bed – at night. They’ve heard wet, watery steps coming out of the bathroom, and the sound of wire hangers scraping around inside the bedside closet. Others have heard a disembodied sobbing. The light inside the closet is said to turn on by itself, as does the television. A cloaked figure hovers at the end of the bed.

The Winnipeg Free Press reports a sighting of blood seen running down the walls (an image straight out of The Shining ); while the Globe and Mail tells how Canadian Liberal MP Brenda Chamberlain used the room in 2000, only to experience an invisible presence getting into the bed beside her. Ms. Chamberlain, otherwise an outspoken skeptic, said: “It was like somebody was settling into position next to me, like my husband only lighter. I actually felt the bed move.”

According to the Toronto Star, there’s a certain woman who regularly stays at the hotel and always asks for Room 202 – where she says she is visited by a ghost in a white ballroom gown.

Fort Garry Hotel

As for the source of all this activity in Room 202? Well, stories vary from one telling to the next, but most describe a young woman who took her own life in the room after receiving news of her husband’s death. He had been hit and killed by a tram car (…or died in a car accident, or was run over by a horse and cart). In her grief, she hanged herself in the bedside closet.

Back in April 2018, I spent a week exploring Winnipeg at the invitation of Travel Manitoba . I told them I’d heard the ghost stories and so, naturally, they booked me three nights in Room 202 at the Fort Garry Hotel.

Most of the Fort Garry's ghost stories are connected to Room 202

The first time I set foot inside the Fort Garry, I was only there 10 minutes before running back outside. It was through no fault of the hotel though – I had an early appointment, and barely enough time to grab my keycard then dump some bags before hopping in a taxi.

At first glance, I liked Room 202. Black floorboards, white bedding, and a large antique-style clock on the back wall. The room was recently renovated, but still had an intoxicatingly old feel about it. The floorboards creaked beneath my feet; the doors, under their layers of lacquer, felt heavy and organic.

Room 202, Fort Garry Hotel. Winnipeg.

I got back to the hotel late that evening, ordered room service, then lay on the bed reading ghost stories. Ghost stories about this room , I thought, with a tingle of excitement. It was hard to find firsthand accounts of the hauntings however, most reports having been absorbed over the years into generic urban myths; embedded in top ten lists of haunted destinations, with no links to original sources or statements. Aside from a couple of newspaper pieces and one oft-cited book ( Ghost Stories of Manitoba by Barbara Smith, 1998), the stories I found were typically vague and anonymous.

So I took to TripAdvisor instead, and trawled through the Fort Garry reviews in search of an original story. I tried the one-star reviews first (because I guessed that blood running down walls didn’t lend itself to a five-star experience) but it was mostly just moans about mis-delivered caesar salads, and one review that actually made me laugh out loud: “Toilet was about 20 feet from the bed. It’s 02:00 and we are considering going home. No coffee in the room… Absolutely brutal and won’t come back ever again.”

As it turned out though, a ghostly encounter did not necessarily equate to a minimum score. Amongst the three-star reviews I found one that described: “something in our room at 315am in the morning that woke us both up. It was either a spirit or something that felt like a ghost trying to get our attention!”

Peering out at Winnipeg from the windows of the Fort Garry

Right at that moment there was a knock at the door. Room service had arrived, though the waiter didn’t seem to want to come inside. He stepped hesitantly across the threshold with the tray, his eyes darting about the corners, and to the ceiling above my head. I tipped him well for his pains (or at least, I meant to – but on reflection, what seems like a good tip by European standards is probably an insult in Canada).

I was halfway through my club sandwich when beside me, the door to the closet popped open on its own. The light was on inside. Of course, there would be a perfectly good explanation for it (heavy door, old hinges, a weak magnetic lock, etc.) but I’ll admit it made me uncomfortable. With the sandwich frozen halfway into my mouth, I contemplated the now-illuminated bar from which most top-ten lists agreed a previous guest had hanged herself.

Room 202 closet. Haunted Fort Garry Hotel, Winnipeg. Canada.

Talking to the Dead

At 7pm the following day I had an appointment to meet a ghost hunter in the lobby. Whatever I had been expecting though, Kristen Treusch probably wasn’t it. Winnipeg’s resident spiritologist was as down-to-earth as they come – short cropped hair and glasses, casually dressed, and as I’d discover, more interested in apps than in ouija boards. A ghost hunter for the 21st century.

She took me to the Provencher Ballroom: a sumptuous space reserved for weddings and conferences, all antique chandeliers and velvet drapes. A handful of tables and chairs were the only furniture in the hall, clustered up at one end, giving it the impression of being even larger than it already was. The carpet seemed to go on forever and as we sat I had the strange feeling of being almost swallowed by the space, a pint-sized intruder in a ballroom built for giants.

The Fort Garry's luscious antique décor. Winnipeg, Canada.

Kristen brought out her phone and booted up an app called Ghost Radar .

The developers’ website calls the app, “a portable application designed to detect paranormal activity.” Essentially, it accesses various sensors on the phone to take readings of its surroundings – including fluctuations in sound, vibration and electromagnetic field. These measurements are then interpreted as an output of pre-recorded words. The Ghost Radar website explains: “intelligent energy can be made aware of their ability to influence the sensors of the mobile device … An intelligent energy should be able to influence the readouts and communicate with you.” So from the ghost’s perspective, in theory, this is not much different to tipping a cup across a board, only with more parameters – touch, sound, electromagnetism – that it’s able to employ.

We left the device to warm up, and occasionally it would read words to us: January. Chef. Venus. Meanwhile, Kristen showed me some of the other kit in her bag.

The tools of the ghost hunting trade: dowsing rods, and a pair of EMF meters.

There were two K2 EMF meters, hand-held things that detect abnormal fluctuations in electro-magnetic field. Sat on the table, the devices showed a green light… held close over a mobile phone though, for example, the LEDs would flicker up to orange or even red.

Kristen had a set of dowsing rods too, and proceeded to give me a crash course. You hold them straight, level, and loose as you can, she said – so the metal rods aren’t tipping one way or another but can swing freely in their handles. Then you ask a question. If the rods swing inwards, meet and cross, then that’s a Yes . If the tips move apart it’s a No .

We tried a few test questions; her asking, me dowsing. I didn’t feel very comfortable with it though. The problem was, it only took a minuscule, near-invisible hand-movement on my part for the rods to give a resounding Yes answer. The few responses we got were typically the responses I either assumed or hoped for… and I guess I’ve read too much about ideomotor suggestion to not be deeply cynical of such results.

Exploring the corridors of Winnipeg's Fort Garry Hotel.

Instead, we talked about some of the other ghosts sighted at the Fort Garry Hotel. Like a spectral singer seen in the Palm Lounge, the ghost of a long-dead performer who had allegedly been shot in the head. Some people reported feeling a physical pain in their head when the ghost was nearby. In the Broadway Room meanwhile, staff and guests had reported sightings of a ‘phantom diner.’ The EMF meter flickered yellow as Kristen told me the story – so she invited the diner to join us, if he was listening, and we paused for a moment and watched the meter settle back to green before she continued.

Here in the Provencher Ballroom, Kristen told me about sightings of an impossible man in a kilt. Just then the Ghost Radar app chirped into life, saying: “Rod. Air. Converse. Deeply.”

“Do you want to talk?” Kristen asked the room. She passed me the rods.

Fort Garry Hotel, Winnipeg.

Through a series of simple Yes and No questions, we established that we were talking to the woman from Room 202. “Were you married?” Kristen asked, and in my hands, the rods tipped to the Yes position.

“When?” she continued. “In the 1910s…? 1920s…? 1930s…? 1940s…?”

The rods said Yes .

“1940…? 1941…?”

Through this process we established that our visitor (or should that be host?) had been married in 1941 to a military man, possibly serving in the navy. I found the rods frustrating, however, and so when Kristen suggested we moved the conversation up to Room 202, I was quick to agree.

EMF Meter during a ghost hunt at the Fort Garry Hotel. Winnipeg, Manitoba.

I sat on the bed, Kristen in the bedside chair, and she told me the story she’d put together over the course of her research here. Aside from what I’d read online, she added some more details: the husband had been called Michael while the woman, deceased, was Kate – and she was 24 years old.

The standard story had it that Michael was killed by a tram (from 1896 until 1960, trolley cars ran up and down the street outside the Fort Garry), after which Kate took her own life (slitting her wrists, overdosing on pills, or, more commonly, with a makeshift noose in the bedside closet). But I learned there was a whole other narrative preferred by some ghost researchers:

The young couple staying in Room 202 were lovers – possibly engaged, maybe married already. It was a forbidden love, however, and one that Michael’s father did not approve of. Maybe it was a class thing. Perhaps Kate was the family servant… perhaps Michael got her pregnant. The father had tried to pay Kate off, and make her leave town without a scandal; but she refused. Kate was murdered, and never given a proper burial. (One visiting medium, Kristen told me, a smoke-studying capnomancer, believed the father had her killed.) It’s possible that Michael never knew what happened to her.

Bathroom in Room 202. Fort Garry Hotel, Winnipeg. Canada.

Of the two stories though, I think Kristen preferred the former. “The room feels positive,” she told me, and I tended to agree. Very few of the reports from Room 202 described grisly or violent hauntings… the feeling guests described was more about sadness, grief and confusion.

“Kristen,” the phone said then, and we both stopped talking.

“Snake” it said next, and the EMF meter beside it gave a momentary flicker up to orange. We held our breath and waited. “Jeff,” it said, then “Maria.”

The phone said “pen,” and Kristen pointed to my pen and notepad, resting on the bedside table. “Do you want him to write something?” she asked the room. No reply.

Fort Garry Hotel: The most haunted place in Canada.

I perched forward on the edge of the bed, as Kristen told the room: “Flicker the lights if you want more space on the bed.” I made a gesture of budging up towards the pillow-end, making room for a guest, and suddenly my neck felt very cold as I imagined an invisible spectre standing over me, or kneeling, behind, trying to squeeze into our conversation.

“Autumn,” the phone said eventually, resuming its nonsensical stream of consciousness.

“Are you here?” Kristen asks, but there’s no reply this time.

The Dark Heart of the Fort Garry

On my last evening in Winnipeg I went for a drink with Frank Albo : a local researcher of occult architecture, whose sister happens to own the Fort Garry Hotel. After a few gin and tonics Frank dropped me back at the Fort Garry, and in the lobby he asked if I’d like to see the dark heart of the hotel. Sure , I said.

The Fort Garry’s basement doesn’t usually feature in ghost stories – it’s off-limits to guests, after all – but that doesn’t make it exempt from reports of strange goings-on. In the 1930s, a hotel chef is said to have murdered another employee down there; and later, towards the end of the 20th century a visiting psychic who knew nothing of this history was apparently able to describe the event with surprising visual detail.

There were two night porters on duty in the lobby, and Frank asked if they’d be kind enough to take me down to the basement. “He wants to see the shit pit?” asked one, incredulous.

“Why do you call it the shit pit ?” I asked, as we rode the lift down to the basement.

“Because that’s where all the drains end up – you’ll smell it yourself, in a moment.”

An underground space beneath Winnipeg's Fort Garry Hotel.

The basement of the Fort Garry was a warren of pipes and generators, snaking cables and spare furniture. There was a dampness to the air and a musty odour – like stale water, mildew and old bricks. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I’d been warned (though in fairness, I’m someone who likes to explore sewers for fun).

“There used to be a tunnel to the train station,” said my guide, and it made sense; winter in Winnipeg can get as cold as −40 °C (−40 °F), and so a hotel serving the train station might very well have once been connected by a weatherproof tunnel. Just like central Winnipeg today is largely joined up in a series of weatherproof walkways, arcades and underground malls. There are even stories of an ornate underground passageway leading from the Fort Garry’s former stable block, all the way to the station… festooned with chandeliers and spacious enough to ride a horse through.

The porter told me how hotel staff had searched for the tunnel, though as yet, they still hadn’t found it. Apparently the Fort Garry Hotel has more secrets waiting to be discovered.

An underground space beneath Winnipeg's Fort Garry Hotel.

“Which floor do you need?” the night porter asked, as we stepped back into the lift.

“They’ve put me in 202,” I said, and he smiled.

“Has she been bugging you? She’ll only bug you if she’s got a problem with you. If she likes you, she’ll leave you be.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment then,” I replied.

Manufacturing Ghosts

By now I had spent two nights in Room 202 at the Fort Garry Hotel. There had been the occasional creak in the night, and a couple of times my closet (the one beside the bed where Kate, supposedly, had hanged herself) had popped open of its own accord. Kristen had let me borrow her EMF meters when she left and since then they had flirted briefly, occasionally, with abnormal readings; but all in all – and despite dedicated efforts to actually open a conversation with the dead – I had nothing out of the ordinary to report.

So I decided to try creating something extraordinary myself.

LEFT: An orb manifests in the Fort Garry. Possibly the 'phantom diner'? / RIGHT: Unsettling faces in the Broadway Room.

The previous night, Kristen had said something that stuck with me. She’d shown me a collection of photographs taken inside the Fort Garry – spectral blurs, strange lights and orbs, and one shot of two boys in the hotel with a demonic-looking face that seemed to loom above them in mist. That last one in particular was quite an unsettling image, and Kristen was so taken with it that she told me she’d once offered a $500 reward to anyone who could artificially recreate – and thus disprove – the photograph. It was a challenge I couldn’t resist.

Winnipeg actually has a long-standing pedigree in the field of spirit photography. Thomas Glendenning Hamilton was a doctor and spiritualist who lived in Winnipeg in the early 20th century. He hosted countless séances at his home there, taking thousands of photographs and creating an extensive body of research into the phenomena of ghosts, psychokinesis and ‘ectoplasm’ – a psychic substance that manifested as T. G. Hamilton’s mediums made contact with the spirit world.

Much of that research has since been debunked, however. Ectoplasm emanating from a medium’s nose, in one of the more famous photographs, was in fact no more than tissue paper dotted with faces snipped out of newspapers. Other images had likely used techniques seen elsewhere in the field of manufactured ‘spirit photography’: plumes of smoke or steam, vaseline-smeared camera lenses, or models moving fast through long-exposure photographs to leave translucent ghost-like traces.

Ghost photography at Fort Garry Hotel, Winnipeg.

Sometime after midnight – armed with a tripod, an electric kettle and some greasy plastic sandwich wrappers – I headed out into the corridors of the hotel to see if I could fabricate some ghosts worthy of T. G. Hamilton.

It’s not that I set out solely to ‘disprove’ anyone’s story. If the opportunity presented itself, I would have gladly dropped my fake-ghost project to photograph a real one instead. Perhaps I was just looking for a good excuse to hang around the hotel’s corridors through the small hours of the night; something to keep me awake and busy while I waited for the ghosts to come and find me. I decided to start by investigating the nearest ice machine.

Ice machine at Fort Garry Hotel, Winnipeg.

I have seen more than my fair share of horror movies. A good number of those featured haunted hotels, and there’s a recurring trope of guests being preyed upon by ghosts as they wander down corridors in the middle of the night looking for ice ( Room 1408 and American Horror Story come to mind, though there’s plenty more out there). The Fort Garry’s ice machine was more modern than I’d hoped though, and did little to set the mood – although the EMF meter did momentarily blink up to orange in its presence.

So I wandered the hallways for a few hours, rode elevators up and down, explored the mezzanine level and sat in leather chairs beside phones that never rang. I set up my tripod in a corridor and tapped the camera to make the lights blur into trails. I walked through one of my own shots to leave a ghost-like figure behind. Back in Room 202, I used a folder of hotel literature to waft steam from the kettle into a pillar that sort of hung almost imperceptibly above an armchair. I took some photos through the greasy sandwich wrappers too, in the hope of creating some otherworldly apparition; but only succeeded in getting mayonnaise all over my lens.

Spooky photo of Fort Garry Hotel, Winnipeg.

By 4am I had to abandoned the project and pack for my early flight. In three nights at the Fort Garry Hotel, I hadn’t seen anything supernatural – despite looking for it, hard . But I couldn’t explain the stories either, and those spirit photos I’d tried to fake certainly weren’t going to be winning me any cash rewards.

I thought I saw a ghost once when I was younger, and I still remember how real that felt to me then. But in the last ten years I have visited dozens of so-called haunted houses and, frustratingly, as soon as I’m ready with all the equipment necessary to prove their existence, those ghosts never seem to want to appear for me. Perhaps they’re just camera shy. The Fort Garry Hotel seems as likely a place as any to meet a ghost – with its wonderful looming presence, the history, the secrets and stories – but failing that, they do at least make an excellent club sandwich.

Fort Garry Hotel at night. Winnipeg, Canada.

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I stayed on the fourth floor and nothing happened. But then again I had a book I was reading about Indigenous Issues in Canada on the desk. If you don’t know the history of the Fort Garry, look what it’s located besides. Fort Garry: The fur trading post of Canada for the HBC. The forks being which is an area that nations used to come up from and meet via the river system (forks) from all over North America for thousands of years. I wasn’t bothered by ghosts even though I have seen ghosts before, but it could have been due to having that book on hand. The history of Winnipeg and especially that area (Fort Garry, the forks) is very interesting. Just show some respect when you are there and you should be fine.

' src=

That’s pretty cool my daughter and I took a little walk about the corridors in the hotel which I found kinda creepy and we stood in front of the door of Room 202my daughter being braver than me her mom proceeded to knock on the door. I said wouldn’t you freak is someone opened it! Lol no ghosts for us but a beautiful hotel.

' src=

I used to work at the fort Garry and have plenty of personal sighting from the hotel. Did they take you down to sub basement and old boiler room thats almost a storey and half high and a storey under neight the basement or the old abounded elevator. How about the roof and all the secrets up there?

' src=

I would LOVE to hear any personal stories you have! I host a paranormal/true crime (and video gaming) podcast, and would be very interested in adding any input you have into the story I have on the Fort Garry Hotel when I record!

' src=

I have stayed in the Fort Garry. It was the oddest hotel experience that I have ever had. In saying that the staff was great. When I was there I had no previous knowledge that it was haunted. Being born and raised in Manitoba I had somehow missed the fact. When I had gotten home my Grandmother asked me if I had seen ghosts or heard strange things. I had heard many things mostly what I thought was the noise of a busy hotel. People talking in the hall, bustling about etc. But there were times when I was alone when I heard repeated knock on the door to my room and I would open it to no one there. When I was in the shower I heard knocking on the door again and I sounded like someone was in my room only to come out to see no one there and nothing that had changed. I slept terrible both nights because it just seemed so loud and noisy to me. I knew it was a very busy weekend so I just put it all down to a busy weekend. When we checked out and the friendly staff person at the desk asked how our stay had been I said that the weekend sure must have been good for the hotel since it had been so busy. He smiled and said “What do you mean by that?” I said I’m not complaining but it’s been quite noisy outside our room even at night and I didn’t sleep much. I left then to help get our things into the car and later when we were some distance down the road my parents who I had been with said that after I had left the desk the staff person had said that he was sorry about the noise I had spoken of but the floor we had stayed on was being renovated and that the only room that was ready was ours. We were the only people staying on that floor. It was then that my parents said “Maybe a ghost was bothering you. Didn’t you know it’s said to be haunted?”

' src=

In May 2018 I stayed in room 502 for four nights and had numerous activity in my room. Doors and drawers opening, shoes moving, technology not working (after my first night I couldn’t use my cell phone – it sounded like a sheet was over the phone when I spoke to someone through it and at one point it turned off (fully charged) and wouldn’t turn back on until I was downstairs.) The second last night I had cold air on me full blast (with no drafts or vents above me) and the last night, I work up with a start sitting straight up in bed as if someone had pulled me up, and then there was banging and noise from within the wall. An hour later, my phone ran and my sister was “calling” me, only to be met with static when I answered. In the morning there was no record of her calling me. I kept my eyes shut so didn’t see anything these nights (I didn’t want proof…) but I was told that 402 has had drawers open, and with the 5th floor also having ghostly sightings at the other end of the hall and 202 ghost activity, 502 is the centre of the room activities….

' src=

Hi Michelle, I am an associate producer for Saloon Media, which is a production company based in Toronto. I am currently looking for people with incredible stories of paranormal experiences that occurred at hotels for a new series, and I would love to learn more about your experience at the Fort Garry Hotel. Please feel free to email me at [email protected] Thank you! -Heather K.

' src=

Heck.. that’s nothing.. you should go visit my aunt.. lmao. Her house is HAUNTED.. esp the basement..

This is in Winnipeg as well. Lol

' src=

It’s 5:30 in the morning & I’ve spent all night reading your mad tales. You’re obviously slightly nuts but everything you’ve written has been wonderful.

' src=

My mom 2 daughters and I stayed there 10 years ago. There was creepy stuff that happened while we were there. My daughter took a picture of the bathroom with her cell phone. The picture showed an image of an upside down cross. Freaked her out. Threw her phone towards the bed and it broke into three pieces mid air. Would like to go again to see if that and other things repeat themselves. If you don’t believe you should spend a night there.

' src=

If you’re interested in haunted Fort Garry Hotel, read Manitoba author Maureen Flynn’s fiction book, “Shut The Door”.

' src=

Attended a wedding there back in the 90’s, was a beautiful venue, nothing suspicious, great brunch. Highlight was a lunch in the revolving restaurant attached to the hotel. Laurie and Glenn Jacobson, son of Skip and Kristine.

' src=

It’s official. I now believe in ghosts!

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I couldn’t have hoped for more. Thank you.

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Scary Story Near Me

Scary Story Near Me

haunted room hotel fort garry

Echoes of Eternity: The Haunting of Winnipeg’s Fort Garry Hotel

In the heart of Winnipeg stands the Fort Garry Hotel, a grand structure echoing over a hundred years of history. But within its stately walls are tales that tread the line between the known and the unknown. The hotel, renowned for its opulent design and distinguished guests, also hosts spectral figures from its storied past, with Room 202 being the epicenter of its ghostly tales.

What happened in room 202 at Fort Garry Hotel?

Room 202 of the Fort Garry Hotel is shrouded in tragedy and mystery. Legend has it that many years ago, a woman, stricken with grief upon hearing of her husband’s fatal car accident, took her own life in the room.

Since then, guests and staff have reported unsettling phenomena: blood seemingly dripping down the walls, and the apparition of a woman in a cloak appearing at the foot of the bed.

Chilling Encounters

One notable encounter in Room 202 was experienced by former Ontario Liberal MP Brenda Chamberlain. During her stay in 2004, she was awakened not once, but twice by the sensation of someone, or something, climbing into bed beside her. This eerie experience left her shaken, adding another chapter to the room’s haunted reputation.

In a more intriguing twist, a young boy on a trip organized by the “Make-a-Wish” foundation specifically requested to stay in Room 202, drawn by the room’s ghostly fame. With the enthusiasm of a young ghost hunter, he snapped numerous photos, only to find later that every picture taken in or around Room 202 failed to develop, as if the spirits of the room were camera shy.

The Weeping Woman of the Lounge

The woman’s spirit, forever linked to Room 202, is also said to wander the hotel. She is often seen in the hotel lounge, her spectral form crying quietly in a corner. Staff and guests alike have reported these sightings, feeling an air of sadness that momentarily envelops the space.

A Haunting Presence

The Fort Garry Hotel, with its luxurious facade and opulent interiors, holds within it stories that reach beyond the physical world. The tales of Room 202 and the other ghostly sightings throughout the hotel have become a part of its allure, inviting those who are curious about the paranormal to explore its halls.

Whether these stories are echoes of a sorrowful past or simply figments of imagination fueled by the hotel’s grandeur, they add a layer of intrigue to every stay. The Fort Garry Hotel, a landmark of Winnipeg, offers more than just a luxurious retreat; it provides a brush with the mysteries of the past, a chance to ponder the stories that linger in its shadows.

For those brave enough to explore, a stay at the Fort Garry Hotel is more than just a night’s rest; it’s a journey into the heart of Winnipeg’s haunted heritage, where each corridor holds a story and every room whispers tales from the other side.

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Loads of Fun for a Haunted Hotel - Review of Fort Garry Hotel, Spa and Conference Centre

  • Canada    
  • Manitoba    
  • Winnipeg    
  • Winnipeg Hotels    
  • Fort Garry Hotel, Spa and Conference Centre

Loads of Fun for a Haunted Hotel

I stayed at the Fort Garry on May 23rd and 24th on business. It reminded me of the Royal York in Toronto. My room on the 3rd floor had hard wood flooring and a 4 poster feather bed with amazingly soft sheets. It also had a very old leather rocking chair that was very comfortable. The really interesting thing about this hotel is the contrast between the luxurious amenities and the shabby chic decor of the rooms. While the bed was amazing the rest of the furniture in the room was rather worn and the TV was a very basic, old Citizen. For a higher end hotel I would have expected the newer wall hung model that is a standard feature in my regular Toronto airport hotel. I really appreciated the iHome iPod player/alarm clock. I travel with my iPod listening to books, podcasts and music so this feature in the room is always a plus. One thing I didn’t like was that the door did not have an inside clasp type lock in additional to the electronic lock. As a female who travels alone, this is a feature I like having. I have had the pleasure (not at this hotel) of having hotel staff enter my room while I was sleeping before (they didn’t realize I was there) and I have had someone try to enter my room while I was in bed before (likely a guest who got... I stayed at the Fort Garry on May 23rd and 24th on business. It reminded me of the Royal York in Toronto. My room on the 3rd floor had hard wood flooring and a 4 poster feather bed with amazingly soft sheets. It also had a very old leather rocking chair that was very comfortable. The really interesting thing about this hotel is the contrast between the luxurious amenities and the shabby chic decor of the rooms. While the bed was amazing the rest of the furniture in the room was rather worn and the TV was a very basic, old Citizen. For a higher end hotel I would have expected the newer wall hung model that is a standard feature in my regular Toronto airport hotel. I really appreciated the iHome iPod player/alarm clock. I travel with my iPod listening to books, podcasts and music so this feature in the room is always a plus. One thing I didn’t like was that the door did not have an inside clasp type lock in additional to the electronic lock. As a female who travels alone, this is a feature I like having. I have had the pleasure (not at this hotel) of having hotel staff enter my room while I was sleeping before (they didn’t realize I was there) and I have had someone try to enter my room while I was in bed before (likely a guest who got off on the wrong floor who quickly left when I screamed). Needless to say, I feel more secure when I have that lock I can use from the inside of the room. The bath had an older tub which is a problem for me as I have knee issues that leave me a bit nervous when I have to step into bath tubs. The shower was the big, flat, rain style one which I am neutral about. If given a choice I would much prefer a walk-in shower but I understand this hotel is older and may not have that available. The bath had Neutrogena products and a mini Scope which I liked. The fun of this hotel is the charm and history that oozes through the place. The wallpaper curls up in spots and the wooden doors have lots of dings. The main restaurant/bar in the lobby really takes you back in time. The food was ok but could have used some inspiration. I ordered a comfort food basic, hot turkey sandwich. It arrived with fries looking rather bland. I’ve had the same thing in various diners served with more splash and imagination. Some basic vegetables on the side would add some colour and bring the dish up to its surroundings. The other restaurant, open for breakfast, was very good with eggs made to order and very good orange juice. Now for the really fun part...I suspect the hotel is haunted. Granted, I watch far too much ghost related television, but there were some odd happenings in my room. Not scary, just odd. Being such an old hotel there certainly was a lot of hall noise such as doors opening and closing which was to be expected. It was the other creaking and sounds of items dropping that had me spooked. The sounds were close enough I would swear it came from in the room but when I would get up to look around and see if anything fell to the floor from the desk or bathroom vanity everything would be in its place. I love historical spots and older hotels with lots of character and this spot really fit the bill. The staff members were great and provided top notch service. I recommend this spot if you like old world luxury and want to go back in time although you may need to sleep with your lights on if you are easily spooked. More

  • Sleep Quality
  • Cleanliness

haunted room hotel fort garry

  • Visit hotel website

haunted room hotel fort garry

  • Room service

haunted room hotel fort garry

Fort Garry Hotel is a glorified, aging hotel in need of restoration and cleanliness. Despite its old charm, the negative reviews written on TripAdvisor are honest descriptions of what this historical hotel fails to provide and should very much improve. During our stay, we discovered bugs on our bed. We captured one in a glass and informed the front desk. Upon arrival of housekeeping (sent by the front desk), the insect was confiscated and a mattress inspection was not performed. The front desk suggested changing our room and reassured us that the insect was not a bed bug because it had wings. We however did not see wings. We requested that a specialist be contacted to examine the insect. A couple days later, the report findings confirmed it was a tick. Ticks do not have wings as well, so the inconsistency in what we were told at the start is unsettling. No guest should encounter or tolerate this. It is evident that Fort Garry Hotel is overpriced and does not maintain basic standards expected for its reputation and star class. Will never return or recommend.

Thank you for your candid remarks. However, it is important to have clarification and truth to your comments: During your two day stay, you discovered one bug on your bed on the 2nd day of your stay, not “bugs”. The bug was captured in a glass by you and the front desk was informed. Housekeeping took the insect in the glass to hold for further evaluation. You were advised by the Front Desk that we would move you to another room for the second night of your stay and we reassured you that the insect was not a bedbug. You did change rooms. You did not have to request a specialist as it is part of our procedure when a situation occurs to call an exterminator. The room you checked out of was left in the same condition as when you departed for Poplin’s (our exterminator) to arrive and investigate. Their report (a copy was given to you the next morning on checkout) confirmed that the bug in question was a tick and not a bedbug as you insinuated. You suggested that a guest should not encounter this. For your information, we live in the real world and ticks are a part of life in Manitoba and many other provinces during this time of year. As you are probably are aware ticks are carried in by individuals, they can come in on your clothes, on a shoe, or on a suitcase and no one has any control over this. However, it is not a common occurrence. As the tick was in your bed, in all likelihood it was carried in by you to the hotel. The Fort Garry takes great pride in our hotel and the cleanliness of our rooms. Just for your information, and as discussed with you by our Front Desk Manager, you were informed that all our beds have preventative bug covers on the mattresses. Because of the overwhelming bedbug problem worldwide, we have a strict preventative program in place and take great pride in keeping our hotel a bug free environment. The Fort Garry has never had or never will have a bed bug situation. Regarding your rate and value added, you fail to mention that the night in question was a complimentary room to you. Your rates included a full hot breakfast each morning and Sunday Brunch for two on the Saturday night stay, feather beds, 5 luxurious pillows on your bed, duvet covers, luxury bathrobes. Our Brunch is well known throughout Canada. So in reply to your comment on the value … the value is definitely there! Once again, thank you for your comments. We just needed to shed a little more truth to your comments.

The walls are paper thin. You hear everything. When the person next door talks on the phone it sounds like they're right beside you. You can hear the toilets flush next door and the showers above sound like a waterfall crashing down. The rooms were a little dingy. There was paint peeling off the wall above the bed. It was also very cramped. The heater/AC only worked when set on emergency mode. It was so hot. The internet is $6 per day and is super slow .....if you're able to connect that is. The beds are very comfortable and the room service was good. They also serve complimentary tea and coffee 24 hours - they'll bring it to your room with a cookie. The suites are much nicer than the standard rooms - but same dingy look just have a few homier additions like plants and mirrors on the walls etc. I expected much better for one of the cities best hotels especially at such a high price.

I stayed in your hotel on April 29th for 1 night in room 821. I would like to commend the staff for making my stay wonderful, pleasant and just sheer of amazing! From the Valet guys, to the reception, the cooks in the breakfast area and the house keepers. Whether it was the kind man who checked us in or the lady who checked me out, everybody always had a smile on their face and were exceptionally willing to make my stay incredible. I can't forget to mention the staff at the 10 spa. Professional, courteous and accommodating are words that come to mind. Most importantly during my check out I had a descripancy on my credit card that was an oversight on my behalf and after being transferred back and forth from front desk to ten spa I got a little frustrated and may have come off rude in my tone to the front desk, but yet they managed to remain calm and professional and help to explain and resolve the issue in a well manner. I wish I would have stayed longer and will definitely be staying again. I will recommend this hotel to everyone I know, actually I've already posted a status on Facebook and Twitter commending the hotel. Once again Thank You for making my stay as wonderful as it was! Room: was a good size with sitting area and couch. closet had two bath robes iron and board. bathroom was small but functional. towels were fully stocked for two people. neutrogena shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hand soap and lotion provided. scope mouth wash provided also, shower cap and shoe mit. shower only no tub which was okay but the shower looked old and stained graute but clean. could hear people in the hallway but it wasn't noisy nor disruptive. Hotel Lobby: amazing and classy. Food/Restaurant: lounge didn't have a good selection of food but tables and chairs were nice, staff was attentive and accommodating, piano player and band were a nice touch. breakfast are in the morning was fabulous, came free for me and my guest had buffet style... danish pastries and cheese were yummy the eggs benedict and ham were delicious, the cooks were nice and friendly. Valet: was quick and friendly and cute Overall: A or 4 stars out of 5 PS: There should have been free internet but it cost $15 for 24 hours which is too expensive!

haunted room hotel fort garry

I had a spine-chilling and poor-serviced stay. I'd prefer my own room. It was loud. It was uncomfortable. I'm still speechless that this high-class hotel is yet terrible.

27 – 30 March 2011. On check in they gave me a choice of a certain kind of bed or feather bed with feather pillows and comforter. I chose the feather bed. First floor room. I liked this hotel. It has obviously been around awhile but is well loved and cared for. Regarding the age, the only things that seemed less than 100% were the caulking and grout around the tub (the tiling around the soap dishes wasn’t the greatest) and the carpet on the outside wall was not nicely finished. My other complaint is that I was on the first floor (not the ground floor) and the lights in the front of the hotel shone on my window. It wasn’t possible to completely block the lights out – the blackout curtains wouldn’t completely close and the pink curtains did not close. Still I managed to block out most of the light and slept well. The room was charming with an older style, which I found charming. There was a relaxing chair (rocker and plush), older style tv, comfy bed, real glasses and a very effective ice bucket (still had ice in the morning). Bathroom had a lovely deep tub and a very nice shower head – the shampoo, conditioner, shower gel (Neutrogena), soap and mouth wash were nice. No coffee makers in the room however you were provided with a paper to choose what time you wanted your tea or coffee delivered on a silver tray (along with a tasty biscotti) – nice touch! I had dinner twice in the lounge – the Palm room and enjoyed it very much. The meals (one was perogies the other Caesar salad) were very good, reasonably price, well served and came with incredibly good rye bread. Drinks were tasty and reasonable and I enjoyed the piano music from my leather chair. Most of my business in Winnipeg is in the south, but if I had occasion to be downtown again, I would enjoy returning to this hotel.

haunted room hotel fort garry

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Haunted Room 202 at the Fort Garry Hotel

Jake Carter

  • Ghost & Hauntings

haunted room hotel fort garry

Like the Canadian Pacific Hotels built across Canada, the Fort Garry Hotel was built in the chateau style of architecture with steep roofs, turrets and lavish ornamentation.

History of the Fort Garry Hotel

The architects, Ross and MacFarlane of Montreal, used the Chateau Laurier in Ottawa as the model for Fort Garry. This 12-story hotel has 340 guest rooms, each with a private bathroom.

On the main floor of the hotel, there was the Musician’s Gallery, which was situated between the Main Dining Room and the Palm Room. It was placed at a distance from both rooms in order to provide background music for guests.

The Crystal Ballroom and the Concert Hall were on the seventh floor joined by a gallery. In the 1990s, these halls were turned into a casino but in the early 2000s, the hotel removed the casino and restored these rooms back to their original purpose of dining, music and dancing.

In the early days, the Fort Garry Hotel was self-sufficient. It had a bakery, butcher shop, heating plant, artesian well and printing press. In addition, the chambermaids lived in the hotel on the top floor.

Famous guests over the years included Liberace, Sir Lawrence Olivier, Harry Belafonte, Louis Armstrong, Arthur Fiedler, Lester Pearson and Gordie Howe. In 1939, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth stayed at the Fort Garry Hotel during their tour of Canada.

Today, Hotel Fort Garry is still the symbol of opulence with marble floors, paneled ceilings, bronze railings and crystal chandeliers. The Palm room still has its original domed ceiling.

Ghosts of the Fort Garry Hotel

Many guests have seen figures of ghosts at the foot of the bed. Sometimes it’s a man and other times, it’s a woman dressed in a ball gown representative of the hotel’s early years.

The Fort Garry Hotel is infamous for its haunted Room 202. A woman apparently committed suicide in the room many years ago after hearing of the death of her husband in a car accident. Overcome with grief, she hung herself in the closet.

Guests have seen a woman dressed in a cloak or robe hovering at the end of the bed. Hotel maids have claimed to see blood seeping through the walls of the room.

A woman politician attended a retreat at the Fort Garry Hotel and requested to stay in room 202 because she had heard about the room being haunted. During the night, she felt someone getting into bed beside her.

ghost head

The ghost of the same women has been seen crying in the corner of the hotel lounge after asking an employee for a glass of water.

There is an account of two employees who had a ghostly encounter in 1989. They were in the main kitchen doing their overnight cleanup. One worker had gone up the back stairway at 4:00am and heard sounds from the locked dining room.

On one particular occasion in 1989, a hotel employee was cleaning the kitchen overnight. He had gone up the back stairway around 4 am when he heard strange sounds coming from the locked dining room.

He immediately went to get the key and upon opening the door he witnessed what looked like the figure of a man sitting at a table! He quickly ran to get another member of staff to show them what he had seen, however, when they returned to the dining room, the figure had disappeared even though the dining room door remained locked.

Like many historic hotels, there are spirits of guests who choose to stay due to grieving for a loved one or wanting to remain in a place where they had a happy experience.

If you are searching for haunted places to go, and will be in the area of Canada, you should check out the Fort Garry Hotel. You are sure to get a taste of the haunted history for yourself!

haunted room hotel fort garry

Jake Carter

Jake Carter is a journalist and a most prolific writer who has been fascinated by science and unexplained since childhood.

He is not afraid to challenge the official narratives and expose the cover-ups and lies that keep us in the dark. He is always eager to share his findings and insights with the readers of anomalien.com, a website he created in 2013.

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haunted room hotel fort garry

Fort Garry Hotel

The second floor of the large and castle-like 1913 Fort Garry Hotel is said to be the most haunted. That’s where Room 202 is, where guests sometimes wake to find a dark figure at the end of their bed and where maids have reported seeing blood dripping from the walls. Why all the gore? It’s said that in this room, a woman named Kate killed herself upon finding out about the car-accident death of her new husband. Also notable spirits here are a ghostly lady in a ball gown and a specter named Theodore who eats at a dining room table. Theodore was shot in the head by his brother over a woman–the hotel’s lounge singer, in fact. Moaning and strange floating lights also have been reported in this hotel that was featured on Creepy Canada.

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haunted room hotel fort garry

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Hi, My dad went to that hotel when he was an teenager and he slept there one night. He saw the walking chair move when he woke up in the morning and he saw a lady there as well.

' src=

One of my aunties friends realitive saw a person sitting on the bed. In the hotel.

' src=

Woke up to see a short man with hat and suit on looking at my then boyfriend. I was sitting up when I awoke. We looked at each other and I didn’t feel scared. Went back to sleep and remembered it the next day.

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haunted room hotel fort garry

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You are here: Real Ghost Stories :: Haunted Places :: Fort Garry, Room 202

haunted room hotel fort garry

Fort Garry, Room 202

T he city I live in has a rich history of ghosts, one of the most famous is the cloaked ghost of a woman residing in the Fort Garry Hotel. It was built in 1913 as a luxury hotel for train passengers that had an overnight stop in Winnipeg. My hobby is researching ghosts and stuff like that, and I get a lot of help from my family. For my 15th birthday my Mother booked the most haunted room in the hotel for me, Room 202. I was estatic but at the same time scared out of my mind. In Room 202, maids have reported bleeding walls, shattering windows, being locked in the room, and bloody foot prints on the bed. I decided to secretly bring my boyfriend along, I was too scared to go alone. He obliged and we got there together on the day we were sopposed to.

There was a really pale really skinny guy with black hair. "You be careful in this room," he said, "She can lock you in there..." I got a little scared of him and made my boyfriend get the key to the room from him. We proceeded to walk up the many flights of stairs to the 6th floor where the room was, me jumping at every little sound and my boyfriend laughing at me and telling me it would be fine. We finally got to the room and it was like the scene of the horror movie where someone in the audience yells, "OMG DONT GO IN THERE!" But the characters let their curiosity get the better of them. I put my bag down on the bed of the rather large room and took a look around, it looking fairly normal despite being so so old. My boyfriend started watching TV as I went around the room, checking out the bedroom closet, where a woman hung herself after hearing that her husband died in a car crash. There was nothing interesting there, but chills ran down my spine as I closed the door.

My idiot boyfriend snuck up behind me and scared the living daylights out of me after he saw I was shivering a bit. We sat there and talked, watched TV, had dinner, and finally we went to bed, just staring around the dark room. I watched the clock and dozed off around 2am. My boyfriend shook me awake, him sweating like a pig. My eyes went wide and as soon as I sat up I saw a dark translucent figure at the end of the bed, floating in a dark cloak with what looked like blood dripping out of the darkness in the hood. I was too scared to scream, clutching onto my boyfrend and staring. It disapeared after a few seconds, going towards the closet, and my boyfriend went into overdrive, running out of bed and dragging me out of the room and down to the lobby in my pjs. We went to his house afterwards, still freaking out about it. It was one of the most paranormal experiences in my life, and if my boyfriend wasn't a scardy cat it might have been my last.

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222 Broadway

(888) 855-4599

Status: Operational Historical Hotel

haunted room hotel fort garry

Photo Courtesy of Darkling Ghost

One of the glamorous railway hotels built across Canada to promote traveling by train in the early 20th century.

This hotel was constructed between 1911 and 1913 by the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway. When it was completed it was the tallest structure in the city.

The hotel was originally to be named The Selkirk but it was decided to honour Upper Fort Garry which had once stood at the junction of the Red and the Assiniboine Rivers. A location that was the starting point when Winnipeg was laid out.

In 1979 the hotel was bought by a Winnipeg family and has been run as an independent hotel since then; albeit by different owners

Paranormal Activity

The hotel doesn’t deny that it is haunted; although it doesn’t seem to be exactly thrilled about it either. There is no mention of paranormal activity on the hotel’s website but the staff doesn’t deny it if asked in person. If pressed for details, though, they become a bit more reserved about ‘rumours and innuendos’ of events that happened ‘before their time’.

The hotel will allow you to book and stay in the haunted room.

The most famous paranormal legend in the hotel is that of Room 202. The story is that in the 1910’s or 1920’s a newlywed couple stayed in the room. The wife sent the husband out to get some pills for her headache. While completing his errand he was tragically struck by a horse and carriage and killed.

The woman – torn by guilt – is said to have hung herself in the closet ending her own life. The hotel expressively denies she hung herself in the closet; that detail may be too much for guests staying in that room. Legend says she now is trapped in Room 202 for eternity; forever waiting for her husband to return.

In Room 202 guests describe hearing footsteps walking – the floorboards are said to creak - around the bed. Wet squishy footsteps are also heard coming out of the bathroom. The phantom sound of wire hangers scratching inside in the bedside closet is reported as well. The disembodied sounds of crying has been heard. Both the TV and the light inside the closet are known to turn on by themselves. A cloaked dark figure has been seen standing at the bottom of the king bed in the room.

The most chilling report is that of blood running down the walls in a scene straight out of the Amityville Horror or The Shining. Liberal MP Brenda Chamberlain stayed in the room and reported an eerie feeling and an invisible presence getting into bed with her.

Apparently, there is a woman who regularly books Room 202 and swears a woman in a white ball room gown visits her there. There is a no more classic ghost story than the woman in white.

Beyond the famous – infamous? – Room 202 is the lesser known legends of the hotel. The ghost of a singer in the Palm Lounge who is known for giving witnesses headaches. In the Broadway Room a ghost is seen still enjoying his meal; last meal?

Other Activity: objects moving on their own; touches, tugs and pulls by unseen presences; electrical disturbances; light anomalies; disembodied voices; cold and warm spots and feelings of uneasiness, being watched and not being alone.

Per Our Winnipeg Representative (Darkling Ghost):

When the hotel was being built the guy installing the elevator fell down the shaft to his death. His spirit has been blamed for the elevator acting weird, such as the lights rapidly flashing like the elevator is plummeting down but nothing happening. A nicer old lady was seen in the elevator striking up a conversation with a little girl then when the elevator opened the old lady walked out and vanished in front of the guests.

People have also reported a frightening old lady looking through the windows of the stairwells from the outside and when looking up she'll be looking down at you.

In the Fort Garry Hotel, the lady in white roams the first floor lobby, too. I've seen her in a mirror for a moment before she disappeared. Looked like she was standing against a wall waiting for the west side banquet hall to clear of people. Very pretty and not scary at all.

haunted room hotel fort garry

This is the mirror I saw her in, at this position. With how mirrors reflect the area in front of you when you're looking at it from the side, she would've been in standing just under that sconce. I saw her brunette ringlets and carrying a white fan, wearing a lacy white ballgown. She caressed a ringlet from her face. I couldn't make out exactly what her face looked like. The sense I got was that she didn't want any attention and felt I shouldn't mention it to anyone. I left keeping it to myself and didn't tell anyone for a year.


Share your experiences, health sciences centre.

820 Sherbrook Street

(204) 787-3661

Status: Operational General Hospital

Children's Hospital of Winnipeg Complex.jpg

By <a href="//commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Jimj_wpg" title="User:Jimj wpg">Jimj wpg</a> - <span class="int-own-work" lang="en">Own work</span>,  CC BY-SA 4.0 ,  Link

In 1973 the Health Sciences Centre was established by the Provincial Government uniting the Children's Hospital of Winnipeg and Winnipeg General Hospital (Winnipeg General Hospital will be the subject of a future article) as well as other smaller health facilities.

The amalgamation was done to group everything under one administration group; in 2000 the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority took over the operations of the medical complex. This hospital is the largest in Winnipeg.

This facility is also associated with the University of Manitoba as well as being used as a research centre and teaching hospital for residents of Northwestern Ontario and Nunavut and employs over 6000 people.

Apparitions of former staff and patients have been witnessed wandering the hospital. In a rarely used portion of the building there a phone inside an old elevator that makes calls to other parts of the building with no one on the other end of the line. The elevator has been examined many times when this happens but the phone is found still on the receiver and still covered in dust.

Phantom footsteps are heard in empty rooms that immediately cease once the living enter the room, these footsteps have also been heard echoing in empty hallways.

One couple had a woman beat them to the bank of elevators so they waited behind her for the elevator to come. When it did this woman entered and went straight to the back of the elevator. They decided to wait for the next one but the doors began to close they suddenly stopped and reopened like someone put arm up to block them. The couple then entered the elevator to find it empty with no sign of the woman they both watched enter.

This facility is located where the original the original Winnipeg General Hospital was located which already had numerous stories relating to the paranormal including: phantom footsteps; balls of light traveling through the halls; doors opening and closing on their own and unexplained noises from whispers to loud bangs.

According to staff here the 5th floor is the most haunted.

The Health Sciences Centre is just eerie. I didn't have my daughter delivered there,, but I heard mothers would hear phantom voices during their stay. My mom was there for surgery and she said she saw a man and a doctor talking outside her door and the man peeking in at her. But other nurses said no one was really there. She could hear the conversation. Now, she says it was the anesthesia, but it does inline with other's claims. I didn't want to scare her so I left her with her own explanation. These reports are not as rampant as other hospitals in the city.


494 Tache Avenue

(204) 237-4500

Status: Former Convent; Former Senior’s Home; Former Hospital; Museum

haunted room hotel fort garry

The first Grey Nuns came to Manitoba in 1844 and lived with Bishop Norbert Provencher – one of the most prominent figures in the creation of the Province and the first Bishop of Manitoba – while this house was being built.

The Grey Nuns moved into the building in December of 1847 when the kitchen was the only room fully completed with a floor, 4 walls and a ceiling. The nuns lined the rooms with beaver pelts in order to survive the harsh Winnipeg winter.

Eventually the building became 2 floors plus a basement and an attic. The nuns not only lived here but also ran western Canada’s first hospital, an orphanage and a senior’s home in the building. Eventually a school for both boys and girls was run here as well. In the long run the school was become a boarding school for just girls.

In 1950 the St Boniface School for Nurses had to move into the building as well; as their school was flooded out.

In 1958 the Grey Nuns left the building, and it was nearly demolished in 1959 despite the Canadian Federal Government recommending it as a possible museum. Through the efforts of the municipality and historical groups the building was saved. It finally underwent massive renovations when the nuns leased the building to the municipality and the Federal Government for a period of 99 years in 1963.

In the summer of 1967 it was opened as a museum.

The museum underwent renovations in both 1990 and from 1993 to 1995. When it re-opened in 1995 an admission was charged for the first time.

Today the building is the oldest in Winnipeg and the oldest oak structure in all of North America.

The museum contains exhibits related to the Metis and French culture in Manitoba including Louis Riel and his failed rebellion against the Canadian Government.

The phantom sounds of monks singing as well as a nun’s choirs are often heard in the building.

The phantom sounds of children running, playing and laughing is also often heard.

Objects frequently move on the own including doors opening and closing and taps turning off and on.

Lights flickering and other electrical disturbances are also reported.

Other Reported Activity: disembodied voices; light anomalies and feelings of not being alone and being watched.


(True North Centre)(Bell MTS Centre)

223 Carlton Street

(204) 987-7825

Status: Former Retail Store on Site; NHL Arena – Winnipeg Jets


By <a href="//commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?title=User:Wpg_guy&amp;action=edit&amp;redlink=1" class="new" title="User:Wpg guy (page does not exist)">Wpg guy</a> - <span class="int-own-work" lang="en">Own work</span>,  CC0 ,  Link

Originally this location was a flagship store for the failed Canadian retailer Eaton’s and part of one of the many Eaton’s Centres in the major cities of Canada.

When Eaton’s went bankrupt, this store was cleared completely out by 2001. There were many plans put out for the old building but above all the people of Winnipeg wanted to keep the iconic building frontage.

After some resistance this dream came to an end when the building was demolished in 2002. It was decided to built a state-of-the-art hockey stadium to replace the very aged Winnipeg Arena; which was built in 1955. On November 16, 2004 the new arena was opened.

The first tenants of the stadium – which also hosts concerts and international sports events – was the AHL team Manitoba Moose (2004-2011) until the NHL Winnipeg Jets finally returned to Winnipeg; in 1996 the original Jets team had moved to Phoenix and become the Coyotes after facing serious financial issues.

On June 15, 2021 the naming rights to the arena were sold to Canada Life for 10 years.

It is thought that the hauntings as from back when the building was an Eaton’s store. This is not the only former Eaton’s store with paranormal activity which begs the question what was Eaton’s doing in their stores?

All reports of paranormal activity have been made by employees.

The apparition of a woman in black has been seen aimlessly wandering the arena – she seems to be unaware of the living.

Other Activity: disembodied voices including entire conversations between 2 or more people; phantom footsteps; objects moving on their own and other poltergeist activity; light anomalies; cold spots; people’s names being whispered in their ears and feelings of not being alone and being watched.

There were ghosts seen by security when this building was still an Eaton's store.

One thing about the location of the Canada Life Centre is that it's close to The Forks, which is an ancient trading and gathering site, as well as a sacred burial site all along that area. When the Canadian Museum of Human Rights was being built, the area that was being excavated, there were all sorts of Native artifacts that were found. When construction commenced unexplainable disruptions were happening reported by workers. It was openly deemed a cursed site, ironically.

haunted room hotel fort garry

Canadian Museum of Human Rights


(Roslyn Square)

40 Osborne Street

(204) 284-5522

Status: Heritage Building; Residential Building

haunted room hotel fort garry

In 1882 the Osborne Street Bridge was built over the Assiniboine River. This opened up access to St Boniface West (now known as the River-Osborne Neighbourhood).

In typical human fashion it was the rich who took advantage of this and crossed the bridge to build fashionable mansions. As the 20th century began, though, a new form of construction was beginning to compete with the mansions: the apartment building.

Unlike the concrete and glass monstrosities that we construct now the original apartment buildings were low rise and filled with large and generally lavish suites.

The Roslyn Court Apartments were built in 1909 at a cost of $205,000 ($6,740,000 in 2023 dollars) making it the most expensive residential building ever built in Winnipeg at that time. It was built in Queen Anne style – which would later guarantee it’s position as a heritage site – and of stone and concrete (due to building codes stating it had to be fireproof).

Many of Manitoba’s elite and famous have lived in this building including Lady Macdonald widow of Hugh John Macdonald a former Premier of Manitoba and son of Canada’s first Prime Minister and Dr Olive Cole the city’s first female dentist.

The design of the building is said to be a labyrinth of hallways combined with some unique apartment designs. Most apartments are massive suites with 2 or 3 bedrooms but there are a couple of tiny 1 bedroom apartments only 350 square feet albeit with 12 foot ceilings.

A large – six to seven foot tall – dark figure is seen stomping around the hallways, people’s apartments and in the laundry room. The figure has even chased people through the halls.

Many people believe this to be the ghost of the architect, William Wallace Blair, who is said to have gone insane while designing this building.

This shadow figure/apparition – unlike most similar phenomena – is said to appear quite frequently and most tenants in the last 50 years have at least 1 story regarding it. Whether they’ll admit that or not is a different story.

Other Reported Activity: unexplained noises; objects moving on their own; lights flickering on and off and feelings of being watched.


444 York Street

Status: Former Jail; No Public Access except for 2 Days a Year

haunted room hotel fort garry

When Winnipeg purchased Fort Garry and demolished it in the late 19th century Main Street could finally be extended. This also resulted in the city’s first courts and jail at Main and William Ave – which had become a dismal dungeon and all around hell hole – to be sold and the profits to be used to build a new jail.

The new Provincial jail was to be built on what was then the edge of the city behind the new courthouse.

The ground floor held 7 cells with the east wing being used to house the light criminals; the mess was also on this floor. The second floor housed the 7 female wards as well as the workroom and the hospital. The attic served as the dormitory for the prison staff.

The west wing was the maximum security wing. Only male prisoners and only those charged with robbery, rape and murder.

The basement was solitary confinement: no windows, no natural light and you were hung by chains attached to your wrists and ankles.

The north (front) wing was housing for the jailer (warden) and his family.

In the beginning the jail was dirty and gave little attention to prisoner comfort. The Province, however, actually made an effort to clean it up. By 1890 the jail was listed as being in good condition and having electric lighting installed throughout.

Renovations were in the 1909-10 period which included adding the cupola on the roof and extending the south wing.

The mentally and physically disabled were “stored” here and treated the same, if not worse, as the prisoners before they were transferred to the Selkirk Asylum.

The prisoners basically only did 2 things while they were awake: worked and tended to spiritual matters.

Before 1909 and new laws children were tried as adults and locked up in the same cell as adults. Children as young as 5 years old were incarnated in the jail.

In the beginning the public were sometimes allowed into the jail and treated it as a zoo.

There is a gallows in the courtyard. Executions by hangings first started on May 27, 1899 of 2 murderers. Actually, the contractor of the legislative building, Earl Leonard Nelson was hanged here, too. Thirteen people were hanged and buried in unmarked graves in Brookside Cemetery, 3001 Notre Dame Ave.

All executions were held at the new jail from 1930.

It's not open to the public most of the time, but once a year there's an event called "Open Doors Winnipeg”, where some locations make it public for a day for people to explore and there's historical tours. The Vaughan Street Jail being one of them.

The jail's use has been changed since 1930 and the top floors are deemed structural safety hazards.

Most of the cells have been removed but the solitary confinement cells in the basement are still there.

Per our Winnipeg Representative Darkling Ghost

When I was on the Muddy Waters Ghost Tour I took this photo and felt drawn to the 3rd window to the left, on the 2nd floor. After I took the picture the guide then told the group she once saw the silhouette of a lady with her hair up in a bun, like a prison warden would have, walking by that very window I was drawn to but not walk past the other windows.

Most of the reports of that old jail are feelings of being watched, run up on followed by phantom footsteps and blasts of air and phantom voices, feelings of being touched

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The house on King Road: A look at the Moscow home where four U of I students were killed

Idaho Statesman logo

Sally Krutzig and Kevin Fixler, Idaho Statesman

Back of Moscow house

( Idaho Statesman ) — At 1122 King Road in Moscow sits a gray six-bedroom, three-bathroom house that continues to be the source of significant national attention.

Known as a student rental, the home’s most recent tenants were a group of six University of Idaho undergraduates who signed a 12-month lease that began on June 5, according to the property management firm that oversees the home.

Three of the student renters would not live to see the end of their lease.

The tenants were Madison Mogen, Kaylee Goncalves, Xana Kernodle, Bethany Funke and Dylan Mortensen, as well as an unnamed sixth person on the lease.

slain students

RELATED | Who were the four students killed at the University of Idaho? A look into their lives

In the early morning hours of Sunday, Nov. 13, Mogen, Goncalves, Kernodle and Kernodle’s boyfriend, Ethan Chapin, were stabbed to death in the house. Police found two bodies on the second floor and two bodies on the third floor, but have not released which victims were discovered where.

Mortensen and Funke were on the first floor of the home and went unharmed. Police have said they were not involved in the killings.

Nearly six weeks have passed, and law enforcement still has not named a suspect in the quadruple homicide.

The Idaho Statesman used photos from rental listings and documents submitted by former owners to the city of Moscow to explore the layout of the King Road house. Depictions of the floors are approximations created by the Statesman based on that information.

Just north of the home is the university’s new Greek Row , where many fraternity and sorority activities take place. That proximity meant the area was particularly popular among those involved in U of I Greek life.

About 1,600 students are members of the school’s fraternities and sororities. That total represents 23% of the roughly 7,000 undergraduate students enrolled in fall 2022 at the Moscow campus, according to university spokespeople.

Goncalves was a member of the Alpha Phi sorority, while Mogen and Kernodle were members of Pi Beta Phi. Funke is a member of Pi Phi as well, and identified Mogen as her “big sister” in a letter she wrote that was read at a Dec. 2 memorial . Mortensen also appears in multiple photos reviewed by the Statesman, including with Funke, on the sorority’s Facebook page, wearing clothing with Pi Phi insignia.

Many renters in the area around King Road were overflow from the nearby fraternities and sororities, said Merida McClanahan, supervisor at Team Idaho Real Estate & Property Management.

“ we have a lot of university students as our tenants and we’ve got quite a few of the properties down there on King Road,” McClanahan told the Statesman in a phone interview. “It’s a tight-knit community. They’re on the back side of campus right across the street from Greek Row, and those kids cycle in and out.”

The listed owner of the King Road property didn’t return email and phone messages from the Statesman.

1205 07 Moscow House statesman

David Janssen, 32, a former U of I graduate student who said he’s a five-year tenant of an apartment complex adjacent to the rental home, confirmed that fraternity and sorority members appear to dominate the tightly packed neighborhood.

The surrounding Greek life environment contributed to what those familiar with the neighborhood, including Janssen, described in interviews with the Statesman as a loud party culture in the conjoined dead-end streets of King and Queen roads.

“This has always been a party place since I’ve lived here — always,” said Sean Hundley, 34, a nearly lifelong Moscow resident, and maintenance person for the adjacent apartment complex.

The tenants of the King Road house had received three noise complaints for loud music since August, according to a Statesman review of Moscow police reports. Two came on the same night in early September from separate neighbors in two single-family homes, each about a quarter-mile away, on the street located above the valley where the King Road house sits.

Goncalves received a warning from police for the first noise complaint in August. Mogen and Kernodle each received law enforcement warnings from the two complaints in September, according to the police reports.

In recently released Moscow police body-cam footage posted on YouTube , officers were shown trying to track down a resident of the home after the first of the September noise complaints.

“I guarantee you they’re associated with a sorority,” Moscow Police Sgt. Dustin Blaker said in the footage, to a male student who didn’t live at the home. “As many of them are living here, it’s an off-campus sorority house.”

Three floors of Moscow house

The King Road home’s six bedrooms had at one time been rented as separate apartments, according to McClanahan, with the property management firm.

“Primarily for the last 12 years, it has been rented as one unit as a single-family home,” McClanahan said.

The house originally had two floors, but an owner requested to add the lowest floor in 2000, according to Moscow city permits. Built into a hillside, the house has one exterior door on each floor.

The home is 3,120 square feet, according to Zillow . The Latah County Assessor’s Office assessed its value at $343,848 in August.

The first floor

first floor moscow house

All of the tenants except the sixth unnamed person on the lease, who police said had moved out before the start of the school year, were home at the time of the Nov. 13 attack. The five housemates, along with Chapin, were all back at the King Road house by 1:56 a.m., police said. Call records made by Mogen and Goncalves indicated the attack happened sometime after they placed a phone call at 2:52 a.m., according to The New York Times.

The roommates on the first floor, Mortensen and Funke, likely were asleep until later that morning, according to police.

Attempts by the Statesman to reach Funke and Mortensen have been unsuccessful.

At 11:58 a.m., a 911 call was made from inside the house on one of the surviving roommates’ cellphones, according to police. The roommates summoned friends to the house because they believed one of the victims on the second floor had passed out and was not waking up. Multiple people spoke with the 911 dispatcher before officers arrived, police said.

Authorities have declined to release the 911 recording, citing an ongoing investigation.

On social media, many have expressed disbelief that Mortensen and Funke would not have woken up during the killings. However, former first-floor tenant Ryan Augusta told Fox News that he typically “heard nothing” from the second and third floors when he lived there in 2019. Reached by the Statesman, Augusta said he stood by his prior statement.

City records and photos from online rental listings indicate the first floor has two bedrooms that open into a shared hallway. The hallway also leads to a bathroom and a stairway that goes to the second floor.

A door between the bedrooms opens to the property’s driveway.

The second floor

second floor moscow house

The second floor of the home includes a living room, two bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen. This floor can be accessed from the outside through a sliding glass door between the porch and the kitchen.

This floor has two separate staircases, one that leads to the first floor and one to the third floor.

Kernodle lived on the second floor, her mother, Cara Northington, said in an interview this month with NewsNation . Chapin’s mother, Stacy Chapin, previously confirmed to the Statesman that her son spent the night at his girlfriend’s house.

The third floor

third floor moscow house

The third floor of the home includes a bathroom and two bedrooms — one of which has a balcony with a sliding glass door. This floor can be accessed only by the staircase from the second floor.

Goncalves’ father, Steve Goncalves, said his daughter and Mogen lived on the third floor, according to Fox News. He said he believes that the two women, close friends since childhood, both slept in Mogen’s room the night of the killings.

Two items — a pair of pink boots frequently worn by Mogen in social media photos and a decorative letter M— could be seen in the window of bedroom E following the homicides. Goncalves posted social media videos from bedroom F.

Goncalves had a dog named Murphy who was home at the time of the attack, police said. Officers found the dog in a room where the crimes were not committed, but do not know where he was at the time of the killings, according to a news release. Police found no evidence on the dog, they said.

Moscow house



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haunted room hotel fort garry

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haunted room hotel fort garry

Moscow-City - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with Photos)


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The 5-star The Ritz-Carlton, Moscow Hotel, located 8 minutes on foot from the celebrated Red Square and approximately a 5-minute stroll from The Moscow Kremlin, features an indoor swimming pool for…

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  • Renaissance Moscow Monarch Centre Hotel
  • Marriott Moscow Hotel Novy Arbat
  • Petroff Palace Boutique Hotel
  • Russo-Balt Hotel
  • Moss Boutique Hotel
  • The St. Regis Moscow Nikolskaya Hotel
  • Park-Hotel Orlovsky
  • Hotel Sadovnicheskaya
  • Nabat Palace Domodedovo
  • Radisson Blu Olympiyskiy Hotel
  • Seasons Boutique Hotel
  • Club 27 Hotel
  • Movenpick Moscow Taganskaya Hotel
  • Residences Moscow - Serviced Apartments
  • Hostel Astra Arbat
  • Chekhoff Hotel Moscow Curio Collection By Hilton
  • Sadovnicheskaya Suites
  • Richter Hotel - Design Hotels
  • Sky Apartments Rentals Service
  • Parradosso Boutique Hotel
  • Home Hostel
  • Radisson Blu Hotel Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport
  • Moscow Courtyard Boutique Hotel
  • Capsule Hotel Interqube Bolshaya Polyanka
  • Goldfish Hostel
  • Krasnyye Vorota Lyus Hotel
  • Apartment Moscow City Eye Tower
  • Moscow Marriott Imperial Plaza Hotel

4-star hotels

Novotel moscow city.

Presnenskaya Naberezhnaya, 2, Moscow, Russia View map

Novotel Moscow City offers 361 rooms, and it's within a 5-minute walk of Asia Beauty Spa. Private car parking is available on site as well.

3-star hotels

Cosmos hotel.

150 Mira Prospect, Moscow, Ru, Moscow, Russia View map

Featuring a swimming pool, Cosmos Hotel Moscow is an 8-minute walk from Cosmonauts Alley. This hotel entices guests with private parking, available on site.

Izmailovo Gamma Hotel

71, 4 G-D, Izmailovskoe Shosse, Moscow, Ru, Moscow, Russia View map

Izmailovo Gamma Hotel Moscow offers 820 rooms merely 5 minutes' walk from Russian Toy Museum. This hotel entices guests with private parking, available on site.

  • Mitino Hotel
  • Slavyanka Hotel
  • Matreshka Hotel
  • Napoleon Hostel Moscow
  • Yunost Hotel
  • Hotel Sokol
  • Skypoint Hotel Sheremetyevo Airport
  • Mirros Hotel Moscow Kremlin
  • Sherston Hotel
  • Hotel Element
  • Riga Land Hotel
  • Volga Apart Hotel
  • Aeropolis Hotel
  • Akademicheskaya Hotel
  • Lubyanka Art Hotel
  • Oksana Hotel
  • Maxima Zarya Hotel
  • Troyka Hotel Moscow
  • Hampton By Hilton Moscow Strogino Hotel
  • Gallery Voyage Hotel
  • Imperia City
  • Ibis Moscow Dynamo Hotel
  • Bagration Hotel
  • Agios Hotel On Kurskaya
  • Minima Kitai - Gorod Hotel
  • Ibis Moscow Centre Bakhrushina Hotel
  • Lefortovo Hotel
  • Airhotel Domodedovo
  • Maxima Slavia Hotel
  • Ulanskaya Hotel
  • Warsaw Hotel
  • Kaufman Hotel
  • Hotel Kamergersky
  • Zvezdnaya Hotel
  • Sunflower Avenue Hotel Moscow
  • Andron Hotel On Ilyicha Square
  • Maxima Irbis Hotel
  • Orange House Hotel
  • Tourist Hotel
  • Basilica Hostel
  • Medea Hotel
  • Mini-Hotel Old Moscow
  • Aroma-Hotel On Kozhukhovskaya
  • D' Hotel Vdnkh
  • Royal Hotel
  • Sputnik Hotel
  • Hotel Gallery

2-star hotels

Tourist econom hotel.

17 Selskokhozyaystvennaya Street, Moscow, Russia View map

Tourist Econom Hotel Moscow lies 17 minutes' walk from Butterflarium and at the doorstep of a tube station.

Universitetskaya Hotel

Michurinskiy Prospect 8/29, Moscow, Ru, Moscow, Russia View map

The 2-star Universitetskaya Hotel is situated in the Ramenki district of Moscow, 24 minutes' drive from Vnukovo International airport.

  • Art Galaktika Hotel
  • Tverskaya Loft Moscow Hotel
  • Baikal Hotel
  • Godzillas Rooms
  • Winterfell On Taganskaya Hotel
  • Privet Hostel
  • Capital Guesthouse
  • Retro Moscow Hotel
  • Vinegret Hostel
  • Netizen Moscow Rimskaya Hostel
  • High Level - Has A Great History, Quiet Calm And Cozy Place For Only 24 Guests!
  • Davydov Hostel
  • Boomerang Hostel
  • Landmark Hostel Arbat
  • Jazz House Hostel
  • Hostel Bed&Beer
  • Mary Gold Hotel
  • Babushka Doll Hotel
  • Hotel Viktoria
  • Voskhod Hotel
  • Winterfell On Kropotkinskaya
  • Brestol Hotel
  • Ibis Budget Moscow Panfilovskaya
  • Ostankino Hotel
  • Winterfell On Smolenskaya Hotel
  • Like Hostel City
  • Buran Capsule Hotel
  • Kuzminki By Apart In Hotel
  • Hotel Voyage Park
  • Hotel On Tsvetnoy Boulevard
  • Olimp Hotel
  • Hostel Tsiolkovsky On Vdnkh
  • Tukan Hotel
  • Hotel And Hostel Panda
  • Portal Hostel And Hotel
  • Hostel Esenin
  • Makarov Hostel
  • Icon Hostel
  • Nereus Hostel Near Kremlin
  • Loft Hostel
  • Ostankino Hostel
  • Gaidai Hostel
  • Pled Hostel Paveletskaya
  • Hostel Lime

Recommended hotels

Marco polo presnja hotel.

9, Spiridonjevskij Per., Building 1, Moscow, Ru, Moscow, Russia View map

The historic Marco Polo Presnja Hotel Moscow is conveniently located inside the Garden Ring in Presnensky, an upscale area known for the State Museum of Oriental Art and quiet parks like Patriarch's…


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  1. The Haunted Fort Garry Hotel, Winnipeg CA

    Address: 222 Broadway, R3C 0R3 Winnipeg, Canada With over 100 years of history, the Fort Garry Hotel has played host to many guests over the years. One of these guests is reported to haunt the infamous 'Haunted Room 202'.

  2. Room 202: Hunting for Ghosts at Winnipeg's Fort Garry Hotel

    Designed as a luxury hotel for railway passengers, the Fort Garry is often described as one of the most haunted places in Canada. While numerous spaces inside the hotel have their own stories attached to them, the majority of these tales come from guests staying in Room 202.

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    Legend has it that the Fort Garry Hotel in Winnipeg is haunted. Maybe Room 202, maybe the second floor, maybe the whole place. We spend a night to find out By Jennifer Bain Toronto Star Friday, April 14, 2017 2 min to read SYSTEM I spent almost 23 hours in this room trying to see if it was haunted. - Jennifer Bain / Toronto Star

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    In the heart of Winnipeg stands the Fort Garry Hotel, a grand structure echoing over a hundred years of history. But within its stately walls are tales that tread the line between the known and the unknown. ... adding another chapter to the room's haunted reputation. In a more intriguing twist, a young boy on a trip organized by the "Make-a ...

  6. The Haunted Fort Garry Hotel

    The haunted history of the Fort Garry Hotel is very appealing to those that reside and live in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. In the year of 1913, this hotel was constructed by the "Grand Trunk Pacific Railway". The original purpose and intent of the hotel was to provide a comfortable means of lodging for those that would come in by train.

  7. My experience has haunted me for 17 yrs!

    37 35 My experience has haunted me for 17 yrs! Review of Fort Garry Hotel, Spa and Conference Centre Reviewed September 8, 2018 via mobile Trip advisor wasn't around at the time of my stay but i felt it was time to document my experience here. I was traveling for business and stayed here for 5 days.

  8. Take a tour of Fort Garry's haunted room 202

    Videos. Take a tour of Fort Garry's haunted room 202. 04:47 | October 28, 2022. Charges stayed against man accused of handing out weed gummies. 00:34 | December 6, 2023. Winnipeg sex crimes unit ...

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    Fort Garry Hotel, Spa and Conference Centre: Loads of Fun for a Haunted Hotel - See 2,003 traveller reviews, 1,090 candid photos, and great deals for Fort Garry Hotel, Spa and Conference Centre at Tripadvisor.

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    Hear about the Fort Garry Hotel, Winnipeg's most well-known haunted location. Find out about its most haunted room. Walk past Manitoba's Legislative Building and the large yellow building that was once the Vaughn St. Jail. Find out about the haunted history of Hamilton House and a beige downtown building that was once home to a Masonic Temple.

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    Built in 1913, by the Grand Pacific Trunk Railway, the Fort Garry Hotel is one of Canada's grand railway hotels, built at a time when Winnipeg was the boomin...

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    Paranormal investigators Johnny and Jordyn spend the night in the haunted Fort Garry Hotel in Winnipeg, Canada to make contact with the terrifying ghost of a woman who died in the most...

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    I went to a haunted hotel, several reports of ghosts and creepy sounds come out of Fort Garry Hotel. I stayed in room #202 the center for the haunted stories...

  14. Haunted Room 202 at the Fort Garry Hotel

    The Fort Garry Hotel is infamous for its haunted Room 202. A woman apparently committed suicide in the room many years ago after hearing of the death of her husband in a car accident. Overcome with grief, she hung herself in the closet. Guests have seen a woman dressed in a cloak or robe hovering at the end of the bed.

  15. Fort Garry Hotel

    The second floor of the large and castle-like 1913 Fort Garry Hotel is said to be the most haunted. That's where Room 202 is, where guests sometimes wake to find a dark figure at the end of their bed and where maids have reported seeing blood dripping from the walls. Why all the gore?

  16. Fort Garry, Room 202

    Date: 2009-07-08 Country: Canada Paranormal Category: Haunted Places T he city I live in has a rich history of ghosts, one of the most famous is the cloaked ghost of a woman residing in the Fort Garry Hotel. It was built in 1913 as a luxury hotel for train passengers that had an overnight stop in Winnipeg.

  17. The Fort Garry Hotel Room Tour/Staying in Canada's Most Haunted Hotel

    Designed as a luxury hotel for railway passengers, the Fort Garry is often described as one of the most haunted places in Canada.The Fort Garry Hotel was built in 1913 by the Grand...


    THE HAUNTED FORT GARRY HOTELThe Fort Garry Hotel in Winnipeg, Manitoba, is said to be incredibly haunted, especially that of room 202 in particular...Sources...

  19. Haunted Winnipeg

    The hotel will allow you to book and stay in the haunted room. The most famous paranormal legend in the hotel is that of Room 202. The story is that in the 1910's or 1920's a newlywed couple stayed in the room. ... In the Fort Garry Hotel, the lady in white roams the first floor lobby, too. I've seen her in a mirror for a moment before she ...

  20. About Safmar Aurora Luxe

    Safmar Aurora Luxe (ex-Marriott Royal Aurora) - a luxury hotel in Moscow. +7 (495) 937-10-00. 11 Petrovka St., Moscow city. Safmar Grand Moscow.

  21. The house on King Road: A look at the Moscow home where four U of I

    (Idaho Statesman) — At 1122 King Road in Moscow sits a gray six-bedroom, three-bathroom house that continues to be the source of significant national attention. Known as a student rental, the ...

  22. Moscow-City

    Rip off / dishonest airport taxis from Svo airport 3. Unfriendly people. 4. Horrible customer service esp at the hotel I stayed.5. Expensive and 6. Couldn't find authentic Russian food at restaurants. ... 320€ 7 nights for 2 people in a hotel room in a city center (Matreshka hotel) 0,7€ public transport ticket in the worst scenario, if you ...

  23. Moscow hotels & apartments, all accommodations in Moscow

    Around 500 metres from Russian Toy Museum, the 4-star Vega Izmailovo Hotel Moscow includes 1011 rooms. This Moscow hotel offers a private parking garage on site. From US$ 34 Book Now