The Scary Story Behind The Most Haunted Rocking Chair In History

Spooky rocking chair

"Haunted" items that carry a sinister aura or malevolent presence are extremely common in stories and accounts of ghosts and demonic encounters. The self-proclaimed ghost hunters (and media personalities)  Ed and Lorraine Warren famously kept a museum full of such objects surrounded by dollar store Halloween decorations in the basement of their own home, including the notorious haunted doll, Annabelle, who figured in the plot of the 2019 horror film "Annabelle Comes Home." Paranormal investigator and host of the Travel Channel series "Ghost Adventures," Zak Bagans,  put together a list of some of the most haunted items in history for the Dummies website that includes a number of items that have had movies made about them, including Annabelle, Robert the Doll , and the Dybbuk Box featured in the 2012 movie "The Possession." He also discusses "The Hands Resist Him," a painting that went viral in 2000 thanks to being listed on eBay, and the so-called "Devil's Rocking Chair."

The Devil's Rocking Chair played a role in one of the most famous possession cases of all time, that of Arne Cheyenne Johnson, who claimed that he killed his landlord under demonic influence. But before we can get to Johnson, we have to look at his fiancee's younger brother, then-11-year-old David Glatzel. The Glatzel family received the rocking chair in the early 1950s, but in the summer of 1980, this previously unassuming piece of furniture would play a role in an exorcism so famous, they made a movie about it.

The 'Conjuring' connection

As Bagans explained for Dummies , it's claimed that David started seeing visions of what he described as a "man with big black eyes, a thin face with animal features, jagged teeth, pointed ears, horns, and hooves." He said he had recurring nightmares of this figure and suffered unexplained injuries such as scratches and bruises. Soon he said he was seeing this Devil figure during waking hours as well, invariably sitting in the family's rocking chair. While only David saw the demon sitting in the chair, other family members claimed to have seen it moving on its own. When the Glatzels consulted a priest about David's behavior, the boy is said to have begun hissing, spitting, speaking foreign languages, and quoting "Paradise Lost" (or so claim Ed and Lorraine Warren). The Warrens themselves were then called in to assist with the exorcism, and they claimed to have seen the chair moving on its own with David sitting in it, disappearing and reappearing in other locations in the house, and levitating.

During a final exorcism, Arne Johnson tells the demon to leave David and come into him, then Johnson is possessed and murders his landlord, then he goes on trial and becomes the first person to claim innocence for reasons of demonic possession, with the Warrens backing his claim. If this sounds familiar, it's because this story was adapted for the plot of 2021's "The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It," which adds a fictional Satan-worshiping witch and removes most of the stuff about the rocking chair for some reason.

Fright at the museum

Following the alleged possessions of David Glatzel and Arne Johnson, the Glatzel family placed the spooky chair in storage. According to Bagans , however, that wasn't enough to contain the evil of Satan's own rocking chair. When the Glatzels moved into a new home, they took the rocking chair with them, and supposedly it caused no shortage of trouble. Anyone who sat in the chair, they say, began to suffer pains such as backaches or sciatic nerve pain, some which were allegedly permanent or required surgery. As such, the Glatzels decided to finally divest themselves of the demon chair. As Newsweek explains , the chair made its way to the Warrens' museum, where it stayed until Bagans purchased it from the Warrens for $67,000 hours before Lorraine's death.

Bagans put the chair in his Haunted Museum in Las Vegas, which contains other items such as the aforementioned Dybbuk Box, a haunted doll, and part of James Dean's car. Bagans claims that the chair still had its original cushion, on which are visible stains from the holy water and blessed oils that Ed Warren and the priest used during David's exorcism. Perhaps needless to say, Bagans says that visitors to the museum have felt a menacing aura surrounding the chair even now, causing nightmares, tension, and arguments among people who come near it. The chair was also allegedly able to cause lights to turn off and doors to lock under their own power soon after it was brought to the museum.

Zak Bagans' rocking chair adventures

In 2019, Bagans closed the Devil's Rocking Chair display at the Haunted Museum. According to Newsweek , Bagans claimed that the chair was causing too much supernatural trouble at the museum to be worth the risk. Bagans said that six different people suffered ill effects due to proximity to the item, all spontaneously bursting into uncontrollable weeping. Another guest collapsed on the stairs that are situated just above the rocking chair exhibit. Bagans claims that the chair caused a chain of strange emotions within himself and a friend of his. Bagans and his friend were sitting in Bagans' home and felt an evil presence lurking between them, after which Bagans' dog began to growl and Bagans lowered his head and began speaking strangely on the topic of God and the Devil, all of which caused his friend to begin sobbing and run out of the house.

Even though emotional and physical reactions to the allegedly haunted objects in Bagans' museum aren't uncommon, with many people being taken away in ambulances, the personal nature of this spooky chair apparently led Bagans to close that exhibit, as TMZ reports, which he claims is the first time he had ever done so. But that was 2019, and as of this writing,  the Haunted Museum website prominently features the Devil's Rocking Chair as one of the exhibits available in the museum tour, so if you're in Las Vegas and willing to risk and emotional breakdown and/or possibly murdering your landlord, maybe risk taking a peek at history's most demonic chair.

Chilling footage shows rocking chair creepily 'moving by itself' at haunted hotel

The owners of 'Chester's most haunted hotel', said to be home to 13 ghosts, have shared footage of a rocking chair spookily moving by itself

haunted rocking chair video

  • 16:18, 11 Jun 2022

A video appears to capture a rocking chair that moves all by itself at hotel dubbed Chester 's most haunted .

The owners of Ye Olde Kings Head shared the footage of the mysterious incident, one of many ghostly goings on reported by the pair, writes Cheshire Live .

It is believed the hotel, which dates back to 1622, is home to a whopping 13 spirits (and we're not talking about the ones behind the bar) including tormented souls of civil war soldiers, Roman soldiers, young children and even women who worked there when it was a brothel in the 17th century.

The foundations of the original building that the hotel is on are even older, having been constructed for Peter the clerk in 1208.

Ye Olde Kings Head has gained such a reputation for its paranormal activity that it has featured on TV show Most Haunted and more recently on Sky Pick's Paranormal.

It was also named spookiest hotel in the North West last year.

It was bought by paranormal enthusiast Harry Achilleos 15 years ago and his dream has been to turn it into a top dark tourism destination, due to its spooky reputation.

Sightings over the years are said to range from eerie mists to full body apparitions, with poltergeist activity reported in the bar, including pints being knocked over.

It is one of a number of reputedly haunted buildings in Chester , with a thriving ghost tour industry built up around them.

Harry has now installed a series of 16 infrared cameras around the Grade II Listed building in a bid to monitor any unusual activity.

And amongst the latest finds is a video of a rocking chair which appears to be moving by itself.

The chair, which has a creepy doll on it, is in room six at the hotel, one of a number of supposedly haunted rooms there.

Paranormal investigator Danny Moss, who has joined Harry and fellow team member Brett Jones to work on the My Haunted Hotel project at Ye Olde Kings Head, said that he and the rest of the team there had been stunned to see the footage of the rocking chair and had even attempted to debunk it without success.

Danny said: "Chester is one of the most haunted cities in the UK, without a doubt, and this 400-year-old building is reputedly one of the most haunted in the country.

"It's become such a huge attraction locally. It's the ninth week of the cameras being installed now and the activity we have captured on camera has been phenomenal.

"We found the footage of the rocking chair moving at 3.28pm in the afternoon when there were no guests in the hotel. Harry got a notification on his phone, saying that there was movement in room six.

"He went back and told me and Brett and we even tried to debunk it but could not find an explanation for this happening as the chair is pretty heavy and would not be moved by a draft or people moving around it, for example. I'm quite a scientific person and I will always look for a rational explanation.

"When I can't find one then that's when I know it's real."

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Ghost Caught on Tape

Ghost Caught on Tape , also known as Scary Rocking Chair is a screamer video uploaded by Steve Zuranski ( YouTube user SZWORLD) on October 1, 2006. The video has gained over 77 million views as of June 2020. It was also hosted on .

The original video starts in a dark room with a giant white rocking chair in the middle - though other uploaded versions may display red and white text on a black background before this. There is a rocking horse behind the chair and various items scattered across the floor, including a water bottle. There is a Chevy commercial playing very quietly in the background, with a mom talking about the Little Mermaid as well. The camera footage is grainy and appears to be using a night-vision filter.

During the video, the blanket on the far right appears to move slightly. Towards the end, the rocking chair starts moving on its own - right after, a woman with Regan MacNeil 's face appears right in front of the rocking chair and crawls up to the camera with an echoing scream. The video ends with white text reading "".

There is an alternate version by the same creator where the same screamer was replaced with an eyeless woman with a wide mouth.

The house is the original house that Steve and his family had lived in before they moved out - Little Boy Haunted by Demons was also filmed here. The heavily sped-up footage of the woman crawling up to the camera is Caroline Bryant, Steve's wife, and the alternate version's jumpscare image is a moving picture of her face with black effects on it and slightly contrasted instead of Regan.

NOTE : The following video contains a screamer !

  • Alternative Version :
  • This article is also available in Japanese
  • Regan MacNeil
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What is the story of the haunted rocking chair in Mayflower Hill Cemetery in Taunton?

TAUNTON — There are so many ghost stories and legends across New England that once you hear one, you become invested in the lore and want to find more stories.

That is how Ed and Terri Cripps felt when they did a compilation album of folklore and legends just in Rhode Island for Lovecraft Arts and Sciences. 

The album sparked an interest in discovering more stories and sharing them in their newest album, “Mythos.”

Three songs on the album were based on southern New England folklore, including two from the Taunton area, where Ed Cripps grew up. What are these legends many people claim they have encountered?

Her Vacant Chair

“Her Vacant Chair” refers to the legend of the haunted rocking chair at the Mayflower Hill Cemetery in Taunton. According to public records from the Old Colony History Museum , the rocking chair memorial is for Pearl E. French. Behind the monument is the gravestone of Pearl and her cousin Veva L. Johnson. Pearl was the daughter of Edwin and Emma French. She was born on Aug. 21, 1878, and died on March 26, 1882, at the age of 3. 

"The one issue with this legend is that it begs so many questions," said Jeff Belanger, author and host of the podcast "New England Legends." 

There are many different versions of the story, which changes from person to person. It is said that many people have seen it move or some glowing lights near it at night.

More: Stroll into the past at Taunton’s Mayflower Hill Cemetery

Belanger said one version that stuck for a while that was not true is that the daughter was told by her mother not to leave the house and then the house caught on fire, and the daughter burned to death following her mother’s order. The version that Belanger believes to be historically accurate is that Pearl tragically died from spinal meningitis. 

Belanger said that as soon as you set eyes on this rocking chair, you feel unease because you know it is a child’s grave. The white-marbled eye-catching monument that often has gifts from its visitors is right in the front of the cemetery. Belanger said that the way the object catches your eye, it can play games with your head making you think that it moved. 

“People will say that if you go in there at night, you can see it rocking,” Belanger said.

“If you see it at low light and look at it from a distance, your eyes might play some tricks on you, because you are freaked already because there are dead bodies everywhere!”

The Walking Song

“The Walking Song” is a reference to the legend of the redheaded hitchhiker on Route 44, which falls within what is known as the  Bridgewater Triangle , a 200-square-mile area of southeastern Massachusetts known for many accounts of strange sightings and unexplained phenomena. 

Legend has it that a disheveled, redheaded man with a beard and wearing a red flannel shirt is seen on the side of the road at the Rehoboth/Seekonk line on Route 44 looking to hitch a ride. Similar to the rocking chair story, the redheaded hitchhiker changes from person to person. 

In some versions, he is seen on the side of the road and then suddenly disappears. In others, it is said that he gets in the car and after it drives off, he disappears.

Paranormal investigators categorize these stories as phantom hitchhikers and Belanger said these stories are very popular. 

More: Follow along as Taunton Gazette reporter braves the Bridgewater Triangle

Belanger said both the haunted rocking chair and the redheaded hitchhiker are cautionary tales.

"They haunt and serve as a reminder, in a way," he said.

In the case of the rocking chair, the warning is to always take care of your children. In comparison, the redheaded hitchhiker serves as a reminder that you don’t always make it to your destination.

Mercy’s Burning Heart

“Mercy’s Burning Heart” refers to the Mercy Brown vampire incident in Exeter, Rhode Island. This story, according to investigators, was based on an actual event that happened in the late 1800s. 

During that time, consumption — better known today as tuberculosis — was the leading cause of death. 

Legend has it that the Brown family battled the disease, and one by one, they started to get sick and die. First to become ill was mother, Mary, then the oldest sister, Mary Olive. Then the son, Edwin Brown, started to get sick, and their father, George Brown, sent him out west where the air was drier. While Edwin was gone, his sister Mercy Brown got sick and died in January 1892. Paranormal enthusiast Andrew Lake of Greenville Paranormal Research said the ground was too frozen to give Mercy a proper burial, so she was placed in a crypt until the spring. 

According to Lake, Edwin came back to Rhode Island after he started feeling better and to be at Mercy's burial in March 1892. Lake said that as soon as he came back to the cold climate in New England, he started getting sick again. A group of locals went to George telling him that a vampire was cursing his family. So they went to Chestnut Hill Cemetery and had Dr. Harold Metcalf, a local doctor from Wickford, Rhode Island, treat the mother, the oldest sister and Mercy for vampirism. They dug up the mother and oldest sister and both of their bodies were fully decomposed. But according to legend, Mercy's body was not in the same position they had left her in and her hair and fingernails had grown. The locals, seeing these as signs she was a vampire, dragged Mercy's body out of the crypt and opened her chest up, Lake said. They noticed fresh liquid blood, which they took to be the final sign that she was a vampire, so they burned her heart and turned the ashes into a liquid for Edwin to drink to break the spell. However, Edwin would later die of tuberculosis. 

“Tuberculosis is a living vampire because it sucks the life out of you,” Lake said. “In its day, it must have been so supernatural to the people of Exeter."

Lake said the reason Mercy's body did not decompose was that the crypt being made of stone during the winter acted like primitive refrigeration preserving her body. He said Metcalf tried to explain that to people, but they were focused on the long nails and hair.

Whether you believe these legends or not, once you hear one, it's easy to become engulfed in the many different ghostly stories in southern New England.

haunted rocking chair video

Those Haunted Rocking Chairs

Investigative Briefs

Whether the product of imagination or other causes, ghostly phenomena are frequently reported as story elements that folklorists term motifs . Among common examples are the ghost at the bedside, phantom footsteps, a mysteriously moving door, an inexplicable light in a window, and so on (as I explain in my 1995 book Entities (pp. 44–53).

Among such familiar motifs is the haunted rocking chair. At historic Liberty Hall in Frankfort, Kentucky, for example, a rocker was reportedly seen on occasion “going back and forth by itself.” Among the several possible explanations for such an occurrence is moving air. In his book ESP, Seers & Psychics: What the Occult Really Is (1970, 169), magician Milbourne Christopher writes: “The strangest air-induced action I have seen was when a child’s rocking chair moved back and forth by itself, until the slightly opened window directly behind it was closed. The chair was on an uncarpeted floor, and there was a heavy wind at the time.”

I had occasion to investigate the haunted rocker phenomenon myself during one of my countless on-site investigations of haunted houses (and haunted castles, forts, inns, ships, graveyards, etc., etc.). I was at the historic Brown-Pusey House in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Although I had heard of the rocker’s spooky movements from a credible local source, I was surprised when the house’s long-time receptionist told me she had never heard of it. Indeed, she called attention to the fact that her desk was directly below the room where the rocker had been situated, and insisted that she would surely have heard it had it been moving.

As it happened, the rocker was no longer located in that room, but when I entered the chamber I immediately perceived the likely cause of the reported event: the floor was so rickety that simply walking upon it caused even a dresser mirror to shake noticeably. But why had the receptionist not heard the rocker’s movement? I feel sure that sound had been overridden by the footsteps of those walking there, and—since their presence was known to the lady below—she thought nothing of those noises. Corroboratively, so far as we know the rocker never moved of its own accord, hence the receptionist’s having been unaware of it.

On one occasion I was startled to see an antique rocking chair suddenly become animated right before my eyes. This occurred at White Hall, the central Kentucky home of Cassius Marcellus Clay (1810–1903), the politician and abolitionist. It took me a moment to realize the cause: A tour guide who had just walked by—without seeming to touch it—had actually whacked one of its runners inadvertently with the hoop of her antebellum skirt.

Of course, there are other possible explanations for “haunted” rockers, including a resident house cat or other pet, an overactive imagination, and other potential sources of “ghostly” activity. Here are two more instances I have come upon over the years.

One is reported at the former home of famous First Lady Dolley Madison (1768–1849), who lived there during her latter years. After her death, men who were leaving the (then nearby) Washington Club at night sometimes saw her ghost on the porch “gently rocking in her favorite chair in shadows highlighted by the glow of the moon” (John Alexander: Ghosts: Washington Revisited , 1998, 25.) Of course the wind could have moved the rocker and imagination done the rest—if there were indeed a rocker on the porch. (The original porch, on the west side of the house—located at Madison and H Streets NW—is now gone but a different porch was built on a different side; see photo I made in 2009.) Otherwise, such sightings, if they occurred at all, could have been started by one club member, somewhat inebriated on leaving, perceiving motion in the highlighted shadows.

Finally, there is this account from the Springfield, Illinois, home of Abraham Lincoln—only one of numerous places the sixteenth president is reputed to haunt, and that I have visited. According to Adam Selzer ( Ghosts of Lincoln , 2015, 257), over the years, visitors to Mary Todd Lincoln’s bedroom occasionally witnessed a chair rocking on its own. However, curator Susan Haake reports that a security guard since admitted on retiring that she had rigged the chair with fishing line to effect the ghostly movement!


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Monster Guts

Haunted Rocking Chair Tutorial

Haunted Rocking Chair Tutorial

Check out this simple Haunted Rocking Chair Tutorial by U Fix It Garage. He does a great job explaining all the parts and how he made it.

It's a simple and super effective prop. Dress it up with some creepy cloth and some spooky lighting and you are good to go.

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Monster In-A-Box 2.0 - Build Tutorial

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Which Motor Is Right For You?

Which Motor Is Right For You?

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The Haunted Rocking Chair

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Top 13 places in Russia where you may face a ghost

haunted rocking chair video

1. Kusovnikov House in Moscow

haunted rocking chair video

In the 19 th   century house № 17 on Myasnitskaya street in central Moscow was inhabited by a rich, but very greedy couple – Pyotr and Sofya Kusovnikov, who scrimped on almost everything. Extremely suspicious, they used to hide money from their servants in different places. Once they hid some in the fireplace, but the janitor accidentally burned it when lighting the fire. When she found out, Sofya died instantly of a broken heart, her husband passed away a little later. Since then, the ghost of a hunched old man in a coat has routinely appeared on the street near the house – this is Pyotr Kusovnikov mourning his lost money.

2. Sokol metro station

haunted rocking chair video

During WWI, not far from the modern Sokol station of the Moscow metro, a cemetery for fallen soldiers was located. In 1918, mass executions of White officers and priests by the Reds were held there. All this led to the appearance of ghosts in the dark tunnels of the station. Early in the morning diaphanous figures with festering wounds can be seen there.  

3. St. Michael’s Castle in St. Petersburg

haunted rocking chair video

This castle was a royal residence built by order of Tsar  Paul I. On March 21, 1801, he was killed there by a group of conspirators. It is considered that the restless spirit of the tsar was unable to leave the castle. It appears there in the corridors with a burning candle in its hand.

4.   Znamenskaya Tower in Yaroslavl

haunted rocking chair video

During the Civil War in Russia (1917-1922), a group of White troops held positions in the Volkovsky theater in Yaroslavl. The Red commissar in command of the siege promised to spare their lives. However, he lied and all the Whites were executed at the Znamenskaya Tower. Since then, the ghost of the commissar who didn’t keep his promise has been seen at the place of his crime.

5. Igumnov House in Moscow

haunted rocking chair video

The house at 43 Bolshaya Yakimanka Street in Moscow, also known as “Igumnov House,” serves today as the residence of the French ambassador. It was built at the request of the industrialist Nikolay Igumnov in the late 19 th   century. He settled his young mistress here, but one day caught her with a lover. The lover was kicked out, but the girl was never seen again. It is believed that the outraged Igumnov bricked her up in a wall. During Soviet times, people often saw the ghost of a young girl walking through the walls with deep, plaintive sighs.     

6. House of Rasputin in St. Petersburg

haunted rocking chair video

The flat on the second floor at 64 Gorokhovaya street in St. Petersburg is today a usual residential apartment. However, in the early 20th century it was home to one of the most mystical figures in Russian history – Grigory Rasputin. His ghost sometimes appears here, scaring inhabitants with its clunking steps and grunting in dark corners.

7. House on the Embankment

haunted rocking chair video

This house at 2 Serafimovicha Street, simply known as “House on Embankment,” is among the most famous in the Russian capital, known as the place of residence for the Soviet   crème de la crème : writers, artists, actors, generals, athletes. However, it also has a dark history. During the Great Purge, a campaign of political repressions in the USSR, dozens of the house’s inhabitants were arrested and executed. Today, the house is full of the ghosts of those victims, who sometimes appear in their old dwelling place. 

8. Tower of the old hospital in Ryazan

haunted rocking chair video

Among the high-rise modern buildings at 15 Gorky Street in Ryazan is an old tower – all that remains of the old hospital. At night, a lonely dark figure can be seen walking in this tower. This is the ghost of Alexander Smitten, who administered the hospital more than a century ago.

9. Griboyedov Canal in St. Petersburg

haunted rocking chair video

During a misty night in March, one can see the ghost of a young girl near the Griboyedov Canal in St. Petersburg. Her face is blue because of asphyxiation, and there is a big red mark on her neck caused by a rope. This is famous revolutionary Sophia Perovskaya, who assassinated Tsar Alexander II and was hanged for her deed. To meet this ghost is a bad omen, and can cost nocturnal pedestrians their lives.

10. Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin

haunted rocking chair video

There is a legend that when the Kremlin in Nizhny Novgorod was being built, the constructors were unable to finish one of the towers. It kept falling down. In the end, they decided to make a sacrifice and to build the tower on the blood of the first person who passed by. It happened to be a pregnant woman hurrying to the river for water. She was seized and bricked up in the tower alive. The ghost of a pale woman holding a baby has appeared near this place ever since.

11. Oldenburg Palace near Voronezh

haunted rocking chair video

Built in the late 19th century, the palace belonged to Princess Eugenia of Leuchtenberg. Today her ghost rises from the deep casemates of the palace to wander through its rooms and corridors. There is also another ghost there, much older — the ghost of a young peasant girl. It is even said that Princess Eugenia saw it when she was alive.

12. Stalin’s country house near Sochi

haunted rocking chair video

Stalin’s ghost can be seen at his country house, located today within the Green Groove hotel near Sochi. The “father of the nations” walks in his white jacket, smoking his trademark pipe.

13. Psychiatric hospital near Nizhny Novgorod

haunted rocking chair video

Near the modern psychiatric hospital in the village of Lyakhovo near Nizhny Novgorod, one can see an abandoned old building. Several dozen years ago a young girl hanged herself there because of unrequited love. At night it is possible to see a white silhouette and hear the moaning and cries of the “love-stricken schoolgirl” as the locals call her.

And if you want to see a UFO, here are several places in Russia where you will have a chance.

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haunted rocking chair video

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Moscow from Above

Moscow is without question one of the world's most important cities.  It's been the capital of  Russia since 1918 when it reclaimed the capital status from St. Petersburg following the Bolshevik Revolution.  This city on the Moscow River is now not only one of the great cities of Europe , it's the actually the center of the largest metropolitan area on the continent, and it's the only Alpha City in Eastern Europe .  Occupying a strategic position with respect to Russia's vast system of rivers , Moscow is a city which was destined for greatness by virtue of geography.  Its skyline is graced by the spires of the Kremlin, famous Eastern Orthodox churches and monasteries , gleaming skyscrapers of the Moscow City financial district (home to five of the seven tallest skyscrapers in Europe as of 2019), and the magnificent Moscow State University, the world's tallest college campus building.  Here are the best drone videos of magnificent Moscow, the host city for the 1980 Summer Olympics.  Aerial photo: " On the Moscow River " by AirVuz contributor and drone pilot Videosnebe .

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6th Annual NYCDFF Lockdown Nominee: pushkinflyteam

Closed city of moscow during the coronavirus pandemic.

  • pushkinflyteam
  • over 3 years ago

Top contributor pushkinflyteam brings us this incredible albeit shocking drone video from Moscow as Europe's largest city was virtually shut down due to the Covid-19 pandemic in the Spring of 2020. This DVOW nominated film opens with a shot looking toward the ultra-modern Moscow City skyscraper district.  Starting at about 1:20 there's a shot flying over the nearly-empty Krymsky Bridge, and at 3:35 you'll see the Church of Christ the Savior.  This video earned a nomination in the Lockdown category at the NYCDFF. 

Award winning moscow video, moscow aerial 5k

  • about 6 years ago

Check out this stunning drone video of Moscow in the throes of the Russian winter, compliments of former DVOW winner pushkinflyteam. At the :30 mark, there's an incredible shot looking over the Kremlin walls on the Moskva River.  At about 1:05, you'll see Red Square, on the opposite side of the Kremlin from the river. At 1:30, you'll see the Krymsky Bridge, just upstream from the Kremlin.  Other featured spots include the star-topped MSU building (1:55), the Pushkin Bridge (2:00), the Moscow City District (2:05), and more. 

Christmastime on red square, moscow new year 2020 merry christmas, check out this jaw-dropping drone video of holiday-festooned moscow, russia by new airvuz contributor pushkinflyteam.  the video opens with an epic shot of the kremlin and the adjacent st. basil's cathedral, the aesthetic heart of europe's largest city.  the focus of much of the rest of the video is in and around red square, the city's largest public gathering place.  located just north of the kremlin, the square takes on an almost other-worldly look during the christmas season, replete with a giant ice-skating rink.  , moscow at sunrise, moscow sunrise drone 2020 of pushkin fly team, top airvuz contributor pushkinflyteam does it again with this stunning sunrise drone video of moscow, russia.  the video opens with an epic sweeping shot looking over the kremlin toward the west.  starting at the :30 mark, there's a great "climbing shot" of the ministry of foreign affairs building (one of the stalinist era "seven sisters"), starting at about 1:45, you'll see some outstanding footage of the moscow state university building (the best known of the  seven sisters), followed by an epic view of the moscow city skyscraper district., moscow in four seasons, four seasons of moscow.

  • over 1 year ago

Former DVOW Finalist nikybwd brings us this excellent "four season" drone video of the great city of Moscow, Russia.  The video opens with some shots looking towards the Kremlin and Red Square.  At the :11 mark, you'll soar past the massive Ostankino transmission tower.  At the :16 mark, there's a great shot looking over a gold-domed church towards the skyscrapers of the Moscow International Business Center.  Other featured locations include the Zhivopisniy Bridge (:21), the Lenin Statue at VDNKh (:39), VTB Arena (:42), and more.  

Moscow in winter, moscow: the desperation of winter.

  • over 5 years ago

The title of this video, "Desperation of Moscow in Winter" is evocative of the evacuation of Napoleon's starved Grand Armee from the Russian city in the winter of 1812 and the stopping of Adolph Hitler's Wehrmacht just outside the gates of the city in the famously cold winter of 1941. Award-winning contributor shot this amazing aerial tour of Moscow in the frigid winter of 2017-18. Shot with a DJI Inspire 2 drone carrying a Zenmuse X7 camera, it is nothing short of an aerial masterpiece.

Moscow skyscraper district, the moscow city.

haunted rocking chair video

  • MichaelMsk77

"Moscow City" is the informal name for the Moscow International Business Center, a newer commercial district of the Russian capital city known for its towering skyscrapers.  Contributor MichaelMsk77 used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to create this beautiful video of the modern district.  At about the :17 mark, you'll ride along for a climb up to the top of these behemoths.  Here are five of Europe's seven tallest buildings as of 2018, the group's tallest  being the 95 story, 374 meter (a bit over 1.2k ft.) Federation Tower.

Msu: world's tallest educational building, moscow state university from above.

  • teckatlipoka
  • almost 6 years ago

University campus buildings are often beautiful but they seldom dominate the landscape with their height.  Not so the Main Building of Moscow State University, in the Russian capital city.  Its construction was directed by Joseph Stalin, who died the same year that the building was completed - 1953.  With a rooftop height of just over 180 meters (just under 600 ft.), it's the tallest educational building in the world.  Here it is via drone, compliments of contributor and drone pilot Teckatlipoka.

The kremlin: spring, 2020 quarantine, moscow kremlin at night during the covid-19 period, the moscow kremlin is the most visible landmark in the russian capital, the largest city in europe.  originally a walled fortress, it's been the home of russia's leaders for many centuries, excepting a roughly 200 year period when the capital was in st. petersburg.  over those long years, it's likely never appeared as empty as it does in this eerie drone video by airvuz contributor nikybwd.  he was able to film its distinctive spires and domes when the city was under a near lockdown to fight the covid-19 pandemic in april, 2020.  , msu, moscow city, luzhniki stadium, and more, moscow the heart of russia drone video, check out this stunning drone video from moscow, compliments of top airvuz contributor pushkinflyteam.  shot during the dusk and evening hours, some of the highlights include (in order of first appearance) the moscow state university complex, the stalinist era architectural masterpiece; the sleek modern skyscrapers of the moscow international business center (moscow city) high rise district; the kremlin; and the brilliantly lit luzhniki stadium, the main venue for the partially-boycotted 1980 summer olympics., moscow: old and new, aerial footage. moscow №1.

  • about 4 years ago

Contributor Valius Video used a drone to create this bird's eye view of the New Jerusalem Monastery, which is not located anywhere near Israel.  Rather, it is in metropolitan Moscow, the great Russian capital city.  It was built in the 17th century on a site which was (vaguely) reminiscent of the "real" Jerusalem.  The monastery was heavily damaged by invading German troops in late 1941, marking very nearly the furthest advance made by Germany during that campaign before being driven back.

Largest catholic church in russia, the cathedral of the immaculate conception of the holy virgin mary, contributor and pilot valius video created this beautiful drone video of the largest catholic church in russia.  the cathedral of the immaculate conception in this heavily eastern orthodox country was conceived and built during the last days of the tsarist empire.  it was closed in 1938 during the height of stalin's persecution of all forms of organized religion, and re-opened as a church a few years after the soviet union dissolved in 1991.  it's one of three roman catholic churches in the moscow area.  , diving moscow's skyscrapers, moscow city fpv dives #2.

haunted rocking chair video

  • almost 5 years ago

Moscow International Business Center (sometimes called Moscow City) is the Russian capital's swank new business district which lies west of the core city.  In recent years, it has become the skyscraper capital of Europe: as of early 2019, it is home to six of the ten tallest buildings in Europe.  The allure of its gleaming towers has caught the eye of top FPV pilots like contributor craig_dt; in this video you will see him take on the tallest of them in an epic FPV skyscraper diving session.  

Ruined manor outside moscow, ruins of "grebnevo" manor.

  • over 7 years ago

Prior to the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, the city of Moscow was the home of many of Russia's greatest noble families.   Three of the best known families, the Galitzine, Trubetskoy, and Bibikov clans, also had country homes in the area of Grebnovo, within the Shchyolkovsky District just to the northwest of central Moscow.  In this drone video from Vizaero, you'll get a bird's eye view of one of these great manors, which was the site of several fires in recent decades and is currently in a ruined state.  

Dynamo central stadium, lev yashin 90 years, moscow's vtb stadium is one of the city's main sporting venues.  it includes both a football stadium and a hockey arena.  opened in late 2018 at a cost of about us$1.5 billion, it's built on the site of the old dynamo stadium northwest of the center city, just outside the second ring road.  the stadium's "official" capacity is 27k, although it can be adjusted to accommodate as many as 45k fans; the ice arena can hold between 12-15k fans depending on configuration.  you can check out the modern marvel from above in this drone video by nikybwd., aerial tour of post-communist moscow, new moscow 2018 by dji mavic pro, over the last 25 years, no european city has changed as much as moscow.  despite the dislocation caused by the collapse of the soviet union and the financial crisis which engulfed russia in the late 1990's, the capital city has grown enormously and emerged as a leading international business center.  while much attention has been focused on the skyscrapers of its moscow city district, many of the city's districts have been nearly as transformed.  in this drone video by moscopterr, you'll get a bird's eye view of the "new moscow".  , ostankino tower, ice-bound ostankino tower by pushkin fly team moscow 2021.

  • almost 3 years ago

Check out this fantastic droen video of the giant Ostankino TV Tower in Moscow, Russia, compliments of top AirVuz contributor pushkinflyteam.  Situated a bit to the northeast of the center city, the massive tower carries signals for virtually all of the TV and radio stations available in the Russian capital.  Standing 540 meters (just under 1.8k ft.) tall when it was completed in 1967, it was the tallest structure in the world for nearly a decade.  The tower remains the tallest freestanding structure in Europe as of 2020.  

Giant moscow residential project, moscow solntsevo residential complex, as moscow has emerged as a leading international business center, it has struggled to provide adequate housing for its population.  perennially short of housing in the soviet years, the problem has in many respects grown worse with the advent of capitalist russia: it's the main reason why moscow is now one of the world's most expensive cities.  in this video by moscopterr, you'll get a bird's eye view at a giant new housing complex called solntsevo on the outskirts of the great city, now europe's largest. , the chertanovo area of southern moscow.


Brand new AirVuz contributor SKYCINEMADRONES brings us this fantastic drone video from a residential area of Moscow during the Covid-19 pandemic in the Spring of 2020.  Chertanovo is a historical region which lies south of central Moscow, between the second and third ring roads.  Once an independent village, the area was absorbed by Moscow during the Soviet period.  In the video, you'll see the effect of the social distancing measures imposed to fight the spread of the deadly novel coronavirus, which hit Greater Moscow with particular ferocity.

Winter in moscow, moscow in the snow - 2019.

  • Efremov.cinematogr...

On the banks of the Moskva River in western Russia lies one of the world's most important cities: Moscow. The capital of Russia is known for many famous buildings, including the Kremlin, Red Square, Lenin’s Mausoleum, St. Basil’s Cathedral and so much more. The bustling city is no less beautiful in the dead of winter; in fact one could argue the white backdrop of snow makes the city all the more spectacular. See some of this city, thanks to this drone video by Efremov.cinematography.

Transforming moscow's skyline, moscow city drone 4k.

haunted rocking chair video

  • 10214679176390608

While Moscow has long been one of the world's most important cities, it's only in recent years that it's developed a world-class skyline.  The epicenter of the transformation has been the Moscow International Business Center, a district whose development was conceived in the early 1990's shortly after the end of Communist rule.  Situated just east of one of the ring roads, the district is home to six of Europ'e eight tallest buildings as of 2019.  In this drone video, you can get a bird's eye view of this remarkable project.

Dolgoprudny and the moscow canal, yachts and boats in dolgoprudniy.

haunted rocking chair video

  • Nikitosiooo

Check out this beautiful drone video of a town on the Moscow Canal, compliments of brand-new AirVuz contributor and pilto Nikitosiooo. The town is called Dolgoprudny, and it's located about 20 km (around 12 mi.) north of Central Moscow, just outside of the second ring road which encircles the great Russian capital city.  The canal, which connects the Moscow (Moskva) River to the Volga River, runs for a length of just under 130 km (about 80 mi.).  It was built by prisoners of the Gulag system during the Stalinist 1930's.  

Fpv diving the msu tower, moscow state university russia fpv cinematic, since it was completed in 1953, the main building of moscow state university has been the most visible landmark in moscow.  and yet, you've probably never seen this (rare) stalinist architectural masterpiece from the perspective of a racing drone.  that's right.  flying his racing quadcopter with first person view (fpv) goggles, award-winning contributor pushkinflyteam took a dive down this massive structure, for decades the tallest building in europe, winning a spot on the fpv pilots to watch list in february, 2021., sokolniki park, moscow - sokolniki, sokolniki is a northeastern district of moscow, russia.  the natural centerpiece of the district is sokolniki park, whose name (derived from "falcon") references the hunting birds which were bred here for hunting use by the royal family several centuries ago.  it's been designated a municipal park since the late 1800's.  in this drone video by lego, you'll get a bird's eye view of the park as well as the surrounding district.  the video was shot in the winter months, when the great city was blanketed in snow., balashikha: eastern moscow suburb, summer in balashikha, chedck out these excellent drone views from greater moscow, compliments of nikitosiooo.  he filmed the area around the town of balashikha, which lies on the pekhorka river just east of the mosow ring road.  the town came to prominence by virtue of its location along the vladimir highway, a historical road which led east of of moscow to nizhny novgorod and in its modern form is known as the volga motorway.  beginning in the 19th century, the extensive waterpower resources here led to balashikha becoming an important industrial center.  , meschersky park, moscow autumn, covering around 465 hectares (1,150 acres) of forest, playgrounds, hiking and biking trails, and cross country skiing tracks, meschersky park in moscow is a massive city park.  it's located southwest of the city center, just outside of the outer ring road.  in this drone video by airvuz contributor and pilot nikybwd, you'll get some great aerial views of this vast, well-manicured green space, just as the leaves have started to change from a blanket of green to spots of yellow, brown, and orange. , vdnh: giant exposition center, moscow vdnh, moscow's exhibition of achievements of national economy (vdnh) is one of the great public spaces of the russian capital.  the giant complex includes exhibition pavilions, an amusement park, and large open outdoor spaces.  it's located in the ostankinsky district, north of the center city and close to the ostankino tower.  originally constructed during the stalinist 1930's, it's recently been extensively renovated.  seen here in this drone video by evan-armas, the complex covers a land area larger than the state of monaco.  , moscow aerial collage, aerial footage. moscow №2, top airvuz contributor and drone pilot vadimushka put together this brilliant aerial collage of the great russian capital city of moscow.  the video will take you all over this city, whose metropolitan population of 20 million is the largest in europe.  while you'll get some great views of some more familiar sights like the neva river and the moscow city skyscraper district, the video also features some outstanding footage of the city's giant highways, it's massive railroad yards, giant apartment blocks, and sprawling suburbs.  , around moscow by drone, urban moscow.

  • over 4 years ago

Home to nearly 12 million people, Moscow is the powerful capital of Russia. At its core is its seat of power, the Kremlin. Other famous locations include the Red Square, St. Basil’s Cathedral, Lenin’s Mausoleum, and the Bolshoi Theatre. Capturing unique shots, like a soccer field in the middle of a circular building complex, or the glistening lights of the endless sea of glass buildings, this drone video gives us a different taste of the Europe's largest city, courtesy of contributor nikybwd.

Moscow by mavic mini, moscow sunsets.

  • about 2 years ago

AirVuz contributor Supasanya used a DJI Mavic Mini drone to create this fantastic aerial tour of Moscow, Russia.  The video opens with a shot of the Museum of the Great Patriotic War on Poklonnaya Hill, followed by the Ostankino Palace, just north of the central city.  Starting at about the :33 mark, there are some great views of the skyscrapers of the Moscow International Business Center.  Other highlights include the Kudrinskaya Square Building starting at about the :40 mark; this was one of the Stalinist era "Seven Sisters" skyscrapers.

Moscow's kremlin from above, up and over the kremlin.

  • about 8 years ago

Fresh from winning Drone Video of the Year in the first AirVuz Drone Video Awards for his epic video of his hometown Moscow, top contributor and drone pilot TimeLab.Pro chats with Tyler in this edition of the Drone Dish. With its vivid visuals, cinematic music arrangement, and breathtaking landmarks, it’s easy to see how “Moscow Aerial 5K” became an award-winner.  His video of St. Petersburg, "City of White Nights", since garnered a nomination in the Cities category for the second annual DVA Awards.

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Budapest from Above

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FPV diving the tallest buildings in Moscow

Drone dive from msu building, moscow, dynamic vdnkh park shooting with fpv drone, moscow city.

haunted rocking chair video

  • kuznetcov.kirill
  • about 1 year ago

Ice rink on VDNKh

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