The Meaning Behind The Song: Demon Host by Timber Timbre

Demon Host, a haunting track by Timber Timbre, holds a profound and enigmatic meaning that captivates listeners with its eerie melodies and evocative lyrics. This song takes us on a journey through the depths of sorrow and introspection, exploring themes of loss, mortality, and the duality of human nature. In this article, we delve into the hidden layers of Demon Host, unlocking its secrets and unraveling its profound significance.

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The Lyrical Narrative and Symbolism

At its core, Demon Host is a somber reflection on mortality and the fleeting nature of life. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of a soul in distress, seeking solace and understanding in the face of inevitable death. The haunting vocals, accompanied by delicate acoustic guitar chords and melancholic melodies, create an ambiance that immerses listeners in a melancholic and introspective state.

The Interpretation of Demon Host

Interpretations of Demon Host may vary from person to person, as the song’s abstract nature allows listeners to connect to it in their own unique way. Some interpret it as a representation of the internal struggle we all face between our light and dark sides, the constant battle between our desires and morals. Others see it as a commentary on the fragility of human life and the uncertainty of what lies beyond.

FAQs About Demon Host by Timber Timbre

1. what inspired timber timbre to write demon host.

Timber Timbre, a Canadian folk music project led by Taylor Kirk, draws inspiration from various sources. While the exact inspiration for Demon Host remains unknown, the song was likely influenced by themes of mortality, the human condition, and personal experiences.

2. Is Demon Host meant to be a metaphorical or literal representation?

Demon Host can be interpreted both metaphorically and literally. Its lyrics evoke emotions and introspection, allowing listeners to reflect on their own mortality and the fleeting nature of life. However, it is ultimately up to the listener to decide how they perceive and connect with the song.

3. What emotions does Demon Host evoke?

With its haunting melodies and introspective lyrics, Demon Host elicits a range of emotions. It can evoke feelings of sadness, introspection, melancholy, and even a sense of acceptance. The song’s ethereal nature allows listeners to tap into their own emotions and experiences.

4. Are there any specific events or experiences that inspired Demon Host?

While Timber Timbre has not explicitly revealed the specific events or experiences that influenced Demon Host, it is evident that the song draws from deep wells of introspection and personal reflection. The lyrics resonate with universal themes, enabling listeners to connect with their own experiences.

5. How does Demon Host fit into Timber Timbre’s discography?

Demon Host is a standout track in Timber Timbre’s discography, showcasing the project’s ability to create haunting and atmospheric music. Its introspective nature aligns with the band’s overall aesthetic, characterized by eerie melodies and contemplative lyrics.

6. Can Demon Host be interpreted differently by each listener?

Absolutely! One of the remarkable aspects of Demon Host is its ability to evoke different interpretations and emotions for each listener. Its abstract nature invites personal connections and allows individuals to find their own meaning within the song.

7. What is the overall tone of Demon Host?

The overall tone of Demon Host is melancholic, introspective, and haunting. Its combination of somber melodies, haunting vocals, and introspective lyrics creates an atmosphere that resonates with a deep sense of sorrow and introspection.

8. How does Timber Timbre convey the emotions in Demon Host through the music?

Timber Timbre masterfully combines haunting vocals, delicate acoustic guitar chords, and atmospheric soundscapes to convey the emotions present in Demon Host. The minimalistic yet powerful instrumentation serves as a vessel for the raw and introspective lyrics, guiding listeners through a haunting musical journey.

9. Are there any notable quotes about Demon Host by Timber Timbre or others in the industry?

While specific quotes about Demon Host by Timber Timbre or others in the industry may not be readily available, the song has garnered critical acclaim for its haunting beauty and thought-provoking lyrics. It continues to captivate listeners and serve as a testament to Timber Timbre’s artistry.

10. How does Demon Host resonate with fans of Timber Timbre?

Demon Host resonates deeply with fans of Timber Timbre due to its poignant lyrics, emotive melodies, and the introspective nature of the song. It encapsulates the band’s ability to create music that resonates on a personal and emotional level, fostering a strong connection between the artist and their audience.

11. Is Demon Host a popular song in Timber Timbre’s discography?

While popularity can be subjective, it is safe to say that Demon Host is a beloved and revered track among Timber Timbre fans. Its unique blend of haunting melodies, introspective lyrics, and atmospheric soundscapes has solidified its place as a fan favorite.

12. How does Demon Host contribute to the overall listening experience of Timber Timbre’s music?

Demon Host contributes to the overall listening experience of Timber Timbre’s music by showcasing the project’s ability to create atmospheric and introspective compositions. It adds depth and emotional resonance to their discography, further cementing their place in the folk music landscape.

With its haunting melodies and introspective lyrics, Demon Host by Timber Timbre invites listeners to explore the depths of their own emotions and introspection. Its enigmatic nature allows for personal interpretation, ensuring a captivating and thought-provoking listening experience.

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demon host timber timbre

by Timber Timbre

demon host timber timbre

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Timber Timbre

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demon host timber timbre

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Demon Host Lyrics as written by Taylor Kirk


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demon host timber timbre

The feeling I get from this one is that it's about literal damnation; a lament from a person who believes in religion, but can't straighten out, and therefore knows they're hellbound. It's either some great storytelling, or a killer metaphor, all delivered in a stunningly eerie 3:38.

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This is about a man who is on the precipice of death. He regrets the choices he made in life and is agnostic. The church has never really been appealing to him, with their constant threats of eternal damnation and suffering to the wicked. Unsure of his fate, he wonders what will happen to him as he sees the reaper, an entity he never really believed in.

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@kgamm I agree. The agnostic theory works as well, with him "sitting on the fence"

This song is about a man who belives in God but was abused in the Church and/or struggling with his (homo)sexuality.

I always thought this was about a man who gets the order to murder a woman: "Death, she must have been your will" and "With your voice my belly sunk". As if death has told him to murder this woman.

The person didn't want to do this and he needed all the messages (being told to, his house bursting into flames) he repented to eventually do it. Torn apart by regret he can't live with himself anymore and once an agnost or atheïst he now turns to religion to redeem himself.

This is probably one of the most beautifully told stories I have ever heard...

  • 2 Replies Log in to reply

Although I'm not sure about "Eagle, eagle, talon scream".

@CoenLeuven when he says "Death, she must have been your will" i think hes referring to death as "she" as death is soon going to fall upon him and "With your voice my belly sunk" the voice is the voice of death and it is calling him as he is about to die

I think the first line is actually, "Death she wants to bend your will".

This man has had an epiphany.

He understands the spiritual realm and that there is more to life than just life itself.

He has obviously been luke warm and hedonisitic throughout his life thus far.

A life changing event has occurred whereby he faced death but was spared, resulting in said epiphany.

This man now searches for salvation through a life changing experience.

I stumbled upon this incredible song randomly and it's been lingering in my mind ever since.

Tragedy of a man who has a devastating realization of his sins, but perhaps a little too late.

My take is. He's not religious, and lost his lady, in doing so he believes he has seen evil and in his mind has taken her for its will. The people in church blindly have faith and are oblivious to the demons.

Idk. Great song either way .

Could also be a man, who falls deeply in addiction, after very close person death. He s calling a potential holy spirit, and had a feeling of revelation. Destroying himself, body and mind, would be a big sin against life. (Black lungs, flames "progressively but painfully " licked his mind). He keeps doubting after apparently clear signs, because everything happened when he was not clear himself (couldnt get it right in the night). Then would compare his proper disease, with Christian believers, who sold their soul to church to get easy consolation. Himself, has convictions and never betrayed them, even if price is death (head on the spit ).

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Timber Timbre: Demon Host

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The official music video for Timber Timbre's "Demon Host". The official music video for Timber Timbre's "Demon Host". The official music video for Timber Timbre's "Demon Host".

  • Scott Cudmore
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  • Soundtracks Demon Host Performed by Timber Timbre From the album "Timber Timbre" Vocals: Taylor Kirk

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  • July 20, 2009 (Canada)
  • Arts & Crafts (Canada)
  • Timber Timbre (Canada)
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  • Runtime 4 minutes

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"Demon Host" lyrics

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Timber Timbre

Timber Timbre


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demon host timber timbre


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Timber Timbre

demon host timber timbre

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Timber Timbre is a Canadian music group, featuring Taylor Kirk. The moniker refers to an early series of recordings made in a timber-framed cabin set in the wooded outskirts of Bobcaygeon, Ontario. more »

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Written by: Taylor Kirk


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demon host timber timbre

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demon host timber timbre


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    Demon Host is a standout track in Timber Timbre's discography, showcasing the project's ability to create haunting and atmospheric music. Its introspective nature aligns with the band's overall aesthetic, characterized by eerie melodies and contemplative lyrics.

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    Directed by Scott CudmoreFrom the album - Timber Timbre

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    Their song "Demon Host" was featured in the end credits to the 2013 film The Last Exorcism Part II, and in the movie The Gambler (2014). Taylor Kirk of Timber Timbre performing in 2009 The band's fourth album, Creep on Creepin' On, was released in April 2011.

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    Oh, oh oh. Death, she must have been your will. A bone beneath the reaper's veil. With your voice my belly sunk. And I began to feel so drunk. Candle, candle, on my clock. Oh Lord, I must have heard you knock me out of bed. As the flames licked my head. And my lungs filled up black in their tiny little shack.

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    "Demon Host" by Timber Timbre appears to be a song that confronts themes of death, regret, and conversion. In the first verse, the speaker is seemingly confronted by death and feels intoxicated by its power. The use of a candle as imagery emphasizes the transience of life and how quickly it can flicker out. The speaker then reflects on previous ...

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    Music video for 'Demon Host' from Timber Timbre's latest self-titled album, out on Arts & Crafts, 2009. AboutPressCopyrightContact usCreatorsAdvertiseDevelopersTermsPrivacyPolicy &...

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    Oh, oh oh Death, she must have been your will A bone beneath the reaper's veil With your voice my belly sunk And I began to feel so drunk Candle, candle, on my clock Oh Lord, I must have heard you knock me out of bed As the flames licked my head And my lungs filled up black in their tiny little shack It was real and I repent All those messages ...