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1. Bonds and Reconciliation 2. Team Formations and Discussions 3. Team Formations and Background Dealings 4. Problem Solving

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Danny Phantom: A Different Path


What if Danny had questioned the necessity of blindly fighting against and attacking ghosts? What if he had actually befriended some of them, thereby drastically altering his destined path? This will be a different version of Danny Phantom, where he's a little bit more capable than in canon. Also, it will have quite a bit of mature elements, so just try to keep that in mind.
Hello everyone! I have already posted this story on Fanfiction.net and Adult-fanfiction.org, but due to some issues I had with the mature elements of some of my stories, that is why I have deciding to post this story on here as well. Also, I figured this would be another way to get more readers to read my story, lol. Hope you all enjoy it!

(See the end of the work for more notes .)

Chapter 1 : Bonds and Reconciliation

(See the end of the chapter for notes .)

Chapter Text

It's been 5 months since I became a half-ghost. At first I thought that having these powers would be completely exciting! I mean, I actually have real supernatural powers, just like some of the superheroes in my comic book collection. Being able to fly, turn intangible, and shoot beams out of my hands is something that I can say has been pretty awesome. My friends, Samantha Manson and Tucker Foley have been pretty stoked as well about me having powers, and for a while everything was moving in a positive direction. Though eventually things started going sideways when they started to tell me how to use my powers. They have been making a pretty consistent effort to keep pushing me to use my powers to solely fight against ghosts. I mean, I get it, some of these ghosts have been pretty irritating in some cases, and others have been downright malicious, but not all of them have been bad when I actually managed to talk to them.

Despite how awesome my new powers have been, it came with some startling conclusions that I am no longer completely human. I mean, being a ghost myself well at least half, has made it a bit more difficult to hate ghosts when essentially I am one. I would be a bit of a hypocrite if I decided that all ghosts were evil. So because of my own ideological leanings, my previously two close friends and I haven't been as close as we used to be. If you know Sam like I do, it shouldn't be too surprising to you that I have been arguing a lot with her as of late. She just refuses to stop bringing up her viewpoints about how all ghosts are evil and should be captured and sent back to the ghost zone as soon as possible. That all they do is cause nothing but problems and negotiating with them can simply be attributed to crazy talk. As for Tucker, well he stays quiet, but I can tell that he agrees with Sam, especially after meeting ghosts like Technus and Skulker. With their specialties being tied to technology, they have caused Tucker no end in grief whenever his technology suffered during and after battling with them. And having known Tucker for so long, he knew how important his "babies" were to him.

In all honesty, I don't mind battling ghosts who intend to commit horrible actions, but that's where I usually draw the line, and that's where my friends and I ended up severely disagreeing. I'm guessing that since Sam's parents are always trying to control her, she ends up trying to control others similarly when she believes she is right, without even having realized what she is doing. In all honesty, she really is a well intentioned friend, but I just can't stand others trying to control what I do in my life, just because they think they might know better. So over the last 6 weeks or so, we've become more distant with each other. Tucker unfortunately has chosen to do the same with me by hanging out more with Sam.

I was kind of hurt at first but it didn't take long for some of my ghost friends as well as my sister Jazz to help me out with my growing frustration and sense of powerlessness. It took a bit of effort and a lot of heart to heart, but eventually Jazz helped me better understand my feelings on the matter and that my attachment and friendship with Sam and Tucker shouldn't hold me back in doing what I want to do. Also, she helped me understand that I didn't want to dedicate the rest of my life to fighting ghosts. I'm not saying that I won't protect people when I need to, but I refuse to put ghost fighting above spending time with the people I care about. I'm not Superman or Batman, and I don't plan on dedicating 24/7 of my life capturing and sending ghosts back into the Ghost Zone, while things like my social life suffers. So in essence, I'm really thankful for having a sister as cool and supportive like Jazz who helped me realize that.

As for some of my ghost friends, they have been a really big help in keeping me more emotionally grounded and have been very supportive of my stances on protecting my haunt from other ghosts. I for one had never expected that Johnny 13's ex-girlfriend Kitty would become one of my closest friends, but during the Paulina incident, I ended up really enjoying spending time with her. Furthermore, despite my confused feelings once I found out that Paulina wasn't the one I had been spending time with, I really did feel cared for during the time we spent together. Apparently so did she, because a few days afterwards, she apologized for having tried to trick me the way she did. Normally I would have felt hurt, but I kind of was already suspicious with how friendly and in some ways flirty Paulina was acting towards me. That was definitely not normal Paulina behavior. Actually, I ended up sighing in relief when I found out that it was a female ghost named Kitty who was possessing her. Though finding out how she was Johnny's girlfriend was kind of disappointing, I was at least happy that she was able to reconcile with him. We actually became friends pretty quickly after her apology. For a time, I was just happy I had a friend that I could rely on again. It didn't last long however when I eventually found out that Johnny had cheated on her with another woman. Watching her become a shell of what she used to be, made something in me crack, especially when her empty tear stained eyes stared at me the way that they did. This led to a situation where she was forced to try to stop me from going to the ghost zone and punishing that sleazeball. It took some doing, but eventually she managed to calm me down a bit, though it was hard because it made me really mad. I didn't like the idea that someone like Kitty had to go through that kind of emotional pain, and I was really angry at Johnny for not treating her better like she deserved. When I told her that, she blushed a bit and kissed me on the cheek, followed by telling me how flattered she was for me wanting to defend her honor, but that it was not needed because she had already dealt with her good for nothing ex. I blushed myself after the kiss, but knowing that the problem was resolved made me smile. Ever since then, we have been pretty close, and our friendship was actually one of the main reasons why Sam and I constantly argued.

Surprisingly enough, the next person I ended up befriending was another female ghost named Ember McLain. She was actually pretty close friends with Kitty which made me happy to know that Kitty had other friends she could rely on for emotional support. She's a bit sarcastic, and I certainly didn't appreciate her trying to brainwash everyone, but when Kitty spoke with her on my behalf, and we actually managed to air out our mutual grievances, I actually managed to better understand her and her reasonings, as well as vice versa with her in regards to understanding mine. After a bit of discussion between the 3 of us, we managed to convince her that she didn't need to brainwash people to like her music to be remembered, because she was already a very talented singer and guitarist. A bit caught off guard, she told me that she appreciated it and for Kitty's sake, she'll stop brainwashing people as long as she can sing in public to her heart's content.

Along with a few other ghosts that I managed to befriend like the Lunch Lady, Dora, and surprisingly enough the Box Ghost, they really did end up helping me out a lot when Sam and Tucker started distancing themselves from me. I mean, it still hurts and all, but the pain has lessened the more time has passed by.

Last but not least, my parents are individuals I don't really like to talk about, but they did play a part into shaping my life into what it currently has become. I mean, in some ways I'm very thankful to them for making the situation where I became half-ghost possible, but in other ways, they have consistently caused quite a plethora of problems. Because of their obsession with trying to hunt, capture, and then possibly experiment on ghosts, they have done a lot of questionable activities in their pursuit of that. Many of these pursuits led to some paths where they created lethal weaponry to use against ghosts, along with their ghost portal which had caused most of these current problems. Though on the bright side, for all of their technological brilliance, they definitely make incompetent ghost hunters. Though I do worry that they might eventually luck out and finally capture a ghost one day. I know that I should be more worried about myself being half-ghost and all, but what I really fear is the possibility of them capturing any of my ghost friends. I would rather not choose a side, but if forced to, I will have no choice but to attack and subdue my own parents in order to protect those whom I care for and had shown me the companionship I hadn't realized that I needed until now.

So that's in summary a little background on my history. Though if my narrating skills are beginning to bore you, I guess I'll get on with the story. Oh and would you look at that, schools about to start. Let's get going then, shall we?

"Crap! Crap! Crap!" a black haired boy yelled as he was ghosting through the halls of Casper High.

"Stupid Skulker trying to hunt me down! Again! Stupid alarm clock not going off! Stupid parents making an ecto contaminated mutating breakfast!" he said as he invisibly flew down the halls as quickly as he could. After managing to sneak into the class 10 minutes late, he flew to the back of the room where his normal desk was located directly near the window, and subtly turned back into a human.

Giving a quick look around, no one really noticed aside from a sideways glance from Sam and a subtle thumbs up from Tucker. Seeing that the coast was clear, he quietly sighed in relief, that is until he heard his name being called.

"Well, well, well Daniel, looks like for once you finally made it to class on time!" said Mr. Lancer.

Cringing internally at being called out, he just nodded his head awkwardly to his teacher.

"Though considering today is Monday, we'll have to see if this rare occurrence will continue for the rest of the week." he further elaborated before moving onto today's lesson plan while a few students snickered at Danny's misfortune.

Hiding behind his textbook in slight embarrassment, he simply couldn't wait for school to be over. By the time class ended, he went through two more classes before the bell for lunch rang. Thankful for the reprieve from his classes, he quickly made his way to the cafeteria. Luckily the Lunch Lady ghost added an extra hamburger on his platter, because he wasn't able to have breakfast that morning due to his parents. Not long after sitting down, Sam and Tucker sat down on the opposite side of him.

After a brief moment of awkwardness, Tucker decided to speak. "So where were you this morning dude? You almost got caught being late to Lancer's class again!" he said.

After finishing a bite from one of his hamburgers, he said "my alarm clock didn't go off, my parents made mutated sentient food for breakfast, and as I was rushing here, Skulker decided to attack me again!" he said before taking another bite out of his hamburger.

"Dude, that sounds like an awful way to start off the day!" Tucker replied.

"No kidding", Danny said.

The three stayed quiet while Danny focused on finishing his second hamburger. After he finished Sam decided to speak up.

"Danny I know that we haven't been very supportive of you lately, and it's really hard for us to accept that not all ghosts are evil, but I just wanted you to know that even if we stop being as close as we used to be, we'll be there to lend you some support if you ever need it. Though are you really sure that you can trust these ghost friends of yours?", she said, not being able to hold back at least on asking that question, ignoring the look Tucker was giving her.

Taking a drink from his water bottle, he thought about how best to reply after thinking about what she had said.

"Samantha, Tucker, you two have been my best friends for as long as I could remember, and even after all of this had happened between us, I hope that we can continue to be friends with each other even if we may eventually go different directions. It's not easy being a half-ghost because like it or not, I am now both a human and a ghost. If all ghosts were evil, then I wouldn't have been able to befriend all the ghosts that I already have. That would also result in my parents being right about them. Lastly, being a ghost myself, wouldn't that make me evil as well? So, that's why I can find it within myself to trust them, you guys. I am however very sorry that because of this situation, we're not as close as we used to be. I'm just doing and following a path in what I believe is right" he finished.

Sam was rubbing her eyes a little from some fallen tears she had from not recognizing that Danny saw himself as a ghost as well. It hurt her to know that she might have unknowingly implied that he was evil for simply being a ghost. Danny has and always will be her friend and she might not like other ghosts, but she did care about Danny. So for his sake, she'll cease her blind vendetta against ghosts.

Tucker wasn't doing too well either. He didn't realize that his friend wasn't 100% human anymore, and with that came some new perspectives on how his friend might have begun to see himself. He cared about Danny, but most ghosts that they have met had been so scary that he figured they might as well be all evil. Now that he sees the picture a little bit better, it wouldn't make sense to vilify every ghost, considering that his buddy was one himself.

Before Sam or Tucker could say anything further, their table was approached by a blond gorilla.

"Hey nerds, I came here to pick on you, especially you Fenturd" the Jock spoke aggressively in his native Gorilla while glaring down at them.

Luckily Danny has experience with Gorillas so he was able to communicate. "Dash? Dash! Oh it is you!" Danny exclaimed loudly as he got up drawing some attention from some other students, especially his friends who were throwing Danny some weirded out looks.

A little weirded out himself "What are you on about Fenturd? I didn't know that anyone could get excited for their daily wailing" he replied in confusion.

Walking up the Gorilla, slowly and non threateningly, "Me? Excited? How could I not! You're our school's star quarterback! And one day you might even become good enough to go into the big leagues! Imagine one day when I'm a grown up nobody and not just a high school nobody. I can totally brag to other people about how that guy on TV wailed on me in high school. His famous hands were using me as practice! Wouldn't that be amazing!" he replied eagerly to the slowly grinning quarterback as he placed his arms on the Gorilla's shoulder with one hand and the other extended aiming far off into the distance.

Shrugging off the hand on his shoulder, "Yeah...Yeah! You are so right Fenturd! Though to think that you can brag about my greatness like that sickens me to the core. You lucked out Fenturd, looks like I'll be leaving you alone for now. Wouldn't want a loser like you using me for your own benefit." the jock said as he walked away.

Stunned silence swept through the cafeteria, before furious whispering replaced the previous silence. Looking towards his two friends he was a bit amused at their stunned facial expressions.

"Did that just happen?" Tucker asked, still shocked at the previous events that took place.

"Did what just happen Tuck?" Danny replied grinning.

"Danny, you totally manipulated Dash by acting out like that" Sam exclaimed.

"Hmm… manipulate is a pretty strong way to word it, I prefer to go with indirectly convincing him through reverse psychology. A bit wordy, but far more palatable than manipulation." He replied, still smiling.

"Who are you and what have you done with Danny?" Tucker said somewhat seriously, but mostly in a joking manner.

"Yeah Danny, the old you wouldn't have been able to do what you just did? So what gives?" Sam asked curiously.

"Well Jazz is studying psychology and turns out Kitty and Ember know a thing or two about psychological tactics as well, so knowing my situation, they helped me out with knowing how to handle certain situations better." he told them while fondly smiling at the thought of Kitty and Ember.

Sam saw his expression and managed to suppress the sudden surge of jealousy that she felt, especially since she wasn't certain where they stood anymore as friends. Though she was determined to support Danny even if her feelings will never be reciprocated. She's hurt him enough as it is.

Tucker was a bit jealous himself, but he too ignored those feelings because he could tell how important they were to Danny. Besides, he preferred having a girlfriend on the more living side of things.

"So dude, any plans for what you are going to do after school?" Tucker asked.

"Um well, lately I have been meeting up more with Kitty and Ember, and we sometimes go out to capture ghosts and when we can't find any, we just goof off here and there. Sometimes, me and Kitty even go to Ember's concerts when she decides she's going to host one." he told them happily.

"Dude that is so sick!" Tucker said.

"Yeah Danny, I'm just glad that you have other people to rely on to help you fight ghosts. Otherwise you might have gotten hurt more easily and I would have felt terrible for not being there to help you" Sam said sadly.

"Sam, I understand, but sometimes even close friendships experience disagreements. If you'd like, you and Tuck can go to my house and speak with Jazz. She's been kind of itching to fight ghosts along with us, but I've been worried about her lac of combat experience. So if the three of you can work together, maybe the 6 of us can eventually form a cohesive team. Sounds cool?" Danny said.

"Dude you freaking rock. I've been getting kind of sick of being cooped up and playing videogames all day. I am so ready to go out again to start kicking major ghost butt and taking names!" Tucker said excitedly.

Sam smiled as well. "Thanks for offering Danny, and we'll be sure to apologize to Jazz as well when we see her. I'm guessing that you won't be seeing us later today?" she smiled in a bittersweet manner. Knowing that Danny has other important people in his life now kind of hurt.

Rubbing the back of his head nervously "Yeah guys, sorry but I already made plans to meet with them, but we can totally all meet sometime this week, hopefully tomorrow if all things go down as planned" he told them.

"Yeah dude, just hit me up whenever. I'll be there faster than Skulker can say PDA. Also thanks man for being so cool about everything" Tucker replied.

"That's fine Danny and thank you for helping us understand your perspective as well as for forgiving us." Sam responded.

"No worries guys, you're two of my closest friends. As long as you have my back, I'll always have yours." he told them, smiling.

At that point the lunch bell rang, and the rest of the school day was filled with a lot of note taking and the sounds of scribbling. By the end of the day, Danny said goodbye to Sam and Tucker, and flew off towards the beach. 15 minutes later he found himself nearing the part of the beach where an abandoned lighthouse was located. Smiling excitedly he flew as fast as he could until he finally made it in front of the door of the lighthouse. Knocking on the door, it didn't take long for someone to finally answer.

Opening the door was his green haired friend. "Danny!" she shouted excitedly as she flew into his arms and glomped him. "I missed you so much," she said happily.

Smiling in amusement "You just saw me yesterday Kitty" he told her while his own hands wrapped around her waist.

She looked at him and kept her eye contact, while pouting "And so what? Any time where I don't get my fill of Danny time is too long for me. Am I asking you for too much? Are you beginning to get tired of me already" she spoke with some tears beginning to form in her eyes.

Feeling his heart breaking at the sight of her tears. He pulled her into himself even tighter "No, never. I would never be sick or tired of you Kitty." he told her as he wiped the tears from her eyes. "You are too important for me to ever take you for granted" he further spoke to her softly.

Blushing profusely at her joke being taken so seriously and the heartfelt words he told her, she hugged him tighter and hid her face into his shirt.

A few moments later a sound interrupted their moment. "Damn Babypop, didn't realize that you two were about to get in on some action? If I had known that sooner, I might have left you two here so you can have the crib all to yourselves." she spoke jokingly.

Being even more embarrassed, Kitty attempted to pull away, but not before Danny captured and kept her right hand in his left.

Blushing even more she looked up towards Danny's face and made eye contact. "Danny, what are you doing?" she asked, feeling very much overwhelmed with her varying conflicting emotions.

Danny blushing himself managed to gather himself together "Not letting go of you Kitty, at least unless you want me to", he told her with a small smile.

She steadfastly turned her face away from the two of them and was just too embarrassed to respond or look at either Danny or Ember any further.

Seeing this, Ember was somewhat jealous, but mostly simply amused. She ended up chuckling a bit at the sugary sweet sight before her.

"So Babypop, are you two going to come in or what?" she asked them while turning around and going back inside.

Danny smiling slowly tugged Kitty with him and led her inside.

Danny followed Ember towards the kitchen area where food was being prepared. Feeling eager to eat, he let go of Kitty's hand to her disappointment and Ember's continued amusement, and began setting up the plates and utensils. It didn't take long for the food to be ready, where Danny was served some regular chicken curry, while Ember and Kitty settled for some ecto pasta. After they finished their meals, Danny took the plates and utensils, and started washing them clean. Kitty was in the background staring at him cleaning the dishes and sighed in longing. Ember almost laughed at the scene, but she too was somewhat affected by it considering how her ex Skulker used to be when they were still dating. The sight in front of her was definitely a step up in the right direction.

After finishing washing the dishes, the three of them sat on the nearby couches, with Ember sitting on one side, while Danny and a clinging Kitty sat on the other.

"So what's the plan today Babypop? And did anything new happen today?" she asked.

Kitty hugging him on his left side started feeling around his abs and was a bit distracted to really pay the questions any mind.

Danny suppressing his feelings of pleasure from Kitty's actions responded. "Well, excluding my parents' attempts at breakfast and Skulker attacking me this morning, Sam and Tucker finally talked with me. So, after we had some heart to heart between the 3 of us, I feel like things between us might become okay again. Just not how it used to be, but that's okay." he told them.

Kitty almost stopped her ministrations, but decided to continue, feeling like a distraction for Danny and of herself might be needed during this conversation. Plus, his abs just felt so good on her fingers.

Ember felt briefly irritated at those two friends of Danny's and felt further irritated at hearing about Skulker, but sighed internally, knowing how important his friends were to her Babypop. Dammit. She meant Babypop, but she certainly wouldn't be against seeing things progressing further...double dammit.

"Not saying that I'm glad for them finally getting a backbone and for understanding your side of the argument, but I'm at least glad for you Danny. I know how much this means to you" she told him.

"Thanks Ember, I really appreciate it. Though if it wasn't for all of the support that I received, I don't know where I would have been emotionally if it wasn't for my sister, you, and Kitty. The three of you are probably the most important people to me in my life right now. So thank you for caring about me the way you two have." he spoke to them warmly.

Ember blushed and looked away. "Don't mention it Babypop" she said.

Kitty was crying happily. "Aw Danny! I love you too!" She told him, glomping him again and wrapping her arms around his neck.

Danny embarrassed slightly, wrapped his left arm around her and pulled her closer.

"Em, come over here and come glomp him! You know you want to!" Kitty told Ember teasingly.

Smiling at Kitty and then looking at Ember "Ember, I really do mean it, and I wouldn't be against you joining us. So will you please come over here?" he told her, smiling.

Not being able to fight against two of the closest people to her, she got up from her coach and moved towards theirs before slowly encircling her arms around Danny as well. Danny then used his right arm to wrap around Ember and pulled her closer, with the three of them sighing in contentment once the embarrassment wore away.

"So not trying to be a buzzkill or anything, but if I'm reading the situation right, what does this make us?" Ember asked hesitatingly.

Danny gripped the two of them tighter at the question, "No matter what happens, you two will always be important to me, but if I could choose to be selfish about this, I would like to see where the three of us can take it." he told them.

Kitty looked up with her eyes sparkling, "I always wanted the three of us to be together and I am so happy that you both want to explore what we have. Em, you have always been someone I can rely on, and I am so thankful for you choosing to remain my friend and for also helping me in supporting Danny. And Danny, you mean so much to me, even after all of the things my ex and I did to you, you took me in and made me feel cared for and wanted. So please tell me that this will be a thing! Please! Pwetty pwease!" she practically begged excitedly.

Ember was stunned at what was said and was silent for a moment, but then her slackened grip on Danny's neck tightened a bit, and then pulled Danny towards her.

Making eye contact with him, "If we're going to make this a thing Babypop, know this, no floosie will ever have you. You are ours, got that!? She asked him with a challenging look.

Danny blushing at her territorial tone and too embarrassed to speak simply nodded.

"Good boy", she said as she caressed his cheek using her free hand with a sensual possessiveness. Then she tugged him to her face and smashed their lips together.

Danny was so surprised that he gasped, which Ember used as an opportunity to explore his mouth with her tongue. Danny was feeling slightly overwhelmed and light headed, but his happiness at the realization that this was actually happening finally gave him enough strength to finally begin to reciprocate her actions. They kissed for some time, occasionally deepening their kiss with each other. It took a few moments, but eventually they stopped once they realized that Kitty had been squealing pretty loudly. Breaking apart from each other, with Danny panting a bit, they looked towards Kitty whose face was so red from embarrassment and excitement, that it was very noticeable on her light green skin.

"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! That was so hot! The way you told him he was ours, then how you began kissing him, and how you even dominated him during your kiss! Can I have my turn?! Can I pwease?!" she practically screamed excitedly.

Ember smirked at Danny's face, noticing how his focus seemed to drift off into space dazedly.

"Come on and scoot closer Kitty, he's all yours." Ember said as she backed away a bit.

Screaming in excitement, she latched onto Danny again, grabbed his dazed face with both of her hands, and brought him towards her own.

"I'm sorry Danny, but I can't wait any longer. I love you too much to keep pushing my feelings away". She said as she kissed him, which shocked Danny out of his stupor. Noticing who was now kissing him, Danny then pulled Kitty onto his lap and deepened the kiss. While they were kissing, Ember suddenly hugged Danny from behind and pressed her chest on his back. Feeling him gasp into the kiss with Kitty, she smirked and began caressing his abs the way she saw Kitty do so earlier. So as the minutes ticked by, Danny and Kitty continued to kiss deeply, with Ember slowly rubbing her hands all over his lower abdomen, occasionally going downwards near where his belt was located. Eventually Kitty and Danny stopped kissing and stepped back with a string of saliva connecting them, before it broke apart. Then they all organized themselves so that Ember and Kitty were back to hugging Danny from each one of his sides.

After collecting his thoughts " that was, um, wow, I mean you both are so amazing!" He told them both.

Ember continues to smirk at him "And remember Babypop, you are ours, as we are yours. We love you, but please never betray us." she told him as she revealed some of her insecurities with their relationship.

Danny pulled her closer to him, "Em, you and Kitty are my world. When my world was falling apart, you both were there to support me and I can never, will never forget that. I'll go wherever you both go. That is something that I promise" he told them.

Kitty hugged them both tightly after some maneuvering on the couch. "Aw! Em, Danny, you both are just the bestest friends and now lovers I can ever ask for. Where one goes the other two will follow and that is a promise!" she said happily.

Ember blushed a bit due to how sincere but cheesy Danny and Kitty can be sometimes. "Good, it would be hard for me to train another Babypop. Especially one that's so near perfect like you, lover boy." she said, giving him a peck on the lips.

Danny chuckled a bit, then gave Ember a smile of happiness, before giving her a peck on the lips as well.

They spoke for a bit feeling content just idly being together. Then Ember suddenly remembered something, untangled herself from Danny and told them that she would be back. Moments later, she came back holding a document and showed it to Danny and Kitty, smiling proudly.

"Remember all of the concerts that I've been hosting?" she asked them.

Seeing them nod, she continued. "Well lately I've decided to start charging for them, since I can really see myself doing this as a career, rather than just a simple scheme to make people remember me. Just in the past month I've earned $48,000 in cash, and all I've been doing is charging people who go to my concerts around $20 -$25 per admission, 3-4 times a week, with a turnout rate of 100-200 people on average. Also, normally equipment should cost a pretty penny, but luckily by conjuring equipment with ghostly energy, it has drastically cut costs down, which helps significantly in keeping the profit margins high. On top of my record label, we are seriously set for at least the year. That's why I decided to purchase this lighthouse, which for some reason was really cheap at being $10,000 roughly, so we can officially keep it as our hangout! So, what do ya think?" She asked them grinning to herself proudly while still holding the contract.

"Omg, Em! This is so awesome! I can't believe you did this! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" she said while glomping her bestie.

"I just wanted a place in the human world that we could call our own you know? Besides, we already claimed this place as our crib like over a month ago, I just wanted to make it official" She said.

Looking over to Danny she felt her heart warm up at the smile he sent her. "You really didn't have to do this Ember, but I'm really proud of you!" Danny told her.

"Yeah Em, I was with you for most of that time, and I didn't even realize that you had planned all of this." Kitty said. "Ooh ooh we can totally like move here officially. I have been forced to keep my stuff at Ember's realm ever since I left Johnny, and now we can have a place in the living world to stay." She finished excitedly.

Smiling at her excitement, "I'll bring some of my stuff from home to. I'm glad that this place has so many rooms. I can't wait until we all can fully settle in here." Danny added.

"Yeah, my realm is cool and all, but it isn't all that big. It's practically just a two bedroom apartment. At least with this, we can have two locations to ourselves." Ember said.

"Too bad that it's going to take almost 4 more years before I can fully settle in here" Danny said, while frowning slightly.

Walking up to him and giving him a hug, "Don't you worry Babypop, we'll wait for you no matter how long it might take. I bought this place for all three of us and that's what is important to me." Ember told him supportively.

"Yeah Danny! No need to worry about how long it might take. We can still hang out as often as possible. So time should pass by in no time, especially since we're ghosts," Kitty said while glomping him from behind. "Besides, you're ours now Mr. Fenton, and we won't be letting you go now so easily", she told him seductively into his ear.

Danny blushed a bit and pulled Ember into their hug even tighter, with Kitty doing similarly from behind. "I'm so lucky to have you two in my life. We should get going to your realm Ember. I want to help you both as much as I can before I have to get back home", he told them.

With all three of them smiling, they eventually broke apart. "Okay Babypop, whatever you say", she said. Teleporting her guitar into her left hand, she struck a chord and a huge fire engulfed the 3 of them before they disappeared off to her realm.

Back with Tucker and Sam

Looking at the door nervously "Sam, I'm scared. What if Jazz kills us? How will my PDA survive on her own without me?" he said in fear. His PDA was too young to be orphaned!

Frowning at his comment feeling slightly anxious herself "Would you cut it out Tucker! And really your PDA is what you're worried about? Jazz won't be killing us, but she might be doing something worse, so just calm down and focus will you? This is for Danny, and if I have to earn her forgiveness by groveling, then I will" she told him.

Tucker being reminded of Danny frowned a bit himself, and then using what little confidence he had bit the bullet and pressed the doorbell.

Not long afterwards the door opened and was answered by Jazz. Frowning at the sight of the two, she decided to wait for them to speak.

"So, Jazz, um.. We spoke with Danny earlier today and we managed to reconcile a bit. Um.. long story short he told us to come back here and talk with you about ghost hunting", Tucker finished chuckling nervously, with sweat rapidly running down his face.

Sam sweat dropping at the very vague and somewhat pathetic description decided to speak up as well. "What Tucker meant to say was that we are very sorry for how we had treated Danny these past 6 weeks. We had even approached him during lunch today and had a heart to heart. After hearing what he had to say, I… I'm sorry Jazz. We hadn't realized that him becoming a ghost would lead him to questioning his own humanity. We neglected to even consider that ghosts could be capable of good, and we allowed our fears to cloud our judgement. After Danny admitted to seeing himself as part ghost, and not just a human with ghost powers, something in me cracked and I realized how wrong I… I mean we were in all of this. I didn't know how to handle his viewpoints when I had felt so right in the matter, and neither did Tucker, so we kept our distance, with the hope that he would eventually see things our way. Though as we quickly realized, that wasn't going to happen when he hadn't approached us, and every time we thought of bringing it up with him, he wouldn't hear of any negative remarks we had to say about his ghost friends. So we just tried avoiding the situation after that, and by extension avoided him as well. We were both wrong in this matter, and I can understand if you'll never forgive us, but I knew we had to apologize to both you and Danny after everything that's happened. He was one of my best friends for the longest time, and I almost permanently ruined our bond together because of this. So with that being said, Tucker and I deeply apologize for the pain we caused you both", she finished with tears running down her eyes, ruining her mascara.

Tucker had to hold back a sob after hearing that, because real men don't cry, but he allowed himself at least a small but noticeable sniffle, which he quickly wiped away with his sleeve.

Almost crying herself at the sight of the broken girl in front of her, she managed to rein in her tears, and really took the time to think about what she heard. Just judging from what was said, Danny must have forgiven them, especially since they found the capacity to come here of all places. Only Danny would suggest something like this without notifying her, and this situation had his fingerprints all over it. That goofy brother of hers was probably with Kitty and Ember and had just sent these two here for me to deal with instead of him. It certainly appeared to be true that he had forgiven them, but knowing her brother, it was only to a point. Also the ghost bit that Tucker mentioned made her curious.

Sighing a bit, but waiting for Samantha to finish wiping her eyes clean with a tissue "I suppose that if Danny can forgive you, I'll let you in to explain more about why he might have sent you here. Though I will warn you now, I haven't forgiven you yet, and if you ever betray his trust or hurt him in any way again, I will show you what I have learned by being raised by my crazy parents. You won't have the time to even scream by the time I get my hands on you" she finished threateningly.

Both gulping at the threat accompanied by glare she sent them, they nodded nervously. Once she went back in, they followed her into the house before closing the door.

"Come and follow me to the kitchen. Mom and dad are currently out looking into verifying a rumor on whether ghosts are really haunting this abandoned mansion at the outskirts of town. They won't be back until tomorrow afternoon, so we have time to talk", she said while walking to the kitchen.

Tucker and Sam just nodded and followed her. Once everyone was sitting down, there was a brief silence between the 3 of them.

"So" Jazz spoke up. "Aside from apologizing, what was this about ghost hunting?" she asked.

Gulping nervously "Well, like I said earlier, Danny told us to come here and talk with you about that. Apparently, you've been itching to fight ghosts as well, but Danny said that he worried for your safety. So he brought up an idea where the 6 of us, Ember and Kitty included by what he told us, would form a kind of team, where we can split up tasks so we don't burn out more quickly", Tucker said.

"So let me get this straight. You both want to go back to ghost hunting, but do so in the way that Danny has been dealing with it as of late? Also, because of my desires, he would like to build a team so we can increase our current safety measures as well as make things more manageable?" Jazz asked.

"Yes that about sums it up", Tucker answered.

"I am so proud of him! He's really come a long way in the past 6 weeks!" Jazz finished happily.

"Yeah, he has come a long way, I'm just sorry that we had to put him through all of this in order to make it happen" Sam said sadly, with Tucker frowning as well after hearing the comment.

Jazz looked at the two of them and smiled comfortingly. "I might not like what you two did, but I get it. If it was only me trying to help him, then things might have turned out differently, but Kitty and Ember have been a real lifesaver when concerning Danny's well being. So with him coming out better despite the pain that he had gone through, what has happened in the past has already happened. All we can really do is move forward, and focus on making a future worth living in" She told them.

"Man, I know Danny said this earlier already, but you've clearly rubbed off on him Jazz. He's gotten so much better at understanding people lately" Tucker said, while feeling better after hearing that.

"Yeah, thank you for your encouraging words Jazz. We promise that starting now, we will do our best to not hurt Danny ever again. And you and I'm assuming Kitty and Ember as well, are really good influences on Danny. I could tell how happy he was when they were brought up and by how he acted at lunch today, it was pretty eye opening how he managed to manipulate Dash", She said.

"Manipulate Dash you say". She questioned them curiously.

"Omg, do I have the story to tell you", Tucker responded excitedly.

With Maddie and Jack Fenton

Carrying a large backpack that he managed to drag out of the Fenton Family Ghost Assault Vehicle, Jack sluggishly walks determined towards the door of the mansion, with Maddie already waiting inside. A few moments later, the door is violently opened and practically crashes into the wall, before a heavily sweating Jack drops the bag onto the floor inside. The bag ends up breaking the wood enough to leave a very large dent.

Huffing and puffing a bit, "Now, where are the ectoplasm slime balls hiding?!" He said loudly, while pulling out a thermos filled with fudge and using it like a gun.

Maddie hearing her husband, walked back into the atrium at the front door and commented after a quick observation.

"Jack, not to burst your bubble, but that's not the ghost thermos, that's the thermos filled with fudge. It even has a sticky note with fudge attached to it" she pointed out to him.

Looking down at his hands, he realizes she is right. "Great observation Maddie!" he exclaimed. After placing the thermos into the bag, he decides to pull out the Fenton Bazooka. "Now it's time to atomize some ghosts," he said excitedly.

"I already checked the kitchen and the living room, but I haven't been able to detect any ghosts with the Fenton Ghost Radar. We have the basement to look into after we're done with the first floor, which consists of the servant quarters, ballroom, and laundry room. Following that, we still have the second and the third floor, which I haven't looked into yet. So, we'll be going in the dark", she told him.

"No worries Maddie. Once we find those ghosts, they won't know what hit them. So let's go take down some ectoplasm slime" he said as he quickly headed to the next room. Maddie watched him go before she went to the bag and picked out some artillery as well. Then she followed after her husband just as eager to hunt some ghosts down. They sure aren't going to dissect themselves.

Back with Danny, Kitty, and Ember

"And that's the last of it", Danny said as he carried the last box into Kitty's room.

"Thanks for helping Danny," Kitty said as she pecked his lips. "And thank you Ember for helping us by teleporting our stuff back here" She said as she looked towards Ember.

"It was no problem girlfriend. This is going to be our crib now for good. Of course I was going to help out" Ember said.

"You're welcome Kitty and I'm always happy to help", he told her. "Oh yeah, I've been looking into the technological blueprints that my parents have designed in the past and I think that we can eventually use them to create some security for our place. That's why I've been reading up on books focused on different kinds of technology lately. It's not as difficult as I thought they would be, but I will definitely have to put some effort into understanding how to replicate my parent's tech. I didn't realize that I was just as smart as Jazz but in my own way, until the fear of realizing that you two could get hurt became a possibility. That's why I'm going to find out the ins and outs of their tech and improve on it, so we can hide this place and better protect it" he told them.

"Not that I appreciate what you plan on doing Babypop, but wasn't your dream to be an astronaut?" Ember asked him.

Danny looked her in the eyes and held it before responding, "Yeah it used to be, but after everything that's happened, I have a new dream now" he told them.

Ember felt flattered at what he said and walked up to him before grabbing his head and slowly pulled him into a kiss. This time Ember opened her mouth to let Danny in, and Danny was more than happy to oblige by plunging his tongue into her mouth. She pushed her chest into his, and felt him grip her waste tightly. They kissed for some time, but eventually they broke apart with the two of them gasping a bit. While still hugging, he placed his forehead onto hers "If it already wasn't clear, you and Kitty are my dream now, Em" he told her seriously.

A sudden burst of lust hit her already fraying ghost hormones and she had to hold herself back from going passed simply kissing him. Then Kitty decided to speak up by screaming in excitement.

"I'm so sorry, but I couldn't hold it in anymore! That was just so romantic!" She said as she rushed towards the two and glomped them. She then looked towards Danny and surprised him when she grabbed his face and kissed him. After getting over the shock of her actions he placed his right arm around Kitty and pulled her closer, while his left arm was left still around Ember. When he began returning Kitty's kiss, Ember idly began rubbing his toned stomach again, with Kitty following suit after. Following this, with Danny's head tilted towards Kitty, Ember moved closer and began kissing his neck, with her hands still caressing his toned stomach. Eventually Ember moved lower and felt his bulge and decided to grasp it through the fabric. Danny gasped into the kiss with Kitty, but continued to kiss her without stopping, while Ember was finding it hard to hold back, especially since the bulge she was slowly caressing was not only getting harder, but felt really thick and long. Eventually the 3 pulled away from each other, but not after struggling a bit first.

"That was amazing Danny!" Kitty replied happily. " I love you so much," she added.

Suppressing her urge to just jump him and make things progress even further. "Babypop, I know you wanted to wait until you are at least 15 before pushing the envelope, but I don't think I can hold out that long. If not the actual thing, can we at least make some exceptions until then?" she practically begged.

Gulping slightly, and trying to focus on shrinking his little phantom down, "When I said that, I didn't expect that I'd get to be with either of you, let alone both. Also, I don't think I can hold myself back either, Ember" he told her. "Though I am kind of nervous since I've never done this kind of stuff before, so if we can just stick to oral for now, I'd be okay with doing this more frequently" he told them.

Eagerly Kitty grabbed his hand as well as Ember's and dragged the two of them to her bed in the corner of the room near the window. "You never said when Danny, so I'm going with it being now. Ember's about to explode, and I can tell that you are nearing it yourself. And to be honest, so am I" she said as she gently pushed Danny onto his back so that he was laying on her mattress. "You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. And Em and I will show you exactly how much you mean to us" Kitty told him seductively and began to unbuckle his pants.

Ember stood there stupefied, but quickly joined Kitty in tugging his pants down. Once they did, she gasped at the huge bulge almost looking like they were about to rip his boxers apart. Seems like his ghost side enhanced other areas of his body from the looks of it and she wasn't wrong about her thoughts on what she had felt earlier. Eventually their hands grabbed at his boxers and pulled it down. Ember's mouth literally began salivating at the 9 inch penis thickly pulsating in front of her. Looking up into his eyes, Ember felt an incredible need to show Danny just how much she loved him as well. The look in his eyes, spoke clearly on how much he desired them. His hunger was palpable.

"Kitty, Ember, I love you… so please...", he begged.

Ember immediately grasped his penis and slowly started pumping him. Her left hand almost circled around his penis, but wasn't quite capable of fully encompassing it completely. It felt incredibly stiff, but also incredibly warm to the touch, and she felt it twitch slightly in her hands. Soon she looked into his eyes and held them, before slowly engulfing the head into her mouth. Hearing him gasp, she began bobbing her head up and down.

Kitty seeing this slowly moved up as well and moved until her face was near Danny's. She then shoved her tongue into his mouth and began kissing him urgently. Danny kissed her back just as passionately and pulled her even closer to deepen the kiss. Then grabbing his left hand, she dragged it under her shirt and placed it underneath her bra onto her right breast. Danny noticing what he was being given permission to do, began caressing her breast, and occasionally gently pinching her nipple. With everything going on, they both began moaning while kissing. Eventually Danny couldn't hold it anymore, broke the kiss, and told Ember that he was going to cum.

That only motivated Ember even further, and she bobbed her head until she managed to push his cock all the way down her throat until his balls were pressed onto her chin. The feeling of his dick being pushed so far into her mouth and down her throat was too much for him, and his dick began to twitch violently until he began cumming in earnest. Globs of cum spurt out of his dick and had shot down straight into her stomach, with her making sure that not a single drop would be wasted. Eventually he stopped cumming, and Ember eventually pulled his dick out, letting it leave her stained lips.

Kitty not wanting to be left out "Em, I want my turn now" she said as she moved up. Ember wanting to be fair moved towards Danny and cuddled up with him, with Danny pulling Ember into a hug. He kissed her forehead and said "Ember, that was amazing. I love you" he told her. Ember looked up towards him and after making eye contact kissed him. Danny, not caring about where her lips were once placed, kissed her back just as passionately.

With Kitty, she noticed that his dick was still hard and jumped right into swallowing her lover's penis. She bobbed her head around half of it, with her left hand pumping the other half. While this was going on, her right hand began fondling his balls, leading to Danny moaning into his kiss with Ember. The taste of his dick was so delicious and the musky smell filled her nostrils, igniting a fire in her lower half that she longed to have filled by her lover. She tried to contain her adoration for him, but he was just so perfect in her eyes. The thought of Johnny no longer hurt her, and that was all because of Danny. Considering her tough and occasionally playful exterior, Johnny cheating on her had broken something in her. However, despite how shattered she had felt, it was because of Danny that she was able to grow past that painful experience. He showed her that she mattered to other people and that if anything, she mattered to him. So, even if he never said it, all she would have to do is look into his eyes and find the care and compassion that he held for her reflected in them. There were also times when he had felt worried for her, but tried to hide it behind his usual goofy self, and all it did was make her heart flutter. And as the weeks passed with the 3 of them getting closer together, her increased longing for him resulted in her seeking constant affection from him just to manage her quickly growing desires that were becoming harder to control. And now, after all this time that they had spent together, she finally has the chance to really show him how important and valued he is to her. So with a sensual maneuver, she bobbed her head and made sure to suck and lick at points where she observed Danny felt the most pleasure. His expression was only part of her reward, but she intended to push things further by making sure that he would never forget this experience. Being named Kitty certainly makes this cat want her special cream, and she couldn't wait to receive her payday.

As for Ember and Danny, they had gotten into more heated kissing, constantly clashing tongues and exchanging saliva, completely letting their hormones get the better of them. Danny was feeling so much pleasure from both Kitty and Ember that he couldn't help himself from dominating Ember's mouth with his own. Ember felt her lower half moisten further with how aggressive her Babypop was ravaging her mouth. She couldn't believe that this was the same Babypop from months ago.

A bit of a flashback ~

She originally wasn't interested in being friends with him. This was somewhat after the time where Kitty ended her relationship with Johnny. She had found Kitty heartbroken and practically unresponsive, and tried to help her as best as she could. Though when she couldn't do anything to help bring Kitty out of her funk, she didn't know what else to do, and ended up feeling powerless about it. Then Danny found out about Kitty's situation, and quite rapidly became furious and had immediately wanted to tear Johnny apart for what he did. He was so enraged that even Ember felt scared by him, but Kitty wasn't and had actually been able to calm him down. He then unknowingly revealed his feelings for Kitty by telling her how important she was to him and that she has far more value than a jerkwad like Johnny would ever realize. He even emphasized how other ghosts like Ember were worried about her and that even without Johnny, there would always be people who would still be there and who held her in high regard. When Ember saw the shift in Kitty's expression change the more he talked and tried to console her, that was when she knew that Kitty was beginning to fall for Danny. That was also when she ended up feeling that she had a debt to pay to Danny. Her best friend was hurting and she wasn't able to do a thing about it. She had been increasingly worried that the situation might have ended up falling into a downward spiral if it hadn't been for Danny. He managed to do something that she wasn't able to, and for saving her best friend, she'd make sure to pay that depth back to the best of her ability.

So she made a promise to herself that she would try to befriend him and help him along with Kitty. She never planned on falling for him, but he was just so considerate and sincere in his wanting to befriend her as well, that she eventually let him in until it was too late to back out on her suddenly growing feelings. The confusing emotions that she felt slightly frightened her, because she knew that Danny and Kitty were already pretty close and she didn't want to possibly ruin that. Though even when she considered leaving, she just couldn't abandon him when he was hurting from what his friends had been doing, and even if she did, the fear of Kitty never forgiving her made her fearful of losing the two people who were becoming very important to her. That was why when Kitty showed her excitement at the three of them being together, she didn't hesitate to readily accept the opportunity presented to her. It was hard to admit at first, but she loved Kitty and she loved Danny just as much. She had personally swore that she would do whatever it would take to support and protect them, no matter the situation they might face. She loves them, and being kissed by her Babypop only made these feelings intensify.

Flashback End ~

So with the intensity of their tongues clashing and lips mashing, they simply lost themselves more in the pleasurable experience. Ember was thankful to whatever higher ghost power that was out there that finally answered her deepest desires. If they were her punishment for a crime that she was accused of committing, she'd plead guilty on all accounts. A life tied to Kitty and Danny would be a pair of shackles that she would happily wear for the rest of her afterlife. They were simply that important to her. Feeling his lips pushing against her lips, felt like utter bliss. She honestly couldn't wait for how things might further progress in the future. When she noticed her Babypop stiffen, she knew that he was about to finish and deepened the kiss that she had with him.

Danny couldn't believe that Kitty and Ember would be so quick to do this, but some primal part of him which was growing rather rapidly, couldn't stop thanking his lucky stars that he finally was able to fulfill his deepest desires. He had avoided telling either of them this, except for Jazz, but when he was told about ghostly obsessions, it didn't take him long to figure out his. His obsession was to protect those who held his heart. To keep them close and never let go. To be with them forever. He had been so afraid that they only ever saw him as a friend, so in fear of not wanting to be seen as a creep and abandoned, had suppressed his obsession as much as he could. Unfortunately, an obsession is just like how the dictionary definition implies. A growing and uncontrollable mindset that takes control of both one's mind and emotional state. He was able to stave it off by spending time with the two of them frequently, and Jazz helped as much as she could by offering her emotional support, but now he no longer needed to worry about it as he could feel his inner obsession lessen in intensity. Eventually he will tell them his obsession, but now he no longer had to feel worried, with the heavy weight that he had felt for the past few months finally being lifted off his shoulders. Feeling himself reaching his peak, he felt Ember deepen her kiss with him, and couldn't help but see white at the intensity of his climax.

Kitty couldn't stop herself from lavishing Danny's penis with her affection and adoration. This was definitely something she planned to repeat again and again in the future, and it excited her to no end to watch Danny lose control of his emotions like he was currently showing her. Bobbing her head up and down, while her hands continued to pleasure the parts of his lower area which she hadn't been able to reach, she was ecstatic to feel his penis begin to twitch. Increasing the speed of her head bobbing, and hastening the pumping of his penis, she felt his balls begin to contract in her other hand, with the hot liquid quickly rising up his penis, and into her waiting mouth. She felt several spurts fill her mouth, and she swallowed as much as she could, not wanting to waste any of Danny's precious seed, which tasted amazing. Eventually after the seventh spurt, she decided to keep it in her mouth, and watched as his previously hardened penis slightly began to slacken in her grip. Then watching as Danny slowly came back from his orgasmic high, she waited for him to make eye contact with her, before opening her mouth to show him the contents of the milky treat she was savoring.

If it wasn't for Danny's self-control he would have already pounced on this seductive kitten. Along with having climaxed powerfully twice already, the sight before him would have made him harder than diamonds. Fortunately or unfortunately, he was too tired to continue this any further. Though he did watch curiously as Ember moved away from him and closer to Kitty. His eyes widened in shock when he saw Ember kiss Kitty. They were sharing his cum between them, constantly exchanging white cream and saliva between the two, mutually swallowing whatever remained between them. When they both had finished, they both opened their eyes and made eye contact with him. He felt his heart pounding so loudly in his chest at the desire and love they held for him that he swore internally that he would do anything for them. They slowly crawled on all fours towards each of his sides and allowed themselves to gently be pulled into a hug with him. Sighing in content that their lover was finally theirs, they placed their heads simultaneously on each side of his chest, and slowly began to drift off, with Danny not long afterwards falling asleep as well. All three were left satisfied at the wonderful event that had just taken place.

Back with Jazz, Sam, and Tucker

"I can't believe that Danny did all that" Jazz exclaimed

"Well believe it, Jazz, because he maneuvered Dash to his way of thinking like a chess piece on a chessboard" Tucker told her.

"I was surprised myself with Jazz when I saw it happen in front of me, and normally I wouldn't have approved of it, but Dash being a bully and a jock deserved nothing less" Sam said.

"I'm just glad that he's learning how to take care of himself better. I may have been helping him out with his emotional troubles and being able to understand and sort through them better, but if there's anyone to thank for these changes in Danny, it would definitely be Kitty and Ember" She said.

Curious, she decided to ask, "What do you mean by that Jazz", Sam asked.

"Well, they can be pretty territorial and protective when concerning Danny's physical safety along with his emotional and mental well-being. I still remember when Dora's brother tried to attack Danny while Kitty and Ember were with him. Apparently, Prince Aragon didn't appreciate Danny's interference in his kingdom and decided to make an example out of him. Unfortunately for him, Kitty and Ember didn't appreciate the attempt on Danny's life and after Danny succeeded in trapping him in the thermos, they asked Danny if they could deal with this. Danny being confused, but happy to oblige gave them the thermos, and we hadn't heard from Prince Aragon again ever since. I had thought that he was simply threatened into not interfering again and kept his distance because of it, but when Dora came around our place looking for her brother, I immediately realized that they must have done something else. I don't know what may have happened to him, and I didn't bother asking since they did whatever they did for my brother's sake. So I simply let it be. So, ever since then, they have been helping Danny in getting better and improving in various aspects of his life. I'm still here whenever he needs me, which is quite often, and that is something I'm glad for. However, They make me feel that his safety is something I will not have to worry about anymore as much as I used to with them around to help protect him" she told the stunned duo.

"I knew they were dangerous, I just didn't realize that they would only be dangerous towards those who threatened to hurt Danny" Sam said slightly uncomfortably.

"Yeah, I mean that's kind of scary, but at least they are on our side." Tucker said nervously.

"I was nervous myself at first, but when you watch the 3 of them together, you'll begin to understand how important their bond is between them. It's just natural ghost tendencies, which tend to be exacerbated by their ghostly obsessions. Danny also found out that he has one as well, but I'll leave that up to him to tell you guys about it if he so wishes to", she told them.

"I don't want to fear them, but I guess it's harder to work on getting rid of your fears after only a day", Tucker said.

"I know what you mean Tucker. Being bombarded by all of this information, has certainly made me feel pretty overwhelmed" Sam said. "Though Jazz, you mentioned something about ghostly obsessions, but I don't really know too much about it. Would you mind explaining it to us?" Sam asked her.

After looking towards Tucker and seeing him nod, "Of course. I'll be happy to explain how ghostly obsessions work and how they affect ghosts individually, even half-ghosts", Jazz told them.

Back with Maddie and Jack

Running down the hallway, constantly shooting after the chaotically dodging figure. "Hold still and take your just desserts you piece of excto slime!" Jack shouted out.

While dodging the figure spoke out, "I am no ecto slime, for I am the Box Ghost you humans! Beware...crap!" he rapidly dodged to the side when a second pair of lasers almost hit him. Being forced to dodge repeatedly, the Box Ghost began to feel overwhelmed with fear and anger. Eventually he exploded.

"We almost have him Jack, just keep shooting" Maddie said.

"Got it Maddie. Once we take him down, then we can dissect his ecto remains!" Jack said happily.

"You humans have finally pushed me past my levels of tolerance! BEWARE!" the Box Ghost screamed out with glowing hands. Then boxes from many rooms flew into the hallway forming a creature of box. When it fully manifested, it took the form of a giant cubical shaped bear and roared at the still shooting duo who's blasts did nothing to its body, except irritate it.

The bear began charging at the now sweating duo. "Maddie, we need to run!" Jack said as he turned around and booked it down the opposite direction of the hallway.

"Right behind you dear" Maddie said as she dashed in the same direction.

Both running as fast as they could away from the rapidly approaching bear.

Moments later…

Two huffing and puffing figures were back in their vehicle. "We almost had him, but that spook literally had to level the playing field", Jack exclaimed out almost whining.

Panting herself "Dear, next time we'll get him. We just have to make better technology to combat those creations of his", She tried telling him consoling. Noticing his frowning visage still remaining, "How about you eat those fudge brownies we packed? Huh hun?" She suggested.

"Fudge you say" his voice changed from feeling disappointed to happiness, before digging into their bag for the thermos containing his treasures. After a few moments of searching, he found it and quickly sat back down with them in hand. Stuffing his face happily, he ate until there was no more left. "Oooh that's the stuff" he said. "Fudge always makes me feel better," he added. "Maddie you are right! We'll get that spook next time" Jack said confidently.

"Of course we will dear, we are Fentons after all" She told him as they turned on their vehicle's ghost shield. "We should get some sleep Jack. We're both too tired to drive right now, so we'll be heading back in the morning" she told him. Seeing him nod, they began preparing for bed.

With Kitty, Ember, and Danny

Waking up slowly, Kitty sighed in contentment when she realized that she was still wrapped around Danny's arm, being all snuggled up into his body. Seeing him still asleep, she gently woke up Ember and signaled for her to help clean Danny as well as her room up. Once they finished, they dressed up Danny back in his clothes, and with Ember's further aid, teleported him back into his room within the Fenton Work's household. After tucking him in and watching him continue to sleep, they both kissed him on his forehead, before the two of them disappeared into flames, and returned back to their lighthouse.

As soon as they reappeared, Ember and Kitty returned to Kitty's room. Making eye contact with each other for a moment, it didn't take long for the silence to be broken once Kitty began to scream in excitement. "I can't believe it, we finally ended up with Danny" she said excitedly.

Ember smiled at Kitty's obvious happiness. "I can't believe it either, Kitty", she said smiling, but then frowned after a thought popped into her head. "Kitty, why did you bring me into the relationship? Not that I'm very grateful, but I had been so scared that I would have been forced to watch the two of you fall for each other, and leave me behind", she asked hesitatingly.

Kitty frowned briefly, but then went back to smiling, walked up to Ember and gave her a hug. "Ember, you know I care about you too right?" She asked. Seeing Ember nod, she continued. "I've known for a while now that you loved Danny too. You were pretty good at hiding it, but I wouldn't be your bestest buddy, if I couldn't read you like a book, now would I?" She told Ember.

Nodding again from what she was being told, "But that still doesn't explain why you decided to share him, rather than keep him all to yourself", Ember asked her.

Hugging her tighter. "Ember, you are and always will be important to me. You have been my closest friend for so long, and at my lowest you were even there trying your hardest to help fix me as best as you could. Sure, Danny played a huge part in bringing me back from the brink, but knowing that you were there kept me from doing anything truly drastic, because hurting you was something that I never would have wanted to do, even in that state. And the reason why I'm so okay with sharing Danny with you, is because you love him, and I love you just as much. Also, I'll admit that I'm being selfish in that I don't want to lose you either, Em. I can lose anything or anyone else in my life, but not having you and Danny in it would fracture my core" Kitty told her.

Feeling overwhelmed with emotion, Ember kissed Kitty, which turned into a make-out session within moments. A while later, the kissing finally stopped, with Ember placing her forehead on Kitty's.

"I love you and Danny so much Kitty. Thank you for valuing me so much to do this", Ember told her emotionally.

Smiling warmly at her, "I will always be willing to make sure that the people closest to my heart will be happy, Em" Kitty told her. Then suddenly smiling brightly, "And now the three of us can spend all the time in the world together, without needing to hold ourselves back anymore! I so can't wait!", she exclaimed.

Smiling to herself at the excitement and happiness Kitty was exuding in front of her, "You should save some of that energy for tomorrow girlfriend, we wouldn't want you to be too tired now would we? Danny would certainly be disappointed if that turned out to be the case", she told Kitty.

Gasping at how true that statement was, Kitty let go of Ember and began hurrying to prepare for bed. Ember followed after, amused at how Kitty reacted. Though she did smile to herself at the thought of being with Kitty and Danny on a permanent basis. She felt so lucky to have them in her afterlife.

With Sam, Jazz, and Tucker

"Thank you Jazz for everything", Tucker said as he stood up and prepared to head to the door.

"No problem Tucker", she said smiling as she and Sam stood up alongside her.

Smiling herself, "Thank you as well as Jazz, and I hope you have a good night", Sam said as she followed Tucker to the door.

After they had left Jazz closed the door and slowly headed back to her room. Quickly peaking into her brother's room, she smiled when she found him sleeping in the bed. Quietly closing it, she decided to head back to her room and get ready for bed herself. Today really has been a long but interesting day.

Now that the first chapter is over, what did you think about it? Please leave a review if you have the time, and thank you for reading! Hope everyone has a good one! Until next time!
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  • 1.1 College and Marriage
  • 1.2 Dealing with Ghosts
  • 1.3 Alternate Futures
  • 1.4 Secrets Revealed
  • 2 Appearance
  • 3 Personality
  • 4.1 Danny Fenton/Danny Phantom
  • 4.2 Maddie Fenton
  • 4.3 Jazz Fenton
  • 4.4 Dani Fenton
  • 4.5 Vlad Masters/Vlad Plasmius
  • 5 Powers and Abilities
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History [ ]

His life before his college days is unknown. According to him, he was born in a log cabin and had always wanted a pony, but never got one, as he and his family had to eat horse meat during the war. [2] It’s not known if this is true or if he was just rambling. He has an ancestor named John Fentonightingale who lived during the time of the Salem Witch Trials [3] , with whom he shares his looks and obsessiveness, indicating that contact with the paranormal seems to run in his family.

College and Marriage [ ]

During his college days at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, he and Vlad Masters were once best friends, along with Maddie. The three of them built an early version of what would later become the Fenton Portal, which they called the proto-portal .

When the portal was nearly complete, Jack, Maddie and Vlad gathered to test it for the first time. Jack unwittingly filled the Ecto-Filtrator with diet cola, causing the portal to malfunction while Vlad stood directly in front of it, blasting Vlad with a beam of ectoplasmic energy. Vlad came down with a horrible case of ecto-acne and was hospitalized for years. Soon after, Vlad lost contact with Jack and Maddie, but still held a grudge against Jack.

Sometime after college and after an embarrassing proposal by Jack, Jack and Maddie got married. They had two children, Jasmine and Daniel . During the next years, although they would occasionally argue over things like Christmas, Jack and Maddie had a good life, working on experiments and raising their children.

They eventually decided to have another go at building a ghost portal . Although they thought it didn't work after they had finished it, Danny explored it and accidentally turned it on. This situation, unbeknownst to Jack and Maddie, resulted in Danny becoming half-ghost.

Dealing with Ghosts [ ]

In " Mystery Meat ," Jack accidentally mistakes Jazz for being a ghost when she exhibits interest in taking Danny to school. Once Jazz explains to him that he is wrong, Jack announces his plan to stop hunting ghosts, finally starting to believe they don't exist. However, his decision is forgotten when Danny Phantom, the first ghost Jack has ever seen, comes by and takes the Fenton Thermos. After this, Jack is confident that ghosts exist and even more determined to catch one, fishing in the Ghost Portal and working on more ghost-hunting technology.

In " Bitter Reunions ," Jack and Vlad are reunited during a college reunion hosted by Vlad, who has become a billionaire, in his castle. Vlad says that he is willing to forget the past, and Jack believes that they are on good terms again. In reality, Vlad still wants Jack dead, and never forgave him for marrying Maddie (the love of his life) and having a happy family with her.

Alternate Futures [ ]

S02e16 Jack infected

Jack Fenton with ecto-acne

In " The Ultimate Enemy ," Jack was killed along with Danny's family and friends in the Nasty Burger explosion that drove Danny down the path to becoming a supervillain. When Dark Danny went back in time, he criticized his parents for being so easily fooled into not realizing Danny was a half-ghost. Clockwork prevents their deaths from happening and allows Danny to correct the present.

In " Reality Trip ," Jack and the rest of the world discover Danny's secret and are shocked. He doesn't realize why Danny didn't tell him until Jazz criticized her parents' anti-ghost behavior for making it harder for Danny to reveal himself. He was accepting of his son's condition at the end, but Danny altered reality to make him and nearly everyone forget.

In the episode " Masters of All Time ," in an alternate reality, Jack was the one in which the lab accident 20 years ago happened to. Jack got the ecto-acne, which transforms him into "Jack Plasmius." This accident happens because Danny had gone back in time to try to prevent the accident from happening so that Vlad would not have become Plasmius. Also in this timeline, Vlad is married to Maddie, but both Jack and Maddie still love each other. Unlike Vlad he did want to originally use his powers for good, but his clueless nature didn't give him the best of starts. He attacked Danny in his lab, not believing Danny's claims about being from an alternate timeline, but later teams up with Maddie and Danny when it turns out Vlad was deceiving Maddie into thinking Jack didn't love her as the two discovered the alternate world. Jack is seemingly killed by Vlad causing Maddie to throw Vlad into the Ghost Zone before Danny goes back and fixes everything.

Secrets Revealed [ ]

In " Phantom Planet ," the show's finale, Vlad reveals his identity as a ghost to the entire city. In the climax, Vlad is trapped in outer space near fatal ectoplasmic energy fields which surround him. Begging Jack to let him board his ship, and stating that he would not abandon an old friend, Jack, finally realizing Vlad never forgave him & that the best friend he knew was gone, replies "An old friend? No. You? Yes." He shrugs him off and heads off to Earth, leaving Vlad to fend for himself. After learning Danny's true identity as the ghost boy, Jack offers to team up with his son, making Danny his "sidekick."

Appearance [ ]

Jack is large and bulky, with black hair with some white in the back and blue eyes. He always wears an orange jumpsuit with black gloves and boots. He is also seen wearing his jumpsuit hood and lab goggles with teal lenses in two episodes . It is similar in design to the one Maddie wears. However, in "Control Freaks", the lenses in his goggles are red instead of teal (similar to Maddie's).

Personality [ ]

Jack is incompetent at times, even coming off as goofy, clumsy, absent-minded, and obsessed with ghosts.

When initially activating the ghost portal he left disappointed when it didn't activate, forgetting that he installed the on switch on the inside of the portal, which was what caused the accident with Danny. Sometimes, he's had no problems going to wherever Danny is, unintentionally getting Danny in trouble or embarrassing him.

He's also been shown to be fairly narcissistic, as shown in "Forever Phantom" where he names things after himself and by the fact most of his inventions have his face like the blimp, his toast, etc.

Despite these obvious flaws, Jack is a brilliant scientist and inventor—capable of building working ghost and ecto machines. He is also well-meaning, as he is very protective of his family—jumping at any chance for quality bonding. This was seen when he defeated attacking ghosts led by Vlad on his own to protect his family, even shedding his usual ineptness and showing his competent nature.

He’s a loving and devoted father and husband. Even though his passion for ghost hunting may appear to overshadow everything else, his family is still the most important thing to him.

While Jack was usually oblivious to Vlad's dislike of him, his eyes were opened after seeing his ghost powers and revealing his true feelings. Jack ultimately turned his back on him for tricking him and putting his family in danger.

Relationships [ ]

Danny fenton/danny phantom [ ].

Danny and Jack have a close relationship. Danny appears to love and admire his father, although when it comes to protecting his ghost hunting and social life, Jack has proven to be more of a hindrance than a help. Danny is constantly embarrassed by his father in public due to his over-the-top personality. Jack's passion for ghost hunting caused Danny to become ashamed of him and very quiet about his family's "hobby." Eventually, Jack begins to embarrass his son less often. Jack wants his son to look up to him, so it pains him whenever Danny expresses a negative opinion of him. [4] He also will punish Danny for his actions, too, sometimes grounding him. But Jack deeply loves his son, going to great lengths to protect him and his family from ghosts.

For most of the series, Jack sees Danny Phantom as "Ghost Enemy #1." However, when he and Maddie learn of their son's true identity in instances like in "Reality Trip" and "Phantom Planet," they accept Danny for who he is, telling him that they'll always love him no matter what.

Jack and Danny

Maddie Fenton [ ]

Maddie is the wife of Jack. They seem to be together every time they're on-screen. She is a maker of ghost-hunting supplies, too, but they seem to detect Danny every time they use ghost-tracking supplies, until they know the truth in " Reality Trip ." She always wears a mask, unlike the other members in the Fenton Family.

Open Jack & Maddie

Jazz Fenton [ ]

Jazz Fenton is Jack's daughter, and Danny's older sister. They are not really close, as Jack once had suspicions of her being a ghost and Jack was scolded by her for this. During " Maternal Instinct ", Jack shows he loves her by defending her from an attacking ghost animal sent by Plasmius. Jazz even ran to him for protection. The pair work together in defeating the attacking threat, with Jack showing pride in his daughter's hunting skill, despite her saying it was a one-time thing and both agreed not to tell Danny or Maddie of it. Jack's love for his daughter is further proven in " 13 ", when she becomes rebellious and seemingly goes out with a delinquent Johnny 13 (unknown to Jack, Johnny was a ghost) with him even going after her to get her back.

S01E17 Maternal Instinct - Jack saved Jazz

Dani Fenton [ ]

Dani Phantom is a clone of Jack’s son Danny created by Vlad. This makes Dani Jack’s biological daughter. Their only interaction is when Dani overshadows Maddie and Mr. lancer, in order to convince Jack to not punish Danny, Sam, and Tucker when they got into trouble. While the two never officially meet in the series, it was confirmed by Butch Hartman that sometime after season 3 Jack and Maddie eventually learned of Dani’s existence and decided to adopt her, showing that he has come to love and accept her as part of his family.

Vlad Masters/Vlad Plasmius [ ]

S01e07 yearbook flashback

Jack and Vlad in college

Vlad was once Jack's best friend, probably the closest thing he had to a brother. The two of them used to be roommates and lab partners in college. They did everything together, until the proto-portal that gave Vlad his ghost powers put a halt to their friendship. Jack was oblivious of Vlad's contempt for him in later years and often preferred to be supportive of his one-time "best friend" for most of the series. It wasn't until the show's finale that he learned of Vlad's true nature. He attempted to apologize but was angrily shunned for it and Vlad even promised to take Maddie from him. Once Vlad begged Jack for help, cynically saying he wouldn't abandon an old friend, the ghost hunter simply gave his former friend a hurt, angry last reply: "An old friend? No. You? Yes." This ended their friendship once and for all. Vlad even regretted the fact that he took Jack's friendship for granted.

Powers and Abilities [ ]

  • Super Strength : Jack is an adequate fighter with great, almost superhuman strength (due primarily to his prodigious size) and courage as well as a good amount of technical knowledge but acts clumsy and incompetent. However, he has a maturity and seriousness that few people recognize. Despite his constant obsession with ghosts, he loves and protects his family.
  • Inventing : Despite Jack's "oafish nature," he appears to be an accomplished inventor. Jack is often the one who builds most of the gadgets and equipment (and then gives them silly or hard to spell names) that are seen in Danny's house and the lab. However, he seems to have trouble using these gadgets while other characters such as Danny or Maddie (and sometimes Jazz) have no trouble at all.
  • When it comes to ghosts, nothing else can stop him from trying to catch one and "rip it apart molecule by molecule" (this is the phrase he often uses to express his hatred of ghosts, thus alarming and worrying Danny greatly, for obvious reasons, every time he says it). This is the main reason why his son has yet to tell his parents about his human/ghost hybrid status, as he believes they will not accept him. It also doesn't help that Jack is gunning for Danny Phantom more than any other ghost, though he has grudgingly accepted help from him before, namely, to fight Plasmius (whom he calls the "Wisconsin Ghost").
  • Overshadowing Resistance : Unlike most characters in the show, he can tell when he's been overshadowed , but it seems only when it's a malevolent force controlling him (for instance, Vlad), and not someone like Danny [14] . And also, unlike most people who are overshadowed, Jack can actually resist the effect long enough to warn others [15] , as most people are taken over instantaneously. Apparently, such an ability only works when the overshadowing forces him to do something against his will. In " Eye for an Eye ," Vlad "forces" Jack to vote for him, which Jack already intended to do anyway.
  • Mind Control Resistance : Like his son Danny, Jack also has a resistance against Undergrowth mind control as he wasn't under his control when the mind vine tried to get him from the back until the vine went into his ear. Unlike his son Danny, this is apparently apart of his large nature.
  • Fighting Skills : Jack is revealed to be very competent when fighting ghosts who put his family in danger. This occurred at least three times: first in " The Million Dollar Ghost ," when Jack beats Plasmius and his ghost vultures to save the Fenton Portal from exploding; second in " Reign Storm ," when he used the pants of the Ecto-skeleton to defeat the Fright Knight and save Maddie, and third in " Girls' Night Out ," when he "saves" Danny from Skulker and the Lake Monster .
  • Ghost Powers (alternate timeline) : In Masters of All Time , Jack gained ghost powers in an alternate timeline where he has all of Vlad's powers. Jack could fire different ghost rays from green-to-pink or supercharged ghost rays, create ghost shields , fly , turn invisible or intangible , and easily split into 3-4 duplicates of himself. Like Danny, when he goes ghost, he has white rings from his waist, and it transforms him into his ghost form. Jack tried to get rid of his ghost-half but with no success. When Jack comes to save Danny, Vlad shoots a laser beam in his way. Jack creates a ghost shield, but the laser pushes him to the ghost portal, causing it to overload and Jack to apparently die and reverts back to human form.

Sightings [ ]

  • Intro: " Danny Phantom Opening "
  • 101. " Mystery Meat "
  • 102. " Parental Bonding "
  • 103. " One of a Kind "
  • 104. " Attack of the Killer Garage Sale "
  • 105. " Splitting Images "
  • 106. " What You Want "
  • 107. " Bitter Reunions "
  • 108. " Prisoners of Love "
  • 109. " My Brother's Keeper "
  • 111. " Fanning the Flames "
  • 112. " Teacher of the Year "
  • 113. " Fright Night "
  • 114. " 13 "
  • 115. " Public Enemies "
  • 117. " Maternal Instinct "
  • 119. " The Million Dollar Ghost "
  • 120. " Control Freaks "
  • 201. " Memory Blank "
  • 202. " Doctor's Disorders "
  • 203. " Pirate Radio "
  • 204. " Reign Storm "
  • 206. " Identity Crisis "
  • 207. " The Fenton Menace "
  • 208. " The Ultimate Enemy "
  • 210. " The Fright Before Christmas "
  • 211. " Secret Weapons "
  • 212. " Flirting With Disaster "
  • 213. " Micro Management "
  • 216. " Masters of All Time "
  • 217. " Kindred Spirits "
  • 218. " Double Cross My Heart "
  • 219. " Reality Trip "
  • 301. " Eye for an Eye "
  • 302. " Infinite Realms "
  • 303. " Girls' Night Out "
  • 304. " Torrent of Terror "
  • 305. " Forever Phantom "
  • 306. " Urban Jungle "
  • 307. " Livin' Large "
  • 308. " Boxed Up Fury "
  • 309. " Frightmare " (no lines)
  • 311. " D-Stabilized "
  • 312. " Phantom Planet "

Graphic Novel [ ]

Danny phantom: a glitch in time [ ], 10 years later [ ].

10 years later alternate Jack drawing

Version - Ecto-tronic Jack

Version 1 This first version of Jack is a cyborg-style in that his body is part man and part machine at this point in time. The entire right side of his body is gone and has been replaced by machines. And, true to his character, Jack is proud of his machinery. Not only does he embrace his mechanical parts, he also notes the bright side of being part machine means that he has to take fewer showers and in order to battle all he needs is to oil up and he's ready to go. As with all Fentonworks technology, his mechanical half is powered by ectoplasm. Hence ecto-tronic (half ecto half electronic).

Jack 10 years later version 2

Version 2 This version is not dissimilar to his design seen in the series, with the main differences being his long white/gray hair, tied back in a ponytail like a biker, and the DP logo on his jumpsuit.

Version 3 The third and final version of Jack 10 years later is similar to the first one, in that he has robotic limbs. He has scars from the many dangerous battles that they have fought, but he doesn't let this slow him down. During the past 10 years he has lost his right arm, right leg and left eye, but kept his spunk, making him "part machine, part man, all American." Not only does Jack embrace his mechanical side, but he uses it to market Fenton Works technologies similar to Iron Man in the MCU. For example, he might fire a blaster and then say something like "This is my brand new gun, brought to you by FentonWorks."

Jack 10 years later

  • Jack Fenton's name is reference to the main character of The Shining , Jack Torrance, who also has a son named Daniel.
  • Jack Fenton's design and personality was inspired by Fred Flinstone.
  • Jack Fenton is the very first character to appear on screen and speak in the series.
  • Jack is the only Fenton who does not have any pupils.
  • According to Jack, he failed his C.A.T. test. [9]
  • A running gag in the series is that almost all basic domestic appliances in the house seem to be Jack's inventions, such as "the Fenton unclogger" or "the Fenton toilet," etc. He also tends to make some of his items in the shape of his form, as shown in "Forever Phantom" where the toast he made was in his shape and he named many items after himself.
  • Jack was in a band called "Skunk Punks" during college. According to Jack, they walked right into a bad pun when the headline read "The Skunk Punks Stink." [7]
  • Jack enjoys doing needlepoint, as he finds it to be "artsy and relaxing." [1]
  • Every year around Christmas, Jack and Maddie argue over the existence of Santa Claus, a tradition that they actually enjoy. [16]
  • Despite his original hatred toward ghosts, he sometimes seemed friendly toward them, after they have proven they are trustworthy. [17]
  • It is implied that he did not choose Danny's name as he called the name "dumb" in an alternate universe in which Jazz and Danny weren't born. [6]
  • He appears in the mobile game Nickelodeon Pixel Town (only available in Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines), you can get him if you merge Squidward from SpongeBob SquarePants and Timmy from The Fairly OddParents in the memory center.
  • He has the same voice actor as Mark Chang and Bucky McBadbat from The Fairly OddParents.
  • Jack’s grandson Jackson seems to have been named after him.
  • When Jack Fenton wears his jumpsuit hood, he slightly resembles the real-life Marvel comic book character, Giant-Man as well as the real-life DC comic book character, Blue Beetle .

Gallery [ ]

  • 1 Danny Phantom (character)
  • 2 Ember McLain
  • 3 Vlad Plasmius


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    Fenton? Phantom? Chapter 1: Class Interrogation, a danny phantom fanfic | FanFiction Fenton? Phantom? By: sifuuhotmann Danny Phantom gets interrogated by his class. Valerie runs into Amity's park's most famous ghost. Jack and Maddie take Phantom in for experimenting. Does Danny manage to keep his secret intact? Uhh...nope.

  13. The Talk Chapter 1: The Library, a danny phantom fanfic

    She knew that Jazz was 12 and could keep a secret-for twenty bicks of couse and Danny just got ten. She was going to keep him occupied with a game she bought him that morning."Okay"said Jack. Maddie and Jazz were already packed to leave the next morning. Morning: "Mom,don't leave me with Dad."Danny whispered "You know what happened las time ...

  14. My Robot Cousin Chapter 2, a danny phantom fanfic

    Sean said. Danny looks at his robot cousin, who gives him a complete blank stare. Given what he just heard, it was clear that she still had a lot to learn. "Well, we'll be happy to teach your daughter everything we know!" Jack cheers. "And by that, you mean to teach her everything about ghosts." Jazz said, rolling her eyes.

  15. Does anyone know of any good Danny Phantom fanfics? : r/FanFiction

    Title says all, but to be more specific, I'm looking for any well-written fics that don't overplay Danny being angsty, still have him being the snarky, wise-cracking kid we know and love from the canon show, focus more on telling a proper story/displaying a proper adventure than going deep into the disturbing implications of the show, ignore the events of Phantom Planet and Danny's identity ...

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    Jack Fenton (Danny Phantom) Aged-Up Character (s) Danny has two hands Canon-Typical Violence Canon Compliant Not Phantom Planet Compliant (Danny Phantom) Not Canon Compliant with Graphic Novel: A Glitch in Time (Danny Phantom) Barely Legal Barely Legal Character Trans Male Character Trans Character Trans Danny Fenton

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    All of a sudden Jack shot an ecto net at him and he was trapped. "Wait you're making a mistake!" Jack picked him up and threw him into the back of the Fenton Family Assault Vehicle. "You need to listen to me!" Danny yelled. Maddie gave him a swift kick to his chest as she climbed in after jack. "Shut up freak!"

  18. Danny Phantom: A Different Path

    The thought of Johnny no longer hurt her, and that was all because of Danny. Considering her tough and occasionally playful exterior, Johnny cheating on her had broken something in her. However, despite how shattered she had felt, it was because of Danny that she was able to grow past that painful experience.

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    Sharing Some Great Danny/Sam FanFics I've Found. I've been on a Danny/Sam fanfiction hunt recently and wanted to share some that I've binged and loved. "Catch Me, Hold Me" by kitkatkandy - This one isn't finished and hasn't been updated since 2007 but you can imagine how it ends and it's a really great buildup.

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    1.2K Stories Sort by: Hot # 1 Alfred's Apprentice by Zero 5.9K 235 8 After getting beat up by a bat child after a missinderstanding, Danny is found by Alfred and taken under his "wing" dickgrayson dpxdc constantine +17 more # 2 Not Just a Kid (DP Avengers Crosso... by Playedcrowd5610 99.2K 3.3K 15

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    Jackie By (Maddie) Mr. Fenton

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    "I'll get the door." He then went to the door and opened it, seeing a female with bright red flame-like hair and a shade of blue eyes. "Uh-" The girl looked at him. "I'm here to talk with your parents." She stated and then looked over his shoulder into the house. Danny stepped aside, brow slightly raised. "You sure you have the right house?"

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    Maybe more references to ghost stories and movies like they actually exist in the Danny Phantom world. And I always liked the idea that while Jack and Maddie were geniuses in the realms of science, and Jazz was a genius in psychology, that Danny was a genius in fore creative endeavors, and astronomy by brute force, with scenes of him sketching ...