african holy ghost christian church

African Holy Ghost Christian Church (Ahgcc)- Wabera In Kenya: History,Facts, & Services

Explore Kenya most popular tourist destination with us. African Holy Ghost Christian Church (Ahgcc)- Wabera In Kenya: History,Facts, & Services,which is 0 km away from Kenya main town, is the most popular destination to add in your travel wishlist.

Nearby Places African Holy Ghost Christian Church (Ahgcc)- Wabera In Kenya: History,Facts, & Services

african holy ghost christian church

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african holy ghost christian church

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african holy ghost christian church

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african holy ghost christian church

What is the current state of glaciers and icefields in Canada?

Know the current state of icefields and glaciers in Canada. Also, learn about the impact of climate change and scientific evidence on Canada’s environment.

african holy ghost christian church

Are there any eco-friendly art galleries or exhibitions in Canada?

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african holy ghost christian church

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african holy ghost christian church

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african holy ghost christian church

Are there any eco-friendly cruises or boat tours in Canada?

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african holy ghost christian church

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african holy ghost christian church

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african holy ghost christian church

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african holy ghost christian church

your goal essay

Rafal Reyzer

How To Write A Powerful Essay On Achieving Goals (+ Example)

Author: Rafal Reyzer

Writing an essay on achieving your goals can be a great opportunity to share your accomplishments.

Goal setting is a useful strategy to get the most out of life and set yourself up for success. However, there are many things to remember regarding proper goal setting and achievement. When writing a blm argumentative essay , it’s important to provide context on the history of the Black Lives Matter movement and the issues it seeks to address. This can help the reader understand the significance of the essay’s thesis and arguments. Let’s get to grips with the process of goal setting and come up with a powerful essay on achieving goals.

Structuring Your Essay on Achieving Goals:

How to write an introduction.

Any academic essay must have a strong beginning. It will establish your point of view and inform the reader of what to expect. An introduction should:

  • Attract the reader’s attention with a ‘hook’. You can achieve this by quoting a shocking statistic, quote, fact, or controversial statement.
  • Give some background or historical information about the topic. For instance, psychological theories and models on effective goal setting and achievement.
  • Present your thesis (main point of your essay) e.g., “Rewarding achievement is the most effective means by which employers can increase workplace productivity”.

How to Write The Main Body of Your Essay

There should be a minimum of three paragraphs in your essay. Each one is a ‘mini-essay with an introduction, body, and conclusion. Each should include:

  • Topic sentence: inform the reader about the subject of the paragraph, e.g., “how to measure goal attainment”, or “effective workplace goal setting”.
  • Evidence sentences: inform the reader about the evidence you’ve uncovered, e.g., a business model and study on effective workplace goal setting.
  • Analysis sentences : inform the reader of your thoughts on the evidence and its significance. For example, “Model A clearly shows how employers are to set realistic goals with employees and this model has proven to be successful in study x”.
  • Concluding sentence: summarize what you’ve learned about the topic and how it relates to the essay question. For instance, “Setting realistic goals for employees is straightforward and likely to increase successful goal achievement in the workplace”.

How to Write a Conclusion

  • To signal the essay is ending, use a suitable word or phrase , such as ‘In summary’ or ‘With all of this in mind’.
  • Reread your introduction to remind yourself of your thesis. After that, either paraphrase or respond to the thesis.
  • Summarize the key points stated in each of the assignment’s paragraphs. So, if you wrote three key body paragraphs, the conclusion should include three main themes.
  • Give your readers a concluding line on the main issue and possibly attempt to urge them to further ponder the topic in its wider context.

happy successful goal achieving winner

Example Of An Essay About Achieving Your Goals

So, let’s put all this information together and check an example essay on achieving goals: Effective Methods to Increase the Likelihood of Goal Achievement Achieving goals can be extremely rewarding and result in a more satisfying and successful life. Many people set goals yet cannot achieve them. However, there are ways to avoid or reduce the likelihood of missing the mark. By ensuring that goals are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound), using visualization techniques, and rewarding goal attainment, the chances of success increase. First, ensure your goals are SMART. This means that goals should be specific and measurable in terms of outcomes, e.g., test scores . Goals should be achievable and realistic to the person’s capabilities and resources available. Also, a goal should apply to the person’s work, education, hobbies, or interests and include a deadline. If there is no specificity of outcome, there’s no real way to see how someone has improved—or how they might be falling short. And if goals are not SMART, they are more difficult to achieve. Second, by imagining and visualizing the feelings and outcomes of achievement of the goal , the likelihood of high achievement increases. The imagination can be a powerful tool. Imagining the feelings of accomplishment helps to increase self-efficacy and motivation. A Canadian study found that imagery skills moderate the effect of mental practice on self-efficacy. The effects of visualization techniques are valuable in goal achievement. Third, once the goal has been accomplished, a reward is required. Getting a reward for hard work will increasingly motivate an individual to set and achieve the next goal. The offer of a reward gives employees and students an extra boost of motivation. Rewards help the cycle of goal setting and goal achieving to continue. In summary, by ensuring the goals set are SMART, visualizing and rewarding success, goal achievement becomes more likely. Achieving goals is a cyclic process that’s possible to master if the right method is in place.

The Basics of Setting and Achieving Goals

Getting things done is often more difficult than you may think. You may have a strong desire to see positive changes, including better grades, weight loss, or passing an educational course. But success requires more than just motivation. The right goal-achievement skill set can help you see the exact steps you need to perform to take your life to the next level. Of course, it all starts with setting a goal and there’s a useful (SMART) acronym to remember:

Goals should be specific and free of generalizations, or they are unlikely to get done. Instead of stating that your goal is to improve your English skills, make it more specific by stating that your goal is to learn and use one new word every weekday to boost your English vocabulary.

A goal should be measurable because you need to keep your finger on the pulse and know where you’re at. For instance, a test or assessment score can provide evidence that you have reached your goal.

A goal needs to be possible to achieved. If it’s beyond your capabilities or requires resources you cannot access, then you will set yourself up for failure.

Goals must have some relevance. It is pointless to set a goal if it’s not relevant to your life, work, education, interests, hobbies, etc.

You must set a completion date for your goal. If you do not set a deadline, you may lack the motivation to reach it. Once you have your SMART goal, record it clearly on paper or a mobile device and then visualize the outcome of achieving that goal. Imagine how happy you will feel when you achieve it. This vivid mental imagery will provide you with the extra motivation to go for it. Finally, when you reach your goal, it’s time to celebrate! Reward yourself with a trip, an item you desire, relaxation time with friends, or whatever else that will make you feel happy.

Ready to write an essay about achieving goals?

Hopefully, the information in the article has given you the basics to help you write a powerful essay on achieving goals. I also hope that this article has helped you think about how you can work toward achieving your own goals. There are many great books about the science of goal achievement. I especially recommend ones written by Brian Tracy , as they have helped me a great deal in my pursuit of happiness . You can also create an engaging presentation about achieving goals and objectives using this  goal presentation template . Next up, you may want to explore an ultimate guide to writing expository essays .

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Rafal Reyzer

Rafal Reyzer

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Essays About Goals: Top 5 Examples Plus 10 Prompts

Goals could be a one-time event or a lifelong growth process. Write effectively with the help of our essays about goals and writing prompts in our guide. 

Having goals helps us have a sense of purpose. We find our determination, discipline, and strategic thinking tested to their limits. The road toward any goal, especially ambitious ones, is full of thorns and spikes. Some walk away and accept that these goals are not destined for them. Some, however, keep pressing forward, determined to achieve these goals. Gaining confidence in writing can help you achieve your goals by putting pen to paper and starting a plan.

5 Essay Examples

1.  are you goal or growth conscious by katherine beneby, 2. how to help an employee figure out their career goals by dorie clark, 3. no goals: why is it so hard to do something for enjoyment’s sake by jenny valentish, 4. get inspired: how four hikers accomplished their 2021 hiking goals by anna roth , 5. does sharing your goals on social media make you more likely to achieve them by kristan russell, 1. my goals in life, 2. travel goals, 3. the goal of forming better study habits, 4. climate goals: are we progressing, 5. importance of fitness goals, 6. fiscal policy goals, 7. failing at your goals, 8. setting lofty vs. light goals, 9. poverty reduction goals, 10. my academic goals.

“The difference between goals and growth is that goals are seasonal, while growth is lifelong. Goals focus on a destination while growth focuses on a journey.”

In this essay, the writer discusses how achieving our goals may be possible if we reframe our minds to think of them as a growth process. This essay enumerates the difficulties of achieving our objectives and offers guidance on what will help put structure in how we formulate our growth plans. You might also be interested in these essays about bad habits .

“It’s not always possible to help the people we supervise identify and work toward their career goals… [S]o when we can assist our employees in getting there, it’s a meaningful way we can make a difference in their lives and their professional success.”

As per our list of topics to write about , this essay looks at how managers must realize their critical roles in the lives of the employees they handle. Their biggest contribution to the development of their employees is helping them achieve their tasks at work while ensuring these victories lead to their broader career goals. You might also be wondering, why write goals down?

“Once, to stave off depression, I set myself the goal-tastic mission of doing something new every day for a year – from flying in a glider to blowing things up – and blogging about it. Right from day one, the sense of focus lifted my mood, and there was frankly no time to overthink.”

In this essay, the writer looks at how atelic activities, or those we do for fun, positively influence our outlook. Our goal-driven world, however, hinders us from seeing the pure joy of doing things without goals. You might be interested in these essays about dream jobs .

“Last year, she set a goal to simply go hiking at all. And she’s thrilled to have made it happen, saying it was one of the best things she could have done for herself and her family during such a challenging year.”

This writer describes points to inspire people to start hiking and to set personal fitness goals. Look no further and turn to the inspiring stories of people who have targeted to hike across states, hike for the first time, hike once a month for health purposes, and hike a hundred miles yearly. For more inspiration, check out these essays about achievement .

“Wellness gurus and fitness bloggers seem to be divided between whether sharing goals on your social media sabotages you or holds you accountable.“

This essay revolves around a nascent study that aims to see if sharing your goals on social media make them more attainable. While initial results show that those who posted made significant progress compared to people who did not post, more questions need to be explored. You might be inspired by these essays about success .

10 Prompts on Essays About Goals

In this essay, delve into your short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals. Before anything else, elaborate on what drew you to set these goals. Then, share your action plans to make them a reality. Discuss the obstacles you’ve faced and how you’ve conquered them. 

Travel goals

What is the one destination you dream of? For this essay, daydream about your travel goals. Direct that excitement and write your travel itinerary, the duration of your stay, where you will be staying, and what daring activities you will dare yourself to plunge into. You can also talk about whom you would like to be with when you fulfill your travel goals or if you prefer going solo.

It is a challenge to hit the books when we live in a world with unlimited distractions. In this topic prompt, share effective study habits to help students focus on their studies. One helpful tip, for example, is designing your environment to be conducive to a habit change. In the case of study habits, this means temporarily eliminating access to social media and other digital distractions. Cite more tips and conclude your essay with a few words of motivation.

Under the Paris Agreement , the landmark international agreement to fight climate change, countries must jointly strive to arrest global warming and cap it to 1.5 degrees Celsius by 2030. The question is: is this goal still on the table? Read recent news articles on how countries are following through on their Paris Treaty pledges. Listen to what environmentalists say about national efforts and tackle what more must be done to attain the climate goals. 

Fitness is a common new year’s resolution but try convincing your readers to start their fitness goals today. First, help your readers explore the right dietary program and workout schedule based on their daily demands. 

Then, underscore the importance of a fitness goal for gaining self-esteem and improving physical and mental health. Entice them with the idea of gaining a new exciting skill from a new workout activity and motivate them to start unlocking the fit version of themselves today. 

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, several countries recorded ballooning debts as governments spent heavily to fight the pandemic and also support struggling sectors. So first, determine whether your country is in a tight fiscal space. 

The fiscal space assessment framework created by the International Monetary Fund may help you identify the metrics and data to gather. Then, shed light on your government’s fiscal policy goals to address debt while spending in sectors that guarantee an economy’s long-term health, such as education and social services. 

How do people receive failures? Write about people’s attitudes and actions when they fail at their goals. Can people develop depression, and how can they recover from the fall? Try to answer these and share your experience of failing at your goals. 

Ask yourself: How did you move forward after that? Then, share your opinions on whether a failure signifies that it would be best for someone to find a new goal altogether or try again with stronger determination and a better-calculated strategy. 

Which is better: aiming for a lofty goal that opens risks of failure, which many fear, or light goals that might do little in stretching out your potential? Answer this by listing the pros and cons of each. Then help readers strike the optimum balance between a loft or light goal. Cite examples of lofty and light goals to help your readers better differentiate the two.

For this essay, take a deep dive into the poverty reduction efforts of your government. First, give an overview of an ongoing flagship poverty reduction program and uncover its outcomes since its implementation. Read through government reports about the breakthrough goals of the program and which ones are gaining momentum. 

Then, look at the other side of the fence by listening to what critics say about the program. Take note of their laments about bottlenecks in the program and what more can be done to attain poverty reduction goals swiftly. 

My academic goals

Start with a descriptive paragraph detailing your academic goals. Writing about it vividly, as though it is the reality, is a creative way to show readers how much you have played out the scenarios of success in your head while helping your readers fully understand your goals. Then snap back to reality and discuss your action plan to realize these goals.

For related topics, you may check our essays about dreams in life . Don’t forget to proofread your essay with the best grammar checkers .

your goal essay

Yna Lim is a communications specialist currently focused on policy advocacy. In her eight years of writing, she has been exposed to a variety of topics, including cryptocurrency, web hosting, agriculture, marketing, intellectual property, data privacy and international trade. A former journalist in one of the top business papers in the Philippines, Yna is currently pursuing her master's degree in economics and business.

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your goal essay

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How to Write a “How Will This Scholarship Help You Achieve Your Goals” Essay

your goal essay

When applying for scholarships, you may be asked to write an essay describing why you’re the right candidate for the award. One of the most common prompts for this type of essay is “how will this scholarship help you achieve your goals?” In this guide, we’ll talk about how you can put together an outstanding essay and win the scholarship of your dreams. 

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Tips for writing a scholarship essay

There’s more than one way to write an essay like this, but an effective response usually does the following things: 

  • Clearly defines your goals and how you plan to achieve them
  • Provides some background context on your goals 
  • Explains why you are a quality candidate for the scholarship 
  • Close your essay in an effective way 

As long as you touch on these three areas, feel free to structure your essay however you see fit. Let’s talk about how you can address each of these components and put together a stellar essay. 

1. Define your goals 

Scholarship providers want to hear about your vision for your future self and how you plan to get there. As such, you should write about what you want out of your college education and beyond. It’s totally okay if you’re undecided about your major or career path since most scholarship providers won’t expect your plan to be set in stone at this point. However, you should still point to the fields of study or professions you’re considering right now. When talking about your plan for the future, explain how the specific scholarship is a key part of your path forward. And don’t forget to let your passion shine through when writing about your goals!

2. Provide background context 

Your essay should not only outline your goals, but explain how you arrived at them as well. One of the best ways to do this is by sharing a personal story. You may even want to lead with a personal story to immediately grab the attention of your reader. For this type of essay, you should share an anecdote that’s relevant to the scholarship you’re applying for. 

If you’re applying for an engineering scholarship , for instance, you could describe how your love of engineering was sparked by your involvement in robotics club. Students pursuing art scholarships may talk about the most meaningful project they’ve ever created. Whatever the case may be, find a way to connect your background to your goals and the scholarship. You’re much more likely to stand out when you demonstrate who you are and what you care about. 

Don’t miss: What’s the best scholarship essay format?

3. Make a case for yourself

Now that you’ve outlined your goals and the inspiration behind them, it’s time to explain why you’re the perfect candidate for this scholarship. Tie everything together by describing how the scholarship is a crucial piece of the puzzle. The goal here is to sell yourself while avoiding coming across as boastful or arrogant. Try to strike a tone that’s self-assured but also appreciative. You want to convey your gratitude and respect for the scholarship, while also demonstrating why you’re the right candidate for the award. 

If the scholarship is specific to a certain college or university, it helps to weave in your excitement for the school. Talk about unique aspects of the school such as courses that interest you or faculty members you’d like to work with. Ultimately, you want to do everything you can to leave a lasting impression on your reader. 

4. Close your essay in a memorable way

It was important to grab your reader’s attention in the beginning of your essay response, now it’s time to close your essay in a memorable way! This can be done in different ways, including ending it the way you began it, asking a rhetorical question, or summarizing your previous points in one tidy paragraph. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide what format is the best to end your essay in order to leave a lasting mark on your reader. 

Closing your essay in a catchy and memorable way will allow your scholarship response to be well liked and remembered. This can help significantly increase your chances of being selected for a scholarship! Therefore, be sure to brainstorm before writing your essay in order to make sure it flows nicely and you finish your essay with a bang! Learn how to end your scholarship essay in five steps and leave a lasting impression on whoever reads it! 

Also see: How to write an essay about yourself

Remember, an effective scholarship essay answers three main questions:

Questions to consider.

  • What are your goals for your college education and career? 
  • What life experiences led you to arrive at these goals? 

By answering those three questions, you can write a compelling “how will this scholarship help you achieve your goals” essay and put yourself in contention for the scholarship. Just make sure your essay is free of spelling and grammatical mistakes. It’s a good idea to have a teacher or mentor read over your essay before submitting. Good luck!

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Key Takeaways

  • An effective essay response includes defining your goals, providing background context, making a case for yourself, and concluding your essay in a memorable way
  • Leading with a personal story is a great way to immediately grab the attention of your reader
  • It is important to highlight how the scholarship will help you personally reach your goals and succeed 
  • Be sure to end your essay in a memorable way to help increase your chances of being selected for the scholarship

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Accepted Admissions Blog

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your goal essay

February 8, 2023

  • Writing Your Career Goals Essay

Writing Your Career Goals Essay | Accepted

Check out all of the blog posts in this series:

  • Identifying the Ingredients of a Winning Essay
  • Finding a Theme for Your Statement of Purpose
  • How to Start Your First Draft of an Application Essay
  • Revise and Polish Your Application Essays

The career goals essay demands a laser-like focus. Unlike personal statements that can cover one’s career goals but also allow for more flexibility in content, the career goals essay has a specific and packed agenda. In fact, a career goals essay prompt could actually involve multiple questions, and in such cases, you want to make sure to address each of them.

For example, in 2022, Kellogg asked applicants to its one-year program, “Please discuss your post-MBA career goal, the current experience you will leverage to support the transition, and the Kellogg 1Y opportunities that will help you reach this goal.” 

This prompt has three parts: (1)  What do you want to do post-MBA ? (2) Why is the 1Y program appropriate for you? In other words, what in the 1Y program will enable you to achieve your professional goal? And (3) what experience has so far prepared you to succeed in your target role? 

Drill down to ensure that you are answering all the questions within a school’s question. 

Three ingredients of a successful career goals essay

In addition to having a theme, your essay should do the following:

  • Highlight specific career achievements. Choose among your most notable or defining experiences, either at work or through a community or extracurricular activity. These should  showcase your leadership skills , creative thinking, collaborative abilities, and self-reflections.
  • Explain why your career goal makes sense in light of your experiences and influences so far.
  • Demonstrate why you are suited to a particular field as a result of your education, experience, abilities, and enthusiasm. Ideally, the material you choose to include will also allow you to prove your level of knowledge about industry trends and point to how your particular abilities can help you contribute to that field.

That is a very tall order.

Putting these ingredients together to create your goals essay

Let’s see how this was achieved in a sample  MBA Goals Essay . 

You should be able to easily recognize why the writer’s opening is attention-getting for all the right reasons. The writer introduces herself as the supremely busy executive she visualizes she will become in the future. She trades large amounts of stock, dashes to a Zoom conference, rushes downstairs, hails a taxi, then catches a plane. As she describes this rush of activity, we can practically feel her heart pumping.

After establishing her theme in this opening, she offers context for her MBA goal. Notice that in writing about her work as an accountant for a major firm, she provides relevant details, including how many years she has been in the field, her bilingualism, and her specialty area as an auditor. This information is her springboard to explain why she is pursuing an MBA – she’s bursting out of her limited role as an accountant. Her eyes and ambition are set on a larger playing field as a money manager.

[Click Here to Read the Full Essay]

A career goals essay, not a list or CV

Outstanding career goals essays  go beyond listing an applicant’s roles and achievements. They convey the candidate’s real, palpable excitement about their career choice. This writer’s enthusiastic, dreamy first paragraph achieved this, and she returned to that image at the end, where she painted her idealized (if frantically busy) future. She also proved her seriousness by registering for the CFA exam.

Connecting your career goals to your “why this school” reasons in your essay

Many essay questions, especially those for  MBA programs , will ask why you have chosen the particular school you’re applying to. Be prepared to respond knowledgeably and enthusiastically. This will be easier if you have made in-person or virtual campus visits, attended student recruitment meetings, participated in forums, read student blogs, watched videos of students speaking about their experiences, communicated directly with students and/or recent alumni, and otherwise done your homework. And make sure you have familiarized yourself with the courses and specializations that are relevant to your goals.

Summary Tips:

  • Focus on answering each and every question asked in a career goals essay prompt; usually, there is more than one.
  • Write about your experiences vividly, so that your achievements and motivations are clear and compelling.
  • Learn  why the school is a good fit for you  so you can write about it with genuine enthusiasm.

In the next post in this series , we’ll show you how to take all this advice and apply it to create an exemplary first draft.

Work one-on-one with an expert who will walk you through the process of creating a slam-dunk application. Check out our full catalog of application services . Our admissions consultants have read thousands of essays and know the exact ingredients of an outstanding essay.

your goal essay

By Judy Gruen, former Accepted admissions consultant. Judy holds a Master’s in Journalism from Northwestern University. She is the co-author of Accepted’s first full-length book,  MBA Admission for Smarties: The No-Nonsense Guide to Acceptance at Top Business Schools .  Want an admissions expert help you get accepted? Click here to get in touch!

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How to Write an Awesome Essay About Your Career Goals

  • Before you begin, ask yourself a few key questions like:
  • What are my short-term and long-term career goals?
  • Where do I see myself in ten years?
  • What events in my life have led me to have these goals?
  • What major will help me reach my goals?
  • What skills do I need to reach my goals?
  • What impact do I want to have on society?

Career Goals Essay Template

Need more inspiration.

After you brainstorm the responses to these questions, look for common themes, or pick out the most interesting stories. You can build your main essay “thesis” or idea around this.

Once you’ve got the main idea, create an outline to put your ideas into essay format. This will give you a general idea of structure.

You can use the career essays template below to give you some ideas. But remember that some rules are meant to be broken, so don’t be afraid to be innovative and think outside the box!

Also, when you’re done, head over to Going Merry to apply for the Career Goals scholarship essay bundle (one essay, one application, multiple scholarships!). You might as well make that essay count. Sign up for Going Merry to apply for scholarships more efficiently.

Here’s a paragraph-by-paragraph breakdown:

Paragraph 1 : Establish the main theme of what you’re going to talk about. It should also grab the reader’s attention. For example, instead of starting your essay with something generic (e.g. Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to be a zoologist), get creative with it! Try something like My greatest memory as a young girl was going to the zoo for the first time or While most kids play house or school, I always wanted to play zookeeper.

Paragraph 2 : Elaborate on what inspired your career goals. Perhaps it was a relative, a TV show, or simply an experience that you had. Remember that old writing adage, “Show, don’t tell.” In other words, try to demonstrate your interest with story or description. 

Paragraph 3 : Discuss your short-term career goals and your intended major. How will your intended major help you reach these goals? What skills do you need to learn to reach them? At the end of the paragraph, try discussing how your short-term goals can help you achieve your long-term goals.

Paragraph 4 : Focus on your long-term goals and the impact that you hope to have on society. If you’re not sure what your long-term goals are, don’t sweat it; they’ll probably change anyways. You can instead focus on the difference you’d like to make overall. And don’t worry too much about the size of the impact…remember that just doing what you’re truly passionate about has a massive impact on those around you.

The last paragraph is your conclusion. You can use this paragraph to summarize what you discussed in the previous few paragraphs. If you want to be even more creative, try ending your essay with a question for your readers or a new insight. Good luck!

And now that you’re ready with that essay, put it to good use! You can recycle that same essay, when applying for the Career Goals Scholarship Bundle. We’ve joined together multiple scholarships (all requesting essays on career goals), into just ONE simple application! See more info here , or just sign up to get going.

Check out examples from other students just like you. Here are links to some great career goal essay examples:

  • Example 1  
  • Example 2  
  • Example 3  

Or maybe you’re looking for help with an academic goals essay — we’ve got you covered there too.

Also, check out this helpful list of the 10 most common scholarship essay topics !

Sign up for Going Merry today, and upload your career goal essay right to your profile. It’s that easy!

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Essay Examples on Personal Goals

My goal to get a degree in international business, my goal for healthy eating lifestyle, made-to-order essay as fast as you need it.

Each essay is customized to cater to your unique preferences

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A Look at My Personal Goals in Life

Importance of college for me, my goals and ways to achieve them, my plans for a successful future, let us write you an essay from scratch.

  • 450+ experts on 30 subjects ready to help
  • Custom essay delivered in as few as 3 hours

What Does It Mean to Live Life with Purpose

Immediate, intermediate, and long-term goals in my life, achieving academic goals for college students, my inspiration to study medical science, get a personalized essay in under 3 hours.

Expert-written essays crafted with your exact needs in mind

Believe in Myself to Achieve Your Goals

Determination determines your destination, the pros and cons of pursuing personal goals in our lives, my goal to become wealthy and famous, my motivation to become a software engineer, things i want to do before i die, analysis of the three types of goals in my life, statement of purpose: my passion of fashion, future purpose of my graduate degrees, the reasons behind my goal to study economics at a higher level, my goal of studying and working in domestic marketing, the reasons why i want to study criminology at university, my goal to pursue a master of professional studies in integrated marketing communications, the way my curiosity defines myself and my desires, one day i'll be someone's first choice, why i am here, investing to meet my financial goals, my goal to impact the world by pursuing a career in law, my motivation to attend the chevening scholarship, why i choose to pursue industrial/organizational (i/o) psychology, relevant topics.

  • Personal Beliefs
  • Self Assessment
  • About Myself
  • Personal Strengths
  • Self Reflection
  • Childhood Memories
  • Helping Others

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your goal essay

Essay About Your Goals

Goals, or goal making, can be applied to so many aspects of life: success, health, productivity, projects, and relationships – the list is endless. People set goals to meet an objective, either on a short- or long-term basis. Some goals, like writing a book and publishing it, may take a number of years to accomplish.

What Is a Personal Essay

A personal essay is a kind of narrative essay where the author tells about a certain life incident or something that has had a significant impact on him or her. It may also speak of a lesson learned, or simply express a point of view on some issue, which was of vital importance to the author. The personal essay appears to be one of the richest and most vibrant of all literary forms. The personal essay is also one of the most popular forms of creative nonfiction.


If you are looking for personal essay examples here is a great one below. Read and enjoy!

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible”

  Tony Robbins

Goals, or goal making, can be applied to so many aspects of life: success, health, productivity, projects, and relationships – the list is endless. People set goals to meet an objective, either on a short- or long-term basis. Some goals, like writing a book and publishing it, may take a number of years to accomplish. While some goals are set for a day, a week, a month – but all goals are different and require different lengths of time to accomplish. They serve to motivate, to remind and to monitor, for people who want to improve themselves, to become successful or try something new.

As a college sophomore, at 20 years old, I am in the beginning to see the benefits of setting goals. One of my goals I set in high school was getting into Columbia University in New York City, and I hit that goal. Now I’m there studying business and marketing, where I am still making and hitting my goals. Two I’ve set myself is graduating in two years with a degree and graduating with a grade point average (or GPA) of 3.5. A college degree, especially one from an Ivy League school, will open many doors for my future career – and graduating with a high GPA will almost ensure me of at least tons of interviews once I graduate. However, I also have a goal of getting an internship, to have practical, real-world experience in the field of business and marketing. This I plan to get before I graduate so that I can start applying for jobs the moment I get my degree, or even before I get my degree. (Another goal is finding a job that really challenges me, a job I love and which does not feel like work at all.)

Read more: Literature Review Dissertation

Others goal I have to pertain to my personal and family life. Once I have landed a good, fun, high-paying job, I hope to enter the dating scene: to find someone to love and spend my life with. That’s what everyone wants and what many people work hard for. My goal is to meet the right girl who understands me, challenges me and appreciates me for who I am, a person who will complete me and be there for me when times are bad, as well as when they are good. Finding and keeping the right person is all that truly matters in this life – and that is what I want and will get. Also, my goal is to start a wonderful, loving family that will come to take care of me when I’m old, weak or weary.

Lastly, another goal I have is having financial success, to be able to live a long, healthy life. It’s something I never saw in parents, as both are working-class people who have struggled with debt and other financial hardships. Even to this day, they sometimes work paycheck-to-paycheck and stress about paying bills, struggling and never going on vacation. I don’t want that life. I want, I need, I deserve, financial freedom – the freedom to live a life free of the fear of going broke, homeless, becoming poor – and a life completely free of the worry of having enough money.

No, money and a good career are not everything. Just half. You also need people in your life to love, who love you back, and who provide meaning to life. This cannot happen without setting and hitting goals, then setting more and hitting more. It’s a life-long practice used many successful people all across the board. And it’s something everyone could benefit from at some point in his or her life, in any and all aspects of it. It works, and it’s been proven to help people become a better version of their self.

Essay Structure: Learn How to Start, Write, and End Your…

Introduction, body, and conclusion make a standard essay structure. Read the article to know the details. Essay Structure Essay structure allows you to align your thoughts and ideas logically, making them readable and easy to understand. Basic essay logic starts out with the introduction of…

Essay Format

Essay Format Essay format has nothing to do with the actual content of the essay, it is how you organize and present it. Essay format gives the physical look of your essay as the eye scans the pages without reading the words. Chicago Essay Format Why…

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Plan, Prepare & Make the Best Career Choices

My Goal In Life Essay

A goal is a vision for the future or the desired outcome that an individual commits to imagining, planning, and achieving. People try to achieve their goals in a restricted time by setting deadlines. Here are some sample essays on my goal in life.

100 Words Essay On My Goal In Life

A goal is a desire you have to accomplish yourself. If one wants to succeed in life, one must have a goal. Being a teacher is my life's ambition. A wonderful and responsible profession is teaching. I have made the conscious decision to do all in my ability to promote knowledge among the people. Some people believe that money is life.

My Goal In Life Essay

However, in my opinion, morality is what makes life truly sweet. In the future, I hope to be a beloved and reputable teacher. I have no clue how far I will get in achieving my goal but I'll give it my best.

200 Words Essay On My Goal In Life

A goal is a vision for the future or a desired outcome that an individual or group of individuals commits to envisioning, planning, and achieving. By setting deadlines, people try to accomplish their goals by setting deadlines.

My current goal is related to my education. I want to come in first place and achieve the top marks in every subject because this will increase my chances of receiving an overseas scholarship. I am putting a lot of effort into achieving this as my objective. Any student wants the chance to pursue their studies overseas, and I have that chance. I also take my coursework seriously and educate myself on all topics pertaining to my field of study, including research, literature, and academic journals.

Additionally, studying overseas will help me get a superior education and a diploma that is recognised across the world, both of which will allow me to compete for prominent jobs. So that I may accomplish my goal, I don't waste time on pointless activities and instead pay attention to my studies. My family is undoubtedly a tremendous benefit for me; they support me at all times and provide me whatever I require. Additionally, I owe a lot of credit for my success to my professors, who are a big help to me in my studies.

500 Words Essay On My Goal In Life

Everybody has a life goal. The aim or aspiration of man is his inner desire. One will not take any action if his or her goals are unclear.

What Is A Goal

The goal of an individual is to achieve a particular objective or target. Goal may also refer to the finish line of a race or the object that a player is attempting to insert as part of a game. As a noun, "goal" has other meanings. A goal is something you strive to achieve after working hard and persistently towards it.

Types Of Goals

Mastery goals | A mastery goal, such as "I will score higher in this event next time," is one that someone sets to attain or master a certain skill.

Performance-approach goals | A performance-approach goal is one where the person aims to outperform their peers. This kind of objective might be to improve one's appearance by dropping 5 pounds or to receive a better performance evaluation.

Performance-avoidance goals | When someone sets a goal, they frequently want to avoid performing worse than their peers, such as setting a goal to avoid receiving negative

Importance Of A Goal

A goal is similar to a specific objective, the anticipated outcome that directs behaviour, or an end, which is a thing, whether it be a tangible thing or an abstract thing, that has inherent worth.

Everyone should have a life goal. When you have a goal, you work hard every day to attain it and live for it. And when you succeed in those efforts, you feel more confident.

Goals provide us a path to follow. We can hold ourselves accountable by having goals. We are able to clarify what we genuinely desire in life when we set goals and strive toward obtaining them. We can better organise our priorities by setting goals.

Goals can be long-term and short-term. For instance, finishing your schoolwork might be a short-term goal. Learning a musical instrument, pursuing a profession as a doctor, or other long-term goals examples.

Due to the length of time required and the fact that we pick our professional objective, long-term goals play crucial roles in life. The most significant effects of choosing a certain career occur both during and after the effort to attain it.

Setting goals encourages us to create plans of action that will help us reach the desired level of performance.

Example Of A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Dr A. P. J. Abdul Kalam overcame obstacles to achieve his aim while serving as India's 11th president from 2002 to 2007. Dr Abdul Kalam was raised by Muslim parents who spoke Tamil. Being from a low-income household, Dr Abdul Kalam began delivering newspapers after school at a young age to help augment his family's income. This fact allowed him to help support his father financially. He did not succeed academically, but he was a dedicated student who enjoyed mathematics.

Even during his senior project in college, the dean expressed displeasure with the lack of progress and threatened to revoke his scholarship if the assignment wasn't completed by the next three days. He later put forth a lot of effort on his assignment and finished it on time, impressing the dean. From that point on, Dr Kalam worked as a scientist with the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) , eventually rising to the position of organisation chief. What follows is history.

Explore Career Options (By Industry)

  • Construction
  • Entertainment
  • Manufacturing
  • Information Technology

Bio Medical Engineer

The field of biomedical engineering opens up a universe of expert chances. An Individual in the biomedical engineering career path work in the field of engineering as well as medicine, in order to find out solutions to common problems of the two fields. The biomedical engineering job opportunities are to collaborate with doctors and researchers to develop medical systems, equipment, or devices that can solve clinical problems. Here we will be discussing jobs after biomedical engineering, how to get a job in biomedical engineering, biomedical engineering scope, and salary. 

Data Administrator

Database professionals use software to store and organise data such as financial information, and customer shipping records. Individuals who opt for a career as data administrators ensure that data is available for users and secured from unauthorised sales. DB administrators may work in various types of industries. It may involve computer systems design, service firms, insurance companies, banks and hospitals.

Remote Sensing Technician

Individuals who opt for a career as a remote sensing technician possess unique personalities. Remote sensing analysts seem to be rational human beings, they are strong, independent, persistent, sincere, realistic and resourceful. Some of them are analytical as well, which means they are intelligent, introspective and inquisitive. 

Remote sensing scientists use remote sensing technology to support scientists in fields such as community planning, flight planning or the management of natural resources. Analysing data collected from aircraft, satellites or ground-based platforms using statistical analysis software, image analysis software or Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a significant part of their work. Do you want to learn how to become remote sensing technician? There's no need to be concerned; we've devised a simple remote sensing technician career path for you. Scroll through the pages and read.

GIS officer work on various GIS software to conduct a study and gather spatial and non-spatial information. GIS experts update the GIS data and maintain it. The databases include aerial or satellite imagery, latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates, and manually digitized images of maps. In a career as GIS expert, one is responsible for creating online and mobile maps.

Database Architect

If you are intrigued by the programming world and are interested in developing communications networks then a career as database architect may be a good option for you. Data architect roles and responsibilities include building design models for data communication networks. Wide Area Networks (WANs), local area networks (LANs), and intranets are included in the database networks. It is expected that database architects will have in-depth knowledge of a company's business to develop a network to fulfil the requirements of the organisation. Stay tuned as we look at the larger picture and give you more information on what is db architecture, why you should pursue database architecture, what to expect from such a degree and what your job opportunities will be after graduation. Here, we will be discussing how to become a data architect. Students can visit NIT Trichy , IIT Kharagpur , JMI New Delhi . 

Ethical Hacker

A career as ethical hacker involves various challenges and provides lucrative opportunities in the digital era where every giant business and startup owns its cyberspace on the world wide web. Individuals in the ethical hacker career path try to find the vulnerabilities in the cyber system to get its authority. If he or she succeeds in it then he or she gets its illegal authority. Individuals in the ethical hacker career path then steal information or delete the file that could affect the business, functioning, or services of the organization.

Data Analyst

The invention of the database has given fresh breath to the people involved in the data analytics career path. Analysis refers to splitting up a whole into its individual components for individual analysis. Data analysis is a method through which raw data are processed and transformed into information that would be beneficial for user strategic thinking.

Data are collected and examined to respond to questions, evaluate hypotheses or contradict theories. It is a tool for analyzing, transforming, modeling, and arranging data with useful knowledge, to assist in decision-making and methods, encompassing various strategies, and is used in different fields of business, research, and social science.

Geothermal Engineer

Individuals who opt for a career as geothermal engineers are the professionals involved in the processing of geothermal energy. The responsibilities of geothermal engineers may vary depending on the workplace location. Those who work in fields design facilities to process and distribute geothermal energy. They oversee the functioning of machinery used in the field.

Bank Probationary Officer (PO)

A career as Bank Probationary Officer (PO) is seen as a promising career opportunity and a white-collar career. Each year aspirants take the Bank PO exam . This career provides plenty of career development and opportunities for a successful banking future. If you have more questions about a career as  Bank Probationary Officer (PO),  what is probationary officer  or how to become a Bank Probationary Officer (PO) then you can read the article and clear all your doubts. 

Operations Manager

Individuals in the operations manager jobs are responsible for ensuring the efficiency of each department to acquire its optimal goal. They plan the use of resources and distribution of materials. The operations manager's job description includes managing budgets, negotiating contracts, and performing administrative tasks.

Finance Executive

A career as a Finance Executive requires one to be responsible for monitoring an organisation's income, investments and expenses to create and evaluate financial reports. His or her role involves performing audits, invoices, and budget preparations. He or she manages accounting activities, bank reconciliations, and payable and receivable accounts.  

Investment Banker

An Investment Banking career involves the invention and generation of capital for other organizations, governments, and other entities. Individuals who opt for a career as Investment Bankers are the head of a team dedicated to raising capital by issuing bonds. Investment bankers are termed as the experts who have their fingers on the pulse of the current financial and investing climate. Students can pursue various Investment Banker courses, such as Banking and Insurance , and  Economics to opt for an Investment Banking career path.

Bank Branch Manager

Bank Branch Managers work in a specific section of banking related to the invention and generation of capital for other organisations, governments, and other entities. Bank Branch Managers work for the organisations and underwrite new debts and equity securities for all type of companies, aid in the sale of securities, as well as help to facilitate mergers and acquisitions, reorganisations, and broker trades for both institutions and private investors.

Treasury analyst career path is often regarded as certified treasury specialist in some business situations, is a finance expert who specifically manages a company or organisation's long-term and short-term financial targets. Treasurer synonym could be a financial officer, which is one of the reputed positions in the corporate world. In a large company, the corporate treasury jobs hold power over the financial decision-making of the total investment and development strategy of the organisation.

Product Manager

A Product Manager is a professional responsible for product planning and marketing. He or she manages the product throughout the Product Life Cycle, gathering and prioritising the product. A product manager job description includes defining the product vision and working closely with team members of other departments to deliver winning products.  

Transportation Planner

A career as Transportation Planner requires technical application of science and technology in engineering, particularly the concepts, equipment and technologies involved in the production of products and services. In fields like land use, infrastructure review, ecological standards and street design, he or she considers issues of health, environment and performance. A Transportation Planner assigns resources for implementing and designing programmes. He or she is responsible for assessing needs, preparing plans and forecasts and compliance with regulations.

Naval Architect

A Naval Architect is a professional who designs, produces and repairs safe and sea-worthy surfaces or underwater structures. A Naval Architect stays involved in creating and designing ships, ferries, submarines and yachts with implementation of various principles such as gravity, ideal hull form, buoyancy and stability. 

Welding Engineer

Welding Engineer Job Description: A Welding Engineer work involves managing welding projects and supervising welding teams. He or she is responsible for reviewing welding procedures, processes and documentation. A career as Welding Engineer involves conducting failure analyses and causes on welding issues. 

Field Surveyor

Are you searching for a Field Surveyor Job Description? A Field Surveyor is a professional responsible for conducting field surveys for various places or geographical conditions. He or she collects the required data and information as per the instructions given by senior officials. 

Highway Engineer

Highway Engineer Job Description:  A Highway Engineer is a civil engineer who specialises in planning and building thousands of miles of roads that support connectivity and allow transportation across the country. He or she ensures that traffic management schemes are effectively planned concerning economic sustainability and successful implementation.

Conservation Architect

A Conservation Architect is a professional responsible for conserving and restoring buildings or monuments having a historic value. He or she applies techniques to document and stabilise the object’s state without any further damage. A Conservation Architect restores the monuments and heritage buildings to bring them back to their original state.

Safety Manager

A Safety Manager is a professional responsible for employee’s safety at work. He or she plans, implements and oversees the company’s employee safety. A Safety Manager ensures compliance and adherence to Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) guidelines.

A Team Leader is a professional responsible for guiding, monitoring and leading the entire group. He or she is responsible for motivating team members by providing a pleasant work environment to them and inspiring positive communication. A Team Leader contributes to the achievement of the organisation’s goals. He or she improves the confidence, product knowledge and communication skills of the team members and empowers them.

Orthotist and Prosthetist

Orthotists and Prosthetists are professionals who provide aid to patients with disabilities. They fix them to artificial limbs (prosthetics) and help them to regain stability. There are times when people lose their limbs in an accident. In some other occasions, they are born without a limb or orthopaedic impairment. Orthotists and prosthetists play a crucial role in their lives with fixing them to assistive devices and provide mobility.

Veterinary Doctor

A veterinary doctor is a medical professional with a degree in veterinary science. The veterinary science qualification is the minimum requirement to become a veterinary doctor. There are numerous veterinary science courses offered by various institutes. He or she is employed at zoos to ensure they are provided with good health facilities and medical care to improve their life expectancy.


A career in pathology in India is filled with several responsibilities as it is a medical branch and affects human lives. The demand for pathologists has been increasing over the past few years as people are getting more aware of different diseases. Not only that, but an increase in population and lifestyle changes have also contributed to the increase in a pathologist’s demand. The pathology careers provide an extremely huge number of opportunities and if you want to be a part of the medical field you can consider being a pathologist. If you want to know more about a career in pathology in India then continue reading this article.


Gynaecology can be defined as the study of the female body. The job outlook for gynaecology is excellent since there is evergreen demand for one because of their responsibility of dealing with not only women’s health but also fertility and pregnancy issues. Although most women prefer to have a women obstetrician gynaecologist as their doctor, men also explore a career as a gynaecologist and there are ample amounts of male doctors in the field who are gynaecologists and aid women during delivery and childbirth. 

An oncologist is a specialised doctor responsible for providing medical care to patients diagnosed with cancer. He or she uses several therapies to control the cancer and its effect on the human body such as chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiation therapy and biopsy. An oncologist designs a treatment plan based on a pathology report after diagnosing the type of cancer and where it is spreading inside the body.

Cardiothoracic Surgeon

Cardiothoracic surgeons are an important part of the surgical team. They usually work in hospitals, and perform emergency as well as scheduled operations. Some of the cardiothoracic surgeons also work in teaching hospitals working as teachers and guides for medical students aspiring to become a cardiothoracic surgeon. A career as a cardiothoracic surgeon involves treating and managing various types of conditions within their speciality that includes their presence at different locations such as outpatient clinics, team meetings, and ward rounds. 


Job is quite challenging for a physiotherapist but is profitable too. Moreover, they are qualified to perform a physical examination and conduct assessments to detect a diagnosis process. Students can pursue Physiotherapy courses to become physiotherapists. Individuals who opt for a career as a physiotherapist can also have their own clinic or they could attend to their patients by visiting them at their residence.

Gym Trainer

A Gym trainer helps and assists clients to achieve certain fitness goals which are not limited to losing weight but also strengthening exercises, toning, or actual health management. Individuals who opt for a career as a gym trainers and instructors lead, train and motivate groups and individuals to exercise activities, such as cardiovascular exercises, strength exercises and stretching. He or she requires to work with people from all backgrounds, ages and strengths.

For an individual who opts for a career as an actor, the primary responsibility is to completely speak to the character he or she is playing and to persuade the crowd that the character is genuine by connecting with them and bringing them into the story. This applies to significant roles and littler parts, as all roles join to make an effective creation. Here in this article, we will discuss how to become an actor in India, actor exams, actor salary in India, and actor jobs. 

Individuals who opt for a career as acrobats create and direct original routines for themselves, in addition to developing interpretations of existing routines. The work of circus acrobats can be seen in a variety of performance settings, including circus, reality shows, sports events like the Olympics, movies and commercials. Individuals who opt for a career as acrobats must be prepared to face rejections and intermittent periods of work. The creativity of acrobats may extend to other aspects of the performance. For example, acrobats in the circus may work with gym trainers, celebrities or collaborate with other professionals to enhance such performance elements as costume and or maybe at the teaching end of the career.

Video Game Designer

Career as a video game designer is filled with excitement as well as responsibilities. A video game designer is someone who is involved in the process of creating a game from day one. He or she is responsible for fulfilling duties like designing the character of the game, the several levels involved, plot, art and similar other elements. Individuals who opt for a career as a video game designer may also write the codes for the game using different programming languages.

Depending on the video game designer job description and experience they may also have to lead a team and do the early testing of the game in order to suggest changes and find loopholes.

Talent Agent

The career as a Talent Agent is filled with responsibilities. A Talent Agent is someone who is involved in the pre-production process of the film. It is a very busy job for a Talent Agent but as and when an individual gains experience and progresses in the career he or she can have people assisting him or her in work. Depending on one’s responsibilities, number of clients and experience he or she may also have to lead a team and work with juniors under him or her in a talent agency. In order to know more about the job of a talent agent continue reading the article.

If you want to know more about talent agent meaning, how to become a Talent Agent, or Talent Agent job description then continue reading this article.

Radio Jockey

Radio Jockey is an exciting, promising career and a great challenge for music lovers. If you are really interested in a career as radio jockey, then it is very important for an RJ to have an automatic, fun, and friendly personality. If you want to get a job done in this field, a strong command of the language and a good voice are always good things. Apart from this, in order to be a good radio jockey, you will also listen to good radio jockeys so that you can understand their style and later make your own by practicing.

A career as radio jockey has a lot to offer to deserving candidates. If you want to know more about a career as radio jockey, and how to become a radio jockey then continue reading the article.


Careers in videography are art that can be defined as a creative and interpretive process that culminates in the authorship of an original work of art rather than a simple recording of a simple event. It would be wrong to portrait it as a subcategory of photography, rather photography is one of the crafts used in videographer jobs in addition to technical skills like organization, management, interpretation, and image-manipulation techniques. Students pursue Visual Media , Film, Television, Digital Video Production to opt for a videographer career path. The visual impacts of a film are driven by the creative decisions taken in videography jobs. Individuals who opt for a career as a videographer are involved in the entire lifecycle of a film and production. 

Multimedia Specialist

A multimedia specialist is a media professional who creates, audio, videos, graphic image files, computer animations for multimedia applications. He or she is responsible for planning, producing, and maintaining websites and applications. 

An individual who is pursuing a career as a producer is responsible for managing the business aspects of production. They are involved in each aspect of production from its inception to deception. Famous movie producers review the script, recommend changes and visualise the story. 

They are responsible for overseeing the finance involved in the project and distributing the film for broadcasting on various platforms. A career as a producer is quite fulfilling as well as exhaustive in terms of playing different roles in order for a production to be successful. Famous movie producers are responsible for hiring creative and technical personnel on contract basis.

Copy Writer

In a career as a copywriter, one has to consult with the client and understand the brief well. A career as a copywriter has a lot to offer to deserving candidates. Several new mediums of advertising are opening therefore making it a lucrative career choice. Students can pursue various copywriter courses such as Journalism , Advertising , Marketing Management . Here, we have discussed how to become a freelance copywriter, copywriter career path, how to become a copywriter in India, and copywriting career outlook. 

Individuals in the editor career path is an unsung hero of the news industry who polishes the language of the news stories provided by stringers, reporters, copywriters and content writers and also news agencies. Individuals who opt for a career as an editor make it more persuasive, concise and clear for readers. In this article, we will discuss the details of the editor's career path such as how to become an editor in India, editor salary in India and editor skills and qualities.

Careers in journalism are filled with excitement as well as responsibilities. One cannot afford to miss out on the details. As it is the small details that provide insights into a story. Depending on those insights a journalist goes about writing a news article. A journalism career can be stressful at times but if you are someone who is passionate about it then it is the right choice for you. If you want to know more about the media field and journalist career then continue reading this article.

For publishing books, newspapers, magazines and digital material, editorial and commercial strategies are set by publishers. Individuals in publishing career paths make choices about the markets their businesses will reach and the type of content that their audience will be served. Individuals in book publisher careers collaborate with editorial staff, designers, authors, and freelance contributors who develop and manage the creation of content.

In a career as a vlogger, one generally works for himself or herself. However, once an individual has gained viewership there are several brands and companies that approach them for paid collaboration. It is one of those fields where an individual can earn well while following his or her passion. 

Ever since internet costs got reduced the viewership for these types of content has increased on a large scale. Therefore, a career as a vlogger has a lot to offer. If you want to know more about the Vlogger eligibility, roles and responsibilities then continue reading the article. 

Travel Journalist

The career of a travel journalist is full of passion, excitement and responsibility. Journalism as a career could be challenging at times, but if you're someone who has been genuinely enthusiastic about all this, then it is the best decision for you. Travel journalism jobs are all about insightful, artfully written, informative narratives designed to cover the travel industry. Travel Journalist is someone who explores, gathers and presents information as a news article.

SEO Analyst

An SEO Analyst is a web professional who is proficient in the implementation of SEO strategies to target more keywords to improve the reach of the content on search engines. He or she provides support to acquire the goals and success of the client’s campaigns. 

Quality Controller

A quality controller plays a crucial role in an organisation. He or she is responsible for performing quality checks on manufactured products. He or she identifies the defects in a product and rejects the product. 

A quality controller records detailed information about products with defects and sends it to the supervisor or plant manager to take necessary actions to improve the production process.

Production Manager

Production Manager Job Description: A Production Manager is responsible for ensuring smooth running of manufacturing processes in an efficient manner. He or she plans and organises production schedules. The role of Production Manager involves estimation, negotiation on budget and timescales with the clients and managers. 

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Quality Assurance Manager Job Description: A QA Manager is an administrative professional responsible for overseeing the activity of the QA department and staff. It involves developing, implementing and maintaining a system that is qualified and reliable for testing to meet specifications of products of organisations as well as development processes. 

A QA Lead is in charge of the QA Team. The role of QA Lead comes with the responsibility of assessing services and products in order to determine that he or she meets the quality standards. He or she develops, implements and manages test plans. 

Reliability Engineer

Are you searching for a Reliability Engineer job description? A Reliability Engineer is responsible for ensuring long lasting and high quality products. He or she ensures that materials, manufacturing equipment, components and processes are error free. A Reliability Engineer role comes with the responsibility of minimising risks and effectiveness of processes and equipment. 

Corporate Executive

Are you searching for a Corporate Executive job description? A Corporate Executive role comes with administrative duties. He or she provides support to the leadership of the organisation. A Corporate Executive fulfils the business purpose and ensures its financial stability. In this article, we are going to discuss how to become corporate executive.

Information Security Manager

Individuals in the information security manager career path involves in overseeing and controlling all aspects of computer security. The IT security manager job description includes planning and carrying out security measures to protect the business data and information from corruption, theft, unauthorised access, and deliberate attack 

Computer Programmer

Careers in computer programming primarily refer to the systematic act of writing code and moreover include wider computer science areas. The word 'programmer' or 'coder' has entered into practice with the growing number of newly self-taught tech enthusiasts. Computer programming careers involve the use of designs created by software developers and engineers and transforming them into commands that can be implemented by computers. These commands result in regular usage of social media sites, word-processing applications and browsers.

ITSM Manager

ITSM Manager is a professional responsible for heading the ITSM (Information Technology Service Management) or (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) processes. He or she ensures that operation management provides appropriate resource levels for problem resolutions. The ITSM Manager oversees the level of prioritisation for the problems, critical incidents, planned as well as proactive tasks. 

.NET Developer

.NET Developer Job Description: A .NET Developer is a professional responsible for producing code using .NET languages. He or she is a software developer who uses the .NET technologies platform to create various applications. Dot NET Developer job comes with the responsibility of  creating, designing and developing applications using .NET languages such as VB and C#. 

DevOps Architect

A DevOps Architect is responsible for defining a systematic solution that fits the best across technical, operational and and management standards. He or she generates an organised solution by examining a large system environment and selects appropriate application frameworks in order to deal with the system’s difficulties. 

Full-Stack Developer

Every application should have a front end, a back end, and a database. A career as a full stack developer is responsible for creating applications that are designed to run smoothly and efficiently. He or she takes the time to design and develop the applications while ensuring that they are reliable and feature-rich.

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Find a Job You Really Want In

Scholarship programs often want you to write a career goals essay to see that you have a clear plan for how you’ll apply your education to a specific career path. This helps show a scholarship committee why you’re seeking funds for the next step on the path toward your success.

Answering “what are your career goals” effectively can help increase your odds of impressing landing a scholarship opportunity. If you’re a prospective student applying for scholarships, this article will provide tips on how to write a career goals essay, along with essays on career goals examples to help you get an idea of what scholarship committees are looking for.

Key Takeaways:

When you’re writing a career goals essay, make sure to write about the goals that are relevant to the scholarship.

Be honest and use your own voice to stand out in your scholarship essay.

Go into detail about how the scholarship will help you achieve your goals.

Career Goals Essay for Scholarships

What is a career goals essay?

Why scholarship essays ask about career goals, example career goals essay prompts, career goals essay examples, tips for writing a scholarship essay about career goals, what to write in a career goals essay if your goals have changed, career goals essay for a scholarship faq.

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A career goals essay is a personal written explanation that discusses your background, why you’re interested in participating in the program, and what career you’d like this degree to lead into. A scholarship essay functions to explain why you want to achieve your professional goals and how you intend to get there.

In almost every application process, a portion asks the candidate to answer an essay question. When applying to an educational program, like an MBA, the essay prompt usually relates to your career goals .

Scholarship essays ask about career goals to assess your enthusiasm for the program, learn more about how the scholarship will help you, and ensure that you’ve considered how the program will help you achieve your goals for the future:

Assess your enthusiasm. Passion is important for scholarship administrators, and if you’re able to articulate your enthusiasm for a specific career path , it will show that you’re determined to meet the requirements to reach that goal. The most specific and well-thought-out your essay is, the easier it will be for a reader to understand your devotion and commitment to the program and the field it will allow you to enter.

Learn how the scholarship will help you. Having a firm grasp of your career goals is great, but it’s equally important that you express exactly how the specific program relates to those goals. This shows that you’ve researched the merits of the program and understand exactly how it fits into your professional goals.

Show you’ve considered your future. This goes along with the first two points — show that you know how to set goals and consider the path toward achieving those goals, and you’ll have an easier time convincing the reader that you’ll know how to set goals while participating in the program. They’ll see that you know how to prioritize education because you have a clear vision for navigating your career path.

While some scholarships might come right out and simply ask, “What are your career goals?” most will rework the question into something different that still accomplishes the same goal.

Below are some examples of career goals essay prompts that a scholarship program could pose to its applicants:

Discuss your career goals. Many scholarships prefer the most direct approach when giving an essay prompt to their applicants. This type of question gives the candidate a lot of wiggle room to discuss their passions, motivations, and career goals.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years ? This question is often used as a prompt for a career goals essay because it gives the applicant a timeline to describe their aspirations. It forces them to be realistic about where their career will be and how they will accomplish this within the next ten years.

How will this scholarship contribute to your professional success? A scholarship committee wants to be sure that the money they’re giving will contribute to a student’s overall professional success. This question asks about the applicant’s game plan in the long-term and evaluates how this program is going to assist in their future.

What is your dream job ? Since a dream job is often categorized as a person’s career goals, this is a common question phrasing in scholarship essays. Asking about a candidate’s dream job answers whether this program aligns with the student’s long-term career goals.

What matters most to you and why? Sometimes, a scholarship essay prompt won’t ask about your career or future at all. Instead, they’ll ask a question like this that assesses your motivations , values, and character.

Use these examples of career goals essays for scholarships to help write your own. Pay special attention to how they’re organized, rather than the content, to inspire your own career goals essay:

Career goals essay example 1 – Discuss your career goals

When I was six years old, I was riding bikes with my older sister around our neighborhood. She had just taught me how to ride, and I was excited to have to freedom to explore with her. When she was rounding a particularly difficult bend to see around, a car happened to be coming along at the same time. It struck her. That bike ride changed our lives forever. Over the next year, I went with my sister every Tuesday and Thursday to her physical therapist ’s appointments to help her regain walking strength. Watching her physical therapist patiently assist my sister back to becoming herself awoken something in me. A passion for helping others in the same way eventually turned into a career goal of becoming a physical therapist myself. I decided to get my bachelor’s degree in exercise science. After graduating in 2019, I knew that the next step for me was to attend a graduate program in physical therapy. I was accepted to Lassell University Master of Science in Rehabilitation Services. This presented me with my latest goal along my career path, and I’m eagerly waiting to start. This scholarship would help me afford the wonderful opportunity to be a part of the Lassell University class of 2023, allowing me to continue working towards my ultimate career goal of becoming a physical therapist and helping others to become themselves again.

Career goals essay example 2 – Where do you see yourself in ten years?

In ten years, I will have been successfully running my own construction business for about five years. I’m currently a second-year student at the University of Texas, pursuing a master’s degree in business administration. I decided to get my MBA because I knew it would be a positive asset toward my long-term career goal of owning a construction business. In my high school years, I worked as a construction apprentice for a local business. I loved many aspects of the business, such as building something from nothing. I knew that I wanted to incorporate this work into my long-term career, but I didn’t want to work as an apprentice . This led me to pursue business. In ten years and with the help of this scholarship, I will have graduated with my MBA almost a decade prior . After graduation, I plan to take a business administration internship with a carpentry business to help myself get a footing in the field. After about two years of this, I will have started my own construction business.

Career goals essay example 3 – What matters most to you and why?

The people I surround myself with matter most to me. Whether it be my relatives, friends, or professional acquaintances, I always care the most about the happiness of the people around me. Making the people around me happy matters the most to me because I truly because we find our happiness through others. I believe that this drive to make a positive impression on the people around me is what drove me towards a career as a nurse . I always thought of hospitals as places where people need someone to support them and make their day a little happier. I wanted to be one of those who spend their careers positively impacting people in need. This scholarship will enable me to finally afford nursing school and go after my dream job full force.

Career goals essay example 4 – What are your short- and long-term career goals, and how will earning this degree contribute to achieving those goals? Please provide a minimum of 200 words.

My short-term career goals involve working directly with underprivileged young people to increase the literacy rate in my community. As a student of an underfunded and understaffed school, I’ve seen firsthand how much of an impact early literacy education makes on long-term achievement. It broke my heart to see my peers embarrassed at their struggle with reading at an advanced age, and this shame added another dimension to their lack of opportunity. Being a literacy educator for young people would allow me to serve this community directly to show them not only the necessity of strong written communication skills, but the joy of reading for pleasure. This program focuses specifically on early literacy, and would provide me a direct route to a career in serving the community I hope to serve. As for long-term career goals, I hope to one day create a program where socioeconomically parents can bring their children for literacy education, not only to increase their ability to navigate the world of language, but also to instill confidence and joy in the written word. What drew me to this program was that it also has administrative, legal, and business dimensions that would set me on the path toward achieving this goal.

Here are some tips to keep in mind for writing a career goals scholarship essay:

Write about goals relevant to the scholarship. Although you may have many different kinds of goals for your personal and professional future, a scholarship essay only discusses objectives that are relevant to the program you’re applying for.

Be honest. Applying for a scholarship is stressful because the applicant’s education is usually reliant on receiving these funds in one way or another. Even though it’s tempting to exaggerate your skills or pretend you’re more passionate about something than you are to make yourself a more competitive applicant, it’s a bad move.

Use your own, unique voice. The essay portion of a scholarship application is your chance to stand out by using your voice. Nobody else, regardless of their academic or professional achievements, is you. Make this clear in your career goals scholarship essay by keeping your unique written voice engrained in the words you produce.

Be specific. A big reason that scholarship committees ask applicants to write a career goals essay is to determine how prepared they are in planning their long-term professional goals. They aren’t interested in providing a scholarship to students who aren’t going to follow through with their career plans.

Explain long and short-term goals . Even if the essay prompt asks you to describe where you see yourself in ten years, you still need to tell them the steps leading towards this picture of success.

Include the short-term goals that add up to your larger career objectives in your essay response. Explain how accomplishing the smaller goals gives you an advantage when tackling long-term ones.

Explain how the program and scholarship will help you. Before writing your career goals essay, consider how this program and scholarship will help you in your career. The answer to this question is essential.

Follow the essay formatting guidelines. This may sound obvious, but it’s surprisingly easy to forget this step when your essay is finally flowing and when you’re scrambling to get it submitted on time.

Check, double-check , and triple-check the essay guidelines for content, word count, and formatting requirements. If you miss any of these steps, your essay may be immediately disqualified no matter how good it or the rest of your application is.

Many times career goals essays are written by students who have already completed at least some college or are applying to a post-graduate program and need more money to continue.

There’s a good chance that your career goals have changed since you started or graduated college. For example, say you wanted to be an engineer , so you got your undergraduate degree in engineering but realized you didn’t like it after working in the industry for a few years.

You decided that nursing would be more up your alley, and now you’re applying for a scholarship for a nursing program. While this isn’t unusual, it can make it more difficult to write a career goals essay since your past work doesn’t necessarily match your future goals.

In this case, you’ll simply need to explain why you changed your career path and why this next one is the best choice for you. Share your decision-making process to show that you haven’t taken the switch lightly, and talk about what you’ve already done to try to pursue this path.

How do you write a career goal for a scholarship essay?

You write a career goal for a scholarship essay by sharing your passion, explaining both your long- and short-term goals, and relating your goals to the scholarship.

Explain why you want to pursue the career you’re pursuing, where you hope to be in the future and how you plan to get there, and how the scholarship will help you do this.

How do you describe your career goals in an essay?

You describe your career goals in an essay by explaining what you want to do in your career, why you decided on this career path, and what you’ve done so far to make that a reality.

You can usually work these factors into any prompt you receive, so think through them before you start writing so that you can use them as an outline of sorts.

What are career goals examples?

Examples of career goals include:

Working as a grant writer for a nonprofit organization.

Becoming a department manager and eventually an executive in your field.

Owning your own plumbing company.

Caring for underserved communities as a nurse practitioner .

What are some goals for success?

Some goals for success include growing in your role, building your network, and finding joy in the job. Most careers don’t just happen overnight and require you to set the right milestones that work best for you. Not everyone will have the same goals for success.

How do you start a career goals essay for a scholarship?

You can start a career goals essay for a scholarship by directly answering the prompt. Most scholarship prompts include a word count of between 200 and 500 words, so it’s essential that you immediately respond to the prompt. Attention-grabbing sentences and narratives can be helpful for setting the scene, but an efficient and direct answer will show a clarity of mind that helps enhance the quality of your answer.

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Sky Ariella is a professional freelance writer, originally from New York. She has been featured on websites and online magazines covering topics in career, travel, and lifestyle. She received her BA in psychology from Hunter College.

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Exploring the Importance of Aspirations and Strategies for Achieving Academic Success

Education is a lifelong process that begins at birth and continues until death. It is the foundation upon which one builds their future, and it is crucial to have a clear understanding of one’s educational goals to achieve success in life. This essay, written by a custom essay writing company , can show you different goals of education, and then, maybe, you can find your own. Also, there you can find what your educational goals essay examples are.

An Essay on Educational Goals and the Strategies for Achieving them

Education plays a critical role in shaping one’s future, providing the foundation for personal and professional growth. Having a clear understanding of one’s educational goals for college is essential for achieving success in life. Educational goals are the aspirations that individuals seek to achieve during their academic journey, guiding them towards personal and professional fulfillment.

Short-term Educational Goals

As an individual, I have set specific educational goals that will enable me to achieve success and contribute positively to society. These goals are divided into short-term and long-term goals, which will help me navigate through the various stages of my academic journey.

Long-term Educational Goals

My short-term educational goals include attending all my classes, actively participating in class discussions, and completing all my assignments on time. Additionally, I aim to build strong relationships with my professors and peers, as they play a crucial role in my academic success. By achieving these goals, I will develop a strong academic foundation and the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in my chosen field.

Resources for Achieving Educational Goals

My long-term educational goals are to obtain a graduate degree in my area of interest, gain practical experience through internships and research opportunities, and develop strong leadership skills. These goals will enable me to build a solid foundation for my career and make significant contributions to society.

To achieve these goals, I have developed specific strategies and plans. Firstly, I will take advantage of all available resources, including academic advisors, career services, and professional organizations. Additionally, I will attend workshops, conferences, and seminars to enhance my skills and knowledge and network with professionals in my field.

Time Management and Prioritization

Secondly, I will prioritize my studies and manage my time effectively, ensuring that I meet all my academic obligations. This involves setting realistic goals and developing a study plan to achieve them.

Practical Experience

Thirdly, I will seek out practical experience through internships and research opportunities, which will provide me with hands-on experience and exposure to real-world problems.

Leadership Development

Lastly, I will develop my leadership skills through participation in extracurricular activities such as clubs and organizations. This will enable me to develop strong communication skills, build relationships, and develop a strong work ethic.

Educational goals are essential for personal and professional growth, providing individuals with a clear path towards academic success and personal fulfillment. Strategies such as time management, prioritization, practical experience, and leadership development can help individuals reach their goals.

By following these strategies and utilizing available resources, individuals can achieve their educational goals and make meaningful contributions to society. The process of setting and achieving educational goals is a lifelong journey that requires patience, perseverance, and a commitment to personal growth.

Tips for Writing a What are Your Educational Goals Essay

There are a lot of What are Your Educational Goals Essay Examples, because it is a popular type of essay that requires the writer to reflect on their academic aspirations and articulate their goals for pursuing higher education. In the same time writing this essay can be a daunting task, especially if you are unsure about your future plans. If you need a boost, look at examples of personal statements before you start writing your own essay. However, with the right approach, you can write a compelling essay that effectively communicates your educational goals. Here are some tips for writing a successful what are your educational goals essay:

Start with a Clear Introduction

Begin your essay about educational goals with a clear introduction that defines the purpose of the essay and provides an overview of what you will be discussing. Clearly state your educational goals and explain why they are important to you.

Be Specific

When discussing your educational goals, be as specific as possible. Avoid vague statements and generalizations. Provide concrete examples of the goals you hope to achieve, such as pursuing a particular degree, gaining specific skills or knowledge, or obtaining a specific job.

Highlight your Strengths

When discussing your educational goals, highlight your strengths and achievements. Discuss any relevant experiences, such as academic awards, extracurricular activities, or volunteer work. This will help demonstrate to the reader that you are committed to your goals and have the necessary skills to achieve them.

Explain your Plan

In order to achieve your educational goals, you need a plan. Explain your plan for achieving your goals, including any steps you have already taken towards achieving them. Discuss any resources you plan to use, such as academic advisors, career services, or professional organizations.

Be Realistic

While it is important to be ambitious, it is also important to be realistic. Don’t set goals that are unattainable or unrealistic. Make sure your goals are achievable and that you have a plan in place to achieve them.

Edit and Revise

Once you have written your educational goal essay, take the time to edit and revise it. Make sure your essay is well-organized, easy to read, and free from grammatical errors. Ask someone else to read it and provide feedback. By following these tips, you can write a compelling essay that effectively communicates your educational goals and demonstrates your commitment to academic success. Remember to be specific, highlight your strengths, explain your plan, be realistic, and edit and revise your essay to ensure it is the best it can be.

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your goal essay

Feeling the college application crunch? Here are a few tips.

your goal essay

High school seniors nationwide are in the final weeks before college and university applications typically come due.

While early decision deadlines have long since passed, most schools have deadlines in early January for regular admission. Doug Christiansen, who serves as the dean of admission at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, said the school usually receives around 46,000 applications each year. More than half of those come in between December and January.

As students pace through the college application crunch, Christiansen offered some expert advice on how to tailor their applications, along with tips for younger students who are still in the search process.

Tips for college applications, essays

Be authentic to who you are

Writing an essay can seem daunting to applicants, especially as they're eager to impress. Christiansen encourages applicants to stick with their strong suits. If a student is naturally funny, weave that into the essay. But if not, he says, it's best to stick with the applicant's true personality.

"Don't try to write it to what you think the admissions committee wants," he said.

It's also a good idea for applicants to have someone review an essay, but not to override a student's personal style.

"Don't ever lose your voice in the essay," Christiansen said.

Demonstrate growth, not just skills or activities

When listing or writing about extracurricular activities, along with academic achievements, Christiansen encourages applicants to choose things that not only show what they've learned but also how they've grown through those things.

"We would much prefer someone who's ... really developed a passion," he said. "Maybe they started as a (club) member, then they move to a leadership role, then a more senior leadership role. What we're looking for is those students who have made a difference."

Applicants can also ask people who know them well to look over their lists of extracurriculars and accomplishments to make sure they didn't forget anything important.

Include your work history

Some applicants may have fewer traditional extracurricular activities to list, like clubs or community service, because they chose or needed to work to help support themselves or their families. But seeing an applicant's consistency and growth through work experience is valuable for admissions committees, Christiansen said.

Don't procrastinate

As students finish up exams and the flurry of activities that come with the holiday seasons, Christiansen encourages them to not lose focus on their applications.

"Get it done and enjoy your winter break," he said. "Don't wait till the last minute, because it just brings undue stress.

What to consider in the college search process

Aim for the best match, but be open

It can be tempting to get fixated on only a handful of schools, Christiansen said, but it's important to consider a variety as students first start the search process. He encourages students to start with a larger list and then whittle it down to what schools they want to visit and ultimately apply to. He also encourages students to remain open to local or in-state schools, even if they're eager to leave home.

"It's really important to think about what is the best fit for you," he said. "Where will you thrive as a student?"

While Christiansen says it's important to start with a wide variety of schools, students should be judicious in how many applications they submit as they narrow the search.

"I've seen so many students that apply to way too many schools get admitted to most of them, and they're paralyzed when they have to make a decision," he said.

Start looking, visiting as early as you can

It's a good idea to start looking at schools by junior year, if not sooner, according to Christiansen. It's also a good idea to visit campuses as soon as possible. While information online and virtual visits are helpful tools, physically visiting a campus, when possible, can give students a sense of the surrounding area, the atmosphere of the school and even the weather — especially if it's different than what a student is used to.

Don't rule out schools based on finances

During the search process, some students may skip over schools they assume are too expensive for them. However, a wide variety of grants, scholarships and other financial aid are available for prospective students. It's important to research those options thoroughly, Christiansen said.

"Just because you think it's expensive, don't eliminate it early," he said. "Be focused on your grades. Be focused on your academics."

Looking for more college application tips?

Vanderbilt offers a free resource for people in the college search and application process. Visit to learn more.

Setting and Achieving Goals Essay

Introduction, setting goals, tips on how to achieve goals.

One of the common things that all human beings have is that there are various goals that they would like to accomplish for themselves. These goals vary from person to person but their achievement brings about great joy to the individual. However, most people today have a tendency of going aimlessly in their quest to achieve their goals.

Young people are especially guilty of this as they set out to create their own paths in life. Aimlessness leads to failure and as such, young people are encouraged to have an aim in their lives and live towards that aim. It is my hope that this talk will empower you on how to live up to your aims and achieve your goals which will result in your success.

The first secret towards achieving goals is having them! Honest self –evaluation can help you set well defined goals to help you be what you want to be in life. As much as you would like to be realistic about setting your goals you should not be afraid to dream and set high goals for yourself.

For example, you may set a goal to have built your own house by the time you are 30years. With your goals in mind always remember that you are responsible for your own life and no one can realize your goals for you. Knowing that will give you the motivation you need to give your life the best shot as you work towards your goals.

Clear strategy would be called for at this point. How do you plan to achieve your goals? What are the stepping stones towards achieving your goals? What are you doing about them? In the goal to build your house, a major stepping stone would establishing a career that will enable you finance your goal. Your priorities must always be set right and give every stepping stone your best since it affects your goals, and of course pat yourself on the back when you succeed each step up it will be a plus on your motivation.

As time passes you should be cautious not to lose focus on your goals especially if we are working towards long term goals. You should hence add in your day to day schedule activities that will help you keep in mind and work towards your goals.

You could have a support group of people you share the same goals with, do a detailed research about your goals, and attend camps, conferences and seminars that will add to your knowledge concerning your goals, and you could even choose a role model whom you can emulate and who can challenge you to achieve your goals. For the house building goal, one could elicit the help of investment planners so as to be gain knowledge on how to realize the dream as well as stay focused.

The greatest enemy to achieving your goals which should be avoided at all costs is discouragement. Many lose their way towards achieving their goals because of this. You should never give in to that yes, you may have limitations in terms of money, skills, time, support and other resources but that is no excuse of not working towards your goals.

Assuming you get to 29years are still a long way from achieving your goal to acquire a house, you should realize that despite the odds, you need to stay focused. You can make adjustments to your goal to suit the reality. Hurdles along the way are common and you should never let your current situation discourage you.

Goals are the cornerstone of success. In conclusion, I encourage you all to prioritize and create time for the most important things in your life and avoid letting useless things overwhelm you. Commit yourself to achieving your goals and you will learn the joy and satisfaction that comes from attaining your purpose in life. Build your life around your goals they will shape who you are at the end of the day. Let your goals define you and bring about great success in your life.

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  • Chicago (N-B)

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"Setting and Achieving Goals." IvyPanda , 29 Oct. 2023,

IvyPanda . (2023) 'Setting and Achieving Goals'. 29 October.

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1. IvyPanda . "Setting and Achieving Goals." October 29, 2023.


IvyPanda . "Setting and Achieving Goals." October 29, 2023.

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My goal in life essay

My goal in life essay

Last updated Friday , 17-11-2023 on 12:26 pm

My goal in life essay is one of the important and indispensable essays, and it is asked periodically from students so that they can get to know themselves more. In order to improve their level of expression and description of what they see as the life goals they wish to achieve.

This type of article is required from all educational levels, so we will provide you with several short samples, and long models about my goal in life essay, so that you can understand the topic well.

All students have dreams and desires that they strive to achieve. The largest percentage of them may be similar to one of the parents, as parents in many times are the role models for their children. Therefore, we may find that children aspire to achieve some of the goals and achievements that their parents have achieved.

In some other cases, we find some students aspire to achieve their own achievements. And there are students who may have a famous personality to imitate and want to achieve some of the great achievements he has done.

Therefore, we will provide you with a series of different models that include multiple and different cases that are suitable for all students.

My goal in life is to have good health, and practice all the wonderful hobbies that I love before I graduate, work, and start a family and a social life.

I like to practice the hobby of skydiving, diving and traveling to new and wonderful places, and I also like to work in some fun places during summer vacations, such as the beach so that I can work and enjoy and be in places that have a lot of noise and life, getting to know new friends and gaining a lot of experience.

These are the goals I’m planning at this point, they may differ in the future as I could add some serious work, but that’s just what I’m thinking about right now.

There is no doubt that planning is the way to success, we should not let our lives go in a random way. But we must define our goals and know what are the best ways to achieve these goals. Setting goals makes us achieve them in the easiest way and in the shortest time.

My dreams and goals in life essay

My dreams in life are to be a famous football player. I am very fascinated by the Egyptian player, Mohamed Salah, and the Argentine player, Lionel Messi. They have great talent, and they are always keen to develop their skills.

A football player must have high physical skills and physical fitness, because skill and talent are necessary in addition to serious training, and this is what makes a player distinct from another player.

Also, the player’s insistence on improving his level is important to his success and obtaining international awards.

Both Mohamed Salah and Lionel Messi have achieved great success with their clubs, and have won many awards such as the Golden Boot award and the Best Player award and others.

I love to be a famous football player because this game will make me rich and will make me gain people’s love too. There are millions of young people around the world watching the matches of Mohamed Salah or Messi and cheering them on with enthusiasm.

My goals in life as a student essay

My goals at this stage are related to studies. I want to always be in the first place and get the final grades in all subjects because this will give me the opportunity to get a scholarship abroad. This is my goal that I am working hard to achieve.

The opportunity to complete my education abroad is a really good opportunity that every student desires. Therefore, I study my lessons seriously and learn a lot about everything related to my field of study, including research, books and scientific journals.

Also, studying abroad will allow me a better education, as well as obtaining an internationally recognized certificate that I can work with in a prestigious job. Therefore, I do not waste my time on useless things, but focus on my studies in order to achieve my goal.

Certainly, my family has a great advantage, they always encourage me and provide me with everything I need. Also, my teachers have a great credit for my excellence, they help me a lot in my studies.

My (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); goal in life short essay

I have a talent in drawing, since I was a child at the age of seven and I draw cartoon characters skillfully. All my family encourage me and say “You are talented at drawing”.

My teachers praise my paintings and decorate the classroom with them, and my colleagues are surprised when they see my drawings.

I draw in my spare time because drawing is my favorite hobby, but the rest of the time is devoted to studying because I want to excel in my studies as well.

My goal in life is to be a cartoonist or creator of new cartoon characters. Therefore, I am interested in my studies in order to join a prestigious university. My goal is to join the College of Fine Arts, because talent needs academic study in order to grow and develop.

I also go to many exhibitions and museums that include works of art such as paintings or photography because they are very useful for me as I gain new experiences.

Examples of goals in life of a student essay

There is no doubt that having a role model in our lives facilitates many things related to our future. My role model is my father, he is a petroleum engineer and works in one of the international companies. This job is very prestigious and provides him with a great salary. Therefore, in the future, I want to be a petroleum engineer like my father.

This function has many advantages as well as some disadvantages. One of its most important features is the high salary that the engineer receives, and this salary can provide him and his family a life in which there is a large amount of luxury. The most important disadvantage of this job is working in remote places and being away from home for a long time.

But I like to work in this job so that I can buy a beautiful house and a modern car and be able to travel on holidays to different tourist places. My goal at this stage is to study at the College of Engineering, Petroleum Department.

My goals in life paragraph

My goal in life is to be a person of high social standing and to be loved by others. Therefore, I would like to be a doctor in the future, because the doctor’s profession is a great humanitarian profession, through which he helps people and ensures himself a prestigious position and good financial income.

Although there are great risks in the doctor’s profession, as he deals with patients directly and closely, which may expose him to infection and serious diseases, this profession is highly humane because the doctor sacrifices himself in order to save others.

I love to work in this profession, so I work hard in my studies until I study in the Faculty of Medicine. Studying at the Faculty of Medicine is interesting and useful, and studying medicine requires continuous learning and being acquainted with everything new in the medical field, so that the doctor can provide the best medical service to his patients.

My personal goal in life essay

My personal goal in life is to be a fashion designer, this profession requires innovation, and this is what distinguishes me, as I design some clothes for myself or for my relatives.

In fact, all the outfits I designed were so impressive that they said they wouldn’t buy any clothes and I would be their designer.

Fashion design is a fine art and requires a sophisticated taste and information about fashion and the latest designs designed by international fashion houses, with self-reliance and not imitating others.

The fashion designer must also be familiar with the types of fabrics and be able to employ the fabric in an attractive way.

Fashion design needs to be familiar with fashion in terms of the prevailing colors at the time, whether the fabrics are suitable for the temperatures and many other details. Therefore, I am training in a fashion house and I hope to be a famous fashion designer in the future.

My ultimate goal in life essay

Undoubtedly, each of us has a goal that he is trying hard to achieve, and my goal is to be a police officer, because I believe that the job of a police officer is important for the stability and progress of society.

One of the duties of a police officer is to bring security to his community, allowing people to live in peace. Without security, people will not be able to go to work, and there will be no production.

Likewise, the peasants will not be able to cultivate their fields, and thus there will be no crops, vegetables, or fruits, and merchants will not be secure in their trade, and consequently, shops, stores, and others will be closed.

Thus, we see the importance of the police officer’s work, as he maintains the security and safety of the community, and thus everyone can work seriously to increase production and advance the country. Therefore, my goal in life is to be a distinguished police officer.

My goal in life essay for class 6

My goal in life is to be a teacher, thanks to my teacher because she is my role model. She is an excellent teacher who can explain our lessons to us in a simplified manner, in addition to that she treats us well, she listens to our problems and helps us solve them.

My teacher not only teaches me my school lessons, but also teaches me good manners, because all her behavior is good. She always advises us to be superior and to be characterized by good qualities.

I love and respect my teacher, she is just like my mother who is afraid of me and advises me and helps me understand my lessons.

The profession of a teacher is great, as she not only teaches, but also educates and instills in her students noble values. She also helps us in forming our personality and self-reliance. The teacher prepares the future generation.

Essay about goals and dreams in life

I dream of being a successful businessman in the future. Businessmen participate in the country’s development and progress, and provide many job opportunities for young people. My father is my role model in this field.

My father is a successful man, he did not depend on anyone, but he started his working life young until he became a famous businessman. It was a difficult path, but thanks to his determination, he was able to overcome all the problems he encountered.

Therefore, I consider myself more fortunate than my father, as he has a lot of experiences that I can learn from him, and my father paved the way for me, but I want to achieve better than what is expected of me.

Therefore, I’ll  study business administration because this will gain me a lot of information and experience. I am also training in one of the companies owned by my father, as this will give me practical experience.

My goals in life as a student – Intended for US students

My goals in life as a student living in the United States are to pursue a career in technology and use my skills to help my family and community.

I believe that technology is the future, and I want to be a part of it. I am passionate about using technology to solve problems and make the world a better place.

I grew up in a family that was not always able to afford the latest technology. However, my parents always encouraged me to learn about technology and how to use it. I am grateful for their support, as it has helped me to develop a strong foundation in technology.

I am now a student at a top university in the United States. I am majoring in computer science, and I am planning to pursue a career in software engineering. I want to use my skills to create innovative products and services that will make a positive impact on the world.

I also want to use my skills to help my family and community. I see how technology can be used to improve people’s lives, and I want to be a part of that. For example, I could use my skills to develop educational apps for children in developing countries, or I could create websites that provide information and resources to people in need.

I am excited about the future, and I am confident that I can achieve my goals. I am committed to using my skills to make a difference in the world.

My goal in life – Intended for US students

My goals in life as a student living in the United States are to become a creative and innovative teacher who loves children.

I have always been passionate about education. I love learning new things, and I believe that everyone has the potential to learn and grow. I am also passionate about children. I love their energy and enthusiasm, and I believe that they are the future.

I grew up in a family that valued education. My parents always encouraged me to learn and to ask questions. They also taught me the importance of helping others. I am grateful for their support, as it has helped me to develop a strong foundation in education and in service to others.

I am currently a student at a top university in the United States. I am majoring in education, and I am planning to pursue a career as a teacher. I want to use my skills to help children learn and grow. I also want to create a classroom that is fun and engaging, where children feel comfortable to take risks and to explore their own potential.

My goal is – Intended for US students

My goals in life as a middle school student living in the United States are to become a creative and innovative teacher who loves children and changes the lives of many children.

I believe that I can make a real difference in the lives of children. I am committed to using my skills to help children learn and grow, and to create a better future for them.

My goal in life is to be successful – Intended for US students

My goals in life as a student living in the United States are to achieve success, become a famous figure that others will read about one day, and be a role model and pride for my family.

I have always been ambitious and driven to succeed. I believe that I have the potential to achieve great things, and I am committed to working hard to achieve my goals.

I am also passionate about making a difference in the world. I believe that everyone has the potential to make a positive impact, and I want to use my skills and talents to make the world a better place.

I know that achieving success will not be easy. It will require hard work, dedication, and perseverance. However, I am confident that I can achieve my goals if I set my mind to it.

Here are some specific examples of how I plan to achieve my goals:

I will focus on my studies and work hard to get good grades.

I will participate in extracurricular activities and clubs to develop my skills and talents.

I will network with other people who can help me achieve my goals.

I believe that if I work hard and never give up on my dreams, I can achieve anything I set my mind to. I am excited to see what the future holds for me, and I am confident that I will make my family proud.

My goals in life as a student – Model for South African students

As a student in secondary school living in South Africa, my goal in life is to achieve success in playing football and try to become a professional player in one of the English clubs. I also want to be a source of pride for my family.

I have been playing football since I was a child. I love the sport and I am passionate about it. I believe that I have the talent and the determination to achieve my goals.

I am currently training hard and I am working on improving my skills. I am also learning about the English Premier League and the clubs that I would like to play for.

I know that it will be difficult to achieve my goals, but I am determined to work hard and never give up. I believe that if I put in the effort, I can achieve anything I set my mind to.

I am also committed to being a good role model for my family and friends. I want to show them that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

I am confident that I can achieve my goals and I am excited to see what the future holds.

My goals in life – Model for South African students

As a student in secondary school living in South Africa, my goal in life is to become a distinguished tour guide and establish my own company, attracting many tourists to see the beautiful side of Africa.

I have always been fascinated by history and culture, and I love sharing my knowledge with others. I believe that South Africa is a beautiful and diverse country with a rich history and culture, and I want to share it with the world.

I am currently studying hard and I am working on improving my knowledge of South African history and culture. I am also learning about the tourism industry and how to run a successful tour company.

My goal in life is to be successful – Model for South African students

I am a middle school student living in South Africa. I come from a large family with many siblings. I want to be a role model for them and achieve success in my country that makes all of my people proud.

I am currently thinking about developing technology that is tailored to South Africa. I believe that I can add something special to the future of my country.

My short-term goals:

To excel in my studies and get into a good university.

To learn more about technology and how it can be used to solve problems.

To get involved in community service and make a difference in the lives of others.

My long-term goals:

To start my own business that uses technology to help people in South Africa.

To become a leader in my community and inspire others to achieve their dreams.

I know that I have a lot of work to do to achieve my goals, but I am determined to make them a reality. I am excited to see what the future holds for me and my country.

What I Want to Achieve in Life Essay – Model for South African Students

I am a university student living in South Africa. I come from a large family with many siblings. I want to be a role model for them and achieve success in my sport that makes all of my people proud.

I am currently training hard to be a top long-distance runner. I believe that I have the potential to be a world champion.

To win the national long-distance running championship.

To be selected for the South African national team.

To compete in the World Championships.

To win an Olympic medal.

To be inducted into the South African Sports Hall of Fame.

We have provided you with an My goal in life essay, and you can read more through the following link:

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How To Set Academic Goals For The New Year

Cathy A.

9 Essential Tips to Set Academic Goals For The New Year

Published on: Dec 20, 2023

Last updated on: Dec 20, 2023

how to set academic goals for the new year

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School can be confusing, right? Sometimes it feels like there's too much going on, with assignments and tests everywhere. 

It can be super frustrating when you want to do your best but aren't sure how to make it happen. Maybe you've tried setting goals before, but they kinda slipped away as things got busier. 

Not having a solid plan might have left you feeling stressed and wondering if you can really do great in school.

Don't worry! 

In this blog, we're going to help you figure out how to set goals for the new year. 

By the end, you'll have a straightforward plan that will make sure that you not only get through school but really shine.

Let’s get started.

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How To Set Academic Goals For The New Year - 7 Tips

Setting academic goals can be a game-changer for your success in the coming year. Here are seven practical tips to guide you through the process:

Tip 1# Reflect on Your Past Achievements and Challenges

Before diving into the future, take a moment to look back. Reflect on your achievements and challenges from the past year. What worked well? What obstacles did you overcome?

Understanding your past can help you set realistic and meaningful goals for the new academic year.

Tip 2# Define Clear and Specific Objectives

When setting academic goals, clarity is key. Define your objectives in clear and specific terms. 

Instead of a vague goal like "do better in class," aim for something specific like "maintain a consistent A grade in mathematics." 

This precision will give your goals more focus and make it easier to track your progress.

Tip 3# Prioritize Your Goals

It's essential to recognize that you can't do everything at once. Prioritize your goals based on their importance and relevance to your overall academic journey. 

Identify the key areas where improvement will have the most significant impact and focus your energy on those priorities.

Tip 4# Make Your Goals Measurable

Measurable goals allow you to track your progress and celebrate achievements along the way.

Instead of a broad goal like "study more," set a measurable goal such as "dedicate 2 hours per day to study."

This way, you can easily gauge your success and make adjustments as needed.

Tip 5# Set Realistic and Achievable Targets

While it's great to aim high, setting unrealistic goals can lead to frustration and burnout. Ensure your academic goals are realistic and achievable within the given time frame. 

Consider your current workload, commitments, and resources when determining what you can realistically accomplish.

Tip 6# Create an Action Plan

Turning your goals into reality requires a plan of action. Break down each goal into smaller, manageable tasks. 

Create a schedule that includes specific actions you'll take daily, weekly, and monthly to work towards your objectives. 

This step-by-step approach makes your goals more achievable and less overwhelming.

Tip 7# Stay Flexible and Adjust as Needed

Flexibility is crucial when it comes to academic goal-setting. Life can be unpredictable, and unexpected challenges may arise. 

Be prepared to adjust your goals and action plan as needed. The ability to adapt will help you stay on track even when things don't go exactly as planned.

Tip 8# Leverage SMART Criteria

When formulating your academic goals, apply the SMART criteria:

This framework ensures that your goals are well-defined, trackable, realistic, aligned with your overall objectives, and come with a clear deadline. 

Setting SMART goals provides a structured approach, increasing the likelihood of successful implementation.

Tip 9# Incorporate Short-Term Milestones

Break down your long-term academic goals into manageable short-term milestones. These smaller, achievable targets create a roadmap for your progress, allowing you to stay motivated and focused.

Celebrate the completion of each milestone, reinforcing a sense of accomplishment and providing the motivation needed to tackle the next phase of your academic journey

In conclusion , you've got the tools to make the upcoming school year your best one yet! 

Reflect on what worked and what didn't in the past, set clear goals, and prioritize what really matters to you.

Remember to make your goals clear and measurable, break them down into smaller steps, and be open to adjusting your plan as needed. You're on a unique journey, so tailor your goals to fit your strengths and challenges.

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We’ve got all the resources you need to turn your goals into achievements. Your journey to success is just a click away. 

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your goal essay

Why do so many goals fall off track? It isn’t because you’re not working hard enough, the average person works 7.6 hours of overtime every week just to try to reach their goals. The problem usually boils down to planning.

Goal-setting is hard, there are so many moving parts to coordinate across your team – each one as important as the next. 

  • What specifically do we want to accomplish?
  • How do we measure progress and success?
  • Is this a realistic and achievable goal?
  • Is this goal relevant to improving our bottom line?
  • What’s our time frame and deadline for this goal?

Without a well-planned roadmap to success, you’re likely going to fall short of your ambitious goals. This is where setting SMART goals that are attainable will help you work faster, collaborate more efficiently, and get more done to meet your deadlines.

Here’s everything you need to know about the SMART goals framework.

What are SMART goals?

your goal essay

SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. The SMART goal acronym covers the five most important parameters of planning you need to follow to reach your goals – missing just one can completely block your progress or waste weeks' worth of time.

So while it's one thing to set goals — you need to plan how you’re going to make them happen. Keep your goals (and your team) on track by investing the time before you start the project to map out your SMART goals. This framework will clarify direction, purpose, timeline, and success around the goals so everyone’s on the same page throughout the project.

Henry David Thoreau once said "If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.” However, for many people, it's not always clear how we can put these foundations under our ambitious goals. 

SMART goals framework example

Say you’re a project manager collaborating with a team of 15 people on a new website launch for your company. You’re coordinating across marketing, design, and development teams to execute the launch, and need to get everyone on the same page to get this done before the end of the quarter. 

Here’s an example SMART goal statement you can use for your project team:

  • Specific: To successfully launch the new website to improve our SEO rankings.
  • Measurable: Increase website traffic by 20%.
  • Achievable: Our team of 15 people will refocus their efforts for the next 90 days on completing the new website launch using our time-bound milestones.
  • Relevant: Launching the new website is critical to achieving the company's growth targets for the quarter. The website will enhance the user experience and improve brand perception which aligns with the company's overall marketing and business objectives.
  • Time-bound: The website must be launched within 90 days, which is [date], with the following milestones:
  • Wireframe completed within 14 days
  • Content drafted and reviewed within 30 days
  • Graphics and design elements finalized within 60 days
  • Testing and debugging completed within 75 days
  • Final launch preparations and SEO optimizations done within 88 days 

How to write SMART goals

Each parameter of the SMART goals criteria should be planned before embarking on your goal. Let’s walk through each.

1. Specific

Don’t fall short on detail – your goals need to be specific . And goal setting always starts with the objective. Take the time to answer these questions right away in your SMART goal planning:

  • What exactly do we want to accomplish? 
  • Why is it important? 
  • What impact will it have on our business’s bottom line?
  • Who needs to be involved in this project? 
  • What steps do we need to take to reach this goal?

How to create a specific goal

We're not going to lie: this first step requires the most time and thought – don't let the apparent simplicity of this first step fool you. But once you have your specific objective squared away, the rest of SMART goals can come easily. Specific is the "S" in SMART goals

Before you actually start working on your goal, you need to clearly define what you want to achieve. And the "what" of your specific goal also needs to highly consider your "why" (the "R" in SMART, for relevance.) As Simon Sinek has said, you should always start here; always start with "why." So, before going any further, start answering some of the questions we listed above — feel free to organize your thoughts in our SMART goals template found here .

2. Measurable

Now that we know the specifics of our SMART goal – how are we going to measure success? While we need to measure the final impact of a project, there are many steps to track from start to finish. A measurable goal has criteria for tracking your progress across milestones, knowing when your goal has been reached, and metrics to measure if the project's final outcome fell short, met, or exceeded your performance goals. 

As Andy Grove , the inventor of OKRs, said: “if your goal is sufficiently measurable, you'll be able to answer the question of "did I achieve this goal?" with a simple yes or no.” 

How to make it measurable

Identify and define the specific metrics or key performance indicators (KPIs) that directly relate to your goal. So if the goal is to increase website traffic, metrics could include total keywords, monthly visits, unique visitors, page views, bounce rate, or average session duration.

Once you've identified the metrics, set numerical targets or benchmarks that will signify the goal has been achieved. For example, if the objective is to increase monthly sales leads, specify the exact number of leads needed to eventually say "mission accomplished". 

3. Achievable

Now, there's nothing wrong with being incredibly ambitious and setting remarkable goals. However, the more formidable your goals, the more potentially discouraging they may end up being. If you set the bar too high, your targets are out of reach, or you just don’t have the capacity to execute – you may fall short and end up wasting weeks worth of work on a non-starter. 

SMART goals are attainable goals — they are realistic and within reach. Of course, achievable doesn't necessarily mean easy or effortless. Achievable goals are meant to challenge you to grow, while still being in reach and accomplishable with everything else you need to keep progressing outside of this project. 

How to keep your goals achievable

It’s helpful to break your objective down into smaller, more manageable tasks. Big goals are great and all, but they can easily become overwhelming if you don’t properly anticipate all the work that will go into them. 

Once you've established milestones, you can create a detailed task list outlining the steps required to achieve each milestone. However, not all tasks are equally critical for achieving your goal. You'll need to prioritize tasks based on their impact and the resources required. Don't be afraid to get ruthless when it comes to your priorities. Of all the things on your to-do list, which are the ones that are absolutely essential to achieving the goal? 

4. Relevant

Time is our most precious resource, and while it's healthy to have a diverse set of goals, you want to prioritize your time around the goals that are most relevant to your long-term objectives. You don’t want to waste time on goals that don't move the needle for your business. 

SMART goals are always explicitly relevant to the big picture. If you can't clearly tie a SMART goal to one of your larger aspirations, chances are, it's not a relevant goal. 

How to make your goals relevant

Start by tracing a clear path from your goals to your larger objectives. Imagine your goals as stepping stones on a bridge toward your dreams. If the connection feels tenuous, your goal might not be all that relevant. Refine your goal to bridge the gap.

Challenge each goal with "So what? Why is this important?" If the answer doesn't lead back to your core values or long-term vision, reconsider the goal's relevance.

5. Time-bound

Ever worked without a deadline? Needless to say there’s not a great sense of urgency to get it done. SMART goals need both deadlines and time-bound milestones to track where you’re starting, when tasks will be met, and the date your project should be completed.

Studies show that clear timeframes and deadlines help create the healthy urgency you need to get the job done, and actually improve your task performance. Without time-bound constraints, you’re bound to procrastinate, get distracted, and end up prioritizing another project. Time-bound goals are also much easier to prioritize as these due dates will help you plan your workweek .

How to plan your time-bound goal milestones & deadline

Carefully consider the scope and complexity of what you're setting out to achieve when determining your timelines. This is why it's helpful to break your goal into smaller pieces. With the whole scope of the project broken up into mini-milestones, each with its own set of deadlines and time estimates, you'll have a realistic look at how long the goal will likely take to achieve. 

The important thing here is to keep everyone on the team on the same page. These time parameters will help team members identify what to work on first to unblock progress for others, and keep the project on track for your deadline.

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Free SMART goals template

As you go through your own process of writing your SMART objectives, feel free to use our free template below to organize your goal planning:

your goal essay

5 personal examples of SMART goals

You can write SMART goals for nearly anything, whether for a personal or professional goal. Here are a few personal examples:

  • Health & fitness: Run a half-marathon in under three hours within the next six months to improve my physical fitness by following a structured training plan and gradually increasing distance by a quarter mile every week.
  • Education: Achieve a score of at least 90% on my final exam to improve my GPA by dedicating 10 hours per week to study sessions and practice exams for the next three months.
  • Personal finance: Save $6,000 for an emergency fund within the next year so I’m prepared for an unexpected life-changing event by reducing discretionary spending and setting aside $500 a month.
  • Hobbies: Learn to proficiently play guitar within six months to adopt a new healthy routine by practicing for at least 30 minutes every day and completing one online course on music theory.
  • Travel: Visit five new countries within the next five years to broaden my cultural understanding of the world by planning and executing at least one international trip every 12 months.

The best SMART goals for work

Here are some examples of professional SMART goals:

  • Sales: Increase sales revenue by 15% within the next quarter to exceed our sales target by 3% by implementing a new client outreach strategy focused on upselling existing customers and acquiring new leads.
  • Marketing: Increase online conversion rates by 20% within the next quarter to attract and retain more relevant users by optimizing landing pages, A/B testing ad copy, and refining the customer journey.
  • Customer service: Increase customer satisfaction scores from an average of 85% to 95% within six months to strengthen brand loyalty by implementing personalized follow-up procedures, developing better communication skills, and improving response times to customer queries.
  • Human resources: Improve employee retention by 20% over the next year to reduce our turnover and recruitment costs by conducting stay and exit interviews, analyzing turnover data, and implementing personalized retention strategies based on the findings.
  • Time management: Decrease meeting duration by 20% by the end of the month to reduce burnout and improve productivity by setting clear agendas, encouraging concise discussions, and using meeting productivity tools.
  • Management: Develop and implement a mentorship program for junior team members within three months to improve our onboarding time and retention rates by 15%.
  • Cost management: Reduce departmental expenses by 10% by the end of the fiscal year to free up resources for investments in new tech through a comprehensive review of operational processes and identification of areas for cost optimization without compromising on quality.
  • Innovation: Introduce two new product features in the next 12 months based on market research to increase monthly active users by 10% and customer engagement by 25%.
  • Risk management: Reduce cybersecurity vulnerabilities by 30% within the next quarter to reduce risk of disruptions to core operations by conducting regular security audits, implementing necessary patches, and providing comprehensive employee training on data security protocols.
  • Technical support: Improve first-response resolution rates from 75% to 90% within three months to improve overall customer satisfaction by enhancing training programs, providing additional resources, and implementing a knowledge base system.
  • Financial management: Increase profit margins by 5% within the fiscal year to help weather economic downturns by identifying cost-effective alternatives for key operational expenditures and optimizing pricing strategies.

Pros & cons of SMART goals

The SMART framework undoubtedly provides structure to your goal setting. But is it the end-all-be-all for goals? Let’s take a look at SMART goals pros and cons:

Pros of SMART Goals

1. better clarity & focus.

At the heart of SMART is specificity – their greatest strength is the clear guidelines for what you want to achieve. With better clarity comes better focus. Otherwise, you may experience decision paralysis due to the ambiguity of your goals — the SMART approach has major advantages to staying clear-headed around what’s most important. 

2. Success is easily measurable

However, the "what" of your goals isn't the only thing that's specific in SMART goals. Tracking your progress along the way allows you to measure and improve your chances of achieving success. It’s super important to analyze how you’re actually doing — are you on track for your deadline, have you fallen out of scope, and do you need to prioritize more time for this project? SMART goals will prevent you from finally reaching the goalpost to only realize you’ve missed some crucial steps. 

3. Easy to communicate 

Another big pro of SMART goals is the fact they're super easy to explain and share with others. By communicating plans through the SMART goals framework, everyone gets on the same page quickly, which makes teamwork smoother, reduces confusion, and keeps your team accountable and focused on the same objectives.

4. Realistic & achievable

SMART goals prevent you from wasting time on a project with no real potential! When goals are realistic, they're not impossible. That doesn’t mean they’re not ambitious, but SMART goal planning keeps the project from overwhelming your team and everyone stays motivated because you truly know you can do it. 

5. Healthy pressure from precise timelines

Most people are more productive with a healthy dose of pressure! Not the soul-crushing kind, but enough to stay focused and motivated around reaching a deadline. These end dates discourage procrastination by making it clear that there's a timeframe for achieving the goal. And this sense of urgency pushes individuals or teams to make consistent progress, keeping everyone focused and working steadily toward meeting those time-bound objectives.

Cons of SMART Goals

1. potentially rigid & inflexible.

Of course, SMART goals aren't perfect for everyone. Considering how specific SMART goals need to be, the SMART criteria can sometimes feel rigid and inflexible when circumstances change or priorities shift. Suddenly, a SMART goal that made sense a few weeks ago may be irrelevant now or needs to be rewritten entirely. 

2. Some things are difficult to measure

A SMART goal’s strength can also be a weakness. The SMART framework requires you to use metrics to measure your success. While this can make tracking and quantifying success really easy, not everything fits nicely into data. As Albert Einstein once said, "Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted." 

There are plenty of qualitative (think emotional, subjective, or intangible) factors that may feel difficult (or even impossible) to fit into the SMART framework. 

3. Unrealistic expectations

Even though SMART goals stress the importance of setting achievable objectives, there's always the possibility of unrealistic expectations. Sometimes, aiming for SMART goals might lead to overestimating what can be realistically achieved within a given timeframe (if you don’t properly account for other goals) – potentially disappointing or burning out your team if goals are too ambitious or demanding. 

4. Tunnel vision

People like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are famous for advocating for "laser focus" – often attributing this to their great success. And while great focus can create great things, you don't want to miss the forest for the trees. The more dialed you are in a singular direction, the more is potentially lost in your peripheral vision. 

So, the highly focused and detailed nature of SMART goals might cause individuals or teams to become fixated solely on their outlined objectives, producing a kind of tunnel vision that may hinder the exploration of alternative methods or innovative approaches.

What does a real-world SMART goal example look like? 

In 2008, Sandar Pichai, before he became CEO of Google, was instrumental in the launch of Google Chrome, now the world's most popular web browser. Google had been trying to push something like Chrome for years. But finally, after Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page hired former Mozilla employees to create a demonstration for Eric Schmidt (the then-CEO of Google), Schmidt agreed, and Google set the goal to build the world's best browser. 

With this specific goal in mind, Pichai needed to determine how they’d gauge success after their launch. How could you measure whether or not Google Chrome was, in fact, the world's best browser? Ultimately, he decided that the number of users would be the most relevant deciding factor. After all, if a particular browser was indeed the best in the world, a majority of people would naturally be using it.

From there, Pichai sketched out a three-year time frame to grow Chrome's user base . In the first year post-launch, Pichai set his sights on 20 million users. In the second year, 50 million. Finally, in the third year, the goal was set to 100 million users. 

So, what did the Google Chrome SMART goal look like?

  • S pecific: Build the world's best browser.
  • M easurable: Measure new user growth with the target being 100 million users.
  • A chievable: Google already commanded a huge market share with search.
  • R elevant: Google's core business is centered around Google Search and web browsing more generally.
  • T ime-bound: Achieve 100 million users in three years.

While he slightly missed the mark in his first two years, by year three, Chrome had over 111 million users. Today, Google Chrome is used by over 3 billion people with a user base that continues to grow every year (statistically speaking, you're probably reading this article in a Chrome window!). This is just one example of the potential of setting and committing to SMART goals.

Unleash your success with SMART goals 🏆

SMART goal setting can span personal growth, professional milestones, and business triumphs. And as we wrap up this guide, give yourself a high-five! You've just armed yourself with the secret sauce to crushing your goals. Whether it's acing that project, learning a new skill, or making big waves in your personal life, keep your SMART goals close, and watch how they guide you to success.

Did we miss anything? What has your experience with SMART goals been like? Tweet us @reclaimai to let us know!

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The Significance of Setting Goals. Goals can be defined as specific, measurable targets individuals set for themselves, reflecting their aspirations and desires. They serve as a compass, providing direction and purpose in life. Goals encompass various aspects, including personal, academic, professional, and even health-related objectives.

1. This essay sample was donated by a student to help the academic community. Papers provided by EduBirdie writers usually outdo students' samples. Cite This Essay. Download. As Tony Robbins once said, "Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible". Every one of us are born with a purpose in life.

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What Is Your Goals Essay. Goals are more than just things we want to achieve because goals create a roadmap for success. Goals remind us why we do what we do, why we are where we are. Without goals, we would not have starting points and destinations to reach. My main goal is to live my life to the fullest with my family and friends by my side.

Essay on resilience. Essay on self motivation. Essay on self respect. Essay on birds. Essay on yoga. Essay on if i were a bird. My goal in life essay is one of the important and indispensable essays, and it is asked periodically from students so that they can get to know themselves more.

Tip 2# Define Clear and Specific Objectives. When setting academic goals, clarity is key. Define your objectives in clear and specific terms. Instead of a vague goal like "do better in class," aim for something specific like "maintain a consistent A grade in mathematics." This precision will give your goals more focus and make it easier to ...

SMART goals are always explicitly relevant to the big picture. If you can't clearly tie a SMART goal to one of your larger aspirations, chances are, it's not a relevant goal. Here's an example of a relevant goal: "Increase social media followers by 20% to improve brand awareness in our Gen Z target audience."

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African Church of the Holy Spirit

The African Church of the Holy Spirit came into being in 1927, as the result of a split in the Friends African Mission. This was caused by a Pentecostal revival led by a missionary who baptized people in the Holy Spirit by the laying on of hands. Converts spoke in tongues. They were expelled from the mission and the ACHS was officially established as an independent church in 1933. In the years following, the church faced great hardships and persecution. It was registered as a religious community in 1957. The ACHS is a Trinitarian church which believes in God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and confesses Jesus Christ who died and rose again for the salvation of humankind. The church accepts the scriptures as the supreme rule of faith and life and the Apostles' and Nicene Creeds as containing the substance of faith of the church. It practises baptism in the Holy Spirit of adult persons upon repentance. Holy communion is not celebrated because the presence of the Holy Spirit in the believer takes the place of the eucharist as a constant remembrance of the Lord Jesus Christ. The ACHS believes in dreams, visions and prophecies and takes African culture and tradition positively.

The leaders of the church are elected by the members and carry the title of high priest. Members are identified by a cross on their clothes. Men wear beards and turbans. Apart from the regular Sunday services, each congregation holds a monthly meeting. Quarterly meetings bring people from several congregations together, and a yearly meeting is held at the headquarters of the church. Sunday services start with the singing of hymns and reciting of Psalm 1:1-6, and the collection of alms. Drums and clapping of hands are used to accompany the singing. Church elders drive out the evil spirits while the congregation kneels. The pastor preaches a sermon, which is followed by prayers and hymns. The order of the service may change under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, who inspires prophecies and visions. It is believed that the Holy Spirit can heal all cases of sickness. Those who are not healed are allowed to go to the hospital for treatment.

The church takes part actively in the ecumenical organizations to which it belongs. It runs several schools and is involved in relief work in the border region between Kenya and Sudan. Among its priorities are evangelization in remote areas, the training of the clergy and the construction of a Bible college. The membership of the ACHS comes from a range of different ethnic groups.

*These statistics differ considerably from data sent earlier by the church, which corresponded with its status as associate member church.

Mombasa cathedral

As British monarch visits, Kenyan religious leaders discuss interreligious dialogue


Anticipating extreme rainfall, Kenyan churches prepare their people

Mama Shamsa

For spiritual nourishment, “practise humanity,” says Mama Shamsa

Flowers and candles in the church

At a memorial service in Nairobi, tributes pour in for the late Dr Agnes Abuom

Water pours from a faucet into a person's hands

Human rights advocates celebrate democratic control of water in Nigeria


At Anglican School in Kenya, children thrive in the light of Dr Agnes Abuom’s legacy

African Initiated Churches Originating in Kenya

Mwaura, Philomena N.

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African Brotherhood Church (ABC)

This church was founded in 1945 by Rev. Simeon Mulandi Kaasya formerly a Captain with the Salvation Army and the Gospel Furthering Fellowship (GFF). It started in Nairobi as the Akamba Christian Union in the GFF Church led by George Rhoads with Rev. Mulandi as his associate Pastor. The African Brotherhood Church has spread to most parts of Kenya and other African nations.

The ABC attracted some excommunicated members from the AIM in Ukambani because they accommodated some Akamba traditional practices that were not tolerated in the AIM and some other missions. The church also gained popularity because it aimed to restore the Akamba brotherhood lost during the colonial period and the coming of missionaries whom they accused of adversely affecting the Akamba brotherhood. The ABC started schools and hospitals which largely attracted the Akamba people and provided scholarships for individuals to attend theological seminaries so they could provide spiritual nourishment for the church. The restoration of some aspects of the Akamba traditional practices consistent with Christianity such as dowry payment and traditional marriage ceremonies, to mention a few, made the church popular. The ABC affiliated itself with the Mau Mau and the Kenyan nationalist groups opposed to the colonial government. Consequently, it is classified as a nationalist African Instituted Church. The church has a million followers and has spread to Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Congo and Zambia. The church partners with local NGOs to address development issues, education needs, the perennial food security problems and poverty in the region.

(Updated August 2018. Source: Peter Johnson, ABC Archbishop’s Office Communications Director, email: [email protected] , dated 8/15/2018)

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African Ministry of Jesus Christ ( Mulembe Church)

In 1957 a splinter group from the Anglican Church of Kenya started this church that was initially called the Church of Christ in Africa with Matayo Ocholla as its first bishop. The church originally included members from both the Dholuo and Luyha communities. However, between 1968 and 1970 the leaders of the Church of Christ in Africa were involved in conflicts which ended up in court. As a result, the two communities formed their own splinter groups, the Dholuo calling their church Johera and the Luyha naming theirs African Ministry of Jesus Christ ( Mulembe Church).

The Mulembe Church is a charismatic African church which accommodates African religious worship and rituals. It has many celebrations which include the Easter holiday, Ukumbusho , the harvest, the day they formed their splinter group, and many others. These celebration days are marked with drama and dances accompanied by African instruments. It has had many followers in Western Kenya. Accommodation of African traditional practices like polygamy, the use of African worship style, and the use of traditional instruments has made it popular especially to those who do not fit in the mainline churches where these practices are forbidden. The bishop is their top leader followed by the padre, evangelists, and lay leaders.

Akorinu Movement

The Akorinu movement, also known as watu wa mungu, was founded by Joseph Nga’ng’a of Kiambu District, during the colonial era of the late 1920s and early 1930s. The movement formed to protest against the colonizers who took the Kikuyu people’s land. The colonizers also inflicted pain upon the Kikuyus through forced labor, the payment of taxes, and forcing them to abandon their cultural way of life.

The Akorinu Church claims to be guided by the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Elijah. It mainly bases its teaching on Acts 2:17, Joel 2:28, and Hebrews 8:1,10,13. They hold to Agikuyu traditional practices like polygamy, circumcision, ritual uncleanness, and communication with ancestral spirits. They practice baptism by the Holy Spirit, and re-interpret the Bible to accommodate the African people’s socio-religio-cultural practices. They pray facing Mt. Kenya and believe that God lives on Mt Kenya. The Akorinu Church has had an impact on Kenyan society because of their work ethic, humility, honesty, and a spirituality derived from the African religious worldview. It has given rise to various churches like the Holy Ghost Church of East Africa, God’s Word Holy Ghost Church, Foundations of the Prophet Church, Chosen Church of Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit Church of Zion, African Holy Ghost Christian Church, and African Mission of the Holy Ghost Church of East Africa.

The Bible Way Restoration Ministries

This charismatic church was started by Bishop Kinoga who was born, raised, and trained as a theologian in the Anglican Church of Kenya. After a period he declined to serve with the Anglican Church of Kenya but chose to work with Bishop Evans Mrima’s church called the Gospel Outreach Ministries until Mrima died. Mrima’s death caused division in the Gospel Outreach Ministries Church when the pastors failed to elect a bishop because each of them wanted to become bishop. At this point Kinoga started the Bible Way Restoration Ministries, thus named because after the bishop’s death each of the pastors went and started a church and the former members were left in darkness and without a leader. According to Kinoga, the Bible Way Restoration Ministries provided restoration and a way for former members of the Gospel Outreach Ministries. The church encourages Bible reading among all members, the giving of tithes, the ministration of the Holy Spirit, praise and worship celebrations, the inclusion of African song and dance in the services, the gift of prophecy, healing, and baptism by immersion. The bishop is the highest leader followed by the pastors and church elders.

Breakthrough Chapel International Mombasa

Wole Joseph started Breakthrough Chapel International Mombasa in 1992. Originally a member of the Winner’s Chapel International in Nigeria, Wole Joseph was later posted to Mombasa. This church is part of Dominion Ministries International that Wole Joseph established in 2002.

Chrisco Fellowship Church

This church was started in 1978 by Apostle Harry Das who came to Nairobi for two weeks in 1977. After these two weeks God called him to settle in Kenya and pray for this nation that was wracked by ethnic hatred, to teach Kenyans to reach spiritual maturity and help foster unity among pastors, church leaders, and believers who came his way. Das was introduced to Christianity by an elderly black woman when he was in his twenties. Dan and his wife Cora were both born and raised in Guyana, South America–Das of Indian descent and Cora of African descent. The two met when he was pastoring in Guyana and they married much later in the U.S.A., when he was 45 in 1972.*

The name “Chrisco” stands for “Christ’s co-workers’ church.” Initially the Chrisco Church started both a “morning glory” service when people could meet for prayers before their offices or work places opened and lunch hour services. These meetings were initially held at All Saints Cathedral, at Cameo Cinema on Kenyatta Avenue, and on the Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC) ground floor. The number of members meeting in these prayer fellowships increased and they converted the prayer meetings into the Chrisco Church.

The Chrisco Church is founded on New Testament teachings especially the fivefold ministry gifts of apostleship, prophesy, teaching, evangelism, and pastoral ministries given by God to the church. The church has a following among working class people in big towns. Its unique method of evangelism makes it popular. Its radio and TV evangelism has made it known all over the country. The church also evangelizes through literature printed on its own printing press.

Some details provided by Pastor John Das, son of Harry and Cora Das.

The Christ Reconciliation Church

This charismatic church was started in 2007 by Pastor Benson Musau who was formerly a member of the Independent Baptist Church in Makindu District. The church believes in the authenticity of the Bible, baptism by immersion, salvation through Christ alone, and Christian holiness through repentance and cleansing through the Holy Spirit. The church practices prayer and fasting, song and dance for the Lord, and overnight prayer meetings commonly known as Kesha . It encourages fellowships of women, young people, and men as a way of strengthening the people’s commitment to their faith and spirituality. The pastor is the highest leader followed by other pastors and church elders.

The Church of Christ in Africa

Archbishop Dr. Mathews Abednego Ajuoga started this church in 1957. The church emphasizes the Biblical teaching of love, peace, and unity. It observes baptism as a rite of passage and thus practices infant baptism. Other practices include the unveiling of the cross, the eating of blood, widow inheritance, polygamy, and women’s ordination. The worship service is on Sunday and house to house visitations take place on Fridays. The church was established in Dela Hera in Migori Kisumu. Its organizational structure includes the archbishop, bishops, archdeacons, priests, deacons and lay leaders, evangelists, and church elders. Increasingly members who leave the Anglican Church of Kenya join the Church of Christ in Africa. It can be categorized as a spiritual African Initiated Church. Its membership has spread to Uganda, Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Zambia. It has over 900 churches in Kenya alone.

The Church of Zion - Takaungu

This charismatic church was started in 2001 by Beth Kadole in Takaungu Taita and has its headquarters in Changamwe Mombasa. The church believes in healing through prayer and fasting. The reading and application of the teaching of the Scriptures is highly emphasized. Speaking in tongues, song, and dance occupy a reasonable amount of time in their services. The bishop is the overall leader followed by pastors and elders. Because of the nature of its leadership and celebration styles, the church has largely attracted the young people in Takaungu and other places in Mombasa.

Deliverance Church

Dr. Joe Kayo started this church in 1970 on the basis of his interpretation of Luke 4:18-19. Originally the church had 56 members in Kenya and subsequently it spread to Uganda, Tanzania, the DRC, and Zambia. In Kenya its branches are mainly in Nairobi, Kisumu, Mombasa, Nakuru, North Rift, Central, and Nyanza provinces. In 1978 Dr. Joe Kayo resigned from the Deliverance Church, handing it over to William Tuimising’, and later began the Christian Faith Church and the Kayo Ministries International. The Deliverance Church emphasizes deliverance from the powers of Satan, faithful Christian living, individual holiness, and responsible stewardship. The church’s main doctrines include baptism by immersion, speaking in tongues, performing miracles, participation in Holy Communion, and faithful tithing. Tuimising’ handed over the church to Mark Kariuki who is currently the presiding bishop of the church (2009). Its organizational structure includes the office of bishop, the Apostolic councils, and the local church councils.

East Africa Pentecostal Church (EAPC)

This charismatic church was started around 1952 in Mombasa by Walter Olson, from Norway, who was assisted by a Kenyan called Jackson Silawa from Luo Nyanza. In 1960, the church expanded to Tanzania and opened many centers. The church seemed to penetrate most parts of East Africa because it is tolerant of aspects of African culture. The church emphasizes the reading of the book of Acts, the ministry of the Holy Spirit, and speaking in tongues. They believe in healing, the giving of tithes and offering to be blessed, miracles, and deliverance from satanic powers. They practice adult baptism, the celebration of the Lord’s Supper, and other ordinances. The bishop is their highest leader.

Faith and Miracles Ministries

This charismatic church in Kerugoya Town in Nyeri District was started by Evans Njoroge who was formerly a member of the Assemblies of God Church. After receiving a call, he left the Assemblies of God Church with some members with whom he started the church. The church insists on the ministry of the Holy Spirit and the Trinity in general. They believe in healing through repentance and prayer, salvation, deliverance, prosperity, and freedom from satanic powers. They practice the breaking of bread and Holy Communion, baptism and overnight prayers ( Kesha ). The church conducts ceremonies like burials, weddings, and open air crusades. Members also visit the poor, the sick, the orphaned, and the disadvantaged in the community. The bishop is the highest leader followed by the reverends, pastors, and deacons. Because of the nature of their worship and belief in healing through prayer, prosperity, and the deliverance from satanic powers, the church has attracted a large following among middle class people.

Glory Church of Christ

Founder Joseph Ngoteo Nimo hails from Gatundu Division in Thika District. The church traces its origins to Ngoteo’s death and resurrection experience in 1975. This charismatic church emphasizes holiness and charismatic experiences. The church has spread to Kiambu, Nyandarua, and Thika Districts.

God’s Last Appeal Church (Mama Susana)

The church was started in 1963 in South Nyanza by Mama Susana who was formerly a member of the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church. Mama Susana who is referred to as a prophet of the church was eventually joined by Mr. Zedekia Oduma and Mrs. Opiyo Matewa who claimed to have received healing from Mama Susana. They helped in establishing the church in South Nyanza, Yimbo, and Bondo areas. The church’s doctrines are similar to those of the SDA church but with very strict observance of the Sabbath. They practice prayer and fasting on designated days and prayer for the sick by special people. They allow some cultural practices like polygamy, an aspect which makes it attractive to members of the mainline churches whose membership was dropped because of polygamy.

Isaiah 61 Ministry

The founder, Gladys Mwayi, felt she was called to begin a ministry to the widows. This ministry, based in Eldoret, is believed to be non-denominational.

Israel Church of God

Daudi Paul Kivuli and Philemon Orwa started this church in 1941 in Bunyore. Daudi, a former Anglican, belonged to the Luhya community and Orwa, previously a member of Pentecostal churches, was a Luo. They joined efforts and started the Uhuru Israel Church. At the time the church started, Kenya had not gained independence. They were forced to change its name to African Israel Church with Bunyore as its headquarters and Daudi Paul Kivuli as the leader of the church assisted by Philemon Orwa.

After Daudi’s death in 1975, the church split. Under the leadership of Ayago, the Luo community formed their diocese while the Luyha changed the name of the church to the Israel Church of Africa. The church has since then changed its name several times as the leadership has changed. The church has adopted African traditional practices and criticizes any form of Western influence in worship. As a result it has especially penetrated the Luo and the Luyha communities.

Jesus Christ Centre - Mtongue Church

This charismatic church was started in 2006 in Mtongwe Mombasa by Dennis Dome who had been a popular deacon in the Jesus Celebration Center led by Paul Mulau. Dennis Dome used his position and popularity to start the Jesus Christ Centre - Mtongwe Church.

Jesus Is Alive Ministries (JIAM)

The founder, Bishop Hon. Dr. Margaret Wanjiru Kariuki, born in 1961, was a former member of the Anglican Church of Kenya in her youth. She started this charismatic church in 1993 with a fellowship of over 20,000 members. Even though it is based in Nairobi, the church organizes evangelistic outreach efforts to areas outside Nairobi. It has a vibrant media ministry and branches in the United Kingdom, the U.S.A., South Africa, and Uganda.

Last Word Evangelistic Ministry

Francis Clement Muciri who was born and raised in the Catholic faith, started this church in Gichugu Division in Kirinyaga District in 2006. Muciri believes he was called by God to deliver demon possessed families and individuals. This charismatic church has its center at Karumandi Market in Gichugu but has now spread to most parts of Gichugu Division. The church emphasizes spiritual deliverance, Christian holiness, salvation through repentance, and belief in Jesus Christ. Organizationally, the overseer is the head of the church, followed by the bishop, the pastor, deacons, and ministers. The church has started various projects in the division which have helped to spread its influence in the area. Their goal is to spread the ministry to all parts of Kenya and even the world.

Living Faith Ministries

Jacob Kamere of Gitunguri Kiambu District, born in 1959, started this charismatic church. The genesis of the church can be traced to a vision Jacob had in 1992 to serve Christ. Living Faith Ministries was eventually established in 1997 in Nyeri.

Mbiri Christian Foundation Fellowship

In 2007 Bishop Harrison Ng’ang’a founded this church in Gichugu Division in Kirinyaga East District. Members say that overseer Simon Kamau established the ministry through his visions. The church has more than forty-seven congregations throughout the country basically in Rift Valley province, Central Province, and Eastern Province and in the big cities like Nairobi, Kisumu, and Mombasa. The church also has congregations in Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, and the U.S.A. The church has attracted a high number of women because it ordains women as ministers and recognizes the role of women in the church. They emphasize Biblical teaching, prayer, proper dressing mannerisms, Christian holiness, and Christian family life.

Oasis of Love Ministry International

Charles Wang’ombe started this charismatic church in 1994 in Nyeri. Born into the Presbyterian Church of East Africa, he was an active member of the Christian Union while in school. He joined the Deliverance Church in 1980 and established a branch in Nyeri. He organized church meetings and crusades, that brought in many members and prompted tremendous church growth. He was ordained bishop of the Oasis of Love Ministry International in 2004. He used his widespread reputation to bring about more growth and firmly establish his new church. Oasis of Love Ministry International has established congregations in Nakuru, Nyeri, Nairobi, North America, and Britain.

The People’s Church Ministries

This charismatic church was started by Bishop Francis N. Wanderi in the year 2001 in Kerugoya Town in Kerugoya District in Central Province, Kenya. Wanderi was born and raised in the Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA). Before starting the People’s Church, he was a primary school teacher. He resigned his teaching position and joined a theological college by correspondence and became a pastor in the African Christian Church. He resigned from the African Christian Church where he had served for more than nine years because he felt the church was more structural than relational.

The People’s Church Ministries’ theology is based on Mark 11:17 and Revelation 10:11. The church belongs to the people of God and teaches self reliance through faithful giving of offerings, evangelism, and biblical theology. They observe Biblical rites like child dedication, marriage, baptism by immersion, the Lord’s Supper, anointing oil, the laying on of hands, funeral/burial rites, and speaking in tongues. The church has had a local impact because of its commitment to reach out to people, especially the poor and the marginalized. It contributes money and food to the poor. Its “Grace/ Mercy Ministry” liaises with the Ministry of Health by donating hospital beds and other items needed in the hospitals in the area. These charitable initiatives have made the church popular in the area.

The Redeemed Gospel Church

This charismatic church was started in 1974 in the Mathare slums in Nairobi by Bishop Arthur Kitonga who sought asylum from Uganda where he was serving as a pastor of the Anglican Church during the brutal regime of Idi Amin Dada. The same year his close friend Bishop Paul Mutua joined him and helped to start another branch in Machakos. Their preaching method targeted students in schools to teach them the faith so that they would share their faith after school. This preaching method helped to spread the RGC which is now established throughout Kenya and can currently be found in most of Africa. The RGC draws its teachings from the Bible and emphasizes the principle of sola scriptura (the Bible as its own interpreter). It includes women in its ministries and has even ordained women as pastors. The RGC facilitated the ordination of Bishop Margaret Wanjiru of Jesus Is Alive Ministries (JIAM). RGC doctrine emphasizes the Trinity, prayer, tithes, offerings, and Christian morality. In its organizational structure the bishop is the highest leader, followed by the pastors, evangelists, deacons, and lay leaders. The church has had an impact on society through its inclusion of women in ministry, its special programs for the poor, the widows and orphans, and other marginalized groups.

Roho Muyia Church Movement

This charismatic Neo-Pentecostal movement was started in 1997 by Rev. Patrick Mulunga who was born and raised in the Catholic Church. He had been a faithful Catholic in his youth, serving as an altar boy during Mass. Before finishing secondary school, he joined bad company that corrupted his morals. As a result, he spent most of his life in prison and in running battles with the police. After several years in prison he became ill and claimed to have had a vision of starting a church and serving God. Mulunga moved to Mumias Town where he began the ministry. The church has attracted the youth in large numbers because of its programs that are dominated by loud music and relaxed rules that the youth can easily follow. Because it has a special ministry to the poor and the orphans, the church has penetrated most of Western Kenya. It accommodates second wives, polygamists, and those who have left the mainline churches for other reasons. Its organization includes the bishop, pastors, and lay leaders. They do not emphasize theological training for their clergy. The church claims to drive away evil spirits and witchcraft, and believes in miracles through prayers from their bishop.

Roho Israel Church

Roho Israel Church is a spiritual African Initiated Church started in the early 1950s near Kisumu by Paul Omumbo Achola. The church is mainly based in Kano Nyakach and South Nyanza. Several churches–Roho Msalaba and Mowar Roho (The Saved), for example–have split from it.

Ruwe Holy Ghost Church

This charismatic church was started in 1934 by Alfayo Odongo Mango at Ruwe in Siaya District. Mango was formerly a member of the Church Mission Society (Anglican Church). He became critical of the whites serving the Anglican Church of Kenya during his time. When the ACK excommunicated him, he started a church at Ruwe which he claimed was to be guided by the Holy Spirit of God. In addition the Ruwe Holy Ghost church preaches a theology of eschatology, love for one another, and the authority of the Holy Scriptures. They observe Saturday as the day of worship. The church discourages polygamy and other African traditional practices. They remember and celebrate the death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. They encourage the participation and ordination of women in the church. The church is popular among the Luo community and up to present has about 15,000 members.

Trinity Revival Ministry

Charles Muchira Mugo started this charismatic church in 1993 after leaving the Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) in which he was born and the Full Gospel Churches of Kenya which he had joined in 1990. Trinity Revival Ministry was registered in 1997. It has over two thousand members in Nyeri, Maragwa, Nakuru, and Nairobi.

The United Gospel Assembly

Javan Kimani Thuo, from Nyaranga in Muranga District of Central Kenya, started this charismatic church in 1986. Previously, Javan had been a primary school teacher committed to religious duties in his place of work. This church uses singing as a preaching method, doing crusades in market centers and general evangelism. It has a special ministry to the poor and the bereaved, a factor which has made it popular among the people living in the slums and among low income people. The church organizes pilgrimages once a year to the mountains and the caves where they believe they interact with God through prayer and fasting. The church observes the traditional pattern of worship which makes it attractive to the traditionalists within its area of influence. In its organizational structure the bishop is the top leader followed by the pastors, lay leaders, church elders, and Sunday school leaders.

United Pentecostal Church

This church was started in Lugali District by John Wafula, a former pastor of the Pentecostal Church. Wafula defected from the Pentecostal Church, claiming that cultural practices like traditional marriage, initiation, and burial rites were insufficiently observed. The United Pentecostal Church observes all of the above and believes in healing through prayer. The United Pentecostal Church believes that salvation is only through confession of sins and not only through baptism. The church emphasizes Christian faithfulness and blessings through faithful tithing. The church has many followers, mainly in Lugali District, especially in the village where people are still practicing the traditional cultural practices which this church allows. The bishop is its highest leader followed by the pastors and administrators.

The Victory Church

This charismatic church was started in 2006 in Maragwa District by Kellen Kinyua Mutegi who was formerly an active member in the Presbyterian Church of East Africa. The church has spread to Meru Town where it has a total of 169 members. The church believes in deliverance and poverty eradication through prayers. It also believes in the performance of miracles, healing, deliverance from the powers of Satan, and individual transformation. They practice baptism by immersion, open air crusades, and general evangelization. The church accepts women’s ordination and their equal participation with men in the church. It has had a big influence because of its acceptance of women and the participation of youth in the church.

african holy ghost christian church

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The Historiography of the Holy Spirit in Black Church Culture

By: Cheryl J. Sanders

April 8, 2021

The Black Church in American Public Life

We are indebted to Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. for bringing many varied facets of the Black Church to light in his 2021 public television series, The Black Church: This Is Our Story, This Is Our Song . There is a refreshing element of discovery in the documentary series and in the companion volume, wherein Gates positions himself as a learner with a keen awareness of the limitations of his expertise on the subject of Black religion, notwithstanding the wonder of his own experiences of it. A significant subplot of Gates’ story of the Black Church is the folksy ecumenism of his own spiritual autobiography, beginning with the Methodist church he attended while growing up in Piedmont, West Virginia and his gravitation to the Episcopal Church as an older adolescent. His current interest in telling the story of the Black Church stems from his fascination with the Black preachers he has heard at Union Chapel on Martha’s Vineyard while on summer vacation, and at Memorial Church in Harvard Yard during the school year.

Gates narrates his own experience of supernatural intervention at age 12, when his mother was hospitalized with a terminal illness. He responded by offering a desperate prayer for her recovery, and promised to join the church if God would heal her. When she returned home from the hospital, he felt obligated to fulfill the vow he had made by joining the Methodist Church. Gates makes a transparent confession of why he stayed away from the Holiness Church, namely, his fear of the Holy Spirit and the worship of Black churches whose focus upon summoning and responding to the Holy Spirit results in speaking in tongues and other intense manifestations of supernatural influence. 

The high expectation of call and response to the Spirit inadvertently, and sometimes ironically, forced the issue of equality and inclusion across the barriers of race, sex and age.

Although many of these churches and denominations adopted the same prohibitive practices as other Black Protestant denominations with respect to women’s ordination and pastoral leadership, the high expectation of call and response to the Spirit inadvertently, and sometimes ironically, forced the issue of equality and inclusion across the barriers of race, sex and age. In these churches, it is unthinkable that the Holy Spirit would exclusively move men to preach, sing and shout, while forcing all the women to sit in silence. On the contrary, everyone is equally eligible to be moved by the Holy Spirit. For this very reason, Gates feared what might happen to him if he stepped inside the Holiness Church in his hometown, given the stories he had heard and behaviors he had observed as people acted under the influence of the Spirit. Always the academician, he is able to draw illuminating parallels between his misgivings about the excesses of Black religious worship and the “Frenzy,” a term used by W.E.B. Du Bois more than a century ago to describe the exuberance of Black southern folk religion. By bringing Holiness and Pentecostal church women to prominence in his documentary and in his book, Gates challenges the Black churches as a whole to reconsider the role of the Holy Spirit as an equalizing factor in our modalities of worship and our mission to the world. 

Give my own interest in the importance of Holiness and Pentecostal women in the Black Church, there are three topics in particular from my reflections on The Black Church documentary and book that I would offer for further exploration and conversation: (1) the significance of African retentions in Black worship; (2) intergenerational spiritual autobiography as a methodology for scholarly inquiry; and (3) the future relevance of the Black Church for the increasing population of “nones,” that is, persons with no religious affiliation.

The emphasis upon practices of spiritual empowerment is one factor that has kept Pentecostalism on the growing edge of global Christianity.

Gates’ assessment of the historical significance and cultural impact of Holiness and Pentecostal movements leads him to conclude that the practice of glossolalia , or speaking in tongues, is an African retention. In my opinion, spirit possession should not be regarded as an exclusive or essential trait of African religion, but instead as a phenomenon that produces culturally distinctive manifestations among the many religions and peoples of the world. The emphasis upon practices of spiritual empowerment is one factor that has kept Pentecostalism on the growing edge of global Christianity since its inception among small gathering of Black Holiness men and women under the leadership of William J. Seymour in Los Angeles in 1906.

Gates has incorporated the stories of his parents, grandparents, siblings and others into his spiritual autobiography, which is in turn interwoven into his broader narrative of the historical evolution and variations of Black spirituality. Dr. Yolanda Pierce employs a similar methodology of intergenerational spiritual autobiography as a way of doing womanist theology in her text In My Grandmother’s House . Viewed from another vantage point, this methodology has subversive potential to challenge devotees of religious patriarchy and sexism to acknowledge the formative spiritual influence of their godly mothers and grandmothers, and to reconsider their opposition to women’s leadership in that light.

The present impact and future survivability of the Black Church may depend upon its capacity to summon and nurture people of all ages to participate in transformative and sustainable practices of social justice.

Recent survey data from the Pew Forum show that Black Christians who are trending away from religious affiliation tend to retain significant interest in personal practices of spirituality, such as prayer. The Black Church can respond by offering revitalized opportunities for spiritual engagement that are designed to challenge the “nones” to rethink their opposition to organized religion. Gates has portrayed the Black Church as a base for Black social, political and economic advancement in opposition to slavery, segregation, and other historical manifestations of anti-Blackness. The present impact and future survivability of the Black Church may depend upon its capacity to summon and nurture people of all ages to participate in transformative and sustainable practices of social justice, a purpose that personal spirituality alone cannot accomplish.

This essay is part of a series co-sponsored by the Center on African-American Religion, Sexual Politics and Social Justice  (CARSS) at Columbia University and the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs at Georgetown University. The series is co-curated with CARSS Director Josef Sorett  of Columbia University and Ahmad Greene-Hayes of Princeton University. ​

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Cheryl J. Sanders

Cheryl J. Sanders is professor of Christian ethics at Howard University and senior pastor of Third Street Church of God in Washington, DC. Her several books include Empowerment Ethics for a Liberated People ,  Ministry at the Margins, and  Saints in Exile: The Holiness-Pentecostal Experience in African American Religion and Culture . Her current research is centered on past and present black Christian public intellectual discourses. She is president of the American Theological Society.

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african holy ghost christian church

Lausanne Global Analysis · January 2021 · Volume 10 / Issue 1

Pentecostalism in African Christianity

The formation and scope of a distinctive spirituality.

Daewon Moon

Available in: English | Français | Português | Español |

In almost all denominations in Africa, one can recognize the profound influence of Pentecostal spirituality. Whether they worship in an Anglican or a Methodist church, African Christians offer exuberant songs of celebration to the Lord, often with overwhelming emotion. Spiritual warfare and exorcism are everyday ministries for African pastors. African Christians’ strategic response to the influence of globalization has produced a creative synthesis which combines the universal truth of Christianity with charismatic spirituality born out of their tradition.

African Christians’ strategic response to the influence of globalization has produced a creative synthesis.

Precursors of Pentecostalism in Africa

Several distinct groups were fundamental to the shaping of charismatic spirituality among African believers. [1] To comprehensively understand African Pentecostalism, it is important to situate it within the trajectory and context of Africa’s appropriation, historically and continuing today, of the pneumatic dimension of Christianity—that is, African Christians’ awareness of the spirit world and focus on the Holy Spirit.

  • The earliest forerunner of the twenty-first century’s Spirit-infused African churches was Kimpa Vita, an eighteenth-century traditional diviner in the Kingdom of Kongo who claimed to be possessed by the spirit of St. Anthony. She became an important prototype to religious leaders who created a new synthesis by appropriating Christian symbols and messages to their traditional religions.
  • The second group of precursors, in the late nineteenth century, were African prophets from the ranks of Christian tradition who called for moral and spiritual reform based on the pneumatic aspect of Christianity. William Wadé Harris in West Africa, Isaiah Shembe in South Africa, and Simon Kimbangu in Central Africa belong to this category.
  • In the early twentieth century, among African Instituted Churches (AICs), a wave of ‘Spirit-type’ churches arose that were marked by a focus on healing and prophecy. Some of them developed into loosely organized denominations such as Aladura in West Africa and Zionist in Southern Africa. Emphasizing divine healing and supernaturalism, they imbued some traditional rituals and symbols with Christian meanings.
  • The last group of precursors were spiritual renewal movements within mainline denominations, such as the Balokole Revival that took place beginning in the 1930s in the Anglican Church of Uganda. Calling attention to spiritual laxity and moral failure in the church, these movements strived to revitalize nominal Christians by emphasizing the transformative work of the Holy Spirit for a deeper spiritual life.

The remarkable emergence of Pentecostal churches in Africa in recent decades should be understood as the cumulative effort of renewal movements that took place in Africa over the previous century. Africans’ pivotal roles in these movements shaped and deepened charismatic spirituality in the various denominations of Africa’s Christian churches.

african holy ghost christian church

Current trends in African Pentecostalism

african holy ghost christian church

Pentecostal Christianity has demonstrated a unique ability to adapt itself to diverse cultural and religious traditions. [2] Instead of rejecting a culture’s traditional belief in the existence or power of spirits, Pentecostals demonize those spirits as entirely evil. Behind this complex process is a thoroughgoing dualism: the Pentecostal worldview divides the world into good and evil, those who follow God and those who follow the devil. By presenting the Holy Spirit as a good and more powerful spirit, Pentecostal dualism allows its adherents to maintain their indigenous spiritual cosmology and even ritual engagement with traditional spirits through Christian spiritual warfare and exorcism.

african holy ghost christian church

From the outset, Pentecostalism has gone hand-in-hand with modernity in rapidly changing contexts. Pentecostalism can offer varied forms of social and spiritual empowerment to the marginalized so that they may move toward a better life. Pentecostals in urban African settings embrace modern characteristics such as individualism, capitalism, and gender equality. They believe each person—not a family or tribe—is responsible for his or her salvation (individualism); they pray God may help them find a job in a new capitalist labor market (capitalism); they learn that they should treat their spouses more kindly, and turn away from adultery (gender equality). African Pentecostals have been proactive in forging their own modernity through what they learn from the modern, global faith community.

african holy ghost christian church

Many African lay Christians—especially women and the uneducated, who were previously underrepresented in the church leadership—find the egalitarian ethos of Pentecostalism extremely appealing. Pentecostal theology holds that religious authority resides in a person with spiritual gifts, not in a religious bureaucracy; relatively low value is placed on theological education or official ordination. This core belief opens up a vast number of opportunities for laypeople and women to serve as preachers, evangelists, and healers in the church. For instance, to mobilize its congregation for various church ministries a Pentecostal megachurch in Uganda recently introduced a new slogan that ‘every member is a minister’.

african holy ghost christian church

Pentecostals are well known for their extensive use of mass media and popular culture. Open-air crusades featuring renowned evangelists are a typical outreach to non-believers. Electronic musical instruments are so important to the worship ministry of African Pentecostals that even congregations that cannot afford to keep their church building well maintained consider it essential to have a full band and a quality sound system. Young people are eager to learn contemporary songs from Hillsong Church in Australia. Many Pentecostal churches in Africa have their own YouTube channel (and even broadcasting studio) to stream live music in public places. The spontaneous, experiential, and exuberant elements of Pentecostal worship offer liturgical alternatives compatible with African religiosity.

african holy ghost christian church

Important contemporary issues in Pentecostal movements in Africa

african holy ghost christian church

Pentecostal churches have been often criticized for their emphasis on the material blessings of health and wealth. The Cape Town Commitment raises significant concerns, noting that ‘the teachings of many who vigorously promote the prosperity gospel seriously distort the Bible’( CTC II-E-5). [ 3 ] Historically many false prophets—not only in Africa, but also all over the world—have promised material blessings in return for generous giving. [4]

It is important to note, however, that the African concept of prosperity is significantly different from the American understanding of it. To Americans, prosperity means having a new vehicle or a larger house. To Africans, on the other hand, prosperity means having an adequate meal or access to basic medical care. As we can see from what Jesus taught about prayer, it is completely biblical to pray that God will meet our daily material needs. Therefore, we should resist the tendency to generalize about the religious beliefs of African Pentecostals and assume they line up with what we know about American Pentecostalism.

Currently, many African pastors are well informed about the theological problems related to the prosperity gospel. A prominent Pentecostal pastor in Uganda, for example, asserts that he has never allowed the prosperity gospel to be preached in his church. A very experienced Methodist pastor in Burundi explains that the prosperity gospel has a strong foothold in independent churches that lack formal structure and theological education. Thanks to the combined efforts to counter the prosperity gospel, its prevalence in African churches has declined in recent years, especially in major denominations.

african holy ghost christian church

African Pentecostals clearly are aware of the global nature of Christianity. They celebrate it as a positive contribution to their faith journey. Young Africans living in urban areas are interested in connecting with the external world in all possible ways. That is probably why in many parts of Africa multicultural congregations are flourishing much more than traditional mono-cultural churches.

Two notable examples of multicultural churches are Christian Life Ministries (the fastest-growing church in Burundi) and Christian Life Assembly (the fastest-growing church in Rwanda). These sister churches led by multicultural pastoral teams (from Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Canada, and the UK) have attracted young professionals and students from twenty different countries through modern-style worship services and culturally sensitive discipleship programs.

This type of multicultural charismatic church is hard to categorize; technically speaking, they do not belong to either AICs or classical Pentecostal churches. They illustrate the complexity of globalization’s impact on African Pentecostal churches. We should be careful not to assume that the Pentecostal movement worldwide has a monolithic character. Any definition of Pentecostalism needs to be pluralistic in nature. [5]

african holy ghost christian church

Africans’ belief in the invisible spirit world has been fundamental to the phenomenal growth of Pentecostalism in Africa. Perceiving the world as a constant interplay between physical and spiritual forces, African Pentecostals emphasize the critical role of the Holy Spirit in their lives. They hold a holistic understanding of the universe in which one cannot draw a neat boundary between the visible and the invisible.

Many contemporary Africans who are thoroughly integrated into the modern world retain their traditional cosmology. It is common to regard disease, misfortune, and relational conflict as forms of spiritual attack. Africans are not perplexed when they encounter someone possessed by an evil spirit. Prayer for exorcism and healing is part of the ordinary ministry of most African churches; they actively engage in spiritual warfare as a way to serve members who are in spiritual turmoil. [6] An Anglican clergy in Burundi describes how he is called on frequently, day and night, to pray for the demon-possessed. It seems unlikely that this holistic understanding will change anytime soon.

The so-called ‘charismatization of African Christianity’ ought to be recognized and celebrated as Africa’s successful attempt to establish a distinctive spirituality.

African Pentecostalism should not (and probably cannot) be understood in purely theological terms. Its experiential and spontaneous nature makes it challenging to fit African Pentecostalism into the neat category framed by philosophically oriented Western theologians. As Timothy Tennent foresaw a decade ago, the time is ripe for the extensive application of interdisciplinary and cross-cultural Christian theology to mission movements in the world. [7] In the case of African churches, the so-called ‘charismatization of African Christianity’ ought to be recognized and celebrated as Africa’s successful attempt to establish a distinctive spirituality that appeals to Africans’ understanding of the universe.

  •  Ogbu Kalu, African Pentecostalism: An Introduction (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2008); J. Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu, African Charismatics: Current Developments within Independent Indigenous Pentecostalism in Ghana (Leiden: Brill, 2005).
  • For a sociological analysis of Pentecostalism, see Joel Robbins, ‘The Globalization of Pentecostal and Charismatic Christianity,’ Annual Review of Anthropology 33 (2004): 117–43; Joel Robbins, ‘On the Paradoxes of Global Pentecostalism and the Perils of Continuity Thinking,’ Religion 33 (2003): 221–31.
  • See article by Moses Owojauye, entitled ‘The Problem of False Prophets in Africa: Strengthening the Church in the Face of a Troublesome Trend,’ in November 2019 issue of Lausanne Global Analysis, .
  • Allan Anderson, An Introduction to Pentecostalism: Global Charismatic Christianity (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2004).
  • See article by J. Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu, entitled ‘Spiritual Warfare in the African Context: Perspectives on a Global Phenomenon,’ in January 2020 issue of Lausanne Global Analysis, .
  • Timothy C. Tennent, Theology in the Context of World Christianity: How the Global Church is Influencing the Way We Think about and Discuss Theology (Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2007).

Photo credits

Article photos by Adedotun Adegborioye on Unsplash

african holy ghost christian church

Originally from South Korea, Daewon Moon serves as Academic Dean at International Leadership University in Burundi. He received his MDiv from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and PhD in World Christianity from Boston University. He has published articles in The International Bulletin of Mission Research, Studies in World Christianity, and The World Christian Encyclopedia.

african holy ghost christian church

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african holy ghost christian church

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african holy ghost christian church

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african holy ghost christian church

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The Oxford Handbook of African American Theology

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The Oxford Handbook of African American Theology

11 The Holy Spirit in African American Theology

James H. Evans, Jr. is Robert K. Davies Professor of Systematic Theology at Colgate Rochester Divinity School.

  • Published: 01 July 2014
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This essay examines the essential features of Christian discourse on the Holy Spirit in African American theology. It looks at the role of the Bible in understanding the meaning of the Holy Spirit for African Americans and in the development of a theology of the Holy Spirit. It also considers the intimate connection between the Holy Spirit and the black church and discusses three models of the Holy Spirit within African American theology: the Holy Spirit as the spirit of radicalism in black religious belief and practice, the Holy Spirit as the spirit of liberation in black religious belief and practice, and the Holy Spirit as the spirit of survival perseverance in black religious belief and practice.

The purpose of this essay is to engage in an analysis and constructive discussion of the essential features of Christian discourse on the Holy Spirit in African American theology, particularly in the form of black theology.

Historical Context

Discourse about the Holy Spirit in Christian theology is often referred to as pneumatology. This word connotes the idea of breathe or wind and, as such, captures the core of Christian belief about the Holy Spirit. Biblically, the Holy Spirit is associated with the breath of God, the wind. It is associated with freedom and a kind of unpredictability. In John 20:22 Jesus breathes on the disciples and they receive the Holy Spirit. In 2 Corinthians 3:17 we are told that where the Spirit of the Lord is, there also is freedom. While it is not as explicit in the Old Testament as it is in the New Testament, the Spirit of God is cited in Genesis as the creative presence of God (Genesis 1:2). The Holy Spirit is central to the identity and mission of Jesus as described in the Gospels. It is present in the form of a dove at Jesus’s baptism, and elsewhere in the Gospels the Holy Spirit is intricately connected with Jesus’s embrace of his salvific mission. This tradition is carried through into the Pauline writings. 1

In the subsequent theology of the Christian tradition the role of the Holy Spirit is critical in its development. While the Bible does not articulate a full-blown doctrine of the Holy Spirit—indeed, it does not articulate any doctrine in a full-blown, systematic manner—it does suggest, in its stories, poetry, law, legend, letters, and life stories, important aspects of the work of the Spirit among the people of God. Indeed, one could say that the manifestation of the holy among humans cannot be fully or adequately understood without attention to the role of the Spirit. The conversion of the Samaritans as recounted in Acts 8:14–17 is not held as valid among the leaders of the Jerusalem church until it is verified that they have received the Holy Spirit. It is the confirmation of the presence of the Holy Spirit among them that finally verifies that they are no longer strangers but co-heirs in the newly given covenant that exists among the believers in the Risen Christ.

In Christian traditional faith claims, the Holy Spirit is understood to be a part of the Trinitarian expression of God. The Holy Spirit is the third of the three persons of God. However, the third person is actually a person in a different way than either the first or the second person. Augustine recognized this in his classic text, De Trinitate , 2 as did others, like Karl Barth. 3 In the first person it is the spiritual presence (God) that of its own being (love) is drawn, compelled (in freedom) to express itself to another in life-giving and life-affirming spiritual power in the Incarnation. In the second person it is the spiritual power, present in the flesh of Jesus the Christ, that, in recognition of itself as the Son of Man, or the human one, and in obedience to another as the Son of God, or the divine one (Son of God and Son of Man), is allowed (in freedom) and compelled by love, to claim its place in this world and in the world to come. At the heart of both the presence and the power is the purpose. The Holy Spirit is a presence but not a passive presence. The Holy Spirit is a power but not a neutral power. The Holy Spirit exists with and within God and Christ in such a way as to lift up, confirm, and confess that the movement of the Trinity is always toward a loving unity. The love and unity that exists within the Trinity is always moving toward a full embrace of all that is.

African American Christians and the Holy Spirit

This biblical dimension of the Holy Spirit as that power which transcends ancient social divisions is important in understanding the development of the meaning of the Holy Spirit among African American Christians. In fact, the Bible is central to understanding this meaning, but it is only one factor in the development of a theology of the Holy Spirit.

The theological understanding of the Holy Spirit, or pneumatology, among African Americans, has taken into account the essence and existence of black religious life. This means that it acknowledges the place of the Spirit in the development of black religion (in the United States) and in the development of the black church. In his classic text Black Religion and Black Radicalism , Gayraud S. Wilmore argues that the Western (and modern) distinction between the human spirit and the Holy Spirit did not apply to the experience of enslaved Africans in America and elsewhere. “The traditional religions of Africa have a single overarching characteristic that survived in an attenuated form for generations—a powerful belief that the individual and the community were continuously involved with the spirit world in the practical affairs of daily life.” 4 The presence and prominence of the Holy Spirit in African American Christianity has often been cited as the root of the more emotional and energetic aspects of some forms of African American Christian worship. As W. E. B. Du Bois described African American Christian worship at the beginning of the twentieth century, he noted the prominence of “the preaching, the music and the frenzy.” However, not all African American worshipping communities evidence such emotion in their gatherings. Another role of the Holy Spirit is to provide counsel and guidance. As John 4:26 proclaims, the role of the Holy Spirit is more than emotional. It has a more constitutive and robust role in the life of the African American Christian community.

In African American theologies, the question of pneumatology has not received the attention given to other theological foci in theological thought, such as the doctrine of God, ecclesiology, and so on. 5 The reason for these lacunae in African American theology, in my estimation, is that the rhetoric of the Holy Spirit takes us into the realm of the supersubjective; that is, to the almost inaccessible reaches of the inner experience of the devotee. African American mystic Howard Thurman, for example, through his embrace of the deep manifestation of the Holy Spirit in the human heart as well as the cosmos, was able to connect with that deep manifestation as it was expressed in the traditions of Christianity, but also in other religious traditions such as Hinduism. After an afternoon spent conversing with a Hindu scholar, Thurman reflected on this experience and the breakthrough that occurred. “It was as if we had stepped out of social, political, cultural frames of reference, and allowed two human spirits to unite on a ground of reality that was unmarked by differences. This was a watershed experience in my life.” 6 The Holy Spirit is associated with radical freedom in John 3:8, where Jesus states, “The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.” The apostle Paul makes this point even more clearly in 2 Corinthians 3:17. “Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.” This radical subjectivity does not always lend itself to academic scrutiny. The danger here, of course, is that this radical subjectivity regarding the Holy Spirit may easily become a detached and idiosyncratic “spirituality.” While the Bible does, in several places as noted above, associate the Holy Spirit with freedom, under the pressure of a culture where sheer “individual choice” threatens to supplant “collective responsibility,” the robust commitments that life in the Spirit requires may be ignored in favor of an emotional response.

On the other hand, the Holy Spirit, and the academic rhetoric about it, can easily appear to be quite far removed from basic religious experience. An example of this kind of discourse in the history of Christian thought is the “filoque” controversy that resulted in the split between the eastern and western branches of the church. 7 At issue in this controversy was whether the Holy Spirit proceeded from the Father and the Son, or from the Son alone. What was obscured in this controversy was the deeper insight that the Holy Spirit is more than just an expression of our radical subjectivity. There is an objective dimension to life in the Spirit. The Bible speaks of these as gifts or graces of the Spirit in 1 Corinthians 12. The danger here is that the objective dimension of life in the Spirit may overshadow the personal element. It is between these two poles that the African American church has attempted to express its idea of the Holy Spirit. It has been left to theologians to give articulate voice to that idea.

There is an intimate connection between the Holy Spirit and the black church. J. Deotis Roberts observes that “the church as a creation of the Spirit is both an institution and a community. Institutions belong to the world of structures. Communities belong to the world of persons.” 8 Roberts is arguing that the black church is a creation of Pentecost. Here, the church is grounded in the power of the Spirit. In its own way, the black church is the conduit for the continual and historical expression of the Holy Spirit. I am arguing that the black church does this in at least three ways. First, the black church embodies and preserves the work of the Spirit among the people. Inasmuch as the Holy Spirit is associated with freedom and liberty as noted above, the role of the church is to give shape to the work of the Holy Spirit and to provide a way for that spiritual legacy to be passed on to others. It is this Spirit that Christ promised to send to his followers as a counselor and as a guide that connects us to Christ’s life, ministry, death, and resurrection. The Holy Spirit is the connection between the black church and the ancient church. Second, the Holy Spirit provided both release and order to black religious life. As noted above, the Holy Spirit is connected to liberty, and its presence announces a sign of freedom for the believer. This is why in Galatians, the apostle Paul warned his readers of the dangers of re-enslavement. “But now that you know God—or rather are known by God—how is it that you are turning back to those weak and miserable forces? Do you wish to be enslaved by them all over again?” (Galatians 4:9 NIV). These and other passages employed by African American Christians as instructive for Christian living have often come under more intense scrutiny by African American theologians. Third, the Holy Spirit provides a means for the richness of black Christian experience to be shared with and affirmed in other religious expressions.

These three affirmations regarding the work of the Holy Spirit in the black church suggest that while the black church is, in its own special way, the embodiment of the Holy Spirit, it does not stand alone as the locus of the work of the Holy Spirit. It is possible to see creation as the primary locus of the Spirit or the ecclesia as its primary locus. The Genesis narratives support an emphasis on the connection between creation and the Spirit. Genesis 1:2 speaks of the Spirit of God brooding over the waters as the creative act begins. And the Pentecost narrative in the book of Acts, chapter 2 , supports an emphasis on the connection between the ecclesia and the Spirit. That is, the reality of the divine Spirit runs throughout creation and ecclesia; church and the world. In black Christian experience, the Holy Spirit runs throughout its full length and breadth. James Weldon Johnson’s early twentieth-century poem, “The Creation,” poignantly describes a God who labors to fashion creation in all of its diversity and magnificence. But the last and most powerful words of the poem speak to the essential role of the Spirit of God in making the human, human. After the human being has been fashioned,

Then into it He blew the breath of life, And man became a living soul. Amen. Amen.

The black church has been both embarrassed and empowered by its association with the Holy Spirit. While thinkers such as W. E. B. Du Bois celebrated the genius of the spiritually energized African American worship traditions, some black Christian communities under the gaze of a community of “cultured despisers” have eschewed those elements of its life that could be associated with the Holy Ghost. At the same time, the black church is empowered by its association with the Holy Spirit. In the context of black religious experience, the Spirit is evident as presence, power, and purpose. In an age of reason, it has been embarrassed by the expression of the work of the Holy Spirit in speaking in tongues, or “shouting.” The ring shout is a religious ritual, first practiced by African slaves in the West Indies and the United States, in which worshippers would move in a circle while shuffling and stomping their feet and clapping their hands. Despite the name, shouting aloud is not a fundamental part of the ritual. This ritual is still evident in those communities where African retentions are strongest, such as among the Gullah people of the Sea Islands.

The Holy Spirit and Black Theology

Within black theology these three models of the Holy Spirit are clearly visible. The first is the Holy Spirit as the spirit of radicalism in black religious belief and practice. The second is the Holy Spirit as the spirit of liberation in black religious belief and practice. The third is the Holy Spirit as the spirit of survival perseverance in black religious belief and practice.

The Holy Spirit as Creator of the Cosmos and Black Radicalism

The language of the Holy Spirit provided a name for a fundamental intrinsic feature of life for people of African descent. The Holy Spirit named the conviction that they were meant to live in freedom and dignity, and that they were precious in the sight of God. This conviction could not be invalidated by the contradictory claims of their oppressors because it was rooted in their sense of themselves. It is this rootedness that funds what Gayraud Wilmore refers to as black radicalism.

Black radicalism, therefore, has been and continues to be a form of protest specific to the black community in its struggle for freedom and a more human life. Accordingly, it has been consistent, in terms of objective and style, with the intrinsic meaning of the entire history and culture of the Afro-American community. It has been an adjunct to black Christianity because it was precisely through the biblical story, the Negro spirituals, and the event of the worship of God in their own idiom that blacks knew the experience of being bound together in the family of a loving Creator and Redeemer who destined them to break the bonds of oppression, to open the doors of the prison, and let the prisoners go free. 9

Black radicalism was the name for the breath of God that brought life to people of African descent. It affirmed that the Spirit that moved over the deep chaos of the Genesis narrative was the same Spirit that gave them life. Black radicalism does not refer, primarily, to social deviance, or incivility, but to an inescapable affirmation of life itself. And it is this affirmation that makes black social protest a spiritual practice. The assertion here is that this radicalism is at the heart of the understanding of the Holy Spirit as Creator in black theology.

The Holy Spirit as Redeemer and Black Liberation

The Holy Spirit is not just the name for that creative principle which undergirds black life. It is also the name for healing and redemptive power that limited the spatial reach and the temporal span of historical suffering. That is, the idea that love is stronger than death, and that weeping at midnight is no match for joy in the morning, connects the Holy Spirit with the notion of liberation. The theological touchstone of African American theology, Luke 4:18–19, connects Jesus’s understanding of himself as being under the sway of “the Spirit of the Lord” and the liberation of oppressed humanity. The Spirit is associated with the release of captives and the setting free of the oppressed. In reference to this biblical passage, James Cone observes that “to suggest that he was speaking of a ‘spiritual’ liberation fails to take seriously Jesus’ thoroughly Hebrew view of human nature.” 10

The Holy Spirit is redemptive in its capacity to free persons from the strictures of sin, both institutional and personal. But this liberation is also liberation from alienation. It is, as suggested by J. Deotis Roberts, also reconciliation. “For black Christians, the Holy Spirit is he who empowers. Once again, the Holy Spirit is God within the life of the individual Christian and the fellowship of believers in Christ. The Holy Spirit is giver of spiritual life. He comforts, guides, and strengthens us.” 11 It is through the power of the Holy Spirit that African American Christians saw themselves as being redeemed from internal and external forms of sin. This meant that the Holy Spirit was always leading one away from those things that restricted and constrained life and toward those things that set one free to live in community with oneself and others.

The Holy Spirit as Sustainer and Black Survival

The function of the Holy Spirit is not simply to inaugurate the creative process, or to simply fix that which has been broken. The Holy Spirit also has the function of sustaining persons in the pursuit of a well-lived life. The prophet Isaiah identifies seven gifts of the Spirit.

The Spirit of the Lord will rest on him—the Spirit of wisdom and of understanding, the Spirit of counsel and of might, the Spirit of the knowledge and fear of the Lord —and he will delight in the fear of the Lord . He will not judge by what he sees with his eyes, or decide by what he hears with his ears. (Isaiah 11:2–3 NIV)

These gifts of the Spirit clearly connect the faithful life with the presence of God. This connection is carried forth in the understanding of the church in the New Testament. They are described primarily in 1 Corinthians 12, Romans 12, and Ephesians 4; 1 Peter 4 also touches on the spiritual gifts . In the Corinthians passage these gifts are not only listed but are to be seen as linking the lives of each person in the community. The Holy Spirit is devoted to the maintenance of human life. For African Americans, the Holy Spirit has historically been associated with the work of survival. It is not just a historical fact, or a momentary occurrence. It is involved in the ongoing, complex tasks of survival. Up to this point we have pointed out that the Holy Spirit was a creative principle, and a liberating power. This third dimension of the Holy Spirit points to its function as a sustaining purpose. Here it works toward and for the survival of the downtrodden. This is its moral purpose. In African American theology, this dimension of the work of the Spirit has been most clearly evident in the writings of African American women theologians.

Perhaps the most eloquent and influential voice in the field of womanist theology is that of Delores S. Williams. In her classic work Sisters in the Wilderness: The Challenges of Womanist God-Talk , Williams lifts up the centrality of the survival motif in black women’s experience. She argues that when confronted by a hostile environment—or the wilderness—black women are made privy to an often overlooked side of God’s self-revelation. In this sense, the wilderness, the site of survival for enslaved Africans, becomes the place where God’s sustaining presence is most clearly evident.

The wilderness experience, as religious experience, was transforming....So, for African-American slaves, male and female, the wilderness was a positive place conducive to uplifting the spirit and to strengthening religious life....Yet wilderness was a place where the slave underwent intense struggle before gaining a spiritual/religious identity....But the struggle itself was regarded as positive, leading to a greater good than the slave ordinarily realized. To the slave’s way of thinking, then, the wilderness-experience was not easy. One tarried and struggled in the wilderness with oneself and finally met Jesus. 12

The wilderness—a place normally associated with spiritual desolation—now becomes the place where divine purpose for one’s life becomes clear. It is the place where the Spirit uplifts and strengthens human resolve to live life to the fullest. Theologian Dwight N. Hopkins, writing about the experience of enslaved Africans in the United States, observes,

A primary fruit gained by the poor on their journey of freedom is the event of the Spirit of liberation speaking to them...the poor realize and feel the ever present reality of the Spirit. Jesus, as this spirit, is the divine reality with the bottom sectors of society. That is why Jesus is Emmanuel—the Spirit with us. 13

The Gospels recount the story of the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness in which he is able to push past the challenges and temptations of the evil one, and to clearly proclaim his purpose in the world. Just as divine presence is affirmed in the creative role of the Spirit, and divine power is affirmed in the redemptive role of the Spirit, here divine purpose is affirmed in the sustaining role of the Spirit.

All three of the above mentioned dimensions of the Holy Spirit are rooted in a basic fundamental assumption about the nature of black existence and life. This trajectory brings us back to the assertions of Mbiti and others that in the African religious sensibility human beings and their welfare are at the center of divine concern. 14 This is why the Holy Spirit in African American experience is not confined to the ethical or ritual aspects of life. The Holy Spirit points to the aesthetic aspect of life. That is, the Holy Spirit’s continual affirmation of the value of black life is at the heart of the economy of its outward expression. This means that the Holy Spirit in its radical freedom is not limited to the creative mode, or the redemptive mode or the sustenance mode. The fundamental understanding evident in African American Christian thought is that the Holy Spirit encompasses all three of these modalities. Because the Holy Spirit is always with us, our worship should know no end; our prayers should never cease, and our service should extend to the world.

See Romans 5:5; Romans 8:9–11; and 1 Corinthians 12:13. The Holy Spirit is central to Paul’s theology, especially as he attempts to both draw distinctions between Christ and the Holy Spirit and, at the same time, to connect them.

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The Zionist Churches of South Africa

The Zionist Churches of South Africa

It is estimated that there are about ten million members of the African Independent (or Instituted) Churches in South Africa. Anyone, therefore, wanting to engage in Christian ministry among the African peoples of southern Africa must have some knowledge and understanding of these churches in order to engage in effective and fruitful ministry.

Evaluations of these churches vary enormously. Some regard them simply as part of the worldwide Pentecostal or Charismatic movement in an African context. Others have concluded that their teachings are so defective that they are not Christian churches at all. The reality is very complex, and there is no single, simple evaluation that is valid for all African Independent churches as they are so different from one another.

This paper will attempt three things:

  • A description of the roots and development of the AICs
  • An overview of their doctrines and practices
  • Suggestions concerning ministry to AIC members

Historical Roots

Portrait of A.M.E. Bishop J.M. Dwane

At the beginning of the twentieth   century two movements from the USA had a powerful influence on the development of AICs – the Holiness movement, mediated by the Christian Catholic Church in Zion of John Alexander Dowie, and the Pentecostal movement, brought to South Africa by John G. Lake and Thomas Hezmalhalch from Azusa Street, Los Angeles. From these origins grew the multitudes of so-called Zionist churches which today constitute the great majority of AICs in South Africa.

A key figure in the development of Zionism was P. L. le Roux, a disciple of Andrew Murray and a Dutch Reformed missionary, later a bishop of the CCCZ (The Christian Catholic Church in Zion) and then finally a president of the Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM). Associated with him, in one way or the other, were many of the early leaders of significant AIC Zionist churches.

John Alexander Dowie was one of the more eccentric products of the nineteenth   century Holiness movement in the USA. He established Zion City, just north of Chicago, as a model community in which pork, alcohol, tobacco and drugs were strictly prohibited. Zion City also became the headquarters of Dowie’s church, the Christian Catholic Church in Zion (CCCZ). Dowie had a special interest in divine healing, and his magazine,  Leaves of Healing , was eagerly read by many in South Africa, including P. L. Le Roux, J. Buchler and Edgar Mahon. In 1904 Dowie sent Daniel Bryant to South Africa. Le Roux met Bryant in Durban, and was shortly thereafter baptised by him by three-fold immersion [1]  in a river outside Wakkerstroom. From the Wakkerstroom congregation came many future leaders of Zionist churches in South Africa, so that Wakkerstroom can be called the ‘Jerusalem’ of the  AmaZioni  of South Africa. Bryant ordained Le Roux as overseer of the CCCZ in Pretoria.

While in Pretoria, Le Roux came into contact in 1908 with two American Pentecostal missionaries, John G. Lake and Thomas Hezmalhalch, who had arrived from the Azusa Street revival in Los Angeles led by William Seymour. To Le Roux’s dismay he learned that ‘Zion taught immersion and divine healing, but not Pentecost.’ Eventually Le Roux accepted the Pentecostal message together with most of the CCCZ people, and their Zion Tabernacle in Bree Street became the headquarters of the Apostolic Faith Mission. When Le Roux went back to Wakkerstroom to explain his step to his flock, they were dismayed, because they did not want to lose their identity as Zionists. A period of confusion ensued. Some of his members went with him, but several others seceded to form their own African-led Zion churches. Those who followed Le Roux remained the Zion branch of the AFM. Later there were secessions from this church as well. It is from this point that paths of the classical Pentecostal churches and the  AmaZioni  begin to diverge. But it is important to remember that South African Pentecostals and Zionists share the same common sources – John Alexander Dowies’s Zion City and William Seymour’s Azusa Street revival.

One of the earliest secessions took place in 1917 when Elias Mahlangu founded the Zion Apostolic Church of South Africa. Daniel Nkonyane founded the Christian Catholic Apostolic Holy Spirit Church in Zion. It was he who introduced certain elements in worship which have remained visible hallmarks of Zionism to this day: white robes, bare feet, holy sticks, and Old Testament symbolism. Le Roux and other white Pentecostals objected to the use of such symbols. 

The long and complex titles of many AICs are often an indication of the theology and pedigree of the churches (e.g. the Christian Catholic Apostolic African Church in Zion of South Africa). Most church names consist of a selection from the following key words: African, Apostolic, Catholic, Christian, Church, Ethiopian, Gospel, Holy, Holy Spirit, Independent, Jerusalem, National, South Africa, Zion. 

Some Early Zionist Leaders

Edward motaung and the zion apostolic faith mission.

Motaung (Sotho for ‘lion person’), also known as Edward Lion and Edward of Basutoland, was one of Edgar Mahon’s first converts. He joined the AFM in 1912 and was given oversight of its work in Lesotho where he exercised an extraordinary ministry of preaching and healing. As late as 1921 the AFM still regarded him as the leader of its work in Lesotho, but some time before that he had seceded to form the Zion Apostolic Faith Mission (ZAFM). Other evidence suggests that Motaung’s ZAFM seceded from the Zion Apostolic Church of Elias Mahlangu in 1920. Such uncertainties highlight the fact that the lines between different Pentecostal and Zionist bodies were very fluid during the first two decades of the twentieth century.

Engenas Lekganyane and Zion Christian Church

The Zion Christian Church (ZCC) has become one of South Africa’s largest churches, yet information on the early life of its founder is very sketchy. Engenas Lekganyane suffered from a serious eye disease for many years and related that he had a vision in which a voice told him that if he went to Johannesburg he should join the church that baptises by threefold immersion, and thus find healing. After arriving in that city in 1912, he joined the Zion Apostolic Church of Elias Mahlangu. Lekganyane developed into a powerful preacher in the ZAC, but later separated from Mahlangu’s Zion Apostolic Church over certain rituals. He then went to Lesotho and joined up with Edward Motaung’s Zion Apostolic Faith Mission. Once again differences arose and in 1924 or 1925 Lekganyane founded his own church, the Zion Christian Church. In 1930 he moved the centre of his operations to a farm he purchased east of Polokwane. This became ‘Moriah’, the headquarters and spiritual centre of the ZCC where the faithful come together every Easter. Leadership of the ZCC was inherited by Lekganyane’s descendants, and it has become the largest of the AICs with a membership probably in excess of a million.

Ma Nku and the St John Apostolic Faith Mission

Christina Nku, known to her followers as Ma (Mother) Nku, grew up as a member of the Dutch Reformed Church. Visions and dreams led to her to be baptised in the AFM and become acquainted with P. L. Le Roux. Le Roux objected to some of her more elaborate displays of prophetic rapture and soon Ma Nku left the AFM to establish the St John AFM. The building erected by this church south of Johannesburg was for many years the largest independent church building in the Gauteng urban area. Ma Nku would pray over thousands of bottles and buckets of water, which then received healing power to be used by the faithful. It was these practices that alienated her from the mainline Pentecostal movement.

Isaiah Shembe and the  ama-Nazaretha

Thunder and lightning, dreams and visions, and heavenly voices all played a part in Shembe’s stormy spiritual pilgrimage. He was baptised in 1906 by W. M. Leshaga of the African Native Baptist Church. In 1911 he broke with his Baptist Church over the issue of Sabbath and started his own church, the  ama-Nazaretha  (Nazarites). The Nazarites have their holy mountain at Ekuphakameni (the High Place), some thirty kilometres from Durban. They also have their own printed hymnbook, which provides valuable insight into the teaching of the church. Shembe is seen as a prophetic/messianic figure, the One who has brought the knowledge and salvation of God to the Zulu people. As the Jews were the children of Abraham, to whom God sent his prophets, so the Zulus are the children of Shaka, the great king who established them as a mighty nation, and Shembe is the Zulu prophet. The person of Jesus is not denied by the Nazarites, but he is somehow too ‘white’ and distant. More central and real in their faith are the Jehovah of the Old Testament and Shembe, his servant and messenger to the Zulus.

Beliefs and Practices among the AICs

They vary widely, but certain features characterize the majority of Zionist churches. These include threefold baptism by immersion; belief in divine healing (often a rejection of medicine and doctors); taboos against alcohol, pork and tobacco; the wearing of white robes with green and blue coloured cloaks, cords and turbans; holy sticks; Sabbath observance; holy dances; purification rites and various degrees of accommodation with traditional African customs.

Zionist theology seems to be more at home in the Old Testament than the New Testament, and more familiar with Jehovah than Jesus. Great emphasis is placed on outward rituals and practices. Few would be able to explain justification by faith or what is meant by the new birth. In a minority of the AICs the founding leaders have assumed a messianic role. 

Ministry to members of AICs

This will depend on the nature of the particular church and the degree to which it has retained or compromised the gospel of Christ according to Scripture. Some preachers and missions call members of AICs to leave their corrupt churches to join an evangelical church; other organisations seek to promote a reform from within by providing theological education to AIC leaders that will assist them to gain clearer views of the biblical way of salvation. This latter approach can only be effective among those churches that have not departed so far from their Holiness and Pentecostal roots.

Kevin Roy  taught church history in South Africa for over twenty-five years and earned his DTh from the University of South Africa. He has pastored and founded several churches and his major passions include church history, the body of christ, walking and music.

The Story of the Church in South Africa

1. Three-fold immersion is the practice of submersion three times in water as baptism, one submersion for each member of the God-head – Father, Son, Spirit.  ↩

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