How to turn the high school “hamburger” essay into a university-level paper

It goes by many names: the 5-paragraph essay, three-tier paper, or 1-3-1 model, to name a few. Many of you know it as the “hamburger” essay – an easy-to-follow model for writing papers that’s often taught in North American high schools.

During my first semester of undergrad, I heard it again and again from my professors and TAs: don't submit a hamburger essay. "Forget everything you learned in high school," they told me, "university writing is different!"

I had always done well on my high school writing assignments. I thought essay writing in university would be a breeze. So, the idea of throwing away all my past knowledge and practice felt confusing and overwhelming. If I wasn’t supposed to write essays in university the same way I wrote them in high school, then how was I supposed to write at all? And where was I supposed to learn these mysterious new writing techniques, anyway?

Now, after many years of honing my academic writing skills and becoming a writing instructor myself, I’m here to say, loud and proud:  I love the hamburger essay.

This is somewhat of a controversial statement in higher education. For years, many professors have condemned the “hamburger” model of essay writing, resenting its rules and restrictions. And while many of these critiques are valid, I believe there are too many valuable aspects of the hamburger essay to throw it away altogether. In fact, many of the  same techniques  that make a hamburger essay great, can also be used to craft a quality academic paper.

So no, you don’t need to “forget everything you learned in high school” when it comes time to write your first university essay! Keep reading to learn how you can use turn your high school hamburger essay into a strong university-level paper.

What is the hamburger essay?

The hamburger essay is well-known and well-loved because of its simple and easy to remember structure. If you're new to the hamburger essay, check out the diagram below to learn more about how it works.

5-paragraph hamburger essay

In short, each ingredient of the hamburger represents a different paragraph of the essay. It starts with an introduction paragraph and ends with a conclusion paragraph, represented by the top and bottom buns, respectively. Just like a real burger bun, these paragraphs frame the juicy contents inside – the body paragraphs – which are each represented by a different topping: lettuce, tomato, or patty.

Pay attention to the order of toppings in the hamburger essay. The lettuce comes first; it’s light and flimsy, representing one of the lighter arguments of the paper. The tomato is somewhat more robust (in terms of argument), while the patty at the end is the true “meat” of the essay. Just like the toppings of a hamburger in real-life, the body paragraphs build on one another to fill out the paper, giving it substance and flavour.

How to use the hamburger model in university

If you’re already familiar with the hamburger or 5-paragraph essay model, there are many great aspects of it that you can keep and adapt in your university essay writing . Keep reading to learn how!

1. The top bun (a.k.a the introduction paragraph)

The hamburger essay begins with a strong introduction paragraph (the top bun) that sets up the rest of the paper and presents the essay’s primary  thesis statement  or argument. In high school, students are often taught to begin their introduction paragraph with the broadest or most general information first, and gradually narrow in on the specifics. They’re also taught to begin the introduction with a narrative hook – a catchy phrase or fact to grab the reader’s attention – and to end the introduction with a “road map,” which outlines what each paragraph of the essay will discuss, in the order of information presented.

Although at the university level, introductions may be longer than one paragraph (depending on the length of the essay overall), they should still begin with more general contextual information first, then narrow in on a more focused thesis statement . This structure helps guide the reader by presenting them with the background information they require for the thesis and body paragraphs to make sense.

You can also keep the introductory “hook” and “road map” pieces of the hamburger introduction, but note the differences in what these elements look like at the university level. While high school writers often try to catch the reader’s attention by asserting a universal or historical truth (e.g. “Since the dawn of time…” or “Throughout history…”), a hook at the university level should  remain focused on the specific topic at hand  – a surprising fact or statistic works well here.

Additionally, while a high school-level road map might outline the topic of each and every body paragraph in the essay, a university-level road map should be less detailed. Because university papers are typically longer than high school papers, it makes more sense to only mention the paper’s main overarching arguments  (if at all) in the road map section, rather than summarize every paragraph.

To learn more about how to write a strong university-level introduction,  check out this WCC resource  on introductions.

2. The bottom bun (a.k.a. the conclusion paragraph)

The hamburger essay ends with a satisfying conclusion paragraph (the bottom bun) that summarizes its findings and wraps up the paper’s arguments. High school students are often taught to structure their conclusion paragraph in the reverse order of the introduction,  beginning with the most specific information and broadening out to the most general . Hamburger essay conclusions often restate the thesis at the start of the paragraph, then go on to summarize each point of the essay.

At the university level, you should continue to structure your conclusion by presenting the most specific pieces of information related to your thesis first, followed by the more general ideas. Structuring your conclusion this way helps  transition the reader out of the paper’s arguments and into a broader reflection on the topic .

However,  you don’t have to limit yourself to only one paragraph  for your conclusion (hint: introductions and conclusions typically make up 10-15% of the essay length overall). And while it’s good practice to remind your reader of the essay’s main arguments and findings, too much repetition can be a bore. Try focusing instead on the  significance  of the paper’s claims and discoveries to highlight for the reader why your essay matters – why your thesis is significant in a larger context.

For deeper insight into how to write a university-level conclusion,  view our conclusions resource  here.

3. The toppings (a.k.a. the body paragraphs)

The body paragraphs of a hamburger essay are its meatiest parts (pun intended). In high school, students are often taught to explain, and provide evidence for, their main thesis by presenting three distinct points in three separate body paragraphs, ordered roughly from the weakest point to the strongest. In this model, each body paragraph supports the essay’s thesis by providing a new piece of information to back-up the author’s primary claim. Also, each paragraph articulates its main point in a single topic sentence at the beginning of the paragraph.

For university essays, there’s a lot to like about the hamburger essay paragraph model. For example, it’s important that each paragraph of your university-level paper works to substantiate the paper's overarching thesis statement . This will prevent your essay from going off on tangents – that is, presenting ideas or research that are not directly related to the essay's focused goal. You should also pay attention to the order of ideas presented; while ordering your points from weakest to strongest (as in the hamburger model) isn’t necessary, there should be a  logical flow to your ideas . Ask yourself: what does my reader need to understand first in order to understand what’s coming next?

Topic sentences are also super useful in academic papers : they help alert the reader to the paragraph’s main idea and provide context for the evidence presented within the paragraph itself. In a traditional academic essay, readers should be able to read the first sentence (or two) of each paragraph only, and still have a strong idea of the paper’s main arguments and points.

However,  university-level essays can – and should – have more than three body paragraphs . This is perhaps the biggest complaint against the hamburger essay structure: that it tricks students into thinking they can only provide three pieces of evidence to back-up their thesis statements. Academic essays, especially research essays, should present the reader with a great breadth of evidence and information to prove their claims. It’s up to you – the writer – to decide how much evidence is needed, and how it can be organized logically into body paragraphs for the reader to follow.

On a similar note,  some points in your academic paper will require more than one body paragraph to develop,  and that’s ok! Let’s say, for example, that you’re writing an essay on the benefits of free community programming for reducing loneliness amongst senior citizens. It may take only one paragraph to present your research on loneliness amongst seniors, but maybe three or four paragraphs to show why publicly-funded programs are attractive to senior citizens in particular.

While some students believe, based on the hamburger model, that each new paragraph requires a brand new topic or point, in reality, there is more flexibility to the “rules” of academic writing. As long as each of your paragraphs is tackling one coherent idea at a time,  you may choose to develop a single point over numerous body paragraphs . This is especially true if you have a lot of evidence to discuss!

To learn more about how to write strong body paragraphs at the university level,   check out this WCC resource   on body paragraphs.

Final thoughts…

Keep in mind that  every writing assignment in university is different  and not all papers follow the traditional essay format. In fact, most essay assignments come with specific guidelines from the professor, which you should always follow with care, and ask questions about if you’re unsure.

If you’re transitioning from high school and looking for help with your writing projects, why not check out our new program for first-years, Waterloo Ready to Write ! Or book an appointment with one of our friendly and helpful writing instructors at the WCC. We would love to help you out.

Writing essays in university can be intimidating, especially if you’re new at it. But remember, you’re here for a reason, and you’ve already got a great foundation to start from! Try to think about writing in university as an extension and adaptation of what you already know. If you have an open mind, take your professors’ feedback to heart, and push yourself to try new things, you’ll be setting yourself up for success.

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How to Write a Hamburger Paragraph

Last Updated: December 30, 2022 Fact Checked

wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 10 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been fact-checked, ensuring the accuracy of any cited facts and confirming the authority of its sources. This article has been viewed 91,974 times. Learn more...

Writing a thorough but effective paragraph can be hard, especially if you're still learning some techniques for structuring your writing. The hamburger paragraph technique is easy to remember and easy to use; it offers a "recipe" for writing full and "meaty" paragraphs. Get started a step number one.

Step 1 Write a topic sentence as the

Community Q&A

Tom De Backer

  • If you are having problems remembering how to write a hamburger paragraph, draw a picture of the hamburger and on each part either write "Topic Sentence", "Detail," or "Closing Sentence". Thanks Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0

the hamburger essay style

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the hamburger essay style

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Hamburger Paragraph Template for Essay Writing

Hamburger Paragraph Template for Essay Writing

3-minute read

  • 3rd November 2023

It almost sounds like something you might see on a menu at a fast-food restaurant, but a “hamburger paragraph” is a method of essay writing often taught in schools to help students structure their paragraphs effectively. Just as a burger consists of various layers that come together to create a satisfying whole, an essay is built up of paragraphs that follow a specific structure.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the concept of a hamburger paragraph and how it can serve as a handy template for essay writing.

Hamburger Paragraph Template

The template below lists the “ingredients” of a hamburger paragraph:

Top Bun (Topic Sentence):

Introduce the main idea of the paragraph .

Filling (Supporting Detail #1):

Introduce your first supporting detail or example that backs up your main idea.

Filling (Supporting Detail #2):

Introduce your second supporting detail or example.

Filling (Supporting Detail #3):

Introduce your third supporting detail or example. Note: Depending on the depth required, you may have more or fewer supporting details.

Bottom Bun (Concluding Sentence):

Wrap up the paragraph by restating or summarizing the main idea – or transition to the next paragraph . Ensure that every main point or idea presented in the paragraph is well-supported and rounded off with a conclusion or transition.

Example of a Hamburger Paragraph Using the Template

Here’s a paragraph about dogs written following the hamburger paragraph method:

Find this useful?

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Dogs have a reputation for being loyal companions.

Filling #1:

Historically, dogs have been known to travel vast distances to reunite with their owners.

Filling #2:

Many breeds have been specifically bred for their loyalty traits, such as Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds.

Filling #3:

Pet owners’ personal experiences further support the claim, with countless stories of dogs displaying unwavering loyalty in various situations.

Bottom Bun:

With their history, breeding, and the personal anecdotes of many, it’s clear why dogs are cherished for their loyalty.

The  hamburger template assists writers, especially those new to essay writing, in assembling a well-structured essay, helping them organize their thoughts and research into a logical format that readers can easily follow. Students can use this structure to ensure they’re fleshing out their ideas adequately and maintaining a logical flow throughout their essays.

So next time you’re writing an essay, think of your paragraphs as a delicious stack of hamburger paragraphs, with each one adding a unique flavor to your overall composition. If you’d like a professional proofreader to review your essay and its structure once you’ve completed your first draft, we’d be happy to help. Check out our essay proofreading services , or try us out by submitting a free sample !

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Using the "Hamburger Method" to Write an Essay: Writing Paragraphs

  • Planning the Essay
  • Writing Paragraphs

The "Hamburger Method" can also be used to organize and develop your individual body paragraphs. Use the downloadable documents on the left to help you follow the instructions in the right-hand column.

paragraph template

The Function of Paragraphs

  • Paragraphs are like a form of punctuation.
  • They make written material easer to read.
  • V isually, paragraphs are blocks of text parked with an indented first line.
  • Functionally, paragraphs represent pieces of an essay. 

Adapted from Harvey, Michael.  The Nuts and Bolts of College Writing  (Indianapolis, IN: Hackett Publishing,  2003)

The "Hamburger Method" of Arranging a Paragraph

  • The "Hamburger Method" is just one way of organizing pragraphs. 
  • Understand your argument and what you wish to say to your reader.
  • Decide on a sensible way to lay out the argument using a piece by piece arrangement to support, explain, and illuminate your argument.
  • Stick to the plan by making sure each sentence fits with your plan.
  • Topic Sentence: Like your thesis statement, the topic sentence tell your reader the context and framework of your paragraph.
  • Detail Sentences: Provide the content of your paragraph.
  • Conclusion Sentence: provides a brief summary or conclusion to your paragraph.
  • << Previous: Planning the Essay
  • Last Updated: Nov 25, 2023 12:41 AM
  • URL:

Lorem ipsum, dolor sit amet consectetur adipisicing elit. Minima voluptatum, soluta doloribus obcaecati eius ex, iure quas mollitia quaerat autem fugiat dolores animi. Optio fugiat quos, iusto id aperiam ut. Placeat similique natus fugit sequi saepe eius nisi ipsam? Saepe architecto id ducimus quaerat, quo ut autem aliquid ipsum vitae quibusdam, labore illo veniam cumque necessitatibus cupiditate dignissimos sunt illum?

Why a Hamburger?

the hamburger essay style

Essentially, what he -- and a lot of college professors want -- are formulaic essays that often lack the kind of artistry and creativity you may have developed and nutured. In fact, for English Language learners, the grades of the writing competency exams are graded based mastery of this formula. The "hamburger paragraph," often taught in elementary schools, provides a basic map outlining how the paragraph will begin, what it will contain, and how it will conclude. In fact, for English language learners, the writing placement exams are graded based mastery of this formula. --> Why a hamburger? Because the "structure" or a hamburger is surprisingly similar to the structure of academic paragraphs and essays with five main ingredients, but moving from the least-to-the-most important reasons: 1. The Top Bun (the Topic Sentence) 2. The Lettuce (the Least Important Reason) 3. The Tomato (the Next Most Important Reason) 4. The Meat (the Most Important Reason) 5. The Button Bun (the Conclusion) starts with an outline and builds from there. Students never have to rewrite anything, even if they make changes For each type of paragraph or essay -- compare-and-contrast, cause-and-effect, persuasive -- the basic structure is slightly different, but if you start with a solid cause-and-effect paragraph you can build a cause-and-effect essay sentence by sentence, with the appropriate transitions. The hamburger structure gives the paragraph a plump hamburger shape . Each can be printed in a Word document. To see how this can help you write an essay? Let's start with The Top Bun

the hamburger essay style

Free Editable Hamburger Paragraph Examples

Frequently writing reports and paragraphs is common for students and professionals. In writing paragraphs, the thing that matters the most is your original writing. Even if you use helping content and websites, your writing skills will demonstrate your understanding of the topic. Hamburger paragraph is the most suitable graphic organizer for writing essays, paragraphs and reports.

1. What is a Hamburger Paragraph?

A hamburger paragraph is a graphic organizers that illustrates the key parts of paragraphs or other writings. It outlines the main points of various writings such as reports and essays to ensure that the writer follows the correct format and information hierarchy. Educators use hamburger graphic organizers to help students understand how to convert their ideas into organized text. With its help, most students learn to share their concepts with cohesive paragraphs and better understand paragraph writing structure.

2. Hamburger Paragraph Examples

Here are some of the most commonly used hamburger paragraph templates from EdrawMax's templates community. The purpose of these templates is to help students understand the concept of writing structures and idea organization. A hamburger graphic organizer makes it easier to visually represent the relationship between information in any paragraph or report. Our paragraph hamburger templates examples will help you better understand hamburger format writing. Check out these examples and pick a suitable template for your writing assignment.

Example 1: Hamburger Paragraph

This is a hamburger paragraph template. There are three parts of a paragraph hamburger. The first part is the top bun, which is the topic sentence of your writing. In this part, you explain your paragraph and your main idea. Under the topic sentence, you add the burger filling, which contains supporting information regarding your topic sentence. The third part is the bottom bun of the hamburger. You conclude your paragraph in this section by writing a few sentences about your main idea and making a reference to your topic sentence.

Hamburger Paragraph

Example 2: Hamburger Graphic Organizer

This is an example of a hamburger graphic organizer. Students use these templates to make assignments and improve their writing skills and idea organization. The hamburger in this template contains five parts. The top bun where students add their topic sentence and give the main idea. The second part contains supporting sentences to provide more information about the topic. The third part connects to the second part and gives more supporting information about the subject. With such a template, you can keep adding supportive details till you prove your point and reach a conclusion.

Hamburger Graphic Organizer

Example 3: Hamburger Writing

Hamburger writing outlines come in various formats, but the key structure of each hamburger graphic organizer is similar. The template in this example resembles a hamburger from the inside and outside. The topic, supporting, and conclusion are part of the hamburger. Paragraph hamburger template helps you understand an ideal way to depict the relationship between pieces of information. The paragraph starts with the topic sentence and the main idea. In the filling section, you add two or three supporting paragraphs and conclude your writing in the last area.

Hamburger Writing

Example 4: Hamburger Paragraph Writing Template

A hamburger paragraph writing template is mainly used for teaching purposes, and it helps students understand various writing structures and graphic organizers. There is a hamburger on the left side and a writing area on the right side in this example. The colors and lines represent which part of the hamburger represents which part of the paragraph. The top bun is the topic sentence, the filling is the supporting sentence, the bottom bun is the conclusion sentence. Students have to write the main idea, details and conclusion of the paragraph in an organized order.

Hamburger Paragraph Writing Template

Example 5: Hamburger Paragraph Examples

This is one of the most commonly used hamburger paragraph examples. There are three parts to this sandwich template. The topic sentence is the first part where students write the main idea of the target paragraph to explain the purpose of their writing. The second part is the body of the sandwich, which is further divided into two or three sections. Each of these sections contains details and supporting sentences regarding the topic sentence. All arguments and related information are mostly written in the body. In the last part, students conclude their writing and give their final thoughts.

Hamburger Paragraph Examples

Example 6: Hamburger Paragraph Template

The hamburger paragraph templates use a hamburger as a metaphor to describe the writing structure of any paragraph or report. The first section of the paragraph is the topic sentence that resembles any hamburger's top bun, and it provides the main idea and direction of the paragraph in question. The second section is the details and support statements that resemble the filling in a hamburger. The third section is the paragraph's conclusion that mirrors the bottom bun of a hamburger.

Hamburger Paragraph Template

Click on the image to edit. Source: EdrawMax Online

3. Online Hamburger Graphic Organizer Maker

A graphic organizer maker is a helping tool for educators and students to create hamburger graphic organizers for assignments and other teaching purposes. EdrawMax Online is the best hamburger graphic organizer maker out there. Most educators use paragraph hamburgers to teach their students, but they don't usually have spare time to make a graphic designer from scratch because it takes some time and effort.

With EdrawMax, teachers can use professional templates and customization tools to create any graphic organizer in minutes. Having pre-made templates makes all the difference because there is zero possibility of making any mistake or using the wrong format.

4. Key Takeaways

Hamburger paragraph helps students understand how to organize ideas and share their concepts. It is a creative method to showcase the ideal paragraph writing structure. The hamburger graphic organizer contains the key parts of a paragraph, and it takes a hamburger as a metaphor to organize information. It helps increase students' creativity while learning how to relate information in paragraphs.

As a result, it is important to find a stauible tool for making hamburger paragraph examples. EdrawMax Online is an ideal graphic organizer maker, because it only takes a few clicks for you to select a template and create a hamburger graphic organizer . You also find many shapes and icons in its symbol library. Find more graphic organizer template in the template community.


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EdrawMax online

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  • School Leaders

Free printable Mother's Day questionnaire 💐!

Why the “Hamburger” Essay Has Gone Stale

And ways to freshen your students’ writing!

Wilted hamburger - it's time to get rid of hamburger essay

The last year has taught educators that we must update many tried and true methods. Especially given the time constraints placed on teachers–whether teaching virtually or face-to-face. I’d like to suggest an important change. Stop requiring the hamburger style, five-paragraph essay. There is no rule that five paragraphs make the best essay. In fact, this unwritten rule leads to restrictive, repetitive, and often content-weak essays. It’s time to get rid of the hamburger essay!

Bye, bye buns

Sure, teachers still assign this style of essay for a reason. It is easy and efficient, but that is often the problem. Many students write through the motions to make their ideas fit into the hamburger style because they’ve been taught to do for so long. Even many state writing assessments still encourage the five-paragraph essay. This requirement often leads to drawn-out and monotonous essays, just so the student can check the boxes.

In his article, Kill the 5-Paragraph Essay , John Warner writes, “The five-paragraph essay is indeed a genre, but one that is entirely uncoupled from anything resembling meaningful work when it comes to developing a fully mature writing process.” The five-paragraph assignment often causes students to focus on how the essay should look rather than what the essay should say.


Serve up choice and voice

My favorite college professor once said he wanted two things from us when we wrote or presented in his class: to be informed and to be entertained. He told us to focus on what we wanted to say and then figure out how to say it.

A quick look at College Board requirements for essays encourages students to consider the following topics: subject, occasion, audience, and purpose. Challenge students to really focus on what they want to say. Encourage students to ask these questions: What is my goal? Why is this important to me? Why should this be important to others? The main goal of any essay should be to help the reader understand your thesis by organizing the ideas in a logical manner to support it. Answering these questions will help the student craft a strong thesis; without it, the essay is just wilted lettuce and mushy buns.

Size shouldn’t matter

The three-pronged thesis statement approach provided the meat, lettuce, and tomato of the hamburger essay. But this also forces students to develop three, and only three, main ideas to support. Sometimes two, four, or more may be just what is needed. As for the conclusion, let go of the idea that the thesis and main ideas need to be repeated. Instead, instruct students to focus on making sure the final paragraph emphasizes why the essay is important and why further action may be needed.

Throughout the writing process, reassure students that it is okay to write creatively. They should spend more time researching and fully developing the necessary support instead of worrying about meeting a certain length or number of words. Encourage students to stay mindful about word choice and voice to set the tone, use a variety of sentence styles to keep readers interested, and stay on topic. These important elements will help the essay achieve its purpose regardless of the number of paragraphs. One of the most important goals of teaching writing is to challenge students to think critically and to find their own voice and style. The focus of essay writing needs to be on quality, not quantity.

Not all essays are equal

Consider the type of essay you are requiring the students to write. If expository is the requirement, a five-paragraph essay might fill the bill. However, if narrative writing is the focus, encourage students to check out NPR’s series “ This I Believe. ” Here students will be able to read and hear numerous styles of essays that also showcase a writer’s voice. If the essay is persuasive, students will certainly want to spend time not only developing those body paragraphs of support but the counterclaim as well. Additionally, many courses simply require students to write an introduction, multi-paragraph body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The length is totally up to the individual student.

Allowing more voice and choice in writing gives the students more control and, in the end, more joy in the process. After all, a meaty and well-done essay is a chef’s kis s to an educator and student who have an appetite for success.

Do you think it’s time to get rid of the hamburger essay? Share your comments below!

Also, let’s stop asking students to start every essay with a hook ., want more articles like this make sure to subscribe to our newsletters .

Why the 'Hamburger' Essay Has Gone Stale

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Because writing an essay is hard enough. Continue Reading

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Write Better Paragraphs Using The Hamburger Method For Writing.

  • Ages 9 - 13
  • One-time Course

English class

An introduction to the "Hamburger Method" for writing. This class is ESL suitable for advanced learners and also suitable for younger ELA learners. In this one-time course, Learners will learn a helpful formula to write a better paragraph.

Learning Objectives

  • Learners will be introduced to the "Hamburger Method" structure for writing a paragraph.
  • We will work on topic sentences, supporting details, and the closing sentence.
  • We will practice identifying the different parts in a paragraph.
  • Learners will create their own "Hamburger style" essay in class time.

Class Description

An introduction to the "Hamburger Method" for writing a paragraph or a short essay. This class is ESL suitable for older learners and is also suitable for younger ELA learners. Also suitable for beginner ELA writers or those needing a refresher. All are welcome! This formula has been proven to help them understand the order and format for writing great paragraphs with details. This course does require that learners already have a beginning knowledge of detailed sentence writing in English. This course is intended to improve their writing by introducing a structure to help organize their paragraphs. We will spend time learning how to form a paragraph. We will not rush through the course. The goal is to understand the method and be able to use it to apply to any topic that the Learner may desire. Learners will write their first own "Hamburger style" essay in class with the guidance of Ms. Jenni. Learners are highly encouraged to ask for any help that they require. A cheerful PowerPoint slide created by Ms. Jenni will be utilized to explain the "Hamburger Method" for writing an essay. A copy of this will be sent after class to Learners who have completed the class with Ms. Jenni. This is a popular essay structure that is especially helpful for beginners in essay writing. It is visually easy to follow, logical, and memorable. Ms. Jenni will send via the Allschool email system a document that has the "Hamburger style" clearly shown with a drawing to colour in and lines to write on. This is used in class time. Learners are encouraged to colour in the pictures and think about what is their favourite animal that they would like to write about. The "Hamburger Method" starts out with an intro paragraph, the “top bun” of the essay, then goes onto the body paragraphs, including the lettuce, cheese, tomato, and the “meat” of the essay, before a concluding paragraph, the “bottom bun” of the essay. This will be a fun and relaxed introduction to the "Hamburger Method". In this class, we will use the topic example of Cats. Each learner will receive a writing-lined version of the steps that they can fill out for their own paragraph writing. Each learner will also receive a .pdf copy of the method so that they can reread what they have learned and use this as a guide for their own paragraph writing. Learners will need to bring colouring pencils, grey led pencils and anything they wish to use to colour in the pictures.

Session Materials

Lesson 1 - an introduction to the "hamburger method".

the hamburger essay style

Class Schedule Abidjan Time

Teacher introduction.

💚Hello! My name is Ms. Jenni.💚 I am an Australian Dual Health qualified professional (Nursing & Counselling) and a qualified Australian educator. I have been a successful online educator for 4.5 years on various platforms. I believe education is a partnership between me and the learner. I believe that learners are profoundly wise and brilliant and full of limitless potential. I love spending quality time with them and being honoured to witness that "ahha" moment and that huge smile when they have achieved their aim. I have a BIG love of teaching! I am anything but your typical "teacher". Do your learners love humour, creativity, improvisation, puppets, costumes, theatre, music, and unexpected singing? What about good-natured fun joking around? What about movement? What about games? Do your learners THRIVE best when establishing a REAL and DEEP connection to their teacher and fellow learners? My style of teaching includes all of these and promotes communication, creativity, joy, journey, and community. I delight in teaching! I always feel honoured by parents/learners when they leave me a kind review. I am inspired by learners' thirst for knowledge, and their genius, and delighted by their ideas and their hilarity. Additional Educational Achievements: 2019 - UK Certificate in Cat Psychology & Behaviour. 2019 - AU Certificate in Cyber Safety & Anti-bullying 2020 - UK Diploma COE “The Wives of Henry VIII”. • UK Diploma University Roehampton “The Tudors” • UK Certificate COVID-19 Psychological First Aid 2020 - AU Certificate in Cyber Safety & Anti-bullying (update) 2021 - AU Diploma in Grief and Counselling. 2021 - Completing - UK Diploma's "Body Language". 2022 - Completing - UK Diploma in Positive Psychology. 2022 - Completing - UK Diploma - Vampirology 2022 - Completing - UK Diploma - Introduction to Acting and Performance 2022 - MOOC Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) (Wicking UTAS) 2022 - MOOC Preventing Dementia (Wicking UTAS) Plus, I have completed my own professional compulsory Australian yearly professional health-related education studies. I have focused on nursing, mental health, well-being, age care, grief, PTSD, anxiety, and neurodiversity. My passions include the topics of well-being, neurodiversity, pop culture, acting, playwriting, creative writing, psychology, Tudor history, Dungeons and Dragons, Science fiction, Australian history, women's history, videomaking, cats, hats, fashion, books, movies, unique class creation, and conversation. I'd love you to contact me with class topics or ideas that appeal to your Learners!

Parent reviews (7)

All reviews see more 5 stars reviews.


Other Classes by Ms. Jenni Fawcett

An introduction to Tudor King Henry VIII and His Six wives (7 to 11)

An introduction to Tudor King Henry VIII and His Six wives (7 to 11)

Social Studies

Ages 7 - 11 

the hamburger essay style

Let’s write a hamburger!

Let us write a hamburger

A lesson on essay writing

by Mehdi Safavi | Jul 16, 2019 | Writing

Let's write a hamburger

by Artist Name

Essays consist of an introduction, two or three body paragraphs and a conclusion. In this lesson, you will learn to write standard body paragraphs with the help of a mouth-watering simile.

  A good body paragraph can be likened to a hamburger . Just like the top bun (bread), the topic sentence should only introduce the subject of the paragraph ; there should not be any details in the topic sentence as the top bread in a hamburger is simply half a bread roll as well. The main ingredients (layers of meat) come in the middle of the hamburger and are called major supporting sentences of a paragraph. These sentences (normally 2 or 3) contain the main ideas supporting the topic sentence and are absolutely essential to the existence of the paragraph. However, you definitely agree that a hamburger would be disgusting (or tasteless, to say the least) if it only consisted of bread and meat (without lettuce, onions, mustard, relish, etc.) ; therefore, it is necessary to add some other ingredients called minor supporting sentences (colourful vocabulary, examples, etc.) to make your writing more readable (or more eatable rather!). Finally, to hold all the ingredients together, your hamburger needs a bottom bun . This piece of bread looks more or less like the top bun (in reverse), and so does your concluding sentence. That is to say, the last sentence of your paragraph should repeat the topic sentence in different words summarising the information presented in the paragraph. You can think of a concluding sentence as a topic sentence in reverse. Thus, I suggest you remember a hamburger next time you are writing a body paragraph.

  RED  = the topic sentence (top bun)   BLUE  = major supporting sentences (meat)  BLACK  = minor supporting sentences  (lettuce, onions, mustard, etc.)   ORANGE  = the concluding sentence  (bottom bun)

Want another model paragraph? Read about why trees lose their leaves.

About the Author

About the Author

CEO and Co-founder of Juice Academy

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the hamburger essay style

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IELTS Speaking

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the hamburger essay style

IELTS Essential Words

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the hamburger essay style

What’s IELTS

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the hamburger essay style

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the hamburger essay style

This Reading Mama

Hamburger Paragraph Writing with Main Idea & Details

By thisreadingmama 1 Comment

My 1st and 2nd grader have been working for a while on personal narratives in our writing time. So after we worked through our Healthy Body Unit , I decided it was time to do some nonfiction paragraph writing! I found some fun clip art and created these simple paragraph writing organizers for them…hamburger style!

If you’re using this after a body unit, feel free to download our free human body report pages  to go along with these!

Free Paragraph Writing for Main Idea & Details Organizers - This Reading Mama

*This post contains affiliate links. **The free printable can be found at the END of this post. Click on the teal download button.

Hamburger Paragraph Writing Using Main Idea and Supporting Details

When we ask learners to write in a way that they aren’t familiar with, graphic organizers {especially ones with cookies  on them}, can help them break the process down in their head. And when it becomes less complicated in their head, it can make the process easier to get on paper.

the hamburger essay style

Now, you and I both know that not all nonfiction writing is organized in this neat, nice package. But teaching paragraph writing using a main idea {or topic} with supporting details is an easy place to start! {Older learners can expand this concept into multiple paragraphs.}

hamburger graphic organizer for paragraph writing

{By the way, this entire process took 3-4 days.}

First, I just handed them the hamburger organizer. We looked at and talked about each part. Having examples from texts handy is vital! If you can’t find a good example, you can quickly write your own.

paragraph writing graphic organizers - free

I gave them this simple graphic organizer to write down their own sentences based on the body part they chose from our unit .

The hardest part by far for my learners was the closing sentence. How exactly do you tie the topic back in without completely duplicating the topic sentence? We brainstormed a lot with closing sentences on day 2. I didn’t give them their answers, but I wanted to show them how flexible it was with other examples. {This is why examples are KEY.}

Do learners have to use these graphic organizers? Absolutely not, but they can sure help in the process of brainstorming and getting thoughts on paper!

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the hamburger essay style

Enjoy! ~Becky

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' src=

November 8, 2017 at 3:41 pm

I love the hamburger organizer. I’ve been working on writing with my reluctant second grader and look forward to trying this idea with him. Thanks for the printable! -Kelley

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the hamburger essay style

Hamburger Paragraph Printables

Hamburger Paragraph Printables

As your student gains confidence writing, continue to challenge their abilities with new goals. Move from writing random sentences to writing an organized paragraph that contains details and facts. It sounds easy enough… and it can be. Use these tips, methods, and strategies to help your student advance in writing. We like to introduce paragraphs to our students using the Hamburger Paragraph Printables. Our Hamburger Paragraph Printables and other graphic organizers make teaching how to write a paragraph easy! 

*You might be interested in purchasing our entire  Writing Paragraphs Bundle  which is perfect for those looking to teach students how to write paragraphs and then 5-paragraph essays! Take a look!

As a Christian Book and Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases. Thank you for your support. As always, we only recommend items that we truly feel will benefit your homeschooling experience. We appreciate it.

How to use the Hamburger Paragraph Printables...

The Hamburger Paragraph Printables make teaching kids how to write a paragraph easy! Language arts has never been a subject I particularly enjoyed. So, when learning to teach my kids the writing process, I came across the hamburger paragraph organizer in multiple places. I loved the premise behind the hamburger visual and saw it as a wonderful teaching tool. This is when I set out to create our own Hamburger Paragraph Printables. 

Hamburger Paragraph Poster

Hamburger Paragraph Printables

The Hamburger Paragraph Poster is excellent to use when first introducing the hamburger paragraph model to students. It explains each part of a paragraph beginning with the topic sentence, three supporting sentences, and finishing with the concluding sentence. Students need to be taught to indent a topic sentence and convey the main idea of the paragraph. The three supporting sentences are considered the body of the paragraph. These sentences should contain details and examples to support the main idea. The concluding sentence restates the topic sentence in a new way. DOWNLOAD BELOW!

Gather Information about a Topic First

Before presenting your student with the Hamburger Paragraph Printable below, you need to direct your student to a topic first.  Once your student has a topic, guide them to gather information including facts, details, or examples about the topic. For example, your topic could be Thanksgiving or the state of Tennessee. Whatever the topic, read about it, research it, or watch an educational video together. 

Consider using graphic organizers

Free Brainstorming Graphic Organizers

 In years past, I encourage my students to gather notes about their topic using a very basic graphic organizer like the ones found  here . As your student progresses, you will find our  4-Squares Graphic Organizers  helpful when students are summarizing events, books, or articles. 

Hamburger Paragraph Printables

When students are asked to summarize a story, article, or event, they can become overwhelmed not knowing how to arrange the information. Graphic organizers help students to break information into pieces. This makes summarizing a book more accessible to even a student who struggles with processing information. 

Hamburger Paragraph Printable

Hamburger Paragraph Printables

Once your student has gathered information about their topic, begin to walk them through the Hamburger Paragraph Printable. Start by helping them write a strong topic sentence. Sometimes a simple yet direct topic sentence is best for beginners. For example, “Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated in the United States.” A very basic version of this is, “Thanksgiving is a holiday.” Depending on the age of your student, the length and verse of their sentences will vary. DOWNLOAD BELOW!

Paragraph Organizer

Hamburger Paragraph Printables

As your student progresses, you may want to graduate to a more direct paragraph organizer. I have found that some of my older students find the hamburger model worksheet too young for them! To each their own! DOWNLOAD BELOW!

Paragraph Writing Conclusion

Hamburger Paragraph printables

As your student progresses, challenge them to write their paragraphs using our Draw & Write sheets. Our  BLANK Draw & Write sheets  are perfect for the student that grows in their writing using this method. As you can see, the  Draw & Write sheets  advance as your student does. As your student’s writing improves, you may challenge them with one of our Book Report Sheets.  


Check out these other free resources....

Elementary Writing

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Tacoma Community College Home

Health Information Management: The hamburger technique of writing

  • Evaluating sources
  • Finding books
  • HIM Body of Knowledge
  • Advanced Google use
  • Medical terminology
  • Professional writing
  • Avoiding plagiarism
  • The hamburger technique of writing

The "hamburger technique" of writing

The "hamburger technique" of writing.

It is important that the majority of your writing in a research paper is YOURS. Even if you are citing your sources, the general rule is that 2/3 of the words in your research assignments should be your own. If your paper consists of nothing but quotes, you are not demonstrating that you understand the material nor are you providing your own analysis of that material. One writing method you can follow to help you do this is called the hamburger paragraph .

Hamburger paragraph:

  • Some instructors will call this the sandwich paragraph method or even the Oreo method (which you may have heard before). Keep in mind that this method applies to body paragraphs, which are basically any paragraph in a paper other than the introduction and conclusion paragraphs. 

Building the burger:


  • Top bun: The topic sentence, or argument. The first sentence of a paragraph should clearly state the paragraph’s main idea.
  • Condiments: Your evidence (quotes & paraphrased information from your sources). When using quotes, remember that a little goes a long way!
  • Cheese, pickles, onions, lettuce, tomato, burger: Your analysis. The bulk of the paragraph! This is where you explain the significance of the evidence in your own words. This section is crucial to your paragraph. Don't get caught in a quote trap. Which is stringing quotes together without explaining their purpose. If you do not back up your quotes or paraphrased information, your writing will be weak and your reader (which at TCC is your teacher) will not be convinced that you understand the material you are writing about.  
  • Bottom bun: Sentence relating the paragraph back to the thesis statement and transitioning to the next body paragraph.

Here's a diagram to illustrate the concept: 

(click on image to enlarge)

diagram of the hamburger paragraph

Example with a paragraph:

Here is another example of a simple "evidence sandwich" paragraph in the middle of a research paper that paraphrases information about using social media in the classroom. If you were to use a direct quote instead of paraphrasing, this is where you would want to place the quote. 

Paraphrase sandwich example

Variations on the hamburger method:


  • You can use variations on this formula.  For example, you could make this paragraph longer by including more analysis of the researchers’ findings.
  • Or you could include a second piece of evidence (more filling!) to further back up your point.  If you add more filling, you might want to balance it by adding another slice of bread, too (that is, more of your own analysis).

Not every paragraph in your paper has to follow this formula, or even necessarily include outside evidence. But this is a classic formula that can serve you well throughout your college career. Just remember, you can't just plop a quote into a paragraph and move on - you must explain what the quote means or why the information is important in your own words - this is your analysis. Don't use quotes to fill space. Adding information into your paper should do just that, ADD to it - compliment it. Don't include useless information, but be picky and use quotes only when you intend to talk about what they mean and why they matter to your argument! 

One last note:

And again, making sure you correctly paraphrase, quote, summarize and CITE is key to avoiding plagiarism!

Diagram source: " Paragraph burger " by M. Persson, 2013, Educational use.

  • << Previous: Avoiding plagiarism
  • Next: Help! >>
  • Last Updated: May 1, 2024 9:38 AM
  • URL:

CC BY SA license

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A Guide to Burger Temperatures

Plus, tips for juicy, flavorful results.

preview for Classic Cheeseburger

So, what's the best way to tell if your burgers are done? According to the USDA , "Hamburgers should be cooked to a safe minimum internal temperature to destroy harmful bacteria that may be present." You'll want to grab a meat thermometer for that. The simple kitchen tool will give you the exact burger temperature, so you know when it's done and safe to eat. This applies to both burgers that are grilled outdoors and those that are cooked on a cast-iron skillet. Either way, find out more about how long to cook burgers depending on their thickness, then keep reading for more tips on cooking burgers. You'll be making classic cheeseburgers and BLT sliders in no time.

internal temperature for burgers

What temperature should you cook burgers?

The temperature of your burger depends on how you like your burgers cooked. According to the USDA, ground meat should be cooked to a minimum temperature of 160 degrees which will give you a well-done beef burger. But if you like your burgers a little less done, aim for one of the burger temperatures below:

• Medium-rare: 130 to 135 degrees

• Medium: 140 to 145 degrees

• Medium-well: 150 to 155 degrees

Keep in mind that your burger patties will continue to cook (because of residual heat) even after being removed from the grill, so if you want to reach the desired temperatures above, you'll need to take the patties off five to ten degrees before they reach their ideal temp. Insert your thermometer horizontally from the side to reach the thickest part of the burger and get an accurate read.

How long do you cook burgers?

If you like your patty medium-rare with a red-pink center and browning around the edges, grill for about two and a half minutes per side or five minutes total, or until the internal temperature reads 130 to 135 degrees. Thinner patties will be done on the earlier side and extra-thick patties may need a bit longer, so always use your trusty thermometer to be safe.

Is it OK if your burgers are a little pink?

If you like your burgers cooked less than well done, then yes! The more pink the burger is in the center, the rarer the doneness; the more brown in the center, the more well done. A medium-rare burger will still be pink and juicy in the middle, whereas a medium-well burger will be mostly brown.

Can you check for doneness without a thermometer?

Yes, but it takes practice—and it's not as accurate. Gently press the burger in the middle and see how squishy it feels. A rare burger will feel soft, like the fleshy area between your thumb and palm when your hand is flat. The more cooked the burger, the firmer it will feel. Press your thumb to your ring finger on one hand and feel that same part of your hand between the thumb and palm; that's what a medium burger should feel like.

.css-l114lb:before{background-repeat:no-repeat;-webkit-background-size:contain;background-size:contain;content:'';display:block;margin:auto auto 0.25rem;}.loaded .css-l114lb:before{background-image:url('/_assets/design-tokens/thepioneerwoman/static/images/butterfly.svg');}@media(max-width: 48rem){.css-l114lb:before{width:2.039rem;height:1.616rem;}}@media(min-width: 48rem){.css-l114lb:before{width:2.5rem;height:1.9rem;}} Summer

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What Could American-Style Gun Culture Do to Israel?

An armed, internally divided nation is not one that makes peace easily.

the hamburger essay style

As new policies promote civilian firearm ownership in Israel, physician and sociologist Jonathan M. Metzl, who studies gun violence, wonders how it will affect the country. Courtesy of AP Photo/Dan Balilty .

by Jonathan M. Metzl | May 6, 2024

A mong the core Israeli national narratives fractured by the October 7 Hamas terror attacks and the months of war and violence that have followed was the notion that Israel’s ethos on firearms differed from that of the United States.

Both countries were gun-centric democracies, that narrative allowed, but the U.S. was a land of too many guns and too few laws—while Israelis “ trust their state, and don’t fear each other. ”  A common refrain emphasized that “in Israel it is not a right to bear arms, but a privilege.”

I knew this mentality well: Before October 7, I had spent over a decade collaborating with Israeli public health scholars and safety activists to better understand how a country with many guns saw only a fraction of the types of civilian gun deaths we do in the U.S. Partner shootings , homicides, gun suicides, accidental shootings, and mass shootings remained remarkably low , thanks to a web of public-health based laws and policies that seemed enviable, if politically impossible, in America.

Many Israelis received firearm training as part of mandatory military service, but the government banned assault rifles for private citizens and issued handgun permits only after an extensive vetting process.

Effective gun policy reinforced social cohesion. While Americans carry guns based on individualized notions of self-protection, Israelis considered gun ownership a shared responsibility .

Such cohesion was often articulated as being not-the-U.S . When the National Rifle Association sent high-level donors on tours of Israel to promote U.S. gun laws, Israelis widely dismissed the efforts as “American mishegas.”

Like many national narratives, Israel’s gun scripts were always based partially in myth . Armed settlers in the West Bank recklessly intimidated and harassed Palestinians. A robust criminal contraband arms market flourished in smaller cities; the victims of shootings from these guns were overwhelmingly Arab citizens of Israel.

Still, American researchers like me could view Israel’s gun safety efforts as models of successful public policy. I worked with groups like the Israeli chapter of Physicians for Human Rights and Gun Free Kitchen Tables that championed coalition-based community safety and advocated for disarmament in “civil space in Israel and the territories under its control.”

That calculus shifted on October 7. A catastrophic failure of state protection tapped into epigenetic – level fears about being Jewish, vulnerable, and exposed —and changed the nation’s relationship to firearms in ways that have profound and lasting implications.

Prior to the Hamas attacks, National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir—a nationalistic arsonist once expelled from army service because of radicalism—repeatedly tried to weaken gun permit regulations and ease carry rights, arguing that Israel should “take the good things from the U.S.” when it came to guns, but his extremist arguments failed to gain traction.

After October 7, however, Ben-Gvir and his allies managed to fast track legislation that generated an unprecedented spike in armed Jewish civilians. “Carry a Gun, It’s a Life-saver: Ben-Gvir and His Wife Boast of Dramatic Expansion in Israelis Carrying Weapons” read a headline in Haaretz on October 22. Within weeks , the Netanyahu government distributed thousands of firearms and issued more than 30,000 new carry licenses. Contentious Knesset oversight committee meetings detail ed how dozens of unqualified people—including Ben Gvir’s personal staff appointees—had been granted temporary authority to approve gun license applications.

“They’re handing out guns like candy,” a senior security official told Haaretz . “There’s almost no oversight.”

Rightist politicians invoked the U.S. to support the gun splurge. Simcha Rothman , a member of the far-right Religious Zionist Party, cited Ronald Reagan and the NRA—“Guns don’t kill. People kill”—to promote expanded gun licensing.

U.S.-based gun rights outlets reflexively lauded these developments, which would lead to the distribution of more than 100,000 guns in the West Bank alone.

I t’s understandable why gun sales to civilians spike in times of peril. Guns provide real protection in some instances and the promise of protection in others.

As a longtime scholar of American gun politics, however, I’ve learned that gun safety and security are never as straightforward as the NRA ’s “good guys” versus “bad guys” binary makes it seem. Armed civilians rarely prevent crimes such as mass shootings. Potential security benefits to arming civilians are often counterbalanced by rising everyday gun-related injuries and death.

Gun ownership can make people wary of governments and regulations. I once interviewed a man from Missouri who told me that he was “anti-gun” for the first 40 years of his life before he grew concerned about the “gang crime” he heard about on FOX News. He started carrying one concealed handgun for “protection,” then two, and then he bought several rifles. The man ultimately switched his political affiliation from Democratic to Republican because he worried that liberals would take his guns.

Gun politics can also be tribalizing, divisive , even antidemocratic . After the death of George Floyd, gun sellers played on fears and conspiracies to foment white anxiety about Black violence while at the same time citing concerns about police brutality to market semiautomatic weapons to Black and Latino populations. Pro-gun courts in the U.S. overturn firearm safety laws put in place by voters .

The right-wing Netanyahu government was doing more than adopting U.S. gun laws: It was also adopting a version of the NRA’s divisive playbook.

The Middle East represents a profoundly different context. But as I tracked Israel’s changing gun policies, it appeared that the right-wing Netanyahu government was doing more than adopting U.S. gun laws: It was also adopting a version of the NRA’s divisive playbook . Ben Gvir’s gun policies papered over security lapses, weakened trust in democratic institutions, and exacerbated existing political and social divides.

For instance, Israeli data had shown that shockingly few terror attacks are stopped by civilians with guns. Still, the Netanyahu government relaxed regulations around shooting other people based on American-style stand-your-ground justice, and doubled down even after civilians were shot and killed in “ crossfire ” shootouts.

Disproportionate numbers of the newly distributed guns ended up in the hands of supporters of Netanyahu’s conservative/religious coalition. Armed Jewish security squads formed in so-called “mixed cities” where both Jewish and Palestinian Israeli citizens live. Armed violence against Palestinians also escalated in the occupied West Bank—where members of Jewish settler groups had long been allowed to carry weapons, while Palestinians had not.

W hat does it mean for a nation whose guiding health principles were built on social-democratic solidarity to so rapidly adopt American-style armed individualism ?

After October 7, I started asking my former collaborators—leftist Israeli Jewish and Palestinian clinicians, advocates, journalists, organizers, and academics.

“We’ve been attacked,” many told me in the fall, shattered by the violence and the plight of hostages; they understood the desire for firearms. At the same time, no one could believe how many guns flooded in. “People we never imagined are lining up for permits and carrying guns,” one activist said during a group Zoom conversation. Others on the call chimed in. “My husband.” “My grocer.” “My father-in-law.” “Me.”

Being “like the U.S.” when it came to guns emerged as a source of inquietude. One activist lived in a Tel Aviv suburb a block away from a building that was hit by a rocket. Sirens rang in the background when we spoke; still he wondered, “I keep fearing that once peace does come, with all these guns around, how long will it take until we see our first American-style mass shooting?”

An ER doctor told a story about bickering neighbors holding up guns mid-argument. She asked a question that months before would have been unimaginable: “Do you think U.S. gun safety groups might be willing to take up our cause?”

“What violence is being done in our name?” an activist asked as the human catastrophe in Gaza spiraled over subsequent months.

Meanwhile, Ben-Gvir was arming his own controversial security apparatus on the West Bank and promoting racist notions of Jewish “supremacy.”

Lax gun laws increasingly portended existential threats to the socialist underpinnings of Israeli public health, and broader erosions of civil liberties. A leading peace activist detailed ways that the “gun drive is running roughshod over democratic procedures,” and going hand-in-hand with “rising authoritarianism” and “a trajectory of increasingly violent police responses against anti-war protesters.”

Gun safety groups mobilized in opposition .  “I don’t really think Ben-Gvir wants Israelis to feel safe,” a Palestinian Israeli lawyer explained in late December. “He wants settlers and crazies to intimidate others.”

Gun proliferation that began as a response to an external threat had become an enforcer of expansive internal agendas .

T ensions surrounding Israel’s guns became more divisive over time.

Liberal and secular Israelis had long found common cause with U.S. progressives around matters including racism and reparation , gay and trans rights, climate change , health equity , and regional peace . But by January, as seeming allies abroad protested against not just the war in Gaza but the existence of Israel itself, an Israeli Jewish journalist wondered whether disarmament would become more difficult as the country became increasingly isolated. She worried that feeling “under siege, not just by our enemies and Netanyahu but also by the supposedly liberal, modern people in the West who we thought we were part of” would make it harder for Israelis to imagine or “do peace.”

A safety activist told me in mid-March that “anchoring disarmament of the public sphere to peace would mean placing it in the very distant future…so in our messaging to Israeli gun owners, we now tend to speak about an ultimate transition to relative calm.”

However such efforts evolve, it becomes increasingly clear that the decisions Israel makes about gun proliferation today will go a long way toward shaping the future of the nation.

The country can overturn Ben-Gvir’s disastrous gun policies and begin the hard work of countering their polarizing health, social, and political effects.  Such an approach depends on larger upstream commitments to regional stability , and a renewed commitment to what Haaretz calls “the contract between state and citizen” that lies at the core of democracy and public health.

Or Israel can remain a fortress that—similar to the U.S. castle doctrine—arms itself ever more defensively in anticipation of real and speculative threats.

If I’ve learned anything from studying the U.S., an armed and internally divided nation is a nation less able to negotiate, effectively legislate, or meaningfully compromise.

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