The Meaning Behind The Song: The Ghost of You by My Chemical Romance

The Ghost of You, a song by the American rock band My Chemical Romance (MCR), holds deep meaning and significant emotions within its lyrics. Released in 2005 as part of their second studio album, Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, the track delves into themes of loss, nostalgia, and the pains of moving on from a traumatic event. The song encapsulates the raw emotions experienced when reminiscing about a loved one who has been lost, weaving a haunting narrative that resonates with many listeners.

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Within the lyrics of The Ghost of You, MCR paints a vivid picture of a tragic event, possibly inspired by World War II. The song speaks of the untimely death of a soldier and reflects on the grief and longing left behind. Gerard Way, the lead vocalist and lyricist of the band, uses poetic imagery to convey the heartbreak and sense of emptiness that follows the loss of a loved one. The chorus, “If I could be with you tonight, I would sing you to sleep, never let them take the light behind your eyes,” carries a poignant message of wanting to protect and comfort the departed even in their absence. This line, in particular, emphasizes the bittersweet desire to maintain a connection with someone who can no longer be physically present.

The Ghost of You not only explores the pain of losing someone dear but also delves into the impact of such loss on the survivors. It delves into the feelings of guilt and remorse that can accompany grief, as evident in the verse, “And if you carry on this way, things are better if I stay, so long and goodnight, so long and goodnight.” Here, the song touches on the idea of survivors feeling responsible for the events that led to the loss, struggling with the burden of moving forward while still carrying the weight of past memories and regrets.

Frequently Asked Questions about The Ghost of You:

1. what inspired my chemical romance to write the ghost of you.

My Chemical Romance drew inspiration for The Ghost of You from their fascination with history, particularly World War II. It is believed that they wanted to capture the emotions and turmoil experienced during tragic times, encompassing the feelings of loss and longing associated with war.

2. Did the band intend for the song to resonate with a specific audience?

While My Chemical Romance’s music often appeals to alternative and emo music fans, The Ghost of You transcends genres and resonates with a wide range of listeners. Its universal themes of loss and longing strike a chord with anyone who has experienced grief or cherished memories of a lost loved one.

3. Has the band ever shared any personal anecdotes regarding The Ghost of You?

The band members have been known to be relatively tight-lipped about the song’s specific meaning. They prefer to let the listeners interpret the lyrics in their own way, allowing for a more personal and individual connection to the song.

4. Are there any live performances of The Ghost of You that stand out?

One notable performance of The Ghost of You by My Chemical Romance was at the 2005 MTV Video Music Awards. The band’s intense stage presence and Gerard Way’s emotive vocals brought the audience to a standstill, captivating viewers and cementing the song’s impact within the music industry.

5. How does The Ghost of You compare to other songs by My Chemical Romance?

The Ghost of You showcases My Chemical Romance’s ability to blend powerful lyrics with captivating melodies. It is often regarded as one of their most emotionally charged songs and has become a fan favorite alongside their other hits such as “Welcome to the Black Parade” and “Helena.”

These are just a few of the frequently asked questions that surround The Ghost of You, a song that encapsulates the resonating power of music and its ability to evoke deep emotions. My Chemical Romance’s lyrical storytelling and evocative melodies have made this song an enduring testament to love, loss, and the bittersweet pain of memories.

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The Ghost Of You by My Chemical Romance

the ghost of you is close to me


  • This song deals with the fear of losing someone. It is not to be interpreted about just losing one special person. According to the band, the whole album is about losing people. >> Suggestion credit : Ryan - Fredericksburg, VA
  • The video could have been about losing a girl, but they took an entirely different direction and portrayed the band as soldiers in WWII scenes. The aspect of loss appears when bass player Mikey Way is shot and killed by German fire.
  • You can find almost this exact scene that is portrayed in the video for "Ghost Of You" in the movie Saving Private Ryan . >> Suggestion credit : Megan - NY, NY
  • MCR frontman Gerard Way told MTV the song was inspired by Alan Moore's Watchmen comic, which featured a perfume ad with the tagline, "Oh, how the ghost of you clings."
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Comments: 71

  • Frank from Texas This song will always make me cry and also Helena since most of the album is about death, I lost my grandma in Oct. 2019 and every time I listen to Helena and when I listen to The Ghost of You I think of my grandma and grandpa also (Dec. 2020). Just hearing both of these songs make me cry so much but they also bring so many good memories
  • Athina from Canada My uncle was murdered in sept 2022 & I lost my cousin who passed away in her sleep last month. This song has been getting me by. Just felt the urge of searching up the meaning of the song now lol. The grief is never ending but so is the love.
  • Destany from California Gerard looked suuuuper cute in this video lmao I'm sorry
  • Daniele from Italy Great song, great video.
  • Alex from Nc Honestly this is my favorite music video that they have ever shot because of the scenes
  • Charity. from Nc This pains me so much. Just seeing how Gerard shot up and yelled Mikey’s name and he kept on running whilst Gerard broke down in tears, screaming. And how the scenes where he sings after his death fogs up like how your eyes would when you cry. Such a masterpiece..
  • Lucas from North Carolina Jesus Christ this song is sad it reminds me of how my great grandfather inspired me to want to get into the military for his work in World War Two and every soldier in the allies we are here today for their help we can still sit down and have fun
  • Arechi from Texas Yo cat Kat from Illinois. The music video was extremely tame. You want something more real? Watch saving private ryan.
  • Kat from Illinois my teacher showed this video in class the other day. no one in the class really understood the topic (D-Day) until we got a visual. the feeling in that classroom when the video was over was unreal. I almost started crying once Mikey was shot and I think it was because I saw someone I knew in that physical state. It really brought a whole new meaning to the topic that I think a lot of people don’t really grasp. I’ve always loved this song but I’m not a music video type of person so I never bothered to watch it. Really great video and I’m glad MCR made their comeback!!
  • Saca from Afrca I feel the pain in this song.
  • Dyoweh from Singapore, Singapore its a great damn music and a nice MTV video too, I would really like to see another version of its music video.
  • M from Asdfjkl;, Il I think it was hard for Mikey to hold his breath for 45min. let alone 10min.
  • Megan from Stevenson, Al OMG! I was hooked on this song when it came out! I just couldn't stop listening to it....I love the old, dated look to this video. I looooove the part of the song where he whispers and then the music gets loud!!! My favorite part!
  • Vicky from Chesapeake, Va every time i hear this song i can feel his / her pain , the agony, the anger, just all of it makes me want to cry in pain along with them....i really feel for them! Also, in the video, when mickey gets shot, Gerard screams his name in terror and you can see the horror in his eyes from what he has just witnessed happening before him. It is such an intense feeling that this song gives you! I just love this song so very much it is so totaly fact its amazing! Yeah!
  • Ethan from Md, Md This song is about Some Womens husband going out to war and dying,and the wife thinks about killing herself.Most fo this is his wife talking,except for when he starts yelling.When she says "At the end of the world" she is talking about the war,not her life.Then she says "Never coming home" she revers to her husband who is MIA.And when the song says "could I should I?"She refers to killing herself,and she is very depressed,which is why the song picks up tempo when They sing about him fighting and dying.
  • Maria from Jacksonville , Fl I think this song is about someone contemplating suicide after someone close to them dies. I didn't get that feeling the first time I heard the song, but after I read the lyrics over a few times, the suicide thing started to become evident. Atleast to me. "I never said I'd lie in wait forever If I died we'd be together now I can't always just forget her But she could try" The very first line makes me feel like the 'voice' of the song (or guy) never agreed to keep on living after the 'girl' died. Maybe she was terminally ill and the whole song is a reflection on a life he'll never be able to live out with her, "And all the things that you never ever told me And all the smiles that are ever gonna haunt me" The lines, "At the end of the world Or the last thing I see You are Never coming home Never coming home" make me invision the reality of the girl's death crashing down. And then "Could I, Should I" makes me think that he is thinking about following her into death. Of course this song is not limited to a girl and boy interpretation, as seen by the video, but this suicide feeling is atleast what I gathered from the lyrics.
  • Indigo from Adelaide, Australia just because it says "she" in the song doesn't mean it is about a girl. i think "she" is representing the loss of anyone, it doesn't have to be a girl. Gerard said its about someone dying, no one in particular, just losing someone. you don't have to take the lyrics so literally. the video is so great, it is so differnet from what i thought it would be. gerard is good in it, but i think mikey was awesome!
  • Melissa from Liverpool, United Kingdom GERARD SHOULD BE IN MOVIES HE IS BRILL IN THIS VIDEO!!!!!!!! anyway I think this song is about someone who has lost somoene(break up or died) and I think he has a new gf who basically is angry cause he cant get over her but really he loved her and feels like the world is coming to an end if your wondering why I got the gf Idea look at the line "but I cant always just forget her but she could try" just my opinion.
  • Jess from Cobram, Australia people probably think this is about a girl because they keep saying SHE maybe??? lol i think u can take it different ways and i think the video is perfect for this song. really.
  • Kat from Boston, Ma The song got its name from the Nostalga add, "oh how the ghost of you clings" in the graphic novel Watchmen by Alan Moore
  • Courtney from Harrah, Ok Why do so many people always think a song is about a girl? That stereotype is getting really old.
  • Kandice from Corona, Ca this song is named after something in a graphic novel called Watchmen. in the novel, there is a character who has a product and in the advertisement for that product, there is a catchphrase which is "oh, how the ghost of you clings" gerard way talked about it in one of his interviews
  • V-starr from ??????, Mi I love the song I like the video I hate the part when Mikey Dies :(
  • Cynthia from Belfast, United Kingdom The video and the song are two different things. They are separate..the song isn't about Mikey it's about a girl you retards ... the video is just dare to say it's about losing someone not Mikey ..oh my god such as.. 'at the top of my lungs and my arms she dies'
  • Axl from Kilgore, Tx Well this song can be taken different ways depending on the perspective. When I first heard it the thought that popped into my head was simply another song about love lost. In retrospect I guess it still is but after my decision to join the Marine Corps. Infantry (leaving for bootcamp end of may)this song had an unexpected emotional impact on me. The chorus (at the end of the world or the last thing I see you are never coming on and so forth)in my opinion has so many meanings tied into it that its hard to take the understanding and put it into words but I think the part in ()'s could be about a soldier seeing someone important to them in his final moments or even that of family members having to come to grips with the fact that "you are never coming home". At the end of the chorus (could I, Should I) it portrays the fear or unwillingness to say something then the regret of it cause its to late. And the final version of the chorus deals with the trauma some or all soldiers deal with after they see war firsthand. My sister played the video after I told her of my military decisions and I think she got her point across in a way that I understand. My advice to all is not to let yourself "be afraid of fear" (Nirvana-you know your right) and say what has to be said to soldiers or for that matter anyone worth your time cause this life is short and there are no real second chances. Sorry for my long that a word?
  • Ozzy from Fresno, Ca I wish their new music was less...main stream. I mean, like I listen to the oldies and emo punk idk is weird. Anyways, I was at my middle school dance and everyone started singing along to Teenagers and I'm like omg is this mcr? It IS sad too
  • Skyttles from Poolpartytopia, Czech Republic This video is Great...but not as good as Famous Last Words.. Its funny because in the music video for Ghost of you, when Gee is screaming at the bar after Mikey dies...he's not lip syncing..he really had to scream and sing no matter how bad he sounded! I wouldnt be able to do that!!
  • Jenna from Nova Scotia, Canada in response to Althea's thing you CANNOT be emo,emo is a type of music you're either hardcore or scene.Oh and this song is really wicked!I love it!
  • Summer from Greenwood, Sc In my opinion this song is about a soldier and is significant other. I believe the woman commits suicide. The soldier says (If I died we'd be together now) which means that if he died in action he would be with her. And then she says (At the end or the world Or the last thing I see You are Never coming home Never coming home Could I? Should I? And all the things that you never ever told me And all the smiles that are ever ever) which could be her feelings on him in the war.
  • Ali from Oxford, Pa I've always seen this song from the perspective of a soldier and his girlfriend or wife. I think that he first line of the first verse 'I never said I'd lie and wait forever' is from the girlfriends perspective, saying that she never promised to wait for him to come back, and that while he was gone she found someone else. 'If I did, we'd be together now' means that if she had promised him she would wait that they would have been together after he came back, but that isn't possible now since she is with another man. 'I can't always just forget her, but she could try,' could possibly mean that now since he is home and she is with another, that he wishes he could just forget her and ever being with her, and wishes she would do the same and just stop calling/ making contact with him. The chorus to me seems to be him coming to grasps that she's never coming back to him, that she doesn't love him anymore. The second verse seems to be him remembering back while in the war, that he constantly had a feeling that she wasn't all alone and that someone else. I dunno, I've just always saw it as something like that.
  • Aliya from Rocklin, Ca Mikey didn't fake die for three hours, in an interview he said he had to fake die for 45 minutes.
  • Morgan from Gresham, Or I love this song sooo soo much!!! it helped me get through hard times many times. so sad when mikey dies, the expression on gerards face makes me wanna cry, mikeys a really good actor. i cant believe he faked dying for 3 hours...i wouldnt be able to do that. i love mikey and gee...and every1 else in mcr 4 that matter...
  • Katie from Temecula, Ca its about losing someone u love... becuse we all go thru it!!!very sad music video mikey dies!!!!!!i cry whenever i listen 2 it... amazing and incredible.... mikeys a good actor... its NOT about gerards grandma!!!thats helena!!!its about noone in particular its just about death
  • Althea from Everett, Wa I Love This Song, I Cry Everytime I Hear It....All Their Songs. I Just Can't Help It, Crying. I Guess I'm More Emo Than I Thaught?
  • Trish from Omaha, Ne This is definitely one of my favorite songs by MCR.
  • Brittany from Centreville, Va my boyfrieind (ex) broke up with me because he is going to iraq. he sent me this video after he broke up with me.. i wasnt sure exactly what he was trying to tell me.. still not very sure. he said he doesnt want me to loose someone else ( i lost my mother ) but i think by ending our relationship is just as bad as loosing him to war.
  • Aisling from Dublin, Ireland here the url for it.... also if u use the keywords my chemical romance MCR the ghost of you hidden track subliminal message. you should be able to find it...also check out the cemetary drive hidden msg.
  • Jordyn from Ogden, Ut Hey aisling, how do you find the 'hidden message' im there but i cant find it.
  • Hannah from Hampshire, England I dont think this ong is about anyone in particular dieing. In the lyrics it refers to a woman but in the video its their brother and their friend. They performed this at a concert I went to and Gerard said it was just about dieing. No one in particular just losing people.
  • Dj from Concord, Nc mikey said he had to fake dieing for over 3 hours
  • Aisling from Dublin, Ireland in my opinion the video really brought out the true meaning of the song, its such a heart felt song...apperently if you play it backwards theres a hidden msg, its on youtube.
  • Katie from --, In Joana, there's no such thing as a perfect song. There isn't and there will never be one.
  • Joana from Lisbon, Portugal This song is amazing. I first heard it when I lost someone really important and nothing could explain better what I felt than this song. The song is perfect, I can listen to it everyday that I won't get tired of it.
  • Tabitha from Brooklyn Park, Md This song has nothing to do with their grandmother. The album is DEDICATED to her. Just because something's dedicated to that person doesn't mean that every song on the album has to be about them. I think it has to with someone losing someone without getting a chance to say goodbye. Such as "At the top of my lungs in my arms she dies", he's saying that he was trying to say goodbye to her, but he didn't get the chance. And he will be haunted by her smiles ("all the smiles that are ever gonna haunt me) and by his doubts ("All the things that you never ever told me"). And he won't even be able to see her ghost, so she'll "never [come] home".
  • Meghan from Tipperary, Ireland ya i know that at the end mikey dies but i read somewhere when frank said he enjoyed dieing in the middle of it!i was just wondering if anyone else had seen that part in the video where he dies!because i didnt!
  • Meghan from Tipperary, Ireland ya i know at the end mikey dies but i read an interview where frank said he really enjoyed dieing in the middle!ive seen in the end of it where bob and it seems to be frank are holding gerard back!i didnt see the bit where frank dies in the video and was just wondering if anyone else had?ya i agree with u thou!the bit at the and where gerard is shouting makey and the others are holding him back!its really moving!
  • Droopyeyes from Hcmc, Other To Meghan: the one who dies is Mikey, not Frank. It's the same time when Gerard shouts his name. I love this so much. It really hurts me to see Mikey get shot and fall down and Gee shout "Mikey".
  • Mike from Petersham, Ma I like this band and their songs!!!!!!
  • Droopyeyes from Hcmc, Other I love this song, the lyrics, the melody, everything. And Gerard's voice's really great. And I love the video. I really love it when Gerard shouts "Mikey" in the video. It's so moving.
  • Ilse Serna from Empalme, Sonora, Mexico Who has heard The Black Parade record?
  • Meghan from Tipperary, Ireland i love this song soo much!it has a special meaning 2 me!does frank die in the middle of it??
  • Georgina from Laredo, Tx I love this song it give me chills
  • Andrea from Tucson, Az This song rocks! i just keep replaying it until i get it stuck in my head so i can listen to it when i'm not listening to it... uhhh yeah i think thats the right way to say it.. but i love how they did this song and the words deffinitly have a message about the fear of loosing someone they love. I didnt know there was a video i think ill go check it out now!
  • Cheryl from Poolville, Tx This song is amazing. Gerard's face at the very end is priceless and depicts the exact reaction a person would show in those kinds of harsh situations.
  • Ilse Serna from Empalme, Sonora, Mexico This song is very true. Everyone feels like that when they lose someone.The first time I saw it it almost made me cry.When someone dies it is hard to except it but in the way Mikey died it is even harder to put the words death, died,dies, or die in your vocabulary. It does have a lot of sad things but we all have to deal with it at one time or another. It is hard to lose someone you love but it has to happen. You can't really explain anything in words for this song. That's how deep this song is. At the end it is very sad because Gerard had to see his own brother die.
  • Simone from Redwood City, Ca I love the song Ghost Of You not only because the video roxx and that the song has alot of feeling to it, its cause in the video, Mikey Way looks like my cousin Mikey. My cousin was also in the Marines, and in the video so was Mikey Way. My cousin died, and in the video so did Mikey Way. So it really makes me feel a little on the good side because it looks as if i am seeing my cousin on tv. But the bad part is that Mikey dies and seeing that is like seeing my cousin die right in front of my eyes. So, it makes me happy but at the same time sad. That is why i love the video Ghost Of You.
  • Kirsty from D&g, United States i think this song is about losing somone so close to you.and when he sez never coming home hes mening tht heas dead and gon and nomater how much u want him to be ther bak hith you safe in your arms in your hause its not going to hapen and you need to think of al the good things thet hapend the way they changed your life n made you fell not the facked tht ther not on the face of the earth any more
  • Sheree from Cheshire YOU GOTTA LOVE THIS SONG!!! It rocks MCR are gonna take over the world Frank and Gerard are sooo FIT as ever but not as fit as tom delonge and jamie walker.It make's me feel sad to listen to this song but it's great.Laters dude's.
  • Angelica from Centralia , Mo I love My Chemical Romance!!! This song is sooooo good....but I think my 2 faves would have to be Helena and I'm not okay (I promise) But this one is great. I love the music video too! -Angelica,Centralia MO
  • Elizabeth from J-ville, Fl this song is about the end of the world. very heavily based off of Saving Private Ryan
  • Lee from Trenton, Nj O N E M O R E T I M E - Helena is for there grandmother NOT GHOST OF YOU!
  • Guess from North Andover, Ma Mark Webb directed this video. He did a really good job.
  • Melissa from Toledo, Oh OMG I love this song sooo much! I can't even describe how amaizing this song and video is! I cry everytime I see Mikey get shot it seems so real. I love it!!
  • Mercedes from St. Marys, Canada This song is about loosing someone wo has made a huge impact in your life. Probably refering too Gerard and Mikey Way's Grandmother Elena Lee Rush, who inspired the brothers in many ways.
  • Erik from Willow Hill, Pa this is mcr's best song. the video is just amazing and words can't explain it. the song is just as good.
  • Jack from Hemel, England This song was written about Way's grandmother, it was explained in an interview on Kerrang! a while back
  • Joel from Nottawa, Canada great video, it was really well directed. Props to whoever that was..
  • Tara from Sydney, Australia the video.......words cant desript it i nearly cried as well i loved the sence were the solider got shot and it was a slow motion scene and hes screaming im crying as im writing this
  • Cassie from Creston, Oh I LOVE this song. I don't care WHAT it's sbout it's just simply awesome.
  • Breana from Opelika, Al This song explains the pain of men and women after the loss of a loved one. People dont understand how it feels to loose someone or something they love. This song is for everyone who has ever lost someone
  • Rachel from Sullivan, Mo This song is amazing...and the sad. I cried when I saw it, I was so moved by it.

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The Painful Meaning Behind the Song “Ghost” by Justin Bieber

by Catherine Walthall July 21, 2022, 9:41 am

It’s been over a decade since Justin Bieber made his splashy debut as a teen idol. And like most people, Bieber has loved and lost several times since the year 2009. Unlike most people, though, Bieber has become one of the best-selling, most-listened-to artists of all time. And in early 2021, he dropped his sixth studio album, Justice .

Videos by American Songwriter

Several songs make this particular record worthy of note, but one, in particular, is the two-and-a-half-minute song “Ghost.” Arresting in its sonic ups and downs, “Ghost” touches on some heavy-hitting topics in its lyrics. Read below for the meaning behind those song lyrics.

The meaning behind the song lyrics

“Ghost” is about losing a loved one, likely because they have passed away. I know you crossed a bridge that I can’t follow , Bieber sings.

But “Ghost” doesn’t exclusively serve in an elegiac fashion. The tune can serve as a comfort for those battling the woes of long-distance or separation. As Bieber told Vogue in 2021, the song is about “losing somebody you love. And I know a lot of people have; I know this has been a really challenging year where we’ve lost loved ones and relationships too. The hook is saying, ‘If I can’t get close to you, I’ll settle for the ghost of you.’ That works for this quarantine situation […] we’re not relating and connecting in the same way. It has allowed us to only really have these memories. I hope this resonates and I hope it fills your heart up with joy or comfort in some sort of way.” 

That if I can’t be close to you I’ll settle for the ghost of you I miss you more than life (more than life) And if you can’t be next to me Your memory is ecstasy

“‘Ghost’ is a really special record,” Bieber said in a later 2021 interview. “My objective with making this song was to make people feel like there is hope and that the trauma and the hurt that you feel isn’t going to last forever. It takes time to heal. There will be a moment where that pain doesn’t hurt so bad. Know that that feeling will subside.”

Who is the “Ghost”? 

Bieber wrote “Ghost” with singer/songwriter Jon Bellion (known for his song “All Time Low”), two of the Monsters & Strangerz songwriters/producers (Jordan K. Johnson and Stefan Johnson), and Michael Pollack. Each songwriter imbued a slightly different meaning to the song, proving that music is, at its core, subjective.

For Bellion, “Ghost” meant a more literal loss of a loved one. In 2022, Bellion took to Twitter to reveal who he thought of when “Ghost” comes on. “Wrote this one about my grandmother,” he said. “Really cool to feel her every time I turn the radio on in the car. Miss you Gma.”

Who does “Ghost” remind you of? Let us know, comment below.

Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

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the ghost of you is close to me

The Ghost Of You

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The Ghost Of You is a single originally recorded for My Chemical Romance 's second album, Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge . It was featured on the album as the sixth track and was the fourth single to be released. The single was re-released as a B-Side on 17 January 2011.

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  • 3 2011 Re-Release

Lyrical Themes [ ]

The Ghost Of You portrays the thoughts and feelings of somebody that recently lost someone. The lyric "... never coming home" speaks of someone that has been away, possibly at war, as the music video suggests.

Music Video [ ]

The music video for The Ghost Of You , directed by Marc Webb cost over $1,000,000 to make and was shot over two days in Malibu, California.

The video is mainly set at a USO dance, but also switches at times (particularly during the chorus) switches to a Saving Private Ryan -esque setting. The USO dance sequences feature the band styled in 1940s fashion. They play on stage while other soldiers and their partners dance on the floor. Meanwhile, the chorus revolves around the build-up to the landing, then the initial landing and finally the climactic battle scene, all of which feature My Chemical Romance as soldiers on the day of the Normandy Landings. The breakdown ("If I fall ...") is met by the departure of the soldiers to go to bed before the landings the next morning, Gerard knocking over a drink at a bar and another soldier asking him if he is all right. The final sequence shows Mikey getting shot, Ray running over to help him (portraying a combat medic), and Gerard being restrained by two other soldiers as he cries "Mikey" repeatedly. The final sequence also features several further shots from the USO dance and Gerard sitting at the bar singing in time to the music. In the final shot of the video, the camera zooms in on Gerard's eye, while in the background, an extra can be seen sitting up in a relaxed position. This is a possible mistake or maybe a portrayal of someone in shock.

It is also worth noting that Mikey is playing a Fender P bass, while the electric bass wasn't commercially available until 1951, and the leads used would be the curly telephone-style leads rather than the modern leads being used.

2011 Re-Release [ ]

On 17 January 2011, The Ghost Of You was re-released as a B-Side to SING . The B-Side is arranged as it is when played live. The main notable differences between the original release and the 2011 re-release are the piano intro instead of the traditional guitar, the slower tempo, longer length and the heavier, rock-oriented style now attributed to the song, following the musical theme of Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys .

I never said I'd lie and wait forever If I died, we'd be together I can't always just forget her But she could try

At the end of the world Or the last thing I see You are Never coming home Never coming home Could I? Should I? And all the things that you never ever told me And all the smiles that are ever ever... Ever...

Get the feeling that you're never All alone and I remember now At the top of my lungs in my arms she dies She dies

At the end of the world Or the last thing I see You are Never coming home Never coming home Could I? Should I? And all the things that you never ever told me And all the smiles that are ever gonna haunt me Never coming home Never coming home Could I? Should I? And all the wounds that are ever gonna scar me For all the ghosts that are never gonna catch me

If I fall If I fall (down)

At the end of the world Or the last thing I see You are Never coming home Never coming home Never coming home Never coming home And all the things that you never ever told me And all the smiles that are ever gonna haunt me Never coming home Never coming home Could I? Should I? And all the wounds that are ever gonna scar me For all the ghosts that are never gonna...

  • 1 Bandit Lee Way
  • 2 Gerard Way
  • 3 Miles Iero

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My Chemical Romance : The Ghost of You Meaning

Album cover for The Ghost of You album cover

Song Released: 2005

The ghost of you lyrics, 1 top rated.

I think it's about losing someone you love, and also thinking about killing yourself to be with them again ("If I died, we'ed be together," and "Could I? Should I?"). Loss, and contemplation.


The song, although appropriate for war, is not about war. The song is about losing a loved one and having regrets for not saying enough and only having memories. The is apropriate for war because the original release date of the CD was June 8, 2004. Two days after June 6, 2004, the 60th anniversary of D-Day. If you didn't notice the war in the film is a representation of D-Day, the invasion of Normandy, during World War II.


I don't really think it's about war, maybe it is, but maybe it isn't. Maybe that's just the video. My personal opinion is that it's about losing someone and not having enough time 'And all the things that you never ever told me/And all the smiles that are ever ever' About never seeing someone you love smile, or them never telling you something, or you never told them something. I think it's about the regrets you get when someone you love dies and never having enough time with them, missing them and not seeing them again. I think the 'Never coming home' part is saying you're never coming back, which also means you won't be able to create anymore memories.

I already posted an interpretation, but since no one else did, I thought I'd mention it. The bar scenes are about Gerard's struggling addiction to alcohol and drugs, and yes, this song could also be about Gerard's late grandmother.

This song is about Gerard and Mikey Way's late grandmother. 'If I died we'd be together' refers to Gerard thinking about killing himself to be with his grandmother again. Also, 'Could I, Should I?' is about Gerard asking himself if he could take his life and if he should. The courus is about how Elena (Gee and Mikey's grandmother) will never come home, the things she never told Gerard, and the smiles that Gerard will think about whenever he was with her. 'All the wounds that will ever scar me' is about self harm (slitting your wrists or other harmful things Gerard may have done, although there is no proof). The music video is about how a loved one may go to war and never come back because they died. This is relevant when Mikey looks at a girl almost to say 'goodbye,' and then dies on the battlefield. But It's all my interpretation.

It's about sudden death, because the song repeats about how there will be things that haunt him, and that he'll never know, and with my own experience with a sudden death, i know that when somebody you love leaves you like that, you start to realize everything you never knew, and your regrets, and how you'll never be able to forget that, and remember all of these things that used to be good memories for you but know, they are like ghosts in your mind, reminding you of what you lost.

I think that it is about how the lead singer had many people who he dated so when he broke there hearts it felt like he killed them so every time he starts a new relationship he sees the ghost of the past girlfriends

This song is about losing someone, or more specifically, all the things you could have told them before they died. It is not necessarily about war as the music video implies. The line "And all the things that you never ever told me" explains that someone close to the narrarator has died, and the speaker is thinking about all the things he and the deceased person could have done together before death.

im doing an essay on this tomorrow, and after watching it in a loop for the last 3 hours, listening to it non stop to get the lyrics into my head for the last week or so, i have come up with my own interpretation. The music video starts with the soldiers and women in a ball room, but my interpretation is that this is death, as in the after life. dont wanna get too religious. I've interpreted the lyrics to be a person (possibly girlfriend, wife, loved ones) considering suicide, and joining them (husbands, boy friends) in death. to sum it all up, basically i believe that the ball room and bar scenes are the soldiers after death, where the wives have committed suiced and joined their loved ones in death.

this song is about losing someone you love or someone who was really close to you like in the video gerard lost mikey sob sob sob whimper whimper and he also means hes not gonna wait in heaven if he dies for someone else and i absolutely love love LOVE this song

It is obviously about losing someone. But it doesn't always mean someone you were in a relationship with. How? The Ghost of You could also be about a child sent to live with another family member, and a parent dies. Because the song has the word 'she' and 'her' in it,lets just say it was the mother. The child could have still forever cared about her/his mother, though he/she had endured emotional abuse. Read below to see why. ------------------------------------------- I never, said I'd lie and wait forever: The child was frustrated with how life at home was with his/her mother, and gave up a long time ago. If I died, we be together now: The mother had died, and the child wanted to die as well just to be there with her. I can't always just forget her: The child can't just suck up that his/her mother is gone. But she could try:This implies that the mother cared not at all about the child, hence the reason the child was sent away. At the end of the world, or the last thing i see, you are never coming home, never coming home: This could have been said to the child by the mother. Just like if she said "You will never come back here, i don't care about you at all." Could I? Should I?: The child begins to question life, thinking about his/her dead mother and what the mother had said before she sent her/him away. And all the things that you never ever told me: The mother never showed compassion to the child, never told him/her things like 'I love you' or 'I am so proud of you.' And all the smiles that are ever, ever: The child was never happy, so he/she never smiled or felt good about herself or her life. Ever, get the feeling that you're never, all alone: The child feels that maybe there is a child better than him/her, that his/her mother likes more. Which she/he thinks is the reason she/he was sent away. And i remember now, at the top of my lungs in my arms, she dies: The child has horrid dreams about his/her mothers death. One of them being his/her mother dying in his/her arms. That particular dream feeling so real, it seems like a memory. She dies: The child is reminded that his/her mother has died. (chorus) And all the smiles that are never gonna haunt me: The child never recalls smiling or being happy living with his/her mother, so no smiles will haunt him/her now that his/her mother is gone. Never coming home, Never coming home: A reminder that his/her mother is gone and that he/she will never come home back to her. Could I? Should I?: This part is sang louder in the song, pushing pressure on the child on what to do with her.his life. And all the wounds that are never gonna scar me: The child has made up his/her mind. He/she is planning to kill him/her self. So that she/he can't get hurt, and the 'wounds will never scar him/her For all the ghosts that are never gonna catch me: She/he won't be haunted by ghosts, because she/he will become one. If i fall: If the child dies If i fall, (down): if you listen you hear down the second time he sings 'if i fall' so if the child dies,the wounds won't scar, the smiles wont haunt, the ghosts wont catch. Music plays as the child prepares for death. The chorus replays again as his/her whole entire life flashes before her eyes when the suicide takes place. Never coming home is repeated twice during the chorus as the child dies. She/he won't be coming back home. For all the ghost that are never gonna...: It trailed of before Gerard could sing, 'catch me'. Indicating that the suicide is over, and the child is dead.

The song is about loss. It isn't anything to do with war thats just the video. In the video Mikey is shot and Gerard is yelling and screaming because his brother was shot (the only reason he's held down in the video is because his team mates don't want him to get shot running over to him). The song is about loss. "You are never coming home." the shock and realisation of never seeing a loved one again. "And all the things that you never told me" the person is gone and they won't ever get to talk again. There was still lots to talk about they had so little time together. I never said I'd lie and wait forever If I died we'd be together now I can't always just forget her But she could try she could try. She's dead so he believes she forgets him where as he can't ever forget her because he's feeling loss and pain over her. "if i died we'd be together" he thought they'd spend lots of time together and die old together. "At the top of my lungs" crying/screaming his pain. "in my arms she dies" simple enough she dies in his arms All in all the song is about the loss of a loved one and the pain and grief of losing that person. Also in the song he talks about a girl dieing but in the video Mikey is the one who dies so it really is just about the loss of any loved one.

It links strongly with "mama" This is one of the 5 brothers talking about them all going to war. This is a sub-story on how he felt after all the other 4 brothers had died. It explains how they are always going to haunt him because he feels it should of been him that had died instead of the other four.

Personally, I believe the song is what most believe it is with a little more. I think it's about losing someone extremely important, and debating with themselves or the ghost of the person if they should commit suicide to join the dead. A lot of the song lyrics support this theory: "I never said I'd lie and wait forever, if I died we'd be together." "Could I? Should I?" They explain if they don't die, their life will be a living hell, tortured by all the things they experienced or didn't experience with the person. "And all the things that you never, ever told me. And all the smiles that are ever gonna haunt me. And all the wounds that are ever gonna scar me." And they say that for the rest of their lives, whether that be till the end of the world or until they take their life, all they're going to notice is that they will never see the person again. "At the end of the world, or the last thing I see, you are never comin' home, never comin' home!" This might not be right, it's just my opinion on the meaning of the song. I also have to say that this song carries deep meaning for me, every word. I went to see my grandma one day, and when I got there, she was having a heart attack. I called 911, then ran to her side. She died in my arms. Since then, I've always thought of, just like the song says, all the things she had never told me about her life, the time I didn't get to spend with her. I've thought about committing suicide just to see her again. The song seems to speak to me personally...

According to Gerard Way in a interview I was reading, he said that the song was about losing someone close to you, and that usually does happen in war. So that's how the song got that war like feeling. The video was inspired by Green Days Wake Me Up When September Ends. Gerard was worried it would be to much like GD, but it ended up totally different. The Ghost of You is about losing someone you love (in this case, Gerard losing Mikey.) Hope I helped!

I also don't think the song is really about war, but war is a good metaphor for the song. When people step out of the door, you don't know if you'll see them again, so say what you want to say. I get this feeling is about regret, you missed your chance and you realize that you won't get another one.

i think its talking about how he loses his brother in the war cuz he gets shot and the the medic trys to save him but then fails at it and and his brother dies and he regrets everything and he gets all the flash backs and it will hunt him for the rest of his life.

This song... I think... is about losing someone too soon, and not having enough time to share everything you wanted to. It could be about a girl you lost, perhaps, or maybe, as clearly shown in the video, about losing a brother. Anyone you love. But the main meaning that I think Gerard was trying to get across was that he never had enough time to share what he wanted to before it was too late, and now they're "never coming home."

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Ghost of You

My chemical romance.

the ghost of you is close to me

About Ghost of You

"The Ghost of You" is the fourth and final single and sixth track from My Chemical Romance's second studio album, Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge. "The Ghost of You" was released to radio on September 27, 2005. The song deals with the fear of loss. The song's title is an allusion to an ad from Watchmen, reading "Oh, how the ghost of you clings". The ad itself was an allusion to the song, "These Foolish Things". The song's lyrics deal with losing a loved one.

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the ghost of you is close to me

My Chemical Romance (MCR) is an American alternative rock band from New Jersey, formed in 2001. The band consists of lead vocalist Gerard Way, guitarists Ray Toro and Frank Iero, and bassist Mikey Way. Shortly after forming, the band signed to Eyeball Records and released their debut album I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love in 2002. They signed with Reprise Records the next year and released their major-label debut Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge in 2004. The album was a commercial success and was awarded platinum status a little over a year later. The band eclipsed their previous success with their 2006 concept album, The Black Parade, which gained generally favorable reviews among music critics. Their fourth studio album, Danger Days: The Tru… more »

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Written by: Frank Iero, Ray Toro, Matthew Pellisier, Michael Way, Gerard Way


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the ghost of you is close to me

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the ghost of you is close to me


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the ghost of you is close to me

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U.K. Leader Rishi Sunak Announces New Law to Overturn Convictions in Post Office Scandal

U.K. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has proposed a new law that would exonerate victims of the Post Office scandal, in which hundreds of employees were wrongfully accused after faulty software showed discrepancies in the company’s finances. The new legislation has not yet been published and voting timelines are unclear, but Sunak says former Post Office workers who were part of the group litigation in 2019 would be eligible for an upfront payment of £75,000 ($95,000).

“This is one of the greatest miscarriages of justice in our nation’s history. People who worked hard to serve their communities had their lives and their reputations destroyed through absolutely no fault of their own. The victims must get justice and compensation,” said Sunak.

“Today I can announce that we will introduce new primary legislation to make sure those convicted as a result of the Horizon scandal are swiftly exonerated and compensated.” 

Sunak’s announcement during the Prime Minister's Questions comes after the Metropolitan Police confirmed they are  investigating potential fraud offenses related to the years-long scandal where the Post Office wrongfully convicted its employees because of faulty software. The saga is at the forefront of the public’s mind once again, following the TV series Mr Bates vs the Post Office airing on U.K. TV. The show, and the attention surrounding it, has brought forward new potential victims.

The Met Police had already been looking into potential offenses of perjury and perverting the course of justice related to prosecutions and investigations carried out by the Post Office. The force opened an investigation in January 2020 into matters concerning Fujitsu Horizon, the name of the company and its software, and the Post Office following a referral from the Director of Public Prosecutions, the Met Police tells TIME in an email. 

The potential offenses come from investigations and prosecutions carried out by the Post Office, for example money recovered from sub-postmasters as a result of the office’s prosecutions or civil actions, the law enforcement agency says. Two people have been interviewed in the investigation as of Saturday, police say. 

TIME reached out to the Post Office for comment. 

The Criminal Cases Review Commission has called the scandal the “most widespread miscarriage of justice the CCRC has ever seen and represents the biggest single series of wrongful convictions in British legal history.”

The ongoing fall-out resulted in former Post Office boss Paula Vennells returning her CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire) on Jan. 9. Vennells received the royal title in 2019, the same year she stepped down from her role. Following the premiere of the TV series based on the scandal, more than 700,000 people signed an online petition to strip Vennells of her CBE—compared to 1,000 signers before the TV show aired, Sky News reported.

"I am truly sorry for the devastation caused to the sub-postmasters and their families, whose lives were torn apart by being wrongly accused and wrongly prosecuted as a result of the Horizon system,” Vennells said in a statement shared by PA News Agency. She handed back the CBE honor on Tuesday with immediate effect.

Here’s what you need to know. 

What is the Post Office scandal involving Horizon IT?

Japanese tech company Fujitsu Services developed and began operating the Horizon IT financial software services for the Post Office in 1999. Employees said they reported issues with the software from the start, but claimed the Post Office brushed off their concerns or said the issues were the fault of the individual branch managers.

CCRC, which reviewed the wrongful convictions, said that “Horizon appeared to have significant bugs which could cause the system to misreport, sometimes involving substantial sums of money which sub-postmasters found difficult to challenge as they were unable to access information about the software to do so.” 

As a result, between 1999 and 2015, more than 700 sub-postmasters were accused of wrongdoing, leading to prosecutions, criminal convictions and, in some cases, prison sentences, the BBC reported. Postmasters found guilty were ordered to pay the Post Office for the money they were accused of stealing, leading in some cases to bankruptcy and financial ruin. Victims and their families have reported that wrongful convictions contributed to addiction, illness and suicides. 

Computer Weekly first reported issues with the Horizon software that caused it to incorrectly state the amount of cash on the premises of a post office in 2009, the same year aggrieved employees formed the Justice for Subpostmasters Alliance Group to fight for justice. 

In 2016, sub-postmasters initiated civil proceedings against the Post Office, which more than 500 employees eventually joined . The group won its case in the High Court in 2019 and the Post Office agreed to pay damages. To date, 93 convictions have been overturned, per the BBC .

As of December, the government has paid out £124.7 million ($158.6 million) in compensation to wrongfully convicted postmasters. The number of individuals with overturned convictions who have received full and final compensation is 25, according to the Post Office.  

In September, the government announced it was raising its compensation to £600,000 ($763,500) for every victim. Offers have been made to all 2,417 current or former postmasters under the Horizon Shortfall Scheme . 

In an interview on BBC's Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg on Jan. 7, ahead of his announcement of a new proposed law, Sunak said “it’s important that those people get the justice that they deserve, and that’s what the compensation schemes are about.”

What’s the TV show and its impact?

The TV show, starring Toby Jones as former sub-postmaster Alan Bates, who led the campaign for justice at the High Court, aired from Jan. 1 to Jan. 4. Following the premiere of the mini-series, 50 new potential victims have come forward, Neil Hudgell, a lawyer on behalf of claimants, told the BBC. 

Post Office Chief Executive Nick Read said in a statement on the agency’s website that he hoped the TV show “encourages anyone affected who has not yet come forward to seek the redress and compensation they deserve.”

The series, aired on U.K. channel ITV, has grown public sympathy for victims as well as demands for accountability.  

In an interview with the BBC, Lee Castleton, a former sub-postmaster who says the Post Office ruined his life, shared that he is “really, really angry” over the ongoing situation.    

Speaking about the impact of the ITV drama, Castleton said he hoped “that pressure comes to bear. That’s what we’ve tried to do for years. It's been very difficult to try to push our cause.” 

“We’re just people from your village shop or your local post office,” he continued. “And it's been really hard to drum up support, it's been very difficult to get people to believe.” He said he hoped those listening would put pressure on those in power to help their cause.

Who’s been held responsible?

Nobody from the Post Office or Fujitsu had been held accountable as of last year. 

The Post Office still retains a role in the appeals process for the prosecutions it brought forward, the BBC reported. In Sunday’s interview, BBC journalist and show host Laura Kuenssberg asked Sunak if Justice Secretary Alex Chalk would look at removing the Post Office from that role or exonerating everyone convicted.

“Obviously, there's legal complexity in all of those things but he is looking at exactly those areas that you've described,” Sunak responded. “It is right that we find every which way we can do to try to make this right for the people who were so wrongfully treated at the time.” 

In 2019, the High Court ruled that the original Horizon system had encountered a number of bugs and errors. When handing down his judgment, Mr. Justice Fraser shared that he would be expressing his “grave concerns” over the case to the Director of Public Prosecutions. The DPP forwarded Mr. Justice Fraser’s letter to the police, who are responsible for investigating potential crimes.

An official inquiry into the scandal has been ongoing since 2020, led by retired high court judge Sir Wyn Williams. The Met Police tells TIME their investigation is “considering the actions of individuals connected with Fujitsu and the Post Office” and that they are an “interested party to the public inquiry and are monitoring and gathering the evidence it hears.” 

After the High Court ruling, the Post Office’s then-CEO Paula Vennells said in a statement that she was "truly sorry for the suffering caused.” 

Since the scandal, the government extended its contract for Horizon with Fujitsu .

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Jeffrey Epstein: documents linking associates to sex offender unsealed

Bill Clinton, Michael Jackson, David Copperfield and Prince Andrew among names contained in court documents

  • Explainer: who was Epstein and what are court documents about?
  • Read unsealed documents in full

Numerous court documents identifying associates of notorious sex offender Jeffrey Epstein were made public on Wednesday.

Some of the high-profile names in the court documents include Prince Andrew, the former US president Bill Clinton, Michael Jackson, and David Copperfield.

These associates’ just-unsealed names were contained in court documents filed as part of Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre’s lawsuit against Ghislaine Maxwell ; the documents include excerpts of depositions and motions in this case. The British socialite was convicted in December 2021 of sex trafficking and similar charges for procuring teen girls for disgraced financier Epstein.

Prior to the unsealing, the names were listed in court papers as variants of J Doe. Many of the names are people who had been publicly identified as Epstein associates prior to this unsealing.

The inclusion of a name in this list does not mean that said associate has been accused of wrongdoing in relation to Epstein. Among the names are people mentioned in passing at legal proceedings

In a deposition, Maxwell appears to say that Andrew visited Epstein’s Island in the US Virgin Islands. Epstein has been accused of abusing numerous girls on this island.

“Were you present on the island when Prince Andrew visited?” Maxwell was asked.

She responded in the affirmative and, when asked how many times, she said: “I can only remember once.” When asked if there were any girls on the island at that time, Maxwell insisted: “There were no girls on the island at all. No girls, no women, other than the staff who work at the house.”

One document included a deposition given by Johanna Sjoberg, whom Maxwell allegedly procured for the purpose of performing sex acts on Epstein.

Sjoberg said in her deposition that Epstein “said one time that Clinton likes them young, referring to girls”.

In 2019, Clinton’s spokesperson Angel Ureña denied claims made about Clinton’s involvement with Epstein and wrote in a statement on Twitter that “President Clinton knows nothing about the terrible crimes Jeffrey Epstein pleaded guilty to in Florida some years ago, or those with which he has been recently charged in New York.”

Clinton notably had an 18-month long affair with Monica Lewinsky, his then 22-year-old intern, during his first term as president. He was 49 years old.

Sjoberg also said that the late musician Michael Jackson was at Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion, and that she met the famed magician David Copperfield.

“Did you ever meet anybody famous when you were with Jeffrey? she was asked. “I met Michael Jackson … at [Epstein’s] house in Palm Beach.”

Asked whether she massaged Jackson, Sjoberg said: “I did not.”

As for Copperfield, Sjoberg said that he attended dinner at one of Epstein’s homes and “he did some magic tricks”.

“Did you observe David Copperfield to be a friend of Jeffrey Epstein’s?” she was asked. Sjoberg replied in the affirmative.

“Did Copperfield ever discuss Jeffrey’s involvement with young girls with you?” she was also asked. “He questioned me if I was aware that girls were getting paid to find other girls.”

Copperfield, she said in the deposition, didn’t tell her any specifics of that question. “Did he say whether they were teenagers or anything along those lines?” she was also asked. “He did not.”

Donald Trump, whose association with Epstein has been widely reported, was also mentioned in the documents; the former US president is not accused of wrongdoing. In Sjoberg’s deposition, she said that they went to one of Trump’s casinos in Atlantic City when a storm prevented Epstein’s plane from landing in New York City.

“Jeffrey said, Great, we’ll call up Trump and we’ll go to – I don’t recall the name of the casino, but – we’ll go to the casino.” Asked at one point whether she ever gave Trump a massage, Sjoberg said “no”.

The deposition also includes Sjoberg’s account of allegedly meeting Prince Andrew at Epstein’s New York home. “Ghislaine asked me to come to a closet. She just said, Come with me. We went to a closet and grabbed the puppet, the puppet of Prince Andrew,” she said in the deposition.

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“And I knew it was Prince Andrew because I had recognized him as a person. I didn’t know who he was. And so when I saw the tag that said Prince Andrew, then it clicked. I’m like, that’s who it is.”

Sjoberg and Maxwell then returned to the living room with the puppet. “I just remember someone suggesting a photo, and they told us to go get on the couch. And so Andrew and Virginia sat on the couch, and they put the puppet, the puppet on her lap,” Sjoberg recalled. “And so then I sat on Andrew’s lap, and I believe on my own volition, and they took the puppet’s hands and put it on Virginia’s breast, and so Andrew put his on mine.”

Sjoberg said she went to bed shortly thereafter. “Did you hear Ghislaine Maxwell tell Virginia to do anything while you were in that room?” she was asked. Sjoberg replied: “No.”

Giuffre, who claimed that Epstein and Maxwell forced her into a sexual encounter with Britain’s Prince Andrew at age 17, had sued the publishing heiress for defamation after claiming the accuser lied. Giuffre settled her lawsuit against Maxwell in 2017.

In 2021, Giuffre sued Prince Andrew over the alleged sexual abuse. The suit settled in early 2022. Andrew has always strenuously denied any wrongdoing. As part of the settlement, he agreed to donate to Giuffre’s victims’ rights charity.

The documents’ release is among several tranches of filings in Giuffre’s civil case that were unsealed following the Miami Herald’s years-long effort to make them public. Giuffre did not make allegations of wrongdoing against Clinton.

In one set of documents released in July 2020, Giuffre claimed that Maxwell participated in Epstein’s sexual abuse of teen girls. These documents were released several weeks after Maxwell’s arrest for her involvement in Epstein’s sex trafficking.

Giuffre claimed that Maxwell lured her into Epstein’s perverse orbit under the false pretense of work as a professional masseuse. Instead, Giuffre said, Maxwell “trained me as a sex slave”, according to a filing in that set of unsealed court papers.

The documents released in July 2020 also provided insight into Maxwell and Epstein’s relationship.

In a January 2015 email exchange, Epstein told Maxwell: “You have done nothing wrong and i woudl [sic] urge you to start acting like it … go outside, head high, not as an esacping [sic] convict. go to parties. deal with it.”

In another 2015 email, Epstein tells Maxwell she “can issue a reward” to any of Giuffre’s friends to “prove her allegations are false”, including what Epstein said was a “new version” of a claim that the renowned English theoretical physicist Steven Hawking had participated in an “underage orgy” in the Virgin Islands. Hawking, who died in 2018 , has not been accused of a crime related to Epstein.

A large collection of documents in Giuffre’s civil case were also unsealed in August 2019. Those papers included accusations, since denied, that global leaders were participants in Epstein’s trafficking ring.

Epstein was arrested on 6 July 2019 for sex trafficking. He was found dead in his jail cell on 10 August of that year; authorities determined that he hanged himself.

Maxwell was sentenced in June 2022 to 20 years imprisonment. She has maintained her innocence and is appealing her conviction.

Asked for comment on the documents’ unsealing, Maxwell’s attorneys, Arthur L Aidala and Diana Fabi Samson, said: “Ghislaine Maxwell took no position on the court’s recent decision to unseal documents in Giuffre v Maxwell as these disclosures have no bearing on her or her pending appeal.”

“Ghislaine’s focus is on the upcoming appellate argument asking for her entire case to dismissed,” they also said. “She is confident that she will obtain justice in the second circuit court of appeals. She has consistently and vehemently maintained her innocence.”

  • Jeffrey Epstein
  • Ghislaine Maxwell

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Who was Jeffrey Epstein and what are the court documents about?

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Jeffrey Epstein list: Whose names are on the newly unsealed documents?

The documents have unearthed sexual assault allegations against Prince Andrew. Donald Trump and Bill Clinton are also mentioned.

Geoffrey Berman, United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, points to a photograph of Jeffrey Epstein as he announces the financier's charges of sex trafficking of minors and conspiracy to commit sex trafficking of minors.

About 950 pages of court documents identifying associates of financier and sex offender Jeffrey Epstein were made public on Wednesday.

What is the Jeffrey Epstein list?

Included in the unsealed papers are the names of about 150 Epstein associates . The documents were filed as part of Virginia Giuffre’s 2015 defamation lawsuit against Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s co-conspirator in his sexual abuse scheme. Maxwell was sentenced to 20 years in prison in 2022. Epstein died by suicide in 2019 while awaiting sex trafficking charges .

Keep reading

Initial tranche of nearly 950 epstein court documents released, names linked to jeffrey epstein set to be made public: all you need to know, ‘negligence, misconduct’ led to epstein jail suicide: watchdog, jpmorgan ignored epstein’s ‘nymphettes,’ us virgin islands says.

Giuffre is one of the women who sued Epstein for abusing them at his homes in Florida, New York, the United States Virgin Islands and New Mexico. She said she was pressured into having sex with men in Epstein’s social orbit.

Other documents were unsealed by the court from 2019 to 2022.

Last month, a judge listed in a 50-page document about 180 people – under pseudonyms – ordering that their identities be made public within 14 days of the order. Some individuals have objected to the disclosure of their identities in the case.

The inclusion of a name on the list does not indicate there are any allegations against the individual.

Here is a closer look at some of the names in the recent documents:

Prince Andrew

The documents unsealed on Wednesday have revealed sexual assault allegations against the British royal.

Johanna Sjoberg, who is one of the many women who have accused Epstein of sexual abuse, said Andrew put his hand on her breast in Epstein’s Manhattan townhouse in 2001.

This was while he was taking a photo with Sjoberg and Giuffre. Maxwell and Epstein were present while this photo was taken. Sjoberg said the photo also included a puppet that said “Prince Andrew” on it.

The incident, which has been previously reported by other media outlets and which Andrew has denied, was in an initial trove of previously redacted documents that otherwise revealed few new details about the extent of Epstein’s alleged sex trafficking activities.

Sjoberg was recruited to work for Epstein by Maxwell, who had been his girlfriend in the early 1990s before they became professional collaborators and accomplices in sex crimes for almost three decades.

While Sjoberg was hired as an assistant when she was a 20-year-old college student, she was quickly turned into a massage therapist and was sexually coerced while she worked for Maxwell and Epstein from 2001 to 2006.

Giuffre, now 38, accused Andrew of sexually abusing her two decades ago when she was 17, an allegation the prince called baseless. The case was settled in 2022 .

According to the documents, Sjoberg said she witnessed Giuffre, then 17, in Epstein’s New York mansion with Andrew, Epstein and Maxwell. She also said she believes what Giuffre has said about Andrew and Epstein sexually abusing her.

Alan Dershowitz

Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz is well-known for his work in US criminal law. The documents pertaining to him include allegations made by an unnamed woman, Jane Doe #3.

Jane Doe #3 said Epstein “required” her to have sexual relations with Dershowitz on multiple occasions when she was a minor.

Dershowitz also played a significant role in negotiating an agreement that provided immunity from federal prosecution in the Southern District of Florida not only for Epstein but also for “any potential co-conspirators of Epstein”, the documents say.

Epstein’s housekeeper Juan Alessi testified that Dershowitz would often visit Epstein’s Florida mansion to get massages.

Another one of Epstein’s household employees, Alfredo Rodriquez, said the lawyer would be present at Epstein’s residence without his family and in the presence of girls.

Dershowitz said in an interview with Fox News on Wednesday that Jane Doe #3 misidentified him, and he denied ever meeting her. He suggested he was the victim of the MeToo movement’s “hypocrisy”, accusing “radical feminists” of focusing on Epstein and his associates while not “condemning Hamas”, the Palestinian armed group.

Jean-Luc Brunel

Jean-Luc Brunel was a French model scout who was awaiting trial on charges that he raped underage girls when he died by suicide in a Paris jail in 2022.

Giuffre was among the women who had accused Brunel of sexual abuse. She said Maxwell sent her to many places to have sex with Brunel. The documents also say Brunel would exploit underage girls from disadvantaged backgrounds by offering them modelling jobs but would then bring them to the US and “farm them out to his friends, especially Epstein”.

According to the documents, Jane Doe #3 accused Epstein of trafficking her to Brunel, who was Epstein’s close travel companion. She said she was also forced to watch Brunel, Maxwell and Epstein sexually assaulting underage girls.

Rolling Stone magazine published a report on Tuesday about a recent Los Angeles lawsuit in which a new woman accused Brunel of holding her hostage at a Canadian estate so she could be sexually abused by multiple men when she was 18.

David Copperfield

Sjoberg testified to meeting American magician David Copperfield at one of Epstein’s houses. She added that she observed him to be a friend of Epstein’s. She also recalled a girl at that dinner who she thought looked like she was of high-school age.

Sjoberg said Copperfield asked her if she knew that “girls were getting paid to find other girls”, referring to the recruitment of women by Epstein and Maxwell as “massage therapists”.

Bill Clinton

Former US President Bill Clinton is also mentioned in the court documents.

While Sjoberg said she did not meet Clinton, she testified that Epstein said to her: “Clinton likes them young,” apparently referring to girls. While Giuffre had mentioned earlier that Clinton and Epstein had a close relationship, she did not accuse him of any illegal action.

Clinton has repeatedly rejected all allegations that he was involved in anything unlawful and has said he had no interactions with Epstein for several years prior to the financier’s arrest.

Donald Trump

Former President Donald Trump is also mentioned in the documents but not accused.

Sjoberg mentioned an incident when she left with Epstein, Giuffre and a few others on a plane from Palm Beach, Florida, in 2001.

When the plane was unable to land in New York due to a storm, they had to land in Atlantic City and went to one of Trump’s casinos. Since Giuffre was underage at the time, Sjoberg was asked if she was allowed into the casino.

“I did not know anything about how old you had to be to gamble legally. I just knew she could not get in because of an ID issue, so she and I did not gamble,” Sjoberg answered.

Stephen Hawking

The late physicist’s name was mentioned in an email sent by Epstein to Maxwell in January 2015. In this email, Epstein told Maxwell to “issue a reward” to any of Giuffre’s friends, family and acquaintances to come forward and disprove Giuffre’s allegations, including against Hawking.

“the strongest is the clinton dinner, and the new version in the virgin isalnds that stven hawking partica-ted in an underage orgy,” the email said.

Michael Jackson

Sjoberg said she saw the late singer at Epstein’s residence. When she was asked if she gave him a massage, she said no.

More names to come

Not all the documents have been unsealed. The judge hasn’t set a target for when all of the documents should be made public, but more documents are expected to come out in the next few days. Lawyers for one individual, Doe 107, wrote to the judge, arguing they could face victimisation in their home country and requested time to submit grounds for their name to remain sealed.


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    Bill Clinton, Michael Jackson, David Copperfield and Prince Andrew among names contained in court documents

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