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skipton castle haunted

Butcher claims to have photographed the ghost of a little girl in a bonnet during trip to historic castle

Mark Whitaker said the image sends a shiver down his spine

  • Published : 15:31, 23 Sep 2016
  • Updated : 16:07, 23 Sep 2016

A BUTCHER claims to have photographed the ghost of a little girl wearing period dress and a bonnet while visiting a 900-year-old castle.

Mark Whitaker, 34, was snapping pictures on a visit to Yorkshire’s Skipton Castle when he captured the image.

 Mark Whitaker was shocked to spot a female figure walking in the background of a photograph taken at a 900-year-old castle

It wasn't until he returned to his home in Lancashire that he noticed a ghostly figure in the background of the picture.

The image shows a figure in a white floor-length dress and a bonnet.

Mark has released it to see what others think.

He said: "It actually sent a shiver down my spine as I didn't see it until I transferred it to my computer.

"I think it's a ghost of a little girl of some kind, especially with what she is wearing. She has a dress and bonnet that I think is like what they would wear two or three hundred years ago.

"But there is no physical shape, no arms or face appears.

"It looks like she is walking away from the picture past a wall that is only about two or three feet high so she must be an infant. There would have been high infant mortality rates in that period."

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Mark continued: "It has created quite a stir. Obviously with a picture like that there is lots of speculation about whether I have Photoshopped it.

"But I don't even own Photoshop or have access to it and I don't know how to use it even if I did. Other people have said it is a spirit. Everyone I have shown it to have been quite taken aback by it."

Mark had visited the castle, built by a Norman baron in 1090, with his partner Amanda Ledger.

He added: "Neither of us had been to the castle since we were in primary school and had fond memories.

"I'm a keen photographer so I took my camera with me. Amanda was pregnant at the time so I had wandered off on my own to look around.

"It wasn't until I got home that I realised what was in the image."

 Mark has said the ghostly figure of what appears to be a young woman sends shivers down his spine

Mark converted the image to black and white but sadly that saved over the original file.

Despite taking the picture in July 2014, after initially showing it to friends and family Mark forgot about the image but decided to speak out about it now.

Mark said: "It creeps me out, it really does still just looking at it. Amanda always finds it creepy too."

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skipton castle haunted

Atmospheric & Haunted Places

Tuesday 27 april 2010.

  • Skipton Castle

skipton castle haunted

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Art Facts

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Skipton Castle

By: Author Kevin Fisher

Posted on Published: December 29, 2021

If you want to admire the medieval architecture of a castle that has a history that goes back well over 9 centuries, then this amazing castle in England should be on your bucket list.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most interesting facts about Skipton Castle , a structure with several interesting stories to tell.

1. It’s located in a town with the same name in North Yorkshire

Skipton Castle is located in the market town of Skipton in North Yorkshire, a large county in the northern part of England. It can be found at a distance of 43 kilometers (27 miles) northwest of Leeds and 61 kilometers (38 miles) west of York.

The name of the town can be translated as “Sheep Town” as it’s derived from the northern dialect “ Shipton .” It’s a relatively small town with a population of less than 15,000 but was listed as one of the best places to live in northern England according to the Sunday Times in 2018.

The castle is located in a commanding position in the northern section of this small town.

Skipton Castle location

2. The original castle was built by a Norman Baron in 1091

The name of the town Skipton was first mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086, a Great Survey conducted on the orders of William the Conqueror. This was done after he had secured large parts of England following his Conquest of 1066.

The original version of the castle was built just 5 years later in 1091 by a Norman Baron named Robert de Romille. He was given the estates of Bolton Abbey by William I in 1086 and built a timber motte-and-bailey castle on this location in Skipton.

Little is known about this original version of the castle but it was certainly a relatively primitive structure compared to some of the castles that had been erected in England already.

Skipton Castle buildings

3. The castle was rebuilt in stone in the early 12th century

Because the castle was located at a relatively short distance from the border with Scotland, it was prone to raids from the Scots and even invasions. That’s why the main purpose of the castle was the defend the region from these attacks coming from the north.

Art-Facts Youtube Channel

This also means that the earth and wooden motte-and-bailey castle didn’t suffice. It was completely rebuilt in stone and strengthened with a stone keep by William le Gros, Earl of York, in the 12th century.

The castle not only protected the area from the Scots but also turned the obscure town of Skipton into a burgh which was administered by an official referred to as reeve in medieval England.

Skipton Castle interesting facts

4. The castle was besieged for 3 years during the English Civil War

The castle was strengthened once again when ownership was transferred to Robert Clifford by King Edward II in the year 1310. This was because the male line of the original owner, Robert de Romille, had died out.

Although William Clifford never even saw these fortifications completed as he died at the Battle of Bannockburn on June 24, 1314, they did serve a major purpose during an event that took place over 300 years later.

The castle was the only Royalist stronghold in northern England and it took over 3 years before the besieged castle finally fell to the Parliamentarians in 1645. This only happened after an agreement was reached between the Royalists and English general Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658).

Following the siege, the Parliamentarians slighted the castle by removing the roof.

Skipton Castle medieval kitchen

5. It’s still as a private residence and a major tourist attraction as well

Lady Anne Clifford (1590–1676) was the final member of the Clifford family to own the castle and it later passed on to the husband of her daughter Lady Margaret Sackville (1614–1676), a man named John Tufton, 2nd Earl of Thanet (1609–1664).

The castle eventually passed on to the Tufton family and was once the seat of Lord Hothfield (1844-1926), a popular Liberal politician, in 1871.

Today, the castle is owned by the Fattorini family, the owners of Thomas Fattorini Ltd, a manufacturer of jewelry and trophies. They still have a private residence in the castle as well.

Although it still serves as a private residence today, all other parts of the castle are open to the public today and well worth a visit.

Skipton Castle reidential buildings

More interesting facts about Skipton Castle

6. The castle was built in an elevated location with a cliff going down to the Eller Beck, a small river that protected the northern side of the castle.

This strategic location was also the main reason why it took 3 years before the castle was eventually turned over to the Parliamentarians during the English Civil War after negotiations.

It was virtually impossible to capture, especially since it features an ancient well that provided drinking water for the garrison inside the castle as well.

7. The main defensive structures of the castle are 6 drum towers. Especially the fortified towers at the main entrance gate of the castle look impressive and exactly how you imagine a castle to look like.

Skipton Castle main entrance gate

8. The castle features a wide variety of buildings, many of which were added over the centuries. These include new kitchens, storage, work cellars, and several towers that were built for defensive purposes.

Other interesting structures inside the castle’s compound are the original kitchen, the great hall, private rooms, a 17th-century shell grotto, and the bedroom of the lord of the castle. The entrance staircase was installed in the 17th century to replace the original drawbridge.

9. The outer curtain wall is, for the most part, intact and encircles another 12th-century structure, the ruins of a chapel that was completed in this early construction phase.

Shipton Castle 12th century chapel

This chapel is referred to as the Chapel of Saint John the Evangelist and is a remarkable remaining structure of the time shortly after the wooden castle was turned into a stone one.

10. Another popular attraction of the castle can be found in the courtyard of the so-called “Tudor Buildings.” Lady Anne Clifford was not only the final member of the Clifford family to live in the castle until 1676, but she also completely renovated the castle following the English Civil War.

She decided to plant a Yew tree in the courtyard to celebrate the completion of this renovation project.

Skipton Castle Yew Tree

At the top of Skipton's High Street stand the impressive towers of Skipton Castle..

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The History Of Skipton Castle

Being one of the best-preserved medieval historic castles in Britain,  Skipton Castle  is a magnificent and elegant castle situated in the  town of Skipton in North Yorkshire, England . It is truly a treat for visitors who want to spend the day exploring the impressive rich history of the castle and wander the grounds on a sunny summer day.

Skipton Castle was built in the early 12th century by  Robert de Romilly, a Norman baron , as a fort to keep the Scottish raids out of Northern England, but its timber ramparts contributed little to stopping the rampaging Scots during their frequent raids into the region. Then it was replaced by a daunting stone castle that is seen today. In 1310, the castle and estate were granted by  King Edward II to Robert Clifford , who later became  Lord Clifford of Skipton  and  Guardian of Craven,  the wide range of countryside to the north and west of Skipton Castle. He had heavily begun fortifying the castle but was unfortunately killed at the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314, leaving his new stronghold incomplete. His son Roger carried on his father’s footsteps and resumed rebuilding Skipton Castle, but he died an untimely death when he was executed for supporting Earl Thomas of Lancaster against King Edward II.

The ownership of Skipton Castle is  laced with death and treason , with the Clifford lords maintaining ownership of the castle until the Wars of the Roses. During the war, the Cliffords had supported the Lancastrian cause resulting in the death of two lords of Skipton during the fight. The castle was then inherited by John Clifford, who was reportedly killed at Ferrybridge in 1461, forcing his heir,  Henry Clifford, to hide in the Cumbrian Fells  disguised as a shepherd in an attempt to escape his Yorkist enemies. During Henry’s rural exile, Skipton Castle was  seized by King Edward IV,  who subsequently granted it to  William Stanley .

In 1472, Stanley, who became one of the most powerful lords in England, exchanged Skipton for Chirk Castle , situated on the Welsh border. The King’s brother,  Richard, Duke of Gloucester , became the new owner who took a personal interest in Skipton and used it as his principal residence. After the victory of Henry Tudor over Richard III in the  Wars of Roses in 1485 , the new King Henry VII reinstated Henry Clifford at Skipton, who was then known as  The Shepherd Lord. 

During the Civil War, Skipton Castle remained the last Royalist bastion in the north and was attacked by the Parliament, which yielded only after a  three-year siege in 1645 . The castle was ‘Slighted’ under the direct orders of Cromwell making it unusable for military needs. Then it came into the hands of the rightful heir,  Lady Anne Clifford, the daughter of George Clifford.  She skillfully restored the castle from the many damages done by the Parliament. She was the last Clifford to have inherited the castle until 1676. Later, it was passed on to her daughter Lady Margaret Sackville’s husband, John Tufton, 2nd Earl of Thanet. It eventually came into the line of succession of the Tufton family and was also once the seat of  Lord Hothfield, a famous Liberal politician, in 1871.  Today, the castle and grounds are privately owned by The Fattorini family, owners of Thomas Fattorini Ltd, and manufacturers of jewelry and trophies.


Skipton Castle architecture

Skipton Castle is a magnificent forfeited castle built in  Romanesque architecture  with modifications and repairs spanning many centuries. It is fully roofed with a striking early Tudor courtyard and the stout towers of the gatehouse marking the entrance to the castle grounds. A large turret faces the gatehouse, which served initially as the watchtower and was essential to the castle’s defences. The central defensive structures of the castle include six drum towers and many buildings added over the centuries of its existence. The castle houses two floors of rooms, which are all connected to six large defensive towers. Beneath the castle’s twin-towered gatehouse, you can also find the dungeons .

The beautiful entrance staircase was installed in the  17th century , which replaced the original drawbridge . The bedrooms, kitchen, and great hall are situated on the first floor, while the cellars and storage rooms reside on the ground floor. It also has an enclosed central courtyard, known as the  Conduit Court , which has a yew tree planted  in 1659 by Lady Anne  to mark the castle’s repair from the damage done in the Civil War, making the tree over 350 years old. The woods near the castle are home to over 160 plants, trees, and grass species and are presently under The Woodland Trust’s control. The visitors have a lot to look forward to in their itinerary when visiting Skipton Castle and would surely not be disappointed.

Movie Features

West Riding (1946) – The short documentary directed by Ken Annakin features Skipton Castle showcasing the life of a large family in the county of Yorkshire.

Treasure Hunt (1982-1989) – Skipton Castle makes a stunning appearance in the episode- North Yorkshire: Wharfedale(1986) of the TV Game Show Treasure Hunt directed by Chris Gage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is skipton castle famous for.

Skipton Castle is one of the best-preserved medieval castles in Britain and is famous for being called Guardian of the Gateway to the Yorkshire Dales for over 900 years for its defensive structures.

When was Skipton Castle built?

Skipton Castle was built around 1090AD by Robert de Romilly, a Norman Baron, and was built as motte and bailey structures. It was strategically placed on a central transportation route going through the Aire Gap in the Pennines above the river of Eller Beck, where two significant Roman roads converged.

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Main gate at Skipton Castle

Have you visited this castle before? If yes, why not share some beautiful pictures with us! You can email us your pictures of the castle at  [email protected] . Please use the name of the castle in the subject line. Also, don’t forget to mention your name and social media profile link if you want the credits!

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skipton castle haunted

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skipton castle haunted

East Riddlesden Hall

Riddlesden, west yorkshire.

The Grey Lady occupies a chamber named after her; another spirit named the Blue Lady is thought to have drowned in the pond. Shadows are a commonly witnessed phenomenon, objects vanish and reappear, and people never feel alone. (Submitted by Chris Berglund)

Old Silent Inn

Stanbury, england.

A former landlady's presence is reported here. She is said to have been an avid lover of the wild cats, ringing a bell to let them know that food was ready. The ringing of the bell is still heard to some. (Submitted by Chris Berglund)

The Black Bull

Haworth, west yorkshire.

A poltergeist has a reputation to throw glasses around. Two people in period clothing are also seen here. Submitted by Chris Berglund

Parkside Social Club

Haworth, england.

A Victorian girl has been seen and heard running up and down the stairs. She is said to frequent the pool room which is why some people avoid it. (Submitted by Chris Berglund)

Pendle Hill

Skipton, england.

Pendel Hill is the equivalent of Salem, Massachusetts. Villagers fell ill and milk went sour leading everyone to believe that this was the work of witches. Accusations flew and (possibly) innocent people were hanged. Since then, strange people have appeared in photos and some guests have been strangled by an ...

Tynedale Farm

Newchurch-in-pendle, lancashire.

The house here was owned by a descendant of Alice Nutter, executed in the 1612 witch trials. Phantom monks are reported here as well as that of a servant girl who travels between here and Lower Wellhead farm. (Submitted by Chris Berglund)

Lower Well Head Farm

Skipton, lancashire.

This was the site of a series of witch trials in 1612. 10 mysterious murders resulted in the conviction and torture of around a dozen people who still remain here. Dark figures are seen outside; inside, people have reported hearing the sounds of something being dragged. A little girl is ...

Bolling Hall

Bradford, west yorkshire.

It is said that the ghost of an elderly woman appeared to a sleeping Earl who had plans of massacring the town of Bradford; her presence convinced him to call off the mass killing. People report drastic emotional changes throughout the hall, coins fall from the ceiling, people feel breathing ...

Royal Court Theatre

Bacup, lancashire.

An apparition has been photographed here numerous times and is believed to be a woman named Norah; another woman named Kitty is also seen. (Submitted by Chris Berglund)

Temple Newsam

Leeds, west yorkshire.

The reports here include am Edwardian-era figure who walks through walls, a child that can be seen and heard upstairs, and various shadows seen throughout the building. (Submitted by Chris Berglund)

skipton castle haunted

Samlesbury Hall

Samlesbury, lancashire.

The ghost of Dorothy Southworth, nicknamed The White Lady, roams this location and is said to slap visitors on the back of the head. Many photographs have also captured disembodied faces. (Submitted by Chris Berglund)

The main spirit here is that of Dorothy Southworth, referred to as the White Lady, seen in the corridors and halls. The bloodstains of an executed priest also reappear in the same place even though he died in the 16th century. (Submitted by Chris Berglund)

Chingle Hall

Site to many strange phenomenon, including spontaneously catching on fire without reason, at least 16 ghosts are said to be found here (including a group of monks, various children, a cavalier, a chimney sweep, and someone known as "The Dizzy Man"). Objects are known to move by themselves, noises can ...

Wakefield Kirkgate Railway Station

Wakefield, west yorkshire.

The ghost of a woman in a Victorian dress has been seen wandering the area between Platform 1 and 2. (Submitted by Chris Berglund)

Oldham Coliseum Theatre

Oldham, greater manchester.

In 1947, actor Harold Norman was accidentally stabbed to death during a performance of Macbeth; he is said to have returned here in the afterlife. After the death of worker Carl Paulsen, a ghost resembling him started appearing, as well. Objects are known to move or fall down. (Submitted by Chris ...

The Greengate Brewery

Middleton, greater manchester.

Many workers have died here as a result of falling into the vats and drowning. The most commonly seen ghosts include a woman who sits at a table in the boardroom, a woman in a brown dress in the kitchen, and a figure in a brown cloak. (Submitted by Chris Berglund)

Busby Stoop Inn

Skipton, north yorkshire.

Thomas Busby was hanged for his crimes, but always loved his seat at this location. After his death, anyone who sits in this chair meets an untimely and always tragic death; the chair has been hung on the wall to prevent anyone from accidentally sitting in it. (Submitted by Chris Berglund)

Hall i' th' Wood

Bolton, greater manchester.

A man in green and a man in black are the primary ghosts people have witnessed. A woman has been seen in the kitchen, and one of the former owners, Mary, is thought to be here, too, and another ghost, named Betty, targets children and yells at them. (Submitted by Chris ...

Smithills Hall

Numerous ghosts are seen or felt here: an invisible hand that likes to pinch the bottoms of staff and visitors, a young boy and a young girl, Royalist soldiers from the Civil War, a lady in grey at the church, a tall man with white hair often seen in the ...

Ye Olde Man and Scythe

Bolton, lancashire.

Having a reputation for being one of the oldest pubs in Britain (built in 1251), it also gained attention when a ghost was caught on security camera here. It is widely believed that James Stanley still remains here and might have been the figure in the footage. (Submitted by Chris Berglund)

skipton castle haunted

Grand Theatre, Lancaster

Lancaster, england.

A lady in grey, believed to be Sarag Siddons, is seen here. In her lifetime, Siddons played Lady Macbeth here, but after death she might be the one that is reportedly seen throughout. A male spirit named Harald is also believed to be here. (Submitted by Chris Berglund)

Three Mariners

A female spirit is said to occupy the ladies' toilets; a man murdered somewhere in the 16th or 17th century is also seen here. (Submitted by Chris Berglund)

Lancaster Castle

Lancaster Castle was used as a prison for accused witches and heretics before meeting their fate by execution. On the premise, the ghosts of an elderly lady, a middle-aged woman, a monk, and child running about have all been reported. (Submitted by Chris Berglund)

Thurnham Hall

A lady in green is seen inside and in the garden; this is said to be the former homeowner, Elizabeth Dalton. A cavalier and poltergeist activity is also reported. (Submitted by Chris Berglund)

Kiplin Hall

It would seem as if every room here has some form of activity. In the library, an upset girl is seen; in the alcove, a vicar or priest likes to appear; in the tunnels, a nurse frequently shows up (said to be the most commonly seen ghost here). Temperature drops, ...

Tan Hill Inn

A ghost of former manager named Mrs. Peacock will interfere whenever people start brawls. (Submitted by Chris Berglund)

Pontefract Castle

Pontefract, england.

After 5pm, a monk is seen walking from what was the kitchen towards the Queen's tower. A little, raggedly girl is also thought to be here. (Submitted by Chris Berglund)

Royal Exchange Theatre

Manchester, greater manchester.

Actor / director James Manxwell is reportedly still here since his death in 1995; he had a close association with being involved with shows put on since the mid-1970's. A Victorian woman is also seen here and is said to have "a passion to drink". (Submitted by Chris Berglund)

Morecambe Winter Gardens

Morecambe, lancashire.

In the main auditorium, people have been pushed, slapped, and harrassed by someone who isn't there. In the dressing romo, a failed actress is heard muttering and commonly is said to have a moody energy. The cellar has the highest amount of psychic energy here; people have had sudden mood ...

Ordsall Hall

Salford, greater manchester.

The most well-known ghost is that of the White Lady; while her identity is often disputed, it is agreed that she died in a tragic and heartbroken manner. The ghost cams here, as well pictures from visitors, capture many full-bodied apparitions. (Submitted by Chris Berglund)

skipton castle haunted

Levens Hall

Skipton, cumbria.

The most commonly reported ghosts include that of a gypsy who cursed the building's grounds and that of a dog who many visitors mistake for being alive. (Submitted by Chris Berglund)

York Guild Hall

The ancient City of York is famed for being one of (if not the) most haunted cities in Europe . York Guild Hall is one of York’s most historic and haunted locations, with its tales of ghostly black monks, dis-incarnate voices and shadowy figures. The York Guild Hall was built ...

Ancient Unicorn Inn

Bowes, county durham.

Two young lovers share the same grave nearby; the boy died after getting ill and the girl died heartbroken. Both of them are seen by their burial place. A young boy in the cellar and a bearded man are also seen here. The ghosts are mischievous, but it a good ...

Poulton-le-Fylde, Lancashire

In Room 10, the ghost of a large man is seen and accompanied by the sense of depression. A tall woman is also seen around the beds, and sometimes feel as if someone is sitting on the bed with them. A little girl and a woman are also reported. Submitted by ...

Stockport Workhouse

Stockport, greater manchester.

Now permanently closed, this building once used to be a hospital. One ghost that has shown up in photograph is that of a doctor with a mask over his face. Many other ghosts are reported including a woman who was either a nurse or a nun, and some darker energy ...

Blackwell Grange Hotel

Darlington, darlington.

A painting was acquired of a woman in a tartan outfit. The woman in the painting is said to have been attached to the painting and now haunts this building as revenge for husband's slaughter. (Submitted by Chris Berglund)

Lytham Hall

The former owner, Cuthbert Clifton, is seen and heard stamping around his old grounds. A horse named Witch is also reportedly seen here. (Submitted by Chris Berglund)

The Stork Inn

Billinge, england.

A cavalier was murdered in the cellar and has been reported in the men's washroom. Guests report hearing his footsteps as well. (Submitted by Chris Berglund)

Darlington Civic Theatre

Darlington, england.

Ghosts ranging from stagehands, former managers, and crying children have been reported here all throughout the theatre. Recently, a photograph captured two ghosts sitting in the distance lending to the belief that there's more ghosts here than previously thought! (Submitted by Chris Berglund)

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Blackpool, blackpool.

A ghost named "Cloggy" (named because of the sound his clogs make) haunts the ghost train. The ice rink is known to have the sounds of people ice skating on it despite being empty, a little girl is seen in Sir Hiram Maxim’s Gift Shop who moves objects, and the ...

skipton castle haunted

Winnats Pass

A soon-to-be-married couple made a stop around, but were robbed and killed by a group of miners. The couple have been reported along the pass seeking help. (Submitted by Chris Berglund)

Raby Castle

Charles Nevill, who plotted the Rising of the North in the Baron's Hall is reported in that room. Henry Vane the Younger is seen in the library without his head and the first Lady Barnard is also seen here. (Submitted by Chris Berglund)

Shrigley Hall Hotel, Golf and Country Club

Skipton, cheshire east.

An apparition is seen walking into the bathroom. In the middle of the night, guests here banging and other strange noises. (Submitted by Chris Berglund)

Nunnington Hall

A very strict mother loved her son, but locked her stepson in the attic. The stepson eventually disappeared (either escaping or being murdered), and soon the other child fell to his death. The heartbroken mother soon lost her sanity and long after her death, she and the two children are ...

The National Emergency Services Museum

Sheffield, south yorkshire.

Upstairs, a child will cling onto people; another spirit named Brian is heard in this area and a black fog is sometimes seen. A vicious spirit named Cain used to occupy a cell here; he is said to choke visitor, cause the temperature to drop, and smell of disinfectant. Another ...

Appleby Castle and Keep

Appleby-in-westmorland, cumbria.

The Keep is the oldest building still in existence today and little has changed in over 900 years. It is one of the few remaining intact Norman Keeps in Great Britain. This castle has a rich and varied history. It has been held by the Kings of Scotland and England. Parts ...

The Pot and Glass

Stockton-on-tees, england.

Staff and visitors say that a friendly ghost is here, but not much is known about it. (Submitted by Chris Berglund)

Hall Garth and Country Club Hotel

Skipton, darlington.

A nun was said to have been bricked up alive here. Most activity stems from Room 2; usually the faucets will turn on and off by themselves. (Submitted by Chris Berglund)

Tatton Old Hall

Females should beware the spirit of a poacher named Tom, said to have a nasty reputation as a drunk and cruel person; he usually will target female guests and employees. A woman named "The Matriarch" is seen accompanied by a young girl, and in the spinning room, crying is frequently ...

Conisborough Castle

Conisbrough, england.

The White Lady is seen near the ledge in which she fell to her death; a phantom monk has also been seen wandering about. (Submitted by Chris Berglund)

skipton castle haunted

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Top 13 places in Russia where you may face a ghost

skipton castle haunted

1. Kusovnikov House in Moscow

skipton castle haunted

In the 19 th   century house № 17 on Myasnitskaya street in central Moscow was inhabited by a rich, but very greedy couple – Pyotr and Sofya Kusovnikov, who scrimped on almost everything. Extremely suspicious, they used to hide money from their servants in different places. Once they hid some in the fireplace, but the janitor accidentally burned it when lighting the fire. When she found out, Sofya died instantly of a broken heart, her husband passed away a little later. Since then, the ghost of a hunched old man in a coat has routinely appeared on the street near the house – this is Pyotr Kusovnikov mourning his lost money.

2. Sokol metro station

skipton castle haunted

During WWI, not far from the modern Sokol station of the Moscow metro, a cemetery for fallen soldiers was located. In 1918, mass executions of White officers and priests by the Reds were held there. All this led to the appearance of ghosts in the dark tunnels of the station. Early in the morning diaphanous figures with festering wounds can be seen there.  

3. St. Michael’s Castle in St. Petersburg

skipton castle haunted

This castle was a royal residence built by order of Tsar  Paul I. On March 21, 1801, he was killed there by a group of conspirators. It is considered that the restless spirit of the tsar was unable to leave the castle. It appears there in the corridors with a burning candle in its hand.

4.   Znamenskaya Tower in Yaroslavl

skipton castle haunted

During the Civil War in Russia (1917-1922), a group of White troops held positions in the Volkovsky theater in Yaroslavl. The Red commissar in command of the siege promised to spare their lives. However, he lied and all the Whites were executed at the Znamenskaya Tower. Since then, the ghost of the commissar who didn’t keep his promise has been seen at the place of his crime.

5. Igumnov House in Moscow

skipton castle haunted

The house at 43 Bolshaya Yakimanka Street in Moscow, also known as “Igumnov House,” serves today as the residence of the French ambassador. It was built at the request of the industrialist Nikolay Igumnov in the late 19 th   century. He settled his young mistress here, but one day caught her with a lover. The lover was kicked out, but the girl was never seen again. It is believed that the outraged Igumnov bricked her up in a wall. During Soviet times, people often saw the ghost of a young girl walking through the walls with deep, plaintive sighs.     

6. House of Rasputin in St. Petersburg

skipton castle haunted

The flat on the second floor at 64 Gorokhovaya street in St. Petersburg is today a usual residential apartment. However, in the early 20th century it was home to one of the most mystical figures in Russian history – Grigory Rasputin. His ghost sometimes appears here, scaring inhabitants with its clunking steps and grunting in dark corners.

7. House on the Embankment

skipton castle haunted

This house at 2 Serafimovicha Street, simply known as “House on Embankment,” is among the most famous in the Russian capital, known as the place of residence for the Soviet   crème de la crème : writers, artists, actors, generals, athletes. However, it also has a dark history. During the Great Purge, a campaign of political repressions in the USSR, dozens of the house’s inhabitants were arrested and executed. Today, the house is full of the ghosts of those victims, who sometimes appear in their old dwelling place. 

8. Tower of the old hospital in Ryazan

skipton castle haunted

Among the high-rise modern buildings at 15 Gorky Street in Ryazan is an old tower – all that remains of the old hospital. At night, a lonely dark figure can be seen walking in this tower. This is the ghost of Alexander Smitten, who administered the hospital more than a century ago.

9. Griboyedov Canal in St. Petersburg

skipton castle haunted

During a misty night in March, one can see the ghost of a young girl near the Griboyedov Canal in St. Petersburg. Her face is blue because of asphyxiation, and there is a big red mark on her neck caused by a rope. This is famous revolutionary Sophia Perovskaya, who assassinated Tsar Alexander II and was hanged for her deed. To meet this ghost is a bad omen, and can cost nocturnal pedestrians their lives.

10. Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin

skipton castle haunted

There is a legend that when the Kremlin in Nizhny Novgorod was being built, the constructors were unable to finish one of the towers. It kept falling down. In the end, they decided to make a sacrifice and to build the tower on the blood of the first person who passed by. It happened to be a pregnant woman hurrying to the river for water. She was seized and bricked up in the tower alive. The ghost of a pale woman holding a baby has appeared near this place ever since.

11. Oldenburg Palace near Voronezh

skipton castle haunted

Built in the late 19th century, the palace belonged to Princess Eugenia of Leuchtenberg. Today her ghost rises from the deep casemates of the palace to wander through its rooms and corridors. There is also another ghost there, much older — the ghost of a young peasant girl. It is even said that Princess Eugenia saw it when she was alive.

12. Stalin’s country house near Sochi

skipton castle haunted

Stalin’s ghost can be seen at his country house, located today within the Green Groove hotel near Sochi. The “father of the nations” walks in his white jacket, smoking his trademark pipe.

13. Psychiatric hospital near Nizhny Novgorod

skipton castle haunted

Near the modern psychiatric hospital in the village of Lyakhovo near Nizhny Novgorod, one can see an abandoned old building. Several dozen years ago a young girl hanged herself there because of unrequited love. At night it is possible to see a white silhouette and hear the moaning and cries of the “love-stricken schoolgirl” as the locals call her.

And if you want to see a UFO, here are several places in Russia where you will have a chance.

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skipton castle haunted

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skipton castle haunted

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Moscow Metro

The Moscow Metro Tour is included in most guided tours’ itineraries. Opened in 1935, under Stalin’s regime, the metro was not only meant to solve transport problems, but also was hailed as “a people’s palace”. Every station you will see during your Moscow metro tour looks like a palace room. There are bright paintings, mosaics, stained glass, bronze statues… Our Moscow metro tour includes the most impressive stations best architects and designers worked at - Ploshchad Revolutsii, Mayakovskaya, Komsomolskaya, Kievskaya, Novoslobodskaya and some others.

What is the kremlin in russia?

The guide will not only help you navigate the metro, but will also provide you with fascinating background tales for the images you see and a history of each station.

And there some stories to be told during the Moscow metro tour! The deepest station - Park Pobedy - is 84 metres under the ground with the world longest escalator of 140 meters. Parts of the so-called Metro-2, a secret strategic system of underground tunnels, was used for its construction.

During the Second World War the metro itself became a strategic asset: it was turned into the city's biggest bomb-shelter and one of the stations even became a library. 217 children were born here in 1941-1942! The metro is the most effective means of transport in the capital.

There are almost 200 stations 196 at the moment and trains run every 90 seconds! The guide of your Moscow metro tour can explain to you how to buy tickets and find your way if you plan to get around by yourself.


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