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Don’t Sleep on ‘Revenant,’ a Masterful K-Horror Series on Disney+

By Geoffrey Bunting

Geoffrey Bunting

Revenant , like so many horror stories, begins on a rainy night. Disney+ ’s latest South Korean drama opens as Professor Gu Kang-mo (Jin Seon-kyu) hurries through his front door, past shelves piled with books, and barricades himself in the study. “What went wrong?” he asks himself, flipping through his notes. Behind him, visible through paper windows, flashes of lightning illuminate a shadowy figure — its hair writhing in a wide halo like snakes.

It’s a sharp introduction to the ambiguity that haunts Revenant . Within its twisting avenues of mystery, we can’t always be certain that people are who they appear to be or that doors will lead where we think.

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It’s unsurprising from writer Kim Eun-hee, whose seminal police drama, Signal , was possessed of a similar structure (using real-life crime rather than folklore) while the more action-oriented Kingdom revolved around a pillar of layered mystery. Kim is the master of expanding on common tropes with just enough originality as to transcend the traditions that inform her work.

Revenant is no different. It can’t claim to do anything new, but with the assuredness with which it blends detective drama and horror, Kim has given Disney+ its first real competitor to Netflix’s own originals . 

Shades of Ringu , Dark Water , The Wailing , even The Host are visible in Revenant . In particular, it cleverly evokes the investigative throughline of Hideo Nakata’s horror classic, Ringu . And yet, at no point in its twelve episodes does Revenant feel like a copy, more the culmination of that rich vein of horror. 

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At first, the series of ghosts in Revenant play like a greatest hits of K-horror — grisly reflections in the mirror, swarms of spooky insects, small blue hands that quickly disappear — before evolving to form part of a wider, tragic story that informs not just San-yeong’s understanding of the world she’s entered, but our own. Yeom and San-yeong visit a grandmother who has unleashed restless spirits onto her village because she wants to see her daughter again, a child abused by his parents who won’t pass on until his sister is safe, and a childhood friend whose situation forms a premonition of San-yeong’s. Even the spirit within San-yeong can shift between vengeful and a welcome — albeit murder-y — outlet for her frustrations.

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This is perhaps because Revenant , despite its reliance on an especially tight thriller plot, embodies a style of horror we, in the West, have largely forgotten. Kim Eun-hee and series director Lee Jung-rim understand that horror is supposed to frighten us. They use the series’ runtime to build tension and create a sense of dread that never truly lets up. 

Yes, it has its unoriginal moments, but in addition to its myriad terrors, Revenant can also be goofy and absurd, even joyful and heartfelt. It is, more than anything, human , and a reminder that South Korea just does horror so much better than we do.

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Will There Be ‘Revenant’ Season 2? Here’s What The Director Said

After six amazing weeks, the horror drama "Revenant" starring Kim Tae Ri, Oh Jung Se and Hong Kyung finally concluded.

The work enjoyed an all-time high scores during its broadcast, all thanks to its engrossing narrative and one of a kind drama elements.

Because of this, the public demands a new season. Will there be a new installment for the series? Here's what the director said.

Kim Tae Ri, Oh Jung Se, More Praised For 'Revenant' Performance

Following the conclusion of the SBS TV drama "Revenant," director Lee Jung Rim shared her raw thoughts on the work.

The series aired for six consecutive weeks and it also enjoyed double digit ratings until the work wrapped up. It's one of the highest-rated releases in the first half of 2023.

Lee Jung Rim shared that she didn't expect the work to achieve such success but she laid all of her trust on its cast Kim Tae Ri, Oh Jung Se, Hong Kyung and more.

It is revealed that the main cast of the series played a hands-on role during the planning and filming of the work, which the director describes as "a drama's recipe to success."

The director praised Kim Tae Ri's passion and initiative to lead the team as well as her effortless immersion with her acting role. Oh Jung Se's charisma and seasoned performance didn't go unnoticed.

Lastly, Hong Kyung also impressed Lee Jung Rim with his mature aura and ability to synchronize with his character.

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"The relationship between Kim Tae Ri, Oh Jung Se and Hong Kyung is the highlight in the show," the director stated. "I wanted to portray how they became each other's anchors amidst the horror surrounding them."

"Revenant" wrapped up with a high score of 11.2%, maintaining its all-time high rating streak until the end.

Will There Be 'Revenant' Season 2?

Because of the huge success that "Revenant" raked in, many global fans demand for a new season.

Director Lee Jung Rim admitted that there were high definition scenes that were chopped off from the final drafts due to its irrelevance. However, she believes that it was entertaining enough for broadcast if it wasn't for the time limit in each episode.

The director hasn't talked about the possibility of Season 2, but she hinted at how Kim Tae Ri's character hasn't become "a complete adult yet."

"Revenant" production team also stated that the drama has already reached the point of "conclusion," which means that there's no loose ends that need to be tied neatly.

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With that, catch all 12 episodes of "Revenant" on Disney+ now. ICYMI, watch the teaser here:

KDramaStars owns this article.

Written by Elijah Mully.

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revenant review k-drama

‘Revenant’ review – a thrilling, immersive horror K-drama

A slow burn that leaves cheap thrills at the door, settling you in for a layered, fuller definition of horror

Revenant begins, as most horror stories do, with a death on a dark, stormy night. Folklore professor Gu Kang-mo (Jin Seon-kyu) is running from an unknown entity recognisable only by a head of wild, floating hair. A slip in vigilance costs him his life, setting off a chain of bloody events with his daughter Gu San-yeong ( Twenty-Five Twenty-One ’s Kim Tae-ri) in the dead centre.

Unbeknownst to San-yeong, the hair accessory her late father had bequeathed to her carries traces of a violent past, resulting in San-yeong being possessed by the same demonic entity that her father was running from. After people around San-yeong start dying indiscriminately, she has no choice but to reach out to cryptic Professor Yeom Hae-sang (Oh Jung-se), who can see ghosts and demons.

Yeom – who has his own bone to pick with the supernatural – reveals to her that the entity possessing San-yeong grows by fulfilling its host’s base desires before consuming them altogether. Now in a race against time, San-yeong and Hae-sang must get to the bottom of this terrifying mystery while also keeping Detective Lee Hong-sae (Hong Kyung) off their trail.

Having already proven her acting chops in hits like Mr. Sunshine and The Handmaiden , Kim Tae-ri expertly balances her role as a struggling youngster and a malicious, possibly centuries-old entity spectacularly. Contrasting the expressiveness of San-yeong’s character is Oh Jung-se’s Yeom Hae-sang – he is laser-focused, mysteriously understated, annoyingly persistent and just slightly unhinged.

Bringing a fresh dose of neutrality to these two extremes is Hong Kyung as Lee Hong-sae. This man just wants to go to work and get his promotion, but keeps getting entangled in weird cases thanks to his partner. Despite his very millennial sense of resignation, Hong-sae is quickly being set-up as the most human of this trio through subtle exchanges that prove he does care about something more than his bank account.

Horror aficionados who thrive on jump-scares and gore might be in for a disappointing run – or so it seems from the show’s first four episodes. Revenant is a slow burn in the purest sense of the word. Part of this approach can be attributed to the show’s attempt to build a layered, fuller definition of horror, with a focus on the psychological. Juxtaposed with the supernatural are the terrors that humans inflict upon each other, built through sub-plots featuring negligent, abusive parents or evil shamans who imprison and murder young girls. Real-life horror feeds its supernatural counterpart – even the entity possessing San-yeong acts up in particular when she’s experiencing “dark” thoughts.

The show also cleverly skirts the traps of explanations becoming expositions. Much of the source material comes from Korean folklore, but Revenant believes in showing rather than telling – a simple device that horror movies often underestimate. There are moments where information is all too conveniently placed, but one can forgive said transgressions simply because of the presentation.

The only drawback here is that, for a horror show, the pacing of Revenant is surprisingly languid. So far, we only have piecemeal information about the entity possessing San-yeong. Said demon’s bloodthirst aside, the creepiest thing it has done so far is carve out the eyes of a child’s doll with a knife for getting on its nerves. While we’re sure the pacing will pick up in the next few episodes, we’re currently left in the weird limbo of deciding to wait until things get good or bail while we’re ahead.

Revenant is available to stream on Disney+ in select regions

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SBS’s “Revenant” Ending Explained- Finale [Ep 12 Recap]

The SBS’s “ Revenant ” has concluded its run today, leaving fans eager to discuss its thrilling ending and the resolution of the captivating storyline. Let us go through what happened in its finale.

Table of Contents

 “revenant” episode 12 recap.

Hae-Sang and Hong-Sae found the body and along with the final object. They can tell something went deeply wrong, so they go look for her.

San-Yeong goes to her mother’s café and she sees her friend too.

When Hae-Sang and Hong-Sae arrive, the shadow is back and it looks fine. She even receives the object with her right hand, they can tell something is wrong but go back.

Hae-Sang gets the call that his grandmother died. He goes to the hospital to see it and confronts Secretary Kim for what he’d done. He sheds tears and says she should’ve apologized to him and to them for what she’d done. They take the grandmother’s body to the NFS.

San-Yeong takes her mother back home. The next day, the mother can tell something is not right and tells her she’s not her daughter despite how nice she appears, she retorts with, ‘why would I need you if you’re that type of mom.’

The ghost keeps brushing her hair with her left hand and looks at the mirror, the real San-Yeong is trapped in another ‘dimension’ and is fighting someone who keeps trying to kill her and drag her away.

Hong-Sae then sees San-Yeong and follows her around, he sees that she visited places that sell things that can kill people. He confronts her and she asks him why does he like San-Yeong, he says its because she’s strong. He asks her to tell him what happened to her, she says, ‘its over.’

While Hae-Sang is sealing all the objects, he goes to the last place and gets stabbed by San-Yeong’s mother, the ghost had told her if she wanted to save her daughter, she must kill him but she couldn’t.

The police call Hae-Sang and Hong-Sae and they see footage of the grandmother’s suicide, she chopped one of her fingers to indicate the actual final object that they must burn in order to get rid of her.

They go back to the grandmother’s house and flip this place upside down and cannot find it. Then they get a message from San-Yeong’s mother that says she’s trying to kill her. They rush outside. The mother told the ghost they’d get rid of her and find her finger.

In that same period, the ghost inside San-Yeong goes to the place and locates the finger, Hae-Sang locks the doors, he figured out the mother wasn’t the one who sent the message because he never told her the ghost’s name. so only Hong-Sae went. Hae-Sang stayed behind.

He takes it and wants to burn it but she begins to hit the body with objects and then grabs glass parts and says she’ll kill the body if she can’t live. He puts the box down so she stabs him hard and then twists it with her legs. She is happy its over but then she sees the real San-Yeong in the mirror.

San-Yeong had figured out the person who was trying to kill her in that weird dimension, its herself. She refuses to die so she broke free and now she used the same method the ghost had used and forced the ghost to burn the box, the ghost screams in agony as it lights up the box, it eventually disappears.

After some time

San-Yeong is living her best life with her mother and friend, her mother has also changed and takes accountability more. They’re living a good life.

San-Yeong is working at the café when Hong-Sae shows up, he asks her about her blindness, she has some years left but can lose it in a year or so. She hasn’t told her mother yet and is waiting for her to get better.

Hong Sae says he was wrong, she hasn’t changed. They look outside as they’re drinking coffee as spring came.

Then San-Yeong meets with Hae-Sang and through people gossiping about him we find out that he donated hundreds of millions of dollars of his wealth, they call him crazy.

He’s at a sight that prepares the firework festival, he came here because he saw happy ghosts, Hae-Sang asks her if she stills sees ghost and she says yes.

Since this festival wards off bad ghosts and does good, the ghosts in this place look happy. Both of them look at the beautiful scene happy to see the ghosts looking happy.

The final scene shows San-Yeong’s mother hearing her husband say, ‘I am sorry,’ Hong Sae hears his sunbae detective tell him, ‘keep it up.’ It finishes with San-Yeong saying ‘okay, I will strive to survive.’

“Revenant” ending explained- frequently asked questions

Did “revenant” have a happy ending.

Yes, it did, the evil spirit was defeated and our main leads were able to go on with lives and live happily.

How does the kdrama “Revenant” end?

Was the evil spirit in “revenant” caught.

Yes, she was eventually caught and basically handed the final object that could kill her to Hae-Sang. The spirit tries to kill Hae-Sang  but San-Yeong interferes and ends her using the methods she’s been using to kill those people by forcing them to commit suicide.

Who was the evil spirit in “Revenant”?

The evil spirit was not Lee Mok-Dan but her older sister Lee Hyan-Gi, she was originally chosen to be the sacrifice. However, after Lee Hyan-Gi loses her mother and her father and brother in separate incidents, she goes to retrieve her sister whom she placed in her place but also ends up getting taken as hostage and eventually killed.

SBS’s “Revenant” ending review

AMAZING, SHOWSTOPPING, Spectacular. There aren’t enough words to describe this masterpiece, I just loved it.

“Revenant” is possibly the best-written Kdrama of 2023 thus far, Kim Eun Hee has outdone herself, truly, she’s a legend and she’s the moment.

I can talk about the story’s structure and the characters for hours, honestly, the amount of effort that has gone into this is insane. I can tell the structure was planned backwards, as in the actual details came to mind first and then the rest was filled, thus, the leads trace back what happened backward. that’s some skill and something that takes a lot of time, effort, and immense talent.

This is what I mean when I say we need good writing. 12 episodes but no wasted moment, how is this possible?

“Revenant” ending was excellent in every aspect. The perfect ending.

The performances were amazing, and honestly, I think Tae Ri deserves AT LEAST, a daesang nomination, if not to win the award itself.

The thing is, this year’s nominations will be packed, especially with “Dr. Romantic 3,” the lineup for this specific time slot was astounding thus far. Regardless, I seriously think she needs to be nominated for a grand prize, at least.

Thank you for the hard work “Revenant” team, you did well, we’re proud of you.

revenant kdrama interview

Hi, I am Jass k. I discuss some of the hottest currently airing kdramas on this site in form of reviews an/or recaps, join me in the discussion~

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Revenant (2023)

Ku San Young works and studies at night to become a public officer. After receiving a relic from her dead father mysterious deaths take place around her, and she finds herself slowly changin... Read all Ku San Young works and studies at night to become a public officer. After receiving a relic from her dead father mysterious deaths take place around her, and she finds herself slowly changing. Ku San Young works and studies at night to become a public officer. After receiving a relic from her dead father mysterious deaths take place around her, and she finds herself slowly changing.

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Revenant (2023)

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  • Trivia Gong Yoo was the original choice for the leading male role, but had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts. The role instead went to Oh Jung-se .

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  • Oct 4, 2023
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Revenant (2023)

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“Revenant” Episodes 3 and 4 Paint Evil Spirits’ Wrath As Echoes of Despair

revenant kdrama interview

As new mysteries unfold and cryptic clues abound, Revenant steers the story’s trajectory far from the predictable.

In their quest to uncover the origins of the cursed hair accessory, San Yeong and Hae Sang face the challenge of finding the old village of Jangjin-ri amid a rapidly modernizing landscape.

Kimley Jone watches Revenant on Disney Plus

Episode Recaps: 01 & 02 |

revenant kdrama interview

Episodes 3 and 4 Highlights

*Content Warning: The following text contains references to suicide.

San Yeong and Hae Sang eventually locate Jangjin-ri, where they encounter an elderly resident who vividly describes what the dwindled countryside settlement was like over sixty years ago. 

The old man further recounts the town’s local customs and traditions, including the chilling tale of a massive tree called “Dukdali” where the bodies of deceased children were once hung. According to the village legend, the tree became haunted by vengeful spirits who met unjust deaths. 

revenant kdrama interview

The once-haunted tree, however, has since been cut down, making way for a dormitory building in its place. As San Yeong and Hae Sang successfully find the building, San Yeong catches a glimpse of the petrifying shadow of the colossal tree and the lifeless bodies hanging from its branches.

Suspicious Deaths

Meanwhile, three university students, all in their senior year, die in an apparent suicide inside their respective dormitory rooms. Coincidentally, they all died in a similar manner—hanging themselves with a rope, with bruises on their wrists.

Mun Chun and Hong Sae ( Hong Kyung ) take it upon themselves to investigate the mysterious deaths. As they delve deeper into the cases, they refuse to dismiss the possibility of foul play and diligently search for any connections between the victims. 

revenant kdrama interview

As fate would have it, they cross paths with Hae Sang and San Yeong, who are conducting their own inquiries into the dormitory building. This unexpected encounter adds another layer of intrigue surrounding San Yeong’s possible involvement in multiple suicide cases. 

Another Case of Evil Possession

Another senior university student named Tae Young is linked to the cases due to her friendship with the victims. The situation escalates further when she suddenly disappeared after the fatal incidents took place.

The truth, however, is that the students were ensnared in a dreadful cycle of debt. The loan shark, disguised as a fish store owner, inflicted severe abuse and threats upon them. Tae Young, burdened by debt herself, was coerced into recruiting other students to obtain loans. 

revenant kdrama interview

Desperate to shield her family’s information from the loan shark, Tae Young destroyed her remaining photo of her family and tossed it into the aquarium. Unbeknown to her, the picture depicted the haunted Dukdali tree in the background before it was felled. The photo turned out to be haunted, leading to the possession of the store owner by an evil spirit.

Twenty-One, One Hundred Seventy-Six

San Yeong narrowly avoids falling into a debt trap and signing a loan agreement.

Realizing that San Yeong had uncovered his brutal secret, the loan shark viciously attacks her in a fit of rage. Fortunately, San Yeong manages to escape his clutches. However, the situation takes an unexpected turn when the store’s CCTV footage revealed her as the one orchestrating the chaos. 

Unbeknown to her, the demon takes over her body, which manifests in her bizarre behavior. When Hae Sang eventually finds her, she greets him with a chilling smile, hinting that they have met before. At this moment, Hae Sang realizes he is facing the same demon that killed his mother.

revenant kdrama interview

In a trance-like state, San Yeong mutters “21, 176,” as if indicating something important. However, upon regaining awareness, she has no recollection of how she ended up where she is or the significance of the numbers.

The Chilling Case of Mokdan

Mun Chun and Hong Sae resume the investigation over the death of San Yeong’s grandmother. While fully immersed in the case, they stumble upon a newspaper article from 1958 in Professor Gang Mo’s collection. The article discusses a missing girl named Lee Mokdan from Jangjin-ri. Mokdan was found dead 17 days after her disappearance. Her body was discovered in a horrifying state of skin and bones and with one of her fingers missing. It was believed that an evil shaman was responsible for this heinous crime, sacrificing her to the gods.

San Yeong and Hae Sang come across the same newspaper clipping. Intrigued, they are determined to uncover more about this old case, as both the hair accessory and the Dukdali tree seem to be connected to the girl.

revenant kdrama interview

Referring to Professor Gang Mo’s folklore book, San Yeong and Hae Sang accidentally find a hint about juvenile ghosts on pages 21 and 176, the same numbers San Yeong unconsciously muttered the moment she was possessed. Intrigued by this clue, they set off to Baekchagol Village where the ancient straw doll ritual is still being practiced. 

Baekchagol Village

San Yeong and Hae Sang reach Baekchagol and find the villagers buzzing with preparations for the traditional straw doll rite. Performed to ward off bad spirits, this revered ritual is at risk of being abandoned because of the aging population of the villagers. 

revenant kdrama interview

To San Yeong’s surprise, one of the townsmen reveals that he was acquainted with Professor Gang Mo. He further claims that the scholar met San Yeong’s mother in this village. The man, however, suddenly dies right after sharing the information about the professor.

Meanwhile, Hae Sang has been silently witnessing the presence of ghosts around the place. San Yeong herself also sees frightening spirits through her mirror. They both realize that the village is plagued by restless souls. 

Digging deeper, Hae Sang uncovers that one of the women in the village has been secretly burning the straw dolls used for fending off demons out of fear of never seeing her deceased daughter’s spirit again. 

revenant kdrama interview

While trying to run from the ghosts that have been trailing her, San Yeong is taken aback as she looks through a window glass and sees her father’s ghostly presence.

Revenant Episode 3 and 4 Musings

Revenant ‘s recent episodes have plunged the story into a deeper, more ominous tone. No longer mere eerie shadows, the spirits have morphed into tangible entities, each with haunting faces and stories to tell. Despite their hostile and vindictive nature, these spirits bear the weight of their tragic stories and are the embodiment of misfortune and untimely demise.

As San Yeong and Hae Sang inch closer to solving the enigma surrounding the hair accessory’s original owner, they discover that the puzzle is far more intricate than they initially thought. The sequence of clues they unearth weaves an even more complex riddle, leaving them with more questions than answers. Consequently, the perplexing motive behind Professor Gang Mo’s decision to leave a cursed object for her daughter is still shrouded in mystery.

Moreover, their investigation uncovers intriguing details about Sang Yeon’s mother, suggesting that she harbors troubling secrets that compelled her to run away from her ex-husband and abandon her hometown.

Throughout these episodes, the characters have taken the viewers on a gripping and unpredictable journey, with each step revealing a piece of information that helps complete the overarching puzzle. However, we are also constantly confronted with new mysteries that need unraveling. The constant shifts between different places and the continuous unveiling of new plot elements felt a bit overwhelming. While such twists can intensify the thrill factor, they may also leave the audience with a sense of being swept away in different directions.

The series definitely demands a considerable amount of patience from the viewers. Nonetheless, the narrative’s depth promises revelations that make it worthwhile to stay invested.

Revenant airs its new episodes every Friday and Saturday on SBS and can be streamed on Disney Plus.

Episodes 3 & 4 Video Recap

Photos: SBS Drama | Disney Plus Ph

Video: SBS Drama

revenant kdrama interview

Kimley Jone

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“Taxi Driver 2” Episodes 7 and 8 Uncover Bad Practices Of Pseudo-Religion

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K-Drama Review: “My Perfect Stranger” Melodiously Narrates An Intriguing Time-Slip Story

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Revenant Season 1 Review: If you could have anything that you desire in life, anything at all, be it money, fame, immortality, then what would you wish for? And what if that wish comes with a price? What will you sacrifice? or rather who will you sacrifice? Will you be ready to sacrifice yourself in a Faustian bargain or…someone else?

There are many such questions that plague human existence. Is there a god, a heaven and a hell, or is life but a mere Sisyphean myth? Are we living in an abstract world of ideas, a relative, a hypothesis or does this world reflect a tangible truth? Is there even a singular, absolute truth? In such a world, what is real or not real?

Amidst such profound philosophical enquiries that human beings have participated in for centuries, the idea of something supernatural seems ridiculous. Gu Sanyeong would have scoffed at it. Until one fateful day, when she picked up a cursed historical object bequeathed to her by her dead father.

Today we have for you a spoiler-free review of the chilling horror-mystery kdrama, Revenant, starring Kim Tae-ri who is known for her acclaimed projects The Handmaiden , Mr. Sunshine , Twenty-Five Twenty-One and more. Without further ado, let’s dive into our Revenant review!

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Revenant (2023) begins with the life of our protagonist Gu Sanyeong, a woman preparing for Korean civil services examinations while also working for many part time jobs, living with her mother who has been diagnosed with anxiety disorder since after an unknown terrifying experience. It is when she loses all her savings to a con-man that she discovers that her supposedly dead father was very much alive until he actually passed away for real.

It isn’t long after she discovers that she has been possessed by an evil spirit determined to kill her and everyone around her. And it won’t stop until it is satisfied. Who is this spirit? What happened to it? Will Sanyeong survive? Find out more in Revenant !

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  • Revenant Season 1 Review
Have you died before? You haven’t died before so why are you speaking like you know anything about it?

One of the most interesting characteristics of Revenant that makes it different from similar kdramas in the past such as The Guest (2018) is that the premise is not solely based on an all-powerful supernatural entity of an unknown origin. Revenant’s supernatural chase has a beginning and hopefully an ending (that doesn’t end with many more deaths). The evil spirit that goes on possessing the characters is an outcome of inhumane cruelty and greed of the society which has to reap the seed it has sown.

Revenant Season 1 Review - Just A Library

The spirit, in many ways, seems to be taking revenge for what happened to it, quite unlike the visitors of The Guest who target human weaknesses as a source to create mayhem, death and destruction and find pleasure in the act of it. Thus, Revenant’s spirit becomes more humane than a mere supernatural entity and its “every crime has a motive”. The spirit’s revenge is for the inhumane and torturous sacrifice it had to suffer and for what cause? For the rich to become richer? It is not just a tale about a supernatural mystery chase but a tale about regressive traditions, of unravelling the darkness that lies in being human, of denying the right to live.

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Overall, the show is fast paced with thrilling and simultaneously terrifying scenes. The mystery lies in identifying the spirit while the spirit is aware of every step that one takes. And the stakes are high, especially when the professionals have been killed in the process. Needless to mention, the cast is doing a fantastic job especially Kim Tae-ri who changes into a different person in every episode!

Can the characters win against such a vengeful spirit fuelled by purest form of hatred? We shall see. In the meantime, lock your doors and do not open even if someone knocks!

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JAL gives Revenant a 4 out of 5. It is definitely worth a watch especially if you are a fan of horror-mystery genre. What are your views on this Kdrama? Are you enjoying it? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Is Revenant Kdrama worth watching?
  • Is Revenant Kdrama on Netflix?

For international people, the revenant Kdrama series is available to watch on Disney+ in selected regions which includes US, UK, India, and Europe.

  • Is Revenant Kdrama good?

It is definitely worth a watch especially if you are a fan of horror-mystery genre. The show is fast paced with thrilling and simultaneously terrifying scenes. Just A Library gives 4 out of 5 for this interesting horror-mystery drama.

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