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Phantom Trading FX Review – is Phantom Trading FX Worth it?

If you have been scouring the internet for a comprehensive breakdown of the Phantom Trading FXcourse, it is finally here.

The Phantom Trading FXmentorship program boasts over 10,000 forex trader mentees.

It also promises to be the only trading course you will ever need to transform your Forex game.

In this review, I subject all of those claims to the test and give you an insider view of how the mentorship program operates.

Here’s a peek into what this review contains:

  • Overview of the Phantom Trading FX course
  • Who is the Course Instructor?
  • What’s in the course
  • What we like about the course (pros)
  • What we dislike about the course (cons)
  • Student reviews
  • Recommendation 

Let’s get started. 

Table of Contents

Overview of Phantom Trading FXCourse 

phantom fx discord

The Phantom Trading FXcourse platform is designed to give forex traders the necessary skills and training to engage in profitable trades consistently.

Anybody can sign up for the paid course, irrespective of being a newbie or someone who has been in the field for a long time.

A group of experienced traders share with the students valuable insights on forex trading and help the latter avoid the mistakes that even advanced traders might make. 

This training includes explaining to the students what various trading components mean and how to use them.

 The team of mentors will also acquaint you with the trading tools and strategies that have worked for them over the years. As the course progresses and you are exposed to various market conditions, the instructors will provide many examples of past failed and successful trades as case studies to draw lessons from.

From time to time, you will also get real-time support through market commentaries, live backtesting where expert traders use historical data to test potential strategies, et cetera. You will also have access to actual live trading sessions where the coaches put the methods they teach you to work.

Brief Background On The Creator/Instructor

The Phantom Trading FX has many instructors, but the chief is Brad Wyse or Wyse. Wyse is the face of the Phantom Trading FX. He is a financial analyst, accountant, and wealth management expert from Canada.

His background helped him stabilize himself in the financial market, which he’s been doing for over a decade. He is also a day trader.

Somewhere along the line, Brad met Kevin Warner, a funded day trader, and investor, and together, they developed the Phantom Strategy, which they field-tested for a long time before deciding to collaborate on the Phantom Trading FX course.

What Is In The Phantom Trading FX Course?

The Phantom Trading FX course teaches strategies that rely on the principles of supply and demand and uses price action to help traders find market direction and entries and conduct trade management.

The training is delivered through a series of videos that explain the various trade strategies and how to scale them up to above six figures.

A primary objective of the course platform is to help you advance to become a funded trader. Then you can stand on your feet and start trading using your funds or riding on a prop firm.

Amateur traders usually need help blowing up their funds through careless or risky trading tactics. It’s an even bigger problem as you could run into serious debt if you burn funds from a prop firm. 

The Phantom Trading FX course promises to help you overcome that problem and make promising returns and profits instead.

To help students achieve that goal, the trading mentors have put together a roadmap to funding that is a step-by-step action plan for becoming a profitable trader who qualifies for funding.

The mentality behind that system of learning is that most traders fail early on in their journey due to their poor mindset. They assume that when something “fails,” it’s because it does not work, even though they might not have put enough thought and patience into executing it. 

There is also the issue of managing the emotions, such as uncertainty and fear of loss, that trading erupts.

The roadmap exposes the plan to success in trading and details the learning curve so that you can perform what you have been taught with the confidence that you are doing the right thing.

The Phantom Trading FX course has many premium resources and video courses, but there is also a generous compilation of free resources.

There are free resources on the significant trading elements, such as

  • Productivity and,

Phantom Trading FX also has a YouTube channel that offers tons of valuable free resources through tutorials on various topics and trends in forex trading.

And speaking of courses, there are over 60 of them that are immediately unlocked with a premium subscription. Now, I will show you around the curriculum.

  • Unit 1: Welcome series
  • Unit 2: Supply and Demand
  • Unit 3: Market Structure
  • Unit 4: Liquidity Concepts
  • Unit 5: Refined Supply and Demand
  • Unit 6: Expectational Orderflow
  • Unit 7: Risk Management
  • Unit 8: Entries and Trade Management
  • Unit 9: Trading Processes
  • Unit 10: Mini Lessons

Aside from the entire course library (including trading psychology lessons and podcasts), you also get the following with your purchase:

  • Daily Market Outlook and EOD markups
  • Two live Zoom sessions and all previous sessions before you purchased the course
  • Discord Community of traders of all skill levels
  • 2 live backtesting sessions per month
  • 24/7 dedicated support
  • Market commentaries and trade recaps

What We Like About The Phantom Trading FX (Pros)

Access to direct feedback on your trades.

Getting someone to pay attention to your trade and give you direct feedback is easy.

You only have to post your trade in the Discord community and wait a little. You will surely see comments on where your trade could improve.

Very Comprehensive Content

The courses cover virtually every aspect of trading that you need to know.

As you take the course, you will discover new insights on refining your existing trade strategies or adopting new ones.

You will find the training on trader’s mindset and psychology especially valuable. It is a real game-changer. 

Engaging Community

The community is hosted on Discord, and it is a decently organized one. It’s highly interactive and always has some activity or the other going on.

What I like most about the community is how all the chats have separate spaces. The community isn’t a dump of random comments all in one place, as that would make it hard to sort out helpful comments.

Instead, there are spaces for team member comments, community member posts, support teams, etc. Even ordinary chats have their own space. Everything gets clear. 

Expert Course Instructors

All of the instructors on Phantom Trading FX are advanced traders with many years of experience in the field.

They also have degrees in related university courses like accounting and economics. More importantly, they’ve spent many years developing and field-testing their strategies alongside the top dogs in the forex trading world. 

Phantom Trading FX hasn’t always been as mature as it is now. There are more qualified hands now, and they give satisfactory answers to just about any trading question you ask. 

Plenty of Trade Recaps

Trade recaps are very useful as they allow you to see what was done right, and you can replicate it in your trades.

Thankfully, the instructors provide a lot of trade recaps for students to learn from. That’s nice because the more the trade recaps, the more hands-on experience you can get.

Coaching Calls

The coaches on Phantom Trading FX hold coaching calls every week via Zoom, and they present excellent opportunities to tap even more into the expertise of the instructors.

After your first coaching call, you will want to keep your fingers crossed for the next one because of their value. 

Efficient Trading Style

Phantom FX’s trading style focuses on supply and demand, but it is now more streamlined than it used to be.

Now they advocate focusing on just one trading pair compared to before, when the emphasis could be on up to three or more pairs.

As a result, you can now spend more time mastering a particular trading pair (one alone already has tons of information on it). That’s more sustainable in the long run than juggling multiple trading pairs simultaneously.

At the same time, focusing on only one trading pair allows you to filter more relevant training from  Phantom FX’s massive content library. 

What We Dislike About The Phantom Trading FX (Cons)

Not for beginners.

Phantom Trading FX is not meant for beginners to trading. The platform picks up from the intermediate level, and if you want to catch up fast, you must have a reasonable understanding of the market.

Tedious Learning Routine

Phantom Trading FXcrams a lot of training into its courses. The regular content is excellent, but the weekly market breakdown and market review content will consume hours of your time on a stretch.

The weekly market breakdown is held every Sunday and can last up to three hours on a stretch. The same goes for the market review, held every Wednesday by another instructor.

When signing up for Phantom FX, you must ensure you have much time to spare. You can’t pursue a significant career or hobby outside Phantom Trading FX if you are serious about learning as much as you need to.

That’s right. There are no refunds after paying for the Phantom Trading FXmentorship.

This is arguably the strongest downside of the course, as it means that you are signing up entirely at your own risk, and you can’t pull out of your commitment if anything goes wrong. 

Student Reviews 

Here are some reviews of Phantom Trading FXthat students have left on one of the leading review platforms, TrustPilot:

phantom fx discord

You can pay for the Phantom Trading FXmentorship in one of three ways; monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

Unfortunately, even the monthly pricing plan is enough to engulf an entire day’s wage.

And with the non-refundable nature of the subscription, you would have to think twice and then some more before you make your decision.

I suggest considering alternative methods of generating income online if you don’t have spare cash to practice trading, as the trading arena is very capital-intensive. 

Is Phantom Trading FX Community Worth It?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes.

And I’m not talking about just the courses alone. Their training is not exactly ground-breaking and could be offered for a much lesser price. 

Where the Phantom Trading FXmentorship does make a strong argument is in the massive dose of extra perks that come along with the courses.

Things like the roadmap to funded status, live sessions, team member support, trade recaps, market commentaries, and so on are the best-selling points of the mentorship.

And I must say, those perks are a must-have for anyone serious about taking his forex trading to greater heights.

The mentorship package recommends itself well. You only need to remember that it isn’t for beginners and that, when you pay, you must have the time to dedicate to the training. 

Now, I will entertain the following questions before calling it a day.

If you have any questions not answered in this review, please drop them in the comment box below. And your comments too! 

How Much Is Phantom Trading FXWorth?

The Phantom Trading FXfounder’s net worth is estimated to be in the eight-figure range due to the highly profitable nature of his trades, his decade-long trading duration, and multiple income streams. 

Who Is The Phantom Fx?

The Phantom Trading FX is none other than Brad Wyse. His Phantom Trading FX course contains the blueprint he has used to rack in big cash from forex trading.

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Phantom Trading FX Review

Author: The Forex Geek | Published: May 31, 2023

Table of Contents

Phantom Trading is a dedicated community and training program designed to assist individuals in achieving success in forex trading. Forex, which stands for foreign exchanges, involves trading one currency for another and is a legitimate and dynamic trading strategy. However, mastering forex trading requires time, effort, and a deep understanding of market trends and factors influencing currency prices. In this article, we will explore the features of Phantom Trading, including its comprehensive course curriculum, additional benefits, pricing, as well as the pros and cons of the program. By the end, you will have a better understanding of what Phantom Trading offers and whether it is the right fit for your forex trading journey.

Features of Phantom Trading FX Review

Phantom Trading FX Review

Comprehensive Course Curriculum

Phantom Trading provides a structured and comprehensive curriculum that covers various aspects of forex trading. The curriculum includes in-depth modules on:

  • Market structure : Understanding the fundamental components and dynamics of the forex market.
  • Order blocks : Identifying and analyzing key price levels and areas of interest.
  • Market inefficiency : Exploiting market imbalances and inefficiencies for potential profit opportunities.
  • Putting it all together series : Integrating different concepts and strategies to form a cohesive trading approach.
  • Entry Types : Exploring different entry methods and their suitability for different market conditions.
  • Trade recap : Reviewing past trades to assess performance, learn from mistakes, and refine strategies.
  • Wyckoff : Studying the Wyckoff method to analyze supply and demand dynamics in the market.
  • Backtesting – multi-timeframe analysis: Evaluating trading strategies using historical data across different timeframes.
  • Market commentary – Sunday: Accessing market insights and analysis provided on Sundays.
  • Market commentary – Wednesday: Additional market commentary and updates shared on Wednesdays.
  • Extras : Supplementary materials and resources to further enhance trading knowledge.

Weekly Market Commentary Videos

Members receive weekly market commentary videos that provide valuable insights into the current market trends , analysis of major currency pairs , and potential trading opportunities. These videos help traders stay updated and make informed trading decisions.

Weekly Live Zoom Meetups

Phantom Trading organizes weekly live Zoom meetups where members can participate in interactive sessions with experienced traders and mentors . These meetups serve as a platform for discussions, Q&A sessions, sharing of trading strategies, and collaborative learning.

24/7 Support and Mentorship

Members have access to 24/7 support and mentorship from knowledgeable mentors and coaches. Whether traders have questions, need clarification on concepts, or seek guidance on specific trading situations, they can rely on the support team for timely assistance.

Access to Discord Community

Phantom Trading provides access to a vibrant Discord community where members can connect with like-minded traders from around the world. This community offers a platform for networking, idea sharing, and collaboration. Traders can engage in discussions, ask for feedback, and share trading insights.

Trade Analysis

Members of Phantom Trading benefit from trade analysis conducted by experienced team members. These trade analyses provide a detailed breakdown of potential trade setups, including entry points , stop-loss levels, and profit targets. By studying these analyses, traders can gain insights into effective trading strategies and improve their decision-making abilities.

Trade Ideas from Team Members

The program facilitates the exchange of trade ideas among members and the team of experienced traders. Traders can benefit from the diverse perspectives and expertise within the community, gaining inspiration for their own trading strategies and expanding their knowledge of different market approaches.

Video Trade Recaps

Phantom Trading offers video trade recaps, which provide real-life examples of trades executed by experienced traders. These recaps offer valuable insights into the decision-making process, trade management techniques, and analysis of trade outcomes. By studying these recaps, traders can enhance their understanding of successful trading practices and learn from both winning and losing trades.

Psychology Mastery

Recognizing the crucial role of psychology in trading success , Phantom Trading emphasizes the development of a disciplined mindset and effective psychological strategies. Through dedicated modules and guidance, traders can gain insights into managing emotions , overcoming biases, maintaining discipline, and fostering a positive trading mindset .

Downloadable PDFs and Resources

Members have access to a variety of downloadable resources, including PDFs, educational materials, and supplementary resources. These materials serve as valuable references, covering a range of topics such as technical analysis, risk management, trading strategies, and market psychology. Traders can leverage these resources to deepen their understanding and expand their knowledge base.

Phantom Trading offers membership at $80 per month or $800 per year. This includes access to the comprehensive course curriculum, weekly market commentary videos, live Zoom meetups, 24/7 support and mentorship, Discord community access, trade analysis, trade ideas, video trade recaps, psychology mastery modules, and downloadable resources. The pricing aims to provide value for traders seeking educational materials, ongoing support, and a community of like-minded individuals. Pricing is subject to change, so it’s advisable to visit the official Phantom Trading website for the latest information.

Phantom Trading FX Review Pros & Cons

  • Offers a comprehensive course curriculum covering various aspects of forex trading.
  • Provides additional benefits such as weekly market commentary videos, live Zoom meetups, 24/7 support and mentorship, a Discord community, trade analysis, trade ideas, video trade recaps, psychology mastery modules, and downloadable resources.
  • Fosters an active community of traders for collaboration and idea sharing.
  • Provides ongoing mentorship and support to guide traders in their journey.
  • Emphasizes the importance of psychology in trading and offers resources to master mindset and emotions.
  • Not suitable for beginners without prior knowledge or experience in forex trading.
  • Requires a significant time and dedication to learn and apply the strategies effectively.
  • Involves risks and market volatility that traders need to be aware of.
  • The membership fee may be a consideration for some traders.

Phantom Trading offers a comprehensive course for forex trading, backed by mentorship and community support . It caters to individuals with prior knowledge and experience in trading, providing valuable resources to enhance their skills. However, beginners should exercise caution as the program may be overwhelming without foundational understanding. It is crucial to assess personal dedication and commitment to excel in forex trading. Exploring alternative, less risky avenues for online income generation is advisable. Prospective participants should conduct thorough research and consider their individual circumstances before enrolling in Phantom Trading.

Free Forex Robot

Self-confessed Forex Geek spending my days researching and testing everything forex related. I have many years of experience in the forex industry having reviewed thousands of forex robots, brokers, strategies, courses and more. I share my knowledge with you for free to help you learn more about the crazy world of forex trading! Read more about me .

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phantom fx discord

phantom fx discord

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Reviews 4.8.

Most relevant

Really gives an in depth insight on how…

Really gives an in depth insight on how the market moves

Date of experience : May 10, 2023

Our 2022 Transparency Report has landed

The best of the best changed my life….

The best of the best changed my life and so many others. The best course and community ever! Funded after months!

Date of experience : May 08, 2022

Amazing content and community for all…

Amazing content and community for all traders from beginners to veterans.

Date of experience : January 01, 2023

1) Very few / none of the team members / coaches / founders are (equally) focused on becoming a consistently profitable "funded" (and "PA" personal account) forex daytrader with a prop firm like ftmo and reaching the prop firm's maximum capital allocation (e.g. $400k with ftmo) plus maintaining/scaling it "long-term" (to, for example with ftmo, $2million) -- which is presumably part of the company's mission statement (collective ethos) / part of what is being heavily advertised on their Instagram page (frequent stories), i.e. helping individuals acquire a "funded" account and maintain/scale it "long-term". Upon inquiry and thorough observation, it seems like most/all of the staff members are focused more on their "personal" account (PA) vs a "funded" account. In other words, there is a significant lack of transparency and accountability regarding showcasing the entire path/journey of becoming a and persisting/continuing/staying/remaining long-term as a "funded" trader -- presumably due to the difficulty of (psychologically) enduring specific/strict requirements/restrictions from the prop firm (e.g. maximum daily loss/drawdown, maximum loss/drawdown, trading during news events, holding trades overnight / over the weekend, and maximum leverage, 1:30/1:100 swing/standard account respectively with ftmo). And regarding transparency/accountability, to elaborate, losing trades are rarely shown and mostly winning trades are shown / not all trades taken during the week are shown. Phantom is lacking the following: a) consistent/reliable daily(eod)/eow(end of week) chart markups in the discord community/group-chat -- "showing all (daily) trades taken during the week" b) consistent/reliable daily(eod)/eow trade recap videos on their main website instead of posting "some" daily/weekly trade recap videos (focusing on winning trades, vs losing/breakeven trades) -- "showing all (daily) trades taken during the week" c) consistent/reliable weekly market breakdown videos on their main website -- "showing all (daily) trades taken during the week" 2) There is a huge disparity in the trading styles amongst the team members / coaches / founders (e.g. poi point of interest selection, multi-timeframe utilization / ltf lower timeframe execution, trade management, session trading / trading hours, and symbol(s) to trade) -- thus creating a lot of confusion and disorganization. As a result, again, incongruent with the company's collective ethos, there is no "simplified/streamlined/refined" approach [traditional legacy model] to Phantom's supply and demand / smc smart money concepts trading strategy/methodology/community. Moreover, I understand that on one side, there is the aspect of accommodating diverse needs amongst diverse group members / customers / clients but by claiming to have "simplified" everything, this goal has not been sufficiently accomplished. 3) Most of (if not all of) Phantom's refinements (e.g. poi selection, multi-timeframe utilization / ltf execution, trade management, and journaling templates, e.g. notion eod end of day / eow end of week chart markup / case study templates) have come from other/external current/former team members / coaches -- not from the founders themselves -- which questions either the founders' level of competency as professional experienced "elite" traders or their level of commitment to providing high quality / "simplified" / consistent / reliable content. Crucially, this type of content should come from the founders as they are the main leading representatives of the company, i.e. they should lead by example; they are the ones who will for sure remain present long-term/longevity-wise, throughout the entire business lifecycle of hiring and unhiring team members and coaches. 4) Adding more to point #1/#2, the importance of consistent/reliable content is to demonstrate simplification / to ensure that the exact same / similar trades are being taken regularly between the group members and team members / coaches / founders -- and thus to allow individuals to easily replicate results from their "mentor(s)", i.e. achieve consistent profitability (satisfactory replicable results would be 10%-20%roi/rr per month). 5) Adding more to point #1/#3, the two founders of phantomtradingfx don't/rarely post their own daily chart markups (in the discord community/group-chat) / trade recap videos (on their main website) and instead, they rely on other team members / coaches to do the hard work. 6) Combining point #1/#2/#3, "a significantly large number" of team members / coaches have stepped down / left the community within 1 year, creating a lot of confusion, doubts, and trust issues with Phantom.

Date of experience : April 20, 2022

Reply from Phantom Trading FX

Hello Gardeepan, Thank you for taking the time to compile such an in-depth review. We have acknowledged your queries / concerns and we appreciate the feedback. It’s most unfortunate that you feel that way as we do pride ourselves on our support and experience. We did have members on the team who were not unified with our edge/vision and approach however we have now restructured the team who all trade identically. We understand how hard it can be learning to trade and how the previous team dynamic could have made it harder. Prior your review and since we have been working on new content plans, including live sessions / daily analysis, providing pivotal insight into the trading sessions ahead which has aided and provided great support and individual success/growth to members of the community, we are also providing consistent EOD markups, live adhoc support sessions and so much more….Your journey and satisfaction is important to us and we will ensure these points are resolved. And apologize for any inconvenience and are glad to see you find enough value in us to have re-joined. We genuinely wish you all the best in your trading journey.

Excellent service! I would recommend Phantom Trading to anybody looking for proficiency and consistency within the forex market.

Date of experience : May 25, 2022

5 star experience inside

A community of funded/non-funded traders helping each other to achieve financial stability thru trading.

Date of experience : September 17, 2022

Legit business valueable content keeps…

Legit business valueable content keeps what its promises

Date of experience : March 28, 2022

Best academy

I will just say if you join and focus this place will be your last stop.

Date of experience : December 10, 2021

I am very happy to have found this…

I am very happy to have found this academy. it is the best on the market. I have learned a lot in the short time I have been here.

Date of experience : April 05, 2022

The best in the business

Incredible community, incredible coaches, the best in the business

Date of experience : March 23, 2023

Phantom is an excellent company.

Date of experience : April 03, 2023

Amazing service and really good team

Date of experience : February 03, 2022

Great content and great community.

Just amazing.

Best education and price in the game

Date of experience : November 01, 2021

It is the best community out there…

It is the best community out there…. Period.

Date of experience : January 24, 2022

Great community Great Course

Great community, I am very pleased with the course! Thank you Phantom!

Date of experience : February 25, 2022

not enough help

Date of experience : September 14, 2023

high efficient pure smc

high-efficiency smc mentor

Date of experience : March 24, 2023

Very good course

Date of experience : June 01, 2023

Cool I love it

Date of experience : May 06, 2022


Phantom Blade Executioners Redeem Codes (January 2024)

Posted: January 7, 2024 | Last updated: January 7, 2024

Phantom Blade Executioners is the new, fast-paced ARPG in which players can enjoy kungfu combat while exploring the bloody path of love between the main characters. Players should fight against deadly bosses and learn new skills and techniques to become stronger. The complex adventure awaits you, and Phantom Blade Executioners codes are the thing that can make your in-game experience better.

This guide collects and explains how to redeem active Phantom Blade Executioners. We also explained how to redeem codes, so keep reading carefully so as not to miss any important information.

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How To Redeem Codes In Phantom Blade Executioners

Follow the instructions below, and you'll learn how to redeem codes in Phantom Blade Executioners.

  • Launch Phantom Blade - Executioners and complete tutorial
  • Head to the Player profile
  • Then, press the button Gift Codes
  • Insert the code from this article under the text box 'Enter code'
  • Tap on the button Confirm and claim rewards

Phantom Blade Executioners Active Codes (January 2024)

These codes were last checked on January 8

Here are the best Phantom Blade Executioners we found on the developer's official social media accounts & Discord community:

  • FIREWORKSPBEX - Use the code for 200 Ingots, 2 Sigils, 2 Chivalrous Hearts, 30 Stamina
  • ANCJW6EG - Use the code for Free Rewards
  • SILVERBLADE - Use the code for 20 Stamina, 2 Tickets, 10,000 Currency

Keep in mind that codes in Phantom Blade Executioners expire quickly. So if you want to get freebies, check back to this article so as not to miss any new codes.

Phantom Blade Executioners Expired Codes


Where Do You Get Phantom Blade Executioners Codes?

To get codes for Phantom Blade Executioners regularly, follow the Phantom Blade: Executioners Twitter account . In addition to codes, players can find beneficial giveaways to get PlayStation 5, and other valuable gaming rewards. Don't have a Twitter account - Phantom Blade: Executioners Facebook might still be a good option, although codes here are released a bit late compared to Twitter.

However, if you don't want to spend much time finding new codes, bookmark this guide. We'll keep it updated so that you can stay aware of the latest freebies.

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Phantom Blade Executioners codes can be redeemed on all platforms. | © S Game

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    As a part of the Phantom Trading Membership you'll get access to our team, our recaps and our daily breakdowns of currency pairs, indices, and commodities we all trade - plus access to our global trading community, all through Discord!

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    Eric. Eric is a professional German Trader, who specifically trades US30 and GBPUSD. He started as a member in Phantom but eventually joined as a very important part of the team because he's able to explain and simplify the complexities of trading the our strategy in the support channels. Eric actively supports the community in live sessions ...

  4. Phantom Trading FX Reviews

    Phantom Trading FX has 5 stars! Check out what 314 people have written so far, and share your own experience. ... What I love the most is that you have 2-3 live calls a week and the discord server offers a lot of added value through the different channels. Date of experience: April 17, 2023. JA. Jamie.

  5. Funded Trader Roadmap

    The phantom roadmap consists of 4 phases: 3 months of studying the content and familiarizing yourself with the Phantom trading strategy so you can confidently practice it and sharpen your trading skills. 3 months of practicing via backtesting sessions, demo accounts and free trial challenge accounts.

  6. r/PhantomForces

    Check out the r/PhantomForces community on Discord - hang out with 30052 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.

  7. Terms & Conditions

    6.1. Discord Community. Access to our Discord community is a feature of the Phantom Trading FX Platform. Your access to this community can be revoked if it's determined that any rules or guidelines have been violated. The Discord rules and guidelines are available in the 'info and rules' channel within Discord and on the content dashboard.

  8. Phantom Trading FX Review

    Discord Community of traders of all skill levels; 2 live backtesting sessions per month; 24/7 dedicated support; Market commentaries and trade recaps; What We Like About The Phantom Trading FX (Pros) ... When signing up for Phantom FX, you must ensure you have much time to spare. You can't pursue a significant career or hobby outside Phantom ...

  9. Phantom Trading FX Reviews

    1-star 4% Filter Sort: Most relevant HT HT 1 review GB May 14, 2022 A Snapshot from my Phantom Journey Going to keep this short and sweet. I've been alongside Brad and several others from here in previous communities over the many years (although worked away quietly in the background.)

  10. Phantom Trading FX Review

    Phantom Trading FX Review. Phantom Trading is a dedicated community and training program designed to assist individuals in achieving success in forex trading. Forex, which stands for foreign exchanges, involves trading one currency for another and is a legitimate and dynamic trading strategy. However, mastering forex trading requires time ...

  11. Phantom Trading Member Success Stories

    Phantom Member Success Stories Check out some of our members who have gotten funded and have found consistency by learning and applying the Phantom Trading methodology and by following the funded trader roadmap! Jay - $200,000 In Funding "I've been with Phantom for around 9 months.

  12. Phantom Trading

    Access To Our Exclusive Discord Trading Community In-Depth Weekly Market Commentaries & Trade Recaps 24/7 Dedicated Support From The Phantom Team Recurring Quarterly Subscription Yearly Best Value $1,497/year SAVE $267 / 17% OFF! Complete Phantom Trading Training Course 60+ Core Lessons With Over 36+ Hours of In-Depth Content

  13. What is the best forex course out? : r/Forex

    Phantom, ment fx, Traq fx, WWA, and vortex for smart money concepts. I personally think learning both would be beneficial but smart money concepts are the better "edge or strat" but the retail way works also those guys aren't scammers there's ppl who have a narrative and aren't educated.

  14. Phantom Trading

    91K Followers, 73 Following, 849 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Phantom Trading | Trading Education (@phantomtradingfx)

  15. Amateur Trader Struggling : r/Forex

    Luke Ellis FX, Traq FX, Technical Gods, Psyche FX, and Phantom Trading They are the ones I spent the most time watching. They are not in any particular order and some of their courses are free. ... The latest video from technical gods is him live trading, and he used to post live signals in his discord, so he is the real deal. Reply reply More ...

  16. Phantom Trading FX Reviews

    Phantom Trading FX has 5 stars! Check out what 314 people have written so far, and share your own experience. | Read 141-160 Reviews out of 305. ... I stumbled across phantom and had decided to give trading one last chance and invested my remaining capital in phantom and the discord. I thought it would be a decision I would regret but it turns ...

  17. PhantomX Info

    PX-Info invited you to join. PhantomX-Info 11857 Members Discord. © 2022 Copyright: PX-INFOPX-INFO

  18. Telegram: Contact @phantom_tradingfx

    🔹 50+ Years Professional Trading Experience 🔹 Supply & Demand Trading Structure | Orderflow | Liquidity Join Here: https://phantomtradingfx.com

  19. Mentfx Premium Group : r/Forex

    He is always in the discord group and replies to every single person. Bro doesn't have time to be posting about lambo or lifestyle, he is is dedicated to teaching. ... All I can say he is a clown. Phantom fx is slightly better if you want to learn "smc". But still unrealistic results, they post trades on TradingView after they are finish. I ...

  20. What Is Phantom Trading And How Do We Help FX Traders Get Consistent?

    To back this, we have what we believe to be the best support in the industry via our Discord community. Live calls every week covering the 3 trading sessions as well as having access to a team of funded coaches who are trading the markets alongside you day in, and day out trading the exact same strategy you will be trading.

  21. I'm a BE trader after 1 year of trading. AMA...jk, but seriously, this

    His wyckoff section is the one that stood out to me. I prefer to join for a month to take the course so I can ask questions and watch the weekly outlooks and markups. Phantom course did a good job with liquidity. Never did photon. Vertex is best course all around because Tanz is a great teacher, and smallest discord due to the higher price.

  22. Phantom Trading FX Reviews

    5) Adding more to point #1/#3, the two founders of phantomtradingfx don't/rarely post their own daily chart markups (in the discord community/group-chat) / trade recap videos (on their main website) and instead, they rely on other team members / coaches to do the hard work. 6) Combining point #1/#2/#3, "a significantly large number" of team ...

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    The latest tweets from @phantomtfx

  24. Phantom Blade Executioners Redeem Codes (January 2024)

    Phantom Blade Executioners is the new, fast-paced ARPG in which players can enjoy kungfu combat while exploring the bloody path of love between the main characters. Players should fight against ...