kamen rider ghost episode 18

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Kamen Rider Ghost

Episode list

Kamen rider ghost.

Kamen Rider Ghost (2015)

S1.E1 ∙ Kaigan! Ore!

Yasuomi Sano in Kamen Rider Ghost (2015)

S1.E2 ∙ Dengeki! Hatsumei-ô!

Hinata Yamada in Kamen Rider Ghost (2015)

S1.E3 ∙ Hitchû! Seigi no Yumiya!

S1.e4 ∙ kyôgaku sora no shiro, s1.e5 ∙ shôgeki nazo no kamen raidâ, s1.e6 ∙ unmei saiki no merodi, s1.e7 ∙ hayauchi densetsu no ganman, s1.e8 ∙ hatsudô môhitotsu no monorisu, s1.e9 ∙ dôdô chûsei no otoko, s1.e10 ∙ kesshû jûgo no aikon, s1.e11 ∙ shôgon shinpi no me, s1.e12 ∙ sôzetsu otoko no kakugo, contribute to this page.

Kamen Rider Ghost (2015)

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Ep. 7: Gho-Gho-Gho-Ghost Appears

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Synopsis [ ]

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  • Yamato Kazakiri ( 風切 大和 , Kazakiri Yamato ) : Masaki Nakao ( 中尾 暢樹 , Nakao Masaki )
  • Sela ( セラ , Sela ) : Miki Yanagi ( 柳 美稀 , Yanagi Miki )
  • Leo ( レオ , Leo ) : Shouhei Nanba ( 南羽 翔平 , Nanba Shōhei )
  • Tusk ( タスク , Tusk ) : Tsurugi Watanabe ( 渡邉 剣 , Watanabe Tsurugi )
  • Amu ( アム , Amu ) : Haruka Tateishi ( 立石 晴香 , Tateishi Haruka )
  • Mario Mori ( 森 真理夫 , Mori Mario ) : Susumu Terajima ( 寺島 進 , Terajima Susumu )
  • Ginis ( ジニス , Jinisu , Voice) : Kazuhiko Inoue ( 井上 和彦 , Inoue Kazuhiko )
  • Azald ( アザルド , Azarudo , Voice) : Jouji Nakata ( 中田 譲治 , Nakata Jōji )
  • Quval ( クバル , Kubaru , Voice) : Mitsuo Iwata ( 岩田 光央 , Iwata Mitsuo )
  • Naria ( ナリア , Naria , Voice) : Minako Kotobuki ( 寿 美菜子 , Kotobuki Minako )

Guest Casts [ ]

Suit actors [ ].

  • Zyuoh Eagle : Kosuke Asai ( 浅井 宏輔 , Asai Kōsuke )
  • Zyuoh Shark : Ryoko Gomi ( 五味 涼子 , Gomi Ryōko )
  • Zyuoh Lion : Yasuhiro Takeuchi ( 竹内 康博 , Takeuchi Yasuhiro )
  • Zyuoh Elephant : Yuji Nakata ( 中田 裕士 , Nakata Yuji )
  • Amu/Tiger Moeba, Zyuoh Tiger : Ayumi Shimozono ( 下園 愛弓 , Shimozono Ayumi )
  • Doubutsu Gattai ZyuohWild : Hideaki Kusaka ( 日下 秀昭 , Kusaka Hideaki )
  • Ginis : Naoko Kamio ( 神尾 直子 , Kamio Naoko )
  • Naria : Yuichi Hachisuka ( 蜂須賀 祐一 , Hachisuka Yūichi )
  • Azald : Jiro Okamoto ( 岡元 次郎 , Okamoto Jirō )
  • Quval : Riichi Seike ( 清家 利一 , Seike Riichi )
  • Moeba : Various

Zyuoh Cubes [ ]

  • Zyuoh Eagle - Cube Gorilla
  • Zyuoh Shark - Cube Shark
  • Zyuoh Lion - Cube Lion
  • Zyuoh Elephant - N/A
  • Zyuoh Tiger - N/A
  • Combinations used: ZyuohWild 6*2*3

Forms Used [ ]

  • Zyuoh Eagle - Instinct Awakened, Zyuoh Gorilla
  • Zyuoh Shark - Instinct Awakened
  • Zyuoh Lion - Instinct Awakened

Ghost Eyecons [ ]

Super sentai [ ], kamen rider [ ].

  • Viewership : 3.6%
  • Animal : Sumatran Tiger ( スマトラトラ , Sumatoratora )
  • The opening adds Zyuoh Eagle's Zyuoh Gorilla form and ZyuohWild.
  • The events of this episode takes place on February 14, 2016.

DVD/Blu-ray Releases [ ]


Zyuohger Vol. 2 DVD

Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger Volume 2 features episodes 4-7: Ep. 4: Howl in the Ring , Ep. 5: Monarch of the Jungle , Ep. 6: Wild Present and Ep. 7: Gho-Gho-Gho-Ghost Appears .


Zyuohger Collection 1, Blu-ray

Blu-ray Collection 1 comes with 11 episodes.

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kamen rider ghost episode 18

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kamen rider ghost episode 18

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kamen rider ghost episode 18

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Funny / Kamen Rider Ghost

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  • Takeru's habit of introducing himself and his situation has become its own meme template under "Ore wa Tenkuuji Takeru."
  • Onari. Literally, just anything Onari says or does is guaranteed to elicit a chuckle or two.
  • People tend to make fun of this series due to the sheer number of times Takeru cheats death.
  • During his first henshin, the Gamma ask what Takeru thinks he's doing. His response? Takeru : I wish I had an answer for you!
  • Like Kouta and Ryotaro , Takeru has no idea what he can do with his Rider powers during the time he's first transformed.
  • Takeru learns the hard way why one does not bring swords to a fight against an enemy that has the power of electricity at its command.
  • Also earlier: Sennin asking why he couldn't read Takeru's favorite book and his Mood Whiplash -inducing "I don't know." after asking if the monolith in the lab had any meaning to it.
  • Denki's sudden lax mannerism when confronted by Takeru. Denki Gamma : I have no idea what are you talking about. (Leans onto his side lazily.)
  • The Ore Ghost Parka dancing while waiting for Takeru to transform.
  • When Onari asks Akari who she believes saved her, we have this: Akari : Was it Takeru? Takeru : It was an iguana. [ Spit Take from Onari that reaches Akari from across the table ]
  • Onari has too many other hilarious moments to properly list; from confusing Sennin with one of Takeru's actual deceased relatives, to his close-up number and running off.
  • Takeru finally discovers the Condor Denwor on Sennin's table. What did he get when he used it? This gem: Takeru : Hello, Gramps? Sennin : Yes, hello? note  It should be noted he was saying "Moshi-moshi" backwards I'm really busy; don't call me unless it's important! (Ends call) Takeru looks at the receiver with a utterly baffled look. Takeru : What was that all about?! (Hangs up irritably)
  • Any time Onari devours the sets .
  • During the fight against Ono and Ghost Robin Damashii, Takeru sends some of Ono's axes airborne... right towards Akari and Onari. Cue explosions going off behind them as they run.
  • Sennin's costume this episode around? A fox hunting uniform, complete with a fake horsie.
  • Akari's reaction to seeing Yurusen for the first time.
  • The Robin Hood Parka Ghost outdoes the Ore Ghost Parka with ballet pirouettes and flips as the belt sounds play. Fridge Brilliance if you know that this was the sort of thing associated with Errol Flynn -era Robin Hood.
  • His response? "Oh. Right." Then he proceeds to let the continent (seemingly) crush him. He then simply phases through the ground , declaring the mission a success before getting chewed out by Yurusen regarding Nobunaga.
  • Kuroda noticed that he lost Takeru (again). His exasperated scream of "HE'S GONE AGAIN?!" was particularly shrill.
  • Whoever was dressing up Sennin for this episode was brilliant, mainly for his first scene. Said scene had him in a parakeet onesie .
  • Takeru and Makoto meeting for the first time. No one spoke a word, so Takeru nodded a silent greeting at the awkward situation.
  • When the Tutankhamun Parka Ghost is first called out, he does a pose like every other Parka Ghost before him. However, since Tutankhamun has no sleeves to pose with, it makes him look like he is awkwardly floating in place.
  • Onari and Akari score a personal victory by finally tracking down Saionji - and then he steps out of the store, forcing them to start Acting Unnatural by pretending to be a couple. Bear in mind Onari is a monk .
  • Onari's attempt at confronting Saionji results in him tripping and falling on Saionji.
  • What's funnier is that it's not explicitly stated how the Ganma knocked him out: either through an electric shock or simply through an extremely painful charlie horse.
  • As Takeru and Narita are checking on Onari, the possessed Shibuya incapacitates Narita with exactly the same results.
  • During Takeru's rematch with the Seiryu Ganma, Onari finds the Benkei Eyecon and wildly throws it toward Takeru, who irritatedly asks where he was throwing it.
  • Yurusen gets completely fried couple of times for ramming into things she really shouldn't like into a giant force field of the Eyecon-created glyph. When she appears after the second time, she is patched up due to the injuries she received.
  • When he turns around to show off finding the Eyecons to Takeru, Takeru yells at him to look out. Onari turns around to find a Gundari (giant flying worm monster) divebombing him and screams in a truly hilarious fashion.
  • Then Takeru finally uses Goemon, and we're treated to a Kabuki-style fight that's equal parts awesome and funny.
  • When Alain and Planet Gamma invade the satellite station, the latter's interference causes one of the computers to Blue Screen.
  • Toukon Boost Parka Ghost dancing around Takeru. Mind you, that was Ryu Tenkuji's soul. I guess it is okay to sacrifice his soul for his son as long as he can dance around his son then fuse with him.
  • Planet Gamma heading up to space to take manual control of the satellite he's been controlling to steal people's souls through their phones should be intimidating, but the fact that he does it by standing stock still and rocketing up while shouting "Lift Off!" makes it more than a little silly looking.
  • He also mimics Fourze's signature pose and "It's space time!" catchphrase.
  • Takeru calling for Yurusen and her appearing in a bucket. Then Takeru looks at her. Yurusen: Eek. Don't look~
  • When Makoto announces his intent to return to the World of the Gamma , we get a cutaway to Sennin saying something ominous about Ryu's dream only to get interrupted by Yurusen, what follows is amazing. (Yurusen pop up behind Sennin while wearing a blue afro with an oni horn) Sennin : Don't scare me, you goof! Yurusen : You think Makoto's gonna be alright going back there? Sennin : Why do you ask? Yurusen : I mean, it's Hell, ain't it? Sennin : Oh snap, that's right...
  • Takeru tries to get info about the Gamma World from Yurusen. Yurusen : There are some things in the world you're better off not knowing. Adieu. (floats away until grabbed by the head by Takeru) Ow! Ow! You poked my eye!
  • Takeru spending almost entire episode chasing Newton. At one scene, Newton was playing on a swing. No, not just lying on the swing's seat, he was playing it, in Eyecon form .
  • And finishes off with him falling on the ground, with the sound of his spine cracking .
  • Akari nearly strangling Yurusen while demanding where Takeru disappeared to. Akari : Tell me! What is this "scarier place"!? Yurusen : Hey! Quit shaking me!
  • Takeru making a " must control fist of death " motion when Yurusen plays coy about information.
  • While the image of our heroes goofing around in the Good-Guy Bar has been in nearly all the Heisei Riders' title sequences, this episode scores a first for working it into the context of the episode - we have Onari leading the conga charge by fleeing for his 'life', while Gazai Gamma chases after him to do something to his head, while Akari chases HIM in order to 'examine' him. Actually there's not much more that context can add...
  • Alain drinks fruit juice with a straw while complaining about being burdened with physical body. Alain: (to Makoto) The two of you longed for such an inconvenience?
  • A subtle moment, but as Goemon!Onari hams it up, Cubi slowly slides the door shut in a "I'm not getting involved" way.
  • When Yamato does his roll call, Takeru says that's really cool and does his own roll call.
  • The two draw their weapons, and Takeru notes how similar the Sunglassesslasher and the Zyuoh Buster look. The writers mocking Bandai's laziness? You make the call!
  • Cubi stating that Alain's quite nice when push comes to shove, with the latter angrily glaring at and spooking him.
  • Even better is his complaining about Akari to himself, making the previously serious and dangerous Alain seem like a petulant child. According to Mrs. Fumi he'd muttered the word "Ridiculous" to himself 54 times since he got to her stand.
  • In succesion to the scene mentioned above, Mrs. Fumi claims that Alain ate ten boxes of takoyaki already. He looks on the pile of empty boxes in amazement before stomach ache hits him. And he complains about having a physical body, again.
  • The episode focuses on 3 different events: Takeru and Alain making their way through Adel's Gamma to save Makoto and Adonis, the gang at the temple are trying to understand how Gamma World works and Onari attempt to rescue Jabel . Both are pretty serious. The third event? Igor commands Onpu Gamma to do a performance at Deep Connect. The episode keep cutting during important parts of those two events just to show us how good Onpu Gamma is performing.
  • Cubi paints bizarre Picasso-esque pictures. Here he gets upset because he’s now in a slump. Oddly enough, when he was in a slump, the pictures he paints are actually realistically painted.
  • What makes this funnier is that it was done in the exact same style that both Gaim and Drive had it, where it has two shots of the female sidekick slapping someone, the first one showing them slapping and the second showing the person being slapped in slow motion. Adding to this cake of laughs is that, while those other two times were Played for Drama and showcases the slapped person succumbing to their dark flaws, this is clearly more Played for Laughs and highlights Akari overcoming Igor.
  • Houdini's speaking debut. Death hasn't changed that he doesn't believe in Ghosts. He actually has to be reminded that not only is Takeru an actual ghost, so is he.
  • Onari's distraction to let the group sneak into Deep Connect. Dressing like a delinquent and somehow Chewing the Scenery even more than he usually does. Onari : I am filled with worldly desires and adrenaline!
  • Even in his Gamma form, donning one of the more dangerous Gamma's Parka (Ono, AKA Axe), Igor can't stop Akari from bitch-slapping him. Even though it didn't do much impact like the first slap, it managed to stun him for a few seconds.
  • Alain trying on his new clothes. He has this unsure expression, walks stiffly and holds his hands up as if wanting to distance himself from the clothes. Still it's pretty sweet that he did so for the sake of his friends, Grandma Fumi especially.
  • Alain fighting a bunch of Gamma Commandos lead by a duo of Gamma Superior and Planet Gamma, in his human form, bare-handed, wearing the clothes Grandma Fumi gave him ..... while eating a box of takoyaki.
  • Are they getting fired up ?
  • Everything with the brothers Grimm, culminating into them pulling Takeru into their Eyecon only for him to see them argue, then chasing him out when he tries to get them to stop.
  • A bunch of Gamma Mooks appear while everyone's in Dreamland, and Takeru, Makoto and Alain poise to transform. Takeru manages to activate his Boost Eyecon with no problems, but Makoto and Alain? They see their Eyecons replaced with mushrooms and their drivers replaced with balloons.
  • Musashi and Edison are summoned to fight a pair of Superiors. Edison's dialogue is hilarious mainly because all he says is "I am Edison". Edison : I am Edison. Edison! Are you Edison? No, you're not!
  • Makoto's hilarious gleeful expression has to be seen to be believed, especially considering he usually is a silent, stoic guy.
  • After the gang leaves for the dream world, Onari picks up a marker and looks on Alain's face. Painting ensues. However, it bites him in the ass in the next episode.
  • Takeru wakes up and sees that Onari's face has turned into impromptu canvas. Alain is wiping paint off his face, while smugly proclaiming he settled the debt with Onari.
  • Alain gets transported into a world inside Sanzo's Eyecon, and while he encounters a box of takoyaki there, Sanzo's three disciples (Goku, Gojyo, and Hakkai) taunt and make fun of him as he effortlessly tries to catch the takoyaki box like a child playing catch. Alain: "Hey, that's my takoyaki! Give it back!"
  • To elaborate, after his plans were thwarted Igor got so angry that he forgot to hide and walked up next to Takeru and Akari without noticing it. The Oh, Crap! look on his face when he realizes whats about to happen is priceless.
  • Kanon patches on Alain up after the events of previous episode. He complains that he is going to die, but she puts him down, saying that it is just muscle strain. Alain took the opportunity to complain about fragile human body again.
  • Jabel is acting like a angry child. One must see that to believe.
  • Even though the mood of the scene is anything but cheerful, at the start of the episode, Alia gave Igor another slap in the left cheek.
  • As intimidating as Gammaizer Magnetic Blade powers are, it's appearance is incredibly goofy due to how wide it is. The fact that it flees it's first encounter with Ghost while tripping over itself is hilarious. Of course, it wasn't the Gammaizer in control of the body at the time.
  • As if riding the Villain Decay for all it's worth, Igor in his Superior Gamma form has also been getting the Butt-Monkey treatment - Ghost Mugen Damashi makes a feint, waits for Igor to duck, then kicks him in the butt. You just know the suit actors were having a ball choreographing all this.
  • If you saw the preview for this episode and saw the scene where Alia gets herself a Pink Necrom Eyecon, one could be easily forgiven for expecting it to be something that happened at the end of the episode. Instead, we see her transform at the very beginning of the episode, then we see her get her ass handed to, all before the theme song kicks in . It's incredibly common to see female Kamen Riders get their ass kicked that it's almost a Running Gag , but the opening takes that to almost cynical levels as if the writers were telling us: "Okay, let's cut the crap, we all know what's gonna happen so let's just get that out of the way."
  • You know how we still haven't seen Beethoven do much of anything yet? There's a good reason for that. He possesses Akari and begins lecturing everyone (and I mean everyone ) in the room to fight their destiny. This is hilarious because 1. Yurusen is helping him and 2. he's catching up to Goemon in hamminess .
  • After Takeru wakes up after he and Alain were defeated by Adel , Yurusen can be seen looking at the unconscious body of the latter in the foreground of the scene, calling him "Takoyaki Boy" and sniffing him because he smelt like Grandma Fumi. Also kinda shows how much positive impact she had on Alain throughout the series
  • Much like how the slap was turned from a dramatic moment into a funny moment, this episode turned the repeated Kamen Rider plot twist of the wise mentor that gives away cool power ups is revealed to be associated with the villains from what could have been a very dramatic moment (and to be fair, what happens afterwards is far from funny ), into something more comedic. In this case, Edith forgot to switch personas and ends up accidentally revealing his true form to the group and is forced to fess up .
  • Onari and Alain have a little moment of their own when the former ends up as an Eyecon and possesses the latter . Seeing Alain act completely out of character due to the possession is rather hilarious in itself.
  • Onari hyperactively transforms into Necrom inside Alain's body and excitedly jumps into battle. And gets pummeled by Igor.
  • Igor predicted and managed to stop Akari from slapping his left cheek, only for Akari to just slap his right cheek instead, causing him to tearfully remark that he's been slapped five times before redacting one because it was Alia, not Akari.
  • Also, Yurusen pulling him away from battle. She calls it Yurusen Finish .
  • Takeru is finally revived! The problem? He was revived several hundred feet into the air. Since he can no longer fly, Takeru plummets to the ground screaming. Luckily, the 15 Luminaries were there to catch him.
  • You know Deep Specter and Necrom have been reduced to fodder when they get run over by something as weak as a bicycle .
  • Remember back in #4 and #14 when Takeru forgot that he was a ghost? Well, in this episode, he forgets that he isn't , and tries and fails to walk through a wall to escape studying.
  • Jabel speedily cleaning the floors of the temple while screaming "GUNDARI!".
  • Narita is holding a Yurusen doll, for whatever reason, during the party.


  • Saionji on slide, with a tray of takoyaki.
  • Alain meets Harumi for the first time and mistakes her for her gradmother. She thinks he is a creep and kicks him before running away.
  • Chapter 4 has Alain serve takoyaki to Gamma Commandos in their world, dressed up in the same jacket and cap that Grandma Fumi wore.
  • When Makoto transforms into W and says his catchphrase, Onari hams it up about how Makoto has “become the epitome of hard-boiled”.
  • Akari’s confusion when Takeru transforms into Gaim . Akari: Huh? A fruit? An armored warrior?
  • And then comes the Pythagoras's Power. It starts with Makoto summoning a right-angled triangle, then throws it around the Gamma, somehow the triangle fly into a line of giant Dominoes, and somehow start spawning mines under the Gamma, each has chibified pictures of Historical Figures (Tutankhamun, Nobunaga, Houdini) and Makoto. the last one has Pythagoras picture explodes right in the Gamma's crotch. To add insult to injury, everytime the Gamma activates those mines, their respective phrases suddenly pop up.
  • In the beginning of the film, Takeru went to confront a Gamma, who was stealing items in a jewelry shop. As he was about to transforms, the Gamma stops him as he makes his escape.
  • Takeru even admits he got so caught up in the hi-jinks he completely forgot about him.
  • When Takeru and Shinnosuke were brought back into the past, Shinnosuke encounters Mr. Belt (in his prototype form), and when Takeru's father comes, he tells his father they want to be ghost hunters. The next scene shows Takeru and Shinnosuke struggling to meditate. When Shinnosuke complains, Takeru's father whips them for complaining. Twice!
  • More hilariously or depressingly depending on how you think about it Jun had to be forced back to life by the Hermit as he was completely willing to die so he could meet a bunch of now dead Celebrities from his youth on the "Other Side". Hermit clearly wasn't expecting this reaction.
  • The Heartwarming moment of Kiriko receiving the ring that Shinnosuke was going to propose her with is interrupted when Jun decides to creepily butt in the moment and creep Kiriko out
  • In the final battle, Akari and Rinna join in, beating the ever-loving hell out of Gammas with wooden planks . When Rinna's wood planks broke, she coward behind Akari.
  • The epic pre-henshin group shot was interrupted when Shinnosuke realized that he doesn't have a belt to transform, leading him to panic.
  • Take into account that Igor is wearing what looks like Hawaii tourist shirt in the scene.
  • During the opening, Takeru is having a blast while Akari and Onari are trying to capture him, Takeru disappearing each time.
  • One of Specter's Eyecons to come is based Harry Houdini . This is hilarious for many reasons, primarily being that Houdini was not just an escape artist, but someone who routinely debunked the supernatural. Seems ghosts were real after all.
  • The Final Stage is full of these, such as Takeru kicking Onari in he nuts and Makoto’s Brother–Sister Incest being played up to running gag levels.
  • Kamen Rider Drive
  • Funny/Kamen Rider
  • Kamen Rider Amazons
  • Funny/Live-Action TV K-Z

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kamen rider ghost episode 18

Kamen Rider Wiki

  • Empowered Gamma
  • Ghost Characters
  • Kamen Rider like
  • Monsters with more than one identity

Gamma Superior

  • View history

Gamma Superiors leading Commandos

A pair of Gamma Superiors leading Gamma Commandos .

Gamma Superior ( 眼魔スペリオル , Ganma Superioru , lit."Eye Devil Superior") is a title used by high-ranking Gamma . All known Gamma Superior are able to assume a silver and light blue-colored monster form resembling a Kamen Rider . In addition, they can channel specially created Gamma Eyecons , summoning Parka Ghosts to enhance said form, thus making their bodies equivalent to the Kamen Riders' Transients and the inferior Gamma Assault 's Primal Body . Alternatively, they can possess and enhance the body of a Gundari .

  • 1.1.1 In the Gamma World
  • 1.1.2 Hunting Alain
  • 1.1.3 Return to the Gamma World
  • 1.1.4 Supporting Gammaizer Fire
  • 1.1.5 First Deep Connect Superior
  • 1.1.6 Second Deep Connect Superior
  • 1.1.7 Gyro's Henchmen
  • 1.1.8 Protecting the gates
  • 1.1.9 First Dream World Duo
  • 1.1.10 First Dream World facility Duo
  • 1.1.11 Second Dream World Duo
  • 1.1.12 Second Dream World facility Duo
  • 1.1.13 Copy of Gammaizer Fire
  • 1.1.14 Covering Magnetic Blade
  • 1.1.15 Returning to the Gamma World One Last Time
  • 1.1.16 The Final Battle
  • 1.1.17 Kamen Rider Brain
  • 3 Gamma Eyecon
  • 4.1 Concept Art
  • 6 Appearances

Individuals [ ]

Gamma A

Unidentified [ ]

In the gamma world [ ].

Adel usurped the throne

Dozens of Gamma Superiors are shown to reside in the Gamma World as seen when Takeru visits it, appearing as part of a crowd alongside Gamma Assaults and Gamma Commandos who witness Adel announcing himself as the new Emperor following the "murder" of Adonis . [ Conspiracy! Adel's Trap! ]

  • In particular, a pair of Gamma Superiors leading a pack of Gamma Commandos appear to attack Takeru after he arrives in their world. After the Commandos are destroyed, they are joined by Alain who becomes Necrom to take down Ghost Toucon Boost Damashii. Blasting him back, Alain corrects his officers, knowing that Takeru survived, but is interrupted from making chase when he is summoned by Adel.
  • A single Gamma Superior later appears with a pair of Commandos to hunt Alain following his banishment by Adel.

Hunting Alain [ ]

This Gamma Superior backed up Igor /Gamma Superior Perfect alongside a single Gamma Commando against Alain , who was now being hunted by the Gamma following his banishment by Adel. After Necrom knocked out the Gamma Commando, discovering that his Strategy Sender had become inoperative in his flesh body, the Gamma Superior was destroyed by a punch inflicted by Necrom, with the explosion taking out the dormant Commando as well. [ The Legend of Hero Alain: Chapter 2 ]

Return to the Gamma World [ ]

Two pairs of Gamma Superiors , who may or not have been among those seen previously, were seen leading the Gamma Commandos when Takeru went to the Gamma World again alongside Alain in search of Makoto 's body. [ Do-or-Die! Ready for Infiltration! ]

  • The first pair appears to eliminate Takeru after Alain seperates from him to find his father. Using the Eyecon Driver G to transform into Ghost Grateful Damashii, Takeru soon matches them as he summons Ryoma and Himiko to back him up. Ultimately, Ghost ends the battle by performing an Omega Formation with Ryoma and Himiko which destroys the Gamma force.
  • A second pair is sent by Adel to terminate his captive father, making their appearance when Takeru and Alain catch with Adonis, with one firing a blast at Alain which is taken by Adonis, sustaining a mortal wound. Enraged, Takeru transforms into Ghost Grateful Damashii again and takes on the Superiors and Commandos himself, soon enough destroying them all with a Grateful Omega Drive utilizing the Gan Gun Saber and Sunglasseslasher .

Supporting Gammaizer Fire [ ]

This pair of Gamma Superiors along with a pack of Gamma Commandos appeared to back up the Gammaizer Fire in eliminating the three Kamen Riders but are destroyed when Makoto uses the power of Deep Specter for the first time. [ Bursting! Power of the Depths! ]

First Deep Connect Superior [ ]

This Gamma Superior was part of the Gamma force which fights the Kamen Rider trio at the Deep Connect building and is ultimately destroyed when it is used as a shield by Gamma Superior Ono against Ghost's Grateful Omega Drive. [ Second Coming! Ordeal of the Escape King! ]

Second Deep Connect Superior [ ]

This Gamma Superior was part of Igor's Gamma force which intercepts the Kamen Riders at Deep Connect. A pair of Gamma Superiors with a pack of Gamma Commandos are later sent by Planet Gamma to fight Necrom but are all destroyed by his Necrom Destroy . Planet Gamma leads a further duo of Superiors with Commandos to back-up Gammaizer Fire against the three Riders but they are all destroyed by Deep Specter. [ Forever! Cries of the Heart! ]

Gyro's Henchmen [ ]

This pair of Gamma Superiors backed up the Gamma Ultima Gyro against the three Riders, engaging Specter Nobunaga Damashii and Necrom Grimm Damashii only to be quickly destroyed with help from Ghost Toucon Boost Damashii. [ Bizarre! Power of the Gammaizers! ]

Protecting the gates [ ]

During the de-aging incident caused by Gammaizer Time , as the Kamen Riders worked to destroy the gates created by the Gamma, this pair of Gamma Superiors attacked and were quickly destroyed by Ghost Toucon Boost Damashii. [ Reminiscence! Secret of the Mind! ]

First Dream World Duo [ ]

This pair of Gamma Superiors confronted the three Kamen Riders inside the Dream World . Due to Makoto and Alain's ability to transform being disabled as result of the Dream World's incapacitation of their devices, Takeru was forced to engage the Gamma Superiors alone as Ghost Toucon Boost Damashii, soon enough defeating them as Toucon Benkei Damashii . [ Empty! World of Dreams! ]

First Dream World facility Duo [ ]

This pair of Gamma Superiors fought alongside a Gamma Ultima against Deep Specter and Necrom outside the Dream World facility, attacking the latter. They were quickly beaten back by Deep Specter's use of Nobunaga Damashii and the Deep Slasher before regrouping with the Ultima, with the trio attempting a combined attack against the two Riders as they performed their finishers. Ultimately, however, the Gamma failed and were by destroyed the combined force of Deep Specter's Giga Omega Dama (Specter + Deep Specter) and Necrom's Necrom Destroy . [ Empty! World of Dreams! ]

Second Dream World Duo [ ]

This pair of Gamma Superiors were sent by Igor to attack Ghost Toucon Boost Damashii inside the Dream World alongside a Denki Gamma and Book Gamma . After Ghost assumed Grateful Damashii, the Superiors were met and destroyed by Musashi and Edison who he summoned. [ Empty! World of Dreams! ]

Second Dream World facility Duo [ ]

This pair of Gamma Superiors backed up Denki and Book at the Dream World facility where they were engaged by Deep Specter and Necrom who, taking the fight outside and beating them back with Deep Specter's use of Tutankhamun Damashii , soon destroyed all four with the Giga Omega Giri (Specter + Deep Specter) and the Necrom Destroy respectively. [ Real Worth! Merriment Power! ]

Copy of Gammaizer Fire [ ]

Unknown Gamma Superior Profile (Gammaizer Fire User)

This Gamma Superior was empowered with the illusory power of Gammaizer Liquid , becoming a copy of the late Gammaizer Fire in order to support Liquid and the remaining Gammaizers as they moved to eliminate the newly evolved Ghost. Starting by attacking Deep Specter and Necrom, they quickly overwhelmed the two Riders before being met by Ghost Mugen Damashii, who defeated the fake Fire with the God Omega Drive (Mugen) , causing Liquid's illusion to negate as the Superior was destroyed. [ Real Worth! Merriment Power! ]

Covering Magnetic Blade [ ]

Ultima, Superior Perfect and Superior

A generic Gamma Superior standing alongside Gamma Superior Perfect and a Gamma Ultima.

This Gamma Superior backed up Igor /Gamma Superior Perfect alongside a Gamma Ultima when they stopped Ghost Mugen Damashii from interfering with Gammaizer Magnetic Blade . They retreated after Deep Specter backed up Ghost. After that, they faced Ghost Mugen Damashii, Deep Specter and Necrom for a second round. The Gamma Superior was destroyed by Necrom's Gan Gun Catcher / Gan Gun Hand finisher: Omega Finish/Spark with the Billy the Kid Eyecon in the Gan Gun Catcher. [ Opposition! Father & Daughter! ]

Returning to the Gamma World One Last Time [ ]

[ Gather! Chain of Grief! ]

The Final Battle [ ]

A quartet of Gamma Superiors leading a troop of Gamma Commandos were summoned by the Great Eyezer against the Kamen Riders and were opposed by Deep Specter and Necrom while Ghost moved to oppose the Great Eyezer. The duo received unexpected assistance from a strange, new Kamen Rider who, after using his motorcycle brought forth by the Shakariki Sports Gashat to fight, destroyed the last Gamma force with his Critical Strike finisher. [ Infinity! Power of Humanity! ]

Kamen Rider Brain [ ]

Kaijin teamup (KR Brain)

An unidentified Gamma Superior becomes a member of Mu and fighting Kamen Rider Brain in Brain's dream. [ Drive Saga: Kamen Rider Brain ]

KRGh-Gamma Superior

Gamma Superior (Alternate)

KRGh-Gamma A

Gamma Superior (Gamma A Variant)

KRGh-Gamma Superior (Igor)

Gamma Superior (Igor)

  • Height : 205 cm
  • Weight : 109 kg
  • Abilities : High speed movement, energy wave attack

Powers and Abilities

Appearances: Ghost Episodes 10-12, 15, 25, 28, 37, 38

Aside from Raffaello and Michelangelo, these Parka forms are exclusive to Igor through the Proto Mega Ulorder .

  • Machine Gun
  • Michelangelo

KRGh-Gamma Superior Perfect

Gamma Superior Perfect

KRGh-Gamma Superior Perfect (Kamiyu)

Gamma Superior Perfect (Golden Parka)

  • Height : 204 cm
  • Weight : 117.5 kg

Gamma Superior Perfect ( 眼魔スペリオル・パーフェクト , Gamma Superioru Pāfekuto ) is Igor's default Parka armament in place of the normal Superior form, sporting a mysterious white/silver cloak. This form gives him the resemblance to a scientist, true to his occupation in the Gamma World.

Appearances: Ghost Episodes 16, 18-20, The Legend of Hero Alain, 30, 35, 39, 44, Kamen Rider Specter × Blades

KRGh-Gamma Superior Ono

Gamma Superior Ono

  • Height : 206 cm
  • Weight : 147 kg
  • Eyecon destroyed by :

Using a specially created Gamma Eyecon , Igor can channel the power of the Ono Gamma ( 斧眼魔 , Ono Ganma , lit. Axe Eye Devil) . This form is based on Juraj Janosik , the main character in Slovak and Polish Legends and he considered as Slovak Robin Hood .

Appearances: Ghost Episodes 29, 30

KRGh-Gamma Superior Book

Gamma Superior Book

  • Height : 232 cm
  • Weight : 130 kg

Using a specially created Gamma Eyecon , Igor can channel the power of the Book Gamma ( ブック眼魔 , Bukku Ganma , lit. Book Eye Devil) . [ Conflict! The Terms of Resolution! ] . This form is based on Lewis Carroll , the 19th-century English writers and author who has famous fairy tales works such as Alice's Adventures in Wonderland .

This form is exclusive to Ghost Episode 26 .

KRGh-Gamma Superior Machine Gun

Gamma Superior Machine Gun

  • Height : 212 cm
  • Weight : 136 kg
  • Eyecon destroyed by : Kamen Rider Ghost Toucon Benkei Damashii 's Omega Bomber

Using a specially created Gamma Eyecon , Igor can channel the power of the Machine Gun Gamma ( マシンガン眼魔 , Mashin Gan Ganma , lit. Machine Gun Eye Devil) . [ Explosion! Paint From Your Heart! ] . This form is based on Al Capone , the 20th-century American gangster leader who attained fame during the Prohibition era as the co-founder and boss of the Chicago Outfit.

This form is exclusive to Ghost Episode 19 .

KRGh-Gamma Superior Onpu

Gamma Superior Onpu

  • Height : 220 cm
  • Weight : 124 kg

Using a specially created Gamma Eyecon , Igor can channel the power of the Onpu Gamma ( 音符眼魔 , Onpu Ganma , lit. "Music Note Eye Devil") . This form is based on Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart , a famous classical composer.

This form is exclusive to Ghost Episode 43 .

KRGh-Gamma Superior Seiryuto

Gamma Superior Seiryuto

  • Height : 211 cm
  • Weight : 145 kg

Using a specially created Gamma Eyecon , Igor can channel the power of the Seiryuto Gamma ( 青竜刀眼魔 , Seiryūtō Ganma , lit. Green Dragon Blade Eye Devil) . [ Explode! Flames of Friendship! ] . This form is based on Guan Yu , a Chinese General who has significant role in the civil war that led to the collapse of the dynasty and the establishment of the state of Shu Han – founded by Liu Bei – in the Three Kingdoms period .

This form is exclusive to Ghost Episode 20 .

KRGh-Gamma Superior Knife

Gamma Superior Knife

  • Height : 222 cm
  • Weight : 155 kg
  • Eyecon destroyed by : Kamen Rider Ghost Toucon Boost Damashii 's Boost Omega Drive ( Himiko & Newton )

Using a specially created Gamma Eyecon , Igor can channel the power of the Knife Gamma ( ナイフ眼魔 , Naifu Gamma , lit. "Knife Eye Devil") . [ Reverse! Mysterious Science! ] . This form is based on Jack the Ripper , the 19th-century British serial killer who was responsible for five canonical victims: Mary Ann Nichols , Annie Chapman , Elizabeth Stride , Catherine Eddowes , and Mary Jane Kelly .

Appearances: Ghost Episodes 18, 28

KRGh-Gamma Superior Raffaello

Gamma Superior Raffaello

Through his personal Eyecon , " Raffaello Santi " channeled the power of the Raffaello Gamma ( ラファエロ眼魔 , Rafaero Ganma , lit. "Raffaello Eye Devil") .

This form is exclusive to Super Movie Wars Genesis .

KRGh-Gamma Superior Michelangelo

Gamma Superior Michelangelo

Through his personal Eyecon , " Michelangelo Buonarroti " channeled the power of the Michelangelo Gamma ( ミケランジェロ眼魔 , Mikeranjero Ganma , lit. "Michelangelo Eye Devil") .

KRGh-Gamma Superior Grimm

Gamma Superior Grimm

  • Weight : 119.5 kg

When Igor uses the Grimm Ghost Eyecon , he can access Gamma Superior Grimm form. This form is based on the Brothers Grimm , known individually as Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm, two late 17th and early 18th century German writers/researchers. Igor lost this form after the Grimm Eyecon forcefully removed itself from his Proto Mega Ulorder .

This form is exclusive to Ghost Episode 35 .

KRGh-Gundari Jabelfusion

Gamma Superiors can possess and enhance the body of a Gundari ( グンダリ , Gundari ) .

This form is exclusively assumed by Jabel in Ghost Episode 15 .

KRGh-Da Vinci Gamma

Gamma Superior Da Vinci

Through the Da Vinci Gamma Eyecon , Gamma Superior can transform into Da Vinci Gamma ( ダヴィンチ眼魔 , Da Vinchi Ganma , lit. "Da Vinci Eye Devil") , though only one ever did. This form is evidently exceptionally powerful, as it uniquely overrides the Gamma Superior's whole body as opposed to simple Parka Ghost armaments. Powers include sending energy projection copies of the Mona Lisa painting, shooting lethal energy needles from its fingers, spinning fast enough to create whirlwinds, shooting lasers from the eyes on its torso, and merging with the Raffaello and Michelangelo Gammas to form the giant Renaissance Gamma .

Gamma Eyecon [ ]

KRGh-Gamma Eyecon (Gamma Superior)

Transform Gamma Eyecon

The Gamma Superior form is accessed via the Transform Gamma Eyecon .

  • In Igor 's case, his form is uniquely equipped with the Perfect ( パーフェクト , Pāfekuto ) Parka armament by default.

Behind the Scenes [ ]

Concept art [ ].

Gamma Superior was designed by Kazuhiko Shimamoto ( 島本 和彦 , Shimamoto Kazuhiko ) .

Gamma Superior concept art

  • Jabel is currently the only Gamma Superior seen to have taken the body of a Gundari.
  • Curiously, when using past Gamma motifs via Eyecons, Gamma Superiors bear the face of the Gamma Assaults .

Appearances [ ]


  • Episode 10: Gather! The 15 Eyecons! (Jabel)
  • Episode 11: Magnificent! Mysterious Eyes! (Jabel)
  • Episode 12: Heroic! A Man's Resolve! (Jabel)
  • Episode 15: Anguish! The Stubborn Escape King! (Jabel)
  • Episode 16: Perfect! The White Kamen Rider! (Igor)
  • Episode 18: Reverse! Mysterious Science! (Igor)
  • Episode 19: Explosion! Paint From Your Heart! (Igor)
  • Episode 20: Explode! Flames of Friendship! (Igor)
  • Episode 22: Conspiracy! Adel's Trap! (Unidentified)
  • The Legend of Hero Alain " Chapter 2 "
  • Episode 25: Disaster! The Red Sky! (Jabel)
  • Episode 26: Conflict! The Terms of Resolution! (Igor)
  • Episode 27: Do-or-Die! Ready for Infiltration! (Unidentified)
  • Episode 28: Bursting! Power of the Depths!
  • Episode 29: Second Coming! Ordeal of the Escape King!
  • Episode 30: Forever! Cries of the Heart!
  • Episode 31: Bizarre! Power of the Gammaizers! (Unidentified)
  • Episode 32: Reminiscence! Secret of the Mind! (Unidentified)
  • Episode 34: Empty! World of Dreams! (Unidentified)
  • Episode 35: Real Worth! Merriment Power!
  • Episode 37: Learn! All the Ways! (Jabel)
  • Episode 38: Resurrection! Hero's Soul! (Jabel)
  • Episode 39: Opposition! Father & Daughter!
  • Episode 41: Upheaval! The Magistrate's Decision! (flashback; archive footage only)
  • Kamen Rider Ghost: The 100 Eyecons and Ghost's Fateful Moment (Unidentified)
  • Episode 48: Gather! Chain of Grief! (Unidentified)
  • Episode 49: Infinity! Power of Humanity! (Unidentified)
  • Ghost RE:BIRTH: Kamen Rider Specter (Gyro)
  • 1 Kamen Rider Gotchard
  • 2 Ride Chemy Cards
  • 3 Houtaro Ichinose


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