Haunted Places in Eden, Utah

haunted houses in eden utah

Gray Cliff Lodge Restaurant

Ogden, utah.

Apparitions of Native Americans and a disappearing man have been seen here, and witnesses have also noticed phantom children's voices and doors and windows that close by themselves.

haunted houses in eden utah

Ben Lomond Suites

The historic hotel is said to be haunted and has a ghostly legend surrounding Rooms 1101 and 1102. So the story goes, a new bride on her honeymoon drowned in the bathtub in Room 1102. When her son came shortly after to collect her belongings, he stayed next door in ...

Union Station

The 1869 station has been rebuilt a few times because of age and fire damage, and is now a museum. The site of a 1944 wreck called the Bagley Train Disaster, which killed 48 and injured 79, the station is said to be haunted by a woman who walks the ...

Aultorest Memorial Park - 36th Street Cemetery

Among the spooky things rumored to be in this cemetery are a blue- or green-glowing headstone, cackling ravens, tombstones that stay warm even in winter, and orbs and shadow figures that show up in photographs.

Bell Printing and Design

Layton, utah.

The building was bought by the company several years ago, and former employees reported seeing apparitions, hearing strange laughter and being touched when no one was around. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

Idle Isle Candy

Brigham city, utah.

At this cafe and candy company, weird things happen after closing time. Objects are said to fall off shelves, furniture is moved or knocked over, and the apparition of a Native American man has been spotted. According to reports, the ghost once appeared to a cafe employee, ordered some dinner ...

Clearfield Job Corps Center

Clearfield, utah.

This site, once part of an old naval base, is said to be haunted by many spirits: In Dorm E, there are 3 ghosts: a girl of about 5 who may bounce a ball in the hallways; an RA who likes to try and check "students" (visitors) into their rooms; ...

Brigham City Train Depot

Built in 1906 by the Union Pacific Railroad, the historical building is believed to be haunted by a presence that sometimes appears as a shadowy figure. Orbs and electronic voice phenomena have been reported here as well.

Crystal Hot Springs Resort

Honeyville, utah.

The main building of the resort is believed to be haunted. Footsteps and strange noises are heard when no one is around. Apparitions are seen from outside the building, and an evil shadow accompanied by an eerie presence has been seen on the upper levels of the building. (Submitted by Callum ...

Logan Cemetery

Logan, utah.

A legend surrounds this cemetery about a father put a curse on his large family as he died. He said that after he was gone, every six months, one of his eight children would died too. The curse came true as one by one, they died of illness or injury ...

haunted houses in eden utah

Old Bountiful Museum

Bountiful, utah.

The building has served several purposes in its long history, but has been abandoned. As well as housing a great number of discarded artifacts, visitors have reported sightings of shadowy figures roaming the top and bottom floors of the abandoned museum. An eerie presence is also felt in the building. (Submitted ...

Alfred McCune Home - McMune Mansion

Salt lake city, utah.

This 21-room hilltop mansion, which was completed in 1901, may have more to it than its beauty and historic value. Its former owners, the McCunes, donated it to the Mormon Church in 1920 and it was a school of music until 1953 when it became Brigham Young University's Salt Lake ...

Lion's House

This historic house is now used as a venue for wedding receptions, but visitors says they have encountered more than just delightful architecture. There are various reports of guests sighting shadowy figures wandering through the hallways, and some claim to have heard the sound of a man clearing his throat ...

haunted houses in eden utah

This is a private upscale gentleman's club, used for business and social interaction among the city's elite, that was established in 1883. According to reports, long ago a man fell asleep with a lit cigar and set the upper floor on fire, perishing in the process. His ghost is said ...

The Devereaux Mansion

The ghost of a young girl dressed as if from the 1850s has been seen in the upstairs window; she has also been heard talking to herself, singing or humming. She also has shown up in photographs visitors have taken of the inside of the mansion. She is said to ...

Armstrong Mansion

Guests who stay at this bed-and-breakfast have reported the light fixtures in their room shaking and apparitions appearing in the mirrors. Some guests even have been locked in the rooms.

Fort Douglas Military Museum

Apparitions of soldiers, not unexpectedly, have been seen at Fort Douglas Military Museum, a collection of artifacts from the 1860s fort, a training base and holding place for prisoners of war during WWI and WWII. Clem is the most well-known ghost here: His apparition and footsteps have been noticed by ...

Shilo Inn Suites Hotels

If you spend time near the indoor pool, you may hear disembodied and echoing laughter. The pinball machine on an upper level has been known to play by itself. It is said that the hauntings may stem from an incident in which a mother and daughter threw the rest of ...

Peery Hotel

This historic hotel is believed to be haunted by the apparition of a moaning woman, who has been heard in the elevator and in the main hallways of the building. Staff and guests also report that the elevator will move from floor to floor by itself. Other reports of ghostly ...

Exelis, located two blocks off of State, and one south of Best Buy and Central Pointe station, is an old factory which has stood on the site since sometime in the early 1950's. Prior to that, local legend holds that the site was previously occupied by a large funeral ...

haunted houses in eden utah

Rio Grande Railroad Depot

The old Rio Grande Railroad Depot has been beautifully restored to its former glory, but security guards and visitors to the historic building have still reported ghostly activity. The apparition of a beautiful, dark-haired woman who was run down by a train has been seen in the ladies room and ...

Old Deseret - This is the Place Heritage Park

This quaint historic site, part of a former Brigham Young settlement dating back to 1844, was said to be haunted by Young himself, until the site was moved. Then the haunting duties changed hands to Young's 19th wife, Ann Eliza Webb, who is often seen lingering near the kitchen window. ...

A.V. Quinn House

Evanston, wyoming.

This 1883 Queen-Anne style mansion is also known as 'Pine Gables', due to the two trees that stand either side of the residence. Built for a wealthy banker, the property is rumoured to be haunted. The first wife of the original proprietor is believed to the source of these ...

Golden Spike - Dove Creek Camp

Corinne, utah.

A former camp for Chinese laborers who built the country's railroads in the 1800s, Dove Creek Camp is believed to be haunted. Witnesses have heard a phantom steam locomotive, voices speaking Chinese, and footsteps, and seen tiny lights like sparks on railroad tracks.

Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints

Clarkston, utah.

The building is haunted by a single ghost, who plays the organ on the upper floor of the building when no one is around. The apparition of the old woman has also been seen. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

Park City, Utah

This Victorian inn was built as an upscale replica for the owner's grandmother, and it is the grandmother who they say haunts the place. She has appeared as a mist seen, oddly enough, ascending and descending through the floors, and her apparition also has shown up in photographs of the ...

Silver Fork Lodge

Witnesses say the haunts make themselves known by turning lights and appliances on and off and taking or moving objects from their places. Apparitions and cold spots have been reported, as well as disembodied whispers and moans.

Claim Jumper Steakhouse

Many staff and diners in this former hotel have reported seeing a white apparition standing nearby watching them, which fades away when approached. Cutlery is moved around tables, doors open and close by themselves and disembodied footsteps are heard when the steakhouse is closing down for the night. (Submitted by Callum ...

Deseret Industries Thrift Store

Preston, idaho.

Workers have experienced unexplained electrical phenomena with the lights, time clock, and intercom, and have heard mysterious bells ringing. Note: This thrift store was used to film a scene in the movie Napoleon Dynamite.

haunted houses in eden utah

Bear River Massacre Site

At the site, U.S. Cavalry soldiers brutally killed Shoshone men, women, and children as they were starving to death. It is said that now, in wintertime, the sound of crying babies can be heard and footprints can been seen in the snow.

haunted houses in eden utah

Tooele, Utah

Witnesses have reported such ghostly happenings as objects that are moved when no one is around, doors and cupboards that open and close by themselves, and orbs that appear in photographs.

The Old Tooele Hospital

The haunted Old Tooele Hospital was built in 1873 as a home for the family of Samuel F. Lee. By 1913, it had been turned into a home for the elderly but was often called the County Poor House. Witnesses have experienced a number of paranormal activities here, including apparitions, ...

John Hutchings Museum of Natural History

This historic complex with its Spanish Mission architecture has served many functions over they years including a library, jail, court, civic offices, and a museum. The museum currently houses many unique western artifacts including Native American relics, various weapons including the gun used to commit the first murder in Lehi, ...

Porter's Place

The building is dedicated to the late Porter Rockwell, and is decorated with the theme of 1800's Old West. There is believed to be a number of apparitions haunting the restaurant, including a man in mid 19th century attire who has been seen in the dining room of the restaurant. (Submitted ...

haunted houses in eden utah

Malad City Cemetery

Malad city, idaho.

The spirit of a woman in a red dress may appear here, as well as an older man who has been seen doing maintenance work. Legend has it that he was the graveyard's caretaker for many years, and committed suicide there when he was let go.

Grove Theatre

Pleasant grove, utah.

Ghost stories at the theater are reported to date back to the 1950s. A theater owner has reported that something she calls Charlie exists here--although she doesn't believe in ghosts. A sign once flew across the room, mugs have flown through the air and shattered on the wall, and the ...

Rock Canyon

Provo, utah.

The eerie history of the canyon, where many climbers have died and murders are rumored to have taken place, may have led to its hauntings. Folks in these parts say they've seen the apparition of a man in 1970s or 1980s clothing standing on a rock peak, then running very ...

Harold B. Lee Library - Brigham Young University

In the Reading Room of the library, where the temperature is said to always be extraordinarily cold or hot, haunt-hunters should listen for a ghostly moaning noise that sometimes sounds like unintelligible talking. In the Harp Room, there is a chair that some local paranormal enthusiasts call the Ghost Chair. ...

haunted houses in eden utah

Fort Bridger State Historic Site

Fort bridger, wyoming.

It is said that almost every building of this historic site is home to haunts. One in the museum building often plays with the copy machine. Many are spirits of soldiers who were stationed at the fort in the 1800s. The site even boasts at least one animal ghost: a ...

Fort Bridger Cemetery

The haunting at this cemetery is sort of a love story. In 1987, the caretaker began to frequently see an apparition of an elderly man in a white cowboy hat. The ghost followed the caretaker around, even helping out around the cemetery grounds. The caretaker eventually recognized the apparition, who ...

haunted houses in eden utah

Fossil Country Frontier Museum

Kemmerer, wyoming.

Price of admission may buy you more than a look at things from the past. Reports say strange thumping noises can be heard, and an eerie presence can be felt.

Leslie's Family Tree

Santaquin, utah.

Leslie's Family Tree is a restaurant known for its numerous family photographs and giant scones as well as the fact that it is believed to be haunted by as many as 60 ghosts. It has been featured on TV's "The Dead Files." One witness said that chairs here have been ...

haunted houses in eden utah

Bancroft, Idaho

There have been many reported ghost sightings at My Old Lund Store. before the restoration TAPS family investigated the store. It is documented haunted. The sound at night of a crying child upstairs. The sound of someone whittling. At one investigation a wheel chair that was left in a ...

haunted houses in eden utah

Enders Hotel and Museum

Soda springs, idaho.

There are conflicting stories about who exactly is haunting the Enders hotel. Some claim it was a man who was shot and killed there, others that it was a man who fell down the stairs, still others that it was a prostitute who was murdered there (this is the ...

haunted houses in eden utah

Hooper Springs Park

At this quiet effervescent spring site with its pavilion, shade trees, picnic tables and playground, you may see more than just the beauty of nature. A ghostly figure is said to walk along the bridge, and unseen beings play on the playground's swingsets.

Colter's Lodge

Afton, wyoming.

This circa 1939 lodge is rumoured to be haunted by spirits dating back to its glory days. The most common reported apparition is a male former owner, who is thought to have stayed on in the after life to ensure that the hotel and its operations continue to run ...

haunted houses in eden utah

Power County Hospital

American falls, idaho.

At this hospital and nursing home, nurse buzzers are said to go off by themselves in the rooms of patients who are physically unable to get to the buzzer. A ghostly doctor who smells of cigar smoke has been spotted, and elderly residents who have passed away also visit at ...

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haunted houses in eden utah

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Spookshow Haunted Screampark Price, UT

Contact Spookshow Haunted Screampark

haunted houses in eden utah

THE BRUTALITY NEVER STOPS AT SPOOKSHOW HAUNTED SCREAMPARK!! For 2022 we are bigger, better, and LONGER! Come experience the most BRUTAL Haunted House in Utah! Desolate Terror… venture into the gore soaked desert wasteland and witness firsthand the cruelty and violence of the psychopaths and mutant creatures that inhabit this long forgotten and forsaken land. Many tourists and locals alike have disappeared in the area surrounding these cursed grounds. Not even local law-enforcement has dared to investigate the disappearances. For the fear of becoming… One of the missing. The locals don’t talk about it, they won’t talk about it. The old-timers, and the families who have lived in the area for generations, tell outsiders that it is all just stories, and legends. But, they will always warn you… Never… go out in the desert at night. It’s a Deathwish. IMMERSIVE BRUTALITY! EXTREME HANDS-ON! Truly put your bravery to the test with DeathTouch! Full contact hands-on! You may be separated from your group, black bagged, held captive and endlessly tormented! But if you were looking for something even more…RedBand. RedBand it’s only for those who want to be completely immersed in the brutality of Desolate Terror! You may be put in a trap, isolated, and maybe even… COVERED IN BLOOD! All new for 2022!! The tunnel of the Damned… Wander through complete darkness and be bombarded with the haunting cries of the murdered souls. And, explore Eden’s Landing old chapel! A decrepit chapel built in 1896… forgotten by time, but now it sits says the centerpiece of the shanty town that has sprung up around it. Locals have been whispering that it is now inhabited by some sort of bizarre cult… is it a rumor? Or are the stories true? You’ll have to find out yourself! Put your skills to the test at Wicked Axe: Axe Throwing Range!! Chuck axes with your friends and see if you can bust our number of the beast challenge!! Nail 3 consecutive bull’s-eyes to score a 666! Wicked Axe is a horror/ heavy metal & punk themed Axe Throwing Range! Upgrade your ticket with axe throwing for only $8!! You won’t want to miss Spookshow Haunted Screampark this Halloween season!!! Just remember… In the desert… NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU SCREAM!!

haunted houses in eden utah

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haunted houses in eden utah

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haunted houses in eden utah

4 of Utah’s haunted houses are ‘full contact.’ Here’s everything you should know

These 4 attractions aren’t your regular haunted houses. depending on what level you sign up for, you might get prodded, pushed, restrained or even force-fed — but it’s all in good fun. right.


An actor at the now-closed Utah Fun Dome prepares to scare visitors.

Kristan Jacobsen, Deseret News

If you enjoy getting the living daylights scared out of you, October in Utah is the most wonderful time of the year. According to SmokyMountains.com , Utah has 29 haunted houses — the second-highest of any state in the nation.

What is a full-contact haunted house?

Four of Utah’s haunted attractions go a step further and offer “full-contact” options for their guests. Although experiences differ based on location, this can include anything from the actors touching you to separating you from your group and waterboarding you, per KUER .

Most haunted houses keep details about their experiences vague. If you’d like to know a bit more about what you’re getting into, here’s everything you need to know about Utah’s full-contact haunted house experiences and why people like them.

Utah’s full-contact haunted houses

1. fear factory.

Fear Factory has been consistently named one of the nation’s top haunts by the Haunted Attraction Association , the only official governing body for haunted houses. Located in an old factory in Salt Lake City, the building certainly has a haunted air to it.

Besides the regular no-contact general admission, visitors can purchase a “touch of fear” add-on. With the “touch of fear,” visitors get a glowing necklace that signals to actors that the visitor has consented to contact.

Fear Factory founder Rob Dunfield said he would consider it “light touch” compared to other contact options at haunted houses. While actors may lightly maneuver a visitor or grab their arm, they will never physically harm them or move them to a different location.

  • BuzzFeed ranked this Utah haunted house No. 3 in the nation. Here’s why its founder says that it’s ‘alive’

“We never separate groups, we don’t do abductions,” Dunfield said. “We want to be safe and make sure that the customers have a good experience.”

Dunfield added that Fear Factory actors even go through “touch training” in order to become “touch certified.”

Fear Factory general admission starts at $29.99 and the “touch of fear” add-on starts at $4 extra.

2. Castle of Chaos

This haunted house in Midvale has the greatest variation in contact experiences. Their haunted house has five levels to choose from, ranging from a glow stick that will ward off the actors to a terrifying Saturday-only experience that owner James Bernard said leaves even the actors exhausted.

Bernard said Castle of Chaos first started offering contact experiences in 2006 and found that most people prefer the Level 3 option, the first level of contact, which allows actors to lightly touch visitors.

Self-described “horror junkie” Caden Plewe, who went through Castle of Chaos at the fourth level, “Extreme Hands-On Horror,” said he chose the extra contact because he doesn’t get scared easily and ended up enjoying the experience.

Plewe said he “immediately got tackled” after entering the haunted house and was separated from his group for the rest of the experience. He recalled being put into a coffin, getting cornered by a bunch of “zombies” and getting his head dunked in water.

“It was actually really fun,” Plewe said. “I had a blast.”

Bernard said he trusts his staff to create a terrifying but safe experience in any level.

“You know you’re in a safe environment. It’s theater in the end,” he said.

Castle of Chaos general admission starts at $25.99, while Level 3 starts at $5 extra and Level 4 at $9 extra. Level 5, which is offered after regular hours on Saturdays and is only for ages 18 and older, starts at $50.

Castle of Chaos also offers an escape room and an “immersive horror experience” called Krusebel, which starts at $250.

3. Asylum 49

This location in Tooele has hundreds of confirmed deaths, as the building was previously a hospital and then nursing home, per ABC4 . Visitors can choose between no contact, light contact and full contact, and wristbands help the actors know what visitors have chosen.

Asylum 49 also hosts occasional “extreme” nights. According to KUER , those who participate in those experiences may undergo light waterboarding and shock therapy.

Gabrielle Darby, who visited Asylum 49 in 2022, said she paid for the full-contact experience but removed her wristband at the end because she was so scared. Darby said an actor separated her from the group she’d entered with and put her in a closet, strapped her to an operating table, locked her in the back of a truck and finally chased her with a chainsaw.

Darby said her group chose full contact because they thought the experience would be fun and unique, although she personally did not enjoy it.

“I was screaming and crying because I was so scared,” she said. “I would not want to do it ever again.”

General admission starts at $30, while light contact starts at $35 and full contact at $37.

4. Spookshow

Located in Price, Utah, this option is the furthest south in the state. Spookshow’s general admission is no-contact, but it offers two levels of full contact.

According to their website, visitors who purchase a “DeathTouch” ticket will be “touched, grabbed and possibly locked in a trap.” Those who opt for the “RedBand Extreme Hands-On” experience will be “touched, grabbed, carried away, isolated, separated from your group, held captive and covered in blood.” (One can only hope that it’s fake blood guests are covered in, although the website doesn’t specify.)

General admission starts at $25, while full contact starts at $30 and extreme full contact at $35.

What’s the appeal of full-contact haunted houses?

James Bernard, owner Castle of Chaos, thinks it has something to do with seeking an adrenaline rush in a safe environment.

“I think that we’re sensory overloaded all the time,” Bernard said. “We’re overloaded and desensitized to so much that I think having a safe way to experience more is exactly why people go to haunted houses.”

Allowing contact in haunted houses adds an extra layer of fear and creates a more visceral experience. In a no-contact experience, your adrenaline might peak at the jump scare when an actor pops up out of nowhere. When contact is allowed, the entire interaction you have with the actor as you pass through their station is rife with suspense — they might grab you at any moment, and depending on the haunted house, drag you away to untold horrors.

Bernard added that navigating a scary experience also gives people a sense of accomplishment at the end.

“You’re able to go challenge yourself, get scared, do something outside your comfort zone in a safe environment, and I think that has a great draw,” he said.

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Salt Lake Magazine

Spooky season is back and we are here for it! If you’re ready to get in the spirit of the season before trick-or-treaters come knocking, there’s nothing more quintessentially Halloween than a terrifying haunted house. Whether you’re looking for intense scares or something more gentle for your little ones, these Utah haunted houses have something for you this October.  

If You Can Survive Repeated Nightmares: Nightmare on 13th

Nightmare on 13th offers a variety of ways to get seriously spooked. With not one but two haunted attractions, there is a scare for everyone. The haunted house features 13 themed nightmares from hoodoo queens and clowns to witches and beasts. If you can survive this, the VIP exclusive attraction, Institute of Terror, offers even more intense and interactive scares as you roam the abandoned hallways of an asylum.

General Admission: $24.95-$39.95

320 W. 1300 South, SLC  801-467-8100

If You’re Not Scared of Cannibals: Haunted Forest

Cletus Snodgrass and his family made the trek out west with the pioneers in 1848. Settling on the shores of Utah Lake, Cletus became known for his moonshine. His secret ingredient––human blood. As a result, legend claims that Cletus’s son Otis grew up with a vampiric thirst for blood. Although the Snodgrass family died long ago, rumor has it that Otis still haunts the surrounding forest of his childhood home, trying to satisfy his thirst via unsuspecting visitors to the Haunted Forest.

General Admission: $30-$43

6000 W. 6400 North, American Fork 801-903-3039

A clown waits to scare patrons at the Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus, a haunted house in American Fork, Utah

Where to Go If You Saw “It” Five Times in Theaters: Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus

According to legend, there was once a sinister ringmaster that traveled around with his mysterious circus. He was an evil boss––torturing and even killing them. One day, two especially ruthless workers decided they had had enough, and they band together to strangle the ringmaster, earning their name of the “Strangling Brothers.” The two brothers surpassed the ringmaster in their cruelty and continued to run a twisted, wicked circus. You can go visit them today, but no promises you’ll make it out.

If you can’t stomach the big top in the dark, the circus is offering an all-new option to tour their haunt in the daylight. The family-friendly option is a great Halloween activity, as no psycho clown actors haunt the grounds during the day.

General Admission: $18-$35

632 E. 1500 South, American Fork 801-850-8060

If You Want to Go Insane: Asylum 49

Set in an old hospital built in 1949, this haunted attraction will give you a scare that will last long after you leave. The Asylum allows full contact, so watch out—Asylum 49 is always looking for new patients. This year, the haunt also features monsters and creations formally offered by Dead City Haunted House, who recently shut down their location in Murray.

General Admission: $30

140 E. 200 South, Tooele 435-882-8856

Inside the Castle of Chaos, a haunted house in Midvale, Utah

Where to Get Just the Right Amount of Scared: Castle of Chaos

The Castle of Chaos is notorious for turning its victims’ worst nightmares into a horrifying reality. Beware as you struggle through an underground labyrinth of terror. You can pick your level of fear at this attraction, and if you are brave enough, Castle of Chaos offers an extra intense option for 18+ only. They also offer five intense Chao Escape Rooms, just choose your story line and work with a team to make it out alive.

General Admission: $25-$30

Location: 7980 S. State St., Midvale 385-216-8915

A performer scares a visitor at Fear Factory, a haunted house in Salt Lake City, Utah

If You Like Paranormal Activity: Fear Factory

Formerly owned by Portland Cement Works, this factory was the site of at least 11 documented deaths, with its workers dying from tragic falls into boiling vats, dismemberment and mutilation by machinery. After Portland Cement Works finally had to close its doors, many other businesses tried to set up shop in the factory, but none could ever last. Finally, the Fear Factory acquired the haunted property and it has been a fan favorite ever since. Explore their haunted attractions in all six buildings, or join a public paranormal investigation of the Factory on Monday nights.

General Admission: $28-$33

666 W. 800 South, SLC 801-692-3327

Where to Take Your Kids: Haunted Halloween Haven

If you are looking for a spooky Halloween outing for the entire family, the Haunted Halloween Haven is the place to go. Run by a local neighborhood family, Haunted Halloween Haven avoids anything gory or inappropriate for kids. Plus, it’s free! This year the walk-through will be open every month of October from 7:30 p.m. to 10 p.m.

General Admission: Free

1641 S. Oak View Lane, Spanish Fork

If You Want to Experience a Real-life Urban Legend: Haunted Kay’s Cross

In the 1940s, a 20-foot stone cross appeared in the woods of Kaysville. No one knew who built it. To the bewilderment of the locals, the cross mysteriously exploded in 1992. Over the years, there have been countless reports of paranormal activity in those woods. The most common of these reports being of a hooded man standing in the distance, axe in hand…

General Admission: $15

388 Boynton Road, Kaysville 385-288-9544

Where to Get Shot at By a Zombie: Nightmare Acres at Black Island Farms

Black Island Farms has upped the ante with the new addition of zombie apocalypse laser tag. Finally, all you have learned from watching The Walking Dead can be put to the test. If you survive, test your way-finding skills by trying to navigate their haunted corn maze. With four acres of terror, be wary as you never know what will be lurking around the next corner. As they say, “pay to get in and pray to get out.” 

General Admission: $25

2075 S. 4000 West, Syracuse 801-825-6236

If Your Favorite Movie is Halloween Town: Evermore’s All-Hallows’ Eve

The charming village of Evermore transforms into a haunted fairytale, complete with new Halloween quests, themed shops, games and a haunted adventure. Ring in the witching hour during Evermore’s Halloween celebration opening on Sept. 16. On October 31, the park will offer traditional Pagan demonstrations, spooky quests and tours of the grounds on the haunted Evermore express.

382 S. Evermore Ln, Pleasant Grove 801-796-2372

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Malia Robinson

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