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Swing through the comics history of spider-gwen, aka ghost-spider.

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On Earth-616 she met a tragic end. On Earth-65 she’s spinning her own web. Catch up on all things Spider-Gwen, AKA Ghost-Spider  with a deep dive into her comic book history!

In the core Marvel Universe—also known as 616— Peter Parker became romantically involved with his college classmate Gwen Stacy following her introduction in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #31 , until the Green Goblin killed her in the devastating AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #121 . However, in an alternate universe—on Earth-65—it was high school student Gwen Stacy, not Peter, who was bitten by a radioactive spider that granted her arachnid-like powers, inspiring her to become the hero known as Spider-Woman!

Spider-Gwen's first appearance in EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE (2014) #2.

First appearing in EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE #2  by Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez , Spider-Gwen rocks out on drums in a band called the Mary Janes when not attending Midtown High or swinging around the Big Apple stopping criminals. In this reality, her friend, the bullied Peter Parker, turned himself into the Lizard and ultimately died thanks to his self-experimentation. 

That initial appearance set the stage for Gwen's prominent role during the original SPIDER-VERSE  story, where she and other Spider-People from across the multiverse did their best to stop the Inheritors, a group that hunted and ate those with spider-powers. 

After helping to save the day, Gwen then scored her own series, SPIDER-GWEN , also by Latour and Rodriguez. That series ran five issues leading into the reality-shaking SECRET WARS . 

SPIDER-GWEN (2015A) #1

During SECRET WARS, Gwen appeared in a new SPIDER-VERSE  series. When the dust settled from that event, unlike her fellow alternate reality Spidey, Miles Morales—who stuck around in the 616 universe—Gwen then returned to her own reality and a new volume of the  SPIDER-GWEN comic.

While she continued to face off against her own growing rogues gallery in SPIDER-GWEN, while also exploring a brief romance with Miles Morales during a reality-hopping adventure, Gwen also fought other inter-dimensional threats alongside Spider-Ham , Spider-Man Noir , Spider-Punk and others in WEB WARRIORS . 

SPIDER-GWEN (2015B) #1

Gwen also kept up with some of her other Spider-Friends, as seen in the SPIDER-WOMEN  crossover with  Silk  and Jessica Drew , and currently finds herself fighting alongside the larger collection of Spider-Verse heroes once more in the epic  SPIDER-GEDDON story. 


The second volume of Gwen’s solo series came to an end with SPIDER-GWEN #34 , but fret not, her adventures continued in the recently-launched series SPIDER-GWEN: GHOST SPIDER , which not only features her new moniker and ties into SPIDER-GEDDON, but also the creative team of  Seanan McGuire and Rosi Kampe ! 

And, in series GHOST-SPIDER (2019) , Gwen Stacy made her way to the Marvel Universe! With a cloud of infamy hanging over her head on Earth-65, Gwen traveled to Earth-616 for super hero action…and school?! The newest student at ESU got a crash course in multiversity as she split her time between the world she loves and the world she was just getting to know! But what devious villain has eyes on Gwen's travels? And is Gwen ready for what comes next? Find out by reading her complete solo volume on digital comics super-service Marvel Unlimited ! 

GHOST-SPIDER (2019) #1

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Gwen Stacy was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.

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Background [ ]

Physical appearance [ ].

Spider-Gwen wears a black bodysuit with white areas that form a spider design, a white hood with the interior lining being magenta with cyan web patterns, matching magenta-and-cyan designs on her upper arms, and cyan soles to her boots.

Appearances [ ]

Marvel animation [ ], ultimate spider-man [ ].

A native of Miles' dimension, Gwen Stacy assumed the role of Spider-Woman after Miles was transported to Peter Parker 's dimension. Using technology stolen from her father 's robot program and with the help of her world's version of May Parker , Gwen became a superhero in Miles' absence by simulating spider powers despite having no spider powers of her own. However, due to her activity, she also had to deal with her father's pursuit of vigilantes.

When Miles returns along with Peter, Gwen helps them recover the remaining Siege Perilous piece, which was at the police station. Gwen goes to visit her father in order to distract him while Peter and Miles recover the piece. However, this fails when Wolf Spider attacks the station and soon takes Rio Morales hostage at Miles' home. After rescuing Rio, Peter, Gwen, and Miles confront Wolf Spider in his underwater lair. Wolf Spider claims the Siege Perilous and starts to drain the life-force of every spider-based character in the multiverse. During the battle, Miles and Gwen are claimed in the process, but Peter tricks Wolf Spider into claiming his life, as holding all the life-forces at once proves to be too much for Wolf Spider to handle. Wolf-Spider soon shatters, allowing the life-forces to return to their bodies. The three Spiders then leave the lair but run into Gwen's father who learned of his daughter's superhero life after speaking with Rio. George accepts Gwen's role and the two then reconcile.

Spider-Man [ ]

Gwen Stacy is a student at Horizon High and friends with Peter Parker , Miles Morales , and Anya Corazon. She is voiced by Laura Bailey . She was inspired by her uncle Raymond Warren (later revealed to be the villainous Jackal) to pursue science. She often assists Spider-Man in fights using her quick wits and genetic knowledge.

During the "Spider Island" arc, she was one of the first people affected by Jackal's spider chemicals spread into the air and gained spider superpowers. With her fans calling her "Spider Gwen", she assists Spider-Man in combating criminals until the chemicals cause her to mutate into a Man-Spider. She is later cured when Spider-Man spreads the cure for the city by exploding Osborn Academy.

Marvel Rising [ ]

Gwen appears in the 2018 franchise, with Dove Cameron reprising her role. In this continuity, she is referred to as Ghost-Spider . [1] She first appears as the protagonist of the Marvel Rising: Initiation shorts that precede the animated film, where she is on the run from the police and other superheroes after Ghost-Spider is framed for the murder of Gwen's friend, Kevin. She gains the trust of Ms. Marvel and Squirrel Girl following an encounter with the heroes before Ghost-Spider is inevitably captured by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents Quake and Patriot. However, she escapes with the help of Quake who discerned Ghost-Spider's civilian identity.

She returns in the special Marvel Rising: Chasing Ghosts followed by Marvel Rising: Heart of Iron .

Spidey and his Amazing Friends [ ]

Spidey team 33

Ghost-Spider with her friends Spidey and Spin in Spidey and his Amazing Friends .

Gwen appears in the Disney Junior animated series, voiced by Lily Sanfelippo . As Ghost-Spider, she defends New York City from villains alongside her friends, Peter (Spidey) and Miles (Spin). Like the Marvel Rising incarnation, Gwen has Gwen Pool's partially dyed pink highlights in her hair. She loves drumming, reading detective novels, and is really good at figuring out clues.

Marvel Cinematic Universe [ ]

Gwen Stacy does not appear in the MCU, but the version that appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man films (played by Emma Stone ) is mentioned in Spider-Man: No Way Home . Gwen's Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-Man , tells his MCU counterpart about the death of his girlfriend, describing her as "his MJ ", the girlfriend of the MCU Peter. Gwen's Spider-Man explains that he will never forgive himself for his failure in saving her. While trying to move on from the loss and be the hero Gwen wanted him to be, he eventually became rageful and bitter.

Not wishing his younger counterpart to suffer and end up like him, the Amazing Spider-Man watches with fondness the relationship of this universe's Peter and MJ. At the Statue of Liberty, during the final battle of the film, MJ falls off the scaffolding and her Peter fails to reach her because of the interference of the Green Goblin . Horrified that his younger self might suffer the same as he did, he jumps and saves MJ, preventing her to die in a very similar way that Gwen did. Saving MJ from the same fate Gwen endured, makes the Amazing Spider-Man emotional and he almost cries while holding MJ when he safely lands with her on the ground.

Disney Parks [ ]

Web slingers: a spider-man adventure [ ].

There are several references to Gwen Stacy's Spider-Woman in the queue for this attraction where she is identified as a member of the Worldwide Engineering Brigade . Gwen's locker is located within the WEB facility with painted on feminist quotes, science jokes, and the logo for her band The Mary Janes . Additionally, Gwen's skateboard is locked up in the foyer with her Spider-Gwen color-scheme and, "The Mary Janes" printed on it. She is indirectly referenced on a notice-board featuring a poster for drummer-auditions in a punk band called The Gamma Rays which has Gwen's color-scheme.

Disney Junior On Tour [ ]

The Spidey and his Amazing Friends version of Ghost appeared in Disney Junior Live On Tour: Costume Palooza .

Gallery [ ]


  • Spider-Gwen was planned to be released as a figurine for the game Disney Infinity 3.0 prior to being canceled. [2]
  • Her appearance in Ultimate Spider-Man is Dove Cameron's second animated role, the first being as Mal in Descendants: Wicked World .
  • The primary version of Gwen Stacy in the Marvel Comics was the college girlfriend of Peter Parker who was tragically killed during a battle between Spider-Man and the Green Goblin . Her death is considered one of the most iconic moments in comic book history.
  • Unlike the Ultimate Spider-Man incarnation, her comic version was actually superpowered, hailing from an alternate dimension where she was bitten by the radioactive spider, rather than Peter Parker, who to get vengeance on bullies, transformed into the Lizard . In a battle that left Peter dead, Gwen was devastated, and sought to honor him by being a hero. This depiction of her reappears in Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors , albeit replacing Peter with an Inhuman named Kevin as her best friend.

References [ ]

  • ↑ " Marvel Announces Animated Feature Film Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors ". Collider . Retrieved on December 8, 2017.
  • ↑ " Here is your First Look at the (Now-Cancelled) "Spider-Gwen" Disney Infinity Figure ". Infinity Inquirer (August 24, 2016).

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Spider-Gwen [ ]

Gwen Stacy was born in Forest Hills to George and Helen Stacy . Following her mother's death, she was raised by George alone. Gwen's free spirit and artistic inclinations often put her at odds with the type of ethics her father worked to instill. As a result of this contrast with her father, Gwen would often retreat into quiet seclusion and play the drums.

Over time, she developed a friendship with her neighbor and fellow introvert Peter Parker , sharing their love for music. [26] At Midtown High School , Gwen developed relationships with other students, a group of girls with whom she formed the band, The Mary Janes , [27] and rebellious affluent student Harry Osborn . [22]

After being bitten by a genetically-engineered spider , Gwen was granted arachnid-like super-powers, and started a career as a crimefighter, dubbed by the media as "Spider-Woman." She was given a costume and a set of web-shooters by retired crimefighter Janet van Dyne . Gwen spent most of her early adventures focused on exploiting and maintaining her newfound attention more than helping those in need; however, Gwen's behavior changed after her father expressed he believed Spider-Woman could easily help people. [27]

Spider-Woman's influence also caused one of the biggest tragedies in Gwen's life. The bullied Peter Parker, desperate to be special like his idol Spider-Woman, conducted an experiment that turned him into a Lizard-like creature . Parker crashed the Midtown Senior Prom, where Gwen fought him. Despite his pleas for de-escalation, Gwen did not pull any punches. Following Gwen’s beatdown, Peter returned to his human form but, due to the injuries sustained at Gwen's attacks, he died. [28] With no evidence or link to his transformation, Spider-Woman was blamed by the media for Peter's death and branded a criminal. [29]

Haunted by Peter's death, Gwen doubled her efforts to fight crime to redeem herself. Additionally, Gwen's father George was tasked with conducting the NYPD investigation to capture Spider-Woman. This drew the attention of Matt Murdock - a corrupt lawyer, leader of the Hand ninja , and the right hand and successor to New York's Kingpin of crime - who sent hitman Aleksei Sytsevich to kill George in an attempt to make an ally of Spider-Woman. After thwarting the murder attempt, Gwen found herself held at gunpoint by her father, and she was forced to reveal her double identity. She pleaded her innocence, and swore to never rest until criminals like the Kingpin were stopped. Captain Stacy told her to leave the scene before he changed his mind. [27] [26]

Spider-Verse [ ]

Spider-Army (Multiverse) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 3 11 002

Gwen was one of the first spider-totems to join Spider UK 's Spider-Army in order to combat the Inheritors during the Great Hunt . [27] [30]

She was sent to Earth-21205 to recruit the spider-totem of that reality, a Peter Parker who was driven to madness and grief caused by the death of the Gwen of that reality and became the Goblin ; however, that Peter was killed by Verna and her Hounds . Angered, Gwen swore vengeance and warped away from that reality. [31]

Spider-Woman was later present during the final fight against the Inheritors , during which the villains were finally defeated and dealt with. [32]

Return to her universe [ ]

Gwen later returned to her reality, where she still tried to turn the public opinion against her by becoming a vigilante. With the appearance of a new villain named the Vulture , Gwen set out to catch him and deliver him to the police in order to gain their trust. However, her vigilantism strained her friendship with Mary Jane Watson and the other members of her band, as well as with her father. [5] After her first fight with the Vulture ended in a humiliating defeat, Gwen learned that her father had lost jurisdiction of the manhunt for her, which had been reassigned to Frank Castle , a maverick police officer known for his brutal measures. An argument with her father was interrupted by the Vulture, who had been sent to find Spider-Woman by Murdock. Incapacitated by the Vulture's gas fumes, she was attacked by Castle, who managed to unmask her and was shocked to discover she was just a teenaged girl. [33] When a gig the Mary Janes was headlining was attacked by the Hand, Spider-Gwen broke up a fight between Black Cat and Murdock, who had taken a keen interest in making Spider-Woman his apprentice and figured out her civilian identity by watching her fight and targeting her family. [11]

Secret Wars [ ]

Spider-Verse Vol 2 5 Textless

Web-Warriors assemble

With the destruction of the universe, an amnesiac Gwen found herself on Earth-15513 under the assumed alias of Ms. Woodley, an employee of Ozcorp. teaming up with the Peter Porker of Earth-8311 , the Anya Corazon of Earth-616 , the William Braddock of Earth-833 , the Pavitr Prabhakar of Earth-50101 , and the Peter Parker of Earth-90214 , Gwen managed to overthrow Mayor Norman Osborn and stop him from hijacking control of the Web of Life and Destiny . Following the restoration of the multiverse, Gwen became a part-time member of the Web-Warriors, helping to protect dimensions that had lost their Spider-Totems to the Inheritors. [34]

Return of the Lizard [ ]

Waking up late for her new job at the Dollar Dog bodega, Gwen arrived to learn it had been attacked first by the Bodega Bandit - a small-time criminal stylizing himself after 18th century highwaymen; and then by a giant lizard-monster . Hunting down the Bodega Bandit, she learned that the Lizard had eaten his dog. Unwilling to believe the Lizard had come back, Gwen realized the culprit was Dr. Curtis Connors, the only other person aware that Peter had been the original Lizard, but that Connors had vanished after Peter's death. Haunted by her failure to save Peter, Spider-Woman located the Lizard in the sewers only to discover Connors was one of many. Her fight with the Lizards was interrupted by Captain America , who informed her the monsters were property of S.H.I.E.L.D. and that she was placing her under arrest. [26] Despite not wanting to fight Captain America - who her father idolized, Gwen was forced into a three-way battle between her and the Lizards and was knocked out. Waking up handcuffed with vibranium, Gwen was interrogated by Captain America, who accused her of being a member of the terrorist organization S.I.L.K. Noticing Dr. Connors and the other Lizards reverted to human form, Spider-Woman asked if Captain America had a cure, but was told that only a temporary suppressant existed. Devastated that this was going to be Peter's legacy, Gwen told Captain America that Peter had been the Lizard that attacked Midtown and that she didn't have a clue what S.I.L.K. was. Connors transformed back into a Lizard and attacked, but Gwen defeated him with help from Captain America and Jean DeWolff , a police friend of her father's. Deciding to give her a chance to prove her innocence, Captain America let Spider-Woman go, and Gwen later gave the Bodega Bandit her pet hamster to replace his dog. [8]

Attack of the Green Goblin [ ]

Visiting the Spider-Woman of Earth-616 using her Web-Warriors portal device for advice and to help free her from the vibranium handcuffs, Gwen asked her what her Earth-616 counterpart was like. Saying she should talk to Peter Parker , having never personally met Gwen Stacy herself, Jessica advised her to focus on being the best Gwen Stacy she can be rather than dwelling on what happened to Earth-616 Gwen and Earth-65 Peter. With Jess distracted by her pregnancy-induced hunger-cravings, Gwen returned to Earth-65 and was shocked to discover Harry Osborn - a high school friend of hers and Peter's - has returned after two years, having vanished after Peter's funeral.

Gwen was further shocked to learn that Harry blamed himself for Peter's death, having done nothing to stop Spider-Woman from killing one of his two best friends, and that he had spent his two years training as a soldier and joined S.H.I.E.L.D., later defecting to S.I.L.K. in order to take revenge. [28] Hunted by Harry as Spider-Woman, Gwen offered to surrender peacefully, but Harry - dressed in green goblin-themed powered armor and accompanied by orange and blue goblin androids - declares he's going to kill her. Gwen tried to talk Harry down, but he drank an improved batch of Lizard serum in order to gain an edge over her, knocked her out, and unmasked her, the shock of learning her identity causing him to lose control of the Lizard mutagen. [35] Regaining consciousness to see Captain America fighting the increasingly monstrous Harry, Gwen followed Harry into the sewers after Captain America was knocked out by a pumpkin bomb explosion and managed to talk him down, giving him the Lizard serum suppressant in order to reverse his mutation. Returning home, Gwen offered to tell her father the truth about how Peter died, but Captain Stacy told he'd retired from the force and for her to keep her secrets. [36]

Spider-Women [ ]

Spider-Women Alpha Vol 1 1 Textless

While meeting with Earth-616 Spider-Woman and Silk on Earth-65, the three were attacked by the Super-Adaptoid , discovering this was merely a distraction for someone to steal Gwen's portal device and strand them on Earth-65. [37] While Jessica told Gwen to live her life and hang out with her friends, Gwen instead followed her and saved her and Reed Richards from being ambushed by S.I.L.K. agents. [25] Discovering that the leader of S.I.L.K. was Cindy Moon's Earth-65 counterpart, with Richards' help they managed to build a portal to Earth-616. Silk and Spider-Woman managed to track Cindy-65 to Parker Industries, but were ambushed by her. With Spider-Woman and Silk outclassed by her stolen tech, Cindy-65 revealed that she had created the spider that gave Gwen her powers, derived from the genetic material of an extraterrestrial arachnid. Incapacitating Gwen, Cindy-65 injects her with a formula that removes her spider-powers. [25] Returning to the Fact Channel, Gwen learned of the origin story of Jesse Drew and informed him of Cindy-65's deception. Jesse defected from S.I.L.K. and provided Gwen with radioactive isotopes derived from the DNA of the alien spiders that had bitten him, enabling her to temporarily restore her powers. [38]

Hunted by the Punisher [ ]

After enduring a brutal beat down in her powerless state from Cindy-65, Gwen realized how helpless she was without her powers. [39] Despite Captain America's support and her father issuing a public confession of how poorly the Spider-Woman investigation was handled, Gwen became depressed at the prospect of permanently losing her powers once her eight isotopes were used up. However, being powerless gave her an opportunity to reconnect with her friends. When discovered that Mr. Alby - her boss - had been forced to sell the Dollar Dog - which had been rebuilt from a bodega into a high-priced restaurant - to pay off the repairs from her fight with the Green Goblin, Gwen almost gave up being Spider-Woman forever but was stopped by the arrival of Frank Castle, who'd figured out she was Spider-Woman and attacked her. Gwen used one of the isotopes to knock him out and flee the scene. [29] Gwen tried to ask her father for advice, but they were attacked by Kraven the Hunter , an associate of Castle's from when he was a member of Tony Stark's War Machine mercenaries. While the isotope injector was damaged by Kraven, George Stacy stopped Castle from exposing Gwen as Spider-Woman. [40] Gwen sought advice from Jesse Drew, who told her to take her father and run, and considered seeking refuge on Earth-616 or help from her various allies, even contemplating becoming Murdock's apprentice if it would protect her father. After receiving an inspirational speech from the Bodega Bandit - who she had stopped from robbing a burger joint while out of costume - Gwen resolved to fight and had Reed Richards repair the injector, using the last of the isotopes to fight Castle. The fight between the two caused massive amounts of collateral damage, but George Stacy and Jean DeWolfe arrived in time to stop him from killing Gwen with his War Machine gauntlet. With Gwen despairing over her inability to break the cycle of violence ruining their lives, George decided to turn himself in for aiding and abetting Spider-Woman. [41]

Deal with the Devil [ ]

When Matt Murdock approached her and offered to help her in exchange for Spider-Woman's fealty, and Gwen’s help in persuading her father to work with Murdock, Gwen accepted, desperate to get legal representation for Captain Stacy. [42] Gwen was given new hope when Jessica Drew and her babysitter stopped by for Thanksgiving. [23] On Christmas Eve, Spider-Woman was attacked by the Hand ninja as a test of her skills, Murdock revealing he knew all about her power loss and offering her an unlimited supply of isotope samples. Gwen accepts, making Murdock Gwen’s “only hope for being Spider-Woman”. [43]

Meeting Miles Morales [ ]

Spider-Man Vol 2 12 Textless

When Miles Morales ' father vanished from Earth-616 and was found on Earth-65, Gwen teamed up with him and discovered that Jefferson Davis' Earth-65 counterpart was S.I.L.K. field agent known as the Scorpion. [44] [20] Coming across an alternate future world where they were married and had children , [45] Gwen and Miles formed a romantic connection but were forced to part ways. [46]

Venomized [ ]

Spider-Gwen Vol 2 29 Textless

With the revelation that corrupt district attorney Foggy Nelson had moved her father's trial date up, Gwen's life began to increasingly spiral out of control as her father refused to refute the charges against him, not caring that being found guilty would result in him being sent to prison and wanting to use the trial to reveal Spider-Woman's innocence. Vowing to do whatever it took to save her father, Gwen met with Murdock at Oscorp, where he and scientist Dr. Elsa Brock revealed a way Gwen could both permanently regain her powers and cure Harry Osborn: Exposing someone mutated by the Lizard serum to the radioactive spider-isotopes, both related through Cindy-65's research, would draw the mutagen out, transforming it into a black, amorphous symbiotic creature; Described as a “mutant cousin of Agent Drew’s original alien parasite” [47] and “a hybrid [with] all of the abilities of Spider-Woman plus the regenerative power of the Lizard". [6]

Agreeing to Murdock's plan for the sake of helping Harry, Gwen travelled to Madripoor with a squad of Hand ninja. [47] Gwen's meeting with Harry was interrupted by the arrival of Logan and Shadowcat , a pair of ruthless bounty-hunters sent by S.H.I.E.L.D. to capture Harry. Harry convinced Gwen to renege on her agreement with Murdock, and she turned on the Hand ninja sent to assist her. [48] Growing increasingly desperate as Harry's condition degenerated, Gwen called Murdock, who berated her for going back on their deal, but she refused to take Harry to the Hand, realizing that she'd unwittingly fallen into Murdock's trap. [49] When Harry fully transformed into the Lizard, Gwen teamed up with Shadowcat and Logan, using her isotopes to turn the Lizard serum in Harry's veins into Venom. The symbiote first bonded with Logan, whose healing factor made him immune to the radiation. Gwen and Shadowcat were able to work together to phase and separate him from Venom. The symbiote subsequently bonded to Gwen but, when Murdock arrived to gloat, Gwen stole his smartphone and played music in order to keep it under control. When she attacked him, Murdock revealed he'd stolen her portal device and revealed that her prolonged disappearance had let the Rhino beat her father into a coma. Enraged, Gwen gave in to the symbiote and swore revenge. [50] [6]

Hunting down the Rhino as Venom, Gwen became increasingly aggressive and violent as the symbiote's influence over her grew. Otomo, Murdock's second-in-command, informed her of the Rhino's location, and "Gwenom" confronted him and Murdock, swearing to come for the Kingpin after she was done with the man who hurt her father. As she fought the Rhino, Gwen noticed police officers filming her and realized that it was a setup to discredit her father and reaffirm the notion that she was a criminal, but her desire for vengeance outweighed any misgivings over her actions, so Gwen kept fighting. Before Gwenom could strike a finishing blow on the Rhino, the Punisher intervened and separated her from the symbiote using a sonic baton before killing the Rhino himself using his War Machine gauntlet. Enraged that her vengeance was stolen from her, Gwen rebonded to the symbiote and was subsequently framed for the Rhino's murder, renewing the manhunt against her. [51]

After brutally attacking and nearly killing the Bodega Bandit, Gwen solicited Reed Richard's help in infiltrating S.H.I.E.L.D.'s maximum-security prison to ask Cindy Moon for her help with controlling Venom, and to confront her over why she'd set the mutant spider that had bitten her loose. Cindy revealed that despite wanting power more than anything, she hadn't used the mutant spider on herself out of fear of failure. Cindy reveals that Gwen’s dark thoughts, anger, and thus her quest for vengeance, are not the result of Venom but were her own. Cindy challenged Gwen to let go of her rage and hatred towards Murdock, saying that seeking revenge would only play into his hands. However, Gwen's determination to take the Kingpin down was only renewed after seeing that Felicia Hardy had been thrown into S.H.I.E.L.D.'s maximum-security prison as a result of her attack on Murdock, the former Black Cat despairing that Murdock had won and anyone and anything not already under his control soon would be. [19]

Hunting down the corrupt cop responsible for letting the Rhino into her father's cell, Venom was about to kill him but was confronted by the Punisher. Rejecting his offer of an alliance to take down Murdock, she offered the cop a chance to redeem himself by turning himself in, and later approached Ben Parker and unmasked herself. [52]

Gwen would soon reveal her dual identities to May and the Mary Janes as well, professing her guilt in hiding her life from Spider-Woman from them for so long. Gwen's bandmates were shaken yet supportive, but Ben emboldened Gwen to continue on with her plan of vengeance against Murdock. As Em Jay, Betty, and Glory were berating Ben, Castle contacted Gwen who then snuck out in the midst of the fight. [53]

Gwen zipped onto the roof of Murdock's building, where a bloody, disheveled Castle was aiming his War Machine gauntlet towards Murdock. Gwen threw Murdock into the air with a webline, causing Castle to miss, but as Castle fired another blast while Gwen belittled him for descending into violence Captain America rushed in and disarmed and incapacitated Castle. Cap attempted to console Gwen, promising Gwen that Murdock "will see justice". Recalling her own experiences with the police, as well as Murdock’s sway over the courts and justice system, Gwen turns on Cap, rallying that Murdock "owns both sides of the law. He is your justice." Gwen overpowers Cap, breaks her arm, and knocks her out.

Gwen dangled Murdock over the edge of the building, prepared to kill him, but when Murdock finally revealed his obsession with her—a long test to see whether or not she can be corrupted by power, just like he was—Gwen could no longer go through with killing him. As Murdock taunted Gwen, her teleportation device worn by Murdock on his wrist began beeping insistently before a portal opened from it and sucked Gwen into an alternate dimension, her presence giving rise to a new timeline called Earth-617 . [54]

Gwen almost immediately encountered the Gwen Stacy of that reality , who initially presumed Gwen-65 to be a clone. Frustrated with the overwhelming time pressure, and not wanting to deal with Gwen-617’s problems, Gwen walked out on her counterpart, but not before Gwen-617 heard Gwen referring to herself as "we." Upon learning that Gwen-617's father had been killed and seeing how she was coping with her loss, Gwen-65 came to the realization that at least her own father was still alive and that she should have stayed with him instead of giving into her rage. [55] Gwen-617 used Empire State University's supercomputer to locate a weak spot between dimensions, taking Gwen-65 to the Avengers manor to get it checked by Tony Stark and Hank Pym. Using a device engineered by Stark, the two Gwens located a weak spot near the George Washington Bridge - Gwen-65 noting the irony. Saying farewell, Gwen-65 promised to Gwen-617 that she'd never forget how lucky she was to still have her father, and leapt off the bridge to return home. [18]

The Trial of Spider-Gwen [ ]

After returning to Earth-65, Gwen approached J. Jonah Jameson and revealed the truth to him, unmasking herself. [18] Contacting her friends, Gwen reveals to them how when she inputs anger, fear, and pain into Venom it becomes “too much and it’s like a dam bursts”. Gwen concludes that “if the Venom gives me back ten times what I put in, maybe it’s time I think more about what I give.” With the help of Reed Richards and the Mary Janes, Gwen forms a plan to take down Murdock and take back her web-watch.

Confronting Murdock, who had been deemed a liability by the Hand, using a band recording of the Mary Janes played through technology adapted by Reed. The sound crippled Murdock while it strongly affected the Venom symbiote. Gwen declared herself free of his machinations, achieving a balance with Venom which transformed into a replica of her old costume. Retrieving her dimensional portal watch, she left him to face the Hand by himself when he rejected her offer of redemption.

Meeting with Detective Jean DeWolff, Gwen allowed herself to be arrested, desiring to atone for her crimes. [56] Gwen was assigned Jennifer Walters as an attorney, being told that she wasn't on trial for anything she had done but everything Spider-Woman could do. Despite the efforts of DA Foggy Nelson to get the case thrown out, Gwen was convicted by the jury and sentenced to one year in a maximum security S.H.I.E.L.D. prison. Despairing that her sentence had been so lenient despite all the damage she'd caused, Gwen allowed herself to be brutally beaten up by the other inmates and psychologically tormented by the Vulture, who had established himself at the top of the prison's hierarchy. Gwen rejected an offer by Captain America to let her out of prison if she joined a black-ops team consisting of potential assets like Black Cat, Silk, Kitty Pryde, Logan, and the Punisher; stating she needed to be held fully accountable for her actions as Spider-Woman. [57]

After a year in prison, Gwen was released and reunited with the Mary Janes; initially vetoing Betty Brant's suggestion that the band go on tour and use that as an excuse for Spider-Gwen to help people in places outside New York. Learning that her father had awakened from his coma and was undergoing rehab, Gwen and George discussed their respective second chances while en route to the Dollar Dog; Gwen telling her father that what had happened to her wasn't his fault and that she wanted to find a way of helping people that didn't involve violence, and George assuring her that no matter what the future held in store for them he had her back. When a fire truck went past the diner, Gwen bid her father farewell and left to assist the firefighters in evacuating a burning apartment building. [4]

Spider-Geddon [ ]

Spider-Gwen Ghost-Spider Vol 1 2 Textless

Gwen Vs. Gwen.

When the Superior Octopus used the cloning technology of the Inheritors and merged with the New U Technology in order to make himself immortal, the Web-Warriors decided to reassemble the Spider-Army in order to stop him, fearing the Inheritors would hack it and return. [58] Because they were sending Spider-Bots , their fears would prove to be true, has they would have the technology to do it. [59] Before that, Spider-Gwen was approached by Spider-Ham and she joined with the rest of the Spider-Army, who lastly recruited Miles Morales. When they arrived at Otto's lair, it was already to late, and she witnessed as the Spider-Noir killed himself and Spider-UK's life energy was absorbed by the Inheritors. [60]

Verna then got her hands on Gwen's Dimensional Travel Watch and sent her to another dimension . [61] There she met an alternate version of herself who became that world's Green Goblin . Peter and Mary Jane explained what happened and that Harry Osborn was that world's Spider-Man. It's also revealed that world's Gwen Stacy was working on a project to make Harry travel between dimensions with his Spider-Powers, showing she could help Spider-Gwen return to her friends. In the end, the Goblin was cured of her insanity and helped develop the Ticket to the Multiverse , which would allow her counterpart to travel through the Multiverse . [62]

Instead of just going straight back to San Francisco , Gwen decided to recruit as many spider-totems as she could, including the mainstream Spider-Man. [63] She arrived at the Transamerica Pyramid just in time to see Miles, now with the power of the Enigma Force , fight with the now revived father of the Inheritors, Solus . Peter commanded the Spider-Army to obey Otto's orders, which meant Miles killing Solus with the Sword Vigor. After he was slain and the rest defeated, they created new clone baby bodies to the Inheritors, without their memory and free of their hunger, whom were adopted by Spider-Ma'am . With the Web of Life and Destiny now destroyed, Gwen was the only one who could travel through the Multiverse. [64] Gwen would later venture to Earth-90214 and Earth-803 to inform of Spider-Noir and Spider-UK's deaths to their relatives and friends. [65]

Outlawed and Exiled [ ]

After Gwen began attending Earth-616's ESU, she informed Peter about the Jackal having followed her and wanting to kidnap her. Peter then told Gwen about C.R.A.D.L.E. , and the Underage Superhuman Welfare Act , which outlawed every superhero under the age of 21, following an accident with the Champions . This news infuriated Gwen, who was totally against the idea, and refused Peter's proposal to remain in her home reality and skip school for the time being. [66] After talking to her father and to the Bodega Bandit, Gwen teamed up with Sue Storm and Johnny Storm to disrupt Man-Wolf 's gang activity. [67] The next day when she faced the duo, they demanded that she leave New York, since they were now the new rulers. After she refused, Sue tried to kill her, much to Johnny's dismay, but Gwen's symbiote allowed her to fight back. Despite her best efforts, she was blackmailed by the Storms into leaving for good, and after bidding her father goodbye, went into self exile in the Prime Marvel Universe. [68]

Order of the Web [ ]

Now living in the 616 reality, upon Julia Carpenter 's warning an unknown force brought Spider-Man (Peter) into conflict with Sin-Eater , Gwen told him that she didn't really how her counterpart would think about Norman Osborn . [69] After Peter left and continued on to save Norman from Sin-Eater, Gwen became a founding member of the Order of the Web with the other spider heroes to save Peter from Norman, after the temporary abatement of Sin-Eater. [70] While escaping, Norman antagonised Peter about Gwen which caused him to lose his cool, and tossed Norman out for Sin-Eater as they escaped. [71] From Peter's sacrifice of Norman sealing a deal with Kindred , Gwen and the Order were possessed in consequence by a demon sent by Kindred to destroy Peter, pursuing the veteran Spider-Man to the Sanctum Sanctorum . [72]

Order of the Web (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 5 57 001

Gwen names the Order

Under the control of Kindred, the Order began wrecking havoc across the city and even battling the New Warriors . [73] Arriving at the Brooklyn Bridge they attacked innocent bystanders and were also harming themselves, as Ghost-Spider threw Miles out of the bridge in order for Kindred to taunt Peter even more, forcing Peter to made a deal with the demon. Kindred accepted the deal and released the spider heroes from his control. [74] The confused heroes were then met by Doctor Strange and Black Cat, and the sorcerer explained that they needed to collaborate in order to help Peter and they all went to the Astral Plane , leaving Black Cat behind. [75]

Gwenom vs MJarnage [ ]

When the dark elder god Knull - creator of the Prime Marvel Universe's symbiotes - attacked Earth , Gwen found her symbiote - one of the few outside of Knull's ability to control - being adversely affected by their bloodlust, causing it to slowly transform into its Venomized form. Unable to save her roommates from being taken over during a fight with a symbiote dragon and worried about what would happen if her symbiote came into contact with one of the Prime Marvel Universe's, she attempted to return to Earth-65 using her Ticket to the Multiverse. At that exact moment on Earth-65, the Jackal bonded a sample of Gwen's symbiote to Mary Jane, which caused her to be teleported to the Prime Marvel Universe through their shared symbiote. Gwen caught MJ, but before either could process what had just occurred they landed in a pool of living abyss. MJ was taken over by a symbiote that merged with the portion of Gwen's artificial symbiote and was dubbed Carnage by Knull, who commanded her to kill Gwen and bring him her artificial symbiote. [76]

King in Black Gwenom vs

Symbiote vs. Symbiote

Transforming into her Venom form, Gwen attempted to warn MJ that the gestalt symbiote would kill her, but MJ refused to listen to Gwen's attempts to reason with her, berating her for having abandoned her and their friends, and accusing her of wanting to be the only superpowered member of their group. Carnage knocked Ghost-Spider into a pool of living abyss and Gwen was pulled into the Symbiote Hive-Mind by Knull, who informed her that MJ had willingly sworn fealty to him in exchange for power and mocked her for having obliviously pushed MJ away. Refusing Knull's order for her to submit to his will, Gwen refused to let Knull have her friend, the dark god accepting her challenge. Gwen pursued Carnage, stopping her from harming civilians and challenging her to a battle of the bands. The soundwaves destabilized Carnage's gestalt symbiote, enabling Gwen to reassert control over the portion of her symbiote bonded to MJ and seemingly kill the living abyss bonded to MJ. With MJ passing out from radiation sickness, Gwen vowed to keep her safe and find a way to return them both home - not noticing that part of the Carnage symbiote remained bonded to her. [77]

Into the Gwenverse [ ]

At some point, Gwen and MJ returned to Earth-65, where Gwen resolved the situation with the Storm twins, rescued her friends from the Jackal, and resumed her duties as a superhero and member of the Mary Janes. While struggling to repair her damaged reputation as a superhero and relationship with MJ and her father, Gwen was abruptly struck by a pulse of temporal energy while attempting to use the Ticket to the Multiverse and fell through a multiversal portal. Gwen was rescued by Spider-Zero , the Master Weaver of the Web of Life and Destiny, and they returned to find Earth-65 had been overwritten to a dystopian futuristic society. Taken aback by MJ being openly flirtatious and friendly with her and having forgotten her secret identity, Gwen and Spider-Zero fled from a police mech and sought refuge in a library, where Spider-Zero revealed that the pulse had split Gwen's essence into five alternate versions of herself who had obtained the powers of Thor, Captain America, Wolverine, Iron Man, and Captain Marvel.

Spider-Gwen Gwenverse Vol 1 1 Things From Another World Exclusive Virgin Variant

Gwen and her variants

Attacked by the police mech, which was piloted by her own father, Gwen was rescued by Spider-Zero and taken to Loomworld , where she was informed that Earth-65 had been rewritten from some point in the future and that in order to restore it she had to gather the alternate versions of herself and recombine with them before the changes to the timeline became permanent. Gwen was sent to 800 CE to find the variant of herself who had obtained the powers of Thor, Thorgwen. Worried that Thorgwen's existence would result in the appearance of more dangerous supervillains, gods, and cosmic entities, Ghost-Spider attacked her and tried to steal Mjolnir, being mistaken for Loki. As Thorgwen exposited her backstory and blasted her with a bolt of lightning, Ghost-Spider realized that Thorgwen embodied her attention-seeking side. [78] Gwen was able to talk her Thor counterpart down from a fight by exploiting her self-absorbed nature, persuading Thorgwen to accompany her to the mid-20th century, where they encountered Gwen Rogers -- aka Captain America. Gwen's attempt to befriend the prudish embodiment of her desire to do good was disrupted by Gwen Howlett, aka Wolverine, the embodiment of her unrestrained fiery temper and rage. A fight between the four Gwens broke out, but was interrupted when Finale's Terminal Six attacked attempting to kill them. [10] Taken to Loomworld by Spider-Zero, the four Gwens set out to recruit Toni Stacy, aka Iron Gwen, the embodiment of Gwen's love for science fiction and anime. Another fight with the Terminal Six ensued where Norman Osborn was revealed to have become a Human/Skrull hybrid after accidentally having been scarred by Wolverine in the past, attempting to kill Toni in a fit of rage. Badly wounding him in self-defense, Toni reluctantly agreed to accompany the other Gwens after being disowned by Howard Stark. [7]

Shadow Clones [ ]


Gwen is a free-spirited individual with artistic inclinations, traits of which would put her at odds with the types of ethics her father tried to instill. She has an interest in music, hence her role as a drummer in the Mary Janes, and a love for corn dogs. Like her father, Gwen possesses a strong sense of justice and is a natural detective, both of which catered well to her decision to become a superhero after receiving her powers.

In her earlier adventures, Gwen relished in the attention as Spider-Woman, opting to exploit and maintain it rather than use her abilities altruistically; however, her behavior changed when her father expressed his belief that Spider-Woman could easily help people. [27] After Peter Parker, who had mutated into the Lizard, died in a fight against her, Gwen harbored an immense amount of guilt, and her being blamed by the public for his death only served to worsen it greatly. Regardless, she had a strong enough will to continue being Spider-Woman, no matter how much enmity much of the world had for her. [29]

Unfortunately, Gwen's protective nature has given way to desperation and vengeance at times, as she had been prompted her to commit terrible actions or at least consider them. Most notably her response to her powers diminishing and the mounting charges against her father, when she entered a deal with the Matt Murdock of her dimension, which led to a series of disastrous events, including her union with the symbiote and her intentions to kill Murdock for his transgressions. [42] [52]

At the end of the day, Gwen is willing to take responsibility for her actions and recklessness. This is shown after she spared Murdock, in which she revealed her identity and turned herself into the authorities, as well as accepting her conviction and a one-year sentencing to a S.H.I.E.L.D. prison. [18] [56] She even declined Captain America's offer to join a task force as recompense for her sentencing, opting to carry out her sentence and endure the abuses she faced in prison. [57]

After her release from prison, Gwen had struggled to balance her civilian and superhero lives. She realized it was foolish of her to expect to return to a normal life, and lamented the fact that she no longer had a secret identity, but struggled onward as best she could. [56] Upon realizing she could carry out a normal life in the Prime Marvel Universe, she decided to enroll in the ESU located there and came to enjoy the lifestyle split between there and her own dimension. When coming to terms with her present circumstances, she decided to rebrand her superhero identity after something Miles Morales had said to her when he first saw she had survived their latest encounter with the Inheritors, [64] "Ghost-Spider," believing that "death follows [her]." [3]

After bonding with the symbiote, Gwen initially regretted becoming host to it. Noticing that since bonding with it she became much more aggressive and violent. She had also become wary of it's behavior, such as dispensing "gummy spiders" she is not controlling, the frequent headaches, and occasional blackouts. However, she also acknowledges that it is a living creature that is her responsibility, and she has taken it upon herself to show it a better path alternative to the more destructive nature its inclined to. [4] [81]

Reputation [ ]

Initially, Gwen's reputation as Spider-Woman was favorable. However, after Peter Parker died fighting her as the Lizard, the public largely blamed her for his death, and the NYPD and S.H.I.E.L.D. sought her capture. In the NYPD, some had even considered Spider-Woman to be more of a dangerous animal to be put down than a criminal. [47] Unsurprisingly, the John Jonah Jameson of her dimension had largely opposed her and branded her a menace, which had pedigree due to the concurrent warrant for her arrest. [8] [29]

After revealing her identity and finishing her prison sentence. The public's reception of her had improved considerably, [4] with J.J. Jameson even publicly welcoming her back to the city on television (though it was most likely to improve his own reputation). [82] As of now, she is currently able to work closely with most forms of authority in New York, particularly the NYPD, as the officers now know of her relations to Captain Stacy. [81] However, some people still harbor resentment towards her, as shown when told to leave a restaurant when on a date with Harry, and Gwen herself struggled to deal with the attention she was getting. [83]

Ultimately, Gwen later decides to go to Earth-616 to attend the ESU located there. As the newly dubbed "Ghost-Spider," she was received warmly there as a partner of Spider-Man, but at the same time, the public does not know her identity. [3] [15]

Relationships [ ]

Peter Parker of Earth-616, having been in a relationship with his own dimension's Gwen Stacy and deeply affected by her death, was shocked to see Gwen among the many Spider people recruited to fight the Inheritors. [30] Initially, Peter refused to endanger Gwen in any way, [84] but they eventually compromised as the conflict with the Inheritors escalated, promising to look out for each other. [85] Following the Inheritors' defeat, Gwen and Peter have a platonic relationship and the latter welcomed Gwen to his dimension when she decided to enroll in the ESU there. [3]

  • Superhuman Strength : The symbiote enhances Gwen's strength and allows her to lift roughly 10 tons. [2]
  • Superhuman Durability : The symbiote enhances Gwen's durability to superhuman levels. [2]
  • Superhuman Agility : The symbiote enhances Gwen's agility to superhuman levels. [2]
  • Wallcrawling : The symbiote allows Gwen to cling to most surfaces. [2]
  • Spider-Sense : The symbiote grants Gwen a spider-sense that warns her of incoming danger. [2]
  • Camouflage : The symbiote can mimic other clothes and camouflage her appearance. [2]
  • Constituent-Matter Generation : The symbiote can generate ensnaring tendrils and organic webbing. [2]
  • Healing Factor : The symbiote can heal Gwen's injuries. [2]
  • Spiders Control : Gwen can control the spider-like creatures that make up her costume and use them like semi-autonomous scouts. [2]

Spider Physiology: Gwen's powers were similar to those of Peter Parker of the Prime Marvel Universe , after a Radioactive Spider -- genetically engineered by Cindy Moon based upon the genetic template of alien spider parasites -- bit her, [38] granting superhuman strength, speed, toughened flesh, and numerous arachnid-like abilities. [26] Her powers included:

  • Wallcrawling : Gwen's exposure to the mutated spider venom induced a mutagenic, cerebellum-wide alteration of her engrams resulting in the ability to mentally control the flux of interatomic attraction (electrostatic force) between molecular boundary layers. This overcomes the outer electron shell's normal behavior of mutual repulsion with other outer electron shells and permits the tremendous potential for electron attraction to prevail. The mentally controlled sub-atomic particle responsible for this has yet to be identified. This ability to affect the attraction between surfaces is so far limited to Gwen's body (especially concentrated in her hands and feet) and another object, with an upper limit of several tons per finger. [ citation needed ]
  • Superhuman Strength : Gwen possesses superhuman strength enabling her to press lift approximately ten tons. [26]
  • Superhuman Speed : Gwen is capable of running and moving at speeds that are far beyond the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete. [26]
  • Superhuman Stamina : Gwen's advanced musculature produces less fatigue toxins during physical activity than an ordinary human. This allows her to exert herself physically for much longer periods of time before fatigue begins to impair her.
  • Superhuman Durability : Gwen's body is physically tougher and more resistant to some types of injury than the body of a normal human. Her body is more resistant to impact forces than anything else. She can withstand great impacts, such as falling from a height of several stories or being struck by an opponent with super strength, that would severely injure or kill a normal human with little to no discomfort.
  • Superhuman Agility : Gwen's agility, balance, and bodily coordination are all enhanced to levels that are far beyond the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete. [26]
  • Superhuman Equilibrium: Gwen possesses the ability to achieve a state of perfect equilibrium in any position imaginable. She seems able to adjust her position by instinct, which enables her to balance herself on virtually any object, no matter how small or narrow. [26]
  • Superhuman Reflexes : Gwen's reflexes are similarly enhanced and are possibly about 40 times greater than those of an ordinary human. In combination with her spider-sense, the speed of her reflexes allows her to dodge almost any attack even gun fire if far enough.
  • Spider-Sense : Gwen has a sixth sense that typically alerts her to danger, although it has proven unreliable. [26] This was most likely due to the damage sustained by the web of life and destiny, rather than a relative weakness of the power when compared to other spider totems. [87]

Skilled Detective: Gwen has a proclivity for analytical thinking and detective work. [26] She is also the daughter of a police captain, thus she knows some police protocols and methods. [26]

Musician: Gwen plays the drums with her band, The Mary Janes . [26]

  • Vulnerability to Heat and Sonics : High intensity sounds or heat can disrupt her link with the symbiote. [2]


Web-Shooters : Given to Gwen by Janet Van Dyne . They trap moisture from the air to create a "web-fluid" that allows her to eject web ropes, nets, and globs. [26]

Smartphone: Gwen's phone "contains her entire life." [26]

Ticket to the Multiverse : With the help of her Earth-3109 counterpart , Gwen can travel between dimensions with a pendant that is essentially a modified Dimensional Travel Watch that's specifically keyed to her body's unique radiation signature. [13] It can also be worn as a bracelet. [63]


Travel between dimensions.

  • The number 65 is notable because the original Gwen Stacy was first introduced in the year 1965. [89]
  • Despite being introduced somewhat recently, this version of Gwen Stacy became very popular among the fans with some even demanding for her own series. She eventually got one starting with Spider-Gwen .
  • Gwen is not an Eminem fan. [90]
  • Gwen is "sick with the burns and bad at puns." [26]
  • A hallucination of Spider-Ham sometimes provides her inner dialogue. [26]
  • Gwen has Taylor Swift on vinyl. [91]
  • Spider-Gwen was voiced by Reba Buhr in Spider-Geddon: Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider .
  • Since her inception, Gwen's full given name has repeatedly been spelled "Gwendolyn" by her creator, Jason Latour , as well as most subsequent writers; however, after being given erroneous information by a fan, Seanan McGuire suggested "Gwendolyn" was a typo and her name should instead be spelled "Gwendolyne," spelling it as such in Ghost-Spider despite the fact that at that point it had never appeared in any Marvel publication as such. [92] When this was pointed out, Seanan McGuire replied that the change in how Gwen's full name was spelled was "most likely" due to "[different] spelling conventions [or] different copy-editors." [93]
  • Gwen has been variously drawn as having short messy hair with no accessories and long hair with a black headband - identical to her Earth-616 counterpart's.
  • The Sue Storm of Gwen's reality used to be Gwen's hero. [16] Gwen follows Sue's shared social network account with her brother Johnny . [67]
  • Gwen has a separate social media account for her Ghost-Spider identity. [67]
  • Stacy was seventeen when she became Spider-Woman. [68]
  • Gwen was capable of lifting the Mjolnir of Thorgwen's reality. It is presumed, but unknown if that version of the hammer had the worthiness enchantment. [78]
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  • 3 Muse (Earth-616)

How Spider-Gwen Became Ghost-Spider - and Why

Across the Spider-Verse's Spider-Gwen rebranded herself as Ghost Spider when she started college. Here's the reason behind the change.

One of the biggest and most beloved superheroes to emerge in the Marvel Universe is Spider-Gwen , the web-slinging Gwen Stacy of Earth-65. The young superhero took advantage of her fresh start in the main Marvel Universe by attending Peter Parker's old alma mater of Empire State University in Earth-616's Manhattan. This led to her taking on the new superhero moniker Ghost-Spider while saving the day during her regular visits from her alternate dimension.

Since then, she's gone on to appear in both Into The Spider-Verse, and it's 2023 sequel, Across the Spider-Verse and has become one of the world's most beloved and recognizable heroes. She went through a lot to get there. When she was originally introduced, Gwen used the moniker Spider-Woman to defend Earth-65 from a variety of threats, including her world's villainous incarnation of Matt Murdock. With her powers failing her, Gwen was forced to bond with her world's Venom symbiote to regain her incredible abilities, defeat Murdock and dismantle his criminal empire.

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Why Is Gwen Called Ghost-Spider?

In order to expose Murdock and his under-handed dealings , Gwen had to reveal her secret identity to the world. As an authorized superhero implicated in the death of her world's Peter Parker while he was transformed as the villainous Lizard, as well as being responsible for violent actions while under the initial thrall of the Venom symbiote, Gwen was convicted and jailed for her actions as Spider-Woman. Her heroic career and key role in toppling Murdock limited Gwen's sentence to one year, which she served dutifully before her eventual release, now with the Venom symbiote under her control.

With her superhero identity public, Gwen decided to focus on attending college at Empire State University to enjoy a more incognito life on Earth-65 alongside the superhero friends she made from previous team-ups. However, complications with the Venom symbiote began to rise, leading Gwen to approach the main Marvel Universe's Peter Parker for help. As Peter analyzed the symbiote, Gwen realized her superhero secret was still a secret from the public on Earth-616 and decided to restart her superhero career on the alternate Earth, albeit with a bit of a dark twist.

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The mantle of Spider-Woman is held by several women on Earth-616 -- most notably Jessica Drew, who had teamed up with Gwen previously. To limit the confusion, Gwen decides to drop her own use of the moniker altogether while taking inspiration from her Earth-616 counterpart.

Learning of this world's Gwen and her tragic fate dying during a showdown between Spider-Man and the Green Goblin , Gwen makes the morbid observation that "death loves Gwen Stacy." With that in mind, Gwen sees herself as a living ghost on Earth-616, replacing this world's ill-fated counterpart only with spider-based superpowers. Inspired, Gwen begins referring to herself as Ghost-Spider when disguised as a superhero during her time on Earth-616, while maintaining a low profile whenever she returns to Earth-65.

The Gwen Stacy of Earth-65's superhero career appeared to have been cut abruptly short after her secret identity was outed, followed by her incarceration. However, the possibilities of the Marvel Multiverse have allowed her to continue to use her powers to the save the day -- albeit under a completely different name. Fortunately, even with a new name, the superhero's fan-favorite look and attitude has been maintained, as Gwen balances life on an alternate Earth with all the trials and tribulations of college.

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  • View history
  • 2 Early Years
  • 3 Gwen's Childhood
  • 4 Meeting Spider-Man/Peter Parker
  • 5 Attending Harry Osborn's Comeback Dance and Discovering the truth of The Jackal
  • 6 Discovering Miles Secret Identity
  • 7 Discovering Miles and Spider-Man
  • 8 Becoming Spider-Gwen and Spider-Island
  • 9 Later As Ghost- Spider  
  • 10 Discover Peter's Spider-Man
  • 11 Maximum Venom
  • 12 Last Dance
  • 13 Physical Appearance
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  • 16 Personality
  • 17 Relationships
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  • 19 Friendships
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  • 22 Raymond Warren/The Jackal
  • 23 Other Family
  • 24 Miles Morales /Spy-D
  • 25 Anya Corazon/Spider-Girl
  • 26 Harry Osborn/Hobgoblin
  • 27 Max Modell
  • 28 May Parker
  • 29 Otto Octavius
  • 30 Grady Scraps
  • 31 Mary Jane Watson
  • 32 Ghost-Spider's Secret identity
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History [ ]

Text that are boldise canon-in-training and may or may not be part of the show.

Gwen Stacy is the daughter of Police Captain George Stacy and his wife, Helen, and the niece of Dr. Raymond Warren .

Early Years [ ]

Screen Shot 2020-05-02 at 9.26

a Photo of Gwen With Her Uncle as a Child

Gwen's Childhood [ ]

in Gwen's Childhood She Learn Science With Her Uncle

Meeting Spider-Man/Peter Parker [ ]

Screen Shot 2022-01-18 at 7.27

Gwen first met Spider-Man when he was fighting the Jackal. She calculated a better way to beat him.

Tumblr 9ccc9d86dc4f687c6718f38f4be5e0f2 4e164e7b 2048

Gwen met him again as his true identity, Peter Parker.

Attending Harry Osborn's Comeback Dance and Discovering the truth of The Jackal [ ]

After Harry Osborn was cleared of charges, a party was thrown for him which only ended with him choosing to attend Osborn Academy. Then, Aleksei Sytsevich mutated into a human-rhino hybrid. After scanning Aleksei's blood, they discovered that it was done by Raymond Warren. Gwen goes to his house to confront him. There, she discovers that Raymond is actually the Jackal. When she did, he tried to hurt her until Spider-Man came and defeated him and cured Aleksei.

Gwen felt sad that her uncle was a criminal as he was the one who got her into science. Peter comforts her by telling her about his Uncle Ben.

Discovering Miles Secret Identity [ ]

Discovering miles and spider-man [ ].


Becoming Spider-Gwen and Spider-Island [ ]

Gwen develops spider powers in the Spider Island arc after being exposed to Jackal's chemicals and uses them to become Spider-Gwen. Unlike previous versions, she doesn't wear a mask to conceal her identity (though she does wear the same costume) and her friends and admirers call her "Spider-Gwen" rather than Spider-Woman. However, just like the  Spider Island  event in the comics, Gwen and the other infected New Yorkers later mutate into giant monstrous spiders. She is later cured in the climax of the story.

Later As Ghost- Spider   [ ]

In "The Day Without Spider-Man" she regains her powers thanks to exposure to a crystal called the Bloodgem and becomes Ghost-Spider during the fight against Scorpion and Tinkerer. She even decides to wear a mask after becoming Ghost-Spider.

Discover Peter's Spider-Man [ ]

Maximum venom [ ], last dance [ ], physical appearance [ ].

Gwen is a teenage girl. She has blonde hair tied up in a bun with an orange hair piece. She has blue eyes.

She usually Keeps her hair in a bun or ponytail.

Civilian Attire [ ]

Throughout Season 1 Gwen's usual attire consist of an aqua shirt under a dark pink denim jacket.

Gwen is seen sporting a pony tail instead of her normal bun in Season 2.

As Spider-Gwen Later Ghost-Spider [ ]

As Spider-Gwen, she wears a hooded spandex suit that's white from head to waist, black from the waist down. Inside the hoodie and under her arms is pink coloring with a green web pattern. She also keeps her hair in a ponytail.

Ghost Spider

Gwen Stacy Starts Over as Ghost-Spider With a Mask At The End in Episode The Day Without Spider-Man How She's Start Her Web Swinging Practice With Spy-D And Spider-Girl

Once becoming Ghost-Spider she wears a mask to go along with her outfit, and web-wings to help with her ability to glide at will.

Personality [ ]

Gwen appears smart and a bit sassy. She is also very intelligent. Enough to know how to defeat the Jackal and come up with an anti-mutagen to cure her classmate, Aleksei. Gwen also tends to get upset about things like her uncle being the Jackal.

Relationships [ ]

Family friendship and enemies [ ], friendships [ ], peter parker/spider-man [ ].

Peter and Gwen didn't get along well at first. Gwen first met Peter while he was Spider-Man when he was fighting the Jackal. She was lecturing him on how to fight the Jackal. Later on, Gwen meets him again as himself, and they were getting to know each other well. Later, when the Jackal turned out to be her uncle, Raymond Warren, Gwen trusted in Peter as Peter told her about Uncle Ben. And a great important friend. Then having a touching moment.

In Spider-Man Unmasked Gwen and Anya discover that Peter is Spider-Man. Initially they are hurt by the fact that Peter shared his secret identity with Miles and Max but not them despite being his best friends as well. During the fight in the Underground Monster League the girls made up with Peter as both sides only wanted to protect each other in the end .

Raymond Warren/The Jackal [ ]

ADITL % 28342% 29

Gwen view her Uncle Raymond as her hero having gotten her

Screen Shot 2022-01-18 at 7.58

Raymond is Gwen's uncle on her mother's side of the family. Gwen loved her uncle. Raymond was the one who got Gwen interested in science and even helped her with her first science project. When she found out that her uncle is the Jackal, she was shocked and heartbroken.

In Generations when Peter and Gwen discovered Jackl's new secret lair Gwen as Ghost-Spider tried to reason with Jackal that he needed to be with his family that he needed help. however Jackal stated that Raymond Warren was gone and that he has truly embraced being the Jackal.

it is later revealed that Jackal was cooperating with Norman Osborn and that he knew Gwen was Ghost-Spider. Jackal's reasons for allying himself with Norman were only to confront Gwen. He lured her to his old house and used a synthetic-symbiote to restrain her. Despite Gwen's pleas and explaining how their family felt about being a super villain Jackal didn't care. He Only wanted to turn Gwen into the Jackal like himself. this plan failed as Miles Morales showed up out of spider-camouflage and knocked Jackal out with his electro-sting Venom Punch

After Norman Osborn defeat Gwen revealed and was in relief that her uncle was finally in prison for real this time.

And She Realised her uncle is Not Worth it and She's Now Done with Him While he always be a villain as the Jackal.

Other Family [ ]

Miles morales /spy-d [ ].

Despite being annoyed by his antics at times Miles

in Spider-Man Unmasked She and Anya Fall Shock and Surprised When Peter Removed He's Mask that he Was Spider-Man They Start Begin Mad at Miles that he knew Peter First All Along that he was Spider-Man and Never Told them and They where disappointed for not Trusting them with keep his spider-man identity's a Secret

Screen Shot 2022-01-06 at 4.45

Anya Corazon/Spider-Girl [ ]

Harry osborn/hobgoblin [ ].

Screen Shot 2022-01-06 at 6.11

Gwen and Harry are good friends. During Spider-Island Part 1 Gwen telling Harry that his hatred of Spider-Man blinded him from seeing how hard he was trying to save his father helped Harry fix his relationship with Peter.

Max Modell [ ]

Gwen has a lot of respect for Max him being the founder of Horizon High and one of her instructors

In Generations Max start knowing her Secret identity as Ghost-Spider Along With Miles and Anya

May Parker [ ]

Otto octavius [ ], grady scraps [ ].

Gwen met Grady some time after returning from college tours. After saving him from being trampled by a Human-Rhino in Spider-Man Unmasked. Grady developed a crush on Gwen admirring her bravery.

Mary Jane Watson [ ]

Ghost-spider's secret identity [ ].

List of People who knows Ghost-Spider's Secret identity

Powers and Abilities [ ]

Ghost-Spider Power Stats

Ghost-Spider Power Stats

Screen Shot 2022-07-23 at 10.36

Spider Physiology: Gwen possesses the proportionate powers of a spider given to her after being exposed to a gas from the explosion of Raymond Warren's genetically-enhanced spider experiments and then having her powers reawakened by the blood gem , as a result, she received offshoot powers of Spider-Man's with the addiction of organic web-shooters and the lack of a spider-sense.

Screen Shot 2022-07-23 at 10.37

  • Superhuman Strength: Gwen possesses superhuman strength enabling her to press lift approximately ten tons.
  • Superhuman Speed Gwen is Faster than average humans and can catch-up to or outrun moving certain vehicles
  • Superhuman Jump and Leaping Gwen can jump
  • Superhuman Sense
  • Superhuman Durability: Gwen's body is physically tougher and more resistant to some types of injury than the body of a normal human. Her body is more resistant to impact forces than anything else. She can withstand great impacts such as being hit by a car thrown at her or being struck by an opponent with super-strength that would severely injure or kill a normal human with little to no discomfort.
  • Superhuman Agility: Gewn's agility balance and bodily coordination are all enhanced to levels that are far beetle nature physics limits of the finest human athlete.
  • Superhuman Equilibrium and Balance : Gwen possesses the ability to achieve a state of perfect equilibrium in any position imaginable. She seems able to adjust her position by instinct which enables her to balance herself on virtually any object no matter how small or narrow
  • Superhuman Reflexes: Gwen's reflexes are similarly enhanced and are possibly about 40 times greater than those an of an ordinary human. in combination with her spider-sense the speed of her reflexes allows her to dodge almost any attack even gun fire if far enough
  • Superhuman Stamina
  • Organic Web-Shooters After gaining powers from the Spider-Island Virus and regaining them from from the blood gem' Gwen gained the ability to shoot her own webbings from spinneret glands on her wrist She shares this trait with Anya

Screen Shot 2022-07-23 at 12.32

Abilities [ ]

  • Genius Intellect:  Gwen possesses a great intellect. Enough to calculate how to defeat a supervllain and come up with a formula to cure a mutation.
  • Web Slinging

Equipment [ ]

  • Ghost -Spider/Spider-SpiderGwen Suit when she was Once Spider-Gwen When She Once Got Power By the Virus She's Wears a Hoodie Spandex white from head to waist black from the waist down. inside the hoodie and under her arms is pink colouring with a
  • Later as Ghost-Spider

Episodes Appearances [ ]

Season 1 [ ].

  • Horizon High Part 2 (Mentioned)
  • Osborn Academy First Full Appearance
  • A Day in the Life
  • Party Animals
  • Symbiotic Relationship
  • Ultimate Spider-Man
  • Kraven's Amazing Hunt
  • Halloween Moon
  • Venom (Episode ) (Mentioned)
  • Screwball Live
  • The Rise of Doc Ock Part 1
  • The Rise of Doc Ock Part 4
  • Spider Island Part 1 (First Time as Spider-Gwen)
  • Spider Island Part 2 (Last Appearance as Spider-Gwen and Later as a Spider-Monster)
  • Spider Island Part 3 (As A Spider Monster)
  • Spider Island Part 4 (As A Spider Monster)
  • Spider Island Part 5 (Being Cured)
  • Hobgoblin Part 2

Season 2 [ ]

  • How I Thwipped My Summer Vacation
  • Between an Ock and a Hard Place
  • Dead Man's Party
  • Venom Retuns
  • Bring on the Bad Guys Part 2
  • Bring on the Bad Guys Part 3 (on the Phone)
  • Brain Drain
  • The Day Without Spider-Man Return as Ghosts-Spider
  • Critical Update
  • Brand New Day
  • Goblin War Part 1 As Ghost-Spider
  • Goblin War Part 2 as Ghost-Spider
  • Goblin War Part 3 as Ghost-Spider
  • Goblin War Part 4 as Ghost-Spider

Season 3 [ ]

  • Web of Venom
  • Amazing Friends (Mentioned)
  • Vengeance of Venom as Ghost-Spider
  • Spider-Man Unmasked as Ghost -Spider
  • Generations as Ghost-Spider
  • Maximum Venom (episode) as Ghost -Spider

Gallery [ ]

Gwen Stacy /Gallery


  • This marks Gwen Stacy's fourth animated appearance.
  • Gwen appeared to be living with her uncle, until it was discovered he was the Jackal.
  • Bailey also voices Black Widow in this series, and had voiced the character in the sister series Avengers Assemble .
  • In the comics, Gwen was a longtime love interest and girlfriend to Spider-Man, and is often considered to be his first true love.
  • It is rumored that Gwen has a crush on Peter, but they never become a couple.
  • She has her hair down in 2 episodes in season 1, and 1 episode in season 3
  • Gwen Was The Third Person With Spider-Powers After Peter and Miles Before Anya When She Once Got it With the Virus and Later Got it Again By a Bloodgem
  • Aunt May was originally going to die in Amazing Spider-Man #121 instead of Gwen.
  • Gwen and Harry Osborn first met and became friends on Mother's Day.
  • Gwen has a separate social media account for her Ghost-Spider identity.
  • 1 Spider-Man
  • 2 Ghost-Spider
  • 3 Mary Jane Watson

Screen Rant

Spider-gwen: smash #1 gives gwen stacy the unique adventure she deserves - outside spider-man's shadow (review).

Spider-Gwen: Smash spins a web that only Gwen Stacy can handle: her band is on tour with Dazzler, but a secret supervillain is a harsh music critic.

  • Spider-Gwen: Smash #1 focuses on Gwen Stacy as the headliner in her own universe, without being a sidekick to Peter or Miles.
  • The series introduces familiar faces like the Mary Janes and Dazzler, building out Gwen's New York and her band's shot at stardom.
  • The comic showcases Gwen's unique story, separate from Peter Parker's, and highlights her circle of friends, her band, and her family.

Warning! Spoilers for Spider-Gwen: Smash #1 ahead! Gwen Stacy's Spider-Gwen is headlining her own Marvel limited series that places her front and center in her own universe, and not as a sidekick to Peter or Miles. In Spider-Gwen: Smash #1 , from the creative team of Melissa Flores, Enid Balám, Fer Sifuentes-Sujo, and Elisabetta D'amico, Gwen has had her share of multiverse experiences , but she's sticking to her own world for now. Earth-65 has plenty of problems for Ghost Spider to solve.

Spider-Gwen: Smash features many faces that are familiar to both longtime webheads and newer MCU fans, and uses them to build out Stacy's New York. Her band, the Mary Janes, is getting a big shot at stardom, provided Gwen can stay at the drum kit instead of swinging into action. They'll be opening a short U.S. tour for Dazzler and the Uncut Gems, who have an ulterior motive for recruiting this band in particular.

Mutant Dazzler has a supervillain-level stalker, going so far as to unleash a Hulk at one of her concerts. While she makes it clear that she also likes the Mary Janes' music, she really needed their drummer for her other skills.

Spider-Gwen Battles an All-New Doctor Octopus in Giant-Size Special

Gwen stacy gets a story made for her.

Spider-Gwen: Smash isn't an origin story, or adapting a Peter Parker Spider-Man story for her world. This is a series that could only be done with Gwen. While Spider-heroes of all stripes struggle with balancing their heroics and real lives, the similarities end there. This Gwen never even mentions Peter, focusing on her circle of friends, her band, and her family. She does get introduced to people whose multiversal variants she knows, a fun way for the creative team to flesh out the cast without bogging the reader down with remembering brand-new characters. This includes the obvious, like Dazzler, a mutant pop star with the exact same look and power set as her Earth-616 self; but also the more subtle, like Dazzler's brunette tour manager Natasha, who isn't immediately recognizable as the Black Widow, but clearly has skills beyond organizing roadies.

Created in 1965 by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, Gwen Stacy was meant to be Spider-Man's central love interest. She was a college student interested in science, and liked Peter for his intellect as much as his quips. However, Mary Jane Watson's personality had an edge that made her the fan-favorite girlfriend, and Gwen was just thought of as "nice." Since Gerry Conway, John Romita, Sr, and Roy Thomas decided to kill her in 1973, Gwen Stacy has almost become better known for her death than for who she was as a person. Believing killing her to be a mistake, Marvel brought Gwen back in a variety of ways over the next 30 years: she was a clone, she secretly gave birth to Norman Osborn's twins, she was an alien sent to judge humanity. This Spider-Woman (aka Ghost Spider, aka Spider-Gwen) version of her premiered less than ten years ago, in the pages of 2014's Edge of Spider-verse , but fans were instantly hooked and demanded more.

"Gwen and the Holograms" Bursts with Girl Power

Comics in the modern age are full of interesting female characters, but there's still room for Gwen and her friends. The art from Enid Balám, Fer Sifuentes-Sujo, and Elisabetta D'amico is angular and colorful, feeling like an intentional throwback to a 1990s style where pop groups and "girl power" were the rage. It's appropriate for this story that merges a musical tour with super heroics, owing to series like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Jem and the Holograms . Like the leads of those shows, Gwen is a young woman who's still figuring out how to live her normal life, while dealing with the fantastic as her alter ego. The dialogue is fun and funny, establishing unforgettable characters like wannabe supervillain "Pink Velvet" in less than a dozen panels. Spider-Gwen: Smash is a welcome addition to the Spider-Gwen canon, and can be enjoyed by longtime fans and new readers who like the Spider-Verse films.

Spider-Gwen: Smash #1 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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Personality [ ]

Gwen is a very intelligent girl who is also somewhat full spirited. She is smart enough to know how to cure her villainous uncle, Raymond Warren, supervillain identity known as the Jackal. Though she might have insecurities (like when she was unable to help her friends since lost her spider powers for a short amount of time), she still has confidence in herself. Overall, Gwen is supportive of her friends and always tries to help them both in defending New York City and in their own personal life situations.

Physical Appearance [ ]

As ghost-spider [ ].

She looks the same as when she is wearing her superhero costume in her original marvel counterpart , her costume has a white hood, dark pink spots where it has light blue spider webs in it, turquoise pair of ballerina shoes, and with her middle part of her body all the way to the bottom colored as black.

As Gwen Stacy [ ]

In her normal civilian appearance, she is an average-tall teenager and has blue eyes with blonde hair that is most often tied up in a bun.

Image Gallery [ ]


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  • Ashley Barton (Earth-807128)

Astrid (Counter-Earth) (Earth-TRN583)

  • Category:Aunt May variations

Aurora Dante (Earth-8107)

  • Bella Fishbach (Earth-616)
  • Category:Black Cat variations
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  • Blanche Sitznski (Earth-8096)

Brenda Drago (Earth-982)

  • Daisy Johnson (Earth-8096)

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Gwendolyn Poole (Earth-TRN565)

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Gwendolyne Stacy (Earth-TRN580)

ghost spider man girl

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ghost spider man girl

Image Unavailable

Marvel Girls' Sweatshirt - Spider-Man Ghost-Spider Pullover Hoodie (Size: 2T-7)

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Marvel Girls' Sweatshirt - Spider-Man Ghost-Spider Pullover Hoodie (Size: 2T-7)

Product details, about this item.

  • OFFICIALLY LICENSED MARVEL: Girls' graphic Ghost Spider hoodie; Bringing you the very best of the Marvel universe so you can become a superhero
  • HIGH QUALITY MARVEL HOODIE: Super soft girls’ Ghost Spider hoodie is warm and perfect for cold autumn and winter days; Perfect pullover for all Marvel fans and fans of Spider-Man and Gwen Stacey, Spider-Gwen, featuring colorful prints of your little daughters favorite Marvel hero, Ghost-Spider; Great hoodie for layering when the temperature drops
  • DURABLE FABRIC: This Maravel graphic hoodie is easy to maintain and durable, so your baby girl can enjoy it wherever she goes; A variety of fun Ghost-Spider prints make this hoodie extra cute; Whether she’s at school, at the park, or lounging at home, she'll love this Marvel hoodie
  • VERSATILE PULLOVER: Our Marvel girls' hoodie features her beloved Marvel character - Ghost-Spider; Perfect for matching with a wide range of pants and her favorite kicks; Complement his everyday look with a must-have hoodie for all Spider-Man Universe fans
  • SUPER SOFT: Made of super soft and smooth fabric, this Marvel themed hoodie will keep your son warm and comfortable on chilly autumn and winter days; Expand your little boy’s hoodies collection with this trendy Marvel outfit; Perfect gift idea for daughters, granddaughters, sisters, cousins, nieces, and friends

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Marvel Spidey and His Amazing Friends Ghost-Spider Girls Pullover Hoodie Toddler to Little Kid

Product Certification (1)


OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 requires textiles-based products to be tested against a list of 1,000+ chemicals, to limit those which may be harmful to human health. Certification focus: #ProductSafety and #ChemicalsUsed.

Marvel Spidey & His Amazing Friends Ghost Spider Gwen 1 Single Reversible Pillowcase - Kids Super Soft Bedding

Product Description

Marvel Girls' Sweatshirt - Spider-Man Ghost-Spider Pullover Hoodie is a great choice for the chilly fall and winter weather. This fun Marvel hoodie is affordable, high quality, long lasting, and features your son's daughters Marvel hero: Ghost-Spider from her beloved Marvel comics and shows. This everyday clothing is a great gift for birthdays and holidays that every little Marvel fan will appreciate. HIGH QUALITY: A quality design and superb fabric of this Marvel hoodie ensure your daughter gets a long lasting hoodie that she'll be able to wear for years. CUTE MARVEL HOODIE: Go from chilly to comfy in seconds. This cute and fun Marvel Ghost-Spider hoodie helps little girl adapt perfectly to the weather outside and keeps them warm and stylish throughout the day. GREAT GIFT: A wonderful Christmas present for your toddler or little girl. Your daughter, sister, niece, granddaughter, or friend would love to receive this adorable Marvel hoodie with his favorite Marvel hero. Surprise your little girl with a wonderful Ghost-Spider hoodie! EASY CARE: Simply machine wash and tumble dry; Please Reference the Variations for all Available Sizes and Colors. Marvel Offers Premium Clothing at Affordable Prices because we value every customer that visits our listings! Stop by Our Storefront to See the Rest of Our Great Deals; we're confident you're going to find items that anyone who needs a gift will absolutely love and adore!

  • Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 2 x 9 x 10 inches; 7.83 Ounces
  • Department ‏ : ‎ girls
  • Date First Available ‏ : ‎ February 14, 2022
  • ASIN ‏ : ‎ B09SGKV849
  • #1,182 in Girls' Fashion Hoodies & Sweatshirts
  • #1,337 in Girls' Yoga Clothing

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ghost spider man girl

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    Plot The series follows the adventures of Peter Parker / Spidey, Miles Morales / Spin and Gwen Stacy / Ghost-Spider as they fight villains such as Rhino, [8] Doc Ock, Green Goblin, Electro, Black Cat, Sandman, Zola, Lizard, and Trapster.

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    While meeting with Earth-616 Spider-Woman and Silk on Earth-65, the three were attacked by the Super-Adaptoid, discovering this was merely a distraction for someone to steal Gwen's portal device and strand them on Earth-65. While Jessica told Gwen to live her life and hang out with her friends, Gwen instead followed her and saved her and Reed Richards from being ambushed by S.I.L.K. agents.

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    Laura Bailey Physical description First Appearance Osborn Academy (as Gwen Stacy) Spider-Island Part 1 (As Spider-Gwen) Spider-Island Part 3 (As Spider-Monster) The Day With Out Spider-Man (as Ghost-Spider) Latest Appearance Maximum Venom (episode) Last Appearance Spider-Island Part 2 (As Spider-Gwen) Spider-Island Part 5 (Spider-Monster)

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    Ghost-Spider (also known as Spider-Gwen or real name Gwendolyn "Gwen" Maxine Stacy), is the tritagonist of Disney XD's 2017 animated series Spider-Man. Gwen is a very intelligent girl who is also somewhat full spirited. She is smart enough to know how to cure her villainous uncle, Raymond Warren, supervillain identity known as the Jackal. Though she might have insecurities (like when she was ...

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