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How to Clone (Ghost) a Hard Drive on a Windows PC or Mac

Last Updated: June 9, 2023

Preparing to Ghost (Windows)

Preparing to ghost (mac), ghosting (windows), ghosting (mac).

This article was co-authored by wikiHow staff writer, Jack Lloyd . Jack Lloyd is a Technology Writer and Editor for wikiHow. He has over two years of experience writing and editing technology-related articles. He is technology enthusiast and an English teacher. This article has been viewed 374,625 times. Learn more...

This wikiHow teaches you how to clone, or "ghost", your Windows or Mac computer's hard drive. Ghosting a hard drive creates a backup of the hard drive's files, settings, and operating system; you can then use the backup as its own bootable drive on another computer. If you just want to create a backup of your hard drive that doesn't need to be booted from, consider creating a system image instead.

Things You Should Know

  • Make sure you have a hard drive that's at least as large as the drive you want to clone.
  • You can use Clonezilla to ghost a drive on Windows, and SuperDuper! to ghost a drive on a Mac.
  • To use Clonezilla for Windows, you'll need to install it on a USB flash drive and then boot from it.

Step 1 Buy an external hard drive.

  • For example, if your computer has a 500 GB hard drive, you'll want to buy a 500 GB hard drive.

Windows Start

  • Since Clonezilla is minimal program, you'll need to install it onto a flash drive before you can run it.

Step 3 Format your external...

  • When selecting a "File system" option, make sure you click either NTFS or exFAT .

Step 4 Download and install the LinuxLive USB creator.

  • Go to http://www.linuxliveusb.com/ in your computer's web browser.
  • Click Download in the middle of the page.
  • Click Download LiLi at the top of the page.
  • Double-click the downloaded LinuxLive setup file.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts.

Step 5 Download Clonezilla.

  • Go to https://clonezilla.org/downloads/download.php?branch=stable in your computer's web browser.
  • Click the "zip" drop-down box in the "Downloads" section, then click iso in the resulting drop-down menu.
  • Click the grey Download button in the "Downloads" section.
  • Wait for five seconds (the download will begin immediately after).

Step 6 Install Clonezilla onto your flash drive.

  • Open the "LiLi USB Creator" program if it didn't open after finishing the installation process, then click Yes when prompted.
  • Click the "Choose a USB key" drop-down box at the top of the window, then click your flash drive's name.
  • Click ISO / IMG / ZIP .
  • Select the Clonezilla ISO file, then click Open .
  • Check the "Format the key in FAT32" box near the bottom of the window.
  • Click the lightning bolt icon at the bottom of the window.
  • Click OK when prompted to begin installing Clonezilla to the USB flash drive, then close LiLi USB Creator when the installation completes.

Step 7 Leave both your USB flash drive and your external hard drive plugged in.

  • When selecting a "Format" option during the formatting process, make sure that you click Mac OS Extended (Journaled) .

Step 3 Download and install the

  • Go to https://www.shirt-pocket.com/SuperDuper/SuperDuperDescription.html in your Mac's web browser.
  • Click the small, blue download link under the "Download Now" heading in the upper-right side of the page.
  • Double-click the downloaded DMG file.
  • Verify the software if prompted.
  • Click and drag the SuperDuper! icon onto the "Applications" folder.
  • Follow any on-screen prompts.

Step 4 Make sure your external hard drive is plugged into your Mac.

  • In most cases, the key that you press to access the BIOS will be either one of the "function" keys (e.g., F8 ), the Del key, or the Esc key.
  • You can check your specific computer model's manual or online documentation to find the BIOS key to use.
  • If your computer's "function" keys are inverted, you'll need to hold down Fn while pressing the BIOS function key.

Step 2 Set your computer to boot from your flash drive.

  • Select the Boot or Advanced tab at the top of the screen.
  • Find the "Boot Order" section.
  • Find your USB flash drive's name, then select it using the arrow keys.
  • Press the + key to move the USB flash drive up to the top of the menu. If this doesn't work, check the key legend on the right side or bottom of the screen for explicit key instructions.

Step 3 Save your changes and exit the BIOS.

  • A hard drive labelled "sdb" would be the second hard drive, "sdc" would refer to the third, and so on.

Step 12 Select your external hard drive.

  • If you don't remove your flash drive before restarting your computer, your computer will just reboot from the Clonezilla installation again.

Step 14 Confirm both prompts.

  • Selecting Backup - user files won't create a clone of your hard drive.

Step 9 Click Copy Now.

  • After confirming, you can eject your external hard drive and then unplug the external hard drive from your Mac.

Community Q&A

Community Answer

  • If you just need to back up your computer's files , cloning your hard drive is unnecessary. Thanks Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0

ghost pc meaning

  • Most hard drive ghosting software is paid. While the software listed in this article is free as of August 2018, this is subject to change. Thanks Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0
  • Neither Windows 10 nor macOS has a built-in hard drive cloning feature. [2] X Research source Thanks Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0

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Computer Hope

Ghosting may refer to any of the following:

Ghost image

1. A ghost image is a permanent discoloration in a certain area on a CRT (cathode ray tube) display. See our burn-in page for further information on this term.

2. When describing an LCD (liquid-crystal display) or flat-panel display, ghosting describes an artifact caused by a slow response time . As the screen refreshes , the human eye still perceives the image previously displayed, causing a smearing or blurring visual effect. When LCDs were introduced, ghosting was a common problem with cheaper displays. Today, LCD ghosting is rarely experienced.

Related information

  • Monitor, LCD, and display help and support.

3. When describing a web service or CMS (content management system), Ghost is a non-profit organization founded in April 2013 to help writers create an online platform. See our Ghost blog page for further information about this service.

4. When discussing a relationship, ghosting describes when a friend or someone you're in a relationship with suddenly stops communicating with or unfollows you. When someone ghosts you, you'll get no notification or explanation with the hope you (the ghostee ) get the hint.

Why would someone ghost me?

Below are some reasons someone may ghost you online.

  • If you're dating the person, it may be their way of saying they no longer want to date or have met someone else.
  • You posted, shared, or liked a post that the ghoster doesn't.
  • The person feels they don't know you well enough in the real life to be a part of their social network.
  • The person is busy or distracted by real-life events.

What should I do if I've been ghosted?

If you feel you've been ghosted, don't dwell on the situation and move on with your life. Anyone who ghosts another person for no good reason is immature and doesn't respect you. You don't want to be friends or in a relationship with this type of person.

  • Protect children from harmful material and people on the Internet.

A figure obscured by fog.

5. Ghost also describes a person who has gone offline but still appears to be logged in to chat or another service. When this occurs, the user will receive an error indicating they are already logged in upon attempting to rejoin, forcing them to wait for their account time out .

6. When describing a crime, ghosting is a term to describe a type of identity theft where someone steals the identity of a dead person.

7. Ghosting is a form of cheating in online games where players are privileged to information they shouldn't have about another player's whereabouts, hand, etc.

For example, in many first-person shooters , dead players may disclose the location of living players on the opposing team to their teammates. Another example would be watching a Hearthstone player streaming on Twitch to discover the cards in their hand.

8. When using Norton's Ghost, ghosting copies the complete hard drive contents to a CD (compact disc) or network drive . Once ghosted, this image can be distributed over several computers. Ghosting is commonly done in a corporate environment where the same operating system and corporate software must be installed on many different computers.

  • See our Norton Ghost page for further information on this product.
  • See our Symantec company page for more information about the Norton Ghost developer.

Burn in , Chat terms , CMS , Game terms , Ghost blog , Mirror , Video terms

All-round Windows PC data backup, sync, and clone software.

Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7

  • AOMEI Backupper >
  • Windows 10 Backup >

Ghost Hard Drive to SSD in Windows 10 Easily (2 Ways)

You will learn how to ghost hard drive in Windows 10 for data protection and remove ghost drive easily to get rid of its bad effect.


By Ivy Updated on October 20, 2022

Way 1: Ghost HDD to SSD in Windows 10 with AOMEI Backupper

Way 2: ghost hard drive in windows 10 using file history.

  • What Does Ghost Hard Drive Mean?
  • How to Ghost hard drive to SSD in Windows 10
  • How to remove Ghost or Phantom Hard Drive in Windows 10

What Does Ghost Hard Drive Mean?

Ghost hard drive has different meanings. Sometimes, it means backup or image the hard drive to an image file and save it   to other locations to protect your data. Windows 10 has two backup software you could use to ghost hard drive easily: File History, Windows Backup and Restore .

To some extent, it also means a phantom hard drive in your File Explorer , which actually does not exist. It is probably because you have browsed an external Mac drives with HFS+ partitions in your Windows computer, Windows updates, other reasons. This situation may be annoyed and affect your experience. 

How to Ghost hard drive to SSD in Windows 10 

After understanding the ghost hard drive meaning, you can now go to ghost Windows 10 hard drive and store it to a storage device, SSD, for example.

You have three ways, namely using all-in-one backup software - AOMEI Backupper , File History , Backup and Restore(Windows 7) . Considering that Windows does not maintain the last software, we will not include it here. If you want to use it, please refers to: create system image in Windows 10 .

Also, you can remove the Ghost or Phantom if it makes a bad effect. And I'll introduce it in the next part.

As the best free ghost software for Windows 10  – AOMEI Backupper Standard, it is capable of ghosting a hard drive to SSD in simple steps. And you can make it run automatically by setting daily, weekly, monthly frequencies.

Besides, this software backup only changes by default , thereby saving much backup time and disk space. Also, it uses normal compression, intelligent sector backup, automatic splitting feature, which helps reduce the size of backup image .

Now you can download this software and install it on your computer. It also applies to ghost operating systems, partition or individual files as you want. 

(PS: This free version only works for Windows 11/10/8/7/XP/Vista. For server users, try  AOMEI Backupper Server . 70% off for one server computer.)

1. Execute AOMEI Backupper Standard to open the main interface, choose Backup tab and Disk Backup .

2. Click +  Add Disk  button to choose the hard drive to ghost, and tick Add . Even multiple hard drives, you could choose all of them at the same time.

3. Choose a destination path to save the Windows hard drive ghost file. If you want to ghost HDD to SSD in Windows 10, you need to connect the SSD to your computer. 

Select Backup Destination

4. Select Start Backup>> button to ghost hard drive in Windows 10. To make it automatic, click Schedule Backup > Enable Schedule Backup and select a frequency (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) for your task. 

You can also use the last two premium features:  Event triggers , or USB plug in. They are available in the Professional  or higher editions. 

Afterward, click Start Backup and wait until the process is complete, you have a complete image file of your hard drive and then it will create 6 incremental backups. This completes a cycle and it will repeat the process to create multiple backups .

At this moment, you have all files and changes made in the future, but this may cause a low disk space issue . You cannot back up any data unless you delete some of it. 

If you delete it manually , this may result in all the subsequent backup invalid if it's in the middle of an incremental backup. Thus, it's suggested to create a differential backup on the professional version, which requires only one full backup plus any differential backup. For differences, refers to: Incremental or differential backup . 

Besides backup method, you still can enable Backup Scheme and delete old backup image automatically with By quantity, By time, By daily/weekly/monthly cleanup methods. It not only solves the problem of deleting backup manually, but also make up for more disk space.

Also, you can change normal compression to high, automatic splitting to customize, etc in the Options .

Sometimes, you may meet the unbootable issues when the Windows computer fails to boot, and intend to  backup hard drive without Windows  using bootable media created before.

Also, if you  made a recovery environment  in advance, you just need to restart your computer and then you will see an option like  Enter into AOMEI Backupper . Select it and you will see the main page AOMEI Backupper Standard just as in Step 1. 

The image file of ghost hard drive in Windows 10 created by AOMEI Backupper suffix with .adi. You could restore the image file to the original location or perform dissimilar hardware restore  if required. 

File History is file backup software in Windows 8 and later inherited in Windows 10 and Windows 11, thus you can use it to backup user files as well specific folder on your computer. If you are in this situation, follow the steps below to perform data ghost in Windows 10.

1. Select  Start ->  Settings  ->  Update & Security  ->  Backup  ->  Add a drive .

2. Then choose an external drive or network location for your backups.

3. To set backup frequency, retention policy or other settings, such as, exclude or include folder, click More options. Afterward, go back to top location and click Back up now .

How to remove Ghost or Phantom Hard Drive in Windows 10

If the ghost or or phantom hard drive make bad effect in your Windows 10, you could remove it with the following steps:

1. Run command prompt as administrator.

2. Then type the commands in turn and click Enter after each one. 

list volume (here shows you the list which volume has letter)

select volume X (X is a volume number when you want to remove)

remove letter=Z (Z is a selected volume letters, run the command to remove the ghost hard drive letter instead of partition.)

3. If that works, restart to check if it is solved. 

You can easily ghost hard drive in Windows 10 with the help of the best free ghost software for Windows 10 - AOMEI Backupper or built-in File History. Honestly, the previous is more flexible, you can use it to ghost hard drive, system, partition and files, depending on items you want to protect.

And it supports ghosting a hard drive to SSD automatically while freeing up more space to store new backups. Thus, you don't need to perform this task manually and worry about the insufficient disk space issues.

Whatever, let ghost hard drive in Windows 7/8/10/11 be your part of life and protect your important images, work documents, business data, and other files from losing data. For unlimited PCs, try AOMEI Backupper Technician .


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Looking for easy ways to create a ghost image of UEFI Windows 10, 11? Read this article carefully to get the detailed steps.

Free Get AOMEI Backupper Now

Safeguard any data of your computer with backup, sync and clone.

ghost pc meaning

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Definition of ghost

 (Entry 1 of 2)

Definition of ghost  (Entry 2 of 2)

transitive verb

intransitive verb

  • bogie
  • familiar spirit
  • hant [ dialect ]
  • haunt [ chiefly dialect ]
  • materialization
  • fantasm
  • poltergeist
  • spectre

Examples of ghost in a Sentence

These examples are programmatically compiled from various online sources to illustrate current usage of the word 'ghost.' Any opinions expressed in the examples do not represent those of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us feedback about these examples.

Word History

Noun and Verb

Middle English gost, gast , from Old English gāst ; akin to Old High German geist spirit, Sanskrit heḍa anger

before the 12th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1

circa 1616, in the meaning defined at transitive sense 1

Phrases Containing ghost

  • ghost kitchen
  • ghost of a chance
  • ghost / shadow of one's former self
  • ghost story
  • ghost pepper
  • give up the ghost
  • ghost chili

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Dictionary Entries Near ghost

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“Ghost.” Merriam-Webster.com Dictionary , Merriam-Webster, https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/ghost. Accessed 4 Jan. 2024.

Kids Definition

Kids definition of ghost, medical definition, medical definition of ghost, more from merriam-webster on ghost.

Nglish: Translation of ghost for Spanish Speakers

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Britannica.com: Encyclopedia article about ghost

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Cambridge Dictionary

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Meaning of ghost in English

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ghost noun ( SPIRIT )

  • A headless ghost walks the castle at night - or so the story goes.
  • According to tradition , a headless ghost walks through the corridors of the house at night .
  • The Society for Psychical Research is investigating reports of a ghost at the old vicarage .
  • Have you ever seen a ghost?
  • There's no such thing as ghosts.
  • astral plane
  • astral projection
  • incorporeal
  • necromancer
  • reincarnation

ghost noun ( MEMORY )

  • abiding memory
  • associative memory
  • at/in the back of your mind idiom
  • clear memory
  • confabulation
  • have a memory like an elephant idiom
  • learn something by rote idiom
  • live (on) in the memory idiom
  • long memory
  • recollection
  • rediscovery
  • reminiscence
  • short-term memory

ghost verb ( WRITE )

  • Around 80 percent of celebrity books are ghosted .
  • Tony is ghosting the memoirs of Eddie, an ex-con who went to prison for his part in a bullion robbery .
  • He is a freelance writer who is ghosting an article for a corporate executive .
  • bang something out
  • bash something out
  • borrow something from something
  • re-registration
  • readability
  • reformulate

ghost verb ( END COMMUNICATION )

  • She was furious about being ghosted by Dan.
  • If you want to finish with a boyfriend , tell him, don't just ghost.
  • He ghosted his girlfriend and then she became his boss .
  • affiliation order
  • break something up
  • break up with someone
  • child support
  • give someone the elbow idiom
  • give someone the heave-ho idiom
  • give someone the push idiom
  • go off with someone
  • post-divorce
  • run out on someone/something

You can also find related words, phrases, and synonyms in the topics:

ghost verb ( MOVE )

  • Sarah suddenly ghosted out from behind the shed .
  • Three youths ghosted out from a narrow alleyway a short distance ahead of her.
  • Several black shapes were ghosting swiftly over the grass .
  • ballistically
  • make for somewhere/something
  • make towards something/someone

ghost | American Dictionary

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ghost pc meaning

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the soul of a dead person, a disembodied spirit imagined, usually as a vague, shadowy or evanescent form, as wandering among or haunting living persons.

a mere shadow or semblance; a trace: He's a ghost of his former self.

a remote possibility: He hasn't a ghost of a chance.

( sometimes initial capital letter ) a spiritual being.

the principle of life; soul ; spirit .

Informal . ghostwriter .

a secondary image, especially one appearing on a television screen as a white shadow, caused by poor or double reception or by a defect in the receiver.

Also called ghost im·age [ gohst -im-ij] /ˈgoʊst ˌɪm ɪdʒ/ . Photography . a faint secondary or out-of-focus image in a photographic print or negative resulting from reflections within the camera lens.

an oral word game in which each player in rotation adds a letter to those supplied by preceding players, the object being to avoid ending a word.

Optics . a series of false spectral lines produced by a diffraction grating with unevenly spaced lines.

Metalworking . a streak appearing on a freshly machined piece of steel containing impurities.

a red blood cell having no hemoglobin.

a fictitious employee, business, etc., fabricated especially for the purpose of manipulating funds or avoiding taxes: Investigation showed a payroll full of ghosts.

to ghostwrite (a book, speech, etc.).

Engraving . to lighten the background of (a photograph) before engraving.

to suddenly end all contact with (a person) without explanation, especially in a romantic relationship: The guy I’ve been dating ghosted me.

to leave (a social event or gathering) suddenly without saying goodbye: My friend ghosted my birthday party.

Digital Technology . to remove (comments, threads, or other digital content) from a website or online forum without informing the poster, keeping them hidden from the public but still visible to the poster.

to ghostwrite.

to go about or move like a ghost.

(of a sailing vessel) to move when there is no perceptible wind.

to pay people for work not performed, especially as a way of manipulating funds.

to suddenly end all contact with a person without explanation, especially in a romantic relationship: They dated for a month and then she ghosted.

to leave a social event or gathering suddenly without saying goodbye: I'm getting tired so I think I might just ghost.

Digital Technology . to remove comments, threads, or other digital content from a website or online forum without informing the poster, keeping them hidden from the public but still visible to the poster.

fabricated for purposes of deception or fraud: We were making contributions to a ghost company.

Idioms about ghost

give up the ghost ,

to cease to function or exist.

Origin of ghost

Synonym study for ghost, other words for ghost, other words from ghost.

  • ghost·i·ly, adverb
  • ghost·like, adjective
  • de·ghost, verb (used with object)
  • un·ghost·like, adjective

Words Nearby ghost

  • Ghiordes knot
  • Ghirlandaio
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Dictionary.com Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2024

How to use ghost in a sentence

The expansion of ghost kitchens was well underway before the pandemic.

The spread of third-party delivery apps and ghost kitchens means that many customers largely interact with restaurants through apps, not the restaurants directly.

New “ ghost kitchens,” or delivery-only restaurants capitalizing on the rise of Grubhub and UberEats, popped up, many specializing in wings.

Last year police in New York state arrested an Army drone operator and alleged Boogaloo Boi on charges that he owned an illegal ghost gun.

Group Nine has been thinking about expanding further in this direction by leveraging the ghost kitchen it launched through Thrillist back in December.

The well, ghost or no ghost , is certainly a piece of history with a bold presence.

Now, she says, her coworkers are actively pranking each other and blaming it on the ghost .

First, the ghost of his departed partner, Jacob Marley, comes calling, his face emerging from the doorknob.

As Monday turned to Tuesday morning, five hostages had escaped and the Central Business District had turned into a ghost town.

The ghost writer in question is assumed to be one Siobhan Curham—an established author of both YA and adult fiction.

T least, thet's all I think 't wuz; though thar wuz those thet said 't wuz Claiborne's ghost .

Meanwhile Fleurette had her nourishing food, and grew more like the ghost of a lily every day.

Our poor planet will be but a silent ghost whirling on its dark path in the starlight.

For a moment there was no consciousness in their gaze; then a whimsical ghost of a smile crept about his mouth.

Now it will be as well here to inquire what good has ever resulted from this belief in what is commonly understood to be a ghost ?

British Dictionary definitions for ghost

/ ( ɡəʊst ) /

the disembodied spirit of a dead person, supposed to haunt the living as a pale or shadowy vision; phantom : Related adjective: spectral

a haunting memory : the ghost of his former life rose up before him

a faint trace or possibility of something; glimmer : a ghost of a smile

the spirit; soul (archaic, except in the phrase the Holy Ghost )

a faint secondary image produced by an optical system

a similar image on a television screen, formed by reflection of the transmitting waves or by a defect in the receiver

See ghost word

Also called: ghost edition an entry recorded in a bibliography of which no actual proof exists

Another name for ghostwriter : See ghostwrite

(modifier) falsely recorded as doing a particular job or fulfilling a particular function in order that some benefit, esp money, may be obtained : a ghost worker

  • give up the ghost

(of a machine) to stop working

See ghostwrite

(tr) to haunt

(intr) to move effortlessly and smoothly, esp unnoticed : he ghosted into the penalty area

Derived forms of ghost

  • ghostlike , adjective

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Other Idioms and Phrases with ghost

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  • Chinaman's (ghost of a) chance

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What is Monitor Ghosting and How Do I Fix it?

What is Monitor Ghosting and How Do I Fix it?

What is monitor ghosting, what causes monitor ghosting, what is ghosting in gaming, how to fix monitor ghosting, 1. monitor ghosting test, 2. turn on the overdrive function.

  • Access the on-screen display menu of your monitor
  • Once in the menu, activate the overdrive function
  • Activating this feature allows you to change the level of overdrive according to the refresh rate of your monitor
  • You can get optimal performance at your preferred settings and eliminate or reduce monitor ghosting

3. Adjust monitor settings

4. check connected devices and cables, 5. update graphics card drivers, 6. check monitor video port, popular articles.

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What Is Keyboard Ghosting and Why Should You Care?

Simon Batt

The term “keyboard ghosting” is a lot less scary than it sounds. Despite this, it can definitely “haunt” certain keyboard users and cause undesirable results. You’ll find many anti-ghosting keyboards on the market to solve this problem, but the question remains: what is ghosting, and why should you care about it?

What Is Keyboard Ghosting?

Keyboard ghosting is when a keyboard doesn’t register a key being pressed even though the user has pressed it correctly. This is typically due to the keyboard’s manufacturer trying to keep costs down by using cheaper parts.

Keyboard Ghosting Ghosts

When you’re typing on a keyboard like normal, you may never suffer from keyboard ghosting. Very rarely do you hold down more than three keys, which most keyboards today can support. As such, if you use your keyboard to do work or post on social media, ghosting may never be an issue.

Also read: Laptop Keyboard Not Working? Try These Fixes

Things change in a gaming environment, however. Let’s say someone is playing a first-person shooter online and using a keyboard that supports at least three keys. They’re running across a battlefield, which means holding down W to go forward and Shift to turn the walk into a run. They’re currently using two of the three keys in their “budget” just by moving forward!

They then spot an enemy ahead, so they hold down the Ctrl key to crouch below some cover ahead of them. Now we have the W , Shift , and Ctrl keys held, meaning the keyboard’s budget is filled up.

If this player suddenly notices a landmine ahead of them and quickly presses Space to jump over it, this SPACE keypress is “over budget.” As such, the keyboard doesn’t register the SPACE press, and the player runs right into the landmine – much to their annoyance!

Preventing Ghosting

So if you’re in the market for a new keyboard and don’t want ghosting to occur, what can you do?

Keyboard Ghosting Typing

First, you can take a look for “anti-ghosting” keyboards. These will typically list the number of keys on the keyboard that support this feature, such as “25-key anti-ghosting.” This won’t cover the entire keyboard for anti-ghosting, but it will individually target keys that tend to be held down alongside other keys.

Another option is to look for keyboards designed to support up to a certain number of keys pressed. These are advertised using the term “[number]-key rollover.” For example, a keyboard that lets you hold down 4 keys at once is called a 4-key rollover keyboard.

The best of all, however, are n-key rollovers. This term has nothing to do with the physical “N” key on the keyboard; instead, it’s the mathematical letter for a set of numbers that go on forever. This is a relevant name, as an n-key rollover keyboard has no upper key limit. Every single keypress is registered separately, which means no ghosting at all!

Ghost Busters

Keyboard ghosting doesn’t affect everyone, but to those who are affected, it can be a major annoyance. If you want an anti-ghosting keyboard, be sure to prioritize n-key rollover keyboards to eliminate the issue.

Does keyboard ghosting affect you? Do you think an anti-ghosting keyboard is a good investment? Let us know below.

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Simon Batt

Simon Batt is a Computer Science graduate with a passion for cybersecurity.

How-To Geek

What is monitor ghosting, and how do i fix it.

Do you get trails on your monitor while playing games?

Quick Links

What is monitor ghosting, what causes monitor ghosting, run a ghosting test to identify the issue, how to fix monitor ghosting, beware pixel overshoot when using overdrive, don't confuse ghosting with blooming, key takeaways.

Monitor ghosting is a name given to pixel trails that appear during fast-paced motion as a result of slow pixel response times. You can fix ghosting using the overdrive setting in your monitor's menu, but beware of inadvertently causing pixel overshoot instead.

Do you see trails or blurring on your monitor during fast-paced motion or games? Ghosting can affect LCD monitors and televisions, but you may be able to rectify it with a simple setting. Here's how.

Monitor ghosting refers to visual artifacts that follow moving objects, particularly prevalent when gaming or displaying other fast-moving content. You might not notice ghosting in normal desktop use or slower-paced games, but it can be distracting when you're playing first-person shooters, racing games, or even scrolling quickly on a web page.

Some displays may be more prone to ghosting under certain conditions, for example in especially dark scenes. This can cause a loss in shadow detail and turn large parts of the screen into a smeary mess. On top of being frustrating to deal with, ghosting may contribute to eye strain over long play sessions.

Ghosting can affect any type of LCD panel, including monitors and televisions. It's more common on VA-type panels , which are the main LCD panel types used on televisions. Ghosting shouldn't be an issue on OLED panels but self-emissive displays may instead suffer from a form of temporary (and potentially permanent) image retention on static elements like health bars or news tickers.

Monitor ghosting is caused by slow pixel response times , where pixels aren't able to cleanly change from one color to another in good time. The problem is more noticeable at high frame rates, where frame times (the time in which a new frame is delivered) may be faster than the monitor's response time.

Monitor manufacturers often advertise, alongside other monitor specifications like contrast ratio and refresh rate , a monitor's response time in milliseconds. You may find these figures listed as "GtG" (gray-to-gray) and "MPRT" (Moving Picture Response Time), and both refer to different metrics.

GtG describes how long it takes a pixel to change between two colors. MPRT describes how long a pixel persists on the display. In both instances, a lower number is desirable. It's possible to have a fast GtG value and a slow MPRT value, which may cause ghosting to appear on your monitor.

Blur Busters has an excellent explanation of how GtG and MPRT interact, what other factors affect these values, and how manufacturers attempt to solve the issues of image persistence.

Since these values are used interchangeably and often without context by monitor manufacturers, it's advisable not to rely on a single advertised response value alone when making a purchase. We'd recommend reading reviews of any monitors you're thinking of purchasing on websites like RTINGs  to see if ghosting is present and (if so) how bad it is. You can also consult our roundups of the best monitors , best gaming monitors , and best ultrawide monitors .

If you're already seeing ghosting or pixel trails when playing fast-paced games, you're already aware you have an issue. You may also want to run a ghosting test on your monitor. This is handy if you're in the process of testing a monitor out in a showroom or thinking of buying something second-hand that you can get your hands on before you buy.

Use the Blur Busters UFO Ghosting Test  to perform a ghosting test. Use the "Speed" drop-down menu to adjust the pixels-per-second, to simulate slower or faster on-screen motion. If you see pixel trails that are consistent with ghosting, you have identified the issue.

This test may also show up other artifacts which can appear when you try to fix monitor ghosting, so you'll want to consult the test to see if the remedy below strikes a balance that you're happy with.

You can attempt to rectify monitor ghosting by using your monitor's overdrive setting . By using higher voltages on individual pixels, response times can be improved and ghosting may be reduced or disappear completely. Different manufacturers have different names for overdrive settings, so you may need to dig through your monitor's built-in preferences to find it.

Look for labels like Overdrive, OD, Response Time (LG and Samsung), TraceFree (ASUS), Rampage Response (ViewSonic), AMA (BenQ), or similar. Some monitors won't have this setting, in which case you won't be able to increase response time. Experiment with turning your response rate up (if you find the setting) while running the Blur Busters UFO Ghosting Test to see if you notice ghosting becoming more pronounced.

You should also be wary of other settings including noise reduction and dynamic contrast, or, if you're using a TV, motion smoothing . These can all contribute to unwanted artifacts and ghosting.

Unfortunately, monitor overdrive isn't a perfect fix. The setting usually comes in a range of "strengths" or speeds, like a scale of one to five, or names like "fastest" or "extreme". It may be tempting to turn this setting all the way up, but the main drawback to doing so is the introduction of pixel overshoot or coronas.

These unwanted artifacts occur as a result of the pixel going past (or "overshooting") the desired color. Also known as inverse ghosting, the effect is caused by pixels transitioning too quickly and can result in a similarly distracting effect. Which setting you choose in terms of remedying ghosting with overdrive and avoiding pixel overshoot will depend largely on which monitor you're using.

It also depends on your tastes. A small amount of ghosting may be more tolerable than the coronas caused by pixel overshoot. More often than not you're going to want to settle on a "medium" overdrive setting to get the balance right.

Blooming is another undesirable visual phenomenon that you may have heard of. Whereas ghosting refers to problems at the pixel level caused by response times, blooming is caused by LED backlighting, especially on displays that use full-array local dimming .

If you want excellent response times and no blooming, consider investing in an OLED display (or a newer QD-OLED monitor ).

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Meaning of 👻 Ghost Emoji

Ghost emoji looks like a cartoon-like Ghost image, more or less funny in its different versions. It is one of the most popular emoji 🎃 Halloween symbols for the “trick”. Except that, it is often used in the meaning of “spooky” — mostly in a jokingly manner. Also, it may convey any other meanings, depending on the context, making the text funnier or even more sarcastic — for example, to symbolize someone’s pale skin.

Ghost emoji is one of the Snapchat 🏆 Trophies , granted to the real stars of this app, whose Snapchat score reaches 500, 000.

  • Phrases with 👻
  • Combos: 💀😈👻👹🌩🌕🎃🌃
  • Kaomoji: ✖‿✖
  • 👻 on iPhone, WhatsApp
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Examples of the 👻 Ghost Emoji in use

Frequently used 👻 Ghost Emoji phrases for messengers and web communication:

Combinations with 👻 Ghost Emoji

Combinations are just a bunch of emojis placed together, like this: 💀😈👻👹🌩🌕🎃🌃 . You can use these combos to create riddles or convey messages without using words.

Relevant kaomoji

Kaomoji are popular in Japan for sharing emotions and situations using Japanese grammar, punctuation, and characters. Like this: ✖‿✖ ! To impress your friends, you can use this creative style in messengers and the web.

👻 Ghost Emoji designs on different devices

Emojis may look different across platforms. Each web service, OS, or gadget manufacturer can create an Emoji design according to their corporate style and vision. Here, you can check out what the 👻 Ghost Emoji looks like on the most popular platforms:

Ghost on Apple

Related Emojis

Related themes & holidays, 👻 ghost emoji: specifications and details.

  • The Ghost Emoji Is Perfect ↗️ — GQ
  • What is the ghost emoji and what does it mean? ↗️ — The Sun


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How Can You Effectively Ghost Hard Drive in Windows 7/8/10?

How to ghost a hard drive for data protection? Ghosting disk is pretty easy. Here is the best ghost hard drive software - MiniTool ShadowMaker, helping you to easily make a ghost image of Windows 10/8/7 and clone a hard drive to keep PC safe.

In a nutshell, hard drive failure always happens on your computer because of virus infection, hacker attack, sudden power outage, bad sector, and more. Then, unexpected data loss turns up.

For system disk, if the disk gets corrupted, the system is very easy to get corrupted. Well then, what if your computer fails to start up? The only thing you can do to fix this issue is to reinstall the operating system unless you ghost hard drive Windows 7/8/10 in advance.

In the event of accidents, things will become easier: the backup is available to restore system and data.

On the other hand, to ghost Windows hard drive to another hard disk can be counted as a good solution for disk upgrade when the system disk is too smaller and older.

How to ghost a hard drive for your PC? Go to the next part.

How to Ghost Hard Drive Windows 10/8/7

In order to guarantee data security, coming up with a good strategy to ghost drive is urgent for many users. For backing up data, the simple and straightforward way is worth mentioning.

And here, we will tell you two options to ghost hard disk for Windows 7: image and clone .

How to Make a Ghost Image of Windows 7/8/10

This option refers to creating a disk image. Then, what is a hard disk image? To be specific, this way will create a complete copy or snapshot of the contents of your hard drive, and all data will be compressed in an image.

Actually, you can ghost more than one image and save them to an external hard drive. When hard drive failure or system corruption comes up, your computer can still go back to a correct status by the restoration from the image you have created.

Use MiniTool ShadowMaker to Ghost Computer

How to create ghost image of Windows 10/8/7? As far as we are concerned, the most efficient way is to use a piece of professional and free ghost image software to ghost hard drive.

To satisfy users’ needs, many kinds of corresponding software are developed by many organizations. Thereinto, shoddy software can cost much time to make ghost images but the result is disappointing.

Luckily, MiniTool ShadowMaker, Windows backup software, is coming to do a favor and avoid this situation.

Get MiniTool ShadowMaker Trial Edition (30-day free trial) from the following button and install it on your computer for ghosting a hard drive. Or you can upgrade to Professional Edition after the valid expiration date.

MiniTool ShadowMaker Trial Click to Download 100% Clean & Safe

When reading here, you probably ask us why use this ghost hard drive software. To put it simply, this program is reliable and all-in-one for you to create an image of the file, system, partition or disk in Windows 7/8/10. When it is necessary, the image is helpful to restore file, system, partition or disk. This free ghost image software can guarantee your data security to a great extent.

How to create a ghost image of Windows 7/8/10 step by step? Let’s look at the details.

Step 1: Launch MiniTool ShadowMaker you have installed on your computer.

Step 2: Then, this ghost hard drive software can navigate to the Home page.

Just do as the guide language says:

  • If there is no backup created by MiniTool ShadowMaker, please click SET UP BACKUP button to start data protection right now.
  • If there is a backup, it is time to manage the backup task in Manage .

Here we take the first situation as an example.

MiniTool ShadowMaker home page

Step 3:  In Backup page, you know MiniTool ShadowMaker will ghost Windows system by default: all the system drives required for Windows OS to run have been checked.

But in this post, your aim is to ghost hard drive. Hence, please enter the Source section, select a disk from the following combo box and choose all the partitions on the selected disk. Note that we choose a system disk.

Hot article: How to Backup Computer to External Hard Drive in Windows 10/8/7

choose all disk partitions to make a disk image

Step 4: After selecting the source drives, you need to go to the Destination section. Here four options are offered, and you should choose a path to save the image based on your needs.

If you want to ghost hard drive to SSD, you can choose an SSD as the storage destination. Additionally, an external hard drive, USB flash drive, HDD, network or NAS are also available.

Step 5: After completing all the selections, click Back up Now and then MiniTool ShadowMaker will begin to ghost hard drive Windows 10/8/7 by entering Manage tab by itself.

back up system disk

From the above figure, you can see three small tools: Schedule , Scheme, and Options . Well then, what are the functions of them?

1. Options: After clicking this button, you can make many advanced settings for the hard drive backup, including select one image creation mode, set file size, decide file compression level, add a comment for the backup and more.

make advanced settings for the disk image in the options dialog

2. Schedule: This feature is off by default. If you want to create an automatic backup for the backup image of the system disk, please turn on it. Then, choose one schedule setting when there is a need.

 create an automatic backup

3. Scheme: It is still disabled by default. Turn it on , and then decide one backup scheme.

MiniTool ShadowMaker backup scheme

So far, we have told you how to create a ghost image of Windows 10/8/7 step by step. While system disk failure or system crash occurs, use the image file you have ghosted to restore your computer to the previous date.

Kindly remind: How can you restore your PC from an external hard drive? Refer to this post –  Easily Restore System Image from External Hard Drive in Windows 10/8/7 .

If you are looking for ghost software for Windows 7/8/10 to ghost hard drive to SSD/HDD/.etc., please free download MiniTool ShadowMaker to have a try at once.

“MiniTool ShadowMaker is really helpful ghost hard drive. I create a ghost image of my system disk and restore my PC to a correct status after disk gets damaged.” Click to Tweet

How to Ghost Hard Drive to SSD

How to ghost a computer besides creating ghost images in Windows 7/8/10?

Additionally, there is another way to ghost hard drive for your computer, that is to clone hard drive to USB external drive or SSD. In simple terms, a clone means a direct copy bit by bit.

Like that, all the data on the destination drive is identical to the data on the source drive. Everything (from the PC desktop to the device drivers, or from the OS to the hidden directory files) is copied identically.

By this way, all the contents can be directly backed up to another disk. Well then, how can you clone a hard drive to SSD ?

Use MiniTool ShadowMaker to Ghost Disk

To ghost hard drive to SSD, the best effective way is to use a piece of dedicated ghost hard drive software. It is good news that MiniTool ShadowMaker also offers you a powerful feature called Clone Disk .

This feature can help you to effectively clone hard drive of the computer including laptop and desktop to a new hard drive, such as SSD or HDD. Free download this hard disk to hard disk ghost software on your Windows 10/8/7 computer to have a try now!

The steps on ghosting a hard drive are below:

Step 1: Launch this clone hard drive software you have downloaded on the PC. And then, go to the Tools page. Just click Clone Disk to ghost hard drive to SSD.

use MiniTool ShadowMaker clone a hard drive

Step 2: In the following interface, click the corresponding section to select an original hard drive and a target hard disk.

MiniTool Programs Help to Clone Hard Drive to Smaller SSD

This post will walk you through how to clone hard drive to smaller SSD with ease in Windows 10/8/7. Get the MiniTool Programs for a try now.

choose the clone disk and destination disk

Step 3: Then MiniTool ShadowMaker enters the process page where you can see the rate of progress. And you need to wait for a few minutes, so be patient.

 the process of cloning disk

Step 4: When the operation is completed, you can receive some information as shown below:

You should make sure either the original hard drive or the target disk is disconnected to your computer. Or else, the Windows operating system may mark one disk as offline.

disk cloning is completed

Want to ghost hard drive Windows 10/8/7 by cloning method with MiniTool ShadowMaker? Just get the Trial Edition of this ghost clone software to have a try.

Employ MiniTool Partition Wizard to Ghost Disk

MiniTool Solution Ltd. has developed another piece of HDD clone software – MiniTool Partition Wizard which gains great popularity from many computer users all over the world.

By means of this all-in-one partition manager, you can manage your disk or partition well. Among its many powerful features, its two features – Copy Disk and Migrate OS to SSD/HD are available to ghost hard drive for Windows 7/8/10.

The former is used to clone the system disk as well as a data disk. And the latter can help to clone the entire system disk or only migrate OS drives to another disk. Here we take the former as an example.

How to ghost a hard drive with the best ghost software? Just get this free ghost drive software to clone hard drive to USB external drive or SSD by following the steps. If you need to deal with the system disk, the Free Edition doesn’t support and you need to use the Professional or above edition.

MiniTool Partition Wizard Demo Click to Download 100% Clean & Safe

Easily Migrate Windows 10 to SSD Without Reinstalling OS Now!

This article tells how to easily migrate Windows 10 to SSD/new hard drive or clone Windows 10 to SSD without reinstalling the operating system.

Step 1: Go to MiniTool Partition Wizard’s main interface. Then click Copy Disk in the left action panel after selecting the target hard drive.

MiniTool Partition Wizard clones disk

Step 2: Select a destination disk to store the source contents.

select target disk to save the cloned data

Step 3: Choose one copy option based on your actual need.

choose a copy option for the disk cloning

Step 4: Then some information about how to boot from the target disk will be shown here. Just do it in the event of system corruption.

Step 5: Press Apply to perform all the changes.

Cloned Drive Won't Boot | How to Make Cloned Drive Bootable?

Cloned drive won't boot? This guide shows you how to make cloned drive bootable in Windows 10/8.1/7 using the best hard drive cloning software.

Now, you must know much information about how to ghost hard drive Windows 10/8/7. In this post, we tell you two backup strategies – image and clone.

By means of MiniTool ShadowMaker, it is quite easy to ghost the disk by creating an image or cloning a hard drive to SSD/HD. In addition, you can also adopt another piece of ghost drive software – MiniTool Partition Wizard to clone your disk for backup.

Suppose that you have some questions while using our our computer ghosting software, remember to tell us by leaving one comment in the following zone or writing an email to our support team via [email protected] . Also, the suggestions are appreciated here.

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What Is Monitor Ghosting and How Do You Fix It?

Is your monitor displaying visual artifacts? Don't head straight to the trash heap. There might be a way to fix it.

Looking at video artifacts while gaming is any gamer's nightmare, and monitor ghosting is one that tops the list. Not only does ghosting make gaming distracting, but it also affects how you consume content.

So, what do you do when a silhouette of delay follows your every move when you play your favorite FPS title?

Do you rush to the monitor service team to get the issue resolved, or is there something that you can do to fix monitor ghosting on your own?

What Is Monitor Ghosting and Why Does It Happen?

Monitor ghosting is a visual defect seen on monitors while playing fast-paced games or viewing content with expeditious action. This fast-paced nature of the content causes the pixels on the screen to give up— causing a shadow/trail of the object to be seen behind it. So as the name suggests, monitor ghosting is a visual defect that causes a ghost trail of the object to be visible behind it.

But why do the pixels on your display give up, and why does monitor ghosting occur? To understand why ghosting happens, we must understand how a display works and how data is sent from your CPU/GPU to the display.

You see, your GPU/CPU is responsible for creating the visuals you see on your screen. Once created, the CPU/GPU sends this information to your monitor based on its refresh rate. The monitor then collects the information and displays the visuals on the screen.

Therefore, if your monitor has a refresh rate of 60 hertz , information on the visuals is sent to the display every 16.6 milliseconds. Once the information is received, the monitor gets to work and starts manipulating the millions of pixels on the screen to display the received images.

This brings up the next question, how does the monitor change the images displayed on the screen every 16 milliseconds? Each of the millions of pixels on your monitor comprises sub-pixels consisting of three colors: red, green, and blue. A pixel can display any color using these three colors by changing its sub-pixel brightness. To do this, monitors use liquid crystals.

Liquid crystals are special compounds containing molecules whose orientation can be changed by applying a voltage. This change in orientation changes the amount of light that can pass through the liquid crystal. Due to this change, the brightness of each sub-pixel can be changed, and the monitor can display any image on the screen.

But there is a catch here: although the monitor can change the brightness of each pixel, the liquid crystals take some time to react to the change in the voltage, and this delay is known as the monitor's response time. Therefore, if your monitor has a response time of 20 milliseconds, then the liquid crystals on your monitor take 20 milliseconds to react to the changes in voltage. This delay causes ghosting on your monitor.

As explained earlier, if your display has a refresh rate of 60 hertz, then new information reaches the display every 16 milliseconds. That said, the liquid crystals in the display can't react to the information so fast, as they have a response time of 20 milliseconds. Due to this, your monitor shows a shadow of a fast-moving object as the liquid crystals have not changed the brightness levels, and part of the older image is still visible on the monitor.

We have taken the example of a monitor with a 60-hertz refresh rate, and as the refresh rate goes up, the response time of the liquid crystals plays a more crucial role. Therefore, ghosting can increase if you have a monitor with a high refresh rate.

Understanding Differences in Liquid Crystals and Their Response Times

Now that we know why ghosting happens, we can look at ways to solve it. That said, before trying to fix the issue, it's important to understand that every monitor in the market uses different types of liquid crystal technology, offering different advantages and disadvantages.

Broadly speaking, monitors use three types of liquid crystals: Twisted Nematic (TN), In-Plane Switching (IPS), and Vertical Alignment (VA). Each of these liquid crystal technologies offers different response times.

TN panels offer the lowest response time—being the most responsive, while VA panels are the slowest. IPS panels are somewhere in between the two when it comes to response time.

Therefore, if you look at it, each monitor will offer different levels of monitor ghosting based on its technology. So, if you are planning to buy a new monitor and don't want to fall prey to monitor ghosting, it's best to test the monitor for ghosting using the UFO test .

If you are satisfied with the results of the test, you can go ahead and buy the monitor. If not, we advise you to keep looking.

But what do you do if your monitor shows these visual artifacts? Don't worry; we have a set of solutions to help you solve monitor ghosting.

1. Update Your Drivers

Your GPU creates the visuals you see on screen. If there is an issue with how these graphics are created or sent to the display, you are bound to see some ghosting on your screen.

Hence, it is a good idea to update the GPU drivers on your system before blaming the monitor for the ghosting issues you are seeing.

In addition to this, you should also update the drivers on your system , as it could also solve the ghosting issues you are experiencing.

2. Check for Cable Damage

The cable connecting your monitor to the system is responsible for transmitting all the video data to the monitor. So, if the cable is damaged, you are bound to get some video artifacts while you game on your monitor.

Therefore, it is advised that you check the wire for any physical damage or fraying of the cables. If you find any external damage, then simply changing the cable could solve the problems that you are facing.

In addition, you can also look at the connectors on the two ends, and if they show signs of corrosion or are damaged in some way, it's best to replace the cable itself.

If you are using an HDMI cable for connecting to your display, it is advised to shift to a display port as it offers better video quality when compared to HDMI.

3. Change the Location of Wireless Devices

All the wireless devices you have connected to your system use radio waves to communicate with one another. In some cases, these waves can interfere with the signal sent over the video cable and cause ghosting.

So, if you have a lot of wireless devices connected to your system, you can disconnect them one at a time and see if it fixes the issues you are facing. Not only this, but you can also try to move around the devices that are connected to your system and see if ghosting reduces.

4. Change Your System Refresh Rate

As explained earlier, a higher refresh rate can increase monitor ghosting. So, if you want to reduce ghosting, you can decrease the refresh rate on your system . Doing this will give the pixels on your monitor more time to react, reducing ghosting.

5. Tweak the Video Settings on Your Monitor

When it comes to display settings, you can tweak video settings to reduce ghosting . Right from contrast ratios, gamma levels, brightness values, and shadow correction to color values, your display allows you to make several changes to improve display quality.

Although changing these parameters does not reduce ghosting at a physical level, these changes can reduce the amount of ghosting visible on the screen. For example, decreasing the contrast ratio can reduce the ghosting you see, as the difference between the brightest and darkest pixels is reduced.

6. Enable Pixel Overdrive on Your Monitor

As explained earlier, your monitor uses voltages to change the orientation of liquid crystals. Pixel overdrive increases this voltage so that the response time of the liquid crystals is reduced.

Most monitors offer three different intensities for pixel overdrive, and selecting the right one can help reduce ghosting drastically. That said, increasing pixel overdrive can cause inverse ghosting as the increased voltage can cause the pixels to overshoot the colors they are supposed to show.

7. Get Help From the Experts

If you have tried everything listed above and feel that the ghosting on your monitor hasn't reduced, it is best to contact the technical support team for your monitor.

In some cases, a damaged video port could cause ghosting, and such defects can only be fixed by changing the video decoding hardware on your monitor.

Can Monitor Ghosting Be Fixed, or Should You Buy a New Monitor?

Introducing a visual defect that follows fast-moving objects, monitor ghosting is a video artifact that makes your gaming experience less rewarding. That said, ghosting is not a permanent defect like pixel burn-in, and it can be fixed by tweaking the settings on your system/display.

Not only this, modern gaming displays come with overdrive technology that is designed to fix ghosting. So, if you are tired of monitor ghosting, tweak your monitor settings, but if that does not fix the issue, you might need to get a new monitor.

This test reveals ghosting, coronas, and overdrive artifacts. See LCD Motion Artifacts 101: Introduction and LCD Motion Artifacts: Overdrive for some examples of motion artifacts.

In full screen mode, you can also drag to adjust the vertical position of the ghosting test.

Pursuit Camera: See Simple Pursuit Camera Instructions . We have co-authored a peer reviewed conference paper , and multiple display review websites now use this test.

IMPORTANT: Close all apps and other browser tabs and windows for best performance! Keep Aero turned on. * Problems? Check Your Browser . Supported Browsers with VSYNC: Chrome (up to 240Hz+), FireFox 24+ (up to 240Hz+), IE 10+ (Limited to 60Hz). Copyright (C) 2017 Blur Busters - All Rights Reserved | BlurBusters.com | Discussion Forums | Privacy Policy | Contact Chief Blur Buster Blur Busters: Everything better than 60Hz™

ghost pc meaning

Top Contributors in Windows 8: Bill Smithers  🙌

December 14, 2023

Top Contributors in Windows 8:

Bill Smithers  🙌

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ANNOYING ghost click when using the computer

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Zaki J

Hi Patrick,

1.   Which windows updates were installed?

2.   What is the KB article number of the installed update?

Provide the kb number of the update which was installed on the computer.

Refer to the link:

How will I know what updates have been installed? Refer: (To view your update history)


Try booting the computer in safemode with networking and check if the issue persists.

Method 1: Safe mode is a troubleshooting option for Windows that starts your computer in a limited state. Only the basic files and drivers necessary to run Windows are started.

Follow the link below to learn how to do so.


Method 2 : If the issue doesn’t occur in Safe Mode with networking, then perform Clean Boot to determine if a third-party program is causing the issue.

To help troubleshoot error messages and other issues, you can start Windows by using a minimal set of drivers and startup programs. This kind of startup is known as a Clean Boot . A Clean Boot helps eliminate software conflicts . Here is the link for your reference to perform Clean Boot:


Note: Please refer to the section: How to reset the computer to start as usual after troubleshooting with Clean Boot of the KB article to boot the computer in normal startup after fixing the issue.

Run the Microsoft safety scanner.

The Microsoft Safety Scanner is a free downloadable security tool that provides on-demand scanning and helps remove viruses, spyware, and other malicious software. It works with your existing antivirus software.


Note: The Microsoft Safety Scanner expires 10 days after being downloaded. To rerun a scan with the latest anti-malware definitions, download and run the Microsoft Safety Scanner again.

Note: Any data files that are infected may only be cleaned by deleting the file entirely, which means there is a potential for data loss.

Hope this information helps. For any further Windows related assistance, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.

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How satisfied are you with this reply?

Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site.

Thanks for your feedback.

This issue has been plaguing me for about a month on a brand new Dell XPS 13.

I have read of many Dell users having problem symptoms with typing that seems to be caused for various reasons by their Touchpad.  In one thread many users were convinced there was a design flaw which meant that there was too much flex between the keyboard and the touchpad and that could result in spurious interrupts from the touchpad, especially when Tap to click is enabled. 

Have you considered disabling your Touchpad when you are going to be doing extensive typing?  Or getting a separate mouse and disabling your touchpad even more.

Here is a thread from the Dell forums which describes the problem and makes some suggestions.


(BING search for     dell xps touchpad typing problem site:dell.com

Heh.   I saw TouchFreeze mentioned in another thread about this symptom yesterday on Answers too.

One impressive thing I see from many examples that and similar searches bring up is occasional involvement from Dell personnel.  That must be reassuring for its users.


BTW thanks for starting your own thread, Patrick.   ; )

Robert Aldwinckle ---

      @Robert: Yes, i have ruled out the touchpad drivers. I uninstalled and disabled it with no success. They were never enabled anyways because i use a mouse.

Ok.  I wasn't sure about your hardware.   What about Touch?  Do you have Multitouch?  Your symptom could also be attributed to spurious interrupts from a Touch screen, especially with keyboard focus following pointer focus, following touch focus.  (I'm not sure how much control we have over each of those associations.)  In that case for a test you would try disabling your Multitouch driver.  If you were lucky that would not necessarily mean that you would lose all support for your Touch screen.  For example, when I do that (on my tx2) I can still use my pen but not my finger and it definitely did stop keyboard focus from being lost so frequently.   Unfortunately, I don't have a very easy method of toggling that support; I need to use Device Manager to do it (though I suspect that I might be able to work out a wmic.exe command which I could implement via a keyboard shortcut if necessary.)

      I will try the above suggestions and take it up with Dell and see what they think. All i was able to figure out by myself is that until i update my computer, the issue is non-existant
Try focusing on updates which are hardware related?  ; )

2 people found this reply helpful

Changing the focus of search from Touchpad to focus strangely finds some of the same threads but now suggestions in them which were previously overlooked may seem more relevant:

(Dell search for     xps typing focus problem


<quote poster="gglenday">

 you must disable the "Ambient Light Sensor Control for Keyboard backlighting" </quote>

So, more hardware quirks but not the obvious ones that I was thinking of originally.    <eg>

There is also a poster in there who is convinced an old reg hack regarding window priority is the answer.  But I still think this sounds more like a hardware interrupt issue than a software (multi-tasking) one.  Also I am unclear about why "Keyboard backlighting" could affect keyboard focus?  Is there perhaps a keyboard shortcut which controls that?  Then it is possible that an assumption might be made about how control got there and where to return to.  Your video didn't exactly make clear where keyboard focus was going when it was lost.  Try pressing the Menu key (or Shift-F10) after it happens the next time for a clue about that.  E.g. think of what would happen if you were getting a spurious F6 in IE without realizing it while you were typing...   ; )

5 people found this reply helpful

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Game Pass adding the best Resident Evil, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla in January

January’s Game Pass lineup is hard to beat on pure volume

If you buy something from a Polygon link, Vox Media may earn a commission. See our ethics statement .

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Claire Redfield holds off a hungry zombie in a screenshot of the Resident Evil 2 remake.

Game Pass subscribers have a hearty January ahead of them, with two big games coming to Microsoft’s game subscription service: Capcom’s eminently replayable Resident Evil 2 remake and Ubisoft’s massive, open-world adventure Assassin’s Creed Valhalla join the lineup this month.

Resident Evil 2 was released in 2019, and it exemplifies the best of Capcom’s work to revitalize its older survival horror games. The game sees dual protagonists Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy responding to the zombie outbreak in Raccoon City, with an interlocking narrative that warrants repeat playthroughs as both characters. In Polygon’s review of the game , we called it “a fresh, expensive-looking game that evokes the best memories of the PlayStation original, while also being something altogether new.”

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla , from 2020, casts players as the warrior Eivor on a grand adventure set against the Viking expansion into England. Valhalla is huge — so big that Ubisoft dialed its ambitions back for last year’s Assassin’s Creed Mirage — with a sprawling narrative that can easily take more than 100 hours to complete. In our review of the game , we called Valhalla an “intriguing story ... about faith, honor, and family” that’s buried inside a “massive, massive world stuffed with combat and side quests.”

Those games will be joined by Hell Let Loose , the World War 2 shooter-RTS that made its debut in 2021 after years of early access. Here’s the full rundown of January’s Xbox and PC Game Pass games for the first half of the month:

  • Close to the Sun (cloud, console, and PC) — Jan. 3
  • Hell Let Loose (cloud, PC, and Xbox Series X) — Jan. 4
  • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (cloud, console, and PC) — Jan. 9
  • Figment (cloud, console, and PC) — Jan. 9
  • Super Mega Baseball 4 (cloud, console, and PC) — Jan. 11
  • We Happy Few (cloud, console, and PC) — Jan. 11
  • Resident Evil 2 (cloud, console, and PC) — Jan. 16
  • Those Who Remain (cloud, console, and PC) — Jan. 16

As previously noted, a handful of games will leave the service in January , including Grand Theft Auto 5 , which will complete its third stint on Game Pass later this week.

  • Grand Theft Auto 5 (cloud and console) — Jan. 5
  • Garden Story (cloud, console, and PC) — Jan. 15
  • MotoGP 22 (cloud, console, and PC) — Jan. 15
  • Persona 4 Golden (cloud, console, and PC) — Jan. 15
  • Persona 3 Portable (cloud, console, and PC) — Jan. 15

Xbox Game Pass costs $10.99 a month, while PC Game Pass costs $9.99 a month. PC Game Pass includes EA Play access, which offers another 70 games on PC. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, at $16.99 per month , gives subscribers access to everything — the PC Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass libraries, EA Play on both console and PC — as well as access to online multiplayer. Xbox Game Pass Core (formerly called Xbox Live Gold) costs $9.99 per month or $59.99 per year.

ghost pc meaning

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    Ghosting (Windows) | Ghosting (Mac) | Q&A | Tips | Warnings This wikiHow teaches you how to clone, or "ghost", your Windows or Mac computer's hard drive. Ghosting a hard drive creates a backup of the hard drive's files, settings, and operating system; you can then use the backup as its own bootable drive on another computer.

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    Monitor ghosting is caused by the slow response time of a monitor relative to what is happening on screen. Of all the LCD monitor types, a ghosting monitor is most likely to be a VA panel because they have slower response times compared to TN or IPS panel types. However, this does not mean that all VA monitor panels cause monitor ghosting.

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    Ghost Busters. Keyboard ghosting doesn't affect everyone, but to those who are affected, it can be a major annoyance. If you want an anti-ghosting keyboard, be sure to prioritize n-key rollover keyboards to eliminate the issue. Does keyboard ghosting affect you? Do you think an anti-ghosting keyboard is a good investment? Let us know below.

  16. What Is Monitor Ghosting, and How Do I Fix It?

    Monitor ghosting is a name given to pixel trails that appear during fast-paced motion as a result of slow pixel response times. You can fix ghosting using the overdrive setting in your monitor's menu, but beware of inadvertently causing pixel overshoot instead. Do you see trails or blurring on your monitor during fast-paced motion or games?

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    Monitor ghosting is a visual defect seen on monitors while playing fast-paced games or viewing content with expeditious action. This fast-paced nature of the content causes the pixels on the screen to give up— causing a shadow/trail of the object to be seen behind it.

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    UFO Test: Ghosting. This test reveals ghosting, coronas, and overdrive artifacts. See LCD Motion Artifacts 101: Introduction and LCD Motion Artifacts: Overdrive for some examples of motion artifacts. In full screen mode, you can also drag to adjust the vertical position of the ghosting test. Pursuit Camera: See Simple Pursuit Camera Instructions.

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    Method 1: Safe mode is a troubleshooting option for Windows that starts your computer in a limited state. Only the basic files and drivers necessary to run Windows are started. Follow the link below to learn how to do so. http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-8/windows-startup-settings-including-safe-mode

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