Mysterious Ghost Words And How They Ended Up In The Dictionary

A ghost writes an essay

Antiquated words are one thing. Take "thee," "thou," "thy," and "thine," for example: you'll almost never see anyone use those over "you," "your," and "yours" these days. Yet the archaic terms were once regular fixtures in English and still have clear definitions (via ). Go to a dictionary and you'll likely find them, with examples. But what if you come upon a word in that dictionary that has never been used and doesn't really exist?

Meriam-Webster calls such words ghost words, "a word form never in established usage." The Cambridge Dictionary concurs, with slightly different wording, and offers an explanation for how such ghost terms came to be. The answer isn't spirits of words from other languages come back to haunt their English killers. Ghost words, by and large, come from mistakes. People making up lists may misread, mispronounce, or inappropriately combine or mangle words, resulting in phantom terms with no prior root and presumed definitions.

Walter William Skeat coined the phrase "ghost word" in 1886. Skeat was president of the London Philological Society , and his annual address that year looked at the challenge posed by ghost words through the example "abacot." An abacot was, according to Webster at the time, a former "cap of state" — meaning a hat — used by the English monarch (the correct term for such is bycocket). Skeat praised the work of the Society's editors, who realized there was no foundation for the word "abacot" and expunged it from the New English Dictionary that was being prepared.

There have been several infamous ghost words

Ghost words may not be technically real, and the London Philological Society may have zealously worked to catch and remove them from lists and dictionaries, but that hasn't stopped some of them from gaining a certain amount of currency. "Abacot" may have been such a ghost word; the man who took it off the list apparently felt the need to defend himself (per Walter William Skeat's address to the Society in 1886). Skeat also cited "kime" as an example in his address. "Kime" won some notoriety when it appeared in a notable publication, the Edinburgh Review, in an 1808 article by Sydney Smith. Writing about presumed customs within Hinduism , Smith claimed that "some [Hindus] run kimes through their hands." A critic of the critic extrapolated from the context some diabolic instrument of torture, but "kime" was just a misprint of the word "knife," as Smith explained in a subsequent edition.

A less dramatic example of a ghost word is "dord." Between 1934 and 1947 (per Merriam-Webster ), this word appeared between "Dorcopsis" and "doré," per Smithsonian , and was defined as a synonym of density used by physicists and chemists. But in 1939, an editor of the dictionary got suspicious and did a little digging. He found no examples of "dord" ever being used. The ghost word was traced to a 1931 paper that indicated upper and lower-case Ds could be used to abbreviate density: "D or d." Someone mashed the note into a new word.

Dictionaries use ghost words for copyright protection

The people who compile and edit dictionaries, one assumes, would be the least enthusiastic about ghost words. The job practically demands being a stickler for accuracy in definition, etymology, and usage. But some of those editors have found a use for these otherwise troublesome ghost words — though naturally, a new purpose brings with it a new word to describe said purpose.

According to World Wide Words , the personal blog of Oxford Dictionary contributor Michael Quinion, dictionary publishers will sometimes include deliberately false entries in their editions, a practice shared with mapmakers and guides to wine tasting. The term for such a word is nihilartikel, a combination of a Latin word ("nihil," or nothing) and a German one ("artikel," or article). Quinion still distinguished between a nihilartikel and a ghost word, calling the latter an example of error rather than deliberate falsehood, but both are examples of words that don't really exist (nihilartikel was proposed as such a word itself, but it has been traced back to the German language as an obscure but genuine term).

The reason nihilartikels are inserted into maps, dictionaries, and other lists is to catch copyright infringement. Unless you plan on reading the dictionary from beginning to end, you're almost certainly never going to encounter the false word and be led astray. But if a search turns up the nihilartikel in a competitor's work, the dictionary publisher who put it in knows they have a copycat on their hands.

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Definition of ghost

 (Entry 1 of 2)

Definition of ghost  (Entry 2 of 2)

transitive verb

intransitive verb

  • bogie
  • familiar spirit
  • hant [ dialect ]
  • haunt [ chiefly dialect ]
  • materialization
  • fantasm
  • poltergeist
  • spectre

Examples of ghost in a Sentence

These examples are programmatically compiled from various online sources to illustrate current usage of the word 'ghost.' Any opinions expressed in the examples do not represent those of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us feedback about these examples.

Word History

Noun and Verb

Middle English gost, gast , from Old English gāst ; akin to Old High German geist spirit, Sanskrit heḍa anger

before the 12th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1

circa 1616, in the meaning defined at transitive sense 1

Phrases Containing ghost

  • ghost kitchen
  • ghost of a chance
  • ghost / shadow of one's former self
  • ghost story
  • ghost pepper
  • give up the ghost
  • ghost chili

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Ghost Sentence Examples

I think I saw a ghost , in the hall!

I could feel a cold sweat passing over me like a ghost at a séance.

The ghost of innate ideas seems to be all that it had left.

Curiously, Buddhism itself is ruled by the ghost or shadowy remainder of belief in transmigration - Karma.

Now it's a ghost town.

Any filly would be skittish about going into a stable where the ghost of another lingered.

His eyes were twinkling, but only the ghost of a smile played around his mouth.

Garnet's Ghost was published as a broadside in 1679, but the other Satires on the Jesuits, although written at the same time, were not printed until 1681.

I can sense the ghost , with trembling fingers dialing the number!

Gabriel gave him a ghost of a smile.

He jumped up, as if he'd seen a ghost .

Thou only, Jesus Christ, with the Holy Ghost , art most high in the glory of God the Father.

You saw his ghost .  I took his form first but found it lacking.

It is possible that Leo's letter to Flavian gave the impulse to put it forward because it contained a parallel to words which Leo quoted from the Old Roman Creed, " born of the Holy Ghost and the Virgin Mary," " crucified and buried," which do not occur in the first Nicene Creed.

A passage difficult of interpretation, but apparently meant to be equivalent to the Eastern Epiklesis or invocation of the Holy Ghost .

In its earliest form it ran simply - "Glor y be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Ghost , world without end, Amen," or "Glory be to the Father, in (or through) the Son, and in (or through) the Holy Ghost ."

Oldham wrote other satires, notably one "addressed to a friend about to leave the university," which contains a well-known description of the state of slavery of the private chaplain, and another "dissuading from poetry," describing the ingratitude shown to Edmund Spenser, whose ghost is the speaker, to Samuel Butler and to Abraham Cowley.

And in one Lord Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, begotten of His Father before all worlds, [God of God,] Light of Light, very God of very God, begotten, not made, being of one substance with the Father, by whom all things were made; Who for us men and for our salvation came down from heaven and was incarnate of the Holy Ghost and the Virgin Mary, and was made Man.

In 1763 he was appointed con-rector of the school of St Martin's, and second preacher in the hospital church of the Holy Ghost ; but he soon afterwards resigned these offices and followed his patron to Berlin.

Taking as our starting-point the teaching of the heretical sects in Russia, notably those of the 14th century, which are a direct continuation of the doctrines held by the Bogomils, we find that they denied the divine birth of Christ, the personal coexistence of the Son with the Father and Holy Ghost , and the validity of sacraments and ceremonies.

When the Holy Ghost (Michael) appeared in the shape of the dove, Jesus received power to break the covenant in the form of a clay tablet (heirographon) held by Satanail from Adam.

The four Gothic churches of St Nicholas,' St Mary, with a lofty steeple, St James and The Holy Ghost , and the fine medieval town hall, dating in its oldest part from 1306 and restored in 1882, are among the more striking buildings.

These include the prohibition of alcoholic drink, of fleshly sins and of marriage, and the inculcation of faith in the Holy Ghost and complete surrender to his influence.

Yet the ghost of the Crusades still lingered.

According to the institution of the Apostles, and the doctrine of the Gospel, let us believe in the one Godhead of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost , of equal majesty in the Holy Trinity.

In the West trine immersion was generally held to be symbolic of the triune name of "Father, Son and Holy Ghost ."

The name Ambrosians is also given to a 16th-century Anabaptist sect, which laid claim to immediate communication with God through the Holy Ghost .

And such bodies placed under the command of a sovereign or grand master, regulated by statutes, and enriched by ecclesiastical endowments would have been precisely what in after times such orders as the Garter in England, the Golden Fleece in Burgundy, the Annunziata in Savoy and the St Michael and Holy Ghost in France actually were.4 During the 14th and 15th centuries, as well as somewhat earlier and later, the general arrangements of a European army were always and everywhere pretty much the same.5 Under the sovereign the constable and the marshal g or marshals held the chief commands, their authority being partly joint and partly several.

There are in South Africa several vicariates and prefectures of the Roman Church, the principal missions being French, those of the Congregation of the Holy Ghost and the Oblates of Mary.

The White Fathers also work in the Great Lakes region, and on the Zanzibar coast are the French Congregation of the Holy Ghost and German Benedictines.

The Duebrbdre Kloster occupied the site of the hospital of the Holy Ghost .

He had been weak enough to pay serious attention to a story about a ghost which haunted a house in Cock Lane, and had actually gone himself, with some of his friends, at one in the morning, to St John's Church, Clerkenwell, in the hope of receiving a communication from the perturbed spirit.

Churchill, who, confident in his powers, drunk with popularity, and burning with party spirit, was looking for some man of established fame and Tory politics to insult, celebrated the Cock Lane ghost in three cantos, nicknamed Johnson Pomposo, asked where the book was which had been so long promised and so liberally paid for, and directly accused the great moralist of cheating.

According to Hippolytus and Epiphanius it was the Holy Ghost that thus descended.

The Treasury of Merits has never been properly defined; it is hard to say what it is, and it is not properly understood by the people; it cannot be the merits of Christ and of His saints, because these act of themselves and quite apart from the intervention of the pope; it can mean nothing more than that the pope, having the power of the keys, can remit ecclesiastical penalties imposed by the church; the true Treasure-house of merits is the Holy Ghost of the grace and glory of God.

Michaelis, but others did not hesitate to stigmatize him as the would-be "corrector of the Holy Ghost ."

There should also be mentioned the SchiJjershaus; the medieval gates (Holstentor, Burgtor); and the Hospital of the Holy Ghost , remarkable for ancient frescoes and altars in rich wood carving, the entrance hall of which is a 13th-century chapel, restored in 1866 and decorated in 1898.

When old-fashioned theologians talked about the canons and councils of antiquity, Laynez answered that the Church was not more infallible at one time than another; the Holy Ghost spoke through the decrees of Trent quite as plainly and directly as through the primitive Fathers.

At these meetings she asserted that she, Cotton and her brother-in-law, the Rev. John Wheelwright - whom she was trying to make second "teacher" in the Boston church - were under a "covenant of grace," that they had a special inspiration, a "peculiar indwelling of the Holy Ghost ," whereas the Rev. John Wilson, the pastor of the Boston church, and the other ministers of the colony were under a "covenant of works."

Accordingly King Saul "ate no bread all the day nor all the night" in which the witch of Endor revealed to him the ghost of Samuel.

At the consecration of the baptismal water the burning Paschal Candle is dipped into the font " so that the power of the Holy Ghost may descend into it and make it an effective instrument of regeneration."

Of the churches the chief are the Protestant Peterskirche dating from the 15th century and restored in 1873, to the door of which Jerome of Prague in 1460 nailed his theses; the Heilige Geist Kirche (Church of the Holy Ghost ), an imposing Gothic edifice of the 15th century; the Jesuitenkirche (Roman Catholic), with a sumptuously decorated interior, and the new Evangelical Christuskirche.

Other buildings are the church of St Nicholas (restored in 1877-1884), dating from 1240, with a lofty steeple; the old town-hall on the market square; the church of the Holy Ghost ; three fine modern churches, those of St James, and St Jurgen and of St Ansgar; and the theatre.

According to the Christian revelation, God is a Trinity, thatis, the Divine Essenceexists in Three Persons, perfectly equal in nature and dignity, the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost ; THE Holy Ghost Proceeds From The Father Only.

Man is made partaker of reconciliation in spiritual regeneration, which he attains to, being led and kept by the Holy Ghost .

It is under the abiding influence of the Holy Ghost , and therefore cannot err in matters of faith.

But he did not understand that this power was spoilt by self-seeking, and his offer of money to the Apostles, to enable him to confer the gift of the Holy Ghost , has branded his name for ever through the use of the word "simony" (q.v.).

The writer says that on the strength of the words of John, that " we were to be baptized with the Holy Ghost and with fire," the Simonians maintained that the orthodox baptism was a mere form, and that they had the real baptism, for, as soon as their neophytes went down into the water, a fire appeared on it.

Sinai, and afterwards, not in the flesh, but in appearance (Solo r G) as Jesus Christ, and, finally, as the Holy Ghost , according to the promise of Christ.

Ghost writers are typically paid up front for their work.

Silently, he began to think he wasn't going to tolerate the ghost in his house long enough for him to figure out what was going on.

The author of the Otbaxr7 goes so far as to assert that whoever does this is guilty of the sin against the Holy Ghost .

The custom of providing a material abode or nidus for the ghost ;s found all over the earth; e.g.

At the same time the ko (" life," "activity," and almost " ghost ,") which clung to the neighbourhood of the tomb and enjoyed the ghosts of offerings in ghostly fashion, had some of the independent enterprise which the bai possessed in abundance.

The Buddha believed he had a way of Truth, which if an elect disciple possessed he might say of himself, "Hell is destroyed for me, and rebirth as an animal, or a ghost , or in any place of woe.

They placed weapons near the grave for the dead friend's soul to use, and drove out disease from the sick by exorcising the ghost which was supposed to have caused it.

The chapel of the Holy Ghost is a picturesque ruin, standing in an ancient cemetery, built for the use of the local gild of the Holy Ghost which was founded in 1525, but flourished for less than a century.

Yet this mere ghost of a picture, this evocation, half vanished as it was, by a great world-genius of a mighty spiritual world-event, remained a thing indescribably impressive.

The ghost has now been brought back to much of true life again by the skill of the most scrupulous of all restorers, Cavaliere Cavenaghi, who, acting under the authority of a competent commission, and after long and patient experiment, found it possible to secure to the wall the innumerable blistered, mildewed and half-detached flakes and scales of the original work that yet remained, to clear the surface thus obtained of much of the obliterating accretions due to decay and mishandling, and to bring the whole to unity by touching tenderly in with tempera the spots and spaces actually left bare.

An Early English crypt remains beneath the neighbouring parish church of St John, where the notorious deception of the "Cock Lane Ghost ," in which Johnson took great interest, was exposed.

Mayor's show in London is the most conspicuous survival; the processions connected with royal coronations and with court ceremonies generally; the processions of friendly societies, so popular in Great Britain and America; processions organized as a demonstration of political or other opinions; processions forming part of the ceremonies of public worship. In a narrower sense of "going forth, proceeding," the term is used in the technical language of theology in the phrase "Procession of the Holy Ghost ," expressing the relation of the Third Person in the Triune Godhead to the Father and the Son.

Thus in " ghost quartz," in which one crystal is seen inside another, the stages of growth are marked out by thin layers of enclosed material.

And in the name of Jesus Christ, who was crucified under Pontius Pilate, and in the name of the Holy Ghost , who through the prophets foretold all things about Jesus, he who is illuminated is washed."

The Teaching of the Apostles, indeed, prescribes baptism in the name of Father, Son and Holy Ghost , but on the next page speaks of those who have been baptized into the name of the Lord - the normal formula of the New Testament.

Then Paul himself lays hands on them and the Holy Ghost comes upon them, so that they speak with tongues and prophecy.

Saul and Barnabas equally are separated for a certain missionary work by imposition of hands with prayer and fasting, and are so sent forth by the Holy Ghost .

The circumstance, unknown to these critics when they made their conjectures, that Eusebius Pamphili, in nearly a score of citations, substitutes the words " in My Name " for the words " baptizing them into the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost ," renders their conjectures superfluous.

The principal churches are the Nikolaikirche; the Church of the Holy Ghost , built in 1728; the garrison church, containing the remains of Frederick the Great and his father, Frederick William I.; and the Friedenskirche, or Church of Peace, erected by Frederick William IV.

His discussion of the Trinity began (1565) with doubts of the personality of the Holy Ghost .

These three propositions were further developed by his followers, who maintained that God revealed Himself in a threefold revelation, the first in Abraham, marking the epoch of the Father; the second in Christ, who began the epoch of the Son; and the third in Amalric and his disciples, who inaugurated the era of the Holy Ghost .

The ghost of the dead hero appeared and so terrified the horses, that they threw and trampled upon the invaders, who were forced to retire.

This ghost acquires supernatural powers, which at any time it may return to exercise inimically to relations or acquaintances who offend it.

He had just passed the altar of the god, when he fell, and with a groan gave up the ghost (October 322 B.C.).

It was the ghost of the old question of investitures.

Anselm was received with high honour by Urban, and at a great council held at Bari, he was put forward to defend the doctrine of the procession of the Holy Ghost against the representatives of the Greek Church.

On the death of Plotinus, as he gave up the ghost , a snake glided from under his bed into a hole in the wall."

Tylor, which closely resembles Herbert Spencer's " ghost theory."

Thus the ghost of the hero or medicine man of a kin or tribe may be raised to divine rank, while again - the doctrine of spirits once developed, and spirits once allotted to the great elemental forces and phenomena of nature, sky, thunder, the sea, the forests - we have the beginnings of departmental deities, such as Agni, god of fire; Poseidon, god of the sea; Zeus, god of the sky - though in recent theories Zeus appears to be regarded as primarily the god of the oak tree, a spirit of vegetation.

If the name of " god " is denied to such beings because they receive little cult, it may still be admitted that the belief might easily develop into a form of theism, independent of and underived from animism, or the ghost theory.

It is plain that the All-Father belief, in favourable circumstances, especially if ghost worship remained undeveloped, might be evolved into theism.

The Holy Ghost (Pneuma), however, as the Spirit of wisdom for ever dwelling with the Father, controls what the Father has appointed and the Son fulfilled, and this Spirit lives in the church.

On the night of the I9th Brumaire a mere ghost of an Assembly abolished the constitution of the year III., ordained The Con- the provisionary Consulate, and legalized the coup sulaje, detat in favor of Bonaparte.

Among its seven churches the Roman Catholic parish church, with a curious cupola and containing numerous old tombs and effigies, and that of the Holy Ghost (r5th century), are remarkable.

We learn in them how Caliban (democracy), the mindless brute, educated to his own responsibility, makes after all an adequate ruler; how Prospero (the aristocratic principle, or, if we will, the mind) accepts his dethronement for the sake of greater liberty in the intellectual world, since Caliban proves an effective policeman, and leaves his superiors a free hand in the laboratory; how Ariel (the religious principle) acquires a firmer hold on life, and no longer gives up the ghost at the faintest hint of change.

A bird is fire-bringer in an Andaman island tale, and a ghost in another myth of the same island.'

It's like a real mystery, a ghost story.

Beware of the ghost in the night that comes a creeping with cat's-paw silence into your bedroom to steal you away!

Instead he played travel guide, pointing out various sights along the way—the occasional abandoned mine building, steep slopes, and the ghost town of Sneffles where Dean had experienced yet another adventure, this one before marrying Cynthia Byrne.

You may have seen a ghost and your conscious blocked it out while your subconscious remembered it.

There was no way she was sleeping tonight, even if she didn't feel any threat from the phantom.  She definitely didn't feel safe without Gabriel there.  She hesitated before going to where the ghost indicated, not wanting to continue without Gabe.  Popping a food cube, Katie huddled in the hollow of the tree and waited.

The phantom Andre was squatting beside her when Katie awoke.  She jerked, surprised at how close he was.  He was real enough for her to feel his body heat, even if he was invisible to everyone but her and moved without a sound.  The fact that Gabe was sleeping a short distance away didn't seem to faze the ghost .  Instead, it pointed to something it had written in the dirt beside her.

A part of him kept asking why he was doing this—not the bik­ing but chasing after a ghost wearing number 888 who was proba­bly hundreds of miles away.

As she heard the door to the garage close, a voice passed over her – a ghost from the past.

Hidden in that last sentence is the ghost -- the words " unborn child.

This vibration may be experienced by someone who may have latent clairvoyance and occasionally ' seen ' as a ghost .

Such ringing as was done was mainly on the front six as the tenor clapper gave up the ghost soon after we began.

Suddenly he saw the ghost city in front of him, and in some way became cognizant of its nature.

I used to ghost write a column for Tommy in the Evening Post.

This production makes the role partially comical, while still reminding the audience of that Marley is a ghost .

Did the ghost show up? He cackled like old coot he was.

Her ghost has been seen wandering corridors searching for him.

This ghost fishing problem can be reduced with the inclusion of easily degradable elements in the construction of the pot.

Also saw a ribbon eel which is also called a Ghost Moray.

And he has an exorcism on stage, and the ghost of Hamlet's father comes out of his stomach.

Whereupon the second filiation takes to itself wings, which are the Holy Ghost , and with this aid almost reaches the Not-Being God.

Also, the main ghost of the story sounds too flippant.

Set in Dudley Castle and involving bagpipes and a rather fruity ghost - or is she?

It was time to exorcize the ghost of season's past.

You may even encounter the real ghost who has been seen on several occasions during our tours!

Bobby ' Mr Glitter ' George Small Talk talks holy ghost with darts ' Mr Glitter.

At one point, straight Janey described how her murdered mother was a mere ghost on police files, irrelevant to the authorities.

The chance to lay the ghost of the one and only grand slam of 1948 may have gone.

Ship's Ghost Lady Thatcher will be taking part in this capacity, complete with her military-grade bouffant hairdo.

The ghost has been frequently seen on the 29th of May waving a handkerchief from a window at the Castle.

Netribution sources say Cleese just gave a lecture at Cornell University, where he confirmed he will play Nick the nearly headless Ghost .

Some say the ghost is that of George Marsh, a sixteenth century preacher with a highly controversial even heretical outlook.

There he was found by Salomon, a weapons engineer who had become a hermit on the ghost world.

From alien sightings to terrifying Skeleton Ghost Pirates, spooks and scares lurk around every corner creating high seas hilarity and swashbuckling excitement.

A bit of stand at ease on the old Holy Ghost [laughs] .

Including 2 good sized adult ghost koi, open to offers as the lot must go due to my pond having.. .

In all the self-colours there is no ghost tabby markings or bars.

Only with the use of an electron microscope are these " ghost " mast cells seen.

He finished his secondary schooling in Dublin then entered the novitiate of the Holy Ghost Fathers, also in Dublin.

Saddam International Tower is a ghost tower - absolutely off-limits to any cameras.

It may be a paper offering horse, a good wishes origami bird, an origami bird, an origami box from waste paper or even ghost money.

There are many reports of a ghost haunting the dark passageways of the Fort.

At Gilimanuk Bay, muck divers will find a host of tiny terrors, including the Ambon scorpionfish and the Harlequin ghost pipefish.

But The Ghost sank the ship and escaped, so there will be no witnesses who might tell the police about him.

First a sneak preview of the design Ghost town I intended the site to use a liquid layout with an elastic side column.

This charming building is yet another MOD property reputed to have its own ghost , this time a monk.

My breath was a chiffon scarf for an elegant ghost .

Anyone who takes the mind seriously in its own terms is often scorned for believing there is " a ghost in the machine.

She lies in bed, holding the scythe, her eyes closed, the ghost of a smile on her lips.

Songs about trains featured heavily during the evening. Ghost train a real swinger with solid drumming!

As independent shops close, once vibrant market towns can become retail deserts (or ghost towns ).

There's allsorts of visual trickery going on including some nice zooming effects that are seen in ghost in the shell.

Paul had virtually invented the divine trinity, the third aspect of which was the Holy Ghost .

The brave little lad stood undaunted ' Til the ghost were within half a pace.

The Sheriff's men, believing a ghost is among them, watch wide-eyed, holding their fire.

The ghost of the ancient wildwood is still very apparent in the landscape.

Toward the horizon, there were the faintest wisps of early morning ghost clouds.

Sometimes the spirits were summoned to appear as did the phantoms of the Greek heroes to Odysseus; sometimes they were called to enter a crystal (see Crystal-Gazing); sometimes they are merely asked to declare the future or communicate by moving external objects without taking a visible form; thus among the Karens at the close of the burial ceremonies the ghost of the dead man, which is said to hover round till the rites are completed, is believed to make a ring swing round and snap the string from which it hangs.

In it he lays the chief stress on the indeterminate nature of the Anglican form " Receive the Holy Ghost " at least from 1552 till the addition of the specific words, " for the office and work of a bishop (or priest) in the church of God," as also on the changes made in the Edwardine order " with the manifest intention...

The Greek Church rejects as heretical, because contrary to the teaching of the first seven ecumenical councils, the Roman dogmas of the papacy, of the double procession of the Holy Ghost , the immaculate conception of the Virgin Mary, and the infallibility of the Pope.

But there is no mention of a third article in the creed, beyond a reference to the Holy Ghost in the context of 2 Tim.

Although ancestor-worship, or, more broadly, the cult of the dead, has in many cases overshadowed other cults or even extinguished them, we have no warrant, even in these cases, for asserting its priority, but rather the reverse; not only so, but in the majority of cases the pantheon is made up by a multitude of spirits in human, sometimes in animal form, which bear no signs of ever having been incarnate; sun gods and moon goddesses, gods of fire, wind and water, gods of the sea, and above all gods of the sky, show no signs of having been ghost gods at any period in their history.

In doctrine the Roman Catholic Church is divided from the orthodox communions of the East mainly by the claims of the papacy, which the Orientals reject, and the question of the " Procession of the Holy Ghost " '(see' Church History).

While all are elected to salvation, only the regenerate may receive baptism, and those who sin after regeneration sin against the Holy Ghost , and cannot be saved.

Pinker thinks there is no ' ghost in the machine ' outside of the purview of physical laws.

They did n't rage against the machine or against the ghost .

The ghost of a butcher who hung himself is reputed to haunt the building.

It was only until quite recently that Gaumont-British 's 1931 version of The Ghost Train resurfaced after many years believed lost.

She was a ghost in white among taller ghosts, and she followed them placidly, her eyes dark rubies in the night.

Anyone who takes the mind seriously in its own terms is often scorned for believing there is a ghost in the machine.

Snooping round the cave was really eerie, a bit like being in a ghost town.

Also spotted has been a monk in a brown habit and the ghost of a manservant in the Masquerade room.

The bus driver was squirting some green liquid at what looked like a ghost , it was hurrying off the bus.

Stockroom assistant Sylvia Ruston said the mischievous ghost had been particularly active in the last few weeks, revealing itself more than ever before.

We lit a fire at night and told ghost stories until it was dark.

Moral suasion by the Holy Ghost upon the natural man, this is all the divine work in it.

Songs about trains featured heavily during the evening. Ghost train a real swinger with solid drumming !

Breath, air, wind, spirit and ghost were synonymous terms.

As we develop safes, armored cars, security forces and ghost squads, so thieving develops further in directions we find unpleasant.

As independent shops close, once vibrant market towns can become retail deserts (or ghost towns).

There 's allsorts of visual trickery going on including some nice zooming effects that are seen in ghost in the shell.

Arden boasts Scotland 's most beautiful Youth Hostel, housed in a grand turreted building complete with ghost .

From Japan, we hear of a blind man who helps the ghost of a vengeful wife to commit murder.

A ghost is also said to haunt the vicinity wailing like a banshee.

The Sheriff 's men, believing a ghost is among them, watch wide-eyed, holding their fire.

Yet they still saw it worthwhile to pursue the ghost within that machine.

The selection includes biographies, mysteries, ghost stories, books about animals, and several classic fairy tales.

Scary Ghost Stories by Marianne Carus and Youngsheng Xuen contains several frightening tales.

The Best Ghost Stories Ever by Christopher Krovatin will captivate ghost lovers.

Rumor also has it that to this day, if one plays a game of cards in that attic room, old James Hornibrook, or at least his ghost , is likely to join in for a hand.

Clearly certain costumes don't require much effort; if you're dressing up as a ghost , you can throw a sheet on and call it a day.

Be a fabulous looking bloodsucker or the ghost of a Hollywood glamour girl.

Kids can take a tour of a Ghost Ship and create a ghostly pirate scene from a jigsaw puzzle.

You play an evil ghost that is trying to get rid of the white ghosts.

Each episode ends with the revelation that the true cause of the excitement rests with a human perpetrator who was pretending to be a ghost or a monster.

In Scooby Doo 1000 Graveyard Dash, you need to lead Scooby out of a graveyard as fast as you can to save him from a ghost that is chasing him.

If you do eat them, you get 200 points for the first ghost and then 400, 800, and 1600 points if you eat two, three or all the ghosts respectively.

Draw a ghost on the top of the cupcake with white frosting in a piping bag.

Words and phrases include "Baptism", "Holy Ghost " and "New Life" among others.

The show is a spin-off of Cartoon Network's Space Ghost Coast to Coast, premiering in December of 2000.

First conceived in the now abandoned Space Ghost Coast to Coast script, the Aqua Teens role was to cover the Space Ghost 's unpaid bill by promoting their restaurant on his show.

Executive producer Mike Lazzo, believing that the episode featured too little of the Space Ghost , elected to nix the script for production.

If you want your group to stay fairly quiet, try playing ghost .

If the ghost is suspected before 10 seconds is up, the other player asks "Are you a ghost ?" and the ghost must respond.

Use royal icing to draw a small bowtie on the "groom" ghost and a small veil on the "bride" ghost .

To coordinate with more serious Halloween themes, substitute strings of blacklights or Halloween-themed pumpkin, ghost , and bat patio lights.

If you want macabre, host your wedding reception in a haunted mansion or find a nearby hotel that has plenty of ghost stories to share.

Think about using the shape of your cake to model a ghost or another costume idea.

Complete the " ghost " by adding black eyes with edible paint, more fondant, or dollops of buttercream.

While many of her co-stars faded from the spotlight, Moore continued to star in blockbuster films including Ghost , A Few Good Men, Indecent Proposal, G.I.

Titled "Tanner's Ghost ," episode five took place at Ayers Island Mill in Orono, Maine.

Her films include Training Day, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Hitch, Ghost Rider, and The Women.

She performed in local theater productions of The Ghost and Mrs. Muir and Annie Get Your Gun, the latter of which she was nominated for an Ovation Award.

Ghost was a romantic drama in which Swayze played Sam Wheat, a man who is killed during a mugging-gone-bad.

Sam's spirit becomes a ghost , who realizes that his girlfriend Molly (played by Demi Moore) is now in danger, as the robbery was linked to a money laundering scheme in which Sam held the computer password to access the cash.

Swayze earned critical acclaim for his portrayal of a ghost who must help his girlfriend while struggling to deal with his own death and limited means of interaction.

More recent appearances include a 3-episode run on the popular television show Scrubs, as well as a guest spot on the drama The Ghost Whisperer.

The movie Ghost includes elements of mystery and the occult, but at its heart it is a dramatic love story.

The background music, Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers, has become synonymous with this romantic and sexually charged moment from Ghost .

Striped orange and black leggings paired with a simple black cotton dress featuring a happy ghost on the front makes an adorable Halloween outfit for a little girl.

If you have time after the cruise, you can experience jazz, delicious food, a wax museum, a World War II museum, ghost tours, and more.

Tabondant - Tabondant has tabs for almost 30 My Chemical Romance songs including The Ghost of You, To the End, Our Lady of Sorrows and many more.

Many women balk at briefs, as these feel like the ghost of women's plus size panties past.

From your victim's perspective, it will look like their mouse is being controlled by a ghost .

What started as a small Old West ghost town attraction in 1940 grew over the years to include more attractions over 160 acres.

Ghost Town - True to the original attraction at Knott's Farm, Ghost Town still includes some of the buildings that Mr. Knott had on the premises in the 1940s.

In Ghost Town, park visitors can watch the Calico Saloon Show and Knott's Fool's Stunt Show.

A blacksmith, crafters, storytellers and entertaining cowboys can also be found in Ghost Town.

Kids will delight to visit Camp Snoopy with the Peanuts™ characters as well as the ghost town, log and mine rides.

They are Jack Ryan/John Clark, the Op-Center Universe, the NetForce Universe, the NetForce Explorers Universe, the Power Plays Series, the Ghost Recon and EndWar Universe, and the H.A.W.X Universe.

Ghost Recon started in 2001 and is a combination of first- and third-person action.

The games in this series include Ghost Recon, Desert Siege, Island Thunder, Jungle Storm, Ghost Recon 2, Summit Strike, Advanced Warfighter, and Advanced Warfighter 2.

In the Ghost Recon series, Future Soldier will be released in 2011 and Lead the Ghosts' release date is still yet to be determined.

To get the second outfit, you need to unlock all 32 Expert staff ghost time trials.

Ghost is a character that is in the video game.

As you play through the one player mission in Ghost Town, you will need to pick up the laser designator.

That's one ghost on maze one, two on maze two, three on maze three, and four on maze four.

After the fourth ghost is eaten, move the controller up, down, and up.

Ghost Recon, first person shooters, and Madden '09 have players on constantly.

The presentation of the mission objectives play out like a military game ( Ghost Recon or Socom) but with a fantasy twist.

In high-contrast situations, a faint " ghost " image can sometimes be seen on the screen.

Sneak behind the Ghost to reach a circular gas tank on the left side.

The Ghost can do boosts, making it go faster, and the Banshee has an extra maneuver, making it easier to fly.

They soon discover that the mansion is haunted by Ichirou's ghost as well as many others, and have to find a way out before it's too late.

Talk to the ghost in the rightmost shed.

Talk to the ghost one last time to pick up the antidote for your teacher.

Explore the mines of Moria, play as Aragorn and seek the allegiance of the ghost army to assist in the battle at Helm's Deep.

The game was co-created with Namco and features characters such as Pac-Man and Blinky the ghost alongside Nintendo's traditional cast.

But, I don't think that means you should beat it with a bloody hammer and wait for its ghost to rise from the grave and suffocate you in your sleep either, so Nintendo be warned.

He bears a resemblance to the ghost shown in the N64 version.

Clear your path by moving blocks around, but don't make too many moves or the ghost of Anibus will get you and you'll lose a life.

For example, you have a sword that you can thrust into a ghost 's body, stabbing it into the ground.

This will hold the ghost there so that you can explore the room while it is writhing in pain.

If Sam performs a SWAT turn at the door he is like a ghost .

As Aragorn, seek the power and allegiance of the deadly, ghost army.

Ghost Squad started as an arcade game, but made its way to the Wii in 2007.

It's not the most innovative Wii accessory on the market, but it could prove to add some value to titles like Ghost Squad and Umbrella Chronicles.

Check to see if there is any lightening of the finish, or the " ghost " of a different pull.

The ghost stories will run out and the marshmallows will all be eaten.

It includes three control schemes, kart color changing, and ghost races.

These " ghost brides" are necessary because the dead man would be lonely without a bride to keep him company in the afterlife.

The players control guests at a party that are being chased by Hugo the Ghost .

For instance 'Boo Nilla' is a white vanilla scented candle which features a ghost .

A ghost costume is still one of the cheapest and easiest you can make, although not everyone has white sheets anymore.

Are you wondering, how do I make a ghost costume?

Ghost costumes are some of the quickest, easiest to make, and most fun costumes to wear.

Before you start planning your ghost costume, you'll need to decide what type of ghost you want to portray.

The most popular ghost costume is made from a simple white sheet paired with small eye holes.

If you find yourself asking, how do I make a ghost costume that actually frightens passerbys come Halloween night, you'll want to add a few more ghastly details and special effects to your costume idea.

While not everybody believes in ghosts, those that do all agree that the frightening image of a ghost is unforgettable.

For those that want a simple ghost costume idea, you can always opt for the classic white sheet.

The Ghost of Christmas Past appeared in the Charles Dickens' classic A Christmas Carol.

The ghost took Scrooge to his past, showing him moments of happiness and joy as well as the turning points that set him on his current path.

In that film, the ghost of the past was an 80s girl that he made out with.

In nearly every version of the Dickensian classic, the ghost of Christmas Past is a fairly androgynous figure, neither definitively adult nor definitively a child.

The Ghost of Christmas Past costume may be the simple to put together.

Depending on the time setting, the Ghost of Christmas Past can be entirely dictated by the main character.

You may choose to dress a child up as the ghost to represent the innocence of the past or an elderly dress to represent a beloved elder who is no longer with the family.

In the Dickens novel, the Ghost of Christmas Past opens Scrooge's heart to the familiar, warm memories he had of the people he loved.

There is a sense of fondness and nostalgia that the ghost should inspire.

The ghost then broke Scrooge's heart by showing him how his own negative actions affected those people that he loved.

Most costuming stores have a Jacob Marley or a Scrooge costume and may even have a costume for other members of the Cratchitt family, but finding a costume that is specific to the ghost of Christmas Past isn't easy.

At LoveToKnow Freelance Writing, we'll show you how to find freelance job opportunities in online Web writing, set your rates for freelance copywriting gigs, and work out an acceptable ghost writing contract.

Fiction writers who want to know how to make money from writing may consider ghost writing projects while working on their own writing.

While they do not make royalties or benefit from long-term credits, ghost writing provides the author with practical writing experience and a pay check.

Internet Based Moms has tips for how to start a ghost writing business.

Many factors impact the rates that individuals charge to provide ghost writing services, including the writer's background and experience, the type of writing needed, and the complexity of the project.

A ghost writer agrees to write work that will be published under someone else's byline.

When you perform ghost writing work or hire someone to provide this type of service, you are entering into a "work made for hire" agreement.

Confidentiality - In some cases, ghost writers agree to refrain from disclosing that they played any role in a writing project.

In other cases, individuals who provide ghost writing services are able to disclose the part they paid and may even be credited with a secondary byline on the finished publication.

Deadlines - All deadlines should be specified in the ghost writing agreement.

Expense Reimbursement - Depending on the nature of the project, there is a chance that the ghost writer may incur out-of-pocket expenses associated with the project.

Purpose of Work - The contract should state if the ghost writer's work will be used for a book, print publication, online publication, screenplay, or other purpose.

Royalty Payments - In some cases, ghost writers are paid royalties on the sale of their work.

There are several websites where clients can post requests for ghost writers who are interested in bidding on a project, such as Rent A Coder and

There are also a number of professional writing companies that offer ghost writing services.

Depression is the main ghost that Pisces struggles to keep at bay, but there are other Pisces zodiac characteristics that the twelfth sign tries to keep at at arm's length, the most notable of which is the struggle with addictions.

Tell ghost stories, eat smores, and sleep in sleeping bags.

Have a picnic, tell ghost stories, and enjoy your time together!

As you can see, you can find lots of fun and free printables to help your little ghost celebrate the Halloween season.

For ease, keep the designs simple, such as as a witch's hat, a white ghost , or a black cat.

If Akira and Ninja Scroll are among the most influential anime movies ever, Ghost in the Shell is easily one of the most commercially successful.

Released in 1995 and directed by the award winning Mamoru Oshii, Ghost in the Shell has spawned a movie sequel, a Japanese television series, and several popular video games.

He has also made television appearances on shows like Ghost Whisperer and Joan of Arcadia.

Films on the list include Now Voyager, Ghost , The Princess Diaries, Somewhere in Time, Waiting to Exhale and Runaway Bride.

Goodfellas (1990) – The quintessential Mafia film had some steep competition that year, including The Godfather Part III, Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore in Ghost , and Robin Williams' Awakenings.

As an example of a really scary ghost story, the tale of the Bell Witch stands out among true ghost stories as one of the most horrifying tales of all time.

If you watch television shows like Ghost Hunters or Paranormal State, you will recognize that the Bell Witch haunting is no ordinary ghost story.

There are few things that can capture the imagination like terrifyingly true ghost stories.

While it's fun to tell ghost stories around a cozy campfire, it's the true ghost stories experienced by real people that bring us the biggest chills.

The following examples outline three of the most famous true ghost stories.

In 1820, John Bell died from poisoning, and the screeching ghost claimed responsibility for the deed.

If you or someone you know is experiencing a real life true ghost story, it can often help to talk about your experience with someone who understands the reality of the phenomenon and can help you to deal with it.

Ghost hunters have been trying to capture conclusive evidence of spirits as long as there have been ghost hunters.

Mumber discovered a way to superimpose the image of a second person onto the negative and printed it off so it appeared that a ghost was in the picture as well!

True ghost haunting or not, Mumber's paranormal picture was a huge success, and many people flocked to his studio to have photos taken of themselves and their "extras".

Here's a situation where a ghost haunting paranormal picture turned out to have a much more benign explanation.

Sure enough, he was able to duplicate the effect of the " ghost ."

Share popular ghost stories, both fictional and factual, and learn what parapsychologists have uncoverd so far.

Here are a few short ghost stories to set your spine tingling.

There's nothing quite as devilishly fun as sharing ghost stories.

If you enjoyed these short ghost stories, share them with your friends.

Several tower guards reported seeing the ghost of an elegant woman leading a procession in the tower.

Others report witnessing the ghost sometimes carrying her own head.

Patrons and staff of the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis report seeing the ghost of an usher pacing along row 18.

Visitors spot this ghost along the catwalk as well, and witnesses describe a ghost that stares at them but doesn't say a word.

Today, his ghost allegedly finds some comfort in the opera house where he spent so much time during his final years.

Ghost hunters around the world always make an attempt to identify ghosts whenever possible.

The ghost hunting enthusiast's website Hollow Hill lists the methods that investigators can use to identify ghosts.

Out of body experiences (OBEs) can potentially create apparitions that result in live ghost sightings.

If the overwhelming circumstantial proof surrounding out of body experiences is true, it could be likely that live ghost sightings are a result of these experiences.

In fact, this phenomenon also begs the question of how many reported ghost sightings might actually be apparitions of people who aren't even dead yet?

Ghost stories can be very scary, but there is nothing quite as unnerving as scary ghost videos.

Paranormal videos and photos are often hoaxes, so it's important for investigators and anyone interested in scary ghost footage to proceed with caution.

If you've ever discovered that you've captured something you think may be paranormal on video, there are several important steps to follow before jumping to the conclusion that you've captured video of a ghost .

Make sure the room wasn't filled with dust or floating insects that may appear as ghost orbs.

When it comes to strange effects appearing on video, sometimes authentic ghost videos are captured.

Some of the best scary ghost videos come from the many paranormal research groups conducting investigations at haunted locations around the country.

The ghost of a house maid supposedly haunts the building.

Then she added, But it looked like a real ghost .

But now she's a contented ghost .

Remember, Annie is a friendly ghost !

Andre, are you really dead?  Or a ghost ?

Because I should trust a creepy ghost that looks like someone I once knew over the Immortal who rescued me from Death.

I haven't finished but I'll tell you, I haven't met anyone who thought there was a ghost of a chance he was fooling around.

Why don't we call her Ghost ?

I don't think I've ever heard of a cat named Ghost .

He was torn again between frustration and the kind of interest that came from trying to capture a ghost .

Especially among the lower races the dead are regarded as hostile; the Australian avoids the grave even of a kinsman and elaborate ceremonies of mourning are found amongst most primitive peoples, whose object seems to be to rid the living of the danger they run by association with the ghost of the dead.

A young Piute Indian medicine-man, known as Wovoka, and called Jack Wilson by the whites, proclaimed that he had had a revelation, and that, if this ghost dance and other ceremonies were duly performed, the Indians would be rid of the white men and restored to power.

The Holy Ghost College became Duquesne University, and in 1920 had 2,129 students, including department of law, 86 students, and evening school of accounts and finance, 1,120 students.

According to common opinion, the matter and form of ordination to the episcopate were the imposition of the consecrating bishop's hands with the words, " Receive the Holy Ghost ."

Thus in the Pontifical the words " Receive the Holy Ghost " are determined and defined by the context.

If we are not prepared to say that the three Persons are one thing - in which case the Father and the Holy Ghost must have been incarnate along with the Son - then, did usage permit, he says, we ought to speak of three Gods.

With a view to facilitating the crusade, a council was held at Bari in October 1098, at which religious differences were debated and the exiled Anselm of Canterbury combated the Eastern view of the Procession of the Holy Ghost .

The town has four Evangelical churches, one of which, dedicated to the Holy Ghost , has a valuable altarpiece dating from the 14th century.

Returning home, he was appointed tutor to the sons of Henry II., by one of whom (Charles IX.) he was afterwards made grand almoner (1561) and by the other (Henry III.) was appointed, in spite of his plebeian origin, commander of the order of the Holy Ghost .

Belief in the fact of the Incarnation of the eternal Word, as it is stated in the words of Ignatius quoted above, or in any of the later creeds, stands or falls with belief in the Holy Ghost as the guide alike of their convictions and destinies, no mere impersonal influence, but a living voice.

Who for our salvation descended from heaven, was conceived of the Holy Ghost , born of the Virgin Mary, suffered by suffering under Pontius Pilate, under Herod the King, crucified, buried, descended into hell, trod down the sting of death, rose again the third day, appeared to the apostles.

And I believe in the Holy Ghost , God not unbegotten nor begotten, not created nor made, but co-eternal with the Father and the Son.

And (we believe) in (one) Holy Ghost .

And in One Holy Ghost , the Paraclete, who spake in the Prophets, 9.

And in the Holy Ghost , the Lord and Giver of Life, who proceedeth from the Father [and the Son], who with the Father and the Son together is worshipped and glorified, who spake by the Prophets, 9.

Against the Church of Rome, however, there was directed the affirmation that the Holy Ghost proceeds from the Father and not from both Father and Son; this rejection of the filioque was not unwelcome to the Turks.

The Roman Catholic missions are chiefly French, and organized by the Congregation of the Holy Ghost and the Lyons African Mission.

The Flag Battery is the "platform before the castle" where the ghost appears in Hamlet.

It will be a high energy performance packed with pirates, man-eating sharks and even a ghost ship.

The legendary ghost tower is once more transformed into a chilling live-action spook experience.

If they're right, they become a ghost , too.

Below are a few examples of some cases where the ghost videos are so convincing that even years later, no one can explain the images that appear on these videos.

The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS), investigators from the Multi-Energy Sensor Array (MESA), and other investigators monitored the library for ghosts due to its reputation for producing many ghost sightings.

One of the more famous and chilling ghost videos hit the world news media in December of 2003 when Hampton Court Palace staff reported capturing a real ghost on their closed-circuit security cameras.

This is done to provide a balanced viewpoint and also reveal the techniques used in faking ghost videos.

Vatican Ghost - did a young vacationer really capture the presence of a spirit at the Vatican?

The links below offer visitors the ability to keep watch at reportedly haunted locations in an effort to see an actual ghost make an appearance.

One of the difficult things about trying to find true ghost videos on the Internet is that there are so many fake ghost videos as well as videos that don't really represent anything paranormal at all.

However, there are things you can look for in order to identify a video that's most likely a real ghost video.

A serene opening - Whenever you first open a " ghost video" where the first part of the video is a very calm and quiet scene, the odds are good that you've just opened up a "scream" video.

These are one of the most common prank ghost videos on the Internet.

There is also a section of ghost documentaries for those looking for a little more than just short footage of the phenomena.

The ghost video clips are set out in a series of thumbnails with brief descriptions.

Watch actual ghost video clips online or on various television shows, such as Paranormal_State or Ghost Hunters, and make up your own mind whether or not they are proof of paranormal activity.

Whether you're a skeptic or a believer, the videos captured by modern-day ghost hunters certainly provide much food for thought.

Actual ghost video clips are difficult to come by because so many of the clips presented to the public can be debunked.

Ghost videos typically fall into three categories, with a wide range of images within each category.

Ghost Hunters provides the most compelling video footage of apparitions.

You'll have to visit the Ghost Hunters' website to view this tape and other clips from the show.

View more ghost videos, including shadow and misty figures, at Real Ghost Videos.

If you believe you've captured a ghost on video or thermal imaging equipment, try to debunk your own evidence first before publishing it as an actual ghost video.

If you think you've captured a ghost video, post it to one of the many sites that accept video submissions, such as Ghost Videos.

Not everyone will believe that you've captured a ghost , but many people will want to see for themselves what your images look like!

Georgia has a healthy tradition of hauntings and ghost activity, and there is a good diversity of sites that might attract the serious paranormal fan, as well as the casual visitor.

Some places claim stories of famous people haunting the location, such as Red Lion Park in England where the ghost of Oliver Cromwell walks each night with his companions.

Must-visit locations in New Orleans for ghost hunters include St. Louis Cemetery Number 1 and St. Louis Cemetery Number 2, particularly the tomb of Marie Laveau, a famous voodoo practitioner.

At Chickamauga Battlefield Park in Tennessee, the site of another Civil War battle, the ghost of Old Green Eyes terrifies park visitors.

Charlie Fisher, a park ranger, is quoted on the Ghost Research website as saying that in the early 1970's, two separate car accidents near the same location involved Old Green Eyes.

Leap Castle, featured on an episode of Ghost Hunters, reportedly contains several entities including one called an Elemental.

View live footage from Gettysburg battlefield and several other locations known for paranormal activity in England and Ireland.Who knows, maybe you'll see a ghost .

It is the ghost of his wife that is said to haunt the premises.

On those dark, moonlit evenings when campers are huddled around the a glowing fire, campfire ghost stories can create an atmosphere of unbearable suspense and awesome fright.

Whether you are searching in a library or on the Internet, campfire ghost stories are plentiful and easy to find.

Others will spook even the most hardened skeptics, such as true ghost stories.

There is something about the magical atmosphere surrounding the dancing flames of a campfire that brings ghost stories to life.

Almost all ghost stories include a claim that they are based on a true event.

Unfortunately it's very difficult to determine whether or not a ghost story is really true without experiencing it yourself.

The majority of ghost stories on the Internet are of this variety.

True Ghost Tales is a very large, well organized library of ghost stories submitted by readers.

Sample titles include Ghost in the Rocking Chair, and My Hell In A Haunted House.

Ghost Place is a huge archive of hundreds of ghost stories written by users.

This Ghost Stories Blog is an impressive collection of professionally written, short ghost stories.

These are longer than the usual camping ghost story, so pick only one or two and warn your captive camping audience that the story will be a little longer than usual.

Bring a little bit of culture into your ghost stories.

On the left of the web page you can click on a country and read through ghost stories that originate from that country.

Ghost proves that England has its fair share of spooky ghost stories.

Some of the titles on this site include The Ghost of Anne Boleyn, and Epping Forest.

Another category of ghost stories that make terrific campsite storytelling are those stories that no one is sure whether or not are really true.

This site also includes an archive, started in 2003, of classic ghost stories.

The contains a collection of well-written ghost stories, including an entire section devoted to fictional tales.

Another excellent resource to find ghost stories for your upcoming camping trip is your local library.

Libraries usually have an entire section devoted to the paranormal, and many of the books in that section are filled with fantastic ghost stories.

You can also order books online that contain entire libraries of some of the most fantastic ghost stories found anywhere.

People who want to believe that our loved ones can reach us from beyond the grave love spiritual ghost stories.

Whether he was a ghost or a physical embodiment has always been debated, but it serves as one of the oldest true short ghost stories ever told.

There are many places to find spiritual ghost stories.

Who doesn't enjoy a really good ghost story?

If you don't have time to read a lengthy ghost story, shorter stories, available in an easy-to-read format, may satisfy your curiosity.

Perhaps you've witnessed unusual things in your home, or have seen what you believe to be an actual ghost .

Ghost stories urban legends take on a life of their own as they are told again and again.

While real life ghost sightings are common across the world, so are classic urban legends about them.

These ghost stories have been retold so often, people no longer know how much of them are true.

Today, the hotel is haunted by the ghost of a Victorian woman.

Her ghost is reported to especially haunt tables six and eight, and her face occasionally appears in the various mirrors.

Guests even report being visited by her ghost in their rooms.

Guests and staff report that when her ghost materializes, she is mistaken for a real person until she walks through a solid wall or a door.

Reported phenomenon created by this ghost include women's cosmetics getting knocked off of his dresser, and the water in the bathroom turning off and on.

The most common apparition is the ghost of a little girl in a dress who runs into the lobby and disappears.

If the flame goes out on its own, you have a ghost in the room.

Much like ghost sightings, Bigfoot sightings occur around the world.

Many ghost hunters claim to find paranormal activity insane asylums.

Here are a few locations that are known for ghost activity and unexplained phenomena.

Two haunted insane asylum stories in particular stand out in terms of intense paranormal activity or friendliness to ghost hunting groups.

Numerous ghost hunting groups have investigated the gigantic property, including Ohio Ghost Hunters, Louisiana Spirits Paranormal, and even TAPS as shown in this YouTube video.

Ghost stories have been around for a very long time, but nothing removes nagging doubts as to whether spirits really do exist like ghosts caught on camera.

Fake ghost photos abound, and they are easily created by those who know how to do it.

Nothing adds that additional flavor to a good ghost story quite like a photo.

On December 19, 2003, posted the photo of a ghost dressed in robes standing in the doorway of the Hampton Court Palace, the home of Henry VII.

While many people may never see a ghost , not to mention have the opportunity to get it on film, thousands of images of ghosts caught on camera do exist.

The Ghost Finders' disposable 35mm camera will add a ghost to every shot.

For every confirmed ghost caught on film, you'll find one hundred faked images, thus proving that seeing isn't always a good reason for believing.

While it is true some people do not intend to fake ghost pictures, the end result is often the same.

People are expected to believe that the ghost came out for just the one photo shoot, never to be seen again.

If the ghost is lit up from the left, but the shadows of the trees fall to the left, the ghost was likely added to the photo.

One of the most famous cases of a ghost caught on video was in 2002 when employees at Puckett Auto in Oklahoma City claimed to have captured the incredible image of a ghost in their junkyard on a surveillance camera.

The ghost , if that's what it was, appeared to be dressed in overalls and was searching the vehicles for something.

Tracy's family is convinced that the ghost in the salvage yard is her.

One of the first groups to investigate this paranormal sighting was local paranormal group G.H.O.U.L.I., which stands for Ghost Haunts of Oklahoma & Urban Legend Investigations.

After carefully reviewing the 29 second clip of the apparition, the group believed that they had noticed one frame where a support line could be seen holding up the ghost .

The group attempted to recreate the video using the stage illusion called "Pepper's Ghost ".

Pepper's Ghost was a theater stage effect starting in the 1800s where illusionists would flash a very bright light onto a glass that's angled at 45 degrees toward the viewing audience.

The fact that this case remains so controversial means that this example of a ghost caught on video should remain in the "unexplainable" category of paranormal evidence.

Unlike other regional folklore with legends of ghostly hitchhikers, the ghost of Blue Bell Hill comes with supporting historical evidence and witness accounts.

Ghost Hunters International conducted several investigations of the town.

In fact, the town is so overrun by " ghost hunters" that they've begun shutting down all celebrations and activities during Halloween to discourage ghost enthusiasts from visiting.

England's long history provides ghost hunters in the UK with a plethora of opportunities to experience haunted places.

While many of these ghost stories are completely fictitious, many have some sliver of truth.

Real haunted sites in Illinois are great to visit if you enjoy ghost hunting.

Robert Allerton owned the home, and most ghost hunters believe the ghost is that of his fiancé, although he never married anyone.

Ghost hunters believe the ghost is that of Mary Bregovy, who was killed when she went through the windshield of a car on that road.

Locals report seeing her ghost floating through a nearby field.

Most people who have an interest in hauntings and ghosts have their own favorite famous ghost story.

If you watch television programs like Ghost Hunters on the SciFi channel, or Paranormal State on A&E, it becomes very apparent that hauntings and paranormal activity exist in homes and touch the lives of many people across the world.

An instance of a ghost may very well be a teammate being captured in a shiny surface, and reflecting back to the camera.

Have you ever taken any ghost pictures or videos?

At Your Ghost, a young man from Australia relates an experience he had in November of 2008 while sitting with his friends and playing with the Ouija board that someone's girlfriend had left sitting around.

What's great about EVP recordings on YouTube is that you can listen to EVP recordings from all types of EVP collection devices including Frank's Box, the Telephone to the Dead, a Ghost Box and various other devices.

At Your Ghost, a young woman told her tale of first being contacted by her deceased uncle whom she believed was her guardian angel.

Resurrection Mary sightings in Chicago continue to this day, leading some to believe that Mary is, indeed, a ghost that walks outside of the Resurrection Cemetery.

The evolution of the Internet and broadband, multimedia streaming technology has brought us to a place where anyone, regardless of location, can remotely investigate a haunted site with ghost cams.

By plugging into web cams remotely, these armchair investigators are able to log any paranormal activity that takes place and potentially capture a real ghost on camera.

The public web cams provide anyone who is connected to the Internet with the ability to point a web browser to that public ghost camera and watch carefully for paranormal activity.

Public ghost cams provide you with the opportunity to see some of that evidence for yourself.

In addition to the few public ghost cams that enthusiasts have set up online, thanks to the same technology, private ghost hunters now have the ability to monitor hot spots for long periods of time.

Normally ghost hunters would enter a paranormal location, set up various recording and measuring devices, and then wait for a few hours with the hope of capturing an abnormal event.

However, by setting up web cams and monitoring them, these new, high-tech ghost hunters have a greater chance of capturing real ghosts on video.

Ghost Watch provides video feeds from an old linen mill in Ireland that is reported to house the ghost of Helena Blunden, a young lady who fell to her death in 1912.

If you have some time and you want to watch for ghosts, just open up a few of these cameras on your computer screen and you'll instantly have your own ghost hunting center from the comfort of your home.

Just be ready to capture a screen shot the moment you see a ghost to have your very own evidence that ghosts really do exist.

And not from a ghost hunter, but from a ghost healer (someone who helps trapped spirits move on).

With the tremendous popularity of the paranormal on the Internet these days, there are a number of ghost sightings cams set up where you can ghost hunt wearing your pajamas from the comfort of your own home.

Ghost video cams are set up in a location that is generally accepted as being haunted.

Ghost cams, usually web cams, are then hooked to a computer with an open line to an Internet connection.

Armchair ghost hunters then pull up the website for ghost sightings cams and watch to see if they catch anything.

Fair warning, viewing ghost sightings cameras can be addictive.

Many ghost cams require frequent page refreshing, so be sure to do this.

Just as paranormal investigators remove sensory stimuli when reviewing evidence of their ghost hunts, you can also benefit from the removal of external stimuli such as ambient light and background noise.

Be aware of this because passing cars could cause reflections on the walls that may be mistaken for a ghost .

Remember that bugs, especially filmed in the infrared light used on many ghost cameras at night, can appear to be all sorts of odd things like orbs or rapidly moving entities.

There are a number of things to watch for when reviewing ghost camera footage.

There are a number of ghost cameras available on the Internet.

The Willard Library is one of the most well-known ghost cameras on the Internet.

Actually, the library has a few ghost cameras set up in different locations in the library.

If you've always wanted to ghost hunt, this just may be your opportunity.

Whether or not there really are true ghost sightings is a topic that is still highly debated.

The majority of ghost sighting videos on YouTube can be dismissed as outright fakes.

Ghost Soldiers in Gettysburg - Gettysburg is the site of one of the worst battles of the entire civil war, and many people claim to have sighted ghosts in various areas around the battlefield.

One of the quickest ways to single out fake ghost videos is to scroll down to the comment area and preview whether people are saying the video is funny or otherwise fake.

Too real - In many cases, people who fake ghost videos don't do it for fun, but simply to pass off the video as a real ghost video either for attention, fame or for any number of other reasons.

If you watch enough videos of authentic paranormal phenomenon captured by legitimate ghost hunters, you'll notice that most paranormal events are very brief, not very distinct and very difficult to immediately notice.

On the other hand, people who create fake ghost videos make the event very clear and distinct.

Too theatrical - Another element of ghost videos that make it clear they are fake is the theatrical nature of those videos.

By focusing your ghost viewing time on the videos that lack these characteristics, you'll be more likely to see some of the impressive paranormal events on video.

The following websites feature some excellent ghost videos that lack all of the characteristics listed above.

Angels and Ghosts offers a whole library of great ghost videos.

Your Ghost Stories has an entire section of "real" videos.

Ghost Hunters captured one of best ghost sightings of all time.

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the soul of a dead person, a disembodied spirit imagined, usually as a vague, shadowy or evanescent form, as wandering among or haunting living persons.

a mere shadow or semblance; a trace: He's a ghost of his former self.

a remote possibility: He hasn't a ghost of a chance.

( sometimes initial capital letter ) a spiritual being.

the principle of life; soul ; spirit .

Informal . ghostwriter .

a secondary image, especially one appearing on a television screen as a white shadow, caused by poor or double reception or by a defect in the receiver.

Also called ghost im·age [ gohst -im-ij] /ˈgoʊst ˌɪm ɪdʒ/ . Photography . a faint secondary or out-of-focus image in a photographic print or negative resulting from reflections within the camera lens.

an oral word game in which each player in rotation adds a letter to those supplied by preceding players, the object being to avoid ending a word.

Optics . a series of false spectral lines produced by a diffraction grating with unevenly spaced lines.

Metalworking . a streak appearing on a freshly machined piece of steel containing impurities.

a red blood cell having no hemoglobin.

a fictitious employee, business, etc., fabricated especially for the purpose of manipulating funds or avoiding taxes: Investigation showed a payroll full of ghosts.

to ghostwrite (a book, speech, etc.).

Engraving . to lighten the background of (a photograph) before engraving.

to suddenly end all contact with (a person) without explanation, especially in a romantic relationship: The guy I’ve been dating ghosted me.

to leave (a social event or gathering) suddenly without saying goodbye: My friend ghosted my birthday party.

Digital Technology . to remove (comments, threads, or other digital content) from a website or online forum without informing the poster, keeping them hidden from the public but still visible to the poster.

to ghostwrite.

to go about or move like a ghost.

(of a sailing vessel) to move when there is no perceptible wind.

to pay people for work not performed, especially as a way of manipulating funds.

to suddenly end all contact with a person without explanation, especially in a romantic relationship: They dated for a month and then she ghosted.

to leave a social event or gathering suddenly without saying goodbye: I'm getting tired so I think I might just ghost.

Digital Technology . to remove comments, threads, or other digital content from a website or online forum without informing the poster, keeping them hidden from the public but still visible to the poster.

fabricated for purposes of deception or fraud: We were making contributions to a ghost company.

Idioms about ghost

give up the ghost ,

to cease to function or exist.

Origin of ghost

Synonym study for ghost, other words for ghost, other words from ghost.

  • ghost·i·ly, adverb
  • ghost·like, adjective
  • de·ghost, verb (used with object)
  • un·ghost·like, adjective

Words Nearby ghost

  • Ghiordes knot
  • Ghirlandaio
  • ghost consultant
  • ghost dance Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2024

How to use ghost in a sentence

The expansion of ghost kitchens was well underway before the pandemic.

The spread of third-party delivery apps and ghost kitchens means that many customers largely interact with restaurants through apps, not the restaurants directly.

New “ ghost kitchens,” or delivery-only restaurants capitalizing on the rise of Grubhub and UberEats, popped up, many specializing in wings.

Last year police in New York state arrested an Army drone operator and alleged Boogaloo Boi on charges that he owned an illegal ghost gun.

Group Nine has been thinking about expanding further in this direction by leveraging the ghost kitchen it launched through Thrillist back in December.

The well, ghost or no ghost , is certainly a piece of history with a bold presence.

Now, she says, her coworkers are actively pranking each other and blaming it on the ghost .

First, the ghost of his departed partner, Jacob Marley, comes calling, his face emerging from the doorknob.

As Monday turned to Tuesday morning, five hostages had escaped and the Central Business District had turned into a ghost town.

The ghost writer in question is assumed to be one Siobhan Curham—an established author of both YA and adult fiction.

T least, thet's all I think 't wuz; though thar wuz those thet said 't wuz Claiborne's ghost .

Meanwhile Fleurette had her nourishing food, and grew more like the ghost of a lily every day.

Our poor planet will be but a silent ghost whirling on its dark path in the starlight.

For a moment there was no consciousness in their gaze; then a whimsical ghost of a smile crept about his mouth.

Now it will be as well here to inquire what good has ever resulted from this belief in what is commonly understood to be a ghost ?

British Dictionary definitions for ghost

/ ( ɡəʊst ) /

the disembodied spirit of a dead person, supposed to haunt the living as a pale or shadowy vision; phantom : Related adjective: spectral

a haunting memory : the ghost of his former life rose up before him

a faint trace or possibility of something; glimmer : a ghost of a smile

the spirit; soul (archaic, except in the phrase the Holy Ghost )

a faint secondary image produced by an optical system

a similar image on a television screen, formed by reflection of the transmitting waves or by a defect in the receiver

See ghost word

Also called: ghost edition an entry recorded in a bibliography of which no actual proof exists

Another name for ghostwriter : See ghostwrite

(modifier) falsely recorded as doing a particular job or fulfilling a particular function in order that some benefit, esp money, may be obtained : a ghost worker

  • give up the ghost

(of a machine) to stop working

See ghostwrite

(tr) to haunt

(intr) to move effortlessly and smoothly, esp unnoticed : he ghosted into the penalty area

Derived forms of ghost

  • ghostlike , adjective

Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986 © HarperCollins Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012

Other Idioms and Phrases with ghost

In addition to the idiom beginning with ghost

  • Chinaman's (ghost of a) chance

The American Heritage® Idioms Dictionary Copyright © 2002, 2001, 1995 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company.

Cambridge Dictionary

  • Cambridge Dictionary +Plus

Meaning of ghost in English

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ghost noun ( SPIRIT )

  • A headless ghost walks the castle at night - or so the story goes.
  • According to tradition , a headless ghost walks through the corridors of the house at night .
  • The Society for Psychical Research is investigating reports of a ghost at the old vicarage .
  • Have you ever seen a ghost?
  • There's no such thing as ghosts.
  • astral plane
  • astral projection
  • incorporeal
  • necromancer
  • reincarnation

ghost noun ( MEMORY )

  • abiding memory
  • associative memory
  • at/in the back of your mind idiom
  • clear memory
  • confabulation
  • have a memory like an elephant idiom
  • learn something by rote idiom
  • live (on) in the memory idiom
  • long memory
  • recollection
  • rediscovery
  • reminiscence
  • short-term memory

ghost verb ( WRITE )

  • Around 80 percent of celebrity books are ghosted .
  • Tony is ghosting the memoirs of Eddie, an ex-con who went to prison for his part in a bullion robbery .
  • He is a freelance writer who is ghosting an article for a corporate executive .
  • bang something out
  • bash something out
  • borrow something from something
  • re-registration
  • readability
  • reformulate

ghost verb ( END COMMUNICATION )

  • She was furious about being ghosted by Dan.
  • If you want to finish with a boyfriend , tell him, don't just ghost.
  • He ghosted his girlfriend and then she became his boss .
  • affiliation order
  • break something up
  • break up with someone
  • child support
  • give someone the elbow idiom
  • give someone the heave-ho idiom
  • give someone the push idiom
  • go off with someone
  • post-divorce
  • run out on someone/something

You can also find related words, phrases, and synonyms in the topics:

ghost verb ( MOVE )

  • Sarah suddenly ghosted out from behind the shed .
  • Three youths ghosted out from a narrow alleyway a short distance ahead of her.
  • Several black shapes were ghosting swiftly over the grass .
  • ballistically
  • make for somewhere/something
  • make towards something/someone

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    1 : the seat of life or intelligence : soul give up the ghost 2 : a disembodied soul especially : the soul of a dead person believed to be an inhabitant of the unseen world or to appear to the living in bodily likeness 3 : spirit, demon 4 a : a faint shadowy trace a ghost of a smile b : the least bit not a ghost of a chance 5

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    to suddenly end all contact with (a person) without explanation, especially in a romantic relationship: The guy I’ve been dating ghosted me. to leave (a social event or gathering) suddenly without saying goodbye: My friend ghosted my birthday party.

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    verb uk / ɡəʊst / us / ɡoʊst / ghost verb (WRITE) [ T ] (also ghostwrite) to write a book, article, etc. for another person to publish under their own name: A writer friend of his was ghosting the autobiography of a jockey. Most of Reagan's newspaper columns were ghosted for him. More examples SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases