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  1. The 15 best Ghost songs

    The best songs from everyone's favourite occultist party band Ghost (Image credit: Loma Vista)

  2. 25 greatest GHOST songs

    text Sammi Chichester February 6, 2023 Get Revolver's new Ghost special collector's issue, plus exclusive colored vinyl variants and merch, at our shop. The first thing you notice when visiting the city of Linköping, Sweden, is the cathedral — a massive 800-year-old gothic structure with a stunning green steeple reaching for the heavens.

  3. Most successful ghostwriters: 5 anonymous hitmakers

    Most successful ghostwriters: 5 anonymous hitmakers Music Meet the musicians providing hits for other performers Some of the songwriters employed to pen inescapable hits for the world's biggest...

  4. Hit Songs, Ghostwriters: Music Stars Who Used Songwriters

    The Supremes The Supremes left their lyrics in the hands of Motown writers like Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier, and Eddie Holland (a.k.a. Holland-Dozier-Holland). This trio penned hits like the 1965...

  5. 10 Famous Ghost Writers And The Music They Wrote

    10 Famous Ghost Writers And The Music They Wrote Spoiler alert: most people don't write their own music. Instead, they get other people to do it for them. They use famous musicians or regular Joes but the fact remains, ghost writing is a lucrative business. Here are some ghost writers and projects you may not know they did.

  6. Ghost Writers: The Surprising Names Behind 10 Famous Works

    1. "Respect" (Otis Redding) You have to respect Aretha Franklin's pipes, but she didn't pen her signature song. Crooner Otis Redding wrote the tune as a bluesy plea to a woman for his third record,...

  7. The 20 greatest Ghost songs

    Features The 20 greatest Ghost songs - ranked From Opus Eponymous to Prequelle, we rank the greatest compositions from Ghost. October 1, 2021 Words: Sam Law Photo: Tom Barnes Undoubtedly the...

  8. Musicians Who Got Filthy Rich Ghostwriting Other People's Hit Songs

    Twitter But you'll find out that ghostwriting songs for other stars isn't anything out of the ordinary in the music industry. Nas is a hip-hop pioneer and Queensbridge legend... ...who also...

  9. 20 Ghostwritten Songs By Famous Artists

    Music Industry November 2, 2023 This list explores some of the best ghostwritten songs by famous artists, which you probably didn't know were ghostwritten. Ghostwriting - when someone else other than the recording artist writes a song - is a common practice in popular music.

  10. Who Are the Six Outside Writers Credited on Ghost's 'Impera'?

    Mikael Eriksson. The release of Ghost 's fifth full length album, Impera, has been a massive success — it sold more copies in the U.S. in its first week than any other album so far this year and ...

  11. 19 Of The Best Songs About Ghosts: Ghostly Playlist

    8. " (Ghost) Riders In The Sky" By Johnny Cash. In 1979, Johnny Cash released his own version of " (Ghost) Riders in the Sky.". It climbed its way to #2 after staying on Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks for 16 weeks. "Ghost Riders in the Sky" is a western song about the vision of a cowboy.

  12. Every Ghost Song Ranked From Worst to Best

    Every Ghost Song Ranked From Worst to Best Loudwire Staff Published: August 17, 2018 Buda Mendes, Getty Images Ghost exploit the music of the church to create a weapon against itself. By...

  13. The 55+ Best Songs About Ghosts, Spirits, And Hauntings

    Bruce Springsteen has written several songs about ghosts. His tunes "The Ghost of Tom Joad" and " Spirit in the Night " both appear on this list of the greatest ghost songs.In 1998, Phish released an album entitled Story of the Ghost. The album's first track, "Ghost," appears on this list. Tegan & Sarah had a hit with their track ...

  14. Every Ghost album ranked from worst to best

    By Joe Daly ( Metal Hammer ) published 10 March 2022 From the riffy rituals of Opus Eponymous to the devilish dance anthems of Impera, here are Ghost's albums ranked in order of greatness (Image credit: Press)

  15. Fan Poll: Top 5 Ghost Songs

    2. "Year Zero" From the very first chant of "Beelzebub," it's immediately clear that "Year Zero" is going to be a doozy. The second single from the band's 2013 sophomore album, Infestissumam, is one of only two Ghost songs for which Tobias Forge wasn't the principle songwriter, and its new-wavy bass line, jittery drums and space-age vocal layering gives it a unique flair within their catalog.

  16. Every Ghost Album Ranked

    Loudwire's ranking of every full-length album by Ghost. Loma Vista. 5. Prequelle. While Prequelle was a triumph for its infectious first single, "Rats," the irreplaceable anthem "Dance ...

  17. Your Top 10 Ghost Songs? : r/Ghostbc

    Faith. Year Zero. Call Me Little Sunshine. Ritual. Mary on a Cross. Elizabeth. Majesty. Watcher in the Sky. Tough to pick a top 10, so many good songs.

  18. The 100 Greatest Songwriters of All Time

    10-1. The Bee Gees. America first discovered the Bee Gees with the 1977 disco soundtrack Saturday Night Fever. But that multiplatinum triumph was just the tip of the iceberg: Australian brothers ...

  19. Best Ghost Songs: Stream Our Playlist

    10 Best Songs October 27, 2022 9:35 AM By Brad Sanders. Last month, the Swedish pop-metal outfit Ghost had their first-ever Billboard Hot 100 hit with "Mary On A Cross," a previously obscure B ...

  20. Who is the best ghostwriter of all time? : r/hiphop101

    Eminem - wrote for dr dre and d12. Jay-Z - wrote for dr dre, foxy, memphis bleek. Nas - wrote for foxy, will smith, dr dre, diddy. those drake ghostwriters like party next door, weeknd. Quinten Miller - wrote for Drake. Biggie - wrote for Lil Kim, diddy, and junior mafia. Ice Cube - wrote for Eazy E and NWA.

  21. Tobias Forge Picks Best Ghost Song for Introducing New Fans

    Pick up Ghost vinyl, action figures, merch and more over at Revolver's shop.. Ghost are one of the biggest bands in the heavy music landscape, but they're not the easiest group to introduce a new listener to. Their ghastly, Satanic image suggests extreme-metal heaviness and some of their riffs do churn with a doomy girth, but most of their songs actually sound like uplifting pop-rock music.

  22. Best Ghost Songs of All Time

    Ghost has played in major festivals like Primavera Sound Festival | Summerfest Ghost has upcoming events in Hi Im Hvdes (Hi Im Ghost x Hvdes) Without further ado, here are Ghost top 10 tracks of all time: 1. Mary On A Cross Ghost 2. Square Hammer Ghost 3. Dance Macabre Ghost 4. Call Me Little Sunshine Ghost 5. Spillways Ghost 6. Year Zero Ghost 7.

  23. Ghost Songs Ranked

    10. Genesis (Opus Eponymous 2010) "Everything from the melodic riffing to the emotional acoustic outro to end the album - one of the best modern rock instrumentals!". 9. Rats (Prequelle, 2018) "I've been on the edge of getting into ghost for quite some time.

  24. Britney Spears Says She's Ghostwritten Over 20 Songs

    Spears rang in the new year by shooting down reports that she'd been working with "random people" like XCX and Julia Michaels to write songs on a new album — but she's not fully dashing ...

  25. Underworld's 20 best songs

    An obscure delight. 19. Diamond Jigsaw (2010) Barking was Underworld's poppiest album and Diamond Jigsaw is as close as the band has come to traditional pop or rock, with Karl Hyde's guitar to ...

  26. New Year's Songs: 16 Tracks To Give You A Fresh Start In 2024, From The

    2022's Best New Artist, Olivia Rodrigo, earned her first in a Rock category for "ballad of a homeschooled girl" (Best Rock Song); 2022's Album Of The Year winner, Jon Batiste, has his first in the Song Of The Year ("Butterfly") and Best Pop Duo/Group Performance ("Candy Necklace" with Lana Del Rey) categories; Brandy Clark collected her first ...

  27. The Best 20 Michael Stipe Quotes

    It's equally humbling and uplifting.". 10. "When I get really hammered I take my clothes off. That's a sure sign. It's been a long time since the last time I did that. Probably a year ...

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    Variety's picks for 2023's best songs include choices from Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa, Boygenius, Victoria Monét, Drake, Olivia Rodrigo and Lana Del Rey.

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    Here's a look at the biggest pop culture moments of 2023. More: Marques Houston, Adam Driver, Rihanna and more celebrities who welcomed babies in 2023. We know you love lists, so we've compiled ...