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  1. Guidance on Conducting a Systematic Literature Review

    duct literature review" and "review methodology." After reviewing the first twenty pages of search results, we found a total of twenty-eight potentially relevant articles. Then, we refined our keywords. A search on Web of Science using keywords "review methodology," "literature review," and "synthesis" yielded a total of 882 ...

  2. PDF How to Write a Literature Review

    A literature review is a review or discussion of the current published material available on a particular topic. It attempts to synthesizeand evaluatethe material and information according to the research question(s), thesis, and central theme(s). In other words, instead of supporting an argument, or simply making a list of summarized research ...

  3. PDF Your essential guide to literature reviews

    a description of the publication. a summary of the publication's main points. an evaluation of the publication's contribution to the topic. identification of critical gaps, points of disagreement, or potentially flawed methodology or theoretical approaches. indicates potential directions for future research.

  4. PDF The Science of Literature Reviews: Searching, Identifying, Selecting

    A literature review is an evaluation of existing research works on a specific academic topic, theme or subject to identify gaps and propose future research agenda. Many postgraduate students in higher education institutions lack the necessary skills and understanding to conduct in-depth literature reviews.

  5. Assessing Quality in Systematic Literature Reviews: A Study of Novice

    In Step 1—training—1 week before the face-to-face training, the training facilitator e-mailed to participants the MQQ rating scale and a published study, which had been previously evaluated by an expert reviewer. The facilitator asked participants to use the MQQ instrument to assess the quality of the study before the training.

  6. How to Write a Literature Review

    Examples of literature reviews. Step 1 - Search for relevant literature. Step 2 - Evaluate and select sources. Step 3 - Identify themes, debates, and gaps. Step 4 - Outline your literature review's structure. Step 5 - Write your literature review.

  7. PDF CHAPTER 3 Conducting a Literature Review

    3.1 Summarize what a literature review is, what it tells the reader, and why it is necessary. 3.2 Evaluate the nine basic steps taken to write a well-constructed literature ... needed to write a quality academic literature review. Although it is widely recognized that many students fear statistics, less acknowledged is that the fear, loathing ...

  8. Quality of Literature Reviews

    To understand better how to achieve a good quality literature review, it is helpful to look at the specific processes of the archetypes of literature reviews introduced in Section 2.5; they can also be found in Fig. 3.1, which presents a further classification of the protocol-driven approaches to literature reviews.Even though different archetypes serve different purposes, there are similar ...

  9. PDF Systematic Literature Reviews: an Introduction

    In 1987, a review of 50 literature reviews in major medical journals found only one with clearly specified methods for identifying, selecting, and validating included information (Mulrow, 1987). A similar study in 1999 reviewed 158 review papers, and ... Assess study quality: use a pre-defined method for assessing the quality of included studies.

  10. (PDF) Literature Review and Academic Research

    A thorough, sophisticated literature review is the foundation and inspiration for substantial, useful research. The complex nature of education research demands such thorough, sophisticated reviews.

  11. Quality Assessment in Systematic Literature Reviews: A Software

    Context: Quality Assessment (QA) of reviewed literature is paramount to a Systematic Literature Review (SLR) as the quality of conclusions completely depends on the quality of selected literature.A number of researchers in Software Engineering (SE) have developed a variety of QA instruments and also reported their challenges. We previously conducted a tertiary study on SLRs with QA from 2004 ...


    Abstract. Service quality becomes the crucial issue for hospitality industry and the theory of service quality has evolved over long period of time through testing and trials in service sector ...

  13. A systematic literature review of empirical research on quality

    Quality requirements deal with how well a product should perform the intended functionality, such as start-up time and learnability. Researchers argue they are important and at the same time studies indicate there are deficiencies in practice. Our goal is to review the state of evidence for quality requirements. We want to understand the empirical research on quality requirements topics as ...

  14. PDF Quality of literature review and discussion of findings in selected

    in literature review are an indicator of the quality of paper being evaluated. Literature reviews use a combination of primary, secondary and tertiary sources to document and analyse what has been published on any given topic through time. Academic research is based on primary sources whereas literature review is based on secondary sources.

  15. PDF Conducting a Literature Review

    The world's largest and highest quality publisher-neutral citation index. Essential Science Indicators Reveals emerging science trends as well as influential individuals, institutions, ... Literature Review A literature review is a survey of scholarly sources that provides an overview of a particular topic. Literature reviews are a collection of

  16. Writing a Literature Review

    A literature review is a document or section of a document that collects key sources on a topic and discusses those sources in conversation with each other (also called synthesis ). The lit review is an important genre in many disciplines, not just literature (i.e., the study of works of literature such as novels and plays).

  17. PDF Quality Assurance in Higher Education: A Literature Review

    The question of how institutions can best meet the burden of assuring quality is the subject of several publications. This paper provides a review of the quality assurance literature in higher education. Before proceeding, it is important to outline the limits of this literature review. The review focuses very specifically on quality assurance ...

  18. (PDF) Financial Reporting Quality: A Literature Review

    Financial reporting quality has become a center of focus for study and stakeholders due to accounting standards convergence, accounting standards harmonization, economic crises, growth in ...

  19. Literature review as a research methodology: An ...

    This is why the literature review as a research method is more relevant than ever. Traditional literature reviews often lack thoroughness and rigor and are conducted ad hoc, rather than following a specific methodology. Therefore, questions can be raised about the quality and trustworthiness of these types of reviews.

  20. PDF Quality of Education and Teacher Learning: A Review of the Literature

    A conceptual framework, derived from the review of the literature, displaying some of the complexities of the processes at the school level that lead to quality, is included in the final part of the paper. The perspective of the literature review is that programs designed to improve quality

  21. (PDF) The Literature Review

    A literature review is a search and evaluation of the available literature in your given subject or chosen topic area [22]. At the end of the study, it was emphasized that the prepared sections ...

  22. Literature review

    Writing a literature review has a lot in common with other assignment tasks. There is advice on our other pages about thinking critically, reading strategies and academic writing. Our literature review top tips suggest some specific things you can do to help you submit a successful review. Literature review top tips (pdf)


    Abstract Allport specified four conditions for optimal intergroup contact: equal group status within the situation, common goals, intergroup cooperation and authority support. Varied research supports the hypothesis, but four problems remain. 1. A selection bias limits cross-sectional studies, since prejudiced people avoid intergroup contact. Yet research finds that the positive effects of ...

  24. (PDF) What constitutes a good literature review and why does its

    The poor quality of a literature review, i.e., providing a list of studies followed by statements of what was done in the paper without any direction, critical analysis, or identification of ...

  25. Economic impact of a clinical pharmacist in the orthopaedic sector: a

    Objectives This review of the literature aimed to evaluate the economic impact of a clinical pharmacist in the orthopaedic sector. Methods The review followed the PRISMA recommendations. A bibliographic search was conducted on 23 June 2023 using PubMed, Cochrane Library and Web of Science. All articles in French or English with economic data on clinical pharmacy activities in orthopaedics were ...