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Discover more about the world’s premier platform of peer-reviewed literature

What is ScienceDirect

Elsevier’s leading platform of peer-reviewed scholarly literature.

University libraries and institutions offer ScienceDirect access to their communities of researchers.

Researchers, teachers, students, healthcare and information professionals use ScienceDirect to improve the way they search, discover, read, understand and share scholarly research.

Search ScienceDirect now

Find articles from over 2,500 journals and more than 40,000 book titles on ScienceDirect.

ScienceDirect combines authoritative, full-text scientific, technical and health publications with smart, intuitive functionality so that users can stay informed in their fields and can work more effectively and efficiently.

ScienceDirect empowers smarter research at every step

Whether a journey for answers is short or long no one should travel alone. ScienceDirect provides the high-quality answers that improve research performance.

Go beyond search and discovery. ScienceDirect features:

Millions of publications from full-text journal articles to authoritative books. Elsevier’s stringent publishing standards guarantee quality publications. Journals are guided by eminent editorial boards and articles are rigorously peer-reviewed. Books on ScienceDirect cover 24 subject collections across disciplines such as biochemistry, genetics and molecular biology, chemistry, clinical medicine, engineering and veterinary medicine.

Thousands of Elsevier journals, articles and book chapters are available on ScienceDirect as open access.

Turn information into knowledge with efficient online tools

ScienceDirect features sophisticated search and retrieval tools that make it easy to discover more relevant journal articles and book chapters.

Access to ScienceDirect begins with your library or information professional team

Supporting research

Learn how ScienceDirect empowers smarter research.

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Improve your research performance today. Anyone can use ScienceDirect to access, explore, discover, read and save research. Let ScienceDirect take you to the research that brings answers. Become a ScienceDirect registered user to personalise features, receive alerts, track & share your work.

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ScienceDirect Support Center

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How do I publish my article with Elsevier?

Follow these steps to submit your article using our online submission system Editorial Manager:

  • This option may not always be available as some journals do not accept submissions.
  • Sign in to Editorial Manager, or register if you are a first-time user.
  • Follow the steps to submit your article. 

Helpful tools and pages

These helpful tools and pages available can help you navigate the publication process.

Finding the right journal

  • Browse Calls for papers
  • JournalFinder

Help with submitting and tracking your article

  • Publishing with Elsevier: step-by-step — provides a good overview of the publication process for first-time authors.
  • Track your accepted article — tool to track your submitted article after it has been accepted.
  • Journal Article Publishing Support Center — support portal for any questions related to publishing with Elsevier (e.g., open access, publication costs, fees, submission timelines) and contact information.

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Journals & Magazine Articles

  • ProQuest SciTech & Technology

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Specialist Resources

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What is ScienceDirect?

ScienceDirect  is a multi-disciplinary, peer-reviewed journal article database covering research in the fields of science, technology, medicine, social sciences and humanities.

Let's start searching ScienceDirect!

1. At the ScienceDirect  homepage, key in your search statement in the box, or click on Advanced Search . You need to use Boolean search techniques in order to get relevant search results in ScienceDirect. Unsure about how to use Boolean? Check out this interactive game .

research paper on sciencedirect

2. If you've selected Advanced Search, key in your search statement as shown below. 

research paper on sciencedirect

3. At the results page, use the filters on the left to refine your search results if necessary. For scientific research topics, currency is important so make use of the publication date filter! 

Click on the article title you wish to view.

research paper on sciencedirect

4. At the article page, you can read the full text or click on the download button to save the article as a PDF.

research paper on sciencedirect

Locating more articles

Once you've found an article relevant to your topic, make use of the Recommended Articles , Citing Articles and References to leapfrog to more articles from the same topic.

Recommended Articles and Citing Articles can be found at the top right of the article page.  Recommended articles are articles available in ScienceDirect of a similar topic area . Citing articles refer to other articles which have listed the article you've found, in their reference list . You can tell if the article or research is more impactful in its field, if it has been cited many times. 

research paper on sciencedirect

Don't forget to check out the References listed at the bottom of the article! As the author has cited these articles in his/her paper, they would generally be of the same topic area.

research paper on sciencedirect

Some articles can be accessed through ScienceDirect - for these, you will see a Download PDF button. For articles not found in ScienceDirect, click on the Google Scholar link to do a search in Google Scholar .

Not all the articles listed under Citing articles or References section may be accessible.  You can use the Document Delivery Service if you found an article which Library does not have access to. Click here to access the form for staff or student .

Research vs Review articles

ScienceDirect has both Review as well as Research articles.

research paper on sciencedirect

Original research articles are usually written by the people who conducted the research. 

Review articles are summaries of current research on a certain topic. Reading a review article is an excellent way to find out more about a topic.

Use the filters to narrow your results to choice of article type.

research paper on sciencedirect

How to Use Science Direct

Document Delivery Service

Not all articles in ScienceDirect are available in full text . Sometimes, instead of Download PDF, you will see Get Access.

research paper on sciencedirect

Don't worry! Submit a Document Delivery request for staff or student , and Library will get the article for you. Students will require their lecturer's support.

Export your results to Mendeley

ScienceDirect allows you to easily export articles to Mendeley. Sign up for a free Mendeley account to keep track of your research and easily generate the citations in your reference list.

research paper on sciencedirect

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Trending Articles

  • A modern way to teach and practice manual therapy. Kerry R, et al. Chiropr Man Therap. 2024. PMID: 38773515 Free PMC article. Review.
  • Oncogenic fatty acid oxidation senses circadian disruption in sleep-deficiency-enhanced tumorigenesis. Peng F, et al. Cell Metab. 2024. PMID: 38772364
  • Global burden and strength of evidence for 88 risk factors in 204 countries and 811 subnational locations, 1990-2021: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2021. GBD 2021 Risk Factors Collaborators. Lancet. 2024. PMID: 38762324 Free PMC article.
  • Effects of Semaglutide on Chronic Kidney Disease in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes. Perkovic V, et al. N Engl J Med. 2024. PMID: 38785209
  • Covalent targeted radioligands potentiate radionuclide therapy. Cui XY, et al. Nature. 2024. PMID: 38778111

Latest Literature

  • Am J Sports Med (2)
  • Gastroenterology (1)
  • J Biol Chem (1)
  • J Clin Endocrinol Metab (2)
  • J Neurosci (3)
  • Nat Commun (35)
  • Nucleic Acids Res (3)

NCBI Literature Resources

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    ScienceDirect is a website that provides access to a large bibliographic database of scientific and medical publications of the Dutch publisher Elsevier.It hosts over 18 million pieces of content from more than 4,000 academic journals and 30,000 e-books of this publisher. The access to the full-text requires subscription, while the bibliographic metadata is free to read.

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    Elsevier's leading platform of peer-reviewed scholarly literature. University libraries and institutions offer ScienceDirect access to their communities of researchers. Researchers, teachers, students, healthcare and information professionals use ScienceDirect to improve the way they search, discover, read, understand and share scholarly ...

  10. How do I publish my article with Elsevier?

    Select ' Submit your article ' on the homepage of the journal you would like to publish in. This option may not always be available as some journals do not accept submissions. Sign in to Editorial Manager, or register if you are a first-time user. Follow the steps to submit your article. After submitting your article, use the reference number ...

  11. ScienceDirect

    ScienceDirect has both Review as well as Research articles. Original research articles are usually written by the people who conducted the research. Review articles are summaries of current research on a certain topic. Reading a review article is an excellent way to find out more about a topic.

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    In any field of research, peer review is an important part of the research process, as it is used to uphold standards and offer credibility. The idea is that peers familiar with the literature, methodology, and the area of study of your paper can read for quality assurance. When a paper is submitted to a journal or conference, the editor ...

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    You can also choose to submit a brief, peer-reviewed data article. Your data article will be published in the dedicated, open access journal Data in Brief and will be indexed, as well as linked, with your original research article. Be sure to cite your research data in your article. This ensures you receive credit for your work, while making ...

  14. How to Search Research Papers in ScienceDirect

    There is a way to filter journal articles, book chapters or any research content in ScienceDirect. If this filtering is not done, exact paper/papers will not...

  15. Find a journal

    Elsevier Journal Finder helps you find journals that could be best suited for publishing your scientific article. Journal Finder uses smart search technology and field-of-research specific vocabularies to match your paper's abstract to scientific journals.

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    1. Introduction. A research paper communicates scientific work to a wide audience. Without publishing results, the important data collected, analyzed, and interpreted is inaccessible to the scientific community and hence of little or no value. In order to advance the science, researchers must share their results.

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    ScienceDirect Complete provides electronic access to all of your Elsevier print journal holdings, with the option to subscribe to additional online content. You begin with access to the current and four previous years of content and add content annually. Available to. Academic and government institutions and corporations.

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