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Poster printers machines for schools, award maker machines, & laminators for schools.

Poster printer for schools. A picture of our ColorPro Poster Maker for your school.

ColorPro Family of Poster Makers

A model for any need or budget.

Award maker for schools

The Recognizer® Award Maker

Create custom awards, decals & more….

A picture of no heat laminator.

The CoolLam®

The non-heat & non-electric laminator, a digital printer supply company you can trust .

Buying poster printer for schools over the Internet involves risk. Simply appearing at the top of a Google search doesn’t guarantee a company is reputable. Actually, you really don’t know anything about the company, and every website you visit claims that their system is the “best.”

How do you know who to trust? Let us show you how we are industry leading in supplying the best poster printer machines for schools.

First, look for legitimate, 3rd-party endorsements. Not many companies can say they have earned the coveted “A+” rating from the Better Business Bureau, and Presentation Solutions is proud to be one of them. Second, review our Testimonials below – after all, schools who have invested their own money into something are an excellent source of guidance. Third, ask for actual samples from any company you are considering – if the company is sound, and their products are good, they will be happy to prepare samples for you!

Click here to receive your FREE samples from us, including a customized banner for your school!

Poster maker machines for schools presentation solutions, your school’s in-house large format poster printing & award maker solution.

We also supply school poster makers, award makers, and no heat laminators! Like a “Makerspace on steroids,” our systems have over 1,000 Education-specific templates, which you can print as they are or customize to include your own students’ pictures and names. With our systems, you truly can transform your school from wherever it is now – to what you want it to be – overnight!

Easy to Use Printer Software

Although our easy poster printer software is user-friendly, we provide ongoing support on how to use a poster maker machine. Your school can make custom posters and banners on-site, from personalized graduation yard signs to honor student bumper stickers.

Put your design skills to work and create a professional poster with our easy-to-use products. We even supply lamination machines, banner printing machines, poster templates, and much more.

Presentation solutions' complete poster making, award making and laminating machine solution for your school.


In the short time we have had the Color ProPrinter, Cool Laminator, and The Max, your products have exceeded our original expectations. Our Career Technical Education Business Class has been able to put the products to use in various ways throughout our school and community.”

Patti Wilkins Seaman, CTE Director – George County High School, Lucedale, MS

We purchased your MAX system last year and we have thoroughly enjoyed using it and greatly benefited financially from it. One reason I love it is because the students get to participate in the design and production. They really enjoy the process and love seeing the end result. Another reason is the money we have made. Just the other night we worked the Male football team fish fry and we had people lined up for two hours…. We made over $500 in 2 hours!

Christy Harris, CTE Director – Louisville Male High School, Louisville, KY

Your Max cutter and printer system are just the perfect fit for marketing classes to put in to practice those entrepreneurial concepts we discuss in class. It also allows us real-life applications for developing marketing strategies in order to establish a target market, provide a good product, and meet our customer’s needs. Read More…

Cynthia R. Smith, CTE Director – Grayson County Area Technology Center

The week we received it [Max Graphics System] we made a banner to celebrate our test scores and did 121 plaques to reward our students for test performance, all in the same day. The best experience we have had is an ABA basketball tournament. We set up for 6 hours and cleared over $800 with just two of us working. This system is great and is so easy to use.

Lucia C. Jenkins, Assistant Principal – Webster County High School in Dixon, Kentucky

Working with our Community Education Director, we are planning a service Learning Project. Each of our county schools has a pep rally to encourage the students to do their best.on the state tests. We hope to get items donated from local businesses to be given away at these CATS Pep Rallies. To show appreciation to the businesses, we will create vinyl window decals for them to display on their store windows. “We support Livingston County Schools!”

Greta Ramaqe, Business Teacher – Livingston Central High School

We are making custom designed decals for car windows supporting every sport and activity in our building. At registration this year alone we did over $600.00 in two days. We are currently looking into a number of other areas to expand our product.

Bill Byrne – Butler Traditional High School, Louisville, Kentucky

It is so COST EFFECTIVE (saving $$$) and EASY to make these awards verses purchasing. them at a trophy shop. You get the look you want at a fraction of the cost. The training on the use of the system at the beginning when it was purchased made all the difference in the world in its use for my school. Speaking for myself, if I know how something works and I don’t have to spend a lot of time (that I don’t have) on figuring out how it works, I will use it!!! And I Do!!!

Tammy Blair, Curriculum Instruction – Technology Specialist, Bonnieville School, Bonnieville, KY

The possibilities are endless with this great product! I cannot say enough about the great product as well as the great customer service that I have received from Presentation Solutions! I recommend this product to any school or business! Thanks again for all of your help!

Mrs. Robin Hurst, Fulton High School, Fulton, Kentucky

My students and I have found so many uses for the [MAX Graphic] machine; I could not even begin to list everything. Students have used the machine for fundraising activities for SkillsUSA and have secured fundraising contracts to create sports decals for Little League, Small Fry Football, and the Youth Soccer League to name a few. In addition, Collision Repair class has benefited from the machine with graphic designs, pinstriping. and decal replacement.

Minnie McCord, Instructor – Fleming County High School Pathway to Careers Program

Since the purchase cf the Max Graphic System, we have used it during our county basketball tournament to produce immediate vinyl decals that had the county championship team and were personalized. Every member of the team purchased one of these. We had so many people in line, I had to take names and numbers of players and they picked them up the next day. We made about $300 in 10 minutes.

Scott Hrebicik, Principal – Bullitt Lick Middle School, Shepherdsville, Kentucky

Instruct Your Students. Inform Your Communities. Inspire Everyone!

Presentation Solutions provides schools with turnkey poster printer systems and complete printing systems that allow you to design and create.   Produce custom instructional, recognition, communication, and fundraising materials – in-house and in minutes.  All of this at just a fraction of the cost of ordering these items from an outside source.

Presentation Solutions’ Team

Meet the team supplying poster printers for schools across America!

Presentation Solutions' Team Standing outside their office ready to supply poster makers for schools.

Presentation Solutions' Team Ready to Deliver Poster Printers and Award Makers to Your School!

What makes our solutions the best.

Superior Equipment: We don’t use low-end equipment in our systems, just so we can have the cheapest price! Our systems are made to last!

Superior Tech Service: We have our own service staff – most companies just send you to the manufacturer!

Easiest To Use: What good is having an amazing system, if no one knows how to use it? Our systems are the easiest- to-use systems on the market – guaranteed!

Best Service: Everything is always in-stock, so you always get what you need – when you need it!

We are the original creators of these systems! Don’t settle for an imitation, when for the same price, you can have the best!

We’re not a “one-trick pony” – we offer an entire family of products (not just a poster maker)… all integrated together to give your school many more options down the road!

Our systems are template-driven… with many templates created by Educators! They are also fully customizable, so nothing is generic!

Plus, if we don’t have a template that you need, just tell us…and we’ll create it for you – FREE!

Presentation Solutions has been serving the Education Market since 1990!

We only work with schools, so everything is tailor-made for Education!

We have 20 employees, half of which have been with us for 10 years or more! More About Us

We have an “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau, and are a past Winner of their “Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics.”

Don’t just take our word for it! Principals and more love our poster printer for schools. Reputation (good or bad) must be earned! See what our customers have to say about us…

Get A Free Custom Banner for Your School

See for yourself what makes the colorpro poster maker “the mercedes of poster makers.”.

Click Here to receive free samples of what The ColorPro Poster Maker can do, including a FREE 2’ x 6’ custom banner for your school.

School banner custom printed by presentation solutions poster makers. Two women holding a banner in front of a school

Presentation Solutions, Inc. was recently featured in a Better Business Bureau ad campaign!

Our reliability and customer service makes our poster printers for schools are the best!

J powell and BBB testimonial

presentation solutions group

The ultimate productivity suite for Microsoft Office

We're helping some of the world's leading financial organisations produce complex, branded documents with our powerful productivity add-ins for PowerPoint, Word and Excel, in a fraction of the time — with zero effort.

presentation solutions group

Creating professional documents has never been easier

Effortlessly and consistently apply your corporate identity to every pitch, databook and document with our customised add-in for PowerPoint, Excel & Word.

Create for PowerPoint, Word and Excel

Transforms the way you work

• Automates and checks your corporate branding • Custom library of editable maps, shapes and images • Curated, company-approved, synchronised content • Creates graphs and tables from Excel data in an instant • Eradicates time-consuming formatting • Gives your staff time to focus on the message • Radically improves speed and quality of production • Easy to use and lowers costs Self-customise your branding in PowerPoint and Excel with our free Preference Manager; or unlock Create's full potential with our paid-for customisation service.

presentation solutions group

Track changes in PowerPoint

• Allows you to spot mistakes quicker • Speeds up the review process • Produce a marked-up PDF or presentation • Accept or reject changes • View a comparison of old and new slides • Merge changes into a new presentation Improve accuracy and radically reduce the time you spend reviewing presentations.

Repair results

Clean, manage and improve workbooks

• Improve speed when opening, sending, saving • Run a quick health-check on your workbooks • Identify and safely delete unused cell styles • Remove inactive named ranges • Delete excess worksheet areas Ensure you remain nimble and issue-free when working with Excel.

presentation solutions group

Automate your databooks with DatabookPro

Streamline the databook preparation process. Designed specifically for financial due diligence professionals. • Generate databooks in minutes • Update existing databooks in seconds • Schedules and charts recast as management or due diligence adjusted • Auto-classification as NWC, Net Debt and Cash

Review features across the Create suite

Discover a multitude of features that eliminate a long list of frustrations

Customer stories

Read how we have transformed the way our clients work, astrazeneca.

AstraZeneca have been using Create since 2008 for swifter financial performance analysis and board reporting.

Investec provides a wide range of financial products through its Specialist Banking services and the Investment Banking team use Create to produce their documents.

BDO is a global accountancy and advisory firm, where Create, Compare and Repair have been implemented in over 30 countries.

Have a question?

Take a look at our knowledge hub for FAQs, support, user guides and more

Privacy Overview

Elevate Your Story

We are stinson: the presentation agency.

Our team of in-house presentation designers help companies around the world achieve their goals through effective storytelling. We deliver persuasive, engaging, and on-brand presentations that instill confidence and inspire action.

Explore Our Services

Multifaceted presentation design services for any client in any industry for any occasion.

We are the trusted presentation design partner for respected global brands and leading-edge startups since 2009.

presentation solutions group

Presentation Development

Our presentation designers transform dated PowerPoint and Keynote slides into visual stories that bring your key messages and data to life, whether you're speaking at a national sales conference or in the boardroom.

Content Consulting

Our consultants distill dense information to reveal what resonates most with your audience. We'll help you refine your story from beginning to end through strategic communications and a business-minded approach.

Template Systems

We analyze your brand and content to create custom designed templates for your teams. As a presentation company, we create functional templates to help users build consistent, on-brand slides for every presentation.

Presentation Training

Move your organization forward with presentation training that empowers you to build better presentations in less time. Master the tools of PowerPoint through hands-on learning and actionable feedback.

Find Your Solution

Discover custom presentation solutions for your unique business challenges.

Select your role to see how we can help you achieve your goals.

Sales & Marketing

Scientific & technical, analytical & research, teaching & development, executives & thought leaders, founders & investors, the stinson approach.

We design with purpose.

We work through three main phases to ensure every project is a success.

We kick off with a deep dive into your business, brand, and objectives, analyzing source material and defining key opportunities your target audience will care about.

We refine your content to establish a compelling narrative and conceptualize a visual story that aligns with your brand identity.

We combine our creative expertise and industry experience to build custom, high-impact presentations that bring your content to life.

Why Partner with Stinson?

We integrate story and design to help our clients achieve more.

89% of first-time clients come back to us for our presentation design services.

Over $300 million in funding raised through our focused pitch decks.

We helped ZoomInfo develop an interactive sales presentation with custom graphics and polished, sophisticated animations that reflect their modern branding and keep their audience engaged.

From one corporate PowerPoint template design back in 2015, our partnership with CrowdStrike has evolved into creating branded templates and collateral, and keynote presentations for their executive team.

We helped this financial services group redesign their existing investor presentation to better resonate with their audience. The resulting pitch deck is sleek and tells their business story to captivate investors.

We simplified dense scientific findings into a compelling narrative for healthcare professionals. Using graphics, photography, and brand elements brought the data-heavy presentation together into an easy-to-understand story.

The LearnWell Projects seeks to help colleges and universities eliminate academic-related retention problems. We helped them visualize complex and abstract concepts using animations and custom-made illustrations.

Concordia's Faculty of Fine Arts needed help visualizing survey data in way that is easy to understand and engaging to its readers. We developed an infographic to help educate the faculty staff and inspire action.

A very creative and collaborative process that made me change my thinking and approach; a worthwhile and rewarding experience.

Stinson is an expert at understanding information to visualize complex data and design clear text-heavy slides. They've helped improve the consistency of our presentations using a keen sense of brand and attention to detail. I'd recommend Stinson to anyone!

Stinson has a real talent for creating and honing presentations into first-class communication tools. We've used them repeatedly and are very happy with their skills and abilities.

We knew we had situations where our internal designs were no longer going to cut it. Finding and working with Stinson has elevated our external communications. The process is pain-free and quick. We have used Stinson on multiple designs, and plan to keep using them for upcoming design needs.

Whether helping to build a presentation deck, brochure, or short video, the Stinson team has been great to work with. They are creative problem solvers who help us take the complex and make it easier to understand. We really appreciate their initiative and level of service.

The team at Stinson did an excellent job and were able to turn our materials around within our tight timeline. The team catered to our specific needs and were a great partner. The updated design is fantastic and bold.

The team at Stinson understood so quickly what I was trying to show in my story, and made it so easy to tell it through graphics. I would use them again in a heartbeat.

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5 Powerful Group Presentation Examples + Guide to Nail Your Next Talk

5 Powerful Group Presentation Examples + Guide to Nail Your Next Talk

Leah Nguyen • 27 Jan 2024 • 5 min read

A group presentation is a chance to combine your superpowers, brainstorm like mad geniuses, and deliver a presentation that’ll have your audience begging for an encore.

That’s the gist of it.

It can also be a disaster if it’s not done right. Fortunately, we have awesome group presentation examples to help you get the hang of it💪.

Table of Contents

What is a good group presentation, #1. delivering a successful team presentation, #2. athletetrax team presentation, #3. bumble – 1st place – 2017 national business plan competition, #4. 2019 final round yonsei university, #5. 1st place | macy’s case competition, bottom line, frequently asked questions, tips for audience engagement.

  • 💡 10 Interactive Presentation Techniques for Engagement
  • 💡 220++ Easy Topics for Presentation of all Ages
  • 💡 Complete Guide to Interactive Presentations
  • Time management presentation
  • Introduce team member

Alternative Text

Start in seconds.

Get free templates for your next interactive presentation. Sign up for free and take what you want from the template library!

Group presentation example

Here are some key aspects of a good group presentation:

• Organisation – The presentation should follow a logical flow, with a clear introduction, body, and conclusion. An outline or roadmap shown upfront helps guide the audience.

• Visual aids – Use slides, videos, diagrams, etc. to enhance the presentation and keep it engaging. But avoid overly packed slides with too much text. For the sake of convenience of quickly sharing the content, you can attach a QR code directly in your presentation using slides QR code generator for this goal.

• Speaking skills – Speak clearly, at an appropriate pace and volume. Make eye contact with the audience. Limit filler words and verbal tics.

• Participation – All group members should contribute to the presentation in an active and balanced way. They should speak in an integrated, conversational manner.

• Content – The material should be relevant, informative, and at an appropriate level for the audience. Good research and preparation ensure accuracy.

• Interaction – Involve the audience through questions, demonstrations, polls, or activities. This helps keep their attention and facilitates learning.

• Time management – Stay within the allotted time through careful planning and time checks. Have someone in the group monitor the clock.

• Audience focus – Consider the audience’s needs and perspective. Frame the material in a way that is relevant and valuable to them.

• Conclusion – Provide a strong summary of the main points and takeaways. Leave the audience with key messages they’ll remember from your presentation.

Present in powerful and creative visual

Engage your audience in real-time. Let them imprint your presentation in their head with revolutionising interactive slides!

Best Group Presentation Examples

To give you a good idea of what a good group presentation is, here are some specific examples for you to learn from.

The video provides helpful examples and recommendations to illustrate each of these tips for improving team presentations.

The speaker recommends preparing thoroughly as a team, assigning clear roles to each member, and rehearsing multiple times to deliver an effective team presentation that engages the audience.

They speak loudly and clearly, make eye contact with the audience, and avoid reading slides word for word.

The visuals are done properly, with limited text on slides, and relevant images and graphics are used to support key points.

The presentation follows a logical structure, covering the company overview, the problem they are solving, the proposed solution, business model, competition, marketing strategy, finances, and next steps. This makes it easy to follow.

The presenters speak clearly and confidently, make good eye contact with the audience, and avoid simply reading the slides. Their professional demeanor creates a good impression.

They provide a cogent and concise answer to the one question they receive at the end, demonstrating a good understanding of their business plan.

This group nails it with a positive attitude throughout the presentation . Smiles show warmness in opposition to blank stares.

The team cites relevant usage statistics and financial metrics to demonstrate Bumble’s growth potential. This lends credibility to their pitch.

All points are elaborated well, and they switch between members harmoniously.

This group presentation shows that a little stutter initially doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. They keep going with confidence and carry out the plan flawlessly, which impresses the judging panel.

The team provides clear, supported responses that demonstrate their knowledge and thoughtfulness.

When answering the questions from the judge, they exchange frequent eye contact with them, showing confident manners.

In this video , we can see instantly that each member of the group takes control of the stage they present naturally. They move around, exuding an aura of confidence in what they’re saying.

For an intricate topic like diversity and inclusion, they made their points well-put by backing them up with figures and data.

We hope these group presentation examples will help you and your team members achieve clear communication, organisation, and preparation, along with the ability to deliver the message in an engaging and compelling manner. These factors all contribute to a good group presentation that wow the audience.

What is a group presentation?

A group presentation is a presentation given by multiple people, typically two or more, to an audience. Group presentations are common in academic, business, and organisational settings.

How do you make a group presentation?

To make an effective group presentation, clearly define the objective, assign roles among group members for researching, creating slides, and rehearsing, create an outline with an introduction, 3-5 key points, and a conclusion, and gather relevant facts and examples to support each point, include meaningful visual aids on slides while limiting text, practice your full presentation together and provide each other with feedback, conclude strongly by summarising key takeaways.

' src=

Leah Nguyen

Words that convert, stories that stick. I turn complex ideas into engaging narratives - helping audiences learn, remember, and take action.

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Things To Talk About In The Workplace | 20 Topics To Avoid Awkward Silence | 2024 Reveals


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3 Group Presentation Pitfalls — and How to Avoid Them

  • Allison Shapira

presentation solutions group

Strategies for a polished, unified final product.

Putting together an effective group presentation takes teamwork and coordination so it doesn’t look like a patchwork quilt. And yet, many of us never budget the time to fully prepare. The author outlines some of the common mistakes people make in group presentations and offers best practices to keep you on track. 

Many of us have experienced poor group presentations. If you’re giving one, it’s the last-minute scramble the night before to decide who is presenting which part of the presentation. If you’re observing one, it’s the chaos of hearing multiple people talking over one another or, even worse, simply reading their slides word-for-word and ignoring their audience. 

presentation solutions group

  • Allison Shapira teaches “The Arts of Communication” at the Harvard Kennedy School and is the Founder/CEO of Global Public Speaking, a training firm that helps emerging and established leaders to speak clearly, concisely, and confidently. She is the author of the new book, Speak with Impact: How to Command the Room and Influence Others (HarperCollins Leadership).

Partner Center

Create features

Design and productivity software transforms the way you produce documents

Create for PowerPoint

Consistent content and branding without the need to reach for those corporate guidelines


Consistent content + branding - available in PowerPoint, Excel and Word

Create for Word

Learn to love Word again with a suite of tools to take away the effort and stress

Create for Excel

Build better financial models and workbooks faster with our modelling, formatting and charting tools

Packed with features in PowerPoint to save you hours

New template.

Create a new presentation based on a list of available templates within Create

A dialog to make changes to headers/footers, titles and secondary logos for with the current presentation

Draft stamp

Shows or hides a custom draft stamp or watermark on every slide of your presentation

Insert agenda/TOC

Insert an automated agenda or table of contents (TOC) based on section or appendix dividers, slide titles or a combination

Exclude entry in agenda/TOC

Displays a list of all items in your table of contents/agenda, where you can exclude any you don’t wish to list

Insert repeating agenda/TOC

Insert a divider slide which automatically displays all the section titles and slide numbers, with the current section highlighted

Insert section divider

Insert section (and in custom Create, appendix dividers) into your presentation

Insert divider mini-TOC

Adds a mini-TOC listing all the slide titles in the section, or you can select which titles to include and their corresponding slide number, with a hyperlink

Insert section tracker

Add a single section name – or all sections – at the top of every page, with a hyperlinks for navigation in PowerPoint, as a Screenshow, or PDF

Update section tracker

Update the section tracker or section tracker bar throughout the document

Edit section tracker

Allows editing of a current section text, which does not affect the section divider or table of contents/agenda

Shows or hides a custom hyperlink icon on every page which, when clicked, will navigate selection to the TOC/agenda

Colour palette

A palette with company approved colours and fonts, for formatting text, tables, maps and shapes

Text formatting

Comprehensive styles task pane to enable one-click formatting text, tables and shapes, based on the current template

Insert text elements such as subtitles, source or message boxes, in right size, font and position on your slide, from a handy task pane

Insert table

Inserts a pre-formatted PowerPoint table of your choosing from a custom selection, into a placeholder

Format table

Options to format whole tables, rows, columns or selected cells

Arrange data in a table, or multiple tables on a page at once, numerically or alphabetically

Paste subset

Paste a selection of data from Excel into an existing formatted table in PowerPoint

Table tools

Compress row, compress column and format negative numbers in a whole table or selection

View all Excel links

Display all Excel linked objects such as text, charts, tables and pictures of tables and charts for editing and updating

Global update of Excel linked objects, section trackers and agenda/TOC

View selected

Opens the selected linked object (chart, table, text, or chart/table as picture) in Excel

Update selected

Update the selected linked chart, table, text, or chart/table as picture from Excel source data

Update all charts and tables

Global update of all linked Excel charts, tables and charts/tables as pictures

Update all linked charts

Global update of all linked Excel charts and charts as pictures

Update all linked text

Global update all linked Excel text within your presentation

Update all linked Excel tables

Global update all linked Excel tables and tables as pictures

Format chart

Format Powerpoint charts from a selection of company styles

Copy/paste chart size

Pick up and apply the chart size, plot area and chart position, from one chart to another

Layout library

A selection of blank or populated layouts appropriate for your presentation

Change layout

Change the layout of a slide from a selection, copies content to the new layout

Map library

A globe-trotting collection of over 300 editable PowerPoint maps, globes and regions

Shape library

A library of editable custom shapes and graphics formatted in your branding

Insert a map marker or other pre-defined shapes for use on maps or diagrams

Image library

Insert an image from company-approved library in Create

Picture from clipboard

Insert a picture from your clipboard

Cover graphics

Toggle to hide/show cover graphics, intended only for use with pre-printed covers

Select all objects of the same shape, colour or line style on the current slide

Make all same

Apply all the attributes from a selected shape to another shape or shapes

Make same height

Apply the same height from one shape to others

Make same width

Apply the selected width of one shape to another shape or shapes

Make subtitle

Cut selected text and copy into the page subtitle shape

Cut selected text and copy into the page title shape

Alternating slide numbers

Display slide numbers on alternate slides

Page numbers

Display or hide slide numbers, updates if issues with numbers, position or formatting

Quick slides

Access to the 3 most frequently used slide layouts for your presentation

Swap shapes

Swap any two selected shapes on a slide, retaining the top left corner position

Save a PDF of your presentation, removing non-printing metadata and properties

Takes a copy of your presentation and all linked files into a custom zip, for sharing or archiving

Spelling langugae

Apply a selected spelling language from a list, to the entire presentation

Show guides

Display or hide the native PowerPoint drawing guides

User settings

Change user settings such as location, paper size, layout and date format and set your default PowerPoint presentation

Make v10 compatible

Update the current presentation to fully support the features in version 10, improving speed when using some functions within Create

Brand check

Checks a presentation for brand deviations such as non-standard colours and fonts, plus inconsistencies such as double spaces, highlighted text and square brackets

A searchable guide with user-friendly step-by-step instructions and screenshots

The notifications pane will alert you to any important messages or alerts concerning any template or software updates

Your company’s designated authors can curate updateable text parts, slide layouts, images, shapes and company info

Working faithfully with your brand

These features available in fully-customised create.

Create a new document based on a list of available templates within Create

Edit doc setup

Change cover and other information, headers and footers within the current document

Shows or hides a custom draft stamp or watermark on every slide of your document

A palette with company approved colours and tints, for formatting of text, tables and shapes

Insert a layout, section divider, or other custom element from a library of content, based on your template

Symbols library

Custom text symbols, e.g. ticks, crosses and harvey balls, which can be inserted into text, tables or shapes

Insert landscape page

Insert a correctly formatted landscape orientation page, include headers and footers, to a portrait document

Insert portrait page

Insert a correctly formatted portrait orientation page, include headers and footers, to a landscape document

A button to format selected text to bullet level one

A button to format selected text to bullet level two

Heading one

A button to format selected text to heading level one

Heading two

A button to format selected text to heading level two

A button to format selected text to body text

All text styles

Apply a text style from a list of options relative to the document template

Insert a table of contents, table of appendix or table of exhibits based on styles within your document

Configure the selected table of contents or table of appendices via a series of checkboxes

Update all table of contents, appendices or exhibits in your document

Add a hyperlink icon to all pages, which will navigate to TOC, in Word or a PDF

Inserts a pre-formatted Word table of your choosing from a custom selection

Format whole tables, rows, columns or selected cells from a selection

Picture from file

Inserts a picture from users computer or network, via a file explorer, scaling to fit the selected placeholder

Inserts a picture from the users clipboard and if a group of shapes from PowerPoint, converts to a single high quality, low file size image

Format fraction

Insert a formatted fraction that isn’t necessarily available in Office symbols

Reduce the height of an figure placeholder to fit the maximum content or shape height

Display or hide the document file location

Insert figure

Insert a numbered figure placeholder for a table, chart, image or equation, which can be cross-referenced


Generates a superscript character directly at source, which can be used to create your own footnotes or notes

Pick up and apply the chart size, plot area and position within it, and legend if present, from one chart to another

Display all Excel linked objects such as charts, text, tables and pictures of tables and charts, for editing and updating

Opens the Excel source of a selected linked object, whether a chart, table, text, or chart/table as a picture

Global update of Excel linked charts, tables, text and charts or tables as pictures, plus any TOC or exhibits

Update the selected Excel linked object (chart, table, text or chart and tables as pictures)

Update charts and tables

Global update of all linked Excel charts, tables, plus any charts or tables as pictures, within your document

Update charts

Global update of all linked Excel charts and charts as pictures, within your document

Update text

Global update of all linked Excel text within your document

Update tables

Global update of all linked Excel tables and tables as pictures

Copy selection

Copy the selection, retaining the Excel source link and formatting, to another place in the document or a new document

Copy/paste linked chart

Copy the selected chart, retaining the Excel source link and formatting, to another place in the document or a new document

Copy/paste linked table

Copy the selected table, retaining the Excel source link and formatting, to another place in the document or a new document

Paste a selection of unlinked data from Excel into an existing formatted table in PowerPoint

Insert placeholder

Inserts a blank placeholder for a chart, table or text and ensures integrity of any shape within it

Save a PDF of your document, removing non-printing metadata and properties you would not want to share with recipients


Packages a copy of your document together with all Excel linked files, into a custom zip for duplicating entire documents, sharing and archiving. Extracts a package of your copied document to a chosen location, relinking all Excel objects

Check for updates

Check for updates to software or brand templates, library assets and content

Spelling language

Apply a selected spelling language from a list, to the entire document

Change user settings such as region, location, paper size and date format


Notification concerning any software updates, or changes to content, templates or assets

Save time on everyday tasks and get consistency

Template library.

Select a new workbook from your custom Create library

Worksheet library

Insert a single or multiple worksheets from your custom library

Linked text

Send selected content as linked text to PowerPoint/Word

Colour palette for recolouring objects, text, tables or charts

Multiply values by -1, 10, 100 or 1,000

Divide selected values by 10, 100 or 1,000

Text symbols

Contains custom symbols e.g. ticks, crosses or harvey balls for insertion into text, shapes or tables

Wrap text in a cell/selection of cells on the worksheet

Insert a formatted superscript number (e.g. 1, 2, 3) to text in a cell

Number formats

Applies a custom number format from a selection to the selected cell/s

Copy chart size

Copies the size of the chart plot area, position and shape of a selected chart

Apply chart size

Applies the size of the chart plot area, position and shape to a selected chart

Change a selected chart series to a line with correct formatting

Create a split in the chart axis for better representation of the data

Switch axis

Swaps the primary and secondary axes of a chart that has two Y-axes

Second axis

Creates and assigns a chart series to a second value axis

Adds a shaded region behind an area within your chart to represent forecast data

Adds labels to a pie chart as unattached text boxes, linked to up to three series (cells) of data

Calculates and adds a CAGR arrow or line to a column chart

Add average

Calculates and inserts an average line or area onto a chart

Axis labels

Sets category date labels on an X-Y scatter line chart

Adds custom linked data labels that do not have to be part of chart source data

Remove labels

Removes all native Excel data labels with one click

Chart comment

Adds a custom comment/text box to a data point on a chart series

Create a new chart with a custom theme applied

Change chart type

Changes the type of the selected chart and applies a custom theme

Preview chart

Resize and/or reformat a chart without sending to PowerPoint or Word

Format chart for Excel

Applies a custom Excel theme to a selected chart

OLE chart as is

Sends the chart to PowerPoint/Word as an OLE chart, without resizing or formatting

OLE chart fully formatted

Resizes, formats and sends the chart to PowerPoint/Word as an OLE chart

Format chart for PowerPoint

Applies a custom PowerPoint theme to a selected chart

Quick send to PowerPoint

One click to send a selected chart, table or text to PowerPoint, using a pre-defined method

Send chart to PowerPoint

Send and link selected chart to PowerPoint

Send chart to PowerPoint formatted

Format, size, send and link a chart to PowerPoint

Send chart to PowerPoint resized

Resize, send and link a chart to PowerPoint placeholder

Recreate as embedded in PowerPoint

Copies data and produces chart in PowerPoint as an embedded MS graph object, indepdent of the workbook

Quick send to Word

One click to send a selected chart, table or text to Word, using a pre-defined method

Format chart for Word

Applies a custom Word theme to a selected chart

Send chart to Word as is

Send and link selected chart to Word exactly as shown in Excel

Send chart to Word formatted

Format, size, send and link a chart to Word

Send chart to Word resized

Resize, send and link a chart to Word placeholder

Chart as picture as is

Send and link chart as a picture, exactly as shown in Excel, to Word or PowerPoint

Chart as picture scaled to fit

Send and link chart as a picture, scaled proportionately to fit the selected placeholder in Word or PowerPoint

Chart as picture stetched to fit

Send and link chart as a picture, stretched to fit the selected placeholder in Word or PowerPoint

Formats a selected table by applying a custom theme for PowerPoint/Word/Excel

Table borders

Formats table borders of selected rows, columns or cells

Scale table columns

Columns proportionally scaled to fit the width of a placeholder in PowerPoint/Word

Resize table

Resize a table selection in Excel to match a selected placeholder in PowerPoint or Word

Table as picture as is

Sends a linked table as a picture to PowerPoint/Word exactly as shown in Excel

Table as picture resized only

Scales and sends a linked table as a picture to PowerPoint/Word

Table as picture scaled to fit

Sends a linked table as a picture to PowerPoint/Word scaled proportionately

Copy table subset

Copies an unlinked selection of data in Excel that can be pasted into an existing formatted table in Word or PowerPoint

Send table to PowerPoint

Link and send table and then apply formatting in PowerPoint and scale to fit placeholder

Send table to Word formatted

Link and send table and then apply formatting in Word and scale to fit margins or placeholder

Send table to Word as is

Send and link selected table to Word exactly as shown in Excel

Send table to Word resized

Resize, send and link a table to Word

Undo Create action

Undo a previous Create action such as format table or chart

Clear Create undo stack

Clear the Create Undo list

Creates a PDF of your workbook and removes hidden metadata

Built-in user friendly guide with step-by-step instructions and screenshots

Switch brand

Where more than one brand available, allows users to switch

Notifications tell you when content and new assets have been updated in Create

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DevGAMM Moscow 2018

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10:00 — 18:00 Build up (exhibitors only) 18:00 — 22:00  Badge Pick-Up Pre-Party

09:00 — 10:00 Registration 10:00 — 13:30 Sessions 13:30 — 15:30 Lunch break 15:30 — 18:00 Speed Game Dating 15:30 — 18:00 Sessions 20:00 — 01:00 Official DevGAMM Party

10:00 — 11:00 Registration 11:00 — 13:15 Sessions 13:15 — 15:00 Lunch break 15:00 — 17:15 Sessions 17:30 — 18:30 Game Lynch 18:30 — 19:00  DevGAMM Awards 19:00 — 20:00 Bye-Bye Mingle

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What Hidden Path Learned Building CS:GO

Jeff Pobst, CEO, Hidden Path Entertainment

  • About Speaker

Jeff is a Founder and CEO of Hidden Path Entertainment. He has been heavily involved in the gaming industry for almost twenty years holding such roles as game programmer, producer, and chief operating officer. Before co-founding HPE 11 years ago, Jeff was a group leader at Microsoft for the Xbox and Xbox 360 platforms.

He has shipped over 30 different game titles on multiple PC, console, and VR platforms including Hidden Path Entertainment titles such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Age of Empires II HD, the Defense Grid franchise, and more. Prior to HPE, Jeff had the privilege of bringing games in the Half-Life, Homeworld and Lord of the Rings franchises to market.

Hidden Path Entertainment got an amazing opportunity to work with Valve and build a new version of Counter-Strike some years ago. With two existing popular versions of CS already being played, Jeff Pobst talks about the journey Hidden Path took to help build a version of Counter-Strike that had a chance to unify the CS audience.

presentation solutions group

Game Design by Community (based on Surgeon Simulator, I Am Bread and Worlds Adrift)

Imre Jele, Co-founder, Creator-In-Chief, Bossa Studios

Lifelong gamer and game-creator, Imre is an expert in game design, narrative, crossmedia and audience engagement. He’s known for promoting innovative and collaborative creative approaches including Bossa’s regular internal Game Jams. Throughout his colourful career, Imre has worked on a wide range of game genres and platforms. He’s Co-founder and Creator-in-Chief of Bossa Studios – winner of multiple BAFTA and other awards, creator of Surgeon Simulator and Worlds Adrift. Imre has been serving on BAFTA Games Committee since 2012, where his focus are to increase the popular cultural perception and governmental recognition of games, and helping young talent entering the industry.

Bossa Studios is famous for creating strange games in strange ways. We learnt to let go of dictatorial auteurship and embrace co-creation with our audience, allowing players to make us laugh through the irreverent comedy of Surgeon Simulator and build Worlds Adrift together, making it the first community-crafted MMO.

presentation solutions group

Move, or die…

Nicolae Berbece, Lead Bug Designer, Those Awesome Guys

Nicolae Berbece is an indie game developer from VampireLand (Romania) and the designer of Move or Die, the friendship ruining party game. He founded “Those Awesome Guys”, a small indie dev team striving to be the developers they would support as gamers.

Get your phone out and google “Move or Die”. Check out the trailer and look it up on steamspy. Done? Good! Now come see me attempt to figure out why my game sold as well as it did breaking everything down from development to marketing and post-release updates while being on stage.

presentation solutions group

Communication for the Benefit of the Project and Artistic Freedom

Max Schulz, Visual Development & Co-Art Direction, THREAKS

Max Schulz has worked as a Concept Artist & Illustrator for video games and movies the last 10 years. His latest work include Injustice 2, Wonder woman. He is currently working with the Hamburg Indie Studio Threaks. The focus of his work lies in creating coherent/comprehensive design visions.

In this session Max will talk about the impact personal opinions can have and should have in a professional work environment and the ways to present, justify and incorporate creative design decisions into a highly focused and fast-paced production

presentation solutions group

Ask Google Play Anything

Dmitri Martynov, Head of Google Play Apps & Games, Russia & CEE Roman Mardot, Business Development Manager CEE & Russia, Google Play

Dmitri Martynov is the Head of Google Play Apps & Games, Russia & CEE at Google. In his role, he helps apps & games businesses from Russia & CEE to find success on Android and Google Play. Prior to joining the Google Play team, Dima was a Regional Developers Relations Program Manager at Google Russia. Pre-Google, Dmitri spent almost 10 years at Microsoft, in various roles, focusing on Cloud Computing and Microsoft’s Azure platform. Dmitri has a BA in Computer Science from Moscow State University of Instrument Making and Information Science.

Roman Mardot has been working in the video-gaming and Business Development domain for the past 10 years. He attaches a big importance to the quality of products and the passion that drives the teams who are making great games.

Join Dmitri Martynov, Head of Google Play Apps & Games, Russia & CEE at Google, for a Q&A session on anything you’ve ever wanted to know about the games industry.

presentation solutions group

Hunting for exoplanets in EVE Online

Attila Szantner, CEO, Massively Multiplayer Online Science

Attila feels very lucky to have combined his two passions with Massively Multiplayer Online Science: citizen science and games. Before he had worked in IT, and in 2002 he co-founded iWiW, which was the biggest social network in Hungary with almost 5 million users at its height.

Project Discovery Exoplanets is the second iteration of the citizen science efforts in EVE Online, which became the most active citizen science efforts of all time with 70 million classifications submitted by players. Come and hear about the story, the results, the design challenges, the future.

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presentation solutions group

Rami Presents

Rami Ismail, Business & Development, Vlambeer

Rami Ismail is the Business & Development Guy at Vlambeer, a Dutch independent game studio known best for Nuclear Throne, Ridiculous Fishing, LUFTRAUSERS, Super Crate Box, GUN GODZ and Serious Sam: The Random Encounter.

Rami Ismail will share his experience being an indie developer for the last 7 years, launching games in different environments and dwell on problems in the industry as of now.


presentation solutions group

Workshop: Using cloud services in game development

Ivan Fateev, Tech Evangelist, Microsoft

Ivan Fateev is a tech evangelist in Microsoft. He specializes in modern application architecture and best practices of software development. He has a great experience both in server and client development. He started his career as a web developer in 2008 at PHP. After that, in 2010, he worked with client development of iOS apps, programming at Objective C. Later on, in 2012, he started a career in game development as a C++ Developer. After that, he used Unity/C# stack. Now, he specializes in app development with the use of cloud services. NB! Please, bring your own laptop for workshop!

During this workshop you will learn: saving game progress from Unity directly; using cloud to deliver downloaded content. NB! Please, bring your own laptop for workshop!

presentation solutions group

Workshop: Try Corona on

Vadim Bashurov, Evangelist, Corona Labs

Indie Game developer from 1990 Author of PC game “Pole Chudes”, 1991 Author of iOS game “Six Towers” (was UK TOP 1, US TOP1 in 2012) 10 years 3D numerical simulation in Intel.

Write a code in 45 minutes! 1 project – and you’re testing your game on all the platforms simultaneously. That’s easy. During this workshop Vadim will prove you that simplicity and promptness of games creation on Corona is not just a marketing trick. Take your laptop with you, download Corona SDK beforehand and see everything for yourself.

presentation solutions group

How bad sounds ruin your life: Interactive experience

Vasiliy Filatov, Founder, sound designer, SoundDesigner.PRO

Composer, sound designer, media manager. In 2008 opened a studio SoundDesigner.PRO that helps brands find their own unique sound. As well I lectured about the sound design, about music in cinematography and media producing. Founder of Sound Design Institute.

Interactive master class, during which you will participate in creating sound effects for the game, the movie scene and the digital interface. Together with the lecturer, you will determine and choose the best sound solution. Also you will learn about sound, as an element of empathy and drama.


presentation solutions group

Visual Tools for Level Design and Shader Creation in Unity 2018

Alessia Nigretti, Technical Evangelist, Unity Technologies

Alessia is a Technical Evangelist at Unity and AI enthusiast. She started developing small games at game jams, and she joined Unity to demonstrate feature projects and share tips about Unity at game conferences around the world. As a gamer, she is passionate about immersive story-based adventures.

The session covers the new powerful tools for artists and level designers in Unity 2018: ProBuilder – which provides artists with the power to build complex geometry within Unity; Shader Graph – a zero-knowledge shader editing tool that allows for rapid creation of materials; FBX Importer – to speed up artists’ workflow significantly.

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presentation solutions group

Twitch Integration – Implementation and Tricks

Alex Rose, Lead Developer, Alex Rose Games

Alex is a multi award winning game developer, and creator of Super Rude Bear Resurrection, which received Gamespot’s GOTY Editor’s Choice award. The game was one of the first Twitch Store titles and has many Twitch specific features.

This talk will show how to implement Twitch features in your PC game, specifically using Unity and C# to read from Twitch’s IRC chat. Future proofing that will prevent updates from breaking your game, and quick login.

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presentation solutions group

Lifelong learning games: while True: learn()

Oleg Chumakov, CEO,

Programmer in Nival (strategy PC & mobile games) R&D Lead in Nival CEO in

This talk will focus on the decisions made while development of the simulation game about programming, AI/ML. We will explain why we do see industry’s mission in the combination of lifelong learning and games. How we found the audience and why we decided to make a game for the very narrow audience. Talk: 60% marketing, 30% game design, 10% stories.

presentation solutions group

How to manage animations in a multiplayer souls-like project and survive

Dmitrii Kozlov, Lead Developer, Vizor Games

Dmitrii Kozlov is a lead developer on a new hardcore multiplayer game by Vizor Games. He leads a team in charge of gameplay features, and works on architecture of important systems lying in foundation of the game with tight communication with other team members.

A multiplayer session-based game with melee focus requires many animations and logic dependent on them. Dmitrii will talk about how can one avoid getting stuck in nested checks when deciding what animation to play, when an animation state machine is your worst enemy, when designing a system comfortable for different roles in the team.

presentation solutions group

Examples of automated testing of games in Unity

Eugene Eliseev, Unity Developer, Crazy Panda

Unity tech Eugene Eliseev is a professional game developer who worked in such companies as ZeptoLab, Social Quantum and Interactive moolt. The most famous projects are the Cut the Rope series and Papermates. Now he works in Crazy Panda and helps to develop social games.

This talk is about automated testing of games in Unity. We’ll take the Unity Test Runner and consider common problems that arise during the creation of integration tests. Separately, the methods of comparing screenshots and other more rare but interesting ways of applying the tests will be considered.

presentation solutions group

Soul of a man: Cyberpunk Environment

Timur Ozdoev, Environment artist, Self-employed Andrew Indrikson, Project lead, Trace studio N Kayurova, Head of 2d department, Trace studio

Timur had experience working in different companies in St. Petersburg as 3d Artist, he was lucky to took part in the development of the games like Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Assetto Corsa, World of Warships, World of Tanks. At the moment he is a indie-developer in a small team of his friends.

Andrew Indrikson, 3D Art Lead at Trace Studio. Working in game development since 2011. Created art assets for Halo Anniversary, Call of Duty and various other AAA titles.

N Kayurova, 2D concept artist. Worked at, Trace Studio. She teaches at the portal.

Andrew Indrikson, Timur Ozdoev, and N Kayurova is going to talk about their newest project, created for the #NeonChallenge, organized by Unity.

presentation solutions group

Infraworld: a long hard way to GRPC-based microservice interoperation for UE4

Raman Chakhouski, Lead R&D Software Engineer, Vizor Games Nikita Miroshnichenko, R&D Software Engineer, Vizor Games

As a professional programmer, Raman is working in game development industry for 5 years. Formerly as a programmer and an architect of Vizor’s own game engine, since 2017 Raman dove into Unreal engine 4 and now developing network client as well as editors and subsystems for project’s needs.

Nikita: As a graduate of České vysoké učení technické in Prague, worked in outsource game development companies across CIS. Now as a R&D and engine programmer, Nikita is responsible for creating robust network client for UE4-project.

This speech unveils an experience of integration and usage of GRPC library from Google as a transport layer, making UE4 client possible to communicate with microservices. Moreover, the speakers will present their own tool, making possible UE4 to work with GRPC fast and seamless way with either C++ or Blueprints cross-platform.

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presentation solutions group

Practical ways of optimizing and debugging memory leaks in Unity games

Andrey Oleynikov, Unity Teach Lead, Crazy Panda Pavel Shchevaev, CTO,  BIT.GAMES

Andrey is Unity tech lead in the company “Crazy Panda”. He is engaged in the management of the department, designing and developing the application architecture and the common software core for the company’s gaming projects.

Pavel has been developing software for 15 years in which most of the time he devoted to games development. He takes part in different Open Source projects. He gives talks at conferences from time to time. Pavel has a great experience of work with technologies both on server and client. He is interested in creating of entertaining mobile and console games with the efficient use of the device capabilities.

Memory leaks are one of the most common problems of any game projects. Due to the specific compilation methods, Unity developers do not have convenient tools for diagnosing and optimizing them. In this report, Andrey and Pavel are going to cover this problem comprehensively and tell about the opportunities and means that they managed to use on their personal experience.


presentation solutions group

Content is Key: Pixonic Employer Branding Experience

Nikita Guk, Chief Strategy Officer, Pixonic

Starting as a copywriter and journalist, changed his career path in 2015, switching to PR to help startups reach their audience in Russia, Europe, and the US. Landed a job at Pixonic as an employer brand developer and director of PR in 2016. Currently works in the position of a Chief Strategy Officer.

Why Pixonic picked content marketing as a base for its HR brand and how exactly it helps to keep the industry curious about the company: a report by Pixonic Chief Strategy Officer Nikita Guk.

presentation solutions group

How to Innovate and Grow your HR Brand

Andrey Ivashentsev, Chief Innovation Officer, Yode Group International

Before he finished high school he started to work in IT. He was appointed to the first management role at age of 20, largely because of the deep tech knowledge of Microsoft platform and technologies. Three years later, he was promoted to the position of head of the Technology Evangelism and became the youngest people manager in Microsoft Russia at the time. In April 2016, in the role of Chief Innovation Officer he began to land new innovative technologies in Game Insight. From November 2017, as an independent expert, he does consulting and work on his own projects.

In this session, Andrey will share his insights about using innovative technologies and approaches and how it affects your team loyalty and attracts new team members. He will also cover how it influences company HR Brand inside and outside the market.

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presentation solutions group

Quit scrolling your Facebook feed, go get a job! – or Personal Brand Building Basics

Sergey Volkov, HR Director, 1C Online Games

Sergey has been in HR domain since the 4th year in the University (it’s hard to tell how much time has passed), he’s been in game development for 7 years and most of the last year he spent working as HR Director for Videogame branch of 1C. He still believes in professional HR in game dev.

How to build your personal brand and get awesome job offers and badass conference speaker invitations. How to look like a real expert, not a windbag scum on the web. General knowledge of what is good and what is bad in terms of personal HR brand.

presentation solutions group

Big Salary Report 2018

Tanja Loktionova, Founder, VALUES VALUE

Tanja is the head of VALUES VALUE, which helps gamedev companies build their HR, PR and recruiting processes, hire teams and setup new offices. Calls herself a hardcore casual player, has passed thousands of match-3 levels, loves games, people and cats.

VALUES VALUE has held the second salary survey of the Russian-speaking game development industry. Tanja will share its results for the first time. There will be data from more than a thousand respondents, a comparison with the previous year, and info on what else exept salaries motivates and demotivates game developers.

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presentation solutions group

Make your brand great again. Choose the right time and action plan

Yuriy Krasilnikov, Director, Business Development, Belka Games

Yuriy Krasilnikov is the Director of Business Development of Belka Games. He is responsible for new strategic markets for company products, new directions and brand awareness. Yuriy also leads all relationships with partners and platforms.

Your company has a successful game but no one knows about your company. Yes, it’s possible! You try to hire a new professional for your team but all ask you: “Who are you?” It’s time to work with your brand and make it great. When? Why? How? Yuriy will try to cover these questions.

presentation solutions group

Employees’ recommendations make the difference. Employee as an advocate of Employer’s Brand

Olga Abashova, HR Director, G5 Entertainment AB

Olga Abashova has 9 years of experience, specializing in Marketing, PR, and HR. Prior to G5, she was Marketing Director at Realore, a developer of casual games. Since joining G5, Olga set up the development studio in Kaliningrad as the Head of the Office. Since 2017, she has been HR Director at G5.

Employees’ recommendations are the main index of Employee Engagement, serving as an effective channel to attract candidates. Employee is an Ambassador of the company brand and a brand influencer at the same time. Olga will tell how to make employees more engaged and how to create the right message which employees should bring to the world.

presentation solutions group

Boosting Engagement with Competitive Games

Mike Hines, Developer Evangelist, Amazon

Mike Hines is a recovering tech entrepreneur, developer evangelist for Amazon Appstore, and active advocate for getting more developers over the app poverty line. Mike is on a continuing mission to find out and share what currently is and isn’t working in mobile app monetization, and to identify trends that shape the industry.

In this presentation, Mike Hines will talk about how competition promotes engagement and retention. Armed with research and data, Mike will share what Amazon has learned about where and when to offer competitions in your game, guidance on what kind of competitions to offer, and the right and wrong ways to use competitions. You’ll also learn how to pay for the player engagements only after you get the engagement!


Conversation with the audience: modern marketing and analytics from Google and AppsFlyer

Sandzhar Ismailov, Head of Industry, Entertainment, Google Arseniy Alikhanov, Analytical Consultant, Google Alexander Grach, Head of Sales, AppsFlyer

Sanjar Ismailov Old, very old googler (over 8 years) who loves playing games

Arseny Alikhanov He is working in internet marketing since 2007. Has a vast experience both on project and agency sides. His primary focus is marketing and analytics.

Alexander Grach He is responsible for growing AppsFlyer business in Eastern European and Mediterranean countries.

Google and AppsFlyer specialists will review current challenges and solutions, as well as analyze situations suggested by the audience on the spot. From presentations-monologues to dialogue and solutions.


presentation solutions group

How to think out of the box you created

Vladimir Krasilnikov, Head of Game Design Department, Pixonic

A math school graduate, who started in game development in 2011 as a Junior Game Designer. Started working at Pixonic in 2015, focusing on War Robots — the game that didn’t have that much recognition back then. Leads the game design department as of last year.

The original War Robots meta was based on only three classes of robots: light, medium, and heavy. Our own Pixonic Head of Game Design will tell you what kinds of problems you may encounter with this approach, and how to find practical solutions to these problems.

presentation solutions group

How to figure all it takes with Excel and elementary education

Aleksey Rehlov, Head of Russian Branch, Creative Mobile

Aleksey is an external producer, game design and monetization consultant with Creative Mobile. He is a veteran of the game industry, and has been in it for over 10 years. He has been involved in dozens of game projects for different game platforms (PC, PS2, XBOX, GameCube, PSP, PS3, Mobile, etc).

A lot of game designers who don’t have any higher technical education need to do math on their projects. More often than not, it is very time consuming and is a real pain in the neck, yet the results can still be disappointing. This talk will help you save your glial cells and attain more predictable results in the future.

presentation solutions group

Neighbor’s design

Nikita Kolesnikov, Game design, Dynamic Pixels

Nikita Kolesnikov – game designer, artist, animator and music composer of Dynamic Pixels. Author of a single game – Hello Neighbor.

“Hello Neighbor” is unexpected YouTube phenomenon of 2017. Game that stretched its gameplay over a year long period. How was it all created? How all of it worked out? Is it fun to sleep on the floor? How not to die?

presentation solutions group

From idea to proposal: a method to make your game concept viable and strong

Sviatoslav Torik, Product Vision Expert, Research & Development,

Sviatoslav has spend most of his life at the screen, with game console or PC. 15 years he’s been writing about video games, and 10 years – actually creating them as a game designer, lead GD, game director etc. Now he’s working for Wargaming R&D, researching new ways to make games.

This talk will explain a method to create and revise your game idea in a new, unexplored way. Sviatoslav will guide you through the whole process: from stating the idea to explained possibilities and USPs. To be totally fair with you Sviatoslav will provide a challenging game idea example as well.

presentation solutions group

Creating Game Design Tools

Konstantin Sakhnov, Head of Game Department, Rocket Jump

Konstantin Sakhnov is the Head of Game Department at Rocket Jump, a Moscow studio developing mobile games for 50+ million players worldwide. He is playing a key role in different studio’s projects sharing his extensive experience in game design and production.

This talk will cover useful cases of creation and tuning different game design tools (no need of in-depth programming skills) that can help every game designer optimise his work.

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Prototyping pipeline: Lessons learned

Ivan Barishnikov, Team Lead Prototyping division,

Ivan was at prototype division from the start, pass thru all problems and situations that happens with it and can share his experience. Now he working on standalone prototypes(PC, VR, Mobile, consoles) and features for company projects.

The session will focus on prototyping pipeline. Building process from the scratch, evolving and working on mistakes. Problems that we’ve got and solutions that we’ve found.

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Pavel Sovushkin, Head of UX department, WOWlab

My name is Pavel Sovushkin.I have been a gaming industry professional since 2010. Currently I am the leading UX designer of VR projects for the company: “WOWlab”, which develops b2b projects and the project of its own franchise with VR full immersion technologies.

During this session, Pavel is going to share the insights on UX design for VR projects. You’ll learn: what actions will help you to reduce the risks and improve the quality of a project at the pre-production stage; what you should take into account to make a VR project intuitively understandable and interesting for audience; how to make a prototype of a VR project in two days.

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Shame and money

Albert Zhiltcov, Creative producer, 1C game studios

He is a self-made man and he would like to help others to experience mistakes more easily.

Let’s talk about what money is in the gaming industry in Russia. Do you really need to become an entrepreneur for this?

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Dawn of Blockchain Games

Sergey Kopov, Founder, 0xGames

Sergey Kopov managed the development in FunCorp, i-Free, HeroCraft for more than 10 years. Now he experiments with new technologies and develops his projects. Last of them is the 0xGames blockchain game development studio.

Blockchain has already earned an ambiguous reputation. Some people believe in its bright future, others rush to bury, referring to technical imperfections and a large number of scammers in the market. Without going to extremes, Sergey will talk about the emerging market of cryptogames, game mechanics and development features.


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How did we make the biggest game on Defold in 1 year

Nikolay Armonik, Technical Director, Easy Team

In the industry since 2000. The author-creator of the game “Discord Times” (2004), the technical director of the games “Legends of Eisenwald” (2015) and “Family Age” (2017). A big fan of hand-made graphics engines and huge shaders.

An extremely story about how the forces of a small young team for one year was created the largest game on Defold engine. Presentation of the solutions used, statistical measurements, defeated problems.

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The X-Files Postmortem

Alina Brazdeikene, Game Producer, Creative Mobile

Alina Brazdeikene is a video game producer, screenwriter and narrative designer with some strong TV background. Being in the industry for more than 5 years, Alina had a chance to work with critically and commercially acclaimed franchises like The X-Files and The Simpsons.

The talk about ups and downs of two-year development of The X-Files: Deep State game from scratch to post-launch, including: pitch, storytelling, work with brand and big franchise holders, work with community.

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Peace, Death! Postmortem

Azamat Bayzulaev, Indie, AZAMATIKA

Azamat “Xageu” Bayzulaev started his career as a developer in 2015 when he was tired of his life. He named his team as AZAMATIKA and developed nearly 10 games. A lot of people were really hyped up about Gun Done and Peace, Death!

During this session, Azamat is going to share the insights on Peace, Death! development. He’ll tell about all the mistakes and how he managed to correct them. You’ll also learn what were the problems with the game launching for mobile devices. This session will be really useful for small indie game studios.


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eSports for game developer

Alexey Ustyantsev, eSports platform manager, Mail.Ru Games

Over 15 years experience: both in game development/operations and web development. Head of eSports platform at Mail.Ru Games. Before that – CTO in Nival Network, Head of Nival GamesLab, lots of other great companies.

When you think about eSports – you imagine Dota2 International, stadiums filled with people and streams with millions of viewers. And you know that all of that applies only to top competitive games. So why would a normal down to earth game developer want anything with that?

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Marketing. Understanding your audience

Anna Grigoryeva, Chief strategy officer, GameNet

Anna has more than 10 years of experience in game industry. She brings an impressive breadth of knowledge with producing and publishing more than 25 games, including RF Online, R2, Lineage II, Point Blank and Black Desert.

If you have a finished Game, you need to know your audience. From this talk you will learn: what is positioning and brand philosophy, audience segmentation and how it is used, and some useful advertising metrics.

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How to deal with Chinese developers: lessons learned

Dmitry Ryabchikov, CEO, CreaGames

Dmitry is a Founder and CEO of CreaGames Ltd. For the last 7 years he has been also holding such roles as BD manager, BD director and chief operation officer. Much earlier Dmitry already had strong ties with game industry being one of the best FPS pro-players in Unreal Tournament 2004 in Europe and Russia.

When you take on a Chinese game, you need to know what to expect, and be aware of all the factors involved. We’ll share our experience in working with Chinese developers, and also talk about the features and risks of localization.

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Dante-style QA. Which circle of hell is awaiting you in case you refuse testing

Evgeny Krukov, Deputy Head of QA Department, Bytex LLC

Having started work in industry in Bytex development department, Evgeny Kryukov soon attained the position of the deputy head. In 2016, he was transferred to Bytex QA department, consisting of more than 150 skilled specialists. At present, Evgeny occupies a position of deputy head of QA department.

On each stage of development, there is always a concern about creating an internal QA-department or engaging outsource testers. In this report, Evgeniy will investigate some typical problems facing the projects which decided to refuse testing, and consequences of such refusal.

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Game analytics battle: Playtest vs Statistics

Alexander Dzyuba, CEO, Sense.Vision Vasiliy Sabirov, Lead analyst, Devtodev

Alexander Founder & CEO at Sense.Vision. We do the most scientific playtests worldwide with real players. 5+ years in playtesting, the first professional CIS team. The highest international quality standards. Loving games and developers.

Vasiliy started his career working at a game monetization service. Then he worked as a Lead Analyst at a big MMO game, where he learned specifics of virtual economy. At the moment Vasiliy is the Lead Analyst at devtodev, and he has already helped more than 50 game projects to improve their KPI.

Two leading in CIS game analytics companies with the different approach to analytics are going to have a “battle”. Or, rather, to cover a number of game development and operation cases – how to solve them with instruments from each company with direct comparison and winner determination. Full coverage and the final point in game analytics.

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Game Art: the financial aspect

Vera Velichko, CEO, Art Director, Owl Studio

Drawing more than 22 years, last 10 years in game industry. In 2015 she  founded Owl Studio, and have more than 20 project that she’ve been leading in her portfolio. Currently, they’re working with the leading publishing companies of mobile and social games on Russian and foreign markets. Vera also made an education activities, for instance, last year she opened their Online School for artists.  

You can talk a lot about art and how it is made: beautiful, functional, and technically correct. But only a few people know how to put a price on it. In this talk, Vera will explain you on what features depends on the price of the artwork, what are the pricing policies on the market. You’ll learn how to save money while developing a visual content for your game.

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Localization with a 1,890% Return on Investment: from Theory to Practice

Denis Khamin, CMO, Allcorrect Group

The CMO at Allcorrect since 2006. Ideologist of the only specialized conference on localization in Russia.

A practical case study of implementing an ROI-driven approach to localization (focused on return on investment) in collaboration with the developers of a mobile game, as well as an approach to calculating return on localization investment and a concept of localization focused on the developer’s profits.

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Boost app downloads without a budget!

Iryna Pyrih, Product Marketing Manager, Gameloft

Marketing manager who has practical experience in entertainment industry and works in one of the biggest gamedev companies – Gameloft. Has successful experience and real cases in the app and mobile games promotion. Provided consulting services to startups in CIS countries, Europe and the USA.

Know how improve downloads of your app quickly and without a budget. I’ll explain how to determine your audience, how reach your user with marketing. Only real cases and hardcore are waiting for you!

presentation solutions group

How to do financial modeling to attract investments for mobile games

Alexander Nasonov, CEO, GROSSING.GAMES

Alexander began his gamedev career in 2006 at Akella. Since 2010 he has been developing mobile games as a producer, shipping a number of successful projects including an App Store “App of the Year”. Throughout the career Alexander attracted a few hundred thousand dollars via investments deals.

The session is designed to help developers to better plan production budgets, soft launches, release preparations and post release project operation. The principles and approaches to such modeling will be analyzed using a real financial planning case made for the purpose of attracting investments.


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Action is driven by thought: How to create believable character animation

Konstantin Chenchikov, Animation Director, Playrix

Konstantin Chenchikov is Animation Director at Playrix. He graduated from Animation Mentor and has 6+ years of work experience in animation. He is responsible for improving the quality of animation in company’s game and marketing projects, including team development and training.

Animation is usually understood as a collection of motions, actions, and some other visual aspects, but we are going to explore it on a deeper level. Get ready to find out what it takes to create truly realistic characters – in this session we’ll talk about how characters’ internal reasons determine their actions!

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Shadow Fight 3: Environment design

Alexander Nemov, Lead Artist, Banzai Games

Alexander Nemov is the Lead 2d Artist at Banzai Games. He’s been in the games industry since 2012, recently specializing in concept art and visual development both in 2d and 3d. His main experience on Unity is working on Shadow Fight 3, mobile 3d fighting game.

This speech is about the evolution of the environment design in fighting games, its specifics and the problems Banzai Games faced in production process. Alexander will tell you how to make a believable picture and what artistic decisions are worth taking for this.

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2D Dynamic Lighting: Tips and Tricks

Kirill Zolovkin, Developer, Gripper Team

Kirill Zolovkin, lead game designer of OctoBox Interactive, has been developing games in GameMaker for 17 years. His projects, Steam Panic and Paper Knight, have won multiple awards including Best Game Design at DevGAMM. During Game Lynch of his game Gripper all of the experts took off their shirts.

Kirill will speak about the ways light and shadows in 2D can significantly improve the quality of your graphics and — after some investment — your life as well. Using Gripper, a game currently in development, he will demonstrate a number of quick techniques that can create new gameplay situations and atmosphere.

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Between the devil and the deep blue sea: how to keep art-manager’s mind is clear and productivity is high

Marya Yartseva, Art Lead, OwlStudio

Marya is Art Lead and 2d artist, teacher, the author of courses on gaming graphics, the First of Her Name, Breaker of Office Chains.

During this session Maria is going to share how to avoid professional burnout in art-manager daily routine. It will explore some details of art management in outsource studio, where customer and your team both rely on you.

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True purpose of art and 3d artist in AAA projects and how to optimize art production

Alexander Boluzhenkov, Art-Director, Advanced Schematics

More than 10 years in industry as 3D artist. Participated in such projects as Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Quake, Doom, Halo, Batman, Evolve, LawBreakers. Supervises a team of experienced artists working for the most difficult tasks – the main characters, weapons, etc.

What is the real role of visual content in modern projects? What else should an artist be able to do besides modeling and texturing? Against the backdrop, increasing sophistication and higher production costs, skills and knowledge enabling to optimize processes, allow to be demanded by a specialist and reduce production costs.

Discussion Panel

presentation solutions group

Alex Nichiporchik, CEO, TinyBuild

Discussion Panel: Investment and business organization done right

What problems do developers face while seeking funding? What kind of projects are more interesting for investors and and how they make decisions?

presentation solutions group

Aleksey Savchenko, Licensing Manager, Epic Games

presentation solutions group

Ilya Karpinskiy, Director, MRGV

presentation solutions group

Mikhail Verbilo, Product Analytics Lead,

Discussion Panel: Recruiting and employer brand

Why are companies often spoiling their image in search of new employees? We will analyze the main problems, the claims from the candidates and what to do with this.

presentation solutions group

Marina Goncharova, Head of partnership projects 3i Games, Mail.Ru

presentation solutions group

Kirill Goncharik, Head Of Life is Feudal MMO Publishing, Bitbox, Ltd

presentation solutions group

Oleg Dobroshtan, Chief Talent Office, 101xp

presentation solutions group

Alexandra Pestretsova, Independent Expert (Ex marketing director, Game Insight)

presentation solutions group

Serge Himmelreich, Game Designer, Co-founder, GDCuffs, ARPU.GURU

Experienced game designers offer publically practical ways of gameplay improvement to 3 selected but not released projects.

presentation solutions group

Vladimir Kovtun, Creative Mobile

presentation solutions group

Gregory Choporov, Producer, 2RealLife

Conference content is prepared with the help of our advisors.

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Alex Nichiporchik

CEO, tinyBuild


Vera Velichko

CEO, Art-director, OWL-Studio


Vladimir Kovtun

Lead Game Designer, Creative Mobile


Sergey Bababev

Independent Expert


Valentin Simonov

Field Engineer, Unity Technologies

presentation solutions group

Konstantin Sakhnov

Head of Game Department, Rocket Jump

presentation solutions group

Aleksey Savchenko

Licensing Manager, Epic Games

presentation solutions group

Tanja Evdokimenko

Founder, Values Value

Alexandra Pestretsova

presentation solutions group

Ressa Schwarzwald

Audio Producer, tinyBuild

Lerika Mallayeva

Lerika Mallayeva

Email: [email protected] Skype: mallayeva Phone: +79035826001

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Maria Chyrvona

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Sergey Chernobrivets

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Tori Pavlenko

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