online sales presentation tools


online sales presentation tools



online sales presentation tools

Go hybrid with Prezi

It’s a new world. Are you ready? Here’s how Prezi helps your team thrive in today’s hybrid workplace.

online sales presentation tools

Prezi Video explained

We’ve compiled these quick, easy-to-follow tutorials to make you a Prezi Video master in no time.

online sales presentation tools

The science

Learn to grab their attention and keep it with presentation advice from the pros.

Create moving, zooming presentations that grab attention and keep it.

Appear right alongside your content while presenting to your audience.

Make stunning interactive charts, reports, maps, infographics, and more.

Get the online sales tools to meet customer demand

Sales no longer means going door to door and closing a deal with a handshake. Enable your teams to work from anywhere while giving them the online sales tools they need to reach the right leads and close deals quickly.

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online sales solutions

Meet just a few of the teams that use Prezi

online sales presentation tools

On video calls, where everyone is reduced to a small box, it’s more crucial than ever for your sales-from-home team to stand out. Bring interactive media like GIFs and videos alongside you on screen for a more lasting impression.

Screen sharing doesn’t need to block you from view on a virtual call. Create data-driven sales presentations and engaging pitch decks, and display content like text, video, images, and GIFs right next to you on screen.

Make online sales presentations that grab the attention of new leads no matter where they’re based. With eye-catching presentations and more effective meetings, your team can meet sales targets from home just as easily as they did in person.

Make sure all your presentations and lead-generation content is branded with the right logos, colors, and messaging. Set up your brand kit to help automate the creation process.

Learn about Prezi’s brand kit

Build interactive sales presentations, eye-catching visual aids, and more. Use templates to get started or repurpose an existing sales presentation with your own content.

Works with the top video conferencing tools

Share your Prezi content live to boost team engagement and drive conversation in any online sales call.

Even more reasons to add Prezi to your set of online sales tools

online sales presentation tools

You’re in the driver’s seat

License management Add or remove team members, and transfer licenses with ease.

Content ownership Keep control of your team’s content, even when someone leaves.

Privacy control Publishing settings and overviews let you manage who sees what.

MSI Installation Remote software deployment gets everyone the latest versions fast.

online sales presentation tools

We’re your biggest supporters

Phone and chat support Our customer support experts are standing by to help.

Dedicated success manager Let your personal guide get your team up and running.

Branded templates Get your own template with your fonts, logo, and colors.

Advanced training* Get personalized trainings and webinars, plus the option to get Prezi-certified. *Available with software commitment minimum

online sales presentation tools

Your security is our priority

SOC2 compliance We stay compliant and constantly up-to-date with SOC2 requirements.

Continuous monitoring We constantly scan and test our infrastructure and application.

Cross-team integration Our security, engineering, and product teams partner with each other closely. Learn more about our security measures

Get our whole lineup of visual communication tools

Prezi Video

Prezi Video

Prezi Present

Prezi Present

Prezi Design

Prezi Design

Frequently asked questions, what are online sales tools.

Online sales tools help you automate manual tasks and improve the quality of your customer relationships. Simply put, they make managing sales easier.

What are examples of online sales tools?

There are a lot of online sales tools out there, including Prezi Video for making it easier to design and deliver pitch decks, CRM software for keeping track of and managing customer interactions, and prospecting tools to uncover potential new leads.

What are the best tools for giving sales presentations online?

The best format for online sales presentations is through video – it’s the next best format to being there in person because it allows you to meet with your customers face to face. Creating your sales presentation with Prezi Video allows you to put your content next to you on screen, so that your face is never hidden when you share your presentation. Connect Prezi Video to your preferred video conferencing platform and start meeting with your customers.

How do you deliver an effective online sales presentation?

An effective online sales presentation can look much like an in-person sales presentation, except that it has to compete with even more distractions. It’s important to grab your audience’s attention immediately and keep them engaged by including images, videos, infographics, charts, and other captivating visuals. Using video to connect is really important in online sales, as it makes your customers less likely to multitask during your presentation and makes it easier for you to connect with them.

Learn more about online sales on our blog

How to make a sales pitch on video

Get started with the tools your online sales team needs

Watch a demo, try out cool features, and learn how Prezi can help your sales team connect better with customers online.

online sales presentation tools

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  • Account Management

6 Best Presentation Software Options for Salespeople 2022

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  • Top 6 Lead Nurturing Strategies for 2024
  • What Is a Lead Nurturing Campaign? Benefits, Steps, Examples

online sales presentation tools

Selling Signals content and product recommendations are editorially independent. We may make money when you click on links to our partners. Learn More .

Presentation software are tools that help sales teams create and deliver visually appealing presentations to their prospects. The top software offer slide deck templates and customization tools plus upgrades to access advanced features such as multimedia imports and interactive tools to keep prospects engaged throughout the presentation. To help you choose the one for you, we've compiled the top presentation software, including what they’re best suited for.

Here are the top six presentation software options:

  • Visme : Best overall software for basic and premium features (free starting price)
  • Prezi : Best software to create interactive non-linear presentations (14-day free trial)
  • PowerPoint : Best tool to get AI coaching on spoken presentations (free starting price)
  • Google Slides : Best free, simple software with real-time collaboration (free starting price)
  • Slidebean : Best presentation software with AI design features (free starting price)
  • Zoho Show : Best software for presenting to large audiences (free starting price)

If you're specifically looking to create free presentations, check out our guide to the best free presentation software . There, you'll find the top no-cost options plus their use cases, features, and available upgrades.

How We Evaluated the Best Presentation Software

To determine the best software to create professional-looking sales presentations , we created four criteria comprised of weighted subcriteria. Then, we assigned scores and summed each of the subcriteria and criteria scores to give each software option an overall score out of five. We added the six highest-scoring options to our list and assigned each of them a primary use case. Take a look at our evaluation criteria below:

Evaluation Criteria

We first looked at each presentation software's cost, then considered their range of core and advanced features that help you deliver effective sales presentations. Finally, we assigned an expert score that covered ease of use and reputation among its exisiting users.

Cost Overview

We considered pricing tiers, user limits, included free support, and trial period length.

Core Features Overview

We compared the core features of each platform, such as presentation templates and integrations.

Advanced Features Overview

We compared useful advanced features like mobile/tablet compatibility and interactive engagement.

Expert Score Overview

We examined each option ourselves and combed through business ratings for a general consensus on ease of use, popularity/reputation, and overall value.

Note: All per-user prices are based on an annual commitment unless otherwise noted.

While all software on our list are solid options, we found Visme to be the best overall presentation software, which also won in both the core features and advanced features categories. Below, check out how each top option fared in terms of pricing, features, and expert score, and learn more about their primary use cases.

Visme Logo

Visme: Best Overall Presentation Software

Offers a wide range of core and advanced features plus pre-built, customizable presentation templates.

Price Range: Free to $24.75+ per user, per month

  • Vast selection of templates
  • Excellent support resources
  • Online publishing capabilities
  • Free plan includes Visme logo
  • Can be a bit slow at times
  • Some users say UI is lacking

Visme is presentation software for creating content ranging from slide decks to social media graphics to videos. Its expansive library of templates, multimedia, graphs, and educational resources simplify the design process for you. Visme's Free and Personal plans offer many of the features you'll need to create basic presentations — upgrade to Business or Enterprise for premium features such as collaboration, analytics, and a brand kit for the entire team to use.

While Visme offers robust features and a free plan, all presentations created with the free plan include the Visme logo. For other web-based software options that give a mix of good core features and flexibility plus a solid free plan, check out Google Slides and PowerPoint.

Visme Pricing

  • Free Plan: Supports 1 user
  • Personal: $12.25 per user, per month
  • Business: $24.75 per user, per month
  • Enterprise: Call for quote

Visme Key Features

  • Publish Online: Share a private link or embed to your website or social pages.
  • Data Widgets: Create custom infographics to show statistics that support a claim.
  • Educational Resources: Use webinars and trainings to improve your presentations.
  • Data Analytics: See how presentations shared to social media are performing.

Visme best presentation software

Prezi: Best for Interactive Presentations

Unique presentation plaform that lets you create engaging, non-linear, zoom-in-and-out presentations.

Price Range: $15 to $59+ per user, per month (14-day free trial)

  • Share directly to social media
  • Robust analytics with Premium plan
  • Custom zoom features
  • More difficult to learn
  • Template customization limited
  • GIFs are not supported

Prezi is a presentation tool that offers a unique take on presenting via their zoom reveal function in which information is presented in a non-linear way. This allows you to adapt to your audience and "zoom in" to each topic according to the flow of conversation, without having to flip through slides to reveal relevant info. All Business plans come with Prezi Design, Present, and Video so you can create presentations and appear alongside your graphics as you speak.

If creating interactive, visually appealing presentations is important to you but so is free software, check out Visme instead. Its robust template library and ability to add links to slides for an interactive, non-linear presentation make it a good alternative to Prezi's paid annual plan.

Prezi Pricing

  • Business Plus: $15 per user, per month
  • Business Premium: $59 per user, per month
  • Business Teams: Call for quote
  • Free Trial: 14 days for all plans or 5 presentations with Basic plan

Prezi Key Features

  • Zoom Reveal Feature: Create non-sequential presentations and dictate flow in real time.
  • Custom Branding: Create and customize your color themes with smart branding.
  • PowerPoint Converter: Upload PowerPoint slides and quickly make them dynamic.
  • Remote Presenting: Present anywhere on desktop or mobile, even offline without WiFi.

Prezi best presentation software

PowerPoint: Best for AI Presentation Coaching

Widely-used presentation software with solid core features plus AI-based slide design and spoken presentation coaching.

Price Range: Free to $159.99 one-time fee (30-day free trial)

  • Comes with Microsoft 365 suite
  • Free web-based version
  • AI also helps with slide design
  • Can't share to social media
  • Limited embedding options
  • Can be a bit clunky

PowerPoint is still one of the most widely used presentation software, largely due to its familiarity and easy-to-use features. In 2021, Microsoft revealed the included Speaker Coach feature, which uses AI to listen to your spoken presentation and help you find a good pace and avoid reading your slides or using filler words. PowerPoint comes standard with a Microsoft 365 subscription, or it can be purchased as standalone software or used free on the web.

PowerPoint's AI slide design and speaker coaching are highly useful for sellers that want to get the entire presentation just right, but the software is often criticized for being clunkier than many newer options. To use a more modern tool that also offers AI design, look into Slidebean.

PowerPoint Pricing

  • Free Web-Based Microsoft PowerPoint:  Supports 1 user
  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard (All Office Apps): $12.50 per user, per month
  • Microsoft PowerPoint: One-time fee of $159.99
  • Free Trial: 30 days for Microsoft 365 Business Standard

PowerPoint Key Features

  • User-Friendly Interface: Core features, plus Help and Search, are easy to use.
  • PowerPoint Designer and Coach: Get AI help designing and presenting your slides.
  • Useful Design Tools: Wide variety of animations and transition options are available.
  • PowerPoint Mobile App: Create presentations on desktop or Android and iOS devices.

PowerPoint best presentation software

Google Slides: Best Free, Intuitive Software

Great free option for those looking to create simple presentations and use real-time team collaboration.

Price Range: Free for 1 user

  • Integration with Google Workspace
  • Easy to collaborate with team
  • Robust free core features
  • No upgrades for more features
  • Small number of templates
  • Not ideal for larger teams

Google Slides is an app within the Google Workspace ecosystem that allows you to create professionally designed presentations and infographics for free. With Slides, you can choose from a range of templates, import video or polls, create GIFs, and easily publish presentations to the web. Because it’s a cloud-based service, you can even collaborate and edit with your team in real time. For these reasons, Google Slides is rated our top free presentation software .

Google Slides is a simple free and collaborative presentation software, but it doesn't come with many templates to start from. For a wide selection of deck templates, check out Zoho Show, which is also free, collaborative, and easy to use.

Google Slides Pricing

  • Free Plan: Supports 1 user and collaboration with 100 users

Google Slides Key Features

  • Google Fonts: Personalize your own font library with access to over 800 fonts.
  • Simple Sharing: Easily publish to the web or send a private presentation link.
  • Explore Feature: Browse Google within Slides to do research or include web images.
  • Web-Based Presenting: Present Slides presentations within Google Meet calls.

Google Slides best presentation software

Slidebean: Best Software With AI Slide Design

Solid presentation option offering professional-looking deck templates and AI-enabled slide arrangement.

Price Range: Free to $19 per user, per month

  • Niche-specific templates
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Must pay to share and export
  • Many templates for premium only
  • Non-startups won't use some tools

Slidebean is an intuitive presentation design platform geared toward startups creating a pitch deck for investors but also useful for established businesses. With its AI-powered editing tool, create an outline and add content, then have the design editor automatically arrange slides for you in various ways until you're happy with the result. Slidebean's user-friendly interface, professional templates, and AI edits help you easily design effective presentations.

Slidebean's AI helps design attractive slides in the best order, but that's the extent of the AI tool. To take this tech a step further, read about PowerPoint , which offers AI design plus AI coaching that will listen to your spoken presentation and help you improve it.

Slidebean Pricing

  • All-Access: $19 per user, per month

Slidebean Key Features

  • AI-Enabled Editing: Add your content and then let the AI tool organize your slides.
  • Template Library: Get pitch deck, business presentation, and financial model templates.
  • Web-Based Presenting: All-Access plan eliminates the need for compatible software.
  • Full-Service Design: Pay for the Slidebean team to design a presentation for you.

Slidebean best presentation software

Zoho Show: Best Software for Large Audiences

Build free presentations with your team, then broadcast the finished product to a large group and keep them engaged.

  • Integrates with apps like Slack and Jira
  • Broadcast feature for presentations
  • Slide, template, and font libraries
  • Can be slow at times
  • No desktop application
  • Cannot work offline

Zoho Show is free presentation software with intuitive creation and powerful delivery features. Start with their 100+ templates of sales presentations, business proposals, and more, then finish your deck with your team in real time. Export and save the slides to a Zoho CRM contact record or broadcast them in presenter mode so all attendees see the slides and can chat questions while you also see presenter notes and choose certain questions for discussion.

Zoho Show is great if you'd like to create and deliver presentations only on your browser, but it offers no flexibility to work offline. To make and give presentations on your browser or desktop, check out PowerPoint 's free browser version and upgraded app, also offering presenter mode.

Zoho Show Pricing

Zoho show key features.

  • PowerPoint Compatibility: Upload a PPT or export in PPT or other formats.
  • Real-Time Collaboration: All team members can create a slideshow together.
  • Animations: Use motion path or chart/table animations and dynamic transitions.
  • Shared Users: During broadcasts, allow team members to take control of the deck.

Zoho Show best presentation software

Bottom Line: Best Presentation Software

When deciding which presentation sales software is right for you and your business, consider your budget, how many users will require access and how many presentations you expect to create, and what kind of experience you want your audience to have. With that information and this list, individuals and sales teams of any size or budget can choose the right platform that allows them to create dynamic, engaging presentations to use for lead nurturing .

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Sales Graphics

Sales Graphics

The Online Sales Presentation: Best Practices for Selling Via an Online Meeting

July 20, 2020 by Ted Chevalier

online sales presentation tools

Call it an online presentation, doing remote sales, or making a digital presentation, selling through an online meeting is not easy. All the usual sales presentation best practices still apply, but so do a few new ones:

1. Keep Your Online Presentation Shorter than Short

If you are talking more than 3 minutes during your online meeting without stopping, you are talking too much. Your audience will be checking their email, getting other work done, anything other than listen to you. Break up your remote sales presentation by asking questions, taking a poll, offering up a quiz. Now more than ever, you need a clear presentation strategy.

2. Make Your Digital Presentation Visually Exciting and Verbally Simple

You want to get and maintain attention with something that catches the eyes. Too many words on the screen sap the energy from your story. Think of ways to get the information across visually as much as possible. Add multimedia, including video and interactive slides.

3. Use Your PowerPoint (or PowerPoint Alternative) to Set up a Conversation

You will lose attention—and likely the sale—if your presentation is all about features and benefits. Instead, use your PowerPoint deck to set up questions and ways to open conversation. Encourage the use of chat. If you see questions pop up in the chat stream, read them out loud and start a discussion. Have someone nearby, but off camera help, taking note of how the audience is reacting and helping you sort through chat questions.

3. You Are on TV: Are You Ready for Your Close-Up

Doing remote sales through an online meeting puts your face and your environment on the screen, up close and personal. Take a moment to look at what is in the background when you are talking. Tidy it up, make it look professional, and, ideally, make it relevant to your sales presentation. Dress for your online presentation—even consider wearing a little powder so that your face doesn’t shine. Check the lighting. And make sure your face is centered on the screen, neither to far or too close. When talking, look into the camera—not on your screen—so that people feel you are talking right to them.

4. Practice More than You Think You Need

Presenting online add complications, like technology and connectivity challenges that can throw off your presentation. You’ve got to worry about sound, lighting, online meeting software, your internet connection and more. Practicing helps smooth out the glitches in what you are saying, what you are showing, and the technology you are using. Practice delivery skills like breathing, vocal variety, when to pause for emphasis—all things that have a bigger impact in online presenting. Be sure to show up early and work out all the kinks before your audience arrives.

5. Evaluate and Enhance

However well your online sales presentation went, you can always do better. Record the whole online meeting and then play it back to yourself. Pay attention to what you said, how you said it, how you looked, and how people reacted. Are you saying “um,” “ya know,” “right,” or adding some other verbal or visual tick? Be critical of your performance, and note when audience members sat up and took notice and where they drifted. Work on those sections to make “the next time” even better. Adding these tips to your collection of best practices will make every online sales presentation more successful, helping remote sales really work for you.

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A presentation maker for every team

Give better presentations and visually communicate your ideas, projects, and everything you need. Miro’s online presentation maker helps you to gain the confidence to keep the momentum going.

online sales presentation tools

Over 60M users love Miro.

Be presentation-ready in seconds

Make presentations in just a few clicks with Miro’s presentation creator. Choose one of the ready-made templates and edit it to suit your needs; no design experience is needed. We’ve got your back with a great selection of templates.

online sales presentation tools

Layouts that fit your needs

We help you to get started, but you’re welcome to fully customize your presentation. Add your brand colors, fonts, and styles, create graphs, and move frames around to fit your storytelling. Don’t be afraid to explore the many editing tools on the left toolbar and get creative with the presentation maker.

online sales presentation tools

No more boring presentations

Present content and pre-planned activities to facilitate powerful meetings and workshops. Presentations are boring. On Miro, they’re not.

online sales presentation tools

Why Miro is the best presentation maker

Master storytelling.

Miro’s presentation creator has an intuitive UI, making communicating your ideas easier without worrying about tech complications. Use the Presentation mode, and focus your energy on what matters: your content.

Co-creation made simple

Invite others to collaborate with you whenever, wherever. Miro’s robust capabilities allow you to have guests on your board or build a shared team space where everyone comes together to collaborate.

Create dynamic presentations

Use the drag-and-drop feature and effortlessly add images, text, and videos to your presentation frames. Miro’s visual workspace allows you to quickly create professional-looking presentations with just a few clicks.

Easily share your presentation

Engage your stakeholders and get buy-in by creating eye-catching and on-brand presentations. Use Brand Center and presentation templates to improve your bargaining power, influencing decision-making.

Related templates

Presentation Template

Deliver impressive presentations that resonate with your audience.

Logo Presentation Template

Present your design ideas with confidence and make your clients fall in love with their new logo.

Rebranding Presentation

Provide clarity around the reinvention of your brand and your rebranding strategies.

Company Vision Presentation Template

Summarize your company’s goals and describe your path to achieving them using professional-looking slides.

Sales Presentation Template

Shed pre-sales pitch nerves and deliver the speech of a lifetime with the Sales Presentation Template.

Pitch Deck Template

Make people care about your idea and gain supporters everywhere.

Present ideas from anywhere

Miro’s visual workspace helps teams to communicate and collaborate across formats, tools, and channels — without the constraints of physical location and meeting space.

online sales presentation tools

Brand management

Make sure your brand looks consistent across all work. With easy access to approved fonts, colors, styles, and templates, anyone can create polished and on-brand boards in just a few minutes.

online sales presentation tools

Meetings and workshops

Creative energy that you can feel, presentations that just flow, and teams that connect and collaborate like humans — bring the in-person experience online with Miro, whether you’re running a brainstorm or facilitating a workshop.

online sales presentation tools

Client work solutions

Miro gives consultants, agencies, freelancers — and their clients — one living, dynamic space to go from project brief to big business breakthrough. Always collaborative, no matter how, where, or when you work.

online sales presentation tools

Hybrid work

How we work has changed. Your tools should too. Experience seamless collaboration, no matter when or where you work, in Miro. Give teams a dynamic and visual way to collaborate, connect, and create.

online sales presentation tools

Project management

Manage complex projects — and their stakeholders — with confidence. Create process alignment and shared understanding between cross-functional teams with a collaborative visual workspace.

Dashboarding & Performance Tracking

Dashboarding & Performance Tracking

Create a shared space for custom dashboards and performance monitoring, pattern identification, and decision-making.

Strategy Development

Strategy development

Propel your plans from strategy through execution. Run engaging kickoff sessions, build visual presentations, manage and track progress collaboratively, all in one online planning tool.

Organizational Design

Organizational design

Your employees are your greatest asset. Map out your organization to see the big picture and design for the future.

How to make a presentation

online sales presentation tools

Select a ready-made template

Miro has a wide range of presentation templates you can choose from. Or start building from scratch, adding content to your board. Miro’s presentation maker has many features to help you get started.

Structure your presentation

Edit your content, apply your brand fonts and colors, and resize frames if needed.

Share ideas with one click

To present, select Presentation mode on the upper right toolbar. Invite others to join your presentation, and good luck!

Presentation maker FAQs

Where can i make free presentations.

Search for tools that give you free access. Sign up for free for Miro’s visual workspace, and see if it fits your needs.

Which is the best presentation maker?

There are many options out there; choose the one that gives you flexibility and suits your needs. Miro’s presentation maker allows you to create presentations quickly, saving time and effort when designing and crafting your storytelling. Try it for yourself, and see if it works for you.

How to make a good presentation slide?

Miro’s presentation maker allows you to use your board's frames as slides, working exactly as any regular presentation. When creating a presentation with Miro, you have the option to use the Presentation mode, which helps you manage your time and audience on the board, enabling you to facilitate and present at the same time.

10 Miro templates for powerful presentations

How do you design a good presentation?

What you need to know about human perception to be great at presentations

Get on board in seconds

Join thousands of teams using Miro to do their best work yet.

Interactive Sales Presentation Software to Engage with your Audience

online sales presentation tools

Sales Presentation Solutions Give Sales Pitches a Boost

Regardless of what you say, sell or show, it is likely you're not questioning whether digital interactivity should be in your tool belt, it is finding the best way to get there. As design and technology collide, it becomes harder to justify investment in solutions requiring technical expertise and niche training. It doesn't help your business to invest in an interactive experience creation option that depends upon a core team of "experts" to do the work. You need the ease-of-use of a Microsoft PowerPoint and the power of custom programming. Intuiface has sales presentation solutions that anyone can use.

online sales presentation tools

Intuiface is the world's premier sales presentation platform for creating cutting edge, deeply interactive sales pitches your audience won't forget.

Build gorgeous, highly functional pitches for any audience and interact with them using mobile devices and multi-touch displays of any size or orientation. Use your own data and your own content - don’t change a thing. If you can build a slide then you can create fully interactive sales pitches that will thrill your clients and intimidate your competition. Plus, since Intuiface uses HTML5 under the hood, it's future proof!

Next-Generation Software Platform for Delivering On-Premise Interactive Sales Presentations

online sales presentation tools

Dynamic Sales Presentations

Dynamic sales presentations without ever writing a line of code . It's your design, storyboard and layout populated entirely with your own media. Control every pixel using your images, videos, documents, 3D models, websites and more. Optionally incorporate content in real-time - so it's always up-to-the minute - and at all times collect detailed information for offline analysis about most popular products, most discussed services and more.

So when to use it? When you first looked for sales presentation software, you probably thought simply about replacing the boredom of PowerPoint or Prezi. But IntuiFace opens the door as a sales presentation tool, applicable in a variety of contexts. What is in your lobby for visitors? Do you have a briefing center? Host booths at a trade show? Train new hires? A sales pitch presentation can take many forms and formats so don't limit yourself to what you already know. With IntuiFace as your sales presentation software, you can take a fresh perspective on how to tell your company's story.

Create using  Intuiface Composer  on Windows, Deploy and Run using  Intuiface Player  on any tablet or multi-touch display.

Interactive Sales Presentation Software

Features You'll Love

non linear presentations

Non Linear Presentations

use all your media

Use Tablets for Mobility


Use Offline

mobile remote control

Cloud Deployment

share your work

Share Your Work

form factors

Gain insight with Analytics

Queensland Museum

See It In Action

Interactive sales experience, customer case study - Syntegon

Learn from Pre-built Samples

Intuiface Presentation

The Future Of Sales Presentations Is Here. Be Part Of It.

Sales Presentation Software

Transform your existing sales assets into engaging content that makes you stand out.

Empower your marketers and sellers to easily create personalized and engaging sales presentations. Turn your existing PowerPoint/Google Slides, Word, Excel, PDF and media files into animated content that boosts buyer engagement and closes more deals.


 Sales presentation software & apps for remote or face-to-face interactions


Deliver engaging and impactful sales presentations. Easily create, customize, and share on-brand and interactive content from any device. Present online or in-person.

  • Put your sales content into templates optimized for storytelling to build personalized and impactful sales decks
  • Engage customers and prospects with stunning presentations whether in-person or virtual selling settings
  • Keep your latest on-brand content in a centralized location accessible anytime, anywhere, from any device, online or off
  • Use built-in reports & analytics to track asset performance, tie content to revenue, and optimize production and distribution of your sales assets

Fully customizable sales presentation templates to help you stand out

online sales presentation tools

Issues faced by marketing and sales

online sales presentation tools

Ineffective Sellers

Salespeople aren’t hitting their targets or closing deals

Decrease Admin Tasks

  • Easy access to content from various devices online and off
  • Automate data entries into CRM to maximize selling activities
  • AI-powered training content recommendations


Can’t find the content they need for prospects meetings

Next-Gen Content Management

  • Machine Learning automates content tagging
  • AI helps guide reps to the right content at the right time
  • Intuitive interface makes it easy to customize & share on-brand content

online sales presentation tools

Buyer Engagement

Buyers believe sales reps don’t understand their needs

Reduce Sales Cycles

  • Turn sales presentations into interactive conversations with actionable insights
  • Effectively show buyers the value of your product or service
  • Easily and quickly tailor sales content around customers' challenges

Sales presentations that communicate & quantify your unique value

Build a solid foundation of value messaging, provocative insights, and credible financial justification

  • Create differentiated business value messaging and quantification
  • Enable prospects to self-assess challenges, “do nothing” costs, and potential benefits from your solutions
  • Enable customer success teams to easily prove ROI for cross sell, upsell, and renewals
  • Empower marketers, sales reps, and partners to quantify prospect challenges, benefits, ROI, and TCO

Differentiate your unique value for prospects and customers alike

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Our Jumpstart programs are available to get your reps up and running with more engaging, interactive presentations and value tools in a matter of weeks.

Jumpstart ROI

A value selling tool delivered in just 2 weeks, with a no risk commitment. Fully functional interactive tool including discovery, storytelling, insights, financial justification and evidence.

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Jumpstart Presentations

Empower your sellers with engaging, interactive and differentiating PowerPoints to be used in person or remotely and allowing them to pivot to customer needs. Easily track and measure what’s working.

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Engaging the modern b2b buyer.

Your buyers have changed. Have your sellers?

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All content, any file type, in one place

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We can have you up and running in no time with full customer support. Empower your sales team with intuitive & scalable sales presentation software and apps to deliver engaging conversations and increase revenue.

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15 Sales Presentation Techniques That Will Help You Close More Deals Today

Chris Orlob

Updated: June 01, 2022

Published: May 31, 2022

Hate the thought of doing sales presentations ? You’re not alone. But the best reps have sales presentations down pat, even if it’s not their favorite activity.

sales presentation methods

The best sales reps know that, when done right , sales presentations are a high-earning skill.

So, let’s hone that skill with simple sales presentation techniques that communicate an irresistible narrative and get buyers to close.

→ Free Download: 10 PowerPoint Presentation Templates [Access Now]

Sales Presentation

An effective sales presentation tells a compelling story, highlights your value proposition, and aligns with your audience's needs and desires. It ends with a strong call-to-action and leads prospects to your differentiators instead of leading with them.

As it can sometimes mean the difference between closing a deal or losing a customer, you definitely want to get your sales presentation right. There are strategies and tips you can follow to ensure your sales presentations are effective, memorable, and engaging. Let’s go over them below.

Sales Presentation Methods

1. structure your presentation. .

Guiding your prospects down a clear path is key to a successful sales presentation. You’ll follow a logical structure, and listeners will understand how each element of your presentation relates to one another, rather than them having to piece together disjointed information on their own. 

There are times when flipping the structure can add unique elements to your presentation, though, and we’ll discuss this further below. 

2. Use data visualizations. 

Using visuals, like charts and graphics, to supplement your message is a valuable way to showcase your content in an easy-to-understand format as they make your words more impactful. 

For example, if you’re selling SaaS that helps users organize their sales process for a shorter cycle, you can create a visual that displays the average length of your clients’ sales cycle vs. those using other tools. 

By doing this, you’re adding extra emphasis to your words with a visual picture, and a bonus is that visuals are more likely to stick with your audience and get them thinking versus just hearing you talk. 

3. Rely on spoken words — not text.

If your presentation slides are text-heavy, prospects may get caught up reading the words you’ve written instead of listening, causing them to miss out on the value you’re sharing. Aim to include less text by calling attention to the most significant elements with short bursts of text that you supplement with your words. 

In addition, when you have less text on your slides, you may be less inclined to just read from them, which can be a bad part of presentations. You’ll have to speak instead of relying on written content. 

Let’s go over some sales presentation techniques that, when paired with the three methods above, will help you nail it every time.

Sales Presentation Techniques

1. send your buyer the presentation deck before your call..

You might assume that sending a buyer a deck before a call is like revealing whodunnit on the cover of a murder mystery. No one will pay attention to the rest of the book, right? 

When the team started sharing our deck before opening sales calls, we learned it was a winning move. 

If your deck is compelling, prospects will want to get into it with you, even if they know the main point. Together, you can dive in, dissect the good bits, and talk through questions. It’s going to be a juicy conversation, and they know it.

Then, you can begin the conversation during your presentation with a statement like, “Based on the information in the deck I sent, where should we start?”

2. Invoke self-discovery.

It’s tempting to stick to a positive linear story during your sales presentation. That usually invokes talking about benefits, outcomes, and desired results. But, that approach isn’t always the best. 

Before discussing solutions and results, you must understand your prospect's problem. More importantly, you have to be sure your prospects understand the problem. 

Self-discovery is the ticket that gets you there. Instead of telling the buyer what the problem is and how you’ll address it, get your buyer to connect with the problem on their own. 

3. Talk about Point A. Don’t skip to point B.

This is 100% linked to the tip above. There’s a problem (point A) and desired outcome (point B). Point A is the status quo. It’s a problem your buyer will continue to face if they don’t make a change. 

You can stand out by focusing on point A, as talking about a pain point is shockingly more effective than talking about positive outcomes. 

Make your buyer feel the pain that results from the status quo. Convince them the pain will only worsen without your solution — because you know that to be true.

You should only talk about benefits once they’re on board with that line of thinking. Urgency is what allows benefits to land. Without urgency, benefits are just happy points that hold no real meaning.

4. Insight is your #1 lead story.

Buyers are experts on their circumstances, but they want insights into their situation from you. 

You’re most likely to impress a buyer by telling them something new about themselves, as your offering is a unique insight into their problems and opportunities.

Check out this TaylorMade video. It’s a bang-on example of how to lead a presentation with insight, and then move on to your product’s strengths:

You learned how to get more distance from your golf swing (an insight into what you’re doing). Then you learned how that’s supported by the product’s particular strength.

Insight comes first. It changes how your buyers think about the problem your product solves. Only then benefits can land effectively.

5. Don’t lead with differentiators, lead to them.

At, we’ve taught our sales reps to speak with buyers about a critical problem only we can solve. It’s the delta between top producers and the rest of the team.

don't lead with differentiators in your sales presentations

  • "The numbers from your top reps are fantastic."
  • "The downside is they’re annulled by everyone else who’s missing their quota."
  • "Your team goes from outstanding numbers to breaking even or missing quota. Both of those options are unsustainable."

We only introduce our key differentiator once the backstory is clear and the buyer gets it. Then, our reps say something like this:

"Gong is the only platform that can tell you what your top reps do differently from the rest of your team. We can tell you which questions they ask, which topics they discuss, when they talk about each one, and more."

See why we lead to our differentiator, and not with it? It just wouldn’t land the same way if we started with the differentiator. In fact, it might not land at all.

6. Focus on value, not features. research found that focusing on features over value is not impactful. Prospects, especially decision-makers, want value propositions about how you’ll help them solve their problems rather than an overview of the features they’ll get.

7. Flip your presentation.

he next, eventually achieving a shiny, final outcome. This isn’t always the best strategy. 

Instead of building up to the most significant and impactful part of your demo for your prospect, begin with the most valuable part, which is how you’ll help them, and let the conversation flow from there. 

There’s one other tactic underlying it all: The best product demos start with topics the buyers highlighted on the discovery call . For example, if the buyer spends 4 minutes talking about X and 10 minutes talking about Y, you want to begin with Y, as the buyer has demonstrated that they’re heavily interested in Y. In the opening section of your presentation, address the biggest issue from discovery. Address the second biggest issue second, etc.

It’s called solution mapping, and it’s going to change your sales presentation process forever. Stop saving the big reveal for last. Stop building anticipation. Start with the good stuff. Let it rip right out of the gate.

8. Turn your presentation into a conversation.

If you sensed we were looking for a two-way dialogue during your pitch, you’re right. That’s a relief to most salespeople, especially the ones who hate delivering traditional presentations.

A two-way dialogue is going to make your pitch feel more natural. To do this, says to get buyers to ask questions by giving them just enough info to inspire them to ask more questions and keep the conversation going. In fact, top performers ask fewer questions because they don’t bombard prospects with too much information but instead give buyers just enough information to have them ask questions. 


Long monologues won’t help you have real conversations with your buyers. Instead, aim for a great two-way conversation. 

9. Mind the 9-minute period.

This tip is crisp and clear: Don’t present for more than nine minutes. data supports this. 


Presentations for lost deals last an average of 11.4 minutes. Why do they go so poorly? Because it’s hard to retain attention. If you do go longer than nine minutes, switch it up. 

Vary something that re-captures attention and keeps people engaged. Change channels by doing something like switching up who’s speaking in real life or on video. This can rest your clock to zero, and you’ve got nine more minutes for the next portion of the show. 

10. Be strategic with social proof. 

Social proof. Best friend or worst nightmare? It can be either one, so use it carefully. For example, generic social proof (i.e., naming impressive clients for brand power alone) is a disaster. Buyers might not identify with them. Sure, they’re dazzled, but they may not see how they relate to your current client.

An effective strategy is to reference clients similar to your buyer, with the same pain points, challenges and needs that they can relate to. You can tell an accompanying story about the client and their pain points, helping the buyer see themselves in the story you’re telling.

11. Talk price after you establish value.

Would it surprise you to know it matters when you talk about certain topics? It can actually affect whether you win or lose a deal. Pricing is a great example of this principle.

The top salespeople wait to talk about pricing. They know it’s important to demonstrate their product’s value first.

pricing discussions should happen after you establish value

Set an agenda at the start of your call so your buyer knows when to expect a pricing discussion. They’ll be less likely to raise it early, and if they do, you can refer back to the agenda.

Open with something like, " I’d like to talk about A, B, and C on our call today. Then we can go over pricing at the end and -- if it makes sense for you -- talk about next steps. Does that work for you?"

You’re all set.

12. Reference your competitors.

Our data shows that you’re more likely to win a deal if you talk about the competition early in the sales process instead of ignoring them completely.


For best results, practice this during your first sales presentation. Waiting until the end of your sales process puts you into a dangerous red zone. Your buyers will already have formed opinions, and they’ll be harder to change.

In other words, at the end of the day, buyers will justify a decision they made early in the process, which is why it’s critical to set yourself up as the winner early on. Talk about the competition in your presentation. Put the conversation out there. Get your buyer to see you through that lens, and you’re golden.

Over To You

You now have 15 new tips and techniques to throw down this quarter. Many of these data-backed moves come from’s own findings and have proven to be effective for us. Implement them, and I know you’ll boost your numbers.

Blog - Beautiful PowerPoint Presentation Template [List-Based]

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Download ten free PowerPoint templates for a better presentation.

Powerful and easy-to-use sales software that drives productivity, enables customer connection, and supports growing sales orgs

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Boost your sales presentations: Delegate the task to an AI assistant

AI-powered platform that brings Leads to the Presentation Stage of the Deal in one day

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​increased presentations quality, ​fast sales managers onboarding, ​sales managers efficiency growth, try power of ai to working with sales presentations and content.

Pitch Avatar empowers sales professionals to increase their success rates through powerful product demos and sales pitches. With Pitch Avatar you can optimize your presentations and other sales content to maximize their effectiveness and conversions, ultimately leading to more successful deals.

Just upload your presentation, generate script to it in any language, add voice-over or create a video avatar. Generate a personalized link and send it to your contact. The listener can invite you or schedule a meeting by button. At the end of each session you’ll get a detailed report about all listener’s interaction.

Pitch Avatar also provides instant notifications when your content is viewed or listened to, so you can engage with your audience in real-time and start generating sales leads right away.

Now you can leverage the power of AI to deliver stunning sales presentations that boost your conversion rates and revenue

A woman in a confusion

How to arrange a presentation with a client if he is busy?

How to train new sellers to sell new products, how to increase the number of sales presentations while maintaining their quality, how pitch avatar helps to solve these problems and sell.

online sales presentation tools

Create a presentation​​

Upload your content, generate script, voice-over and video avatar. Add answers to frequently asked questions and select slides for the pitch mode, which introduces the main content in the minimum amount of time. 

online sales presentation tools

With Pitch Avatar, the video can be loaded onto a slide in two ways: you can split the video into still images and load them on multiple slides, or you can insert the video on one slide and it will be played on the slide as on the player.

online sales presentation tools

Two problems often cause excessive textual information on slides: fear of getting lost during a meeting or inept organization of information. Both problems are solved with Pitch Avatar.

You can use scripts to assist you with your presentation. By doing so, you will move through the demonstration on the intended course.

Most likely, after each client meeting, adjustments will be made to the scripts that will gradually hone them to perfection, and you will be able to reproduce your most successful presentation each time.

online sales presentation tools

Training Mode

Upload corporate presentations to Pitch Avatar, each accompanied by the most common user questions and the most concise answers from the company’s top salespeople.

This resource will allow beginners to quickly get acquainted with the sales logic for the products that they have to deal with and learn the techniques for dealing with objections.

You can also train by creating and voicing your own scripts. You can listen to your progress immediately after recording each slide, as well as the entire presentation after completion. You can send a link to a colleague and ask for their evaluation and expect advice.

online sales presentation tools

Online presentation and communication

All studies prove that a salesperson with a camera on is greater than 90% more likely to close a deal compared to a speaker without a camera. If the buyer has a camera turned on, the percentage increases almost as much as well! 

The combination of a video call with the Prompter function (a text display of a report script on your smartphone that allows you to be sure of what to say and when to say it) in Pitch Avatar further increases this likelihood.

You can connect to 500 users to the shows. You can leave links to presentations in your social networks, on thematic resources, or simply embed them on your website page. 

Every time the user has opened the presentation, a notification will be sent to you. This will allow you to instantly join and demo in person. 

online sales presentation tools

There are two ways to view the reports – either by selecting the presentation that you are interested in and information about it, or through the “Reports” button. Separately, you can expand the report to examine responses to a particular slide.

You will be able to understand which slides should be paid attention to, finalized or removed. So, you can also conduct A/B testing of impressions to choose the best option.

Two smiling woman of color web-conferencing via ROI4Presenter


Implemented integrations enable:

  • use of service files hosted on Google Drive, YouTube, presentations in PPTX and PDF formats
  • receiving data  from lead forms and on listener activity from HubSpot CRM and Salesforce
  • generating links to presentations immediately without leaving your Gmail, Outlook or LinkedIn inbox with the Pitch Avatar Customer Catcher chrome extension
  • automation of a variety of workflows through Zapier (linking Pitch Avatar with Slack, SendPulse and more)

online sales presentation tools

Feedback & Reviews

Roi4Presenter reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

The service works with PDF files, mp4, YouTube videos and content created using most popular constructors (Power Point, Canva, Keynote and others). 

Pitch Avatar is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. You can learn how we use and secure your data in our Privacy Policy

Pitch Avatar has a mobile application for iOS and Android with which your smartphone becomes the control panel for your show. It also receives notifications when the user has started watching the presentation. However, we recommend uploading presentations and setting them up on the web desktop, as it is more convenient)

You can connect Pitch Avatar through HubSpot, Salesforce and Zapier. 

Click to get the  HubSpot application  and read the  instruction.

Click to read about the  Salesforce connector.  The instruction is stored in  Help .

Click to get  Zapier integration .

Yes, you can use the free trial plan, but there are limitations compared to paid plans .

Let's talk in detail about how this solution can be useful for your business

online sales presentation tools


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