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Adolescents' self-determination to regulate eating behaviors: adaptation and validation of a self-report measure.

Afghan Jews and their children: a qualitative study exploring the lived experiences and psychological impact of acculturation on first and second generation traditional Afghan Jewish immigrants.

Assessing the organizational response to vicarious trauma in first responder and victim assistance agencies

Assessing worldview orientation in people of northern rural Maine

The association between complex trauma and executive functioning among an adolescent inpatient population

Beliefs about mental illness and its impact on attitudes toward treatment: an examination of the Asian-Indian immigrant population in the United States.

Body Image Experiences Among Men In Midlife: Test Of An Integrated Model.

Bringing an ecological perspective to quality of life research: can empowerment theory explain variance in quality of life ratings?.

Building resilience in the Stronglinks program: exploring experiences of stress, coping, and resilience for Latina adolescents in a school-based program.

Cognitive, emotional, and behavioral factors linking trauma exposure with adolescent dating violence

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Counseling Psychology and Special Education Theses and Dissertations

Theses/dissertations from 2024 2024.

School Psychologist's Tiered Social-Emotional Recommendations in Response to Data Gathered From Social-Emotional Screening , Audrey Anita Andersen

Differences in Presenting Concerns of Anxiety Amongst Students in College Counseling Centers Across The United States , Julia Brim

Understanding Student Perceptions of a High School Wellness Center: An Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis Qualitative Study , Devan Audrey Clayton

Collaboration of Board Certified Behavior Analysts and Special Education Teachers in Transition , Amelia Ruth Spencer

Trauma-Informed Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction to Increase Family Quality of Life for Mothers of Children with Autism: A Pilot Study , Carol May Vaughn

Theses/Dissertations from 2023 2023

Religious Commitment, Religious Harm, and Psychological Distress: Course of Treatment Outcomes , Dane Abegg

School Psychologists' Recommendations for Tiered Interventions That Target Social-Emotional Competencies , Brandi Alise Bezzant

Mahu and Native Hawaiian Culture: Experiences of Non-Heteronormativity , Rachel Beth Chapman

Understanding Gender Identification Within Individuals With Autism Using the Bem Sex-Role Inventory , Zackery Alan Cusworth

Mental Health Effects of Applied Mental Health Courses vs. Non-Course Controls on Depressive Symptoms and Psychological Flexibility , Madeline Jane Cope Diopulos

Who is Talking About the Children? A Systematic Literature Review of the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Crisis Effects on Children , Angela Marcel Fields

Pivotal Response Treatment to Decrease Challenging Behavior and Increase Functional Communication in Preschool Children With Developmental Delays , Kalie Alexandra Gilmour

Grief in Children With Disabilities and how it is Portrayed in Children's Picture Books , Erjola Gjini

How Female BIPOC Students at a Predominantly White Institution Think About Belonging: A Multiperspective Study , Delirio Juarez

The Effects of a Peer-Mediated Social Skills Intervention on Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder , Shannon Elizabeth McConaghie

The Effectiveness of a Signature Strengths Intervention on Maternal Well-Being Among Mothers of Children with Autism , Tawni Nicole Poole

A Longitudinal Look: How Sleep Impacts Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors in Autism and Social Anxiety , Lindsay Jacalyn Regehr

Invisibility, Confusion, and Adjustment:Exploring the Grief Experience of Grandmothers Supporting their Bereaved Grandchildren , Jordan Robertson

Collaboration Between Special Education Teachers and Board Certified Behavior Analysts , Megan Elizabeth Squires

Barriers and Facilitating Factors of Sleep Assessment/Screening Among School Psychology Practitioners , Tyler Jjay Landon Storey

What Brings BIPOC Preservice Special Educators to the Field of Education? , Charly McAllister Taylor

Theses/Dissertations from 2022 2022

Is Teaching Experience a Predictor for School Psychologists' Confidence and Competence in Behavior Intervention Plans? , Misty Dawn Lainé Coplan

Voices From the Field: A Critical Incident Study of Teachers' Perspectives on What Helps and Hinders the Implementation of Behavior Intervention Plans in the Classroom , Emily Anne Cragun

Teaching Social-Emotional Learning to Children With Autism Using Animated Avatar Video Modeling , Emelie Davis

Ethnic-Racial Socialization Experiences of Mexican American Youth , Katherine Donahey

District Leaders' Perception of Multi-Tiered System of Supports Implementation: A Qualitative Study , Julia E. Facer

Females With Autism Traits: A Retrospective Look at Developmental Trajectories , Greer Caroline Willman Finster

Delivering Explicit Math Instruction Through Point-of-View Video Modeling to Elementary Students With Autism Spectrum Disorder , Patsy McCray Gibbs

To What Degree Does Martial Quality Predict Longevity? A Meta-Analysis of Prospective Studies , Rachel E. Jensen

Critical Incidents in Sustaining a Behavior Management Level System With Special Education Students in a Self-Contained School , Stephanie Johnson

A Mixed Method Approach to Understanding Team Members' Perspectives After Receiving Problem-Solving Training and Performance Feedback , Alexander Mark Julian

Needs Assessment of Services Provided in a Rural School District for Students With Autism , Danielle Anne Katterman

Anxiety of Struggling Readers and Excelling Readers During the COVID-19 Pandemic , Chelsey Taylor Lemmon

Exploring the Perceptions of School Teams Implementing Multi-Tiered Systems of Support , Saanya Rajesh Lulla

Comparing the Effects of Online and In-Person Social Skills Training for Adolescents With Autism Using PEERS® , Benjamin Tze Ming Ooi

Autonomic Responses During Animated Avatar Video Modeling Instruction of Social Emotional Learning to Students With ADHD: A Mixed Methods Study , Jesse D. Rhodes

Mental Health and Religious Beliefs About Salvation: Associations and Structural Equation Modeling , Anthony Edward Rose

The Association of Psychotherapist Cultural Humility and Client Experiences and Outcomes in Psychotherapy: A Meta-Analysis , Lisa Michelle Scott

The Effects of Parents' Socialization Goals, Responsiveness, and Psychological Control on Chinese Adolescents' Anxiety , Chunyue Tu

Effects of a High School Yoga Program on Student-Reported Stress, Resilience, and Academic Outcomes , Stephanie Martha Vance

The Role of Social Response to Disclosure in Relgious and Spiritual Coping and Recovery From Sexual Assault , Megan Wolfe

Theses/Dissertations from 2021 2021

An Evaluation of Behavior Intervention Plans: Consideration of the Interventionist and Contextual Fit , Carly Parkinson Atchley

Effects of Parent-Implemented Interventions on Outcomes for Children With Autism: A Meta-Analysis , Wai Man Cheng

Mentor Modeling Mismatch: Power Dynamics in Cooperating Teacher's Modeling for Preservice Teachers , Morgan Christensen

Humor Production and Coping on Distress and Help-Seeking Attitudes Among Polynesian Americans , Augusto D. Gancinia II

PTSD Symptoms Among Parents and Service Providers of Individuals With Significant Disabilities , Bruna Fusco Gonçalves

Discussion Guide for using Data from the Student Risk Screening Scale - Internalizing and Externalizing: A Qualitative Study , Justina Grubb

A Qualitative Analysis of Incidents That Lead to High Quality Implementation of Behavior Intervention Plans From the Perspective of School Psychologists , Leah Hardy

Secularism: A Measure of Explicit Agreement With Assumptions of Secularism (MEAAS) , Conner Douglas Jones

Reframing Past Bullying Experiences Through the Lens of Harry Potter , Haeeun Lee

Fathers as Stay-at-Home Dads: Fathers' and Mothers' Perspectives on Children's School Experiences , Taylor Hubbert Michelsen

Creating Community for Parents: Faith, Trauma, and Online Talk , Erica Ellsworth Miller

Racial Discrimination and the Indirect Effects of Forgiveness on Well-Being Among Emerging Polynesian Americans , Emily E. Tanner

Grace, Legalism, and Life Outlook in LDS Students , Justin Brent Top

Rural Special Educators Teaching Reading: A Case Study , Sheryl Vernon

Stakeholders' Perceptions of Available Services in a Rural Community to Effectively Educate Individuals With Autism Spectrum Disorder , Candice Walker

Very Young Child Survivors of Parent Suicide: Perspectives on Children's Literature for Bibliotherapy , Cortland L. Watson

Perceptions of Special Education Services Delivered Through Online Learning Environments During COVID-19 , Alex W. Wheatley

Parent Perceptions of Literacy Development for Females Later Diagnosed With Autism Spectrum Disorder , Christine Marie Yaccarino

Psychometric Investigation of the Attachment to God Inventory and its Implications for the Psychology of Religion and Spirituality , Justin Paul Zamora

Theses/Dissertations from 2020 2020

Sexual Abuse Prevention for Adolescents with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: Parent Perceptions and Program Effectiveness , Katie Lyn Barton

Youth and Staff Perceptions of Modifications Made When Implementing Strong Teens in a Residential Treatment Center , Melissa Rae Bennion

Identifying, Increasing Awareness, and Supporting Military-Connected Adolescents in Public Schools , Amanda Bushman

Retaining School Psychologists: The Role of District Level Administrative Supervisors , Rachel Ruth Butler

Individual Experience, Individualized Help: A Case Study of Three Siblings Whose Father Died by Suicide , Caitlin Cotten

Effects of Performance Feedback on the Technical Adequacy of Behavior Intervention Plans , Rebecca M. Cramer

Success Off The Field: Academic Strategies of High-GPA College Athletes , Ashlynn Erbe

Perceived Benefit of a Special Education Multicultural Class , Hyesuhn Jeanna Evans

Do Patterns of Distress Vary in First-Generation College Students Seeking Psychotherapy? , Candice Gonsalves

An Evidence-based Evaluation of Behavior Management Practices Among Paraprofessionals , Jordan Mark Goodman

The Effects of Telehealth Training on Parents of Children with Autism in Albania , Freskida Griffiths

Interventions and Supports to Ameliorate Math Anxiety in K-12 Schools: A Meta-Analysis of Experimental Group Design Research , Madeline Rose Hardy

An In-Depth Exploration of Clinical Patterns Within Spiritually Integrated Therapy , Russell Neilend Jackson

Forgiveness and Gratitude as Mediators of Religious Commitment and Well-Being Among Polynesian Americans , Davis Kealanohea Kane

Moderation and Mediation Analysis of Religious Commitment, Positive Personality Traits, Ethnic Identity, and Well-Being Among Polynesian Americans , Davis Kealanohea Kane

Coming Out of the Shadows: Understanding Autism in Korean Culture , Yoojin Kim

Stack the Deck: A Self-Monitoring Intervention for Adolescents with Autism for Balancing Participation Levels in Groups , Lauren Elizabeth Lees

Precision Request for Noncompliance in Students with Emotional/Behavioral Disorders: Examination of the Interventionist , Collette Merrill

Columbine and the Myth of the Juvenile Superpredator , Christopher M. Mosqueda

Social-Emotional Learning in High School: A Mixed-Methods Evaluation of the Strong Teens Program , Oscar Olaya

A Test of the WhyTry Program on Youth Resilience , Travis Guy Price

What are Stakeholders' Perceptions of Rural School District Needs to Effectively Educate Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder , Kari Lyn Pugh

General Education Teachers' Self-Reported Response to Overt Student Problem Behavior in the Classroom , Ingrid Lewis Shurtleff

Understanding the Administrative Role fo School Psychology District Leaders , Alivia Nicole Smith

iMath - Using Video Modeling Via iPads to Teach Mathematics Skills to Struggling Students , Melissa Steinberg

Assessing the Validity of the Trauma Inventory for Partners of Sex Addicts (TIPSA) , Heidi A Vogeler

Bullying in the Wizarding World: Victim, Peer, and Adult Responses in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone , Casey John Winters

Inclusive Teaching in Faith Communities: Examining the Effects of Brief Video Trainings on Planning Inclusive Teaching for Individuals with Disabilities , Mary Margaret Woodruff

Theses/Dissertations from 2019 2019

Emotional and Behavioral Disorders Screening in Utah Schools , Oakley Dean Banks

Jumping Ahead of the Wait List: Pyramidal Parent Training , Rebecca Marie Barton

A Systematic Review of Interventions for Implementation Fidelity for Academic Interventions , Emily Morgan Beecher

The Effect of the Precision Request on Compliance in an Elementary Classroom for Students with Emotional Behavior Disorders , Marcie Carol Calder

The Use of Antecedent-Based Interventions to Increase Compliance Related to Physical Activity in Children with Down Syndrome , Kaylee Nicol Christensen

Ethnoracial Comparisons in Psychotherapy Outcomes Among Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander College Students , Jared Isaac Cline

The Association of Spirituality and Well-Being in South African and Ugandan Samples , Alicia Jane Doman

The Use of Video-Based Instruction to Teach Life Skills to Individuals with Developmental Disabilities , Kori Paige Esplin

Simple Behavioral Interventions for Typically Functioning Adolescents with Work Refusal in a Classroom Setting , Kerry J. Farr

Ethnicity and Punishment: A State-Level Investigation on Hispanic Representation in School Discipline , Candace Nicole Fowles

Reading Instruction for Students with Intellectual Disabilities:Inservice Teachers' Perceptions , Agatha Lee Gibbons

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Counseling psychology and human services theses and dissertations.

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  • Working-Class Gay Dads: Queer Stories About Family and Work  Mather, Nathan ( University of Oregon , 2024-01-10 ) Context: Recent cultural and legal changes support gay men becoming fathers. Existing research with gay dads has focused almost exclusively on those in the upper middle-class. However, national estimates suggest that ...
  • Expressing Disempowering Realities Through the Body: An Embodiment Approach to Disordered Eating in Black and African American Women  Osa, Maggie ( University of Oregon , 2024-01-09 ) Disordered eating (DE) among Black women in the United States (U.S.) has increased over the past decade. Although theories of DE have predominantly focused on the drive for thinness, these frameworks fail to demonstrate ...
  • Institutional Betrayal among LGBTQ Youth: Examining the Association with Suicidality  Gallo, Mavis ( University of Oregon , 2024-01-09 ) Suicide is a national public health issue that effects communities, individuals, and society as a whole. Suicidality among youth in the United States in on the rise. Some groups of youth are unequally burdened by suicidality, ...
  • Race and Ethnicity as a Moderator of the Association between Stereotype Threat and Alcohol Use  Jones, Matthew ( University of Oregon , 2024-01-09 ) Drinking is common among college students but has different social meanings and consequences for students of color. Using data from first-time U.S. resident students gathered pre-matriculation, end-of-first-year, and fall ...
  • Developing and Assessing the Acceptability and Appropriateness of Brief Alcohol Intervention Modules Among Trans and Gender Diverse College Students  Ehlinger, Peter ( University of Oregon , 2024-01-09 ) TGD individuals experience elevated levels of stress due to discrimination and oppression and, as a result, many TGD people drink alcohol to cope, resulting in elevated levels of high-risk alcohol use and disproportionate ...
  • Inhibitory Control and Energy Intake in Rural Oregon Youth: The Potential Moderating Effect of Children’s Perceived Food Reward and Parental Restrictive Feeding Practices  Guidinger, Claire ( University of Oregon , 2024-01-09 ) Extant data suggest that rural children are more likely to consume a surplus of calories and energy-dense foods (e.g., candy, soft drinks, and vending machine snacks) compared to their urban peers. Eating behaviors established ...
  • Ecological Momentary Assessment of State Affect Prior to and Following Loss of Control  Williamson, Gina ( University of Oregon , 2024-01-09 ) Loss of control eating (LOC) is a disordered eating behavior that is prevalent but understudied among young men. Affect regulation models propose that LOC eating functions as a maladaptive effort to escape from distressing ...
  • The Implementation of an Online Educational Program for Nurses: Increasing Knowledge about Dysphagia and Dysphagia Dietary Recommendations  Nagshabandi, Bedoor ( University of Oregon , 2024-01-09 ) Diet modification has become a fundamental clinical tool for speech-language pathologists (SLPs) within dysphagia management, particularly for acutely ill patients. However, for dietary modifications to meet intervention ...
  • CORRESPONDENCE OF GLOBAL AND MOMENTARY REPORTS OF EMOTION-RELATED SOCIALIZATION BEHAVIORS AMONG CAREGIVERS OF YOUNG CHILDREN  Wright, Joanna ( University of Oregon , 2024-01-09 ) Parents and other primary caregivers support their children's social and emotional development through emotion-related socialization behaviors, which include assistance with emotion regulation strategies. Most research in ...
  • Longitudinal Associations Between Early Parenting and Adolescent Allostatic Load: Examining the Mediating and Moderating Role of Child Delay of Gratification  Leonard, Heather ( University of Oregon , 2024-01-09 ) Allostatic load (AL) is a representation of chronic wear and tear on the body due to prolonged exposure to stress. AL measures (e.g., blood pressure, cortisol) capture stress-related dysregulation across multiple physiological ...
  • The Effects of Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper Training on Behavioral Intention and Intervention Behavior: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis  Spafford, Sarah ( University of Oregon , 2023-07-06 ) Suicide is a major public health concern worldwide and the tenth leading cause of death for all ages in the United States. As suicidal ideation and suicide behaviors have continued to grow in the U.S., this has encouraged ...
  • Identifying Structural and Relational Components in A Family-School Intervention Program: Family School Connections Among Latina/o Immigrant Families  Garcia Isaza, Alejandra ( University of Oregon , 2022-10-26 ) At each higher level of education, there are fewer and fewer students of color. The high school dropout rate is a contributing factor to educational and racial disparities in higher education. School engagement has been ...
  • Examining Parental Knowledge and Involvement as Predictors of Adolescent Impulsivity and Alcohol Use Intentions and Frequency  O'Brien, Kaitlin ( University of Oregon , 2022-10-26 ) Prior work has shown that parental knowledge and involvement can have protective effects on adolescent alcohol use; however, less is known about how different dimensions of impulsivity might mediate this association. Guided ...
  • Examining the Impact of Parent-Child Interaction Therapy on Intimate Partner Violence  Woodlee, Kyndl ( University of Oregon , 2022-10-26 ) Rates of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) and Child Maltreatment (CM) co-occur in 30-60% of all households, and yet there are few interventions that account for and address the family contextual factors that contribute to ...
  • Not Just Surviving but Thriving: Predictors of Flourishing among College Students  Cendejas, Christina ( University of Oregon , 2022-10-26 ) College campuses are experiencing an increase in demands for mental health services among students (Lipson et al., 2019). Yet, emerging adults also report higher rates of well-being than older adults, complicating the ...
  • The Impact of PCIT-Based Child Compliance Training on Children’s Self-Regulation  Scholtes, Carolyn ( University of Oregon , 2022-10-26 ) Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) is an evidence-based parenting intervention composed of two distinct phases – Child-Directed Interaction (CDI) and Parent-Directed Interaction (PDI). PCIT has been found to promote ...
  • A Longitudinal Examination of Parent-Adolescent Relationship Quality Among Multiracial and Monoracial Adolescents  Kennedy, Alyssa ( University of Oregon , 2022-10-26 ) Individuals who are multiracial comprise the fastest growing racial group in the U.S. The number of multiracial youth is growing at an unprecedented rate. However, multiracial youth often demonstrate worse mental and ...
  • The Longitudinal Impact of Discrimination on Attention Problems in Latinx Immigrant Youth: Examining the Roles of Somatic Symptoms and Social Support  Kuperman, Kelsey ( University of Oregon , 2022-10-26 ) Youth with attention problems are at significantly higher risk of a wide range of negative outcomes, including academic underachievement, occupational challenges, and socioeconomic disadvantage. Exposure to early adversity, ...
  • Identifying Physically and Interpersonally Adaptive Strategies for Intrinsic and Extrinsic Emotion Regulation in the Parent-Child Relationship  Mintz, Brianna ( University of Oregon , 2022-10-26 ) The ability to effectively regulate emotions is fundamental to interpersonal and physical functioning. Emotion regulation strategies are not equal, however, with some positively and others negatively impacting physical ...
  • DISENTANGLING THE IMPACT OF PRENATAL AND POSTNATAL EARLY LIFE STRESS ON PUBERTAL TIMING AND ADOLESCENT AGGRESSION  Trevino, Shaina ( University of Oregon , 2022-10-04 ) According to evolutionary-developmental theories, experiences of early life stress (ELS) accelerate child development to increase the chances of being able to thrive in a harsh environment. Children exposed to ELS often ...

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UKnowledge > College of Education > Educational, School, and Counseling Psychology > Theses & Dissertations

Theses and Dissertations--Educational, School, and Counseling Psychology

Theses/dissertations from 2024 2024.


Theses/Dissertations from 2023 2023


The Role of Authenticity in the Link Between Self-Determination, Gender Minority Stress, Psychological Well-being and Distress in Transgender, Nonbinary, and Gender Expansive Individuals , Zakary Alexander Clements

An Investigation of Individualized Education Programs for Students With Autism , Jordan Findley



Exploration of Factors Associated with Rural Appalachian Women's Use of Buprenorphine Prior to Incarceration , Kelsey A. Redmayne

"It's All Lateral Violence": How Sexual Minority Men Cope With Appearance Discrimination , Matthew T. Richardson


Theses/Dissertations from 2022 2022


“Don’t feel like you have to do this all on your own”: Exploring perceived partner support of breastfeeding among Black women in Kentucky , Jardin Dogan




Theses/Dissertations from 2021 2021



Framing Early Adolescents’ Self-Efficacy Development: Precursors to the Sources of Math Self-Efficacy , Calah J. Ford



"Now Thinking About It, It's Freedom": Conceptualizing Sexual Pleasure for Fat, Queer Women , Carolyn Elizabeth Meiller



Theses/Dissertations from 2020 2020

Is Seeing Believing? Leveraging Modality and Similarity in a Belonging Intervention , Xiao-Yin Chen


What Does it Mean to be White: Investigating White Culture, White Privilege and Allyship Through the Lens of Aspiring White Allies , Brett Kirkpatrick

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Doctoral dissertations and master's theses are rich information resources. They generally provide a comprehensive literature review and extensive bibliography for the topic, as well as original research. In the past, they have been very difficult to obtain, but many are now readily available through various databases and repositories.

counseling psychology dissertations

By far the most important database for locating dissertations is  ProQuest D issertations & Theses Full Text. This provides citations and abstracts to more than 2 million dissertations and masters theses in all fields from 1861 to the present. The full text of most dissertations are also available for download. The Proquest Guide  is very helpful for searching tips.  Note: If you are interested in finding Boston College authored dissertations only, type "Boston College" into the search box entitled “University/institution".

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Home > Education > CECP > Dissertations

Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology Dissertations

Dissertations from 2023 2023.

Racial Identity, Student-Professor Interactions, and Social Support: Predictors of Graduate Experiences for Black Women in Graduate Programs , Darrielle Allen

Exploring the Dimensions of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Affirmative Clinical Supervision , Lindsey N. Dollar

Measuring Multicultural Competence in Counseling , Martha Mae Golubski

A Narrative Inquiry Study of Adult Female Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse and Their Journey into Individual Counseling , Alex Houseknecht

The Impact of Gendered Racial and Bisexual Microaggressions on the Access to Decent Work for Black Bisexual Women: An Examination of the Moderation and Mediation Effects of Work Volition and Proactive Personality , Angela Chloe Lewis

Exposure to Videos of Police Brutality Against Black Americans and Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms Among U.S. Adults , Ingrid Rauk

Effects of a Self-Forgiveness Intervention on Recovery from Substance Use Disorders , Michael Saltzman

An Analogue Study of Expected Working Alliance and Hope with Victims of Military Sexual Trauma Among Civilian and Military-Oriented Therapists , Alishia D. Salyer

A Phenomenological Investigation of the Meaning Making Experiences of Christian Women Who had an Abortion , Anne E. Stocker

Influence of a Multicultural Counseling and Psychology Course on Counseling Psychology and Counselor Education Master’s Students Color-Blind Ideologies and Ethnic Identity , Rebecca Tuinstra

Antiracist School Counseling Pedagogy: A Quasi-Experimental Multiple Regression Analysis , Star L. Zetocha

Dissertations from 2022 2022

Counseling Supervisors' Experiences Facilitating Supervisees' Cultural Competence , Christopher D. Bozell

Examining Academic Self-Efficacy, Race-Related Stress, Psychological Well-Being, and Racial Centrality on Black Former Undergraduate Historically Black College Students Currently Enrolled in Graduate Predominantly White Institutions , Maime Butler

Intersectional Identities of Race and Religion of African American Muslims and Their Attitudes Toward Seeking Mental Health Services , Cheruba A. Dhanaraj

Examining The Relationship Between Therapists’ Attachment-Related Characteristics And The Process And Outcome Of Psychotherapy , Char M. Houben

An Exploration of Stressors and Perceptions of Wellness Among Christian Church Ministry Wives , Laura Ann Kellicut

Generation Status, Ethnic Identity, Colonial Mentality, And Enculturation In Filipino Americans , Kamille Patricia Urmaza La Rosa

Factors in Graduate Student Resilience and Intention to Persist During Doctoral Study , Amber Mosley

Stressors And Coping Of Mexican American College Undergraduates , Jeanette Calvario Perales

The Effects of Therapist Attachment on the Process and Outcome of Psychotherapy , Kristin Elizabeth Roberts

Power, Privilege, and Permission: A Qualitative Study on the Perspectives of Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors Who Serve Racially Diverse Clients , Cherrelle Singleton

Attachment and Older Adults in Psychotherapy: A Latent Profile Analysis of Psychological Distress across Treatment , Brian Michael Stran

Perceived Discrimination, Stereotype Threat, Grit, and Neuropsychological Performance in African Americans , Brandon E. Tross

Primary Caregiver Attitudes and Counseling Centers in High Poverty Elementary Schools , Emma Westra

The Acculturation Process of International Students in CACREP Counseling Programs: A Grounded Theory Approach , Hanny Wuysang

Dissertations from 2021 2021

Non-Affirmation as a Moderator Between Social Support and Quality of Life for Transgender Populations , Michael Evitts

Exploring Generational Difference of Acculturation, Ethnic Identity and Racial Identity in Liberian Immigrants and Their Children Living in the United States , Breezie J. Gibson

Black Men’s Perception of Their Father-Son Relationship , Shaakira E. Jones

Racial Identity, Masculinity, and Academic Help-Seeking Behaviors in African American Male College Students , Walter T. Malone

Academic Resilience, Student Engagement, and Academic Achievement Among Black Male Undergraduates at Predominantly White Institutions , Henry C. McCain III

Journey to the Professoriate: Exploring the Career Development of African American Male Faculty in Counselor Education , LaCretisha Danielle McDole

Experiences of Urban School Counselors: An Interpretive Phenomenological Study , Jennifer A. Meador

Intragroup Marginalization Among Latinx Migrant Farmworker College Students , Annette Calvario Perales

The Lived Experiences of African American Counselors: An Exploration of Their Reactions to Trauma Survivors , Zanovia P. Tucker

Dissertations from 2020 2020

Acculturation, Psychological Well-Being and Substance Use Behaviors in Asian Indian Americans , Sonia Y. Amin

Between Two Worlds: A Phenomenological Exploration of Experiences and Understandings Related to Race for Black Transracially Adopted Emerging Adults , Kyrai Antares

Ethnic Identity, Stress, and Anxiety in Latinx University Students at Predominantly White Institutions , Anel Arias

Racial Identity among Native American Adults in the Southwestern United States , Deidre P. Begay

Knowledge, Application, and Educational Experiences in Social Justice among Licensed Professional Counselors , Michael Bobbitt

Counselor Education Doctoral Students’ Experiences as Developing Gatekeepers , Diana Charnley

Community Involvement as a Protective Factor in Black College Students at Predominantly White Institutions , Shelee-Ann M. Flemmings

A Phenomenological Study of Faculty Members’ Experiences with Attempting To Integrate Religion and Spirituality into Counseling Psychology Doctoral Training , Theresa M. Nutten

The Effects of a Course Oriented In Critical Race Theory on White Counselor Trainees’ Multicultural Counseling Competence, White Privilege Attitudes, and Cross Racial Contact , Dawnielle D. Simmons

Multicultural Competence, White Privilege Attitudes and the Working Alliance in Clinical Supervision , Michelle A. Stahl

Dissertations from 2019 2019

Examining the Relationships of Coping Style and Athletic Identity with Adjustment to College among First-Year Division III Collegiate Athletes , Kate Hibbard-Gibbons

College Adjustment, Belongingness, Academic Self-Efficacy, Persistence, and Academic Success among First-Generation College Students , Heather R. Highhouse

Negotiating American Racial Constructs: First- Generation African Caribbean Immigrants’ Experience with Race , Rommel Johnson

A Phenomenological Investigation of Women’s Infertility and Miscarriage Grief Experiences , Tristan McBain

A Case Study of a Jail Participating in an Animal-Assisted Crisis Response Program , Erica Schlau

College Students with Physical Disabilities: An Exploratory Investigation within Counselor Education , Adam Tolbert Wall

Dissertations from 2018 2018

Qualitative Analogue Study on Student Therapist’s Reactions to Client Suicidality , Cynthia A. Beevers

Black Graduate Students’ Experiences of Stress and Coping , Shealyn J. Blanchard

The Role of Personal Experience with Death Related Grief Among Counselors Working with Grieving Clients , Stephanie R. Bobbitt

The Grief Experience of Spousal and Adult Child Caregivers of Individuals Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease or Related Dementias Following Facility Placement , Andrew D. Clay

Color-Blind Racial Ideology, Social Justice Attitudes, and Cultural Competency in U.S. Medical Students and Resident Physicians , Jennifer G. Hahm

Strongly Bonded Supervisory Relationships: Demystifying the Bond Aspect of the Supervisory Working Alliance , Melissa Heinrich

Counselor Educators’ Perceptions of Nontraditional Master’s-Level Counseling Students and How Those Perceptions Shape Teaching Practices , Pamela J. Jordan

Perspective Taking, Multicultural Course Completion, and Political Ideology Affiliation Effects on Zero-Sum Belief Endorsement by White Counseling Trainees , Lindsay A. Okonowsky

The Integration of Creative and Expressive Arts in a Young Adult Problem-Solving Court , Ricky J. Pope

Dissertations from 2017 2017

Coping and Africultural Adolescents , Britne R. Amos

A Qualitative Investigation of the Interpersonal Changes White Psychology Trainees Experience During their Race-Based Learning and Development , Molly K. Beagle

LGBT Microaggressions in Counselor Education Programs , Sarah Bryan

From the Arab World to the American World: Transition and Adjustment Experiences of Muslim Women , Nancy Hammoudah

Interpersonal Dependency and Self-Efficacy on Intention to Return to a Domestically Violent Relationship among Low-Income Women , Erin N. Jenkins

Impact of Post-Secondary Correctional Education on Self-Efficacy and Personal Agency of Formerly Incarcerated African American Men , David E. Jones

Lived Experience of College Students Who Reduced their Alcohol Consumption , Devin L. Jordan

Attitudes toward Professional Psychological Help among Kenyan Immigrants Living in the United States , Reuben M. Mwangi

Dominican College Students’ Experiences of Distress, Help-Seeking and Stigma , Laura Alicia Pacheco del Castillo

Bicultural Identity Integration and Individual Resilience as Moderators of Acculturation Stress and Psychological Wellbeing of Asian Bicultural Immigrants , Hartini Abdul Rahman

How Friendships between Heterosexual and Sexual Minority Counseling Psychology Doctoral Students Affect Anti-Heterosexist Identity Development , Amber L. Sylvan

Dissertations from 2016 2016

Personality Factors, Self-Care, and Perceived Stress Levels on Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology Doctoral Students , Jennifer L. Bauer

Conceptualization, Measurement, and Effects of Helicopter Parenting on College Students from the Millennial Generation , BaoChun Z. Hind

The Influence of Racial Socialization on the Academic Achievement of Black College Students , Vanessa R. Laurent

African American Men’s Health: Regulating Race-Related Stress through Cognitive Flexibility , Brian P. Littleton

The Lived Experience of Individuals with Chronic Back and Neck Pain, Depression, and/or Anxiety , Tara L. Palmeri

Assessing Change in Attachment Security of Adolescents at Residential Therapeutic Programs , Laura Santa Thum

Dimensions of the Doctoral Dissertation Advising Relationship in Counselor Education: Mentoring Expectations, Satisfaction, and Time-to-Degree , LaSonda Wells

Exploring Interpersonal Variables Within the Supervisory Relationship: The Role of Supervisory Alliance, Supervisory Style, and Supervisee Attachment , Kathryn Wierda

The Lived Experiences of Conditionally Admitted College Students , Ashley J. Wildman

Dissertations from 2015 2015

Pedagogical Approaches to Multicultural Education within Teacher Preparation Programs , Mark Steven Barajas

Psychological and Social Variables Impacting Young Adults Caring for Severely Mentally Ill Mothers , Courtney Gale Deloney

The Impact of Childhood Sexual Abuse: A Qualitative Analysis of Healthy `Couples’ Perceptions , Brian C. Doane

Tongues Untied Truth Revealed: Body Image, Social Media, Identity Development, and Meaning-Making in Overweight and Obese Black Gay MSM , Amari Ja-Lynn Enam

Factors Influencing Academic Engagement and Achievement: Exploration of Impact of Parentification and Poverty in Adolescents’ Student-Teacher Relationships , Nontle Nako

Understandinq Second Generation Southeast Asian Americans' Lived Experience of lnterracial Romantic Partnerships with White European Americans , Sophia K. Rath

The Relationship between Counselor Trainees’ Personal Therapy Experiences and Client Outcome , Bonnie L. VanderWal

Impact of Athletic Identity and Emotional Competence on Athletes’ Attitudes toward Seeking Professional Psychological Help , Garett V. Weatherhead

Dissertations from 2014 2014

Urban School Counseling Impact: An ABA Reversal Single Subject Time-Series Analysis of Academic, Suspension, and Attendance Data , Katherine L. N. Colles

Testing a Model of Maladaptive Perfectionism and Depression Symptoms: The Roles of Emotional Disclosure, Emotion Regulation Strategies, Adult Attachment, and Shame , Angela M. Garrison

Exploring Help-Seeking Intentions among Black American Church-Goers , Krystelle Jean-Michel

The Relationship between Racial Ambiguity and Self-Concept in Multiracial lndividuals , James R. Jobe

Males’ Expectations of Counseling , Sheryl Kelly

The Counselor Experience in Counseling Clients Who Have Been Sexually Assaulted , Carrie J. Tremble

Dissertations from 2013 2013

Exploring the Experiences of Counselor Educators Recognized for their Excellence in Teaching , Allison E. Buller

Exploring Adolescent Experiences of Race, Ethnicity, and Socioeconomic Status in Counseling Relationships: A Qualitative Approach , Christina Crans

Experiences of Male Saudi Arabian International Students in the United States , Molly Elizabeth Heyn

Mixed Methods Analysis of Counselor Views, Attitudes and Perceived Competencies Regarding the Treatment of Internet Pornography Addiction , Bradly K. Hinman

Counselor Educator Knowledge, Experience, Attitudes and Beliefs Toward Complementary and Alternative Medicine , Jennifer Mills Langeland

Clinician's Experience of Suicide Assessment from a Qualitative Perspective , Eric W. Macleod

Hurting Leaders: The Lived Experiences of African-American Clergy and Their Views, Attitudes, and Barriers to Help-Seeking , Bernice Suzette Patterson


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counseling psychology dissertations

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Educational Psychology and Counseling Theses, Projects, and Dissertations

Theses/projects/dissertations from 2017 2017.


Theses/Projects/Dissertations from 2015 2015



Theses/Projects/Dissertations from 2014 2014

Narrative Conflict Coaching , Ashley J. Pangborn

Theses/Dissertations from 2001 2001

Job satisfaction for rehabilitation counselors , Louis Dudash IV

Psychosocial impact of head injury on the family , Elizabeth Seccombe Palmer

Theses/Dissertations from 2000 2000

Rehabilitation and the meaning of color , Hazel Ganther

Agency influence on best practices with adults with developmental disabilities , Kristine Annette Harwood

Theses/Dissertations from 1999 1999

Construction of a best practices instrument , Bridgette Anne Browning

The human service scale: A better measure of success , Ina Joyce Miller

Theses/Dissertations from 1998 1998

The rehabilitation of Mexicans: A comprehensive guide , Saul Humberto Perches

Team research on intrinsic motivation in student populations: A continuing project , Marian Brow Petrovick

Theses/Dissertations from 1997 1997

Sexuality and related social skills training: Meeting the challenge for adults with developmental disabilities , Caroline Mary Adkison

Family issues and rehabilitation: Do job descriptions incorporate family involvement in rehabilitation services? , Corina Miki Joseph

Disabling language and AIDS: An analysis of language in mainstream media , Victoria Lynn La Cues

Theses/Dissertations from 1995 1995

Rehabilitation in the state sector: Do job descriptions accurately reflect expected duties? , Douglas Edward Allen

Theses/Dissertations from 1993 1993

Current needs and practices of rehabilitation in Fiji and Pakistan , Anjum Masood

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counseling psychology dissertations

University of Arizona Athletics

Sports psych new.


C.A.T.S.  Clinical and Sport Psychology Services

Clinical and Sport Psychology services assist in addressing student-athletes' mental and emotional well-being, which includes mental health and mental performance concerns. These services are intended to support student-athletes in their ability to excel athletically, academically, and in their personal lives. Clinical and Sport Psychology services also provide team workshops and consultations to sports programs. C.A.T.S. - Commitment to Athletes Total Success "Everything is within your power, and your power is within you."- Janice Trachtman

Individual counseling: depression, anxiety, adjustment, eating disorders, coping with injury, transition, stress management, relationship. Group counseling: Interested in getting connected to a group? We are currently open for all group topics. Please submit your inquiries or suggestions to any of the Clinical and Sport Psychology team members. Individual performance enhancement:  self-talk, imagery, goal setting, emotional regulation, focus and more Team performance enhancement:  leadership, team dynamic, communication, goal setting, and more! Team workshops: Staff/Coach Education and Outreach:


Counseling & Psych Services (CAPS) 520-621-3334 https://health.arizona.edu/counseling-psych-services Suicide Prevention 1-800-273-8255 https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/ NCAA Sport Science Institute Mental Health Awareness https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=dHhjyHRvW10 NCAA Mental Health Educational Resources http://www.ncaa.org/sport-science-institute/mental-health-educational-resources Banner - University Medicine Crisis Response Center (CRC) 520-301-2400

counseling psychology dissertations

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counseling psychology dissertations


  1. Counseling Psychology Dissertation Example

    counseling psychology dissertations

  2. Get psychology personal statement masters counselling examples by

    counseling psychology dissertations

  3. Dissertation Topics in Counselling Psychology by Psy Dissertation

    counseling psychology dissertations

  4. Psychology

    counseling psychology dissertations

  5. Introduction to Counseling Psychology

    counseling psychology dissertations

  6. (PDF) Systematic case study research: A practice-oriented introduction

    counseling psychology dissertations


  1. Media Psychology

  2. counseling psychology:- effectiveness #counselingpsychology

  3. Describe Theories Of Historical And Conceptual Issues In Psychology And Individual Differences

  4. Counseling psychology course practical session /Hife academy calicut #youtubeshorts #viralvideo

  5. Academic Support

  6. Psychology Final Year Dissertation Poster Presentation 2023


  1. Counseling Psychology Dissertations

    Abstract. Acculturation is the process of cultural adaptation that occurs as a result of contact between several cultures in which one accepts and adapts to the values of the culture held by the larger society. This study examined the acculturation experiences of Afghan Jewish immigrants living in the United States.

  2. Dissertations and Theses Authored by Counselor Education Alumni

    LGBTQ+ affirmative intersectional counseling: Development and evaluation of a training workshop for counseling students. (Doctoral dissertation). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Jahn, S. (2018). Doctoral students' advising experiences and mental health. (Doctoral dissertation). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida.

  3. Counseling Psychology and Special Education Theses and Dissertations

    Psychometric Investigation of the Attachment to God Inventory and its Implications for the Psychology of Religion and Spirituality, Justin Paul Zamora. Theses/Dissertations from 2020 PDF. Sexual Abuse Prevention for Adolescents with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: Parent Perceptions and Program Effectiveness, Katie Lyn Barton. PDF

  4. JKM Library: Counseling Psychology: Dissertations & Theses

    All tutorials, theses, dissertations, and capstones that have been submitted to the library can be searched via the Catalog by author, title, or department. If the author submitted an electronic copy, the full-text is available as a PDF link. If the print copy is the only version available, click on the "Request to Read in the Library" link.

  5. The relationship between psychological well-being and perceived

    Part of the Counseling Psychology Commons, Higher Education Administration Commons, and the Higher Education and Teaching Commons This Dissertation is brought to you for free and open access by the Walden Dissertations and Doctoral Studies Collection at ScholarWorks. It has been

  6. Counseling Psychology and Human Services Theses and Dissertations

    The Effects of Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper Training on Behavioral Intention and Intervention Behavior: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Spafford, Sarah (University of Oregon, 2023-07-06) Suicide is a major public health concern worldwide and the tenth leading cause of death for all ages in the United States.

  7. Theses and Dissertations--Educational, School, and Counseling Psychology

    theses/dissertations from 2021 pdf. whiteness and multiculutral competence: counseling psychology faculty as gatekeepers to understanding whiteness, blanka angyal. pdf. the person of the therapist: therapists' personal characteristics as predictors of working alliance and treatment outcomes, alyssa laura clements. pdf

  8. Journal of Counseling Psychology

    The Journal of Counseling Psychology® publishes empirical research in the areas of. counseling activities (including assessment, interventions, consultation, supervision, training, prevention, psychological education, and advocacy) career and educational development and vocational psychology. diversity and underrepresented populations in ...

  9. Dissertations

    This provides citations and abstracts to more than 2 million dissertations and masters theses in all fields from 1861 to the present. The full text of most dissertations are also available for download. The Proquest Guide is very helpful for searching tips. Note: If you are interested in finding Boston College authored dissertations only, type ...

  10. Mental Health Counselors' Experiences in Personal Counseling

    Part of the Counseling Psychology Commons This Dissertation is brought to you for free and open access by the Walden Dissertations and Doctoral Studies Collection at ScholarWorks.

  11. Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology Dissertations

    Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology was called Counseling and Personnell before 1986. All dissertations completed at Western Michigan University are entered into ScholarWorks. Some may be embargoed or restricted by the authors and may be only available from on-campus computers. Print copies are available through interlibrary loan for ...

  12. Dissertations

    Indexes virtually all doctoral dissertations and many masters theses produced in the U.S. since 1861. Dissertations from other countries date back to 1637. Abstracts available from 1980. Full-text for dissertations are being added continually. Most since 1997 are full-text, though some authors choose not to make their work available.

  13. Doctoral Portfolio in Counselling Psychology

    Counselling psychology does not suggest that there is a sole way of making sense of difficulties. Thus counselling psychology interacts with many positions, such as humanistic values, the scientistpractitioner model and - reflective-practitioner the model (Strawbridge & Woolfe, 2010). Counselling Psychologists are also trained

  14. PDF A thesis submitted to the University of Manchester for the degree of

    Integrating Neuroscience into Counselling Psychology: Exploring the Views and Experiences of UK Based Counselling Psychologists A thesis submitted to the University of Manchester for the degree of Doctorate in Counselling Psychology (DCounsPsych) in the Faculty of Humanities 2016 David Goss School of Environment, Education and Development

  15. Dissertations

    Open Access Theses and Dissertations OATD aims to be the best possible resource for finding open access graduate theses and dissertations published around the world. Metadata (information about the theses) comes from over 600 colleges, universities, and research institutions. OATD currently indexes over 1.5 million theses and dissertations.

  16. Educational Psychology and Counseling Theses, Projects, and Dissertations

    Theses/Dissertations from 2000 PDF. Rehabilitation and the meaning of color, Hazel Ganther. PDF. Agency influence on best practices with adults with developmental disabilities, Kristine Annette Harwood. Theses/Dissertations from 1999 PDF. Construction of a best practices instrument, Bridgette Anne Browning. PDF

  17. Recent Dissertations

    Recent Dissertations. Below, you will find information about some of the recent doctoral dissertations, including the author's name, the title of the dissertation, and the faculty advisor. 2021. Adams, Kimberly: "The Experiences of Psychologists Working in Federal Policy Positions" Advisor: Dr. Suzanne Lease

  18. Counseling, School, and Educational Psychology: Dissertations

    Counseling, School, and Educational Psychology: Dissertations Top sources for students and researchers in the areas of counseling, school, and educational psychology Last Updated: Jan 31, 2024 9:47 AM

  19. Counseling Psychology: Articles

    Find the full text of an article within a library database: 1. In the library database, click on the link that says PDF Full Text, Full Text Finder, or similar. 2. If the library doesn't have the article in print or electronically, you will be directed to request it through . Find the full text of an article for which you have the citation ...


    Alla Kholmogorova currently works at the Moscow State University of Psychology and Education (dean of the faculty of Counseling and Clinical Psychology). Alla does research in Health Psychology ...

  21. Sports Psych New

    Her dissertation at UWS was on the relationship between stress, burnout, and negative thinking in D-1 student-athlete populations. ... Manswell earned a master's in counseling psychology from Robert Morris University, and a Bachelor's degree in Sport & Exercise Psychology from West Virginia University where he was a member of the football ...

  22. Dewey Meets the "Mozart of Psychology" in Moscow: The Untold Story

    Based on new evidence, I explore the likelihood that Vygotsky, who Toulmin refers to as the "Mozart of Psychology," met and exchanged views with John Dewey, the great American philosopher, during t...

  23. PDF Psychology of flight AttendAnt's Profession

    The new book "Psychology of Flight Atten-dant's Profession" (Filipieva, 2011) is based on the dissertation "The Psy-chological Content of Cabin Attendant's Labor in Civil Aviation" (2006). For the last quarter of the 20th century the author worked as a flight attendant on the international airlines and the ensuing 10 years was a ...

  24. XVI European Congress of Psychology

    Welcome to the 16th European Congress of Psychology 2019. that will take place in Moscow, from the 2nd to the 5th of July. The Russian Psychological Society organizes the XVI EFPA Congress that will bring together scientists and practitioners of psychology from all over the world. It is very significant that a country with such a long tradition ...