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Resume Templates

Need a job? Our huge range of free resume templates can help. Simply choose your favorite, download directly to Word or open in Google Docs, and fill it out. We also provide a copy-paste template , and show you how to fill out your own resume template with an instructional video .

Job-Winning Resume Templates of 2024

Advanced Resume Skin Blue

Color helps highlights your contact information and skills sections on the “Advanced” resume template.

Clean Resume Skin Orange

The "Clean" resume template features a color bar on the left that still leaves room for your experience to take center stage.

Corporate Resume Skin Navy Blue

With its simple, bold design, the “Corporate” resume template is ideal for confident business professionals.

Modern Resume Skin Red

Minimal and sleek, the "Modern" template is ideal for marketing and business professionals.

Minimalist Resume Skin Green

Our “Minimalist” resume template is easy for readers to digest with its clean font and subtle color accents.

Majestic Resume Skin Orange

The “Majestic” features a unique cityscape header that draws attention to your application.

Taj Mahal Resume Skin Blue

The "Taj Mahal" uses a unique sidebar design to catch the attention of employers and highlight your information.

2024 Resume Skin Red

Featuring a modern design and compact layout, the "2024" template strikes a balance between eye-catching and professional.

Classic Resume Skin Blue

Formal but not stuffy, our “Classic” resume template is well-organized, suitable for any industry, and lets your content shine.

Windsor Resume Skin Green

The "Windsor" template applies headings to great effect, helping you quickly highlight your experience and skill set.

Pantheon Resume Skin Orange

The "Pantheon" resume template's bold header and large experience section projects confidence, making it ideal for executives.

Professional Resume Skin Blue

Applying for a highly formal job? Our "Professional" template is traditional but still eye-catching.

Elegant Resume Skin Grey

The “Elegant” template’s centered headings and serif font make it an aesthetic and easy-to-read template.

Chicago Resume Skin Navy Blue

The “Chicago” resume template embraces simplicity with matching colored headers and horizontal lines to break up sections.

Milano Resume Skin Green

Elegant and classic, the "Milano" template gives your resume a timeless, sophisticated look.

Free Resume Templates to Download and Print

Professional templates.

Our professional resume templates are perfect for any job seeker. They’re easy to read, organized neatly, and have just enough color to capture the attention of busy hiring managers. Also, make sure to download one of our professional cover letter templates to complete your job application.

Professional Minimalist Resume Template for the /resume-templates hub page

Why it’s called the “Minimalist”

True to its name, the Minimalist has a no-nonsense and straightforward design. Its subtle color accent gives it a slight pop of personality but avoids detracting from the meat of the resume — the resume objective and professional experience sections .

Who should use it?

The Minimalist’s simple layout and design make it suitable for a wide range of positions. Moreover, its lack of visual complexity makes it easy to format.

Use this design if you don’t have the time or desire to customize and rearrange your resume’s sections.

Format and styling details

Major Features

  • Colored name header, contact icons, and skill meters
  • Left-hand column with sections for contact info, education, skills, and awards

Text Details

  • Name/Header Font: Raleway
  • Content Font: Calibri
  • Name Font Size: 35pt
  • Header Font Size: 12pt
  • Job Description Font Size: 11pt

How to download this template

Resume builder.

Use our software and create a resume with a premade template. Let the Genius resume builder help you make your resume fast.

The Cosmopolitan resume template in wine color

The “Cosmopolitan” resume template features a sophisticated header with pastel color options. Stylish and clean.


Why it’s called the “Cosmopolitan”

The Cosmopolitan’s stately design has a simple but refined layout. Instead of overwhelming readers, its subdued coloring makes the template easy to read and pleasant to look at. It also draws subtle attention to the candidate’s name — the only completely uppercase header in the resume.

Professional and sleek, this template can be adapted to suit positions in all kinds of industries, from art to education to sales.

  • Two-column layout
  • White space balanced between neat color blocks
  • Name Font: Raleway
  • Content Font: Proza Libre Light
  • Name Font Size: 28pt
  • Job Description Font Size: 11pt

An example of the Executive resume template

Perfect for managers, the “Executive” template’s timeline graphic highlights your experience section above all.

Why it’s called the “Executive”

The Executive template is the Bentley of the professional resumes. No other resume comes close to the refined and stylish format of the executive. Other templates can’t stand up to the exclusive feel that the Executive template gives off. The sophistication of the alignments and the use of vertical and horizontal line breaks have no equal in the resume world.

The Executive is for anyone who wants to impress their potential employers with a crisp and well-laid out format. This is a favorite of veteran professionals who are looking to upgrade their resume. The Executive works best with applicants who are looking for the ultimate consolidation of their extensive experience.

  • Contact details imprinted in white into a black bar
  • Headings featured on the left side of the resume with a vertical double bar for separation
  • Font: Roboto
  • Job Description Font Size: 10pt

Everest resume template in ice blue

The "Everest" template's dark-and-light color scheme makes a bold impression, and neatly breaks up each section.

Why it’s called the “Everest”

The Everest’s bold dark-and-light color scheme will help you tower over the competition. Its basic color scheme and strong lines exude confidence and dependability, both soft skills that hiring managers consistently prioritize.

The Everest is perfect for confident, ambitious job seekers. It also suits those who want to advertise their stable and resilient nature.

Use the Everest if you are a rock-solid candidate.

  • Colored name header, contact icons, and horizontal lines
  • Font: Catamaran
  • Job Description Font Size: 10pt

Modern Templates

If you’re looking for a fresh resume design that organizes your qualifications to help you stand out, use one of our modern templates in your job search. Before you send any job applications, remember to download one of our modern cover letter templates as well.

The Tech resume template in blue and yellow

With fun color pairings and a modern borderless design, the "Tech" template is perfect for applying to startups.

Why it’s called the “Tech”

With its minimal layout and rounded icons, the “Tech” resume template was made according to the same design principles used by major tech firms like Google.

The “Tech” resume template’s simple, modern look and extensive skills section make it a great choice for professionals applying for jobs at tech startups.

  • Borderless design, with non-traditional vertical headers
  • Bar graph for your skills section
  • Heading Font: Lato
  • Content Font: Inter
  • Name Font Size: 30pt
  • Content Font Size: 10pt

The Clean modern resume template in yellow

Why it’s called the “Clean”

Many modern resume formats can look messy and complicated, but not the “Clean” template. It has a simple design that provides a straightforward, no-nonsense appearance that hiring managers enjoy. With several different sidebar color options to choose from, you can still show a little personality with the “Clean” template.

The “Clean” template is best suited for candidates who want a simple, yet modern resume. It’s also particularly useful for applicants who have a lot of relevant work experience to show off.

  • Sidebar that effectively organizes multiple sections, allowing for a more in-depth work experience section
  • Subdued header allows for the main content of your resume to take the spotlight
  • Heading Font: Nunito Sans
  • Content Font: Catamaran
  • Name Font Size: 24pt
  • Content Font Size: 11pt

An example of a modern, two-column resume template

The "Two Column" resume template uses borders to split the template in half, providing equal weight to each section.

Why it’s called the “Two Column”

This dynamic resume template’s two-column layout is its most defining feature. By splitting the page in half, the “Two Column” gives job seekers a unique way to present their qualifications. The template also includes colorful design elements that frame the resume and add visual interest to each section.

The “Two-Column” resume template’s nontraditional design and eye-catching bubbles make it ideal for candidates in art, design, marketing, or any other field where creativity and personality are valued.

  • Colorful designer-friendly background
  • Clearly divided resume section that presents a clean, organized look
  • Heading Font: Raleway
  • Content Font: PT Sans

The Advanced modern resume template in blue

Why it’s called the “Advanced”

The “Advanced” template is named for a more detailed format that prioritizes candidates’ skill sets. It’s better suited to job seekers who have a lot of hard skills to show off, with the work experience and education to support them.

The “Advanced” template is ideal for those in more technical fields like engineering or programming, or for anyone who wants to place extra emphasis on their skills.

  • Highlighted skills section that is prominently featured
  • Colorful bar that accentuates the candidate’s name and contact information
  • Heading Font: Poppins
  • Content Font: Open Sans

Creative Templates

Looking for work in a visual field like design, fashion, or advertising? Apply for your next job with your favorite of our creative resume templates. Complete your application by using one of our creative cover letter templates .

Windsor Creative Resume Template, Blue, image for resume templates hubpage

Why it’s called the “Windsor”

Like the royal House of Windsor, this template is among our most elegant designs. Its sleek and linear styling give it a minimalist but chic appearance, all the while packing all of your most important information.

The Windsor is highly versatile, and more experienced applicants will appreciate the large middle section which allows you to go into depth about your relevant qualifications.

Meanwhile, recent graduates and other applicants who want to spotlight their academic background will benefit from the highly visible education section.

  • Sections for detailing relevant education, skills, and certifications
  • Simple lines that frame each section and guide readers’ natural eye movement
  • Heading Font: Abel
  • Content Font: Open Sans
  • Header Font Size: 35pt

Fashionable Resume Template hub image of Creative Resume Templates subpage, dark green and white, color fading, with a headshot

Style effects applied to the “Fashionable” resume template make it a flashy choice for job seekers in creative industries.


Why it’s called the “Fashionable”

Even if your experience proves you’re the best applicant for a job, sometimes you just want to showcase that information with style. Our “Fashionable” resume template achieves this objective with ease.

As mentioned across our website, adding a headshot to your resume isn’t always ideal for job seekers — especially ones in the US. But if your job requires a headshot (like for a modeling, acting, or theater gig), or if you have a cool personal logo or branding you want to add to the top left corner of your resume, this template is a nice option for you.

  • Colorful fading behind the experience section
  • A nice balance of vertical and horizontal elements, creating a pleasant aesthetic balance
  • Content Font: Arima
  • Header Font Size: 30 pt
  • Job Description Font Size: 10 pt

Visual creative resume template, yellow image for the resume templates hubpage

The "Visual" template uses strong visual elements to make your professional skills the central focus of your resume.

Why it’s called the “Visual”

The “Visual” resume template is truly our most visual-centric resume template to date.

It embraces aesthetic elements like a donut chart, a movable skill scale, and a work experience timeline to create a strong visual representation of why you’re the perfect candidate for the job.

The “Visual” template is great for people who don’t mind writing a strong About Me section and letting their skills and experience progression do the rest of the talking. Full-stack developers , web designers , and other skilled job seekers could easily leverage this resume template to land the job they want.

  • Soft skills donut chart that makes your abilities jump off the page
  • Technical skills bars set up similar to what you’d see on a soundboard
  • Work experience timeline on the bottom to clearly showcase your career progression
  • Header Font Size: 26 pt

Pretty Resume Template hub image of Creative Resume Templates subpage, dark blue background with white text, with a headshot

Colorful backgrounds on our “Pretty” templates will help hiring managers more easily remember your resume.

Why it’s called the “Pretty”

Although having a “Pretty” resume template may seem like a secondary concept (when considering its content to be the most important element), sometimes “pretty” works. Many hiring managers who have collaborated with the HR experts at Resume Genius say that our “Pretty” template is one of the most striking templates they’ve ever laid eyes on, and can you blame them?

With a bold colorful background built for the digital age, use this resume template only if you don’t plan on bringing a printed copy to your interview.

  • Fully shaded background and colorful elements
  • A lighter-colored section at the top to highlight contact details
  • Heading Font: Roboto
  • Content Font: Roboto
  • Job Description Font Size: 10.5 pt

Simple Templates

Love the clean, no-frills look of a traditional resume? Our simple and basic resume templates are easy to modify and compatible with any Word processor. After you’ve finished your resume, make sure to download one of our basic cover letter templates .

Brick Red Classic Resume Template

Why it’s called the “Classic”

Well-organized and easy to read, our Classic resume template provides an updated take on a traditional resume that job seekers have used for decades. It’s the perfect resume template to give your job application a timeless, professional appearance.

The beauty of the Classic template is that anyone can use it. Its simple design makes it flexible enough to suit all jobs and industries .

  • Simply formatted resume designed for maximum clarity and readability
  • Header font spaced by 2.2pt creates an interesting aesthetic effect
  • Compatible resume template for google docs
  • Name Font Size: 22pt
  • Header Font Size: 10pt

Dark Blue Chicago Resume Template

Why it’s called the “Chicago”

Chicago is well known among architecture nerds for its interesting Prairie School style of architecture , which uses a lot of horizontal lines to better integrate its buildings with the flat mid-western landscape.

Long story short, our resident resume expert and architecture nerd associated the Chicago template’s use of page long horizontal underlines beneath the major headings with the Prairie School architecture style, and the rest is history.

The “Chicago” template is another crowd-pleaser among all industries and types of employment. Like the “Classic”, its format emphasizes clarity over fanciness .

The Chicago resume template divides up sections horizontally instead of in a two-column format, so it’s a great choice if you want to keep detailed work experience bullet points looking neat and easy to digest .

  • Page-length underlines used to separate resume sections
  • Right-aligned city, state, and employment dates
  • Font: STIX Two Text
  • Name Font Size: 24pt
  • Header Font Size: 11pt

Connery Resume Template, Brick Red

On an otherwise minimalistic design, the colored header of the “Connery” resume template makes your name visible and memorable to the reader.

Why it’s called the “Connery”

The “Connery” resume template is bold yet classy . The header bar immediately calls attention to your name, making your application more memorable.

Mirroring the header, subtle vertical underlines draw the eye down where your relevant information is presented in a clean and organized fashion. The Connery exudes confidence and credibility.

The Connery template is a great choice for anyone with several years of professional experience . No matter if you’re a retail manager or a C.P.A., the Connery will make your professional accomplishments stand out.

  • Bold name bar-style header to grab hiring managers’ attention
  • Bolded and capitalized headings that visually break up sections

White House Resume Template, Dark Blue (for resume templates hub page)

Our "White House" resume template’s two-column format left-aligns your headers, leaving space to feature your experience.

White House

Why it’s called the “White House”

The “White House” resume template is a mix of class and simplicity . The left-aligned headings make the resume incredibly simple to navigate while a bold colorblock header makes sure your name won’t be forgotten.

The White House resume template is suitable for anyone applying to a company in a formal industry . This elegant and simple design ensures that the HR manager isn’t distracted by a cluttered resume and can instead stay focused on the content.

  • Left-aligned headers for easy navigation
  • Larger professional experience and education sections
  • Font: Arimo
  • Name Font Size: 18pt
  • Header Font Size: 10pt

Picture Templates

Use our picture resume templates for industries like modeling or when applying for jobs in a country that requires a photo resume. To help your resume make an impact, pair it with one of these matching picture cover letter templates .

The "Cute" photo resume template in green, with a subtle background blur

With vibrant color choices and a memorable header, the “Cute” resume template ensures your resume gets noticed by centering your professional experience.

Why it’s called the “Cute”

Colorful and visually interesting, our “Cute” template offers a delightful alternative to your standard black-and-white resume.

The “Cute” template is designed for event planners, digital marketers, art directors, and other professionals in creative industries. The eye-catching skills section is ideal for career changers looking to emphasize their transferable skills.

  • Striking skills and education sections
  • Subtle color gradient
  • Heading Font: Quicksand

The "Fresh" photo resume template, featuring skill bars and a unique, contemporary style

A healthy dose of color and clearly-defined sections make the “Fresh” resume template an excellent fit for those who want their application to stand out.

Why it’s called the “Fresh”

A favorite among job seekers, this unique template adds something extra to your resume while keeping it professional. Thanks to the clever header design, hiring managers are sure to remember your name long after they put down your resume.

Professionals in fields that require solid hard skills will find the “Fresh” particularly useful for demonstrating their technical abilities because of its skill bars.

  • Skill bars to effectively illustrate your level of proficiency
  • Clearly defined resume sections
  • Heading Font: Inter

The "Fun" photo resume template in teal, featuring a sidebar and modern style

The “Fun” resume template features a large experience section, a two-tone color scheme, and a circular picture that’s great for a headshot or logo.

Why it’s called the “Fun”

Anyone who thinks that “professional” and “dull” go hand-in-hand clearly hasn’t seen our “Fun” template. With a sizable experience section and a splash of color, it’s highly appealing while putting your expertise on display.

Teachers, social media managers and anyone else wanting to show off their personality will find the “Fun” template to be an excellent choice.

  • Photograph in the middle of the header
  • Large experience section
  • Heading Font: Bitter
  • Content Font: Bitter
  • Content Font Size: 11pt

The "Headshot" photo resume template in brown and green

The “Headshot” resume template uses playful colors on an otherwise simple background to draw attention to your skills and photo.

Why it’s called the “Headshot”

Classic but with a twist, the “Headshot” features a photo at the top, with pops of color incorporated strategically throughout the template to spotlight your greatest strengths.

This template is ideal for actors, models, news anchors, and others who need to supplement their job applications with headshots. However, its sleek design makes it suitable for all industries.

  • Two-color design
  • Round headshot contrasted by a colorful bubble
  • Name Font Size: 28
  • Content Font Size: 10

Google Docs Templates

You don’t need a Word processor to make a great resume. These resume templates for Google Docs are free, easy to fill out, and feature a slate of sleek, contemporary designs. To complete your application, pair your resume with one of the many Google Docs cover letter templates available online.

The "Swiss" Google Docs resume template

What’s unique about this template?

The Swiss template leaves ample white space on the left side, making section headings stand out and keeping the content aligned in a single striking column.

The Swiss resume template features a longer education section and a special awards section, making it perfect for recent graduates looking to emphasize their academic accomplishments.

  • Orange text adds flair and highlights a candidate’s title and contact information
  • Content aligned in a single column using a standard resume format
  • Content Font: Lato
  • Name Font Size: 24

The "Coral" Google Docs resume template

The Coral template features a straightforward format and uses its fonts to bring color and style to the design. It notably doesn’t include a resume objective, instead placing the skills section at the top of the resume template.

This template works well for job seekers who are looking for a simple design that shines a spotlight on their skill set.

  • Coral-colored headings that make each section stand out
  • Distinctive fonts that add visual interest to the page
  • Heading Font: Playfair Display
  • Name Font Size: 14

The "Online" Google Docs resume template

The Online resume template uses teal headings and design features to create a captivating aesthetic while still providing users with a classic resume layout.

This template draws attention to a candidate’s work experience, making it perfect for seasoned professionals who want to showcase the detail and depth of their experience.

  • A large header that will make your name stand out to employers
  • Centered headings that draw the eye down the page
  • Heading Font: Lora
  • Content Font: Arimo
  • Name Font Size: 40

The "Geometric" Google Docs resume template

The Geometric template pairs a bold resume color scheme with geometric design features to help you immediately grab the reader’s attention and make them remember you.

With its distinctive style, this template is well-suited to applicants looking for work in modern creative industries like marketing or technology.

  • Colorful headers that draw attention to each section
  • Geometric shapes that center and frame the content
  • Name Font Size: 20
  • Content Font Size: 11

CV Templates

Need two or more pages to highlight your qualifications? Try one of our CV templates. Each CV template is suitable for highly qualified jobseekers, academics, and anyone applying for work overseas. Make sure to also pair your application with one of our matching CV cover letter templates .

The "Graduate" CV template in forest green, page 1

With tasteful color options and a simple design, the “Graduate” CV template puts your education and teaching experience right at the top so it’s easy for hiring managers to see your most relevant qualifications.

Why it’s called the “Graduate CV Template”

The “Graduate” CV template places your education and teaching experience at the top of the page, making it easy for hiring managers to see where you studied and what your qualifications are. In addition, this template boasts a stylized design with a selection of subtle colors to pick from. With its standout CV header font and clean lines, the “Graduate” template succeeds at making your CV look both friendly and contemporary.

The “Graduate” CV template is the ideal choice for scholars writing an academic CV because the design showcases education above all else. However, it’s still a great pick for anyone who’d like a refreshing new design for their CV — no matter what level of experience they have — due to its fresh, modern design.

Use our software and create a CV with a premade template. Let the Genius CV builder help you make your CV fast.

Writer CV Template, brown color, image for resume templates hub page

With a unique vertical contact information bar and well-designed sections for publications and research, the “Writer” CV template is great for showing off your published works.

Why it’s called the “Writer CV Template”

The “Writer” CV template was designed — as the name suggests — with writers in mind. Specifically, it was crafted to make it simple to list and describe publications and prove to employers that their writing skills qualify them for a job opening, whether in academia or even as an artist .

If you’ve published online content as a freelance writer or articles for academic journals as an aspiring professor or researcher, the “Writer” CV template can help you showcase those writing accolades on your CV.

Research CV template, dark blue color, image for resume templates hub page

The “Research” CV template emphasizes a range of qualifications with centered header bars that visually represent each section's equal importance.

Why it’s called the “Research CV Template”

Our “Research” CV template highlights publications and research, two vital sections in CVs for scientists and other research-focused academics. With abundant space to provide more context on these areas of your background, this CV template makes it easy to outline the depth of your professional knowledge and describe your achievements.

Published professionals, professors with a strong research background, or anyone who’s published academic papers or made contributions to research are advised to use the Research CV template. It’s structured for such an audience, and lets them best highlight their professional background.

The "Harvard" CV Template in burgundy

The “Harvard” CV template was designed to impress. With colored headers that draw attention to content sections and institutions, it’s perfect for name-dropping a prestigious university.

Why it’s called the “Harvard CV Template”

Created to impress university committees with its modern, formal layout, the “Harvard” CV template can help you in your quest for acceptance into even the most prestigious institutions.

The gradient line beneath your name and job title immediately draws the hiring manager’s eye toward the top of your CV, where your teaching experience is highlighted. Additionally, each work history entry uses a column CV format that cleanly separates your information, making it easy to read.

The “Harvard” CV template is the perfect choice for candidates who want a formal, contemporary look for their CV while emphasizing their teaching experience. It’s also ideal for medical school and graduate school applicants because it focuses on your academic achievements.

Microsoft Word Templates

Using Microsoft Word is one of the best ways to make a professional resume. These free MS Word resume templates are easy to fill out and include a range of eye-catching designs. Remember to pair your resume with one of these matching Word cover letter templates as well.

The Polished resume template made for Microsoft Word

With bright red section headers, this template will help you stand out.

This MS Word resume template takes a bold approach, with its vibrant colors and thick section headers. However, the rest of the template’s design is pretty traditional, making it appropriate for various jobs.

The “Polished” resume template’s bold design suits candidates in middle management or sales.

  • Bright red headers draws attention
  • Spot in the header for your initials or a headshot
  • Heading Font: Franklin Gothic Demi
  • Content Font: Rockwell
  • Name Font Size: 25

The Playful resume template for MS Word

This colorful template for Google adds some personality to your job application.

This colorful resume template for Microsoft Word is the perfect choice for anyone looking to inject some personality and originality into their resume.

The “Playful” template for Word features bright graphics and a spot for a headshot, making it appropriate for graphic designers or photographers.

  • Large icons for your contact information
  • Bright, colorful design
  • Heading Font: Calibri
  • Content Font: Calibri
  • Name Font Size: 26

The Swiss resume template from Microsoft Word

A full-color background makes this resume template a good choice for designers.

A full-color background makes this resume template immediately stand out. With its bright color and simple, bold headers, the template pulls inspiration from modern Scandinavian design principles.

The Swiss resume template is ideal if you’re applying for jobs in design or advertising because of its modern appearance.

  • Yellow background grabs attention
  • Simple, easy-to-read layout

The Crisp and Clean resume template made for Microsoft Word

Simple and modern, this template gives your job application some pop.

Crisp and Clean

  • Heading Font: Univers
  • Content Font: Univers
  • Name Font Size: 36
  • Content Font Size: 9

Examples of Different Resume Formats


A chronological resume organizes a candidate’s work history with examples of their most recent jobs at the top.


A combination resume example features a full experience section with an equally long skills section.

Functional resume samples focus on skills rather than work history, making them best if you’re changing careers.


An infographic resume example uses visual elements to highlight a candidate’s creative qualifications.

Most qualified jobseekers have one-page resumes. Do you know how to fit all of your details onto one page?

A two-page resume is long by necessity, and only includes relevant examples of skills and work experience.

Presenting your qualifications on TikTok is a great way to grab attention and show off your social media prowess.

Video resumes can make your job application more memorable, and also let you highlight your software skills.

Free Copy-Paste Resume Template

How to use our free templates, additional templates (by file type).

Using a resume template makes it easy to create a professional application that follows standard resume formatting . Plus, templates are pre-formatted so you can quickly edit the content with your personal information. This is especially helpful when making multiple resumes to target a range of different job openings.

Text Template

Learning exactly how to make a resume will improve your chances of getting interviews in 2024 and beyond. Copy, paste, and fill in our blank resume template below to learn the fundamentals of writing your own resume so you’ll never be far from your next job offer.


Email: [email protected] Phone: 123 456 7890 Location: City, State, Zip Code Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/yourprofile

Resume Objective

Motivated [industry name] professional with [# of years] years of on-the-job experience. Looking to apply my industry knowledge and relevant skill-set at [Company Name] as your newest [job title you’re applying for]. Capable employee comfortable with [relevant skill #1] and [relevant skill #2], aiming to help [Company Name] grow and reach its business objectives now and into the future.

Work Experience

  • Write out a bulleted list of your accomplishments
  • Use action verbs to start each bullet (like “organized” or “managed”)
  • Add numbers to any bullet points you can to show your positive impact on the job
  • List relevant accomplishments from an earlier job (usually whatever job you had before your most recent job)
  • Use past tense verbs to describe your achievements and duties in the role if you don’t work here anymore

Educational Background

Skills and Certifications

  • List skills and certifications related to the job you’re applying for
  • Include hard skills (like languages, computer software, etc.) first
  • Include soft skills (like team player or communication) only if you have space

Hobbies and Interests

  • Interested in anything related to the job you want? Have any related hobbies? List them here
  • These final details highlight your potential culture fit, may make you seem more interesting, and might be brought up during an interview

More of a visual learner? Watch the video below for an explanation of how to download and fill out all of the above resume templates for free, presented by Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) Geoff Scott :

Video Walkthrough

Looking for a different kind of resume template? We also have blank resume templates you can copy and fill in with your own information.

Additionally, we provide resume templates for a variety of specific software, such as:

  • LibreOffice resume templates
  • Resume templates for Apple Pages
  • Resume templates for LaTeX

Make a resume in minutes

Pick your template, fill in a few details, and our builder will do the rest.

Ready to Improve Your Existing Resume?

Having trouble getting attention from hiring managers and recruiters? It may be due to your resume. Upload your current resume into our software and we'll help you format it using one of our professional templates.

the muse free resume templates

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resume sample

Resume Templates in Action

Want to see what our various resume templates look like filled out? Check out our resume examples. Find samples in your industry to determine what template styles best suit the job you've got your eye on.

Career & Life Situations

Not sure hot to make a resume for your specific background? Our career and life-situation resume templates include downloadable examples and writing instructions to guide you every step of the way.

Career change resume template

Examples By Job Type

Below you’ll find some of our most popular industry-specific resume examples, which you can download for free and use as a template when creating your own resume.

Customer service rep resume template

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you have a professional template for your resume, we’ll answer some related questions and provide essential resume tips for how to put together a job-winning application.

Why should I use a resume template for my job application?

You should use a resume template for your job because a poorly-structured resume can distract from the content, which is the most important part.

Templates eliminate time spent on formatting and provide you with an attractive, well-formatted resume layout that meets industry standards. Simply fill out your template and start sending it to employers.

Why shouldn’t I use a resume template?

Some job seekers believe that employers frown upon the use of templates, but that’s not true. Resume templates are just an easy way to give your application an attractive design and help you organize your information.

However, many people still prefer not to use a template. If, for example, you have a knack for graphic design and want to create your own one-of-a-kind resume, then using a template isn’t for you.

If that’s the case, you can make a resume in Microsoft Word or Google Docs without a template. But to help you do this, we suggest learning how to make a resume properly first, and using a resume outline to help guide you through the process — just so you include all the essential information.

Should I use a resume template with a photo?

You shouldn’t use a resume template with a photo if you’re applying for jobs in the United States or the UK because it’s seen as unprofessional and could potentially lead to hiring discrimination. The only exceptions are positions where your physical appearance is important for the work, such as acting or modeling.

However, if you’re applying for work in Europe or most other parts of the world, you should include a photo on your resume. In the majority of countries, including a photo on your resume or CV is standard practice and is expected by employers. Whether you need a picture resume template or something more standard, we have every template you might need on our website.

What’s the best resume template?

There’s no “best” resume template. Each job-seeker has their own skill-set and qualifications, so there’s no single template that perfectly fits the mold for everyone.

To find the best template for you, first consider what format is right for your professional background, as well as what resume design suits your needs.

Our team designed each resume template to meet the requirements of different types of job seekers. From entry-level applicants to experienced professionals and even executives, we aspire to have the perfect template for every candidate.

If you can’t find a resume template from our template library, Google also provides a variety of Google Docs resume templates that help you make a resume fast.

How should a resume look in 2024?

In 2024, a resume should look neat and organized. Specifically, your resume should be easy to read, use a clean resume design , and clearly highlight why you’re qualified for the role.

Avoid unnecessary details like irrelevant work experience, graphics, images, or charts (however, tasteful design elements like graphics to demonstrate skill levels on a resume are fine). If your resume looks professional and showcases your relevant experience and skill set, you’ll have no trouble landing interviews this year.

What should I include on my resume?

There are 5 main components to put on your resume , but each resume will include different information because everyone has their own unique work experience, skill sets, and qualifications. At a minimum, resumes must have the following standard sections:

  • Contact information
  • Resume introduction
  • Resume education section
  • Work experience
  • Relevant resume skills & certifications

All other information is optional, and what you add depends on your level of work experience, professional strengths, and resume format . For example, if you have little job experience but have logged many hours volunteering, you should include a dedicated section for volunteer work on your resume .

How long should a resume be?

Your resume should be one page long. However, if you have substantial work experience and relevant skills, your resume length can be 2-3 pages to cover the breadth of your experience. In general, employers prefer a one-page resume because they want to quickly see if your experience aligns with the requirements of the role. So try to condense your resume if possible.

How do I format my resume?

To format your resume properly, follow these basic guidelines:

  • Left-align the content (even if headers are centered)
  • Use 1″ margins
  • Keep your resume to 1 page (except in special circumstances)
  • Select a professional font
  • Use 10-12 point font for the body content
  • Make sure each section has a header
  • Use bullet points to give more info about your work experience
  • Don’t use first-person pronouns
  • Use present tense to describe a position you currently hold and past tense to describe previously-held positions

More questions? Visit our FAQ library.

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the muse free resume templates

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the muse free resume templates

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the muse free resume templates

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the muse free resume templates

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Free Resume Templates From Multiple Sources to Try

The best things in life are free. That applies to free resume templates, too—browse our hand-picked free resume template collection and download your favorites straight away!

Maciej Duszynski, CPRW

Can you still find free resume templates in a world where all the good stuff seems hidden behind a paywall? Like, really free resume templates with no hidden payments, no dubious sign-ups, and no strings attached?

Yes. Just keep scrolling.

You’ll see:

  • Free resume templates ready to download and use straight away.
  • The best free resume templates for corporate positions, creative jobs, and everything in between.
  • Resources where you can find even more resume templates for free.

Save hours of work and get a job-winning resume like this. Try our resume builder with 20+ resume templates and create your resume now.

Create your resume now

free resume template

What users say about ResumeLab:

I had an interview yesterday and the first thing they said on the phone was: “Wow! I love your resume.” Patrick I love the variety of templates. Good job guys, keep up the good work! Dylan  My previous resume was really weak and I used to spend hours adjusting it in Word. Now, I can introduce any changes within minutes. Absolutely wonderful! George

Looking for something more specific? Consider these resources:

  • Free LaTeX Resume Templates
  • Free Microsoft Word Resume Templates  
  • Free Resume Templates for Google Docs
  • Free Resume Templates for OpenOffice / LibreOffice  
  • The Best Resume Templates to Try in 2024  

Jump right to the free templates you’re looking for:

The Best Resume Templates to Try for Free

Simple resume templates (free download), modern resume templates (free to download), professional free resume templates, creative resume templates for free download.

Before we dive straight into downloadable free resume templates, take a look at this resume:

Best Resume Templates to Try for Free

Do you want a resume like this one?

And one more question: do you want someone to guide you through every step of writing a resume?

If you’ve nodded twice, consider this: free resume templates essentially leave you alone with a beautifully formatted document. If you don't know how to write a resume , even the most perfectly designed template won't save you from making a mediocre resume—unless you get a professional to help you write the resume content.

But resume writing services can be costly. Fortunately, a more budget-friendly alternative to hiring a professional resume writer is a resume builder that provides tips, templates, and even pre-written chunks of resume content. For free, you can try all the resume templates and extra functions in the ResumeLab builder . Here are just a few:

best resume template to try for free

This free-to-try resume template comes with unique graphical elements that will make your resume truly stand out.

best resume template to try for free

Diamond is a sleek, elegant resume template that relies on geometric shapes to structure your resume and guide the reader’s eye.

best resume template to try for free

This minimalist template is perfect for entry-level candidates and seasoned pros alike.

But… what about the absolutely free resume templates we promised at the beginning of this article? Well, here they are!

A simple resume template is a surefire choice for all professions and career levels. Simple resume templates offer a crystal clear picture of your key achievements and skills, positioning you as a confident professional who doesn’t need bells and whistles to prove their worth.

Here are the best simple resume templates you can download for free:

1. Connery, a Free Resume Template from ResumeGenius

free templates

Connery is a simple yet classy resume template that you can download for free—in 6 classic colors! Its timeless one-column layout and sophisticated font choice make it a great template for business resumes and academic CVs . Get it here .

2. Bold, a Free Resume Template from MyPerfectResume

free templates

This simple resume template is anything but bland—the pop of color in the header and the elegant fonts add a touch of sophistication. The template is designed with functional resumes and combination resumes in mind, but you can easily adapt it to the reverse-chronological format . Get it here .

3. Economic, a Free Resume Template from Hloom

free templates

Try this basic resume template for Microsoft Word if you want a no-frills resume that fits a lot of information on a single page. It’s perfect for corporate and legal resumes —but you can use it to apply for any position, especially if you want your resume to be 100% ATS-compatible. Get it here .

4. Simple Resume, a Free Resume Template for Microsoft Word

free templates

This free resume template from Microsoft’s own template gallery lives up to its name. Its structure is perfect for entry-level resumes , but you can reorder the resume sections to reflect your key selling points better. Get it here .

5. Coral, a Free Resume Template for Google Docs

free templates

Coral is a delightful free resume template available in Google Docs’ built-in template gallery. It follows a very simple resume structure, spiced up by bold color accents. Get it in Google Docs by clicking New → From template gallery .

A contemporary free resume template is an excellent choice when applying for creative jobs, IT jobs, or pretty much any position at companies with a distinctively modern corporate culture. We’ve hand-picked five trendy resume templates that are almost too good to be free!

1. 2023, a Free Resume Template from ResumeGenius

free templates

This free resume template is so… 2023! It catches the eye with its bold header and offers a fresh take on the trusted two-column resume layout. The template is available for Microsoft Word and Google Docs. Get it here .

2. Standout, a Free Resume Template to Download from MyPerfect Resume

free templates

Looking for a free resume template that’s modern but not too reliant on big blocks of color? Try Standout, a sleek modern resume template with a timeline accentuating your professional growth. Get it here .

3. Call Out, a Free Resume Template from Hloom

free templates

This free resume template offers a striking asymmetrical design guaranteed to stand out. By default, Call Out relies on the green as the accent color, but since it’s a freely downloadable Word template, you can customize the color to your liking. Get it here .

4. Contemporary, a Free Resume Template for Microsoft Word

free templates

Contemporary Resume is a bold, modern resume template for confident professionals. It comes with decidedly modern font choices and an impressive colored sidebar (feel free to change the color to match your personal brand). Get it here .

5. Modern Writer, a Free Resume Template for Google Docs

free templates

This free resume template doesn’t just have the word “modern” in its name. It’s an elegant contemporary template with striking color accents and an unusual font combo. Modern Writer is originally designed as a functional or combination resume, but you can easily reorder the sections to create a standard reverse-chronological resume. Get it in Google Docs by clicking New → From template gallery .

When you want to position yourself as a confident, reliable, seasoned professional, consider picking one of these free resume templates that look like they’ve been exclusively designed for you.

1. Executive, a Free Professional Resume Template from ResumeGenius

free templates

This is the perfect free resume template for corporate and legal jobs. It’s perfectly organized and carefully designed with ultra-professional fonts. It’s available in 6 CEO-worthy colors and two resume file types : Word and Google Docs. Get it here .

2. Refined, a Resume Template to Download for Free from MyPerfectResume

free templates

This elegant resume template is perfect for both professional resumes and academic CVs—its timeless one-column design makes it an excellent choice for multi-page resumes. No one will ever believe you got this classy resume template for free! Get it here .

3. Academia, a Free Professional Resume Template from Hloom

free templates

Classy fonts and understated color accents make this free resume template truly special. No matter if you’re writing a two-page resume for a senior position or just getting your foot in the door as an entry-level candidate, Academia is a great choice when you want to show your professionalism. Get it here .

4. Polished Resume, Designed by Moo & Available for Microsoft Word as a Free Resume Template

free templates

This professional resume template offers a clear, easy-to-skim structure and a well-organized layout. Change the color to gray or navy if you’re applying for a more “buttoned up” job, or leave it as it is if your dream workplace has a relaxed company culture. Get it here .

5. Serif, a Professional Resume Template for Google Docs

free templates

Serif is one of the free resume templates available in Google Docs’ built-in template gallery. Its professional two-column layout and timeless font choices make it a great option for a professional resume. Get it in Google Docs by clicking New → From template gallery .

Sleek business resume templates are good and fine, but what if you’re applying for a job where creativity matters most? Win recruiters’ hearts with these creative free resume templates!

Expert Hint: If you want to use a creative resume template, make sure that the company reviews all incoming resumes manually and doesn’t use ATS software to filter away “irrelevant” job applications. The software might get confused by creative resume designs and mistakenly dismiss your resume. Learn more about writing an ATS-friendly resume .

1. Westminster, a Free Resume Template from ResumeGenius

free templates

This free resume template boasts a uniquely creative font combination: the elegant script-like headings create a powerful contrast with the friendly but businesslike body font. It’s available in 6 dazzling colors and two formats: Microsoft Word and Google Docs. Get it here .

2. Strong, a Creative Free Resume Template from MyPerfectResume

free templates

Strong is a free resume template for creatives who aren’t afraid of bold splashes of color. It follows a trusted two-column layout that lets you display all of your skills and achievements on a single page. Get it here .

3. Grid, a Creative Resume Template to Download for Free from Hloom

free templates

Why stick to a one- or two-column layout if you can be creative and make a grid? This free resume template offers an unusual but still easy-to-follow structure with fun color blocks. Get it here .

4. Sticky Note Resume, a Free Resume Template for Microsoft Word

free templates

This colorful resume template is a great choice for creative jobs. It combines a highly organized layout with a vibrant design that won’t get overlooked easily. And it’s a free resume template that you can download straight from Microsoft’s template gallery. Get it here .

5. Spearmint, a Creative Free Resume Template for Google Docs Users

free templates

Most resumes are black and white, sometimes with a dash of grey or navy—and Spearmint will stand out like a young tree among concrete blocks. Get it in Google Docs by clicking New → From template gallery .

If you’ve reached this point and still haven’t found what you’re looking for, don’t worry. Online resume builders offer some free resume templates you may find to your liking. Plus, they turn text formatting into child’s play.

Double your impact with a matching resume and cover letter combo. Use our cover letter generator and make your application documents pop out.


create your cover letter now

Want to try a different look? There's 21 more. A single click will give your document a total makeover. Pick a cover letter template here .

Do you know a great free resume template that wasn’t featured here? Leave us a comment!

About ResumeLab’s Editorial Process

At ResumeLab, quality is at the crux of our values, supporting our commitment to delivering top-notch career resources. The editorial team of career experts carefully reviews every article in accordance with editorial guidelines , ensuring the high quality and reliability of our content. We actively conduct original research, shedding light on the job market's intricacies and earning recognition from numerous influential news outlets . Our dedication to delivering expert career advice attracts millions of readers to our blog each year.

Frequently Asked Questions About Free Resume Templates

How can i get resume templates for free.

There are dozens of free resume templates for all commonly used word processors:

  • Free resume templates for Microsoft Word
  • Google Docs resume templates
  • Downloadable resume templates for OpenOffice

If you know how to use LaTeX, you can also try LaTeX resume templates .

However, all of the above options have major weaknesses. Text editors are known to be clunky, so you might need hours of work to get the formatting just right.

Instead, consider the free-to-try resume templates offered by ResumeLab—the builder does all the formatting work for you so that you can focus on the content of your resume.

Why should I use a free resume template?

There are some good reasons to use a high-quality free resume template:

  • You save time. Making a resume from scratch without a template can easily take you many hours.
  • You save money. Paid resume builders aren’t expensive, but a free template will save you a couple of bucks.
  • You boost your chances of getting that interview . Good free resume templates are fully ATS-compatible, which means they won’t get automatically rejected by resume-parsing software.
  • Recruiters will sigh with relief when they see your resume— the best free resume templates are designed for easy reading.

The only disadvantage of free resume templates is that you need to know how to write a resume and pick the best resume layout —otherwise, you risk making resume mistakes that can sabotage your entire job hunt. If you’re new to writing resumes, consider a resume builder that will guide you through the entire process.

What is the best free resume template?

The best free resume template is the one that fits your needs. Here’s how to identify if a free resume template is the best for you:

  • It follows the correct resume format —in most cases, a reverse-chronological resume template is the best choice.
  • It lets you fit your accomplishments and skills on a single page (opt for a two-page resume only if you’re a seasoned pro).
  • It doesn’t contain infographics or other elements that can confuse resume-parsing software (you need an ATS resume ).
  • Ideally, it also comes with a matching cover letter template —like the resume templates in ResumeLab’s builder .

Are there any actually free resume templates?

Yes! Indeed, the templates found in resume builders aren’t 100% free (you have to pay to download the resume), but dozens of high-quality resume templates aren’t hidden behind any paywalls.

Here’s where you can find free resume templates:

  • In this collection of free resume templates for Word
  • In this hand-picked gallery of free Google Docs resume templates
  • On dedicated sites with free resume templates
  • In Microsoft’s official template gallery
  • In the template gallery built into Google Docs

How can I download a resume without paying?

You’ll usually need to pay a small sum of money. But there’s another option.

Here’s how to make a resume for free:

  • Download a free resume template for your favorite word processor.
  • Read free resume tips and guides on how to write a resume .
  • Find inspiring resume samples for your chosen profession (you can start with this collection of 280+ resume samples ).
  • Fill the template with your information based on the tips and advice you’ve found.

Maciej Duszynski, CPRW

Experienced in the education management industry, Maciej shares his knowledge for every step of your job hunt, from landing an internship to moving to an executive position. Maciej has helped job candidates at all stages of their career paths, from interns to directors to C-suite members, to thrive in their job. His mission is to help you find the right opportunity and create a job application that gets you the career you deserve.

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Maciej Duszynski, CPRW

Certified Professional Resume Writer, Career Expert

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We created MuseFree with a single purpose, and that is to offer the best, highest standard Adobe Muse templates on the market. Our website is filled with a wide range of unique templates and they pertain to various categories in order to make filtering and browsing a lot easier.

If you want to make the most out of your MuseFree experience then the best thing you can do is to become a club member to get unlimited and instant access to our entire collection of Adobe Muse templates.

Over the past 4 years, our reputation and portfolio has grown to mean that we are the top name in offering both free and premium templates for the Adobe Muse community and we are featured by Adobe as a trusted network, with over 55 M downloads, from users in over 70 countries worldwide. We regularly feature new and exclusive content created by our designers, which allows us to offer a wide range of themes to suit any need or project, and gives us confidence that any user – whether long-term or new to Musefree – will be able to find a theme or widget for their project.

Great Service, for Great People!

We try to include tutorials and guides with all widgets, which means that our users are never left in the dark or confused. With a range of support material, including the Musefree forum, we make sure that you find the content to suit your needs, including the skills to use it.

For those more experienced users, seeking even more themes and widgets, we offer a paid membership scheme, with additional support and access to a wider range of premium content, ensuring that serious Adobe Muse users can get even more out of the Musefree community.

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the muse free resume templates

This Free Worksheet Makes It Easy to Create (or Update) Your Resume

person sitting on their couch working on a laptop and drinking from a mug

You already know how important your resume is to your job search. But pulling together and organizing all the information you need can be really intimidating. That’s why we’ve created a tool that will make writing your resume easier and more straightforward: a resume worksheet.

“One of the things I realized after working with so many job seekers is a lot of people feel like they don’t know how to articulate what they’ve done,” says Muse career coach Emily Liou , founder of Cultivitae . That’s why she frequently sends her clients a resume worksheet to fill out as a first step in the resume writing process. “Digging into your background and work history takes some deeper reflection,” she says, and it can be crucial to have prompts to guide you.

Going through the exercise of completing a detailed resume worksheet can do more than just help you write a standout resume. All that time spent thinking about what you’ve accomplished and what you’re proud of is “really helpful for you to build your confidence during your job search,” Liou says. Plus, having it all fresh in your mind also primes you to answer common interview questions that ask you to speak to specific situations and examples.

To get your job search off to a good start, download The Muse’s resume worksheet here and read on for advice on how to use it effectively.

Who Should Use a Resume Worksheet?

The truth is that anybody could benefit from starting over with a resume worksheet. When you sit down with an existing document, it can be hard to see clearly how you can make significant changes. You might be tied to the format, sections, and bullets you already have, Liou says, and it’s so easy to overlook what might be missing entirely. If you’re looking to refresh or revamp your resume for any reason, even if it’s just because it hasn’t been getting you the results you’re looking for, it might be worth stepping away from what you have and filling out a resume worksheet to help you get some new perspective.

However, a resume worksheet can be particularly helpful for:

  • Students , new grads , or anyone making their first resume: If you simply don’t have a resume because you’ve never had to make one before, the process can seem overwhelming. You might not be sure what goes on a resume in the first place or how to begin writing it out. A resume worksheet can help steer you in the right direction.
  • Anyone who hasn’t made a new resume in years: If you’ve been at the same job or company for a long time or otherwise have a dusty resume that’s years behind your career, it can help to start with a worksheet.
  • Folks returning to work after a gap: If you’ve taken time away from the workforce—whether you did it to raise children, care for a loved one, or for any other reason—starting with a worksheet can help give you the prompts you need to jog your memory and help you write your resume upon your return.
  • Career changers: If you’re looking to make a pivot into a new kind of role or a different industry, your old resume may have been great at getting you your current job, but might not be very helpful getting you your next one. A resume worksheet can help you make a new, relevant resume that highlights your transferable skills and sets you up to land the role you want next.
  • Job seekers relocating or returning from another country: If you’re moving to the U.S. from another country and have only ever made a CV (or curriculum vitae) or otherwise never had an American resume, a resume worksheet can help you get started writing a resume to land you a job in the U.S.

11 Tips for Using Our Resume Worksheet

Downloading the worksheet is easy enough. Here are 11 quick tips to ensure you’re getting the most out of it:

1. Decide How You’re Using This Worksheet

Do you know what kind of job you want? If the answer is yes, keep those jobs in mind as you think back and try to identify and describe relevant experiences and accomplishments. If you’re not quite sure yet what you want to do next, that’s OK! You can get started anyway filling out the resume worksheet with anything and everything you can think of—make it your “kitchen sink” worksheet, as Muse career coach Heidi Ravis says, and you can pick and choose what to transfer to your actual resume later.

2. Do Some Research

Before you start filling out your resume worksheet, you might find it helpful to do a little research. If you’re not familiar with resumes at all, start by reading our basic guide on how to make one (or our advice on college resumes , career changer resumes , or any other situation that’s specific to you).

If you already know what kind of roles you’re interested in, pull up some sample job descriptions to get a feel for what companies are looking for, because it’s “good to write a resume for the job you want rather than the job you have,” says Ravis.

We’ve also included links throughout the worksheet that you can use to read up on particular resume sections or elements and see examples of what they might look like in practice, to help you understand what you’re filling in and why.

3. Set Aside Time and Space

Make sure you give yourself some uninterrupted time and space to tackle the worksheet, Liou says. She recommends setting aside at least 50 minutes in an environment that’s conducive to concentration and deep thinking for you. That might mean going to a coffee shop or just sitting in your favorite chair at home with your favorite music playing in the background.

“Often we have so many other distractions or thoughts we tend to say, ‘I don’t know, I’ll come back to this later,’” Liou says. “When we can give ourselves our intentional space and time, I personally think that’s where the gold comes from. We get into our groove.” So make this your top priority for an hour and get as far as you can, she says. If you have to stop after that, schedule another session for yourself later.

4. Don’t Overthink It

“People get paralyzed by perfection,” says Liou. “Don’t overanalyze or overthink it, just start.” As you’re filling out your worksheet, don’t worry if it’s messy or if there are typos or if you’re not sure what and how you’ll end up saying on your actual resume. For now, just try to get something down on paper. You can always revise or refine it.

5. Warm Yourself Up

You can start by filling in basic information—like your name and contact information and the details of your past jobs, education, volunteer experience, and more. “Do the easy parts first, just the factual stuff,” Ravis says. It’s usually less daunting to start there, though you might have to pull up some records to confirm dates and other details. “What’s harder is going back and figuring out what it all means and where to take it.”

6. Really Dig Into Accomplishments

“Most employers aren’t interested in having a list of what you did. They want to know what kind of difference you made,” Ravis says. While it’s important to include some information about your responsibilities and day-to-day tasks, you should make sure to focus your time and attention on your accomplishments and impact as you fill out your worksheet. Ravis recommends thinking through questions like: “What did people comment on when I was there? Did I win awards? Did I turn things around in some way? Did I meet or exceed my goals every quarter I was there? Did I develop something new?”

7. Talk It Through With Someone

You don’t have to go through the resume-writing process all by yourself. “If you can talk through some of the stuff with another person that can be really helpful,” Ravis says. For example, if you’re really struggling to identify what your accomplishments were in a certain role, you can reach out to a former supervisor or colleague you keep in touch with and talk to them about it. Ask them questions like, “What were your impressions of my contributions to this project?”

You can also chat with a friend or family member; sometimes just talking about something out loud with another person can help you find your momentum.

8. Remember It’s Easier to Trim and Finesse Later

Even if you’re not sure what exactly you want to do or what’s important to include on your eventual resume, you want to have something to work on, Ravis says. “Start with getting all the info out there, just writing it all down,” she says. “The first part is just a data dump. The next part is shaping.”

The great thing about a resume worksheet is that you can feel free to write down everything you think of without worrying about whether it will fit on one or two pages . “It’s easier to work with more and whittle it down,” Liou says. If you write down a paragraph now describing a certain project you worked on, you can always come back to it later and ask yourself, “How do I state this with a power verb and make this one sentence?” she says. “Sometimes it takes a few iterations. That’s OK.”

9. Skip Any Section That Doesn’t Apply to You

This worksheet includes several optional sections, like professional affiliations or volunteer experience, that can help you if they’re relevant—but it won’t hurt you to skip them, either. In other words, don’t feel like something’s wrong if you don’t have anything to fill in there. As Ravis often finds herself telling her clients, “If it doesn’t apply to you don’t worry. Only fill in the things that have to do with you.”

10. Find the Right Template or Format to Plug Your Content Into

Your resume worksheet will help you assemble all the information you need for your resume. Once you have all the material, you should start thinking about how you want to present it. What resume format makes the most sense for you, your background, and your next step? If you’d prefer to use a resume template instead of starting from a blank document, which template would help you showcase your most important skills and experiences?

11. Use the Worksheet to Help You Tailor Every Resume

Even if you went into this exercise with a good sense of the kinds of roles you’re targeting—and filled it out with those in mind—you’ll probably end up with a lot more material recorded in your worksheet than you can comfortably fit on a resume. That’s not a bad thing. Keep your worksheet handy whenever you’re ready to apply for a new job and pull the most relevant information to tailor your resume to that particular position and organization. It’ll be way easier than starting from scratch every single time.

the muse free resume templates

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Free online cover letter generator

Create the best cover letter now.

Our online cover letter instruments allow you to generate a detailed, passionate and informative appeal within minutes. No more agonizing over creative sentences, doubting your writing style or worrying about emotional perceptions. Powerful web tools and recruiter expertise are here to help!

Use our tech tools to write truly next-level cover letters and resumes . In a digital world, it’s important to stay competitive. Old-school methods have their place and charm, but if you want to land that dream job – it makes sense to get an edge over the other candidates.

Want to test out more beautiful designs? Quickly adjust the formatting? Easily generate multiple cover letters for several employers? This is now possible with our builder in record time and no technical knowledge required.

Our cover letter template designs and samples have been carefully crafted to maximize their visual and textual impact. You want recruiters to fall in love with your professional story before they even meet you. That’s what we aim to help you with.

Proven cover letter templates

Why our cover letter builder helps you getting the ideal job.

Finally, you don’t have to build anything from scratch. That’s always the most difficult part. And now it’s the part you can just skip. Our free cover letter templates are ready to use and fill in with minimal effort. The attention-grabbing beautiful designs and organized structure have been tested and vetted. All our cover letter templates have been approved by recruitment experts.

Recruiters and hiring managers still emphasize poor grammar and typos as a dominant reason for rejecting applications. Don’t be a part of that statistic. We’ve taken care of combining all the tools you need in one place - including a spell-checker. No need to use multiple software or online tools - the perfect cover letter build unites them all!

Go beyond just files and documents. Actually control and analyze your application process in one powerful dashboard. Our job tracker helps you monitor every stage of the job hunt. It provides a bird’s eye view of your successful tactics, as well as possible improvements. Add jobs to your shortlist to pursue later. Keep tabs on your offers. Stay on top of scheduled interviews, follow up on completed ones and more.

Reviewed by the community. Trusted by professionals

How to build a cover letter.

It used to be the case that you needed creative writing skills to build an amazing cover letter. And time. Lots of time. Now, all you need is the perfect online builder - and you’re good to go!

Go to our varied collection of beautifully designed cover letter templates and pick one that suits you! We have created templates and samples that align with jobs, industries and professional image goals. All you need to do is consider which one strikes your fancy and is appropriate for your potential employer.

Add your contact information, as well as any needed (and appropriate) personal data the employer requires. Our well-designed templates make sure your info won’t get overlooked and your documents don’t get lost due to boring visuals. After all, your cover letter is your ambassador.

Save tons of time, condensing the long journey of a convincing professional appeal to several minutes and keystrokes. You can use our free guiding samples that show mock-up cover letters, written by hiring professionals based on years of experience. With all the technical and guiding support - this won’t take long!

Tailor the design, structure and formatting of your cover letter in a couple of clicks. The template and other aspects of your document can be adjusted as you see fit. And what’s more, you can experiment as long as you want - our online and offline sync features mean you won’t lose any of your changes even if you lose your internet connection.

Whether your employer uses an Applicant Tracking System or prefers email, whether they use Mac or PC - we’ve got you covered. Make use of PDF files to perfectly preserve your beautiful cover letter formatting.

Land that dream job now!


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