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Dissertation committee request: sample email and guide, published by steve tippins on june 26, 2019 june 26, 2019.

Last Updated on: 2nd February 2024, 02:34 am

Having found your Chairperson to work with, now it is time to fill you committee. Regardless of the number of additional committee members that you need, it is important to go about this process strategically. As with the beginning of any relationship, how you begin is important. 

In this article, I cover:

  • How to find members for your dissertation committee
  • A sample email for a dissertation committee request
  • How to evaluate potential committee members
  • How to ask them to be on your committee

Finding and Choosing Dissertation Committee Members

Ask your committee chair.

Talking to your chair is a good place to start in looking for additional dissertation committee members . Who do they recommend for your specific project? You can ask who they don’t work well with, but most people won’t answer this question for obvious reasons.

Talk to Other Students

You probably have a network of fellow students. Ask for their input on potential committee members . I suggest you do this through private emails or in conversation rather than on group message boards so that people can speak freely about their experiences.

Do Your Research

woman with eyeglasses smilingly typing on her laptop

Once you get a list of names either from your Chair, a university list, or from fellow students do some research. Find the CV of each person (most schools have this type of information available). See what types of research they have done. 

Where have they published? How recently have they published? What types of methodology have they used? You may also find people with whom you share an interest which helps when making a connection.

thesis committee request email reddit

Look at previous dissertations that they have worked on. What were the topics? What methodologies were used? Were they acknowledged by previous students?

Dissertation Committee Request: Sample Email

Once you have come up with a final list of potential candidates, email them to gauge their interest. Many students wonder how to ask someone to be on their dissertation committee. I have included a sample email for a dissertation committee request below.

Dear Dr. ____

Please let me introduce myself. My name is ___ ___ and I am a doctoral student at ___ University working on my dissertation. My topic is ___. I am searching for an additional committee member for my dissertation committee.

I know that you are busy but I have looked at the committees that you have worked on and your research [it is flattering to include a specific example] and think that your membership on my committee could be very beneficial for me.

If you have an interest in filling this position please let me know so that we can set up a time to talk and get to know each other.


Ima Student

Interviewing Potential Dissertation Committee Members

student and professor having a discussion in the college cafeteria

After you get responses you should write to set up phone calls with interested potential committee members. I suggest that you prepare a list of questions to ask each person. Example questions include:

  • Do you like to see work in pieces as it’s completed or in finished chapters?
  • Do you prefer direct communication or for all communication to go through the Chair?
  • How long do you usually take to do reviews?
  • Are there faculty members that you work well with and don’t fit well with?
  • What attributes do you see in students who succeed?
  • Do you have any initial ideas based up what I have shared with you about my topic?
  • Do you have any questions that you want to ask me?

Students often forget that they can interview potential committee members. Doing so tends to impress faculty, as it indicates your seriousness and commitment. I can say that very few people have interviewed me to be a member of their committee, and those that have have been especially successful in navigating the challenges of writing a dissertation .

thesis committee request email reddit

How to Ask Someone to Be on Your Dissertation Committee

If you’ve followed all of the above steps, the rest should be pretty simple. The professor knows that you’ve taken the time to see if they’re a good fit, and that you are conscientious enough to do your research and respect their time. A simple email telling them that you would be honored if they would serve as your committee member is just fine. Remember, though, it’s still an ask –you’re not telling them they’re on your committee.

How to Request a Dissertation Committee Member: Summary

Choosing committee members is important. You want a committee where everyone is pulling for you to reach your goal. It doesn’t take a lot of time to explore potential committee members, and in the long run that small time investment can pay off.

For additional support, you can also consider a dissertation coach . They can help guide you through the process and even finish more quickly, as you will avoid unnecessary pitfalls and delays. Read more about how to choose a dissertation coach here.

Steve Tippins

Steve Tippins, PhD, has thrived in academia for over thirty years. He continues to love teaching in addition to coaching recent PhD graduates as well as students writing their dissertations. Learn more about his dissertation coaching and career coaching services. Book a Free Consultation with Steve Tippins

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We make college applications easier, 9 proven tips for a successful dissertation committee email request.

February 9, 2024 Pacesetter Schools General 0

Dissertation committee email request

Get a “YES” on your Dissertation Committee Email Request : Securing faculty members to serve on your dissertation committee is a critical step in completing your doctoral degree. Committee members agree to closely guide your dissertation research and writing from proposal through final defense.

Choosing the right people and making a strong request is key to starting this important journey on the right foot. This article provides proven tips and strategies for crafting an effective dissertation committee email request.

Before proceeding, let’s understand what a dissertation committee is.

Table of Contents

What’s a Dissertation Committees

Before diving into crafting your email, understand the basics of what a dissertation committee is and its composition.

A dissertation committee is usually made up of three to five faculty members who direct and evaluate a doctoral candidate’s dissertation research and writing. At minimum, it includes your dissertation chair or advisor who leads the committee and two additional members.

Committee members should have relevant expertise in your dissertation topic area and research methods. The chair usually holds a terminal degree in your field of study and has deep subject matter knowledge and dissertation mentoring experience.

Other members typically have doctorates as well and bring complementary areas of specialization to give you well-rounded feedback and oversight.

It’s preferable to have at least one committee member from outside your home department to provide a fresh external perspective. Your graduate program will have specific policies around committee composition, so be sure to review these guidelines before making requests.

The goal is to assemble a team of scholars enthusiastically invested in helping you conduct and complete high-quality original research. Here are some dissertation research examples to start your projects.

Dissertation Committee Email Request: Proven Tips to get a “YES” from Your Professors

1. do thorough research on potential members.

The first step to crafting an effective request email is conducting in-depth research on potential committee members. Beyond just their bios and credentials listed online, dig deeper into their research interests, current projects, and publications.

Look for alignment and overlap with your proposed dissertation topic to demonstrate how a faculty member would be well-suited to serve.

Go beyond just browsing public profiles – talk to other students, program staff, and current advisees to get insider perspectives. Ask what professors’ research and advising styles are like.

Learn which ones are particularly dedicated mentors willing to provide prompt feedback and support. Gauge appropriateness of workload – avoid bombarding the busiest faculty. With quality qualitative research, you’ll write a much stronger targeted case for specific individuals.

2. Customize Each Email Request

Rather than blasting a form letter to multiple professors at once, take the time to individually customize each email request. Address professors by name and reference something unique and relevant you learned about their work.

Show you understand their specialty areas and how your topic fits rather than broadly stating “I’m interested in Quantum Physics”. Demonstrate thoughtful consideration for why they in particular would make valuable committee members.

3. Highlight Connections

It’s not enough to simply state your interest – draw explicit connections between your research and a professor’s. Mention how a paper or project of theirs inspired an aspect of your work or methodology. Note any past classes taken from them to establish credibility as a dedicated student.

Point to similarities in a particular theoretical framework or discipline used. Quantify connections wherever possible rather than leaving statements vague. The clearer the synergies, the stronger case you’ll make.

4. Show Preparedness and Organization

Part of appealing to busy professors is demonstrating you’ve done the necessary groundwork so they won’t have to spend excessive time bringing a new student up to speed.

Attach a draft dissertation prospectus, timeline, or chapter outline to illustrate your proposal is developed and you’ve put serious critical thought into the research process and design already.

Offer to meet in person to provide further details and discuss next steps if interested in joining your committee. Convince them you’re organized and won’t require excessive hand-holding.

5. Highlight Mutually Beneficial Partnership

While faculty serve to mentor students primarily, frame committee membership as a mutually beneficial professional partnership. Note how a professor’s guidance could strengthen your work to a level warranting publication or conference presentation, thereby advancing both your careers.

Express enthusiasm for the opportunity to collaborate on related research with them going forward as a result of being advised through the dissertation. Highlight potential synergies and long term scholarly cooperation rather than it solely being a favor to you.

6. Emphasize Timeline and Commitment Needed

Be transparent about anticipated timeline, milestones, and level of involvement expected from committee members. Provide a draft completion schedule spanning IRB approval through final defense, noting when key checkpoints like proposal and full draft reviews are anticipated.

Outline roughly how many hours of meetings or feedback iterations they should expect per semester. Reassure professors you understand their other obligations and appreciate any commitment, even if a rigorous timeline can’t be promised. Honesty prevents future scope creep concerns.

7. Follow Best Practices for Email Format

While content of your message is most important, small formatting details also influence readability and response rates. Keep the email concise at 2-3 well-spaced paragraphs. Use a clear descriptive subject line stating the purpose succinctly.

Compose in a reader-friendly text format rather than an attached document. Include required contact information prominently like your name, program, and student ID. Proofread thoroughly for typos or awkward phrasing before sending to maintain professionalism. Attractive formatting leaves a positive first impression.

8. Add Appropriate Closing

Close by thanking the professor for considering your request and restating your enthusiasm and qualifications for the opportunity. Indicate next steps such as following up by phone within a week if no response is received or a deadline for response if needed to meet program deadlines.

Express willingness to provide any additional needed context in person. Close courteously whether a meeting is scheduled or not to maintain good rapport for future occasions. Leaving the door open maintains networking relationships even if an initial ask is declined.

9. Keep Trying Until Successful

Securing ideal committee members typically requires persistence, so keep networking and refining requests until confirmation is received. Respectfully follow up emails after a week or two if no initial response.

Reach out during posted faculty office hours if possible to have productive in-person discussions. Consult program advisors for alternative suggestions if all targeted professors decline.

Maintaining a positive attitude during the process reflects well and often secures backup options still committed to student success. With patience and continued effort, strong committees can usually be assembled.

Templates for Dissertation Committee Email Requests

Here are examples highlighting qualifications while requesting guidance:

Template #1 Subject: Dissertation Committee Inquiry – A Cross-country Analysis of Renewable Subsidies

Dear Dr. [Last Name],

I am a PhD candidate at University of Michigan studying the impacts of climate policy on agricultural innovation. My dissertation examines cross-country analysis of renewable subsidies and yields over the past decade.

Your publications on European Union renewable targets and rural development directly inform my project. I appreciate your thought leadership in this area and believe your insight would greatly enrich my research. I have reviewed my prospectus and timeline with my advisor, Dr. Johnson, and we believe finalizing my committee allows sufficient time for meaningful feedback.

I would be honored if you would consider joining my dissertation committee. Please let me know if you require any additional information. I have attached my prospectus for your review and look forward to discussing further if you accept this request.

Thank you for your consideration.

Sincerely, [Your Name]

Template #2 Subject: Dissertation Committee Formation for Spring 2025

Dear Professor Jones,

I am a PhD student at Stanford studying US-China relations in the 21st century. My dissertation project analyzes patterns in trade and foreign direct investment since 2000 using novel datasets.

Your expertise in East Asian economics and quantitative political analysis would be incredibly valuable as I develop my models and analyze results. After reviewing my research plan with my advisor Prof. Smith, we believe your insight would strengthen my contribution to the field.

I have attached my prospectus outlining my key research questions and intend to defend by next Fall if possible. Please advise if you would be willing to serve on my dissertation committee. I am available to discuss further at your convenience.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to your response.

Best regards, [Your Name]

Properly formatted requests effectively persuade respected scholars that accepting enhances their meaningful impact. Maintain a tone reflecting each scholar’s stature.

Follow-Up Best Practices

After initially contacting candidates:

  • Send prompt thank you emails reiterating your appreciation for their consideration
  • Follow up with any who request additional information within a week
  • If still pending, send a respectful follow up email after 2-3 weeks
  • Clearly communicate next steps including deadlines upon receiving positive or negative replies
  • Express understanding and appreciation for feedback helping your research progress

Timely, courteous follow ups demonstrate enthusiasm while respecting scholars’ obligations. Maintain regular contact with your advisor regarding progress. Persistence, gratitude and professionalism maximize response rates.

Conclusion on Dissertation Committee Email Request

Securing top scholars for your dissertation committee takes strategic planning and relationship building through effective outreach. By thoroughly researching potential members, customizing compelling requests highlighting synergies, and following up courteously, your chances of enlisting dedicated mentors increase greatly.

With the right committee in place, you’ll receive invaluable guidance transitioning your ideas into a quality final product advancing both your career and field of study. Perseverance and sincere scholarly partnership are keys to dissertation success.

Get More Dissertation Committee Email Request Now!

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  • project research

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How do you politely ask someone to be on your committee? [duplicate]

I'm a graduate student finishing up my first year, and I'm currently in the Master's program but am planning on switching to the PhD program at my university (which is located in the U.S.). I've chosen people I'm interested in asking and my adviser's okayed my selection, but I was wondering how to go about asking these individuals.

What format is appropriate to ask people to be on your committee? Should I email each person, or should I set up a physical meeting to discuss my goals and 'pop the question'?

What should I say in the email/meeting? Most of the potential committee members I'm planning on asking don't know me very well, but they at least know my name (I think). Do I need to discuss why I want them on my committee? How much do I tell them about my project (which is still in the beginning stages)?

  • graduate-school
  • thesis-committee

pocketlizard's user avatar

  • 2 I did mine by email. I included enough about my project to give them a sense of it, but not so much that it was overwhelming (about two sentences worked for my project). I didn't include why I wanted them on my committee, since it was pretty obvious from my project - YMMV. I also included a brief (again, about two sentences) summary of who I am. Worked well for everyone. –  Kathy Commented Jul 24, 2015 at 14:48
  • 1 It's debatable if asking over email is "polite", but I assume you're more interested in getting them to say "yes" rather than being polite. If you're not sure they even know your name, it shouldn't be done purely over email. Ask to meet with them, letting them know you are selecting your dissertation committee. –  Chan-Ho Suh Commented Jul 24, 2015 at 19:10

I suggest an in-person meeting with each of them, which you can initiate with a brief but explanatory email: "I would like to meet with you for an hour in your office to discuss the possibility of you joining my dissertation committee. Based on your work and experience in X, Y, and Z, I think you might be a valuable committee member. ".

When you meet in person, you can treat it as a two-way interview. They should be interviewing you to determine if this is a good match and if they believe in your research topic and approach. Likewise, you should be interviewing them to determine that they will perform well on your particular committee. Do they have enough time? Do they get along with other committee members? How do they evaluate dissertations and the process of writing dissertations? What sort of feedback or support are they capable of giving you outside of the official meetings? What do they dislike or seek to avoid in the process of evaluating dissertations or being on the dissertation committee? And so on. You should also ask questions regarding their future plans, including sabbaticals, possible changes in job or employer (esp. for non-tenured professors), or possible retirement.

These questions that you ask a prospective committee member can help you avoid many committee problems later on.

MrMeritology's user avatar

  • 4 This sounds good, except: there may be faculty who are willing to serve on the OP's committee but not spend an hour discussing the prospect of it. –  Pete L. Clark Commented Jul 24, 2015 at 20:40
  • 2 @PeteL.Clark This may be the case sometimes, but I personally would rule out any potential committee member who was not willing to meet with me in person for one hour. This is serious business for me (it's my life, my career) and I want to see some level of commitment and investment on the part of committee members. Again, I think this will head off many problems later. –  MrMeritology Commented Jul 24, 2015 at 21:10
  • 1 Maybe the meeting won't last an hour. It may only take 15 or 30 minutes. But scheduling an hour will provide sufficient time for each of you to ask and answer questions at length, when necessary. It also provides more time for gaining some personal familiarity, which frequently helps support productive work relationships. –  MrMeritology Commented Jul 24, 2015 at 21:13
  • 1 @MrMeritology Perhaps this could vary depending on the research area? I'm not sure what your research area is, but in mathematics (which happens to be my and Pete L. Clark's) I find the situation he described quite plausible. –  JSquared Commented Sep 8, 2022 at 22:43

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thesis committee request email reddit


6 Email Templates to Ask Someone to be on Your Thesis Committee

By: Author Hiuyan Lam

Posted on Last updated: October 20, 2023

Categories Professional Etiquette

6 Email Templates to Ask Someone to be on Your Thesis Committee

Writing a thesis is one of the most challenging parts of being an undergraduate or graduate student. You need to know how to ask someone to be on your thesis committee, especially if you are looking for a mentor to guide you through the writing process.

If you are currently starting the dissertation process, these unique email templates will help show you how to ask someone to be on your thesis committee.

How to ask someone to be on your thesis committee: When asking senior students

  These email templates will help you figure out how to ask a senior student to be on your thesis committee.   Senior students are perfect for helping you through the writing process. You can ask a student with whom you get along and share similar ideas.  

foreign college student group

When asking professors to be on your thesis committee

  Your professor would be an invaluable addition to your thesis committee, especially since they could provide you with unique insight and constructive criticism.   Here is how to ask someone to be on your thesis committee if the person is your professor.  

surrounded by students asking questions

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30 Great Words to Describe a Teacher

tutor teacher student education sitting formal and blue sweater

How to ask someone to be on your thesis committee: When asking professionals in your field

  Professionals can offer diverse and useful expertise if they choose to join your thesis committee. Here is how to ask someone to be on your thesis committee if you’re asking professionals in your field.  

two women using black laptop


  These are unique email templates that you can use when trying to figure out how to ask someone to be on your thesis committee.   Whether it is your professor, a senior student in your faculty, or a professional in your field, these templates will help you get that positive response that you are seeking.   If you are currently working on your thesis and wondering how to ask someone to be on your thesis committee, these templates will surely help you get some ideas.  

Asking Faculty to Sit on Your Dissertation Committee

Hero Images / Getty Images

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  • Choosing a Graduate Program
  • Admissions Essays
  • Recommendation Letters
  • Medical School Admissions
  • Homework Help
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  • Distance Learning

The Role of the Dissertation Committee

Choosing a dissertation committee, give some warning, make your intentions known, explain their role, dealing with rejection.

  • Ph.D., Developmental Psychology, Fordham University
  • M.A., Developmental Psychology, Fordham University

Graduate study can best be explained as a series of hurdles. First is getting in. Then comes coursework. Comprehensive exams typically are the culmination of coursework in which you demonstrate that you know your stuff and are ready to begin your dissertation. At this point, you are a doctoral candidate, unofficially known as ABD. If you thought coursework and comps were difficult you’re in for a surprise. Most students find the dissertation process to be the most challenging part of graduate school. It’s how you show that you are an independent scholar capable of generating new knowledge. Your mentor is critical to this process, but your dissertation committee also plays a role in your success.

The mentor is highly invested in the dissertation’s success. The committee serves as an outside consultant, offering a more broad perspective as well as support for the student and mentor. The dissertation committee can serve a checks and balances function that can boost objectivity and ensure that university guidelines are adhered to and that the product is of high quality. Members of the dissertation committee offer guidance in their areas of expertise and supplement the student and mentor’s competencies. For example, a committee member with expertise in specific research methods or statistics can serve as a sounding board and offer guidance that is beyond the mentor’s expertise.

Choosing a helpful dissertation committee isn’t easy. The best committee is composed of faculty who share an interest in the topic, offer diverse and useful areas of expertise, and are collegial. Each committee member should be carefully selected based on the project, what he or she can contribute, and how well he or she gets along with the student and mentor. It’s a delicate balance. You don’t want to argue over every detail yet you need objective advice and someone who will offer insightful, and tough, critiques of your work. Ideally, you should trust each committee member and feel that he or she has your (and your project’s) best interests in mind. Choose committee members whose work you respect, who you respect, and who you like. This is a tall order and finding a handful of faculty who meet these criteria and also have the time to participate on your dissertation committee is a daunting task. It’s likely that not all of your dissertation members will fulfill all of your professional and personal needs but each committee member should serve at least one need.

Work with your mentor to select committee members. As you select potential members, ask your mentor if he or she thinks the professor is a good match to the project. Aside from seeking insight – and making your mentor feel valued – professors talk to each other. If you discuss each choice with your mentor beforehand he is she is likely to mention it to the other professor. Use your mentor’s reaction as an indicator of whether to move forward and approach the potential committee member. You may find that the professor is already aware and may have already implicitly agreed.

At the same time, don’t assume that each professor knows that you’d like them as a committee member. When the time comes, visit each professor with that as your purpose. If you haven’t explained the purpose of the meeting by email then when you enter, sit and explain that the reason you’re asked to meet is to ask the professor to serve on your dissertation committee.

No professor will agree to participate in a project without knowing something about it. Be prepared to explain your project. What are your questions? How will you study them? Discuss your methods. How does this fit with prior work? How does it extend prior work? What will your study contribute to the literature? Pay attention to the professor’s demeanor. How much does he or she want to know? Sometimes a professor might want to know less – pay attention.

In addition to discussing your project, be prepared to explain why you are approaching the professor. What drew you to them? How do you think they will fit? For example, does the professor offer expertise in statistics? What guidance do you seek? Know what the professor does and how they fit in with the committee. Likewise, be prepared to explain why you think they are the best choice. Some faculty might even ask, “Why me? Why not Professor X?” Be prepared to justify your choice. What do you expect expertise-wise? Time-wise? How much or little time and effort will you require? Busy faculty will want to know whether your needs outstrip their time and energy.

If a professor declines your invitation to sit on your dissertation committee, don’t take it personally. Easier said than done but there are many reasons people decide to sit on committees. Try to take the professor’s perspective. Sometimes it’s that they’re too busy. Other times they may not be interested in the project or may have issues with other committee members. It’s not always about you. Participating on a dissertation committee is a lot of work. Sometimes it’s simply too much work given other responsibilities. If they are not able to meet your expectations be grateful that they’re honest. A successful dissertation is the result of a great deal of work on your part but also the support of a helpful committee that has your interests in mind. Be sure that the dissertation committee you build can meet these needs.

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thesis committee request email reddit

Feb. 27, 2023

Selecting your master’s thesis committee members, by karyssa courey: selecting a thesis committee is like completing a puzzle every piece of this process is very valuable to have the right fit for your committee.


First off, congratulations on advancing to this stage in your academic career! Meeting the requirements for your thesis is not an easy task but you did it! You deserve to celebrate your achievements, both big and small. 

After you have finish celebrating, it’s now time for you to select committee members for your thesis. A thesis committee is a group of faculty members who provides mentorship for your entire thesis experience.

Before you begin randomly selecting members of your committee, there are a few steps and strategies that will help you pick the right members!

Where do I start?

  • Review the requirements for thesis committees in your department

Rice provides requirements for thesis committees online . For example, a thesis committee for a graduate student in the psychological sciences must have three members (your advisor and two others). At least two committee members must be within your department. Reviewing the requirements will help you understand who can and cannot be on your committee!

  • Breaking down your topic

If you are considering committee members, you likely have a draft of your master’s proposal or at least an idea of what your project will be about. Consider the keywords of your project (i.e., what are five terms that can be used to categorize your proposal?). These keywords are the core of your project and can help you identify faculty that align with your interests and research goals.

  • Connect your topic to faculty research

Now that you have identified your keywords, think about faculty that you know in your department that are knowledgeable in the topics you are studying. You can also search faculty/lab websites or Google Scholar if you are unfamiliar with a faculty member’s research expertise. 

If there are aspects of your master’s proposal that are interdisciplinary, don’t be afraid to search for faculty outside of your department that can provide you with a valuable perspective on your research topic.

Who should I be in communication with?

  • Talk with your advisor

Often, your advisor will have suggestions for potential committee members. Your advisor is one of the few people that will understand both the scope of your research project and know the faculty expertise in your department. Listen to your advisor’s recommendations and suggestions, note any faculty that may be a good fit, and share any ideas that you have based on your search in steps 2 and 3. Don’t feel constricted the recommendations from your advisor either, your peers could also be a resource.

  • Talk with your peers

Older peers in your program often have a great perspective on selecting thesis committee members. Your peers may also have first hand experience with the same faculty members you are considering. E.g., Professor X provides more substantive feedback than Professor Y, so if you want substantive feedback, this is extremely helpful information!

  • Talk with other faculty

Don’t be afraid to schedule meetings with potential faculty members if you want to discuss your thesis. Meeting with faculty is a great way to explain your project, hear their feedback, and gauge their interest.

I’ve talked to everyone on the list; what's next?

  • Email potential committee members

Once you have selected your committee members, it is now time to email them! This might be scary or feel like a daunting step, but remember that the faculty at Rice are here to support you and help cultivate your skills as a researcher. Committee members are your team members, and are here to ideally provide constructive feedback to make your project even better!

When emailing faculty, make sure to use an appropriate tone, provide the title of your thesis, explain your project in a few sentences (or add your abstract), and note any specific reasons that that faculty is a good fit.

For example, if a faculty member has expertise relating to a theory you are applying in your research, make sure to name the theory in your email! The goal is for your potential committee members to have a clear understanding of the scope of your project and connect their expertise to your project.

What should I be mindful of during this process?

  • Handling rejection

If a prospective committee member declines your offer, it’s okay! Do not take it personally or be discouraged! There may be many reasons why a faculty member might decline (e.g., tight on time, perceived lack of fit, or think another faculty member might be a better fit). Do, however, consider other faculty members and consider scheduling a meeting to discuss your thesis project. Meeting with potential committee members can help you understand if they would be a good fit, plus it’s a great opportunity to meet faculty members outside of your courses!

  • Sticking to your timeline

Lastly, keep in mind your deadlines. Different departments have different requirements for scheduling your proposal and declaring your master’s candidacy. For example, in the Psychological Sciences department, a student can propose their master’s without declaring a master's candidacy. However, it is required that committee members are notified at least ten days prior to scheduling your proposal meeting.

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Need advice: Thesis Committee Chair Request

So I am in my second semester of my grad program, and it is time to begin assembling my thesis committee. I have chosen the professor who I want to ask to chair the committee, but I really need some etiquette advice. It is appropriate to send her an email asking her to be my committee chair, or should I visit her Zoom office hours? How do I pop the question? What should I be prepared for? I am completely out of my element here, so any advice would he greatly appreciated!!

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Email Template To Ask Someone To Be On Your Thesis Committee

Email Template To Ask Someone To Be On Your Thesis Committee

You will certainly believe that you must start on the right path to begin any relationship of any kind. Regardless of the relationship type, either casual friendship or professional relationship, all must start with a good impression that will last long. Writing a thesis document at any stage of your education can be very challenging, tasking, and draining if suitable measures are not implemented. Now that you have decided to get started with your thesis, you need collaborative efforts from others to help you achieve your academic thesis goals. Here is the Email Template To Ask Someone To Be On Your Thesis Committee.

Having found the right person to be the chairperson of your thesis committee, it is high time you be on the lookout for the committee members. In this piece, you would understand how you can easily find thesis committee members, sample email for the committee members’ request, how you can evaluate people willing to join your committees and the best way to ask them to join. 

Finding and choosing committee members for your thesis

Talk to your committee chairman.

Talking to your committee chairman is a good step in the right direction, and informing the person, you are on the lookout for other committee members. Firstly this action would help you have a second opinion about the characteristics of people you should add to your committee. Besides, as for the individual input, with these requests, the committee chairman will know that you are ready to get started with your thesis and that you trust their wealth of knowledge which prop you to also for help.   You can also be specific by asking them about individuals they do not want to work with on the team. 

IndeedIndeed, you will have networks of friends you might want to talk to about setting up a thesis committee. Ask for their opinion on who should make your committee list and who should not, and it is better to have this conversation through private discussion and not through. This will enable your friend to recommend trustworthy people and are ready to work on any thesis. 

Of course, you do not just want anybody on your committee, as the success of your thesis is significant to you. Once you have a list of potential people to work with and onboard as your committee members, it is time to do some basic research about those people. You shouldn’t depend on the information you have gathered from either your thesis committee chairperson or friends and other students. Find out what the people on the list are about and do extensive research on them. Ensure you lay your hands on each person’s CV and see what research they have done in the past. With this information, you will get the appropriate information that will help you picture the most promising thesis committee members. You can have a table to categorize individuals into groups like; what they published in the past? In their research and publications, what methodology do they adopt? Besides, you might find people who have the same interest as you through your research, which would be a great point to connect with them. 

Interviewing potential members that will join your thesis committee 

Firstly you must understand that onboarding the right person to join your team can easily make your task easier to achieve. Meanwhile, if you have the wrong person on the thesis committee, you are bound to have issues in achieving your thesis goal in time. With this in mind, you must quiz every potential member appropriately to avoid itching when ready to get the work done. Generally, the best approach to make the interview a successful one is effectively gauging their research ability. Understanding how they approach research and publication can give you an insight into how resourceful that individual will be to your group. You can prepare some sets of questions you would need to ask them, which can be as listed below:

Most often, students do forget that they can interview people that will be on their thesis committee. Meanwhile, I’ll impress the faculty as it shows your willingness to work with professionals and experts to ensure your task delivers without any challenges. It is undoubtedly familiar with this, and most people might have also interviewed you interview before at some point.  You must understand that to have excellent dealing and a serious-minded thesis committee successfully; you must be ready to scout for the best minds committed to the task. 

Thesis committee members request email samples.

When you ask a senior student on your thesis committee, the following email sample would be best for such communication. It is because senior students are perfect individuals to help you through the writing process, and you can consult with students with whom you have previous relationships.

Dear (Student’s Name)

More so, your experience and exceptional skills in researching and publication will be very instrumental to the success of my thesis, which schedules for presentation on (put the date of defense and venue). 

Please find the attached copy of my thesis proposal for your reference; I will be grateful to hear from you soon. 

I am currently carrying out research on (name the title of your thesis research), and my presentation expects to be on ( put date here) at ( put the defense location). I believe that your contribution to my current research topic will be a valuable asset to my thesis and also helping with refining the idea. I understand that you recently graduated from your Ph.D. program in (mention the person’s Ph.D. title) successfully, and I am confident I would benefit immensely from your knowledge. 

I am sure that your presence at the thesis presentation would be valued, and your constructive criticism would help my work become well polished and up to the required standard. 

How you can ask professors to be one of your thesis committee members.

My advisor and I have gone through several research articles you have written and published on the internet. With the research methodology used in your papers, I can say that your insight in the (field of name the area and where their expertise corresponds to your thesis) would be a great asset to my thesis project and presentation. 

(you can put your name here)

Your exceptional contribution to (highlight the professor’s expertise) and make a good recommendation on it, and thus your presence would be valuable to my thesis project. 

(here you put your name)

Dear Mr/Mrs (Put the name of the person)

Thank you for your time and consideration; I would keep an eye on your response soonest.

My research focuses on (state the objective of the study), which is the field that you have dominated and constantly represent over time through your professional experience and research results.  

Yours sincerely 


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