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3d face reconstruction using deep learning.

Supervisor: Medeiros de Carvalho, R. (Supervisor 1), Gallucci, A. (Supervisor 2) & Vanschoren, J. (Supervisor 2)

Student thesis : Master

Achieving Long Term Fairness through Curiosity Driven Reinforcement Learning: How intrinsic motivation influences fairness in algorithmic decision making

Supervisor: Pechenizkiy, M. (Supervisor 1), Gajane, P. (Supervisor 2) & Kapodistria, S. (Supervisor 2)

Activity Recognition Using Deep Learning in Videos under Clinical Setting

Supervisor: Duivesteijn, W. (Supervisor 1), Papapetrou, O. (Supervisor 2), Zhang, L. (External person) (External coach) & Vasu, J. D. (External coach)

A Data Cleaning Assistant

Supervisor: Vanschoren, J. (Supervisor 1)

Student thesis : Bachelor

A Data Cleaning Assistant for Machine Learning

A deep learning approach for clustering a multi-class dataset.

Supervisor: Pei, Y. (Supervisor 1), Marczak, M. (External person) (External coach) & Groen, J. (External person) (External coach)

Aerial Imagery Pixel-level Segmentation

A framework for understanding business process remaining time predictions.

Supervisor: Pechenizkiy, M. (Supervisor 1) & Scheepens, R. J. (Supervisor 2)

A Hybrid Model for Pedestrian Motion Prediction

Supervisor: Pechenizkiy, M. (Supervisor 1), Muñoz Sánchez, M. (Supervisor 2), Silvas, E. (External coach) & Smit, R. M. B. (External coach)

Algorithms for center-based trajectory clustering

Supervisor: Buchin, K. (Supervisor 1) & Driemel, A. (Supervisor 2)

Allocation Decision-Making in Service Supply Chain with Deep Reinforcement Learning

Supervisor: Zhang, Y. (Supervisor 1), van Jaarsveld, W. L. (Supervisor 2), Menkovski, V. (Supervisor 2) & Lamghari-Idrissi, D. (Supervisor 2)

Analyzing Policy Gradient approaches towards Rapid Policy Transfer

An empirical study on dynamic curriculum learning in information retrieval.

Supervisor: Fang, M. (Supervisor 1)

An Explainable Approach to Multi-contextual Fake News Detection

Supervisor: Pechenizkiy, M. (Supervisor 1), Pei, Y. (Supervisor 2) & Das, B. (External person) (External coach)

An exploration and evaluation of concept based interpretability methods as a measure of representation quality in neural networks

Supervisor: Menkovski, V. (Supervisor 1) & Stolikj, M. (External coach)

Anomaly detection in image data sets using disentangled representations

Supervisor: Menkovski, V. (Supervisor 1) & Tonnaer, L. M. A. (Supervisor 2)

Anomaly Detection in Polysomnography signals using AI

Supervisor: Pechenizkiy, M. (Supervisor 1), Schwanz Dias, S. (Supervisor 2) & Belur Nagaraj, S. (External person) (External coach)

Anomaly detection in text data using deep generative models

Supervisor: Menkovski, V. (Supervisor 1) & van Ipenburg, W. (External person) (External coach)

Anomaly Detection on Dynamic Graph

Supervisor: Pei, Y. (Supervisor 1), Fang, M. (Supervisor 2) & Monemizadeh, M. (Supervisor 2)

Anomaly Detection on Finite Multivariate Time Series from Semi-Automated Screwing Applications

Supervisor: Pechenizkiy, M. (Supervisor 1) & Schwanz Dias, S. (Supervisor 2)

Anomaly Detection on Multivariate Time Series Using GANs

Supervisor: Pei, Y. (Supervisor 1) & Kruizinga, P. (External person) (External coach)

Anomaly detection on vibration data

Supervisor: Hess, S. (Supervisor 1), Pechenizkiy, M. (Supervisor 2), Yakovets, N. (Supervisor 2) & Uusitalo, J. (External person) (External coach)

Application of P&ID symbol detection and classification for generation of material take-off documents (MTOs)

Supervisor: Pechenizkiy, M. (Supervisor 1), Banotra, R. (External person) (External coach) & Ya-alimadad, M. (External person) (External coach)

Applications of deep generative models to Tokamak Nuclear Fusion

Supervisor: Koelman, J. M. V. A. (Supervisor 1), Menkovski, V. (Supervisor 2), Citrin, J. (Supervisor 2) & van de Plassche, K. L. (External coach)

A Similarity Based Meta-Learning Approach to Building Pipeline Portfolios for Automated Machine Learning

Aspect-based few-shot learning.

Supervisor: Menkovski, V. (Supervisor 1)

Assessing Bias and Fairness in Machine Learning through a Causal Lens

Supervisor: Pechenizkiy, M. (Supervisor 1)

Assessing fairness in anomaly detection: A framework for developing a context-aware fairness tool to assess rule-based models

Supervisor: Pechenizkiy, M. (Supervisor 1), Weerts, H. J. P. (Supervisor 2), van Ipenburg, W. (External person) (External coach) & Veldsink, J. W. (External person) (External coach)

A Study of an Open-Ended Strategy for Learning Complex Locomotion Skills

A systematic determination of metrics for classification tasks in openml, a universally applicable emm framework.

Supervisor: Duivesteijn, W. (Supervisor 1), van Dongen, B. F. (Supervisor 2) & Yakovets, N. (Supervisor 2)

Automated machine learning with gradient boosting and meta-learning

Automated object recognition of solar panels in aerial photographs: a case study in the liander service area.

Supervisor: Pechenizkiy, M. (Supervisor 1), Medeiros de Carvalho, R. (Supervisor 2) & Weelinck, T. (External person) (External coach)

Automatic data cleaning

Automatic scoring of short open-ended questions.

Supervisor: Pechenizkiy, M. (Supervisor 1) & van Gils, S. (External coach)

Automatic Synthesis of Machine Learning Pipelines consisting of Pre-Trained Models for Multimodal Data

Automating string encoding in automl, autoregressive neural networks to model electroencephalograpy signals.

Supervisor: Vanschoren, J. (Supervisor 1), Pfundtner, S. (External person) (External coach) & Radha, M. (External coach)

Balancing Efficiency and Fairness on Ride-Hailing Platforms via Reinforcement Learning

Supervisor: Tavakol, M. (Supervisor 1), Pechenizkiy, M. (Supervisor 2) & Boon, M. A. A. (Supervisor 2)

Benchmarking Audio DeepFake Detection

Better clustering evaluation for the openml evaluation engine.

Supervisor: Vanschoren, J. (Supervisor 1), Gijsbers, P. (Supervisor 2) & Singh, P. (Supervisor 2)

Bi-level pipeline optimization for scalable AutoML

Supervisor: Nobile, M. (Supervisor 1), Vanschoren, J. (Supervisor 1), Medeiros de Carvalho, R. (Supervisor 2) & Bliek, L. (Supervisor 2)

Block-sparse evolutionary training using weight momentum evolution: training methods for hardware efficient sparse neural networks

Supervisor: Mocanu, D. (Supervisor 1), Zhang, Y. (Supervisor 2) & Lowet, D. J. C. (External coach)

Boolean Matrix Factorization and Completion

Supervisor: Peharz, R. (Supervisor 1) & Hess, S. (Supervisor 2)

Bootstrap Hypothesis Tests for Evaluating Subgroup Descriptions in Exceptional Model Mining

Supervisor: Duivesteijn, W. (Supervisor 1) & Schouten, R. M. (Supervisor 2)

Bottom-Up Search: A Distance-Based Search Strategy for Supervised Local Pattern Mining on Multi-Dimensional Target Spaces

Supervisor: Duivesteijn, W. (Supervisor 1), Serebrenik, A. (Supervisor 2) & Kromwijk, T. J. (Supervisor 2)

Bridging the Domain-Gap in Computer Vision Tasks

Supervisor: Mocanu, D. C. (Supervisor 1) & Lowet, D. J. C. (External coach)

CCESO: Auditing AI Fairness By Comparing Counterfactual Explanations of Similar Objects

Supervisor: Pechenizkiy, M. (Supervisor 1) & Hoogland, K. (External person) (External coach)

Clean-Label Poison Attacks on Machine Learning

Supervisor: Michiels, W. P. A. J. (Supervisor 1), Schalij, F. D. (External coach) & Hess, S. (Supervisor 2)


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  1. Data Mining

    Anomaly detection in text data using deep generative models Author: Esposito, R., 30 Aug 2019. Supervisor: Menkovski, V. (Supervisor 1) & van Ipenburg, W. (External person) (External coach) Student thesis: Master