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Marine Science Theses and Dissertations

Theses/dissertations from 2024 2024.

Iron Isotope Transformations in Saanich Inlet , Claire Onak

Theses/Dissertations from 2023 2023

Environmental chemical analysis method optimization and application to northwest Cuban marine sediment , Thea R. Bartlett

Exploring the Impact of Eddies on Southern Ocean Biogeochemical Structure using BGC-Argo Float Observations , Nicola J. Guisewhite

Meta-Analysis of United States Seabird Populations Based on Ocean Biodiversity Information System (OBIS) Records (1965–2018) , Savannah Hartman

Stable Isotopic Investigation of the Hydrological Cycle of West-Central Florida , Toedsit Netratanawong

Examining paleoshorelines in the eastern Gulf of Mexico: Insights on sea level history and potential areas of interest for habitat management , Catalina Rubiano

Stable Isotope Analysis on Yellowfin and Blackfin Tuna Eye Lenses Reveals Life History Patterns in the Gulf of Mexico , Kylee M. Rullo

Stable Isotope Analysis of Doryteuthis (Amerigo) pealeii Eye Lenses to Determine Migratory Patterns in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico Using Statoliths for Age Determination , Hannah M. Schwaiger

Theses/Dissertations from 2022 2022

The effects of temperature and oxygen availability on aerobic performance in three coastal shark species; Squalus acanthias, Carcharhinus limbatus, and Carcharhinus leucas , Alyssa M. Andres

Continuous Effort Required to Maintain Populations of Outplanted Acropora cervicornis in the Florida Reef Tract, USA , Tiffany S. Boisvert

Elucidating the Sources Supplying Aerosol Iron, Zinc, and Cadmium to the Surface of the North Pacific Ocean with Stable Isotopes , Zach B. Bunnell

Quantifying Environmental Sensitivity of Marine Resources to Oil Well Blowouts in the Gulf of Mexico , Emily Chancellor

Zooplankton Biodiversity in the Northeast Gulf of Mexico and on the West Florida Shelf from 2005 - 2014 , Megan Ferguson

Coupling 210 Pb and 14 C to constrain carbon burial efficiency of blue carbon ecosystems , Tynisha R. Martin

Empirical and Modeled δ13C and δ15N Isoscapes in the Gulf of Mexico and their Application to Fish Eye Lens Migration Studies , Brianna Michaud

Interactions between juvenile estuary-dependent fishes and microalgal dynamics , Ian C. Williams

Theses/Dissertations from 2021 2021

Metabolic Rate, Critical Oxygen Partial Pressure, and Oxygen Supply Capacity of Farfantepenaeus duorarum at their Lower Thermal Limit , Alexandra L. Burns

From River to Sea: Improving Carbon System Measurement Methods for use in Rivers, Estuaries, and Oceans , Ellie Hudson-Heck

Riverine and Estuarine CO2-System Studies on the West Coast of Florida , Christopher S. Moore

Past Ice-Ocean Interactions on the Sabrina Coast shelf, East Antarctica: Deglacial to Recent Paleoenvironmental Insights from Marine Sediments , Kara J. Vadman

Investigating the Recent History of a Changing Planet with Innovative Isotopic Techniques and New Geologic Archives , Ryan A. Venturelli

Theses/Dissertations from 2020 2020

Testing the Efficacy of Recompression Tools to Reduce the Discard Mortality of Reef Fishes in the Gulf of Mexico , Oscar E. Ayala

Polychlorinated Biphenyls, Organochlorine Pesticides, and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Snapper (Family Lutjanidae) from Cuba and the Wider Gulf of Mexico , Brigid E. Carr

A Health Evaluation of Gulf of Mexico Golden Tilefish (Lopholatilus chamaeleonticeps) and Red Snapper (Lutjanus campechanus) Following the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill , Kristina Leigh Deak

A Process-based Approach to Evaluating the Role of Organic Ligands in Trace Metal Cycling in the Marine Environment , Travis Mellett

Investigation of Retention Versus Export of Planktonic Fish Eggs in the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico , Bich Vi Viviane Nguyen

Development of a Benthic Foraminifera Based Marine Biotic Index (Foram-AMBI) for the Gulf of Mexico: a Decision Support Tool , Bryan O'Malley

Plio-Pleistocene Antarctic Ice-Ocean Interactions in the Ross Sea , Catherine Prunella

Mechanisms of Carbon Movement and Stabilization in Mangrove Wetlands , Carey Schafer

Hepatobiliary Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Pelagic Fishes of the Gulf of Mexico , Madison R. Schwaab

Analytical Methods and Critical Analyses Supporting Thermodynamically Consistent Characterizations of the Marine CO 2 System , Jonathan D. Sharp

Large Thecosome Pteropods of the Northern Gulf of Mexico: Species Abundance, Spatial and Vertical Distribution With a Temporal Comparison of Shell Thickness , Sarah M. Shedler

Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Exposure, Hepatic Accumulation, and Associated Health Impacts in Gulf of Mexico Tilefish (Lopholatilus chamaeleonticeps) , Susan M. Snyder

Investigating the Isotope Signatures of Dissolved Iron in the Southern Atlantic Ocean , Brent A. Summers

Modeling Early Life: Ontogenetic Growth and Behavior Affect Population Connectivity in Gulf of Mexico Marine Fish , Kelly Vasbinder

Isotope-Based Methods for Evaluating Fish Trophic Geographies , Julie L. Vecchio

Theses/Dissertations from 2019 2019

Use of Spectrofluorometry to Detect Petroleum Hydrocarbons in the Marine Environment , Mary Iris Abercrombie

Can Florida's Springs Coast provide a Potential Refuge for Calcifying Organisms? Evidence from Benthic Foraminifera , Kyle E. Amergian

Iron-Virus Interactions: Development and Testing of the Ferrojan Horse Hypothesis , Chelsea Bonnain

DNA Barcoding of Fish Eggs in the Gulf of Mexico , Makenzie Burrows

Ecological Responses of Seascape Heterogeneity , Dinorah H. Chacin

Species Abundance, Spatial and Vertical Distributionsof Large Heteropods (Pterotracheidae and Carinariidae)in the Northern Gulf of Mexico , Kristine A. Clark

Zooplankton Community Structure in the NE Gulf of Mexico: Impacts of Environmental Variability and the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill , Kate M. Dubickas

Life History Through the Eyes of a Hogfish: Evidence of Trophic Growth and Differential Juvenile Habitat Use , Meaghan E. Faletti

Population Demographics of Golden Tilefish Lopholatilus chamaeleonticeps in the Gulf of Mexico , Greta J. Helmueller

Regeneration of Trace Metals During Phytoplankton Decay: An Experimental Study , Adrienne P. Hollister

Estimating Coastal Water Turbidity Using VIIRS Nighttime Measurement , Chih-Wei Huang

Untapped Potential of Gorgonian Octocorals for Detecting Environmental Change in Biscayne National Park, Florida, USA , Selena A. Kupfner Johnson

High-Resolution Investigation of Event Driven Sedimentation: Response and Evolution of the Deepwater Horizon Blowout in the Sedimentary System , Rebekka A. Larson

Variations of Sedimentary Biogenic silica in the Gulf of Mexico during the Deepwater Horizon and IXTOC-I Oil Spill. , Jong Jin Lee

Variations of Global Ocean Salinity from Multiple Gridded Argo Products , Chao Liu

Fish Communities on Natural and Artificial Reefs in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico , Elizabeth C. Viau

Reconstructing Geographic and Trophic Histories of Fish Using Bulk and Compound-Specific Stable Isotopes from Eye Lenses , Amy A. Wallace

Studies of the Long-term Change of Global Mean and Regional Sea Surface Height , Yingli Zhu

Theses/Dissertations from 2018 2018

Ecophysiology of Oxygen Supply in Cephalopods , Matthew A. Birk

Remote Estimation of Surface Water p CO 2 in the Gulf of Mexico , Shuangling Chen

Spatial Dynamics and Productivity of a Gulf of Mexico Commercial Reef Fish Fishery Following Large Scale Disturbance and Management Change , Marcy Lynn Cockrell

Quantifying the Probability of Lethal Injury to Florida Manatees Given Characteristics of Collision Events. , B. Lynn Combs

Diversity of ssDNA Phages Related to the Family Microviridae within the Ciona robusta Gut , Alexandria Creasy

Use of a Towed Camera System along the west Florida shelf: A Case Study of the Florida Middle Grounds Benthic Marine Communities , Katie S. Davis

Using Ecosystem-Based Modeling to Describe an Oil Spill and Assess the Long-Term Effects , Lindsey N. Dornberger

Extending Spectrophotometric pHT Measurements in Coastal and Estuarine Environments , Nora Katherine Douglas

Evaluating the use of larval connectivity information in fisheries models and management in the Gulf of Mexico , Michael Drexler

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Understanding Predator-Prey Relationships in a Changing Ocean: From System Design to Education , Ileana M. Freytes-Ortiz

Application of Image Recognition Technology to Foraminiferal Assemblage Analyses , Christian Helmut Gfatter

Evaluation of trace-metal and isotopic records as techniques for tracking lifetime movement patterns in fishes , Jennifer E. Granneman

The Stability of Sand Waves in a Tidally-Influenced Shipping Channel, Tampa Bay, Florida , John Willis Gray

Application of Modern Foraminiferal Assemblages to Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction: Case Studies from Coastal and Shelf Environments , Christian Haller

Integrating Towed Underwater Video with Multibeam Acoustics for Mapping Benthic Habitat and Assessing Reef Fish Communities on the West Florida Shelf , Alexander Ross Ilich

Evaluating Beach Water Quality and Dengue Fever Risk Factors by Satellite Remote Sensing and Artificial Neural Networks , Abdiel Elias Laureano-Rosario

Microbial Associations of Four Species of Algal Symbiont-Bearing Foraminifera from the Florida Reef Tract, USA , Makenna May Martin

Environmental controls on the geochemistry of Globorotalia truncatulinoides in the Gulf of Mexico: Implications for paleoceanographic reconstructions , Caitlin Elizabeth Reynolds

Dormancy in the Amphistegina gibbosa Holobiont: Ecological and Evolutionary Implications for the Foraminifera , Benjamin J. Ross

Optical Remote Sensing of Oil Spills in the Gulf of Mexico , Shaojie Sun

Spatial and Temporal Distributions of Pelagic Sargassum in the Intra-Americas Sea and Atlantic Ocean , Mengqiu Wang

Theses/Dissertations from 2017 2017

Packaging of Genetic Material by Gene Transfer Agents (GTAs) Produced by Marine Roseobacter Species and Their Effect on Stimulating Bacterial Growth , Shahd Bader Aljandal

Spatio-temporal Dynamics of Soil Composition and Accumulation Rates in Mangrove Wetlands , Joshua L. Breithaupt

Characterizing Benthic Habitats Using Multibeam Sonar and Towed Underwater Video in Two Marine Protected Areas on the West Florida Shelf, USA , Jennifer L. Brizzolara

Latitudinal Position and Trends of the Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) and its Relationship with Upwelling in the Southern Caribbean Sea and Global Climate Indices , Kaitlyn E. Colna

Calibration-free Spectrophotometric Measurements of Carbonate Saturation States in Seawater , Erin E. Cuyler

Viruses in marine animals: Discovery, detection, and characterizarion , Elizabeth Fahsbender

Quantity Trumps Quality: Bayesian Statistical Accumulation Modeling Guides Radiocarbon Measurements to Construct a Chronology in Real-time , Devon Robert Firesinger

Characterizing Gross Lesions in Corals on Fringing Reefs of Taiwan and Hainan Island, China , Adrienne George

Reef Fish Biodiversity in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary , Megan E. Hepner

Investigating Marine Resources in the Gulf of Mexico at Multiple Spatial and Temporal Scales of Inquiry , Joshua Paul Kilborn

Southern Ocean Transport by Combining Satellite Altimetry and Temperature/Salinity Profile Data , Michael Kosempa

Role of viruses within metaorganisms: Ciona intestinalis as a model system , Brittany A. Leigh

Evaluating satellite and supercomputing technologies for improved coastal ecosystem assessments , Matthew James Mccarthy

Stable Isotopes in the Eye Lenses of Doryteuthis plei: Exploring Natal Origins and Migratory Patterns in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico , Brenna A. Meath

Genetic Identification and Population Characteristics of Deep-Sea Cephalopod Species in the Gulf of Mexico and Northwestern Atlantic Ocean , Amanda Sosnowski

Investigation of Sediment Ridges Using Bathymetry and Backscatter near Clearwater, Florida , Lewis Stewart

Resolving chronological and temperature constraints on Antarctic deglacial evolution through improved dating methodology , Cristina Subt

Subtropical benthos vary with reef type, depth, and grazing intensity , Kara R. Wall

Theses/Dissertations from 2016 2016

Diversity and Distribution of Diatom Endosymbionts in Amphistegina spp. (Foraminifera) Based on Molecular and Morphological Techniques , Kwasi H. Barnes

Abundance of Archaias angulatus on the West Florida Coast Indicates the Influence of Carbonate Alkalinity over Salinity , Sean Thomas Beckwith

Resource Use Overlap in a Native Grouper and Invasive Lionfish , Joseph Schmidt Curtis

Miocene Contourite Deposition (along-slope) near DeSoto Canyon, Gulf of Mexico: A Product of an Enhanced Paleo-Loop Current , Shane Christopher Dunn

Trophic Ecology and Habitat Use of Atlantic Tarpon ( Megalops atlanticus ) , Benjamin Neal Kurth

Characterization of Bacterial Diversity in Cold-Water Anthothelidae Corals , Stephanie Nichole Lawler

Whiting Events Off Southwest Florida: Remote Sensing and Field Observations , Jacqueline Long

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World Maritime University Ph.D. Dissertations

Theses/dissertations from 2024 2024.

The Practice of Small Island Developing States on the Consent Regime for Marine Scientific Research: Developing and Reframing the Law of the Sea in Changing Circumstances , Luciana Fernandes Coelho. ( Ph.D (Maritime Affairs),

Theses/Dissertations from 2023 2023

Maritime governance : contextual factors affecting implementation of IMO instruments , Deniece Aiken. ( Ph.D (Maritime Affairs), Jamaica. )

The transition to low and near zero carbon emission ports : extent and determinants , Anas Alamoush. ( Ph.D (Maritime Affairs), Jordan. )

Spatiotemporal analyses of pelagic Sargassum : biodiversity, morphotypes and arsenic content , Kristie Alleyne. ( Ph.D (Maritime Affairs), Barbados. )

Assessing the need for harmonized marine debris monitoring and equity to support participation in the Global Plastics Treaty negotiations by Caribbean SIDS , Kristal Ambrose. ( Ph.D (Maritime Affairs), The Bahamas. )

Hinterland connectivity and market share: a case of Indian container ports , Ajay Deshmukh. ( Ph.D (Maritime Affairs), India. )

Combatting the marine litter crisis in the Windward Islands : examining source-to-sea pathways and fostering multi-scale solutions , Roxanne Elizabeth Donna Graham. ( Ph.D (Maritime Affairs), Grenada. )

The problem of abandoned, lost, and otherwise discarded fishing gear in Eastern Caribbean small-scale fisheries : understanding the challenges, defining solutions , Tricia Lovell. ( Ph.D (Maritime Affairs), Antigua & Barbuda/Trinidad and Tobago. )

Gender equality in ocean science for sustainable development : analysis of ocean science institutions in Kenya , Renis Auma Ojwala. ( Ph.D (Maritime Affairs), Kenya. )

Harmonisation in the rules governing the recognition of foreign judicial ship sales , Yingfeng Shao. ( Ph.D (Maritime Affairs), China. )

Theses/Dissertations from 2022 2022

Negotiating the BBNJ Agreement : exploring the Caribbean Community's engagement from a blue economy perspective with special focus on environmental impact assessment provisions , Kahlil Hassanali. ( Ph.D (Maritime Affairs),

The legal framework for multimodal transport in West Africa: the African Continental Free Trade Area in perspective , Damilola Idris Osinuga. ( Ph.D (Maritime Affairs), Nigeria. )

Ocean science diplomacy - the All-Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance case , Andrei Polejack. ( Ph.D (Maritime Affairs),

A systematic, holistic and transdisciplinary energy management framework to promote environmentally sustainable shipyards , Seyedvahid Vakili.

Theses/Dissertations from 2021 2021

Development of sustainable port supply chain integration in Egypt , Khaled Nasraldin Mohamed Hussein. ( Ph.D (Maritime Affairs), Egypt. )

The sustainability of integrated cruise ship sanitation and wastewater management systems: a contribution to circular economy strategies in the Baltic region , Jenette Tifuh Mujingni. ( Ph.D (Maritime Affairs), Cameroon. )

Theses/Dissertations from 2020 2020

Development of an Overarching Transboundary Geospatial Framework: Selected Regimes in Perspective , Bryan Buxton-Barnor. ( Ph.D (Maritime Affairs), Ghana. )

The Legal Recognition of Electronic Bills of Lading , Ali Abbas Khayoon Al-Naseri. ( Ph.D (Maritime Affairs), Iraq. )

Theses/Dissertations from 2019 2019

Offshore Wind Farms and Maritime Navigational Risks , Syed Raza Ali Mehdi. ( Ph.D (Maritime Affairs),

Regulating the Carriage of Firearms for Private Vessel Protection At Sea: Lessons From Nigeria And The Wider Gulf Of Guinea , Osatohanmwen Osamudiamen Anastasia Eruaga. ( Ph.D (Maritime Affairs),

Environmental Protection Services and Salvage Law: Emerging Issues in Perspective , Huiru Liu. ( Ph.D (Maritime Affairs),

Theses/Dissertations from 2018 2018

Flag state performance and the implementation of port state control in the European Union - A mixed methods approach , Armando Graziano. Italy. )

Building a national maritime security policy , Adriana Avila-Zúñiga Nordfjeld. Mexico. )

Theses/Dissertations from 2017 2017

Development of the framework for a lean, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly port: umm qasr port as a Case Study , Safaa A.J. Alfayyadh. ( Port Management, Iraq. )

Design and Evaluation of Ballast Water Management Systems using Modified and Hybridised Axiomatic Design Principles , Lawrence Kuroshi. ( Ph.D (Maritime Affairs), Nigeria. )

Improving learning outcomes within a developing maritime nation lacking practical resources through the introduction of classroom technology : a case study at a South African University of Technology , Derek Lambert. ( Ph.D (Maritime Affairs), South Africa. )

A holistic risk-oriented framework for port infrastructure adaption to climate change , Kana Nkasanga Patrick Mutumbo. South Africa. )

Virtual aids to navigation , R. Glenn Wright. United States of America. )

Theses/Dissertations from 2016 2016

Criminal procedures and sanctions against seafarers after large-scale ship-source oil pollution accidents: a human rights perspective , Anete Logina. ( Ph.D (Maritime Affairs), Latvia. )

Oil spill preparedness in Sweden : prevention, planning, and response for large accidents , Jonas Pålsson. ( Ph.D (Maritime Affairs), Sweden. )

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Profile Aspirations of Maritime Students in one Higher Education in the Philippines

Profile image of Jake Laguador

In attaining the goals and aspirations towards success, problems might occur in a situation which is already beyond the students' control and looking for the right answer or responding to it is the only way to move on. The study aimed to determine the profile of the students, value orientation and problems of the students in terms of health, family, relationship with others, self-concerns and studies. The descriptive type of research method was used in the study. Results revealed that the maritime students have high level of terminal, instrumental, moral and social values. Maritime students belong to determination category where they try their best to have high/good grades for future employment, to become a ship captain in the future no matter how hard it is and to have their own set of objectives and direction to achieve a better future. The profile aspiration of students in terms of Hibernation is affected by the type of school they graduated and parents' educational attainment while perspiration is affected by year level, type of school and educational attainment of mother.

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Journal of International Academic Research for Multidisciplinary

Jake Laguador

sample thesis title for maritime students pdf

Asia Pacific Journal of Maritime Education

Realizing work values as early as college years defines the character of the future professionals on how they could get into the corporate world with proper orientation and preparation for higher goals and responsibilities. This study aims to determine the level of importance on common work values of maritime students as drawn from participation in co-curricular activities. Quantitative descriptive type of research utilized in the study with 318 randomly selected maritime students across all year levels. Results showed that maritime students have very high level of importance on work values towards social environment with reasonable superior, consider their work as important by their peers and establish rapport among fellow cadets. Active participants of co-curricular activities have significantly higher level of importance of work values towards interpersonal relationship and social environment due to their experiences with the people in the academic community and society at large. Results suggest that active participation in co-curricular activities no matter how small the project, students have to show off their talents and potential contribution to the community in order for them to have a sense of ownership of their outputs and realization of learning outcomes.

Gloria Jumarang

Several factors may be considered in selecting school and degree program like quality education, the people from the environment, personal choice; and accessibility of the school from students' residences. This study utilized a descriptive type of research method with Freshman Maritime students as respondents. Findings revealed that it is the personal choice of the students to enroll in maritime program in Lyceum of the Philippines University-Batangas (LPU-B) with the support primarily from their parents wherein quality education through being known as home of board topnotchers and its standards are considered big factor for their decision. They also believed that finishing maritime education would bring them in employment abroad which is basically the nature of duties and responsibilities of seafarers. High interest towards the degree program is also manifested among the maritime students. Maritime students graduated from public schools have significantly higher chance of being influenced by people in choosing the school and degree program and they also have significantly higher degree of interest towards the maritime program compared to those graduated from private schools.

IJESRT Journal

This study sought to find out the profile of students and their reasons for taking maritime education at NSU. The BSMarE and BSMT students served as respondents of the study of which the former comprised 48 of them and; the latter, 52 of them constituting an aggregate number of 100 respondents. The data were gathered with the use of a questionnaire and the same were analyzed with the use of descriptive statistics such as frequency counts, percentages, means and rank to describe the findings. Results revealed that the average age of respondents was almost 20 years old, predominantly males and single with a great number of them residing in boarding houses in Naval town. Their parents were the source of their financial support for their education. The respondents reasoned out that they were persuaded to take maritime education because it is an “in demand course”, among other reasons.

This study sought to determine the factors that influence the preference of maritime students in choosing the college degree program. Descriptive type of research was utilized with 154 maritime students as respondents of the study from one private maritime institution in the Philippines. Results showed that environmental factor has higher level of influence to the decision process of the students in choosing a college degree followed by behavioral factor. Those from public SHS have significantly higher motivation to pursue the program because of their ambition and they feel more ready to face the challenges of the program than those students from private schools. those students from private senior high schools have personally chosen maritime as their college degree while those students from public senior high school have decided to choose maritime with their parents and other relatives. The findings of the study provides some insights on the career planning of the maritime students gearing towards the fulfillment of their profession. Advice of the parents is important aspect in developing the career of their children while the personal preference of the children must also be given equal value.

This study aimed to determine the level of interest of the First Year Maritime Students towards their enrolled college degree and how they differed in terms of program difficulty. Descriptive type of research was utilized in the study with 126 respondents. Result showed that they have expressed higher level of interest based on the affective domain of learning followed by psychomotor. Findings also revealed that those maritime students with low level experienced of program difficulty have expressed higher level of interest towards the maritime program in terms of cognitive domain; while those maritime students with high level of interest based on affective domain towards the maritime program are also those who experienced higher level of program difficulty. Certain level of students' interest towards maritime program describes how far they could overcome the difficulties of their chosen college degree and the findings suggest that the first year students need more social orientation and development of strong personality and resiliency about the maritime profession.

Asia Pacific Journal of Multidisciplinary Research

Analizagruspe Taberdo

One significant component to assure quality education is formulation of policies aimed on Student' development. The academic performance of the students may also serve as an evaluation of the quality of education which the institution offers to the students. The study aimed to determine the academic performance of Freshmen Maritime students when grouped according to educational background. It further examined the differences in their performance in the technical courses, general education courses and aptitude for the service. Using percentage, mean and t-test, data are analyzed. Based on the semestral report on grades, the freshmen performed good in the professional subjects and performed very good in both general education courses and aptitude for the service. Further, there is no significant difference between academic performance of those without college background and with college background in the professional and general education courses but those with college background performed better in the aptitude for the service. The result suggests that the administration may explore the possibility of considering crediting the units earned by the students with college background. They should venture on the acquisition of more technical laboratory equipment such as simulators to increase the student's enthusiasm in the professional courses. Also, the school needs to improve its instruction and assessment on the aptitude for the service.

WMU Journal of Maritime Affairs

Students with different performance levels have varying degrees of development needs in order to discover their full potential as future leaders and professional. This study aims to determine the comparison between Maritime Students with high and low academic performance in developing their confidence in terms of social and personal needs; and leadership capabilities in terms of cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains. Descriptive type of research was utilized in the study with 150 sample population as respondents. Maritime students have higher development needs in terms of cognitive leadership capability as well as confidence for personal and social development. The low performing students have significantly higher needs in terms of developing their confidence compared to high performing students as well as in cognitive leadership capability. Allowing the maritime students to participate in the international academic activities like attending research conferences would provide them the exposure and experience to meet and communicate with various professionals from different nationalities. Giving them the chance to actively participate in the community extension activities as support to classroom instruction that will also provide a better view of the society on how they will apply the knowledge and theories they learned from the University and contribute to the welfare of the community and as part of their personal and social development.

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Maritime Policy & Management

Lyceum of the Philippines University Batangas

Inger Eriksson

John Paul de Villa

Elva Susanti Meylani

Jurnal Indonesia Sosial Teknologi

irma natalia

Dr. Jesús E. Martínez Marín , Maria de Lourdes Eguren

English Education Journal

Filda H. Dewi

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International Journal of Multidisciplinary: Applied Business and Education Research

Edison Batalla

Open Journal of Social Sciences

Edwin Salinas

Prof. Angelica M Baylon

Charleh Alvarez

christian cabillo

International Journal of Educational Management and Innovation

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European Integration Studies

Sandra Ozola


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    Theses/Dissertations from 2024. The Practice of Small Island Developing States on the Consent Regime for Marine Scientific Research: Developing and Reframing the Law of the Sea in Changing Circumstances, Luciana Fernandes Coelho. ( Ph.D (Maritime Affairs), PDF. Gender inequality in the practice of international marine science: case study on the ...

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    INTRODUCTION. Outcome-based education is an approach to education in which decisions about the curriculum are driven by the exit learning outcomes that the students should display at the end of the course (Davis, 2003). Concerns that the education system cannot adequately prepare students for life and work in the 21st Century have prompted ...

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    Regarding the degree choice considerations, according to our findings, a good program should possess the following competencies: (1) increases students' professional competence and skills, (2) provides updated information on the industry, and (3) Table 16 Description of maritime programs by under- and postgraduates Factors Mean score ...

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    The sample includes 150 students of bachelor studies in the field of nautical and maritime transport, ship engineering, and marine electrical engineering. View Show abstract

  14. (Pdf) Level of Awareness of The Maritime Students on The Outcomes Based

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  15. Example of Maritime Thesis Title

    Example of Maritime Thesis Title - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. Struggling students often find writing a maritime thesis to be an overwhelming task that requires specialized knowledge and expertise. offers comprehensive assistance from experienced writers in maritime studies to help students navigate this complex process.

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    Some of them also missed to check the appropriate blank for their status as student, ordinal position and type of high school graduated. Aspiration of Maritime Students In terms of aspiration of maritime students in hibernation category, they disagreed that they belong to this group as manifested by the composite mean score of 1.89.

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  20. Sample Thesis For Maritime Students

    Sample Thesis for Maritime Students - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free.

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    The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Government strongly sup-ports the education and trainings of programs in the maritime industry (The 2013 Policy Address 2013; Hong Kong Maritime Department 2013). A number of local academic institutions offer programs related to maritime studies at both post- and undergraduate levels.

  23. Thesis Topics For Maritime Students

    Thesis Topics for Maritime Students - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. The document discusses the challenges students face when choosing and writing a thesis topic for maritime studies. It notes the vastness of the maritime industry and the many potential areas of interest to explore, but selecting a topic can be overwhelming given the variety of ...