1. 10 Best Personal Statement Examples (How to Write)

    how to write a personal statement ntu

  2. Magnificent Example of a Personal Statement

    how to write a personal statement ntu

  3. 39++ Resume personal statement examples engineering For Your Needs

    how to write a personal statement ntu

  4. NTU Personal Statement

    how to write a personal statement ntu

  5. 10 Best Personal Statement Examples (How to Write)

    how to write a personal statement ntu

  6. How to write a personal statement

    how to write a personal statement ntu


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  1. How to write a stand-out personal statement

    Six tips for writing your personal statement. Give yourself time to write it properly. Write in a formal style. Don't copy. Avoid clichés. Keep your statement unique. Be honest, thorough and persuasive. Believe in yourself - write in a natural and positive way and showcase all your skills and experience. Check that your spelling and ...

  2. Writing your postgraduate personal statement

    Structure your statement as follows: use your introduction to summarise your academic and professional experience. include a middle segment that expands on your skills and abilities. end with a succinct conclusion that pulls together the most significant aspects of your application and leaves a lasting, positive impression. Remember to include:

  3. Writing Your Med School Personal Statement for NUS and NTU (2024)

    Jan 24, 2024. Writing a compelling personal statement for Medicine at NUS and NTU is a pivotal step in securing your spot in med school. While it may appear daunting, breaking down the process step by step can make it more manageable. In this guide, we will provide you with insights, analysis, and a clear approach to help you craft a personal ...

  4. PDF The aim of this toolkit is to help you with your personal

    Nottingham Trent University. Tel: +44(0)115 848 6089 Email: [email protected]. Please note that whilst the University has taken all reasonable steps to ensure the accuracy of the content within this leaflet at the time of printing, the University reserves the right to remove, vary or amend the content of the leaflet at any time.

  5. How to Write Your Medicine Personal Statement (Singapore)

    Write the 500-word NUS personal statement first, then shorten and edit it to 300 words for the NTU personal statement. Write a separate personal statement for NUS and NTU. The "advantage" of the second option is that you can tailor each of your personal statements more to the school's philosophy and what (you think) they are looking out for.

  6. How To Write a Good Personal Statement (With Examples)

    Include information that describes more about you than the details in your transcript. 5. Identify your plans for the future. Part of your personal statement can include future goals and ambitions. Explain what can happen if you gain acceptance to the university of your choice or you receive the job you want.

  7. How to Write Your Personal Statement

    Strategy 1: Open with a concrete scene. An effective way to catch the reader's attention is to set up a scene that illustrates something about your character and interests. If you're stuck, try thinking about: A personal experience that changed your perspective. A story from your family's history.

  8. How to Write a Personal Statement

    Insert a quote from a well-known person. Challenge the reader with a common misconception. Use an anecdote, which is a short story that can be true or imaginary. Credibility is crucial when writing a personal statement as part of your college application process. If you choose a statistic, quote, or misconception for your hook, make sure it ...

  9. PDF How to Write an SOP

    [email protected]. 1. What is the statement of purpose (SOP)? • Your personal statement about. - who you are. - what has influenced your path so far. - your professional interests. - where you plan to go in the future. • It is generally for school admission or TA/RAship/internship application.

  10. PDF How to write a personal statement

    How to write a personal statement When you apply to graduate school, potential supervisors are not only interested in your grades and other academic markers, they also want to know something about your research background, current research interests, and what you would like to do with a graduate degree.

  11. Personal Statement: Study in Singapore

    Each application in Singapore is different. While one university may ask you to write a Statement of Purpose, another may ask you to write short essays as part of your application. For example: NUS requires one personal statement of 300 words. SMU requires one personal statement of 300 words and 2-3 short essays of 50 words each.

  12. How to Write a Personal Statement (with Tips and Examples)

    Tip 4: Connect the Story to Why You're Applying. Don't forget that the purpose of your personal statement isn't simply to tell the admissions committee who you are. That's an important part of it, of course, but your ultimate goal is to convince them to choose you as a candidate.

  13. [Uni] Personal Statement Guide for 2023 Uni Applications

    Hey! This is a post to try to help whoever is trying to get into NUS, NTU and SMU. I know that NUS doesn't use personal statements (they use a series of 5 questions + add at least 1 achievement). I used these tips to write my EAE application years back which I believe is helpful for the personal statement/ 5 questions, and I'm procrastinating ...

  14. How to Write a Powerful Personal Statement

    Really get to the bottom of why it's necessary. 3. Offer clear examples. Showcase your experience in the field. Include any relevant classes, internships, and relationships you have learned from ...

  15. Your university application

    We're delighted you're thinking about applying to NTU. Visit our guidance and support page designed to help you through every step of your university application. ... How to write a stand-out personal statement. Your personal statement is your chance to tell us in 4,000 characters why you would be a good fit for your course. Find out how to ...

  16. NUS, NTU, SMU: Reading our Personal Statements!

    Spontaneously filmed this with Joshie after receiving multiple queries about the NUS personal statement (some productive form of procrastination??) As always...

  17. Personal Statement for Undergrad Admissions : r/NTU

    Personal Statement for Undergrad Admissions. Question. Hi! I am an international applicant. I wish to know whether or not we are required to submit a document containing our Personal Statement via the Document Upload option on our Application portal. Although, I have filled in the Outstanding achievements while completing the form.

  18. The Key to Writing Effective NUS Personal Statements

    In Summary. An NUS personal statement is an essay required by an application to the National University of Singapore. It is a brief description of who you are as a student and an overview of the things that matter to you. Personal statements are not unique to the National University of Singapore. Students will encounter these assignments ...

  19. [Uni] Need help to kickstart in writing a personal statement for NTU

    The info in the vid is specific to the UK application process, but you can adapt it to fit what NTU wants. Here are some extra tips u can consider if u need help with motivation: Think about what experiences you've had. Maybe it's a competition you went for, an activity you took part in outside of school, a role u had, etc.

  20. Getting Personal In Your Personal Statement

    At Nanyang Technological University (NTU), the requirement differs by programme. For example, the School of Art, ... (SIT) application portal provides a series of prompts to guide students in writing their 300-word personal statement that should describe an exceptional achievement or key highlights in their academic or employment experience.

  21. Duke-NUS

    Thankfully you have 3-4 more essays to write while you take a break from the personal statement, so revisit it with fresh eyes later. TL;DR: 3 things. 1) Tell a story. Make it personal. 2) Seek feedback. 3) Start thinking and planning early. I wish you all the best in your writing and in applications.

  22. [Uni] Tips on how to write a personal statement? : r/SGExams

    The DA / Personal statement is mostly meant for you to showcase what you have done to get into a specific course, or a few similar courses. You should be specific and angle it in that way. Ideally it should be chocked full of "what I have dones" and " what i intend to do with that degree and why i need it so much in a practical setting" instead ...

  23. Top 10 Personal Brand Statement Examples To Follow

    What makes it great: Bourgoin's clever branding statement effectively tells marketers that she can help them understand their customers better and make their brands memorable. How to write a personal brand statement. Writing an effective personal brand statement can be tough because it requires you to be catchy yet compelling.

  24. What's A Personal Statement For College?

    When will you have to write a personal statement during the college application process? Many college applications require a personal statement of some kind. For applications submitted through the Common App, a personal statement is a required component for nearly all colleges and universities that use the platform. The Common App allows ...