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6 Reasons You Should NEVER Use A Dissertation Writing Service

By: Derek Jansen (MBA). Expert Reviewed By: Dr Eunice Rautenbach | June 2021

By the time you’ve reached the final stage of your degree program, the dissertation (or thesis) can seem like a major hurdle. The temptation to hire someone to write your dissertation for you is understandable. The faint light at the end of the tunnel is visible, but you’ve got this seemingly massive hurdle between you and the finish line – your dissertation.

In this post, we’ll cover 6 major reasons why you should NEVER consider using a dissertation or thesis writing service. These reasons range from ethical (which you may or may not care about) to practical (which you’ll definitely care about).

Dissertation and thesis writing services

The 6 reasons you should never use a dissertation writing service:

  • It’s blatant academic misconduct .
  • It will likely amount to fraud .
  • You probably will be caught.
  • The quality won’t be pass worthy.
  • There’s a good chance it’s a scam .
  • You’ll have to live with it for the rest of your life .

Reason 1: It’s blatant academic misconduct.

Despite what the dissertation writing websites may tell you, if your dissertation or thesis is written by anyone other than yourself (even partially), that constitutes academic misconduct . Yes, you can get guidance and review support from a dissertation coach, and generally you can outsource non-essential tasks such as transcription, editing and proofreading – but the writing must be your own work .

So, what does this mean for me?

Academic misconduct in the form of having someone else write your dissertation will usually result in your entire degree being revoked . Yes, you read that correctly, your entire degree. It doesn’t matter that you completed your assignments or reports on your own. And yes, the university will likely investigate those too if they have suspicions about your dissertation.

So, if you hire a dissertation writing service, you’ll be risking the many years’ worth of work you’ve put into your degree. Plus, some universities will go so far as to blacklist you and share the information with other universities, which will make your life very difficult should you ever try to apply for another degree programme.

One more thing to keep in mind is that your university can initiate an investigation at any point in the future if there’s any reason for them to suspect you’ve cheated the system. This means that your degree can get revoked many years after you receive it . So, just because you get away with it and receive your certificate doesn’t mean you’re set for life.

Think you won’t get caught? You’ll want to read on.

Remember that your university can initiate an investigation at any point in the future (for any reason), which means that your degree can get revoked many years after you receive it.

Reason 2: It will likely amount to fraud.

If the thought of getting blacklisted for academic misconduct doesn’t scare you off, the idea of committing fraud should. But how does a little rule-bending in university amount to fraud, you ask?

Well, the primary reason that most people complete a degree is to gain employment or to improve their current employability. Of course, employers don’t make their decisions based purely on your qualifications, but your education is always an important factor in the recruitment process.

Therefore, if your degree was gained in part due to cheating, you would be using illegitimate documentation (your degree) to earn money.

Well, here’s the dictionary definition of fraud:

“Wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain.” (Oxford)

Sounds familiar?

Naturally, different countries will take different views on this, but there is a very real risk that if you’re caught out at any point by your employer, they will have a clear case of misrepresentation against you (at best) or fraud (at worst).

That’s not going to be fun (especially if you earned a law degree).

If your degree was gained in part due to cheating, you would be using illegitimate documentation (your degree) to earn money.

Reason 3: You’ll probably be caught.

The biggest misconception we see amongst students who are considering using a dissertation or thesis writing service is that they genuinely think they won’t get caught.

“But my writer has a PhD.”

“But this company has loads of positive reviews.”

“But my friend knows someone who did it and it worked.”

Here’s the thing.

Universities know all about these types of services and dedicate resources to detecting them – especially for dissertations and theses, as these are the crowning jewel of any degree.

In fact, it’s really quite easy for a university to see when things look fishy and to ultimately catch you out. For a start, a dissertation or thesis is usually a project that involves supervisor interaction. That supervisor works with you and can easily spot any inconsistencies in writing or communication style.

Ultimately, the project is an ongoing dance between you and your supervisor – there’s simply no way to incorporate an outsourced dissertation writer into this party without someone smelling a rat. Moreover, if you have to do an oral defence , you will almost certainly get caught out at that stage as the examiners will dig into the finer details of your research.

If any suspicions arise, your university can easily compare your previous written work to your forged dissertation and identify inconsistencies, both in terms of the language and the overall quality of the work. They can also ask to review your data sources , which you won’t be able to provide, since dissertation writing services typically don’t undertake any real research (i.e. they falsify the data).

Lastly, keep in mind that hacks and attacks happen all the time. Most dissertation writing companies are based in low-cost, third world countries with very little data protection legislation. Moreover, they often make use of third-party freelancers (to keep costs low). Therefore, data protection is not a top priority . While the chances are fairly low, companies do get hacked and client information does spill out onto the web. And you can guess who keeps an eye on these data leaks.

Need a helping hand?

can i hire someone to write my dissertation

Reason 4: The quality is unlikely to be pass-worthy.

This one’s pretty simple. As the saying goes, “if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys”. Undertaking quality research and writing up a quality dissertation or thesis requires a significant time investment and a substantial amount of effort . Therefore, you can’t realistically expect quality work from a dissertation writing service that promises a dissertation in a week or two at a rock-bottom price.

We’ve seen it so many times.

Students approach us at Grad Coach after they’ve paid anything from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars (ouch!) to some supposedly highly ranked dissertation writer and have received a piece of work that’s nowhere near pass worthy . In their despair, they reach out to us to try to help put the proverbial lipstick on the pig – an impossible task.

The bottom line is that you get what you pay for (and sometimes not even that). No self-respecting PhD is going to pump out dissertations and theses for minimum wage, and with impossible timelines. Moreover, anyone that’s been through the pain of earning a (real) PhD would have major ethical objections to engaging in this type of work. It fundamentally goes against the ethos of academia – i.e. learning and development.

If you decide to hire a dissertation writer, there’s a very good chance that you’re going to end up with a piece of work that is nowhere near the quality level it needs to be. Which means you’ve achieved nothing and are back at square one.

And that’s a good outcome compared to the next one.

You get what you pay for. No self-respecting PhD is going to write dissertations for minimum wage, with impossible timelines.

Reason 5: There’s a good chance it’s a total scam.

If you thought getting a low-quality piece of writing was bad, imagine this – not getting anything at all. Very often, these services fall into the “if it looks too good to be true, it isn’t” category.

Over the years, we’ve had numerous students approach us after falling victim to a dissertation writing service scam. Generally, it’s the companies and websites that promise really low rates and/or very quick turnaround times – but it can happen with any “level” of provider. These students then find themselves in a really tough position – they’ve spent all their money on a scam and have made absolutely zero progress towards a submission worthy dissertation or thesis.

“But this company has over a thousand reviews on Facebook!”

Don’t be fooled by the glowing reviews – anything can be faked online. Remember, you’re looking at the reviews of a company whose core business is creating fake documents.

Students end up having spent all their money on a scam and made absolutely zero progress towards a submission worthy dissertation.

Reason 6: You’ll have to live with it forever.

Okay, so let’s just assume that somehow you do get away with it.

Somehow you manage to find a reliable company that isn’t a scam, produces a semi-decent dissertation without any interaction with your supervisor (that would be a miracle in itself), and doesn’t trigger any alarm bells with your supervisor or examiners.

As we’ve already said, this is highly unlikely, but let’s just assume you somehow manage to do it.

Even if you manage to pull that off, you’ll still have to live with the lie for the rest of your life. There’s no rewinding the clock or making it right at a later stage. Perhaps that doesn’t seem like a major thing now, but your perspective will change as you get older and imposter syndrome will creep in. Trust me, even people who have put in the work and earned their degrees legitimately suffer from imposter syndrome – and they have no reason to.

So, keep that in mind. As you get older, your ethical perspectives will change and you’ll have no option to reverse the decision you made. You’ll always have the weight of deception on your shoulders and you’ll always be wondering if one day you’ll get caught out.

Even if you manage to pull that off, you’ll still have to live with the lie for the rest of your life. There’s no rewinding the clock.

Let’s recap…

If you’ve put in the effort to read this far, I’m hoping that you’ve come to see the light and realised that hiring any sort of dissertation or thesis writing service is possibly the worst decision you could make, regardless of the circumstances.

To recap, here are the 6 reasons you should NEVER use a dissertation writing service:

  • It’s blatant academic misconduct.
  • It will likely amount to fraud
  • You’ll probably be caught.
  • The quality is unlikely to be pass-worthy.
  • There’s a good chance it’s a scam.
  • You’ll have to live with it for the rest of your life.

Have a question, suggestion or counterargument? Leave a comment below and we’ll do our best to reply.

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I just fall onto a situation and they’re asking more money day after day and I want to get safe. Please tell me what can I do now and they’re threatening to let know my university and now I’m in a dilemma that what i need to do.

Derek Jansen

Thanks for sharing your story and warning others, Sonia. I’m very sorry to hear about your situation. Unfortunately, we are not in a position to advise on these types of matters.


Sonia, you may not like this advice, but you should start your dissertation over. You may not have realized that what you were doing was unethical, but now that you know, you need to make it right. Don’t risk it-change your topic and start over from scratch!


If someone writes a master’s thesis for another person, what are the consequences for the person that actually wrote the thesis (from scratch)? This was a question posed to me and I couldn’t find the answer anywhere. I don’t know if the student actually wrote any of the assignments or not leading up to the master’s thesis. Her thesis was accepted and was used to get a big pay raise from her employer.


you need to come clean and state you did this but have no intention of using it. Maybe as a benchmark?

Tariq Shafi

Thanks, for the six tips. I was in search of my Ph.D. dissertation services for lack of time due to work.. now after reading your tips, definitely I am not going to hire any service and will put in all my efforts.

Anne Garber Kompaore

Is it possible for an essay writing or thesis writing service to plagiarize your paper without you realizing it? I have a student that tried to tell me that his thesis was not plagiarized. Now I wonder if he used a service that did it to him?

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can i hire someone to write my dissertation

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researchprospect post subheader

Is It Worth Paying Someone To Write My Dissertation For Me?

Published by Alvin Nicolas at April 19th, 2024 , Revised On April 23, 2024

Writing a dissertation is often described as the pinnacle of academic achievement, representing years of research, analysis, and critical thinking . However, for many students, the thought of tackling such a monumental task can be daunting. As deadlines loom and stress levels rise, the question inevitably arises: is it worth paying someone to write my dissertation for me? If you are also wondering this, then this blog is for you. 

The Pros Of Paying Someone To Write Your Dissertation

Here are some advantages of outsourcing your dissertation to professional services. 


One of the most significant advantages of hiring someone to write your dissertation is the time saved.

For students juggling multiple responsibilities such as part-time jobs or family obligations, dedicating hours to research and writing can be challenging. By outsourcing the task to a professional writer, students can free up valuable time to focus on other priorities.

Expertise & Quality

Professional dissertation writers often possess advanced degrees in their respective fields and have extensive experience conducting research and writing academic papers. As a result, they can offer valuable insights and produce high-quality work that meets the rigorous standards expected in academia. 

Hiring a skilled writer can elevate the quality of your dissertation and increase the likelihood of receiving a favourable grade.

Stress Reduction

The process of writing a dissertation can be mentally and emotionally taxing, leading to increased stress and anxiety for many students. By enlisting the help of a professional writer, students can alleviate some of this pressure and enjoy a more manageable workload.

Knowing that an experienced expert is handling the writing process can provide peace of mind and allow students to focus on their studies without constantly worrying about deadlines and revisions.


When hiring someone to write your dissertation, you have the opportunity to collaborate closely with the writer and provide specific instructions and preferences.

This level of customisation ensures that the final product aligns with your unique research objectives, academic style, and personal voice.

Professional writers are adept at tailoring their work to meet each client’s individual needs, resulting in a dissertation that reflects your vision and scholarly goals.

Access To Resources

Dissertation writing requires access to various scholarly sources, including academic journals , books , and databases . Professional writers often have access to these resources through university libraries or online subscriptions, which may not be readily available to students.

Hiring a writer gives you access to a wealth of research materials that can enrich your dissertation and strengthen your arguments.

The Cons Of Paying Someone To Write Your Dissertation

While outsourcing your dissertation offers numerous benefits, there are some potential drawbacks to doing so. 

Ethical Concerns

While it is not illegal to let someone write your thesis , the most significant drawback of paying someone to write your dissertation is the ethical implications. Submitting work that you did not personally author undermines the principles of academic integrity and honesty.

It deceives professors and evaluators into believing that you possess knowledge and skills that you may not actually possess. 

Additionally, it violates the academic code of conduct and can result in severe consequences, including academic probation or expulsion.

Hiring a professional writer to write your dissertation can be expensive, especially for students on a tight budget. The dissertation cost varies depending on factors such as the length, the topic’s complexity, and the writer’s qualifications. 

For some students, the financial investment may be prohibitive, forcing them to explore alternative options or attempt to write the dissertation themselves despite the challenges.

Risk Of Plagiarism

Another concern associated with hiring someone to write your dissertation is the risk of plagiarism . While reputable writing services strive to produce original and plagiarism-free content, there is always the possibility of encountering unscrupulous writers or companies that engage in academic dishonesty. 

Plagiarism can have serious consequences, tarnishing your academic reputation and jeopardising your future career prospects. Therefore, it is essential to thoroughly vet any writing service before entrusting them with your dissertation.

Limited Learning & Growth

Writing a dissertation is not just about completing an assignment; it is also an opportunity for intellectual growth and personal development. By grappling with complex concepts, conducting research, and articulating your ideas in writing, you strengthen your critical thinking and analytical skills. 

When you pay someone else to write your dissertation, you miss out on this valuable learning experience and deprive yourself of the opportunity to master the subject matter independently.

Lack Of Ownership

Lastly, outsourcing the writing of your dissertation means relinquishing ownership of your intellectual work. While the final document bears your name, the ideas and arguments contained within may not reflect your own understanding or perspective.

This lack of ownership can diminish the sense of accomplishment and pride that comes with completing such a significant academic milestone.

A Better Path

While the thought of writing a dissertation might be daunting, there are far more effective ways to approach this challenge:

  • Seek Guidance: Talk to your dissertation advisor regularly. They can help you refine your research topic , navigate research obstacles, and offer feedback on your writing.
  • Use University Resources: Many universities offer writing centres, workshops, and software designed to support dissertation students. Take advantage of these resources.
  • Break it Down: Do not try to tackle the entire dissertation at once. Break it down into manageable tasks and set realistic deadlines for each stage.
  • Find Your Support System: Form a study group with other dissertation students. Share resources, tips, and encouragement to keep each other motivated.
  • Reward Yourself: Acknowledge your progress and celebrate your milestones. Completing a dissertation is a marathon, not a sprint. Pace yourself and reward your hard work.
  • Editing Services: Write your thesis yourself and then hire an editing service to give it a professional touch. 

Hire an Expert Writer

Proposal and dissertation orders completed by our expert writers are

  • Formally drafted in academic style
  • Plagiarism free
  • 100% Confidential
  • Never Resold
  • Include unlimited free revisions
  • Completed to match exact client requirements

The decision to pay someone to write your dissertation is a complex one, with various factors to consider. While outsourcing the task may offer benefits such as time-saving, expertise, and stress reduction, it also raises ethical concerns and risks associated with plagiarism and academic dishonesty. 

Ultimately, students must weigh the pros and cons carefully and consider their own values, priorities, and academic goals before making a decision. Whether you choose to write your dissertation independently or enlist the help of a professional writer, it is essential to approach the process with integrity, diligence, and a commitment to academic excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth paying someone to write my dissertation for me.

The decision to pay someone to write your dissertation hinges on personal circumstances and values. While it may save time and alleviate stress, ethical concerns, potential plagiarism, and missed learning opportunities must be weighed. Ultimately, it’s a choice that demands careful consideration of academic integrity and individual priorities.

Can I pay someone to finish my dissertation?

Yes, you can pay someone to finish your dissertation, but it raises ethical concerns and risks. While it may save time and reduce stress, there’s a potential for plagiarism and compromising academic integrity. Consider the consequences and weigh the decision carefully before proceeding. Also, make sure that the writing service you choose is reliable.

How much does it cost to have someone write your dissertation?

The cost of having someone write your dissertation varies widely based on factors such as length, complexity, and the writer’s qualifications. Prices can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. It’s essential to research and vet writing services carefully, considering quality, reputation, and affordability before making a decision.

Can I get someone to write my thesis for me?

Yes, you can hire someone to write your thesis for you, but it raises ethical concerns and academic integrity issues. While it may save time and reduce stress, there’s a risk of plagiarism and compromising your education. Consider the consequences carefully before pursuing this option.

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Educational Content

Educational coecis blog, is it okay to pay someone to write your dissertation.

Sometimes you find it challenging to write your own thesis. In such a case, you may decide to hire professional writers to do this for you, but it also has some challenges. This article will look at these challenges and how to overcome them.

Even if the institutes guarantee your results of hiring their services, it is still important that you check on what they do before hiring them. Different companies in the market offer these services; therefore, you need to be careful when choosing one. The question of why you should write your thesis on your own is like asking why I should read a book?

can i hire someone to write my dissertation

One of the challenges of paying someone to write your thesis is that you have no idea what’s going on because you were not the one who wrote the thesis, and that’s the thing with most students. You have to know the process by which they write your work so that you can understand it later on.

The quality itself is not the thing; you must know about the contents of the dissertation. Are there any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes? It is also essential to determine whether the writer has made all the requirements given to him/her while writing the paper. If you’re not sure, ask a friend to read through it for you and let you know if he/she found any mistakes or not.

Your friends and family can help you to get started. They should know what you want and expect from the person writing for you. Ask them if they can recommend anyone, then talk to them.

Fear of paying someone to write your thesis?

If I were you, I’d also be feared because if you ignore plagiarism, you will be sued in some countries like the U.S., Canada or Germany. To feel free from such fear, choose the institute wisely and hire their writers for all academic papers.

You can spend less time on boring assignments and more time with friends!

Your academic journey can be fun, but you need to find its element of fun. Don’t waste your precious time writing; let professionals do it instead. Your life is too short not to make the best out of it!

If you fear paying someone to write your thesis because you think you can’t trust that person or company, choose only those companies that have been around for years and have positive feedback. Otherwise, you risk getting scammed by dishonest services.

can i hire someone to write my dissertation

I’m so happy I’ve found this fantastic service! All my assignments are completed perfectly and on time. Pay attention to comments and customer feedback; they will help you find the best companies more efficiently.

Which institutes are trusted?

Some institutes claim they are the best, but some challenges will come up when you pay them money. A good example is a company which claims it can deliver your work within two weeks but fails to meet its promise. If you have not heard about such a company, then you might want to consider looking for another company.

Some institutes, such as and , which are international academic writing services, can provide you best thesis ever. However, still, they are many things you need to be careful of. For instance, they may request a deposit or upfront payment. You should know that paying before receiving your paper does not make sense because even with the best service provider, there are chances that the job will be done poorly. However, paying upfront is shared between many institutes, so you need to sign a contract with the institutes that ensures their quality. Some of them are afraid to sign an agreement due to the fear of being sued later.

can i hire someone to write my dissertation

Suppose you are considering hiring a company to write your thesis. In that case, you should hire one to guarantee the delivery of your paper. A good company should also give you a free plagiarism report after finishing the project. Another thing is to ensure that the company provides the best services.

The other challenge of hiring companies to write your thesis is you have no idea what’s going on in your paper. Some companies send a draft and ask you to review it; if you are satisfied, you pay them.


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Keeping your information private and secure is really important when you're looking for someone to write your thesis paper. We get that completely, and we promise to keep everything you share with on our thesis writing website — like your personal info and any files—totally safe. We've put in place strong security steps to make sure of it. You can trust that your information is in good hands with our thesis writing service.

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We all understand how plagiarism can harm your grade, and it might even lead to expulsion from an institution. In addition to concerns about plagiarism, academic institutions also forbid the use of AI-generated content. Recognizing these concerns, we ensure that when you pay someone to write my thesis, our work is free from both AI-generated material and plagiarism. We guarantee this and are prepared to offer proof at no extra cost. By choosing our thesis writing assistance, you're ensuring your academic work is in safe hands.

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We collaborate with skilled thesis writers who possess extensive academic writing experience across various disciplines. These experts bring in-depth knowledge specific to your field of study and are proficient in a range of citation styles including APA, MLA, IEEE, and Harvard. Our services cater to all academic levels, including Bachelor's, Master's, M.Phil., and Doctoral programs. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of academic integrity, ensuring that each thesis is meticulously researched and entirely original, reflecting the critical importance of authenticity in academic work.


Our thesis writing service is the most trustworthy you can find online. We promise a 100% money-back guarantee and free, unlimited revisions . To show you that your MA thesis is unique, we'll give you a free plagiarism report. Plus, if you don't like the way your thesis is written, you can ask for it to be revised by a different writer. But we're pretty sure you're going to be happy with your thesis paper.

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Thesis writer. Gustavo

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Fill out the order form online, make a payment, writer assigned, receive the final paper, we write ma and phd theses professionally.

Our thesis writing service is recognized for excellence in helping students write a thesis paper for money from scratch, using proper academic formatting.


Thesis chapters, thesis formats.

* These reviews were collected by our team from our customers through live chat, WhatsApp, and email.

We'll Write Your Thesis Paper with Precision

Starting your thesis can feel like facing a huge wall. You know you have to climb it to reach your goals, but the pressure to create something great is heavy. It's tough when you're already balancing jobs, life, and school all at once. Time just isn't on your side.

This is where we step in. Writers Per Hour is here to give you the thesis writing support you need. If you're thinking about using a professional thesis writing service because you're running out of time, we've got your back. With our custom thesis writing service, you can pay for a thesis paper writing without stress.

Our team consists of experienced thesis writers ready to assist with your Master’s, PhD, undergraduate, or MPhil thesis. They know exactly what you’re facing because they’ve been there too. Available 24/7, they’re here to lighten your load, allowing you to focus on what’s most important to you.

Here is why you should choose Writers Per Hour to help write your thesis paper.

More Benefits from Our Thesis Writing Service

Firstly, if you're stuck even before you start, we're here to help with topic selection. We know how crucial the right topic is, and we can steer you towards one that's both interesting and feasible. Once you have your topic, our pros are on hand to craft a well-structured research proposal and perform a thorough literature review, ensuring you're building on a solid foundation.

Quality is non-negotiable for us. Every thesis paper we produce is high-quality and 100% plagiarism-free. We don't use AI to do a thesis paper; real professionals write every word. This means each thesis is crafted with the care and detail that only a human touch can provide, tailored to your exact needs.

We are seasoned experts in data management. Our team can assist you with data collection and analysis, using advanced tools like SPSS to ensure accurate interpretation of your data. Our goal is to provide you with the insights necessary to effectively support your arguments and meet the expectations of your thesis writing coordinator.

We have a diverse team of writers who write both ENL (English as a Native Language) and ESL (English as a Second Language). This allows us to match you with the perfect thesis writer for your specific needs, ensuring that your thesis resonates with your personal voice and meets the academic standards expected by your committee.

Besides purchasing an entire thesis, you can also buy specific chapters to test our quality or tackle the toughest part of your thesis that’s giving you the most trouble. Whether you need help with the Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Data Analysis, Results, Discussion, or Conclusion, just attach your draft and specify the chapter you need. Our thesis writers are prepared to deliver high-quality work by your deadline, no matter the order.

We offer professional editing and proofreading services to polish your thesis paper to perfection. It's about making sure every sentence is clear, every citation is correct, and your entire thesis is cohesive and coherent. Our thesis writing service is the best one you can find online!

Let's Do This!

We offer thesis writing services for various academic levels, including Undergraduate (Bachelor's), Master's, M.Phil., and PhD programs. Our team is equipped to handle the specific requirements and expectations of each level, ensuring your thesis meets all academic standards.

No matter what you're studying, we can definitely write a thesis for you. Our team doesn't just offer high-quality writing; we offer knowledge, precision, and customized service that focuses on detailed research and top-notch quality. Hire us to write your thesis and watch your academic hurdles become opportunities.

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If you have questions about how to use our custom thesis writing service or want to know more about the qualifications and experience of our Master and PhD thesis writers, our FAQ section is here to help with clear answers and support.

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We're a thesis paper writing service with years of experience and a team of top freelance thesis writers. There's no doubt we offer some of the best assistance online. Our ordering process is very simple and quick, with secure payments that can be split into several installments. With unlimited revisions and a money-back guarantee, paying for thesis writing is 100% safe. So, what are you waiting for?

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View Service Offered By AlexandreMiller

  • Thesis Writing

Sarasota, Florida, United States

  • Document Design
  • Editing And Proofreading
  • English Writing
  • Information Technology

Technical Writing

I've been a writing, drafting, and revising technical documentation for internal corporate use. I can also write blogs, articles, proofread, edit, and even create narratives for games. I am comfortable writing for audiences of a variety of technical backgrounds. I am a native English speaker, but also speak Russian. View more

View Service Offered By qualityexcellence

Hyderabad, Telangana, India

  • Amazon Kindle
  • Book Writing
  • Content Writing
  • Copyright Law
  • Creative Design
  • Image Design
  • Layout Design

Kindle publishing ebook creation

Please send me your recipe book as images or docx or whatever file format you have. If possible, please also provide (all are optional, send whatever details you want to add) 1. Title page details like Title, subtitle, author, publishing company, image - if any or all details you want to add 2. Copyright info if anything you want to add 3. Table of content details if anything you want to add, Dedication, Epigraph, Preface, Introduction, Prologue, Foreword any or all, whatever you want to add 4. ... View more

View Service Offered By Cindy Calzone

Waterbury, Connecticut, United States

  • Copy Typing
  • Copyediting
  • Creative Writing
  • Developmental Editing
  • Line Editing
  • Microsoft Word


RESUME AND COVER LETTER SPECIAL $100.00 (2 pg. resume & cover letter) 35+ years in the typing/proofreading/copy editing field. Excellent grammar, knowledge of some legal ease, a fair amount of creative writing done throughout my career. Copywriting available if needed, extremely imaginative and creative. Can create resumes, newsletters, brochures, etc. Research papers, theses, and manuscripts typed, proofread,? and edited. Quick turnaround with most everything, resumes usually in a day or two. View more

View Service Offered By NazmunNahar60

Chittagong, Chittagong, Bangladesh

  • Thesis Paper
  • Academic Editing
  • Academic Research
  • Academic Writing
  • Course Material
  • Curriculum Development
  • Curriculum Mapping

Academic writing/Phd Dissertation expert

Dear Sir, I have learned about your project, and thank you for posting the skills required in the job match with me properly. I understand the worth of a well-written phd dissertation or proposal, editing, and proofreading, and I can ultimately assist you in writing one. As an Editor, I am 100% sure that I can do proofreading and editing and will take care of grammar, punctuation, spelling, typos, styles, capitalization, consistency, sentence structure, overuse/misused/missing words, overused ph... View more

View Service Offered By Mehtab, M.

Multan, Punjab, Pakistan

  • Thesis Writer
  • Academic Essays
  • Application

Resume/CV Writing and Designing

As a professional in Resume/CV and letter writing and design, I offer comprehensive and personalized services tailored to elevate your professional image and make a lasting impact on potential employers. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of industry trends, I am dedicated to crafting documents that highlight your unique strengths and accomplishments, positioning you as a top candidate in the competitive job market. SERVICES:  Resume/CV Writing: Tailored, Customized, ATS-Optimiz... View more

View Service Offered By Etraics Pvt. Limited

Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

  • Blog Writing
  • Research And Development
  • Research And Summaries
  • Research Article

Technical Writing, Thesis and Research

Etraics (Pvt.) Ltd providing all Technology services under a tree to our international clients. Our Services includes technical writing, Research Work, Documentation, Presentation Data Entry, Virtual Assistant We have a professional team of Data Entry Operator and Virtual Assistants Our Services Include: · Information Security, Cybersecurity, Cloud Security, Network Security · Emerging Technology (IoT, Data Science, AI, Big Data, RPA, Blockchain · Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) · All Sec... View more

View Service Offered By Bilal Hussain 53

Chowk Azam, Punjab, Pakistan

  • Academic Consulting

Academic Content Writing

I am a dedicated and skilled technical writer with a passion for translating complex concepts into clear, concise, and engaging content. With a proven track record of delivering high-quality thesis papers, research articles, and assignments. Why Choose Me: Research Proficiency: As an experienced researcher, I excel at gathering and analyzing information from reputable sources. This ensures that my writing is not only informative but also well-supported and credible. Clear and Effective Communica... View more

View Service Offered By Muhammad Hasnain Mir

sihala, Islamabad, Pakistan

  • Analytical Writing
  • Article Proofreading

Thesis and Literature Reviews

Greetings, I am Hasnain, and having 5+ years of experience in writing theses and dissertations I can surely help you I''ve developed exceptional writing abilities over the years, and I can support your thesis about public administration with well-research and perfectly analyzed data that too in sound grammar. I have broad relevant knowledge of this field and a solid understanding of referencing styles such as HARVARD, APA, MLA, and CHICAGO. Your thesis/dissertation will include the following: • I... View more

View Service Offered By Ashleyfaa

islamabad, Islamabad, Pakistan

  • Article Editing

Content writing and Translation

I am a versatile writer expert in:  Blog writing  Article writing Speechwriting  Copywriting Slogans Tagline, Business Writing Research Writing Ghostwriting  Product description writing Report Writing translation of English to Urdu and Urdu to English.  I can also transcript if you are a writer hire me to read your book or article.   View more

View Service Offered By CHARLES ACCOUNTANT

Nyeri, Central, Kenya

  • Business Administration
  • Business Services
  • Dissertation Editing
  • Dissertation Writing

Dissertation and Thesis Writing

I am strongly convinced that anyone can work with me for their PHD, MASTERS, and degree research, theses, and dissertation. Here is why? Over my 5 years of freelancing work after my Masters in business administration, I’ve been dedicated into raking premium grades for everyone across the world. This cut across almost all the niches especially within the sociology and economics. You can be sure of Original content Zero plagiarism Excellent grammar Quick turnaround delivery Contact me NOW or shoot... View more

View Service Offered By Burhan Shykh

Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

  • Journal Writing
  • Proposal Writing
  • Research And Analysis
  • Research Papers
  • Scientific Research

Research Proposal, & Thesis Help

Writing research papers and theses can be challenging, but you don't have to tackle it alone. As an experienced research writer and freelancer since 2010, I specialize in crafting comprehensive and plagiarism-free research papers, theses, and other academic writing. With hands-on experience and a proven track record in various research fields, I ensure thorough and insightful analysis in every piece of work. View more

View Service Offered By Hussnain Butt

Gujrat, Punjab, Pakistan

  • Article Writing
  • Final Year Project
  • Primary Research
  • Publication Production
  • Reference Materials

Article writing, Editing, Publication

Assalam.o.Alaikum My name is Hussnain butt. I am a researcher, and I also have different published papers internationally. I also work at various stations to enhance my knowledge. My vision is to work according to Clint's needs. I will try to give a shape to you thinking and perception. I can also review the paper, remove the plagiarism by writing the lines related to the topic. On the research gate, my Articles are published. View more

View Service Offered By Tommy Writes

Muzafferabad, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan

Creative, Content and Technical Writing

Welcome to my profile!  I''m a professional writer and researcher with a passion for crafting high-quality content that engages and informs readers. With several years of experience as a freelancer, I''ve honed my skills in creating optimized content across a range of niches and formats.  As a professional freelancer on this platform my services include:  1. Research Papers  2. Academic Papers  3. College and University Assignments  4. Term Papers  5. Essays  6. Dissertation and Thesis  7. Researc... View more

View Service Offered By Noor Bakht

Abbottabad, North-West Frontier, Pakistan

Content Writing (Academic and General)

It is not untrue that content is the crux of everything, but did you ever notice how text adds value to the content? I am ready to help my online family in writing. My expertise includes the following; Creative Writing Ghost Writing Content Writing Thesis Writing Academic Writing SEO Writing Research Writing Product Descriptions Blog Posts Articles Content for Businesses And other writing-related tasks. Please feel free to reach me and let's get started.  View more

View Service Offered By Arshuman Ahmad

  • Product Description Writing
  • Product Descriptions

Story telling is the best Marketing

We're stuck at writing because words don't click the mind at the right time. That's what exactly I can help you with. Writing is my passion and can be a profession if u want.I have faith words hold the capacity to change the world and can take out of the labyrinth. I can be a friendly writer and can accord you my services such as, •Creative Writing •Story Writing •Essay Writing •Product Description •Instagram Captions •Book Writing View more

View Service Offered By Fizzah Khalid

Sialkoy, Punjab, Pakistan

  • Assignment Writing
  • Content Creation
  • Editorial Writing
  • Fact Checking

Welcome to the world of academic excellence, where meticulous research meets eloquent writing. I am a seasoned academic writer, armed with experience and passion for writing and research. My expertise spans a wide range from assignment writing to the research papers and blog posts. You will get the work done of your choice here. View more

View Service Offered By Nisar Ali 4

Islamabad, Islamabad, Pakistan

  • Amos Statistics
  • Data Analysis
  • Educational Consulting

Academic Research Writer

I have done MS in Human Resource Management. I am working as a research assistant in National Institute of Management Islamabad for last four years. I am best at: Thesis Writing Thesis & Research Paper Editing Proof Reading Plagiarism Removing Preparing research papers Good knowledge of statistical tools lilke SPSS, Excel, AMOS. Preparing presentations. Preparing research models View more

View Service Offered By Momina Gull

  • Blog Content Writing
  • Blog Post Writing

Creative Content Writing

With a background in professional writing, I am able to use my creative writing skills to compose engaging content littered with keywords. -Article Writing related to thesis Also, spellings and grammar are an important aspect of the content. People will bounce off the website, and it will adversely affect the rankings. My content will also be free from any plagiarism. It can be checked and verified on any plagiarism checker. Please ping me! For any of your projects. Thanks. View more

View Service Offered By Sehrish Waseem

Gujranwala, Punjab, Pakistan

  • Business Content
  • Business Plan Writing
  • Educational Writing

I am a professional article, academic research, and essay writer. I am here to produce compelling articles, website content, and research essays for you that will help you stand out from your competitors. Through my expertise and experience regarding the thesis matter, I ensure organic and quality content in my services. I am glancing onwards to working with you! I am an expert in writing; Articles, Essays and Blogs Academic Research Case Study Business Plan Resumes (CVs, Cover Letters, Linkedin... View more

View Service Offered By Zohaib.Khan

  • Academic Writing & Research
  • Articulate Storyline

Academic and Research Articles

Hello, It''s Zohaib. I am an expert researcher and academic writer. I have a vast experience in writing articles for journals and research oriented portfolios. Not only that, but I have an M.Phil degree from a well reputed university in American Literature, history, and politics. Allow me help you with all kinds of research work. Following are the services that I am offering: Writing Research Proposals Writing Research Papers --[Publishable with Turnitin Plagiarism report] Research Article writin... View more

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Hire Thesis Writers for Your Projects

Thesis is a long essay or paper, which involves research by an individual on a specific topic which is written to complete the course and attain a university degree. It is an idea or theory that is expressed as a statement and is discussed logically. A thesis statement focuses on the ideas for the paper. It states the argument or insight or viewpoint crystallized into a sentence or two that gives the reader the main idea of the entire thesis paper. Statement in thesis can be of two types explanatory and argumentative. A thesis statement can be one sentence as well as can be two sentences depending on the topic and the depth of the essay. You can hire freelance thesis writing services on some of the top freelance marketplaces for the purpose of writing a statement that effectively conveys your businesses’ or companies’ position.

What Do Freelance Thesis Writers Do?

A thesis writer works on the entire structure of thesis. They work on writing the thesis statement such that it should have a main point, a main idea, or central message. They ensure that the argument they are making in the paper reflects the main idea. They do a detailed research on the topic assigned to them. They undergo reading various research papers and may even conduct practical experience to understand the topic. They select the best methodology for the thesis writing which evaluate the reliability and research done for the thesis. You can hire a thesis writer and get detailed results which are based on research, analyses of data from various sources.

These thesis writers may work along with article writers to get information on research topic as per the respective project need. If your business requires content that must include argumentative or persuasive elements, you can hire a thesis writer.

You can find thesis writer for hire online on, one of the best platforms for finding freelance professionals. Before you hire freelance thesis writing services, ensure that your thesis writer have:

Understanding of the client requirement from the thesis

Keen interest to learn new things

Background knowledge of the topic and the related subject

Ability to create plagiarism free matter

Ability to put the final research data in an organized manner

Ability to write clearly and consistently

Qualifications of Freelance Thesis Writers

It is ideal that your freelance thesis writer has the following skills:

Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in any field or its equivalent

Previous experience in thesis writing, academic writing

Proficient in research on complex subject matter

Proven track record on earlier thesis, academic writing

Benefits of Hiring Thesis Writers

Hire freelancers on Guru to get your work done and they can:

Help in focusing a broad range of ideas and beliefs into one or two powerful and convincing sentences        

Thoroughly read and analyze a long essay for making a statement that effectively conveys your business or company position

Use the best terminology as per your project requirement and ensure all the standards are met while writing the thesis

Conduct detailed research before finalizing the output on the respective topic

Before you hire a Freelancer online on Guru, see their all-time transaction data to get a better understanding of their credibility, performance, and suitability for your job. All-time transaction data along with information on services and portfolio showcased by the freelancer helps employers make the right hiring decision on Guru. 

Find the right t hesis writer on Guru by posting your job for free.

Why over 3 million people choose us, credibility.

We verify Freelancers, publish their feedback scores and All-Time Transaction Data to help you identify time-tested professionals across the globe.


We provide multiple Payment terms and flexible Agreements to enable you to work the way you want.

We offer SafePay payment protection and your choice of preferred payment method for financial peace of mind.

We have the lowest fees in the industry, providing you with maximum value at minimum cost.

Our dedicated support team works 24/7 to resolve all of your queries over the phone or email, no matter where you are located.

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Should I Hire Someone to Write My Dissertation?

It’s hard to make that decision, isn’t it? You always thought: “I made a commitment to enter a PhD program, so I should be able to write my paper dissertation.”

However, you encountered a big problem. You did your best to complete that paper, but one of the chapters caused a block. Maybe it was the outline itself. Maybe you got uninspired during the research process. You’re trying to talk to your mentor, but they can’t help too much.

So you started considering your options. One of them is to entrust the project to a professional service. No big deal. Thousands of students from all around the world buy dissertations online. When you choose the right website, no one will know.

Now, you only need to choose the right website. We’re here to explain what Dissertation-Service can do for you. We offer high-quality help by connecting students with PhD writers.

Is It Legal to Hire a Pro to Write My Dissertation for Me?

We understand that you’re worried about getting thesis writing help . All kinds of questions don’t let you sleep at night. This is the most important one: “Am I breaking a law if I hire a writer to write my dissertation?”

We’ll directly answer that question: NO, you’re not breaking any laws.

Feel free to check it out; there is no law that forbids ghostwriting. You can freely hire a writer, pay them for their services, and use the work. It’s yours. You will not face any copyright issues, since the writer transfers the rights to you.

Plagiarism is the only issue you should be careful about. When you order a paper online, it must be 100% plagiarism-free. With dissertations, you cannot afford to make any risks.

Here at Dissertation-Service, we guarantee to approach each order on an individual basis. We do not have a pool of pre-written papers to sell. Our writers complete the orders from scratch, and they make sure to deliver 100% unique work.

We don’t take their word for it. Before delivering the content to a customer, we check it through a sophisticated plagiarism detection engine. If there are any issues with the referencing, we fix them before delivering the content. You can get a plagiarism report if you want to make sure that your content is clean.

Why Is the Best Choice?

Good question!

You must be thinking: “If I’m going to pay someone to write my dissertation, I have to get great value for my money.”

We’ll give you the best value. Dissertation-Service is a well-established agency in the custom writing industry. We’ve helped thousands of students to surpass academic writing difficulties and earn their degrees. There are several reasons why we get new requests by the day: “I want you to write my dissertation for me!”

  • When you’re about to order a paper online, what’s the first thing you’re after? Quality, right? You’ll get it here! Our agency collaborates with well-educated experts. They have earned their postgraduate degrees, and now they are ready to help you achieve that goal.
  • Our writers have been trained to complete demanding writing projects. Nothing is too challenging for them!
  • There’s something else you want in addition to quality. “I want someone to write my PhD dissertation for a cheap price!” We understand. That’s why we give you the most beneficial pricing system among all our competitors. You’ll get low quotes per page, based on the deadline and quality level. Each customer gets a discount!
  • You want reliability, too! When ordering something online, you need to rely on an effective customer support system. We’ve got that for you! 24/7 support is available via live chat.

How Long Does Writing a Dissertation Take?

We often get this question from worried PhD candidates. “I have to write my dissertation in a week; can you do that for me?”

If you’re pressured by an urgent deadline, we’re here for you. The dissertation is a long project. That’s why we have to set the deadline system a bit differently. For example, you can order an essay with three hours of urgency on our website. But that’s not possible for an entire dissertation.

So if you come with a request “help me write my dissertation,” you’ll be able to set your deadline from two months to 48 hours. Of course; the shortest deadline is not available for an entire dissertation of dozens of pages. But you can get a chapter!

As for an entire dissertation, you can set one of the deadlines available in the order form. For our professional writers, one week is a reasonable deadline. Remember: they are trained to complete these projects and they already have a huge base of knowledge on the matter. That’s why they are fast and effective.

Can Someone Write My Dissertation for Me?

That’s the answer to your question: “Can someone write my dissertation online at any time?”

When we started this service, we had a goal to serve every student who needs our help. That’s why we hired many writers in different categories. We cover the niches of engineering, psychology, medicine, nursing, physics, literature, economy, management, geography, and many others. We have available writers in all categories of study all the time.

All you need to do is come to us with your request: “I want you to do my dissertation.” We will immediately pair you with a competent writer.

Who Can Write My Dissertation Paper?

If you could choose an expert for writing a dissertation, who would you choose? This is an important project. You want a specialized author, who knows how to impress the dissertation committee. You want this writer to finish dissertation by a close deadline.

Dissertation-Service is here to match you with such an expert.

You’ll be able to contact your writer, so you’ll make sure that they are following your instructions.

Expertise is our middle name!

We have a policy that ensures your satisfaction. If you’re not happy with the content that we deliver, the writer will provide free amendments. We never delay this process. We immediately make the revisions.

Can You Write My Dissertation Cheap?

Now, let’s clarify the most important factor that influences your decision. “I’m looking to hire someone to write my dissertation, but I don’t have too much money.”

You found a website that answers your need. This is the only service that delivers finest quality for a price that’s lower than the average. For a dissertation, our prices range from $19.99 to $46.99 per page. That’s a very low price regarding the goal that you’ll achieve with this investment. You know what? We’ll make it even lower!

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If that’s what you’re thinking, our authors are ready to start working for you!

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Can You Pay Someone To Write Your Dissertation?

Can You Pay Someone To Write Your Dissertation?

Embarking on the journey of writing a dissertation is a monumental task, one that often leaves students pondering their options. Among these options is the prospect of seeking professional assistance to craft a meticulously composed dissertation. This article delves into the realm of paying for dissertation services, unraveling the potential benefits, ethical considerations, and the intricate process of collaborating with expert writers. Whether you’re seeking guidance, pondering, “Can I get someone to do my dissertation?” or weighing the merits of professional help, this article aims to provide clarity and insight.

Can You Pay Someone to Write Your Dissertation?

Absolutely, you can pay someone to write your dissertation. With the increasing demand for academic support services, numerous online platforms and professionals offer dissertation writing assistance. However, the decision to seek help should be made carefully, taking into account various factors.

Pros of Hiring a Dissertation Writing Service

Expertise and quality assurance.

By hiring a reputable dissertation writing service , you gain access to experts with extensive subject knowledge and research skills. These professionals are well-versed in academic writing standards and can ensure the highest quality for your dissertation.

Time Management

Writing a dissertation can be time-consuming, especially when balancing it with other academic and personal commitments. Enlisting professional help allows you to manage your time more efficiently and reduce stress.

Structured Approach

Dissertation writing services often follow a structured process that includes research, outline creation, drafting, and editing. This approach ensures that your dissertation is well-organized and coherent.

Unique and Original Work

Experienced writers prioritize originality and ensure that your dissertation is free from plagiarism. They use credible sources and provide proper citations to support their arguments.

Cons of Hiring a Dissertation Writing Service

Ethical concerns.

One of the main ethical considerations is whether using such services is considered cheating or academic dishonesty. It’s important to ensure that the assistance you receive adheres to your institution’s guidelines and policies.

Hiring a dissertation writing service comes at a cost, and prices can vary significantly. Consider your budget and research different options before making a decision.

Limited Personal Involvement

While seeking professional help can save you time, it may limit your personal involvement in the research and writing process. Some students value the learning experience that comes with completing their own dissertation.

Quality Discrepancies

Not all dissertation writing services are equal in terms of quality. Some may promise exceptional work but deliver subpar results. Thoroughly research and read reviews before selecting a service.

The Decision to Pay for Dissertation Help

In the realm of academia, the decision to seek external help for your dissertation might initially raise questions about authenticity and integrity. However, it’s essential to recognize that dissertation writing is not merely a test of writing prowess; it’s an intricate exploration of ideas, research, and critical thinking. The choice to pay for dissertation help is driven by various factors, including time constraints, complex research methodologies, and the desire for a polished end result.

Exploring the Need for Professional Dissertation Help

Crafting a dissertation is a journey fraught with challenges. The sheer magnitude of research, analysis, and synthesis can overwhelm even the most dedicated scholars. This is where professional assistance can play a pivotal role. Expert writers, armed with a wealth of experience and subject knowledge, offer invaluable guidance to navigate the labyrinthine landscape of dissertation composition. Their guidance not only enhances the quality of the dissertation but also imparts essential skills that contribute to your academic growth.

Understanding the Process of Hiring a Dissertation Writer

The journey of hiring a dissertation writer involves meticulous research and decision-making. With numerous options available, it’s crucial to select a reputable and reliable service. Conducting thorough research, reading reviews, and assessing the qualifications of potential writers are essential steps in this process. A trustworthy dissertation writing service can be your guiding light, illuminating the path to academic success.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Dissertation Services

The advantages of seeking professional dissertation services extend far beyond the completion of the project. Expertise is a hallmark of these services; skilled writers bring depth and breadth to your research, enhancing its credibility and impact. The time saved by outsourcing the writing process allows you to focus on refining your ideas and conducting rigorous analysis. Reduced stress and anxiety also feature prominently as these services shoulder the weight of the writing process, enabling you to approach your dissertation with a clear mind.

Real-life stories abound of students who have reaped the benefits of professional assistance. A student in need of help with their dissertation shared their experience: “I paid someone to write my dissertation, and it was a transformative decision. The guidance I received not only improved my dissertation but also my overall approach to research and writing.”

Addressing Common Concerns and Questions

The queries surrounding the decision to pay for dissertation services are natural and valid. Many ask, “Can someone else write my dissertation?” The answer lies in the collaboration between you and the writer. Rather than a mere transaction, this collaboration is an opportunity to learn and grow. While the assistance received is valuable, the learning process remains genuine as you engage with the research, analysis, and ideas that form the core of your dissertation.

Cost Considerations

The question of cost often arises when contemplating professional dissertation services. “How much does it cost to have someone write your dissertation?” The cost varies based on factors such as complexity, length, and the level of expertise required. It’s essential to view this investment as a means to achieve academic excellence. Consider setting a budget and exploring options that align with your financial resources.

Ensuring Ethical Collaboration

Maintaining academic integrity is paramount when seeking external assistance. Ethical collaboration involves open communication with the writer, clearly outlining your expectations and goals. This collaboration should empower you with the skills to defend your research and ideas confidently. Working together ensures that your dissertation remains a genuine representation of your academic journey.

DIY vs. Professional Help: Making an Informed Choice

The decision to undertake your dissertation or seek professional help hinges on your unique circumstances. Writing your dissertation from scratch offers unparalleled personal growth and a profound understanding of the research process. On the other hand, professional help streamlines the writing process, offering expert guidance and a polished end product. By evaluating your time, skills, and objectives, you can make an informed choice that aligns with your academic aspirations.

Choosing the Right Dissertation Writing Service

Selecting the right dissertation writing service requires a discerning approach. A checklist can guide your decision-making process. Consider factors such as the service’s reputation, reviews from previous clients, the qualifications of the writers, and the clarity of communication. This careful evaluation ensures that your collaboration is both fruitful and enriching.

Success Stories and Testimonials

Success stories from students who have chosen professional assistance echo the transformative impact of these services. A student shared, “I was overwhelmed, thinking ‘I need help with my dissertation.’ Opting for professional assistance was a turning point. The guidance I received not only improved my dissertation but also instilled in me a newfound confidence in my research skills.” Authentic testimonials from students who have embarked on a similar journey further underline the effectiveness of seeking external help.

Can I trust a dissertation writing service with my confidential information?

Absolutely. Reputable dissertation writing services prioritize data security and confidentiality. They have measures in place to protect your personal and academic information.

Will my dissertation be unique?

Yes, most professional services guarantee unique and plagiarism-free work. They use advanced plagiarism detection tools to ensure originality.

How do I choose the right dissertation writing service?

Research extensively, read reviews, and ask for recommendations from peers or academic advisors. Choose a service that aligns with your needs and budget.

Is it ethical to seek dissertation writing help?

Seeking help is ethical as long as you maintain transparency and adhere to your institution’s guidelines. It’s important to use the assistance as a learning tool.

Can I communicate directly with the writer?

In many cases, yes. Reputable services facilitate direct communication between you and the writer to ensure clarity and effective collaboration.

What if I’m not satisfied with the final result?

Most professional services offer revisions to ensure your satisfaction. Be sure to discuss revision policies before hiring a service.

Navigating the intricate landscape of dissertation writing is an endeavor that demands dedication, resilience, and strategic decision-making. The option to pay for dissertation services is a legitimate choice, one that aligns with the modern demands of academia. As you contemplate this option, remember that collaboration with a professional writer is a partnership aimed at your academic growth. By harnessing the benefits of expertise, time savings, and reduced stress, you empower yourself to create a dissertation that embodies your intellectual journey and scholarly aspirations. Whether you opt for a DIY approach or enlist the assistance of professionals, the goal remains the same: to master the art of dissertation writing and leave an indelible mark in your academic field.

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Who Will Write My Dissertation for Me?

When you started your PhD program, you never thought you’d come to the point of thinking: “I’ll have to hire someone to write my dissertation!” But that moment came. You shouldn’t feel despair. You don’t know this, but most of your peers are getting help from professional writers.

We’ve worked with thousands of PhD candidates so far. These are some of the most common problems they face with the process:

  • They can’t find the balance between their career and their commitment to the PhD degree. They already have jobs. One option would be to get unpaid leave. The dissertation takes months of work, so being jobless for such a long period of time is a hard decision to make.
  • They got into the writer’s block. The doctoral paper is such a huge challenge that it can drive you crazy. Everyone expects too much. You start off well, but you get to the point of thinking you’re not good enough.
  • Some PhD candidates are brilliant researchers, but bad writers. They need someone to convey the point of their research.

It doesn’t matter what your problem is. The important thing is that a professional writer with a PhD degree in your area of study can help you overcome it.

can i hire someone to write my dissertation

How Will Write My Dissertation?

Once we get all the details about your order, we’ll assign a writer with the most relevant experience and education to work on your paper. This is how they will approach the process:

  • First, the writer will analyze your requirements. At our website, you can order a single chapter, several chapters, or an entire dissertation. If you want chapters, the writer will analyze your work to make sure that the content they complete fits in.
  • The writer will start with a preliminary research. They will find information to include in the content, so they will support the arguments. All sources are authoritative and properly cited.
  • The writer will organize the resources and planned arguments in a clean outline.
  • Once the outline is ready, the writing process can begin. You can contact the writer at any point. Feel free to ask for updates and you’ll get them. It’s important for you to be satisfied with this work, so you can make comments and suggest changes.
  • Finally, the writer will edit the document to perfection and you’ll get it by your deadline.
  • “What if I need revisions after you write my dissertation for me?” Don’t worry; you’ll get them! All you need to do is contact us and we’ll revise the content free of charge.

Why Should I Hire You to Help Me with My Dissertation?

There are many reasons why BestDissertation is the ultimate choice for PhD candidates who need assistance with this project:

  • This is a service specifically devoted to dissertations. We complete other types of work, too. But dissertations are our main focus. When you deal with a specialized service, you can expect highly relevant work. All our writers hold PhD degrees and they know what standards your university has regarding dissertations. They are capable to meet those standards.
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How Long Will It Take for You to Do My Dissertation for Me?

You’re the one who sets the deadline here! We let you set a really short deadline if your project is urgent. You’ll get the lowest price for the longest deadline (2 months for dissertations and dissertation chapters). But if you need your content ASAP, you can set a deadline of 48 hours. That deadline is available for dissertation chapters, but we can’t let you set it if you need the entire project. We’re realistic, since we’re completing 100% unique work here.

We guarantee that when we accept an order with a given deadline, we’ll respect it!

How Much Should I Pay Someone to Write My Dissertation?

That’s the most important question that most of our customers have. No matter how much they need assistance, they are not ready to invest a small fortune into the project.

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This is now easier than ever. If you order in time, you can get the best prices we have to offer. Our rates are most competitive with the longest offered deadline since this gives us enough room to work on your dissertation without rushing. We offer to complete your entire dissertation for a reasonable price. Don’t forget – we offer 20% off to our new customers, which means that you’ll pay even less when you come and say: write my dissertation for me.

Even though we recommend that you order this important academic piece ahead, that doesn’t mean that we don’t offer short deadlines. If you need your paper done in days, not weeks or months, you can come to us and say: write my dissertation online. has hundreds of PhD-degree holding writers who craft dissertations on a daily basis. Since we hand-pick the person to work on every order based on their skill set and experience, we can guarantee amazing quality even within the tightest timeframe.

Compared to the rates you’ll find on this market, we have the most customer-friendly, competitive prices for custom dissertation writing. Our combination of expertise and affordability is hard to miss for most students. It’s how we built our reputation as the top-rated dissertation writing and editing company in the country, and even worldwide.

It takes only a bit of research to realize why we are the most wanted source for dissertations and other papers. While you might submit something rushed or average for your everyday coursework, this isn’t something to take lightly. Your dissertation is highly important – and we offer you the opportunity to get it cheap, fast, and in amazing condition!

Decided to Hire Someone to Write My Dissertation for Me? 

Making this decision is hard on most students. However, we can tell you that the majority of requests our company gets is for this particular paper. Students come to us and say: can you please write my dissertation, I cannot do it alone.

This is completely understandable and it happens to the best writers out there. Why?

Dissertations are more complicated than anything else students have written. They are long and require weeks or months of work, not just a couple of hours at the library. They need to be based on checked data and include qualitative or quantitative research – sometimes even both.

To write a dissertation, you need to have brilliant writing skills, great organizational capabilities, and tons of time. You also need to be an excellent researcher since most of it will be based on collecting data. Then, you need to be able to thoroughly analyze the entire thing and even give recommendations for the field of study you’ve selected.

This is as complicated and tiring as it sounds.

Add the pressure of meeting a deadline and impressing a strict board – and you have a very difficult challenge. For most students, it is the pressure that’s enough to make them panic and think: I can’t write my dissertation alone.

Thankfully, you’re not alone. Our company stands right beside you for any academic paper you need written, completed, or edited. We’ll help you with everything from your dissertation proposal to the final paper.

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The research guardian is the ultimate choice.

The Research Guardian is a legitimate company in the United States that offers quality assistance in completing the final dissertation. We have a team of experienced writers and former university professors that have Doctorate degree in specific field. They have the ability to fulfill all your dissertation related requirements in a convenient manner. It does not matter for us that what topic you have, we have a vast range of subject matter specialist who can do your dissertation without any issue. It is our responsibility to give you the authentic research that will surely impress your instructor. Therefore, do not put your academic career at risk and get quality online dissertation help in USA . Our PhD writers always at your service and listen all your write my dissertation cheap requests.

Hurdles That Student Faces While Completing Their Dissertation Project

Writing a dissertation is known to be one of the most gruesome and challenging tasks within a student’s academic career. This process may seem like a rollercoaster ride, but this is definitely one you should consider taking. Why? Because your dissertation is the final nail in the coffin and earns you that masters or doctorate degree you have been working relentlessly for. That is the reason that students ask from online writing services ‘Can I pay someone to write my dissertation?’ Because they find it difficult to complete this task alone.

To help you better understand why students struggle with this task altogether, here is a brief overview of the essentials of a dissertation:


Outlining the thesis statement, this section sheds lights and elaborates the background, problem statement , research goal and question , limitation and gravity of the dissertation. Your whole research paper is dependent on this part, so you can imagine the importance of this section. We have the professionals who can complete this section expertly. They have complete guidance to write introduction of dissertation that surely impress your professor.

Literature Review

The literature review is purposed to strengthen your dissertation by referring to previous pieces of literature resembling and revolving around the agenda of your research topic. Evidence along with empirical and theoretical backgrounds are utilized throughout this section. Students find it difficult to complete this section without any assistance. Because this section needs expert guidance and The Research Guardian have the professionals who delivers the authentic assistance to conclude this part of dissertation.


The methodology focuses on showcasing how the research is being conducted. Revealing the final research, approaches to assemble and analyze the relevant data by using particular data tools as per the hypothesis model is comprehensively highlighted in chapter. Students often confuse to choose the right methodology for their dissertation and that’s why we are here to resolve this issue when you say us to do my dissertation for me comprehensively.

Data Collection & Analysis

The evaluation study with data screening is shared in this chapter, exhibiting the demographic analysis along with other statistical tests on the data gathered. Students do not have much access to collect the relevant data for their dissertation and we know this better. We have expert researchers who collect relevant and authentic data for the topic and include them in the paper efficiently. So, if you want to pay someone to write your dissertation then we are an ultimate platform.

Dissertation Discussion

Critical discussion over the research aim and culminating implications founded over the data circling the research question are elaborated and highlighted comprehensively here in this section of the dissertation. This section is much harder for the students. However, if you ask us to write my dissertation for me online then we conclude this section beyond your expectations.

Conclusion & Recommendation

The conclusion of your research pretty much wraps everything up. It includes chunk of the introduction rewritten, to bring the reading audience back to reality. This chapter concludes and summarizes the study of a dissertation with substantial recommendations for the related academic area and advancing studies over further research. But students must have complete guidance to write dissertation conclusion because it is the last section of your research paper that should be more engaging. If you pay to do dissertation us then this last section will be completed perfectly.

Why Do Students Prefer to Pay for Dissertation in USA?

It is no concealed declaration that sooner or later in one’s academic career, every student who is required to submit a dissertation demands and requires some sort of help with a task such as this. While a lot of them find it the best option to pay for dissertation online, there are a few who are hesitant too. There is no room for errors or apprehending any sorts of risks in this regard because this is the final milestone in the way of achieving your doctorate and to fail at this final point will come off as a disaster – worse than any other – to any and every student. Dissertations are likely the longest and most extensive piece of work a student must complete and adhere to. Having said that, they demand widespread levels of dedication, time and energy – elements that a vast majority of students lack. However, the students come to us for different reasons and ask us ‘Can I pay someone to do my dissertation for me’ and we always say ‘YES’ we can do. Some common reasons are they need perfection and Improvement, they are busy in other activities, few are scared of making mistakes, most of the students have less writing skills, unable to find relevant data, and unaware about the formatting of a comprehensive research paper.

Illuminating Factors That Act as a Barrier to Perfecting Your Dissertation

  • Burdening responsibilities such as side jobs.
  • Lack or absence of critical thinking and writing skills.
  • Procrastination and disturbances.
  • No guidance and/or assistance from supervisors.
  • Insufficient and non-credible sources.
  • Other emergencies, for instance, a chronic disease.

If you find yourself falling into any of the categories above, and also find yourself stating ‘I want to hire someone to write my dissertation for me’ then, you have finally landed at your ultimate dissertation destination.

The factors concisely stated above shed light and illumine the conviction that students can be on the receiving end of the challenges that life holds and act as a hurdle, keeping them from perfecting their dissertations and pushing them towards availing themselves of an online dissertation writing service .

The encumbering weight a dissertation carries can be apprehended by the size alone of each of this piece, stretching to nearly forty thousand words – pretty much the size of a novel. More so, the trouble does not simply halt at the length here, rather the structure and formatting – core elements that comprises a successful dissertation – are the factors that require and take up most time, deeming a dissertation to be a scrupulous task altogether.

Bid Farewell to your Dissertation Worries for Once & All

We at, do everything in our utmost efforts to make your experience of dissertation submission worthwhile. Our utter command and efficient comprehensive skills have worked in favor of each and every person that was in dire need of academic help and decided to buy dissertation online from us. We will take away all your write my dissertation service quests while giving you a worthwhile and ever to remember experience.

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Can I hire someone to write code for my dissertation (if I've designed the algorithm)?

Barring any extremely unfortunate disaster, I am five weeks away from a final defense and a Ph.D.

At this point, we are in the re-write stage ("of my unforgivably horrible and weak thesis") but it is expected to work and be ready for my final defense in a month.

Prior to the thesis, my advisor REALLY wants me to program the algorithm I give as part of my dissertation. Though I have the algorithm pseudocoded, I have no idea anymore about basic commands, data structures, counters, declaring local and global variables, and just general grammar and structure for what he REALLY wants me to program on (though I don't HAVE to): Mathematica.

Worse, every time I try to get a dry, discrete checklist of what he wants for the program, it varies, often leading him to talk about ill about computer scientists and lament about how traditional languages just don't do the job PASCAL used to do (dead serious). Hence, the last piece of progress required of me by his say so - a piece not really contributing to my original work and that could represent time better spent revising my writing and preparing for my final defense instead of learning how to print "LEOOH WHIORLD" on MATHEMATICA - is setting up, after two years of back-cracking dissertation work, to be what ultimately "does me in."

When (or even if) I get standards for this program he wants to see, would it be unethical of me to hire a tutor to help me code the program, or even hire a programmer to help me write the program, even given that I pseudocode the program myself? Skipping the hours and hours of manual searching to learn how to read in files (and files with gigantic matrices at that) and how to look up code corresponding to pseudocode, keep up with counters etc. really seems like a good investment for me, but my moral bells are a ringing on this one, even if I pseudocode the project myself.

  • all-but-dissertation

tonysdg's user avatar

  • 2 I've cut down on a lot of the backstory to focus on the actual ethical question. Please feel free to undo some or all of the edits if you think I've changed your question too much! –  tonysdg Commented Mar 12, 2017 at 2:05
  • 4 What does your advisor say regarding this question? He is probably the only one that can answer this question conclusively. –  mdd Commented Mar 12, 2017 at 2:05
  • 2 I think it is not unusual to have someone else implement an algorithm that you developed. However, your advisor needs to know and consent to this. –  mdd Commented Mar 12, 2017 at 2:15
  • 4 I wonder what is your major and what is the focus of your thesis. It greatly influences if coding yourself is central to your job or not. Also, i am curious what do you do with a pseudocode/algorithms if it is not even implemented/ tested. –  Greg Commented Mar 13, 2017 at 5:40
  • 4 I view a PhD as a bit like an apprenticeship to be a researcher, so it may be that in engaging someone to do the programming for you you are not demonstrating that you have acquired a necessary skill. It may be this is like an apprentice cabinet maker getting someone to do their dovetail joints for them, or perhaps getting someone to do the french polishing. Whether this is O.K. depends on the nature of the subject. Of course this assumes that you explicitly acknowledge in the thesis that someone else did the programming, otherwise it would be plagiarism. –  Dikran Marsupial Commented Mar 14, 2017 at 12:06

3 Answers 3

Misrepresenting the hired work as your own would be inappropriate, but the following strike me as safe conditions for academic subcontracting:

  • Have your advisor's consent (thanks mdiener)
  • Find a suitable programmer and get them to understand the algorithm
  • Verify and document that the program operates correctly
  • Disclose everything in both thesis and defense
  • 1 Yes, but then the question is: is what's left in OP's contribution sufficient for a Ph.D.? Depending on the field, external referees (if there are any) may complain that it's basically only one joint result. –  Federico Poloni Commented Jan 7, 2021 at 9:06

I don't see an issue with hiring someone or getting a peer to contribute to the software as long as they are acknowledged accordingly and included in any future publications on it. Research is often team effort. However, your concern seems to be saving time during the final stages of your thesis. Sorry but I don't think the process of recruiting someone qualified for the project and explaining your algorithm to them will achieve that, even if your advisor agrees to it.

The most qualified person for the job appears to be you and it would benefit your career to take responsibility in releasing the algorithm. You don't need to do this during your PhD. If it really doesn't add to the original contribution of knowledge perhaps leave it until after the thesis is completed. It is common practice at our institution to prepare publications based on thesis work after the thesis has been competed including accompanying data and software releases. I'd try pitching the thesis completion as a top priority to your advisor with the added offer to complete the software and publications afterwards. This should be easier to convince them to do rather than hiring someone else short term.

Tom Kelly's user avatar

  • I agree! Oddly, I have already attempted to pitch the importance of completing my thesis to my advisor, even promising him that I would write and attempt to release a paper with the code after my degree was complete, and he nonetheless said that a correctly working program of my algorithm was going to be necessary for me to earn a "pass" at my final oral exam, no matter how solid the rest of my content was. I believe this is because of some very large systems he has been trying to find minimal support solutions for, and he's retired and headed out the door when I'm done. –  Thomas Rasberry Commented Mar 13, 2017 at 18:26
  • 2 Well thankfully in most systems, your advisor does not decide whether you pass the PhD. Your examiners do and you can make the case to them that your contribution as it' stands is significant and original, especially if they are otherwise satisfied with your thesis. However, your advisor does have more experience with the process than you do and they can make recommendations so take their advice seriously. Nevertheless, hiring someone else to do it isn't an ideal solution if they see it as necessary to demonstrate your thesis and submitting it to fulfil your degree. Best of luck to you. –  Tom Kelly Commented Mar 13, 2017 at 21:14
  • 1 Having completed a short term project using Mathematica, it shouldn't take that long to get a handle on it. Especially if you've used other programming languages. Check out the Mathematica SE site! –  Tom Kelly Commented Mar 13, 2017 at 21:17
  • 1 Tom, at my institution, what would happen if I refuse to code is that my advisor will email my committee and tell them that I am not ready for my final orals, and the exam will therefore be cancelled. It is an unfortunate common complaint that advisors are leaned on too heavily at my institution, with little comparative role from other committee members. Attempting Mathematica has been a nightmare for me - it seems more like a command line system than a programmer's system. Browsing online seems to reveal that programming would be much different than the languages I've used before. –  Thomas Rasberry Commented Mar 15, 2017 at 23:14
  • 1 That's rather unfortunate to hear, particularly considering that everything else sounds to be going well if you've scheduled your oral exam so soon. If programming the algorithm is really necessary to demonstrate your original contribute (even if it is really more of a research output), perhaps it may be better to do it in a language you are more comfortable with (e.g., Python)? You haven't given much detail on what the actual algorithm does or what your field usually uses but learning Mathematica this late in the thesis should only be needed if it is indeed the best tool for the job. –  Tom Kelly Commented Mar 19, 2017 at 7:06

Really you should hire this person to teach you Mathematica rather than code your algorithm for you.

You should code and run this algorithm yourself on whatever data (or input) you have using whatever platform you have. It shouldn't have to be Mathematica , why not MATLAB or even C or C++ ?

If you can write pseudocode, you can write real code.

robert bristow-johnson's user avatar

  • I have previous experience with Fortran, C, and Pascal (which should give away my age). I recently gained clearance to program it in Matlab, since Matlab is kind of the path to a shortest implementation, but I do not know crucial things even after spending three hours in its tutorials today (such as how to do all of the matrix operations I need in modular arithmetic). My direction may be down the line you suggest, where I could pay someone to teach me the more intricate commands I don't know already and cannot Google, and to debug. –  Thomas Rasberry Commented Mar 15, 2017 at 23:09
  • 2 write your alg in C, then. run it on a file of data (that you would use fopen() and fread() to get) and show your results. –  robert bristow-johnson Commented Mar 16, 2017 at 2:10
  • 1 actually, probably you should do it in MATLAB. since that is the easiest to look at intermediate data with their various plot() functions. –  robert bristow-johnson Commented Mar 16, 2017 at 2:15
  • 1 @EarlGrey , you need to learn how to do the basic arithmetic with numbers, manipulations with text, to do repetitions (loops), call functions from a library, learn to open, read from, write to, and close files. –  robert bristow-johnson Commented Jan 7, 2021 at 9:21
  • 1 @user2768 There is nothing wrong with either a graduate student or a scholar or even a faculty member to receive specialized instruction to learn the programming language of a tool that they need to use to process data or implement models in their research. –  robert bristow-johnson Commented Jan 7, 2021 at 15:50

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