Branch Manager Resume Examples and Templates for 2024

Branch Manager Resume Examples and Templates for 2024

Jacob Meade

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As a branch manager, you’re responsible for an entire team of people along with the day-to-day operations of your facility. Figuring out how to communicate this balance of leadership and banking knowledge through a brief document can be challenging.

Your branch manager resume must emphasize your ability to effectively lead and motivate staff to achieve goals and deliver outstanding customer service. In this guide, we’ll provide expert strategies to help you write a resume that shows hiring managers you have what it takes to lead a team of banking professionals.

  • Entry-level
  • Senior-Level


1. Create a profile by summarizing your branch manager qualifications

A resume profile acts as a bio of sorts, briefly outlining the most compelling aspects of your banking career right at the top of the page. Launch your resume with the best you have to offer to get the reader interested in what you have to share. Start with your job title and years of experience, followed by three or four key qualifications that align with the job.

Even though you’re leading a team and monitoring daily operations, don’t forget to highlight your customer service focus. Mention your ability to build trust with return bank members and ways you’ve drawn in new clientele.

Professional Profile - Example #1

Branch Manager with 8+ years of advancement and experience. Coordinate high-quality service to customers, drawing on broad expertise in various bank and loan products. Seasoned leader dedicated to raising employee morale, performance, and retention.

Professional Profile - Example #2

Branch Manager with 6+ years of advancement and experience. Combine strong service focus with deep knowledge of financial products and investment vehicles. Skilled at executing business strategies for consistent growth and long-term success of branch operations. Committed to professional integrity and excellence in all endeavors.

2. Outline your branch manager experience in a compelling list

Describe your most relevant work experience using bullet points and action verbs, creating a rapid-fire list of career accomplishments. Instead of listing out each of your job responsibilities, focus on what you achieved as a branch manager. When hiring managers read your professional experience section, they should feel confident in your ability to bring similar success to their financial institution.

Have you been able to improve customer satisfaction scores? Did you discover better ways to broaden your reach? You can boost your job descriptions by detailing positive results like these rather than simply outlining your duties. And quantify that impact with hard data if you have relevant monetary figures and other metrics available.

Professional Experience - Example #1

Branch Manager, ABC Credit Union, New York, NY

2020 to Present

  • Lead and motivate a team of 16 bank tellers carrying out various daily branch functions
  • Renewed team’s focus on service quality, helping drive a 12-point gain in customer satisfaction surveys
  • Introduced a new customer intake process that raised first-year retention by 14 points and contributed to 11% growth in overall client base

Professional Experience - Example #2

Branch Manager, LMN Bank, Minneapolis, MN

2018 to Present

  • Coordinate all daily bank activities and operations
  • Oversee and motivate a team of 25+ bank tellers and other personnel
  • Ensure strict adherence to all formal bank procedures and best practices
  • Build and maintain productive relationships with diverse clients and team members

3. List any education and certifications relevant to branch managers

The bank you want to work for may require you to have at least a bachelor’s degree in a related field, but postsecondary training may not always be necessary if you have enough practical experience. Whatever your educational background, list your highest degree. Then, include any relevant certifications.

For example, a Series 6 or Series 7 license would demonstrate your ability to sell specific financial securities offered by the bank you’d like to work for. This type of licensing may not be required for the jobs you’re interested in, but they can help you stand out nonetheless.

  • [Degree Name]
  • [School Name], [City, State Abbreviation] | [Graduation Month and Year]
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) Finance
  • University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN | June 2016


  • [Certification Name], [Awarding Organization], [Completion Year]
  • Series 7 License, FINRA, 2016
  • Series 6 License, FINRA, 2016

4. Include a list of skills and proficiencies related to branch managers

Banking branch managers are held to high standards of leadership, customer service, and finance acumen. You can showcase these and your other strengths in a “Key Skills” section. This list gives hiring managers a quick overview of your relevant expertise, and helps your resume perform better in applicant tracking systems (ATS). Consider including the terms below:

Key Skills and Proficiencies
Branch operations management Client relations
Client service and satisfaction Community outreach
Cross-functional collaboration Customer engagement
Customer service and satisfaction Employee morale and retention
New system implementation Organizational development
Procedure development Process redesign and improvement
Product promotions Regulatory compliance
Staff morale and retention Staff training
Strategic business planning Team development
Team leadership and motivation Transaction processing

How To Pick the Best Branch Manager Resume Template

If you’re a manager, you know how time-consuming the hiring process can be – sorting through resumes, reading cover letters, and comparing and contrasting applicants. Make it simple for hiring managers by selecting a well-structured template that’s easy to read and navigate. Don’t use elaborate design elements. Hiring managers are most interested in the content of your resume, not how visually sophisticated it is.

Branch Manager Text-Only Resume Templates and Examples

Raymond Ortiz (123) 456-7890 [email protected] 123 Bedford Avenue, New York, NY 12345

Professional Experience

Branch Manager, ABC Credit Union, New York, NY 2020 to Present

Bank Teller, DEF Bank, New York, NY 2014 to 2020

  • Helped customers deposit, withdraw, and transfer money between accounts, and cross-sold additional bank products when appropriate

Education & Credentials

Bachelor of Arts (BA) Accounting University of Syracuse, Syracuse, NY, 2010 – 2014

Series 7 License

  • Branch Operations Management
  • Client Service & Satisfaction
  • New System Implementation
  • Process Redesign & Improvement
  • Product Promotions
  • Staff Morale & Retention
  • Team Leadership & Motivation
  • Transaction Processing

Meera Patel (123) 456-7890 [email protected] 123 W Adams Ave, Detroit, MI 12345

Branch Manager with 3+ years of experience. Drive consistent bank success by actively developing teams, engaging customers, and maintaining strict legal and corporate compliance. Committed to continually developing and honing professional skills.

Bank Branch Manager, GHI Credit Union, Detroit, MI 2019 to Present

  • Introduced new teller training and coaching program that raised morale and engagement, contributing to 12% higher staff retention in 2021
  • Increased bank’s outreach to local businesses and college communities
  • Ensured utmost legal and corporate compliance at all points

Education & Credential

Bachelor of Arts (BA) Business, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, 2015 – 2019

Series 6 License

  • Team Development
  • Customer Engagement
  • Organizational Development
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Staff Training
  • Employee Morale & Retention
  • Community Outreach

Jasmine Brown (123) 456-7890 [email protected] 123 W 15th Street, Minneapolis, MN 12345

Branch Manager, LMN Bank, Minneapolis, MN 2018 to Present

Bank Teller & Associate, OPQ Credit Union, Minneapolis, MN 2016 to 2018

  • Helped clients with deposits, withdrawals, and other common account transactions
  • Provided courteous, helpful service to customers at all points

Bachelor of Arts (BA) Finance University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, 2012 – 2016

  • Client Relations
  • Cross-Functional Collaboration
  • Customer Service & Satisfaction
  • Procedure Development
  • Strategic Business Planning

Frequently Asked Questions: Branch Manager Resume Examples and Advice

What are common action verbs for branch manager resumes -.

As a branch manager your skill set is vast. You promote finance products and cultivate relationships. Also, you engage with customers, and hire, train, and motivate tellers and other bank staff. To write a compelling resume, you need powerful words to describe your accomplishments. Express your diverse abilities on your resume by using a healthy variety of action verbs. Below is a list of strong resume verbs to help you brainstorm:

Action Verbs
Built Collaborated
Coordinated Developed
Drove Eliminated
Engaged Ensured
Executed Honed
Increased Introduced
Led Maintained
Motivated Oversaw
Promoted Raised
Renewed Strategized

How do you align your resume with a branch manager job posting? -

Although employment for business and financial occupations as a whole is expected to grow 7% over the next decade, branch positions are on the decline due to technological changes in the industry. If banks continue to scale down their branch locations, competition will be fierce for managers looking for jobs.

Align your resume with each job posting that interests you. Find out what the employer is looking for and how your abilities and experience meet their needs.

For example, suppose a bank is looking for a branch manager with commercial banking skills. You wouldn’t write at length about small business banking. Instead, you would emphasize your ability to handle commercial lending, credit risk assessment, and business client acquisition to position yourself as a leader in this area.

What is the best branch manager resume format? -

Most branch managers should use the combination (or hybrid) format. True to its name, this format combines two important features of other resume formats: the chronological format’s experience section, and the functional format’s profile section. (The resume examples on this page all use combination format.)

By fusing these two features, a combination resume offers the best of both worlds. The experience section lets you outline your recent work history – essential information for most employers. At the same time, the profile section lets you showcase your career highlights at the top, regardless if they’re from that work history or another part of your background. The resulting resume is straightforward, yet strategic. It gives hiring managers the clearest possible view of your experience and relevant strengths, so they can decide to call you for an interview.

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Jacob Meade is a resume writer and editor with nearly a decade of experience. His writing method centers on understanding and then expressing each person’s unique work history and strengths toward their career goal. Jacob has enjoyed working with jobseekers of all ages and career levels, finding that a clear and focused resume can help people from any walk of life. He is an Academy Certified Resume Writer (ACRW) with the Resume Writing Academy, and a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) with the Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches.

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Branch Manager job description

A Branch Manager is a professional charged with managing the day-to-day operations of a bank or financial institution’s branch. These responsibilities include developing business plans and attaining sales goals, delivering great customer care, and growing revenue through increased lending activity.

Eleni Kourmentza

Eleni, ex-People Ops Manager at Workable, excelled in recruitment, lifecycle management, and employer branding.

Branch Manager responsibilities include:

  • Directing all operational aspects including distribution, customer service, human resources, administration and sales in accordance with the bank’s objectives
  • Providing training, coaching, development and motivation for bank personnel
  • Developing forecasts, financial objectives and business plans

branch manager job description

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Looking for a job.

We are looking for a talented Branch Manager to assign and direct all work performed in the branch and to supervise all areas of operation. You will manage staff, foster a positive environment and ensure customer satisfaction and proper branch operation. The successful candidate will have a hands-on approach and will be committed to the expansion and success of the business by implementing strategies that increase productivity and enable sales targets achievement.


  • Direct all operational aspects including distribution operations, customer service, human resources, administration and sales
  • Assess local market conditions and identify current and prospective sales opportunities
  • Develop forecasts, financial objectives and business plans
  • Meet goals and metrics
  • Manage budget and allocate funds appropriately
  • Bring out the best of branch’s personnel by providing training, coaching, development and motivation
  • Locate areas of improvement and propose corrective actions that meet challenges and leverage growth opportunities
  • Share knowledge with other branches and headquarters on effective practices, competitive intelligence, business opportunities and needs
  • Address customer and employee satisfaction issues promptly
  • Adhere to high ethical standards, and comply with all regulations/applicable laws
  • Network to improve the presence and reputation of the branch and company
  • Stay abreast of competing markets and provide reports on market movement and penetration

Requirements and skills

  • Proven branch management experience, as a Bank Manager or similar role
  • Sufficient knowledge of modern management techniques and best practises
  • Ability to meet sales targets and production goals
  • Familiarity with industry’s rules and regulations
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Results driven and customer focused
  • Leadership and human resources management skills
  • BS in Business Administration or related field

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  • • Directed regional operations, achieving a 20% growth in P&L through effective cost-management strategies.
  • • Supervised a team of 150+ employees, ensuring productivity improvements by 15% through targeted training programs.
  • • Led the successful implementation of a new dispatch system, increasing route efficiency by 25%.
  • • Managed vehicle and equipment maintenance programs, reducing downtime by 30% and extending asset lifespans.
  • • Ensured a 98% rate of operational compliance with safety and security protocols, minimizing risk and liability.
  • • Drove customer satisfaction scores up by 18% through the development of a dedicated service improvement team.
  • • Controlled branch P&L, delivering a 10% improvement in profit margins by optimizing staffing and logistics.
  • • Initiated a recruitment campaign, selecting and training over 70 operations personnel within a stringent timeline.
  • • Administered the launch of a preventative maintenance schedule for all branch equipment, cutting costs by 20%.
  • • Reduced overtime expenses by 15% while maintaining operational effectiveness through meticulous scheduling.
  • • Cultivated strong relationships with customers, resolving issues promptly and maintaining a 95% retention rate.
  • • Enhanced route productivity by 10% through the analysis and restructuring of existing armored routes.
  • • Streamlined terminal operations, improving the cash processing time by 20%, enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • • Delivered safety training, resulting in a 40% reduction in workplace accidents over a two-year period.
  • • Implemented new security protocols, ensuring the secure transport and storage of high-value cargo.

2 Branch Manager Resume Examples & Guide for 2024

As a branch manager, your resume must demonstrate strong leadership skills. You need to showcase your ability to effectively manage a team and drive results. Ensure your resume highlights your experience in financial management and customer service excellence. Your proven track record in these areas will set you apart from the competition.

Resume Guide

Resume Format Tips

Resume Experience

Skills on Resume

Education & Certifications

Resume Summary Tips

Additional Resume Sections

Key Takeaways

Assistant Branch Manager

Branch Manager resume example

As a branch manager, articulating your extensive experience without overwhelming your resume can be a daunting challenge. Our guide provides expert tips on streamlining your information, ensuring your resume is both comprehensive and compelling, thus setting you on the path to your next leadership opportunity.

  • branch manager resumes that are tailored to the role are more likely to catch recruiters' attention.
  • Most sought-out branch manager skills that should make your resume.
  • Styling the layout of your professional resume: take a page from branch manager resume examples.

How to write about your branch manager achievements in various resume sections (e.g. summary, experience, and education).

  • Sourcing Manager Resume Example
  • Compliance Manager Resume Example
  • Construction General Manager Resume Example
  • Resource Manager Resume Example
  • Supply Chain Business Analyst Resume Example
  • Strategic Planning Manager Resume Example
  • Service Delivery Manager Resume Example
  • Fitness General Manager Resume Example
  • Administrative General Manager Resume Example
  • Planning Manager Resume Example

How to style your branch manager resume: layout and format

  • Reverse-chronological resume format to highlight your experience;
  • Functional skill-based resume format if you have less experience and want to focus on skills;
  • Hybrid resume format to guide recruiters through both your experience and skills.
  • Make sure your headline is simple and includes the job you're applying for or your current role, an abbreviation of a certificate you have, or even your professional area of interest;
  • Always tailor your branch manager resume to the role you're applying for by matching job requirements to your experience via different resume sections;
  • Once you've created your resume, download it in PDF (unless otherwise specified). This is to ensure readability and that the layout remains fixed.

Upload & Check Your Resume

Drop your resume here or choose a file . PDF & DOCX only. Max 2MB file size.

The more trusted the organization you've attained your certificate (or degree) from, the more credible your skill set would be.

The six in-demand sections for your branch manager resume:

  • Top one-third should be filled with a header, listing your contact details, and with a summary or objective, briefly highlighting your professional accolades
  • Experience section, detailing how particular jobs have helped your professional growth
  • Notable achievements that tie in your hard or soft skills with tangible outcomes
  • Popular industry certificates to further highlight your technical knowledge or people capabilities
  • Education to showcase your academic background in the field

What recruiters want to see on your resume:

  • Demonstrated leadership and team management experience, showing the ability to guide and motivate a diverse team effectively
  • Proven track record in sales, business development, and customer relationship management, emphasizing specific results and achievements
  • Experience with financial management, including budgeting, forecasting, and P&L responsibility
  • Knowledge of industry-specific regulations, compliance standards, and best practices to ensure the branch operates within legal and ethical guidelines
  • Strategic planning and decision making, with the ability to set and meet both short-term and long-term business objectives for the branch

Writing your branch manager resume experience

Within the body of your branch manager resume is perhaps one of the most important sections - the resume experience one. Here are five quick tips on how to curate your branch manager professional experience:

  • Include your expertise that aligns to the job requirements;
  • Always ensure that you qualify your achievements by including a skill, what you did, and the results your responsibility led to;
  • When writing each experience bullet, ensure you're using active language;
  • If you can include a personal skill you've grown, thanks to your experience, this would help you stand out;
  • Be specific about your professional experience - it's not enough that you can "communicate", but rather what's your communication track record?

Wondering how other professionals in the industry are presenting their job-winning branch manager resumes? Check out how these branch manager professionals put some of our best practices into action:

  • Led branch operations effectively, achieving a 25% increase in customer satisfaction by implementing a new customer service training program.
  • Managed a loan portfolio of over $50 million, securing a 10% growth in loan volume through targeted marketing strategies.
  • Spearheaded the adoption of digital banking services, which accounted for a 40% increase in online transactions among the branch clientele.
  • Successfully launched two new products leading to an increase in the branch revenue by 15%.
  • Oversaw a team of 30 employees, reducing staff turnover by 20% through enhanced recruitment and staff development programs.
  • Facilitated a partnership with local businesses, leading to the deployment of 5 new ATMs in high-traffic areas.
  • Developed and executed a branch-wide risk management strategy, reducing non-performing assets by 18%.
  • Deployed cost-saving initiatives that cut operational expenses by 12%, without sacrificing service quality.
  • Drove the branch to achieve the highest compliance rating for two consecutive years during regional audits.
  • Initiated a client retention program, resulting in a 35% reduction in customer churn rate.
  • Increased cross-selling ratios by 22% through effective training and sales incentives for branch staff.
  • Orchestrated a branch-wide upgrade of banking software, improving transaction processing speed by 50%.
  • Restructured the branch lending approach, boosting mortgage sales by 20% in a two-year window.
  • Implemented a client feedback system, which provided actionable insights that enhanced product offerings.
  • Cultivated a culture of performance excellence, with the branch receiving the ‘Best Branch Award’ in the region.
  • Pioneered a sustainable business model focusing on eco-friendly practices, reducing the branch’s carbon footprint by 25%.
  • Enhanced staff productivity by 30% through the introduction of a dynamic work schedule and performance analytics.
  • Executed a business continuity plan during a significant systems outage, ensuring zero downtime in customer-facing services.
  • Managed a branch relocation project that increased foot traffic by 40% due to improved location and facilities.
  • Developed strategic partnerships with local businesses, contributing to a 15% increase in B2B accounts.
  • Optimized inventory management for cash reserves, resulting in a 5% cost saving on currency operation expenses.
  • Directed a customer service overhaul, which saw the branch winning the national ‘Customer First’ award.
  • Negotiated with technology vendors to upgrade branch infrastructure, ultimately enhancing customer service capabilities.
  • Launched a fin-tech initiative in the branch that attracted a younger demographic, increasing the customer base by 18%.
  • Played a pivotal role in the diversification of the branch's portfolio, adding wealth management services that grew assets under management by $10 million.
  • Collaborated with marketing to run targeted campaigns, driving a 25% increase in small business lending products adoption.
  • Championed a customer outreach program which reinforced community relationships and improved public perception of the brand.
  • Led the branch to surpass its annual targets by 20% through the optimization of sales strategies and staff performance.
  • Revamped the customer complaint resolution process, slashing resolution times by 30% and enhancing customer loyalty.
  • Coordinated with HR to implement a leadership development program, preparing junior staff for future management positions.

Quantifying impact on your resume

  • Include the percentage increase in branch revenue under your management to demonstrate growth leadership.
  • List the exact number of employees you've supervised to show management scale capacity.
  • Mention the reduction percentage of operating costs you've achieved to highlight cost-saving initiatives.
  • Specify the number of successful projects led that resulted in increased efficiency or sales.
  • Quantify customer satisfaction scores or Net Promoter Score improvements under your leadership.
  • Detail the number of training sessions conducted to emphasize investment in team development.
  • Report the growth in account numbers or loan volumes to indicate business development success.
  • Recount the exact figures of any budget you've managed to demonstrate financial acumen.

Action verbs for your branch manager resume

Target Illustration

Making the most of your little to none professional experience

If you're hesitant to apply for your dream job due to limited professional experience , remember that recruiters also value the unique contributions you can offer.

Next time you doubt applying, consider this step-by-step approach for your resume's experience section:

  • Rather than the standard reverse chronological order, opt for a functional-based format. This shifts the focus from your work history to your achievements and strengths;
  • Include relevant internships, volunteer work, or other non-standard experiences in your branch manager resume's experience section;
  • Utilize your education, qualifications, and certifications to bridge gaps in your branch manager resume experience;
  • Emphasize your interpersonal skills and transferable skills from various industries. Often, recruiters seek a personality match, giving you an advantage over other candidates.

Recommended reads:

  • When You Should (And Not) Add Dean's List On Your Resume
  • How to Put Cum Laude on Your Resume

List all your relevant higher education degrees within your resume in reverse chronological order (starting with the latest). There are cases when your PhD in a particular field could help you stand apart from other candidates.

Balancing hard and soft skills in your branch manager resume

Recruiters indeed pay close attention to the specific hard and soft skills candidates possess. Hard skills refer to technical abilities or your proficiency in technologies, while soft skills are the personal attributes and qualities developed over your lifetime.

If you're unsure about effectively quantifying these skills on your resume, follow our step-by-step guide. It's crucial to first understand the key job requirements for the role. Doing so enables you to accurately list your:

  • Hard skills in sections like skills, education, and certifications. Your technical expertise is straightforward to quantify. Most organizations find it sufficient to mention the certificates you've earned, along with your proficiency level.
  • Soft skills within your experience, achievements, strengths, etc. Defining interpersonal communication traits in your resume can be challenging. Focus on showcasing the accomplishments you've achieved through these skills.

Remember, when tailoring your branch manager resume, ensure that the skills you list match exactly with those in the job requirements. For instance, if the job listing specifies "Microsoft Word," include this exact term rather than just "Word" or "MSO."

Top skills for your branch manager resume:

Financial analysis

Budget management

Banking regulations knowledge

Risk management

Sales and marketing

Business development

Customer service management

Data analysis

Branch operation procedures

Employee training and development




Strategic planning

Customer service orientation


Team building

Emotional intelligence


Showcase academic background with education and certifications' sections

Listing your education and certifications should be a rudimentary part of your resume writing.

Including your relevant academic background - in the form of your higher education degree and niche-specific certificates - will prove knowledge of the industry.

For your education section:

  • Start by including your degree, followed by start and graduation dates, as well as the institution;
  • You could include relevant coursework, major/minor , or GPA, only if your've just graduated from college or if this information would further support your application;
  • If you have an "ongoing" degree, you can still list it in case you think your diploma can impress recruiters or it's required;

Follow a similar logic for your certifications section by listing the institution, alongside dates you've obtained the certificate. For some of the most recent and relevant industry certificates , check out the next part of our guide:

The top 5 certifications for your branch manager resume:

  • Certified Manager (CM), Institute of Certified Professional Managers
  • Project Management Professional (PMP), Project Management Institute
  • Certified Financial Services Auditor (CFSA), Institute of Internal Auditors
  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), CFA Institute
  • Certified Bank Manager (CBM), American Bankers Association

If you're in the process of obtaining your certificate or degree, list the expected date you're supposed to graduate or be certified.

  • Should You Include Eagle Scout On Your Resume?
  • How to List Continuing Education on Your Resume

Deciding between a resume summary or objective for your branch manager role

Understanding the distinction between a resume summary and an objective is crucial for your branch manager resume.

A resume summary, typically three to five sentences long, offers a concise overview of your career . This is the place to showcase your most pertinent experience, key accomplishments, and skills. It's particularly well-suited for those with professional experience relevant to the job requirements.

In contrast, a resume objective focuses on how you can add value to potential employers. It addresses why they should hire you and outlines your career expectations and learning goals. Therefore, it's ideal for candidates with less experience.

In the following section of our guide, explore how resume summaries and objectives differ through some exemplary industry-specific examples.

Resume summaries for a branch manager job

  • Seasoned financial services branch manager with over a decade of experience in fostering robust client relationships, optimizing operational efficiency, and leading high-performing teams. Skilled in risk management, strategic planning, and regulatory compliance. Spearheaded a 200% increase in portfolio revenue over five years at a top-tier bank.
  • Energetic former retail store director eager to transition into branch management, bringing over 15 years of leadership in customer service and operations. Proven track record of improving sales volume and team performance by over 150%. Expertise in inventory management, sales forecasting, and implementing cost-saving strategies.
  • Dynamic marketing agency director pivoting into branch management, armed with a flair for team leadership and strategic business growth. Over 12 years orchestrating successful campaigns, driving brand awareness, and bolstering client acquisition. Adept at translating market analytics into actionable business initiatives.
  • Highly motivated branch manager with a 7-year tenure overseeing branch operations in the insurance sector, adept at policy administration, client retention, and claims management. Pioneered a customer service initiative that boosted customer satisfaction scores by 40%. Focus on cultivating a team environment that exceeds sales targets while maintaining compliance.
  • Seeking to leverage extensive customer service background and enthusiasm for relationship building in a branch management capacity. Goal-oriented with a passion for leading teams to success and eager to apply transferable skills to achieve operational excellence and exceed performance metrics within a banking environment.
  • Driven professional aiming to utilize a strong background in sales and team management in the role of a branch manager. Aspiring to harness a solid foundation in business strategy and customer engagement, keen to cultivate a productive team dynamic, optimize branch profitability, and deliver an exceptional client experience in the banking industry.

Other branch manager resume sections to support your expertise and skills

Recruiters are always on the lookout for that branch manager candidate who brings about even more value to the role.

This can be either via their personality or additional accreditations they have across the industry.

Add to your resume any of the four sections that fit your profile:

  • Projects for your most impressive, cutting-edge work;
  • Awards or recognitions that matter the most;
  • Publications further building up your professional portfolio and accreditations;
  • Hobbies and interests to feature the literature you read, how you spend your time outside of work, and other personality traits you deem may help you stand out .

Key takeaways

Securing your ideal job starts with crafting a compelling branch manager resume. It should not only highlight your professional strengths but also reflect your personality. Key aspects to remember include:

  • Choose a clear, easily editable format, allowing more time to focus on the content of your resume;
  • Emphasize experience relevant to the job, focusing on your impact on the team;
  • Opt for a resume summary if you have extensive professional experience, and a resume objective if you're just starting out;
  • Include technical skills in the skills section and interpersonal skills in the achievements section;
  • Recognize the importance of various resume sections (e.g., My Time, Projects) in showcasing both your professional abilities and personal traits.

Branch Manager resume examples

Explore additional branch manager resume samples and guides and see what works for your level of experience or role.

Assistant Branch Manager Resume Example

Looking to build your own Branch Manager resume?

Author image

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If you’re a Branch Manager at a bank or other financial organization, your responsibilities are broad and varied. From managing employees and resources to charting growth strategies and developing customer service models, the job duties are complex and vitally important for your branch’s success. To obtain this job and advance your career, you need a Branch Manager resume that effectively conveys your key competencies, experiences, and achievements.

That’s why we’ve created this Branch Manager resume guide to ensure that you have the tips, insights, and sample resume you need to craft a truly winning resume. By the time you’re done reading this guide, you should have all the information you need to identify your most relevant skills, highlight measurable achievements that demonstrate your unique value proposition, and deliver a compelling narrative that makes the right first impression on prospective employers.

How to write a resume

Writing a spectacular resume requires several key things. First, you need to ensure that your format and structure are clean, clear, and professional. Second, you need to focus on highlighting key skills and achievements, with an eye toward accomplishments that clearly showcase the value you can offer to the company. Third, you need to properly tailor your resume to the job you’re seeking to help you get past any automated screening software that the company may be using.

Your choice of format is vitally important, so choose wisely. There are three options, including the reverse chronological , functional, and hybrid formats. We recommend the reverse chronological for most resumes since that is the format that hiring managers are accustomed to seeing. To use it, you simply list jobs in your professional experience section in reverse order, starting with the most recent position you’ve held.

If you’re using the reverse chronological format, the structure of your resume will be simple to construct. The structure that we recommend has the benefit of separating similar types of information into distinct sections, making it easier for employers to skim through your Branch Manager resume to locate the details they want to see. 

And yes, your resume will be skimmed. No hiring manager starts at the top of a resume and reads each word through to the end. Instead, they typically scan it until they find something that stands out, and then they read.

So, how do you structure this information? Glad you asked! Use the following sections to present your key resume details:

Contact information : These details include information that helps the employer reach you to schedule an interview. Include your full name and location, email, phone, and LinkedIn URL .

Resume heading or job title : Include the job title you’re seeking, along with some flavor. For example, instead of just writing Branch Manager, write “Experienced Branch Manager with Proven Track Record of Growth.”

Summary statement : This is a brief, three to five-sentence elevator pitch that highlights your most relevant skills and achievements to showcase your potential value as an employee.

Core competencies : In this section, you should include a mix of hard and soft skills in bullet point form and formatted into two or three columns. More on this in a later section of the guide.

Professional experience : List each job you’ve held over the last 10-15 years, in reverse order. Include bullet point achievements beneath each position.

Education : Include information about the schools you’ve attended, your course of study, degree earned, and attendance dates.

Focus on value

As you provide these details in your resume, focus on showcasing value. One of the best ways to do this is to use real numbers when you’re highlighting achievements. For example, instead of writing about how you led a team that transformed the company’s sales program, add quantifiable results to that accomplishment by saying:

“Led 10-person team in sales program transformation, improving sales track efficiency by 15%, increasing revenue by 24%, and reducing lead attrition by 35% over 6 months.”

Beat the ATS

Finally, pay attention to the job posting and role description. Your resume will need to get past an applicant tracking system (ATS). To do that, you will need to ensure that it contains important keywords from the job posting. Note any specific words used to describe skill and experience qualifications, and use those exact words in your resume. When the ATS sees those keywords, it will recognize that your resume meets the base qualifications. That will increase the chances that it gets past the screener and into human hands.

Branch Manager resume example

The tips we have discussed should have given you a solid foundation of knowledge about the key information you need to include in your Branch Manager resume. However, it can also be helpful to see how that guidance comes together to create a real-world example of a resume. 

To that end, we’ve included a resume example below that you can use to guide you in the creation of your own Branch Manager resume.

City, State or Country if international

Phone | Email

LinkedIn URL


Results-producing Branch Manager demonstrating year-over-year improvements in sales, customer service ratings, and team productivity.  Strong and decisive operations and customer service leader with excellent analytical, organizational, team building and planning skills.  Maintains an  uncompromising focus on high quality standards and bottom-line profit improvement.  Effective technical and communication abilities.  Excels at turning under-producing individuals into teams that work efficiently and exceed all expectations.  Customer service oriented and excellent at performing crisis management, ensuring customer loyalty, and increasing bottom line revenues.  Managed more than 40+ staff to exceed sales and customer retention goals on an annual basis.


Branch Management

Bank Management

Project Management

Staff Supervision

Crisis Management

Operations Management

Staff Mentoring


Branch Manager

ZipJob, New York NY | Year to Year


Supervised a team of five branch personnel to achieve sale goals and operate in compliance with federal regulations and corporate policies, focusing on external business development, internal training, and superior customer service.

As the original Branch Manager for the XXX location, creating a profitable branch within three years and received excellent audit reviews for safety and soundness.

Conducted regular coaching/mentoring sessions with all branch staff to create a strong team environment and develop competent employees who can grow with the company.

In collaboration with the Vice President of Member services, identified and monitored key performance indicators within the branch to evaluate and adjust strategies for reaching organizational goals.

Maintained productive relations with various internal departments, leading to success on a variety of projects, including converting referrals into clients at a rate of xx%, increasing mortgage and financial services accounts by xx%, developing new operational procedures.

Promoted to positions of increasing authority and responsibility due to my outstanding customer service ratings and team management skills.

Maximize profitability through superior customer service, effective and prompt communication and follow-up on all pending matters with the customer.

Utilize superior communications skills to motivate staff and develop effective working relationships with peers, executives, and clients.

Managed 40+ employees and developed a team focused on customer service and results.

Handled escalated customer concerns/complaints and devised creative solutions to ensure customer loyalty.

Monitored phone activity to assure each member was providing top service and working to their potential.

Coached and developed customer service representatives to meet and maintain company goals.

Organized staff meetings in regards to new products and procedures.

Complete School Name, City, St/Country: List Graduation Years If Within the Last Ten Years Complete Degree Name (Candidate) – Major (GPA: List if over 3.3)

Relevant Coursework: List coursework taken (even include those you are planning on taking)

Awards/Honors: List any awards, honors or big achievements

Clubs/Activities: List clubs and activities in which you participated

Relevant Projects: List 2-3 projects you have worked on

Key hard & soft skills for a Branch Manager

As you create your Branch Manager resume, it is vital to ensure that it highlights the skills employers want to see when they’re hiring for this role. Your core competencies section should include both hard and soft skills to ensure that hiring managers can see that you have the right technical, interpersonal, and leadership abilities for the job. To help you accomplish that goal, we’ve compiled a brief list of both hard and soft skills that you may want to consider adding to your skills section.

Hard skills for a Branch Manager resume

Hard skills include abilities that you obtain through formal education, informal training, on-the-job training, and other educational avenues. They are skills that are directly related to your career path, though some may also be transferable to other jobs and careers. 

Below, we have included several examples of Branch Manager hard skills that you may want to include in your resume. However, review the job posting to see how the company describes these abilities and try to use their terminology in your skills section.

Consumer and business lending

Credit assessment

Portfolio management

Retail banking expertise

Financial risk

Financial services

Business relationship management

Project management

Soft skills for a Branch Manager resume

Unlike hard skills, soft skills are learned and developed through use, experience, and other informal avenues. These are the abilities that you rely on to navigate relationships with colleagues, collaborate in joint efforts, and lead teams. They also include skills and traits that you use to think, plan, and solve problems. 

The following list can help you to identify some key skills for your Branch Manager resume. Again, try to use terms that are identical to those found in the job posting and description.

Team building

Goal setting

Conflict resolution


Strategic thinking

Summary & last words

As you can see from this guide, there is more to creating a compelling Branch Manager resume than simply listing all your relevant skills and job experiences in a dull, uninspiring document. If that’s all you do, then your resume will likely get lost among the dozens or hundreds of other resumes from rival candidates for the job. To truly stand out from the crowd and ensure that employers can quickly understand the value you offer, you need a resume that conveys that value proposition.

Introduction to ZipJob: Professional resume writers

Obviously, you need a professional resume that acts as your personal marketing presentation to employers. It needs to not just deliver information but also convey a message that showcases you as the ideal candidate for the job you’re seeking. The good news is that ZipJob has you covered. While this guide can help you craft a solid, basic resume to submit to employers, our team of expert resume writers can help you take that resume to the next level.

Why you should make use of our resume writing services to land your next job as a Branch Manager

Make no mistake: many of the job seekers you’re competing with will be relying on resumes from professional writing services like ours. By partnering with ZipJob’s team of experts, however, you can ensure that you receive a truly personalized resume that conveys not just your unique qualifications but your personality as well. The reality is that companies don’t hire lists of qualifications; they hire people – and that’s especially true when it comes to vital managerial positions like yours.

Your assigned writer will work with you to ensure that your final resume is the tailored, results-driven marketing piece you need to make the best possible first impression on any employer. Our writers have years of experience crafting Branch Manager resumes, and that expertise will ensure that your resume meets your highest expectations.

Resume writing service for Branch Manager: Let us write your resume

A good resume can help ensure that your job submission receives at least some consideration for an interview, but a great resume can do much more than that. With a truly compelling resume that highlights your potential value as a Branch Manager, you can dramatically increase your chances of landing more interviews and lucrative job offers. Contact us today to learn more about how partnering with ZipJob’s resume-writing experts can help you open the door to the opportunity you deserve.

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